Daily evening bulletin. (Philadelphia, Pa.) 1856-1870, February 02, 1864, Image 1

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    ID a i (1)
Th» Boiirn*’ U served to Subscribers In the
at IS cent* per week, payable to !he carriers,
ar $8 m per annum.
Half Sqitere, 1 time.B 2511 Square, 2 week*..S3 25
* Square, 1 time 50 1 Square, 1 month.. sat
£ Square, S times.... 75 1 Square, 2; months. 8 (Hi
i Sqnare, 3 times.... 1 60 1 Square, 3 months. 11 00
1 Square, 1 wee 1t.... 175 1 Square, 6 months;2o ns
Six linn constitute one square ; three line* 07
leu half a eqtiare.
AjJ Promptness,,
Purity of Materials,
Good Workmanship
Xiow Charges.
HPB Chestnut street.
BAIRD—In Reading, Pa., on January 29th,
ISQ4, Harriet Baird, daughter of the late Samuel
Baird, of Stowe, Montgomery conn .y, Pa. *■
_ NElLlS—Onthe Ist instant, Margaret,, daugh
ter of Catharine Neilis, in her 21st year.
The relatives and friends of the family, .are re
spectfully invited to attend her funeral from the
residence of her mother, 3532 Cuthbert ,street, on
’Thursday morning, at o’ clock, without further
notice. ' Interment in Ca'thedial Cemetery.
ELKINTON—On Third day morning, the 2d
jinslant, of typhoid pneumonia. Edith Elkinton,
Hvife of -George M. Elkinton, in the 6Sth.year of
her age.
The relatives and ‘friends of .the family are in
vited to attend the fnneral from the residence of
her husband, 453 North Fourth street, on Fifth
day, the-4th instant, at 2 P. M. **
ROBINSON—On the Ist instant, of diphtheria,
Ella G., daughter of John A. and Jennie B.
Robinson, aged 2 years and 4 months. __
Funeral from her parents’-residence, 1003 Coates'
street, to-morrow afternoon, at two
o’clock. '.. ‘
SHUSTER—On the Ist instant, Margaret, re
lict of the late David Shuster, in the 87th year of
her age v *
The relatives and friends of the family are re
spectfully invited to attend the funeral from her.
late'residence, 820 Spring Garden street, on Thurs
day afternoon, at 2 o* clock. ***
STOKES—On-the Ist instant, Lewis Stokes, in
the 49th year of his age.
The relatives and of the family are re
spectfully invited >to attend; his funeral from the
residence of his sister, No.l 1210 Green ...street, on
Thursday, 4thinst., at 2 o’clock, P. M., without
further notice. ' ***
The affectionate husband, jthe tender father,: the
pure brother, friend, has passed from
«arih; “the silver cord is'loosed, the golden howl
is broken,”- and the iriend whom we have knovvu
for so many years,has left ns. We who knew ms
sterling character and' worth, his modest and un
assuming demeanor, his stem aud unbending in
tegrity, ms genial an.d social disposition, his kind,
generous and. .charitable nature: can truly say
that we mourn his departure. ‘ ‘Our loss, how
ever, isihis gain;”, he has passed; we trust, from
the scenes,of earth to those of Heaven; now walks
the golden streets of the Heavenly Jerusalem, and
has joyfai dummoas,. ‘XWeJUbdone, thou
good and faithful servant, enter thou into' the joy
•of thy Lord:” The fond hope,which we ch-fish
and which his grave, -Jthe rainbow of
promise, is tbpt we may he permitted to gTeet httn
in those Heavenly mansions beyond the skies,
«‘Wheie the saints of all ages in harmony meet,
Their Saviour and brethren transported to greet,
, While the anthems of rapture unceasingly roll, -•
And the smile of the Lord, is the feast of the
soul.” ’
■Fjbeuaby, 1, 1861.
Mdwnina Store, No. 918 CHESTNUT street.
Have Usrtore a large stock of seasonable goods. d£
tJJJ FORD will preach in the First Methodist
Episcopal Church, Haines street, this Evening,
at o’clock. , \, it*.
SOCIETY, S. W. corner .BROAD and
WALNUT streets.—Subject for discussion THIS
EVENING,, ‘ 'Heating of Glass Bouses.”, It
—. THE DAVENPORT BOYS will open at
NINGf February 4th, and continue the balance or
kite week. . le2-3trp
Go and see the greatest wonder of the world:
|Tg Rev. Treadwell Walden will deliveraLec
itnre on this gfeatrNational subject, THURSDAY
EVENING: February -Ith, at 8 o’clock, at
MUSICAL FUND HALL. . Tickets 34 cents.
For the benefit of St’. Matthew’s Episcopal
■Church. ' fe2-3trp#
"OF FRIENDS) for the aid and elevation of
the Freed men, will be held at RACE 1 STREET
ING,-at, 7>4 o'clock. A very interesting meeting
is anticipated. Friends generally are invited,
It# . Clerks.
As performed by the
<)j Philadelphia, with so much snccess on Ohrist
-onas night last, by the generous offer of the Society
-will be i pproduced on ■
, FRIDAY EVENING, Feb.-sth. 186 J,
The Solos and Concerted Pieces will be per
.formed by the first profeesional and amateur tab
.ent of the , onntry, snstained by the
.And a CHORUS of over Two Hundred Voices.
Tickets, 50 cents. Seats reserved without extra
charge. To be obtained at the, following places:
.Academy of Music; J. E. Gould, Seventh and
•Chestnut streets; G. Andre, 1104 Chestnut street;
Dee lie .Walker, 722 Chestnut street: Ashmead &
Evans, 724 Chestnut street; W. S. A Alfred Mar
rieii, 600,Chestnut street. The sale of tickets will
commence on Monday, February Ist, at 9 o’ clock,
A. M. t ja3Q.3trpj
"WARD, Continued.
A. andM. Eager, sluo 00 Nimrod Woolrey, 500
fEdward Weston, 25 00 James Craig, 500
-J). O. Nichols, 10 00 Philip Wagner, '5 00
35. Dnffy, 10 00 Samuel Price, 5 00
Jeremiah Cadmus, 10 00 F. W. Parrott, 5 oo
■J. P. Borgenskie, 10 00 Bernard Cohen, . 2-00
A. M. Bennett, . 500 Henrietta Schaffer,'2™
D. J. Fennell, 500 Mary Ann Jenks, 200
Unas. M. Hooper, 500 Mrs. Henry, .2 00
J. B, Johnson, 5 00 Miss Eeling, 2 00
Abraham Sulger, 1 5 00 James Hibbard, 125
Margaret Sulger. 5 00 Albert Watson, lot;
Xrncy Snlger, 5 00 Alexander Garrett, 100
J. J. Brooks, 5 00 M. S. Hagaman, 1 00
John Bobbins,' 5TO,Mrs. Kenney, 25
H. B. V. 5 00,Mrs. SaviH, 50
Fdward Dnff. 5 OOiHarvy Dolin, 50
third ritEciNOT ‘(Continued. )
.Jos. W. Lewis, 50 00 S. Grosiean, 1 500
S. A. Caldwell, 50 oa Cash, 5 00
AnnAM. Tilghman 00 00, W. Fennel; 5 00
Thos. C. Love, '25 00 E. H. Ogden, 05 IK)
Henry G.Freeman, 25 00 Cash,. (J. R. D. )■ 50 00
<J. ht Hilstead, 20 00 E. R. Taggart, 3 20 oft
Curtis .Davis, 10 00 C. H. Muirhead, 00 00
B. T. Milligan, 500 A. H. Bigelow, 10 00
Jacob P. Jones,. 250 00 Samuel Ji. Perkins,23 06
Edwin Hall. SO 00 B. H; Townsend,
E. O. Markley, -25 CO M. D., 25 00
33. G. Markley, Jr. ,25 00 Morris E. Parker, 500
H. Markley,. • 10 00 J. B. Bd.s, 10 00
David Bel tier,; ' 25 00
Addit'onal snbscriotio;
znaining Precincts will
Edwabd H. Oodes, S
>n* m the above and re.
be published as soon as
SINMETZ, Chairman,
scretary. ■ lt§
UJ? —Tbenndersignedi
ol the following subscript
previously noticed :
Isaac Sehlecjitpr, . 50 00
"Win. Wilson, 50 00
Mrs. B .Tobns, . 50 to
A. K Little, 50 00
*m. Ames, 50 00
R. Peterson, ..'5O 00
S. H. Jarden, iis do
John Sailer, 25 to
Kick Grow, 25 00
£*. M. Janney, 25 0U
Chas.M.Fay, 25 00
H. W. Gray, 25 00
Alex. Prestley, 25 00
G. Beigner, 25 00
Geo. T. Stokes, 25 Ou
R. Tronbat, M. D. 25 00
BobeTt B. Esler, 20 00
Mr. Weaver, ‘ ' 20 (0
Thomas Wood, . 20 00
J. B. Bodg&on, 20 00
Henry Yolkmar, 20 00
Peter T. Wright, 15 00
Jacob Weaver, 15 00
J. M. Burns, 15 00
George Cr< ely, 15 00
Granvilleß.llaines, 15 00
Wm. J. McElroyj 10 00
idw. Walden, 10 00
John K. Cooper, 00
John Beckenbach, 10 00}
Theo. Beynor, 10 ou
B. C. Eddy, 10 00
M. E. Parker, 10 00
Thos. Wood, 10 00
J. X i. Welle6, 10 (0
A. Nevin, 10 00
Alex. Martin, " ‘ 10 00
Levi Mears, 10 00
E. M., 10 00
‘C. U. Champion, 10 00
W. A; Barrett, 10 (X*
T B. Conley, 10.00
Tbos. Brock, Jo 00
Timothy Bogeys, JO 00
E. C. Penfield, 10 00
J. Y. Yanderbilt* 10 00
Christian Ginn, 10 00
S. B. Gcdsliall, 10 00
A. B. Fougeray, 10 00
Thos. H. Rice, 10 GO
Edw» Roop, 10 00
Jno McCutcheon, 10 00
.J. S. Wilson, 10 00 ;
F. M. Caldwell, 10 00
Mrs M H. Sutter, 10.00 !
Fredk. Fick, 10 00
Mrs. Bnchanan, 5 0;
Wm. Rogers. 5 to
Cbas. L. Hildreth, 4 00
J. Love, • ♦ 5 00
David Beath, 5 00
Wm. K. Reiff, . 5 00
Peirce McLaughlin, 5 00
Wm. Bummeli, 5 00
H. N. Koback, 5 00
Amos Walker, 5 00
Wm. P. Clement, 500
Wm. J. Beed; 5 00
A. Walton, 5 00
S. Richards, 5 00
P. McGinnis, 5 00
P. Murray, 5 00
C. Lewis, 5 00
James P. Alden, 5 00
Hemr Klnss, 7 00
Mr. Marshall, 5 00
E. Leeds, 5 00
Allred Smith, 5 10
J. B. Bloomer, 5 CO
John Whitelock, 5 00 .
Wm. Farley, 5 00
John M. Lipp, 5 00 .
John Deffenbacher, 5 to '
Abr’m Deffenbacher 5 00
Henry Bush, 5 Oo .
Jbbfc Wl Brown, • 5 1*0}:
James Baramore, sou .
J. McDonnell, 5 00
Robert Hutton, , 5 00 .
D. R. Ferkeupine, 500
J. H. Getz, 5 00
Cash, 5 00
Wm. Lehr, 5 00
S. C. Atkinson, . 500
Tbos. Thompson, * 5 00
John D!. Bowers,- 500
Jas. D. Cooper, 5 00
John Elliott. 5 00
N. Schinberger, 5 00
J. E. Lafferty, 5 00
A- B. Piyor, 5 00
C. M Taylor, 5 00
Chas. Shaw, 5 Go
Hugh Deehan, 5 00
J. W. Francis, 5 00
J. P. Brown, 5 00
E. E, Robinson, 5 ou
Lewis BartUson, 5 0i- '
H. S. Matthew’s, 5 00 i
Rich-l. Johnson, 5 00 ;
H. A. McCullough, 5 00
F*. Caldwell, 5 CO
Geo. SbaelVer, 5 01'
Wm. B. Aiken, 5 00
Jas. A. Latgay, 5 ou
O. H. Wells, 5 00
Cyrus Levis, 5 00
Jos. L. Green* 5 oo
Cash, 5 00i
A. R. Stroud, 5 oo
Benj. Wagner, 5 00
Robt. Sumner, 5 to
John Sumner, 5 00
D. Egbert, 5 uo
J. M. Kropp, 5 00
J. F. Leak, 5 00
S. A, Gibbs, 5 00
H. Rice, . 500
Hebert J. Lloyd, 5 00
JuhnGofoTth, (ad 5 1) 500
Edw. Pole, 5 ou
Dr. Toothacner, 5 00
J. H. Houghton, M.
I), 5 no
Wij. Sonrman, 5 00
•T. 11. COX, S (10
O. E G., SID
Robert D. Reeves, 5 00
Charles S. Reeves, 5 00
Robert H. Reevss, 5 00
Geo.'G. Russell, 5 00
Geo. W. Forrest, 3 00
James Hamilton, 2 00
Samuel Miller, 2 00
A general meeting of the Collectors -will be held
on WEDNESDAY EVENING, 3d ihst., at 8
o’ clock, at S. E. corner of Twentieth and Coates
streets. G. A. HOFFMAN,
It Secretary.
Lks THE SEVENTH WARD, was field at
X» KIEL’S HALE, LOMBARD street, below
Broad, on MONDAY, F V 1. ISbl, at 8 P. M.
-On motion, WILLIAM D. LEWIS was called
to; the chair* and JOHN F. CABOT appointed
Secretary. ,' -
A recommendation of -tde'General Committee
that the Ward should conform to the suggestion
/made by the general convention of the officers of
/the Ward Bounty Funds that a uniform Ward
b ounty of Fir tv Dollap.b should be paid to each
recruit was read..
. On motion of William P. Hacker, the resolution
adopted at the Ward meeting held January 18,
18*4, offering a bounty of one hundred dollars was
reconsidered, and on motion of Col. William ;
Bradford, the following preamble and Resolution
were unanimously adopted: ,
: Whereas, Much, confusion and inconvenience
have been caused by the various Wards having
oflered different sums as bounties to recruits to be
credited to them under the late call of the
President; . ;
Jtndtchereas, At a General Convention of the
officers, oi the Ward Bounty Funds, held on the
9?th ult., a Resolution was unaniinonsly adopted,
lecommending that a uniform Bounty of Fijttt
Dollabs shall be paid by each Ward to evely Re
cruit who shall be mustered into the United- States
service, and duly credited to the said War'd, and
that meetings should be called of the citizens of
such Wards as had proposed to pay more than
f ifty Dollabs, to take action on said Resolution,
in pursuance whereot the present meeting has teen
convened; therefore be lt, and it is hereby ",
Ice-solved, That this Ward will conform m its ac
tion to the foregoing recommendation, and that the,
sum to_ He paid to each Recruit credited!to the
Seventh Ward, in addition to the Government and
City Bonn ties, shall be FIFTY DOLLARSjip'iy
able unjer such regulations as the General Com
mittcerbaiv prescribe. . . " M
On motion, it was : j J
_'lieseiived, JJ hat the officers of this meeting, 1 and
Colonel WM. BRADFORD, be appointed to'rep
resent the , Seventh Ward at the meetings of the
General Convention of the Ward Bounty Funds
-On motion, adjourned. - \ i ’
Johk-F. Cabot, Secretary. , \ • yjtj
DEPARTMMNT. Medlc.nl treatment and medi
cinal furnished gratuitously to the poor. anl3rp
r ARD bounty: fund.
[acknowledges the receipt
lions in addition to those
Lefiless Brittain, 2 00
Jas. Oaxman, 2 00
Jas. Craig, 2 00
Win. H. Bistick, - 2 00
Samuel Lemmon, ; 200
Stephen Barcus, 2 50
F. Dehayeii, 2#o,
Chas. Hickley, 2|50
01. W. Vail, , 2 ! UO
Geo. West, 3 00
• has. Downey. £ 00
W.H.Bunn, (add’l)3 00
i!tL. Walsh, 300
Geo. Burrows, 2 00
Philip McPool, 2 00
A. Stoddart, , 2 GO
G. E. Sutherland, 200
Geo. Fries, 2 50
John Curran, 2 00
E. H. Hazleton, 2 00
J. Devine, 2 00
Isaac S. Baird, 2 00
Jas. Murray, 2 00
Geo. Lamport,; 2 00
Cash, 3 00
J. Hyde, 2 50
S. Hhslett, 2 00
Jacob Furrer, 2 00
Win Wiggins, 2 50
} John Cariin, ' 300
Jacob Graham, 2 00
M. G. Kehr, 2 00
J. Thompson, 2 00
Wm. Conaway, 2 00
A. Miuick, 2 50
John Coyle, 3 <)0
Robt McWilliams, 2 r-o
A. Aiiezin, 2 00
A. P; Shubert, 2 00
Jos. Evaiisr 2 50
Chas. Newhonse, 4 (W
Jas. O’Connell, 2 0u
Thos. Reed, 2 < 0
Rufus Kee, 2 00
Jas. B Burt, 2 00
German PfafT, 2 00
Thos. Bl&nchfield, 200
W, H. F., 100
Cash. i oo
James Gray, l 00
Robert McGinley, 100
Arnold Winstead, 100
Samuel Colmkn, 1 00
Chas. Schueck, 1 00
Robt. Gilchrist, I 00
Samuel Holcraft, 1 00
Alei: Peoples, 1 00
Jas. Rallsiou, 1 00
Mr. Lambert, I uo
Jas. Elhoit, I 00
Thos. Forrest, 1 00
Jas. Thompson, 1 00
Jas. McNeil, 1 00
John,Ray, 1 00
JohaHoliowell, 1 00
Isaac William, 1 00
James lOO
Geo. Sirui'ger, 1 00
Francis Über, 1 00
Samuel Girlon, 100
Robert Ratten, 1 50
Patrick McGaah&n, 1 00
Wm.; McGee, 100
Robt; McGong&l, 100
John Elder, 100
A. W. Carey,. 1 00
A. A. Calhoun, 1 00
Thos. Hinds, " 100
Wm, O’Brion, 1 00
John Richards, * 100
Cash, 1 00
James McNamee, 100
Michael Cleer, 1 00
*ohn Bowin, t 00
A. G. Duke, l 00
Pat McGowan, *lOO
James Garmey, 1 00
Hutth.McCrossin, 100
Jerry Saxton, 1 OO
Moses Allen, 50
Caleb Williams* 50
James W. Davis, 50
Thomas Pino, 50
Cash, 1 00
B. McCloskey, 1 oo
Albert H Haldeman,! oo
Albert Perry, 1 00
Jacob Johnson, 50
Johnß. Widmer, 1 00
Jolln Pritner, 1 00
Wm. Fritner,. 100
Cash, l 00
Fagell. l 00
Mr. Bradfiield, 1 00
H. J. Walton, 1 00
Mi A. Thornton, 1 00
P. Dougheriy, 1 00
Wm. McFadden, 50
Ca-ib, 1 00
D. W. Morton, 1 00
John Smith, 1 ou
Jonas Howell, 1 uo
Jas. Dannaker, 1 00
Wm. Pool, 1 00
Wm- P. Moore, 1 ou
J. W- Jones, 1 co
L. R Deverx, 1 00
F. S. Gray, i 00
iWm. Brannen, % 00
Wm. Burns, 1 00
Javob Kram, 1 00
Jacob Miller, 1 00
Peter S. Campbell. 1 oo
1 John Bulley, 1 00
Charles Carter,' 1 00
N. Jackson, 1 00
J. D. Bullitt, l 00
John Chambers, . 100
John Doran, 1 00
James Taggart, 1 00
Patrice McGurty, 100
Robert Wallace, 1 00
Francis Clinton, 1 oo
[John A. Reese, X 00
George Derry, 1 00
James Montgomery, 50
William Watson, 1 00
Thos. Carragan, 1 00
William Baum, 1 CO
Levich Lapp,
John Kitchen,
, William Rink,
|J.. Thiral,
*hf “ *
fjl A meeting of the Board of Officers will be held
iIL at the 'Regimental Armory. 505 CHESTNUT
.street, THIS (Tuesday) EVENING, February 2,
1661, at lyt, o’ clock. Byorderof
WMi w. TAYLOR, Colonel Commanding.
B Aitkek, Adjutant it*
Lks COX, at the HALLof the UNIVERSITY,
THIS EVENING, wftTbe onitgfthe most inter
esting of the Course. TiuSSls for sale at the door.
N. B. Tfce last Lecture will be on THURSDAY
EVENING, et the same Hall. It*
PBII.ADEI.rBiA, February 2, 1804.
TAKE NOTICE—That applica.ioa having been
made to thieißoard by S. KIEPATRICK, Esq.,
Agent of Estate ol Mrs. JOHNSON, for a license
to extend their PIER above PINE street (Dela
• urate front;, action will be had on the application
on MONDAY next, February Bth. .;
. chas. s. wayne,
.Master Warden Port of Philada.
ULjf of the FIFTH WAlfD,betd on the 29th ult.,
at the County Court Roomf for the purpose of
filling the Ward qriota, . the Hon. J. I. Clark Hare
was called to the chain-
The meexjngwaspermanently organized by the
selection of the following officers:
Benjamin Gerhard, Edward C. Knight,
Wm. L„ Hirst, Edmund A. Souder,
Charles Gibbons, Wilmon Whilldin,
Alfred Day, .Tames F. Dillon,-
Lewis C. Cassiday, James McCahen,
On motion ol Mr. B. Gerhard, the following
gentlemen were selected as a Supervisory Com
R.Rondle Smith, > lE. O. Thompson;
E. K. Nichols, - |Lewis C. Cassiday,
Alderman James McCahen.
, On motion of Alderman McCahen, that the meet
ing proceed to revise the Collecting Committees of
the various precincts.
J The same was agreed to.
The committees were revised as follows: v
Nathan Hall, {Thomas Dillon,
Lawrence Tobin, | Charles C. Gaw,
John Hooper.
James r H. Gaw, {Joseph R. Coad, M. D.*
HenTy Charmah, [Joseph N. Hackney,
Wm. T. Pierce.
Dennis Considine, {John Brunet, Jr ,
Robert Stewart, {Theodore W. Chandler,
v • Henry Welsh.
Edward J. Kenney. 1 Ethan O Thompson,
B. Franklin Pavia, {John Quinn,
John P. Delaney.
W. B. Atkinson, M. D., |S. Chamberlain, M. D ,
Adam Mollat, |lsaac S. Atkinson, Jr.,
. Joseph Schofield.
Thomas B. McCormick, J Stevenson T. Souder,
John J. Franklin, {Henry C. Gildea,
Thomas A. Timmins.
Hugh Davids. I David A. Nagle,
Wm. W. Dougherty, jH. O. Williams, '
John R. Angney, M. D.
.Tames Fairgrieve,
John White,
jlj. K. Nichols,
jo. F. Cosfeldt, Jr..
Victor Gijlon.
A meeting of the Precinct Committees will bo
held at No. 212 South FIFTH atreet, THIS (Tnes
day) EVENING, at 7* o'clock. v .
Punctual attendance is requested.
J. I. CLARK HARE, President.
John J. Franklin, Secretary. It
UJj PANT will receive and distribute to the
Hospitals in the city and m the field any donations
of Books or Pamphlets. Already about 9000 have
been distributed. Citizens are rci;ur.s'.ed to send
in any thing which they are willing to donate as
the Library has at present direct applieati ns both
irom the Army of the Potomac and of the West.
Boxes are now being made for the Army of the
Potomac. „ ja3U-3trp*
The Rooms of this Association, at
are open Daily from 9o’ clock, A. M., till SP. M.,
for the reception of donations in Goods, Clothing
and Books.' Contributions in Money are to be
handed to the Treasurer, E. W CLARK, Esq,.
Sonth Third street ja9- Im.rpfc
A Court of. Inquiry is in sesslon in Washington
to investigate the cafe of Colonel A. A. Gibson, of
the 2d Penneylvania Heavy Artillery, who is
charged with refuting to accept a lidg presented to
his regiment by the Slate of Pennsylvania—speak-,
mg disparagingly, of the troops from tha' State
and maltreating reernits for his regiment. The
Colonel refused to accept the State ting for the
reason that his regiment “was not Ashling for the
State of Pennsylvania bnt for the United States.”
The court is composed as follows: Brigadier -
Genexall eßuesey,President;Captain Chandler,ol
General Harkins’sstalT,Recorder; Colonel Abbott,
Ist Coi liecti. ut Volunteers; Colonel Welling, 9th
New York Volunteers. ’
On Friday the Banks Club, of Boston, celebrated
the 48th birthday of Major-General Banks.
The leading citizens of Bathy N. Y., gave a din
nfrin honoi of Brigadhr General W. W Averill,
oi Ihe 2Sth nit. General Averill is » native of
Steuben county, and for a long time a resident of
.Brigadier-General Getty ha* been appointed In
spector. Grnrral on General Meade’s ■jLaff.
Brigadier-General I-ockwooii,‘ eomrnanding sth
Arniy Corps, arrived In Cumberland, Md., on
Thursday last, and Major-General Robert H.
Milroy and Brigadier-General Summon are also
E. F. Reach, Manager of the Bostoh Museum,
died at Charlestown, Mass.;, a day or two since,
of paralysis of the brain and,consumption.
John tV. Andrews, who figured so prominently
in the New York: riots, has been' remanded to -Fort
Mr. Samuel T. Williams, of the.firm of Searle
&. Williams, a well-known merchant of Now
York, expired on last Sunday morning. Mr. Wil
liams was distinguished in church and artistic as
well as in commercial circles, />■
Signor Blitz—To ont Herod aR: former Herods
of magicians, ventriloquists Sand humorists,
seems to be the special province of Signor Blitz,
and to 'render all man, woman and child-kind
happy, appears to he his great mission. In this
excellent work the merry Sigaor is greatly assisted
by his good lieutenants Bobby and the biros, aim
the Temple of Wonders, corner of Tenth-and
Chestnut streets, is an established success. The
Signor peiforms rightly, and upon eveiry Wednes
day and Saturday afternoon.
Tux Cbxeinut. -To-night < ‘The Veteran’ ’ will
be glTen for-the last time.
The Walnut—• ’East Lynne’ ’la the attraction
here to-night.
The Arch—*‘Little Barefoot, ” in exquisitely
chsrming piece, will be given toVnight, with
-Charlotte Thompson'as the heroine, Empportedby
Hill and Bobeqn i a favoriteTarce will close the en
tertammen t. y -. ;! ~ i\ I
Irish Moss had; been found growing abun
dantly on the rocks along the beach in Scituate,
Mass., and about ithree thousand barrels are
gathered annually!, It is worth, at first hands,
from, five to six dollars per barrel. The Port
land (Me.) Advertiser says “ the same moss
may be found in Abundance on Cape Elizabeth,
the islands, andjjwe presume, all along our
coast.” - !j
Collbgb 'War.'— The Rochester Democrat
says a difficulty jias occurred at the Genesee
College, Lima, between the Faculty and
the students. Eighty of the latter have been
suspended from Recitations, on account, of some
Alleged violation*of the college rules. The stu
dents insist that {hey are in the right and re
fuse foask pardon of the Faculty. At last ac
counts the difficult’.remained unsettled.
Officers or Colobbd Rbqijibnts. —Genera
Cahey’sßoard 'examined during the past
week sixty-two applicants,, twenty-seven of
whom were passed, including one Lieutenant-
Colonel, five Captains/and twenty-one Lieu
tenants. ' \
[From the Baltimore American of last evening. ]
We received this morning from a fugitive
from Richmond, just, arrived at Washington,
the following note, which we lay before our
readers without vouching for the reliability
of the statement it contains. The author
signs his name, but at his request we omit it:
, Washington, D. C., January 31, 1864.
Messrs. Editors Baltimore American. —
Dear Sirs — l hasten to say to you that I knew
of my <JWn knowledge, before leaving Rich
mond, that; the rebel authorities are taking
.steps to propose to the Federal Government to
flay down their arms, provided the President’s
/Amnesty be extended to their leaders. Let
' this be known in." the South and the rebellion is
at an end. Yon'are at liberty to make any use
of this you may think proper ; but please do
‘ not publish my name at present, for obvious
reasons. lam writing out a statement to-day
tor the Government. -
Truly, yours, ' —,
[Correspondence Of the N. Y. Tribune.]
Headquarters Armt of the Potomac, Jan.
81, 1864.—0 n the statements of a contraband
who came into our lines on Thursday last, that
the rebel General Stuart’s cavalry were con
centrated on the western slope of Thoroughfare
Mountain, a reconnoitring party from Merritt’s
cavalry was immediately despatched to ascer
tain the truth of the report. The party re
turned the same evening, having explored the
mountain without finding any trace of Stuart
or his troopers.
There is a rumor in circulation that our vi
dettes jacketing Cedar Mountain recently saw
a force of rebel cavalry engaged in constructing
two bridges across the liapidan, but nothing
definite has been received at the headquarters
of the cavalry corps.
Three men on picket duty a few days since
were captured -by a party of rebels who were
Surgeon Chas. O. Leay,of the 6th Corps,was
relieved a few days since, and assigned to duty
under Major-Gen. Couch. Dr. S. A. Holman,
formerly Surgeon-in-Chief of Gen. Perry’s
division, succeeds him as Medical Director of
the corps. Brigadier-Gen. Wright, qf the
6th Corps, was called to 'Washington, day be
‘fore yesterday, on special duty. Brigadier-
Gen. Bussell commands the division during his
jCorrespondence eff the New York Herald.]
Heaequarters, Department of Western
Virginia, Feb. 1 .—Considerable excitement
prevailed along the line of the railroad to-day,
occasioned more by precautionary movements
than anything else.
Yesterday morning a portion of a rebel
brigade that had been sent over into New
Creek Valley for the purpose of inter
cepting ! ono of our moving columns came
upon the rear of Colonel Thoburn’s command,
whereupon skirmishing ensued between the two
forces. Our men finally drove the rebels back.
This afternoon the enemy again advanced, and
this time occupied Burlington. Brisk skir
mishing was going on at different times during
the day.
Much confidence is felt in General Kelley’s
ability to defeat the enemy’s designs. Up to
this time everything is favorable to the interests
of our side.
9 A. M.,4tß> 12 H., 49V. IJ< P..M. . 46
Minimum Temperature Caring last 24 boars, 33
.YWeather cloudy—Wind Southwest.
Rev. S. Hanson Cox’s Lectures. —The
lovers of Poetry were greatly amused and their
refined and classic ears gratified by Rev. Doe
- tor Cox’s great lecture, at the Hall of the
University, last evening. He repeated Shaks
] scare admirably. Up’on epigrams and epi
taphs h#was peculiarly happy. One story of
the minister who visited the New England
church yard where all the saints and none of
the sinners were buried, was worth more than
the price of the lecture. By the w ay, we had
heard a similar story, but we never before
heard the scene laid in New England; but it
made a splendid Yankee tale; the stranger
being allowed to. Write a verse upon the gate,as
others had done’, wrote—
** More he the doad \
Axul bore the l»p»n«7 lit. ’ *
' The weak, foolish and imbecile Kings of
England' received merited rebuke. We are
unable to give the Lecture, unless we could
print the looks, gestures , ton's and movements
of the orator. We would like ,todo by this
Lecture as Whitcfield told some who wanted to
print one of his sermons—“ the, might do it if
they would print the thunder that rolled and
the lightning that flashed during its delivery
from the cloudsfor, it was preached during
a thunder storm. So, we would uke to see all
these printed. The next Lecture will be this
evening, at the same Hall, at 8 o’clock. All
trill be there.
Police Officer Accidentally Shot.—
Alexander Long, a police officer of the Six
teenth District,.shot himself accidentally last,
’evening, about eight o’clock. Ho was sitting
upon the edge of a table at a cake stand on
Market Street, above Thirteenth, engaged in
l conversation. He drew his handkerchief sud
denly from his pocket, and in doing so a re
volver which was in the pocket was discharged.
The ball entered the left- side of Mr. Long, to
the -depth of about three inches took
a sudden turn. It has not yet'been abstracted.
The wound of Mr. Long is dangerous, and but
little hopes of his recovery are entertained.
The injured man Was conveyed to his home on
Thirty-seventh street, below Market. He has
a wife and two children.
The Mannerchor Ball. —The fancy dress
ball of the Mscnnerchor Society came off last
evening at the Academy of Music. The at
tendance was very good. There was a great
variety of dresses among the gentlemen, but the
ladies generally confined themselves to their
ordinary style of. dress. The Academy pre
sented a brilliant scene however, and everything
passed off with great eelm!. The .fine band and
orchestra was under tbedibaction of Mr. Adolph
Birgield, and one other feature of the evening
was the performance of the beautiful galop from
the opera of “Fausteß’ ‘ \ \
Suspicion of Rorbbry.— Wm, J. Marland
was arrested, last evening , upon suspicion of
haying the honse of Patrick Lahey, In
the, vicinity! of Seventeenth and Fitzwater
streets, of tiw> watches and a revolver, on the
29th of November last. He was taken before
Alderman DalHSr and was committed to
answer. " „
Business (^hangE. —Wo notice by onr ad
vertising columns, that Mr. Benjamin Thackara,
has become a partner in the firm of -'Warner,
Miskey &' Merrill. Any wf our citizens, and
especially any of the Ladies, who have visited
the Sate Rooms of Cornelius & Baker, during
the last twenty years, could not fail to recognize
the pleasing address, gentlemanly and business
like deportment of Mr. Thackara. He has now
established himself in business, on his own
account, and we cordially commend him to the
favor of. his friends and an appreciating public.
Funeral of Mr. Shewell. —The funeral of
Mr. Joseph B. Shewell took place yesterday
afternoon from his late residence oa Ritten
house,street, in Germantown. Among those
present were many of the members.' of the
Coin Exchange, the members of the,'Grand
Lodge, A. Y. M., also 6f Concordia Lodge,
Excelsior Mark Lodge, Columbia H. R. A.
Chapter, 4Jo. 91, and a very large number of
personal friends. The deceased was universally
esteemed and respected.
Candlemas Day To-day is the Feast of
tlie Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
This is the day on which is celebrated the pre
sentation of Jesus in the Temple, by the Virgin,
His n>other. It was celebrated originally by the
exhibition of a profusion of lights, in allusion
to the exclamation of Simeon, when the infant
Saviour was presented in the Temple—“a light
to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of Thy
people Israel.” And so this Feast came to be
Candle-mas Day.
Charged with Robbery. —Two men named
Francis Smith and Robert Livingston, were
before Alderman Beitler, this morning, on the
charge of having in November last stolen a
sable fur cape from the store of Mr. Edward S.
Mason, No. 706 Arch street. They were held
to bail in $1,500 each to answer at Court.
Bold - Robbery. —John IV i Ike soil was ar
raigned this morning before Alderman Dallas,
upon the charge of the larceny of a horse. It
is alleged that he went into the stable of Michl.
Guiness, at Broad and Reed streets, bridled a
horse, mounted him and was riding off when he
was detected. Wilkeson was sent below. ,
Highway Robbery. —Before Alderman Dal
las, last evening, Charles Hawkey was charged
with assault and battery and larceny. He is
alleged to have knocked a man down in the
neighborhood of Fifteenth and Federal streets,
and robbed him of $2O. The accused was com
mitted .to answer.
of Richmond.
School ox Fire.— The alarm of fire between
ten and eleven o’clock last night was caused by
the partial burning of the floor of the first story
of the Southwest Grammar School, on Front
street, near Pine. The damage done is esti
mated at $4OO.
New Bcildixgs. —The Building Inspectors
issued 90 permits during the month of January.
Of that number 68 were for dwellings; 1 for an
engine house; 1 for an office ; 3 for shops ; I
for a stairwayy; 2 for factories ; 2 for sheds; 1
for a stable and 11 for alterations and additions.
Arrival of Repextaxt Rebels.—Yester
day afternoon some twelve hundred rebels,who
have taken the oath of allegiance to the Go
vernment, arrived in the city from Chicago.
About three hundred of the men went to the
Navy Yard and enlisted in the Navy.
Larceny or a Shawl.— A woman was ar
rested last night in the First Police District
upon suspicion of the larceny of a second
mourning shawl. She was committed. The
shawl is at the Station House, Twentieth and
Fitzwater streets, awaiting identification.
Tue Methodist Conference.— Ameeting of
the members of the various congregations of
the M. E. Churches of-the city has been held,
and the Union Church was agreed upon as the
place for holding the next General Conference.
Rescued from Drowning. —A man named
Peter Carey fell info the Delaware at Vine
street wharf last evening about half-past’nine
o’clock. He was rescued from drowning by
Harbor Police.
Blue Reserves. —A meeting of the Blue
Reserves is called fpr this (Tuesday) evening,
at the armory, 505 Chesnut sti-eet. See adver
Fresh Arrival of Fine Cheese.— Messrs.
Davis A Richards, Arch and Tenth streets, have
just received a fresh arrival of Pine Apple, Sap
Sago and Dutchhead Cheese, all of the finest
Take Notick.— A magnificent 7-oct. Piano
lor sale at a great sacrifice. Elegantly-carved case
and overstrung: bass, sweet and powerful
toms made four mouths a*o by one of lb.e best
makers in this country. Cost >O5O. "Will be sold
lor S&5, as the owner is obliged to leave the city.
To be seen at the residence, 701 Locust street.
The New “Photo-Miniature. s *.—Messrs.
TYenderoth & Taylor, 912, 914, and 916 Chestnut
street, aie now prepared to execute this exquisite
new style of picture—-really the latest and most
.fcrautifol gt-m o* the Specimens
are now on exhibition at their gallery. „
A Stlendid Establishment. —The historian
of Charles the Bold, Duke of Burgundy, describes
bis court. He says there was no lack of splendid
dresses and sparkling gems, or of whatever else
could give brilliancy to the scene. The dake’s
chair was on a dais raised three steps above the
floor and carpeted with cloth of gold. His attire,
as became h s superior rank, was rich and magni
ficent above that of all the rest. His hearing was
stately. His glance, as it ranged over the assembly,
confessed his pride in that band of noble yastals,
the satellites of his glory, and confidence in his
own capacity as their ruler and their chief; but
there is no disguising the fact that the Duke and
his iollowei s would have looked more civilized and
as elegant, had they lived a hundred yeaTs later,
and enjoyed the privilege of procuring their wear
ing apparel at the Brown Stone Clothing Hall ol
BodmiH and "Wilson, Nos. 663 and 606 Chestnut
street above Sixth :
Victory.— lce Cream and "Water Ices, at
40 cents per quart, Morse’s2B S. Eleventh street.
Always will be found at our stores, Gents 9
Ha’s, Misses’ and Children’s Hats, Furnishing
Goods for Gents, Anny and Navy Goods, besides
many other useful and desirable, articles such as
"Umbrellas, Canes, etc. Charles Oakford <fc Sons,
Two Stores under the Continental Hotel.
Philadelphia Institute for Physical
Cultu jlr by the practice of Dr. Dio Lewis’s new
gymnastics. S. W. corner Broad and "Walnut sts.,
•cot ducted by Mr. and Mrs. Gillingham. The
storm having prevented many from meeting the
elms for masters, misses and young? ladies which.
organized yesterday, the first lesson will be re
peated on 1 hursday at J3# A clhss for
ladies and gentlemen, to meet on Wednesday and
Saturday evenings, will organize to-morrow even
ing at 7% o'clock. Mr- G; may he consulted at,
1224 Buttonwood street from l till-3; at the Insti
tute from 10 till 12, during this week,
Dr. E. B. Leightiiilr, 84 From St.
Mark’sPlaee, New York, author of
• ‘A Popular Treaties on Deafness, ’ •
“Letters on Catarrh,’’ &c., Ac.,
■Will shortly make a prbfessional Tisit to Wash
ington, vrhen he can he consulted on
Deafness, Catarrh,
Discharges of the Ear,
And all the various diseases of the Ear, Throat
and Air passages.
■' Dxxnrßss, Busdxhss, and all diseases whlcb
the Ear or Eye Is heir to, snecessfnUy treated by
Prof. J.lsaacs, M. D.,Oconllst and Ararat, Ho.
511 Pine street. : Testimonials : from the most re.
liable sources can be seen at his office. The medi
cinal faculty are Invited to accompany their
patients, as he has no secret in his mode of treat,
ment. Artificial Eyes inserted without pain. Me
charges for jjtamination.
EVOV E ' _
and ;
Chocolate Almonds and Chocolate Cara
snsL, of rare quality, manufactured by Stepeok
F. Whitman, No. 1210 Market street.
Removal—The office-of McElroy’s City Di
’rectory has been removed from 134 South Fourtfc
to Guo Chestnut and 104 South Sixth street, second
floor- A. McELBOY. '
Visit the “Florence” Sales Rooks, 63flf
Chestnut steebt, and see the celebrated
■ Bevekbiblk-feed Look, and Knot>stitos
Sewing Machine.
Best and Purest Coal in the cityY non*
better; please try it. Samuel W. Hesal Brood,
street, above Race, east side.
Corks, Bunions, Inverted Nails, Enlarged
Joints, and all Diseases of tlie Feet cared without
pain -or inconvenience to ""'the patient, by Dr,
. Zacharie, Sorgeon Chiropodist, 921 Chestnut
street. Refers to Physicians and Surgeons of tiia
city. • ' , *
The Perfection of Sewing Machetes,
Call and 6kb the “Florence, ».
630 Chestnut Steebt.
Barlow’s Indigo Blue.— Dealers and Con
sumers of the above will please take notice that tha
labels have been changed to .read,
“Indigo Blue,** _
Putnp at Alfred Wiltberger's Drugstore,
No. *233 North Second street,
Philadelphia. -
Barlow’s name will be left off the boxes fttn,
this date.
LadiE* 5 and Gentlemen 5 * \
The Largest and Best Stock nr the Citt. AS
Under Continental Hotel. v-
The “ Florence 55 Setting Machine, sold
at 630 Chestnut Street, is warranted tO IBM
Supreme l Court—Chief Justice ‘Woodward,
and Justices Thompson, Strong, Read, and Ag
new.—The Philadelphia List was taken up on.
third call. ->* -
City of Philadelphia vs. Flanagan, and Sama
v*. Johnson. Re argument. The first case raises
the question of the power of Councils to reghlato
the advertisements by the Receiver of Taxes of,
delinquent tax •payers, and the. second the ques
tion of the power of Councils to control the Board
of School Controllers in the matter of regulating
salaries, &o ,of teachers. In the latter case tha
Controllers refused to recognize the scale of sala
ries fixed by Councils, and the City Controller re
fused to countersign the warrants issued by tha
School Controller*.
The first case has reference to the publication of
the list of delinquent tax payers, .the City con
tending that the Receiver of Taxes can make no
contract binding on the City in more than two
newspapers and one time in each. Both cases vrer—
argued last winter but ordered for re-argument the
present term. . .. ■
District Court. -®Jndge Sharswood.
Jonah Moore, administrator, Ac., vs. Robert
Cues: nnt. An action on a due bill. Defence, pay
ment. Jury out.
District Court.— Judge Stroud.
Deborah E Haunams. by her next* friend; ‘&e«,
vs. The Pennsylvania Railroad Company. -This
was an action to recover damages for rajnries sus
tained by plaintiff, a child of about 12 years of age.
In January, ISC.*:, sb* was passing the corner of
31st and Market streets, where there is a railroad
sign inscribed «‘Media Railroad. ’ ’ A train of cars
of defendant coming aloDg knocked the sign down,
and m falling it struck plaintiff and injured her
severely. On trial.
In “ Cudjo’s Cave,” a war novel by J. T.
Trowbridge, well known as a contributor to
the Atlantic Monthly, we find the following
beautiful paragraph:
“ How many a beloved c good-for-nothing’
has gone from our streets and firesides, to re
appear far off in a vision of glory ! The;
tchool-fellows know not their comrade; the
mother knows not her own son. The strip
ling, whose outgoing and incoming were so
familiar to ns—impulsive, funloving, a little
vain, a little selfish, apt to be cross when the
supper was not ready, apt to come late and
make you cross when, the supper was ready
and waiting—who ever guessed what noble
ness was in him! His country called, and he
rose up a patriot. The fatigue of marches,
the hardships of camp and bivouac, the haxiL
fare, the injustice that must be submitted idy
all the terrible trials of the body’s strength'
and the soul’s patient endurance—these he
bore with the superb buoyancy of spirit which
denotes the hero. , Who was it that caught up
the colors, and rushed forward with them into
the thick of the battle, after the fifth man who
attempted it had been shot down ? Iff ot the vil
lage loafer, who used to go about-the streets
dressed ae shabbily ? Yes, the same. •He
fell, covered with wounds mid glory.—
The rusty and seemingly useless instrument
.we saw bang so long idle on the walls of soci
ety, none dreamed to be a trumpet of sonorous
’ note until the soul came and blew a blast. And
wbat has -become of that white-gloved, per
fumed Jumdsome cousin of ydurs, devoted to
his pleasures, weary even of those—to whom
life, with all its luxuries, had become a bore T
He fell in the trenches at Wagner. He had
distinguished himself by his daring, his hardi
hood, his fiery love of liberty. When thei
nation’s alarm heat, his manhood stood erect;
lie shook himself; all his past frivolities wero
nO more than dust tp the mane of this young
lion. The war has proved useful if only .in this,
that it has developed the latent heroism in our .
young men, and taught us wnat is in humanity,
in our fellows, in ourselves. Because it has
called into action all this generosity and cour
age, if for no other cause, let us forgive its cru
elty, though the chair of the beloved one be
vaeantj/tho bed unslept in, and the hand cold!
that panned the letters in that sacred' drawer,,
which cannot even now be opened without
grief.” .
Tub Old- Frag.”—A letter from Chatta
nooga, after speaking of the erection of a lofty
flag-staff on .the peak of Lookout
from which now floatsthe Old, Flag, says:
I must tell you,an affecting little scene I
witnessed when we first crossed Lookout about
the 6th of September. We were marching
along at “route step” with our colors furled
and in them black cases, when we perceived
about a dozen of the fair sex in one of those
everlasting southern porticos, watching us as
we passed. We had got nearly by, whon ono •
of the young ladies stepped out to the front,'
and said,“Bovs, we want to see the old flag.”
Oh! such a shout as went up; banners soon
unfurled, music struck up, the men took step,
hats without number went into the air, and the
hurrah lasted for s good hour, and the women
all cried. .
■ f ■