The Petroleum Centre daily record. (Petroleum Center, Pa.) 1868-1873, March 17, 1869, Image 2

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    Petroleum Centre Daily Record.
acU Cenl;n, Wediiesitai, Iflarrh 17.
Time or Cloning null.
P. O., Pethiilkik Ckjitiii. Vk,
Jolt S7st, litos.
CTaHl IVirttwir notice the mailt will srrlve at and
depart from thin afllcc h follows:
South awl But, via. Irvlaeton, lo.'l A. M.
South and Want, Mcadvllle, 5.18 P. M.
North and Bant,. Carry, SS
Potith and Wait, Hi A. M.
Sosll , East and West, t 30 P. M.
North, Coat and Wat, 10.00 A. M.
n. T.. fiLACKMOV, P. M.
The kitchen Is n I ways one of Ihe most
fertile hunting grounds for tho chatter and
gossip of women; and ao far from servants
hnlno ltha npo.tu.t tJnrvnn nf Ufa klf'
4 . . ' 8 inn.Ko.i.r v V .ML entering- aehnrch at
lo knelaud would bo '-blue r " ' ' ' " .
The overland mall, with California dates
to February 23J, arrived in New York Men
day. An Immense quantity of mail
matter bai been received.
Allison 3nitin was klllel on Sunday In
Divine Services.
Preaohtnirat 11 o'clock A. M., and 7,'f
does I . Jl.
Rtv. J. T. Oitoiit, Pastor.
c , n t . ...
crvici-a every sarioiin at II A. M. and
T P. M. Sabbath School at twelve o'clock
II. Seati Free. A cordial Invitation
extended lo all.
Riv. C. M. Heard. Paator.
Mass at 10' a. m.
Vesper and Benediction of the Blessed
Sacrament at 4 p. m.
Cateablsm at 2 p. m.
St. Patrick's Bay.
To-day is the anniversary of the birthday
of Ireland'e patron Saint. Much of bin lire
Is obicur.'d by tradition; even his birth
place and the year or bia birth are matters
- o dispute, tho details of which would be
scarcely interesting te tho majority of our
readers. The preponderance of testimony
favors the mouth of the Clyde, in Scotland,
In 372, whilst others maintain that Gaul la
entitled te tho honor. Amongst the popu
1 ir legends of miracu'ous events connected
wim nia ministry, theso which relate to
the banishment or venomous reptiles are
the most familiar; and the ci osier or staff,
l-y means or which (his was achieved, was
preserved with great veneiation in Dublin,
nniil near tbo beaimiing of tho fifteenth
century.' Such no active lire at tie is te"
ported to have passed must have been pro
lific in Int-jrestitin eventa, many ol which
are recorded by bia historians. He began
bis missionary Inborn in Ireland in the
j-iirt.ij, preaching the Gospel wlllitnur-l
VJ.lliti.. ufl'.... .... .. ....
....... . ,r awrl) lU!ln tjly jwfj
.... ui-.ui occurred at Down, in lister
nl,lA' While preaching to the
irl'b, be used the Shamrnck or Ihe elover.
u.I a u a u .' . i . . '
'eaves on the atom, lo illustrate
the Trinity, which is the origin of its adojn
turn by tbe Irish ns its notional emblem.
To tbe missionary efforts of St. Patrick may
le traced the devetinn to religion, their
love or home and those domestic virtues
which characterize this people, and tbe re
aped and veneration for his teaching and ex
ample are presarvet to this day.
Sin'kiku is a great -'.'institution." It o"i
the w heels of com, Hipplles the place ef sun
sMn. A man who sings hin a good bear,
under bis shirt front Such a nran not only
works more willingly, but be works moro
constantly. Avaricious men never Bing.
The mm who attacks singing throws a stone
1 the lieud of hilarity, and would, if be
eiiild, rob June of its roses and August ol
its meudow larks. Sinking promotes health,
strengthens the voico, tbo organs of the
throat and lungs, prevents or cures consump.
lion. Sinping is an excellent agent for
promoting mental hygiene. "Tommy don't
go," well sung.isa sure cure for tho "blues "
Try it.
the women
moulded" for want of tbem as the pieces to
do resistance In tbe contre of their frothy
talk. Tbe shortcomings of their domestics
are tbeir darling grievancse; and what
would tbe world be without feminine
grievances! A legend says there was once
alienee in heaven for an hour; there would
be silence then in English drawing rooms
for many hours I Their maids are "shop"
with women, and they talk "shop" as
men never do. No officer chatters about
bis men, no merchant of bis clerks, as
womea ebatter about their servants; and ao
ordinary master always excepting tbe
miserable little fellows before mention
ed, whe are just so many (ussy, bearded
woman would dream of giving the tame
attention to the sayings and doings of his
domestics at even strong minded women
gtre to theirs.
Fancy a man peeping and prying behind
the blinds to tee whether John ogled the
pretty milk woman, or squeezed the hand
of the comely laundressl Yet bow many
women are there not who can tell you Jane
stands and talks wltb that bold butcher
boy; and bow Jane blushed when she saw
the baker's man at tbe gate yesterday; and
how that artful little hussy, Sarah, always
pott en her molt becoming cap when gen
tlemen are dining at tho bouse; and, "Did
yon see tbe way in which she looked at Mr.
Blank when she baaded him the bread?
Yon did not! Ah! yen nre not as well
acquainted with Miss Sarah's ways as I ami
You should live with ber.end then, perhaps.
you would understand her artfulness."
Coi.. Gowa.v, tbe American who recover
ed tbe English mai-of-war sunk by the
Russians before Sabastopol, aftot all the
English engineers fulled, baa connected
himself with a new and premising enterprise.
Tbit It neither more uor less than tbe re
covery r the eleven or twelve Spanish gal
leons sunk In action in Vigo Bay in tbe
reign of Queen Anne, during tbe war be
tween Britain and Holland on one side, and
Franco and Spain on the other. The sunk-
ed galloons contained six million dollars.
England and Spain furnish tbe necessary
material, and tbare the pro6tt niter paying
the engineers handsomelv.
ACYi'jing io i no results ol late recent
""P e soundings. It Is announced that (lie
bottom of tbo sea, at great depths, is cover
cu r,y a continuous mass, extending over
miles in extent, of what may be considered
as one single animal. It is thought to form
me lowest stage or animal lite on tbe globe,
and is supposed to derive its nourishment
ditectly from tbe mineral world, as in the
cnseofplauts. The new animal has been
baptised by tbe euphonious name of Batby
Thk older wu grow tow short tbo time
seems. The days, weeks and months roll
a rapidly round, and looking back over the
past it appears like a beautilul dream, or
like "ihosnow rails In the river, a moment
wbite. then lost fiirevor." Since time flies
so rat away, we should endeavor to do all
the goud we can while permitted to stay,
for every good deed, no in Iter ir it be but
the "giving of a enpoi: cold wator," creven
a word in kindness spoken, hnih Ha reward.
Somb of tho hoys bad evidently been
"down lo bshkosh having a litlie rnn," last
evening, judging from tho unearthly uoises
beard ul a line hour.
Tub Farewell Hop, at the Opera House,
last evening, waa a pleasant uir. Every
Iwdy aeetaed to enjoy themselves, and the
dauving waa kept up to a late hour.
A velocipede school is about being slnh.
litiJ iu this place. e suull probably
bear of sundry bruised loa, anus, etc., iu
voiia.-.jlciiei Ihereol.
The Xnw Orleans papeie complain that
the rales ol iliMir.illce i.i.,i ,y iie i;ull,j ,
I'nii.rwiiteis lot lUd River aie mormons
enough to -cover uavigulloo on the river
::i.i an. I V.yi.. lo Hades anj' t uuikil."
The Memphis Avalanche's Little Reok
special or .Monday night says: Tbe House
to-day unanimously passed tbe Senate jolut
resolution ratifying the loth, amendment.
There was a terrible ball storm last niffht.
doing great damage. There is scarcely a
pane ol glass left in the city. The shrub-
bery and fences were demolished. A aeio
man was found diad ibis morning. Ho had
been caught in the storm while drunk, and
killed l.y the hail slones, which were as
large as hen egjs.
New York is Urrifled at the discovery
that the number of marriages In that citv is
decreasing, and asks, "What's up!" Were
It Chicago, now we should not wander, but
im.ral New York, it Is, indued, astounding
uy-ioo-ny, ol uiilcajo, there is a new story.
One of the journals or that city remarked
io a notice or a marriage that tho couple
were "united for life," whereupon a news
paper In auearclty says that it was the
ursi time any thing of tbe kind bad
occurred in Chicago.
The Meichanis' and Comuieiciul Travel
ers Associations of .Chicago have- seamed
the repeul of Ihe city ordinuuee which re.
quires commercial travelers to pay a license
lor the privilege of soliciting trade or sell
ing goods by sample.
A New Yoik colemporary thiols -it re-
markable that the authorities there caanut
arrest for gambling any one of more mature
ago than boys ten to twelve yean of age.
Two thousand citi.oaa uf lnUi.insi.olis
"iiintd Ihe pledge at tho beginning of the
year, and eleven of tbeiu are believed to
have kopt it thus
The new well on llio Widow Pieranu
Farm, struck a day or two since, Is doing
ubout forty Uriels jier day.
Onr or two new advertisements are nec
essarily crewd-d out to-day.. Tory will Hp
pear lo morrow.
Aihutue in Ihe liivomi.
tbe head of a funeral procession, by a trap
ddor which was blown down by wind Irem
the belfry, crushing till skull.
Tbe Congregational Church at Welton,
Me., was crushed flat Motday morning, by
tbe weight or snow on tbe roof. Only tbe
library was laved.
Tbe Spanish Legation, it Is said, have
represented to oar government that tbe Cu
ban insurrection bai been kept alive by ex
peditions sent from New Orleans, New York
and Boston, and request our government
not to recognize the revolutionists till after
having heard Iroin Mr. Roberts, the special
envoy, now en route to Washington, to con.
fer with our government.
A St. Thomas letter of a late date states
that nearly all tbe parties laying claim io
Alta Vela have reliirnrd from, there satis
fied with the wortblessness of the place,
The stockholders of the St. Louis Bridge
Company, held a meeting on Saturday, and
voted lo Increase the capital stock of I be
Company to $4,000,000. Work on tbe
bridge wilt be energetically and rapidly
pushed forward.
The Cashier of the First National Bank of
Roekford. Illinois, Is reported te have ab
sconded with the funds or tbe depositors.
Tho bank will probably rail. The people
or Roekford and vicinity are much excited
by this unexpected development. The cash
has hitherto been regarded as an honorable
At a meeting of the stockholders of the
Dubuque and bioux City Railroad Company
held at Dubuque last Monday, the lease uf
said road to tbe Illinois Central Railroad
Company was unanimously confirmed,
The N. Y. Post lays: The New York
Central Railroad having neglected to. pay
the government tax of five per cent, on Its
net earnings, the questions will come up be
fore tbe internal revenue department. Tbe
amount Involved is $1,200,000. It is pre
sumed that the road will have to pay it if
the case goes to the courts.
On Saterday night a difficulty occurred at
Delmonlco's. New York, between Jas. Gor
don Bennett, Jr., and a Mr. S.okes, over
yaloMng matters. From words they camo to
blos. .: The fight was adjourned to the
street. ' Both parties were covered with
bloodberore they writ, .Li ,t, ,,n.
Tho Louisville Democrat hasdiscantinued
its morning Issue, and will hereafter be pub
lished as an evening paper.
The funeral of Hon. James Guthrie, at
Louisville, wus atteded l.y the Masonic fra
ternity and a largo coneourae of citizens.
There was a heavy thunderstorm at .Mem
phis, Sunday night, succeeded by snow and
Tennessee planters complain of tbe grenl
scarcity or labor. They ure offering twenty
ty-live per cent, belter wages than I ist year
nut the negroes seem unwilling to make
J amei N. Dunham, who recently nnived
In C f ..t- r . .
... uuiiij iium uen. unzen I camp, near
Wachlta Mountains, reports that ioujo three
thousand Indians, comprising all or portions
ol llio '.omancbes. Kiowas. W.iehii.
rtauuoes, iowocomes, ivcies, Wacoes. and
Arrapahoes, are selling on the reservations.
Gen. JIazeu is d hiding them lulu bands ur
colonies, with a view io learning them the
arts of busliandry. To this end I e bus al
ready appointed a larmer lo each band to
instruct them In farming. Implements and
seeds will be furnished by the government.
1 he Indians have great coiilidensH in G.;n.
Hnzen, and enter into his pbns f..r their
mprovement ns r.ipi.lly and with us good u
gfaoe as could be expected.
There was a lire at No,
-New l0rk, lust ulghl
Loral Notices.
" Brick" PouiuoT't new paper already exceeds In
circulation every other olltlenl paper In the world.
It Is "rid hot." and of nnusiml Interest. &'nd tor
anniplt copies. Printing Houte Square, A'e York
City. eiehH.
A GREAT SUCCESS. " Brick" Pomh
rot's new Dally la New York City Is one of the
greatest and most successful nswspiper enterprises
of th-. country, Ills new weekly "Pomnoy'i Dm
ocrat" is Increasing in circulation a Uiousand cop
ies Dar day. Send for sample copies to il M Pom
troy. Printing JIuuk Square, JVto York City.
papsr has a wonderful circulation. In nearly every
town in ths ennntry the democrats and working
mon are getting up cluhs for it. It Is the boldest,
shsrpest paper publish- d, and walks Into Congress
and the Bondholders regardless of results. The
paper has ever fl.ty tlionsand subscribers ht tile
State of New York alone, ocud for sample cop
ies, which are sent free, and sec it for yourselves.
Addrets M. M. Pomeroy, Printing Houte Square.
A'ew York City. mclilV.
A large assortment, all, at A.' D.
Miller A Co. 'a.
Enquire, st the Jamestown Clothing Wore:
Jnst received a large stocK of Spring patterns, at
Citizens of Petroleum Centre
In the way of
Blank Books,
Fancy Gortda,
Bird Cagna,
School Booka.
Ac, Jte, at
. . TITPSriLI.K, fA
.isni -Kin.
& CO 'S.
r.KITSnEW. a lanje stock ju received
CAXAKY IIIKDS, male mid remain, in
just received, at A. I). MIM.I'.i: .t CO.'S.
at A. 1.
n 1 1'itrs.lxy, fob. Uib, IS'".?, a smooth bnilt rn
and tan imp. with rod col nr. Whoever limit return
tlicsaino to Ihe -u' scr'ber will be liborally re-
X. II.
47 Mumy street.
Luss $15,000; In-
t'n Tuosday mornliiv. Match!, 1Kb!), nscd tlirea
mont',,, N..,.v; Eft.V. dauslner of i Zm
B and Aiuu.t.-l E. I'.-iklm, oU'etiu.eum Centre,
,0'" from llttiven tp0nk j aed lis who said,
'MUKar the little chilJieii to ceme imto me, and
'r'oid them not. fur of ruch is ihe kined..,,. r
God," calls another angel cheinb to His a ms.
As tlie nioiniiig tio.vor or the earlv dow. It ,.,..., .
wu looked, w,i loved, we lookad again but, 0 !
'.H-n.jone Yet, seen no longer here, lu lleavcii
al.ove, 't win fr , . Weep not then, strick.ii
oum, yonr uahe alinll bo yaura asln, herond the
river, to dwell lorever oil Ihe shining ,hoic, yuu
mi uievi, to part uo more.
" -Tla haid to give le v tip. This lltt'e one
vi as v-rv di n,- H, yi, ; y0 )vtll h),r mi
llmt iiw -Us haM io N1y, -ili.d' nill be done
Aud how wltli patience to the ciu.hiug htovv.
"S!ib , a darling lialia ; her chernh fnce.
Her lirt-bt and laual.b.g eyes I cull to ihlml
And wuutkr not thai all tula l.uaiit eracs,
ilad round -year lovinyhoarta so ciosuiy twined.
" Kin now your babe Is sn'e; she rat. acnrs
b rtttn sal t..l.i,.t..t!.. . "
No .1...... I... . '"OW
. ....... ii-uoiiuui. auo t
rstrpel-, nf every nunlity and d.-serlptlon, at
Kisrauian, ii'((J!);ikd CO'M, No.ll Ceiitro
street, opposite the P.O., Oil City, I'l.
SWEmsiI LESCIIFS. who'OT.ile aiel retail,
A. I). MI!,I.EIt A rO'S DliUQ STDHE.
silts. M. II. CARMAX, having returned to lowr.
oaera hncfalueuce is now prepared to give les
eons mi i:ie r:i a to riiose wlahliis the same. For
rerms ami rurthcr particulars tniptire at tho Oil Ex-
cninj! ti.itel.
I'otrolenm Contre, Feb. 10. lsia im.
i v nr.n , nu anti.inie 'or Tobacco, nMd D'l
POUND, for sale at V D. i!LLP. A CD'S.
!rofitory F.,r all kinds co to REYNOLDS
HlionriEAD A O'M, Ko. u Centre Ulmet, opuo
silo tho Post Office, OM City, Pa.
trr A. Tl xtrr r pi p. rrx . .
..a, iinist, ac
..gem. ,..r wie ceiihrated -n. II. Clean." ,ann
faelnred l.y the Aniericm Whip Co. Try them.
cw Flour, Feed nndOroc.,,
JUtorn! '
opposite the McCllntock House, hM , J"T'
larae and Biat pIsm bI.m.1. nt . us" ft
. v. n .uur. r eed bmj
firoecrlea, which he is selling , , !ow , K
V Don't forjet the place-where A. D elln.
A Company broke up. JanJ tf.
lata, Car. Hoots and Shoes-A
asortment at REYNOLDS, 1IRODHEAD cm
CUy'Va""" 0I,,'"" B,-10' Osw, i
rjr OonrlM, a laiics stoc'f at KKIXn'rw
BftonitEAD t CO S, No. 11 Centre St, iJZ
the Post Olllce, Oil City, Pa. "
w-'1' 1'i'sl ClOAItS lii iho market .r.lhtBrf
falo ravnrltes, inanufsclurod liy Walker t s.,.
Held at the 111 ug .Store of
An. MII.t.EU CO.
rjilIK ATi:ltlCAN 1IOTF.I. AT pp
X Iroleanl ( enlre. "
I his well known hone. eontalnli, 3r,
with liirniinre is n..w oird tnrriieara liar us
If not sold ly Ihe 1st of April, it i 1 be for re, t
Inipiire on the premises, of
Petroleum Centre, March 1(i. B-MtSB.
!. Iiwl aud died;
aud Ullre
uo harm ouu r-a'th lif no
r.l!olciiin.( eiii,. Pi , WarcU?, Vi(l,!,"M!'''
THE b.Nt place Is town to est a iei!r ,,f
mida of the boat Ktiick, that will wear wn
wsnanied to fit. Is st J. A. ll..,.,,.
loaahle Root Sh.i, Wa,hlnton Sirtct, Pe'lroleum
Contre, Pa. Olvo a trial. ...,.in.
AiHax." -It la not nfion thai we h iv Hi t.m
to sparu, or tho lacl'iiaHon. to notice any of the
thousand and'oiic preparations aoliUthroiiioot II..
country, eaeh, as il Is claimed, luins a sovereign
cure for one or more of iho ills that (Insh in heir to
iimeea, we nave ftainentlv wnndernl r.,.,.i
ever died at all, orjrrow old eveii, when, hy a small
outlay they eo!d furnish themselves with some
thins wliich would keep dlsinseat bay, and defy the
aw-aulrs or tlino I Concerning the etMcncy of one of
thiMo remedial P'cpaiailonsaiid one which has lis
come celebrated of mewe can speak finrr. per
We ''?, '"'l.miiousV say it i.'g ,,.
mil aft IU; l'W-
atviiiistn niiu iirn.xnaiid w.:. i o.
Ma.a Street. Huffiilo.-HiiTiiloCo.iiinerCBl'ertr No
!lo-v sales tor i-.iHunl's Co, -si, Cure. i) air il
.KB tU, Whol.sal. A Ketail DrtlgJl'sU A i
For Pemiienm leuire. fa. ""k'is. a.'jnu
Ilard.waro-A larno tusoriinimt of which Is
heing closed out at rodnred rates at REYNOLDS
imODHEAD A.OO'.S, N. Ccntre St.,
the Poll Offlco, Oil fit r. Ta W
Sewing Machine!
Tills Mnch'ne Is wVTsiile.1 to tvecnte In 4
CTea-et decree of perunion, a'l kind- arid TarM'.a
of Si win..'. ilminiliiK, Kelltnjr, ConliiK, Turkirj,
Rmiilinc, GUhmln'j mid Sawina on, (J.nlilsit. it.
that is or rail l.c done by any other uiacliiuu not
before the piiti'.ie.
Tills Marlili e s'ans tojny without a rival, h
lt nl-brnte! OvrrseiminK Milch, Kl.,liriilpno(.
the Kdce, and It.illim Hole and Kyclvt Hu s mu.n
iu all kinds of buries.
S Oee of thve Machines enn be seca at
room ortr A. D. Miller Jr I'o.'s l)i nir lore
J. V. COFtlX,
His Ilrc 5-"toe! ol
lllUt tliC RIU1I flUJMITiV
UccupfeJ I13 N. AotThafai,
Uo has ndded
to his Stuck
lion uf
a lur-e self C
-M A fl m - -ST .XI I M i a ST . M
Wlitol. It.... ,t... t ..t, . r......
' nu 'II'P l.ll- I,"fIMW I I rTTllJ'-ll'll It'll.
Uliti Vll'llill; HU., l!XHtl,i(1(.. Jug :Uu
g-iud HU ui'
Hats & Caps,
Heady-Kadc Ciothi.ijr,
'n., Ac, ull of wbieli he has ma ke.1 dot"
D ll.
Lowest Cash Prices1
I desire to tliiink my muni'
ous customei-a for their Jiijerai
patronage at my old stand, and
hone by keepinfr a hxrere selec
tion of (joods, at Low Trices, to
continue to supply their wants as
Petroleum Centre, March 18 tf.
lilEco-partneisldu exIatli'B W!
V. 11. 1 nuiiu.ll .....I v- il mmt-r. 1
Ihlday dissolved I., muiual consent. Mr Miuyf I
reiini.K. 'I tie hn-innss will i,P earrlad "n h ""ill
Looewull, who w'll oollian ull hliu .in. ihe WJelu" j
nuu paj an me oebta of said Hi iu , ,
W. II. I.ONtlwri.i
- - vy c. I LCM-Wlf' -
Bated Feb fvh, iasja.t;.