The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1863-1866, December 22, 1863, Image 3

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Itaihijeatupani - enelaiken up. The plain
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Mt: b . tings an - action f damages In cone'.
401,00110FiDitatii ' ' tiNo:ll4 son,nlad,
.., ~ 714i_nriss ran over b y the puma 11l tear lire
Engine,' dn., Third sere '''near Wood, Jut
atunnicnr'-' - The history of the nane:is abont as
;.follorrat Au churn of fa , cras;ralsed, aliettlic
• - ,Cfler 'dirk; aidihe Tit*" ane wee :Canted out
„,tryhunt thelcurses t aa the 'One appeared to be
.. - Clase.tisihninglue '46ci dereeraing th ird
. . - . . , ~
- ettietind beards - urchin& ood, amain named
Dentfitiltho hinthold, of t , ropes and a lad
_ .nanattd,Fieldleg, (lon of the' defendant In
-Weenie) both fell, and * e run over by. the
l e
engine -the former being ed, and the latter
, - sustaining a beeture of the legebiehrendured
:'ll=llokawirlecenzeryiceii tioy,
are a, ent shoLl3
; "-''''..Saa-bittcr at ereirk helping sustain ' la 'talk.
:see family . It Is alleged •et the 'eel
happened' In ronsequen n eo [the negligence
I ":"lh ni ltrziz _o,l,:sr.
part o f. f n Oct i‘ k t ee l l y tt
i . Women' _ their ' :tracks, . he biy. was
”, 4 , .', placed en the ' stand,' aid: eatifild that be
,'..,--,,,',.....i.:. tripped Dt - s, lergehnle In th etreetitetween
the rails, suid thuareceired h a injuries. ..tia
-•':-:'-'etheitehhness (a member op the Duquesne)
sies called and testified that the heroin kins-„ .
lleir wasebentitra ' feet witlitsPillu , lc'Orm
Deg; and from sir to'elght inches deep. ',The.
'';",,' . -,.. '' '''- • :::':lllta l t i lt rill that rit 'a T h .V. It',Axi th l . : h alal
'- ''''. ' '''''''''' :'- --'' et nth ging he took the trou le to Insitnin•
4 ,1 .4 1 ?,:-. ' t ,.:'' .",,ft.';' , l/rritatedj hnhor; that t hole hadbeen
~ 14::.,:::,:l. :::.: .„: A :-.therri tor two or : three mentliaJ;lhet he wit - -
„ .. r .ssessed_ the, accident whiehtted in the
- I
death of , ' Reams and the tn joryof young
- '7 • , : Yleldin be SAW the boy lyingion the' street,
and :make en 'effort. to get ape . sad that his
' ,-.......- . featlay_ within six inches of the hole &Unclad
!` l% R t° tit ' Z i n .-- l e sTie lar th lotttrl ” . It ai mpUn t
'ir : .! = „4.itria Mallon and D: IT Belt atpear fer the
".....- - , -, Aefersai, kid Mews. Itaneask aid Re enan for
- -"t. : the p4intitr. . . . _ 1 ...
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?-44-:;,;:•1 - c,., --A" ~,.. 4,: ,
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,'*-,!-C•:,:;1 44 '''«.-14,''.,-..ilif:7
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A *4,17.4;p. fi ♦ i44: •
I. . 41,-, I ; ,i.l : ; 5
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Cif4J;l;pit!--:i• ,',',s,:i'll4
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"1, c'.2101:,•,j
liq'ale,i;lX +
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,t--;k40,,,:.5..,•i..=',. ,4,,h.;_.;
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ttl;catPN44::i7 .4-• `-.':
,p,017.:"1,:-,•:4;k11:. i;.• . , t,i.,
'Z' i . : ll4 ',''• 41 'i,:.
:. ~ .
:t• ,41:7.4•4•14,:,`, ;,•;'4, ~,„•,,,1;•' •,• • •,4:, ~
;•: , :,;oI.N. !II:, 40 . ••.2. 4 ,
'1,..'5:1*4 li''.?; ', •,*.k:tr•
1.k....,:,,,,,,..::, :: , tto , ~!, ,`, •
.;:li t 0 4il+:4' •, 5,..f• i,3,... 'i.o.'z!,,,'.
:,41.'1.•`"•-•141,- 1,./I':
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~,c4.`31;3,,,, 4 4'11,1*:,•:. ,
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= 4"; , :.,„ - t: . • '", ;i;i".l
• ~ ;N,, _ !
,e( ;::. Z 1,1`.! : ' " ; • -1 - • -•'4 ' ,l,
''' ' • ' ".,1 7 , : C. 4:,..
`,:',-)C , .-.
,*yVO*;i -1,-114,...!.'t',.:*
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'-.1" , '11....-`1,1,:.,
7..1' tiln*?*?-:`,;:•::,
* l'lt", : j t ,Nft:
, 4, ...'1 1,..*'% ;Y:.
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, : , i• 4 *I , 1
-..., - , ; ‘ : 1 !, •A• -,•-• • ' • ,
~..1,, - ;,..--5,,t, ,• z•)•,,,,,,,:,-,-,, .
.';', • : ~ -;F•:.'",!.;,,,,•;47",•,:0,:...:,,,.,,
w2 ,`" - wire -them, and we ileow of no
eou l:llneore cheerfallyrseommend,
e ewb o has a6etkfazzortment, thagir &had
Mr. James 80wn . ,-1, 1 0. 1.5 Wood a et. /lb
- - - ludebrited shell germ s , putani, 1 31 40 wholly
.•:•.or .out Owl, and - Winennted durable and sell
&Wit; U. jnlit , the eztlele‘ltoth far ladles end
"getitleatera; and wield makes ill bundled 'ores
--; ' • .• -set ter the holidays: - • Mr: Sure has skates of
; all patterns end cukes, and - klestock of sport.
• ;,.." tag geolls,la ono edible most eomplete in the
.-Being • •ptedltel mechanic, he Sher-
On*: andastands howl° Soled his
sontiee as• to hard nothing bet the best on
'' heal . and - he ashs an; the lowest prices that
goods of -. the same disentptiosi can porstbly bs
at: • Otero hlm 0 call, and judge for
4- 4 ; yourseletos, '•
'Down Is also arcuated machined, and
; workman, need' an.of Wends
• who imay- wt.& maildies of stay kind our
' tln good order, If ther.will give 31r. B:
; trial, we are ecrtaht Mahe - mill randier coin=
- ' Isle satisfaction. - : •
.• 4 . •
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. . . , •41.=
- J1 1.
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s proulgum•-ltosnenoss,Coldhla.:
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.11, 7 r" w al k imam, ,rslielreitby
~;; I :f tf,l " = 1..... b r 0u 41141_ th irtro rare lieg :d i ou
m optt n. B s pesA i
:- - „ , ....,40"h : , „ , ,:‘ ~ 4 0$111A , " rrirstroggito••;,.-N. . - 4.
_ •._ A " :' , c '''''' ' '" 4--- t;,:isizvar-acidattoseo.7,- 4 4 ,
'-.-- _ • : 2A:7.T-, - . 1,-4.riel it t i ii.tbiralitiviirah. 32
- •.• ,-,-,,-0..t.'. 't 4:
, X 11 -'-, ~ : (,- ..... , -tv.- " 4 i ,4 ' 4 '''`‘",- t!Illk. ‘,
....., .ii , , „ , -.-^_.-- ,_a •-,. ? ~ , ,..,.-", --• 1 0
,- , • vc-,e - P
---- ''-'—'''' 4_ 6 0- 'f..l. i
- ', 1 ,"„ . _ . .--.15:'2, - ,:-. , ' - . 1;41 - : , ____ ,.. .„, 41 ... i .
- 4 4.,;.0; I-6sl
:,';.4 4-F,'Es:i-4,1-.-,fKf-..,,4Q-i.-,=-z-,.;i.-.4,.-.•.,,,4,t,,,,,i,--i
71.t&vg, ; A .mot :gn'a7- 44
'I,--vg?44.T v , ;4 . w „: l -, -A .1,6,- 2A* .- t -. 7 7,,4 6A 1 , t - ;' .4, Q, i
4'11. r 0g4 -4 ` l -I: , r - v15 , 7- k4w44a:41/4z4;4,0.
' -*V! '7*•l - .iti-W14544-44 4w ,1 ."'''"-
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_~=~ .~ ~
TOR ILaliont
. . ' 7.. LO-
•r -, C ITY TILD31171101:
'• ' . wan . EscithArm.
rie- Connellaville Railroad Elec tion.
~, :
:_. Oa Monier, .Tudge McCandless, of the
: . baited States Cottle, was engaged In hearing
~, an applieatiticivis behalf of the Baltimore and
Ohio Riar4 vi:;:tiOny; to have the recent
'liiittital else of Directors of the Pittsburgh
• '-•,. andeonneil ills Railroad set aside.' The
• •
. -:;..-Z - eircumstanitte upon which - this application is
-,... ~. -- 1 .1 -
-fated are greedy homers to our readers. The
4 ~ -
,e mile Oa tainsul of the Judges of '
i-1 the R reestve the votes representing
". , •...4 Tarp anten at stock, because it had not
bien entered upon the 'stook ledger. In-this ,
: *ay; the piney of the ;Baltimore arid Ohio 1
.. .kadeornprbropresenting 1;800 shares;
_ .-ilaad Ide vota , re sated. The complainants, in
'"4=.nsalAarSition, y: •
.F . ..„.,::1 - !ribs remit o 4; this misconduct on the part
, -wf.thinaldjad Ails that they have declared
A! .. ,, , Tatees-Piik . ,4r., Thome. S. Blair, C. A. Mar
, 7 111v.iladiller,-4: A. Caughey, Win. EL•lieven t
.1 '-- •:- ' 11. R. Goe, W... , . Taylor, Jos. It. Marston,
. -,....,::•:‘,,, .... •
Joel C. Strewn, halal IL Davidson and Goo.
l'ilekle; to be elo tad Directors of said Pitts
„,,-••-.. - -.-; ~ , ---,:' i., , .-bwrgk and Caen Inilie Railroad Company
Witheitigit allihos persons, except Taylor and
t in
~,7,-.•, % ,,.; ,;:,...,'.;:- r-':: - ..gitriton, - ritai =lr I minority of the le
-nal Vett:sten ' at: said election , and they
refuted • ti.-Sta .WttLl g.',Bissall, William
Dingitre; John gl Joseph Bennett, G.
- • , : ..IL B. Zetttenaan,l Winziliddwltti Cyrtut „My
•-. . - en, 44.ii,4 124 ...d; Win , ZZ Bintitkßitt4
:Retdauthili. be to he alected-Diractors
,:-• if aeld.Couipany, though itli the totes above
enumerated- as selected; besides - MUM, here
taideretifur thwa,nnd .341„tiangit the said re-
Joined votes were a Ilargoniajarityotthe votea
, - leadered at. said elietlen. A. to the - election
' .- .utlf. l .W.:Ttillorand:Jon IL Manton there is
' . nit.iillip — ite - , as. th were ex 'both tioksts.”
:They therefore ask aria onloink4 the par--
- , 'int named frank g: es Direcran, and re
'' - , •queitihe Coen to . , Wise the said Wm. S.
• ,Bleseir, Wei:- Ming , 'Jahn Blenming, Jo
' ' ' sap - h Blitaling; taisph Pennock, G. L. B.
• - IFeWarman, Witulllwin .C 4 fit Myers, Ben
. Jambi Inford,•, l Wm. ..164.dockand Boatman
' - ff. - Latrobe; who et ,antim wire really eint
',-: ' ed by: said ..rejeateknitii, , to act as Direotan
~.". ,of think' Bittikargli and tunnellsvine Rail
...- read-Company In 01111 yea;; ensuing ' , the said
.1 f,=7th dayof Deeember, Intlti, and said their atm
invinsehall be duly Alined as provided
' .. :. the charter at said CoMpany, and ;
l u g gi pennons to respenthem as inch. •
.. 1- :.' . Mmars:..Rttchte and Latrobe appeared as
.council fareompletnent, and Mesas. Hama
: ~...1 tan and Sewell for r o urdants. '- . = ,
~. ~T.he a . rgatiteett: . : nob - been cafaladed
—iitemilteCourtredlonined. ' ' ' -
d~ _
, ;••ci - vr , "..: , 3.,:,..:1 - ;:a.:
Skatt• and Skatin
-The Allegheny titer this morning presette d
..,: 15* - : . spectaele of n/ivet filled from bank to
t t
boat witi
j t. trzy de, and this t' en in eon
_ iliezion *1 o 'toady.. aad int easing cold
-- , --i'' .--, '''.'•', inithscr -free- na:a guarantee t t theito will
i.l i' -7,:;-',.; , „;:.-:;'.7 . :Ointi,f,eiliit ihandanes, - and that, a health
.ii,i-, fat *tiemenkof ;kitting/an be indulged in
;b1 the ,',ads and hoes tO their afar ' oontant.
gsdi. as lie lama of skating lief I having a
t .z - . -, . , ---' : g op i p a w i, - !....skates ! it is anoint' to' know
ite-trutarrester or Sex Mourne' hleue..—Tho
foliate/41z thohlendrken:Wf ".the ,WerPelthrt
' Pent trs relferd teihr re-enlistment of Nix
111 oi the t :
- . net; :the ease ; of Sir months' =en, where
- - three-fourths of-et rogienent or other orguiliza
,'-:: diet th4nllthe for three'earee, the mon.wi/1 re.
' edroltde. of]threo hundred and two
dollatri s 'edd the .olhesrs wtl4 be permitted to
Math the rank tad by them under the sir.
tenths' tam."
- . -
TheFolegoint hr th "prlntipal at the Plium
.16fed 1:Ton tar.t.he iv%ortoient of alf troopo.
• Ssegeos's Nutuncutos Psoctstterrox.—
,-• . : Sitar Alien Dunn,st Minuoville shorted us:a*
wryer PrasidentJaeirson's Nullification Pne
• •-• • • yesterday, TOT,' onions tone.
It is imprinted on a ttiandkerehlef.ot the
Mind, tat( and altirough it has been e'en
.ty-tbroe rein in tba Major', possession, is u
- !Verb and legalla as U.ltbadbeenexecuted
• . : yesterday,. Th. MajOr proposes donating It
.._ to the gnat Western Sanitary Fair. The do.
ration la 'TOT, apprepriate and suggestive
au • and ire think iron its beauty and rarity
, s/iigassuand a high egue.
‘ , ll'was ISAY a? Jrzwasurf."—We would
fuldnilleiar ragas that Dr.
win dottur bis emu! fattens In bls thumb,
on Stith attest, this grreplag, at half-put
lowan o'clock. &blest; "tit I saw at
Jarsaalsa." ttus Dontor's IL, both
gear and ptastrattag, those who Wane
Nuys:put to eel°, a rich entertaltuneu.
The proompas sea to bedustod to the taus of
the Sabbath BebooL' • .
. Ten 9aoar or .thraniros,--Thit ghost will
. =again on Chthiltdaa arta:noon at the
Ms g6ost:lllp nzaelly arposrs at
, :1104 bat Monaca Mode:ran who has a
peat ideation for the Nita* folks, ' " her pre.
Jailed orn th e aurtarions to. rslow
4thrideelion Christmas afternoon. There will be
is:sraat rink to KO him an that Orion.m
pre.lo)ii:j i;O-M=0*
orrir wtexarr
Suit for
Ogrnmx, hove you eratalued the tall and
data stook of goods tb• Merehaat Tall
lorlog eatabllslunerit of C. graham k Cl 6,
No. be Market street
iioShmpp ly of goods nary walk.
Haan you ozasainod tho plias of goods at
ago Masa* Takistegostabllshmoat of Sam.
Gab= t Co n ryt. 64 !fugal stroot; It not,
it to pow time you me 10 Pa
on& fa you clothing
Ent', tarmantirsrpmtad I ;afoot lt.
Baran Guns' ape. Iliglarani.
losiuk Istammr, $0.161 Paz Arai, la
thro= l:sl:l6,o 414 16 .
era got tho bat chap
. um , Trou't forget al Pim*,
'; Weis - W*lW to i an
aitiienitelmirsistan, toauembie en otaite
ibis eveningi b the central ipare of denote
ihnitet House, to take action in regard to
mating a city loan, sufficient t 4 induce vol
unteering to the extent of ,the city quota
under the WI of the President.
Beiervil Isige preliminary mootinp have
a/raidy teethed In Allegheny, at, Which en
expression, of public sentiment has been
siren OA this question. It L hoped that the
miming ts-nishi will be so large as to give
fall expression to the will of_the citizen&
In this connection, mishits& not Ergs some
eimitu 13101(121021t upon the attention of our
readers oath!, aide the river ? Why should
this eity not follow the example of. Philadel
phia, Lancaster, and Allegheny? ..The time
is short; prompt action; if say, should be
taken. The
..quition is of the deepest Im
portant, to every citizen.
The Draft.
TO -day papa I na fZe, nnmbend hqm 1
is 1,300; wlll bi-salted at the Provost Mar
share Office, to Fourth Orem,. Persons hay
ing Aida, eontaining daubers se share had
better bre en bit °thawing they - !rill toes
their turns.
Chew of Manifest Physical Disaloility, whatever
their camber, are examine& at ton and two
before hearing other cues.
•Palms Oka,* ClWZidosho him not garter
e= w
yet be to, by leaving their names,
Miet, and number of the application
with the clerks in the biiinosi elite the day
ltaalaas, that their papers may be marched
for among those on hand.
Tin Reason Winr,--Witr readers may feel
inclined to know cur motives for persistintly •
advocating a preform°, for the "Wheeler Er
Wilson" over all other Sewing Machines ex
tant. We IrM here tell them at least one of
the "romans why." Tho "Wheeler * Wil
son," lathe only machine that Is thoroughly
adaytokto all kinds of Anilly sowing. Other
instruments are ibuod hiNrerk well en *Main
gr4 ll l elassei of notionials; linkthis ope
rates- with equal eass,aiatness mid reeeleton
on all febries, from the Briestcamirrie to four
thicknimes• beeriest broadeloth..ThLi,
willia siniaboi - of other characteristics, ren
'den the Wheeler !Sr Wilion Machine _the one
above all others ratable for Pima:ging' to.
Other with, daughter, mister. sweet-haari or
friend. And they moults for; the dream of
eastonserathit and now at the Wheel
er A . Wilson eitaidishrieet, No, 27. Fifth
. Christmas or Rue Year's presunktof a
Piano, would be .yery appropriate, in those
dap When the art of mimic is so universally
cultivated. Those intending to make sash a
[ill, will find it to their advantage to essmloo
Mellor's new stock, expressly for the hon.
daye. Elegant instruments of Chiekering and
Sons, Ilaselton Bros., Jardine k Son, W. P.
Emerson, and Miller, Gibson &Cos., man
factures may belleell In the usortment. Also
plainer and lower prieed ones—all tastes - and
circa:niobium eau be suited. Remember, 81
lis. - Rsuntre.—ajoe . 29th regiment Peon.
Weenie Totem 'teers3ortnerly commanded by
CoL ,TeturK. Murphy, and ton is • charge of
Col. 'Ricketts; is twirl= its way homc to Phil
adelphia. Davy nun, in the regiment, with
the exception ot Cob Ricketts, has re-enlisted
Tor three years,•end they tow come home on
s thittrasp? furlough, to recruit to the ibli
standard. The Subsistence Committee ex
paned Cie resilient to reach this city yestar
dayafternom or Isataled.
f ritrathe grant dramatle romance
"Ambition:.':adaptedrrem the french of Dtt
usaa;iru irodaced &hilts theatre lad ann.
:tug in goo style. piece abounds in
thrilling incidents; aid. toe translator boa
fairitrallippna*rad the ideas of the author.
Proctor:-u1 :Maridweld. was really Gee,
while Miss Marl* Miss Ands - Myatt. Mr.
Kames, - .Mr. !Sefton, and cthers, performed
their pastradedrahly. TheDtamc bill will ho
repeated thisimning.
Tent Borates Oraiu Titorrs.—The Hol
m:l2s were greeted by a large and fashionable
audience, at Masonln Nall, but craning.
Erezy seat was 'occupied, and the manna
were ;applied erith.-ehaiii, benches, etc. The
aar • rertaitiala, end we did -not ran. . to 110 more than . ..look in." We were
Informed; hoverer, bycolapetent judger, that
the performance was highly creditable, and
.wits well ?undyed by ; the audience. Thei
troop. will appear again :this evening.
o.o,—One of Mason add Hamlin's exquisite
Cabinet. Organs . snug bo an appropriate
cluistmaastmissi tos,maaitilfrissidi ''Bind
attAkiszful lateens; astable of the dnest az
prad.on, aircimastd .dusmble,"routior
'Choiseul, osfuisql7body. they use lucre
to And their,way intoisearly seen/ household.
To see sad bear them is to be convinced of
age merits. • 'Seib:mi . EG Wood street, is the,
solo agent, and Lai -Just remised aline as
sortment fee the - Holidays. Go and use them,
Pf 07115011 Xran.--Prefetior Ktdd was
vet.d with a large &Vitae') at Lafayette
Hiatt evening. Bii 'delineations and per
sonation/ were batter, ht ear opinion, than on
any :former ocraefon , when it.wav our pleas
ure to hear . him. If mar publio speakers could
make tharaselres as familiar with their sub
jects, as the Profaner is with big pieces, they
would speak with more ease and grate. .
- insvtag Must fonds la charm
either as administrators executors, or trus
tee, will find aultoportint err ad
vertising columns, from .11eury A. Weaver,
gni., Assessor of the District.
liossiaYßosas.—Toy books, and juveniles,
Photograpk albums, diaries for 1863-and this,
large engravings of Geo. Washlnstan, Edward
breztt.t and Waildngton Wring, at Frank
Cases' Newt Dope, Chronfts
Fates.—The Yonthe' Aid Society wilt give a
fair, for the blames of, the United States Bee
fier,. Commission, at Neville Nall, on Toes:• •
day evening, December Admittance,
ten cents.
La TO want to buy a 000 Acoordeon or a
Fintitui for a Christmas Gift, go to IlLellar,s
81 Wood etrost,- arlio 'Das one of the largest
midmost splendid assortraants ever brought
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Bresoeser,—Solutcriptiotts received, et the
leant prices for ax y of the teapiines or pa-
DaseeNews Depot.
HOD= ♦nD Lot" Vol este, den foi eash,in
the Sixth" Ward. Si. advertisement
Taman Pow, Pktn and Ornamental
Elloto Roofer, sad dealer In Peenryysals and
Vermont sll . of the beet (po li ty at low rotes.
'ollioo it Ja• Liaihua's, TM , the Rater
Web, Pittataghi Pa •
Eur-skse-se-Aw 7 -lorame linonsa Tonso.
co.—This Toluene, used by the North Amer
ican Indians, is manufitetuzei from the finest
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In such proiwrtion, as to Impart to its die
tinter" Oman, and AMMO MY it whemer
it becomes known • hearty welcome. A long
residence among the Indians of the Rocky
'Mountains, insured en acquaint's*, with
their habits, customs, and modes of life, and
among other things, an insight into the com
position of their smoking tobacco, and a
knowledge of the means by which the as • ni-
Bite aroma is
. rodnead, which nudesa tic
pleasing to the stocke' and so acceptable p
thoierwho are not. - - Smokers who once be
eimisacquaintad with this tobacco will never
wlibect Enid by all tobacconists and
by thisnsaufsaturer, E 11. font, 611•Ches
nut street, Philadelphia.
Fox Put. amp Wirtz' Haas.—The !hum
mer! I part, and by the morning'i frost, we
begin to apprehend, that fall turd winter will
shortly be upon tu, and we mast provide our-
Wyss with ths..nostarisi to hoop u comfort-
We. A silos fall snit, or s good sal well
:pads ors:cost w the rimy thing, sadl we as
net know of any pines when our riedUll
would silt thanselres bettor than at Mews.
W. li. wale t Co's clothing utablielanant,
ems: of Ifidorsi stost apd Diamond Square,
Atlegheny. Tb.y Qv InfYiTsd • fem•
plots assortnuat of gestlainett's fasts" --
goods, sad ar- - - ---
r! , ..Needdelax 4l 4A=Alllgellelai'll‘`WlO
, z trakof UAWllbgNt. ave,iiira. Wirt, ...
' i ittrite SW-Yak; WC stradrata pez.,
elated by wit of 'met=eonsextilfre. - B.
A. Allen's eeleastedllelrltateterend Zia:
balsa:gam, Isiah I haws found Tellable. I
, now writs to ben yen egad, pee a dOei ot .
.seeh by expren, for the'oesi of m t llbode!
wic by h street, &usable New York evarYwiere. , Depiit 191
Jwr Immo ems 17.11DT sou But—Dis
in* assortment of Van and Wilder Melo&
lately received by Nears. Jolua Wier k Co.,
4ercluint Tailors, Ho. 143 Federal street,
ol'egbetty. The stoa of elothing midge Of
the inert variety of gents' pantalones rte/
mate and overcoats. The gryle or psEtertur is
tosteftt end :failtimtble. We witeda laths
su of oar midi, to give the above plain:Lax
• oat.
OOLDIESIO SPZCILLL 80T10Z.,-O0 your duty
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* 2OO Or 1110
Omen and canine *sib will be taken at
the Omnibus °Doe, No. 410 Pima street, day
or night; Mi ado" left at the above piece
will be
promptly attezded to. All nib mit
beytald •
41.1ftat. Dentist, Sild Penn ~oat, will at
tend to an bnaineesof hb tworeutia.
Prom Texas... Whit the Rebel Chiefs
Are Doing':.Condltlon of the People
tinder the Rebel Hale.
A despatch from Fort quail, lath int.,
to the Stilton's DMOCrat, tarnishes the fol
lowing interesting information:
"A Mr. Taylor, a substantial &enter of
Denton,Texas, arrived here to-day. lie
left Renter!, which is one hundred miles
south of Rod river, on the Ist inst., and
crosscut Red river at Warren three days '
afterward. It was understood, when he
loft, that the Federals had possession of the
entire' coast, including Sabine Galt, Gal-
veston and Brownsville. Also, that a Fed
eral force was ascending Red Aver,' end
were matching an Alexandria; when:Me
rebel General Taylor awaited their attach.
General Magruder has ordered the chin:
latton throughout the state of a 'pledge, de.
voting the life, liberty and property of the
eithens to the support of the Confederacy.
Those who refuse to sign It are considered
enemies and traitors, and treated as such.
One-fourth of all the negroes have been
conscripted and promised their freedom.
The state 3e thirly weeded with slaves and
stook...Mk:en them by rebel owners from
states further east and north. The Confed
erate army In Texas, including ,the militia
and conearipts, were generally at pasta as
the outskirts of this state. Kirby Smith is
In command of the troops in Texas. Re be
at present left his headquarters at Shreve ;
pert to reinforce General Taylor who is
resisting the federal advaneeat Alexandria.
Cooper was at Warren with two regiments
of Checkers and two or three companies of
whites. The indians had just been tem
porarily disbanded and were going home
with their arms..
Mr. Taylor has been travelling since
July 4th last throughouttho state of Texas.
The Union sentiment In that state, from
the best information, is strong, and would
be expressed in immediate political action
if thepeople could be protested by the
Union env. There were in the brush
throughout the state four or five thousand
young men, mostly deserters from the rebel
army. They are anxiously awaiting in ,
their hiding places the approach of the]
northern army.
Alestendrie where the next tor
expected to occur, is directly south ,
tie Rock, on Bel .river. The mai coun
tei between here and Red river and Texas
is well watered._ Corn is plenty between
here and Red river, in the valley of Bed
river there is an abundance of corn, beef,
and pork. In eastern Texas there Is plen
ty of corn, wheat, beef pork, and salt."
WILLTSII—Act Woodny moon I og, Ake !Id Inst.
/57:DISMY, .on 'of 11. limdy axed AloOle E 1111kImo,
NMI tar rem, eiglit isioattis . a.ucl trvatpordi &ye.
Tba funsral yllll4lO Once from Um Addax* of
/LB. Villktras, XcChlretownablp, oe Tants:Di T. Ow
'E Instant", at 101Alork, a. rr, riorLarli grill
start Mm thrs corner of Frlrrrith ast thalthtlrld
driers, Vittabcrit!, at fl &door, a. ea. • 131
_ .
ttietaien of MON RULING, tiltiN
awl se Tatars mut, tro.4 sad rartst.
Nen en bezt4 anglers of new Pet tentsausge and
We. mita& La en mimes.
rerueelsr attention pad to *naming Grays Lew
.Debbitz dace at abort norm. ape
pip" 37ffirarES 12 SONS., Dr-uxim
somas ADD D036E4170 DILLS OP
MELT, Pluatragh, Pa.
ST Coil:ethos ma& oe& the Flask* Mho
Orrongtout the Volta !W... .4:42
erheheele &Liar lo CLEVE. BUTT= 'MPS,
Flttatex rlSH, eneh. d imbue parrally. th WOOD SS.
Made 4. order. Ala., AGITATO/13 aad COXDZEITS.
IKG TANKS, for itennetics; Ttjad, Er Dammam_
and Lead Patinae. TANKS repairnl, eaten dawn
a•d remand. All work warranted
Nest to OL• Uofori AThrgdup:
Or rllniat BOX 64, Allegtuny Part
&MI w
OMER 717TH urn KAMM enutrre.
(94 =4 94 stenos, over Ekbardsnas hnesir tralb,
Of ovary sin *tt style, plata or coktrol, bog AO
oopolor auto dolotto to COhloort iod Iffy ibis.
Kr. PITIMLLSOC would partleolorty tall the it.
tantloo of to. AGED .D INFIRM to the cosy so
oomthatty of Ude oitabOthmmt, bola; rioabod by •
Onto Oars litzbt of Item trim so ottorstat sod
mattottetioo itotrantead.
ivrAMlOOl) I 110 W JAM I HOW
BEB2OItCD I—.laot publideed, l 6 a maid ea.
velopc Prkelike Cents. A Lecture ad the NUM,
?redolent and-. Mellott - Cunt of ripaisnatorrban, or
limns' Wooden /neolontary Ystintiono, Anna!
Debility, and Latiollmenta to Marriage
_merely ;
!foreman., Ocroomptkrn, Epilepsy and Pint Mon.
tat and Pkyokal Incapacity, melting boa Golf.
Abase, le,, by /Me. J..Coovadrxd, N. D., author
elate "Grua Dook, Az "A Boon to Taman& of
lindorers," not mice seal, In a plan enealope„ to
any address post-paid, on receipt of dx cede or two
stornP.. by_ DM. CIL J. 0. SLIME,
117 Bowl?. New York, Odloe Boa Etta
UNE PERFUSIERY.--daquii. tale.
brazed American Peerloamy comparsi !bearably
with the moot eloggelte .f the haperbed snicks.
The following are partkaboly recolanolageelt
uozisr• sucaLic. •
Cornea "comb' end Bealth11•14 stmt.&
A hill anortment of TRILNOU AND ENGLISH
ways on ba nd.
Pd&partlcelar attention to the treatment ot
mcr Dr5f2,61:11, the EYE and EAR; operates
PUPIL, Warts MITIIIOI4I, eel use all
and 41 &mum attectb4 tle• Ear and leading to
Otero. 100 171511 MITE ellM/YEI
icOttX BOkEB
_ctlgym roarzuoirmitize,
GABBS, Qt., ac., to put ivaty, at the ass Book
Ems of
dell 104 !Waal Wreak. Alleghpity.
A.`Rixr.3, CITY, POOR AND 8001 S IM TAX,
TS, lb? HU, ars dos and Mut be pd 4 to sore end&
Boostrod at City Tremnarr's Men, Fourth Moe%
daring bubo= ban, or at my raldsmes lo.. 171)
Waal., stmt. dgpmito&b.w.t.. Works, horn 0 to to I o'clock p. m.
'JAW J 5. NICW/LAN.C.lbelke•
13E% , -RusToßwAl, WORK. .
DusuazDT. lily John tarter KUt. I vela,
Oro, with iontrat.
Ter rola by • NAT It COXPANT;
&IL • Non AD Waal Wort.
lil 1.: tO ' I 1 - . 'clan Extra
- Ismaa o rr l , e .S.u.randol=au,7l l
warsai4rlN 13•14:" fitt tRt •
Ails by
WO Mimi, Ontstri ihod LIMOS Paa. _
.. A. r
1. ' t
ii : 4,l . • ' ...ITh T utori i rialEa r al 7 ,
T.HF!-lATE*T-11E 3 n
otra snout'
nibm WAis
Spedel D taptrah to the Plt4b , thkeetle.
NTASIIIIIGTOS, Dee. 21, 1863.
are. ioaua•ss isamain a oaltiara
In accordrace with the recommendation of
Oar. lhantleon and Secretary Maas, alluded
Weems days ago, as well se with the wishes ,
,of leading radjaat IMMO taiau, Gen. Itoroj ,
mans was to-day aesigned tho command of
the Department of !dissonri, vice Gan. Soho..
field, relieved.
CUM CITAITe 115.1.1121 . 1 • .OmItIOLIID c. L•zsas
. .
Hann fierected Intoao eeparste Depart
ment, and Gen. Corti' I. assigned to Its com
mand, and It Is understood Gin. Behonald.gou
to Baltimore, though this don not yet seem
to be wholly established: the niamph of the
radiesal and of the Loyal League is thns com
The President hat been for Some time con
vinced of Gen. Cnztta' ihnocencei of the &J
-iggled cotton upeenlations, end be has thus
taherithe firstoppertanity to give him a non
command. .
It ti Fatty certain Chit o
aliases in the nonzeriptlen bill will be libel
lobed before Congress takes a mous for hob
days,eo that tho draft, - *bleb comer early in
Jannaryi rosy fall not alinply upon men under
tblrty-d►o, bat uporithe whole ablo bodied
adult male population of Abe country.
GU. flatcar: ttrday Ofeied such a bill tti
the 110 . 110 that it was biabbaawly approval
by thiblllitary aogualtiess and the SCatte
Vommitt*flio, nEtTitood.. to favor it.
The ge4tly wilt resist aneattempt"tir pass
!nether amendments to pte'44¢seription law
tali ,
tft or the•rocess, on- Pit, ground that the
bill imperfect now, Itad.W bast) attempts
to latch it it, only likely to make matters
vote. Clergymen are itretty certain to be
exempted when the amendments are made, it
the $3OO dame Is npeeJed, otherwise not.
Statistic have been aid . Wore the Commit
tees, shiswisi that CU s Slith of those ex-
=opted under the lest ilitift, got off for bolts
the only eon of a widow—eoen worth great
fortunes, tams whirred ;Bothers happened
to be living with thee--wereezerepted tauter
it. Thi s will be oindbliy guarded in content
An interesting debate sprung up In the
Muse to-day, on the hill appropriating twenty
millions for botatiltar to - soldiers now 'clan
teerhog. The Deateerits at first opposed it,
Brooks leading eff. Belmar, Kelly and Love
joy made capital little vied= for our aid,.
Kelly was pa llet:WV happy, and called odd
hooey applaess from tai generics., Xr. Cox
42/Ad to Interrupt Elts;With asithAilties agistaat
conscription, and wasallimettiriy • been re
tett that brought dawn ge*thituie. It
was the liveliest iiasisg* Imre had
yet thismarion. Tha bill , eras liaally
many of the Denuanala ;Ming for it•
liver:ands are manifestly trying to get arm;
on the war platform. .
Informal negotialintlatlons for U. estab
lishment of a th* of atertnars between Boston
and Rlo Janeiro, has bon eennmenend.
e. Michel', formerly of Indians, has
Prot Men:lo from Dcisil, he has been arrang
ins it on onr part. •
tam/mil - ram or oiDllitzmu asseinuo
The Legblature Of . Old Virgiat= oseemblod
at Alesandri4rtseed as aot today providing
for the - election of delegates to a Contention,
to meet is thateity dui 13th of July neat
far the pirrposo of altering the Oonstitution.
Thiohject ofthe anaradmont Isto rid (ho eon.
Citation of the elable . Proltibitiog the !out
fitters from abollelft AMU_ to 04 to freo
'Clitehtles eaemp4d 7 the Plesidant's Prods-
=that from titne , butniottoa. The notes (or
Aktipctlisrl4 ipcnifred lrbsa idiallehaeal,
to 'weir fealty te tier tatted States and to
the Stott of VI/Miaow restored at Wheeling
In 1871, and that tbey hats not ever sided or I
comforted the rebellion.
Mr. McClure' bill for the payment of the
Mbirouri flame Guards, CAWS Ilp t..lay from
the Ways sad MOll/LI Committee, tad Mr.
Dios proceeded spinet the oppcmition of
party Isimecrats In planet mildethe special
order far to•morror. RIM Democrats con
doms to dirplay . a date of disarganinUon,
so remarkable, that, dm ?Seer reek Wort,' of
ts-nlett, reads tbenra slurp editorial lector°
about It.
Copt. Boumll*, of the United Slate. Cola
Barre', wribecfront Charleston that 'the
itl the harbor there coorirt of a
datable - Hoe of plies nom. the chew's], (rem
Pirtektiwy to the middle ground; from theftee
to Tort Johnson. There if Kopp:dog of two
hundred feet. The pilaf are driven In urea
fathom! of water, and eau easily be demol-
IsLed by rams, bat the Captain says tha
nothing CD be done nalll Dahlgren Is la
innvoituf aunt
The movement attempted to be Inaugurated
%%sough the proposed sotto of the House ed
ministration canine, *pima Montgomery
Blair, imam likaly to fall. The chairman of
the mom Is unwilling to call it toptbor, and
!munch P*
libation of a MIMI, demottotrotion, once made
against another Cabinet officer, in another
wing of lb* Capitol. Some members still in
sist on tho meting of the mew, bet it will
most ilkely be mothered.
The Committee at' Ways and Means called
Commodore Smith, of the Coastrootton Do
nab, Nary Department, berate them to-day,
b abortain if the estimates of that Depart
ment bald not be redacted by 'triad out vat
season contract to private Wider& The in
diestleui are that the estimates contained In
the NavaillSport will be materially ant dean.
GAG gassgmte Arrourrxurr
Gen. Boseerani. appointment 11 proof that
the President did not share in the slanderous
attacks on that officer, and that the Secretary
of War's eandly, and the malignant persecu
tion attempted by one or two of his subordi
nates had to give trap and if Gen. Schofield
Is really appointed to Baltimore It will be the
finishing touch that prom Dir. Lincoln the
ether of the whole arrangement.
The stationing& that titre crept Into the
papers that Senator Sumner fulls endorses
and adopts all the slew& In the President's
!lamp, are unwarranted. 11. hu, of coarse,
expressed no dissettsfectlon, but he could
hardly bri expected tolgire op so prompt
slaws of his own, either In eendiet with the
Prooldent'e, et supposed to be so.
Mr. Funemortb, of Illinois, has procured
Isar. fora Illinois soldiers la the hosplta/s
hero to rot= hem* for their recrorsi7. Be
ba., oleo procured permission for the 881.billl
toll arstryto return home to »emit, so soon
gs tiree•foprths of the regiment had ',rood to
be watered In.
The Itesidcat has iant !attars from Claeln
einnatl, Roston and Now York Freidman',
Each!leo to.ooagresa to-day.
cur manes aseocovon.
The tots on Clay hegih's handsomely 00D.
eart4 resolutlese .the.fther day, split Cheat
fairly In tiro.
ilea; Butler em baps roAptly &Attu d to
tls datzr ett,i9tetuniiss pinion, vire Mere
dith iiillentA,o2lLi does :wl leafs» tlat
tillcotiandtt at lam &pita:wit. Xalsaga,
1.111711 CONOIOB-4111,57 SE;ION . .
WaIIIIINOTOZ C/71", O. 21.
Ilucax.—The Speaker lald before e House
a letter addinseed to the President from the
Freedman's Aid &celery of Dorton, New
York and Cincinnati. Referred to the Cons.
mittee on Emancipation.
A massage wiatreueived from the President
Informing the Hots@ he had azroved and
signed the joint refolution of the ks to Gen.
Grant and the armies under him, d for geld
medal', Ac. -
Mr. Underwood, of Kentucky, had hie cute
recorded in the affirmative on Green Clay
Smith's resolution adopted on Friday.
On motion of Mr. Dawes, Of M. 113., the doc
umentary nvidenos in the rarious contested
elections was ordered to be printed.
Mr. lilli A r, of Mo., from the Committee on
Ways and Means, introduced • bill appropri
ating 5700,000 to carry into effect the act of
March,' 1262, for pay, bounty, and pensions,
to b.; 05ecre of men actually employesi la the
Watern or Department of Missouri.
Mr, Cox, of Otifir, objected to the eoisiders-
Eon of the Lill at this time.
Mr. King, of Me., advised the pa rage of
the bill. Farther debate ensued, w en, the
bill was made the special order fort day at
three o'clock.
Mr. Etchenek, of Ohio, from the ilitary
1 Committee, reported a bill repealing t e third
and tenth sections of the enrollmen net, so
that tho second claesea of persona to draft.
+id_.ehall be consolidated into one. This to
takes:east tm and after ifs paean°. Objection
;411tliiitriade to the consideration of Schenck's'
report at this time, he temporarily withers+ lt.
'We. Yeoman,of K 7 offered a aeries of
eitsOltitions, ge tting ,,
forth that a eenvpira
ay of persons exists, sad assuming to be a
government of the Confederate States, for the
purpose of withdrawing said States from the
Federal Union and by that, this doss not
'Feet the po li tical franchise of mob States;
and that the eitisens thereof, cnn at any time
lissome their civil government on the only
condition, that their Constitution is Republi
can, end that It is 'efficient for thou) who are
le al, and qualified by the Election Laws, to
.. e
num their State Oevernment; and that this
sufficient evidence of their loyalty, etc.
he Howe refused to second Mt demand for
the juvriove question, when, on motion of Mr.
Lorejoy, the resolutions were referred to •
Select Committee on the rebellious States.
Mr. Spauldlog, of Ohio, offered • resole
/ Neu Cur the appointment of asaleet alone l of nine Co eunsider end report on the object
! of a national bankrupt act.
Mr. Reiman moved to Icy the resells on on
the table, which mat lost by a rote of 0 to aa.
The resolution wes then adopted.
Mr. Ashley, of Ohio, introduced bill,
which as, roloreed, providing a prat ataaa)
government In the mlittaq district of • In
surgent Slates, and auttierising the loyal citi
zens thereof to organiteagoreetiment, repab-
Ikon in form, sod for ether purposes.
Mr. Schenck introduced a bill to create a
bureau of Military Justice. Referred to the
Committee on Military Affairs.
Mr. Ashley offered a resolution, granting
the use of this hall for a public meeting of the
Freeman', Relief Association.
Mr. Cos, ottjoeted, and (big by the rates of
the Howe, prevented farther action on the
resolution to-day.
Mr. Schenck moved the eoepeneloa of the
rule, in order to take up the report, and act
upon the bill to consolidate the two classes in
the enrollment &mint, ono; ayes GS, nays 50.
The rules were not uspelitied. A two-third
rote being necossary,
Mr : Miller, of Pa., offered a rasolutlon re .
1711113M0 DZIATI
!Toot:ally reitterting.the President to prompt
ly Instruct those having ekerge of the ez
ehnnge of prisoners to prqato to the eo
called Southern Confederacy, to exchange
white man for white man, leaving all etbor
questions, Including that relating to negro
prisoners, to be disposed of hereafter, se that
the suffering white men may be restored to
theservlce of the Uovensment, their friends,
sad their firesides. The House reitised by a
vote of 73 against 85 to in the eusolgth,e oq
the table.
Air. Washburn*, of 111. , offered a substitute
for this alter', declaring that the Houle op
epprers of the measures taken by the Ad
ministration for the exchange of prisoners
now held by the enemy In Southern prisons,
and recommending that the tame muse bo
pursued fore felr exchange of all our soldiers
now held by the rebels. The question wu
takes end Mr. Washturnet substitute was
adopted by 87 agatast G 3.
A long dulurslon owned on the bill iippro
printing twenty million, for boantlea for vol.
• Benue—Mr. Dixon introdemed various pe
titions, praying for the amendment of the
enrollment set, so that minute,, of the Gos
pel may be regarded as non•combattants, and
be employed In the icrelco as Chaplains.
Mr. Marian presented a petition of the chi
goes of lowa, praying for the total abolition
of slavery.
Mr. Wilson gave notice of a hill to make it
Wept for any member of Congreu to act as al
Commlssioner in any cue In which the - United
States is Interested.
Mr. Morgan submitted a joint resolution,
calling upon the Secretary of War for the
names of all the oMcom and men of the rega
les army, who have deserted or resigned be,
tween the let of Doc. 1800, end Dec. MAI.
Mr. Podte °Termed a similar resolution rel
ative to the navy.
The pending question being_on the postpone
ment of the resolution of Mr. Sumner, em
body the proposed rules of the Senate yond
continued discussions ' and favored the post
ponement of action. Mr. Sumner said It was
difficult to resist the application urged with to
much pertinacity by the gentleman from Del-,
awaro, yet that gentleman enjoyed the coos
ample opportunity of considering it, and I
was due the Senator that it should be setae
without delay, and before the holidays. II
should deem it his duty to press it toa vote
On motion of Mr. Wilson the bill to in
moue the bounty and pejo( volnuttere, was
taken up. The Committee's amendment al
lowing soldiers to re-enlist in other r nohes
of the - sore/lee coming first =dor considera
tion, the amendment was agreed to.
Mr. Wilson explained, in October last, when
It was found the draft for 1100,000 men was
impatient to most the wants of the War De
partment, a bedrity of $4OO to veterans and
$3OO to others was offered, and this bill wee
designed to carry out 'the pledge thus made. ,
Nino millions had then been received from '
commutation, and this was now augmented
to twelve =lntone.
Aar. Wilson acknowledges the necessity of
exercising great rare with regard to the de
pletion of the treaty, and to keeping the credit
of the Government intact. It had always
been thought more Math .to obtain more
money. than . men. He wanted the crummy of
the country to be sound, and her credit good.
Tit we must keep our pledges made to enlisted
men. Their enlistmenta wore ttamerotuts:nat
only In the Northern States,Amtla the Beath.
west. East TeAtiellite has recruited 3,500
!yen. Tow had tarnished two regiments,
end Attains badhlso furnished& substantial
addition to their tome. Ouch recruits should
be dealt with setunllng tillsombe. as was
fayor of tits eommutation. Clause, and for
theAoaypent °tithe boantle4ropose4.
Aar.: Harris did not favor thilamandonal of
tha latiamittoo as ItatoOli yid titWaald
fop recruiting after the iii , isattarj.
if;, sum p l dis is, taldtralooLl mufti
. „.
12 • • k
• x31,....ii•=Fie,.).",.
wni be restunedin afew daya. The
is irmr xrusoz arrzartutzin.,"•
Aber-art to prevent tho payment of any of
the twenty million appropriation for premi
ums to oegroee. Prominent Democrats Toted
aphid tho attempt, and for treating negroes
Mee other soldiers.
A strong pramare is being made by alms,
In the Bald to have Gen. UoGßellan and other
shelved 'o/ten toorterod out of service, In or
dor to open a way to promotion.
re■ $3OO r 1131171011 CLAIM Le
Representations to Military Committees In
both Howe., from all parts of the comatry,
.soon shout equally divided on the enbjeet of
retaining or repealing the three hundred dol
lar clause.
At the opening of bid. for flour to-day at
the Ctramissary Department all number two
flour offered at eight dollars and twenty cents
and under, was taken.
♦ delegation o' ship' owners and °there from
No. York le here for the purpose of urging
the President to remove the present Secretary
of the Nary.
A. strong movement Is likely tot be made
bla session to emuolidate regular! and Vol.
Richmond papers ehrordole olive' there
,f John Morgan.
has gone to New Tork. It Is stater that he
means to negotiate mother fffty mil lon loan.
Tito President boo signed tbo bill for a
Medal to lien. Omni.
Gen. Morrill succeeds to the commas! drat
Gen. Bnfordli cavalry.
our armies with consalpte alone. There wart
41,000,000 Anen-anbjest. ta, • • • •••
tied of-thin number on the , beat of the tit
Ceipts of - the last draft but 4.214000 ecild ba
b•ought into the Feld. If this entire ensoLa
meat were taken and mita this number from
20,000 to 30,000 would be deserters and lied
more than filled their quota, and chid bide.
needed on under any ctrenmstar.ces to furnish
her full share without tenon to , the_draft.
Mr. Common moved to strike out the words
January 0, and insert till the neat drift,Sl
later than February Ist. Lost.
Mr. Howard moved to ottike out IS in the
committee's amendment and Wert 20 as the
bounty for obtaining ealleiments of veterans.
A conversational debste was partici ed in
by Messrs. Wilson, Heartland F D . -
On motion of Mr. Sherman the Serrate en
Affairs In Arkansas.
ST. Loos Dec. 21.--A ;pedal to the Drop.
cent, from Fort Smith , Ark., Die. 20th, tukTe:
An attack was made on our outposts near
Port Gibson. on the 17th hest, bT Standwalti:
Ills forces are stated to have been &lateen
hundred. Ile au replulsed and felt beet,
taking part of hie forte acmes the Arkansas,
below Fort Gibson, and - moving northeast-
The 10th Wisconsin cav r iihy hei just re
turned from a neeers4l reconnoissance Jona
ward. They .went within 15 miles . of Red
River, but Sadism that the
mummy ßiver, had changed
their position sines the last idviees; Were un
able te proceed any further. 'On their return
there Was constant skirmishing for over a
hundred miles, strong bodies of the enemy
being'posted at all the :,crose-reads, to inter
cept them. They en( their way through
some places. They "eroded other :huts by.
taking Mind mountain passe.. Their loss is
trifling. Among the prisoners caphired, Is
the notorious Andy Lane who bouts of har
ing killed over mitandrailTitien citizens with
his own hands- - -
Information 'has received that two
thirds of Kirby Smith's farce are Prgariot to
attack Little Rook; the iraiente; anticipating
McNeal', force will be fdrawrraway to rein
force Gen. Steele, and fill on Fort Smith.,
A communication front the Chisel:taw Chief,
IdeCpriniti, says the Choctaws .will not rejoin,.
Cooper. They desire an Interview with Mc-
Neil, and lap thertribe sire disposed for peace.
Oar advance headqoakters era at.Waldrow.
Our forces frequently :push . down towards
Washington, eonstantl annoying Ptices leeft
Lee's Army BeMci Etelnloreml—The
Ram Atlanta.
Dew You, Dec.2l.- 1 A letter- from Deal
ton Station, Virginia, to the Philadelphia &-
fairer, Nays: "I hare heard a mart, Amid to be
brought in by a contraband whe recently 101 l
Gordonsville, and succieded in escaping to
our flare, that a day or two before he left a
1 Louisiana regiment, and also the Ter. Darts
legien, hod arrived there, and that the rebel
authorities are sending to Gen. Leo all the
troops they can collect from yarimes
points, with the intention of making an at
tack on the Army of the Paton:um." • •
The Philadelphia A'ortA .elatsricers, of this
morning, says tbo ram Atlanta is refitted and
put in order, and is likely to be onlyleas form
idable than the Ironsides. The talk at the
wary yard is that she will go down to Charles
ton to take the plax of the lost Weehawken.
The Atlanta L more like the Ironefdes than
any of the monitors.
3:lexlean Antes.
Sas , Faascisco, Dec. 21.—ddvicer from
Acapulco, Nov. 24th, tap great suf
fering for Frothien prevailed among the
poorer chutes.
The forttileations are elm:Latently being
The French had 'Amami no Luther inte
riorward clone ottempying Quer:aro.,
The recent ItllllagnlComonfort had aromed
a feeling of MMus* bitterness among the na
tive population. •
Accounts from San Lents Potosi, state that
the blest= officer: had returned from the
United States where they had been lent with
commission, /or purchasing and entitling a
vessel of war, ander letters of marque, to:prey
on the French commerce, reported that his
mission was suceessful.
From Nerw Orleans.
New lons, Dep. 21.—A letter to the Warta
from Sew Orleans, dated Dec 12th, /eye: Up
to to-night we hi en nothing fresh from the Grande, bat ter forces hare all left the
Teske, bat a small Canine In at 'Brashest
this side of the'-Bay s I do not know that,
es; atingle expected from Tease Jest now,
though poniLly there:may be.
It ts reported here that Masa:aft is at Co. :
lambus, no the Colorado, with a large torten
and that if the federal army eaters into the
tourer its progress will: bedispated. It will
not, In my p rogress
tha aerigahlewatera
Seri anon. Atagmder wY folly.apprind
the !invaded attack an the Rio Grande, and
rather incited it with a hope of embroiling the
Slat• 4 with, Frame.
tom Cltittaioir- Arreia'
vlskine.=:E,n'reti Clitteas from the
North—teipterement la Nall M.
CIASTATOOSA, Den 21,--Two boats lona
Bridgniieri arrived Inn night loaded with pro
MI Lilo oiliness hero from the North are
being carolled in view of the eotainirilraft.
This order lime, tome !Kir.
- .
A great Improvement has been made here
la the Post-einee and nail arrangements by
tho new Peettaaater, Howl , and /Sail Agent
E. P. Cone.
From Cafro.
Canto, Deo 2L—floats from below laringno
later dams than already published. Graham e
from itomptile, which three hundred balm
of cotton on board for St. Loins, is tmloadlast
hoe, being unable to go farther on account of
the ice.
Ike Sabine from niter Elver her arrived
at Memphis with G5O bales of cotton. •
Private steamers, not under Government
charter, or carrying government freight, ham
not been allowed to enter t h e Caraberland
!Liver for several days part, nod won't he till
further notice.
The Obi* Inver is rapidly rising.
The Res/lan Fleet—The 03012 Comma.
Utica Act
Wkautralow, Dec. 21.—The Russian fleet
leaves for Fort Monroe during the present
week. Mr. Lincoln will visit the Admiral on
hie flagship Tuesday or Wednesday.
The House Military Committee will net
consider the $3OO commutation Act until after
the hullidayL
Blartets L 7 Telegraph
Parasostran, Dee. 21.—DroodstufTs an generally
dull. ]leer gels; sa4mally. $7,21,60 .W . Moon
quiet i Rod 0.00 1,114, Whim fl l• ° . Cern
Dna ; Yellow, flan. Pr.:Minoru qu t and Baia
Wog. Yetreloom—hardly enough doing to La goo-
Asthma. Crude 1734,3 M, Ilainsd, la band, 436 itt,
tree 5.116 e. Whisky arm sod hold at fen:U.
Now You.., Dec. 41.-Cotton doll, heavy anddroop
lag or foo!1. Flour opmedstesdy and Immoderate
demand, and 6 to liXe better. for Shlpplay Brands,
particularly Std; 16,flotr47fi for Una State, 17,W
47,63 for !Wm ]bend Hoop Old., *7,7639,60 for
Trade Brands. Whisky • shade Drmor at 010a93,'
eldolly at 52. Wheat Arm and la good demand at
$1,4043450 for Cldeago Siring, 51,476151 for Nib
wool. Club, 51,6P01.5.1 , 4 for Amber afflwauket,
jl,,6s(dl,Witorr Viinter Red Warriors, 51,51/lbrOld do.,
11.a1i9163;...; for Amber Michigan, g 1,62 tor Indio
61 Corn hoary and he lower; aLtav,zl For
Shipping Mixed Western la mere, cmety 11,m3
I.L. hew Yellow Oat. an abOat 11320bettor,w/In
an actin &mud. Print Woralatiror of 12 61 9, for
Western, chiefly at 11 . 4,113. Wool Den. rands=
Arm ; Crude M}l4, Mu do. for all , thil month, Of% Dr
fined to bond STr January, Sae.' Pura arbiter with •
fair demand, at 811319 A for Old Mee; 17.1Pj121dir
Now do., 113,5(914 fur lirlute, 519618, foe Prime
Max At., 1,310 l tilds New Ida; January, Fahra
ary and lloreh at $1."€,P.1,23. Beef mune% Ono •
aside fa prime, 607 c err men, 11, 1 014 e fa ni.z.krii
men, 13416 air extra mom tan M ess- In
good nmant. Cut Meats Dim a We for obouldera,
10el1 for Hun.. Bboaldon In elk at he r bens lie.
Dom. bidet In Dar Innuost at tor Wenn., Cum.
beano! Cat, lu M, far do. long clear, 11; 910 Mr.
long cat Loam 11,34 tor city do. res ort Lion , steady
at 7%97% for NVortsru. Lard rile at ussi.trli.
AL, I.'oo bbls January and re ry, part na Sut•
• 00417 errata, 12349110.
Nem York Stock and Money - Market.
now Yam; Dec. 21.—Money attire arid !Wrote do-
mond. Sterling quiet and Arm at mown far find
clan Ulla Gold opened at td, i, and closed vast
at 57.,i'.
Gorernraent Mocks arm ; V.' S. la ILI Coupon.
10f/3j/1110; 7.304 1005 j:
Boucles dull and lower;
Ills. 0. tierlp—..-.-11qi C. It N. 4736
N. T.
New York Haat-Statement:
Naas Span, Doe. 01.—Losaa. hem's, MOO;
o.oos. SOLoAolv clew-Walton. decr,sir,
U 6,776; dermas, 1nen50t,51,112.7.1544. - ' • -
ivoTA runxacr.
leknowbolOmnts of Dootpeoafilcas and A.
darns token_ Nods. azio.:24ille• a of
Azromout, Juno an/ Loool. of at . kind
UR A. YERTIRKW4tiT tki14,21!
ovvedated by,iximstt!tri dim gotds;P:.
COI soon at
"• - •
terntsP,ll. ,2 ‘"..iistaforictr - alos;
luta - .:: - ..,tipasamowstirranda:.l
);,0110.4tbbit. Sore.
sad torifiltY:
- RIVER nrrimuctscr,.- -
•., . • • itakagnut4los4l4.
lasivezips *lda, •• • indium.: but 4 1;14
• • itittardnitAndtlta Luau.
- tarts:tied ao Sand, at • " in** r bat" it , iimt
pmeneat beat
' Then is sutra good deal tr z.thuCti..i. 4, the AV
int•Nt river. as .tlTigstios is that straitio air ea
time be:nt'+W Di tomtits:nil stoputdat. • ,
lIVALieILs ere:, (Alta attlan at pajama reqn e ntan - .
tra vont tar entiht*
arm& Tbei. appears tot. tot little treteit *Skiing
be Ek tords, and bast& hooding roc that potmill.N .
I kits Sow oactuy in SAiCz ant. r
11.1 0 Snirale slut ow llast repot% lachieiti lb"
/pun Crgalini from Zausoille, anti thiOliTs from
St Loals. The inty derniture we bats tOnotrety h .
the Armenia tbr St. Loots: :
Ths itssiters Ida Yen *Walla liars
as Elstuiday lisniza• Paittatity, letheeedialierbyl
being midi to resell thei r
traimea ants 101. ' Th e Savor gat ap aafat Eel
Nisi, ire!. lattsilrai
. cpsopelted It talcs Out :
Pia trsA. hors thti oittEtli Qt Os, Iratcitag.
itta Stailtihi, Capt. Hulse ? is Ailing rp far fit,;
L.* .ad win J. ei prA l o;ntti- jai of 'tha reit:
The seri and Fifty desser t Kate Bobistoa, Cott PftitirdY 'deer fbr anelaaaft aid
Lopindlle this evening. _
Th• fella/eh:l pi:Ontario( the tinklaggiellb,
fated obese' Itilma y Donn w• extract , the
Wheeling latalMeacer of eitsdny ,
urarip oulatardst atertdag !stymie bur and
hu o'clock, the has Sumer /huts Donna, Coptutn
kt.nol aims curette Sal boat, at the bead of
p ,I•buodltelow tidy clip, and ask In 'about
thew feet enter. lir. Gus. tftltit„ the pilot, vtirotv'l
witlesuedheg the darkest; funies bepeald dbora,
by the egress:eve:the water, that then. wet an oto
-itracHen at the teatime:m.l; bet the lost widgets",
&latent the rate eters. mile - hoar, urer.-the
dectutery wu boa late Zs the balm to b. 'headst:
Inett ate srock Ss stopped' dead sill Wad vat
rtantli , !sada fe'r don, bat Swam*. ta abets Oink
shuts. The ehoctruct cast orthepaacengenr.
about forty teamster. and atomnicTl hem about
I lexes woman awl child' .. The! was Sal' Abir
,alighted pante - . • A 'pleat Wu rutvont out - all -irate
eddy endue's' ashore. Tb• flrenton was alighttg.: l
Sermed sass wiray !cots the hails% hat the'eo
gluey cpezied the tun does andect her. to 'blowing:
The yawl tat mit ahead teplck up any person
'who aged drake/la the darhiaertr; ami twerp kra. ,
caution was takes to me life: Ile east Skate es
cant tot taken with peat scdrear bz th e .oltlcera.'
open Whottuench unlit Is Sheeted: . Aettrzew. and
-era went to work and built • recent Ore
pal - them erected which all handslinddlerun.
SI anus ta the sondes, what theitmenei , ltatedi
case alms, pinked the pauccupna La me d
them to this elty. The Pities Donna had eu tent
a cargo - toe the Battens@ and Ohio :trultroad, lads,
dhp.Atwelvell mt>i .%alend th .bartat4 Ltrl
at :1 1 1 ; ' L ;Ccua r intl i. ' to g ' :
wasted 'nth freight, sotS tbaboat apt° this thy'
Am this Wu dune at the risk of the rcsl, . tit cm,
pug will hen to hear's gust proportion etas Ice.
Thairlasa Deana was salmi at MOLIO, and sup
beersrty Inured. It a
m p retty - dearrally
along thither behest and Partin,
burg LW stet hoot badszak. in the chancel at Grp:
Una, but by some unfortunate neglect the UlTeere ed
the Prins Deena am not Informed of the .fact. 'lt.
Ls thought that the boat can be re-Wand rePabltd-7
It would sem, from oho following pangrapli
. . _ _ _
. .
vhicb n wand tram the St. Latta , baserese„,el,
Iteturday, 'that lee bee atadelte itieereare la,the
"Wintsr ushered Imprensa on the wharf - yesterdays
Theme wool—einter—might erpren, all that wu
srumstuy to say In the rill 2 fOlll2. thls 'morning.,
ware It not that .nunarrour Stades§ enrol more.
Then am the seterest kind eta inane awing' Abe
whole of Thursday night and yesterday. Ice of. a
very heavy nod cutting qualisy Boated la the
nod on can eddy annoancu that the chose ofp.irlvi,
lion Warcked for St. Lodi.'
la ZornGnhtpa, CApt. Ayon, ft th Zuni
picict tot t. -44y, 1 . 11,14 ; PrOntray it 4, p.
3I an Hoge out Botched arge salrxistio4 legator 11;
In the *Ms.
PAMITiI) ocrropira
Usk 1
AL4 2
Drk r,
deeds, Shark
&ark Drms, Beasseti, • EWA;
Feathers Fa Gkams, Valldrea'eiCiotbing. sad an
mar AAL sts or W rralOrtrr..s .
nee SSexats you sea color as many candies .ti _
°Standee at nee Slays test rem. ' Vera=
can be pradeeed fraa the tame dye. The proem le
slaty* . and say ODA CM tee the dye *HA perfect
MXT•SI4.. Dir.3101111131.144,41a, FrOACII and GlarVIA,
ladds ofiecb paelraga. -
for farther • lafarasetion to Dye_ fn. Rad selelmf
pernat Istancledgeslinebtotsra are 1.0 *toted to dye
over etbess, with Easley valuable mire*
Hove lt/Sissreee, Treat/so ea yryebmialta
but by *et cze wept of price-10 Nina
Ifestatecterel by, 'nowra OTNYI2IB.
roredeb sti 93nIfroadaey, Daesaa-" ,
• y vraikasa diens pecteralty.
bat-cm .
1,033. THE HAiR
The wander:lg effects at tbla utictstn mtlying
if hir to lot aria Inal color, ea Foapetog Itafry .
It had allosttkor Fall= off, or Lea CUD, is 6, Tri
day booming mon maul tt , atil
lent doe*, tb. Lists—
Van Q vottl, is natal* nom jimmy, mph* Goiwtraf;
ts• color.
Mat ll wake ii macs Add Hie& • • :;• r-
Tint it lag rotors Ms Sanaa &mama
Vag it nolt roam. the Dmitalarailtoliac.
Mat WWI ma; tie Zan. gilt fad ;Now.
11.0i nttt it ;mem as CHOW War is ad Itp,
rle lna in prevent Co flailreal Mt* er.
Vat it *al arca Arnim,' al lie Soap.. .
It V rota rip ; cantata* no Nitrate at =tor, or aay
etber tegranitent Int tutu. to eitilet Man or /Wt.
SIMON JOHNSTON, Giant.* Aotit,
bion of Inaithilald and /math 11b., Eittabnzata
ll ttti„ WEIN-MANN /1 • -
. •
(D TIT.)
Tb. proporollosa of ,
this Pitt boo boos thomMit bit
roars of otody sod Practice. Thor me rattety
tobla, mad tborefloro will not Miura race tooth or gam;
'My Mil meta lb. moot violet,: Tuctb,lttho to • fay::
salootoo, Mara patparly med.
Dineimu—au. outlhanrU7of ce.
ed. and dry lt well with coma, then cot th•
tha SW of tho ram= and praia It tight Into the
tooth, azd corer ant with wax or cotton.
abock.ln Thas g
Pills acts ot - tla boat ramerilts.ffirt this rain.
rmsrod .ad sou widinask sad Man. b 7
. .
N 0.214 OHIO grant - An.gbes, qty,"
Ptyalso bylo Thalesk and Mall Drogglit. In
zerk sod Allerbsay. poZilenia
• SZL'A/'l5 o.lllo.—lLLEntswe Cars=
A 7 Cornelia , Gaon Pas.a.—Denerprea4lL - 71,
and Sobt. Marty et Ana T..l. , seetbriorillii it Indiana
B. H. Petition to formica Dormers
• The ondersimsed has been Repainted riparial Cbeffir
mationar to this raw, to audit the alatm. Aping.
.sedel Compare); thrreAce notice is Wail titan for
Um holders the»ot to promaarbe meat* has, at my .
aloe In Stautenrilia, on or before the • NOT DAY
'Or •ISSUART.Id44;nedi ormUtors of sablOame.
pan? an *nary ihrt.bor melded tbat a decree for tar
sale of tboometpde premises of add NAT/ma Can,
piny man taken u the November term of mkt Court, -
and a stay of plait/ma of the nits thereof SID the -
AnT d. 7 of .U=l7. INdoras panted to ruble the
creditors of tad lAnopany to .apte opal t h e Pan
bantam, atelnaltted to them for lb baabac - -
Le RD ardrr of de certainty be hooN.aftw•Die
satdAtafda7 of 7oraary.ll44, Wow Prackb r adcre
and moditoteby that thogibere alpaldedilik wrathy '
their morn; Wake spread/rot oreaduaf their etelek: ,
and their Won:at en theirslana spinet librOmm&
Tany; and, thoreftee, It pomade, to amid aid eale I ,
and. sumo to the - hWohboidas.ono-half ,et Calf
itockouid uhsecened creditors' their debt.' lath,: I
sat haerest; I nrcently call upon j..:0 tO Steward to
JUSTIN G. MORRIS, tiodeetagy Cat Company/a
Ateubenoillo, Obto,'yom Iceribleatec of- Pict and;
arida:um of -WO 'with antbmity to ban to.
*wept the plan of reardanissilondoe eWled;'
• -Ewan? and [Pala OctoT.ll4.6l T,t_ --- :'''
dahUat • • • S. A I.' &IL
MR A. U. ENGLItilf. respectfally
'Whams the ellizens of Ptttahuedythst hayas
been appointed .l. agent fir the sale of MTEESt •
PEN. They en: roeununetnlel bp the larientleoneee
to the city, among which art - -
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