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Mayor Sawyer in Court.
In the DLittlet Cout, on Thursday,
• case of some Interest wee tried before
Judge 'Williams. The ease was an action
:for &maga! preferred by air. James Owens
plubwer, of the Sixth Ward, 'agates' 13.
Essijer, Jr., Mayor, A. J. Oribben, pollees
akar, and W. 8. Jackson, livery stable pro
,. ;wider. The facts wore these: About six
Menthe ago, Mr. Owens, who is the proprietor
at some property on Mattook's Alley, took e alld tr u o n a d s eirn
. old aoe>, ovo w om ch he e wa o harged with
otktogetberwlth a number of his workmen.
A'hy Leh:maims was made before Mayer Sa
w. - yer,and among others for whom warrants were
'Oltwsuadi u ws ta al e c a o M lo srteedr .m Tne
nw h a e ra mp wa y s
s o e f r M ed
by,offieer Gribben while the colored men had
charge of hiateam ' in the vicinity of Mattock's
'Vey. The officer, instead of takingthe man,
and permitting others to take charge of the
teant,Jatoped into the wagon and drove down'
tithe Mayor's office. The colored man was
leaked up by the Mayor, nd the horses were orders into - Jackson', ' livery stable. Mr.
°wane, on learning what had happened, went
down to the office tot hb property,
bat Jackson rofosoil to giro . upthe horses un
less upon the Mayor's order, and upon the pay
' usentofhalfadollarfor biz erouble. Mr. Owens
refaledta payan,ything, whereupon the Mayor
fined hire tht &Gus for 'violation of ordin
' taco in permitting his wagon to aloud On the
street ITho talletrriteminabte, - had het the
wagOn on the 'treat himself.) Mr. - Owons
. .
. 2, thew used out a writ of repluin, and In alba
• . hours he had possession of his team. lie
instituted an action for damages against
the p arties named, alleging that the team bad
,bsen used for hauling plaster to his men, and
: th at hi had been hindered In Ms work is:con
-Illoptente of the conduct of the Mayor and his
offfur. The ease was heard on both sidos,
' and 'Judge Williams, in charging the jery,
asiermy censored the conduct of the Mayor
z sad hie officer. The jury, after a short ab
auses, returned a verdict for the plaintiff for
Offsind sesta. as against Sawyer and Gribben
-bet they. acquitted Jackson, as he was not
•... -- tb_hhints In the matter. This ease the more
..;...'..hstorestlng, as Glenda to exhibit the manner
. 7 ln-which patioe has been dispensed under the
present übninistrathsn.
^ Dilr
Ituderotta Assault...probable Mom..
On. ednesday:tight, about hall-past eleven
o'clock, two colored men, supposed to be cm
paired abottt the 'Oeiernment stock yard, in
'the Ninth Ward, entered the Pearl hotel,
saner.,of Tenz_and Morris streets, and got
/ladling to drink, for which they refined to
psi: The bar-keeper irutisted upon haring
..'pay for the drinks, and a dirtalty seemed
••••tuadoldable. A wounded ioldier, Chas. Algeo,
was In'. the bar-room at the time, and got
mined tip In the row. Thepartice got entslie
the filer, when Algeo was knocked down and
save b eaten . The proprietor of the hotel,
: Mr. Jo Diamond, had retired to bed, but
hearing some -
down'etairs as b s o o k oenn glean
s e r b a le, ean hdo
nereact he stepped to the door to linen the
.disturbance. ,Algeo had,teen crying tor help,
end although neutral Inman/ had been at
- laded to the spot; no one attempted to In
- :testae. The !agrees had, in the meanttme,
Arteed themselves with hoary palings tern
Buis the'ronee of Mr. Nnbbs, and as aeon as
Diamondshowed himself at the door, he
wee dealt a terrible blow over the head,
`.which knock/ditto' downitracturingtre skull I
dusting inseutbilitp The Ear : derma
then tied. • Dr. Beni was•salled In,
and the inland into received every attention,
;hit it Is feared t hat be cannot survive.
, •.: 1 The - chimes of the Ninth Ward Irmo very
much ozoitod,- during Thursday, in comae
queue. of this dutirdly outrage, and a close
- 'each' eras 'made for the suspected parties.
Neither the bar keeper - nor Mr. Alga, knew
the - datened-neen, bat •'on Analsittir
the Stook yard, (or Pair. grounds) It was die
coveted. two of the aegroes, in the employ
of the pram:ant, were absent,andittspielan
at once fell upon them. -Between eight and
flies o'clock in the evening some citizens dis
armed two colored mon riding in a passen
ger ear CM Penn otrooti and they were at, once
arrested on supleion and conveyed to the .
Mayor's °Mee, where they will have a hear
.14 - ,.• ;Jr).
n• 4
..TizalDraft „ --Italusteers—Exoteptl on ap
. illfeatbsusElisetlon by Parentsete.
no '.loiard of Eorolinsest, (22d District,)
.masts st 10 o'oloolt, and cells those ewer of
Ifessifestst Disability; (tho, *sot
examine cases of oonoomptios, of
. -rispieliver, kidneys, etc., Scull the perms is
it. vit.
`After these the names of applicants for
from 000 to 90 oli-residence and
willbeealled--none raisaitable t age,
~:anmat iere9
cnntr - No. 1,000. Any applicants under,
beretoforo called,may bicalled on Satarday,by
hrariattleth names and numbers in th e front
bnaineen *moo, reeond story, daring to-day,
that their papers may be searched oat to
twon . 'olook in the afternoon dlrahility
*MIS will hays Another ebazioe we =otter ho.,
' 41 4 1 4 at have
.eif the application-4nd in at
tetrandtgo each ditY.
alflirtlon of Parent" iiplirations may be
filed tea will not behead until Wednesday,
"'Mid that.
Aramaic" frOm No. r,00010i1,100 will be
hoard - en • Battutay—aad none over 1,100
. 430 hUr4 twill the ladles are drafted,
leas thaßoard Ssitson the 20th (Sunday) or ir Ihrment extendi the time allowed
them, iv &empires, on that day.
Pri4 McCoYnt
Those of our cilium who heard this gen
, .
. - great speech•ttellrered in Concert
Hell, -an the. Coisititation, something more
thaw. iaa*sippe will be sure I. hear him
14 1. i 3 414!" . , ;ruling nest. Ma present
*mete one of profoun d importance, and one
*lda isibeen thrust 'upon the attention of
Ili Palle bp , the "stern logic of events"'
Oen progress of this attrocions rebel
lion: Me , know of no nun more capable of,
doing Justice to STl3h a StthiCet then this eel. 'bread tater. Of ble iddressea on this' ,
onestion Celumbur„, .Oltio, recently, the
dale Sate Jewett? has the faltering:- /lie
• - dlecoure• ehenned i , dallied, and • electrified
hie andlina, while itit< *Mad and confirmed
their minds as to thsitterlddeasurneu et the.
-'.lastitatbm to width- it. worshippers, like 1
' sacredness ,uf
showed' itautter morel mat-
, t
it filch light •that oven &tient
devil would bled:rte. own- lie Parentage. t its
elinante,ite_evittendenclas;_and its erli
&age were' preatosted with a power of ' logic
gad gorgeotuatese of debate seldom easeltedd.;
Ve would willingly a more dell report of
be put the span k er aid be
;lard to b folly appreciated.
2 die AdTertleement in another column.
A . Fetentont,- On- Monday lest, a couple
ildlogitt mini
berlragon stoppodattholontso
otChrliddanfle,4s bm, and Raked
for teed for their borte.-1% patties, one •
and the Other neitlein, stayed *boat the
stable teal the ham was, fed, alter which
they left. On dlr. Heber going ,to the stable
la ersalnx; be lewd In the mum an in;
olat o uppased bi-. be- 'about two months old.
Tie ;Stroud pissamptionis, that It wag lett
Alteroky the ratans In - the wagon, as their
wandttat wariatber ettupLiens. The Infant
Wed: token to the county poor farm. •
. ,
Pm or sot Ittlana L .,Th o i
hal who vu easeverely -Wand
the Pittsbargb, et
mop Ballwin ea Wavine P ss
is train on whit_
mug" &ed. yesterday atternoo;
tont !4 . 6.4;t aOP9Mai
torolood tho dada? Maks
,- .. , Ltnrik lost &bind Ho woo
pan of sicoi'ond NO - o of "Id!!
ifi!sr .
' AY IirOBSINIDEC. 18, 11368
Loamy, .re.
rotor mosso°.
The».itlectien of these castors Is certainly
• compliment or whleh they may Justly feel
proud. We hare more than once had occasion
to speak of the extollcat manner In which
the. Institution has bean conducted, and the
Director" hare done well In* continuing in
ales the
,present worthy Steward end his
assistants. The - Alms House now contains
one hundred and tilty-foir Inmates, and their
a sanitary condition has never been better than
t present: .
Ten "Holmium Glat."—By reference to
our anumement coltuun it will be seen ,that
this papule!' ems. will bisproduced in grand
Ogle by the g Holman Opera Troupe, at
Meanie Hall, on Monday evening next. The
Indianapolis Joaraalsaysr "Never have we
seen in our . tbstatm such crowds as throng
thcre nightly towitnessthe , Holmaus.. In the
"Bohemian Girl" MbsSallits'llolusamereated
aperfectliennx as h Arlineithe Cape: Girl,"
shots great; andi each sucoessive melody ren
dczed by her sonny to increase the general
eathuslaun manifested by the audience.. We
certainty lume had attractive "item": but
none who are as popular arid acceptable's/ the
Heisiatm. (Seats may beaecured by applying
at the hall to-morrow morning.
• .
rAllftr? or lirOtlltpia . in W. 'J.
Moorhead. Dlsborsizig Prnosr,"'LL 8 d., hu,
dazing the past faw days, paid off all the Tel
meteors who hate been enlisted In this dia
lect, up tolheprefent time.
Tama Polar, Plait and OmMental
Slats Roofer, and &kir la Poansylnato aad
'Yawata auto of the but panty at low ritea
.oMoo at Alm Lauldiseo, near. thy Wales
Wahl, Pittebtaih, Pa. •
Emus Oa . ausstas.--It wfl be obrarred .
that ire base ptddiahed for year pas t an
wertisoment of Dr. (No.. H. Keyser, of 140
streeti•Pittstorrgh; - Pa., in' reference to
— N featest appliancesfee
he . : or rupture, be
, oddities's of the
madly beyoad the
'Keyser has eras
I. great attention '
we th.talt we are
comprehends It
his store Shout.
4111 - kith) StOdlinga
pa, for the care-of
Ay of sieehaafeal
she, a deals- '
Till/ 'Eighth Ward Prbaszy liMeetians
'.lfesers.-Xlibra.../.0 an artide in Tuesday
areal:ire Cbermerrial, headed "Eighth Ward
Primary Elections," it is asserted theses my
statement in referenee to the stuffed ballot
box Lientirely devoid of trath; and the writer
appears to east some reflection on your re
porter, In saying that "had the reporter ta
ken the pains to consult others more reliable
and veracious than his informant, he would
have been spared the mortification he should
lastly feel." Now I ueert that the article re
ferred to in the Cbelessreicsi Is all a fabrication,
and devoid of truth. My statement was a
plain narration of feat', and for the benefit of
Mr. Sawyer aid the Camorrcial I will repeat
it here :
At the commencement of receiving ballots
I asked Mr. Smith for his hat, in which to de
posit the tickets. B. C. Sawyer, Sr., said "no; "
that he would get a boz. I remarked thatll
was too late nowt* go fora box. lie replied
"eh no, I can get one in nee minutes," and
started off; and returned in about ten or fifteen
minutes, with a paper box, which he handed
to Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith looked at Mr. Sawyer
and then looked at Mr. Patterson; Mr. Patter
son nodded his head end smiled. Mr. Smith
turned his back towards me, took out his
knife and commenced cutting a hole in the
lid. Prom the action of my colleagues, I sus
period that all was not right. I stepped up
to Mr. Smith, took the box out of his hands,
ebook it, and found there was something in It.
I then pulled off the lid and discovered that
It teas about one-third hall of Sawyer Dele
gate tickets. kthemremarked that there were
tickets enough already In the box to elect Mr.
Sawyer's delegates, and requested Mr. Sawyer
to let me empty them into his hat. I then
presented the box to th rest of the etion
1 1 °facers, to let them see d
that the box lec was
empty. We then pmeeeded to receive the bei.
tots. In about ten or fifteen minutes after
we commenced receiving the tickets from the
rotors, there was a wooden box brought In.
At this time there had been about fifty votes
polled. Some of the election °Meere desired
to shift the tickets from the paper to tho '
wooden box, but I objected, remarking that
it might be staffed also, and that the ticket.
eould not be removed from the box until they
were taken out tkho counted. Now this is
my statement in Morena to the stuffed box.
In reference to the statement of Messrs.
Smith and Patterson, I will show the ridicul
ous position In which they hare pLeoed them
selves. Mr. Patterson comes out in an article
over his name, stating that Mr. Sawyer, sr.,
brought in • box, and in two or dove mime.
Vier, there mu another box brought in. On
the same day he testified before the Conven
tion, that Mr. &toyer armed so both be.,
coder rod are.! So much for
t la Patterson. No wonder that he got weak
in the knees while testifying before the Con
Mr. Smith, in the same article ' says that
the paper box came in taro or tAreeetsintars be
fore the other box was brought. Ile stated
before a number
j ej Jerson', that there were
about fifty ballots led when the other box
came in. Now r. Smith out a hole in the
lid of the box, I took the "'terms" out,
handed the box round to the other °nicere to
see that it was entirely free from tickets—
thm put the lid on, and took in fifty votes
and deposited them In the box, (according to
his statement) In two er drat armlet Now
Is it any wonder that the Clerk's could not re
cord the names of so many voters In so short
a timer And how many tickets torrid have
been received In flans hoer., at the same rate ?
As regards this mon Abel, / know not who
he is, neither do I care, but I understand that
he te an employee of the Corstsreicf.
whole story about the hex is an unmitigated
falsehood, and I can prove
I hope this will be the last about the box,
as I bare neither time nor inclination t,g en
gage in newspaper controversies, not haring
the control of a paper, as Mr. Sawyer has.
If there aro any more false itatementa or con
troversies, I will take depositions and have
them published. DAVID iit/TCHISON.
P. S.—l wish, in this connection, to direct
public attention to the moan and contempti
ble manner In which the amescrciel reported
my testimony as given before the Convention.
Why did they not give it In full, so that the
people could judge of its Garners ? Wee it
because It exposed the Sawyers that they
omitted my testimony? D. 11.
I have read the above communication, mad
can fully corroborate Mr. Hutchinson la re
gard to the boxes. It Is a true and Jut state
ment of the affair, as it transpired.
ifoucx S. Sionna, Clerk of Mention.
r corroborate the testimony of Mr. David
Butehinson, with regard to the Eighth Ward
c latary election, as &en by him before the
Zona, Clark of Election.
Petal Railroad Accident.
On Thursday evening, about six o'clock, as
Train No. 4, on the Pittsburgh and Cannella-
Ville Railroad, was approach.* the depot In
the city, a man wan seen running ahead of the
engine, and not getting out of the way be wu
run over and instantly killed—his legs being
terribly crushed. The engineer dld not lee
hlm at all, sis the night was very * dark. In a
fow minutes afterwards Train No. 5 came
down, snit discovered the body, which wu
converted to the depot. Coroner McClung was
summoned, and hold an inquest, but no one
amid be found who knew the deceased. The
man appeared to be a laborer, aged about
'thirty years. The bo was taken to Revere's
,cidlin rooms, where Itwill be left till Suer.
'day. if not sooner identified.
While the inquest was held, the watchman
on the road discovered drunken man, lying
directly moss the track, evidently asleep.
There was a freight train then due, which
would - have purled along in a few minutes,
and he too would doubtless have been killed,
had the watchmen not discovered
The Counts Poor Mum.
Wo loam that at a meeting of the Directors
of the Poor efleeway county, held at tho
Alms House, last week, the following ollcers
were re-elected for the ensuing year. W. D.
Patterson, Steward; Dr. W. T. Gilmore, Phy
sician; James IdePorter, Farmer; Albs Mary
Beatty, Matron; Mtn Ella E. Morton,
The "
itrimrsolo-ww-ser—Tsztsw Oman Toost:l,.:
co.—Tbis Tobteco, used by tberNortb
teen Indians, is marodsottust troarthe finest
Apathy of tobacco, and conintinee4 with the
most healthful and odorous Roots , Birks and
Herbs, butiginons to She Hooky Mountains,
in such proportion, as to impart to its dis
tinctive character, and secure for it wherever
it becomea known a hearty welcome. A long
residuum, among the Indians of the Rocky
Mountains, insured an equaintaace with
their habit,, customs, and modes of life, and
among other things, an Insight into the com
position of their smoking tobacco, and a
knowledge of the means by which the extpsi
site aroma Is produced, which renders !too
pleasing tattle smoker, and so athoptablo to
those who are not. Smokers who once be
come acquainted with this tobacco will never
be without It. Sold by' all tobaceonista end
by the manufacturer, E H. Hunt, 511 Ches
nut otreot, Philadelphia.
—This ie a question which many of our read,
ere are now anxiously dismissing, and yet it
to nol , so difficult to solve. What, for in
stance is more acceptable, suitable and lasting
than a fine piano -forte or melodeon. A plane
is a thing which every household must sooner
Or later penes', and why not at once make •
virtue of necessity by the purchase of a fine
Steinway piano for a holiday presert. We
notice a very choice selection of these justly
celebrated instrument' just received by the
Maxus. filcher lo Bro., Fifth Street, and for
those disinclined to pay the price for a Stein
and,ey offer the Calenberg, !Stiller & Co.,
other 'anterior brands of pianos. Some
of their Carbart parlor melodeons would also
make a most fit and desirable Christmas offer
ing. It le well worthy at a call to see and
hear these instrarnents.
Fos Fara AND Wayne Naas—The Bum
meri s past, and by tho moraines frost, we
begin to apprehend, that fall and winter will
withbe upon us, and we mkee p ust de our
selvest tho material to provius comfort
able. A Moo fall suit, or a good and well_
made overcoat are the very thing, and we do
net know of any plaoe where our readers
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W. H. McGee A Co's clothing establishment,
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Allegheny. They have also received a com
plete assortment of genthudea's tarnishing
goods, and a grant variety of new patterns for
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winter stock of goods at tho Merchant Tail
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cent in yearolothing bill.
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Baum. BAIIIIII, Sao. MoCarroxift
"A Swam. Coto," Cotrests.—Few are aware
of the importance of checking a Cough or
"Slight Cold" in its first stage; that Ahleh,
the beginning, would yield to a mild remedy,
If neglected, soon attacks the lungs. Brown's
Bronchial Troches give sure and almost im
mediate relief. Military ()Moors and Sol
diers should have them, as they can be car
ried in the pocket, and taken as occasion
Eswrzery Busks Arnmetays.—Mrs. Anne
Nauts, of Louisville, Ky., says In a letter :
" When in New York, this summer. I pur
chased by way of experiment some of Mrs. S.
A. Allan's celebrated flair Itestorer and
Zylobalsamum, which I have found valuable.
I now write to have you send me a dozen of
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Sold by Druggists everywhere. Depot, 108
Greenwich street, New York.
Enrrotur. Orturox.—The following we take
from this week's Ow ital Nesbyterieu,one of the
most influential religions papers In the West.
Speakin"" of the Wheeler & Wilson Sewing
Afachineit says: "This is unquestionably the
best sewing machine for fatally purpose* now
in the market, and is more in demand than
any other. It is the one which we can molt
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So. 17 Fi ft h street, in now opening the most
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Jewelry, Silver ware and Fancy Goode ever
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ce. •
Sim Anvrramastarr of elegant and metal
Christmas presents for rale
. by Geo. W. Ilub
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DISTAL LiSTITPI2, No. 251 Penn street, IJ
the place where you clus stet the but cheap
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Boors AND Snore of every description at M
Cielland's Auction House, 55 Fifth street.
O. Sus, Donna., US Peaa street, will at
tend to all badness of Bit profession.
NTERS.—In klanadeld, Ohio. on Wednesday. D..
camber 16th, leG3, Dr. CEO. T. lryrivd, (formerly
of this ctly.)ln the 37th year of his sge.
WELBII.—On the Ilith fest.% at f reckek p. re,
FRANCIS WELSH, Sr., sped 07 jean.
The ftmarat nUI take place 012 Lusa r, at 2 o'clock
p. to, from his late reel:Wm. No. 102 Etna Weld,
Pittsburgh, to proceed to Allegheny Cemetery. The
hien& of the fatally are respectfully requested to
SNIVEL—On %reduce',lay, the 16th instant. it IN.
o'clock a. at., eller • Lingering tllnces, Itn. KAIIAU,
krilb of Poorge Smith.
V. rammed will Mace osszo from lb* rontionoo of
her Immboml, No. 24 Tomato mroot, Allogliony, oa
lamer, at 2 o'clock p. fn.
(9ttaxotor to Jo Holmes & Co.)
anl7:ly Prrrimnunr.
Ere oefltnicoff their Pup stook of
At tika very lowan Agora for cub. Mt wean
nroaaptly attended to. pal
zycyr,tit'w pirszac.
'a. 112 DIAMOND 6T411:17, Prrririntai.
Acknowledgments of DeedsDoposlllons sod Am.
drip taken,. Also. Dewy. mostpsgeo, /atlas of
Agreement. Lowe and Lewd Papers of ovary kind
snifter& oslikem
EIVERCII. Cot. Itara's 17Lex4.
Ors volume. Prke SI O.
Itea.tml at
KAY a comp/ars,
_Wood stran
‘../ arid for ante.
21:01 bible. Tort State, If tehlgaa and Ohio Andes;
7000 bush. Potatoes;
WO Ma Buckwheat Floor;
60 bble. Lake Shore Turnips;
60 do' Blekerylttute;
TOO teak. %loots;
16 bbls. Sweet Cider,
60 do Mlle Corn Meal;
Of do ILoallay
• 60 do rant lioMley;
d do choice 801 l Butter;
10 cheese, bozos do do;
12 halls Fresh Batten
4 htds. 'Maple Oak* Saliarl
1200 busk Whitaßetths;
10 bble. TsDow•
100 Pa, old Side Bacon;
deb....., . . L. B. voxas
1 b TtoaL
Tramole Xsoulkotoro Of Iron.
flopplement t o Uro'aDlottooary. .
tim datk
e al O tv Kan.
luny rain tploo of Voila:id Lamy.
Anowl'a Gnat etono Wk,* 2ilooos.
Agissts's Otralloo Notiml Ifotory.
liforade r KAT 41'041Z 1401 Enid:
' iliabli.uttabl ;i ' •-• ,
~,, 4' IMO Au' a - dn • -,, •''
,-,•••••= -Ififiv44r- , 411,g , ; 1
0114141411,/tilikl - ' '.":
e 11 e44.2.i4•-• :;''---.';:.*:::>, i.,• ; ~....,*
- ... ,- ; ,-,,, , -,,,,- .=7.i!." - -- - 1- 4 ,, ~ •
- ' ,, .....4 ,- -- - ` ,- --.• • ----.•-• '••• • '
ft: .„ 2; --..• '
• 1,4;4; •%.1" •
. •-•
a nnatcrron,Deo. l 7.--Ifonen.--The Speak
er laid before the House the report of the Su
perin Steps,he Coast Survey.
Mrfrom the Commitee of Ways
and Means, reported a bill making appropri
ations for consular and diplomatic; expenses.
Mr. Rice, from the Clemente* on Naval
Again,reported • joint resolution tendering
the Mnks of Congress to Capt. Roger..
On motion of Mr. Washbarne, of Illinois, it
was resolved when the House adjourns to-day
it will be till Monday next.
Mr. Brice introduced a resolution, instruct
ing the Committee on Road, and Canals to
inquire Into the expediency, of„oonstruct
log and enlarging the northern canals as may
be necessary to connect the Hodson Cud Mis
slutppi with the great lakes, and report '
bill or otherwise.
Mr. Reiman moved to ley the bill on th,
table, which was disagreed to. Teas 17 ;
nays 76. The resolution was then adopted.
On motion of Mr. Wilson, the Committee
on Invalid Pensions, was instructed to in
quire what legislation is neceuary to neer*
to the widows and legal represent/Om of
persons who hare died, or may hereafter die,
after being discharged from the military ser
vice, hom wounds or disabilities received in
the line of their dunce, the tame pen s i o n s n e
ara allowed to others.
On motion of Mr. Wilson, the Committee
on Public Lands, was instructed to report the
necessary legislation to enable persons in the
naval and military service, to avail them
selves of the qenefite ei the homestead law.
Mr. Anderson offered • resolution which
was adopted, instructing the Committee on
Roads and Canals to Inquire Into the expedi
ency of improving the Upper Rapids of the
Mississippi, with leave to report by bill or
Mr. Regent gave notice of • hill to refund
to the States, counties, townships, wards, ell:
les and manielpal i ra
otions, all Moneys
paid by them, res pectiv ely, for bounties to
volunteers in the Won army.
The Rouse passed the bill for the payment
of invalid and other peasiens, for the year
ending June '1666.
On motion of Mr. Morrill, • re/elation we.
adopted, calling on the Secretary of Treasury
for all the documents ehowlng the practice!
operation of theho-oalled reciprocity treaty
which may, be labia possession.
Tho Rouse then a dj ourned.
Stastx.—Hate rose to a privileged question.
He desired to send to the clerk's dock to be
read, • newspaper paragraph, charging him
with bribery, a Senator from:New England,
in securing the release for the sum of *2,000,
of two prisoners from tho old Capitol. From
information received from a Senator s he was
led to believe that he, (Hale) was the person
alluded to. He wished to make a statement
of the factsan which the charge was founded.
Mr. Hells then at some length explained that
he had send as counsel for these persons,
and thatprevious to doing so, he had asked the
advice ofilon.Reverdy Johnson and others,
if he could consistently with his position as
United States Senator act as the legal adviser
of the above mentioned parties. He was se
cared he could, and that there existed no
reason why he should not. Hon. Retard,
Johnson stated to him that be was himself
engaged In inch cases almost daily. Under
these circumstances he had acted for thepris
more. lie (Hale) then stated the facts et the I
ease, and concluded by saying that if fly
was bribery, er even indelicacy, it was
done Inadfertently, but advisedly, and el
cautious deliberation.
Mr. Johnson remarked that he recollected
distinctly, that Mr. Hate called on him ea
stated .and reported the conversation, ma
terially As stated in his answer to his
(Hsle's) inquiry whether a Senator woe pre.
chided from acting as • counsel for a person
charged before a Oeert Martial with fraud.
He (Johnson)said he saw no legal imsedl
mint in the way, or even Indelicacy, In
what he (Hale) had done, was no doubt done
In consequence of this opinion. Senators do
not cease to be lawyers if ailed open forpro
fessional serener; he saw no difficulty in
complying, unless the serene, Involved the
neglect o palate duties. lie (Johnson) had re.
peatedly acted himself upon this assumption.
The only question that can arise, is there any
taw prohibiting It? There was a law
prohibiting Senator, from prosecuting' any
claims made against the Government before
the Court of Claims. He believed that porno
law expressly except cues pending before
the Courts. One has a right to go before any
other Coed In the United States. It was
not the Intention to prevent a lawyer prac
ticing in his profession. If a case of fraud
in contracts is brought before ai,liiiktery
has no right, because he lea member of Con
gress, to refuse his services any more then he
would in • capital case in the Civil Courts.
Mr. Hale sahmittted the following radia
tion, which wee agreeed to :
Resolved, That the Committee on the Judi
diary, be In/treated to Inquire whathor J. P.
Rale ' &member of this body, In convection
with the ease of one ilunt,chargod with crime
by direction of the War Department, has been
guilty of any conduct ismousistent with his
duty is a Senator, and that they have power
to send for persons endpapers.
The following resolution submitted by Mr.'
Wade was agreed to:
Resoled, That the Secretary of the Navy
be directed to cammealeate to the Senate all
Adel reports and dispatches, and papers In
the Navy Department, relating to the actions
in which any of the armed vessels have been
On motion of Mr. Laneof Kansas, it was
Bereaved, That the Committee on Postollices
and Post Roads be instructed to inquire into
the propriety of what is now known ea the new
military road from Lawrence to Fort Scott as
postr. an " Z; introduced a bill to grantlend
to the citizens of .Ifansu to indemnify (hors
for their losses.
On motion of Mr. Sprague, the bounty pay
bill was taken up and recommitted to the Oom
mittee on Military' Affaln.
A document from the Secretary of the Treas
ury was received, commanicating therwpdrt of
Professor A. D. Dacha, for the year ending
November 1, lS63,and the report of Them a
Brown, agent of the Treasury Copula:mit in
Tae resolution of the House for an adjeurn
meat being taken up, Mr. Sherman moved to
amend by striking out the words, "this House
adjourn," and inserting "the two /louses of
Congress." Canted-
On motion of Mr. Sherman, it was voted to
postpone the consideration of the resolutien to
Tuesday nest. You 11—nays 11.
The following message was received from
the President:
Herewith I lay before you& letter addressed
to myself by a oommltt4e of gentlemen Sep
resenting the Freedmen's Aid Society boles
ton, New York, Philadelphia and Cincin att.
The subject of the letter, as indicated • ve,
is one of great magnitude' zed importance,
and ono which these gentlemen of kilowe
ability and high ehineter, seem to have con
sidered with care. Not having time le fotm
mature judgment of my own, as to whether
the pan they suggest is the best, I ittlnolt
the whole subject to Congress, deeming that
their attention thereto is attest imparatilrely
demanded. L 111004.11.
Mr. I'oote moved that when the Senate ad.
journ, it adjourn till Monday next, Lost.
Another Order by Gen. Iturant....
Memphis Cotton Market.
Owe, Dee. 1 1.--41emphie dates te the area
l:3g of the 14th, are received. Gen. Hurlbut
promulgates another Important corder, which
the following Is the substance: It having
been ascertained that large quantities of cola
have pissed from Memphis espulailj Sena,
it is therefore ordered th at neitehr colt or
bullion be sold, bargahleder exchanged With
in such parts of Tennessee, Arkansas end
hfissluippl, as are within tide department, exempt as follows: Penns having coin or
bullion in their pessusien width the ydedre
to exchange may receive permission frou the
local Treasury_ agent to send the same north
to 'Cairo, Undying Nick an equivalent in such
currency as they may choose. Any sale or
exchange except u above provided. shall lie
punished by •• military tranvia 'Bankers or
others doing • deposit burineu in Memribis,
are required to send forward the coin and Ind
lion In their bands to the Provost Maraud,
both for themselves and theirdepositon,%And
convert the same Into currency. Hereafter,
they will mein none on deposit except to
forward the same ei henlii provided. •
The Memphis' cotton market Is dalL Sales
of 161) Was at 53 ciente, Balei *tithe 14th of
250 baler Receipts, 100 bales.
'ow in store
Sonar Explosion. I
CamsooDee.l7.—Oits of the bonen of the
Chimp Dlstlilerp . lio. exploded to.de7, ,
=tabbing the engine house. ' don,
employed .lo the bandies, were-welded
badly that It le fasnd-Uay will oat noci fi er.
PITO' or lllotlprts werwinJarred,'brA /net
sierionsty;.:3'wsi men aid mrpoilldmitthis r ,
probablyin the miss.,
Tie Haled' till New York' 132prel0;
NNni - YoitiDie.Zto4.le thsitoon
ma* Pll tada7,Attpllmairns4s - iied.
Bo ol ol44..Erartill PaPoa4
VoiCalwAlt ' '
" g " • 4
•-" ---tv;sksz-litalviA-4tzay-
Jrnai , NeMbefilillt. G
here this morning, from Wilmingtonritho
that Gen. Whitney, co the
at that point, left with a b gads
recently fpr Tennessee, was relieved by Clow.
Martin, whose command in and about Wil
mington, eozisbits only of one small brigade.
The running of the blockade into Wilming
ton condones to Increase. It tt estimated
that half a million dollars worth of goods
arrive every twenty-four hours.
Since North Carolina is nearly abandoned .
by the rebel troops, there being but -two
brigades in the State, It 'Liu been decided by.
her banks, as a matter of safety, to dispose of
their specie, which they aro now paying out
as fast as possible to the citizens of the State
giving one dollar in gold for four in Nord'
Carolina money.
ben. Butler Is raising an army of colored
troops in this department. Three bleak regi
ments of earalry, recently started, ere rapidly
filling op.
:aphato of the Chesapeake.
RALIFAI, Dec. I7.—The Cheaapeake moved
to Sambre Harbor, twenty miles from Dallas
yesterday. The U. 8. steamers Ella and An
nie, trove informed of the fact, and will be at
that point early thi. morning. The govern
ment of Nova Scotia has tuned order. for the
arrest of the pirates. There are no other ran
boats hero.
llatarax, Dee. IT.—The Ella and Anna,
oaprored the Chesapmske this morning, In
Sambre Herber. All bat three of her crew
escaped. Stroa after the capture the Daeotah
same op and ordered her into flallfax. The
three vouch IBM 1:1017 here.
Important &Ile on TrML
Wastintarow, Bee. easo of Can
nock and Ramsey against the Gorenenent,
came up for argument before the linfromp.
troller of the Treasury yesterday. It involves
a claim of about two million dollars, with
footrest, and has been in litigation about ton
yeas'. It is on aotount of small contract for
service on the Pacific coast Wm. Curtis
Noyes, Nag., of Nets York, opened the argu
ment for the claimants, and will be followed
by Britton Whitney, of Baltimore, and Lamb,
of Washington, who aro here to reply for Lbe
Government The ease will probably occupy
the entire week.
Fire at Fort Yorktown.
' •
' FORTSIL.N MOltliol, Dec. 17.—Last evening
the hospital at Fort Yorktown took fire. The
are communicated to the bakery, and about
halt past I °Week the magazine exploded.
The fire continued, causing the frequent ex
plosions of abatis daring the night. A about
four o'clock this morning, another explosion
took piece. Several building were destroyed.
These are all the particulars we have as yet.
One nous:Mod man arrired here this even.
It.nolKttß.•rs lIIIAZ/LEC AND
Also, Importers .ad dealers Is METALS, TIN
PISTE, sin:sr TIP'S, WIDE, ks. DosslstlY ee
N. Ifs Ellin aud ITS AROUND STA.,
Pittatsrith. Iti
Ppecial orders at C.pper cut t' nu) part
my= Iyd/iv"(
• •
E. A. WILPON'A r••••• 11 fur the eta • 44
rma b. obtaland to PH10 , 1131;6 a
'WEE% rLsIuNG, brurgid,
carrltt Mkt str.ct and Ow InvAti . rnd.
_____ _-_
! P 1.1.0E0 8...71 VS i it.,lcc. ;_. _ ,.
(IHRISTMAS I'l ANOs—n iiii
V Front the, lClalli: colebratesl Factorise of
A C. .
The pool stock over received to this city, anten2
which Is on. superb CONCILIIT (ALAND PLANO.
They an warranted for eight year, and are nonnowl
edged to be the host iIII the world.
old Plano. taken Le oath. ge. New /lawn !tam
MA' t upward,
dolt CELAILLYITE /31.17kL1:. Ft Fifth arse,
'lanes.TEL • FriiiiiS. I A LS.— - --
Th. Musical alaere of the Eatt 0 p m
speakloa oat le favor of Dk.C11111:91/
"Mixt havirwr examined the Pt.° Forme of the
Aftwere. PECKER BIWA very earohttly, v LA.
COme tn. the conclusion, and cheerfully testify that
they aro to every meet supertw instrunamme. ' Their
time Is pap., rich, brilliant, very distinct, arni of an
entirely trintdcal olunnetnr4.Their workmanship Is
of the vet, bast, plainty dommutotting that norte hot
the very lest coxterlaks are nsett, ami theta . touch,
evenness and eqsalityte tone throngbont the whole
" 0.0 : 1 110.WItlittwIlke.1 hOXYllettXtemlutsted
any cam'
'Piano Poets we ham yet .013.
0. Thoodore Thomas, William Mama,
C 0... , Theo. neg.+, editor of the Alesiottf
Perim owl Mold Peri Aruttots, Director of theapo'irart , goNot. b ; VL.
Gorman Opera ; John ZundeL editor Jaunted qf
fferellip; L. titter, Carl NVelf•ohn, Phila."
A choice hot of thvae rniewite- Instruments put ar
riving. J 11 HuIFYIAN a OWL,
It Fifth street.
c... 1 •ad Sd noel.* over Elchardetro'l Jewelry Strove,)
Prramie... PA.
vuoro(3lt.&l , .ilki:
Of every du end !style, plain or colored, from tho
luVCarts de Fiorito to (Wriest And Itto sign, •
PIIIIVIANCE would pertScalarty tail the mt.
Dolt= of the AGED AND INFIRM to the oodry no
osolbility of thm atabliahmoot, bathe roar-bort by •
.Zeehml. flight of imam Prior moderate. me
Non =um:acad. mytklysta•Tti
turn , 4 and 8 yarn old--Induct &H the
old leading Tarladen and many new ones.
Alto • llama stack of PEAR, Onandard and
PLANTS, An, An, irtolende and ootafl al very rea.
unable prier. JOHN SEURDOUH, Jo.
altdan, Plttobargh and Oakland Plunarik
SPoftTsM EgiS I.I}.IAIXitTA-RTfatiti,
B.sitonklon of Sportsmen and others to hB
splendid stock of GUNS, ItIYEIN REVOLVERS,
munition of overikind. Ws stock b tbs largest sins
brought to this marina. onl7
UR. A. a ,ENGLItiII respectfully
.114. blames Ms clasects of Pittstanrgh, that ha ha
twat appointed solo agent for the sale of BYERS a
PEN. They ars rommunended by the largest houses
to tbs sitp, among which ars
Graff, Bssussrr A Co., I Emma A Co.,
Shamus. A Co., hos Ctrs Tann 00.,
Zl3l, PAISI.I. A ON., And other..
M IL ..c4' CO n LLISTER &
trannhatanns and dealers In iin kinds of
NO. 108 WOOD EITEXL7, Prnarow. Psw.
HHemp. constant/3' oa !mad • tarp naki7 of Nes
Smoking. Tobooa toVkly
8 ,
d o.l.:D.lll3olool9loRd....kubm"LE:774rol:ll:BB4C43P7Llibs7Bodr7d6Gll7llosait•:,
40 do 001001 larch;
HP1014105 EEO.
i ; , ' 7 ;.-2I) Ithds. prime .... Ir . 80 g1121
30 do Lloa
60 (forts dod do; do'
60 tdda. cmhod do:
50 do A " " Ooffoo do;
25 do A do do;
60 do 13 do do;
10 .tore
an fbr We bar
dd.{ 4. IfilK1,41:11101E a Duo.'
NEW LEAF LAED--In tierces, bbl 4.,, flu. puttirTyr,ft. /4341.7
stsi, Of of our own rond kin
• G. J. Towssrsti,
dns No. limaarth et.. near Warty.
' ea Lund and for min by
JAB. PALM!. iabir,
- - Ge and TO Ware Meet..
OIL . 1 : 1 Alta-1,900 prim% seeonti
bald, Crude sod Beernod On Darn% for iakby
• 611- sad 70 WO*,
Fill ~YANIEE).—The
high tit cash
:LA pries paid ta# Cotteirtlaud at tame
res. DeLzrra, a Sali,
C 9 and TO 'Water stmt.
100 bunkols prime
T i vhdta seed ea evaAv. Napa
0 en• sais 117
LS--One Sett; new,
Ltbettyzth74l. -
, 1 I bblv .o.lfolLises
FP • -.1,./Q0 vhetateh lack •
I ' , Gross Nei la storils;',4l for mar •
• ' • 4,11:$110.-
• -- -
ti4roq:Alf ll ,
".1 1
-' .,- - ,:: ; :=., - -,. , ..1:.:.',,i:
'lle ritual this f elltid i tt liutuato*eat! ituudilt
daring Wednesday alight ;Mk. Tedsrd4. btlf
evening nue apparently at a atr,id, with lade deg
four or gm Mel. In the channel , y• the *made:
The weather has ondergo. • complete chartge. Olt
moderated materially during wsdnie.y. and yes,
tertiaj we bad mayoral dowers of tat., rekt .111
probably produce another swell la do rintr:
The wharf moth:nos turmisent • 14 . 4
anee, and badness la quits active, :with fats re:
'Onsits and large thiputente. Tye only entra4
hare to record ant the Jennie Mode and /di tees.,
loth from Cincinnati.
The bifida from Cincinnati, Jails from fintstillei
and the Starlight from Evangel:lle, are doe to-clay:
The departures
yeatmday weft the
for Mirtarra and
Mead for Cincinnati, and the darling ](®phis.
The first and last named hoes had trueelleat ftlfer,
while the Miami went mat with about half •inergia
Capt. C. L. Brennan, of the atesmer 'TJdrtk . a d
who, together with his had, has been fa the gnutra-..1
meat memfce for several months,* at home® • din
to hi. family. Capt. A, although all ltdOtleadealiVr
of Um,' Put he woullymder being out of
his employ for a abort time..
Capt. Cordon Wormed nayouterday, that the
erre, on her return from Cincinnati, will la an wit..
.Mild enter the ITlme/ log dada This tellibe good
awe to the patrons of this trade, as the Hiner. hie*
hewn amily raked for mme time.
Ammar the pease:wow on the names , itarting.
notked Capt. Geo. W. Ebbert, who goes to Itiatta
foul to look after bit new alderwheekr. •
The neat mad poplar Erma, Jennie Bulb; to
computed of Capt. IL Derinney, Is filling up mph*
fur Cincinnati and Um:anti* and wiliwithoet d.ubt
he reedy to leave to-day. Tb. Jennie L colt.l if..
retina with the traveling public, and we expect tri awe
her fall of peamagern Kr. Glut Is *dart.
Ths fine paareager steamer. N a / 1 11.10 Bje9l,.Clrt.
auk,. will be me by card, twee today for At.
tank, without fall. Me bag lee Ile/x=46lk=
for wronger; and name num room for height, r
The Kate Robinson, C.O. H. &Adana, is Ellin
op rapidly for Cincinnati and LoulariGe. lead wit
probably get off to-dal. lir. John Whern7 ban
charge ofle orate.
Au old mbar of the Awn calamine lit. &hawk,/
Osn, an old Mamba. clerk, new la the
et&sal, made* raid last et® &drains,
Lid, and, as a military htestettaa, Made •
charge. the Thistle, a little by 'lO steam*, cap
tors:l her, paroled Moberg and ergo, took ■ • Mak'
B y passed MO,& the city • tr• days ago, a
prisons, of oar, clad In ecanty butternut, aid CPT
bred with mnelo and glory, bearlisr no resemblance
to the ray, dashing clerk of the Immortal
West.—.Eashaiite Prat.
A Mort time Man, Mrs. Ellzabeth Parker, a( this
city, sold oombzurth of the alsomer Wan to PloydP.
Loran, also of this city, Mr gT,300. The mate bast
ras ln the tlrst =oath of ths oar
Non, losereet la sold at the rats of Es P 7,600.
$30,000. -, fiL
Loam Demarret.
There were orer tittcon reel water In the CbALlntel
of the rieerymtarlay and the water appear:olo be
receding .lowly. The weather was add and cloudy.
Coal busts, beastly laden with blank illemonda. pass
ed the city great numbers.' Tim City wild
Dint. were at the lending. The tatter wan leading
Gtr Pitteburgh. The new boat Meet/ MK.
idly approaching rompletlon.—lllecting hit., Men
Markets by Telegraph.
PZ1114130,1111,, Dec. 17.--FlOnt dull; Wall
67,60. Wheat a little dmaandy PM
Ind nif; %.0001,64 %rotate, mad otontnal at 11,71
(4.x. Corndull; now, /0761,11; moue% puked arkst.
at 11,9, Oataunchangm. Cotton drat at
dr. Lome, Dec. 17.—Cotton I. Bar demand ; aides
= bales middling, at 70077 o; Bentipts of 1% %km
floor extremely doll, and buyer. Indllferent, oellen
00% earring freely. Wheat solo.. at $1,27.31,30 for
drlctly prime, and 81,22 1.. choice. Corn anstsr;
cum, 11,21, and old 81,1:3. Onto 162 c higher at Ms.
Lime Toga, Dec, 17.—Cotton Lamlaad mks*
continue armor at Ito. Flour %coved go beater on
ablyplag gmdes and closed heavy ; buyers at out--
all. prices; gn, 40 00 1 .55 fn. En.mdtat. ; 11 e 41 SE6 for
R. H. 0., and r,ct39,50 for tray brands. ven_l47
bar,' at skata, cholas with no buyer. at otthdd•
quotation.. Wheat, active Odd lc better, at g 1,428
1,14 for Chicago gprLait, $1.4341,40 for ltibronkoa
Club; 11,51 for old 4., in otaro; h1,48CA1,60
11,40(31,311.11%t ; SL,3O for amber Mllvauke• Cora
Lc better at 81,2sta,u, ke shipping mixed swim,
la atom. Oats opstual stratty cad chard has: at tia
able. 'Wool steady. Sugar qulct. Dori sitrott
stir harge. Bacon Mae. moderate. llama, 10* for
y. Dressed hags dallsad • little Wass at 73-itgNe
for ...morn.
New VGA Stock and Money Market..
Nu. rots, Due. 17.-3.theuty actleaatel lo Laird.
mood at r , a 3 =V. isterLlN; Ursa but clulat. at /Ca.
Gold rather utoreatead,y ; opening at ni, and dol.
eltaiug to IttOj t ,
Garcrtuneut &Locke sr. , U. . S. CI, $1 coupon.
lU9!.', r-n. lotr4.
&Labs Irrertolar andblyber.
C. .t It. I ... .6.—.4173‘11"ading......----..11,7...1
P. ri. w...i C.......... es); kt. e... .. -.:—. el
A. 61. /I ...........—...... 63 all.. C. 8ritp.............4.11i
V.* T01...—...--IMi M. / P. D-. 1.-.. ..— ..W,f 6
Eria..— ... , .... , ... , _—WSl l.: Quichailrar t 0......... 63}‘, 1
Erie Pfd...._....._M 1T,4 .8. I ~y'r oar., 08,K 1
18115. at 11 o'clock..lll
Id, a: the Commercial Saks Houma, 64 Fifth Creel.
15 Patent Corn dhlille a.
den DAVIS& BeILWAINE, harem.
NLAT 31011.5/1.1, Dec 10 N o on. o'clock..Zl/
be mild, at the Commercial We, No. 04 rlfth
street, leo Invoke of French Candies and Confectiona,
manufactured of eattrely White flagar, comptlidng
Madelliona, Mower; Pruftlii Re.
del9 OferiNkltcrliWAlNN. Uteri.
ivuS, et :o'clock, at Minnie Ral Arial loslioate.
No as llMltr street, obll be oold.l.adtte Man' and
Children 'oCestrotent lust Wool Mod{ NOD" Mar.
poem Man and Oafs, No Froolery,Ar...
• Salo porlUve. T. A. ItoOLELLILND.Atict.r. •
?MUT iTigt2o. bat. rat; 7%
o'clock, 14111 be sold. at 4 bareamaterela/ falai &oak
64 PM Mat, nrcaa Malin Late tba Bareblb
Wald. slaws ea Bead. Rasa sad llularlddia oreata.
bddll Da. At% bes 111. Er• r. 21 1. 6 4• 23 4 . 4
thttltior..J 4" ' l °ll=
Term cub. to.rthaapartletlari eaqvlna at"
L. !loathes. Esq.. Dakargra Italabar. 11 tali.
dela DAVID a Ittivw.Auf Analtit
Steamer ELLWOODotow of tki Port or rtne.
WWI, win Weald at no Couramtal Salm Ikatellv
o. 56 filth stmt. oct TUESDAY EVENING. Doc., at 7X., o'clock. The Meow ELLWOOD Ina
Malt la hr 125 Eat to kintb.n Cott In ItroklIk•
6 reel bold, ante la in n4* tom, Corona Blow .
toonsnerronot. Iler morn I Wry Is
and rungs,
order, and ber auttlt of trtltta arid h
and r
d ct complain. • -ran on/ 1111211 W
oEhre to purchase. Term at nen
4.18 LtAVIN KelLWAnnk
v —Oa 21:1122DAT MELE4 02 0. ,t 24 Insor
i te .. clock, will be mold, 01 th• umareaclal &Om
14 C
10 obureo retiano L ab atreot:
ank Stock;
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.It is tha purpose of the.. publielierk
render the GazEr . ra we:thy: of the liberal
and inoreasing, patrOnagairliich,it is now.
rewiring, They. flatter - therosektie.Outi.
efforts to this_ end, during' the' pant fair
years, here not been unavailing, and, Paul
,with pride and pleasure to the:greatly h.
'reased -Stimulation which • thesOgsrrn
has now 'attiOned, as evidence, that thek
efforts' bale' been' appreciated by an in
tangent pitblin. ' '
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During thetapprenehing yeaiDuf gre4
contest for 'next - Presidenoy :fill AC::
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newspaper is the surest and most wheam i
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to the publishers. With 'ci carps of en .. .
ergeticr and -talented Special Corrosion!.
ants At the news centres if -- thiday; they
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reliable and eqlartiViepatclios,7lchioh
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journals.of the dui, :gag or -Meg i the
same liberal outlay for early and reliable
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notwithstanding the narandthe'faerests ,
ed expense therefrom
,_ !
From the . Aney, by our OnTii;'§'peeint Cor-„
respondents,..and.from volunteer cog?*
utors, shall continue to be - a prominent'
and interest iag feature. ' " ''...,....-., i ....i ,
Is conducted by one.therougklyA4ifted.
to Ilirniah reliohfe daily-Onus.
actions, from actual sales. The quotations
of Produce, Cattle„Flour, Orcils, I
ac., may be relied uponse the antatiY
prices, from day today, thunTfieukhhik
a most interesting and valuable !entire.
for all clessesof reatlare; I.2'e eipensoli
.spared in procuring Tetiographic:Anota ;
Sons from abroad,. in dddigan `to' home
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During,the coriiiiniance of tho,war,
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public attention, sad '741-I)67piiiae,,,4-
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• TUE non omit DEPA.I#II7t ,
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President- to subdue this.iigantie 'and
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