The Petroleum Centre daily record. (Petroleum Center, Pa.) 1868-1873, November 16, 1869, Image 2

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Petroleum Centre Daily Record.
Pei. Liinrr,TucJa)i Nov. 1U.
TRAINS U O. C. A. A. It. It.
No. 2. Pwwonorir. Lenvo Corry 11.20 a.
m : Titoville, li.59 p. in. 5 l't-lrulHUin Con
tr. 1.40 p.m.; Oil City, 2 22 p.m.; Ir
vinntnn, fi 10 p. ra.
f No. 4. Panunger Lcavo Corry C. 10 a. ra.
TitiiHVlllo, 7.35 . m.; Petroleum Centre.
.14 a m; Oil City, 8 SD a m ; arrive at lr-vim-ton
11-40 am. '
No. C, PiifHonger Leave Corry C fi.'i p m;
Titiifcvilli!, 7.S0 p in; l'l-trnliMiin Centre.
8.3:! p in; arrivu at Oil City 0,20 p in.
No. 1, Passenger Lenve Irvineton 7.15
am; Oil City, 10.10 a m; Peimleum Cen
tre, 11,05 H in; Titnevilie, 11,50 a ui; arrive
ut Corry 1.40 p in.
No. 3, Passenger Leave Irvinoton, 12.
05 p in; Oil City 2.57 p in; Petroleum Cen
tre, 3.30 pm; Tiliisvillu, 4,20 p m; arrive
nl Corry 8.45,! ra.
No. 5. Pnsen(rr Leave Oil City 2.67 p
m; Petroleum Centre. 3.i!U p m; Titnsville,
8,30 a m; arrive at Coiry 10,10 a m.
Hvine Nrrvlcca.
rroacbingat 11 o'clock A. M., and 7
'clock P. M.
Rev. J. T. Oxtoby, Pastor.
Services every Sabbath at 11 A. M. and
if4 P. M. SaVjath School at 12 P. M.
cat tree. A cordial invitation extou'3
ed;tonll. Rbv. C. M. Heard,- Pastor.
ST3. :PBTER 'ANP PAUL'S '(Catholic)
Mass at 10V,' a. m.
Vespcr.and Benediction of the Bleseed
Sacrament at 4 p. m.
Cateobisin at 2 p. in.
Arnold & Painny are testing a now well
on the Malory farm this ovenlnjr.
Col James 8. Myers, of Venango county,
is spoken of favorably lor the U. S. Circuit
Ex-Secretary Soward is now traveling in
Mexico, . where be is reeem-d with hon
ors befltting a king. '
Wt leain that Dr. A. G. Egbert intends
removing from Mercer county and will take
up his residence in Franklin.
The amount of oil shipped from Parker's
Landing from the first to tho sixth of this
month, amounts to 2,117 barrels.
' Mr. Ilonry Clay Beecber, son of tho Rov,
Henry Ward Beecber, bas married Miss
Frances Gertrude. Snow, daughter ol the
late Mr. Goorgo M. Snow, once the commer
cial editor of tho Tribune.
From a letter published in the Erie Dis
patch to-day, wo learn that Petroleum in
Urge quantities bas Uoun found In Mexico.
Tbe writer' says: "from threo to lour
thousand barrels flow away daily for want
of tankage."
Tho names of Messrs. Johnson of Craw
for c, Strang of Tioga, Webb of Bradford
aud Adaire and Miller of Philadelphia, are
mentioned in connection with tho Speaker
ship of the next Ilouce, and tho canvass
promises to be liveiy. Speaker SliiiBion nt
the Scnata will be re-lected -without jpposi
tion. j
It is said that one of tbe Harrison broth
ers, arrested for implication in the great ex
press robbery, had live thousand dollars of
tbe booty concealed beneath a pile of pota
toos at bis residence' on green Island, and
that after his arrest be guvo tbo cflicera iu
formation of tbe fact, and tbo money was
recovered. '
There will bo six eclipses in 1670. four of
tbo sun two of tbe moon. There will bo a
tatal eclipsu of the moon iu January 30, in
visible; a partial eclipse of tbe sun Jnn 28
visible only in Australia ; a total eclipse' of
the sun, December 23, visiblo in Europe and
Edward U. Ketcbum was discharged from
Sing Sing prison on Saturday. Sentenced
to four yoars and b'ix months imprisonment,
Lis uniform good. conduot gained him a com
million of eight months, making tho time
actually served three years uiid ten months,
A telegram from Cleveland, Gated yester
day, snys that J. C. Buoll, Cashier of the
Second National Bank, of that city, com
ilted suicide this morning by shooting him
self through tbu heart. Wo understand
that Mr. Buoll lost heavily in tbo gold
v - . .
P.'T. Barnum has contributed $7,000 to
and in dotraying the expenses of celcbra
ling the centennary rf Univeisalism in
Amrerica. The Ilev. Mr. Murray first told
us In 1370 that vo ore all to bo saved. It
U proposed to iuveet a large Willi tf n:oi:cy
in tbe ei lil.Ttitiun.
Tbo East Eraily Iulienl:nt is a new pa
per published by Samuel Young, Esq., ut
East rirftdy, Clarion county. It is a live
Wfekly and takes a popular course, political
ly. Somo of our citizens have started a
club for Samusl's paper. Good fur Samuel,
good for the paper and good for the ulti.yiis.
While Mr. Silas Corwin. a genllemnn of
eighty-three, was nmnsing himself by dig
ging out cluy in the yard at his residence
by the river, bank, at New Winsor, oa the
Hudson, ho discovered a large earthen j.r,
covered bv a Hat stone. This jir contained
fijO Spanish dollars, bearing dates from 17
20 to 17-73, The coins wero still bright,
and probably wore never In circulation.
.Since the discovery, iu fan neighbor of New
Winsor, spades have beoumo trumps. OHB Tax. The new regulatioa in
reference to the income tax will not set well
upon the stomachs of those who iiavo hith
erto steered clear ol this ouerous burden.
Every house must, bo visited and the nauit-a
ol the Inmates obtained. Persons who have
no incnine to be taxed must make hii Bidi
vit of that fact, and thoss who havo mado
no returns are to bo summoned to appear at
tbo office, of tbo assessor, and in case of fail
ure to respond, nro subject to a penalty.
Oa the morning of the 5lh, between 3 and
4 o'clock, tho post ulliea nt New Poit:ige,
O., was entered by a br.rglnr named Wm.
Wittier. The storo in which tho office was
located had reqnently been entered before
and robbed, undoubtedly ly tho same per
son, and son this occasion tho proprietor
was watchining and shut Winter, killing
him on (bo spot. Tho thief was au old
peniteutiary bird.
SrEciE Payment Rxsi-med. Ou Satur
day I'aH an invi vidual sintering from dilap
idated tciib, callod at the ollice of one of
our city deatlsis, and after having the ruins,
of.whit had once been a shapely mouth
refitted and inlaid with gold, bo proffered
in payment for the mmo eleven hundred
copper penmen, which bo produced from an
old satchel, and which were put up in bak
ing powder boxes of ono hundred each. Up
on tbo dentist expressing a dislike to such
bulky poymeut, tho Oil Creel: Sipnner said
ho had nolhin' else, and gave as un excus.i
that wheiche woilicd, at Petroleum Ceotre,
the facilities fur "Allocking dowo" wi-ie
such that ho hud to ccnliue his attention to
pinnies, as the least likely to utlract at
A Littls Hkiioixk. At llugwasb, Can
ada, a fuw nighis ago, tho houiio of a fam
ily named Cro'.vly having taked lire, all tho
inmates, except three stnail children had
escaped, but theso were nleepiug up stair,
and the tiro below mado it impossible to
reach tlicui. Finally the mother's screams
from without awakened tbo eldest, a girl
not twelve years old, who came to a window
and was ured by her moiiter lo throw her
self out, but she. answered, "No, brother
and sister must bo eavcu.'' She then re
turned tliiounh tho he-at and smalto twice,
and,'ufier throwing the two younger child
ren from tho window, she let herself drop to
the gruiind, a d.ilance of sixteen feet, and
when she arose said, "I'm done, mother;
but I have saved my biothcr aud tiler from
being burned up." The mother and child
ren then walked f70 yards nuked for none
of tbo clolhiug had bern saved to tLe near
est bouse, where tto llltlo heroine, terribly
burnt, shocked with the fail, and chilled
witn the exposure, eUU early tho next
Kcws lie m h.
President Grant has just taken a deed o
bis Long Branoh jnirctian.
The Pacific Railroad peoplo have discov
ered oil wells along the line.
Sir Morton Polo Is trying fortun again
in Hungarian railways.
, General Belknap got acquainted with hf
wifo by capturing her brother, who was i
rebel tflicer.
Eobett Bishop, of Boston, lias built i
model block for workingmen in Boatou, at a
cost of $00,000.
Mr. Seward is going to build a library of
Alaska white cedar and California redwood,
as a memorial of bis tour.
According to tho New York paprrj, they
are now having a "thieves' jubilee" in that
Senalor Grimes in still in poor health.
Tho Empress Eugenie loft Alexander for
Cnrio yosterday.
The steamer Maine, from Bremen, arriv
edjat New Yoik on Saturday.
The first stono of the main edifice of tbo
new Post Oflico iu tho Cily Hull Park, New
York, was laid Saturday ufternoon.
Billio Peyton introduced a bill in the
Tcnuessco Senate on Saturduy, (.roviding
for a monument to John Boll.
Mr?. Central Ciistar accompanies Ler hu:?
band o:i hid hunts uHer Indians, r.nd is said
to bo a pood sLot with l ho rltlle,
Nutu to Urnrte.
lrom tli. Rift Brmhj Mtpmitatt
Sinco Mr. Gilfillan is so very anxious for
re-momination, jand his ftiends so urgently
back him up, would it not bo well euougb
to inquire into his statu as a representative
of tbe people nnd his antecedents as a poli
tician ; 'while n glimpse n' bis confreres
might bo an interesting subject for contem
plation. As a lawyer.Mr. Gilfillan is not the equal
of Daniel Webster nor so eloquent as De-
moslheues. Indeed, his legal record is not
so bright as that of many who nro younger
in the. profession. Ilia pleadings at the
bar were not so touching nor so successful
as his pleadings for a seat in Congress;
neither have his cases been so intricate und
perplexing ns to Feiion-ly ail'eet bis legal
mind and cause his few Iricnd-j to fear that
his great ability might drive him mad. Tho
heaviest field he ccimpted prior fo joining
the legal profession, was that of Superinten
dent of Common Schools In the "Messer
dioccso." There his wonderful powers found
nil vent, and there he br-mcd that exalted
character for truth and varocity which so
eminently distinguishes him, and has hid
tbe filed of keeping faithful a few men,
who prefer truth where it does not uilVct
their interest. Tiii pneuliar and bappy
charnfcttreslio has led him on. until good
luck, or greenbacks, or something else, gave
him a seat among the representatives of tho
nation. But here, ns elsewhere, ho is a
listener, not a speaker. It is in only the
private walks ol life that he presumes to
speak, and then only to a select cofrn'e,
whom ha is posting ou the moiiua op tramii
of securing bis ro-nomination. Iu Congress
be is liko a hoy at a huvking"
has nothing to say. Yet, wiih-.!, he is
dignified and scuicwhot jjednmic In his
manner; and those who do not comprehend
tbe astuteness ol his calibre, might mistake
his silence lor the wisihuu of a Soluiuon.
But the owl, too, is reticent, and only ut
ters a sou ud because the monotony rf its
daylight silence furcea it to cry out when re
lieved of tho glare of something briginer
than itself.
lie claines to bo A Republican ; yet it is
said that he often spills his ticket and votes
for Di uiocrats. But, we suppose, atl older
and wiser head controls bis actions, and us
that head sils on Ood eld Domocri'tlc shoul
ders, lie is bou::d by tho call of sympathy
nud obedience to follow tbe diet am of his
factotum, Bobby. Wo can not seo where
his Re-public'iuism is, when bis artinUy runs
in another cha.viel, But wo h:ivo kntwn
mvB to duff tho calf skin ond put on the
robe of the li;;u, when nnyth ng was to be
gained by it. This much for himself,
Which shall wis tho man with Ills roll
of greenbacks aud br:.Z"n impudence, back
ed by imaginary R.-publicar.s, who have
only their own battered axes to grind, or
tho honest people, honest la t'.clr purpose?
TiliU JJxel tt'llloiit.
Yesterday our reporter saw a crowd ol
meu ond brys in front of Wachter & Fetter's
store opposite tho Bunk buildiii ;. Soon all
s'.artcd on a r.ih into Hie Btore. (biplane,
a firoor a fight m'thi be the caitee of nil
this great commotion. Our r"piir'.rr bie jlh
lesdy bolted in nl.t, and found tliu true
causa to be a raid by the people npou the
splendid stock of Groceries, which W. & F.
are ulmost giving away. They nre d ter
mined to sell out their stock to dk;!:o room
for more tbat is contiaiif.Ily ritdhin!:
in by every train.
So now is your opportunity fo get your
Groceries cheap. novin :-it
AftoiT'.ois DSsjiatfhcs.
Wasiunoto:;. Nov. 15 It ii understood
thut tho rii'.'ii.lent consider the present
condition of our nuances most favornblo to
a spoe iy return to specie payment, nnd in
his forthcoming mesage will ure such a
measnro'iipou Congress. lie is opponod to
ull tinkering with currency, and believes il
tbe present Internal Revenue law be suf
fered to remain intact, und in another year
such a tangible reduction of tho Public debt
will have been e'.ected, n3 well as enable
tho Government to safely and materially
modify the taxes of all kinds. The resump
tion ol'specie f-'iyinents, tho President ar
gues, will pri'Veut fluctuations in gold, and
break up the inrlnenceof the gold gamblers
and Bavo tho people from the ruinous efl'octs
of on irredeemable currency.
Kkawng, Ph., Vov. 15. Robert W.
Devinehiing himself inst uight in jail, where
he WttSiilined fcr deserting his wire, Ho
left. tetier reproaching his wifo for her
evil' wy a.
l.iiiK. Nov. Ifi. Harrison's cigar f-iclory
Greenwitch s; reel, together with Clark's
book depot and Wood's paper bag factory
worn burned this morning. Loss 15,060;
i i iu red.
Lor a I jVoiircK
Sew J 'mr , Peed mid Grocery
Store i
J. S. 115 ATI! ECU ,
AtUiooi.D hank nrn.njxc, MAIN ST,
epiKtsito the Mct'lintoolv llou-e, ha ou leu.d
l nii'l llir-t rla-s stock or Jl'lour, t eed und
4rocerlPM, whirli lie i itlhii at a low licire.
flg.Don't ferret tie.- plaoo wliore A, 1. 1'olum
& Company broke up.
A !.
A Clmryman, roshliiiB In South Anwrln ns a
nitVioTinry, (liscovrrt .l a s:ifp ond slmpie relueily
for the Cure of Nervous Wialinusii, Karly Decay,
lMHrfiHen of tho Unitary mi'l Henilnal Orgaiw, anil
the vi hole tr:iin uf iil;oiders brpitKht on by I uiefu
nn-1 vicious bnbits. (Ireat luunbiTS havo tieen cor
eu by thianolitijremcily. rnunpled by adoslreto
bruel't the a'.Vnotcd nud uufortanate, 1 will send tbe
receipt lor preiMihu: uiid lining thU medicine. In a
sealed fnvelope, to any ov.v who needs It, Krtt of
t karate. .A(iiv.!,
Staiiuu D. Whlo Ilouce,
N. Y. City.
t O:.J I'GAli l.OVK
aiidtlte I3npilnria of True marriage
X1.-.SAYS for Ymin! Men. on;tho Krroro, Ahieaes
J ami Pi'ea'es "Vlik-ii l!et:ij- tho Mnlily l'owres
and cien'c Iii:;ici1Ii:k-u:s or MAtfKIACK, with nr
ineans of riiel. Sent In smiled b'ttcrenvi'lo;irs free
l el anre. Ad Ireti Howiiil Aiuociatlnn. Itov. I'.
Ilillndelphln, I "a. sep';!:."in.
'.4IttET AND WIj C l OTiCS t
JVi i It l.CKV
1, ' nlee pi'- V. nt
Tt-.r. FUhSi 1 b litis TOKB.
X'fo .Tori lsin" (.ciiu!:io I'iuo
nnd I'ei wJan tleallne; ioa;s.
Tho -a so:i;i.h u: bi-i-rennted willi exoticJ of the
Hii!(b-.-t nr. -I iiuhI Hitruiiic nivtute, awd are warrant
ed poi rumly innocent and free front mlrcml nnd oth
er pernicious ndr.iixtnrt. and nre t-eleetcd by the
Imlie nnd ihe pullic in general in p:u'fir.;rcc lo nil
other sonpa, nn tho pvat producers nnd proservere of
a healthy purity of complexion, and a conservator
ef fema'tu bcr.ty. Fir the softness nnd delicacy
which they luu.ico to the hiuiilH ami face, their capa
bility of soothino irniRtl-m and r- r.iovir'i; iinnitjluly
ircption-', render them iiiibVpciiriiule to every toil
et. v"e k'udly HBk t!:e public to try the virtues o
thcuc soaps. J. L. II. A Co., Proprietors.
A. D. Miller & Co , General A,rertii. Ju:22-3m.
WTOatawyptHTCia jj lujirtuwoiPBiii wima
N. 3.
I' i- 'Inirn Centre, Vcnnnjo Co , Pa.
OrrlfN' In rcoin f T.n ily ocii'.l.-d by .T. ?. V
I'mt, l-.-n., ; i Hri(k f,:-.i.'M Huilin. An- .citU d
with T. b. lvi:iu-ttr, 1-isij , I nniUliu, I'n.
tfivil if
Tlid suliKTilicr-s Imvinc p;r
cliased tbe f itf. M o-
my, on
IpetrStisni Ventre Pa.,
aid will ccntiftuo to heep wn-.
ftautly on Iiantl n, full supply
Pttrolomu Centre, Nov. I.'l'.h, lw;u. tf.
Drilling: Jar
Wo would r.i?)i"r;riil!y r.nnoimco to our cus'fv
m"i iiml ili'j paliliu ycue.rally ihat wti uunp con
HUlntly ou liand
Cvwt Steal
Jars !
Wh" for strnrfih mi rnrtiiiilily excel nuy Stocl
LliiLtl .lur liuri.-tuToru iu u.m.
over I.lncil .Tnm nri' t'mt, liolnor AT.T, KTET-:r tliy
an- stln".,: thii i:r- i-iii.k..i-J .ui-m v of Iron;
tli.v inv.ri!l!ii!;n SH ol fiirf:ii- In lliopn'.fe, theyiuv
liraiocici ii-niii winir im Uiu outiiUf, anil wnl kiq)
their li;ipe lol)i:r.
W Warrant Them t Drill
Fifteen Mujitliv;! Fwt.
Wc nldn Izocji on hor.d
Cast Iron Working Uarrcls.
Iis!ser, flni S: Vau
Nnvl2il. 1SK9- tr.
Vcraiviiii llair-llrcssijlnw.
rrillK Hiib-crilicr h:m (lllctl il IiIh t'econil floor ill
J luxuriou- and coinforlililu plylo, un u JirHt-rlncii
1! 'rlicr Whop. V-nir flrsl-rlmw worknii'n will b In
utt'.'niliinri!. Tin n. nro thri'i. fntninri' In t lie I'-ir-
iMir Simp, one botnei'ii tlio IviililiiiL'n. oub llinni ili
tlx; nli! roonu on the UM Hour, bcuiilvO two illgllts
o f.juii in-in mo t'lao-uniK.
ivll-lw (.H.MU.KKJ. I.EON'HKLpKK
Main street,, opposite MeClintck
House, IS ear Lower Bridge,.
Pet. Centre, Pa.
An linnnMice titnelc of MrnV nuO Poy'g read?
made ('liiitiiiit; i bo wild at ntnl ht-low Co?t. i
bqtmre dc.illng nnd well pcitiuuiftcd cmctrn.
I'ranrhpf nil over the I'nltc-d statm, Tli nndcr-.-'iKPeil
htn ly n'turn their In nkM to fie intnll mi
otr"ti(l um IVntri. nml vicinity, for Wr liWril
p.'itn-nrt'j (iurhift ttievptlt'i; hh I SiuiimiTj aiidUt
Irave lo hi form lluiti tlicv Hill r niiin it the
above iiam'l Ht.nitl tor n f w wit k limber to dlv
putcol n Inre httu-k of reudy inmK' ClutMng for
Full and Winter Wear
at fmm
25 to 40 per cent, ehenpr than
can be purchased in ti e
The tvntinn why we can nd will :Wi ihi-np'T tTi
tlu rhp;ipt; wo mamitVture im i i'ihc .itnutiiH
on whh-li wHJUHt we ar tiiilici Ut m II irur p cd
ul ri'tail rJiaprr than they am la' ni:iinif..cturedia
mnnll qiiantilit!, nfti-n umki? n; fivo thn,ii'(l ia L
f mie kind, takinu ndvuiitari' nf rvery innli of
rioth. Tho wav we cnnthirt unr Im-itu ciiictlr
on the ONE PlflO.y VS'l KM mHi vv'ih fitvoriwrj
whnre, fur tt Ij the only wav iu;l r;!tis the con
fhlencc nl' tlio community pjuti nrtirle'j
marked with the lnwi-at anl only prlo-hi p'ainfc
ure. No tmritcrin, no deviation, all j;ao4 wtmr,t
ed tolwof llie In-nt material nnd of enperior work
niaiiphip, unllko the tvnb nftmi kept in rfntlymade
ciotldng Htort";, nil iiirti pitrotiiHiHj nt ou: stire,
ifnot to the htire wtiraciiin of the hn)vr. mil
not ioi td, b ret n rut J within fivuduyn" robe ex
chiinird or ihem-wy will b rufnrt-d. Looktt
our low prlt-04, iiod" Overcoats $5 Wl .entire ras
N;mw Fniti $8,00. Jb $KstO, Hwivcr -nitJ
2H.0 ), Ovnrnllo50 r.8., Pvtor eolln-i, 6 pU per
hnx, and alt other 'help In our lino rrpnllT u
clmap in prAportfc.i. Call failv nt tin HuffU
Chfttp One IMi Cochin Store, Main Street p
pntdte McCtintock Houc, .lr Lorter Ilrid
Putrolcttm iVnfo. I'd.
Nov. 0 tf. prqdttwi.
3 1 roleum Centre. Pa.
For the Fall Trade, embracing f11 lm
Carpets, Oil Cloths, Ch!nt4
Calicos, Muslins, ami a choice
assortment of
And alcoo clioico aflHortmnntof
, and F'
.i rim. r trw. it A Inncaft
tjiy vi-'iiii wiiiu..-r t ill "
in Alnacns ifl tho flni'st and cheap-"'
... .if
t as! Trade
1Y Ml