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Petroleum Centra Daily Record.
Pet. Cen ire, Thnm.iaM , Aug 26.
. IAI, Editor.
Time of Clontiip! HlaUik
J. O.. Pcinoi.Fr C'rsTti', Pa., I
JOLI S7st, 1808. J
Colli milter antics the mails will arrive at and
Jit-art frnta Uiia office u follows:
Altai vs.
South ar.d Enst, via. Irvtueeon, 10 J8 A. M.
Houth and (, " McadTllle, 5.18 P. M.
Narth a-.d East, ' Corry,3.56 "
Srnth Hid Went, Mft A. M.
F.-.,il i:nt and Wrat. S Ml P. M.
Xi.-'.b, 'tf-titml West. 10.00 A. M.
I Ivlnu Sorvleoa.
Preaching r-t 11 o'clock A. 31., nod 7,'
o'clVk T. M.
Kev. J. T. Oxtodt, FMtor.
Set vices every Sabbath at 11 A. M. and
!)i V. ".S. B! brth School at 9' A. M.
.'"eat .'.-re. A cordial invitation extend
ed to nil.
Ksv. C. M. II sard, Pastor.
&TS. ESTER AND PAUL'S (Catbolte)-!
Mips M' a. in.
Verier and 3enet1!clion of the. Blessed
if .icrin.t-nt at 4 p. m.
CateeMsm l 2 p. in.
KpIuth of th "Prodigal" Son and
DutiKhtor to Plan ar.
A day or two since wo noticed the elopen
mcotol a young couplo from Pioneer, their
wbetenbouts at that time being unknown,
trnt wa havo sinco Uarued they sought
roTugo on "tho shores of Chatatitjua Lake,
and during tiioir absence sought and obtain
el tliesarvicos of a micister, and were duly
made man an 1 wife. It having been ru
mored among tbelr friends at home that
they would return last evening, Pioneer
poured outjts enthusiasm without stint, and
a cir-iial greeting was theirs at the depot
upon the arrival of the train at that place.
The locomotive bearing this precious burden
back to the place where all was uproar over
their sudden disappearance, snorted loudly
iind'-r llio task, and rnunlteeted as much de
light and anxiety, seemingly, as did the
friends who bad gathered together to bid
them welcome. As they alighted upon tho
pUtfurm, their appearance called forth the
ct.-ors oi the throng, not even excelled by
the t.'tr.usias:n of. the ' people along the
rout., taken, by President Grant and the
editor of the Corry Luily litada a few days
sine-.-, through this section of Pennsylvania.
Tb j oiiile und bridegroom took up a tempo,.
res.uouco wuu a friend, and the placid
.-. ui un urees nowed down stream, ai
usual, a; ..areollv undialurbed bv th nt
Oide: do -a not come out of chaos, however
livn wbh i.peiiedj but violonen rl,..i i
s.e.d oi' suit horda, uod a shriek from the
son-iu-law, should be entertained by the pr.
rents, because he often tarried at the
boms ol bis bride, even until "night's sable
shadows did the light obscure."
To tho discarded lover, who Is leu to
mourn, and travel through (to him) tho
dingy paths of lifo, wo Insetidotbe follow
ing: I met her at ttie cetler dare,
The look the gave wad cold and stiirn;
flereyes looked pitchforks into mine,
And miDe looked pizen into hern.
For we bad loved In daar gone by,
Herdaddy aaid that I might take her ;
But alas for my dreme of wedded llisl
She gat up ami sot with an engineer.
No more girls tor me if I knows It,
No more frauds my love to dim!
In the words of the poet, "Not for Joseph,"
And he might havo added, "Not for Jiml"
Erie is to have another daily newspaper.
B. F. H. Lynn, Esq., lati o' tho Erie dis
patch, is to be the editor and publisher.
Capt. Refer will test bis new well
this afternoon. It is the blue walking
beam on the Egbert Farm bluff. About
35 feet or excellent sand was obtained.
Look out fora gas light this evening.
Two now wolls have been struck on West
Hickory three days since, ono pumping 40
barrels and one 15. A great number of
new wells are going down, and 'thero is a
great demand for loaves.
The first chapter of a V ostein novel con
tains tho following: "All of a sudden the
fair girl continued to sit on tuo sands, gaz
ing upon the biiny deep, on whose heaving
bosom the tall ships went merrily bv.
freighted ah! who can tell with how much
oi joy anu sorrow, ana pine lumber una im
migrants, and hopes and salt Hah."
Uxpcnisuadlb Cwmks. There are a
claES of offences against which it is not the
custom to provide any safeguards in the
shape ot ptinishmeut. Among these are
the murder of men said to bo adulterers and
seducers, the wholesale slaughter of paasen.
gcrs on railways, and the killing or folks by
tho carelessness of ediuggisis. By common
consent, It would seem, these things may
lake place without exciting tho least ade
quate action ot a retaliatory or reformative
There are a number of young men around
town who are afflicted with a discaso known
as "usolessness." An attempt to start an
asylum tor them failed, for two reasons,
viz: No building could bo constiucted large
enough to accommodate the number afflict
ed, and because the d if ease, among the
average of them, was considered incurable.
. j ""u a uiruu, ana me placid io ugui to to come ou ueiween rnoan
wale s of Oil Creek flowed down stream, as Skinner and William Murray on the 28tb
UStlal. U .arenllv t,n.Ttu,i.rt.u.l k.. AU.. . tnaf nrllhTn fltla n.ltMnr VI T.l
W I 1 .1 i v. .
- vvw unt ui caaos, nowevcr, 1 101 uuo uunurau uouars a siuo. ii is creai-
and tun scenes that followed turned a bouse in8 1uite 8"' among tho fancy is that vi-
.f rr1 ir in. Int r . . I .1 ;t y i" m .
UOlhi r nf lint nn I.. . . , AnAknl.nH in 4nnt .1 :
ui'mj uittiu urtUO BOul tOr nuu uavnoif 10 tucio, uuiug tuv Dtkuiu puai
iior truunt Jwigliter. udU. accompuniod by lioa for Skinner. Tho eteamcr Advance
a li ium, tbd prc-uU' domicile wag entered, uS oea chartered for the occasion, aud a
ft'id.iduduugbter.dtood tx-forehur "parieatB" large arrival of roughs la expootcd In time
- u u uuij aaoiiratiOD, with a 1 10 accompauy tuo expeaiuon. a iivoij
IiXtu doLt'tminatioa toiUim HitiiniKQ ua flirbt Is antichmtcd. as both ara said to
uai uau I '
set in ugatuit her. She was escorted to a haTe be0D in tne rinS bofor8-
.uum ttpuii koiu tliu company by the exas-
Iti I'ati'il ninl'ur an I .1 OEVEUK Xlt RK1LANB AT TUE HYXD r AHM.
1 yebicruay suddenly surprised by a severe
db fiiU, into the room, upon he T T-"8 T. 'T'
.p).enr..Cceot,homthooldladv'KTtil,!liDa: "57 " "S WV-
i'jstrritg, epileptic, or some other kind of
itd, ttud ceo was takeu from tho sccuo a
.- .iselt-s, couriered ut ther. But the sad
1 it dues not SlJ here, neither was "Lov
vm' Leap" brui.glit iutu rotiulsition, not
I'tthetundiog it was near bv
;" )'i.d there beet, an "Oid
.J '.LIU !.;," in n.:i,'liiii( .u
"ft "uw-( IUO Ulliur
ixivni would havo availed bitnwlf of lc, no !
i. uui wwe things wore not at hand,
ur.u .be fatin.. lork t 0 oxt lesia o.
W -u. He was found in an out building,
mil oi ibe fatal stun; was kindly cared for
I'jr I., -tid., KQd lifo clings tc him still with
ttto t.uacily of a death of a carcas.-
mi it .hock, and will, no doubt,
livt iee W.daU,.Uu,r pro
ltij pr.igre.
T!,o noisy lumult has partly subsided,
uoJ Iney who wire so recently the hero
uaj b.-Miuc, ore dosliued to take their
Lumble .luces a "happy pair und wonder
OliS wito."
Ii Hu.nb vi oroildnlght the tnjin, boy lay,
lint wti have not "noard whother his
"'iroio. fc awung loose at the sport of the
w-U."oriiOt, tut the bed in tho ongiuo
boii. is exchanged for a downy couch be-n-
ath tbe qtilot. roof of a private family,
unit lutely wife slumbers at Mb side!
Tie fat er and fothtf, we kupe, may yet
t- i-ceonei.ed f ;e choice of tueir daughter,
" live lontt siuc- realized
J ' '.en- uttto iti'f vlitg, and flics
ti i- it ore .. tiikes anchor, tl e
- i . tl'. ii'i.Jianlf, or ffxi iul)hness
etii.: t,t par. canuot cullce it i'tum
its uoorius. TLo uowly mudu pair w.-ro
toiiiivlal, uud uo eicepCons to the now
Several derricks were blown down and one
man named SutlefT, an engineer, was com
iug out of bis engine houso just as a derrick
was fulling, tbe timbers striking him In
several places, inflicting serious iujuriea
Ho was properly cared for. but at la.t an
counts Lis life was dispairod of. Tho hur-
rloano Is said to havo been ttuiflc, and
destroyed a largo amount of propojty la its
course From whenco it camo or wither it
went, we are not Inlbrmad.
Tbe oil excitement in tho lower cad of
Clurion, and uppor end of Armstrong coun.
ty, contiuues to increase We lourn thai
over COO parsons got off the cars at Ilia1
point on last tticsday. Tho largest wulla
are now the new ones about the mouth o-
the Clurion river. The Gaily well a half
mile up the Clurion is aluio3t through the
third sand rock, und the gind tuimn I rin"s
up a luri amount of oil. Sliould it prove
a good well, It will ultirt developments up
lue stream. The land opposite Loxburg is
all leased, and now dorticks goiug up rapid
ly. AJMITUISII Act'IllKNT t'KOM Ll(iirri.Nj
with Uut yesterday wo no
ticed tho bovero burning of Mrs. tkolt, on
tbe Storey Farm, with korosette oil. while
she was lighting a lire with that dungerou"
liquid, und to-day wo havo another siiuilai
esse. An Irish fnuilly, residing un tho
Wood Farm, bad a little daughter, aged
about twelve years, severely Luiued this
uorniug. while she was pouting oil ittlo tin
stove. Il-r condition is id to bo dattyor
otis, tlioti.'h itbo U uut beyond lecovoiy.
When will ptjile lnt:T, tu d..'ist iu the
ptac::b'eof puuthig o:. iu.j iU li.-er
Tba Clarion jDcmocrui says: "It is now
an established fuct that a railroad will be
built from Driltwood, ou tbe Philadelphia
and Erie, to Mahoning on the Allegheny
Valley railroad, via New P.othlehein, 1'irook
ville and Roynoldsville. The englucrr." are
locating tbo road, and it will soon be all
put under contract. Work has already
becu commenced on tbe eastern end. In
addition to this, we learn from reliable au
thority that a corps of engineers will soon
bo set to work on tbo route from Brookville
west across this county It being the inten
tion of the Pennsylvania Central company
to mttko this a great through route, on ac
count of its low grado and direct line. It
will connect with t'uo Pitlsburgb, Fort
Wayne and Chicago railroad somewhere in
Ohio. Clarion county will soon bo well
provided with railroads."
PAUKliR's Lanui.vo. The oil territory at
and near Patker's Landing, la this county,
is attracting a Iarg9 amount of capital for
investment. Numerous wolls, from Bear
Crook to a point nearly opposite the mouth
of the Clarion river, on tbo west Bide of the
Allegheny, are in operation noarly all of
thorn ia successful operation. Many new
ones nro being bored alott;; tho river bottom
and on tho hill as far back as tbo old town
of Lawroncoburgh. Tho west sido of the
Al'eghcny fairly bri.'Mes with old nod new
(lOi-ricki-. Willi perhaps two esc.-'pi !..!), r.!I
the wolls now ;n operation there nto uioiv
or less profitable to their ptomk on.
Only ono well is as us yot in operation
ou tho east side of tho Allegheny, which, as
one of its proprietors informed us whiie
thero last Satmday, was then yielding 18
barrel a day. Sovcnl olhcis are being
sunk below that on the same sido of the
river, which we wish may become highly
remunerative to their proprietors. Killa
ninr Press.
Petrolki'.m Pbiuks. In tho earlier days
of tbo petroleum oil mania, nothing was
mote common than to bear of fortunate
borers who, In endeavoring to ptriko oil,
went through successive strata of tbe best
Orango county butter, pure bear grease,
adamantine candle stuck, wanting only
the wicks, end at last, instead ol toaching
petroleum, ended in a fubtenaneau Inko of
the Quest olivo oil. Tbti U'ei.t luck of this
sort has happened in Louisiana. A petro
leum company which hn.l been boiing since
April, lSu'C, has at lot struck, not oil, but,
at a depth of four hundred and feily-five
feet, a bed of sulphur, said lo Irj two hun
dred and five feet thick, tf which oue
hundred anl fivo feet uro tbo purest crjs
talized sulphur ever discovered, A reported
analysis by a compoient chorvst gives
9S.25 of puro sulphur. Cf cour-o the com
pany have generously put cow F'jarcs lo
tbe amount of $100,000 in tho wiy of a few
fortunate capitalists who r.nivo earliest In
the morning to subscribe. PUlAarjh
A special meeting of the Philadelphia
City Council was bold yesterday, to con
sider tbo wato: Inmino. Twenty-fivo thou
sand dnllais won appropriated lor families
of destitute canal boatmen tipcu tita Schuyl
kill river. Power has been given to the
Chief Engineer to tako any mcas ores he
may deem proper to raiso water ioto the
basins at Fairmount. Tho experimeut was
tried last evening of raiticg water by means
of stoatn fire engines. The bill at Fair
mount is ninety-six feet high, aud it is
doubtful whether tho hose will sttmj the
pressure. Tho result has not yet boeu an
nounced. C utney's Suudoy- Comfort is used geu
erally throughout the world; have just re
ceived an order from Hong Kong, China,
for twenty-live casos, all oa account of ad
vertising in the Rccouo.
Owen Gaffncv.
Attd tHMni Disp.Uclic.
Hong Kong, Aug. 3, via London 25.
The Pekin government refuses to latify
tbo conveniiou concluded by Mr. Burliii
pauio and tbo Chinese EmbnKsy with the
United States. Mr. J. Ross Browne. Into
American Minister to China, in bis reply
to an address of British and American rosi
dents In Shanghai, denounced Mr. Btirliu.
game's policy, and said he considered it evi
dence of Chinese disinclination for progress.
Ho declared tbo establishment of foreign re
lations with China on tho basis of equality
n impossiblo at presout, and thought tbe
yielding ntlitudo ol foreign powers would
tend to produc3 war, as a resolution lately
made proved tho mistaken nature of British
Polioy. Tho Chinese te::t or Mr. Btirllng
auies credentials differs from the foreign
A Palmyran was "done" out of $50 on
tho cars while approaching Rochester two
or three days since. Ho couldn't chango a
$50 bill, and therefore advanced $30 on
what be thought was good security.
The Century Plant will positively take
leave of Rochester alter to-day the 26th.
Tho prico of ndmissien bas been raised to
fifty cents.
The Alerts of Rochester intend going to
;to Syracnso l''i Ball Tinirnamont to wiu
':;hat gold ball" for wMch Rochester has
itacd so long.
Rochester wants a market. The Demo'
crat say?, ' It is now generally deeired tiat
tho site, of tho Rochester house and adja
cent grounds be devoted !o a city market,
an institution sadly needed by a wretched
ly swindled commuuity. Under the present
system, housekeepers uro at the morcy of
unprincipled and Iitcsponsibie venders,
who may overcharge, use false weights,
mistake or cheat in anyway, without fear
of punishment."
The public School of Rochester will com
mence the f.ill term next Monday.
A General Term of the Supreme Court
for the seventh Judicial District will be
held at tbe Court House in Rochester, com
mencing on tbe first Monday of September.
Mrs. Caiy, tho lady who pr sided at tbo
concert of tbe Rochester Philharmonic
Society last winter, bas been engaged lo
take charge of tbe department of music at
fugbam University, LeRoy.
A Ka.-,e Cuaxce. Mr. Barker, having
engiise-1 the services ol Mr. E. Howard,
whose reputation hb n colorlst ranks with
the fit st artists iu tho country, is prepared
to furoipli photrgra;ih8 beautifully colored
oriiuhbed in India ink. Those desiring
such work, either from life or copied from
small pictures, should embrnco the oppor
tunity at once, and call at Barker's photo
graphic gallery, on Washington street, Pe
troleum Centre. nni;25-Iia
If you want a bottle of old brandy, the
"fc'iuion pure'' article, go to Gaffnev'u.
Tho iinest thing in life tbo Great Tose-
mite Kilters K cures dyspepsia.
i'i:f,$h cocfcftioriery rccolvcd everyday
at JT. W. Bbattt'h.
Fkksb pickled oyster at
J. W. Bk.ittt'.
To i:k tub Fasiiiox. Tho fashionable
appondage of fooialo dress this full will Lo
an immense blown leaf, called Wa fevilte
morkiV Eve. Although men enoor, and
apostate females inveigh against "tho fash
ions," thero never was a tiino when vuhk.u
dressed with to uuieh genuine pictiiroipio-nc-s
aud taste a3 they do at present. To be
fine, the styles involve extravagance, but,
although in nuny cases people to down to
luiti by adopting expenditures they caunU
all'ord. yot alter all, tho extravagance of the
well lo do i:- tho bread und butter of the iu
For every day comfort, u.-trt Downer's
Great Yosemite Bitters. .Sunday Comfort
is good, but Yoseiuito is better. fiii;;24tf
Loral AToticce.
1 nquiro at tbe Jnmestown ClotblDu Store.
A fine as.'ortmont at tho Furniture. Htoro. l-w
line Morrlnoii'e tieiinlno Pino Tar
mill Perwlaii lIelluB Konpa.
Theso iwipn an. ltnprivniitPd with exotic, 0f
ml'.de-t aud nuiet lUN'imii.' nature, and are tartanf.
rd perfrclly Immeont and fteo from mineral tui oth
er puinldima admixtures, and am aolertpd lij tb,
Indicia and t Ito public in general In pruleret co to til
other ioajw, aa tbe great prodneera aud prmorvm of
a henllliy purity ot complexion, and a cotuervatoi
of female beauty. F.r f.te soflncxa aud delicacy
which they Induce lo Hie hand? and face, thdr capa
bility of aitotlilng Irritation and removing unsightly
eruptions, render them tndlapcnpiMc to evi-ry toll
et. We kindly atk tho intlillo to try the vtrtua a
these ioani. J. L II. l'o., Proprietors.
A. D Miller A Oa , Uonoral Agimta. jul'WJm.
l'ur 8TAT10NEKY, Ac , call at II OLMES
JlrocKcry For all kind no .to UEYNOLU8
nUODHKAD At txy$. No. 11 Centre Htreet, oppe
Ite the Post Onlce, Oil City, Pa.
Car pete, of every quality an) deacrlpunn, at
Street, opposite the P. O., Oil City, I 'a.
A. D. MILLER & CO:, have U r.jeucy of the
American Whip Co., and Western Hliip Co.'i Ci
gar, at wholesale prices.
At. I. TICKET?! got up tntWYLKat
he KKt tutu nrriuK.
A new lot of the celeb- ated I. X. L. Enlvea jna
received at the POST OFFICE.
A frcrli aupply, just received at It K. Flithor'e Dtnj
IlarJwaro A l-irp? ae.,rtmct cf whirti it
iitluKelosedout .it reduced rattn at HEYNULns
HWUtlUAU 4 CO'S, No. 11 (.'entee St., onjoslte
tl.e roit, Oil City, Pa.
All D.iilln.Weeklinatid Mnpulne at HOI.Mliil
A FAKNSW'OltTirS Newe Room.
All account!) not eettled immodiatdy, will be left
with an Oi'lcer foi colloction. .t
Apr.U-tf. KRYNorj)9 Ot).
Tbe ireat Yoecnitto lllttere.
AH hull I great benrfcrtor,
Vbo lo care na of our Ills,
(jIvoa life to thodUcO(i!.nlAtc,
Witliooteoxloua OntgHOT pilla
Drve discaBe from out the evetem,
Ftllatlie heart vri h lire and llut,
TVith the beet of all the tonics,
Dowai-r Great Yoscmitef
Wltb root from ont tho valleys.
Where Calllfornta's eun dotu ihtne,
GU1np wetiltU to n poor mortals,
Bevond the richea of her mines.
Wealth of health -and happino.
It t,lcelni:s Done should slfcht,
0 you waut it t Would you have It f
Ufi L''s Gicat Yost'inlte.
Come yo ilrlt. dlcaod. dlicnnsnlato.
Why ihiuldyoa pine and dlel
Yo fofldf. faint aid Un-jolti'n-;,
Coui, tl?oe glorious Hitter try
ee bow thee quttcks and no-itruma,
K'oe iVotn ttic- land in friltt.
Givtne place ti, thi- mtiv tonic.
Downer's Orcnt Yonumltfl I ul2-ltf.
Kpeclul Notice.
WOKDR OF WISDOM for young men, on Uie
Kullng I'mhIod In Youth and Ear'y llanhood, with
fcELFIIF.I.Pfor thee.Tlnj; md nnf ortunate. Ben
In scaled letter envelopes, froe of charge. Addres-,
Pa. May 14, 3m
'The blessed ma u that j 'juehed for us
lust t-uni,tiy, r' ,aid Mrs. I'uitingtoj, tt ited
the Lord for thirty yeats tiiot us a ciicu
rider, (circuit lidor) llteu ua a locu.-it-pieacb.
or, (liictl .te.icher) l:iat ts ti'i ei'iiuu1:
ter (i'-''Oi ter. ')
Uv::,i, i, ijjt, ixceicive bt.t wo.lii'!-. .
hnvi- reJuc-.-d the j-fxe if .-iujduy e iuiloit. j
G.inxhV !
'I'l-e niu ttipr-hipliereior-jre exUtin-r l,etwpen Ororrs
,v i:t'.-.-.;u-il i;i t'li- tele of Coal nt tiie lyud Fiirm,
l;.n lli'H 'tuv been (ti.-..lvrii i.y lntllual c-oini-iit. All
Ueiit.H will to suittMluiid a'l lUiruj collided by J
M. JAtzznrd.
V. V GhuYIM,
Tin- liu-ib:c! of si-l'.iot; Coal at the Jiynd l-'ann
will be cunied on tie hei-jiol.ire by
Kjnd I'.uni, A11.7. 1", l'j'.fl.
By i.iiic !i;v-iur? -ji 1 nf liritlOtlfATOUSat
iliu l-'iiruiture htore.
Xew a loisi', Feed and Groe-.ery
nplKinttc tlio ilcClmlocIt llous-e, lam -in luind a
lure? und iiie! via? - lock of Iflour, i'peti and
r.rueeriou. wlii.i. ho is stllius m a low figure
L);n:-t luru'it. the place wUere A, D. Cotton l.ri ke up. iaul-lf.
;! A1.12
itirc ii 0. T. nvu'.-iii' -in;