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the Vittsburgh tazette.
'The Ilorrers et Indigestion
• Tod complain of your sconces, unfortunate
clyspiptlci but ought not your stomach to tom
' plain of tont Possibly thepsnas you °adore aro
• drably the stomach's method or slicing revenge
idpop YOU ftir neglecting and abusing it. Perhaps
•r,' on have fakeer made an effort to improve Its eon
ditto., but on the other band are continually
Cramming it with 'CUlWholesomo and Incongruous
.400 d Liavigyoti ever tried Ilemtetter's titomach
. • hitters, a proper diet, and regular meals 1 The
• Idle:tett in a week wouLl put your digestive op
...1111tatul In perfect orler, regulate the flow of bile
in accordance with the law. of health, an I produce
;last so much ape,tent action a. wools be Decease
ry for your good; and when you were once ay rght
Ind:mous and regular dieting, kith a little cl the
tonic now sod Eton, would keep you so. if you
have neglected these means of cure, don't lliime
;your stomach for Its rebellion. It is merely ea.
Lures hint that she wants help. 1t you , neglect
the next, thing may be inftammettlon or seltrlius
-cancer, or some other violent and dangerous die.
tem There la such a thing as being too Isle In
*hew matters. hosteleer Bitters will cure di,-
- .pelislai but dtspepsis nary engender dae owe
!Width defy all rester/miser. .
: • ' hosteller'. Bitter.
ate 101,11>hole”le and .1.11 et very law rse• st
41trainea Drug and Patent Medicine Depot, No.
'l5l Market• street, corner of the Diamond, near
owtb atiert.
. - tsCrolOk Insuranne Company or Pittsbtirgh.
By reference to our advent:lag columns, it will
found that, this highly anceemilul and reaponel
,ble Insurance Company has de.lerco a dividend Of
fun dollars per share. Lim statement of assets t
also published, and is' a rely !satisfactory ono.
managed company shots surplus o
' of $13,915 . 09, although she mominenced bust
Bess but some sla months dote. We are slwaya
'ied tO note the mucous of our home Institut' oar
'ett it is a certain pry, f of the glossing prosperity
: Of our city. The •'Cash Insurance Companytli is
gully r Tel aced to issue File, florins and Hull Pon.
'aka at Ole eery Me.-tare,' corahnent with safety.
'Being a Pittanursh Inetitution, her capital cad -
;lively Pittebursti, and her etrulaa and directors alt
weal and Iseorsoly known is our community, we
Yah a continuance or patronage from our readers
for this reeponsible Ineurazcc Company. •
New Conntriel
Hive wanteand bents peculisr to themselves. to
lour sidely extend...l and apersely settled territory
Medicines ready prepered are more employed, and
pre, to fact, a greater necessity than to the o'd
".• aountries.. Dr. Ayer's preparations here given the
public greater confidence in thin clime of - reiersti
than bad ever been felt before. Ptivalciees n. te
•Of illsearding them, really favor the one of such
Veedy at . band entidotes for disease, when they
be depended oa. And we wish our readers to
ireow that la puniehing J. U. Aver & 00.4 Myer
- torment, or any others of like rellible character
thtnir k we are furnishing them Al bsefel infer-
Iniation as any with whirls we can nil our columns
.. - Loaiscire Courier.
Fall and Winter Goods.
It winith amanitas= We tall the site:Moe of
Inn renal to theriperb neck of Fail end Winter
LlOodalustyeeelved be Mr. John. Weler Merchant
*atior. • Federal street, Allegheny. Rio
Inonek emblems name of the reran and most beau
tiful Cluthe.Caniineita,livertmatingt and
iaver brought to the Western mantel.. Hie anon
nest of Furnish= Goods. to morning nutria,
iairataers,„ (loans, NCeif.4.lelt, liandkerchlt te, an.
enact b, surpessed east or Wen. A large nook
I reAdymnale Tanta, Hosts. Testa and Overtoau
Lgrillalso be found at his establishment. Persona
manta an gin the chiming line nowt not
dtl lb give mr. water s tall
Cheap Goods,
A large gook of French Merinos, CAW:mares
Pool Delaines, Pala, Cloburzs, Alpacas, As, he.
alto 12e hao at Dunlap, Luker A °W s, tie Federal
street, as they are determined 'to close out their
:stock of goods. They hams marked down prima
- Yo spite the times. Yam:ma in want of anything
'in the Ineas Girona or Domeatta line would do well
to give them a tall before porehaang. They alto
:hate a gocd anotteeeat of Ladles, Atlases and
.Chdhltelei Tura, which they arc acillaa , at cost,
*eat mbcr the place-13a Federal etr.t. A.araqtani
. Matsu W. PatTV do - Ct.o.
mental Slate 17401er0, and Dealers In An,ertaan
'Po:TatO - 0.1 ration. colon. ;Moe at Elinasn-Ln
• near the ;cotes Works,..l EltiLarg-L,
Berlainces;, ho. 73 Pik. street. ()alma
- prompUl attended to. All tent &treated veer
'proof. *efalriaadOtea et ;Lea-hotfoot pollee.
'phone liar repara. provt4s.l the root it sot
situ tits pat on.
'Ladles' Furs.
Cleat bargain in Ladles , Furs, .t the extensive
find popularßbuse of Wm. Fleming. No, NW Wood
sheet. All the cow styles of Daps., Eugene,
' Muffs and Cuffs, s.adtas , Fur floods La
Sluttis h Cars, Clews' Fur Otor 4, Collars
.and Caps. -For Oars/dna go to Wm Fleming's,
WoOd street. .tsn of fOr Lug. GM
Any of Our neaciers
'Who with tdkr.ow where they can purchaera pun"
01 white lead, nameen oil, ,perm oil, lard
ill, or any piper pile, we would ray, got. Flom
firs Drug . More, No. Si Minket street, when you
trab stet a better article for ICU money than any
either &meta the city... Remember the place.
• - Carpenter Jobbing Sbnp.
341 . 1eL6 returned sour an •bsent? 91 three years
tit,tbe STMT. 1 /141/11 I IT.'wzrd ins abet; for all-soru
- arier.4 In the earpc,er nun. little OM stand
Vigra Alley, between Storstincid street and Onerry
Alley. Orders eiglelted end rmcopttir attended to
WUXI.. II V 8.6.7.
Dry Goode.
. avingjurt Indrehated Our annual Inventor? we
'lave etentu4ed to mark - dome end 01000 out Manny
*ads of Meter Goodsat n ,till further mit:l.7U on
:'irkeparatory to grAting read/ for the eprlog trade.
leinetaber, are srenoarou the Borth Luz oraer
or Fourth nod Dienket street,.
George Genven
N prepared to sell slip/Wadi of canned Fruits, as
cheap end as good as any Bows West of the
.raCturtalus. No. ILT .Federil street, Allegheny
City. lw
Imperishable Tecth_
• Can teeth be rendeted laperistudde II agues.
tienahly.,they can. SOZODONT, and daily, win
ret der eta enamel absolutely proof against decay
hardest the emu and expel from the whole dent.
nkutratun every otrenalse and pernicious element
Robes de Chambie,
Same very handsome, et very low prices, on th•
..iatiltheast corner of Fourth and Market street.,
C. Mottos Love & 800.
• Plaid Maw:tele,
A *ars good alsortmest, at rectory prices, on the
.northeast cornet of Fourth and Market Bute...
Waite and colored, A large stook at .vrry , low
Allan. Os theliortra Ens corner of Fourth and
4 market Street...
11/IfAmt Lova". Bao
Dress, Goods,
et trod sesortinent closirc out at agrestteductlon
. ,
,lartotwerpitter. fletnembei, we are now on tha
freithEaataotnet at F..orth and Market streets:
.. - • CI, Hanson Loy,: lk Bee,
i , .
0134 Wheeler & Wilson Serving Dinehlne
140 been awarded the hithast prelate= at all th
J-lire wherever exhibited. Purdue, one as s new
i3ears gin to your mite. .
' Ohl That. Cough
2 f . remedy can be obtained at tio.. 112 Federal
street. Allegheny City.
;Elle . seta teeth without patn,.end exehengee 66 vt
atone tor tea _ dollen a tee. Call et 203 Penn
eittett. •
10 GOOD WELL 13 Bacon - vicar= Books.—
.;"11..0 lLYnlttil litotes C Irctut Court at. New York
decided that there Is no good will In the
`publication of an uncopyrigtged book, which
be held even by agreement of the . publish
iemi. The cut= of the trade Is, that when a
„ outph t y gets Out a fereiza book, no other pub
.. L.lisher will Interfere by
Deleting 4 mai edition,
; - This custOnitiit mow vetoes, will only be good
those persons who 'regard It. The reason
....aagigned by tho Court, is. that it, any one eon
;Obtain an interest en TY/copyrighted work,
7thlch eecurca the publication to blot i n Lh:,
coVini)y , it is really conferring neon that pub.
ne good a privilege as a conyrinht. Toe
•TiztOlaTt arose in relation to an bins:rated ern
"%lob of tie work! of Charles , Dickeut, in which
'One of the parties interested claimed of the other
right ; to have the contracted recowed became
Ah re
win a "good wilt" in the Cdition., The
!Conn decLarea that there can he no such g
twill in that Mass of panlicatlops, ottlet equity
lAII enforce,
7nn Governor of Alabama. fn , his lasszttral
atdqrt BF ' says that from thiriy Aire to forty
• ;bqrrlritid ehlzens of that Plate Nrktted In the
Ito ; which caused also et lots of wealth equal
'f.o fly.; hnodred intlllots of dollars.
T •
• - 4.
F 4 •• D LY
Oct. Tic —Of the Petri-tem,
crude rod r tined, I ran , porei r rer tie In' - e
Poe r f Lae Atlantic .t Great West era It •l trots&
in 1664, in, re were 665.02.3 barrels Carfied east
ward. and 109 400 belies westward. 01 the for
mer a la , , lraportion was shipped le the crude
State to Europe, and mach of the retested.- was
the relined product of the crude material sent
rreel a. d, or refined in the re , l regions. tithe
109 000 Pierre's sent west, all bate few stray lots
were taken to Cleveland and there refiond. Tne
rocnct f...r the year, as ebown by the.'b ribs of
the In:areal P.erenue Collector, was 0.,178,46C,
gallors of refired prtroleen, worth over tw.r and
a half million dollars, and pay!ng. to the G trete
mint, at the tax of twenty cents per gullet°,
nearly seven hundred thousand
Mow KILLED LIT ► BeAw.—A youeg man
named Friester, residing near Bar jllesdlwa,
alerted out for the pnrpoee of bunting 8 .. 1
y sae, taking with him a shot gun. Atter tieing
cat a short time, he came acroea a large 00. r,
lido wale h he poertat the contests or Lk Co ,
The Is or, aggravate! by tic woottdar 'mvla at
the now dsl.asciese young man. and succeeded
In divouring ill of him bat one leg. :When
what wan loft r Ur," tricolor war ddteovered,
the Jerry lay dead a Plot; dleten e Keay, treeing
died front the wounds Mil rod ter the slot trim
Fr.ester's gun.—Huntington ./under,
SONS leltatED snort tea. fad accident bee err
ed at Methae lestarg. Chtenteetland roam,. a few
day s aria, ,nosed by the falling of a rietkety old
carat:, tduakry ohs p. teddy *a,: to Isle. as en
Worst. A public snie was bung held, and quite
, a creed tied ,sseeniole3 it, lee op e, a;Ld of tee
buildieg, when the floor 1 , 11 with a tremendous
Eras!), canyiug with it a large 1 , telPser of per
s or, tea d a wo the?.n woo., etc. demo
twenty-live wire it laced, but torlt,u4elp none
were al let.
A cotta man named Vier.ent Ilehatiold able
is a .111111,14.7E0Cae In Pelle , e,piala, Yea la r-,1
F'_o test Le tont: lilt,by his teeth a certain man,
it eluding the char iu he nat.. CUM:lga
to ray be teerterginhed the !cat, and. re calved
the en reel'. lie Wrier oat End st , plod at a
store he. sea a tit...toted. tie r-eolineal
siren ri,asle, and in a tow moindlos, when it
was time to close etc Pt re, he was forted to be
dead. _ lie doe .wiebout an audible doinocatra
lion, but his ft a'.uree team Inroad to benlisto Led
a. rl hie I,mbe eon tree ed.
FOLII. pe , BoLs hr. ke cut or llualiaatoa ja
on Naturday af , ernoon last week, by
tie k off thi yard gate. You Snydw
d Snu.nei !lardy made tzelr excapaihe oth
er two were recaptured.
Tan citizens of Mercer county, in the vicinity
of Greenville, are litchi 'Meg the I..lL4ature for
an act to remove the county vat from
to GreenrYle.
A co'scure azynontvy between lbs c . vil
and tullitaiy cuteordies has eccarred et 1.).o•
Midge, Tem:dame. A party of soldiers, who
killtd the everills, Thornhill, under orders some
months since., were indicted b•foro Julio Saab,
In the Circuit Court of .letTerson county, and by
him committed to cats m. An order for thatr
Yell we, ...mood by Gem rat Thorns. wan Mare, and the tcuce Bout to exrcute the order
mipitlitd by. the sheriff with a poste ceeLUoluo sod
Imprisoned. liocetml Stoneman sent two hun
dred men to relieve the prisoners aud:arres', all
who resided Gent rot Thomas' order, ineludit g
the Judge and slittritE. The Loan is tlakv had 1.13
Tun Lon'actre pribllnhera having corns to the
eonclui ion that the Issue of st eel dahy p
jar 'auk luxolied a greater amount. of butt
mental and physical ald of wear a ad tear
of txdy and mind, than mortals could he expect
.to aismd for more than ten year, Cu a stretch,
Math witsly deternatnial hereafter to Imo: onix
six paps rs each week. Tte Joitroal wdj .u•; end
'lto Sunday Gent; the Coneier woe't ibs‘i t
Sunday Paper, and the Drinocral wltf slipead
It -Monday Issue, printing their el 3 i m oa
Sunday mo:fling as befo:c this war.
SOME French Gentleman has bee, ran!i•hicg
what/ecru& to hr a most unprJeakei attack on
the m. on. I_ the first place ne remarks that
we amid to perfectly well without it. As for
oetaile t r atmospheric tUce, we do not really
tract them. -Many highly rispeetable pian
do without thins altagvher. And trdo in our
case,,the moon Is tn•rilya It'gt mend/Ott, loch
was apparently wandering about spat e plum/a
-t non/4y, ill/ It met the earth and at oaes stuck
It /II ca to us like a herr or a poor relatiun.
Leo /1.4.5 NOT AeKEe tits
LA en gem rally -u op and that au appliottioa for
pardon hp thr rebel Gen. Let was in Lilo some
months ago. bat an examlurrion of the retort's
of the Attorn , -p Gtnerd's offize pions that no
such apt lleation has 3et twen tiled. All the
mantimustlon of coat:Wm that Gen. :Lee Ws
exhild'ed bas n the signing of an 'amnesty
oath trio'. to sate Jr g 0, on the duties Of l'resi.
that Of the Wasti igtou T. Twat..
-- Tun Jlekiscra (Ilisirastp7l) CZartso Io of the
of inien tat a t cry coat-lit:rabic cart of tu. oo
glues' sale wi rit so tits ohm- a loss next year,
gm vrithstatidiug the present difficulty to
yit g them. Tae number. however, will be
grertii, loads quote to tho demand. audglas
pent la that labor 0.1 the tams wit Isis scuts
a d high.
diettouelsbect ETA:copal cler
gyrnah W .kff rson reuuty, Ken o ley,. who his
n rut shit, ro'nrod co3grevation iu Lai .•ha•ge,
r( roz.g. a short. Ida.o bisiee, he op u a !Sunday
behool for the t teeth. of the e Acreil children of
hie pa•4L hirers, bur , ar darrred 6y throil4 o
mob plotincs,
Tocto lady Eall tu her beau, as abe held a
pot of ht t water In her Mt.& l•promtents mar
ry me Cr ccald you." "Tnrout the water,"
rs p 11.41, had roller be Lewd, d once than
every day w my Lf,o"
Au A T;zPV.:IOI.T. flustxt.s. Fc^ruttn.—The New
Ycrk J, numel if Commerce ssyt thete Is no
rot:testa! dcpcvetion io bn6usests circles such as
was commonly anticipated, and there Is univer
sal Lopetulotas icgardlug the future.
tin peeprc of Teletext. fl.Jlland, 'recently
made a laid on Ile cats of the town, and Or one
night slew B3C6e 61X hundred. The feline race
had of late multiplied to each an extent. Pa teat
city ee to become a mg - War unleancc.
1 utt Grand Duchess of ldeckicatrurg,; &relit a,
lately nave a ball at which the wore Lan Jewelry
of bar great grtat•grandmotbcr. a Cierman
princess who died 13..1' a hundred and arty
years ago..
GL.N. Ilooarr. Is reported, by his brother-io
law, to be ametdleg co r■pidly that he will be
out la a few days.
On the suiject of priffectlon for hon q mane
fa eau era, the Chicago Repubilcan says
"It la vancely reported that cm tale
can members of Gong:tab from the Wdst bare
r.tolvtd to emcee any alterations in the tariff
calculated to ware domestic manufaciu-ees
alt fit the effects of foreign comptilmoo.
Their idea Is raid-to be that aly alterations „df
thin tort, while they might be trenctlelat to E cst-
Ira capitalists, would be lojamas to Western
tamers. This is en old notion ; indeed, are
may say that It is obsolete. 4 Btr. here
,In the Watt, manufacturers are rapidly :spring
np, and the lasmera are Intsr-sted In their
prosperlty and development ainrxxt as rdu:h as
those wto are directly concerned la them. We
apprehend, accordingly, that nue Western rep
resentatlvevrbo votes opium ',Etch defies npou
foreign wares as will taco from deistrectloa oar
own Want iron mills, woollen mills, thm
cotton mite aid the like, will fled himself *a
dmitted by Ws constltnetts."
Feelog Through Dlffereut optc.Uelos.
Christmas Day in Louisville La very ditf.rcotly
described by the papers., of that city,—sthether
it wu s "carnival's)! crime" or "an interesting
spectacle." depending upon. which paper you
no Louisville Democrat says: "Die new
made freedmen hive made a ctrulval of crime
of the holidays. The cage at the city coart
was crowded wilt these black-birds yeatorday.
Tbey had beenfighting, stealing, limnUlu the
whites. reed committing all manner of evil."
The Louisville Journal says `• We mast not
forget the colored Christians. It wan an Inter•
es:lng !pectoris to roe so many of the 'be
nll.ted' astemhle at their phwes of worship
aid avenge in tits buinaniztre, celebration. All
honor to the bucks for their ex mole." •
ilortzllntsta.—,Nitsars. Ward, tae well L•c'7n
tcazusgaraturlnz the That nine years or :She La
Pune Mts.: (oat Of the thrie leddlug Owls of
Platladelfrbia,) cica:d It last we k, rather than
St cede to the greatly Increased ,iernatid for oart
made by the proTrielor of the bonding: The
entire rurnhare. %Ilea belooged to theta. is to
ho art:trod of a: encl.:on , sod they artr,g,tlog
to Ile on tleir tars. rout idr.Ld come delta to
something 1.6 e reasonable 11.0ares , —:f that day
is ca cr to demo.
C.rry 7ilegropl. says that a freight train
going eat On tan !Via' ult., du the I'. A:E. ft.
IL, ssu Imo a rock lying on the track; near
Warren, and was firtelfillated down an eltinanit-
Meld of merry fist lu the Allegheny rived, The is t ilt into the neer acd the vials la
ilmtet a total wreck. No parson bur..
Frum turret.■ Monroe
YoirrnEar ItloNnor., Jar. 3.—Efforts am to be
Made by tre Qoaturmastrra Departrorio, to
raise tie tie dun boat Smith 'Mg t ; sunk by
the rebate neatly two years ago, raring on at
sera onlamttltyll e.
Theo lrr.ti population in flarngtop tumid out
enetnaese in grand pcsaersion eecorted by the
141.07 . 3 f music from the sth N 'York Artliery,
si,roannlntr the Fort, ataa were reetleed ,f Slaj.
Gm. connantdiug the Fun.
Our Special Dispatches
Report on the British Navy,
OUR .71:4 Tiowsra FIJr4XCEB.
Monthly Statement of Iho Ndttonal Debt
do 0.. crOcr.. db.
Spt etnl U.spetch to the l'lttcburgh Gstotto.
WASOINGTON, Jao. 3d, 1 it'a;
1.0 'ere from Georgia and Floiida, reed eed at
the Trt ant y Departmt nt to-dry, say that the
next cotton crop In those Btates, will be on silisif
or more of what it was In ISS M tat of the
pier ti rt in both S atria are preparing their Isn 'a
far the cultivation of the great staple. Toe t
pees, however, referee to wink for the r old
master: In many Caere. and the am>ast Or la Id 3
to be planted in cotton its not. therefore, a very
sore InCrx of the urtruter of balers likely to be
4rthired next fall
Jamie ;B, Endo, of Bt. Louts, the we:i
ktioa iron-clef tont:se or, to In town, having
non t y talented from Europe, where he tram
instincied to mato fur the Navy aipartment
certain inle6tlgailene into the qmtlities of the
English Iron-clod nmvy. The Breettary will
send to tte result of hie ohtereetions le the
mune of a few weeks, as a special report to
Mr. Eels was treated with grost courtoty by
the British is aval atthorities, ant it is unAr
ttrt d ho ...turn with tie cone otion, that: whit
our monitors are unequal:el for harbor defense,
tto British iron clads would make very shot
woe: with them In the ofess oceaa. For eau
10 - 1 , 71 , e the Briush have discarded the :evolving
tuns t or cot es, cepola, as they call It, wed call re
to hr ory broadddos from toed %macaws's. thor
out hiy protected. Mr. E ads reminds our Monad
nook as the only vs Feel of the monitor elute, at
to :Pe brcoght out Blair et the Enktilah irJn curt
Judge Bus ced, lately of New York, now o
Alabama, Is In town. Af.rr raising at lean i wlth
the ddmloh-trat 'on on the richt of htbroa rorpm
he host. z proceeled to Cose:a^e r.e trot mot nu
cent I; u lonal, and Ws d‘. ne he rna:a !n•m hit ;a
Pe TO, end 3 . COI! to hairs COM. On 13 5.0 what IL,
Go‘ (TOmm t th . nla about It..
Ancrl cr °rear n.u,t4 ring ant thlrly Com - rep
tunics Ind hat . e. lei was yramulga,e/ by di,
Wa - Dt partveal to-fay. On this Itnt ara the
folloolng: Fr , m the 10th, 431 and Pith
Inlan'ry. and the 2d, sth, 10.0 and 17:h Caval
ry; Oh o, litCh Infantr,; Wisconsin, 21 cavalry
and 4.h cavalry, on:validate! with the 211, Se
cads, lit Infantry; Dakatah, Ist battall on c tv.
Wry ; wtlth cAnplette the must. r out of the
reglment; Ccl'cd Stirs hegro troop., 110 1,,
120th, 130th. 2lst, 23d, 17 1.1, 44 la, 55 . n, 1i at,
634, 78th, 911, 100.'3. !OtAl, itattatry,
the Ild },,„ht k , wc:i• F, and I , t tn. .trr nl.l
men of Llocnyany d , lOal Ilcsvi Artql,y, and
Se Cavalry,
, Lrrarl,T C 4 CS../ 1 3LES,CEA.ND VIOA 1 . 113 x.
COLEIs titg of over heleu tua,lnd pay - es, w
hatteed to the caablf It - inter tc-morrws.
The Sto:e ry of tLe Treem-y has ordered Eh,
er:a r of the Pb.e!elphle utfot to ez2;o:t a
0 Eli; t of d States c Jles for the in' n"
ter of the Neil eriates, "rho dectre to ex elm eg ,
for ,hesl Ito dig - c 0 - 4 cons of hls two coun
For tic b, iedi or s-amen, tow amotrt
t the large rum of ten million dolilEA.
Bee, szy Al. Colioela has puloiiheil tte montl
ELII. TIP I. of tie puhlic debt u it appeiire
Irom the Lt ots and :letarna in the Trnanurr
D. per mi et, on the Ist of January, I'lo6.
Lett lead, g let tint !a Cola /,16;14S,2:11
60. bearing inteleet in cu racy, 6 L,l7b,
475,235 50. Maturod debt rot preetnied far
harms, 1., 11 JCG,SSO bearing n
01,1459 519 950
ompartil with SE mTntLly sisiem at of
Nt•Neu.b. r last, that tart brazing, later! si
c. In Led It:crewed 121 tt2Jt the puritan booing
Irte:a t to cut ret cy 101 Inc:Tamil 11.944,040 49,
and tie part tear it, 'no interest has Inc eszoa.l
190,175,203,t-t. The Prevent- Mel-evilest gives
the total debt /2,507,210,359 99. Ate - int of
coin in the treasnerf, 145,7135,550,G9. Amonnt
of currency In the treasury, 644,293,,
271, 11. Anicunt of Nat-or al debt Ices the
cash on Laud in the treaeu - y, 12,716,515 5311 lb.
Zhu receipts from Internal riiiinue
amounted to 11,594,787,23.
The gtlrClintendeat of Indian Affairs for the
T. trite! yof Now Mezlrn , reports to Cidn
slo. er et , :elt tat the Indian 'Tars in that
Trrrhlcry arc not improving. fie save that the
tar. cue tr. 13ts are now completely oYerr.UlOg
the Bouthern part of the Territory. They even
gn Into email towel in the day time, end drive
off the stock with impunity.
lbe Superit tondeot is fearful that the trouhie
that tl.t Minn, bare ;even Lim solar is ally a
plt:tin to a general disLerban.•e, and cal's 4
is•ger supplies of 03.1 end blankets, 'the want
width, be sal a, has beta the cattle oi the]
During Dm rear 1305, the ;most° a bureau ad
mitted 18X0 edd claims. and rejected of the
cline 10352, The number of widows, mother
and orphans deltas admitted the gam:
period was 21029, rejected of the same 1,500.
The untuber of eases set on the dockets Is 84,
OCO. Cpwrrdsof 210,000 letters and circular'
were sent during the year.
sins. LINCOI-`ls' omkrutur.
The Treasury ‘fliciala hare deducted thl Prns•
!dent's relary for Balch last,drawn by Ir. L'u•
ran Nitric be died, from the twenty-aye thou
rand dotiar, toted to Sirs. L'nouln, by Congress-
New Hampshire Itepubllean Convention.
Coscoun, N. 11.. Jan. 3.—ln the neoublienn
Stele Convention today, a resolution was adapt
ed. receiguleleg le Andrew Johnson the Just cit•
tern, tie sincere patriot and the dletingulithed
ea-a... Mao. d d.claring that the Woe and teat.
ler of ins reconstruction mes.age to Congress
mats our warm apprisvin', mad augur. well for
the supiort 01 his mkninistradon. We pledge
him. our Marty confidence and support to all hie
efforts to remote harmony end mutual true% ho.
twern the Millen fiecil.n lof the Uniun noon
the tie of uoiversal liberty and cram. Jas•
tier to all.
Anott er resolution deviates that the Itchemo
to plart, by foreign bayonets, an• Austrian des
potism in dlt reo ban its origia in on flezalsod
hostility to the Llnlied States, and la a &Landing
Insult to our power, lied a menace to our repub•
hem It., tit nth es.
HOP. (;forge Fogg preslde , l ever Ih, ealv.rn
*bleb Woe largely Mauled, eial harm,
Moue :1 r.agLota..
Fire at l'onkers—Loss 50,000
Y. steps. N. Y. Jan. :t.—A do tructive lire,
end the lerfitist which ever occurred. la this rinses
b.. lir ut abut:mope ceeloc't this vricraturt, in the
four story building an Gettys sou we in the cen
tre of the baldness portion of town, owned by
lion. Willa= Rodford, which in a fro hours
nee entirely destroyed. The oust ollre. the
Stakrman newspaper anti jo, printing oflies.
the grocery of Siortie sad I.ntd, eon the lbw )1-
store or William Cumming.. Toe news of
David Denies, a lagtr beer saloon. aid the Ns.
tlonal Guard Armory, which was the prlncitdo
public hall hero. All were lies,. d In the said
building.. Total loss Ls estimated at filty Lhou•
ear d dollars. upcn which there is an I. s /ranee
of tiettea tbrusand live bunted dollars.
11 11 SBZ.P.GII,
Mc Connaugl: y Claims his Seat
Elrollon of Cfneero fo 'the lion se
Fpeetal Dl.pat ch to the Plttnhurgh Onzette.
llanntanuno. January 3, ISGG
SEIVATS.—In the 'Senate to-dav Senator DaYid
Mccornangby contested the seat at fi,ontor
Duncan,. who reprerents the Atacas and Fralgt
tin Dirtrttt. A committee was drawn to engatre
Into the (use.
A committee on the puhlizaLieu or the LaWa
rn/ire ?mord was appointed
Mr. Cornell rend In place "An Act to Incorpo
rate the "M din MILL .t nazi Eq..luring Coin.o 2
pony. •,
Tho following mevaza was then rood from
ttt e, not Curtin
To Use &oar and Rouse of R•presenlatires
of Thlur.pirat.ia Gentlemen,—Thu tot, And
ansiettrs of the last four years here, fro n time
to time, brought on me sevu:c attatote of disesse.
Irrotn the most or,erro of these I am cow slosh
ettneglirc, toss arda recovery. I grad that Welt's,
my conetitutiun an opportunity to e.mtinue this
struggle it 's absolutely necessary that I sheuld,
with oat delay, make a short tea voyage, and so
journ in a minor climate. Coder the pressure
of this mete- slty I co to the Island of Cola.
It is my h pe sod intention to Mara in amid
et ascii to welaome you on ]our arrival at the
seat of gi.vernment. list if It aeoeld be found
ludispeisable that my 51011 to Cuba should be
rolOng. , l to the early part of February, this
message will sue.. to lay before you the cause of
my at s.-use at the commencement of your sea.
sion. It this care I fed sure that you will ad rpt
such a satirise at will be cm es eat with your win
don, and with she affectismata laliensa lon
whl b I hare always received a; re h wide.
IT wou:d, cone: ct. rot b come me ti forzet
that the issue, of life are In the hands of the
ducabore all, soil that many hare faun] death
waltP g for hens is the fcriign shore to which.
they have la en teat in search of health. Should
such be my liar, i shall draw my last brim Is
w'tli a sense rf the deepest gra",itudet t the pea
* of the Comm if:medal old their It prevents-
Lyre, 'or . ho ch•erlui, manly, unfailing down
which they have givan durluz the last four
years, to the greet Valli,: of the riiht, sad to me
and toy liars to ma'ntein It, and with a p - ayor
of thatk'ulnete to Atm! zhty let that ha
sir. us Ito ned the ti!! the end of the cruel rebel.
lian, end me sootily To ha perm!ttd to
coo lour to that time es thi Chief Magistrate of
the people of P, neiyis dnia. To hare my aisle
cothictid In that relation with such a priapic
eedrg end, a t . me, ought to till the highest
a cal urea of any man's anahl'ion.
Km art vs Cusonsit.
Hammy:who, Nov. 27. n, I iT67i,
Nfenere. W, 11. Kemple, of I",,i'adelottle, W.
V. M.Gratla, of f'clin_lelohis, Heary K,verttag,
of W, rtroorelned, Jaziab f Butler, and
J. M. K elslet, were pieced la nomineHost for
ILe r Bice of &Ate T,easurer.. $
Tt' de0.1., of D. Woo !, tsa.. 41;;F:fe;111tIvo
firm Lacco.ur COOLLY. Was atamcnce4, and
Eq:ci• ;ore , cf tooortdr,.: and o . spxt, sick ImssiAl
after fi,oate a 'jou , cod ontll Wodefth
dos Lox..
Ifott , E Toe II •u,e roseotalr , :e4fek
et IL, fount , nt Itnt r to !ty, Noccellfhl t.
05 t t I s, tollowirg
t. , 51.1. or - s 1: Ke!ly, of Wathia,;t3.l.
Ct.< ere—a. W 13,tacdlot, of Ilutillozdoo.,
Aseint.e!nt Clerk.— W. 11. D.r.r.istar, of Al:,
Trac“Til ing C. W. Walker, of
tir!, A 0. fiar'ao. of I bee
:cr,llsl'd J of Allskit
NI. 'o r Ful'o,. F,"L, It9s%Browt,
l'..stmaatt r —J. 0. Isirl.patr,
ni•. W. A. f: (.:7.111 0 v.
~,rg- t•Attus- Char:lrt 1 lld I, rt. 113-
...}111a; r.rst A.aliqunt, ti etrge Strain,
ASi.llety; s.coLd AsLittatt do,, Jam., It
IV , Itdlat TLird A.c..ietant do., S male
Chi lA, LlL[ iral Ai iStILIV. Ellet
t., Lhlau
Dcna,ket per—Jar:le; M. G.l - ran, I. race
1:!.a t Ln. , J . •',111:,.2;
Sec, Lid 14e1, , trLi CLAC.Lfi Ti.
clelphis; Third At 2di:Jitil dn., J , d'ln Mo
tl tracrelacd; FJotth A.s.a.r.tant do., S. V.
Tic vrr, I.AnO
YezieOil t —Jet net M.r.auL T, rt,,da i ,lo a;
Fiat A. blb;act. o ,Wai. F. I ukossT, Erie;
d dr.., .1. J Weir;
1 Lad Acvetca,L to., J. W. rowel!, Ls aster;
Aini..set do., Sarno. I Mace ?:3.11Ad..11-
}tie TT. K. 111,!.. M''Gra . .b. Igler, J. 8.
❑(I.Gt, W. W. I:win sled J,ho F. Sp meltr
were placed la r.cmamt Ina furtb,l officer:4 State
Treasor, r. '
A WO vet in!redlrded flee Lh3 , eiroeut of the
telling °Metre of the I,,lelature, which was
pers.d. The 11, use thee adjourned to me
again on Wedeciday next,
Fen lan Congress Organized
New Yong, January 3.—A suit teat corn•
Enf need In Ihe Supreme Court to-lay rareinot
deercters Stantoa, by Jo,calt 11. Maddox, for
idle{ ed false imprisonment, The plaintiff bar.
leg ben a puicbaser in Richmond, natter per
unision (tom llr. Lincoln and the Secretary of
ite Tait naury, of large quantities rat tobacco, de
s• royi d by cur ferces at Freder . e1...ba1l in
Led been kept In the Old Capital prism Lill
esidett Jobe son came Ito entire. Ha clans.
COO 000 damagea. The defendant claims tint
the rlntnalr was guilty of a violation of the artl
ens of war, anti (EMI the at rent wax malt taut
lay bin order, nut by the Provost )farshal. anti
that the p'slntlff Is alit on bail In ri,ooo. to
aren't trial, on such a ehaige.
The foci's Washington apt eta' says the Ways
sad hicanteCommittee Insists that the tax c aart
nalssion,ahrall have Ito report ready by the 15th
teat.. as It cannot be waited for any longer.
Several of theta' nortatt donna:minis &coos:wan v
le g the l'rraldentb. Message are not yet ready
for dietribution. The report of the COMM'S.
Montt of the Land Wilco will In ready next
The Fenian Congress organized to day with
Patrick Ccwbett, of Ellsracuse, as permanent
cbaliman, and Mr. Quhati,of Illinois, chairman.
About firchucareil delegatee were present, say
eniy.five of wham were from the district of
Manhattan, embracing this city and Qneens
County. Thu members (coin Matitur.tan waved
ill right to any omit m In the organizstion. •
Speeches were made by Mr. Corbett and others,
all In I acor of a thorough luvestigatlon of the
trombica netween O'Mahoeyaud inn Senate.
It is almost certain, say, the Past, that Con
areas will decide In lanai. of O'ltfahony. It will
cleat Ile beslness tine week, bat It Is don. tful
whether at mreous decidi.d against will abide
by the decliion.
A brick house on Widow street, ❑oboken,
wee teetrorLd by till to day, and two children
were bairn to death. 'Foxy were left al.= by
the in-ther, and their right, trek fire from the
ether. '
Destructive Nee nt Lockiort
Ler:grown, N. Y. Jan 3.—A fire broke out at
Wu o'clock tote morning, In the grocery store,
No. i 9 Mato sttet., and estended to the folio sc
log establishments : H. Birdsall, hat acd for
cote; G. Luce. scoter; Office of the Western
Union Teltirsph Coast:any; Office of the Lobe
tThare liailreati Company: A L. Bung, insurance
Agent; Repass A Hunt, grocer.; and the boot
and sbc e. store over -Luee's grocery. Tee bet.
clings were of little value, being old and bulk of
wood. Repass A Haut meet with u total 1013.
but are leshred for $12.000„ Birdsall eased
most of bus cock from Ito fire, but n large ousn-
Alty was stOlen to the street. No inaggusee.
Luce saycd part of his stock. The vold7 was
Wear. d. There was nothing saved from the
t..ic graph c e.
Secretary Seward n his {1 ac to the South
Fut.races:Wt.,' ace., Jan. 3 —Tic Daoto past'.
ed not the cape matt :eventog, the Hon. William
A. t 3, wad and Aiandant Secretary of State, F.
Sewtcd Yrtrl on board,
Tax on Government Deposits,
Naval Prize Money Paid
The french, Austrian and Maki' Miaisterc.
New Yons, Jae. —A Wash orlon der telt
Says en app' - cation having ti no made 4y a
'Western National lisnk to tee &utter) o • the
Treasury, askkg that the deposits of tht
'hin i
ting (Metre or De Government be ni min
from taxati,n, Gen. Spinner has el; co; his
opts lon that the dep,slos of the ditsbu•alsoili oCll
ners of the Cuts, d dto..e. with National Blinei
decig,i,iated as di pc,itiries, are subitct to tax
like ether tlepisits which are eubjoct to taxa
tion on the ground tba: 'Sinks have she benclit
of - sock despoalo. the rain:. as ihdlviduat sle•
posi 5.
The Iroehre dei.pateh says J. W. Webb i
GrenCand etalff en, et Wllatler.on at
ketiihg Ulu wedellue of Geo, WILsO3.
the. 'I eery If at Wesinzigneo.
The Tue.,' Wasbingtuu apecial nave Colonel
Winthrop lb inutoint: g n. com•ntr In rel.t.oo to
toe eloltos of ',ward for the capture of Booth.
It is expel tvd that fie maiter wilt he decide.,
atiout February let.
Major J. hßurbank, lodine Commit:loner,
and a de'egation of five Inca Indians, cud tam:
sac std Fez Indians, arnved here this evening
from Nebraska. They are here fur the purpose
of tor-at:Latino en to the tories or a Ore ay co
toren It to iu nth, and fur the purpose of haying
IC eel erred.
The I.lerald's Washington special gives a lint
of the amount of 1 risc money paid datrint nag
Meets of tynadrol..s nod commanders of vessels
darts g :be rebellion. The largest tingle amount
of pr at money polo was to Lieut. William Badd
for its captors of the Memphis, $3.1,318. The
rapture of the Alb. merle by liteut. Cusnlagia
plc het !cat netted the boat's crew $147:14. per
man. Vitt Admiral Farraget reCu,vas $35,4.13.
lifer Admirals Lie and Porter receive over $90,.
MU rut,. Dupont 6:.3,476 and other Admirals
sums verting fri m $39.000 to $473. Sams
awa•ded to ether officers vary from 141,000 to
IWO. The infested men have been Dahl awns
aulrg from 13 es - its to 61,1000, Nine nod on•e
half million dollars of prize money have been
paid thus far. Six hundred eaptuf eel remain nu •
adjudicated, which will sirs!, the aggf e ;am to
nb lit (then 'Minors.
The World's Wwhinetoo •rxeial •art • Ts,
is a a., alt tauCng nit In nITIInALIq, for pro
alel a, for widows a.... 1 icvanda. There
we, e strut two tLousand of rant m loth,
being ti urchre of needy two per cent a mon , it
ha alt w metal. NW, When the anov diann.
den Int summer, 1.1 el application La three or
fOnr n.o tLa ranged Iron f thousand I.) six
Ihs near d per mouth. (1,, 201 c!T A rci.,,
nouttta that the advenisements of claim arena
the. Evieltle other Man teleran', ari entitled to
extra bounty are Intro fie adds tit it no el
-1 ra bount in have ts,n authorm-d. co: can they
be with, ut further letia!ation, and it is very Im•
enact tint ssAd.cra a:mu d not part with their
at, charge pap e rs.
The licrold'a Wastaug'on special Kays: A
Cot etttien of the C•iliectora of Contains Is to
tacit In Washing , ou City au Moodily, the Bth
Ittl , to de lber•te coneeraing come neccasary
dangle In the t2IttLIOR cestoins laws,
It Is reported that n nVlitars hoard has ti rn
eon' Ulu hy'the War Depaittnent to tor . s•
gate certain trantia , :tons or Uortrument dia.
harain; t ffieerg, wh r have op•rist.l is Kuusaa
derirg it, la.t year or two, and that I nutensa
frauds 0100 the Trea•nry wi I 11, an.
t to the (1., it s, 01 the Inhofe of the Itaa,t•
Lttstalla pri.,auleut t clod althoritlca of tie a')ove
State are talkU2 be nett-I'oll,oy and diareputauly
Identified wait ttcoe in-iie,liat,oue.
'I he re eeres of Raja tt viten, l'-ovo,t •
6L LI of Wsslungton, show test since Juxe, I+4l,
to tie pits. of time the easea of sun • Ili OlX)
floes en have bet 11 rrlrortel at that Oat
i.l this cot I tiniuder lin• 11.4 Capital pr ion tows
upon is:feed tr at It ha. boahrd roe 1.41,7 , ntti
ELI,: to 1 , lode 6.500 Venter! wa , . I real
sec—fwv.vved elhroult.ra agaiect L3C State, sod
x^.. for' ecd tiOnoty Jnapc:a.
The et.utem;ieteti IC.Ceex.l3e of she regular ax.
LOS ;rows Cady to to re. Tent Claret,
Clot ego eon u 1 r s-vexty-liv2 thon.ani
*la,t 211. 11,11!,. I 0 lave:
rely ;is I,,rec Tne Mn-t try Coairul•-
ti s win ly n,. Co Inc, a tell for lw lacesa
rO'y o xt 5005
be 7,12,011'/I sn - cis! say,: The liam SO au t
ernil nid l oon lcs.e tuocr•rg t . in the It. to
wan are. n , ct, el, on ),,f thntent the in , y
fr, Ii t o•te•ee tt! brim: tpy tic) e t.1},1)
tit et nl,esnr.
Ttir Tr t Wet hitriztrin dispatch d , itt'es
the report that honor Romero was fiat ny rho
Fret cr. and Ansti ian Ministers, at the P. - ciald in.'a
tritoni on Ns. ii•st ';;_;,kr z,
toraed the coil sblinimer tham, and says ha
twat formally r-fri red As the Preal.lent, a.d hp
n oft of ins icoattet pr sent, cap.ei.
ally b 3 those (fox the 8 rothAnnarl,-a t &m i ca.
_ • ...
The 11,u:era Wviiirgtwi inipame, to the difficulty now pr in maul ,
I ea tilt's in its 80(0., OCGIFILIto.tI 311 the Ices of
titles as pa. e!... mixing thereto in the tran,fe: of
Ismaili.. (lent rn La. Jllil ca ha; ordered i a Ygr33l.*
thtt uchoct ILe SO'llettrU Stn at to care nil y col
lect al: vratlreii atd reran ibis of the r!!!, res of
their alio! and lumen: them to the C minis
einrer at 11'aq:in - ten, that new pins and other
arr:h l,,, °Pim tatting t, the !ands may ba sop•
p das far as possible. New maps are being
got up a ith a:I possible d spa'.ch. At the time
of rur Menai in of tba SLin 41 many &dean .nrers
attachrd to tie army Ill,' many valushie pa
far. art rt,rda rein' Iva to certain large eit!ites
m the to pa of owners offaing h-spy rewards
for !heir r atoratlon after the clone of Lb 3 war.
It la Ihe bops of the Commlm!oner of l'abiM
Lands to be able to tarnish no much of the mis
el data as to prevent parties to the th.P. ginn
ing ht the dommenv: they haw ivithhe. I in c%•
pectstion of a brite.
Seertlary Sl,ltory on the Stale
of th., Country
New Yong, Jar. 3.-8. R Hailory, cx-rebel
Secretary of the Confederacy, w, itet a letter
f om Fcrt Lafayette. to the citizens of Florida,
In which be =ye lbia. ail it Le study the .trues
cf rehire rentiment on the subject of elavery
droirg the Lot quarter of a century• canntt fall
to S., that wkh or without the proy.o,eiaetend
tr eat to the federal et nititution, alavi ry cat
rover be re :ttahlkhet rriLLla the American
no lot.
lie rate it Is Idle to specola'c upon the ad
vattel;ca,or disadvaritag) a of freedom to the
nig re, one tho fact cannot be Ignored that he
is a remanent clement p' Sou horn populate)°,
and with reference to Florina, all adieu:tea for
colciiiraticn or stparation are use?eas. His la
tertets are Identified with the Bute. and her
liberty and proveritr i :and aceentltled to protec,
Ile ravers the admire:on of negroes to testify
In cuurta, let decia•es tteco habitually untruth
fuL lle enyn the ey stem of &every required
the negro to be kept In ignorance, but the
charge to ble condition reuerices ail a:uncio to
Lie itistrueLlea, and IL meat be for the State to
nett mine whether her birettas wIU be best tiro
meted by a permanently ignorant and degraded,
or by Instructed and eulbrttened 'laves.
In mold to returolrg to the Union, there is
no distiener In frankly accepting the result and
knowledging defeat, while theobrious dictates
of patriotism demand that we make all sacrifice
required for reatoratlon•to the Valor. ; and that.
In again ralairg our oyes to the starry emblem,
we set ognizo in g od faith our sacred duty, come
what may, to sustain Its honor and rights,
'Hobert Martin the Hotel Burner on Trial
—Franca Canadian Alain'anon—ln
terregnum fu North Carolina.
New 1 - one, JAIL S.—The ease of it Mtn Mar
tie, the alleged hotel huiner, who was disman
ged two or three daya ago from military custody
and Immediately re-aerated on a civil yeareatit,
came up to-day before the United States Com
nOsalontr Chborn, some testimony was taken,
and the case was adjourned to Felder, when the
srgumeatwlll be made, as to whttl:r the pris
oner shall be ballad or nut.
The secret organirettlon among. the Preach
Canadian rctidints In the State of New Torii.
has comtnrnerd tin Internal ouarral. Oae fac•
Ono is angicua to yin ore hcailloag Into war. de-
clare amainst England, establish ths Canadian
Rrytthile with a capital and departments at El
ml a, ffeve Toil, and to Invade Curtain. The
other Motion is oppcisisi to any au _h rash anima.
'1 he Ileal C. atre ur Chairman of the Coneen
tior hem published a ittter, la which ho Minim
/pound ageks: any hasty salon.
Much papas ay the Mike of Provisional.
(lave, tor of North Catollsa being vacated, the.
Mac fige. Itself wi !rut civil eilllnes, including
Mayor, *lowa Ct. to Mire las ars, Judge Sa. , those
havieg been appointed iry the Provisional 410 v.
train. It is locatable that the military imbed
too will direct the ;Akers heretofore acting for
e State, to coutinne their facetious for the
NM York Batik Superintendent. •
Ahnorr, .11111. 3.—The Governor baring nom
inated SD. (home W. Sebusier, of Tompkins,
late Btato Treaeurre, fee Buperftendeat of the
bank Department, Viet Edward Mad deceased,
the SeLatr, la Executive seeeton to-day, coo
ti!cud the uomint lion.
Large Lecrease rince November
7 OTAL DEr $2,716,581,536./9
Irtsa:Noec r , inn. 3.—The trea,ury state•
meat .2. WM a decreased debt. Issues of fire and
alx p,r teet. $1.167.10,201.30. Total
debt bearin¢ It.icres , 11.1n,475,!....i5.50. Ma
tured debt not preaebted for payment, $1,166,•
A3O 32. Dett heaelnn us interest, Et 5 9 ,51 9 .95 0 .-
37. Grand total, $ 2 ,W. 17 .310,3,57,99, Total
am, ant el currency pod coin In the treasury,
t2O tZO, 4'l `l.l. derma of deb.. cash In
the treasury, rd1t3.19.
Report nt the MVimetrurtion Committee—
Prehldrnt barer. et Chihuahua.
Ws SIIINGToIv. mem 3.—The Select C 'inmates
on Res oust; net low ha, Lad oo:y one m setts sr,
merely it pi a:1E1,100 . y buss❑ as. The next will .
not lake ;dere until after the reassembling of
Cent:rtes. The report of the commission ap
pointed to examine Into the operation it the va
roue iNeves. tut lawn, with the view he a more In
tell pent legislation en ttio subject, is nearly pro
pel ed.
The Committee of Ways end Means aro wall
ing to rect. tee it before considering the flannels•
meat urea necessary for the support of the clew'
ten Mee t.
The election rapere and credentials which
have Leen referred to the Committee oa Elec
tions. ale teviok printed. The testimony In the
contested election cases will make quite a large
Semi-official news from the city of Caftan.
hos up to the 24th of November has been re
ceised here. Provident Juarez. his Cabinet.
members of the kinpreme Court and other fens
aor, arier, as at Cnihnatina, the capital of
the M.:dean Republic, on the 20th of Nor/ember.
The President met with a very warm and enthu
EiltOOC reception, The Minister of the Interior
lasted on the Ist of November a circular to the
Gosorrons of States, Worming them that the
cyst of the National Gavernminat will he Chi
huahua for th• tr.sent. The people at larga
were re,io red at having got rid of the French
trtx pa. The news from the Intoner is repre
sented to be encouraging for the national cause.
Freedmen 9 e Farm Given] Up--Frauds on
Intel:large-A noldiers—Culooge During
W•antscres, Jan. 3.—Tl.e Freedmen's
Bur t an, to-day, cure cd ai er to trier owatre three
farms fotnated In Lenin county, Va., eonta'n
leg 'De thousand two hnedr,d and tweJty nix
acres, x h cl tad teen held sa condacated prop
To recce r.t shameful et:Onion', on the pa -t of
kna‘ith et;cnt•, arting for Cleeharged soldiers,
it hn- hc.o I,m.d necessary, by the P.syma.unr-
General. to order that all Starts hi issued to the
trcer of h• claimant. and that L aline shall
not t e Ptid by the Drpeeitary upon whom it is
d:awe, v. Aleut the R rltehle ennorsem:nt Of the
onset; not in any cam.• with his endortement by
all or say.
The go'd roll age at the }lint during the
moul h of Eh cerubt r, was El 120 000. the
gllver roir age was a early E 37,000, and the ec,p
per towage was over E 103.000.
Wool Croix era' Aasociatlo/ itleellag--Fire
in Clucintlati
CINCINNATI, Janna^y S.—The Wool Growers'
Afeocla,lon as:kenlb otl at Columbus yesterday.
Ne.o utiora were adoceed approving the policy
of tertel , atlng the Reciprocity Treaty beoveen
the Un.te4 States and Canada, that wool or tvr
era' tate' CSL4 ace entitle-I to a degree of legiala
tl.• o tot inano'nelarlog Interests; that tne in
ter. ta of the country re p airs an eVall ti of
tte us lure of wonted waste; that the committee
of the No•I. nal Manufacturtre A‘rocilll,n to
meet Ibt 1,..0 States Recount tlamrolpholers
be sewn ed to r r: . ,mtn-nd a tax t) be levied on
dege. fuflleltnt tither to raise copal 'eras le rev •
ue for the Government, or materially dimieuh
the number 0: dogs, or
A the sot yesterday on the corner of
Race sod Steams atrcetn , &CI-loping the wagon
to!, 0. NI rt,r,flo.y sot !several emili
leOrn, Toe loss is e6timaltsl at about
I went y the round 001:11rtl.
liet!road 'latch Pose( ' , llion of b) the t.xc
trucr of 31b.c,out I.
Fr. I.ct - t4, Jan. 3.—Goveranr Fletcher took
vess. , .,stec. to day of :be Ft. J to ph and Ate.labors
atd Atetbson and Westnn Raltroad, //nova a,
, be !7 mad, to conssqu-nce of de
fault or pay scent to the Siats of three hundred
thi timed dolrers and interest, according to the
late of tic Missouri Li:l:Watt:re, pasaed last
• lister, under which the rtals Were sold to
M Vsl.itine, Carpenter cud
Burns, and pat cicit g for fo•nittnre to the Sate
It the above I - al moat was act 1,16 . , on January
d rot. Tnn tin i•erncir apptln el a State agaef. to
nl • • ate the roads until lb ♦ can be Bold eget!
poi, cult to lay. the clecied parties, imercd
and lit enCon all probably folic's tit!
Ciovertel'a antes.
The Recent nutlncnUons
dew Yens, Jon. 3.—Tbe loyeal's'ation into
:le far' 5 c , nocrted Irlth the r•eent ca.nsity iu
c.:y. by which Mm. Itnis SicGaghtly and
Fr nr.dn MiGeghay come t...) t , :c!r death by eta"-
att., Wes cencludeal before Coroner Gtrcr
ter day af.ernepri. The evidence a `loved Droved
col - elusively that the erect tar the Tremller,
Edwin 11. Hunter, hat caused the floe commo
n:cot/Leg web. the chlcan.y In the room of the
naccutd to be oh , tritc:ed, thereby 111.inz the
el artment wh h a potat . .Ail zoo, the Inhalation
o: *Well :melted in the death of till part,e,.
The Jury held the roan to ae a.t the alt on of the
tinaLd .Iu
Dian Frozan to Heath int the Plates—
Orenland Featligestlutt
KAN!LtS CITT. 3.—Advices by the
Estella Fe conch say Int, use cold weather pre
ys la on the l'is'us. The I now bound trains
lint hear y •11 th, le animals. Several teamsters
were severely frozen, f 01330 totally. Eleven
ores were picked up aJo g the route In a help
-1 as coidltlon, nod taken to Fort DAga to
The anticipated brary amino Immigration to
this place lute alreaey begun, the arrtals being
greater then et any pa:minus time. Eastern
capital Is tabind up Mdem; lots rapidly. Labor
and mater el for balid ng is inadequate to the
Sltiinier Explosion at New Tory—ELLS
Persons Injured
NLw lot:K t Jon. 3.--The otram tug Neptune
exploded her both r to the Bay to day. Blest
perrons trete wounded, the Coptodn's eon beeng
the of 4' one toc.sping injury. Too wounded
were placed on hoard the tug Rsoltite, to be
tattoo to the dty, when site Durst some pert of
hot machinery. and the unit.Jerat person from
tLe Neptune was the only One hUrt.
Curt. Campbell, of the ohenmer Brltania; was
Ire t °vet hoard to the gale, on her passage here
Item (Ottegow.
Inaugural of the Governor of Wisconsin.
Alan:sox. Wis., Jan. Is evening . the
new Bum officers were, sworn into office. Gov.
Fairchild in his loangural, lave: "Not until
Jefferson Davis shall havebeen tried, convicted
and burg for treason, and the fact that treason
le a crime which CAlltoi, be committed with Itn.
pnalty shall have One born Italy demonstrated.
shall the American people oe content. The
American people have demonstrated that Ma
Ur& u to one and indivisible—that its people. of
whatever race or color, shall be forever fret."
►Message el Governor Andrew■, of Massa-
FOETON, Jan. 3 —Governor Andrews sent In
to the &nate a special message, covenngseveral
km orient documents of local interest, for the
consideration of the Legislature. Tne message
states that the total expenditure incurred by
the meastues of the war. amounts t0113.775,1J9.
Thli sum includes only such expenses as nave
occurred under the direction and supervision of
the several Bute Departments, as authorized by
the Legislature. As far u ascertained the ex
penses incurred by cities and towns, for bounties
and other military purposes, amount to nearly
an equal rum.
Republican Candidate for Governor in
New Hampshire.
CONCORD, N. K. Jan 3.—At the Republican
State Courentiou 'hid in this city to-day. Ills
Excellency krederlek Smith was unanimously
lAleeted by acclamation, for Governor. Lim,
Col. Geo. D. Ravage, of Alt , u. was nominated
ler Rai:read Commistioner, on the first ballot.
' Massachusetts Legislature.
t BogToN, January a.—The Massachusetts Lig-
Is'ature met to-day. The House elccmd James
A. Stone, of Charmetown, Speaker, giving him
121.1 votes against 117 for Mat vey Jo well, of 803.
lon. The Semite chose Mr. Joseph Pond, Pres.
Ider.t, by a unanimous vote. Gov. Bullock will
not prcbably deliver his Meseage until Saturday.
Maine Legislature. -
Auovera, dlr. Tan. B.—TheMaine lekhaaTure
met and orgaoteed this forenoon, by the eholeo
of the follontoittgilcer: Pmldent of the Senate.
Willbun W 13 41'6 , 133, of Norway, Speaker of
tce Hume, J M. Stone, of Kenutb:ck.
Governor Coneiartll lu Maul:armed to-morrow.
Prodi, Safi Francisco
See Fexecieeo, - .oen. 2.—The steamer Golden
City ha+ errived Seam sel:h 81, Toih
iltsieg. anti i.ess% Holm. o 1114 c.f 1./cote:Aka.
Legal ler ildn4. are tocited (T.
Ann rna.o, J no. 3 —The river lel shiner, rap
idly watt bat thirteen tent on the rholla T
revnisien to cotton to-day closed at a de
et ear one ant a pound on middling.
Railroad conatnnoleation oo the Tennesae
and Alabama railioadia enspended,the Elk rive
ra bring wathed away, and shippere sea
via. Stevenson, on the Chattannmaga roai.
Minnesota Legialature
ST. Parr- Jan. 3.--Tt e Legislature convened
at Dann to-day. Mr. J.B. Wakefield. of Fart -
bault county. was elected Speaker of the Rouse,
and George P. Wilson was chosen Secretary of
the Senate. Ne other irnstoees was transacted.
The Governor will not deliver his message till
Meadey next.
11118 Brooklyn 3lurder COM
NEW Yon a, Jan. 3 —4lll coroner's Jary have
found s verdict of wilful murder agal^st Georre
Schmidt., whotshot Weinberger, the bar-keeper,
In Brookly It, on New Year's morning. Robin
son was found guilty of being accessory, and
boll prisoners are held for trial.
Steamer' A rrtrecL
New Tom, Jan. 3.—Thu followleg steamers
have arriv: d : Briltsota, from Glasgow on the
ult, and Evening Star, from New Orleans
on the 26, VIA linVanib an the 2ihat. No news.
SEXTON—On Tuesday mOredus Jam 2d, •t 8
o'cloca, RAIN C. SEXTON.
Nis 'peered vUI take place on TerftLer , alr soda: ,
Iwo, Jan. 4th, at 10 o'clock, from the realdence of
Ma father. corner of Wastitngtod and Market ate.,
/Manchester. The friends of the lam dy aye invited
tatOTHERS.—Pn Wednesday morelnt. sa Inst.
at 1 0 o'+lock. at tee residence of her mother, No
Of Adam Street, 1:111111`trit JANE, dau,htet 0. the
late 511122111 el (7/ ottu rs, aged 2 years soda MOIL
The funeral arlll take place this afternoon at 3
moot pletaresque plum 01 Sepulture, sltuate
an the uplands, Immediately north or. Allegh,ny
City. On the New Brighton Boa& Persons wlth•
tag to select Burial Lots will /19910 at the Super
intendents allee, at the Cemetery. T,ltle Deeds.
Penults and all other business will be att. tided at
We Drug Warehouse el the undersigned, corner of
federal and Leacoek Wentz, Allegheny.
' • - GEll. A. BELLY,
Secretary and Treasurer
W. D. DATTEDZON......k. 10111.1CLU
Commission Merchants, Flour,
Grain and
Rob. 380 sod 382 PEES 8111.233.
Hetet'. New Betiding, oppoalte C. h P. It. H
Depot. need
Commission Merchants.
Flu; Grain and Produce,
EA.JOI , Si.,between Wood et Smlthaeld,
11-13 , PIT CSBLrßali
!Woe. an..nro. u b rN...l.rur ties ♦. dare ♦8
port 4: 11, AIKEN :,LLEPARD,
foreign anti Domestic Fruits, Flour,
Butter, Cheese, Eggs, Potatoes,
►nl pi oduee generally.
fele_ Opposite Passenger Depot, Pltt►burgo.
and Commission Merchant, Warehouse,
201 Liberty a., Pittsburgh, P. Wholesaledesl
er in Butter, Cheese, Lead, Eggs, Pori, Bacon,
Wens, Tallow, Feathers., Brooms, Potatoes, Hom
iny, Dried Fruits, Green Fruits, Onions, Flour,
Grain, vlorer Seeds, Timothy Seeds, Flas Seed.,
Game and Poultry. Particular attention gireu to
Produce Consignments. 0015
(Sccatsfiox - ro MACILEOWN h L/NliA.liT,)
M'3LOCI72.iL cl, G-.E.3.11...1W.
Produce and CommlulO Mancha's&
relay Ho. ssi Liberty Pittsburgh.
Ca. Mt 0 0 3EI Ft .
Nos. 1 and 2 Diamond,
.11,3:14 P7I TSBCROFI. P.l.
-a-, sale Grocers alai Comrsissien Merchants, der
Pittsb rosaulac ur tures gusesslly, 113 sod 11l Sftcal
F CUL.. one sinCrAnalk
GULP bLIEP4RD, u otoz , m er .
chant* sod dented In PLOI'R, GRAIN AND
TROLL OE, No. ail Liberty street, Pittsbur(A.
Choice brands of .11our lor Rakers and kantily
use conrtantly on band. Particular attention paid
to Mang indent for
P. 11.7117. PHOS. 11VPUHRLI.
`,'3L , P. B
LXPCt. .ECK & CO., No. 185 Liberty
ir,t4,u 4 t.„°,'„FA? r"" Grown
pit übuct, esovisturrs e a .e oli ut a i
n 7.,
_l:tic' ICELE.EdE, PRO•
F , M. 7 6 . F F Ii t u t V_R I ORLIN:,SELDS:,
_CiattN AND
he. SALT and LIME. frill
- - -
u - -
:NEIN B. CANFIELD, Commission and
lorwardW ßES AXerebant wholesalean dealer InR.
Produce generally, Nos. 141 and CB Fiend street,
Pltlaburgh._ ocn
SIIIKPATZ.IOB...I. L. P 11044.10
BRO. Lt CO., (Succes
1-14 um to Soaeph PLirkpattiak S 8r0.,) ?MO LF
SALE DEALER:4 In tirtaerma, Flotu Grath
Prot - Mona, Ptah, (Thecae, Salt, Ralli s Wass and
011 a, Non. 1M awl Di Libeity 'Lau, rutot
Pa. &Pi
D. EZIT2Z. l.• L 0114` PP
WiANTS, and purshasbcg agents for all Pitt.
bur Manulactures. Warebouse, No. 216 Liberty
Street. Pittsburgh:Pa. legov I
corers of LARD OIL, and Oommbislon
barns for the purchase. and sale of (MODE AND
E FLAT D PETROLEUM, Nos. 43 and 70 Water
ro P ItllbUrgn Advances made on nonslip.
ki dealer. la GROCERIES, FLOOR, GRAN
SALT, OARBON OLL, Ow., Nos. in and n 4
Wood Street, near Liberty Street. Plttaliculh, P.
330403 3 HEAD ' _ .
EAD SIETZOAR, Grocers wad Com.
E 11531011 Mere/Cants, and dealers in all kind, of
Cloyotry Produce and Pittsburgh Manufactures
No. tan Liberty street, oppoatts head of Woo
street, Pirsbargic. Sly
P. BXY1(1. J a errirsu....wn. D. aerics.
DEYMIBt & BROTHERS, (Faccesurs
to Reyreer & Anderson) Wholesale Dealers In
FavriorrFiry, subeas, FIRE wrings, As.,Nos. 1.% and 12e Wald ettect, above I Ilth, Pitts.
burgh. 11134,
FLOUR,(GRAIN_ Merchants. for the sale 01
,_stechaN. EIDITEE,
SEED,I DRUM) Faun . , and Produce generally.
No. to - stket street, corner of First, Pittsburgh,
Penna. fededy
I WALLACE, Commission Aeration
..-••• end Wholesale Dealer in FLOUR RQB6IN
No. 353 Laxity street, opposite Pennsylvania It
R. Passenger Vepot, Pittsburgh, Pa. Storage
IVai enouse, oozes: Wayne and Peon atteeta.
Ti RIDDLE, .1413. 183 LIBRE CI BT.,
.A.• PITTS/Mita I A.-4.)mstas ion Mee.
chum,Wholesale Puler In Country Proisee,
■ Grosrles, and Pittibursh Manatastaz es. Slash
assume on.llartaishmenta. tad paid los. Produce
generally. • au= Mall
• ENG ATILT 9, raiser Libeny and Adalt
erects, Pittabargh, Pa.
Sir Capacity, 400 barrels per day. ari
Jona r. 110C112.. — a p~gy~ apps;
JOHN HOUSE & CO., 'Molestlc
CHANTS, corner a SmltAftele Oh mass street.
tabs Grocers, Commission and kbrwanling
Merchants, and dealers in Produce awl Pittsburgh
manufactures, Liberty stmt. rittiburgh•
71 , 0 . PLOT D. D. WILLIAJE NW=
JOHN FLOYD aE CO., Wholesale Oro
cm end Commluitla ittetehrosts, Nos. 112 Wood
and 2..."1 Liberty street', Pittsburgh.
1 - 11713T — I'llr-711184M • •• -
Philo Hull. car.?hirdgnd Market ols.t
betozol Stein entree,. an 'X'Slll••lietree '
Cyala Paw •od Gold and.sllvekera . r4 ll
01, .
wholesale aad retalL •, • • •-; • •
Ps. repaired. Persone -having Pe'cra4 o-. Mou:
teem er Daly, end they Mil be PrOEMPtii
tmcu. ' : • 00,1 A
THE BrWilimialrstws •
a ANT..
Retail Boot and fihoe House.
r cs' Ouzo Sole Boots, water proof st Qa
M ext.- Me Calf Boons, blftt beat, steel
Boys' Boot.
Boys' Brtgaa.
Me.' Fine Buff BaLmpral44.
. ,
Mena' Fite Calf Sewed 1114 ands 1 se
Alena' Sltprars
Women. Slipper];
Women'. Petted
Women's Fr. Mo. Sewed litiktteeVeLmanel
lined - Balmoral, ... 2 MI
Oh!Are.' PoUgh toubio solo,
Cbtll'. ColussNl Shoes
Everything is Sold Clr p.
Everything Sold is WAUratite d.
Everything Sold Is Perfect.
Everything is in
Everything is Nice at in ieeptar
with this Model
Where these ilargethe to be had.
Concert Hall Shoe Store;
Dire°Lly under the ClPire HOS,.
Xo. 63 Firth .strut.
we desire Lo lat4ria 11l peVoirs Rao want
Tli sf until JANUARY 15thoie HONESTLY ALI
AUDY will tell toy Wheat from Ott
W!phave some:Gs:swats
TI i 19.0.1
Whisk we tell tol, the
0 UsELVES in Btimore< -
XI y ou prefer your aI OLOT,4IIIO/ made ena
v•astitt, we have s full 1140 of
Ant on, CTDITER is MASTEit.; of tha Trads.
For the pment, mo will Enka to orOtOdartit
WAR wilt 'l' EN USE sausksturioN, at. mow
BEL° tV other drat C/11.11Tallo2a.
WM you cot favor co With SO V patrccutis.
dela J. H. SAMIT,ii 611 op:
United States Ordnanee Property.
=III be sold at Public Andian, by T. A. No-
CI.IIi.I.AND. Auctioneer, aim •A.I.i..EGILENT
misENAL, Pnisburgh. Pa.,• anunenclng at IS
o'cloca, a. re., NUN LAI , lanter. 7 lath, lAin, =is
fottateing articles, elzt
4 Iron Cannon.
El Upper Casemate Ca=ll,ges, cast tray -
Insets Artillery Harnett,:
4.5;.:W. Foreign Unseats and..ll,llles,newUnd re.
16,00: U. S. -fd whets and res, now and re.
paired. . ,
62,621 Forel= Muskets and Ittfis.
13,4:4 U. S. Musters and HMOs. •
a,t35 Breech-Loading and otr=r Carbines.
sza U, rya and snarl:o6,ll=6a,
161 S to rting Elites.
36 - Snot Guns.
• can Netaket and Rids 13=7116,,
119,06 s Bayonets, triangular /41lsWord.
;In Revolvers. • •
1,675 Sabres_and Swords. •
.t,too acts Cavalry Accantilatettlx. •
52,050 sets Infantry Accoutrettents:
o,sre Saddles, Cavalry and Attillery. "
70,Cc0 plata of Horse tqUiltatts. neat%
brushes, curry-co
3,=0 Saddle Blankets. . -
3,000 parts of artillery 1161a7;416,_,.
e,060 rounds - Powder , 0611.36161: 40121.1.21-d
• don' roning, -
ineartglete sets of .tilittight Istnt PAM
for agnate Vardigarr:, - -
SOO tons Scrap Out lona
O . -
60 tons Scrap Wrought Ibtat
60 tons Lead and Antimony. Is plgu; Type
100 Wrought Iron A
:s,o3o.pounds Lead DSOS& ~ - •c• •.• ;
11.600 Packing Boxes. - -
A large lot of appendages far IntrilretS,elitiner,
a, an
A large lot of Artillery ItoplntklentS Arid tint/.
•• enta.
A large let of spare paris for XlAltetat ta:t
A large lot or 1 cola and
Purchasers will be required toyenunrithaprap
rty within ten nays after the lia9. ‘,. • •
31. H. B. watzrELsr;
.I.lent. 001. ofti:W.l2ft awl
Bre.. Brit.' Gra. V.B. Afgr
'alas and Steam Fitting
Water, Gas wntd Steam,
ALWAYS .ON $44.N0..
;,Gas Fixtures for Sale
,teht Trade
• .
s o l e 'mute - for KNOWIA'S PION/ . SITAX
DAILEY, FAltltai 01;
No. 16913mIed* '. 1 ateetozi.
no Lugo ' Turkeys ,
200 Large
:000 Pounds pine tresti Etttkt?6,
600 Dozen fresh Eggs. - . -
Bushels this, to entre. - •
160 Bushels Con:until, borstteed.. ,
220 ntudielt very thotco • - •
600 Pounds prima 00010 Feather;:
Barseln cho'cs Sargon 6104ine1.
300 Boxes prtme cutting Chense.7_ , ;.
goo Barrels snood'
winter APPlet'.
nos Bushes talgtd, deed -
303 Busncts Posancs, to arriYO. .., • ;
oeo round Swettur etie , -.0. • -^•• '
WILb •I WI stock of firocausba .1,1; ror salli try
- If• RIDDLer,
• 0 1' — . 7 -
New Yea '
r's Pr o rate.
tvoas TOZ.Er;, C1A8A.3,91.113)
WAVER STAliD`ji.o9,7 , :tr,
pan be had ag
3 ..
'.apt: zi • to& Acura:v:4o4'.
t . .:]
.;;. -
• • ......