The Petroleum Centre daily record. (Petroleum Center, Pa.) 1868-1873, January 30, 1869, Image 2

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Petroleum Centre Daily Record.
aet, Ceatre, aalardav, Jan. 30.
. Time roioalnf Malta.
P. O nnium Csrrant, Pi ,
Jni 7w, ISO.
r knOter aetlea the asaUs will arrive at and
Opart nwm this offlee m follows: .
Soafh aad Hm(, via. Irviaefcm, N it A. II.
oath aad Wait, MeftdvHIe, 5. It P. M.
Marts ana tet, " Corrj.tM
Sooth and West, Ida A. M.
nntl last and West, M P. H.
. Rono, B and Wait, 10.00 A. M.
II. B. BLACKatOX, P.j.
Divine Service.
Proasblng al II e'clock A. If., and 1
'look P. M.
Kit. J. T. Oxtobt, Pastor.
Perviee verv Sabbath at 11 A. M. aad
1 P. V. Sabbath School at twelve o'clock
M. Seat Fraa. A cordial invitation
xtrnded to all.
Rsv. C. M. Heard. Pastor.
Maw at 10 a. n.
Vespers aad Benecllntloa of tba Blessed
Saoratnont at 4 p. tn.
Csteahlam at 1 p. id.
T PitUburgh Commercial, or a lata
data, savt : "Tbo Allegheny Valley, form
erly famous for Iti inexhaustible supply or
lumber. Is now batter known throughout
tba world for tba cheap light it jurnisbp
tba million at boons and abroad. Its pe
troleum trade alone renders it a household
word. The oil trade at tba present day
has nearly overtaken Ibe coal trade ia point
of importance. The amount of lumber an
nually brought dowo the Allegheny aver
ages 112,000,000 feet; 30,000,000 are dis
posed of annually Id tba Pittsburgh market,
representing a value of 1,200,000. The
value af tba whole amount ia give at
"The Petroleum trade of Pittsburgh ap
proximates tc thirteen millions annually.
Hlxty-elght refineries, tone of them monster
establishments, are ooostantly In operation.
Tba visitor who explore tbesa establish
ments will find tbat tba greater portion of
tn em possess inn tankage for on hundred
thousand barrel. Ten '.thousand barrel
tank are s common as barrows. A tank
with capacity for thirty thousand barrels,
and a surfao largo enough for a skating
park, is, however, something seldom seen
utslda of Pittsburgh. During the past
year, 727,682 barrels of refined oil were
hipped to Philadelphia alone.
The coal-beds ol th Allegheny Valley
bav -scarcely been broaobed as yet. In
1862, '63, '61, when there were but three
cailaria la operation, tbo Jtotal amount
transported over the Allegheny Railraad
during these first three years of (be trade
was 4,610,325 bushel, or 180.413 tons.
Dnriag lb past four years the trade bas In-)
creased nearly eighty per cent. The Alle
gheny coal fllds embrace nearly two tbous.
and acre. Tb oollerle employ about 600
bands, and support a population of two
Franklin-, Jan. 28, 1869.
Tee jury in the case of Jaoob Sboppard
and Geo. Geiger, two of the Benningboff
robbeis came into Court at 10 o'clock, p.
in., after belsg out five hours, with a verdict
of guilty as to Jacob Sboppard in manner
and form as be stands indicted, and not
guilty at to George Geiger. The counsel
for Jacob Sboppard gave notiee that he
should apply for a new trial immediately.
No other eases disposed of to-day.
Tn Franklin Spectator says: "The big
well on the Evans lot bas 'petered' out to a
great extant.. The extraordinary yield for
the first twenty-lour hours wat the proceeds
of what borers call a 'pocket.' The 'pocket'
contained soma twenty-two barrels. The
prospects are tbat tba well will produce a
small qutntity ot oil say two or three bar
rels per day and tbat amount of tbat kind
ol oil will make it really a vers good invest
meat." '
Tn well of Thomas Frotbingbam on tb
Pierton Farm, wa torpedoed on Thursday
and la doing thirty barrels.
The well on the Picrson Farm, which we
pok of yesterday, ss doing 15 J barrels
the effects of a torpedo is doing nothing
tbit afternoon. It is thought tn be Ailed
V ; .
.A kxw well bas been struck on the flats,
io Oil City, snd oonvneneed pumping yes
terday, aad is doing 33 barrels. The well
b '.ongs ti Jff Ton Hix. (t is causing con
siderable oxoil'in nt among 'ill men.
A National Billiard Tournament is to be
held In New York city in April next.
A Star Llihl Night.
Per hips a starlight night Is the greatest
instrument that Is permitted, otherwise
than In revolution, to address maakind.
We now know that, Ip contemplating those
heavens, wa are looking at an bistorUal
scene which makes all other historic trivial
and transitory. The speck of light which
we call star, is an emanation which proceed
ed from It origin thousands of yeara ago
perhaps, and may not in y manner repre
se nt the state of the star at the present day.
Then, again, it Is not as If wa were reading
the history ot any one past period ; but we
are reading the commingled history of In
umerable ages, widely delstant from each
other. If men thoroughly entered Into
Ibe spirit of this strange weird stene it
would be the greatest core for ambition,
vanity and avaiiea tbat hat ever
The idea It vary difficult to realize or to
express. To compare small things with
great this illustration may be used. It Is
as If a man of tb present day were to tee
(not to read about, but to see) Lord George
Gordon's riots, Louis the Fourteenth's con
quest af Flanders, Charlemagne', (laughter
of the Saxons, Hsnnibal's vicory at Caanc,
the balldiog of the hundred gated Thebe.
and weary Methuselah celebrating hit seven
hundredth birthday all at tba ama time,
these scenes having reached his eye at the
same B)oment,and beiog for bim the story
of the persent day.
Tun New Terk Herald of Jan 29 bat the
following important communication, dited
New York City, Jan. 28, and signed "W.":
"Seeing the contradictory statements
published in the papers regarding the fact,
or otherwise el an order having been isaaed
from the War Department to Gn. Banks
shortly before the full of Vieksburg direct
ing bim to relieve Gee. Grant, I beg to
state the exact faott i the ease, and thus
settle this much controverted question.
While Gen. Grant was operating in front of
Vieksburg I was employed as clerk . in Sec
retary Staatoa 'a office at the War Depart
ment at Washington.. Secretary Stautoo
wrote two order, directing me to made two
eepiea of them, one for telegraphing and
one for filing. The first of these order was
addressed to General Banks, directing bim
to proceed at once to Vieksburg and relieve
Gen. Grant. The second order waa ad
dressed to Gen. Grant, direeting him to
turn over his command to Gen. Banks oa
the arrival of the latter, who had been or
dered to relieve bim. I do not pretend to
give the wording of these orders; I have
given, however, their exact eubstance and
tbey should be on file now in the War De
partment unless tbey have since been re
moved. I will state further -that the copies
oftbese orders to be transmitted by tele,
graph I ssnt by Messeagor to the War De
partment telegraph office by order of Sec
retary Stanton. These copies shonld be on
file in the latter office."
Tn German North Pole Expedition,
which has been so long talked of, it is now
expected will sail early in tbo coming
summer, under the direction of Dr. Peter-
moon. The letter ot Prinse Napoleon to
II. Lambert, of the French North Pole Ex
pedition, baa served to re-inapire the Ger
mans with spirit towards the carryiog oat
of Petermson's plans. The Prince's gilt of
tea thousand francs, and hi remark that
State aid should not be requested, is a
good example to the French people
but tha Germans do not need such in
citement, for the whole nation feels a very
determined pride that success must crown
the effort of th bold undertakers of the ex
pedition, Rsamkgs. On Wednesday evening next,
Mr. Kennedy King, of Erie, will give dram
atic and poetical readings at the M. E.
Church, in this place. Mr. King Is consid
ered a brilliant and eleqiieit reader, and
high encomiums have been psased upon bim
by the press wherever be baa given read
ings. The admission will be only fifty
cent. We hep to see a large number in
Wa bad a call the other day from tbat
old and reliable tank gauger, J. B. D. Clark,
of Tllusville. He understands bit bnalness
thoroughly. Those wishing to setnre bis
services, will find bim at hit office, Ullman's
Block, Titusvllle.
Matrimony Is hot buckwheat cakes, warm
beds; comfortable slippers, smoking coffee,
round arms, red lips, kind words, shirt
exulting in bu'tons, redeemed stockings,
bootjacks, happiness, 4so Hurrah 1
A brewer commenced business in New-
burgh twelve years ago, witb a peek of malt
for his sole stock in trade. To-day be is
worth $200,000.
Oliver Cromwell, Dick Turpi and John
Weley all died in tba Michigan Penitentia
ry lust year,baving the misfortune to bt con
fined there.
Atlanta hat tb White Fawn tbit west.
Galveston, Ttxaa, is having a Gomel
Tbo Mobile theatre ha keen dosed for
want of patronage.
Lands in Mississippi are selling at bettor
prices than at any time since the war.
Cella Logan 1 starring In lb Engliab
Rachel's second ten I a clerk ia
French gas office.
General Grant I (aid to be opposed to
dividing Texas.
Tb ''Wickedest Mn" i trying tbe tern
peranee lay in New York.
Prince Napoleon Is said just now to bo in
very bad health.
Mr. Ex-Opera Hon Pike, of New York,
is now writing poetry.
Erastnt Corning is seriously ill at Albsny,
and hit life diepaired of.
Boise City, Idaho, est tains but one wo
man, and she it a doctor.
A eitlzen ef New Bedford bss had tbe
hiccoughs for a week and i.irrives.
Senator Garrett Davis, it is said, never
permits eny other person to use his frank.
Hartford, ha three month' old baby,
weighing oly two pounds.
Belle Boyd "drew her dagger" on a stage
manager in Texas tbe other day.
During tbe present season 6,400 bale ef
cotton ha been sold at Pin Bluff.
Tbe Indiana Legislature askt Congress
for an appropriation to build tbe Michigan
City harbor.
The old practice of throwing vials filled
with vitriol Into tbe fates of persons is being
revived in Galveston.
A mineral spring of rsre curative p roper
ties bas been discovered ia or near Plymouth
North Carolina.
An incendiary fire in Lynchburg, Ta., en
Wednesday night, destroyed properly to the
amount ef (501).
A line of steamers and sailing vessels is
soon to be established between .New York
and Apalacbioola, Fla.
They have a new lest cause in Columbus,
Georgia, the., temperance cause. An at
tempt is made to revive it.
Queen Issbella passes two-thirds af he.
lime inneaontly.1 She sleeps sixteen hours
a day.
The Bostoa Post thinks Indiana by elect,
log Pratt Senator, '-has gone back on Cnm-
Miehlgaa City hopes to draw to ilsoll tbe
Cinciunati lumber trade, now done at Chi
cago. Miss Adelaide Philips bas joined tbe Pa
repa troupe in consequence of tbe tsatinued
illness of Parepa.
Mrs. John Wood is managing the iron
aristocratic theatre in London tbe '-Royal
St. James."
Soventy-five thousand cartes de visits of
Mrs. Liicoln have been sold by one dealer
at Franlford-on-tbe-Mnln.
Mark temon, the editor and leading ingre
dient of Punch, intends . to visit this
A Laly in Maeon. Ga., during the last
two years, bss provided for the education of
seventy-five orphans.
A New Yorker proposes to keep tbe Hud
son river free from ice by sinking artesian
wells attng ita bankt.
A Yankee bas invented a music-stand for
trsvel which shuts up into a cane, and
weighs but two pounds.
Three divorces were granted at Indianola
Iowa,' last week. Oae of the women was
married the asms dsy.
A bill abolishing the office of Superinten
dent of Publlo Instruction bss been intro
duced io tbe Mitnteota Legislature.
Ag'Utlemen named Richard Craze fell
into a coal pit it Chesterfield county, Vs..
two hundred feet deep a few nights ago.
The Georgia Legislature has passed a joint
resolution exteis ing tbe time for the collec
tion of State tattt until' tbe first ot March.
The tobacco barn of Mr. Abraham Kcaf.
le, near Sulphur Springs, Monroe countv,
Wert Virginia, was burned a few davs
since. ;
A little son f Coleman Fields, who lives
near Lebanon, , Tennessee, bad hit skull
fractured by the kick of a mule a few dayt
age. i
There is a grocer out West who lealso a
justice ot the ptace, and who offers le ma',
ry gratis tbe couples who will patraaize
bis store.
Tbe repair shop at Milwaukee, of tb
Chicago and llilwankee Railroad wat de.
ttroyed by fire last Tuesday morning; loss
At Burllngtot, Racine county, Wisconsin
girl named Mire Rascbe, U years old has
boen Ijlog la a trance for the past nineteen
i dtyi.
!t Extraordinary rimd Practice.
. Captain 'Travis gave an exhibition of
pistol shooting at bis gallery, in Chicago a
few days since, in which he excelled any of
bis previous astoaishing pertormaiiees, by s
friet of bsznrd'U fia's requiring th most
consummate skill on his purl, and extraor
dinary daring In that of tbe gentleman who
assisted in them. Mr. John Rover, of
Texas, beldja cup on bis head and Travis,
fired a pistol bullet ibrongh it from a dis
tance of twelve paces. Tb feat Was repeat
ed twice, the ball going each time within
an Inch of the cranium of tb ventuieanme
bolder. Tbe tamo gentleman also held, be
tween hi finger a small lemon, and after,
wards a business card about an inch and a
half square, and through each Capt, Travis
pnt a btillet, at tbe same distance, with one
of the regular gallery pistol. " Few peopl
would car to run such risks as Mr.
Rover did and fewer still would successfully
imitate Capt. Travis' wonderfull skill.
Ak argument for coal freight can be seen
in the transportation of wheat from tbe vi
cinity or Dubuque. It take tb value of
one bushel of wheat to carry another bushel
to market, and from points further West or
lurlher from water communication tbe cost
is ot course proportionately treater. ' This
demonstrates two things: First, the Impor
tance ef ample transportation facilities ot
the cheapest kind; aad second, the vast ad
vantage ol manufactures in ereiting a home
market. If Iowa dad a diversified .industry,
creating a borne demand lor ber agricultu
ral products, every bushel uf wheat she
raises would bs worth as much as two bush
else now. She would also sive the cost
of transportation on these mantvtWlnred
products which she now imports fium Europe
or tbe East. This double saving on trans
portation would be equitably divi ed among'
tbe various clafes of hnr own producers.
Tbe greenback of the New Dominion, is a
"provincial note," sold by the govern nent
to tbe bankers snd Ismed by litem Instesd
of their own bills. The note is tav!la in
specie, on demand, at Montreal and T (iron-
to, and, having a gieen may t-e call
ed tbe Dominion greenback. Tbe note ia a
legal tender in any part f the Dominion,
and is to be made payable at Halifax and
St. John, as well as ia the Cona las. The
banks now bold a laro amount of leg.l ten-
demotes, instead of gold, ttiis being fnunit
a eouveaienoe in settling their niiitunl li-
auees. The Kovernmenl !a bylaw, il!ice)
to bold gold to redeem its ut.ios to ;.. ex
tent ot om-filtli of th- ciicula lun. toe balau-
Ces tittlnic covered by Iieoiuri .."
The Western Union Te i-rapb C n rnr v
has now in operation iiltr t!niiiait:l -';
hundred and fifty ini'os of !:. n ,.i r ,i;..',,
three Ihoussad, Ihrtr 1 .isv! m i iv
oneofflcrs Tbo ro:,T.r T,t; ,,,., ...,
Hab a book islvi c. n r.!. te hiv i.rv rtu
organ za ion.
Lucv It ,1 niHir. 'i ':'i;''ir'I . f if n y -rJ of
a.'C, w instant!.'il l,y th fall of a
tree, on Tiu'Hilav l:in. Hlnmt twelve miles
from Iiris'ol, Teuiii ssim.
. Local JVotice.
Citizens of Petroleum Centre
In the way of
Blank Book,
Fancy Good,
Bird Cagen,
School Books,
Ac, As, at
Janll lia.
Car A, V. MILLER A CO.. iirin7i.t. r
agents for the celehraled "W. H. Cigars, " maon-
laeturea y tn American Whip Co. Try thsiu.
a.Tes best CIOARH la Uie market are Die Buf
falo Fsvorltos, manufactured by Walker A Saza
Said at the Drag Store of .
A lares aaa irtmtnt. lioth rlaln and fancv. Inst .
ecivedat A. D. MILLKK A'Co.U Call in and
examlae thnn - '
B evolve re. a sp.eudid assortment at
sham's Janil-tf.
Hats. Caps. Boota and aisnaa A trn
assortment at REYNOLDS, BKODUBAD A CO S,
No. II Centre Strest, omosite ttas, Post' Osw oil
ICitT.Pa. - ... .
Bcnntlml SItpr-ar Patterns at A & Bmltht Boot
A Hhoe Store. decIB-w.
t.'rorkerv for all kinds ro to RBTNOLDa
TtH'intlKM) A CD', No. 11 Centre .-Jtnet, eppo'
lie the Pint f'fflre. Oil City, Pa.
Dry Oooile. a large stock at RnywoiIM
DKODUBAD t CO S, No, 11 L'amrs St, opposite
tha roxl noioa. Oil f'ltv, Pa.
rT'LAUIKHwi'lilDg to make aa appropriate
p eeeut. will and beaut'tat HLIPPER HA TTBK
at A. 8. KM I ril'A Boot a Shoe Store dectSU
1.60O rolls WAI.I. PAPBn received tkw day at
A. D. MII.LBK a nv&
New Flour, Feed an tt Grocery
. Ktorel
J. 9. riCATIIRR,
opposite tba MeClintock lloase, has ea hand a
arzeand a. si class stock or Floor, Feed and
fJroeerlea, which he Is eelllo at a low (wre.
as. iKin-t rorg-ei inc piaae wners A, D. Cotton
A Company brok np. Jn3 tt
t.Cnll and exsmlas the A us MS-irtnsnt of
ISboe Store. decll tt
CANARY DIRD9, best German imported, what.
ale and retail, at A. D. MILLER A OO 9.
A large aMortnient efKlSB'SEWSO BOOTtu
A 8. Smith's Boot A Shoe 8'ore. f
DIARIES foe ton at V t. MILI.KR A GO'S.
Carpel, of every qna'lty and description, st
Strarf, oppoitJ- the P . 0 Oil City, Pa. -
Excrlnlor Billiard Parlor.
To enjoy a ileltphtftil and qnlot cams ol Bil'isidi.
got A l Fitniham's Fashionable lllllia-d Pur
lore, on Wsstiiinrinn Street, next door to the Hot h.
eaier Hnoya Tlie-e Pariors are within a shoit dia.
tance of most of the principal hotels in Petroleum
l'ntre- eiay B-tf.
A CO '8.
Alib4 This is a newly disc-oven d artiels tn U
nwd for a hair dwlni. vhlch Is said to be input:,
or to anyihiiig of the klud yst placed orfora tliepnb
l!c. It readers the Mir sort and clns-v, and will, It
U said, cnim ih hair to ..tow nn wilps xhlcb Ux
iinxlauked HiichacovHriiiii. It la not nroperlj t
hair dve. and yet It w II operate on the relit, of
the nun whi applied aa to melon II to lis orl-is.
ill color nn-i lovuriunco In a very hrisf period of
time. It Is bntond question, a v,-rv apfriiir lira,
and wl.l mow thnn fill the exportation of an; o .
who mny iur.-b t Svnicnte Paper. Trv Se.
J,"1 " i,nh ru ' ,he bwt. a. I). MIl.l'.KIt A
s Whol sale nd Retail Drnccista, Apents fit
Pt'iro.auni Contra, Pa notli tin.
r:nUae Strlns;. Is res lot of th. bnt
f!rltr Siring the market adjrds. Just received st
Ivham'- - Jantl ta
llsrdwuts-A Urge aie -rtuient or which Is
l-e'-iR rlo.rd m r!ii"l ntt-a at KKYNOLPt,
B:rrmiEP A Cir, No. It Centre Hu, opposite
Hi ivwt ri;i0(. on (.,,,
riiRbt ..': is towuto get n pair of Hoots
uii." of c .cs: stork, that wilt wnr well, snd
warn , fd in f.t. Is at. jr. A. Planted fh.
1. n'hle Ro3t Shop, Wnnll'nqtoff Struct, rntruti-uiu
e:-tr. Pa. (fivu 1,1-n a rial. sndutr.
I' ' r ""'" or Firms for sale, thranfti.
-.!.H ''PVI.s, ia tract of One ntnabtl
A c : c ; : iv 1 Hon 'and. Terms to suit or
ri; in-n T e la J wilt glow Thlrty-Bv to Fifty
B-iilwIs of Wheat to tha Acre, with ordinary fau
lt g. aad aJVolumscr Crop of Tweuty-tMve bnh(:s
pur As e.
4arCnrrespnndcn Ssilclted. Address RKNIT
McKKNTV, Dealer in Real Eetate, Office $04
Mootiom ry Sireot, Man Francisco, Cal. JssP.
S. 8. Griswold,
Dealer In
XW. Orders by the Car or Ton pronptlf 1
... filled .
Also, Ajot for the eelobrated
OFFICK on Second Street, ncsr R. K. Track,
Jau-a if.
, atsnufacturar and Dealer la
Seed Bags,
Valve Cups, &c-
Kxperlet.ced workman are employed, and t
nesa of all kinds kept constantly ou hand ao" f
to order. f I
P. C. Helns' Pat. 8eedBT
For Sale.
Repairing Done at all Tim I
'w, - Call and esamlas ear stock and prlees,
Maln-St., below ibe McCIU
lock Honae. j
Petrolwn Centre, Pa., Jan. fth. 18f -tf- m
lCV IhoE. Howard American Watebi
A J mao. of ISIIAH A CO.
SOLID (told Jeelry, Lad Is' Kets, J "S&N
I'lna, eieeve Buttons. Aa.. at 1HHAM A
0 VLsme- TMm sa, a.