The Petroleum Centre daily record. (Petroleum Center, Pa.) 1868-1873, July 31, 1869, Image 2

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Prtrclrum Centre Dniiy Record.
i. em re, Naliirdavt J""'y 31.
'i'iii-o nt Cloning WlalN,
T. O., Fr-mriT"M Cvrrr.r. Vk.,
Jim iii-T. l-'-S. t
l'nt'1 farthrr r.otir,. the nail nriive r.t find
drji.irt frora this o'.lleo fellow j :
AlirjTR. ,
!mitti and East, tin. Irrteatan, V 'J A. K.
South nnd TVW, " J.le.'.dvlllc. S )S 1'. M.
North aed ElHt, " Cnrry. ISO
ScnUi to2 Wo. A.M.'"
Noiitl. Kiur anil Went, 3 1'. M
Ninth, Iiiwt and Vol, 10.00 A. It.
i Divine Krrvleop.
Preachim aT"ll ofock A. M., unt 7.,'
o'clock I. M. ' ' ' 1
Ret. J. T. Oxtoht, Pastor.
. . . - a . : i u . r .'
" m: e. ciiubcji
Service every Sabbath ot 11 A. M. and
T'i P. M. Sabbath School attwelve o'clock
M. Scats free. A cordial invitation ex
tended to all. i - '
Ebv. C. M. Hearo, Pastor.
AND PAUL'S (Catbolie)
L rl L' ll'Jn.
Vesper and Benediction of tbej Blessed
Srecrument nt 4 p. m.
Catechism at 2 p. m.
Tlie CJattle lou slit and Itio Victory
AVe announced by special Hispatch to the
KEConn yesterday, that Gen. Harry Allen,
of Warren, had been nominated for Stato
Eeuator (or this District, by the Republican
Conferees at Franklin, who bad been in ses
sion from Monday until yesterday afternoon,
balloting for a candidate, tbe strife being
between Bredcc of Venango, Miller of Jler
cer, nnd Allen of Warren. Tho delegates
from ertanpo bold steadfast to Brcden even
unto the end, as did the Warren county del.
egates to Allen, but at the last moment the
Mercer delegates dropped their candidate!
Miller and supported Alloa, which gave
Warren County tho nomination. The ro
Biilt Is not particularly satisl'actoiy to the
Giltillan clique, and the vary few fiicnds of
our Congressman in this county are cocsid
erably chagrined over tboir defeat.
LtvKt.Y Pr.u'E. It is said that people In
Pelinleuu Centre sometimes load up with
benzine and then fire revolvers at one anoth
er jiift for fun. If that sort of gamo were
practised continually, we ore not certain
whether the world would be the worse or'
tbe better for it. We fea:- iho place fs "iven
ovr rpiniroiy to Ue world, tho flesh und
- me uuvii. " icorry Kepublicun.
Our neighbors of Ilia Iiepublican stretcn
tlKr Imagination wonderfully in the above
paragraph. They adviso the shooting of
every citison of Petroleum Centre, which,
were it done, would iocludo a large nurubrr
who claim isolated Cony i a their borne
We admit that were wo rid of u few recrc-
B'-ntativcs liom that quarter, the moials Of
our town would be greatly improved, and
the mingliug of these few with their friends
Rt home would hardly be noticed, as there
uro enough In Corry to gobblo up what mor
ality there exists there, hence, tho division
of tho. troops, an their presence among us.
P.evt. A. J. Merchant, brother of our fel
low townsman, W. R. Merchant, will occu
py iue puipit ot the Methodist church of
tnis placo to-morrow. Ho wi!l also attend
the fcuoday School in tbe inoruiug, at !H
Tub Vonango Republican at Oil City has
ciiangeu its name to that of the Oil
buy Weekly Times. It appears in muoli be'.
ier iurn tuan hereldfore, and no doubt the
proprietor themselves will admit there was
room for improvement. Tho paper does nut
vuu.igu uii.Ui, merely its name,
r rictois are dierving pf success.
Tho pro-
Mf d'eal authority says bathers should not
be in the water mriro than twenty minutes,
umI not lEora than once a day. Frequent
bulbing produces cramps, and if theso aro
not produced, tho cfl'ectof tho indulgence
will certainly be manifested later in lifu.
rxoKOTAKixo.-W. W. 'Una, bus lately
received at his fuiuituto store, 2'. Diamond
sUvet, TilusviUe, one of the lurpest invoices
U" euflinii ever brought to Tltusvills, UI1d ,6
prepared lo fu'ruislr burial cases of every
tlefcriptioa anil aliud tu undertaking iu
i.ll iis branches with promptness. Particu
Ur attending u iunerals, uu'd having bad
several years' cxpcrieacffin this liuo ol
business, ho catiuot faito give euiire satis,
laelioii. Herald.
The remaining oiigiuul bieiuburs of th
Crru of Harper Brothers arubiiling iu heallh
Sir.ce tbe de..tb. of Jacios, noae cf tbo broth.
rs but Fletcia-r nave lukeu uuy i.ciivu purl
in the. Lu.-f:ess. an J the conduct ol' tha in",
f .us !o.s already ulmost entirely pesncd i.itu
ihe b:!iu!.. uf tj0 sou-, four wi wLuiB were
reo. .liy w'i diti',',1 Iiit j t .e Ilrai.
Two nil .veiis aro guig d..i. n.-ar 1 ' :i
; Y- lth S'iMi pr.;fr.i-c! of s-kli
Henry J. Raymond left nn estate worth
$150,(100. Of lilts the valua $250,01)0 is in
real estate.
Tho Couiieautville Record is in lavor Of
tl;o "CrnvforJ county Lyi'-m'' of rrviking
The Model Engine ii to
evening in I'ront ol the bri.-l;
it is now cn exhibition.
ill a n this
ii;".n'i wbe-o
Tho Democratic Stale Ci-ul'al Co'tniHo
is announced. M. I'. i'aviv.i' Mia 1'. i'.V, is
member for the' ti'Jlh Dis.riot, Trie and
Crawford; J. N. Neil, of Wurron, for the
2Sth District,' Mercer Venango and Wniren.
Tuk PhihJelphi4 end. r!u Railroad
Company have juai completed aud ojietied
lino now depot building at Vvuen. It is
built of brick, In ilio latest iiylil of arciniet-
Tfotl. B-Packer,. Inot' M' ill' o:(jtfveiOl
or Packer, end lute a-'-ociato judge oI'Ly-
uiuiug county, died in W'illia'jisort cu
Suicluy, aged sixty-five years.
Tub Variety Tnoi'i-E To-Niiiut. The
programme 1o be pres.'utcd at the Variety
fhaatro this cveninf;. purpasi-es anytliiny
yet iulroducod by th's compauy in thi9
pluco. It a worthy of perueal, oud when
onco locked over,- nono will tail to attend
thocntertainmeTct to night.
KiLt.En By a Toni Euo. We learn that
a man by tho name ol Geo. W. Fettcrmnn,
engaged upon an oil well at Scrubgrassi
was killed at that placo by tbe explosion of
a torpedo yesterday. We are not in poses
sion of particulars.
Snakes! Snakes!. A horrible sight it
was to witness a young woman with a snake
exhibition, in our business thoroughfare
last evening, carrying around her neck 42
different kinds of living snakes; It is hard
ly necessary to add notwithstanding the
reputation our town has abroad, that no
one molested hor!
Uetubned. Our towustnuo, Jamo M.
Nolon, who so mysteriously and suddenly
disappeared, and apparently without ' just
caueo or provocation,'' during tho first part
of tho month, has accounted for bis strange
proceeding, by roturning homu a wisor nnd
married man. Wo give him credit for this
judicious step, and may he and bis live to
enjoy a long and happy l'fe.
Earth Closets. This 'now method of
preventing offensive odors from arising
from sinks ODd retiring apartments, is at
present undergoing examination by a com
ihI.jkIoo of the Engineer Bureau of the
United States War Department. It is pro
posed to substitute the earth clcscts at
barracks, hosb!:a!s, and other militaty e;
tablisbmenlsof tbo United States.
Rattle Skkk j Killed. Yesterday.
whilo M. B. Riddle, of Franklin, and Jack
Satterfield, of 1 leasantville, were riding
over lrom PIthole, and when about one nailo
tbi3 side'nf Pithole, the horse was lri;;htor.
ed at ttioralt'.o of a snake. They s.oppca
and discovered o larjo rattlo snalio in the
road, which they killed. Tho rnakn meas
ured 4 feet and eomo inches, and wtw ro
Be:sed" of ten rattles.
Very Neab an AccmsNT at Oil City.
Conslderahlo excitement and a narrow
escape was occasioned last evening at Oil
City, by tho falling in of the floor of Con
cert Hail, whore a largo crowd bud ascem-
bled to listen to a leciiro by Miss Ettio
Kuowlton, of Philadelphia. Just os the
speaker arose to address tho mealing, the
coulro of tho hall commenced lo givo away,
and sank down about one foot. Tho crowd
rushed to the door end teat excitement
prevailed, Luckily nooao was hen j if the
Moor iiid wentlbroiiab no duabt liiero we'd
havo beftl llfliiy injured, its tie hall was
crowded to its utmost ca;iai;ii.y.
Tho unnutil mcolinj; of Stmo VeacbtiV
Association will be tei.l year in Uro?ru
biii'g, Augut-t p.)tu,.atl), uiid 12th. ji em
bers of the Association will be acdrjiinvlit
ed with ball fair tickets on ttil'thu ptincipal
railrortds, uicludinir tbo Oil' Crueii an.l
For family M-:o alo, theu- is nothing as
good as CuuaiitUigUa, which an boi.hnd
only at t .Gai kvky s.
' A torso thief iu New
been eoukaced tu'' State'
Jersey had just
P.'.oj for cue
huadrpd and li'ty years-
Tbo chcupest maiket on (Jil Croeit lo pui
cliaso li'toor.-, wiuea or al. -, is at
Jitly-!; :Iw. (;
:-'XKV b.
Elder ICn-ij y
iueoi.:e of ulj:
I0e 101 IVJ.I.-tt, ref.llT.3
J t..utii tao:oa;.d uoll.i.j.
itlO lieIU:s ;u-,i
uunit to gi.ud.
revivia Tl.e bakiiiv;.a
ml e.ery T.!i.Ie.y
A. M. ijliulu' Va
j i.-ii.i
iely li..! (
Onco uioro there is a project on foot In
''upland for bringing about a reform i"
spelling, and the aid of tli jroveratnent li'if
been invoked to f xuiro a gpi'iling iica'is
to rroniiDcialion. Afain we um.-t aver
that :nch a change is neither powible nor
tiesirablc. ypolling p. nd pr.'utiticialii'ti "ro
or should lie ct'entially ditU-rent '.'.lin.s;
tho fir.:t should bo governed us tar as pos
sible by the etymologies, in older tim tho
o ii friii of woi'.ia may be leuieir. bored and
Ikr.'f tr;.n meiuiir- b.' presorved, while
tiPOtm r, . : i .i Ta r. 1 1 , . .r ef I' i -tiidM ;ir.i'! is
e,,i.nnall, oW-hv T',..rn neret w.
to'nur knowledge, r Inngncfo. ptoaannced
as it wad spelltd no J ptuuubly tbore never
will be. Tho theory of the accordance of
spelling with pronuncistioii Is the ollnpring
of ignorance, and whoiy unworthy the
?eriops consideration of tuen of lettcu.
If for no ether reason, the pronunciation o!
masy , letters is entirely arbitrary as l'gr
in3'.incc W pronounced doubio U.
i'leaio !o show hosv that could he made to
eund in a word, as it u sounded in an in
diviuiiil loiter Y Thi.? iJ oaly an eseni
pliiieali )o.
The proprietors of the (lemur Plant
havo been oll'ered a good round s am to take
thtif curiosity to Chicago, but li.ey prefer
Mr. J M. Gumowell the Fire Alarm
Telocraph man- was in Lochester the lirt
part of this week.
Powell's new business block in UocUcster
is fast approaching completion.
Prof. J. II. Kosewold, one of the live
judges of tbo prize singing nt the great
Saengerhund Festival in Baltimore, will
conduct the orchestra at the Rochester
theatre next week.
Rochester is calculating the 'ersil ilily of
exchanging one ot theit nn; lire eri.ies for
a uer Silsby steamer.
i ae Kccmster ueraociat o .. e m un .
contains tto pleasing intelKvncs H:.'
"money is going easier In Ki cliesier and
parta adjacent."
Don't fool your money away baying a
bottle of bitters, but if you will drink, boy
a bottlo of Sunday Comfort t Gafknl y's.
The eclipse of tho sun which will take
place ou Saturday, August 7th, will be
visible throughout the whole extent
of tho tiorth American continent as a
parental eclipse.
200 ca:!es Congr3S3 Wate'. received this
day and for .-.lo at G.u'fnuy'h.
The storms of 1R89 havo been remarkable
lor tho frequency with which damage has
been dono by the electic fluid. Scarcely a
thunderstorm comes, and they have been of
alrrmst daily occurrence, without the light
ning having struck and shattered bouses
trees or ships.
The cars have commenced muring to arid
from fie nev depot at Warren.
VA S C I OA C y KltlKSa-S,
'rt ! riT'T' T'Vj ;e , ev.Til' nrT'.n u
1M RAOIir, Of retTclll.iiln(.V- r.,,.i (uvci.lH:
for i'i otli-.uaiitry ol Wi.'inr'e eoaiuy, suleoet to the
Usllefcs hi' thu Piimuc.Mlic .:ir! y.
Uy purchasing ono of them KEFKICEHATORS at
the Kiirnlture Store
t'tio Itluirison'M I'euni-io JPlne Tar
auf I'err.ian ne; Soapy.
Ihc-'ii sraju ai,i impriv-iaiiH with cxoti'-ii ef iho
aul-le.-t niul P.ilsuniic ninre, and are w.trri!ii
cd i'eficlly binorent ftnd free from ml:.e"ul aria uth
or :;rale!i's s.huixtwui, and are ,:-', hi ;l
l e!iei a:,-! Cuj lie iu ;:pr. rai Iri p' lei i.
o'!.v.r set;,'i, i:::t'n yrai ireUacers an'l proeerveTh o:
a healthy j.taity of cua si.a a ri.if.v.ior
of feiell.? heei'y. For t';o 'Hiftai'iH u'Jd in,;.-ary
v!:1'!: tt.':- iu(f-.i.;Li to Ue linjel.' Ai:ii face, '.he va af-
lelity 01 soe'l:ii- t;,.l ,l:oe :uiu Imieii j-, Ul i-.u' 1 y
i.rrii'lie;-, !;;. ini l::,li.,p'.-''b! to evrrr 'o'l I
CI. V-.V I,.!.'.,., tli- p- i.tic ro fry 'l.y v'rti' .a I
th"X iMkipa. J !. ji. ,i;:0ll I'roicl'r-'.
' A P. Mil'.r' i ''e , II' aire! AmnilA .it;:..' :im j
All tt.u.i,.i,v.i:. i.: (.nd MA:v.r!ai .' M la i 31 11-- !
S 'Alt...-ili,i ;:i .-,.w.4 Room.
A. ii. M'U.ywt CO., tvo ll..:.i..ia.c of thi Wbln Co., ai.d W-.-SI. it, M it i' tV'A r i
:.' .us, wh.-t.Mia prices.
Startiwaro-A Inr- assormi.nt rf vrtup-i 1
li:rie nl i-f rf',ii .u ri Joet.l .it. an )tSVMlli!)rf
l.n:u - c,,,,!
' u'""u '" s-'Uled ii:imed:-".t.-ly,v.'l!l lu. li 't. I
er !,.i i.vU,;i
I Ae: M l.
VKY.Vf!.I,S ; n-
v.:...., r.'. . . ...
.. v y i i.iL , s tyi&'.ery
i - is .' it", -i-it
-1 "' - ' K I.. .. ..x;:, C.:M MAt.'-'.-.-!',
' ! I..., 1 1-;.... . t ,,r i i..,. .,
'""""'"'l WV. Ul- I-, S-llillk. ,. U lil'X ll.-ll-.
e?-i-.:.': :-i, .'.:.. rj A, .. ...uie
t AOIUOIOlj !..:, up. jUUitf.
jiinvnri-u roit tub pailv kewki,
AftOHMMMl IMspattlu's
Washington, July 31.
Tbc recent statement that CommlBsioner
Poino has aecretly piven orders to (.top
tho distillation of spirits In New 1 oi k until
further orders, is pronounced .untrue ut the
Kevcnua Bureau. It is nelimd tbo recent
activity of nflirero in New Votk. in l rret
in? out fiar.ds. led tho !licer- Bfai'is' 'He
law to niak" the I'-i-ovt
Ilnwriu IMmv. -V none-, that mvt-
tations have been fJni om uniu
parly, u bo held at the Petroleum Uouio,
Oil City, en ". i. lay evening next. This
gathering, wo understand, will be competed,
chiefly, ot 1'etu.lentB Centre people, and the
occasion, tr.gether with tho circumstance
whiuUKoriginatcd this social hop, will bo in
terosiii).; to alt who attend. Thee invifd
here, or tho most ol them, signifyed their in.
tontion to bo present, and ft largo number of
Oil Ciiy i.ifiulj will join tho rarty at the
Petroleum House. A special car nas been
charttiC'l to convey the company from here,
which will leave tbo depot in this place at
7,20 Tuesday evening. Let. no iuvited guest
stay away, end take your Invitations with
NoT!cb.A!1 persons indebted to us will
please call I'.ml coiile, as all accounts must
bo closed up within twenty days.
A. I. MILL Ell A CO.
J.ilji W, 'il'J. t(.
Speelal Notice.
v.lil)S OF WtsnoM f, r young men, en tbe
Bnliiis Vnsrion In Y.utb ;ilsl Ear!y Manhoo.1, with
bELK I1KI.V for t),i cir'ni and Urforteti'ite. Sco
In scaled letter miVe!o;e. I'ron nf charge. Adilics4,
I'a. May S4, 8ro
CroeKery Fir a!! kin-l ti to ItiSTSOtns
nitOIHIEAlJ " '". Nr. '1 Cmtra ritrrat, oppo
jltettie l'.nt omv, Oil C'.ty. I'.
:, . ... , .. . r :
, th(, nil!W. v. II. NICUOLSON CO,
t ai'p.'l-i, ei cy ry oieility f.n'l description, at
P.KYN(I.r:, I'. :H)ii :M A CO'S, No. It Centre
5ti't, i i.i.o'ite tbe p. ()., ml City, Ta.
The l',nc.;t f .'lj. TolKSe-il lit
VEItY CHEAP HIIKHT V.t' ill', rally nvo cents
ciipy, r.t W. 11 MC'.tui.S N & C'O'd HtaUonery
All stylo of Blank Bnok, Note Paper, aul En
vrlopis ia JebMns f.ef, ;
w. ii Ni.'not-soN co.
BASX HAH, IlA'li :nl tC'OKi: UC0K3, at
W il. Ne ric'snl! ( n'l
'I' iio Grcnt VuMeiulto Uittcra.
All Ii ii I irreilt baac&eter.
W'lia 'o eure of our 111.,
GlVe life ,i Il.l-i;..( Or,
Wi?b..iit noxi' ilriin or ills
Ir'v-j .b.-pAfe liem tin.' svati-m.
Kills the heart wi'li r.fe a:i4 light,
Willi tho Ix-i-t ot n t 1'ie,
Dow uer Grout Yoseiiiite!
W'ltli'rnnr on t!:o vullevs,
Vtniiei"n'liifi;'.i ' bp.-.i rteth hlno,
Giving vve.iMi te in peer moi'I'i',
lieTan'l I'eriif'ne- '.ritei rr.i'ift.s.
Veilltll ef Ium!:!: :lJltl ;!, .jliluef.,
I's ItieK-inci none .llionl'i sliylit,
le yo'i want il ? Won'it ou have it ?
t".-M I 'e'.vne.''.i Ci :c i: "i aeiuile.
C-'ieif! ye iii'1':, dfaeiH'.vl. dhroiisolnte,
Whslionl'l yon r.ino ana diet
Ye ferhl. . I'.Ont Hiil l.i:e'ii!-t.ine,
Co'ii. tiic.e eloriieis Uiller t:y.
ve innv quarV.ii and luistruins,
Fioi! from the hi.el in I'riiil,
liMnc place lo t l:i.-' ouro leiiic,
Duwu-ir's Great Yo-icmite 1 jnbMlf.
Tm iitteniiou or tho pr.LiUc U called to Iho large
Bt'ick ol
V.'liirh will ho loiinl at mv i-'acc at the mouth of
T ..-e wm tine or iiiine r,i ;l:ry will Sad It to the
'.ii;i; to parehn:.-o of me.
iu:2o-3m. .1 a u ;-1 Annus.
variety Theatre.
(.Lute'Akin's dail,
I'etrolenni Cciiirc, . mnu.
lnmPnsc' Success of the Great
TAR TROUPE.,.,.,, i,i
.'i.Jmie'sio'i, li Cts. Icesorved Seats, fiOGt.
lioers ep.-i; j.: 7 o'clock, to comim ecu ul !i.
j Matiueo every Sy-.inr.lay aftei'BOii ut 2 1-2
! o'clock
'by r...r ..u.l mi i,, .,.:.;le t;Klil XV..-. !.. li
I i:l,ll,o!l;r;l ai.d ll:,.k. Il.jn i l..ii Id
1 ...rn: I e
d .'
Wlioli'Siiln anil ltetnll Dealora in
Wasl:i fii.(o!i Street,
PETROMvi:?! rUM'UE. B'A.
Tbelt Stock consists of everything in the
lino of
Drugs & Medicines !
Wtiolcsalo and Hctall Agent for
Aycr's,' "- Mnrsdmi', Spllr.
Ilmndeth's, Meijine's, Wliwin's,
Cophllc. rVotlufs, Wlnhnru's,
IlorrioH'ii, Motl'M. Wrlch'ts,
Hooper v ' . Itadwny' R. H. . Jjne-,
ltolmek'.. .ludsou'B, Sehenrk'n.
Clark's Fcmalo. (Jlit-iiiioiivin'-i Dapouco's, do,
Velnim s, do, tic ffo
Perfumery, Toilet Ar
ticles, Soaps, finishes,
C Ol CillS, COLDel, A-c.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
Jaynes Kxpectorant,
Marsden's Ralm,"
Schenck's Syrup,
Universal Syrup, '
I Excel ior .Syrup.
Ransom's Hive Syrup,
S.'?li,r's Syrup,
Cue's Syrup,
. , Hall's Ualsam.
'- Denton's Palsam,
l'rvcn's Wafer.
Olivo Tr, lirown's Troches,
WIsbtvrtV-TIno Tree Tar.
- Seward's Cough Cure,
.Baternan's dyrup,
Cou-rh Candy, fto
Cigars, and Tobaccos !
The Scot Fvcr R rough t to tho
Oil Kogioii.
CARRY'S, &e., &c
Curtains and Uitslic !!naIo.
PAIXTisi, . - OILS,
Turpentine, Spouses,
liy Htufl'-i, Dryers,
Lard Oil, Kerosciis Oil, &c
Si-otdi Ale," : '
, - , Eit'itnctt Ale,
C:iirri,!is Water.
C-' 1'01'NDED AT ALL
I 4"tlWM 2 , -ij it.l4X . V.J.
'.'I' e,' i" , I i,pir!;i'ili".er n, i r -l-. i o
i i.'J'i-ell 1.1.1 I lie ... I.e 1.!, Illl.x'l.
(' , 'le l'l iii-. rntlle tn.c. eoine 11P, i dr,,'! co.t llie
' I : t 'i J.e:, in eoti.-, And wo will 11 V U. trenl Mid
A 1 MII.l.Klt 4 3U
; l . !'( ii