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(Sradays excepted).
607 Chestnut Street; Philadelphia;
The itotaxrus Is served to subscribers In the city at 11
seats per week. payable to the curlers. or IRS per annum.
street, contalningi blank spade for each day hi the
year, rateo of Rootage, table of stamp duties, dze., pub.
Untied and for sale by .
oc&tf W. G. PRRRY. 738 Arch street.
COPE—MITCHELL.- On the Nth Wt., by the Rev. Dr
- Knox. Edward Lon and Belle G.. daughter of JoAoph IS
ROI D.—At Reading. on November IGth, Mk Caroline
L. Ho,d,
VOLUOUN.—Suddenly. in New York, on Sunday, tlte
17112 in.t.. O. Celbo . ,.m. late of this city.
kLI:TCHEIL—On the 1 4 th Inst., at Clinton. Worcester
county, Mawr., Kos Mary Ann Fletcher, of lAncluster,
of r
idaJLELLAN.--On the I.sth inst., in Baltimore. of con.
rpm, tint'. lieorg_o F. McClellan in the 24th year of him age.
VANDYKIL%—in Philadelphia, Nov. 18th, 11167. F. A.
car4Vlce. to the ;Nth year of his age.
Ilt;frien dm tend those of the family are Invited to attend
his funeral on 2 hurvday, toe 31st hurt,,,itt 2 o'clock, P. 31„,
preelLelv, from the 1h Dr. Charaherea-Church, Broad,
below t ileatnut street, without further notke '
WRITE.—On the 18th lett., George 51 White C. S N
in the salt year of hie age.
WillTE.—On the 17th Mot., Mary White. ed 68 yearn.
tier funeral will take place from the ca enco of Mr&
F . .J. Stratton. North Sixth street, on arrow ( Wed.
mepday >. at 21'. M. •
ffer: - CA
I claim that mv new . improved and only patented
twinAL CASKET is far more beautiful in form
stud finish than the old rinsightly and repulsive coffin,
and that its construction adds to its strength and thus.
We. the undersigned, having had occasion to use In our
would not In the (Mule use any other if they could be ob.
BiAhop M. Simpvon, Rev. ,7. W. Jackson,
11. Schenck. M. D., E, J. Crlp_pen,
C0m..1. Marston. U. B. N., .lacni) S. Burdsall..
Rev.tD, W. Bertlne. D. D.. Geo. W. Evens,
Benj. (true. Win. nicks.
7. W. tilachorne. D. N. Sinn
Lyme VelvetA
& LANDE 1.7
Als flue nesoftraent et Caseitheres for Bove Clothes, Cas
simez re for Eitl2lWrlf.
- •
11 E. S. FARSON & CO..
and 2-a.l Dock street, blow Walnut. corner Pear.now
oiler. very I:,w for esvii. their large and varied stock of
Houve.rerulibliag Hardware, Cutlery, To Trays, Silver
-Plated and Britannia IYeire. Bright and Japanned Tin
Ware, Moth (;hetle,Refricerators,l2lothes Wriners.Cerpct
-Sweepers. Wood and Willow Ware, Brooms. Mate. etc.,
etc. Call rt!iu_ get an illustrated catalytic. Young
Ilop"el..eeponi will iltid it a great help. 0
Grand Fair of Useful and Fancy Articles,
in aid of the
A Broteltos Restaurant will be ertablis.hed.
A ttnuptt:ous Dinner will he verved on Thank. giving
duit roion to Fair . 25 cents
'Thstiti n tgirt rig Diourr. ...... Ott
Ticket! can he bad of HENRY A. DItEEP 214 cheat.
nut street, or at the dal] during the Fair.
nollt-tu the In w t Urn§
ruder Um auepiced of tip.
Eaglish 'Reformer and Brilliant Orator, will deliver
Tt - EbDAY EVI NT r. izrElmotat •Nt rt,
Sthular, thn Poet,,the Patriot--the kodiu of his
own age, and tho glory of all time.
tar ink st ASIIMEArI . 3, 711 Che!Alva mtrect
A 1ni4A1 , 611, 25 et e. Ite,erved Beate, mem n019.6trp4
Of. VICE or Tor ixtriGit COAL AND NMI
(,ATION (..,0.11 PA NY.
Pra ELPii 11. Notember P , 47.
Sal,criptiou llooLef , the new c Million Gold Loan
thla C a
ompnv. late' :.q:•.7 Per Cnit. per PlitilltU la
Gold, free of Cnitcd :atzttee aDd 6tat,. tw:ea. will remain
:pen mail the 'WU! ihat., to Stockholder?. to alloy,* all of
them an opp.:frOtnlty to p itiripatc. Priee,>S Per cent.
kola - mitliona itavo already Leek bubseribed for. The
' , •myary lrea rt eria.d the right to . pro rat!. the mitm.rip.
tir.he di the 4:00111.12 th , Add , •ed
1 olflL.ri ,
Cre:Ltug: the Guordian inotranee Comp lny of
Philadelphia! 'will meal ou TUESDAY, November 1:.
I.ti7,bettx veu the hourr of 10 A. 51. and the wilco ov
the Grozit Wet.tern Life Iniursuee Con3p&ny, No. 432
Without Ftreet, for the vgtrpole of openiug the hook', to re.
CCITO rol,ferlrtion4 to the Caplfnl Stox.); 'mkt e ut a i y,
and will ottt , ntl to the ttbove.mentiotted hour.) t t til Sat•
ustlo.v, the t.'2l tu:t., or uutil tilt) Wbqlo amount -oh.
limar -NOTICE.- , A 3IEE - I`lN(i Or THE
A,,mriatioa of totton and 'Woolen tiomb , 151ane.
-factirrera of Philadelph.h. will be held on WEDNES.
DAY. Noveinber aG atll o'clock, P. M. at the Board Of
Trade Room& No. i',o3 Choitteit Avoid, to prepare in,.
portant, hueinee to lay before Collgreas.
Other matters of vital itnnortanee to the Trade, in the
preicut mills, will be bWILLIAM
efoeth9 mPunb ie
Jos. C. FLEMIN(7, See'y. nolt 211
PULA. Nov. lfith.lB4l.
The btockliolders of this Bank are hereby notified that
the Bank wiII:WM.IIIC and PUY tho fit ate Tax inv!ised on
their Shovel!, and nevi payable at the 011101 of the Re
ceiver of Take& ' J. W. W1.1301:011,
nolagt Cexhier.
0 ."." holders of the ML LLENGAR OIL CO: will oo
held at 15 North Front etreet, on THURSDAY, Nov. 21n,
at 4 o'clock, P. M.
order of the Board of Direoto ra.
nol9-stl, A. R. FOFGERAY, 5c 'y.
Seer ,l'e N :Witta ‘ n . tit ; a l iebligi t i T o l t Pu cigge' r '„-ill 4 g;
held on 'It r .r.SDA x EVENING, Nov. 19, at Horticultural
11411. It
Monthly EihibnitionikillgS Spruce. Stated
IitirHOWARD 110SPITAL, NOS. Lite AND 1520
Lombard street, Dispensary Department. —Medi
:Kid treatment and meMeines furnished grata'. t oualv to the
All UNtattltalre:S•
TLIE TLIEATIM9.—Mr. Edwin Forrest will appear this
ttg nin at the' Walnut in the tragedy of Metamora.
the . Arch the comedy- of Sur/ will be repeated.
Mrs. D. P. Hewers will appear this evening for the last
.ttne in Marie Antoinette at the Chestnut. The
American announces a varied entertainment for this
CONOEILT HALL.—Professor Macallister, the great
magician, will remain here but five nights longer. He
has reduced the price of admission ' and this, with the
fact that he nightly distributes one hundred handsome
presents to the audience, will crowd the house every
NATIONAL 11ALI„—The Bunyan Tableaux will be ex
hibited at National Hall this evening. Matini.e:i Will
be given on Wednesday and Saturday afteruoune.
PHILADELPHIA Co:ave.—A tine performance will be
ivon this evening ut Tenth and CaHoldall streets by
the acrobatic and equestrian troupe. •
PUILAIMMPLITA OrEU& Etoo6lL—The, Pr . Ogress d
:Nation will be produced to-night, and also The Per
secuted Dutchman, with Dudworth In the leading part.
These are great attractions and should draw large and
fashionable audiences- --The patrons or. this - house
mill be glad to learn that a portion , of the parquette is
divided off for orchestra seats,' and still further Conve
niences in front of the house aro being made for the
comfort of the audience.'Don't fail to see the great
•dioramic play, Tito Progreos of . Natio tt,
Emsviturn. &rue= OPERA lionse..Meagre. Caro.
cross t'Disey offer an unusually attractive progratinie
at their opera house this evening. Songs, dances, bar
3esques, extravaganzas, and a miscellaneous entertain
ment generally ts ill be given.
BLrrz.—Blg,nor Biitz will give one of his marvelous
exhibitions , of magic at Assembly Buildings this
B: Bunkaleiv will deliver an address at Assembly
Buildings, this evening , upon "The Ittgboi of
31111(1r/ties." .
. . .
. , .
.. . , . ~ * .....1.1.
.•, . , , ~... . ,- , ' ' '
4 • • . . '''' ' . .1 ‘,
' . . . , .:,;: : ' '•
.•. • : : ,i... ' ,. / . "..s. 4:r . •,•-•,' li
~..... , ''''.4...',:..1,:., . .
.. ~ , , CV .
,*•. .
.. . .
.. . ,
. . , . - '\
. . . ,
. „
or Cloakv.
f...g•lnch. for Stteks. •
Riorreepandeneo of the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin.]
rAnis, Tuesday, Nov. sth, 1867. —I have s+ :sited
this morning, I confess. with almost a palpi
tating heart,for the appearance of the illonitear,
before commencing this letter. For some un
accountable reason the of edal journal was far
behind Its usual time, and although my Informa
tion of the previous evening did not lead me to
expect that any new resolution had been ar
rived at ; .yesterday, yet still there was no
saying "What sudden (and for Italy) disastrous
course of action, might have been adopted
by the Imperial Government at such a
crisis as the present. For, as the
French are so fond of saying, nous inarchsna sur
an rolcan. We aro'lndeed walking on a volcano,
and almost any moment might give vent to an
explosion which might impart combustion to all
the inflammable matter in Europe, which awaits
but a spark for such ignition. Yesterday even
ing there wore symptoms in Paris that the ex
citement of the crisis was extending itself to the
population. On the Boulevards the people were
almost fighting - for the evening papers in front
of the stalls at which they are sold. The crowd
was as unusual and vociferous that the police
were compelled to muster strong in order
to oblige the dense groups to move on and not
obstruct completely the thoroughfare. You might
observe some individuals gesticulating with great
vehemence and energy to those who stood
around them, ana frequently the sound of the
Italian idiom struck your ear in angry accents.
You may have beard that a few cries of Vira
Garibaldi! and A Las l'iiiftrrention! greeted the
cars of the two Emperors lately, as they returned
from the Banquet at the Hotel de Vitte. Ther,
vv as a similar demonstration made yesterday, in
the square in front of the Conservatoire des Arts
et 3V•tiers, where a crowd of work
men assembled, nominally to express
stair tlispleasure at a measure of the niunici
.,iitv sanctioned only by an Imperial-,decree,
aid w hi c h, by subjecting all the surrounding
manufacturles of Paris, recently included within
the city, to the octrol dims, has compelled many
of them to close their doors and- discharge their
work-people. But this crowd soon exhibited
political begin!( by shot:Linz* bas l'i n t err , n ti on !
said was dispersed by the police after many
arrests had been made. The above unpopular,
impolitic, and, as it Svonld appear, illegal mea
sure, joined to the extreme dearness of bread,
and indeed of everything else, increases the
peril of the situation by adding Inter
nal to external subjects of discontent and
excitement. The one great fact which has oc
curred since I last addreased you, and which has
brought gtatters to the present alarming 'condi
tion, is the reply of the Imperial government,
published on Sunday last, to the announcement
that the Italian army hatlcrossOl the Pontifical
frontier. It Is impossible to dOcribe Ulla docu
ment otherwise than as One of the roost insolent
missives ever penned by the pride of superior
force- to an Independent -PoWer. The Emperor
Napoleon would sooner have "burnt his tongue"
than dared to have said as much I.ol'm/seta—not to
mention America, who so lately kicked him igno
miniously out of Mexico for presuming to 'lnter
vene" in that quarter of the globe. His puny Minis
ter,Moustier,baS been instructed to "scold** Victor
I Emmanuel for daring to disobey orders and be . -
have like the ruler of a free nation. But I leave
you to judge of the despatch when you mead it.
Evince it to say, that it brings the situation up to
the very point of conflict. though it does, hap
pily, stop short of that extremity by not contain
ing a "summon" to the Italian army to fall back
within its own frontiers. Whether Eueli an ulti
matum will be presented when the Pontifical
troops, supported by the French, shall have
aten the Garibaldians (ns they now appear to
have done) and demand possession of the place. 4
now held by Italy. remains to be seen. If so,
the reply can hardly be any other than that so
long as the French remain in Rome. Italy will
tdso stay where she is, and in that ease a conflict
seems unavoidable. The Meade sr of this morn
ing is silent, but you will not wonder at the
anxiety which awaited its appear ince. The last
new, , is a comp:etc cefeat of Garibaldi. who,with
his two sons, has been taken as a prisoner to Flo
rence. Will the Italian army now be summoned
to fall back, and will it refuse ? The !ate of the
future depends on the above two questions. I
btill hope that a conflict will be avoided.
It happened curiously enough that when the
news arrived in Paris of the Italian troops having
'rowed the Pontifical frontier, the Emperor was
away in the country, at hiD'arm — cif Villeneuve
tag, inspktin; a - tlelY Well-boring machine of
American invention, add 'it was there that the
intelligence first found him. This invention has
since been noticed in the .Ifosifetts itself with high
commendation : It was used in the late war in
the United States with great success, and con
sists, as many of your readers are no doubt
aware, of 'a succession of iron tubes, made to
screw into each other. The 4 bottom tube
is furnished with a steel point to
penetrate the soil, :shove• which arc perforated a
number of holes for the water to enter at. A.
ran, weighing some 80 or 100 pounds, is made
to adjust successively to the boring tubes, to fa
cilitate penetration. When water is supposed
to have been met witn, a small pump is applied,
the - air is exhausted. and the water rises imme
diately. The inventor of this very simple but
useful system of boring has. I understand. dis
posed of his patent in Europe to Mr. Norton, an
Englishman, by whom the system has been ex
hibited with great success in his own country.
The latter gentleman was specially summoned
by the Emperor to St. Cloud, to explain and
afterwards eihibit his machine in his presence ;
and this was being done, as I have said, at the
Imperial farm, at the very moment when the im
portant tidings arrived from Italy. The opera
tion succeeded admirably. In less than half an
hour water was struck: the pump was then ap
plied, and a stream flowed immediately at the
rate of five or six gallons per minute. The Em
peror expressed his high satisfaction at the
promptitude of the operation, and the extreme
utility of the invention for campaigning_ pur
Another, and it is to he hoped final, lawsuit on
nected with the Exhibition was decided the other
day,before ono of the municipal Courts in Paris.
The restaurateurs of Paris,as is well-known,pay a
• heavy tax, or patents as it Is called, upon the
exercise of their calling, for which they are rated
according to the value of their premiseS. 'The.
Minister of Finance thought that.tho restaurateurs
of various descriptions who have been lately
plying 'their vocation in the Champale Mars
-wilt° liable. to this impost, arid called upon them
to pay it. The restaurateurs replied that they
considered., themselves to be exercising their
trade as "exhibitors" and not merely' se a mat
ter of bicislness, and , that this 'exceptional and
temporary character ought not to make them
liable to the duty. They pleaded also the exarm ,
pies of the three previous exhibitions at London
where this payment had not been exacted by the
government. The Court, however, saw the
matter in a different light. and decided that the
restaurateurs were, by no means mere "exhibi
tors," but people who disposed of articles daily
to the public for their own •profit,
and for doing Which they were just
as liable to the duty In the Champ de Mars
as anywhere else. Accordingly, Ronzti, the
great French, restaurateur, was, among others,
adjudged to pay 6,000 f., on a rating of 116;040;
and Pouthier,who kept the Omnibus ReStaurant,
a, proportionate duty, on a rating of 60,000 f.
This latter endeavored to get off on the plea that
his establishment was a mere gargotier,pot-house
or cc ok-shop,and as such not Rabic to the impost.
But the Court sagaciously and satirically re
marked that they could not possibly think o
treating with such indignity as to consider it a
"cook-shop" an establishment which had pro
fessed to supply its customers with such deli
cacies as game, pag;:s de foie Bras and tine fins,
and must needs treat M. Pouthier with a due
regard to the nature and quality of his dishes!
Apropos to such subjects as the above, I may
mention the inimense consumption of oysters
in Paris, which is shown by the city 'returns.
The price has gradually risen from 11 sons the
dozen, two years ago, to 22 and 26 H 0119; and
this in spite of tho artificial oystepeuiture car
ried on upon an immense scale along the
west coast of. France, and , whicOis,:imide the
fortune of the poor inhabitants oCthelide de Re
and other places. No supply, hOwever, seems
to be able to keep pace with the demand, which
requires about 9,000 baskets per day, 'contain-
leg about a million and a hall of oysters, and .
reckoned to average a Yearly sale of about 230
or 300 millions.
ENGLISH OPERA.—The production of a new
opera by Jules Benedict is an event Interesting
, it least to thoughtful musicians. But the general
public of Philadelphia does not appear to have
been excited by it, for the Academy of Music
was by no means crowded last evening, when the
Lily of Killarney was performed for the first time
in America by the Richings troupe. The story
is that of the Colleen !lawn, and the opera has
been played with much success by the
}Mash Opera Company in London.
Mr. Benedict; though a resident of England for
thirty years„Tis a German by birth and education,
and in writing for the English stage he has not
failed to use his German learning and culture.
As a musical work his Lily of Killarney is im
measurably superior to the sentimental super
ficialities of Bake and Wallace. The overture is.
Cull of melody as well as of well wrought har
monies.' Its instrumental effects could hardly be
:drip judged last evening,as the instrumentation
-cems to have been arranged from the piano
-core, and probably by Mr. Dietrich. Doubtless
, his has been cleverly done, but it must have
varied considerably in its combinations from
those of the author. But notwithstanding this,
1,0 one could help feeling that be was listening
io musie.written by a composer of manly inde-.
•,..endence and mature scholarship. Even the
implest ballad strains showed thoughtfulness
,ad learning, and these by no means over
-hallowed the melodic effects.
A detailed analysis of the music is not needed.
There is none of it weak or commonplace, while.
,t the same time, there is - none - of remarkable
Ari , inality or boldness. One of the most bril
•innt and effective pieces, the final quartett of the
first act, was a reminiscence of Verdi, and there
were other passages that suggested Aleyerbcer
ed Ilbssiri. Of the solos, one of the best is the
taliad "I'm Alone," sung by Miss Richings, who
mined the Part of •:}iily O'Cianner." The
.Tening solo of "Danny Mann" (Mr. Carupbcll),
.nth the succeeding duo with "ilardress ere
.,an" (Mr. Castle). is remarkably beautiful. Sonic
of the best music is written for the part- of
na COppide,CO 3 " , which was exceedingly
~ ell sustained by Mr. Pierre Bernard. Airs. bc
..i•cin has little to do in the part of — Ann Chute,"
at she sang her one solo very well. Af r.Peakes,
Mm. and Mrs. Arnold and Mr. Wylie had unim
: ortaut parts, which they perfc(rmed carefully.
There are some extremely well written and beau
hul choruses, which were snug in a very credit
manner ; for it is rare to see choruses of SO,
much difficulty so comedy sung on a tirst
tern sentation. The hunting chorus for men's,
I..ices, in the beginning of the second act, ispar
.icularly..spirited. Mr. Castle's singing of his
t was beautiful, and his ballad of — Eily Ma
,c tauten" was encored.
The Lily of Killarney is much the most im
;:ortant work lately .atided to the repertoire of
;Le Ilichings troupe. It will be better liked upon
I nether hearing,
and for the credit of our musical
—sic, we hope to see the house crowded at each
• flits representations. It will be repeated this
verfornialice of Mozart's symphony No. - 2, G
tLinor, on last Thursday, has caused its repeti
tion to be asked for, and it Is in every respect
•tcsirable that a great work should be heard
rteuently, to be thoroughly digested and under
stood. This noble composition has calk.: forth
ulogies from the ablest writers of Europe, and
one cannot but marvel at the wonderful creative
power of Mozart, when it is known that in the
,ummer of 1788, within the short space of three
weeks, he composed the three symphonies which
..re held in such esteem as to be preferred to any
others of his. These are the Jupiter Symphony,
already so ably given by the Bentz Orchestra,
.he one in E flat, andlhe ono under considers
. ion. There is observed, among these master,
works, a family resemblance, but nevertheless,
:here is an appreciable and sensible difference. •
Elie violins announce the motive in the first six
•eell measures,which is followed by another,taken
up by the wind instruments, which is followed
by a iatti from the full orchestra. The andante
E list 6-8 time, commences with an Imitation
canon form, and is soothing and consolatory
its effect, expressing a yearning for peace,
-taking it not with sighs and lamentations, but
ndcavoring in earnest resignation to resolve
-aduess into a cheerful and gladsome mood. The
itotelte allegro, contains skilful and
idgirly interesting imitations of the first subject.
the trio in U major is a lovely movement, full of
rata:Mt tenderness. This and the Finale A!1,'31.0
.I ss ai were most splendidly given by the orchestra
tifi the brilliancy of the string quartett has
• tardy been so effectively displayed as in. the
;atter movement, perhaps the boldest of the
;our comprising this symphony, which, instead ,
may be re g arded as the moat Impassioned of the
wonderful orchestral poems that Mozart has
left us. This genius is shown in the daring
innovations which In no': respect offend the
sense of . beauty. The =lions • employed are
original, and prove that outbursts of pasalon
eat find musical expression without resorting to
the use of trumpets and kettle-drums.
Mr. Sartori Jo to play a Concertino for violin,
by Spohr. Mr, Stoll, Sr., is to. play a Concert
Aria, for a clarkmette., by Balfe, and the orchestra
will give,
,by request, a repetition of Aubees light
and pleasing, overture to Era Dirivolo,whichlhoy
perform with brilliant and novel effects of dimin
tondo and crescendo. •
There will be no performance on Thanks
giving Day, but the month of December Is de
voted to the Pianists, Messrs. Jarvis, Hopkins.,
Thunder and Roost?, who . will probably , prow
a most suceesatul attraction. Karl Hohnstocfee
Fest Overture, Mendelssohn's Midsummer Night's
Dream Overture, Wedding. March and Dlrg , 4, -- b - .V.
Jerome Hopkins,' are itt activ'e „preparation, and
there is a prospect of ft brilliant season at these
exceedingly meritorious concerts.
Tam JARVIS Bomun.--We.take great vinangre
in announcing, to *ar rettderft a aer;ea of , Six
2011,3t1, Cllttotan9.—Mr. G. W. rittts6.- has
peen appointed agent of L. Prang tt; Co Qinteri
eau ehromo-lithographs. 'The perfecting/. to
which this branch of the tine arts tau been
brought in this country places the prodttetinas
of this enterprising Boston house on a plevilth
many of the hest foreign works of a edmilarkine.
Itf is difficult to , detect, even after dm t
examination, the difference between aiße
finer chromos, and richly finished painiiilo
in oil or water-colors. A surface, is close loath—
'lion of canyas,isfprodueed by an engraved steno,.
which greatly heightens-the artistic effect:of Over
beautiful pictures. English and German chro
mes, as a rule, do not attempt to give this deli ,
cate final touch, althowb it would &CCM to der
essential in order to make a perfect hi_2 , t9"oneff
a painting. Mr. Pitcher has received a nun - lbw'
of the finest specimens of Messrs. Prang 4; Co.'s •
ebromos. awl their admirable execution and ex
tremely low prices will commend them to the.
lover.- of art in all classes of society.
CIT11:11061./Pir v.
Tns FINE. Anrs.—The large c( lection of
foreign paintings that now adonis the gallery of
Suitt, Jr.. may be fairly classed as of the
finest that has yet been seen lit oar city. Mr..
A. D'Huyvetter, of Antwerp, having given hit
whole attention to forming this brilliant array of
tand E canes ill 9 , :tre pictures. may certainly bo
congratulated upon the exquisite taste he has.
displayed in this self-imposed labor of love. No ,
expense ha; been spared, arid every possible ex
ertion has been made to place before our citizens
a thoroughly brilliant exhibition of the works of
those artists whose reputation is Europe is un
doubted. Connoisseurs thoroughly appreciate
thiilfact. and [day after day are the dilettairli of
our city to be seen, catalogue in hand, marking
thetaiimbers of their favorite paintings, with the
view (apparently) of becoming theirpoesessors on
the evenings of the great sale; which will com
mence this t Tuesday) evening, to be continued .
on tii=morrOw an Thursday evenings, at Scott's
Art Gallery. 1020 Chestnut street. Among the
splendid paintings that deserve special recogni
tion may be mentioned Conntde Bylandt'Slarge
landscape (No. 100), which, for delicacy of draw
ing.and color in the foreground, and poetic ren
dering of middle distance, we have never seen
excelled. Charles M. Webb's -(N0.1644,"The An
tiquary," is a cabinet picture of immense artistic
power, and may be fairly classed as one of the
gems of the collection. The contributions of
Verschuur, Nyhoff, Brogaerd, F. Musin, 'Kruse
mann. arc all of a high order of excellence, and
merit the admiration which is so freely bestowed
on them by art lovers and amateurs.
DEs-rni - crivx elm , : IN MUNT(4):I2INri
—This morning, about half-past five o'clock, the
barn upon the farm of Mr. Levi Morris, In Lower
Merlon township. near RosemOnt Station. upon
the Pennsylvania Central Railroad, was burned
to the ground. The barn was , a splendid stone
edifice, and was filled to the roof with hay,
min, add ft huge stock of farming • utensils. be-.
longirt;; to Mr. Samuel Mars, who was the occu
pant of the farm. These were completely de
stroyed. Mr. Mars succeeding in saving his-live
stoop alone, and having barely time enaugh , to.
do that before the fire reached the lower portion
of the building. Mr. Mars is unable to account
for the origin of the lire, but he thinks some one
tenet have crept in upon the hay - to , sleep last,
nightyand either wilfully or accidentally set lire
to it, This theory is more plausible becantle the
flames first appeared at the top of the building,
It is understood that the barn is partially In
SUPPO.2ItiI) T . IIEVES.---Two youths,
named Theo. Fetter and Samuel began, went
into a pawnbroker's establishment, at Sixth and
Ilace streets, yesterday, and offered to pledge a
piece of cloth. The broker suspected that they
lrid stolen the goods, and sent for a policeman.
The !atter took the boys into custody. They
T•t;f.d that they had obtained the cloth from an
action store, at Twelfth and Market streets.
Tlniniry was made at the place, and it was found
tat their statement was Misc. They will have a
caring at the Central Station to-day.
Mizinimssonx Sou'Er\ ..-Thc first. SubEerip
tion Concert takes place next Monday niOt ut
Concert Hall, and already the list is Laing rap
idly filled by the names of our leading citizens_
Mr. Habelmann, Mr. Harkins. Mr. Thunder ; Mr_
Louis, and other members of the iioelet,,y, as
•isted by Carl Sent.z's 111111ZDitieellt orchestrr i
unite to make a grand entertainment. fere.
tickets are in the hands of the incuirs for sale.
to their friends, and there will be deabtles*a fine
house, as is generally the case with this-young ,
and energetic Society's concerts.
SurcrosEo HomicurE.—Margaret Ward, alias
Wilmington Mag, a dissipated character, was
found dead, at Seventh and Bedford streets, aS an
early hour this morning. Her body. bears Musks
ot i.iolenee. It is alleged that one
was seen to kink the deoeased a s'Aort time
before her dead body was found. He Val**. held to
await the result of the Coroners investization.
MIEu CArruP3in.—Yesterday aftcruo. two
}wring men stole a piece-of cloth , from tlae•front
of a store on Poplar street, above Fourth. They
were followed to Fifth and Wager streets, one of
them having entered a story in that neighbor
boo,l to get some paper to wrap the goods in.
While there, a policeman came up and Captund
one of the men, named John Frauldin. He eras
held in $BOO bail to answer.
You TUIEV Es.--Two colored' boys, natued
Colin and George Brown, lifted a piece
Phan streets, yesterday. Willie .walking. away
ith the plunder, they were arge6ted and taken
he or Ald. Moore, who held them. hi default of
bail for trial.
:,,vertientents. on another page that they adver
tise for their sale, lOth December, 21. Intxlcerna
ble ground rents, belonging to the. estate of
Charles Penrose, dee'd.
LAaciNy.—lcaae Davis was before Alder Man
Moore yesterday: charged with the theft of a
piece of flannel from the front ,of •the store at
Siictli and South streets. Ho 'Otitis committed to
Snorx.lFTlNG.—One Jatnes'Smr
ith stole a jacket
and pair of pants from a store/at Thirteenth. and
Vintehall strects, yesterday / morning. He. Was
arrested'with the garments o'utt heln for trial by
TIII WEVl'rtiik.—The edild snap has had the
eileet of freezing over ponda and ditches on
the outskirts of the eitT, and thia inriritint the
boy's and' girls were ,eAnjoying 'thetnaelwas upon
the lee by sliding and Aating.-,-
smuno A t.T.A.A. 7 !-The sehoOnef Amanda B.
Flanagan, with a ,targo• of . 0 fox' Portl"
iiinultit•Stk4.yeataftt,itidinnt bark for
repairs, isr„Baeharpair lit cargo , at
IkelaaPApt atrefat
classical spire is, to be given tills winter at the Ns-
Litman' „Building, on Broad streetNirlow
nut, by Mr. Charles H. Jp-rrio, our via-knoWn
pianist. The programme Is evceedinmy choice,
comprisitur the best selector/tool' solos mad con
certed 'music from the new arnfield Musterr:.some
of which selections are entirely new to the'Fbila
delphia public, having. be.m selected by lair-Jar
vis during - his visit to Europe lalt enrol - ger. We
bespeak tor Mr. Jarvis a liberal swport from, all
lovers of chamber music. finbseriptions are re
ceived and programmes turn:shed' by all the zett
tips! tousle stores.' The first soirce . will be giv. , :rr•
December `t let.
Comrr.nrryr.tny faoNcer..r.—The p...rarld com
plimentary concert tendered to Mr:l-. , .focenbine•
Behimpf 'wilt he given at Contort Hall on Tuce
day tuning, December :Id.
muslin froth-the front of a store at Fifth and
GitouND 11E1s1 . 4.—We ace by Thornas.ik Sons'
• \
HU/ COIMIT/ON.--Mr. Thomas ilatnmett, who
was accidentally scalded while superintending
the construction of a beer still, on Saturday last,
is In a, fair way of recovery, and will in a few
days be able to resume his. business. '
RAI - Leo/l Accrom.r.=-Charlies Rumor, a dri
ver M the employ of the Waco and Vine streets
Railway Company, fell from the front platform
of a ear this morning, and was run over and
very badly Inltued. He was' removed to the
Pennsylvania Hospital.
INV IS &rut PS.--
}laving opener? an ollilee at No. :323- Wa;riut street, I
am now prepared to receive orders.
Parties who wlnh' to have their residencen made
comfortable - would do , well to call and exsmitte this
Strip, An it is far superior to any qtlicr.• ,ftenta
wanted. County and district rights for sale.
W.F. HOOD. 823 WilnutAtreet.
''SJIL or:AN/a distlibUtion of the 41300,000 Worth]
of presents among thosewho subscribe to the endow - -
;trent of the Riverside Inutitnto will certainly take•
plice'st the Urns- specitted. This statement is cor
roborated by thcTrustecs, who announce that the In
stitute will be ready to receive orphans about theelanie'
that. Those wl' would avoid delay in socurine their
enerwrings, givendn addition to a present with each
dol:Ir share of S'3ock, should apply at on to the
prin . :Apia office, No. 921 Chestnut street.
13007f1.—The la7g - est assortment of Men's Boots
and ;theca in the city. Mtnlett, 33 South Sixth street,
Fri Funs! Fete"!
Call on Oakford & SkMA,
Stores under the Continental.
A Fint , rate Stock on hand:
Or arr; TUE REMEDIRE yet di.scovered for cradl
e ating 17,mtralgla, Nerveache nudother painful nal-roan
d helms, Headache and Hysteria affeeAmis from
tL , e system, and for invigorating the a;,•r , /tvi , l, none
~t ands so high In the estimation, of the n .
Mi.•ai frit
te mity as Dn. 'renames Tic-Doctornix Or
apothecaries have this medicine.
411ni Zing their purchases iu this Hue will plea+c bear it.
mind that the most elegant stock of flats and Bonnets,
for l loth ladies ana misses, is otrfored by Messrs. Wood
SICI try, No, 7l.tr.ebestnut street. Also, Bonnet and
ilm;Frazaes,.l 4 ati»s, VeNate, Silkt...etc., all of which
'hey 5(.17 in any quantity to snit purchasers.
YIS LARGE'. CLUsTERS Almeria Grapes.—
iTouttr.Ar. FLZTOLIZR,
12C44hestnat street
in whole, half. and quarter boxes.
Citron, Ora:Tie a - ad Lemon Pee:.- Ctirraut4, Sweet .
Cider, and Pare Brandy for Mince Pie., Fruit Cuite,f,
8., Se.
1114 Cbeeinla Erect
(Se anctovn. , W...kzilkn!—This weather ernates
the want for th:2ste ttzticleF, and Charles Stoker, d Co.'s
Beady-made (Anthills lion9e, under the• Continental,
mem: the wont. as am the weatillr Usivgs it,
and atamst a.. -cloaqi, At that point, hOwever, we
nts!, refer all' thterested to their ex - ten-dye establish
ment, No. SAtetaitnitt .41reet.
Very Choice .New Crop Tabs.
hirrou,n.t. & PLET4110:11,
1204 elle-S/11UL street.
.11E4,11).%1 1hte.4.n.7145. at Gay's ell!na Palace,
1 092 Chestnut street.
An isnmense aesortrnent of China Fare.,, Card Be
et •ivere, Motto and,„.,11 astache Coffees, TeLe-a-Tete.
Se •ts, .tr. • Bronze !End Partan Marble Staluarv. Gold
G It Ornamenta in endless. variety. China Boulnets,
Li va-ware, Bohemian 4ilass, and a full line of Staple
fit Jude, met lauded.
Btaight for ea.fh front the large4t truum.facturer. in
Ea rope, and will be sold a; price.,defvingmtnpetit ion.
_.4 :Sll and examine ~Lock before •making purtimitbe. -
ihowroont open tfil 9 , e'rlock at night.
Pinny. G t•Es,. WRIT V. (;RAP
By the wholesale or kugle pound..
1204 Ches etrout
Funs! Putts!
Call on Oakfont
Stores under the Continental.
A trirat-:ate Sitocit;on hand
A. AVOMP ur A.I.VIVIt.—TIic stock of flolitlxr
Pres cads at Gay's China Palace. 10:22 Cne,ttiitit street,
ih co- inplete, and Wl2 advise all in need of articles
to nt ake their selections before the :I , tel'lllkellt is
'kola .n.
Fu its! Ful:s! Funs!:
tf.tll oniOnkrord ..14 bons,
Stores under the Coo tilLentgti.
AA First-rate bun:!7,tonJheacl:
JON KS' Horst. 235 Dock Street, below Thirdp
revived by W. P. Larkin on the European plan.
Meals from 6 A. M. to 12 P. M. Good ludgker.4 tor
guests. Rouse open all night. Rooms 50 eta. per night.
By the chest of from 510 50 ponn&.
& FI.P114116:!.,
7 . 101 etleit street
A Prrrs totoltt. of organ-builder has luvot dot Li a.
new totop, of which the local papers t¢ It wonderful
atones. A new Stop ha: , also heel) inventoioll in Phila
delphia, of which wondertnl stories mi..;:ht NW II he
told. We refer to the stop which vu many powniu make.
at the family coal yards of Mr. W. W. Alter, Ninth
street, below Clirard avenue, and at tiwoeormer of
Sixth and Spring .Gartlen arrests.
J. Isaacs, IL D. Professor of the Bye and Bar, treats.
all diseases appertaining to the above as-ambers
the utmost success. Testimonials from the most
reliable sources in the city can he seen at his office, No.
605 Arch street. The medical faculty are liovited to a.
company their patients, as ho has no secrets be Ma
mactice. Artificial eyes inserted. No Charge made ,
for examination.
LADY APPLE Of Oran es, LeDIODE-,. A4LSO4I/126,
EngBEI Walutit. Paean_ t s Sse.
1204 Cheatnut 6tOeti..
THE SELCIDE or 11a. 31L.1110-11E-
Partici' tarsal.. the Melancholy', .111ressls
[Mohawk (Nov. Mid correspondence of the•TroyWhig.l
This villaga has been to.day, the scene of at• domestic
tragedy which will nut soon be forggitton. Robert 11.
Pomeroy, late cashier of the Mohawk National Bank,
committed suicide at twelve o'clock by taking Delimit.
- Mr. Pomeroy hathbeenionglnown and Welly roepeeted
to thin co mmunity. hi early life he was 11.,Igcluxilaum , ter._
but ten yearn ago received the appointment ot.
cashier—an eilice which he tilled satisfartrmily until
the occurrence of these . recent events which brought.
misfortune to tile deer.: :Mine months ago the directors
were led to suspect the management. of tit- ban's . .. amt.
on oisantination it was foond that Mr. Voinerov land dis
counted large anti - tents of paper, in the agg
re4t.te .$lO 0004
for some personal friends, whcsfailed to take it e when
due. As this act was in violation of the rah t. .if th e b e ak;
Mr. Pomeroy was removed and Mr. Alt: veiner, of nits,
appointed hi his place. In addition to this. ti le wine
an alleged !distinction of toads which bad been left at
the bank. toe safekeeping, amounting to 792701ee. Of this
Mr. Pomeroy dulled all knowledge, but coz-eleit , of hid
error in the first mentioned attair,, the ludi turrentierad le.
the bunt his entire property, lie west:barged by the Innis
with the tuissiag bonds, notwithstanding the fact that
alter his h Ming. these honda were sulifeet to the disposal
of the teller, Charles Myers. The lee( of these bonds Mr.
Pomeroy affirmed to lay imtweenMyers and tht•.dircotors,
inasmuch as they had access to them equal with himself.
"laving left the bank lie remained In tt•NVII 11 few weeks
then made a trip to Richmond. and tv 6 le there twelve,
information that the haul; had d 0 te rin [nod to nillint hint
for fined. On learning this I itmediatet , returned to
meet the.. charge. This meriting about
eight o'cloeX he Iva= aerated by the United
States Marshal, and At once li:offered bail.
(Mr. Lowell. of this place, I•: mg his security) its the snot
of 815.000. The parties a too to go to Linea on the cae
o'clock train, and when iitot ready to start the KIM/ waa
heard that the polonium to matt hod cornmittildsitickle.
It appear , that tie b o y, on goimt at WWI to pot out the
horse, discovered Mr. Pomery, in a dying concha in, at
lull length on the bate floor, his head resting en a bundle
of hay which he had placed there for that purpose. lie
had laid his bat on the stars, Having previously brushed
away the dust. :Ind had left on the shelf t a tum
bler of poison, whose centeritti wero not
entirely. drained. 'The about was gi ven amt the
body was taken into the house, where be expired. lie
bad dressed himself neatly and • rte boats were newly
polished. Ittihad in fact laid oat Ilia owe liatiV Moro
death. Mr. Pomeroy was about forty-Ove years old and
wait in the fulness of big Toweni, and . bad he not yielded
to derp4it might have I'Vgntittrtill the storm awl seliter= 4
elleeeaa, lie leaved a Wite and one child, in whose favor
he had butured Ida , lifts fib' *4,000 iv
two , cOlnintnios.
It is pobsihlo that, those poitore,,, woy to. con_tacted-.
although to show the pecuiedltatlotoof the titx d, it id SAM ,
h. tosamt bita
souuttinmagO hdaelted h agent Iv-- - 4 i
if suicide vityatedn policy, and recolvo4 a nog" Y e et 1,
swan ' ! ho
physician (Dr: Unsay) owe ' M at ,to to Itn
cido the. Attokenr;,
teOl ..the gagman .s penitent ch owl 00
6 , 1 / l a l l i i t , Bl4 u ot' ' o ., T io' 1,0 4 !,4 ,,,; 4 'i l k e . r left a mulatto 14 Or, in
tobith i rstindtA Qii. e mold of A r ib il , g U , tO4' ilade
, 100 ' kVau, using nolo, and charms h is ruin ou o
''"uerfptalrtrnell' Viteit be gliirm n l. hO,Vi!ir?o,k4iit !dm G) tixt)
.:.:.. :;.,-,;:•.', .-:,., ',,. ~' ' . . : : • •
, F. L. MENfthL.'
Mllieirder iiirA lila* Okliffikater
I:Nea Orleans ileyinidic an, Awe. ti.i
I One of those bloody and mystmiona murders which
L. need in old times to characterize n mertain portion of the
I reennd district transpirat ka-t ermine.
I'. Oflieer Poyo was making hie WWII MITIdd on Old Levee
street at seven o'clock when be discovered. in what la
knebru as Oriente alleyway:nearly opperite the vegetabta
market, and near. Jackson Sratare, tiso body of a ono-,
tiered man lying twat the grow3d a row feet from Old
Laves treat, nigh a. Sicilian ditli iamb/11410ton long stick
ing sic inches in his, bawl. he immediately tremmoned
dergertnt Pougine, iind. r.he /lady was
mw was stat e .
second district etation. The mardesed muk was a
heavy.beilt Itallan,_whoee nadtif tvo' could not aecertahs.
hut who - woe identified as mean:Muter; tsho had teem em
ployed by frnit.sellers to Makonoxesqor their wares. A
carpenters rule and.pee ell vrerrlOUndln hit pocket The
Coroner was notified rind totadt- spaniel examination.
The inquest will be held !hie =MEMO.vit When found by
the °Meer, dr body woe dill armored ' the murder
could lot have been coma:tint* mini minutes.
Three-quarters of an hour, after ther 'body was dis
covered Sergeant Donlan, /mental %glen named Joe.
Carnbraro, op Old Leverin'Teet; HIT'S dm indicating
idm telie thennerderer, and sired:Vol blood li
n =
been reseed tolii• door. In t he allbyWay the se
found another dirk.knifesimilar ttilliat'found ethekhßt
in the heart of the murdered .Clunbraro Is a mem
armed fruit peddler. and
_long' bead a ter
ror to the people of UM' , second dia.
tract, even to' ble. own . m turtryneen. He Nal
committed eeveral murderir Is r yelne—one Teleran poilcoman counts up eight. He is the, pearly who mar
dered a poNeennuala the second . odrict a few menthe
since, and aninequently killed a znan4d. Ve , knife duel at '
Alaimo. He made isonsiderabile res%ceto the einem
when orrested'and locked up, attei to pup that
)(Joffe from the handk alba (awe. On
_person were
found two dollars neaten cents in eoftnterfets nickels.
It Is Mated that the knife with white. the Italian was
stabbed is the exact counti:tteese Cambraro has
used on hie former vicifme.
tiOndition orThaddeatia tite r ens—What
He I stendu to do iii \oalgreatt. •
'Washington Correspondence N. Y.
WS.lllNGTON,l4ol , ..lB—Mr.'Eltoveno Vole, seem ma
tm tally Jmproved in. strength. and hie mind dieplayst
more vigor than at any other 'pealed I since hie seri
val here. Today he received a mumble- of visitor,
Spealier Colfax, Congrestanan Boutwell and Senator
Morrell. among the number.. With his improved
condition, Mr. Storm; manifeets ,a renewed di*
pagiti In to urge his ideas. upon the Ilettsur•Ur now sp-
IXISUe more determined than ever. kte days, howev e r.
that he 'will not he able to-do much soorickic he will
exert his efforts mainly in the introduoden of Reetutoiller
RS he may. think neecoary An holster tap the cause of
radieslistn. The bill momending civil otters during
trial for impeachment buses upon that 'admit:sof the
coltution which Papa that the Congress nray by law
provide for the eRSe of removal, dvath or in
ability both el' the President and Vice Pre/1114ft, declar
ing what officer shall then act os Preciderroand such
otlicer shall act accordingly until the disability be re
moved or a President shall be elected. With hisincreased
mccngtbigt.: rt.:rens has revived Ids determination to
bring in this bill:
[Washington Liorree.,..emmete 4. 1. Times.]
The lmpea.chment Tesalan cow.
The President is acid, to have expressed; within a few
days mueli displeasure at the character of the tr*timany .
given before the Judiciary Committee in the impeach
ment investigation by 11Q11. E. A. Rollins, Corn Missioner
of luternariteveaue. The query armee hates came the
President • to know the character of 'diet testi
mony? It is not likely • that the ling
who are seeking tiro removal of Mr.
willf all to use it as a means to induce thb Presi
dent to who've hint. I cannot say what the tenth:tory IN;
but If It ithdoild be in substr.neethat thelreettent changes
of the revenue ettices for political reasenue seriottsl3-
lessened the revenue and greatly tended to stinettlatis
fraud, it will he simple facts that are stated, which have
been reiterated by the tiecestary oltireTiarasury,ns.well
its Mr. Hotline.
The Judiciary Committee- took ap dap itopearikinent
question to day, but no Important action , was reached. It
wail intended to take *vote, bit the abtumee Mr.
Woodbridge, prevented. Be will be here tomorrow.
cen. Sheridnii will be examined by, tho Conantitteli on
FHOII oklilti YORK.
Nse . Yost:. :coy. M.—nu:tram t.ffilormsn,_Corporation
Counsel at-the city and county of New Yor. having
written a letter to the Citizens' Association, accepting
and thanling them for a retionsinatiEn tethe post bellow
holds, the• Association taken octeesom in answering. to
charte him with neglect of duty , extravagance, patronage
to friends , . at - the expenee od he salts tresenry advising
against rbedience to the law, a dissg wittibtai edictal in
schemer, damaging to thin eity; and - ether matters of
shuilar import, accompanying _the .Ohargai with detailed
specifications. sad demanding an
&The trial of Tiohn chat ged with the piratical
seizure etothe 'stammer Chosaisakesousa - Molder; Lb the"
month el...Dem:usher. IM.i, woebroistiglizin the United
Mateo Cirimig . Coma Ili et.. Eastern e befov, d. ti d go
Benedict, yesterday morning,for Mists Application of
.counsel the case Wist PostPurritt ti . dilaW fixe4 foe trial
M onday next.
'f he Beardelktousseihnen rapt yesterday and adopted
an ordinance remdring ferry companion to Piave, gates on
the landings, Neese to preventrmastmgOlottom Jumping fall
or off the boats until they are sect: redsto the slips.
Mr. Moses Niece, aged ;sweaty, botig-keeper la the,
New York County Bank. conunn led suicide by cantina
his throat yesterday morning;obi& lesidenee, in Durham
City, N. J....
Thomas Cassidy. a barkeeper in asalbon corner of Etat
Broadway anitCathartzus atreet, stabbed , a than. incised
James Degran, stet A. M.
_ye:nerd:Ay. Cassidy was wins
come difficulty arrested. The wounded musts in a criti
cal condition.
Q. r rA r rkONS
Reported Ier KMP the rnu lt sampnta nvenbag .
OROBILLA—Brig lS & W We&eh, Watson-500 tons
'guano B F Folsom ; 25 bates- brandy John It Rue &
oitcurLLA—Brig Regina, Itodenhlser—?.oo tone
guano B I 4 Folsom.
MVTIT - 3"M"
or .se& Marine Bulletinan 77 4 .ird Palm.
steamer Minter, Rogers, 36 boars from, Providence„
d=o ds° to D S Stetson &Cm
Steamer e Walker, Sberin, :by from New York.
with incise to W hi, Baird .35,C0..
Steamer W C Pierrepour, Shropshire, TA hours frota
New York, with incise to 11.111/19dril &Co.
Steamer Ocean Bird MasSey, Newark. NJ.
Brig S & W Welsh, Wattson,llo daYa Prom Orefillia.
with guano to BF Folsom.
Brig .Rogina (Br), Rodenheltier, 11 'days from Or
chifln, with guano to B P Folsom..
Sal C B Miller, Brown, from Glcmceitriz, witk
mdso.to captain.
Seer B B Reeves, Armstrong, 3 days' from N York.
wi tie salt to A r Br, Bro..
Schr Geo R Conover, ltobinson,,Washing,ton.
Behr L B Levering, Corson, Boston.
Behr B C b'cribner, Burgeon, Boston.
Sohr Rattle Paige:l:inlay, Boston.
SebrW Paxson, Brower, Boston.
Behr Admiral, Steelman, Boston.
Behr American Englo, Shaw, Previllencc,
Sehr R A Bartle, Smith, Salisbury.,
Sohr J B Johnson, £3101 1 .h, Now Fork.
Sohr Chattanooga. Black. Wilminoton,Del.
Sella M P Smith, Grace. Wareham
Brig W 11 Parks, from Ilaysse,ancl I.wo brigs aa-
Steamer Ot - ean Bird, Masevy, liewark,2o. D Brittalru
Schr tics 11 Conover, Robinson, Richmond, captain.
Schr B C Scribner, Bprgess,Key West,„U S Q.r. Master.
4 Scbr Sidney Price,. Godfrey, Savannah, Walston,.
I Greet!' J Co,
Schr .1 B Joboson. Son tb,.Prthchlence do.
Schr L S Levering, Corson, Beaton; L. ' Aridoluiei&Co.
Sehr Rattle Paige, Daley. Roston, enptein.
; Schr W raztion,t)rower,Boston; Vat6.Daeori, Lochrnin
4t. Co.
Sebr Admiral, Steelman, Boston, do
' Sehr Latuartme,33/11, Now'Beilord,,RommpleAluntes.
Schr W liallahan, Claxlc,...ktumpoliaanimaricl,Norton
at Co,
Schr E Bull% SralLia, Norfolk' ,
Correipondenea, of the Y'hi H ad ai" lelphia Evihange.
LEWES, lrtw. A 33 1.
Ship .Itmeph Fish, from Ihvertool, and brig S .1b W
W..1,h. from Orchilia for Philadelphia, passed In tko
CWir lan evening. Brig, Grata Darling, from Philo,
delphia for Havre, and bola . Pre,l4 L Porter, do for
Wheal tar, went to sea ldth B‘.thr A DS Chadwick,
fur Rio de J4llOllO, went to PM yestcrdcy. Mr. Geo.
Conner, Jr. reports brig Juelc, fur Marseilles, and
babooner Datin3less, for liwielike, wog to sea yes
today, with wind West.
Yours, &af'HaLAPSTRIL
11111MONANIUL. '
Ship curawanis, Alit,A, sailed from Liverpool Ott
list. for tL:a port.
Bark Trinity, Hartz, Nalco at..Dtuddrk 4th inst.
Bark Nary, Id cCulloca, Laura at Antwerp Sti inst.
Burt.• Union, Nlcitiaggl , home at Narsailloa 2d iotst.
lir. Ida .1' Avery, fiance for NOT Haven, at N Yodc
, -
yesterJar. ~
seer Chas Comm. Huhn. Trona, Halloran for this
port. at Boftos 16th inst. , ;
Behr same Watson, Watson, cleared st. Boston ISM
inst. for this Port.
Schrs T Slnnlckson, ,Dlcliinson, hettoo for Boston
W fitment, Bement. do for Gloucester,- A Y. Garrison.
Bartiot r ;F Nowell, Ttickermas; Jens :Baker, Wilson.
sad Etrfra Conant, Pass, de) Sw Boehm. at Holmes"
Boit. 15th Inst. • . ,
Schr Connecticut,. Pendleton, bencolor Portland. at
flolmeto Hole ltitb net. , i
Behr I. Audenried, Audenried, ream Boston for tida
port, at Golmea', golq 16th inst.'
Sehr J Truman.o Gibbs. frour.Now Bedford for thhe
port, returned to 'Newport Idea hurt.
San N 8 !Hon, Wright, ;from /Richmond for VOW
Bedford, with 's cargo of wheat sprung a lash Ott ttle
lbth inst. off Cobb's islett&or Band Shod ' Iliadi
ri lE
was beached: the crew , matted by , )„,,,;* ,
sou, of MO ear Josnlilk ~ fnlq 4l. . 1 :• ' '
merit to plecen, and 6VO on ; - , ' - . .
eludirio'tbe clothing thad rlrate ede 0. ' • Moors
end crow, who arriClia. orkdir, Qt) Allite r0k.....r)*
cv.,! ,, 'pm insirolll,4V i ,lttanotal. , C . -1 - 14V ;',,, s,'' ye' 'y'r
—TS >a . 19