The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1863-1866, January 06, 1866, Image 4

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. 2 118VELERS' a U ME. —
I,:tiall and veparturo of Trains.
• ?tinierlrani" Central Railroad.
~.., E.,,p,,,...... s. . Sena m;illall, ... A .
. r .
.... idle m
E. ,,, t rw,Avaa tao a • Fact 1un1e..•..... 32:40 ADI
4 1311Diaill:SP . i tla , o aso tat Wall Manz. s:ti am
Nan ..........—.11310 a m sat Penn anion. 755 am
I Po, /sown. 855 p m to Wall Aavan— 953 a a
ct - va it , ape Atli 4.15 pm tlniatick ateti..rm aam
ii att , tiuii.....--.7.050 p i , •Itti Erie MaiLt WS pm
al Vi In, i AD44,143. antis .n sattLmontExp's IZi P m
lid , te
5O - , .., a
i* lans am al Wail Again"— 157,1 i m
0:05 p a Phila. Exp resa.. tO5 p m
• dal rano Acto , c.lo.lo p a LI Penn IlaWn. 6533 p m
lid.. 4 4 moo p in; illwana ammo.
IN. Emig: St a tion
• 11 a dittrett train leaver Wane Station o va
Aim Inv in P 335 a. na; rttiora=g, loaves Phiratut,so
at 1.3:5 , 1p. ,;;;;.
1' Ittaburgh, Coll:lath= and Cincinnati.
r &vent. Irnoes.
Fast I um.. - .. ... 553 a m • Rau Line --- PM am
11411 653 a mistall . . a l 3 p m
isi ref5 ....:.._.„ Slap miExpresa.....— 7.. P.2:.45 a a
IBlrlitanwille Am?' ateriDenvilleAo•
sommonaSion. trop al comomist.toa:lo:lo am
Ylitstrurgti, Fort Yr aline and Chicago.
Eat fm........... 314 a an,txproza Arttam,
taii , ac.,....—. I:sspia't.'npocc..
' k 1.4 r• • s ..... —... :map m Express
.sia 1.. .. -- 7:taa n, Ilan--
VI 1 acting Lap's. List , 0
P., , sr. rairmen Aartwan.datlol lear. Allegelly
depot Aki 0; a. M., la'te'r a. M., 1.10 p. a., Pail 15:la
r. .a. I
Roamer Xl5 p. m.;; flew Iliovit, 3.50
Ip. th. 1.4.040417, ;0:33 p. i n.; WeilarinO,3-3) y m, .
I brirgn, Cleveland and *Vacating.
Elli 5a a).. "..... — 4 : . 2.23 a co, rapr05a:..4.m....".%53 pm
hill as ... .. . ...•2330 p a
it Exprea5......... 1.:13 p al
613'1 6:M a aotprea. ..2 , 1 as
Millei:mina Accommodauoa Cana
Pittsburgh and C , nnellsvllle.
Dr all., 1:16 ant; dill .- .:...36 p
rui... 46 3 01 P e t1:01 era ........10ere a el
11. larclf.ereportl MO a 1r pit Alegor;wt GM a ea
•II o .;.. 6:r6 aet Ni ' •••• 1.04; Die
AllegboniV Liu Railroad.
Departs. 43TPCs•
Well 6:15 a re , preta ........ 11.01 a ea
ksi sta. &Ilk', 111 5 13.1 ..... ••....... 6:10 a :o
I. o...otornalclon 110 p CU tc,Ammodytl o. 9, a a
I litsburgli and Erie liailraad, to 011 City
and Pr okilu.
Arriszt. 1 - - Departs.
F lO . tO E/Freri- .4 / 4 1 D 1ai.." 0 . S L'apn.ia. 6:s 3• aa
. 'Yin 1 . /rtaburge. Fort Warne & Cherage and
Beaver Valley. .
It r iotrnatlllo Boat— Cra t and Wat,rl6'
a rriiii. I Departs.
la . ( a. m...—... 4.00 p. r11:1811 . 1 ain 6:86 p. a l
Mannerly Stage—Red. Lion Ilotel,.S . Clair
, istreet.
------ Arrrres. Depot*. '
IE6 1 &Ike a. La.
- (totter btu , 80. 6 ISt. Clair Etreet.
-Arriral."----t.... Departe.
kis r. 1 2. f -------....46..1. Ea.
WV aaLington Stage —liare , a .... - .:11..L
Arrirra.Dpi2% r• in• I D ix,* s. at,
410 Pozaza.
:JAIIIES VAIN .5. SON, Proprleturs,
(er , atlir.lsa. sum, Carriages for rename, Wed
lugs .ad Partin, at arson netun wan reasonable
- -
- S. eialtre Has.; Meetly:4ot .11aaoale 11% I I
Pursuant to 120l1Ce a mass meetin g of ration
ed sellers was 1 eld at Masotic hell, oa F, I
- 'ile'y inning, the object being to talc., some ac..
• - thititoerenia eecarlag preferebeat of so'dkri la
dikes. ece. 'I he at: et:ng WAS cialia largs ea I a
brani band In attendance.
' . o . At about half past seven o'Cl:mk Ca 3. Hely.
Pollcck called the meeting to order, and, morel
that'fiku. J. Bowmen SWGI ter take -the•c tame.
The motion 'pavallea natuteutoaelv, and Inc
Genus' ascended the platform. Hon. W. C.
M'Catthy. Mayor eieet, Hun. I Mo-rs ea.
Mayoral tellrgleeny. James M'Aaley, Th miss
_ .heel, Captain J. Heron Fosses, Captain J. H.
. ~...13tewart,`,Hoe, H: A. Weaver. Hon. R them
'3l'M:debt, and General Georre S. Gaillip! Wen]
- amen I" ce Past& rite. C. I'. 11'1C•00a, Cart:.
Bas. W. Morgan, Captabs Louts Hog- rand Co..
- ' ' Joseph Brown were &fleeted as Secretariat.
• Gen. dwelt zer tam be kit ti.:Oly hoot/rod at
telt g cal: d upon t , ?reticle over the meeting,
ectmosed as it was on men who had foncht for
-- - -- .. - Iht•yrrt - TVetiott ot ine Union and tne c JP, iy.
Ito expalted the oh) ct of me eueceirg la arta'
terms. The auldln-a wet for.olug a Inn en., or
Union, helinvlng 1.044 in ardour., by 0 350:14..0;
thew abler' together, more could be dusts In :ha
Imeherence of .hon. latetes e. than to etny other
way. In the ors,an z.t•,p_t of the 1,..37,ne to , I-
Ile, were [gamete ed—all all e weren aoforably
discharged :tom tho- au v:eo, eat were loyal,tru
• ' to Itc'r tom try, and and, an wlline at ad
' % Cam tyiLltad lt, co.dd beets :re on_ re.
_ -
~ . ..,,c. t. Polk ch offered the feta triag preamble
satici to
. - WILIMMILI, IL ILe r rgau'ution of the . •W 'St
irn L'enneylvatin do 4-e u L.atti•-e' Ib, we..
' brie tbiree,f have io'...y to raw, lot, to oti, e ,a
for Ion: tab:) , ducts gra soi.:Loa era, ' pose_.
.. ItnEkitllt lttal`6eel.l4l.ll the prefer,* mof em
• plet3met t in all situations in Me gkt On lisaiia',
Mate or blenielpel Govan in Lae, St, to obi, e
4 Mploymet t to tae beueral parttults attire ittr
‘ entexecce who any a en t r A ce-e a ecti a ry en
. .3d, to erotica tor to Ate who may by awl:at, or
" - afro-fortune he provemed from 'items. leg-to tuner
,:...,.; Utorattof e.; to prm crly CA n f. r tee widows Atd
i,';' . 'l , ,' orphans of *Motets w o have lent thetr,ilve . 10
thin may c tot Ito lr roe,. try.
Atd Minuet., We believe thole w'te foe ht
- ' for the .Untor, and preveis to! 1.6 cossoin I to.
i - should at. W, Whet" peace hal Lot/I won, arm.
'four years of (Ilia ITOUI war, oblate p :ferment
.. in clvii pursuits. the] e.oi e 13., It
, '' ite,, Toot the td.Jetint• hen , My approve
. 1 of nun eedorae the e bjeca of the Weettern Ptah.
ay's - mole &Mien,' .1., ague.
, . Altnotatl, That we Ige ore the doctrine. Chet
. e,R.., - .. - ,i iw ~.., pocretaors,' a, cl tberefore re
'Cl criternead to the eath r Liao r f.tittrriti:ga and
.Alleabgay, a d surrounding b;uutte, to the
tt' . apyol.tMente id ordite to tbet eft, to 14.. fur
bat niably distliva.o geld. ,
.......:'.!-- ....Geit. Frederick /I Collier, a the an hate.,
..--:' : VII clad epee for a spec de, wee at lie aptear
-. - • led on st.e platt,rm wee received with kreniihod
planer.: The nosh:alone were truly loyal and
... ttlevallTictenUy empfiatic, but he thought It Was
• . f art rctly iceman' they should be.passed- He
•• urea tot tblek that in this loyal, patriotic lam.
a nelty thee et nld be any oolmoton. to glrlfg
, - vat:taco la all thins to me retaraed deicing
, meet the conntry.—drat to those who have keen
- . '4llSebled and maimed, and next them who had
•,' . tett hountably niche:lei: Be: did not laiow
bps adial/op:I! illeharyged soldier atteuld los
preferred In dof a copperhead ~
'The 601...
__US did sot 44 charity, did to: plead as pa .-
;.. -7, - pera i lett askestlor troth, ouch as they co a:•1
- ppalotm. T yell boys who rya shoat. tea strs,ts
•1 . ' *ft/IMM a M Ilhd pea' leg, eh molt nut ge 413
. . ,nlamra.sms nanstaosbe so looked up, , s. - rase
'' .'-
eainsd cru. elderation at the . haade or the
props:, andshendd receire it wallow. stint. lie
.. - believed oar, citizens all right oe toe (Friends a
valets the merlins bad been called to csin,liet.
, .. . Ile conionnialty only needed to [ant' the miter
• . Ylldaeed before them - in prover shops. I o tor
-.•-, great loyal city of Phtiburgh. Watt a rem• I
'.. dtigider than mit other in the Linton,. coals I.
' tbat the sails t's claims for plate eel employ.
. anent .110 . threcarded. XO,he did uot t h' lll6 '''so•
...J .:
;He approved of alto purpose of tba meet's's ; ant
-*aid it wend result in coed. -Ito the Leanne
~- , - .there was no polities, tie religion, and the "old
: ..
- flag". Wee the ra01.(04 -Tha members of It had
.tut Wench t.ytthee to acne:4l4m their eats.
43ser. a. made 6 very saleable apecch,outl spoke
• In Lid mut COlcltslo eilyle. Ile was Melly and
r pea:ally atipltaded:
Alshn M.. Eidgpatfmk, Esq., wee ‘t se next
eye . kev. He laid Fe was present by force, bat
-- ctt. by IsCilttatinn; Me mod st friend; •Claptala
is ain't*, tail !rotated open blot catalog to
I' 'alike nlettleg.' He wits 00: a Soldier. bat had
tortall that he er.ahl for the ~ r bAy a In blue,.
~:..•azh&woaid dto more.. Like Gee. Csillet, be dil
Mot Lessee: there was any teal ore unity to ups
1 ---- ,,tecremcnt. : - The 'mole:lora, were strand to
• ''the care: lie , believed e that the man who
- Awl s. , fon,zbt for his country, battled to
~. Wiles:mitt& dellyine of the 'lterry thz," had
r . lortacd a character for all ante. A male meet
:,lnk to ask employment' for the soldier who bad
• ,-lbetn. howorelly dlitc'aarded I God forbid that
s, ''''.theiralsould be Inch tectlity. ii. thosght ho
..s. Luta the community bePer—the pcople were
'S. :l 4, oo .fals ettol he :believed bad not b 74- &tele:A pf
~, , ,- _ .Y.;,.Alets tislng. ' If ft Ives hmuala into a prac.Seal,
',tt -s ft'i". , tangible shape therAwould be a IVO rITPJIIII7.
;::,it'.F"-Irf.,Kitkp.ssict.Thinle an creel Ugly happy ef.
was follovut r.' P. Ones, Eul who
tn:dea?l, elottotot' •11. heedful the
anci In,f=tiCte' F•Mcglieklrs without
sitirte s and moat heartily, .
-Pororatt of th ,t or.
gariratiOn of the.fteldlant'- Ha hopal
its aoldtae tratdd. as a MAO, te.N.ALL what VIM
iheir due. aid ttu ont of pla:e ana all.
•-- Gvn.j. sen, nee% hat ic
•lcbned making.any ftll:4-10.
f'•-Gag:-lanai 8. I t fref , y, 7 infrolneell by
~;,...slltiaattleit as-the tol-lke' of two wart. v...
ELM irartall,gratel,'exaraade a bad' address.
~HoafproreloT obJeeta of the Leagn,, aid
' wild Uralic under otortr minaglulent, vault
in:arritt gand to ooldilra atnetelly,
respondad to Idea calla.
41.1itaittegOf the League, be urged the aoldlent
tojobi it at Zynde.'-.7 They had at `vet only a akte•
Watt liro. encl.-they. !ranted to term a ilea of
battle.te, debt the ollitleiaro. Tee meeting , ' wee
tnea&limpets ho expectrdi verb ate had It been
*called before the latue!ectlon it noted iseCe teaa
much larger. Bc seolte of ;the anapoymeat of
ilanprerbettda atL the:Alleahlat Arseeksi, and sag.-
- sted that the Secretary of War to pet!turnod
• 'fa hare them reinored., .
.Cap[ , See. W.',lforgan made a few. felicitous
.• mocks. -BONO ebe - ceirmittee seem had made
lageltlett4 tithe meeting, add:timed notes
el invitation to the Mayors of the two eit;te a,d
alto nil of the councilmen. He raw t,u, a few
of them Prittent. 11.: nee, hitvercr, co- v-r inn I
vrith he twenty ar snore of the con - elimm,
end all bad veered ;elm they viers right on LI - 33
eoldler quettion. •
Fevers! number; of the city Cooccits who were
I observed .0 the audience. were limte I no the
etand., Mr. nerd, from the Ninth Ward, made
few eltquont rtmailm, Jt sympathies ware
with the oindhr. As a reemicer at Connell he
nonld vote fcr env soldier wmpe:ea; (or the
piece be ornght• AB Inez as be had a..alai,
atd a soldier In need cern, to him, he :nook'
have heir of it.
Q. n. Kiddy° Enid Le bad en ocearrance to de
tail. When, hooker's arty er.rme I tie
Rspinhannock, the }Vas eorps c,verel the re
the fai ard ;be loot the heat br.,ta te,
t manuals J. Bowman Sweitz :I. (cheers )
art, K. thin moved that I.,en. 8, address the
Gen. B. vald that he was present rece,l.enring
the Sald!tre L antis, ant 4,5 daty 'rte %1121,ptY
to Milan. the object of the m-eting. Toil he
i hal et tor In the ceorse of his remsrlt/ hn
feelingly of the lamettso Col. Samuel W.
BineW, than whom a braver and mere ga:laut
toldier neva-lived, (Applause., Ile (Gen. 8.)
Lad been with the army far three lArz Yoe",
and the Filth corps, third division, thhd bri,js
gallant 62c0l reglesiest. (CYcers.) The
teletory ot the curps, to, brigade out ragt.
mud on had beeb u - rliten. could lord nothing
a ceriairly valid nrA out sot anytatag..
tucieg ens.o -to the Le ,DC said his heat
woe 1n 3,, and as far a. in Lis power he want/ a -
565. br0.:1,-5r Irticre 1n le. iurthr ranee Of the
e e , lees, aimed aL
Set - era! ineinUers of tho probe we:cesl:o3 Apo
fur run arke , tat ell el.e.ineJ save Th rem, T.
E tts et., rag., of the Commercial, who m ale really en,
chaining tha often t .1 Or
tt, sae I,t and eliciting n tteds of apineu e.
lie earezed 1.1. e groatd iv/vivo:l to the gas:lion
at vault, and lip , t.S,Cd atb entire I:Toro/m:1:m
rf the Wove bent. Ile referral t, Conner
Clawren ea en Luanne/3ot the propriety of Bev
I tang aolditta or bakes. Ete was a earent,
ptuaeot man, end faithruly aetendel h s do
tits. more fauhfully then a v of tile ro - arrors
Ol'New Yerit, who reellzsd fro XI 17 003 :o $lO,
000 annualy. We regret that tee hrt .eese of
the boar at which we warn t.r.veuts us
an / utl ne ul Air. rumu - La.
O. mr lion df Gen. Cherie., heroes e van of
thel l woe tells.-d the afe Otos.
Un mo::on of Cop.. felt.rgas a lots thanks
1.1.11 I. ladeflA tie tue,Uern n: C .sot it p, ra ..t.
for ettir pate to the C-Ulintl.ter:t matt-Ike
..... 9.4 pm
..•. ta p
the ITlffilrjr then nej venal. '413 L ',ran
itt 111 , et to Er evnbg of n Went, In
ihe iconn of the F.O meti'n Ataciefetinti, lu the
Minket to en,: 4611 in,.
Amust memo
Tatar - en—The an reuxteemsnt ttat a mint
lads" would stile.. Is the character of "Fran
cet ea" !n the play of "llts list" at Madinat C. I
tste's helmet last evei.lng placed ..ter theatre.
nom err a the tip toe of expertatioa s. and nst.,
wi.hstaeding the fact that the wea•har was bit
-iv-ilreetil,--44.slame Am well Blled , V. aro
ar able to mats(' (be curiosity of the paella as to
aim tte 'ads is. but that the did her part re
markably wall h r a dtbatanta we can my.
Ttcre were several facets In her acting, which
however will weer off with time. At first her
voice was low and Indistinct, bat as eke gal:t
end outage frotn the applause of the audience,
the became more natural, and uttered every I
word distinctly; We do not ramie:66er ever
having at ea a debutante more telt pomesmd
than the was during the trying ordeal of a drat
To-tight is the ls:t al pumice of Mediate
Celrete, upon which teCalOale the g eat millutry
aroma ot the Fro: ch Spy will he preseetel. to
be fo:lowed by C . :tdertlle, or the Glass B!ippe;
the l erformanco to conclude with the Lish
arms of No:att Crthaa.
Oran etentrg Is noil'lvely the
last.aPPearafice of Mr. Goo. C. haven
larorue Irish Comedian. The performa per,
c limes es ith Shakret °arc's five act tragedy
of Meet - eat, King of 13ectlard, atd eraelcde
salts the bet talful lying drama of Ireland as at
N. s.
On Monday Mr; Frank Drew will appear.
MATILDA Brano:l.-0o Monday night
tllda Herron erzetnences an engagement at the
Pattahurgh Taeattr, opening with Camille. Al
thoech a play of doubtful morality, it has tacit:t
ea be connected with 1• that makes It draw.
Matilda Herron etarde eetnowledgel as the
beet lit itg rrfuetentatlon of the of
Cauttile os the Ann rime stage.
G2taND 8.171.1% . 3tLica.— Val+ afte - nnea at
n lf past twee o'clbtE Po2ll ezel i g sp t t wit
ccpae uff at tte C etre! Pork. Two pores will
be gre: n to the beat CO. Alger. on the Pat it,
the i rizes be eg teD I dutiful pairs of ekot a.
Tat entrance lee td the Pub up .o this lazeas.on
wnl to boy mute Lash fur unotlemen, .04 la.
dlildualteJ fern. To uhrbt these wtll be a
g and cartsval. at w. I 11 tin e the Great Vir,stern
d,ud be in atteeeance.
Ccort Poetry
Aller lie verdict In the linghes hogth Ide
c n., end tic teln•il of the motion for ■ z e
uia in 11.0 cone of Potritt Williams, cootie.. d
of p, dory. strer2sy, a dlscotunlata cogarel
ttni r rote:
e E log *an do no ortong,
Toe Ktog no Wrong ous do,
W•.. thrtu am at the oo g
V. bon this old hat WAS pew ;
rut eo.w lb g It I. old.
And we n of 111 Its fru.
lb< Jugs saga ha canto% gm
Is the I sw-ol the tang
Vaj s Una Jotter Stowe.
IlhOrtt•-;-itru.! Wter Woe!
Which baying beta banded to the Court, 11. s
Rotor fiber reatlini, replied—
Let wee the chores tie
Who, trials r, w are ranted,
ffip t.leat has I•iat his he,
Loa shwa "Feet he or•.ite . .
'Tl.ue overruliod the prrctical point put by the
•`:ea:n,d taus' el" 115 Trectically as his leatal
points bad been net aside by the lu - y and the
Third U. P. Church, Allegheny.
Ttta church, locared or. Ridge street. an.l an
- der the pastoral care of Rev. Joseph R. Kerr,
aIU re-ofe I for Di•ine worship on Sanwa!'
nrxr, the 7th test. The.braUdlng has been en
larged at d otberelee Improved daring the put
few months. and tbei re-opennig will be made
an occasion of interelt sot only to the members
of the erytegregattoi. bat the public In general.
fkrvlces will be enedteted to the morning by
the parer, Mr. Kerr, In the afternoow. by Rev.
C. A. Deekey, sad In Ike evening by Rev. W.
J. Reed.
CDs kartallty.
Dr. (image L Met:clot, pelcian to the Boar.]
et Health . .. reports it 2,!1 Otritle deaths Is the
tity, (rem December 24.0, to December 31st.
Frees sto 10; ens, b F. 0 . 2 SO to Gtv Te•ars, I
"15 11, 30 to SU" 4
'• 4
Melee, 7 1 Females, 0 LlYhlre, 33 I Tr•tal, 13
Of the above samber acre were Typbss;
reeersoble,..l ; Pell•esitle, Le busses( --nod
I; onotle dlarrhees.'l; trpbcld ferer, 2; bre,
berk..l; cbrcelb tbenctatis,l; yn stator Is,
1; tsbnculests, I; tylltold fe.rer, 1; ciLup. 1;
tame, 1.
Malicious bilschief.—Three Germans nam
ed Georre Parra, 'Jaime Queen aad fleece
Hemphill, were smiled yesterday mominz, by
ollef E kin end cillemjtiamybell of tee Abegun.
y Pence. for maileises mischief and disorder•
ly cal:duet. co oa.b Of Beare
,Earterick. Oa
filitbdae Met tba defesdat is came to Barierick's
Tannery in McClure 'T.Seruship. and while there
cat four tudea to ply erased aie• acted In an in
threat and very diaorderly manner. Bar:crick
states that be bin freq , eatly been annoyed by
them men; but he did rot wish to prosmnite
tided!, Alta hterircytatcrtlay atternoon. May—
or :IL:11146D Lined than each tire dollars and
meta. sad held them la two hawked bail each
to keep the reset, .
dtantlay Saloon to Young Slete.—T...
nuumer ceetitf, !mina the drst /baba% eveziag
In the month. RUT. Ltr. Salyer. rallfor of It.
Andetweehatb,llatl street, voill deliver-Ma
regular mcnthlyserama to loan mm. These
sermors are looked fermata to with a good dual
of Interest by the youth, and we are pleased to
'state, are well attended: Ihejoang tam are a 3
theuuolY mew who I4olntertet Ip Om, for we
nntlaar- 12 ThunaJhave been e gaatv.Danzt.vai la their alendente, std &emus of hectic:
Mr. Solvay arcs thole OC:WIC111,
Irlned. A man bythe name of Gtnree, bail.
tag from the r are ollatrlets, 19,39 arratcd yester
day affcrnoon, by Milner Seort or the Allegheny
polfee.ler driving tar ireroo over the parem mt.
On Eialrftraet. tbaebyr morb inc the c or, mono.
Moen' tearing before the Masor t (ia.rgo was
Gelid five dol ate and csto for his rt eftlelsn•sa.
Hutchinson Posolly:—Too lost concerts of
the Hutchinson Fscitly will be oisue la our city
this alitlaPeal and cretins!. at Lafayotre
Du rthntheir std), their old fashioned concerts
been well% largrlyisttended by both el and
neaw terb to , ed aud ' encts. runner where
they not they will alerOyi'do the some thing.
o.Catholte. Charen In ttharpebtlYg..flestroy.
rd —o,.llhuudaY night; about , riglit (*lock.
tba Catholicet.nrcb at: klasrrebutr cenZhs are
and wes totally deetmied:: ?be fire - oriztnated
In the (MI, ta the tear of the b6lltline.
aid le enprond to bare I:tin:tamed by a &fix
ity° flee.
. lgo Cock st.—lloa. Johri,Pforrito4, Ham:
of A I leght ay, tartar o ,cFpvt. tltor, 11'1104i
ciac +Mate fur m;yor.
—re...o- ___________.--- __________—__ _-------_
The- Clem laud and Pittsburgh Railroad I End et the Gutty Rio; Case. Allegheny County Agricultural Society. Na 'Art r2—.col. E.F. Prat;, t h,.. t i m ,
or: ai e r n , .ta . en ,,, ,
~e ; et . lined to _nate stet speech on
t umpanv.
I The famous Unify riot case, which was trim! —Election of Oilmen. , tor en - tee Ur 2fireg-t to Councils, con:rar; to bla
The arruel meeting of the statkhoidera cf ,In the Greensburg BelteOtte. In the tall of 16614 The anettal meeting of the Allegheny casmiey
the Clear nand end Pittsburgh Railroad Company hae j cat been (Melly dleposed of by the way of Agricultural friociety wa.s held on Thursday. or , ,h „ ~,,, b .,..'!„.. re : e L e "%°;. 1 8 2 . 1- , -21 :' . e .. 7 . :
was held at Cleretend on Thuniday. From the two civil actions 'far traalleicms prosaccolon, rice Prevenient G. G. Negley in the chair, and gre-ne on a bee; !'' We err faro} , Riot the uvo
teso: t a the Dllec'ori we Otain the following tried during Wednesday, Thureday and Friday Jo ': S. Neid.--r, Seera"Y. eebulem -,,a •• , t`e co'cifht oo ft`,., ..1 y, but
le form ation in Ph tiptoes. to the business of tho of the p went week, before Jades Sterrett, In
„21 is a ter rte oo e l tt c pe - formanc, of his
in , '-' , ra Young, Cb(63 and Park we - , -- , n; }ii a- , ties It l '" D '''' - a“%l 1 . . , tdin ' g-ry sup rPc-
Road daring tee Tact fear:
the Conn or comma" Picas. The cases al- GA to nommate officers for the melt I r year. .
..e t ille !ea. lie is cot only the tedeat, rot id , ~,,,,
Receipt siiona ssee-meeet XI .. 29 ,06i re • . .-.
The moonlit et reported the following Lon!ne- . falthmi .yrublie funcli <eery" la tee coy, 01.1 0
~,,,...,4 ci 1 InCett 10 were ttuee of babe N. Contain vs- Juba
Receipts I r,m fr. lent
time who were dee- ed by activate-Im, sue. I Model for three In h-gher p.eltinns.
tee.andite trim Pbeatmegh Ft. Warne i ' Gany, one Celt S. W. If r ,an vs s -me de- '
I ____.._„.„................______
b. cheeegre Railway uni t our
yarding the rule requiring Inc eiectlea to be I
awe sorplo• caratenl 148,123 4 1 f r dee,
told by beat :
Etch opts ,or runs and ettmeinteletilia . the , ircamestancev nil of c-bi r h th,,,,,, .
11 .1 .727 to nose, oar readers will remember, as foil ewa , Tresffrat —John E. Park.
te,tts,l3, U 3
Bankers find Broken
. ------- I Some time In Otto'er, 1883, a lJnio mee .. V.ce Prreidcer --John Murdock, Jr. I
log wen twin at Gelentowo, to width • driers- Secretary and Librarian — Gregg M. Gael.
N .. Ts hearth, Street Pittsburglr.
Von of te-me t•o tint:nand Ur lutists from • Corresponding Secretivy—J.l.s. S. Nexley.
ne.sbnrab eterted no a sp. rial train. When the . Tmow e r— J"mes itr'll-
II hdada of Goy. rontpot Sr.-he -Al,
tam a: opted at I, illy, 's Dint on. et tbi Nal leneo Xabauers- Vvllllema Espy, W. 9 Haven. Wm. 1 tif.7ll ' , :l' il th rer a , Unit,. Lt bank Note., 1.,,," . ,,,; .„,,, 3 .
i f Mr. JI n Gulp, a log pOlditehn ripo I the (Miner, John F. Jeuniacs, JaMieti Mcl(rly, , seoe,,,,n ee Ece h a tee , ad., tic.
train lor re realte eentealey with Wr e i t hy, tie Jared M. Brush. John iloigeon, J. B. Hill, Jdien '
~_litanote, lIICCIV C A, tc. r•-4.4. FUNDri so hr relit
brother of John Gude, vele:, h resale, , r , k , yoag. Jr. Jernea Yornex, Ge wee Barns, Wm. i -- .4 ..., . 443 / .. '
Indic' rat at for rir , l, Peel , rr• don i frmet a of Grey—Mows Chess, George G. Neel( 0.
Albert ' '''' ..r .t . ,•liorrrd r , a 9. 0 .,,d , 7.. 11 .- cote...attests
. Mode lit all poets of the LP/ALGA beat. eu Inc.
John Golly. N , re cf ir e perileibenta la the Bee nett, Randall Mortar,.
, imp:awe terms.
doster, hat, e war_ ltdirtel or nor -anti, the tear- Geteral Negley propneed the following molt, Dice. executed with &fainter ler eceritse n
tl s up. na, iron lfr. Gaffe <relent, hatis wreaked Us le, whil , rt wee pee-bed or ledilleelaellel 'ln ehe e e •ohne.• ae eta. 13 , .t0k, New York, P
II malice be tog Sou lir Stewart, ble.ra. C3111',11 W ItEltale, /Icl Jamin Kelp , Esq.. late Pres,- I , '", W . . '2 l _ Pi" r bur g' ikc ' ken ' L ''''''''" "ct 4
and Mu ear, and a few others , whim Mr, elect of the society, has been a ff licted by a se- 'O5 roan
Cr. elated tele fertgroeu das ".,—.ll Abolti o n bell- I et re aid enl , eollta illness. the POCIe y deems It ,
Donner." Up n Lite tied! at U e , ortn, : r, there so net ‘-f irletl , oto Mr. Kvll.r, a , well ee e
Pet 133'cie to hi re LI 1,1 Belle fore victim to aprale I , 0: or e lle - cm/Ulm , of Li' l ' . .< and fdt hrul S'-,_r
at pary Just 1 , ,,L.t, be el, (time m-ah i r a t t il a lime, to ittecVC him from fdither dem. et Lae
Loileg ttate•plerd—Stelif S e•art was (nand some time, teal telt g him a "Me ea tuber" of
co , ty, the to net a...mine fo r rltrue of h a the rte c- mb y
the of tte toetry nete
ror , ~,,, 1-,- a Ic e of fire do , Nr s t M -. are with toter& to Ms. l{ Kellir personal e regard!
Cortillit .rd More an were aetirlatt ht, awe I (-r, and fyleayahkeh
tr outibt tier r e .„-, i mutts for inalltloni•prn‘ e e tt - The chatrman in a brief oddreP3 .11.104 tithe
Von. Oalpie L'l 11, o ,,, eerce of ma'erlal er f. tree, map, ei priPperla of tae corb-iy , it oily
veer,,ne a for Oleo tide, woo were cog tgrd is tae (.inure an ae,ty- co-ono - alto< of the womb -re
,irr or Ire country, (we beliene Onae of tee it, inhere proaf erlt) n.“l 0 CP d :Lehi, exhibition
te'ciadar.i's utter/Set we, OPO et gaged) the ,e , , - n! tee e nae.l , te all neon.
CD could not be teed before ti e veiny& t tor 0 . m'''ina inn edjutit in d.
Nearly ilarre days were coneumrd ler the trio
11E271 art or rue New n,,itte,
tablet, tesfinted la a verdict for $1:20 for each
'lll.. /1,. IV 11, Ord Be a d of lining-re CJa -
~ retied, nod 6,1,1, by a ?Irish l&oas Cote, !rine..
The cane no the part of the pheirtiffa -
ducted by Bi l linc - e G. Childs, Es ' a
, - w W b .l' o evrLnet- Chore
• Irm a,,
" 'LL
Alb ' ''.
golden opinions by the able and careful manner '''' '''' "'"' '.'""--..• , ,
0.. CI, .. ZI ,
..i i _l7 , .. 011, a C•vt • olt tlmilke
in which he diacharged b.o duties. Messrs S.
A. ?lenience and John li Bally aofreared (or ''''' I ` r" ' "" ''' .". 4 ' r'''' t "
- Ye s at ter 'am be,
the defendants. Sic frail glories Qtyrjl.s.
A no. let,.' wee leased, noth,rtzirte al,
Cl1:112/130 t.. G. !Violet a •.,eh asst, 0 meeting of
!L e ,li, ty. eta. e in. 1014, A ~1 (lee Illsr,ll o n o ,
L. Illte. c o r. I n ...pair. to Ito- Liti•eLv i tuse agelentl•
I t...c, lost O'O.M e sin: Illerber ir.l ten,rshlrearitila,
"eat et a't Min .epie - lt to el far .1 lereaey. Reran,
Est y. Ilan' on, .1 ri. N 5 , ,,.
Atk t hits or cf, I, en cr-t r th the tact We Ineeddy of
Janine y. _
Yeld fcr expense of motive poliar and
raid for tuelutalnacce of Cr/71 llld 714,70 52
[true , uro.
Pala (or frazttrOrtation
ua etcrlai eri seta
01 , 5 of eh's balance has hero paid : 02,314 40D as
Isereest on mortgege bocd, and other
Disband Of hcbrost7/1, b 365 2
El 2C4 79
The retnaltdex, excepting the htlancel no
hand, bus been expended la the buret Ise of sew
equipment and the pay Merit of raise of the Ie2SU
from the Pittsburgh. Part Wayne and Chit:age
follow 10:
SLe balance .1 the fact earcloes s• ap
veeto th frs, Os
the the ; oft of as: cesi as 5318,141,91
iDaw, tram
0 ear'. tals.Les.
(I, Coot int.e:tot Paid 255,79 $1,213, :3,50
duet hoot to rtit•bur:lo,
ft, 14 n• and Utooono
0 oil way Comp.:lY f n 00 0
du. t DIVI.:0“1 ;dd .....„ n 1309302
D•Out t now 34 t 0 0i 41
• - •
what:) , as the balaaee of net renal ag rhztamat.
The it, Ipts tear the year, totaistlog tee amount
r rtlitd troro shargh. F at Wa3lll
it.ego !tall was COGGlfsily. are 'treater by tIS4,
Lti then t Le risco pm of the Icor tedang
1E64. a la; el vary grataftl.4 to the three
,. "i t a.t,.a tenet la eat rell (rim the Lowe
y-emit. at peelengers. (or wade the a .1.101,11 l of
tr ight rertird Ia ht cater; y t early two ml Ito
• t ore !ha. , won ca: Ord se tLe p calL.e.
t c stet UAL f 111.0 y .e:rl,/ 4 fa: ear. s 13A 11/15
or I - CO.od atis SILL f 1 leas Lion WAS
in he pt tat, ye lee.
We quote es (dame 'rem ILo reonn :
••1 la, VI ri:ave, 4.1) roua to &tam ne past
ti ve y what the life:T. of °prom.; the Farabartdle
Will t c 14•011 our I n tease. It Las elves,
111.11 a na 'tiered by is a m of doaht whe 11. r
the t oe tt; ES &aired f Oil ;he Steeds an vi.le and
',Attains Road has paid fir tha aetthl 'oat ar
t-arse comert , d wan lG hlvath.r opeoln a r
Owl Inn 0100-, ttto Pan-hlndla to Pataher,;ll,
a. d the sottennem At t-drawal of th Is tram
from our mad, the Imo 1,1 a of our raver division
has beta larger iun ever, it fonsaiteura of
the lumeased lomat Lthlema,.which teems Lady
to aot linue.
"Ina Inman is lb• espenns of nperaine
the toad is lam, t, samouotthy td 5t 5 3,240,07.
Tlils ix Crrase. CO for IRS rallitS3 to motive
aid care, the mainte. eone of toy nail sant,
tur.a. la Dalt g to put La the licteauht.coot of
materials and labor. and In per. to the Illare en
ltlietra rape Ire which Mare bee] mode upod the
Trio following la a full ataiement of tl lo•
cosh el i eziencharea the Company, from
nll EOWCI9 and for all purposis, including what
has airtaq in en ex hinacd La the provisos
imam meg sta. aooncts Voa 102 rata
/NO !WV RRRRR m . 1563.
Net proceed. at late/, WACO starer. of
es,ttal stuck 1550,050 00
issues of stook way on
Sal• a o. real estate W. Steubenville an oo
lainuunt on snow ities toured0„:10
tern a entskteits as ptovinatly atste4 1,615134 04
A. 4 AM's tuA bend at commeantusat
at jest as stated la hat report
ea n 4 NT$ on ♦ Lc Accornis rag rtsggg
ago got. MI,
Ova:atone expea.ea, already stated $ 1.E.3.6.% is
13 , eleat. //twits , * ka
Mar/Nada Bond laq • WOW 60
se do do mean 60
4.k lo do 66,176 OD
adyldead Bead Interest 4.114 63
Elver ivao is do ISO Co
General Interest aea.trs.a; 16,637 Lt
Lease of P. n. W.
IL. K. cm lc, 66,4110 00
Dlradendrabraary, 5ta,729
INDESTZ:OI99/11 0.909G1199
1111:4 payable eat retlwiloall.Si,ass,l.l
D.l,ead sad Scrip
Fonith Plottgaze aed Strip
en-ea 9111,211
Sock r•cilp V2d Subserip.
two I tcel, 99 97 Olt
MAW Ga D.ozeyea 9011:1119'49
1:41 111 , dtgag 11•10. roselfil.
431 Into tnjutalnroth
It 4,4.4404 e “4.11. cases It
. 4 taw • , ep.tßl 01044 145 050,00---,201,134,45
Rl4/10 01 Dag • 5..741.1 72
1 , 344 okbeblbety and par.
v00.,4 pr• p 11,4 14 478 71
ew in. Balls 234 974 15
7' , Jrlenn Near knagincs 1110,U1 It
1 7 .ve new illonelies 30,579 10
meal • state Ili 214 71— 4 4175 .68.1 111
1 nib STArreTeRIDS ARO I ...... le.T,
We . •...e. ...• a •a,.p, ,4•017,1 butt..
It lon h. In tad I sum. is
13... , • . I• /,4,4, 141 .1 lune/ building
st. eibrolond 51033 1141
•Ilebteny b ldge ex cation 2.5711 i 7
7p/ict • nun D. he lot . ttaelt 51.064 CI
re cordtut ge. onmplA leg SAKS 64
424114 situ/lune . 1.141 73
At CO , late Cf eel le rcd umcodec
tiolc all abazien eff
.11!ISTFI OS SMel,.
Baatuce la Trtaw4nes
Easaai, 11174,2 II 2t
Lawrenc e R. EL & Trots.
Co. Woof, 111.0C1 00
11:1. iekoor•iolP. 11,110 V
%bop_ state:ism, lat t .rD an
l . .art oa aLce of personal
erg ir.1.91•4
i wild to sera :Wattle c.7ll:lpa3y reserved fr l4, om
the rale of torch Alitaorlzei a: the last trattllg
the sum 01 0000 000. and that the o has bee*
raped d in cogsbuction. equitmect sod new
strcetorcs, the sum of $11713,317,64 Tale es
peadlture hes been for objects of vital Interest
t Oda Cospany, and tau advamtaga wit/ be
I sad 's the future iccrutited earnings, and re
duced expenios of the conspany.
The Onnects of the CoMtntity a-e le a light,
sabers:tory condition, and tno Ruud. alter (Ag
ri:lg their exhibit. say: "It will be seen by
ectularing this financial statement with the
statement of loot year, that the mortgage in
detitedlests his bein reduced $18111.61.0 CO, arid
the unseeate4 ledeltednens 1811.141 GS. The
Mortgege tudelatednet a la n0w0u1y113.560.623,55,
and the ensecared bedettradaesa is so smell tact
it toad be paid at ecy time. No debts are un
paid wtith ere doe, and ad" the engsgeusosta of
the Chmtaay continue to be promptly met."
In coaclesion the Illreetars speak of the fidel
ity and lace. In of the general dhows and Imo.
ctatr.ale ea iloyets cf the Compsoe. Voo z
tte wanner in watch tht it duties are out:agal
toe to. earful utoorgemett of the said la a
great measure del enc..
After the r. a tit g of Its Report au election
for fitrec.ors was lied, ethic t r:salted ae
J. N..l.Vetillenzb. Tfelliwille; P. F. Gime,
Wentiviltetjamei P. Clit-k, Clewelantl; T. P.
Handy. Cleveland; D. C. Lit.CVneeling; S. Dia-
Pithburnb, D. b. Jones, Pittsburgh; K.
C. Kinzie/. New Haven; 81inith C/ItY. Now
York; d. F. b. Laufer. New; F. 7. Ptaii
&Ann. New To - k; W. W. Delloway, Bridge.
pet t..
At enbseeent meeting' of the Dirrekno tke
foltowieg calms were ekcien for tee ec rem}
Presklant--J. N. McCutlotttb.
Vice Prelidibt—W . W. Holloway.
Rupellarealecat—J H. Davi rsanx.
all< 781 .27th I H. —F. IL Myer.
Alealitor-11. F Boaltb.
Attertlowy—Oco. AL. 'agars - IL
The Plttlburgb Leader.
be second seater of tbe third volume of the
Leader Is ready tt Is moralay far dellvery.and ego
tie obtalled at the t owner of John W. P.ttoek's
book store. Its cot tests are Tarte,' scd leatruz..
t s rooriellhe! of 14tU7, sdec t d ta'et,te Ns ead
lit., my !fetal. loc.] mat er. ealrortal4 epee dif.
!trot' &flints. lad a great deal of other mat
ter. The omett samba t• a ray !hien:Ming
False Prrtcon.—A ma■ nswd J•so •
Crtsty xas unite, last costing by oCdxra
Ma!btr 67,4 Scott, ot itto Allegheny pAlc•. on •
cbcrie of ettedolig Scud sts.der false prsterst,
fr( co Mtg, iorlicsa. to Ma axone:• of
eltyb!ytbree dollar..' Cnnly was held to aasstor
the etaige It! Coon.
• Nrarly ileli,-10denMen Joces, 71110 VAS
kr edit() rtosl3. ow) itverely !Oared by the
VTilect 11.,:re carriage leg fneadey olelt II
from hie Itjerlee, and It wetly
cable TO Ic:urse Lie bce'nese. Long may he
Conzictlon of linens and Craig —le the
Criminal G,sts t, yeetteeny. Creamily. Burns and
JZ10 , 11C•illy Weft) trled ■td convicted 03 ea
Indic mint f or esesuit end tistttny with Intent
to reerh hire. / I,lo tYr.. to the Tend iraid.
They wit, be nen:enced today.
In the City.—D.mid, Bare&T o Bws.,
of Iti:-
teerleQ. AmatoLt: Conoty, Is in the cite on
baslntas. Mr. Barclay le one of the
leading umnbers cf the Bar in the °aunty In
which ho melee!.
The" iTrallea.—Tbe New Turk TT'rekly
Magazine. New Yerk Wahtv Ifera4l. Ponce Ge
:aft, B(reet 4.1 e 9mhb's New York ireektg. and
Harreei Wohly ore 'or !alt. by J. P. b oat et:
The Fesblen&We have rerefred from the
rublleber the Jenuery nurriNe of Frank 1...1hes
Lady's Mateza-c and
.(laz,Ve of Fachions.
Uoptee can ballad at itp pancipalll.l7.l depoto.
From Yesterday's Evening Gazette
I ) rgaiiinallon of the New Cen•cils—Ellen
floe of Officers The Mai or Elect
hworo In.
Tie Select Cotter:ll ensemble! at ire o'clock,
and wa,. relied In order br Lb,/ clerk E S.
ilcrrow, lsQ. Toe tolliortrx irt . cnters ••oold-
Ind reel" answired to the r 111111194
gmUCICey. S r utri ward; I . N. ('
gym - L . ;
(. W. Coors. First weed; $ Normleei
No. h word: Wu, Ptildr, Sem,. nerd, and IT.
E. Whir, Einhth ward. J•ina. It /dame •f tea
11/1 d et d Alec. If IX:1Mo k of to Fifth ward,
see it, cut.
The (1/eik then read the rettio of Timmins's
by whi-b it eppeered .1 ei the fellow
leg •ero the members of tha Select Cottocll
Virri Ward.- Janus Rees.
i'.r.rd Ward.-4Jear t re n.
Ward.-8 gleamed L- 1,.
Fon•th Wnet —W. R. Brown.
Filth Ward—Richard Towel son.
rim h ward—J. T. hi'Leeroin.
Serer Lb ward—T. IL an.
Fact In wised—enamel Mori ow.
Ninth ward—C. EL demur. rig.
Tenth ward—T. J. GaLedtter and John
The Cies k ainitiacleg that the neat heal -nest
In eider on. the aleution of President, U.
eel Marlow umainated Je-aea M'Auley,
Or motion of Mr. Samuel Barclay, Mr, M'An.
Icy was elect, d by acclamation.
The clerk dialer wed Mr. W. It. Searrs, es the
oldest member of Ceunel, to elitrtilater tia•
stab Of race Is the President, wh1.33 h :aces d
ratty dia Is due form
Mr. McAuley briefly returned thanks for the
honor confured, tad told ha Solid Drive he
(*charge the duties of President. le eteconinace
ebb the each ce bad taken.
The newly edetted menehtre (all befog pres
ect,) ye/et test nworn In ny the President,
Mr. Wm. Philips •aminatecl E 8 II teener
Fag . for Ch rk, and cat modem of Mr. John Ship.
too he was elected by acclamatlen. Eta was
sworn In by the Pin Client.
Col. E. F. Pratt crar nn•nimeitily re elected
On u 3,1100 of J. 3. Narrate.. the rah. of tie
tut Cranej wise seep-ed.
The Chet waa then directed to noire tie
moron (.:4 , 114C1! of the org tr.atc.n, Uwe
which the mh niters of Brice% yeti tots J
%Wait, WILII tint brooch.
The C. or c:I w.a railed to order by the Clerk.
Ile gr hiclteettr, Eco.. oho, in accordascr rith
then pilot one, proceede3 to open vu coterie
and conquer, tie result of tn. ticcticu fur
methB r. or tie Common Cotic.f•l,
The following urn lid names of tLegcuilemen
Heated from the acTera/ want,
Fret Ward—W. R. Balraa. A. 11 A.L.Quewart.
nod Ware—Thos. 3 eel, D. O'Nelti, Wes.
N. Ogden.
'Third Ward—J. J. Tetley, J. CI Weldon,
Fututh Watd -Jam cr. Vernet, W. A Tomb+,
sot. John Et Eve.
Fr th Wor F. Aria. y. f. , : D. ik•
ate. R. J. McGowan, P.Ol della rt,
Sixth Wai d- Donut Fiona, tr. C. it tee! tad.
J. M. Drub, Joan Renmen, W. F. Lac:.
&until try d—James Pa the I, J. M. Me-
&shill Ward—J. Maarlainney,Julim M. Kiliea,
Retread I. Witittn.
Mine Ward--11.crid licL:teliattd, W. R. Ford,
T. W. Welsh.
Tenth %I ant—Weliim Bicorhms. Jacob Diehl.
All he it. re ;tamed sentlirmen were present.
The rail: ancrourcd that the next 1 730,301 i
In Oiler yenta to the electlnt of Presdeat.
Sea rat gentlemen nominated the late red.
ding t Meer, Themes 3tt el, Esq.
"there being co other candidate. Mr. 8.. rel
w a n or •• 1a00..17 chaittll Pre td. it.
lbe clerk de, igusted Mr. John M. Killen as
the to-ream who Sboled administer 1.21 a Oath,
whit It to did la due firm.
Yr.* eel, on tak ex the chat dee:bled to
make 41j add, at d atlamintxd trail. be
now rocted to tote - niiter the oat% of ..01 ro to
rte [Waiters. The mtmb 11 ware all airdla
by the l'es West-
On it °Von of Ur. O'Nt ILL U McMaster, Rao.,
wee, unanimously I..elevel vlerk , end C.d. L.
F. P. sit was onloslxonaly ch:ten Messenger.
Tr e Common Coare I band Diu , or.raa.zed.
- the Clef k was r. quested to a tiny Stiret Corm
ell that they were sow ready to meet them In
John &Witt. (or the pun oat Or receiving sad
c. nmeruting the rota (or Mayor, ContrJlier and
Tt e Select Coannil was LOW conducted to lb:
00E11101 o Council ettatcour, and the Joint hea
aloe to lated remiy for boeincas.
Mr. McAuley. Pralleht of Select. announeel
the rOWno cf the electio tor 111mor. Controller
tad Treasurer. front which It appeansd that tlns.
C. McCarthy, frr Mayor, had 2.0M1 'atm, and
hie cypocent. Mr. Blaciwore, Lai 2 tiS3 vote:b—
ale/on Mr. McCaw kratoolothy of BS rotes. Mr.
McCargo, for Coritraller, had 2,4:2) vote., aid
Mr. Etchibrutr, IQ:Treasurer. had 2,036 e.rtoe—
%bete being no opposition for the fetter salute.
Iha Preetelent ansownced that Menure. Mc-
Crrthy, McCergathill Eichbanew hat ham dui/
elect. d la Sd the rep weeded ofticea to which they
had ospirel.
Mr, McGowan leaved the appolutment of
a Codonaltico of Sri to wait t. pool the Mayor
elect, and cotr , lact Mia to the C,uncil Chamber.
The mottos wina adopted, and the folio 'view
Limed fertitatto were appointed no the Con:L
-=IM ot Ater Fro. McGowan. Hare and Eiden.
of Cs•tumon Cocoa% sod Manta Brown and
Id.Chlilleo. of Select Cowell.
The Comostitee, , aftcr a abort Oscars, re
turned la commas" wilt. fir. McCarthy, who
an' letrauced by the Chairman to tho Pees:.
dents of Costetla
Mr. McAuley settioatred to the Mayor elect
that it was his duty to alattobre, to Ma ma
oath of al. e, abr. !b: that gimping the co anal.-
tee tad welled opott bias. Too oath was tams
atminlaered la Coo forma, after watch Ur.
kicAnisy. la cativo blatiao Mr. Matirtly, IX
pelted the horse that he would, to the beat of
tile at Mts. [airy oat the obitb lan+ of Lila oath
which be bad ju t taken. to doing so, he
aright make eatalel of those wke ward now
ids fast Irk: de, twit vas I'l , llll hot deter Win
from a fall and faitifitidlacharceof hi-dot:es.
Lot tittle josaw to d toe to ail alfico—crldh and
Deer. blob and lox—Omni he natal r. Me from
Ito office with the enema) of hie clsizoaa
aid with s cal aatootlatas of Lariat! discharged
kid falba tri.bout titer, Luir or partici tr.
Mt. McCarthy Molted la a fur brio( words,
d eclining to oche any promises os to Alm be
cold or would not to, a, had bred cult sroary
on such tcratintit, pi was sn'y nenbi:latis to
dig:barge Lis ditties to a'r ea coal .railty to the
ebb : ad - Mc us which tiallia.l jots taken, end to go t
ut 'tacit! Val a Vert the p or.loqba of :le
beet tutc t!.
•The ?moose ems besthity applotist by the
art e , st. n, Dad aft.r. AlnCa.thr Fist! re WEI
trs rreeird the ratite. e Lawn:talons of a
lope ember at his tn,rassnal friends.
The Joint Sentra Theo adjournei ottli
day event.; sear, et f 13.1 o`al. ehosbln , b arta
tow far the ramie o f electi.l viu otA.x I.
Fele( t C.t oacil thus retired to thi.or (Aso bar
sad adk.tirlitrd. ILI Crombatettlell.)l..o°Ne
gave eoti,e of his intention to intot!one ao or.
dioaacn. ti the neat meeting. ralillriv Xlay•
er to give bond Ia thel sons or $lO.OOO 'am the
tearer db.prsit ion of the toads ccini,f ILO his
beads as a onlire.tcsr afficer.
At re 1 clog stall, the Common Conacli al.
Illstlon ror a Note Trfal Fterustd.—Tbs
mot on In the caps of Pa track Willlama , convic
ied of petjut y et . the r. cent term or the Orlmln4
Cetnt, ea elgued to day. Th, Court retool .
the n, and Was remanded roe ,
Allrglisny Lott - tip.—'l'hera were b•t two
common cotes before 31a3 or Morskon this morn
ing, '1 Ley were each discharged upon the pay
iced ei the aloof fees.
leader Out.—The Lfarter
Cr ti le WI ek Les been had npou our table. IL
a txelly handeoao cumbtr.
1 Ile ‘l' e 4; ut Pra) er
15,aJora r f the l'uttra Pra.traerian
CI rut It•E of Pittsbrr zh barn agretd a: , as the
fu.loning p normalste al exereira
a - a la k 4•f prryd:, Joomnry 7th. e-errs. ea la all tho
et ea at aid usual hr ors.
Yo, day. &b. let Ci.nrch, Pltubardb. Ser.
o:rc to ammo!' cc at 7 ..'circk, r. y . Rev. W.
H. Andrew, to urrolde. Sablect—Tho r/dif of
retio ont i
vo lt U U proop=ing
or d....tir.i
Tcoado3, Sdt. 2d Cbarch. Pittobargh. 'Bar
tle. to cocomeore ac 1 'dock. P. 11., W,
.1. Elcld to I reside. Etubjcce—lioto may Jar spir
ilval fife tof aranard/
Wtdces4ar. 10th. 34 Cburt. Pattabargii.
8. rotco at 7 o'clock. P 1 , JllllOll Pr-stley,
It. D.. to Mold , - 804 .o. 71te Maw Jfission
id; . our farrion loosolotlon mod cfrana. &av to as
bourdsv. 11th. 4.11 Church Patabarett.
&Irmo at o'clock, ft-r. 8 13. Root to
incaide. Buhj.ct—Rorrign afiukim; Cho dltg of
increased evorcaborro 4t pfooce - uhas Co axle
friday, 12!h, sth Church Plltabargh. service
at T o'clock, P. al., Rev. J G. Brown, D. IL to
pr,side. Soiled, Cottages and Theotalical S crl)
Ina'" 4 " an inrrreae of plow Slodente in both,
ninnsarp 4 hopply Ms Church, /agA an earnest
and minf..tru.
flattlidal. 3,11 t Lawrenceville, eercle• at 7
o'cloth P. M.. Ike. Hobert Graeey, D D to
pr“ldo. SubfoTt. 11.. Hay Spirit As wadi opera
Itl the on:flowers of ',Quinn. The cenaptraliirr,
in Vine meet:terry fo Me .ifort of Me Mare% and
Ihe membcrr of the above naltrd charchea,
d all °there, are earneetly oriel to be present
at all thise rxercltes, It le expected t►at the
teln.rri, as well ea the clergy, will take part to•
e doctlettora and in lettitad vie devotton.l
eat - mitts. Come and let le go up to the mon -
ta n of the Lord. to the bonne of the Gad ~f
Jacob, aid he sin teach es of has was', and we
van cult to 1.1, pa:ha."
Lty ord.. of the Committee.
W. U. AnnexveL See'v.
Sudden Death
An old lady named Meats, th Sharp. ozeupy-
Inc a loom to a court ciflasiorogeon street, an
the Sixth Ward; fell dead till. morn leg; between
Eve and slr o'clock, soon altar riling Tram . her
J Coroner Clawson te:d an lagiteat, when
the It ;los lag facts were ascertained. The 01l
lady lied glib a little graed - dangSter, aged
'Aston Imra. and rained a Ilvel/hood lor wash
ing toots. See antra earore air o . c out,
a: d the rule girl was awat.cned by hearing
ln r l el hearty clans the II or. Sae
.• led , o he , lin :r•inree •• when Alta
A.lO (/ r I , lra by h; it-e •0
Lima a heti , . A Ilea wet itualriarl. bill 03 tr.
•sl'i I. old lady is wan I, ant taint she was
dead. Dr. 31k t_.% oh. gr , made • postmortem
, ractra , lot, a,.1 elt•e , vertd that ace hal died
ot sty piety at the !hags. Tao 11u1s ha.
to tr•andeo I a:T . , int 'noes that she hay SO aunt
to 1.....ut5vg1. , , named Me..y, ale, will take care
o , hr, OM SLOSS the is Salinas is !is. wits.
d On oh a: filly year. at ate, CIS
Sae nt h - v tonal h el.a eta reiottt- to a. 4 1110
Si ntening. sla cal 3 tentrof
Pa bo..a•lf tad the Iltle air!, .nod bad soaps
le a...y dollsesin too-try. Sloe lord; be dec-.11.!y
nieoecd, &ha the tia'llicra of hav,elT•ets,
plalliS bee 'Unita/ e50n0,....•, all he 'aPa,olw/3•
t far Ito hew et of Oz., child, Wan Is that ran omel.••.
HI 410/14 0 , the 9ir5.1.111
• •
.syelte Hall was &lied to ofel t
availed on Lao ocraslon of the maderlad it
!hater4 celi b-ated rarnd O. oiorio of the 0-
lab. There:fora:mace through was ;etc ugly
t, trn &clog . aed Stably creThatil• to all conc.:rm.
id in reprodscis i t this mater pieee. Prof
Srulient t , modurtor, sod M. C. C. litelLa,
Plan's:, I secured theft' Mica% parts of the per
foimsn:e alai great sh lltr, and also, with •
delicacy that .zhiblted their goes tuts !al:I/291C-
Mix alters. It mut have Impressed every one
pro rat. as It a/d us, that so much native talent
a* was displayed last tight, ought to be =i
mams* d aid cultivated, and cud to gesco
many aa occaalou that Is rendered laattraotive
for the wan of Jut such unisle as wa bad last
eight. it a hope the good wart beg= by tacos
who Icaugerated this moo:meat will be cooled
fo. ward I y them loth wo have Is oar
whin as cedatizallos qc liar to, and clad la
abLity, lo the Philharmonic, &Welles to the
Easier:l ciiies. Wilhaut tubing say Issltloas
•dirtscileins on Ihe inglYdaai performance, saf
e/to it to Fay earls on. exetsttd their part wall
std to geteral Eallifsetica.
Uasttucil►e Fire at Titusville.
At 3 o'clock Tuesday mornlag a most destnse.
tie. Lira brcke out to Smith's Hotel, Titusville,
Crawford county, which resulted In ch. dcs•.rcc
tioo of the Hotel, aid other property, to tka
valeta of over 330,000. The loss and Insorance
are summed up as follows:
Loss. lanars..ce.
SetltN's V0te1....„ —....15,0011 Ili 000
11.112011's Ilitatkil ......... 1,0 , 11 ,00 •
Er•Artoolo2llin•k tscualoC—. ILCO4 4,. 00
t 4 OO. h bit:mug:Ws ttakery lAN 2,0,0
Übe... Urfa •s„ as fotr.Lu , s—. 15a0 —.
Y. L. Hasabb•tra iltailiovt.-... ',sal 1,0:0
Mc Ii sale's'. Tobaosoaud eii,ar
WWI. ••••••1101101.2s —.... LO 3 O
Elena nb,•tserety ^ 020 --
IN note lea.. not ageettaiaul,
a bat ,„ Lel --
......... 117.1;
Mr. C. C. Dodge, of the firm of Daggett,
rompln Leach, was robbed of e gala ebto•
m tooter watch. ail • teary WI chile ve'ttad
• I $ 5 .11. While foreleg the scartla me the fool of
tierehbarg's balld!rm. It le faltPfavi to hay,
brim • roaceried plea of a gear of thairm.
They. hoverer. fovea to role Inca of fat which
he log on bile Person.
TLe Hughes lietaltkla Cast—rennet e
th • C, tart nf Ojar and Tertntatr assen Wed
11, o n'ekek 001 canning, witt.o Jadgo
ate:ldn toxin MI cbarge to thtJa7, It wit
fair ac.4l iiar atilat and wad Ilatthed tl oitk tha
ot. mat •t: enTion • Abant ten wo-c,r. taa fury
rt en, aid alter ddlbaraliug et r•olnarttri of
an to ur. 44Oarood t, dm Cour: rcOno t so.. ren
d. r d a viAallataat aallty or alatslaa . ;b et Oen
tenet. tirad.delonred.
The Clerks of Ceunetle.—We ore pleased
• . aLttenr.thoa of Conseil& In retehung the
Itetvlres of UCII/1. McMaster end Morrow t 3
Clerks of their rapererre brar.chee. They ern
both careful, comps sot end worthy officers,
sot thotrxicentmene re- election is•esmpllment
which they Llghly alerted. We may properly,
in this cot; nection, mon to rut. thanks to them
for many heron and c turtceles extended to as
In hates past, to tanklee np onr reports of the
tract edtltre of the bodies to which they belong.
It etc uld he difficult to tind more affable or
crCo me dalleg geutleme ; then they.
-Xcw York VI cane John P.
ile , I 4: Co., Masonic Belt. Fifth greet, kayo
y. yerryl their usual abno lent supply of New
Yc.ik WEI Ulee , 14: The Hound Table. Freak
slip , s IlinFtraten P4otr. Tte Independent,
Tr° Weekly Tritune, Thu Weekly World, cad
The o,l=u Corner. Every one wbo purchase&
this number (No. 33) of the Chimney Career,
terriers gretoltonaly a esp y of ael lendld privy
yoltird 'lts only pan, whir: is very hand.
eopuzly got up.
131a)ti ENS RN D filK ftg Hit).lßi
(% ZS, tv / 11 r01....•ff Q UM)
firelosorcVn rdiwiercou ()Azoisitcs,
Irtioar, Jm. 5, 1561.
ogerrtt . A •Cd.
r. • 15k3 ..... ...... —.103 al
U.S. ..... 04
ti. 9T 7,
I'. S. I lel tlticeitc3 9 7 5
._ • 141 10e
Eltlabstegh is
illggheny Co. / 7 , 1 DO
F l irt.. F. W. tr. .R. It. atoturi .....19! to
tioacie/Imille tile 9.5
ofiimuirehele tiridce
Allegheny Valley R. etuch.... ho
Cuiu vital:tile R. htnclr_. . 15
I'onnell.4 Ills It. E.hoe-laterd.P.,
Coital, I - I.
The decline to coil woe statated-Co.M.y
market close. with a 61.411 advance. Ph
rot, iI. shill - dr! 110. 41 iyereciv,4
out hot, mt shoed,. Else :Twenties or. (Wm et
h a etctr ...ker. Tee Forlhol belling at
S i s4 , lll hi, s scarcely PO . ...I'M, .01 col.
ling one.lourth Imes—let erica, 32 5.d3%; 20d
n•-• lc. :tilt; 3d scrles,
1 hem et mil interest o,,hAuit.
oln• to pot up quotations alio ht 4, ho-.d&, hy
turon• v. her , t/ey ohriu '4l 1.4.--ou4si won.. they
Oa. Bank olumeo ,an. wilily es isk
:Mica 01 Alleotteoy National tO-o.y at SX,4ex-illi
hired.) Exchange Nation, is held at &Sq. Tar
chant.. at ahoot TTO, (ex.dis Wend ) ClUteairTir
1h aid 53 bid, 614 asked. Sale• Peoples Nations
et PA Thie meek le In request at I0 , 431171!4, 7160
thing-doles to oil eharee-2114 bid for Wieuchtd.,
The qu.iterly statements of our Nationa
publithed on Friday, are regarded as high
ly asttsfactory, and Indicate that they are all I.
tit. edition. No Ltsoks, probably, La-th,
roust, y are .aadoetea with ttoie ability or. I.
tegilly than our Pittsbu,gh /lank,. and, Ye are
pure, none are In better trim Illaaaelally.
lotylllgence wes received In the city 1.4ay.0f
a Tel Ir banderole "strike" having been {12 , 1413 on
( * .ben) ilea, la leblieb two or three of our cal...
are Interested. One telegram puts It dews as• a
three bandied barrel well, but this Is doubtless ea
aslneratlon. We will probably have something
more definite In relation to the matter to-trioe.
—/t Is again osaisimeed by telegraph that the
' Seen dry of the Treasury will ahortly adrentse
far p rposals for a loan, for which tlve-twenty.
bonds will to Wetted, the proceeds to be appro.
tated to the payment of outlituiding certificate.
of toolebiednrsa, and perhaps compoind interest •
notes. We d• not know, of course, what founda
tion there way be for this report, but we shall
hal) with Wetmore anything that looks to a set
tleturnt of outstanding obligation. of any kind.
—The Mores.. to legal tenden to the amount of
111,2414.76, im elated in the fieW York bank •iate
o• tag to the irclurdon under this heed of
demo,* house cortilicates. Tne ream increme
bow, vet, in legal-tender., La estimated at only
four milituas. Ths action of tie books la thin
matter Is in awordance with a resolution p Lased
try the olenzing house on the 27th December re
oiscatlng the hanks to Include United States dear
th. bowie ocrti2mtos with lets! tender news In
thels w erkiy attar:neut., to order t. secure
tornitty. The 'tribune, however, adrlaes that
orrowet s cannot be too enteral In :natant sett
engagements on this statement. It alto.. that
the banks 441 croak, but It does kof follow that
•they tie running ah iut the •trcet• for bor
.. wt Low Interest. Oa the other band. It is
well futon. that this legal tender mama, mewam
compound mates With large accsamulathl lutereet,
and one year cettincates bought at 'rates which
tempt stitcord bankers to use their money In I ha:
Unction preference to ordinary loans. The
gore, nwent will sous he In the market to chalgo
its .tiott loitas luta long bowls, sal reduce the
eurrency by ti e toners. The tfelioslta show no
eeeee toilti Pet, in preparation far the
-•• • • •
rucel ul ell r.Js .nd Interest.
the re xi:et - the J ern*: WeJaesttay
/ l 1.4 aof cos/ the last rote fOM Ihtts.
burs A srete uree one Milli Penni • hall bushels
With teshlitucent• to port. helots of one
Sys cce huslereti thotstinnit bnsheis. Io add:iv/2 to
the sole • leer .I•tts •ns Jt soe.os • bushel., we ate•
tire the eat of *llO4 do at .3ennoat„ or tti
cling bents."
V eslaw of the New York Geueeryillarae:
r (Isom tfa C'ornmerelal Lid of Jan :Li
Cotter—The market for Eleall la weak and
somearti•Ouneettleol, but we ha re not warted tor,
loon• lust malt.. The only /wed hogs IRO.
per t.mlly Agora, on tern.. bat made pubbc. to
other lauds we notice ILA bites St. Isumlagorlor
meat, If not all, at Ili% cents, curb, o.ld.
bond.. Ihe stock ol Rio lb Inc Country loll;
103 Dag . hoe toot in thaithnote; rod 6414114 [few
o.leaus—rotal, tal,Vtl bags.
sognr—Thme btu beeh • steady, but •rather
moderate forme, for ILsar elate our bast, the ea
net eholirtes 00 amine In the ye/notions of Cr!.oaw 1.51,,eig., Rale Redoing Cuba 104 cents,
good do 1114;and fair to geed grooery, 1.:41.N. 4
mos. at on,y he owed, however, that wlrkstaa
u,a of the t one there leas pressure to sell, and
her...whet present. • nao.e cheerful and firmer
tone than for ammettau• pan. Refined is grater
tora ,
h aonsa 'Sarre.. of bullneal— lied 16+-iiylS+4
cente.b.ft, Whole 1C..*,1t11i.11, sad Yellow
L 1 1J
Mobs. sea.—The demand continues very moderate
ana the me Lo t s for all kinds Is dull. The sales
are 23 hhtlaPol to filoo at 43 ecnia,ln b ed;lo3 btds
New Orleine. 61.1001.23, esah; and tat hada Enc.
I ab Island, on term. nut mettle public.
Rice—Thereto notate' of lane eat del.Mttfofbflf
Rangoon told. Rem secoadlsads. at 111,...4A, go ld,
Ia bond.
Flour aud Grata to Stit,rt, la aileigo.
Tho follo*lng to the Manta or rate to otore
Saturday, Deeember 30, IMS, composed with the
correnrosulleg dote loot year, solbepotted by the
different everehouaes to, Jobe F. Met), Secrebety
Doan! of Wile
taro. •• 1331.
•• 131.141 c 03,153
,•.- 10v,644
WAFT 10,113
5411 i 64411
314,43 :13!..1147
II: Alen.Tort, Jan. I.
18G11. ISGE.
Wheat.. 4.11,w 11.14%(*4 107,84 2,)411.14
C0T0.... 4A.,,04.3 3,7211,41i0 4,14,4144 4,140.11
111.t70 27,109 2 12-238 01 , ,te.1
Brley 112,811 684,7011 31:13,114 1 A*3,101
Oafs.— 111.:13 ,4441,828 4,1 , 10,t01 3,141,312
Parity thLs Tsar, 20.611 lottikes. Catads
Pee/ Zen. r`...nn Isabela.
rtrriartzaz, FORT W.aTay s Ontoareo 11, Et,
Dec. 6-1 car stares, J J Gala; I car malt, Jos
Ehodee; '2O Dalai bops; g wainwrf Flit; 1 dreued
Po:, .1 Kibler; 2 tale butter, err It Lowry . ; !chest
do. 11 21 Lytle: I bbl enrol, d dressed hole, Fetzer
a Amerman 1 bd. butter, Wm 'Umlaut& care
mete!, Jae Rood a Boa; dental hole, II Has
Jr; 3 doz brouzs, Jaha Flttld a eq; ^a do. do, Mae
& dot d aeoe lard.a Idols butter,
S briefer a Lamar; barge Dante, Wm Mule:re; 6
rare O th ers. Ekvlbam a Loom al de de, J [fall;
Jdo do, Jai Woodatelltne ;Ude part barley, W
Latham* bble raw tails, Wm Ftaccue; to kegs
and, .1 2 1020,1 co; 18 aka rag& Markle & awl bbt
• utgar, Outten b thee, a Bra; 1 bz better. de:m.l,
Meek a Annetronat r:GO dos shovel handle., Lip.
;daunt • 0 0;10 15. barley, D ; to dozen
palls, Stultuper Ilt-Voiltecap; to do de, Lambert &
alklptorn DA elle 641e7. Peter [threat 24 Masud
boa, J P Hahne at got 1
; bbl eggs, Gnat & Ether; I •
hbl butter, ohluz dl l c untll w% &
PSI chard II llbl C aateur, uiplkar
Shepard fe ; 4 dreeled
bogs, Juba Graham.
CLarrtwe elm PrrreliVief /4.41 V ROAD.—
tedbble Sour, lee Comm; I Phi butter, 1 do erza,
110 bllltert 400 trka elorerzeid, Patterson a Km.
moat 12 pau •but ter. P. tier, Aiken at Shepard; el
doz btootal,Watt a ‘Yllacqui plug a tobatmo, Stilt.
ter a Helknilll4; 1 ear metal. Hanlon to; ICU
'amber, Huaton Miller; 0 ells leather, Lapps
at %Vette; 14 dq broom handles, Shomaksr a Lute;
to Eke elder, 11 W Sarum', eke peartra D Lycra,
lot acusante. ; F Usury
reenters:toe, °Lenard O. Ot breltreeTti
Jan. 6.—ltto Cala floor. tihrtmaker Lead; 2 ears
,tars', Sandi Hersh; 123 ell bbla. W G rtyram;
I It;. butter, .7 Andrews; 0 bbl, hominy. 'l' 0 Pa
A LtarritNT STATiey..— January 6.-1. oar
Wheat, D Gnaw ref roc I ear leather, Dou;Looir;
I.bui teed, dial& Soo k cp; 6 ree•ri match**. A
* MAI & en; e 1.201 pepper, 0 do dloren I 02.11 me
leiter, .1 eriiablon. o rye, Nom* A.Celi
rears a mteLes; J A See 21.7 Jllartepin;
2 ears 1.1 , r10.1Te1, , e e Angell I err aleves...l Elsual
& cal ids Ws flour. Simpoon R&D:: )1) do do, Ci
;Nye's; 10 &mph bream., .7 A Seotti 10 Oneonta.
Do, d & /Zeroed Id Lidos.) bbl LA;tpe h
IN Wei 01 bele ~pee, Pitts Pezet
CiscnX&ATi-enris Goths& E&A—P Sellers h
co, 100 empty kegs; 11 0 I.comls, ITS lon, iron,
Nlmlck .2 co, dodo; ClarJc & 00,1 bx ststlnnoryv
bs Wm Seddon, 1 bbl tobnceo; Zlakard & Andrerx; I
frr,mrs; p Mann & co, 10 cka illouldcr,; I
ISclrcy tr r'on,s box. onttom Miller h. !Ticket.
rc..n. 10 dos tnborco; 13 d robovitoch. Son & cO, 10
crri,t,r oil bblr; Wbltiunro. Wolf, DUI" & 00. I bx
pure; 3 D Poor, 1 NU rope; Otte& pull, 983
N.tonvittr—pra tarut Lxott.—.l 11'011013: •t
whisky; Welt & Wilson, cobs roye,l b b ear.
pipe, I Auger; I Illckey, 128 ski pus hlits43olce
pc,,chca, 21 Are hpplrs, 4 rks feathers, 13 10h lord
ott; Eviret &. co. V..; b., a srldiixyl - nrison,
e. nioore . oo bbl. 1.e4 oil; &
tons 0,7 on; bkomaltcr 6. Lou,l OL6ld lit d oil.
r•.T V . in: i• r;
07P104 w sae Pirrartreon sa ,
• FttrastY, January .3, t o, ,
Tilrre Is na era , feature not •er• 'l.l the ire.. • 1
the prodilee Markrtiti Urn, descant for most of the
• inc comrade/ries Cl it • r m•.auca Irto. an:
I prices arc wish:nut material change. The tr.oley
Leerier is becomingpalej, and there leas
difficulty In cfret ttvg loans, there. I. an entire
1 recce et seri:dog Una o n culstve feeling, .sad
rens. qt•enty, we haye solgpiundlot•operarroa t Is
urged. ills not inobablei that nein will ha any
racy/ osenatot In trade for inane time, Ali Our bust
hesa men generally era fortify engaged to act
it; there accounts, and besides, CoMmercial Mt,
ter. are dull and unsettleitl to ell Of the Jelling
markers, bctb neat and writ.
till A IN—Wheat Is in fair demnuil and there la
Hills or n• ne offering. 0 Irk may be quoted steady
nt Haan en intek,and (Bah from store; sale of
•- hush at 4'. Cora Is salting on ire-k at 11541:16/
nod nrJr7t fur small lots from store. Harley ar
d tit as el er, and there ire do eatahlt.Sed quota
tions. re Is quiet and' nominally ciackunlett
oi (Hain of air kinds Itgai
FLOC(—Thu armed for Flour oonthrier light,
. and the market le quiet and doll, bat prices are
comreally unchanged. ltinnoto ISICS from
are at 19.11X43;O• for Norigg "hen', nad110,11.59
Sin LO foe Wtraer Wheat tommla Eye Floor as )
dull and nomanaltsidggke - kgAo per het, and Huck.
wheat Fleow arc:up% pri cwt.
PROVIcHUNS—The dmstaod for ;Rama eon
tlL taro light, nod priyes are nocalaral/Y on anged.
Lard Is alt ttic more actlie, Wan eitea b( prima
kettle at tic Lk eased Hogs may'be quo.c all
„.1 , 21e, 124 rt rat} tray—Roane. a Intl ag 1.•.0
111, corset:lent In Bleat., and no us
maid tor Nees Pork.
GAOCHRIE. , --1 he money snot el eo attunes
quiet snddull Out [oleos ate:sominalli-nactis24ed.
Cubit Silo. stillrinoted at 14 or 14'-1; Pono
Rico at 1561114'. l'rust,d Coglre la.:
(l lii and ••11" ree at igrin •
lee:seri . 61(710; New Orlenns do, 111. g 'grin. coffee
le cool eclat 30 to AS for fait to prhert• c u e t ,.
hos Rise It stlllos at 1141 . 211..
'1 OTAIIJPJX—Licurand file eel cronet steady
with regular. sales Haan letate rt 411,15H1LZ1
per barbel, end 1.40013.50 pan barret.
A P01.t.: 4 --r. better deans/id nett pr(mS etc ten
dreg upward. We note quote petite go chrism at
er KIX
, IJA.Y hCA sDLYS—Atramrs. Sawyer b. Co.,
'l4 , re reduced the price of Sittnid lied Dipped Coo
due from 20 10 IS rent. per p •1401,; Na ot.ho
:tenet , to note Ins 'let Soap lit. - Can:ltem
DRILD II: ClT—Apmes Are quotet at Id W:0
per pound, nod ..Per etas at 1.1420. Salo of 4 toll
tliaMatt , ttet , t At Prr pound;: halt Eptertterries
et Le: and 4 bbla eb , t , rfrs--treda to at—. la.
tt - t:ElTS—hale of Ica beat/cid Flanteed,tn .teraile.
cc, at r2„?d. Clo•eraenl In goaded at att, Nterhtny,
dome to Timothy.
let • TTE.I2-19 quiet and unchnagedr prime to
el °ler Rol , is held at .114tYi.
EtitlS—Qu4t and enchanted et: Si to' 3.i•
Stork packed: salc4 ret.ortt4 of SI.
2.1 ,, tti1 , YEELl—het. ret 2 tone 0)V Sleet .t. He
p, r tont cir;rll modes of.'Atiddldnts 12flerrtore-st
n rllfig-c:1.M12 Dry Flltit at IS.
HA I"—in .tibl q voted or .110 to *to.
E10.111.k7 —Etzular sale, 5t.V.443t434-
Orates es aim PrerasWitult 0 snares. / Asa. tea'. t
CRUDE—The market for I;rnda continues el
ceedingly dull and depressed, daiwithatacultag the'
urivale are light and I:motet:Mee omy , be• fairly
considered a:septette& There' seems to beam de
mand at the - figure. now imbed* holden, mut ,
we douLt s m cult whether Oates could be efr4r
tad at a decline. cf eat tent perlgnlion below - the
rates realized ow Thursday. The depressietatnay
be attributed to the fart that tier* is no dentadl.
whatever (or the Refined a: tleie, either *ere or in
the Earl, end, as a matter of umrse, the one
avmpatbises withsche other. A. there 'Wes but•
one sae, and it being on private terms, It-La luspos.
gale to give accurate quotateyme, we gam
nominal/7 at 454,ZydstA1, bids retursed, and astls ,
315 e, lAN include.
aßrflt.tils—There la no demand lb, bOtteedoll
whatever, Maim here or in Philadelphia There
I. co &egoist's: the fact, boweveri %het a eery
laroe reduction woa,,d bare to be made to nadaee
buy et • to lake hold,.nut the burl are the mtrtor
a there are no buy era at arty Prior. Irre 0111 s"
dull tad entirel nominal at 1,478.,,
hien, in 'Free Oi l hare been remaricabtylight 4 , 1
through Ike present lesion falltnq dir chart . f
: Torsions year.. it Is said thavtliereleed Is sap
, pilau the entire Westera trait, and we aro in-
alined to tuner, the, la 'woe truth ladt., •
NAPTIIA AND .ittliiDl7l3ll , —We eat report
some small ides of Residuum at Jy: •• pax hal, bat sa.
general thing the demand Is light. Reptile be
dull and Unchanged.
RI:CI:U . 18-0w 'mostly whael.maatee,
Palermo@ sepnet• the trattra tirrirela of pare.
team at th e ' Allegheny:wharf daring the eleven
mouths ceding no December Mat, Iva.% at ave,l7a
bbut,an which ha has collected !wharfaget., the
amount of 17487,60. The receipts by riscealuce
Our last report, were as fellows •
Xlsh,r A Jir0....... 2 , 13 1J r Stoekdale 10
Special Moat& to Retie= Arm,
New Yost Jan. e r i3SG.
These was tnereased act:myna etroleush storks
:today, with a general advance to, prim. .I:Lcane
hot:S.llm, wee beefy dealt is at the Mara, eh Alm
•h_ d s ttetwards rose to CIO. The else wax based
'upon the rel est that the Injoestosn •Ised Ikea re
• 11301 t d. Lotted States. l'Adnet. Ado Ostacddorete
• 10 ecfl lye ttesdand. Sales Wade made t the :daow-
IR, late,: Re7dlirk.6s; Übe:tr. Kalcdurpack
er, ii; Dencedor Run.. 18,40; 8ra.1117. 42; Britnort:
co; Palmer, 0,0., Cherry no, 21; Fee Simple, es.
Gessnanla, 15; Streams. bei ..P/tholso tir.elc,4kto
Lind f arm, 70; Whited awes. 13,25; Webster§ t,to'
s aettall.l.jratab, to W galena Preis.
Mawr Loam, slat. 4 Its:.
Petroleum la quiet. tbanaa rataa,7 000
bias of Crude, sordid. :Than, 2,nap Lc,
axed In Etna, So'd at :nip Cent..
- •
dispoleb to the Pittsburg* Gstetts•
exicaoct, fat:marl 5„ test.
LCUPTS—Betttpts-of Hags today, bra aid at
dusted, W,531. Eee•lpts this weal; go,sn, e.last
noel for a eorrrepaldies lista last year.
Sturrnireys-Shioped this u . sek; It ail leaving
for Paekers,,49 03;1%4n/in a.g for the meow rah.
lain year. Total 3:meths./lilt tar Pasken, elate the
tot of uttober, fikettiP,agalist 'Mitt& for a canes
ram Clue period lest stases-
Ltra ems-Live 10-dap. ,arctic /Owen
• •le t et fit 4 5C10,41,. ague!, at 55,5033. z.
Vain szn lloes-Zresul Hop lei 1 43 50 0 lower
se IC, at te.ttaless, dater at 11 5 , 1 15015,25. •
liter saint-Pneliangedi sales a1f3.5e54173i
sturdy at esecetylo tar tone grades., Receipts to
day, t,073. Statewide. 243.
Pseviateze-Depretsed sad losort alc.o Park
declined beet," sides of [Be blas. 'allele optical. far
Jeeusrp. at SA ell itO elite. as the Opt; -et en!
2,25. Paeos..sltart ti 4 btal'eliellet,l4 I aid; game bastard OM Ile. Grum Riau, ittitt Keats,
aseileetell. lesser; saint Ole° Tiercia,st
iip , l3t6, , Zeler steam. aid 17q tar tattle.
Wierserie-Flriser„ asiss ealeCaP-
P t oos 44 sellated•
( liars , -Prgssi,s3,o lows- *aka sf tto.
.01,24. Cora, Ilea, at WICK for No, Oat, IN
lower males st /feat St fe,Yr-Sgt. Bye salltar•
. .
t aC3L7-rery (carte.. E xt l Pafe ite3df•
-Speral dispatch to tko Pittaborth dadetto.
aarratexi—Ussettleitt soon pork )et; Nadi
Cla Ohio new at 1:1,100 do at VAN; 363 - bblz ell at
L.,(44 closing. dull. Nacos
,aoarce but weaker.
Sugar guild hoax. &Kilned to She. 11.1olk maga
aocalosd. Groca VOA'S isivar; dalps at shout
dila at 0.%., Wes, i23i, and bans tic. Lsrd iplir
er;cl:ta of ata tutsa, prime atty at 4,1°44
azai;ke:, tnia,
dool—lrirdalar aadolloct114: &atom a%
acctlQ t3,:gran . alcalag atttatlO 11310 let,
iPhalle! all Trade Is 'Natl . :Yen. ".•
-true Tares, Jammu a—Stallwey 'peculation
was assay sad lamed this swoon ~• althpolek
Mesa sae arse battens Pees al a amass cka
kk kiwi pates se,. mane oa Ma meet, al'W-t ream.
lat Itoorap bra Sittalsalgb tel do wiz tael7,ety pro
GIS Beelike areestp fine. ka fal/Ing PC
an mars Nauss vuatlas started s oes tail two
Want. Elarkilt way lean bath at sesead regu
lar tad lastspen boards, sae but hasten. was
. Cesltrely in tbseaseendaat Trate ems a.-general
&ohne in prices, ago the tail Was snits mused On
rt. slayas. Clarstaad and Williams - betas theoW4
.apen lbetaarka I 111 !alp. &MOOD'S, $O4 alevel one
and a quarter tower. Iba Sales at. Ms afteraoen
beards save:atlas twain tire... Paul nine htld.
redstarts, Ile fall la Maginot:Vl Is dna to the
fact that the eartdorslet the-Let year have de
maimed asatly ter* hund red and alxl7 . Welland .
collars .
' Its fellowlts wave Illa staring paces at 413
Veleek p w. •
/Caw York Central,. •• arielt Elle. fan; ifildiali
"Ivor, le'llir Beadlag, ICY-, a l billeolgan afoul:NM
lir; llerola Csatual, 00. .
state Bends wese.antst sod IL=. coat 114 txie
akelar3opt theme stileithut asy dales!!
abaft', (laid show& otel to resat from tha
drellna of 'Waldo. e lek, ra sea bastaslay. to m e r ? a
b uyfura S ing rikl e Eu r ope aa m y Gran a es, lr w a
out pee busdred Nan liteary-rgit thnkelaa4 row
hundred dollars la trete.- • • :. .
Its Orrera Mat t Llst . ^ ..4 beta lame en ild
(-03 toads, salt, ass. reada:at Ito. and ltlel
Er - leas ef 'fled Were reedy; aelltax at te*„l9
usla'. saren.lblrty Nora" ratlerefailland lower.
I 1b• first saris, geld at 118,taltor Se second antes
fil,iates,4, sad the 'AIM woes at•SX9l9;ki. Theta
L tower &PIP demand for money on salt' bat
leans are read..ll mace at eta Per cast.
New Tart Diatket. . •
ters Tsar, Jai. I . — Llerro4—Steady, at about
previous prtaesi egad for Middling. .
Ytoca.e.That an toirtnengrades, - and aalo calla
l•wer r eft,wiss,co fee Extra ft.: It 0., and ex,o3
10 LS for trade brands, the market. a:ollat Scarf
lot enemas pad...
la nraiT—Wittont deeldsd elmo;e; gals. taints ;_
at snal'OS is • ,
linanr—Wheat, dell, and norilnalle IfYlet lows;
Ilse, quiet. Batley, dull. Vero, tatnar , mare"
attires, acel,clterke I deell,l Cluing% r:ilik
l ot ~,,,.,,,,,,r, 'pp 94930 for sane,' nix I • %rodeo,
oats rather sera seas), at 35.33 he for unsouod
IA eaters; 51, for *none do;
0 nnealual , •Carar. dull. Suoar,quiet and tutu:,
Cute 1111..e0•1 ‘ 19 . , 11%; tivnllA. 22- i 1" lap,
lafP. , Pe", New orkm.-, et.e3g I :24 - .
PiTlZOLttsr-11U.1; Crude, 073-a43; talcs of .1.04
' PL9l tee %lnoedt Is- P B O o r nd Ch ear . *M . U
In:?er at 518,154
28.86; nem mato closing e t 028;76, renurae 8.10,1401
tan ear Ifa4-5; dose)? at *2.178; ?.?” 1 "? $" 00 '
21.15 Tor yams, a ral 1121,5C0.23.54.(nr prima massy.
'Po, O.lto Cite sew rimed 10 r January, • ebrearyi
blanch, aprll sea :Any, tellsr,s of t4or, at fl' le„, .
I& lica tin roodaratej_rttplesi la, n• act ,
', Olio , . Bret Sits detil. ' Cot rn.,sre -1111
~ Ora y . irk/ lc for , ibouidera ..I M.l ,, 'R/
, t.. am Bacot, ocuet;Sairs for Frabrusrf, •
opiate, at rk , ie for elt , rt ribbed. tarevaei
haav, ion Intess,at , litnarp.3„s . l ( . ..r to titer;
ItSSOISs for city. 1.4-71 boa", at 15400:4
litter so o tre,e; .ert.i. 4Z , bbla to Ja
r. bro. , y AL,'r iVit7l,la, Buttt
a t gterar cr Ch to 64,0' 7 155i, for State. 1
du' 1. 4:1,12153. '
Net: I treSta e*. and sfoolay Hirtle.
Row Yens. Jan. 6.. , ;;;405tey easy, trite • lace
•117foly at I per Cet L 'V_ .
later!ing. be& •y .4 1 .. .. ,
Gol , , • abide zOrse*oreoict at 141,,i; dialloloi
to 142 sad Cosier at,1,43q.
°over am st bttesir:ietto
rrefebts to LITeIN • ,1 1 ,1, ail sued 111:ooptag. ,
Strom ...Mt trete . -. Y.tes 4 . ..•.= eoupo4
of eft, 10351: 40 do ef 044;7-Wats% miss,
, tyelo aed BIM -',
Oeiselestel, n; Nee
Yore eel:trot 81 %; - Ao SCii
Madsen ottern, tra4: tilS• t7oo ! 7 3
1 , toil Wert , rd p•er:orid, 6171; Pittabureft.
North V*.r e" , II ~ , s - Pqk lerua, 10554; rot%
ift syn., mix; 1,.. - e m,i.41, utivacsn, Irs. • i
New York Lt't;•i. - Gi t ed o market.
Now Toll. Jan. 0.-lkke following' ant Ulm 1111112
limo. • kora the Dry I.l•o‘..ksetattee:
Brown ShorttrlLS—Seandards.
'coals It, 34 141613 2 26 1. 21. .0112.•eas 3.1155."
Irks—New 1 ark 511114!:%; wito, itt trek,
, P 0 26. e 5; Loret o .% 6 1f;;.1 202 , 2 216. • rints-51,S'
I 11.r.aek W. 25: 0421111;02;414 Huang* tit Putt.:
mu. —Haittito'2,2ll; .n ; t
Brawn. Glogbrrazt-&1 .0 6;
1,3 ; m e n,:
lord, 2 , Fromm Dr. 11 ,, , --Yee'n'olf, eel Stark j ile
at, coisst J ra2m2: nee.: .rzyk. ,
Can', II Fla
tiJ; t;
Peso 10, Nashua) Et 'llckeiHrto , Htoa, e2S: Fran 2 llzi
TI;11,orod a., 41 , .. , .Fkr—.lo4keter' 10; 11•2.1
+. All; P 'rem ~Deirsks—Torc 6r
•ost.e.,• 41.!1; Wide =o,ld, GP. • Hoop Sklrta.o
• 14'; I Loa s, el MI to Ohoops, 66•ter! f
lei slosh ...too 20 to du 4.4•Opri'l IV •
the Lucomoe dz. p.setie4 k••• 6 1245 teecired 61:
th 14 - 3. - lined. Ezrkane• sts•_
kordyr - takr Per. 6,44 r desoltd 'for 4 . 00441
;beerrM. 1.1.11 a. tO.l bri prints, 21026; Oltand,
an She, 11,44, 3.1431.1.
PaILKI>IitTIJIA, lJe 6 .i-Slur et seillolloo 1051111
Arm. and on an odeana
EQ,MOZT, Dee. 6.-120 4.4argo to report. Goole'
sold up - straO.
PitOIIOI:NCE. DM 4 t id• Rental; glint IW
Cr for kquare prints; eons man:tally e7ce Juni Dal
tddaht lot to
CIPCINII,II, 114 c. b —30413 uccluttgod; aoik
lon dont.
1 2 .2LT111101111 Dee. B ....Harket 'cntot hut
• • --t.el o bell—Cluctenvti. !
f ..Parkersbury.F.
Flee Grove.. . .... NlSesttlV—
soar. LirAT..!ters attar.
Tercet City Chides._ .. Parkersburg.
jpIL A No. 2......... Coq/sow-1. Zaaesville4Slll
The river still cocitJanii to. fall with five feet:'
water In the ehannAl 04 the Dlonongattela plerq
marks. ' The Weather lard very cold All day yes.!
tealsy, and lee formed tip4ty. la the Allegheny,
rivet beery' Ice to. r 1111111246.116 at the ! railroad?
Mace „the river Is rorg3rt presrly All the war,:
across. We should ict be fitall surprised If it wasl
calmed elem. across this ssepvirn. Business at llte?
wharf is doll. - •
The Ida Nees Ito. t, te ! ././d op with tier her i .
eksias broke, at the Awrztron Worts; thirty,:
Ore m des abere tile eity. 'I
• Thorley grove, Capt. errata. left last night ;
for Louisville, loaded to al CND "me. there e e :
the river.
The Golden Era, Capt. - Path. Kew , . CM*. Is •
yesterday WILLI • good SJ• • met
very heavy ice. Capt. Eerrbta at as soon as
practinable, he wilt resume .• s fella Porta
mouth sad Pittsburgh tsattir, • -
The Lent Lead, Capt. ( 7 01verricartre to the
wharf yesterday, and IS , Now• ushvtding. Ty e ;
provect• for her to ILO up far., the/present are ea.!
cellent. • • ,
The/America. Capt. GoidAy, atlll ?leering.
freight lospashville, and le...Jas./as two. •
chippers send down critiQh of . 'freight to load'
The Assents, Capt. AlcOliEsith at(11 ,sceirthr
titian for St. Louis. and wl It be ready. to alert,'
out gamma as the gorge trroas aliSt. Loafs.
Wean nadir obiltstions; to the- clef/pot the:
Leo! Lawitor a co,opy of 72•1. sulttifearaiready
made ow. We would be hWppy to see more of.
oar steamboat clerk. follotater anit* more
linwevezpreferhaving tbatkintfest Sent ahead hy.
that we could publisDa them whesifof the
arrival al the boat-
COLLISturr AT CAIIIO-allusia'..-Stet.—The!
steamer Mimi* had just reitaded Out -yesterday;
at Cairo, to came to buipittui Npringse to load for
the Alkeneiur, when She collided with* cOCIAJtor,'.
receiving suc h lafteries that began.* MI. Ob-,
serving her In distress, 'the Loden. ma
siongaide and took off her Neaten : gees,. and both
noatedeogethes short distance down tb. bead,
and the •Ditnnle sunk to he l Oct house. The
wrecking or bell boat Cade:abetter raised steam
et the Cairo whoa 1, And was count the werssud
the private dispatches contrilning the-above to•
forroarlon, stated that theAriAare woedibta raised. ;
Her cars...received up the Luicanuia.witsaUb on
board,utdeoneisled of cuttorr. he. CapLiConacll
was 1,, charge, Capt. Shaw hot Nig Pane to Saint !
41•0111360,11211 ;ley. store. TIM 11LIIII11.0 was 6.13•1.
heat, and to nearly eVeryt2lll.4' was pArn A pu the
best stern-whemer afloat. aka was. vutued at
yMpbe sad orrited by Capt. A.f,;'11.., Shaw,-oae-helf, I
and Stephara es Bro., out braf.• She wee moored
for $e ..0 itil-4•opco in peorge - • f/Ptieperve
t1..5,0L0 la the CoraWalor, at Nor York.. .
sad in the
au Pfationai,!p/ .
Llsitemccrat. e.
Golden Erle..,
1.e.1 Lent
1 cit.!. City—
(isms tlxtesaa• ratimiectiut ItTruo ., t
,ha SmextoGlers of Ul.. ' lStfztasr I t ak.e.tger
hallwap V . tiaptsq...l u liztv:of w.ll
he I.olst U. A. Stll'athtstrect,
cui M1.tr7i.1.17; anasi OK .V 7 .0.010 .%
P. It" ear vadct. tim.titua do..Td of.'nreet•
astral I. elected fur th e emoting 31 . 61 . ., atatittai
otLartawatas* Y. gioat coznetetors the
.lacetlog. ' (Kin vita -I
pitting ' • Settetary.
tianca of Tan w uotamtpua Urc LC.:71n134
DiO, 2, IrtiVlonta Way A .,
Vierl , lllll2oll4 te.2lth, UL 1
OTLE lan% tui. lifon rztri or the stork
-I.2Loidera at-taln Compaayteuilcm
aettua of
at 2 c the Co.Oeup..r. Jel.fl,‘
9:2,,11G5, oric„.p. ac- tor Ira PmrPfte
elecimg Ltrectors to serve &Wag tataaaautat.4
412.2fitY at. LUNA*. 4
itc2ll,llb2 .sactetarg aad Treasurer.
+•• lone, Nimlak inannlncrtaing.O.wilsair
please the notice that ,the Amend Election tar -
/Ilzectera of Una alsoufactielog Lumen) bit 3 .
field at the °Eke ef anal tiankipeny. ea memeee
street, on saTUED&Y, ute staLdmica Deo.mber,
Min o'clock
A. at. Vf..S. r.Z.:ZEItEX
Treuurer s. - & arts db.
Pittsburg's, Dew . fi, Me. . • ducat
Tharniatezza. rfand;oz.aidaviu,=N;
Prrrastion, Dacanikan Intnoadd.
'&2'l ELECTION -for 8,14 •Directors of .
4J , thisababk, rill be haul at tritualog Mum,
eta IL , I.SDA 'January MN, bawds'
hours of it and &data. - -
dalkaard OEO. T. 7ll Arr-DOSZ.4I Cashier.
Mtcolio'rfaTiowat. Baud aztatexii - Z7 —
itiSIaIIICIT. PA..l.kat. eth, teeS. ; 7-;
A N ANNUAL EL4CTiv.N-1 7 011131W- . .1
Joh Lm DIIIEGrOIEGS, to aerrt.for the easulevii
rear, wilt be bale at the Bautog Hoene, on .z
TUESDAY, J Millar, Ink 18CS kt.4744:11. the hew* '.#
a: tt 41.. at. lied 2r. x. •• • '44
• datioltd ' J.-Zr. DA.9113.30N, Mahler. ,i
. Euescle NAssols.s..erAira. t
Pittsburgh, Disisriber stbslssss. 5
Alfas •zl . l9ll° lll"lc a ,r l atli-gli:,*°T -
Hankies Thum, ea Tb ESDAri UM lith of lasa- o
an, IPS
Ad , between Oie hours 0c5 ,5 *. is . and SP. X. .61
ICCIS - ' O. B. AP-siss Cashier. ~i
t -7
Zrnarosoz. DeztllteM Ont./WO.
q HZ . ANNUAL' ELECTION for nine 1
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