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- , , JAMES LOWB. , SA.
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, • Arrest 'of Juvenile ea.
Toteday, the Bth kit.; tie grocery
drysgoods store of Mr. Thomas B. Gibson, of
.14We/own, woo entered whild ho was at •
ner,ancliamtt one hundred and fifty do 'ra
- hi:Money taken from the Wit On )to day
.lotthe Stela wad entered in Ode same ay,'
and fortyeight dollars more were taken On
both deesslonitthe store had boe l c, enterid by
Zt?!.'ilitlecking one of the doors. Nu , clue w s ob
d•trs the thieves until the 'egged larceny
.4. •
'committed, when suspicion feli upon
tit= boys named Joseph rougher. tobert
Johnston and James Deurther, who resnied in
khe , trillagei enti who loft for this city alter the
store hut been entered thOsetend time. Mr.
Gibsedltamediately followed, and on striving
. be made information bete. e
MayorAlexaider. On Tuesday evening, after
a long seareb, be succeeded in finding-John
- eton on the street, and took him into custody.
•. The Bougher boys had already rated-nod to
" t'Bakerstown - , and an Tuesday evening Mr.
Oibien started out, in campthy with offic e r
Will:OisWednesday morning the °Meer visi
, tad Flnugher'e bottle, andartested the boys in
thatebeds...; Their guilt 'was soon. Made ap
parent, and Bo th
rman brought to e!city and
Committed fork. further hearing on Saturday.
joseplt Bnughor ie between sixteen and
*lronton yams °lege, while Johnston be
- teem - fourteen and, fifteen. James Bougher
G mach - younger, and does not zoom to have
teen hisplicated in the larceny, farther than
that he received two dolikrs m husb-money.
The-guilty parties on reaching the city, nutdo
itunberotgurchiume—oenong other articles
they purchased each a cheap watch, at Wet
. tin', on Fifth :street, paying fourteen dollars.
At Thompson's, on Wood street, they bought
two four barreled pletols, at ten dollars .4..ach,
epj glass, and ocher articles. At a clothing
stem, in the same vicinity, rougher purchased
paha Of pants, a vest, neck tin, hat, and
other articles. Most of the money which was
spent hue been recovered by returning the
goods. When minted, Rougher had twenty
. ulnaticliars in money on his person, and
. Johnston had twenty-tin. There is a pistol
, iinC•eatch yet to bo recovered. but the officer
has "bees told where to find them. The larceny
was is very bold-one, but the young rascals
-exhibited very little tact in their subsequent
The Draft—Volunteering, etc
The Board of Enrollment, (22d District,)
meets at.lo o'clock, and VMS those eases of
Manifest Permanent Mobility; fthey do not,
examine oasis of oonsomptine, diseases of
beard, liver, kidneys, etc., until the parson is
• After these the names of applicants for
illienage, non'-residenco and unsuitable age,
'cambered from 800 to 900. will b eallod--nono
Away Bro 900. Any applicants under 800,
heratofare celled, may bo called on Friday, by
leaving their names and nambors in the front
'ballets office, second story, during to-day,
Ihit their papers may be searched out to
At !WO o'clock in the afternoon disability
case: will hare another chance, no • mon, hoc.
Ifyi•the number of the application—and eo at
'tan end two oath day:
`frEleetion of Parent" applications may be
..flied but will not be hoard until ;Wednesday,
22d inst.
- Numbers from No. 800 to 1,000 Will be
.'") 1 0 11 Sd on Friday—from 1,000 •to 1,100 on
- Saharelas•—and none over I,loo'eaa be heard
until the parties are drafted, unless the Board
_site on the 20th (Sunday) or the Deportment
• extends the time allowed them; which expires
on that day.
atelhe Board are required' to give a. pre,
A : reroute to those desirous of entering the err
!leo,oser those who desire to avoid it, the es-
Pragalitws...(tl.w. c4,11,18' do
.reitilitbnito of !Ix oreight4:44) Mims a good
. deittat their time. West Elizabeth bitillfi3d'
her quota Elizabeth township is making a
' , Wrong - e fforts and other districts are organ
isinglor-thelamo purpose.'
Alleged Arson
On Monday evening, en old frail. shanty
. .
located In the vicinity of McKee's Rocks, and
isiabiplisd bye colored man named DaviALee;
was dextroyedly fire. It became neisodabout
that Lee had sat fire to the house, and ho was
arrested. On Wednesday ho had a hearing
before Mayor Alexander, but there was no
evidence whatever again:W Mm. Further
more, he proved that he was ucross the river,
at a stoic, when the lire broke out. The sto
ry originated from en expression made me of
by Mrs. Lee, to the effect that her husband
bad been seen outside of the house; just be
fore the tire commenced. They' had been
oituirrelling during the a ft ernoon, Ishii the wo
man may hare imagined come malice malice on the
pert her husband. Ile was promptly dia.
Shocking Accident.
• On•. Wednesday afternoon, between three
and four o'clock, a lad named Thames Law,
": son of a widow residing on Fleming street., In
L. , 6o:Third Ward, Allegheny, while riding oct a
stook train at Om outer depot, became fright
::Awed at something, and lot attempting to jump
off he missed his footing', and fell upon the
*heels passed over one of his
r •legs, crushing it so that amputation beeohse
"lietaleiry. 'Dr. Dickson petformed the opera
.lion, and expressed the opinion that the boy
May not rooover. The irractleo of jumping
upon the cars, so prevalentAniong boys resid
ing Oder our railroad depbts, Is epteedinly
. 'dotage - tour:spend paretits ciiihot be Coo careful
In guarding their boys agailat it.
attoln . SEASON 09 ESGLIstL—Our citizorm will
loam with pleasure that the manager of the
eelebratedllolmen Opera Troupe hesarranged
for two weeks of English Opera-at Masonic
Ball, commencing on Monday evening nest,
and judging from the tone of the press of the
principal cities of the 'Union, there is agmat
1. musical treat in store for us. The Cincinnati
Cbsectercialsays "Last night was the fourth
Of the - IfoLmen Troupe in Balfo'a beautiful
opera of the Bohemian Girl, and the Theatre
was again crammed to its fallestrapacity with
ihe 4feet our city. Each glee of this open was
rapturously encored, and the gifted prfaut dons
Mesa Sallie Holman, was literally bombarded
with boquets, besides receiving en ortaairions
.• 'Seidl after the opera."
As the:Bohemian Girl Is their openipg ricer,
hatir,wa.; , untioipato ' a large atteridatteoiltait
weabilasiggeet that the seats may biteigaged
se the lu ll on Saturday, from ;ten &cloak.
CO 01:10. •
riVinsona,i•drhe Pittsburgh farorite,,doseph :
Proctor, nude hit first appearance 'this season
na !Tuesday -ereningile-Sherldan Atnotries'
'great 'dranuCorVirginins. Ills • rendition of
ehlriteeetedidted theNranmestincomicuus.
tlie On — .lTbdrioiday needling
Idr, Proctor appeared nt,Jibbonalnopui,
in 'the' driurs.eflho Nick of the
Spoe;tt'which be was sklatiribii supported,
ibyXassrs. ChiPpendaio, Salton and
Ebtrtlie:' To-night Air: Proctor appears
siaiek Cade, In Judge Conrad's great drama
"AA Suture Coin," COIN:M.-FOP aril:mare
of the Importance of checking a Cough or.
oßlight Cold" in its tint stage ythat which, in
tea beginning, would yield to a nUd remedy, .
:11trueoete'd, soon atticki tha lugs. Brown's
. .Bronchial Troches giro sure and almost
[neliate - relief. Military -Officers and Bol
.dicas should have them, as they can be'ear.
did in the pocket, and taken as 0CC4401.1
Minenow,itnn—On.blonday of
but week, Henry Ault;n4uet minket . of Eli
'tamale, Schuylkill awing, was found dud
In bed st hie bearding-house, with his throat
eeinne that he 4 bed boon dal:bine
-,Jnilornome!timo, and; that be cOnmitted
the.act while .-Isboringiinder deprOultin of
ophiii caused byblo ozoneses..
• ••
liaarm—Darid•Poiroli; le Tory Old
roaidanror ittflfoidlOsinthip,Joniaut county;
died yeryr addibinly, on Saturday last, in Pat
tation;., ACtoriafound donot, bed—taring
aprarentlyidep away. , .; , •
CiotElilePP.Polol; Ilitano°SierYoflina°4Bo''CrekboWak°
Fifth 41"
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q.7 , ...ii:&. - ..••&.•''.? .. ,..T rti ,:':-.. % - r , f [i..,,:,,, g 4 :' , =.: ,, r . t., - .; 4-1 .7.;, -- % - :', : - . ,, ,,-_-;4• , ,,n , -,,. - 7,1-3-7-.• ,---, -•.--- - •
...%4 . ...4 , 00''..RW, O f * A ., :'';',.'"•-" '' -
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a , v4.4ivOiDsa s §aPZM,i
We Intro waited upon, bit evening, by a
Teri tints/kin - timing man, 'who bad jest re
turned from witneasiltg the performances of the
Morningstar ?Sinatra', at Concert Hell. Ile
stated that, during the performance, the au
dience was appealed to for the loan of a hat,
by one of the performers, who desired to show
them a "trick." Or Informant, having a
new five dollar tile,:genemuily tendered it to
the performer, who undertook to cook some
eggs in its fa Prof And:Sion. After break
ing several eggs in the hat; and stirring them
around, the performer, looking very much
surprised, stated that "the eggs would not
cook," and banded the batto the owner com
pletely daubed, and unfit tor use. This was
.the trick, and every one In the audience
seemed to enjoy it, except the unfortunate
. owner of the hat. lie wcoaln't seo it" in the
light of a joke and enpeasked his Indignation
in unmeasured terms. - Ite.was handed a five
dollar bill, however„ and- Furbished with ai
old bra to wear home, but still he felt out
raged at the eondnot oftha tronpe-aid justly
so, we think. Stitk prieSical joking is cer
tainly in very bad taste, end we , would advise
the troupe to refrain from such cnrry, tricks
A New 'Use roe Tura,--The wings of the
American blackbird, so abundant in Sane=
among the Flyer rushes, are appropriated to a
,pretty purpose. The milliners have pressed
them into Fir! iio. The *lnge taro coalblack,
with a patch of vivid vermilliun at thershout.
.der. They arc placed in.tho little bats worn
by misses and young children. The effect is
very Jaunty, suggesting the partridge wing
in Scotch caps, as shown by the fashion plates.
The pinion of the rod winged blackbird is
much handsomer. •
informed that the second lecture on the East
will be delivered by Rev.aanses Prestly, D.
D.. In the United Presbyterian Church, on
Sixth street, on Tuesday Droning, the 22d
Inst., at 7 o'clock P. M. Tickets of admis.
sten, 25 oents—to bo had the teachers and
at the door. Subject—" Pilot I saw at Jeru-
CE/RLICI Dicrsas'it ow COUIS.7IIAB
Broor•—"Mrs: Lirriper'iLodyieys" is the title
of Charles Dickens , . new Christmas Story,
Just published by Messrs. liarper & Brothers,
and for sale here by W. A. Gildenforney, 45
-Fifth street, and- by Henry Miner, 71 rind 73
Fifth street, (nett door to tho Post-otheo.)
}aril. ACCIDEST.—A man was last week
killed at Wallnoe'r Hill, in Deerfield town
chip, Warren county, by falling across a eir
oubtr saw, - while in motion. His right arm
was cut off, and the saw parsed half through
his body. He itl the eeeond parson who has
been killed in the sumo mill within the past
"Elea LIIIIIIPI[II . II lionomus."—Messes.
Harper S Brothers have published this now
"Christmas Story by Charles Dickens," nt the
lorr price of ono dime. It is for stile at J. I'.
Runt's, 59 Fifth street, and et J. T. SAmplo's
SS. Fedoras street, Allegheny.
Mu. Zr!fDres CONCGET.—Our city marts
will bear:in mind that Mr. John Zandol's
grand !acted organ and vocal concert will be
glum this evening, in Dr. 14ward's Church,
Penn' street. The progrnmme will be found
'in tar adiestiaing columns
•";' elm JAnts.ay.—This acne:gag
monthly for January is inM'and for sale hero
Hunt's, hiasonio Hall, Fifth street,
and at J. T. Sample's, 85 Fedora! street, Al
Votrrs's /ND CELILDLEWS boot', et
BicClelluntri Auction, 55 Fifth itreot.
THOILIS Parcae, and Ornankontll
Ronfor, and dealer to ponneylvanla and
Vermont •Isto a the boat quality at low rata,.
OtEna at • Alex. Laughlin's, nasr the Waior
Works, Pittsburgh, Yr,. •
FOE FALL axe WEIMER Wikl...-The Sam
uteri s past, and by the zoming's frost, we
begin to apprehend, that fall.and winter will
shortly be upon as, and wo must provide our
selves with the material to keep as corn fcrt
abla A nice .fall suit, ore good and well
made overcoat are the very thing, and we do
not know of any place whore our readers
would suit "theiiiselves better than at Messrs.
W. li: Meese . Co'. clothing establisino.t,
corner of Federal street and Diamond Aquaria,
Allegheny. They have sicts,received a mm
pieta auerttotest goaded MN furnishing
goods, and a great variety patterns for
waistcoating, ko
listiertinew, have you examined the fall and
winter stock of picas it the Merchant Tail-
Inring of Bantrilraham k Co.,
No. b.& Market street ? • " •
Afresh rapid,' of good!every:week
nave yolk examined the prides of, goods at
the Merchant Tailoring estadGiahmont of Ram.
Graham k Co., se. 64 -Market street; if cot,
now tido.* jou wboid, end wive 20 per
oat. la your clothing DEL
Every garment warranted a perfect fit.
19•111111. 131/111.101, GIO. MCCLSOLVIS.
Naute, of Louisville, Ky., says in II letter :
"MIMI in New York, this 'rummer. I pur
chased by way of experiment some of Alm S.
. Allen's celebrated Bair Restorer end
Zylobalsamum, which I have found valuable.
I now write to have you rend me a dozen of
each by express, for the one of my friends."
Sold by Druggists everywhere- Depot. 198
Greenwich ■treet, New York.
Bravos:an Onwtoie.—The following we take
from this week's, United Presbyterkm,one of the
most, Influential religions papers the West.
Speaking if th e Wheele r Wiloon Sewing
Machincrit says: "'This is unquestionably the
best sewing maohinwfor family purposes now
in the mirilset;eind - Js more In demand than
any Oleic - - 'OS 14 one which we con mwt
MalplaifiCalY . ll . oolTlal.Ad, 4nl for this reason,
hare selected it as a premium.'.' Itwslord.
Seer iLLC:.I,7II) 031 Kru' roe,
fine assortment of fall and Winter Clothing,
lately rerbived •by Messrs. John, Wier At Co.,
Marehaut Tailors, lie. 146 Tatars! strut, Al
legheny. - The, noel of clothing consists of
the lineat,Tarkty of gents' pantaloons, rests,
coats enitovemmats.- The style ef 'patterns is
tasteful Mad fashionable. We would LIM it •
101 of our reado'd tdgive the above gentlemen
gOLDICILS . Smut.. 11071C1.—Da your duty
to yourselves, protect your health, use 11,01-
loway's Pills And Ointment. For Wounds,
Sores, Bowel Comphints end Fevers, they are
perfeot safeguard. Furl direetions bow to
use Otero with every boa. Only 25 cents.
Sit Anyestaismarr of elegant and useful
Christmas presents for sale
.by.lBen. W. Mob
lay, 118 Federal :al., Allegheny; in another
goltnim. stook it worthy of attention.
(harms And earrtege tans wth be taken at
the - Omnibus Auo, Porn street, day
urnigbt. ordmidett at:tbe tbore,pleee
wilt be prereptly *Waded to. • Al) eisllceorwE
' Dorsal. Inrrerrirra, NriJ 251 Pennaireat,: is
.";tbopfUttirbefto, you - inn:( rot' th e but cheap_
ilentiatry.ln , Don't forgot the place,
No. 251 Penn street, near ELaneock.
• '
O. Elul., Dentist, 248 ;Pain atroet, Fiji :.-
teed to all bottoms of Ida mulatto:,
A liariTenstou or ran - Baum.;.-A. memo
rial laid before the ~O ettoral Council" of
the Epiicopal Church Confederate
States, was referred to n 'select cominitte,
(of which DishopOenerat Polk ischairinan,)
,with instructions so to rens° the prayer
book as to free it from all traces Of aboli
tionient, andalso to consider and report on
the exiimliency of a cerreetcd Southern
retsiotrof the Old and New Testaments—
;especially the latter.
SitITIL—On Wirdneeday.tbe lOth. instant, • t
o'clock - e. at., after • Ilogerlng Mee, litre. Saltill;
41 George t mltb.
The Amoral .rill taco p aeo from the rothloneo of
her hcaband, 5.:+. ?A Tomato stmt. 1 Ile gheny ,
Farnaziat 2 o'clock
DENICANAP.,..-013 11:1;ty, the lath instant. hlro.
ILIZAIMTLI ,LEWSNAP. rollot of the lota Col. L
Dowsmap, 12 the 28th fete of trot ago.
.7anerel from the made/tee of her .on-In•leor, Goo.
Itlddle, an 7hanna➢in etrent, S. and Wen!. City
of Allegheny, on Tatnurntr, the 11th Instant, at 10
o'clock aim. •.
11113bECENr• "
. In on toodranufacturo of Into.
Bunko:kat to Errol Dietloran.
Dame Idszaal
Lyon oa Us Ant/rudy of Nan.
Braa's Itiem of thanld World.
~ I dllroltinriplos of Paltleslit.conotoy.
Anstrd'a Groot Pons Book of Mama.
' guidz'o Burdlos la Natural
lror dilo try , RATA CO., 4WoOd stmt.
VVINCAN, SnmsrAti*(lo.ll' tiigtt
.1.• , lIITIs kra elllnJou Bank4ol3lll,:aad atgbs
BM on enVportant-tcnrs In Grecommorream
Sititigalad iter.lbs slater m*o Vat pc*,
~ .
e tszps I. p,im1L111111441115. l& - a4 ,' , 4Z
:.. t4onstatiledflibltn
021511 M - 4 Oni"" - : 10 11 14 1 4 -Re 6 neikl4
.IVstactiusiliteale*.:' ,- 4%.,11" WED; - ..:
._.. '~'i~'{ zc'.
a - SeatTyTrtet.
THE LATEST NEIVS l i y ?or his T'' l°° " ° °°'°° °I ih° bat " °.° ' °m ' i
, k genital, to be soviier offck GelieraD 5r1i:74...
BY TELEGRAPH. testimony raa
G Ectei .k , the, C,....camiDee c n tt.3'
_ _ c co art n'l '. .01 , wt. ,- 13,a;31'`' : • 4' 3 ,
OUP. SPECIAL DISPATCHES. SI,. 1,1, .2. , ‘'LLIIT of '• '. ill. .
FROM WASHINOT() N. ;'''' ' ''' '' 1 ' I .. '-' '' 1 '
-__ i Of , -..., . L : t r'.. . . tr....''
Spedal Dopatch to tba Mtg.:nil Gazott, t tb , ~‘t ery -- ; ^ I t't ,'' '''co 1.-. ' 1 It , r t E,
W,14111511T0‘ Clrr, Dec It, I- •
Senator Sherman has procured for the ore
'of the t Western Sanitary Fair, and ha, 1,
warded to Cincinnati, this evening, the 11/1g
nal autograph ropy of the Prosident',.
proclamation o' amnesty, accempon rig h.
message. It is full of interlineation, eoi
ensures, and as an evidence of the varirm,
shades of meaning t, and Gran aldeL Car
President inclined in drawing it up, no w,.:1 cc
a historic document, will command general in
terost, and excite lively bidding. Forney hat
furnished a highly valuable colloctloa of au
tograph letters from prominent men, North
and'Soutla, which will be sent out to-morrow.
GCS. 000OVILLP--7111, 11413.30061 DtrARTI:rNY
Gem Schofield bee arrived in obedience to
to the President's sumoone, and had on in
terview with the President to•day. li.eporty
prevail: that he boo already peen re
moved, but up to noon to-day, at nay rate,
they were premature. The better beli, C.
however, is that his removal has caber been
determined upon or is very probable. 4len.
Roseerans is still regarded as his must
eueecaaor, if the removal F made,
the war oteehostility to him may to tcrlere.
BorneWeil also talked of.
Brig. Gen. Bufnrd , n noted cavalry t 'Xi., of
tho Potomac Army, died in thiii city to-day.
By an amendmont to:tho consoription
proposed by Senator Wilsoo, in the-Senate t , :•
day, the following persons ore ctemp:. curl/
as are mentally or physically unlit mita,
ry duty—Vice President, 'Judges rf (Luna.,
Governors of States, Head. , of liaccutive Ila
partments, the only fan of a whirs wholly d--
pendent on him for support, the only sen of
as aged or infirm parent ur pa,ents, o h, fly
dependent on his labor far rapport, and'., ,
case all no drafted of so,ral bons, the poet:::
or parents may select which .1.11 be , o. m, , '
the on'y brother orphan ch,ldr,
tacit years old, when two sets hove de
ceased, or been disabled in miltiar) et rr
the ri.i,1,10 shall Lo exempt. rt.e: , i r 1C•.
The CeltowinginlA•,, Feutor W.l on. I.
been introduced:
Be it enacted by tho Senate and Boo••
Representatives of tho United Seater ..:.S me
ica, in Congross asenabled—to.c-thipls or I.
houses cortex:Laing : That the follow iag
ho propoposed to tho Legiolatur, of the se,
al States as an amet,dmoat to tho C.,ustitoti
of the United States, which, when , atte..,l
throo-fourths of said Legislature, : ,hail
valid to, all Intenta and purpose c. pies
ssid Constitution, namely 13 : t+• ,
Hari: I, slavery being incompatible siLll :7L
governmont, is forever prohibited i u
led States, .11.1161 involuntary scrvitutie sha
be permitted only a. 114111.1.mrct ( . 6
edam. Section 2.—Cengreass
power to enforce tine forrgbing sect On 4
article byiappropriato Legi.tatlLm.
Revertly Ja11,01t1•11 castigation cf fret t
Davis, yesteralay,is n subject of much ..ons.lo•
ulatien. It, was all the more appserive ar
stringent ag coming from a border ,;.‘to r
heretofore noted no au ultra CO 3:e
Some Western gentleman tenet tenet rt-•i 11 1I t,
the Sanitary o „ mweeion, waited on ibe i're•-
ident to-day, and represented that th:• r<(o•..i
of the rebels to txchaoge Fi,,,ner., V. a!
much owing to 'mismanagement ~1
sinner Meredith as for any other rime.,. y
represented his Inthitq
also described hitt as petulant and overhear
ing, and consequently baring brought his per.
sotal difficulties with fluid only by his own
The following dismissals from the ser,i,
have born made within a'weel: Major \Vta.
M. ?Ifthry,•lith Illinois voinateetr, for ron•
timing false and fraudulent IIeCLUC.i!.
the government; Capt. F. Deicke,
vohanteore, for absence without oath:lily
Col. John NI te, 30th rientocky inount"l in
fantry, for selling captured property, ai,d
propriating the pro , :ecis to hi: own tut., ,t4d
using government transportation fir ',hale
purpose', improper treatment of n n in• c••,.
ml slowed officer while ho was ir, o:
hia duty,and incompetency ; Lien t. Tht.F. C.
Platt, .4th Ohio volanteere, for abscl.ce
oat barn ; Lieut. Wan. 1). Mann log. :12.1
volunteer., for rendering lain and fraudA;;;:t
accoUlt4 llgai.Lthe go, ;nal., : Jo ~
Ecyr,lrth roluntenra, improper r., , aonm
drunk in a publi, ball room, rrri•iin; nu or
root by tbe police; Copt. It. C. .ImLl..r,
Minnoaota volunteer", for drunken.", naing
profane and nbaceno language in the rota:•
atrectt or St. Lou!, and at a publle d,no, r
We, not paying anbsiatnoce bill to 1100
Dppartmeni, and not re ndering re
torne of poblid prnperty.
Four highly important rpecici cutawiooca
wero ennounee4l to-day in the
On Pacific Railroad--liteveno, I
nnis; Wilder, Kamm, ; Sttelo, New York
Iowa; Colo, California: So blo, 1)1‘lo
Donnelly, Minnei6E, ;
Steele, New envy; hleClurg,
Amos, ; Ventoon, li co ltseizy
On Emi,valion—lraeliburno, of 111 , Gtifl
null, of lows, Lna, of. Indiana, 111,:d,i,,,„
Mau., Rollins, of Missouri.
. Oa EmancipV.lon—Elliott, of blahs., lie
of Pa., Knapp, of IIL, O,th, of Ina., toyd; of
3.lo.;Kalkilech, of New'York, Cobb., of Wac..
hak:eon, of Kentucky, MidKetoc., l'f N " 4,17
- On-ebellious Staten-t-Davir, 0f..l .1., (1 ocoh
of Mans' of E1 . . 01i1L1,3,•44 J ~,
ton, of Now 'fork, KOlnuin,
of DCL, blow, of SIo., English, ot,Coutt.
Tri1.132111.11T or 14000008 IN LICHELLIGPS ST6TE.S
A resolution introduced by Air. Ashley. of
Ohio, and roferrod to the Military Committee,
authorizes the enlistment of ecgrocs in rebel
lions districts by recruiting officers from the
different St ten, and to bo credited to those
States CO if they had been unlisted in-their
borders, rind to receliro tho eanto bounty, pry,
&c., as other troops in the respectiro States.
A bill was introduced to repent the clause
of the Conscription law limiting forfolturo to
life estate of rebels.
OSZCIL0:11' snout or Tar. 842T1.F1 Or CIIICKL
Tho War Department boo hitherto practiced
• singular policy In terming to publish haw
crane report of the battle of Chichaniauza,
though no reasons of too great a length, inn
proper revelations, or the like Were alleged;
sa Was at trot given oat, that his report, end
the tentont for his removal would bo made
pablio with his annual report; but, 113 this has
not been done, a resolution will now ho put
through Congress calling for Ito punlimaion.
#DVICGS r60)4
Trieste advice' from Charleston, say that
nearly all the inhabitants hare bean . drieen
out of the eity, with the exception of a dew
of the poorer dance who remain two or three
miles bath from the city limitr; they are in a
destitute condition, and dependent on halfra;
'Cons :ken theca by the rebel Commissioners! ,
The stores are all closed. The Mills Lelia - a hes
been:it:reek thine , times - jwith shell', and •If
, .
'IL ,14 ' Tat Dont report o
... 11:.
4§iiiiiiiii . ' 41:1 - ' fAs Peal •
ilt4 ealniti 6 'POshat ,- . * ,0
au - ' 0
root, linddorttoci d a etatpoUockereerora
hi. r utz t,g i elar i
ttion oi a pro: ;;or
ta,n; ct th
rcn :1 a
of the r.11,i;1.,i,t,
.-e1p , f1, , 0:..r),,,n;:y.
Ajar try .^ Is. :r
• ,1 • S:111.0
bru nn • . b I I Ire
3 :Lb DIDTCCILLICeIIpfq , I 4 I - tpt . os. , .--.R,, an
1 ,..
Lil ,lUZL 1.!, ~1. . 4 .: i..;!! ... f. ••: .•. ib.rlattr
, i .• -
tle4l! 11.'1 .r •1- nqc sr•11••••. i .
• •
Pile ipAt 4! 3 11 fh..lq:;Bitut oP rc.orwr3c
51,15 iu f",
froPlitn. cY1,11d.....L Er% •
pi A: .t 4IS and
11^ . . - fitt C.. 1 • •
tn :Tints II Iftn t • i Cm al
- st a tat.
We Ln.a lat,iy nude
4 •,.,
4 , 41v4; 44444 4:4.4,44,:tt0r. r 144 14 . .4;;444..
Cp..; 1..
field apaiu, to “A.t...0t0.v: unto rtpr
rin'tiV” br.
op nr,-•..,A
Th:o:7 1-415 - ;.ri) r
, arne 'I. 0,
the leolnti:ility I •:, •[ xe, • •iei ••0
t 11. c ; 4 ., ztt—ly of 11
The Puna to retthtel to ergo, ah, r,•
:Lc 11.. n
;`. +,;13
~ ~
3 's 1.,r, ,
FROII WAS . an; ndit "6117."?..
Cpl petit., Occupied by P. ,
4. 11, al r 5 The Vi'inr, or 0,4
Connect rAI 11) 'et!...,7-ap •-<A:n. ,
ford .lapjaa‘itat,l at 11,J r (:tr.
Lune' Dra, a a•ta
rl rti malit'aa •! ''ir
jn3t ant, : : :1.
lc,: 1 t.i
i ~.r .
guist,:t r ,t,t4
rc, :1%1 ins.; `• P
to If ..10.. zc, , c.-
c •c. o :Fro!. • n!r t! - .c
Le`ic ; • .^.1. ,
front Aittsrottri, r Wit:2 Ilia , 3 • : • :
'rho of 2. L ir in
qra:t•iog, and it i• that th:y w•;'
up to i4,1) , :1.Q.)0 uith , tl n
rein( ..$ the • f 1
aileg i ,efriroer-n, $ ll ,
from :11$ i• tit' • ;•. $. $
tirrsecil t. hisa
sssi s4 , retcl 1,1141.1,
,'~ rn~ rb mo. .
ccl , k, W, .A
l'ottt t
it,: al!uges itursi,ts•at
,P.b reit:re:fro to
t. ,110 . filltr I
• n,lisrities 10,7: rlscrlcAl tl , •
t. 71:450n
311 , •141.1 “.714,111);,,IC co:. He Tor , ,ri••-•,
hnwrr,r n. auiver styp:• ,
it Tit:ft..c that hit,: la-ea reniviri op to :1,
liars tha kctcr adi irritte.e.,,and mU, (L.,
howe.cri ia wtll
rat iont.l reciaoly ad. they rat6.-a thefr roliii4r3
in late 3 , 614. lb. aLiq:ali;3.
of rilit , lis'tkari misrepres:at“tiqn putfi
sic eltait, helsafter
es/miss wdliplie.l,, is more
real re.t?oa , iusikg :by pert._-o or
at tilt Da,ple of Rhi . ..WMULOt tl o loot that
through lkellcralll7 . of Siovr:p..mer4 ar.d.
4 - L:41,, 3,1-14c.,er,. in
dish . hssa - 11,6sim:raill , ttiiiia'.1iiite , :,}tr,cr tb. a
any r...ap.outd.ave
Prom tier -Orittatis..i.capte „r
CobeMG - TeraF::—.74tectttnii)at;,,t/
N'tr tont; Dt.c. 10.—Tho rt., tour Thou,. •
A. t50 ,, A.t, 1 ; 0 9 Ntl , or. N r l,
The .Nort •thlear.s :Leo has tLe
04eial infortuat Lien received n t head
quarterg tot all the rebel t.urkn of Port Ca
bal, Toodh bare barn captured by ' , Ur
Net a that. to-t, on our ri,!r. i'ort Ca het to
and the exptn.ed works are a g•it the.
potat of a
. pcninlls, whim fPFitatel
rosy frnua thollulf: The pesees,;on ef
this point clears the cutrence / o Jac Bay,
Ores the Union army
ireprtLat plarec Ramrly, Port I.avine" end
Matugrtr,le, a t.hp,rt.•Al.,,taare hack Cr, the
Bay, Victoria ned • Ile'VeittVe the, Lit trio, ell ot
which aro opon 'th.q .ouuttpr.tiu uf
title •.f
Dad ar...cupinlatad
at Victoria, at thO tline , .f the clpfure of
Brearaucille, And -there mad ae elle, tot of
the utturre getting it oat, of the camt,. and
.(1 fatalil of itttloving it escept by :II; slow
prnretoi of teettne,lt.pruLaiily Ft', be
cotne the property of tile I, •"
7131o r t4ado.iftuttier brircit Aahpro.
r tiop.'l6.4fiarlCos (fort Beau
fort reirort th ' orim tho ratinOhm,..3l , the Gth tim
Upited ritatcp guoiwiat , Axits,;Liont,; Deolua '
ilitOofaii'T'ajiciOlraifo'tuaner tiyint -to get:
VittOlogtOle. - "Shri - Ovo churn, and tho
robots to artvq,.., thologolvai run tier on slicro..,
and rat - bar o boarded-I,er ,
aAkt71414 , a . 41ittif74134,14t. not be,rutt,
contritterp!thvinctm....AtztyptimiJaoo to:I4T
taiollatikitrito:4llthq,irakkatli .ifraogl.s4r.t.
tirt4ti . l - IM.VirectlotPfirf,4oOWLazi4.trituVartif
inthildatiiii!filat'iiioate. 4 !i*.eok4SLlA
110W410-4if ili i i 4Parti V r e l743 P: 4l 2Nr4 '.
A:Q . '':•4gftti`,l , Pqt" ;
resolution 'tree - adopted in
etrketirrg the Committee on Military Affairs
to iskeire inte the alleged intormonity of the
inoWIT iier 'rounded soldiers on the
Netecr••ite i•e rt., , ,!11:i m s were introduced,
helm, Mr. Rolliag, of Missouri,
deeletiii; Cu. thin 11.,are is prompted by just
ri li•ut •'.11; !he zealous prosecution
:Lo wa , inaugurated by the
, Iniquv:er - nr.d ;het the duty of the
riercitreent pr,•-cuts the war until obedi-
•!., ••I nut the lases is se
tint , bn!l nut be preset=
•! I o . : subjegs
' ,vva to 6.v nn lite
la. •'•. ttnyt 111.
aid.uv or.
,0 re•oke‘t 114. when it ad
, 1Vt.1, - 1.• viiibe the
!iti. c::1 the f.,l!..iwirti; which
Wouteto, Mme: the b-ooking out of tho ro
hollh‘n, rorh.nnorn held b. tho United Statcs
becn t: Gated under the rule. of war with
tcu tu.,t houlauo o:nzidetntlons, and whereas
on leorniug that our aoldiLre, held at Rich
re..olt were ant., death for food and
L:othing. by the eunfe.osion of tholr captor...,
i,,11.” loure"!ir, of Foote, of the tibel Con
. ...h, oonantjseary gnoeral hairing-starrod
tr•orar•,ho t, fends of the pris
on., n 0 ,17 the Aol die• • old societies, -continued
sO.l thing tio al forbidden
f.-;ne re),l k.whoriLa.. Therefore.
1..• •', I I. Wanton act of cruelty
unpreen•krit , , , l in m Ann warfare, at war with
itutruin, i-cutitnt.iii.: of tho age, and Mititt
..• ..ecr.4tion of %lilt Route, and
.11 .•1,1 of .orb ionlmous
.... "f :be Almighty.
/.•••..' • , rnatnitten on Roads
Ito in .:rutted iii inquire into the
• it •.: a tonal around the
ir ?I , .itli•ii..!oit , m,ininieing at
LL4.4,L, , a 4:: I ll. r,tetin ,.m.attoo hare
• t . t . 7 v.h7r74.1,..
A Lij.darncd.
Sr, tr 0,0.11 pre e 1 a memorial
L.., tt.r :th and oth Mafia-
• r reklng fur the
lutnu ar xrutalutrrd other
. ;.• • Military Committee.
•, r•I 1,,,ek the joint rerolu
/.1 t'Anigrnsi to
, nt , -74 :tad men of
, , re r e u st,ewistion fur
1 1, 1 1 , y r• .41 1. LI 111, irristuiont by
I. to ,ar Knor.o prisoners. 11 e made
L Brown, of O.lCOOln,
.0h.., r too pr i sons of the
. ' n• • :•••Ntiers were in irons,
• • •
her wbo Were not in irons,
I . .") were to Le put to
..I.Brra I..ed been. The See
.: W.,. c tented iLeno foots to
••• o I;aelv.oc. I.iit received
!... 70 11,1 b Qizantrell Orld
it. i. ,11.10.) Or Kansas.
Mr. ILM t .I mpcnml lb.• bsek."l.ay .rd
1,0.,Atv v, •ii ,m.l..!wentr.
.• r ,nirb.brced a bill to r4atie.4 tho
,•1 All, t t irizena, by rear,un of the
Laid nn the tablo end
tho resolution rein
IVAo,i:IJ of the petal,. lo.r
':• 1.4 adjournment
g I up. M. Felrendrn cored it bo
tic Th.. Itv.:l-11 was loft. ioaa
;;;tr,i1;...; a 4.11 I. ausan,ltneal
•:;,;; ;111.1 e,lling uut the ha-
...c 4 ..• fn.m C.ll, offered a
•'te.L n.. 1 41grveti to, asking
.•••, i n Miliwrry AWN., bo
.u=t•or:• • nqu'r , • Into the enure, which
~.• 1-1 •!lie,: of u large Handing
z.truy ; 10,./ lo) ti people of
t•.t: dn.,' a hill to provide
o r of the eppr,.priuiton for the
• 1.4 LI actually employed 10
D,pnf tear of Mir,ottri, which
•ct. ,• I t a o•iiiinittve 40 War and
: 'ill 21, of the dehy of the
`, l'aYurteter tienoral, 04:111 the 2rl
.t. ,hr n•ljtmttnellt and Payment
firer-.e.1 ' , Wien., and report
i. 11 • Ilecemary to fa
o.;.o.trurni, and payment.
NC. of
t,a; vI9I fu. Inging:iouthern
~• it t, wing sa, itai.tng dispatches
:ht. (Eel,nit
•• 4at plan
I W., eh • No perch injured.
ph. t S. firtug tytt Sumter.
output • a thn part of the manta,.
-Thu Oro at Sumter
••• 3. wi.u, . •: an! unaroiJnble. It
I. to been eel/orate • ...t e asel the rtrength of the
g, eel l• i . 0 .. No thing on So -
It • • .•.,J... Or I and eery little firing
It • %tat. t!.. lett: • . tie Ile ware thrown
Thtrigra Tstuhr • 7.• tr•mera, .m
tab evliad ogaaa r: s..e I.:. 6. brig Perry, cap
&are.l at %....rrin mi.:. hate arrived hero.
,!:d'ct. td • The casualties atbozater
~...tergr, gyro 3
L. ,0,1 and wododed.
30 Ai i, 4 1 .Item shop of e•sort's
led; 1.• • • • sdirld, end sere de,
tr. . thrtiwn jot* the city,
r Omit tire, which
.n , • nrtr. he t.11 : 1..!
• , IL , ~„ y LII;I:t 'at interValp 1.3
• 1.. , .7 i•.•• dUr
-0,4 '
04.!Ding. Filentor kook
s. -.etc Tho fire
o..ersounientod so the out., limber Rua of
di- ...sete of the work,. Some am
deruroyerl. The eisemy'r lend be.-
..di,. opeued heavily upon lhe fort during
V. 1 . ..., a•te rtpiiod t.. 11 Fort Moultrie.
ba•lvii... h henry firing war kept
s p nit :in, hot a..: s.. uh among.. 1,54 &q t ., so
dcdlp o..cenr.ismg
•r•i• , ••••.i.,..1 On • neoLl rrtiriag, sinco
15..0t Las pines Cnoshcrand lisp In his
Ir ••I hi, •-nr. Vans*
an•l itssi.en's Ilse mnsolidstcd,
71e.e t• taut nee ..;At that he will
I. r•I the .' Vee;lt'oe e•tottnahl has
•ereveuell Jr:lithe the seiid betly.
1.1 - 'Cur asusin bet: or our
rotteol t .. et It i• • ••,... lite. LengetretiVe
hutlt,turLit: are ea.:v.
V... 13 —The situation, et the frortt
r. tosics uptisaugcrl. Sumo two Luodred or
thse wohtolod at Ntant,illo hate arrived
Lra:. Staass., 3icsirstis staff. es
reped gin tdn Gcnerd, &frivol.' In Aurrell
seurstycen.mst• 1.1 Itiebusond. 101 l M0t
,61.1 i• vstis6e.l la• Is In
A Hairs la Texas
Sr. Idiom. Dee. M.—A special to the Damp
endroPN:• it gentlemen named W. Taylor,
itrrtrOgt fore to-day, hatter left Denton,
Texas,no hundred relletlamth of Red Rivor,
h: r • t, he understood Mhon be left that
it i
- o coal+ bad pe .s e ~ t ea ' et th e cation
;litilisi4poledhag Sabine Golf, Gateeston and
•-rirowv.olll.: cud that the Federal foree .0
nirsathg Red riot, and matching on Aloe-
Aillirlabign the rebel Oceern I Taylor mail
ed nit thank.
:derider had adored the , circulation
*ranent.the State, a pledge dtvoting Ilfe,
libert and property of Ciliteto to sapport
Ahnlidonfederacy; shwa refusing to sign It aro
tiontiddred totality and traitors ' ender', tabs
treatsd es aorta. lb. ncitioes titre VIII Levu
tonsigittled sail preiniaailthcir,creedoin. The
Ste..i. 011.4 with negrocs and ptook taken
;here, by rebel owners. from the States
forthie teat and north. - The tionfed
ereto *my In TOM. Se. generally siren°,
on Pe eel limits of alto State.
,kirby Smirlt tr n.ll the troqp, in Texnz
trtiral of J , ,itt. liorgau to Richmond
...The New fo rk Commercial Adcer..
tUer ^lll
Now Your, IC.—Report toys, John
Morgan hss rearl.e.l Richmond via tho Dig
Ssody Myer. J.C. Davis het given him
common , : in the ora.y of tleorgio.
h re,,:ted tn..' the rhamerrial Adore
s hni liven roll hp 11a 11 Son , to so:metal
reivoi.•. among whorls are Mr. 11. Riarlbort, of
the Werld, nod Dlr. Ifotoon, once ufttia
but mnro recently ongaged as President of
tho Contineutal Rank Nola Co., and to.Woll
otiret Rooker nod opeentatnr, who nrc.thoprin
climb , . 7t i. told thesew proprietors will tato
poodeasica 4aotpcy fit.
• . Sicamor Arabia.
JouNs, N. 1 : ., bee. steasuldp.
Aitthie.Jecto.lleltitA ott the Othopassed" , Cape
its OD Snoday evettliflho uth. ,71 The newt
tivnirF thd'Aicaciated , ttt t wl4l time d*
ispat Terk and Sall rtt1114241:1,
4t4)444DtirD .c 440 ", •
.f11.14.441t1 fiD*ol titsFe rj : ithe t . b.hrf
Xe :Yeas, Pio: ft.—Me steam: Chum
plat, froierdrataial4'ef the 7 tb, has arrived
to-eight, with about 000,00 - sad a lam
number of passengorsj-entoat -whom b the
lion. J. S. Mackie. the American Commis
sioner to Pena, ell questions between the the
tountnes hasistg been sljnsted.
Bale of Go'ernment
PEILLDILPLIIA, Dna. 16.—Tho niln# Of Gov
ernment bonds to-day reached $1,561,15e.
Markets by Telegraph.
Mr , In, Dec. ft.—Receipts of cotton la tales i
holders 413 kin, laitge more than Miyeri UM- pay
sales of 6 bales gnat in ordinary middling at %Wats.
nom 'metier, Mims( firmer. Corn steady - and
otteban74.. Oats unchanged.
Cutrauo, Tec. 12.—Ylour dna. Wheat, firm and
141,44 e higher. Corn, dull at OlganiXe. Iteeelpta,
;,4tat Mita nottr, 17,000 Omit tritest, 12, , 6U b1ab corn.
Bogs firm and attiv• t 51ir35,..gc. Dotard hogs
dull at Siii_dd3in for lots dividing on D3O Vat
Primanns.rots, Doc. 10.-1 - tour dull, and tbanapll
limited tar I•otee consumption; Soo bbl. Yinnayles
riLa and western sold at $7,12%@7,23 bbl tor" ordl.•
nary, and 21,30 for good extra family: Mailers and
b,,k,,a prim mote fronisVo to 611 for superfine to
fancy brands, ammling to quality.
Bursas°, Dec. 16.—rour firm and in fateldrruand.
Wheat steady •, No. 2 Clilca,v Mins PA. Co.,
nominal, at 1.7)441,r... Oats us haleit 1'..,YA768 for.
Canadian and {Waters, Barley =hide al 11,300
I 35. Ilya polet at $1,23.. Dressed bogs tptrt
,tot s
it@Te. Lasky steady at Mc. Itupo
b four, 5,000 blab wheat, X,llOO bt.b MIL
Kra rasa, Dee. 111.--c.otton, firm and. mare ac
tive at W.le for middling uplobtb. Flour d. 7 l ,botperi
88,40400,6044,4050, for Extra Mali; 87,4470 An. , . IL 0.,
anJ 57,4049,50 Netts& brands, puke tag firm.
Wldoky heavy at 83@frre for Vega/ Wheat,
mom active and fully lc better'.4 SI, 1,47 for
41,1,a50 Spring; $1,30 for old dal ftl,4 1.49 for
llllwankee Club; 117,60a1,51 for tiloberla amok..; . •
41,70/41,711 for Mawr lied Westin' 1 111,42 for old
do; $1,6001,G1 for amber 31Ichlgatiotrul 81.76m,as
fo r teldta truism. COrn,lc - . 'Wier enenk na ae. ,
wand at 91,2101,25 forydlipping taltoll'ittentrit, In
.rove, and 51,47.90 at. Oats a Outdo Oratorio Wan:
for western and S. Goff. Dna. 'Pork! • oho&
...lei ; gl7/;17,9.5 for old 'aria, and 818,23 j for new
do. Doe unchanged mid*tato demand.
Ndw York Stock d Honey Market.
Kew Tome, Dec. 19. yls in-fitir' aeIII.J.
glorying 4,}xtmagadull at '%. Gold o than ratter
anJ watiewbut ['tern, lar ; aliening at 00%1 adv.'s.%
leg to 4934, and chaing quart ot 100'
Government storks; l'. 8. 6'. 81 corippn. 11/A,,,
7..,1'a WI. ' .. 1
Stains better, dud o fair Moines. dolma., aid clueing
strong. ,
c. t a . c scrip 11174
P. it. %V. 2 8234tIlartem ,
P. rid
U, N.
c,I. 107 raellieltall 017
lauickailver Co
8 PEW L Jrorscztl.
Also, traporters and dealer. In MMTALS, TIE
PLATS, SHEEP IRON, WIRE, Az. Conantly on
WroSonun, tin.l.W/71151T and 12.4181KG0* . D SS&
Pittsburgh, Pc
Spa-tal ord.n vfCapprr cul toYnldnllrgypmtfrr.
E. A. WILSON'S remedy ter the ctre
cot he obletned Ia PlMA:emit of
30.3Eril TLENZEG, Lriassitt,
Career Slstket Areal nal the Dtamend.
P MU'S tc.
V From th• colebnitad ractotic• Cif .
& CO., •
The fluent dock ever rroeleal in this city, among'
which Li ono etiperb PONCRItT CUM) PIANO.
They are wars-wed for eight years; iad ineackolowl
wised to be the beet In the world.
old Pianos barn In exclol-ge. N.or Many from
dcl2 CILiBLO'ITE BLUME. 43 fifth drag.
. .
n. Musical ))..ten Drake East -
sisaklns aut to favor of DECKEIt'BI t y
I . lAlilas I
" eller harinc examined the Plano Wants of the
Aleeera DECK= URUS. very carefully, me ham
mum to Om maclusioN and ctumftais :miry, that
thq am
In ' , fury reepect al:parlor instrument.. Their
time I. pure, rick brilliant, rosy distinct, and of an
mthely musical character. Their *orb:cal:ship is
of tho very best, tiomonstrating that nowt but
the very beet maze rlaix are moil, and their touch,
eArtrina And equality of tone throughout the *bola
annum of the key beard, interim...l by any other
Plane Porte re hare yet limn.
S. B. Mills, Theodore Thomas, William.
Chas. Predell, Theo. Hagen, editor of the ifeeicsi
*treks and D'art(' ; Carl Ansbute, Director et the
tonna. Opera; John Lunde], editor Joanna qf
he Irma/lip; r. L. Flitter, Carl Wolfiohn,
A choir. IA of these superior lertrumentaiust ar
riving. J. x uorrmAN 4=0.,
61 Fifth strottli
• .41 MT lOW SALLEE. •
" •
DriT,R.-o u YRIDWY MONS'S% D. 14th,
at 11) o'clock, will be sold, a: the Comtnere:al Palen
Rados, No. 3t Wirth street, the Co4lowing !earth:oat
Sc.„ to which the attention of the trade le
Il bbl.. Old Rye Wlaleky;
de do liourlede lT tdely.
I cut do Irish do;
6 bbl.. Odgoss Brandy:
IS owes 061 Bordeaux Ileutedr;
10 do pun Weeneb do;
10 do do do Donna:
S. do do Chary de.
0 do Owes sat Ibloo Moen
1451. Old Poet W 1...
4,16 DAVIS& IIteILWALYII. Aost'n.
TII UZIPIAIT, Dee. 17th, at 10 o'clock a. be..eld
IlVelock p. m. , will be weld, 4/ be. Cenemerclel Salein
Stoats, be. 6611116 sort, • lam stools of WooSes
°vele, Dry Goode, de., to which tbe attention al lb.
•nde Is Willed. Also, se WTOI4 Of Doan A now
tote dam/lock Glove. de. Tb• stock memorise, a
DM Dr. °, Zephyr Wanted Goods, all Weed 86tete,
Ladke /7k5164114 ring Reel hoop 660,1., Idea. Doe
NCO lot Collars, Ladles' Deere Goode, 6-4 Cloth,
Peery Geode, dr.
ate • DA1311• IataLWAIEE. Ascent.
Tussmy zVENINCI. Dee. ed. at 23i
Mbsele, atlt I. eed, a. the Caomosetal *Me Boats,
ri fifth street, terries Banding LM. la the &am It
Ward, Mame as nael. Ems aad Dombldla @treats,
Wog Noe. 24, 23, ta, 17, VI, 30, 31, 33 33, 34, 33 aad
00 to Jobs danger's ptaa all: 1 % 1 ..10.003 tr , 100 m
late albs lots Dr. Gmarm Relebbskla.• •
Tams cub. Far farther partlasdan samba af J.
L. Heath., D. Bakevall's DaMlas, Grant
dell DAVIES ItpILKAMIS. Aaarn.
Mel, Awl( at..,
Wsetfa: Sin, •411 0....
bark Blue, /rages..
POI ?tar, liffilas.
OverAllihm. Merem,
am* Hmono. 0..0.
Dwt Mr., Pik .
1.401 Lfrvef., P. 7 ,0 .-
8...... e Thou", Roma rwst..
0 ten.
1...., &cad,
ar! Drab, P:atir,
tfgAl Drab, Sol/.rig.,
raw. bre% ride, a
nttell IMA ream.•
l'ne• Dydug bilk,... Joods, Shawls.
iicart• Wean, Ebb. ~. .. 'besets. lists
'ham Cid Glove., CbUciWacciothing, and all ,
k ID& of Wfttlor Armed.
_ ./tlr • eAVINO oreo ren CZNY.'II4.
. . _
Tor 'l5 et,. yon C. 1.9 color u many goods u would
otherwise coat en times that Iyn. Va... Madre'
eau be prodosed from tho nee 01. ThiS peva.
atropte and anysno can two I. with po*ct
40C1.4. Directi6ns to Inglis], Treocdstol Gormoo;
Ladd& of each wing. • • •
Tor farther intermation In Dyeing, and citing
perfect knowleele• what wolso ars best adapted to Oa
owe °than, with way saittabler recipe%) porthoor
Roweßem.' ?natl. on Dyeing at d Coloring.' Mtn o.TlYtirt or peke--]0 cents..
Manufactured by now' a erarVis,
BrambniyOlustoti, '
For de by deviates and brakes pnarainy e
Fo r
—— -
A N A I. Y 816.—
ALC11111,...........3120. an ..
raa OL 114 v-.- 1.31.
Lon-- ...—\
lisastua—. .01
Wma.--..- 4 "-16.10. •
Duke norePted thelegoary AT the We of lb.
SIIiPLA CLAT, mined am et, Loole, - /lIA. Ls*
vile the attention of Glue end Stood Illanufactlatoll
to the Auslysle given vtGove,na fryortod by Pro& A.
A. trays, of Lluton„ and J. C. CU,* Phlledolphls.
which, together with duo teetOtnotnal experiotrob 17
enentdenarere to PltteLunb,"Clnelniastl and' St.
Lode, determine. It to be the pursed and mart reln.
- We Cray nose known. 'clamber l'oerlgn or Avnefloon.
Pots tea& frovn It hove flood to the Clue Furnace
teem IX,to d month. . • . • .
Tbs Attelytts to of.tha Clay ea taken teem the mine,
eltbont any lc uhlag or furperetkrn whatever. I,
n. gent adbeeleeseeg and plaetlcltygtolltlee,.
whicti ale not etwon by the inalyels„ god whleb ad-
aft of the =tuts of • Urge proportion of OW at.
horned Hay. •
Las nor pre be 111 oviern tbe oboe* MY
to barb typed o wed St. Lori, or tlv4vered buy.
- n,.1.11 eranz, •:
. .
Et7cltl7.—lbe baholin.• Vv.
Matiu4 rer cal.laville,ll. Wass & Dear, k* •
kre4 &rt rast.44&&& et , Faisuma x iMV
• Ai&reo ' ' ''• ". JO AT,Ir
Dalidl&g:eotner of &Waft& Slid Grua cutsia
talabarge. IS: toilort * Pr. 11&.;
11.-mon• scoots. ior•l,Lntt at 33.11
()MAMA /*ONE - 4M '
gedis4l Ibt
__±, • . I
- ~.41.1013 MW, O 21111 boil
. " • • '4!%1 0 a: , ".•71'. ,
Lima esen i u u "t•-•
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vetted 'Le ti: ll o:4oeosraAtALeftiow'r#oo
lad. melt hos kern enowoms,-14414tia . 140 Lee
sin= - OD evideace of - stsull tient47o:llctzoga;
'bola; rilto, Li (attar slowly, tlyinth*b.ribk ri ,PJ
eeter,etiweL tb let Out "Uktmoi l liittelnititonAltut
lode. "Tiiviithicr condo. adreki:,4lid:siZiorlth
Denham at whoa coatinar*T+o htisk, and
she raqta:ariti- ihilpme r ati intr. , 4171 u
As there 111 T q64o:ll:llaq . a . tio4r
enl 46.16,z 6:64- 6-6661.. , pad Dili , appatrnllf.
"Aosta= to got foll trips, in thaellortert poettli*
thus, there warn some tatienatiookihrown *tit yei. -
usrday that the to of irelgliftweatlles manul.-
Whethar ft wasaccompliahed or dienvmsaisoMabla
to stat*latt writs - rattled that shippers CD wi
thin., any obstacle* In , the trig; I Ditoanitioatama
deolre to eater into each intirrintraniaL
Theo*leals since'inhtiecludio
Ariumle• r
Dail, sad earti with - is geed tiiii,: , ;Theeehis Beddit
Grads, Item Ciaelazal4 grid ifi. SCitliehtlnite
Beftllesdoa,sraelos here to-diii:" ihhjeindeEnhhi
willbe here this morning without doubt, e 3 abs-wag.
'test ashore distance below. Ludayffelop,
The derarturerincre the:Whit& Bose tad 'Llonlhti.
for 8t Louis; both WAN' . good etrips, hadadlasi s.
large number of passaartai, Thisastsgs SF _;eltiied
farell City:within ezakiliat
04*. WC. et tihrtehltio;
Is the - eltirlliriiiliMirtnee Georgetery ; sad will .
heorelni for Phiciateiti:'":23ept tblertLih
bundOlg • 6 •• •hk.heet
L now on bit - way to dist 4 ,iiiiaMtend hes
eotemporsmesys :
. ,
It has been summated to us that deubtlea
agentsmme.of the iteamahlp fromNeer D k.
Inn* to New • - fork, who get up nth antlinabli•
aeries aboufattuoners being trial inlet by guerrilla.,
on the Nialalppi.river. These.reportneep OM=
sauna tab* trop, and lieu . ham a lehder4
frighten highleaste travel from steamboat.
in the thaw. littotinthlpichergilliPpimage,
,frniVrow Orleans triNew Yarfr, and athiseraloPeih
oengenrisritary clearable: TheiLaancape r . tb,"
M*C of New Orleans fall of peeple, erlallo 4 attam:
boaarconduralrthe Meer can get very re IFILKSCII,
I,ta,a-refy common thinclor:Nel Orleata
gra M i er rex! ' il i tVle o t tt l it;lll . • w !"r ogira n k
theris that there's§ comparsitivery • Rim tiger 4 ,
'Outage-by *saliva, end not Mratsty gene. In all
Meehan Mt by-ltri rag. on oteggs slum the,
'breaking out of tho odor. tt
Oapt..Rebinmea- hod hob news comer, Ibe. Kota
11oblowan, brought op to the wharf idsterday, and
being ahead completed, oh,' wN commencr, loodlng
Immedlately4or Cincinnati and LeuiseMe.,
A Interesting and plant= ithdr took platoon
the new aratrier Darling Tneeday arninte, sod all
three who weroeo fortunate as to be In attendance,
we am told, enjoyed It hugely. It moms tliat_gulto la
number of hulks and gentlemen assembled an board i
this tine steueer on the eventim abort .ruenti ! Med,
end • lively titneensad. Alters ,nadtpt:ecos repast
—gotten op in such est* sa tialf teIAIN of the Doc.
only know, how—eheiestivitlee closed at elate hour,
with the marry dance, and all railrallighly planed
with Mellor darner Darling, and her.popsdat and
accottiplished °Moms. In con@thilirigttda brief no- ,
tim, We May tory properly re alit ihst3lle Dealtig
will loam t - .s:,Cii; pooltirely, fotAssuphle '
The well4theirn and populir steamer, Ilineria,.
Gordon, till ixeithely lenettolij Ilur Mee •
call and. lanthiellle. Sewn. 'airide and Ihuthilig
as associated together in the olDre. , ,
Capt. U. 11. Derioney, of the Jannis Mobil az
rteed theally yesteeday r bating Mittio thirtulhitt
advance of the boat, by mit Capt. D. refuntsh&T-'
tog discharged about two-hundred tons of freight at
Parkersburg. The JClttlie will commence ndleint
Immediately, for Cincinnati sad LotiferMejind•
paseengen and eldppersabould bear thls feothi Mind,
She fine starmerlinnolo Dyere; CoPellusk, as will
he want by card, le announced to loare'foi Cairo and
St. Laois to-morrow evening.
no "Sted, Whlb and"pocket
amt, is the amt./med.''' . L
lisiket for
day., loosing poqtlvely tb4 o.roing, IDA hay Ina
lupeoramotiitiorm for . vorseogrre: siij.pleuty of room
for (might.
.I'I7ITIBIIRGH Tinveria.
lame awl
TYlrd Idea of the, America. actctri W. JOSEPH
P120C1011., who will appear to tho bfwatifhl trs
of Jack Cada.
. •
Will be presented, Judge Cenireure celebrated Irazedy
In Ave acts, '
sat Worthy
cueror4_,— •
• — fr;;;7:a: - Tnek
01101LNDIT A 191: Drezci:crn:', OF BRIM of
PLTUOLUZI (Vs. Usnaz Wails 11r4orria,)
TO.llo2BoW,(Tbsirati;)l:Po. nit);
At tb. gicostel Prestryterlat"(ltty-Da,
.1.0.,) Clio:Rely -comer or Penn ►nd !nut ea.;
tbo prootttla to be sppropriateil to the Chtllthltt to.
to the Swat." Cocottattlon. •
I. Lou .!ochry VoSmeary ors the Orman.
t "ChdeU.o, the morn creeks sweetly o'er thee.'
fee Solo rod Chorus. Composed try .1. Zundel,
htrlol•e Deed !larch. I'm the
4. ♦lr, "In Itatlre W...rtb.. frets thy Oruor
•erbriCrsillem r "..y.------J. nada.'
kerasseel Quiatstre for male emers.---.lltaitssf.
0. Alr, rom the
11tiMish.. -* •
S. 11On:dente* to v •• Or
. 4 7bir • astort"
(Oro Rrelmarm's vssele um the Gam> Tra,
Onas avds,
7tme, ./loades." Astlifirosles7l reared by
Utica stet Obeli. ;l Soviet
0. enesdCbierum ems s'lllmltmelatt:'..-Clasclet
isr coaxal to ,timeosome Ni'cloct: Dais .
Illekete44o AMU ZACll:4mis, be 43 at, die
gatter ads &aro of Um Oslo% :1614er
K. 61021
Th• Pally oelebett
Short Season of English Opera,:
CAntnenciai on 1110SDLY. Dee; !Slat. usea.
Anerconclading .7th Dr ioniciblo rnActa OW 31 UI
DOLMAN oral Dotato mix clidnont .chorocters.
A/minion, 2S OINIIL • few . Nome Crrtileotts
Brat, 611 (=DA ", Nom wen 141, to COMMIIO,
Ty, .folocir.•
• wpm text).. tnN of Mats of SottuttelAmor",
dm from 10 10.1 o'clock. •• • A • •
islranad Maus.. cattunue..o . nettlV
DAY ADIIIANOOIift, it t otclodt. • . • /fetal:
SIX xlcarttro
c•istatocini 11414111113‘
, . . .
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rdisalan in? Prognonal.
dell:b • • ; 8.21, AinTursupia. AC•4‘.
;O:ri/Ditlat 4 . - . • •
17 , puri Concintrida
ICO bou•saiortedPose,: •
,'I MI •do Pearl Starcbr • • •
7 • .; Yu do lillyre Moms !Ranh;
do' OottiEtorchi
:•• , • 80 bp& CL,Sods;
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haws aide 11p*:4,
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am= incrilAuGirscia.
THIB (Shuntlay) EVENING,
C U I :M C W..'M 09.
thn IM tenor g a.
With 14I1e beautlfal Ovmpaßitto ?.!
Tnitoannis Gnu.:
' .t. --. - i - --A- -, _ , •
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win to New Ibglaml, bus the icrnlkboat 4 ista • -..: :44. ,
us mod 110 , ; plat =Veto of iisls!„ and 6
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at invalids, to al/1 Mai flat a Mkt cotton:dry to. •
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Balm of vial Ma'am a s coauattalam
of aal• Us PI ttabantt. at by J. Taltca. -0. fL Lop. IL, D.,Joseph
JHSI ;ln Allatbany • 1
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tirra.COMMIPTIVES, ' 1
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Una kr preparing sad ten OA amo• Which 0 . 1 7
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lAA*. coacidive to be tuni:wa; and be betel'
every - suArrer will ii. 7 his ,iiamatti, •• II WWII wit ,'t
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