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    Tf Centra Daily Record.
Pet. Ceulre, rrt.'A), Jhii. 23.
Thn of Cloning .Hall.
P. O., PiimuLEin rj, Pa., )
'i Jolt 7, 1808. j
I'mtl further auttas the soails will Arrive t and
flepart from thta ofllce follow :
Snth and East, via. Irvineton, 10.28 A. M.
South And WmI, " Moodvillc, B.18 P. M.
Kertn and ISist. " Corry, 5 M "
bar-ant. .
Konth and West, MS A. M. , '
Matt 1 East And Wit, S Sd P. M.
K.1,.3, Last and West, 10 0 J A. M.
. Btvlne Services.. v
Proohint at 11 o'clock A.M., anil 7
o'clock I M. "
Kv. J. T. Oxtobt, Pastor.
Services crery Sabbath at 11 A. M. anil
7) 1'. M. Sabbath School at tweWe o'clock
M. Reita Freer A oonllal lovitatioo
extendeqVto all.
Rmv. C. M. Heard. Pastor.
.Man nt 10J. a. m. .
Vesper ami Benediction of (he Blessed
fiacrnment at 4 p. to.
Catsshistn at 3 p. m.
JAMS3.DUNN, Pastor.
A skr'OVS acc'ulent recently occurred in
nn English Iron mine, caiimi1 by the explo
sion ofgns Ignited by (be flume ol an open
candle. The tn'ners were provided with
safety lump; but, with unthinking rashness
withdrew the protecting wire gnwza from
nround the light. The gas took fire with
a terribio effect," -and ntn employed six
hundred yards distant felt the null of t:e
air toward the place of the explosion. The
men enveloped in the burning tupor were
setiously injured.
A letter dated at Macon, G.,'says: The
eagerness to ''ft to work and make some
thing" is universal. Arrangements are be
ing made to erect several cotton and paper
mil la The coal mines are being worked
raoro extensively and mora profitably t!:iu
heretofore. Business in the towns and cities
baa not bees so. active since the war closed.
Every one has money except the lawyers
and the editors. ' Railroad enterprise are
in every stage of embryo coajtructiqn,' from
the, bare project to the advertisement fer
pmposals ta build the llrst tweutr miles.
Mr. Robert Fux, proprietor of the Amer
ican Theatre,' Philadelphia, announced that
be .would distribute ono thousand touves or
bread to the poor r that city on Wednes
day mornliijr, but the chief of police notified
Mr. F. that the distribution could not be
permitted, alleging as a reason that tbe
residents in the neighborhood had com
plained of the crowd that would assemble
us a nuitanco which they could not endure.
At a ddUie in Litobnold, Conn., on the
tiM ot woman to tha ballot, the occasion'
was graced by the presence of a large num
ber ef ladies, wbo were chosen to decide tiie
question. Tbe married men all sustained
the negative, but the young o, fired with
enthusiasm and eloquence by the presence
of tbe fair ones, 'went In strongly for wo
men'! rights. Te tbeir surprise and mortifi
cation, when tbe vote was taken, every
lady recorded an empbatio "No!''
Joski-ii Wttun, wbo wasatrejUd a few
weeks sincu at Pleasantvillu for laioeny,
attempted to break' jrsil at Franklin on
. Wednesday night. Ho succeeded in getting
ut of his cell into the wash room where be
struck a light; the light alarmed the turn
key, and the man's plant were frus
trated.: ....
A Buffalo detective otfljer was in Titus
ville yesterday, searching for a fugitive
from justice from tbat city, lie was direct
ed to Pithole. Titiuville Herald.-
He bud b(s overcoat, worth sixty dollars,
(Stolen -from him before he had been in
f the place two hours.
, v -Wit notice that tbe readings ul Mr. Ken-
Bedy King, or Erie, are very highly spoken
of by our exchanges. Il ls Mi. King's in-.loniion-
to give a series of rea lings at this
Kkbl Ridiih Coai,. This is coal is con
sidered the best a;ft cial .in the market.
Mr. 8. S. Criswold is the only .dealer In this
article at rutroleutn Centre. See bisadrer
t'svineot. ' )
Tkupeiiascb Mrs. Saruu .A. Shepurd
will Id-lure' upon the subject of temperance.
tin M. E. Church, In lU:s place, oil thii.
(Frldij ) evening. .. . 1
A'nisw WKt.r. whs stiiiek on'
Hill yesteiday. It is new d.'iiuroi) barrels,
and U ovviiid by Messrs. Ward it Waiti''.
Tln.'io iiavii been ll.i ;i:ll arrests . In St.
I.ouiit Our ng the past eleven- years.
A Itoniantic History of one of I3cn
ton' Daughter.
San Frsncleco Correspondence Chicago Tilbune.)
Let me tell yon sutnelaing about one of
the school teachers ef 811 Francisco, by
way of illustrating tbe manner In which
fortune frolics with human nature and
makes shuttlecocks of poor humanity.
Anion the tnuchers is an elderly lady
the mother of live interesting children.
She was born in one of the Western
States, and was the first-born ol one of the
most diatinguis!id Senators who ever sat
in legislative balls of the United States
oae who for mure than thirty years repre
sented one of tbe great States of the mighty
West, and wbo was the peer or Clay, tal
boun and Webster. In ber yonng days she
was tbe belle ot Washington city, carrying
away the pnlm from tbe dark-eyed daugh
ters of tlio South, and the rosy-cheeked
damsels of the North.
All were anxious to receive a smile from
the fair lilly of tbe west. Noble men rep
resenting tbeir country at Washington laid
their eornels at ber feet in vain. She
was a true republican; and gave ber love to
a young gentleman then a eleik in one of
tho offices at Washington. Her father
kucw the youth and recognized bis great
abilities, and when he solicited his daugh
ter's hand it was cheerfully given. Tho
wedding was a brilliant one, 'many of tbe
great men of tbe country being present to
wish them joy and cheer them at the com
mencement of their domestic vnugc.
The young husband was shortly after-
wards admitted to the bur ol the. Lnlteil
States Supreme Court, and was soon recog
nized ns one of the most promisinirmember.
For a number of years he practiced bis pro
fusion with success, and was oil the high
road to wealth and fame.
Tben came an event In the hia'orv.
our country which altered tbe com ho of
I reler to the discovery ol gold in Cali
fornia, aud tbe consequent rush ol emi
grants to the new El Dorado. Amoni
those who determined upon going to Cali
fornia was tl'e young husti.iiid. He con
sulted his wife, and sue, like a true woman,
declared lor intention to accompany him.
He showed ber the hardships that she must
necewnrl'y en lure, ant ur ciul ' hi-r to re
mit n w.tu her parents until h had a home
h.r her, but she, (u the l.uijju.ieo of Ruth,
suid :
"Kutrnat me not to leavo thee rr t re
turn from following uftt-r thee, ,'ur whither
thuti loileft I will lodge; thy people shall
he my peiile, and tby God my God, where
tin. 11 diest I will die, and tin re w'.il I be
lie urged her no more, but tnj-etlier they
eauie to Califernia, where tho hualinnd troll
a leuditli: pniilinn at the bar. Tho people
he associated with were fi'Mii the h 11 III.
anil like many others be began to drink to
When the rebellion broke gut ho cast his
e j 1 1 1 1 m li : . withflhe Houtb. Ilia brother in
law went will the North and was made a
Mtjor General. II" had 10 give up his pro
fVvinti, hecaiisa he could not t!tk theoAlh
required by aur lejtisUture. Out of biiai
ness, be drank heavily and soon be-an to
mortgage hi property. Six vears parted
awny. and he riled, leaving bis widow with
live children without a dollar, fur his credi
tors foreclosed oven to the homestead.
Tho noble woman immediately look sew
ing to earn ber living but found that she
could hardly keep soul 11 nil body together
by Ibis means.
Some friends of ber father and bushand
offered to assist ber, but she would receive
nothing so long as she could support her
self. Sbo, however, would be thankful lor
assistaace in procuring ber a position as
teacher in one of the public schools. Ap
plication was made, and would you ' be
lieve itt-r-some of tho school directors op.
Kosed her appointment heea se- her dead
usband had been a secessionist. They
cared not -that ber father was the peer of
uiay ana v ouster, that tier iirother-in-iaw
wore t e straps id a Major General. . They
knew ber bushand in his lilelime, and had
felt the lah ol hisjliitier tongue, and there
fore desired to bar n bis widow. -
Tbeir efforts were unavailing, however.
Sbe was appointed and is now engaged in
the public school department of this city,
teaching a primary cleti. A sad change 'ia
the fortunes of one wbo started iifo with
such brilliant pinsi ecta. Sbe is a -true and
noble woman, however, and every ono who
reads this paragraph will praise her for her
heroism and devotion.
- Kit a Fisbbr. Tl is uccomplishVd actress
has n oieved merited praise from the press
in different parts of the country. In her a
pearance last evening at tbe Opera House,
In ber great' cbaructer of '-Mazeppa," ibe
tully justified tbe expectations of the large
audience whieli greeted her first appearance
beforo a Petroleum Centre bouse. Sbe
can undoubtedly render this character bet
ter than any other livingj person, and will
draw rousing bouses wherever sbe goes.
Tbit eveuing bo will appear in "Jack
Sbeppard" and 'Tho French Spy," both
plays affording her ample scopo In display
her truly wonderlul abilities as one of the
moat t-jlented actressess la tho United
Tub wharves of Savannah, according to
tbn Savannah Republ can, are crowded with
shipping, aud are ajive with business activ
ity. There is a forest of masts from tbe
Ogeecbe Canal to Willinck's ship yard; for
eign and American colors give variety te
the ecene; atoamsbips, ships, barges, barks,
biis aud schooners lieiu soma places four
d ep, side' by side. The work of diticliaig
inj and lojiling goes on rapidly: merchants
of all kiiidi crowd the wharves.
" D irin ' n series tifexueniumiis on the per-
ceiitAno of erudo nil per ton io'lirilisli coals,
by distillation, it wax found that they aver
n.'eil sity callous; ilorhvshiro coal yielding
eiglity-two galloua, anil N'cwCJStle fortv-eiglil.
Wamiisotos, Jan. 21.
The Sciiine resumed consideration of the
biii to uriHiutri commerce araeoj tbe States,
Ac. t
Alt. Williams gave nctlce that Tsfe would
ut tiie proper tune oiler the following ns a
sulxtltute lor the Constitutional amendment
In regard to suin-age, reported by the Judi
ciary Committee. -
Congress shnlt have power to abolish or
abrogate any restrictions upon the right to
rote or hold office prescribed by tbe Con
stitution or law of any State.
Mr. Conkling introduced a bill to prohibit
secret sales of gold, Ac, which was ret'oi red
to the Committee on Fiosnce.
' Mr. Sherman, from tbe Finance Commit
tee, reported a bill to atnond the' national
currency act.
noi'sn. .
A bill was reported from the Reconstruc
tion Committee directing the Secretary of
the Navy to appoint midshipmen to the
Naval Academy by the 4tb of March next
from any State in which an election of Con
gressmen does not take place beforo Ibe first
ot July, on the nomination of members of tbe
House of tbe Slates represented in tbe pre
sent Congress, provided no such appoint
ments be made from any State not entitled
to representation the present year.
Aft. r some debate it passed.
Mr. Conk, from tho Committee en Elec
tions, culled up the resolutions heretofore
reported, that George W. Anderson is not
entitled to a seat n (his House as a repre
sentative in the 4lltli Coiutress from tlio 3th
Congressional District of Missouri, but (but
Wm. G. Swiizcln is entitled to tbe sol.
Mr. Conk explained the fActs In the c.ise
and in support f tlio re, ort of tlio I. mu
ni it ire. -
After debate, in which several Southern
members look part, a vote on tbe lirxt iv-iu-lion
of the 'Join in it tee. namely, that silling
member Anileison Is not entitled to 11 seui,
was decided ill tho relative 55 uL'aitiat
Sit so Anderson i -liTr.-ned iu his soil, was
then Ini I mi tho U jle.
TIIK Nil W 31.
Tie a vera (e sala-y ol school teachers iu
I'eimsylviiuia is let limit l.vo hundred a
Lady Young, wife of the Governor
Genenl of Canada, ia a native oi'New South
Wales. -
There are 1.1U0 lunatics in Cnnudn. Tlio
I)' iH'nion Government at-ks for an appro
priation to erect an asylum for them.
A Chicago paper ht. the cool impudence
10 suggest n full list of Secretaries for the
new Cabinet, all reMdeuts ofChiCag ).
Richmond add l'elerjburgb pnpeis an
nounce the airival of Northern capitalists
in Virginia, with a view to purchase lands.
One cauao of the expansion of water In
freezing is said to be the evolution of air
previously dissolved.
The London Times asserts that '"every
Ind'islrious workman iu England- catries
a putiper0n his buck.
It is said that part of tho present Pcolcii
Crown was made from tbe gold found iu
Sutbeiiandshire, the seat of tho present gold
sensation, during the sixteenth century.
. Tho S.m Francisco Alta California says
that California ligs are taking tbe place of
imported figs on tbe Pacific const. Many of
them are decidedly superior in quality to
all from Smyrna, save the very best.
According to professor Poey, the temper
ature of the sea aiwrys diminishes as we
approach land, or shallow water, thus sort
ing as a guide to the navigator when other
means of information are not at band.
Samuel Burrell and bis wife, of Turner,
Me., both died 03 Monday night, at tbu ad
vanaed age of ei,jhty.eighl,UBd sbe at about
sixty. It is remarkablo and hifilting tbat
husband and wile shouid depart this lile so
nearly at tbe same hour.
Meyerbeer's widow has disposed of her
only unmarried daughter to an Austrian
j Baron, and will rettlo in Vienna.
It Is reported in an English paper that
the widow of Rossini has lieen offered seven
million francs lor tbe postbumiis works of
her husband,.
Louis Blanc, the French Dolitical exlla In
London, bas just completed his history of
tbe ''trench Revolution" ia twelve volumes.
A double wedding party recently arrived
in Dayton, Ohio, consisting of a fattier aud
son and tbeir brides, two sistora, of whom
tbe father married the younger.
Queen Olgn, of Greece, late a Russian
Duchess, and aow tho wife of tbe young and
rather insignificant King of tbe former
country, is credited with being the leader of
tbe war party In Athens. Sbo is beautiful,
accomplished sad popular, and uses all ber
influence to excite the popular enthusiasm
against the Turks. This would soetu to be
a pracl' esse of woman' rights.
ETA story is told .of a Western lawyer, whe
latviy attended a religious meeting where
be was called upon to tffer a prayer. Not
being e.vporionccd in such duty, he rose and
attempted tha Lord's prayer, and succeeded
very well uutil be came to the passage
'Give 111 this day our daily bread," when,
from ll.o force of habit, ho Immediately
I added. " A-ttl) custs. "' ' "
lioral Votlcc
ltr Stlrlnga. A lares lot of the best
Cottar Hiring, the market affords, Jnst received at
Isham-s. JauSI tf-
Cf oeks. A splendid nsaortmsnt at Isham's.
Citizens of Petroleum Ventre
In the woy of ' . ,
Blank Book, 1 '
Fancy (aoodi,
Bird t'ngi'tt,
Scliool Book,
Ac, Jtc, at
cjun'il lr.l.
Huts, C'ai Isouta mii1 late-.- lara
a-.irtmi:iil at 11KYNMI US. HHOlMlEAD A CO S,
No. II Out. UiJPt, opjiOilie ttia t'orl OOAce, Oil
( Uy. l'a.
Hiriwnrd-A lire c .irtiueut uf which Is
t.piiiiT i.'t'eed out at rc-.!tr-i?d i-at- a at i.KY.MiL! !-S
Ult inilU.M) A CD'S, No. It Centre" ippotita
II q PostOtSio CI! City. Pa.
Alosia. 'I I i- 's a newly urvovtwd article to be'
used fr r li.-iir ilri-H-ln, h!ch is fail to h i aupie;.
or to anyitiiiiur the kind yal i'aci-d hi f re Hicpu-
t'.e. tt renders lh h-!ir"ft a:td i;tnsv. find wl'l. It
Is R-t ut. c-lli-e t'n- Imlr 10 i"o,v oil c d s wttieh t .'
Win lael.e i ;-m-h n c.iv.-rin It is r.ol Diopt-rTy a
ha'r d.-.e, and wt It w II ao or-enlto 011 lliu toot or
t'10 same w!ien appHu't rs to restore It 10 i- re-iu'in-a!
eolur mid litxiirt.lnco i-i a it ry tiril' pifi-ied tit
time. It is lie"tid ii-'p-oion, a verv v.;r!or tti-n.-,
and wi.l more th in ltd the ex;eM-ra:ioti of any o
who mnv t.iir.-lia-e t S.vrm-uo Tajn r. 'hi sc v
ard's Con.-ii Cn e. Ii i ine l t. I). Mil. I. Kit Ji
Ci'., U h d. -in I Retail lrilgglt, Ace-nS for
lVtro!clllu r:tire, Pa. n-j;12-lui.
Ttenntinil;,r l attcrnsiit .V. S. Sinlt!i"s Boot
& She.. Mi. re. . declr,-.lf.
EjfKANCY (IDOI)S, sit draertptWuu. whsle
saier.u-l rstait. To.-Iljltita,-I're-cnls. al
A. P. KlM.KIt CO.".
trorlierj K or all kiads eo t.i UKYNOLTJf,
niillDUCA!) A C l'-i, No. 11 ('intra Jti-sst, onuo-
lie the I'oU IMS 1 City, I'.
Dry Coa ls, a lari-j st' at KBYXOMIS,
Utt'tnilKAl) A Cd ri. .No. 11 C'ontrj t, opposite
tli Port (Jflcfi, Oil Citv, I'll.
f7t.Al)IS wlshini to rnaka an annsonriate
p est'Bt, will Hud beautiful PATTEKNa
at A. S. SMITIPA Ilu-.t A Slini Stnrj d.:clStf.
l'lt'n rtr:i-s wh .1.1,1. nn,i r.,iait ki,.
'four U!tforent atjtus to arrive tuU woe!, at -
A. Ji. M II, I. Kit & CU.'S.
I. jOO rol WALL PAPliU recuivod this say at
A. D. MILLUIt k I'O'S.
.Vcw I'licur, Feed and roery
Store !
optMniito the McCltntock House, has od hand a
large and Hi st class stock of Clour, Fend and
42roceriea wh!ch hi te selling at a !nv flnre.
1 9, Don't forgat the plsco where A, D. Cott 'U
Company bruki np. .'sjiMT.
e.Call and examlni the fluo sssirtmeut of
SI.IrTEIt PA ITKKNS at A. 8. Smith's Boot A
Shoe Store. dwI5 it
CANARY B1KDS, -best German Irapoitud, ho!
alo and retail, nt A. D. JITLLKU As tM.'S.
A largs assortment or FINE, B..Vf Ki b ):TS at
A. 9. Smith's Boot & Mhoc S'ore dm'lu t".
DIAItlKSfor .81'flat V D Mi 1. 1. in CIW.
Carpet's, of every quality aud d'-a'Tlpttim, st
RXYXOI.D-, BitOUUKAO ,t CD'S, No. 11 Cent
Slro.l. ths P.O., OH City, Pa.
ExcRlaior Billiard Parlors.
To cojoy a dnliulitrnl and quiet garni ot RMIiaids,
f;o tH A. . Farnham's Fashionable HilMa-d Har
ora, on Washington Street, net to tnu Itoch
eater Huusu. 1 ho-o Parlors ara witldu a short dis
tance of uioat of the nriuclpal hotels lu Petroleum
Centre. may V-tf.
TUB best plara la town to got a pair, of Boats
made of the best Stock, that will wear well, and
warranted la fit, is at J. A, Plnntc's fash
ionable Boot Shop, Waahlnga Street, Petroleum
Centre, Pa. Give him a trial.
the Petroleum IIorm, Oil City, Pa. Apply
JantKlu ' STAATS & WniTE, Propr's.
. . AVitlllcl. .
rpo HUNT Oil PniiCIUSK a nw.Jllnif Home
X in I'eti'olr.iini Cm. tin. Apply ta
iansa-ll. T- 1. .ViAl'lif.
S. S. Q-riswold,
Dealer In
Orders by tbe Car or Ton protnptlv
Filled 1 '
Also, Agent for the celebrated
keel nini-i; coal;
OFFICB on Second street, near It. H.' Track,
' - JanSttf.
- United' States
C'npWal A- Aaacla, tr:),0M,00
E. J. ROSS, Agent,
I'ctrolr uni Centre, la.
This Company,
Bi it.r it e of the oldest and mint n'lable l'i ti e
ruhtdStrttes. sff ud. antp'e lectir.ty. nt by
Its ia'ci a-se'.s, whieli on .Ilia tary tt. 1-. w."-o a1
n aJy K,., pw cent mirlli liabilities, t ut also by
a Mctu-lty not sflordid by any otbir Cash Compat j-
DivulentUt are Declared Annu
ally h.
And may b nd to assist in pa Injj Premiums, to
arTord Id'lltinsal lasnraiic. or to secure pa'et u;
iolle ta attw they have been In f ree foi a number
of years, as explained In oi r pamphlet, ur they may
arintnnlnte at couipouud lulcroat to iucreaso tha
suiu Insurtal,
hou'd frenre a Policy as early ai ponlblo. as nnim
but kialthy persons can be Insured, and It la h'a
moral duly, to provide In tha saftut way for bla fam
I'y, which lie cannot do hatter, Ihuu by a Life In.
sitracoa. Money Invested lu business may brlnit
more Interest for a while, but 11 may all be loit, and
the family Is thus left destitute.
Manu'actarsr and Dealer In
Seed Bags,
Valve Cups, &c.'il wo'kmen are emntovMl. and liar-
ne-a t f all kinds kept constantly on liaud and made
to order. ....
P. C. Ilclnz'e Pat. Seed Bag
For Sale.
Repairing Done at all Times !
Call and .limine our stock and prlcna,
MaiifSt., below ihoMcCliit-
tock IlOtlaC.
PeUoleuin Ceatro, Pa Jan. 7th, 18::ft. tf.
Ilisjaolutiod. .
I'HBeo partnershlD heretofore existing bctweer
W It Kllterliisnillli, H Kliniinrullh and
N B Hi.lTord, Is this day dissolved by mutual con
sent .
N B HofTurd retiree Irom the firm and W B Klinct
iiistnlth and 11 KhiiKinainith continue In the tmsi
ness, and assttiui all bills -or or against tho lata
N 11 llOFFOItl).
Petroleum Centra, Jan, 1,', it-8. Zm
Dialers la
t" C Q A: Tii . jaa
Delivered or at Uie Yard by the car or too.
lanlo tf
ri'llK following paraona will make application
X (or License at tha January term of tui Court
ol Quarter Mentions:
J. W Crawford, Pleassntvllle, Keetaurant.
David Wiwart, Pioneer, Hotel.
A. .1 Chrtatey, lithole, Wlio.eeale.
jaull -St. J. U. KMITTT, HerV.
BUV the E. Howard Amnriosn WalcU, the buet
nilrt. of ISIlAM & CO.
OUI.TU Gold Jaaa'rf, L'u' i,' Seta, tar ltlBsal
O Pins, sdeeei Bu toa., . , at ISUAM 6 CXa,