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,il.lf.. l .WVlClttuthi Allegheny.
iint agonotr engaged in finishing tlie
Ingooner of the erelpint new church
fetid by the north 'United Pres
sflutPtlOn 'of Allegheny, and it is
!twill be ready for cecupaney
at df . 70 : 17 1 717 7. next. The :growth
istj hie been so marked and grill.'
iii iberit Stripper to append • brief
Attie:tory.' The church wag organ
Rei:,3 T. Prouty - , 1). D., April 17th,
diem uteinban. .11easm John
iszies Leitch and d 41. , Alexander
:Mien Billing BMus. Brom the organ-
Clabber let, 1861, the congregation
plied with retching 'by Presbytery.
wet 4iniblitali to- Raz Charlet A.
fkdebtriet, 1881, an/ accepted. At
atillte aorigregation nombared
tureen. After completing his coons
ittyi their pastor was ordained and in.
fi r prli 8t141861. 131nci, then the con.
Atka-het *tenthly Anapased, and now
itentelionitwo hundred. and fifty mem
t, •7, •
Iyirt thearintar 611861-'42, the oblige:-
3 began to: make arraegenenta for build.
house of weahlp. • A 1e; tine Porebura
a southeast conniof.-Dearer Street and
Ile COZOIXIOII, and is emsprilta et .1862
Yidation lid& BC May, 1863, they
Mit Dectare 11,ccon,:ead have been
ig sarriees 'it ever sing.
,Inibit limo the congregation -had
=hipping In the Semixiary
ltls .auatyhyena hundred and Owen
btablingelliiil,by Waft,. feet. The
nom is about Axil feet.equare. The
nhamlierb erventy•Ate ibet long by
fad: wide; height, twicity.eight feet.-
basetiierit, biddies, keen room,there
fireman noses, er.lnfant school, pas
tdy,' etc. There are ant hundred and
Iga is thebody of the uhureb, and a
- `fry ode llto testa:de. Therw s
instant• and arett, be grained.
,hash willbe lighted by id gosalier. The
we are , of itained gLusi The general
the bending Is Gothic, and it has
try much siikaired for its beauty and
AIM The congretiation detour& great
4 for the taste and liberality which they
At &Wird Gillis election of the building,
Abell One Of the Snell in the city. James
Esq. (tiot &member of the denomi
"--; =salon) contributed4l,Qoo towirds the build
ing. The carpenter work was dens by Meier..
,f.LeschleGray stone woe, Robert ender
, an; brick - work, William Stair:rt.; Outer
pMr. Eleanor d_glaa, Mr. Nelson;
ting, lifr ? .(llllldantL The rbitects were
els m. Jfire T *dew cost
1?°11"-. -.'
' ' iilliit il Do ll ikr Clause.
T le e =isei lli COD ' 11l 'shall abolish
i. , -i. f .l -.,-.-7 -....
_ thi t..„ti m i which allows
A 1440 Alums la ma -- .7, 0r ' .4, be pay -
I Ogled mss to ° " l F ta ` . ' ithe c t of
iiig sBoo.' TM, clans 1131
iiiig'it he,
661,11 girsbif'rfillialiws . eata r Uoai a
v oo ms 9 It*
__..besu'oWld fa sOr! '":,,d. to really & Pr°'
".7,:,...;. Bat the kis as .. ---- i. the Ise of
- 24 "5:.. , ..^1' 'to t he 000 c, for withosraltt
:: ,• - WO"Tifklinl 11011 gh that; only lt
to *seal* sATTim in
a Ctiii to
. ''''" ltraioli to a rich maxi It
u 3
'' '.- - uisless 1,, P
or, even , sue ° . far IA IllbStitll •
,71141,1441" . p.m= WerklNCi
id afford
Cat hole many ,
ray a . thin . f",...wag" or
llalelillttle; Anktilusttiouszall
-it: 1 P
ZI,ILTLIIIi 4/61 week st his h r„; . ...d .
k4aidto EtTe4; 3 °.% t:i=to onrsioe 8 year
I :iii of. ail IraPh and comparin g : im' war illimil es with ill
1- ' 1 ' .1".1119 6i t t s 7 Q C :V a meii gives is
a y: l 7, 4 le . sn pei
',.i....i1i5e.41:1••• Repeal.l ' haex dTlil l e m° lfor a sabsti
gi7sA.i"4" t i o a rathicLiad•wottld be
- ' itite;aatt tot orison
1114-b-rar'i "the t 'ar irtapeal of the
is to drive
;these met tac o the a rm y,.
r.., -. i..l;toftsi,staldiPn would do ."
the ElgriSh Ward.
, - ;',A.gotsrdsalAit alk has -basaAadulged in,
bj:berliib YOreintioii to =tinting
anti of the Lowry' delegates{ tibia the
tonTention. Wear.
*ut . zosttei will end in
theigiridentielsof the Low
.!7alnsdT'hee~dried by
P both the Iriicoeto ••end' bath the Werke,
Vaxetithilethe• udge:o , Laotian; has not yet
414coodthitopliisro ass 'bathe will 'igen°
lathe • 'rifest to be made?
:ThleSeeptedelega p ieriltheetM? credentials,
,ninl,`cfsoursit thirylcazoot go haft the Con-
Tl"oa*Sh'sny abdwfifiniecoir: ruther
, micirfiarainfolias_d,fry one of the Sawyer
deregatte;lher-ottliett too of the delegsttoa
)riliziertdittireiliiiiiXiirthfiCiniliatien, being
undid that Auiy - tuiTo -no claim
Thibody. ot:t11t-Irpran lottlni In the ride
. ... . . •
''ldia% - 17 .ik 3 .r. , a 63l ltheaon 8 =47 morning,
heaCatiut lasaiaa• u tut: of Ratty Ford, a
• -itothanntrestitubs, wko had'been released
- ' • Ikuntiglosaktuaday bast.' Belly was rather
*FrapoLtemainglookins — wontan,lbut was nt
h iniyallsmAnd, , and had spent Ulna of her
. 0-2tbat_ittjall. SU Wit addfeted ( o drinking,
~ '.'illtflkilfd hileff iteertin tho at:laity! of the fort,
.'..„ ... .ustlitabutdiyanehralenr.stith sin unknown
u' • ,111111*.•.ighla Shut *bust twenty-two years of age,
..,,,,iialL small, fratilLimpbl2, Terme*
' -'l•':flript ii - •Catare,iirarf.:l4--ferwi days since
14.1t4440 1 iIirlatitatI$X"¢tuto, it burg witb
out sayasther exation uu - -albHef tele
- 1 ,• 1 snot/est on, niladelolda correspondent,
._-. ;gun: "Look out for lxix-skipped to You by
'-, - **Illowm"- - Wodldfook oat forlf,—litaing heard
... s,..attafsraaltaatitiluw,-ktu t,BOts*Ster wading
atiediat,r4 ventured 4,0a 100 54-faree
, thalld,snd examine. V* foundthe box to
coottla oio aliorimani of eery , no 7 labolod
la tuba , of tho tins Of "Ode 4 %nuts
. --WintAtittir 'sesta exoellott -- fr tk` frail.—
, .roodpiks,uni‘fispo, Paul,' To s, ko.
: - • Thai* trot rebut/ by Keen*. &hobs and Wit
; , 4laast, of 1074:toutb Water Street; . Phtladel
'. ' .'pria.i-ThwattWobefor• no to so .-nasty' pot
"...•:..woosaithoisoatoota als co froth -aid **want,
_ .
inzrzni, at 411 , neanusim ato g aletalk
' 10044 1 . 1 4-1 , .N4lla3mi- to our re • • attention.
015 4 ZOleilikriterstra Polo 11 Som
. -; Itgpfiggagll:t.J.P.Uoatylllssoal • Hall,Pifth
&VOICIIILD o 264 pages,
;In siek, &UMW= or tug Iloiogabia fours
su euslareantietnb3g a fall daileription of
lbs - Whoa loatelf,^ltrtrike.. Mai, cities',
• townicilllapii, snoutitaltd; sallip, risers,
--,-.--111111/21114-abxrandstufartair distailebs, popals
liellOap/grapblaarsiblatarce,atoifato." "A
m aplita waxed bit voltuaa,"
• , erblahaa Link ociapileal by 11. if. Long.
USIA the ,traL AIM', and fora* "a band
' bode aildroll#l4-gaido for the Anly " It It
retests by 3, 1 ,- .'llaar; lissiatio all,Pifth
atriikatt this eiWaral by 4. T. Sample. 85
Wait, Allegttcan also by all Spok
en:gas, Iferpubralan, and &Weil Price 50
- ; , • - •:H iita i g l u- i cki4r - ti ' a aactat :-At the i =tahluS
Wer;: - Mid: - -Slireele - i el,-'-Tt r , ti -the litent a lai and
5111,elaillietilltteraittleinly . to ' Cottrt ' f a o f r
~.::..,,,,••.PalkOschimat'figiteetlitath Surer ho may be
;alert erhphis !wet Weaned. 6 4aueb Li ,
~.„.: e parnifb4qiilLbeeti felt, anise nets . time
2 :l ; leetiby,mmataratebsintirrissilhiletho Court
L.v 0r p2,..4 7 1 . = . I ral t tut;2foti-ltpandint•
FeriVilvtiffirs Theeeiiitnatiiiit;' ir afaare r to 6 all
- -- , - - /!;-' 4 1hierveolreta --- sttend tsi-thielf - tuts sit they
',ct-:,:.-Ftcfictold.betagrliebd.-,,,Z .-- ! -
Ditilii.o7:4ll.-Erdol; , - ,1
Jottot.4-01%_thfiLA,Exist„Ttilai. „Im mo i i ,
5. , 7 ,- .....?,.., 4 1 • Lii • a ri f. , ti °about
~ *,...-1', ... ingilsts
, -,- - ,-- 1. -- 4,........,:e sir t 7i; b 4 B2 p altdi ii i iduittodco #0 !i_iir
T rzu
, " •:. : -`, ..a'7,riviiipo,-,:niiiirraltir?
... to_ tin
•T:SZ.::2•ZetletiTOCaelktgrof,v°°r stung
b. third
~.f. r l -:-.., , a ti iiiiiii:up t : . - Eremia : - i e .
'4,l6l4o4ol,7X4li tt lf# 4o lt t 2trii t iothy 211-
*:i7 Y 4lll * looo7 :A e rW a iit h ym ta ir.., Bab.
.a7l-'7t,.9 11PS t0,i --' - :: I - 4Wn :-::-i:.7,ll,, _—'' -
gei. i sp :,_,
T.swaml Haar
4Y_ drlS= M,r.... i isit: -7. rot
gas kr-
%.-'—Vidrikilficita!binV ef
l oiMOitiliala e r t hi
t ftf l zi t--aft-,o
.._......,.....,,... I , 4ifiting ,
xvl.s?7 ,- ;. , -,5 , f -. 7 ...." va l'A- 4 - Giut
r..,110 -2:10.0i,"4..
tootsol g :..
--... :1# 11 4 1 41C.T.C4211,4 : 7,
N. - • - '''''''i-r, , •-:zin - li
.-. X!:;?),,,,"..,i.:',f;P:::' , '",.:
.4.i.. , :-..:1 .i.:i..4..
"".11kiagaTilkomusbillr 14.1811.
IrLOSTR...-Ws Lore to mtieia coutisaed Ann war.
ket, - ,1.1t0n1; thal.ratimalims ani light and priori-.
pally eiga local than= tar. Quotations may be fairly
gliTirtrghilto 56,00 for Extra, and 16,75 to 5 7 , 25
solo of ISS3 Ms Family at 56,87 to
57,00. puelterhireA flour taisnabanged; aids from store
oT2Yo sit 54, tier nd*
~.0 11 .114—Nrusr--La Linn but without quotable
attallskihs from wagon at 81,37 for Bed, and
ilfirstiffiXtfOr White; mils of WO bush Bed from
Ittogiltlaigtiggii terms.
F14:11 ha s o,iletivs demand. and the situate is firm
aedyrstmtained; sal.. on track at 51.50
tag/44: . 10hAS for suak4.
13tittint firm at former um:lath:ow small
bands andSkaght fron4itors.
Banttv—is valet but steady at 51,35 for Spring,
and 57,00 for gilt `!ho receipts are light.
Exa.—nouis to market. The nominal .tdotr thin.
GBOCBfffin...-rhe market is quiet but very firm,
and fanner prism are well &attained. Boger is held
at 14 15u Coffee 3533Gc-ousd Mime. de.
DRIED TRUTT—The receipts are Improving, and
the market te more setter; teen eta sake of STO bosh ,
41 apple., In lots, at 81,75 per bushel, and 100 limb
Peach. at 12%0 par pound.
BUTTER d EGas—Ron Butter le In good =Mr,
and prices have declined 243 e; sale of 2 tone fresh
801 l at '2sc, and 2 bbl. du et 211 c. Egg. scarce and
gall readily at Zc.
CREESE—Ir firm but without quotablo thohiPr,
crw nob. tan ►t 14c for Western Rmer.•, 16a for
Hamburg and Goshen.
APPLFZ—The receipts aro falling off meneerhat,
and the market, in conaigtienoe, is a shade firmer.
Quotation may be given at from 13 . 24.5 to $2.75 Per
bbl, with Wes of some 3006,11r4 lads.
SEEDS—We Item Chest Laude of 40 benth Flax Eked
at 62,00 patter:4ml. aorta and Timothy Sandi
aberut mg Last quoted.
CRAMIERILIES—dniI but unchanged; 1e of 10
bbla CaWanted at Sl4 per bbl.
CORN" rEAL—firm with &mall mawe of prime Sift
ed at 3e por pond.
11.103.9—ann with .we or 1000 m. 3/tact! Csle.
ONIONS—dm and in dom.d; tale of 33 Wats' at
53 per bbL
TALLOW—talt of 1000 pound. Ilondoted rt 100
per pound.
BOGS--The market mu more attire to-day, arid
good avdrage.4 may be gamed 10412 c per luO pounds
higher. Prime heavy bold at $6,00, and extra has
ware held at 54.25.
Plltaburgh Petroleum Market.
Dec. 14.—The market for Petrolsurn contlonee UU•
settled and 'itregular, and lb. &Denture between
buyers and sellers Is era. greater than on Saturday.
The cause or the market being, in tide unpleasant
condition, is stitetentlally the =km* at noted In oar
last report.
There is some Inquiry for erode, bat butts do not
wens allows] to operate at the prevailing rates, feel
ing sang-nine that the rise In the river tool improved
receipts, will puoduce • decline. The only sale re
ported was 2 . ..5J Lb's in balk at Wt.
Refined, also, I. unsettled •r.l rather dull, the
transactions being light and unimportant. Quota
tions may he fairly siren at tit In build, and 00 free,
though It is but proper to remark that won. holders
are asking 421:443. and 52935.1. We note • ale of
200 bbls light straw. free, at Ids. Wapiti. Is very
dull and neglected, being scarcely ever mentioned.
The nominal quotation* are 15, , y1Ce. Rtablium is
steady at former quotation a.
, New York Petroleum Market.
Special Dispatch to the Plusbargh Gasiette:
. Nair Toss, Dec. l4—(hods la dull and nominal,
with gales at 304.11 e. Relined to nominal at 4:447.-
lir bonded, and Me for fro, Thera eras nothing
done to-day, nail the market cicatal as it openod, dull
and entirely nominal.
Weekly Review of the New York Pe
troleum Market..
1/1,p0r481 Expresali Ibr the Pittaburgh
Kyr Taco, Dte. 12. 1863.
• The grant excitement which prevailed at the date
of nay last letter, under which primal were ferced up
115@l0c per gallon, ruled with last week, and the mar
, eget on Monday completely broke dowo, Balm haring
been effected at prices .bowing a dedlu- of legfr per
The market has Lima ruled amity, and the
Wes bare bocci fair st from MI to Mc for Crud,
ehlefiy M-r;M>ic; 45048‘ for Mediae' in bond, clidelly
at 4714447.. The Wm for the week comprise alesit
12,000 bide Crude, nearly all on the spat at the above
range, but Including nboat 5,000 fur all December
sod January, buyers option, at M. to 330. The mar
ket aimed dull and 1:1170112161 a diejida
In Mellned the orb have been about 20 1 ,030 bbLe,
about half on the .pot and half for Do:wisher. Janu
ary, a.mi February,-4myere option at 4114 .s[lesle,
he latter for 505• bbla for February. The market
clamed dull and nominal at 4.14 • W.
In free the aabie foot lap GAUD I,U at 43 to 53 , ,i for
etraw to light itraw, end 54 to 3734 c for tlght arrow
to white, cloning with Mutat no laimiterf, and nom
In M al at 50e
apt. the mite hare Mencon fined simnel
wholly to prime city, et M to 27c, chiefly 246•204 c.
The sales me about 2.500 bids. 'Western I. mashed
at about MO.
linic. 12 —Fleur—Sale 50 Ills flna t MOD ; 40 do
XX Red In auk. at $4,70; 75 do X X Bad at $4.25 ;
lfel do do .0 $6.00; 75 do XX Whittfs7.2s. Rya now
I. In goad demand at 55.05. Wheat—lLimelpts small
and market steady, with good milling demand; We
2,000 Ma White .door at $1.55, I car White en tract
at $1,55, 1 or do do at 31.50, 1 or Bed from atom at
$1.25, bears Red on track at $1.25, and 1 or Red on
track at $1.25: Corn—ltecripts light and holders
vary firm; 0,100 2 cars at 51.10 from stem. Oats—
Steady local demand, and moderate receipts; taloa 2
cam on track at 1710. Booby ;We 1 ear on tract
at 51.20. gym—Holders firm at 81.16. Mill Feed la
In good demand, and btirtp :20.00030M par ton at
the mills; Oats and Corn ground mirth., 810.00.
Masten Man Market.
Dee. 32--Tbs market for Codfish MAL bat prima
are witbeent material variation. Sales at 59,50(412,75,
for medium and large, and small at $.5,25120,76,
qtl. Hake dull and declined to 12,75 5 qtL to Pol
lock. a:indent...lee at eitt fflackaral a:m. l 7e
With. modarate demand; .01.4 $114115 ? DM for
Bay and Share No. I; $109111,50 fue.larne, and W. 4
sip for roadiem and large :Pei and 18(31,50 for largo,
and SIAM for swam es Alewiv in fair demand
at 5505 59'(? bbL In Pickled Herring sales at $2.:13
44 8 par as to 9.01117. Labrador selllng at IfAgn
bbL la Saimaa nothing done.
Imports by ktlver.
ZANisvlLLE—rzs EMMA Go-taut-21 bales hay
W Lowrie; 100 tdl MIA, 17 P Wocddrtp; 72 do do Ls
ce•co Ico; 3 bbla appletb Copt Wm Word; 11 3.
40., 4 1 4 40 do. seed, Wl . Beck co . to bbls
Yaogorder; 10 ska wool, 2 ,pkglPl;luce' 'thorn..
& don; 111 poor. pump, & Browq; 7 pkge pro
duce, N 1.0 aka oom, W Iliebonis; 9 pkp
produce, W 1 Donahu p e; I tub butter, Pets. & Arm
strong; 1 bhddrbai aples, 3 alcs raga 32 bblo boor.
(;e Pettit{ arlid pkgs produce. lb R Lytle; 10
plate., A Bradley: 1 1,10 mat.wy J Wool.; 2
do applea,l do dour, J ILlGnmoner; tabbbls door, 1
do r001a..,8 do apples, sY does porn' 3 do wheat,
.2 Tcoleto dt .o 50 do torn, 100 by brou, Yoe:Bey 3
NoPP; 211.4sandrles, Graff, Lkmostt. Al to; 11 do el•
dor, own.. beard; I do_ do, 100 dos pall.,tA bbla
dour Graham Thomas; 10 pktp produce, D U &tumor
3 eke rage, 3 du dos wed. 1 du dried apples, Plemlog
3. t hing, , 2 lobs bolter; Atwell, L. co;
1 1.. Bte/u & Bro; Bb. poultry . , CI. L
Wit...; lb pkg prods., Kr Schick: 33 Jo do, Loral.;
8 do do, 8 2sWto; 4 by bean; U Fork.; 2 b., Jo°
llelperi 32.1 Pigs Proft 44 . 4444 k° a 4.
ZANESVILLII—rrk , Jotto-03 bbl.' door, 35 do
dried apples, 1 box, 25 Ow Inindries, l bbl. oil,
Clark & on 11 bid/ boat 4 pkga rap, 2 bad., 10 htds
dry opplao,lot/ bbla tour, Cook, Pottitt & co; 3 pkgo,
Ardionno Oil co; 22 Op mho, Beck & co; 1 hhd t0b0„,44";
b o „,4 4 " ; t Odowen; bobbin oil, 10 do flour Ilablv; 230
bbi n A Wyman; 10 do n A0I L ; s MP,
Tooter; 1 trx ltettror, 2 bb 10, Leighton; 14 balsamic,
3 pkp ; Means & CoMo; 2 40,1 Woods; 23 oil bbls,
Fleming & Bro . 32 hbls apple., 4 oks, Vetoer & Arlo.
strong;kg, n ' allo ; Whitmore, Wolfe & co; 1 bbl ap
ples, Moen; rdo do, II .1 Lynch; lot lumber, Eark4i
1 ha, Llpplocutt 1..0; 108 Obis aPplet, 9 sks do,
'White; Zni sks corn, 163 UM apples, It Groan; 133
empty bble, Booth.
CIS4OIICNATP—era. Loot Loom—do dot nut
bomb, Atwell, Lee A co; 20:1 bbl. floor, D Wallace;
9 bblo :whisky, 21 boom:ldles, A Glockeer; 41 bale.
rao, Howard it Cottoc4ll 10 bbl. on, Dilworth; 100
lads, Guttoodort: 27 bblo willowy. I Dickey; 18 Ws
Ay/slaty,ll & F Lyon; 40 do do, fahaudock; 0 do do,
!Odeon, 0 Dimas Am; 1040 d0,,W•14 t Wilsoo;
Vi 6 bola boor, XGardoterl 32 oontly Aldo, Opium &
McKay-, 24 Iyhda, 103 Mg. tooat, lOutblo 011, 172 bids
whloky 19 do charmed, 89 by yeed, 400 hos candles,
24 , Gbh tallow, 20 do alcohol, Clark* t co.
OJERCINNATI—scs .Ova —24 eks • bacon, J P
Mum &eo• 1100 sks whost.ll T Kssausil. a Bra; 400
Sao do, k losdod larks, Clark** ce.
Cl363ltHerl- , -720 Garrido No. box mdsa,
G McLane; 12 'Mao dry apple., Felber ,k Arm
strong; WO btd. pork, SO do on, 101 Ins temi, 7 [this
whisky, 114 by. lama, Cisik ,t co; 121 oil bbd., W
elliCll2lld.Tlrni Bluntsrs-4 bss, htids,4
YIN bbl..
Ligs dry fruit, L Voight; 2 coils
Du, 1 trx„ Geo B Jones; 500 bbl, Boat, 03bp On
wed, Cebu bacon, 12 Ishii whisky, 20 Witt. shod
:dos, Clark co; =qty. tarnitars, this
gnaw, I Dickeyerg 42 balm astbon, Xing At Pen
nock; t2bsschers., F Vangordor;,6Bl . tics cheese, J
21 Clutha,
Imports by !languid.:
Piersimuia;g!. Wins &QuaidAnsoah—
Deo. 14-111 Mae tkar,Eatentaker 4Ling; EGO do do,
9 do ,batinr 'Beal bell; 11 . .kga bitter, bx Si.. It
Robison eto . 4 don brooanA. bblsay g loa; Kirkpat
rick !Bra; 1G do apple', 11 Daub; 1 do batter. W P
Beek a no:' 26 %xi theme, Tittl erapid d Trimble; 2 Ibis
&my, Zahn- Bacitin; 124 bbb ;
7ned;-I.lakd rear Godfrey 4 Clark ' 25 .199 0
Craig Bozottondl balt pOperelg-11 Yolalston; so
has candkri,N.Ockarr; lay mill, Med. Culp k. Stop.
oftl;., 0 bra tebaorcyL 200 bP barleY,J
Raeder:door awe. Zv i g; 1 do eon,
D Tralace, -TOM um mule : =trot 100 Ibis
Vin 017, age reap Iron, T
, Tor ado
&ammo - Prlissnstis . 7 4, ..., Dec.. 1
ala tag ammo, 1.13 Canfiekil 112 do lle; II Bobleon
„ ma nu Him; Et :n *7, o ,lm A. corn lai tc b.a. ..111 1 ,FeSEUV ED - tAMARI N DS, pig up
11.tratiMg aro; .S 8 W barley, W. 11 Gairard; bbli -111 11. 0 041 Snit Meelnd and dr sale at lb..
'ordelts,Dolp nom* 287-allarklitar.ll3 Ligget t . irsmil7 rutar , tom of
- auslkettszotsr,lc niassu._44bbli 4 COS I ZINSEANT
Beidnall bin iski,A9 Bezbart; -Jet mkt adoge, . 1 ,Wi1.4.11111107. liktratgadnAL -
Komdi m isbauvo,„u: yrs beer
COT. - 2_ 25 . 09 Mad antt for eldeorkokaale and Mall, as the
1 4, 1 , 07, *
e f ivnl d „ , :7-n,dur bkh
ttyus. Dabber Depot, Boa. 20 and CB Si. Choir stretrt.
ZgaliPP4r4llll4;ttedil Rod, Kaignigt May da9 ; • "J. & K11LL1Y9...: , .
fat. - - At g =
t3bilebir Vuloi;ltina:oodaJ : • - .;15.11
SlMlrzblki ' lardmilk 2 matOrtaat Sono : . 4 " . ---.alg;o
sv.,srmmayvia-bly - ssransat7 swat:
I .2„s*s l wsug, s = Goo QUII,G4II,7IL,CALKING - JRONB just
•tle.4k. by. pH' nergredind leer oak by
, ea. oix Ativoeid*,
CDICTNNATL.- 1 -Tba fins catarner
MIN-811.V a. Capt. Gordon, aiUl leave as *bora on
TSIB 11AY,.1.5th Ina., at 4 o'clock.
For tralstat, or pimp apply an board or to
4.15 - JORN FLACK;}Agents.
Sae Warner LEONIDAS, Cot. J. W. Ammon, .111
Ism an ann. on TUESDAI,I6th Instant at 1 r. m.
Yor Dwight .r panagn apply on bard.
Tta• tine passenger steamer WHITE
BM, Capt. O. W. %ammo ; clerk, I. M. Whit.
taker. min loare on TUESDAY, Mtn at
Pot. freight or pearrige apply op beard or to
golf s J. D. COLLLVG WOOD. Agora.
MEMPHIS.—The fine—
-u n 6de-wheel steamer DARLING
Capt. T. T. Batchelor, grill leave as above o, THIS
DAY, Idtk Inst., at Co'clock p. ro.
Tor freight or g ar a g e atrl t e N o w bos o rd , or to
1: TA AND z.tos r-inta,R.—Tbe fins
=r steamer, ERMA GRAMME, Monroe Ayres,
dor, learns Pittsburgh every TUESDAY, at
4p, m., and Zasearllls eve ry FRIDAY, at B o'clock
. co, The new steamer JULIA, Wm. Coulson, Com
mander, burns Pittsburgh every SATURDAY, at 4
p. 01., and ZahossLUs every TUESDAY, at t .'clock
a. In. For freight or passage apply on board or to
Pittrburgh ;
H. S. PIERCE A CO., AgauM,
nen Zaassrille, Ohio., Ore.
The partnership heretofore existing bemuse
enbecrlbers, ander the arm of PHILLIPS,
THEW dt CO., has this day boo dissolved, CIIAS.
abetted dm entire interest@ of the other partners.
The bushmaster the late Arm will be settled by LOCK
non & THEW.
PlOwburgb, August 10th, ISM.
Producers and Refiners of Petroleum,
&Br At ALBION On, WELLS, Vaaartgo emery,
and IIItILLIANT OIL W 0116.13, Nesters Ito.
Offbn, 174 A 174 WOOD Frastor.
Rel ; Ait - L - 18 - liEll 1760.
(Formerly 42 Chatham street., N. York.)
Would all tb. altoutfou of golden to Wu actleleo
11.110WN even
- • - - •
Mambo), Fine Rapp, 4,arse Rapp. American
Gentlemen, Demigron, Pare PlRlola,•lieehltochea,
. .
fisolch. ITlgh Toast Scotch, blab Matt Toast o
Lantlyfoot, Hoop, Not Scotch, Yrrob Hooey Scotch
Preah Scotch.
called to the large rtHincttoo in prim.
or Thee Cat Chewing and Smoking tobeevts, which
will be found of a rttgterior
Sao.lao—Long, No. 1. No. %, No. I and 2 :nixed
First Premium for family machine.
Fire Premium too marautucturing mania.
First Premium nor machine
fame Fiats Fair.
Firm Pi 1.111131 for family machine.
Finn Pramium for manufacturing nurialue
First Permloin for machine work.
tin r..
nrstimin fir fain Ely mrieblne.
Fleet Premium for mariailacrurlein
dromiusii for machizie work
behead vr. rnir.
:lint Premium for ruac4in• for all parpories
Ptre Premium for macaw, wort.
rue C Catlnzo—P, A. L., or plwio - Caven
dish, or Sweet; Strout scouted Uronaw; Tin Toll
Sunman—S. Jago, Biwalth. Cauaster, Turkish.
N. B.—A circular et prices will be 001:1{ ov
Braes Work, Pipe, Pumps, Valves
•cd all Undo of tlttlogo for 'Rotor, Clot • Izid St • o
p.kTENTr.3) OCTOBER 8, 188,1
These Chimneys are Intended tot the fiat tlatory
heating all part eking of the glass equally, do. not aziamas
It to crac.
Tort Pitt Glaea Works, Wauhlugunretrost,
apl7 Pirtshurgh.
Y 7 antl99 Third serest. opposite K. Ednatiodeoti it Co
mod 111 Fourth stress. mhlo
rad and RI stories, MT Itlchardm's Jewelry Mors,
s Presume, PA
Of every eime and style, plain or colored, from the
PVEOuts TIM. to Cabinet and llnt siva
. &
OrnaiflZ would particularly .11 the at
tention of the AtaliD AND NIMBI to Om eau ao
cmenbillty of We establishment, being merited F 7 •
sines abort flintit of Melts Prime otodanem, and
eatietectinutplaranteed. reptclynaerTie_
Me • C.. AND Smart Firrete. Particular attention
paid to the SUM& up and repairleg of OIL REFI
mad* to order. A 1.., DRAM CASTINGS, of all
tirade, made &VA...Morten notice.
All abler.. DR at No.. 314. d 34 WATER STEERS,
mum Liberty, will be pmraptly attended to.
ehrThe member.. of (hi. tins being prank., me
th.4 of many years'evivatieum In timir Madams
Mil imam to agree aatlafactlou to every respect.
W. are also agents. for Guild, Garrison k Co.'.
STEAM POMP, for vamping Wein, Crude nab Re.
Alp! Oil., eta. deftaly
(Succewne & J. & W. ILANNA,)
Commission & Forwarding Mere hunts
Baring purebred the “lltanta Wandler.," at Oil
City, and having ample room acid fecilltles, 're ate
nom prepared warm and forward OIL AND NES
CRANDISZ, °ferry description, rd promise sat
isfaction to ell who may favor us with their patron
s" ao2OnsodOat
Daring and Sabring. A history of the Greet
Railroad Adventure in Georgia, by Lieut. Wlllises
Pltringer. I vol.
Beyond the Lines ; or, A Henke* Prisoner Loon
In Dixie.
Iks !darter* list Book—lly Farm of &downed.'
I volume.
The Last Time. by Seim
Wendel! Phillip.. Speeches and Lecture.
Om Sunday School. and Mow we Hump Th
new rappty Jolt molted.
.nOl, J. L. 7S leontth motet.
N./ and for ads:
2000 bbls. Took State, Michigan and Ohio Apples;
7000 bush. Potstoss;
4420 kw Buckwheat Floor;
80 bbls. balm Shore Tornlps;
80 do Elekoryildnts;
25 boa. Walnuts;
25 bbl. . threat Older,
80,.40 Clara Mat;
.do Hominy Grins; •
8 do • shako Roll Butter;
10 cbtesalases do do;
12 pills reeds Swum:
4 DblL Bazar; •
IVIO OWL'. *Boum;
latdds T
RV Ms. Aild6lds bacon;
ass r< n. VOMIT: CO.
12 :148 -I,IXII
Industrial Exposition, Pariq 1881,
is =spa Rion with al the leading Hewing Mariana
la Europe and America, ad the United -
Bata Apical- tura AmouLatlon ; Metropolitan Me
hairs' Itatitute, Waadupon ;Pr kin loalkute,
Philadelphia ; Mech a nic.d Aseociatdoin, Baton;
American Institute, Mew York; Maryland Institute,
Baltimore; Mahaulad Ameelathen, Cinch:mail ;
Kestarky Institute, Louisville; Mechanic.' Thai.
tors, Ban Francisco; uld at every State and
County Fair where Exhibited this
L ithet w o hleh spooka tondos. than words the mem
807PPAnYY"132Mblad WHyLLKB & W
M..ohio• In the worK an"—th"'""S
Wr . Cl millers, con tal sting an explanation of lb.
cst social standing, giants 013 arOG=.l.lou, either tu
Yrincips6,l Umun end Wbolmth. Nmporicam,
No. 117 Fifth liltrent.___PllTNSUßGH, PA
Pike's Opera BonesCINCINNATI, 0.
Nsepeble Temple IA)11111VILLI, IST
GROVKR & BA& 11113
The. ktaelitaa orre awarded tM fitgboo ?MlDl
nrus. ere , ootrotort, fur the , Batt Fettaata Faro
lachOwa, the Bea 11.nifarbeise Warlima atid the
Boa iiaeame W.e-a., at the following' PTA TIC
of Irma •
hroe&ale Pdr,
Firm Premium for fatufly machine,
Firm Premium On deubloabread tosobLue
tort Premium for meohide work.
Panama e., Far.
Firm Premium for machine for all pus proms
First Premium mr machine week.
IDwat.e-ty time. Fur.
First Prumium for machine fur all pare,....
Find rnmlam Pr machine work.
No Pak.
Firvt Premium for abanalbscuiring,usmblue
First PremMtn for beautiful machine work
Okla Salk Pak.
Tint Premium he winchism wort.
And at the followietz County Fairy
teueilm. a,. (Yl4
Tint Premium for family machine.
Pim Premium for masaufacturlug meads,.
• First Premium for machine work.
Camayleis Traftem ( Apricalawal &cam
rind Premium fur family roaasiros.
Find Premium for manufsdnisring machine
First Premissm for machine work
Harrod.. C.. (No.) Aprirealeavi
Diploma for family machine.
Diploma for machine work.
Pruetkiia Cb. (N. T.l Pak.
I ; First Premium to family machlue.
Firm Premium for mensal:arts:wing inseam.
Qiemisarks. (N. Y.) dynoss)mral slbcirre.
Pint Premium for family machine.
Waskiwarkes Oa (N. T.) Paw.
First Premium IM family mactiat
Beralopis Co. (N. .) Fair.
First Premium for faxidly machini
Necionie • hatibas (Pa.) Pa*.
Pint plorntran for muclatue for all portrises.
Tint Premium for machine work.
The above comprise+ 111 the P.l . at which the
GUOVIII A 111Alifal MACHINES were orhibited
tab) ear. At nearly all atheist the leading Smarms
klachloss were to compedliun.
The work made upon the Grover A Naker Sewing
Flachlne remdred the Firm Premium at ovary
State Fair la the Pelted Mate. where u ism Loma
exhibited to Naiads.,
Bales Routes, No. 1/1 FLIT!! ST., Pittahorph s
clerk:Mazur , F A. P. OHATONEY. Ascent.
D , in
• Aunrishing Western town an the P. T. W.
C. R. It., not crier 300 milt* from Pittaimegh, now
doing a large ami progtable trade. The stock is
new, aced ho. been mlectod with regimen.. to the
actuary trade. Um ail been muctured fur mob
bowmt market prime.
Tim primal proprietor ho. decided to r4ire from
die Male oaring to had health, and now na`antandis
often the mock for sale ; Mao the good .01 of the re
tiring party. Ms hope ho. •Issg• and nopeetable
bade, which WI be retained. The prevent Mack
will invoice from omen to ten thousand dollars, hat
mould be red.:wed if &aired.
Parties wishing to know the pattkalare will please
address or call personally on
LICDAY d 011011PLSNI110.
oclattt fa awed streat,Plttsburgh, Pa.
PUBLIC SALB.—We will offer for sale
In thr town of Bridgeport.. Ohio, at the Stert of
MILLS, with IA Lots °annealed and S Other Into not
caonected with the Hill., 2 home, 2 waken and bar
near, olllor fornlears, 16,000 feet ad: tandem, with
crawly other tillage coo 1112611.191211 td Meld..
Salo I. tornmetor el t o'clock a. ISt
Team—For litt•el Estate, one-thted down, the tat-
Au. le two equal annul instalment. from April Ist,
IVA, hewing Interest trent that dam Porsche!
pet-petty mat, roman k EZELLNE.
WltLin a kw minutes' walk of a Pusan's. Railway
Putty. The Improsaments ate a =all Dwalltog
Bona, an sera of Lees and null frolts, Re. An
abandura of water on it,. phew.
Also, • Amu and Lot near klancheator.
Toe partlonlan Ingere at the
PROPERTY FOR SALE —k twowtory hams
dwelling, with k.t 60 by 130 kit. on North Meet.
Two trans* dwellings, with tot 2t by 1.00 het, on
Roller errant, A twowtary brick dwelltni , with lot
on Swore alley, Uth Ward, Pittsburgh. Two frame
dwelling. situate to Pitt toessaittp,.near city thaw
with large lots, vallimprosed. The above described
property 401 valuableotad will be acild opon libara/
terms. Apply to
O. it. BATEit, Commercial Broker.
deli Bath r street, Lawrentierilte:
hatitt FOR SALE, situated itilndiana
county, six miles from laLlmllle, on tbollortb
on. Pike, containing ONE 111DIDItED AND BIXTY
ACHES, ninety acre Hated and in good . ealtira
lion. New frame bowie and ontbnildinp, young
orthardof <holm bolt, abundance of excellent welter.
Vermin at the office of W. C. AUEKINXBALVIii,
GCO. B. SWARMS, No. 112 Diamond street.
oo17:eodlot •
POR SALE, vim' Low.—Ono PUPPET
.1: VALVE N'EGIEE, ES inch cylinder, M 1 feet
drake, adwirublo condition, with or wiihout
Abdo Shall, Fly Wheel, Flanges, Force Pump, de.
Thin Engine in well adapiod for many purpows,
but specially fbr gill. Coll and we IL
Taos. nanuatat A 00.,
Anchor Cotton 81111.,
&ditty Alliwbouy Oily.
G'o6 SALE—A beautiful residence on
MOUln Tray Rill, arm mtle from Anglian, City
Market Rome, via . great atiembod of al kis&
of (mit, tmolyroons, Aids tabs, As. To M mid low
I"." A t tlYn:li g effnig, MO:et str•M
or, A. R. RARITY, cm theyromlam.
Alm, mom Ilse building lob to A.Metray
.IL: sontai sl 100 sorsa land on the. Panyeri
Kink Road. lnrea mike bons llsgbany. NthNth fi ll ne s
deviling home and knantlanosS. 1101tablilbr and
now =naiad as a Wry, known u the Grans Tres
Tamp. Iraqulre of . 6 J. LYAN - 11141BOT,
4•74. 110 lind La srins,l Idabel 0,4
1R -fl A Ibt of laud, oontasisimi
TB Melefcidtuatod 1.1( halal from Dumon t
nan". tbe fittsborghtTert Wayne a• Memo H.B.
The above property I. wen eh:acad.loth a, good
rang orchard of bruin trait Omer: Thispropetty
will be rat orrremsonablo terns, . •
roe ftrtiser particular, add,* - ,
A. Q. Melt ASTEn. SlMlCkblif MO. Pl..
'VOIt OALE--line newly-builttboe;
I stab. Wick Hoaxes, with Store Xlverui on Ant
doors, alma* ea the. c0rner'0147116444 Comm
strerte. , lllnEthed In medens it/Ulna Ear beet moo.,
ma. • Tar funk,/ Inlbradia- Istria,*it'
11671traDd - a:map:rant,-
lolt car ftina ey, boz
tines ood saddlatthleld.norts,s)laef Amt.
0051=a141t 6,ol:o•gatta IWinat adapt44.or,
falablianilit *MT* obi
aporatiro: wool) slant: lA:rairecd.
IIiALS.I"A • 'of lorgoint.,l%;
itonscum waxer. i
'r "~TIYE . cU Fol DYSPEPstA
Dyspepsia Pill and Treatment
DD. WISIIIST has treited, In the poet two yet.,
(0,300) nine thousand throe !niacin,' and ninety PS-
Uenta fur Dyspepets, In Ite rations fornm, and In
every caae where the medicine was taken 0. directed,
It made • perfect curs. A number of the above MAKI
hut been treated by the moot eminent physician, In
title country and Enrols,. 11e Invites ail pentanes su 1-
ihring from the above disease to give him s call.
Oaks and Stook No. 10 NORTE SECOND ST.,
1. A COlegiala pain or placariness at the pU of the U.-
nab—Which le canard by a permanent contraction
of the stomach titan undlaveted lfood. It generally
begins immediately, or a short time after eating ; ls
Often very severe and obstinate.
flotatnace and deidity.—Theno eymptonse arise
from the indigratton of food, which ferments instead
of di/rating.
3. fieticesra mid loos qf eippente.—Sheet Nymptorim
are the affect, of the unnatural audition of tot
the &Pausal, and the want of pure bile and gamete
Juice. The stomach le often painfully distended by
wind; the appetite is eertiotiniee veracities.
4. WWII% inadepretaion Vey:Ark.—This Ante Wait.
many Go. the enjoyment of life., and in canned by the
l l a t drre blood fortitsbed by Imperfect dig-esti... In
elde. " Went f l i t h it ° oo 6 ollt• lbeibenl ' in r : areal, ' aid on
toddlers:too anti poedUTe inaltatty to perform the of.
Ilene of lifen
5. Diarrhea—After being at first wade., the suf-
E.ypor is of with diarrhea, which in owing Id a
dLensed oundition of the bowels, produced by the un•
digested kV, which is evacuated in the aanati
ULM as when eaten, and of course give" no {loco ngth
to the eyeteeth
6. Pais, {waft parte*/ 4* restate—arise from the'
action of latinere blood upon the tierree. They are
felt en in the bead, oinks and lima, and in the
ektremitlea In many n 0... than is au nueatineut
In the threat, with s sense of choking fir ruifteratlar;
the month 4 often clammy, with a had taste and
fond tongue.
7. 0011•111130,1 CI WIIVOI7II and pt ipitatote qt ate key,
(fagotrontumced ea having 01.60
and have in hing but lippepaa, toe lung and
heart disease boingonly empty..
a. Coach.—Tals bt • very frequent symptom
pepsik and lea& very often into CMlllrirlell count:op.
9. Wad of rarry.—A very dint - email:lg system, re
veiling often to mental durnogerrwat.
In. /trap.. qf mfurion.—The patient la a
faded pail/fully by cold and head.chich I. ow =II to
untmtural dryum• of dam, and the Ain I. otloc af
reeled by eruptions and tette= ne gloomy dy *-
pepticavoids =dm; 11:1110.1
n.—A frequent and dietremleg errup•
tom. It rollers the pale. but amocmice nod =am
out [lmpatient
12. Ltsmiccese, J :mats of vocime, tucclorad, and lett,
swiss is entiktan.—Them are vex, alarming eywp
tom, which are .sushi) removal unr for
but If neglected. ars quickly follueml by mural.o
and maid= death.
Li. It Is impomitle for on to glee all the epoptenic
of Dympepaia in en small • imam, but the ahoy. me
couandered enfllcicut, If we add that the patient =re
hi* namory and attention to =mounding object.,
and freq=ntly becomes morose and no in cliscamt.
lion. We should my, turwever, tot Imma In Um
Joints and Minim. of the IhruM, which go by the
=ma =enemata= and neuralgia, to. cou . ) otteu
prodncesl by , hyeprinia. AM, • tocelnem of tie
mvuelem of the &Women, why h became contracted
and hull; and In mane mum the belly at naionsived
of being gently prominent.
A Positive Clare for Dyspepsia
so. 11/ZS Olive btovt, t
Philadelphia, January 22d, ie.611.
On.. Wuntroto—Sie . It ii wdh much plormin-e that
I am now able jo Inform yon thal, by the nee of y ,, nv
gnat Amon.. Ity.protia Pills, 1 base tern etalro
ly mud of that mot disevr tu
troming orplaint, tryatep.
I had loon grl.eoly afflicted for the last
twenty.eigitt year., and for ten years of that time I
have act been hoe trnor Its palm ono witek at a time.
1 hare had It to its wont form, and halo dragged on
Emeet rnberatd. eststenea—ln polo day and
very kind of food that lfte 011,4 me with pain and
allot, it mattered not how light, or how ..all tIK
quantity. A continued botching was .an to follow
I had ma appetatigtfor any kind of meats wbstover.
and my dlatress was so great for eeloral months Is,
ion, 1 beans of your Pills, that I frettatoriY slaw ,
for death. I had taken everythiog that I had board
of for byspopela, recriviug en. ',nett , but
on year being recommended to tu, by ma , who
bad lieen cured by Won, I concludod to give them a
Trial, although I bad no faith in the. To my as
tants..., 1 Wand myself getting bottor before I
had taken unrofintrth of a boa, and, after taking hail
a hoz, I ame mei/ rams ' nos eel aairtAireg
enjoy a brainy meal three Undo a daywithoutin
ounvenience from anything I eat or .b r ink. It p.m
think proper, pm am at libarty to oaks ghta pr. lie
and refer to me. 1 will cheerfully give ail &strati..
Infortnat Lon to any one who rot; call on me.
'roar; reepettfully.
For sale el Dr. VISIURTI3 1140(14111 141.1, Na
10 Simla Sean.] Alnewt, Pa
Out Dollar per bo feat I, mall, fren rlurpsos
nnoart or prtsk
Dyspejnla 1 Dy•p•pala I
1, turn Toms, of Cheltenham, lloutputecy C.
Pa, have =flared for more than one your ereryttitar,
but death itaelf, tram that awful disosao, railed Dye
pepsin I employed, In that time, live of the wont
eminent physicist. In Philadelphia_ They did all
they could for toe with medicinal and cnppinti, bat
still I was no better. 1 then went to the Ponneyi•
venni tidiveralty, Ili orvianto place myself In read, of
the best nautical talents in the country, but their
medicine. failed to do MO any good, and oftentimes I
wished gm death to culler* me of my sufferings, but
Boeing 11, %label-Vs advertisement to the Philadel
phia Battelle, I determined to try WKS mons, but
wlttelittle faith I called on Dr. Nilstart, and told
him if I could have died I would not have troubled
and then Mated my suffsritigs to him. Tic
Dr. aertired ma, it he failed locum me of Dyspepsia,
It world be the drat case in two years, Po 1 pat my.
self ander his treatment, and although 1 had been
for mutate 'Mulling nearly everything I eta, my
stomach swollen with pain beyond description, I
bought • box of bin Dyspepsia Pills, I used them as
directed, and in ten days !could est as Narty a meal
en any person In the Piste of Pennsylvania, and in
thirty day" war • well man. I My Ite any person
eufferinj as 1 wee tocall and we toe, and I will relate
my =Coring and the groat tore f I - melee& I would
say to all Dyspeptics, everywhere, that Dr. Wisher,
la, 1 baiter., the only person on the earth that on
extra DI/pepsin with any degree of certainty.
Cheltenham, Mont Co., Pa.
D. WIPPIAIRTEI office, Ho. 10 North second et
What boom Qom 9 .. m. to 6 p. m. All examlna
lino. and conenttattum tree.
Dyspepida I IDyspepals I
I, Bdigessern Basseon, of tintudywine, DO., for.
.merry of Oil Cbuter, DeL., do certify that, for rue
year and et halt I inoffsred everything isot death from
that awful disease ailed Dy r sseptia. ily whole er
u •
tern wan prostrated with sr moss and ht.] , I
could not distal my food; I ate even o Frockoe or
the smallest amoral of food, it would return Just as
I swallowed It; I beam; to costive In my bowels
fiat / would not /area postage in fru than from
four and often eight deyr, under this immense mit-
Bring, my mind seemed entirely to give way; I hod
&mind horrorandenllfombeelinpr; /thought every.
body' hated me, and I hated ovary/rate; I could not
hoer ety Imehnoci nor toy own children; 'everything
appeared to be horror-B[l*kt° to meal had no ambh.
dun to do anything; I lost all my love of family end
home; I would rumble abd murder from place to
place bill Conti not be contented; I felt that I fru
dimmed to hell, and that Moreau nobo even for me,
and was often templed to commit udeldo, so near
was my whole aerTorll fetem dOrrloyod, and &ISOM) ,
mind, from that awful complaint, Dyspepola, that
my friends thought beet to horn me placed In Ds.
Kirkbride't Hospital, at Wee* Philadelphia I or..
malted them nine nooks, and thought I was a little
hotter, but In a few deys my dreadful complaint was
Miring en bad en ever. Booing of the wonderful
curet performed by Dr. Wiatutti's Great American
Dympr psis Pith; and hie Tmatment for Dygpepela,
mybus . band re/led on Dr. Nibbler' and rUted my
mat to him. Ile said he had no doubt he could cure
ate. Be In three days after, I called and placed my.,
.it under the DocloOt treatment, and in two week.
1 began to digest , food, and felt that my 'disuse WWI
Gut &s lug way, and I cordoned to recover for stout
three mouths, and at tho present
enjoy per
fect btalth of body and mind. most sincerely
Saturn mythants to a morelfulGral and Dr. Wishart,
and to his stem Anierkan DyepepelaTills and Pine
Tow Tar Omedial that wad me from an tonne Asy
lum AfXl.l. premature grave. All pOl , Oll .uffering
with Dyiptpdo ate at liberty to tao. on me or write,
and I 0111 try to do all the rood 7 ran forKtbriat ;
hmnsolty. BLizAurrn , lll:A.M.ll 4 l,
Brandywine, Del.. formerly of Old Chwer, Del. -
Dr. WIEWAISTIII dike, No. 10 North Second in.,
Doing afflicted with a griernos totter on the arms
and facses-ate• trying many remodiew which utterly
failed to cnia—l wee perousdod by W. it. Barris It
Co. to try o Llncrsof e Improved Disokiricaroller."
and new, sir weekssittooothlg the wood bora., pro-
Donna mytolf cowl 3be teller broke out eum,
thing over one Yicar aro, on the Waldo of tor arm,
extending front theitlborre. down to the a riots;
On my face, immediately "round the mouth sed.chin,
and eoptEnned to be a petthet torment to me - mall
ours)-by the Blood-Searclier. Hyannis mrsro tbs.
almost useless, owing to the doeys,entekit emits:Free on
them, liable to blood at any -time on the meet corn
lion to lift or eprk, and eatictimeSso itchy I could
scaretily prevent tearing trir ray &eh. I have tom
'been cored els weeks, andYeel It d. to tin. Lindsey,
and to tW public generally. no make Chic @tabours:lL
In hope Brat others ilkornyaelf. may be Iscbetitnl by
ruling his tassinOle medicine,
• • •.litRD a WILDDS:
mart _
Sworn to sad subscribed berms nun ono of the Al
derma. In and.for tin city or Pittsburgh, this tith
d. 7 or Jql,r,/i.
, • Alderman.
ELDIMON, Janciary 21i141850.
• /..N. Leferge-rThwr are very near got et
yonr triedleina; please mend se, two dozen. We would
J o st say Oat your elinikilis hrii etuvdro caner Scrot
al& tluittusbeem taming on for years; the Seabee.
leidenotide kadys erns—yola
working. She Is at the eighth botticworr e sad the
Is growing on very hot— ,Tettrililood•Searcher
is going el over theeoattiry. - are very
mach pleased ',fhb thriaborefessii. ,, llloose and isr
sistamest.Orourt.and oblhpine. '
- r CA:S 4 4IIP:MIrt 401 IN BALSTOIii 004
Elnatao Indisgsi Station.
- j:,,;,, , !•0.1i.! , -.::.:i...!!': - - . 04;": ,47, L-,-...,:r . ., - ; , • ~,.,..,.., •
;,:i.-* ;: ,. 7.:-' , 4•: , * .- -t... 2 . i , Aer-Wleg ~T1 1 .F,.. -,
—,,, , ..•ibi •-; 1 -- ',."
l'itellativlsor w " . litlll4*'? " i' t
i.,•;„ r- - --- - 'ffr•-•.s.s. , !,,,,....e 5 1
:f4-;:: '?2-'.4'.7‘.l''''l2-';'-''''' t ,M...,....,.. a_ L. ~,
L . , ..
.su.A., 3X., .:44,1 4 , 2 re• .-,:, ".3..:..1 .-
w.i.l.+u e-,Lrtv,,l , -.? t, s. i , . rt ..-.+:
--==-4,--vv., 71-, . 44 : ; , ,,, , , •
the N:WIST PATTERNS oud every width, at the
Lowest Prices for Cash.
Crumb Cloths, Feltings, Rugs,
End turrivg pttrehti.,l fur C ,L 1 U.f.m the Late
adv.coe, abie tr.• a 11, inaltafiletrirt..
prior., an en...4na1.a.1 trl
Windom Shades, Mattlugs, &e.
AT 111 L
we *hall ittlf ing lb. Pn..ul mouth, At shah - aids
Lad retail, W !THOM' ANY ADYANN , g IN Pkler,,
A /vii 111 of
F1c . .,)1. Oil
• There voila have what...ea, lo drat hand, from
TEN to TWENTY-VI PI:It CENT. within thirty
and we are now aenitiy at Littid THAN kuhr-
PTACITILER'SOur eterk *howl an
tiroly new. all I.e. log lavw parchaeed u.oety
days, lin .aah, very ve loaest price. or the you.
McFarland, Collins & Co.,
71 AI.S: IY ri rill trIIIEKT,
Bots,..llNAt 149, 11,11 , 11nr%
Bta cor.tinu. u.. 41 to fn•i her noti.e, all
Iftedesced ; Frilly 20 per Cent
W. D. & H. M'CALLUM,
Tll E...A Tl. . TIC llt 1 s
ADRIATIC. 1...A0U hors•-poser, 4,000 lons
HIBERNIA, I,MN. Horse-parer, 3,030 too.
IX/LI:EI111 lA, I.EAtU Hone-power, 1,000 to..
ANGLI A, 1,011. Hone-power. 2.011
Th. mArnlilorin B.Anaohlp ADRIATIC sill call
hem Rev York or LArerpcoul ue TURADAT, tbe 1711
of RoTeraber.
Batts of passage from New York to Lin ...root, pay
ably to gold or Its ow:tiniest t m carroty.
Iltteratodutte--.. 40
f..nranl,l &leo t LouG.m, Parts, Ham
burg. U.ulrr, Brrtnr”, Ilol:vntetn, Az., st
au. rstae.
Tut pasaage apply at tho °Moe of th. Agents,.
SABEL k SEARLE, Z 3 Broadway.
Fag.. loam Hanger.
Basesiesg Ceram:era Balding,
lyhtlywa No. To Filth street. PlMbares.
7 '
ERPoOL, teaching at QUEENSTOWN,
LOoa.r. itaare.os4 The weihkosost. etraraera e
Ltverpt.l, New 1 ork and PhlladAphia Steam:Alp
Comps.; are intOndml ea follow-a:
ETNA . .sturdity . , Dec. O.
CITY OY WASHING - 11,N .........Bstuntny. Dec. 'iiii.
ELIE lit lit,Lll. .. ...... ....... .Ssatunlay, J. ?..
And evory succeeding tioturday, at noon, hum Pion
44, Ftgth Hiner.
0.11211 01 1111101...
Pow!.le is (XII. yr awrioulow kw Mors.
Trim Came-- ...Lev ovierrenuaw..--..._163D titt
do to Londim._ 65 001 do to Loud. 34 00
Zo to retie 96 0.1 do to Pyle._ 40 50
do to Homburg . 90 05, do to Heath g 37 06
Perortigert ales forwerde4 to them Drettion, liot
terdem, Autwem, Ss., at egolly low tato
Tam than "Arwood' or tiorietittown ; Lt Owhin,
'Mt 05 . 11”6. Lilo, 63U. Three who wish to
frIT their friends on 60; tickete here at thrwe
Netter.—The an. Sterenthlp CITY OT CORA.
of OAR Rue, .111 Mil •• as extra steacobrpa TIICILS
DAT, Dee. 17 Hu spies:4ld accutateuletlous foe
Ow Cabby and Steerage Peuengers, at !enlaced rates,
Payable by V. S. Ourreaey.
ror funk, ll:dermas - Ma and, at Me Company's
Ores. JOHN G. DLLS, Agena
l 5 Broadway, kiew York.
FL strret, lhat how. from Ma bridge.
ashlMtf Nathan*
Posoionrtrr. brought out to F111.51' CLASS MAIL
STEAM:RS, from 1.1r.olo•ol, lAnitiondll7, ltray
or Cork, for
Tutrerntu-IP to. poll/trio.
And by n Allng ....vela fo TWENTT-ONE DOL
LAII.e. In currency
Apply to D. O'NEILL,
Denting Chronicle Building.
mytnlltnerel Fifth meet, PlttolulrED.
CLISAIM LINE.--Steam from j a
623 In iold, or Ito equiroloul In currency.
■BO7l NEW 708 K, 116 le cum.,
I. rwrj work. Apply to
pI tO Ion: 3iiiRTA it 11 E
OlllallYCZ Ormuz, Wan 1/£I,IIITULVT,
Washington, NUT. IS, f
Seeded Proposals will be received at obit office un
lit I o'clock p. m. on the Liet.hi DAY Of DE:C=I3EII
NNXT, for the delivery of fifty thousand 10-loch
Monet Shell., in the following onantitiee, at the ILI.
Areenals, rt.:
At the Matertown Suwon!, Watertown, Mum., 5 000.
At the Watervliet Areenal, West Troy N. Y., s,tori.
At the New York Arsenal, Governor's Island. 2ri,050.
At the Alleghray Arsenal, Pittsburgh, Ps., 5,00).
At I.lm U. S. Arsenal, Wenblngton, D. Cl., 5,000.
At the U. S. Atseital, St. Louis, Mo., 5,00 n.
Three ehelle are to bio made of the Mod of metal,
and Inspected after the rides laid down In the Ord
nance Manual. Drawings ran he area at any of the
United Mateo Arsenals. The shells are to be inspect
ed at the foundry cast, free of charge for tran9orle.
Don or handling, until delivered at the Arsons.
Deliveries mod homes& et tho fate of not lees than
five per rent. perweek of the number of prefectilm
onotracted for: the fret delivery to hr mode within'
twenty days after the date of, the contract, and any
(adore to deliver at a specilled time will eubtect the
contractor to a forfeiture of the 11110toPT he may fall
to deliver at that time.
Separate bids most, be mat. (or each Arsenal, If
the bidders propel., to deliver at more Viso one. No
bid MIL be considered from parties other than
Dar *modem or proprietors of works, who an Man",
to Oils Department to be capable of use...nth); Mi .
work contracted Orr to their own establishments.
Nardi party obtaining • contract will be mipalled
to enter Into bends,•with approved sureties, for its
faithful mention.
The Department 'teems the right to Meet any or
all bide, tf not deemed eatinthrtory, for oo cones.
t. rtktgM, „1°,7f"',,a1", ( t?.=
Witco. D. G.," and 1U be endorsed ..Propoeals for
Moor Shells." GEO. D.MEDEA r,
natllcodtal Erlit. Gen. Ma of Ordnance.
151 . .... J or 01DX.LICT.,
Navy Dtpertment, November tO, 1863. J
genial proposals, indorsed iiP2spolattsfor Timber,"
will he ritcylved at tide Beresiflintll 3 &elect p. to.
of the Dna PAT OF DECE3IITEII NEXT, tlx for-
Dishing and delivering ender contract, et the throng.
Navy Tanis at Portsmouth, N. It., Metals, New
rook and Philathlphis. the folio. tag itrwribeil thit
her and plank, far Orvinanon purpme
C 1... I—White Oak for Ono thtrrieges.
Class 2-14 , him Pim and,_White Wood.
Olem . 3—Althito Ash andridlckov.
Olus 4-13 ma Logs. •
&pante agora mastbe made fitir the aupply at oath
of the Navy 'Yards naimil, and for the White Oak
and the Itickory:WhitsWast, White Aeli and Pine;
but the alma most !infer allot rash description for
earl Karp Tard: • -
Belden are referee:lle LW( Chanute. Oftleers at the
several Nary. Tarth,sad stations, and to. thisOtact Of
the Barna of Ordnanca,lfalkpairttiienkirbo
furntth them printed aottedolet, fOriat demrfp- ,
liar. or rho 4 11mber," time ordallearleff, sod otter
naa:lalrdfar , Chief of litoreath:.Of Weise.
• lllmlttattcarat for ratan. Gnat Britain, Inlasol,
be. ak.ap pang. Erma therpool or gonntant.
Pookagn forondod to all port* of In world. .
- .
W1L1.L521 BINQIL&M, Jr.,
oalamotid Mame Enron &Iles, Pittsburgh.
300 nusa. winv PRIME CLOTVISICT4-.
To =iv. vain-WO by Xr, TOIGT4
__ _ _ •
Di A rrbgsixzw. -2,s ° . b.usN:- prom o,
...;.! liiiitorOV for 4 , 214 II •,,-;
...;4•4 .=A A' ~-, • t ,, ,Na.l2satitliblld ethot. ,
DEt gOE.4t
, .. :. La
T.- ,
:toshOs ;120t„
P-11 •
•- , . - 1257. • 1)7 "
• •
I ISmi --
o ,_„ o lggg
. Cala/ tjnAitnaliwasma's Orrice, 1 I t 1L1NGEHR0n.,,, , ..0 .- -1,..7.....,.,5 1 5 . 2.t` - ',.u:
- 'Washington _Depot. December S.
f and atter MONDAY, No "- -- '-''
Sealed propo l s moinetted by the undereigned for I rember 14th e Litin...,P.E=nylArAtiLl CMS si.
oupplying the U.S. Qoartertnaater's Deportment, at ; HAILII,OAD-KUKE DAILi TILLISS.
tv,pi n ,,s en ,D r , llalthaire, lid., Aletandrin andl The TIIPXVI2-11 irtirdr2/01LITION MAN
Pirt Monroe, V. or either of Il o no pieces, With Mates rho Naming, Sw(m, 41,0, ( .. eop , 5 .,,, y.)
nit T, LIMN, °NTS and STROV. • • at EnSO a. ay. mopping et altiMatLatta between Pities
Bids will to recriecil for tliw dolirory of 3,0110 bosh. burgh and Philadelphia, and Making direct cameos
acorn or Pia , . and lOU.. of hay or moo re, awl op thou for Pow York and Philadelphia.
wards. . The TUUOUGIM.MAIL Titintli lean. the Pea.
Bidders twat . lots at • hieh of the 'boors named • astu, , tr Station teary morning (Lx r pt &nudity.) at
point. , bsi propose to trial, deliVerln, acid Ow , raise 150 A at., stopping oulg at ps i Mailers, and
at whoili th ey sill make delleerirethortab the qua.. I Making dirria. ...ahm at U b oq .. R . L.,. jun i.
Eity a each article pripo,ed to bed Sewed, the Dom' more and Wasisingten, and Su New Tote. via Phila
. hen ma driperimehall Dr emcee-to:s:, and when deli - Min
E., be eimplotuit. Ttio TiISOWIEI SS P
at TRAIN hale
...... A .... dai1l at
Tiro prim mutt lit written out in woe one qa the I.uLd. I iti2,s p. no., mopping only at Ftosipia.t.stio.,
I,,rn to lei pot op In gaol stout sae••. of about two direct connection at ILarrlabe.rg for llatimu
beehels earll. Dots in like socks, of about throe ! Washington, end for Now York Mla An 60.,,,, ,„,,.
horheis imti. Thapaclui VI to 11.111 , het1 w ltloint es- , acid Pbiladelphia.
tea sharp. to the Government. 11, loos
nod straw ' The FAST LINE learns the Ration dally (except
te Ise eecon-ly baled. . ' Smcdt// at Si3s p. nab, stopping only at principal eta-
The i,a. ,,,,,,,, r ~,, or ,i,..,..4 4 ..,!„,, of oa t., uoro, ~ ten, eiunecting at Uerrisburg. for Ilidthoore mai
hay, Or Mreia.propaSc.l to IT tlrli,i.r.:d, most 1, •ntted . Wainington, and et naago o t, to , 2;,. T ook.
113 the propoctla • i ACAXOIIIIIODATION IMAM. •
An the . flki. ' frer. " l utWkr Iles 425 tw"A" in. The Juilneciwu Ammtmandation Train leaves dart,
rind will be subject to a tied itietWClLin by the', h mrpt Sunday) at SIM pi. mr, Mopping at La Stations,
ilosrtiment Imipeitor, beflira being accepted.
[:entracte will to Mrarded Pons limo to time to !hp ' ab y l liat ror'• A t a. lit Im mi:a ft iati m Olo a. tie ll.,nh.r .v...4 ior
hexed rinpursibio bidder, as the Intoned of the Go.- •
„,,,,, learn:a-daily (mint
et M. 1 ,0 a. at.
ernnient may teuali , '• •"• 1 l'..Y.`'d will t ' '''''''' i Second Accturtandatica 'Train for Wall's Statkm
whim Um whole aeoLnot ountractei for skill have fr.„. daily oradaya
tin. been delivered and accepted.
The ladder will N. required to accompany his pro ! fra ili,... ai bLikr iay oom dar coilt, s t id, til y t i;ra . iti a,so lotti p. ler* Station
pent with a YwitrrtitYi r y a geed by two tw q ttwwthl° ' Yourih Accommodation Train Mr wavg Statics
porisine, that In awe as Mil s acrepted ho or they ; b ese t _ dad, 0, , y.,ia1d sid,,day ,
~ aT ho.
_i Ch .. n n, rch . Train
.a. b....ti z a . Wall's Stmatkespi..morgb.rgShconat
. te w at a ir s , t od the .. ree i fte .in r r ezl - ro .u th ra c t co l,.. o . t i re a c , t
Min e 4112.1 In (Le amour of the contraet, to deliver , T 0 ,, , ,,T . °i, d 7 ..
Op (sago proposed 112 conformity with the tonne of ; ' .'" •
ErtnrauLTrairis argin in 'Pittsburgh ma Milani:
tide .34vertboententl glad incase the mid bidder elowild , „.,,,,„_ r _
fall to enter intothe run tract, they to make good the , pi 'll s ,7;W° hii , a tw rond ----s----t-"esseLt-b 0 1•• ma
411Terreace between the offer of said bidder end tie -- tan p. M.
neat lowest responsible Milder, or tiir Perm. to 'inc. i, Through 71.4 m id r,FQ ------ ---:- tt do 3 °
the coup root may be Queried.
L ' Johnstown Accommodatiou...— ....AMOS a. m.
The 1,,pn.11/11117 a the guarantoro moot Lekwown
by the allele] cortihrato of a U L ls. District Attorney, , ~....,,V iwtid di t., ,,a li dl .l ,:t we didit hit d A A O TLOrn.d ato dwOol at t •
& fr.:2 5
i. m . :
ifoliector of enetoms, or say other Lfib•er 124.1e1t the ' —i
r o Third Wall's Math. Actiosamodation-- lin:i p. m.
U. 'LA $ l ." . G. " :r.. ` .s ' or "'"P'''''''''' I ` . '" - ', Fourth Wall's /Ration Acemmodation.. .LOS p. at.
known to this °ince.
• • - • - • : Baltimore - -.eta will ate" - "thi Philadelphia
pR0PQ,i5..1".6 Fctti MRAGE:
All 14,1,1 err will be , laly r.gifird of Itio areeptanck
rep.. 110 n of their jovp ,, ,xl.
be roll mine and Y. 11. 6.1d1,01 f en,ll bidder
most be legibly irritteo N file propo”gl.
most be addreelled w Uric - 3411er Ormi•ral
D. If, IIUCKEII, Chief Depot iionriormaainr,
ingtun, D. r., avail should be plaluly marked"Prop,.Nab. for Forage."
11.111 s, In v. .omalml to tho amount of the ron•
[rect. cigned by the coritrectur and Intl of Ids gear
111i,IS, VW reuleite.,l of An succor-4;1114E1,1er or
Liddele upon signing the aggract.
blank P.Eau of bide, griaientive, 0,1 leoulr, rimy
obtaleedllNl3 application at t,.mrn.
'Torre, County to.lgtatr.,
I, thooliliocrlleer,do hereb, imehove to forninh Anti
deliver to the United Slates, at the Quartetmturtar'.
Ltepartmortt at sigromLly to the terms of
year d•ertisemont, prop:pm:ls far forav
'Card Washington Driest, Drtvaab•r b, 18G:, the fol
lu~lOK artkles,
I r Imahel
bwhela of Corn. In sack, at
of 66 pound,.
buabehlof (rani, in -- por hush d,
of 3 . 2 pounda
Moo or halm] Day, at law ton, of 2,000
—.tom of Straw, al—per ton, f2,lXepoonda.
trettaary tocommencaon or before the—day of
—, I OL-, and to be completed on or before the
day 18C-, and pledge rnywif to enter into a
written contract with dm ratted Matra, with good
and approved anturtuna, within tire XpACeef tgri day.
aft, being notified that my bid tom ham acreptert.
Tour obedient
DrOroilor General D. 11. Itrottro,
Chief Depot guard:matter,
Weettingt en, D. C.
We, the andervlgned, realdcate of
the county of , and State of
hereby, Jointly and severalty, enemata with the
l'nitod States, and guarantee, in mut the ibreTrilng
bid ol
within trade', awe the acmptance t't mid but, exe
cute the coutract far the mom with wood unt eufElcleut
eurnies, In • sum equal to the amount of the contract,
to furnish the forage pt.,— d In et . ..fon:6lly to the
terms of advertisement dated December 7, 111U.S, node;
which the hid wee matte, and., in caw the Paid
shalt enter tuba coutract aeafor.ala, we guar
anteo to make good the dlffercurc between the offer
kr tlie o fd d—e-- and the
whom the
, lou3; t et mar m mullde
. Itl ,
Idt7 or the
r ,L person to Wh,, tract ho
J Given ne der our hands and seals
t —, I ere-.
1 hernby certify that. in the L•cst of in 7 knnwle gw
and Wirt, tbs abavo named guarantor* sr* foolland
ontfllcicol lax mirvale. tor the unouut for arlalcltt thry
"ge in be socurity.
To he certified try the United States District Attor
rsy, s•ollertot of Customs, or any other officer under
the Outbid Stones Dossratnent, or resrunible pemsta
knowu to Minna-a.
. All prop:malt received under thin advertls•me.t
Kill tb opined and examined at this office on NC ED•
IfESDAY and SATITUDAT of each week•, at 12 m.
Bidden are respectfully invited to be present at the
opealug of hide, if they deafen.
delhem /Mt. Goo. ued Qemrtermeater.
Wan Inretonerm,
Washington, November 31,
&abet Proposals will be received at this office no
t II 4 o'clock p. ne- on [holden DAN OF DECIYMBEIt
NEXT, for tO,LCOO Infantry Arrontrements, abbe.,
rid. to be delivered in the following quantities, at the
undersigned arsenals, •is
30,V10 seta at the New York Annual, Governor's
atta at the Frank ford Arsenal, Brhitsburit,
20,000 ects et the Allegheny Aromal, Pittsburgh
I'o,ooo seta at the St. Louts Assenal. St. Loots, Mo.
. 10,000 seta st the tatted Mate tirtelaal, Vt aka.
tOWD, 3.10411.
accoutrement. am to bo made In otrlct con
formity with the regulation patterns, vhlob man be
mem as any of the above named places, and tb3ry Imo
to Les oubjeot to Inopection at the amenal mbere do
'Pored, befall being received by Ihe Govenunont ;
nomrov to be sesepted or, pal l for but snob m an *P.
ped on Impecrion. The belts to to of probed
tenger, and all the ttoiao be the best oak tanned.
The .boulder belt to be Mandel In the mt.
Deliveries moat b•Made in lota of not Iree then
1,000 wta per seek, tor all contracts of io,oitt set or
under: and not lose than 2,00 d sets per week on all
contracts to. 10,000 sets; Um first deltrery to be malls
within fifteen days from dateefeontract Failure to
deliver at • sped/kat time will thbJect the contractor
to • forfeiture of the =molt to be delivered at that
Dme. The accoutremeute must be boxed to the that
style; the borne to be Charged at met, to be 'deter
mined by the inspector.
Bidders will thole explicitly the thermal ar arsenals
where they propose todeliver, and therrumber of set.
they propose todetlver ✓'sash place, If for more than
On No e.
bids will be receives! from parties other than
regular mantificturere of the article, sod such as ere
anow• to the Department to be folly competent to
execute in their own shop. the work proppent for.
koch party obi/ail:Wm a roamer mill be required
to enter Into bond, with *mantel sorely, for Ito
faithful execution.
..ii r til, D n e t dee "
wia.t tbe right to reject any or
Pea posols will be addressed to "Brigadier General
GLOUGZ D. RA • . 4 • Y. Chief of Orden , gew WWI.
Ingtan. D. C.,' and will be endorsed "kray.mats far
Inientry Anew ntavinents."
. .
Brig. Gen. Chief of Ordnance
CAV.1.1.17 . DcassoS„ • 4
Omit or Tyr Cour Qrrsitrrrarsarili
Washinglos, D. C., Nor. 23, ISE%
Proposal. are imlletted, and will do received at this
office for the forablelog of Cirrah7 Donee, to be de
livered at Washington, D. C., Bt. Loris, Mo., and
Mimeo, 111.
to comply with the following epeclills.
Ilona, •VSsa To ho from fittam (15) to eiztoen (10
/ 0550 . Alban. flee (5) to nine (h) Teem old, well
broken so.skeembiW, compactly built, In good flesh,
and bee ham all detente.
The . .
ability of the bidder to fel& bt. agreement
tont be gearanteed by two reeponsible pension,
whale signatures must Ca appendant* theca:mu:ace.
So ptoposals will In entertabnd online the oath of
ale In ce
Mitt of theinß person or pentane biddleg shall be
Th. tuojnositfility of the guarantor. =nth° shown
by the °aid certificate of the Clerk of the nearest
District Court or of the Bolted States District Ah
torney . .
Pruptwals ;oust be addreseed to Lint. Col. C. C. ;
SAWTELLE. Chief Qoarterntaster. Cavalry Bureau,
and be tii - daraed on the envelops " Proposals for
Cavalry Tiorieu agreeing with the above rpeciflci
tiorteerUl be purchased In open market, at fair prleea
at the folloarbg plareeois: Sire Tort City,Albaziy;
Buffalo and Rochester, N. Y. ; Pittsburgh, Pam*.
Columbus, Ohlo,.Boatoo. Man .
. • Augusta, Mo.; wad
Madison, Wie. 0. o.sevrtra.Lx.
Lieut. CoLand.adef Quarterroaater,
ureAdtt. Oarah7 Bureau.
craosisci 01=4 spas DEELIITXT3T o
Washincton, N. Mb. UR%
foaled Dropbala will be raelrod at this odke en,
tll 4 o'clock pa mon the 151 W 01 DECEMBER
NEXT, for the delivery - of 2,C00 or more tone of
pare, moll LEAD; adtablefornrdnance kurpmes.
The Lead is to tria of syymonal.qoality, and to to
&Drama at any time, within aloes, day; from the
acceptance of the taa• or _ bide., lt le to k. &limed
It the onited43latre Arernal,"Coerrniers bland, N.
E, mei at the United Sham asersial, Bt. Lorne, Mo. •
Win tolliormore at earl gel:oaken °fall obstinate;
transportation or ben4ling,. ant will to paid for in
711tm nertificalce of inspection and boo Ipt, by I*.
litloll 0111110 'rooo 2 / 1 11 Depillolool, to - the canal
. . ,
Bids will be 'shod for '34 portion of the Twat
tyltel left ilwit 100 t 01111:
with spbrowed introtles, will be required tor
.the toilllesebt etwaymintracttba: towy be EM.'
pannaatte of ibis gdyir.theisqn: r
The Departat&it :norm the right. te ndeciaiywi
all bid. . if not tlectooleatistketott so j twine.
" Pinpootritoest beedarbbled to "B er General
11:11.1.119/LX,ICtilet et 4,:griala;
ing•fon:WgiCral Itill•aseakersed....
lead: • GIOTTT.D.B
=at:6l6C. / 3 4;Ctn.-Matta 44,411 ac.•
QEALED pioi3oeile . itio'htvited ,until the
-lELd day of °weather:l6M atilt 04 for lb.
T r, OOTS d ORNS of GOT.
linUrneat caw": dee e,tee e ai la H te - tea &Hoo all t
its of_ the ,Dlstrilet , or Colntabla; Crlbreo months or
awn troth th. thaidonicamoth *Ma ofoltrid: •
Tba One Artie-lath bocollectoi trylbo contractor.
sod remora from the tarloß..placeeit w lark Lb
cattle an tilloaa armh (oolwsi ytheomaaN, -b.7-4
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. Tb. contractor bi 'HOU SR rail the Miloaiaa
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poor to the Eataisteithe peparathont that all dno
arltho:•411!0110taxml.:caor was mad. , to !outow thp_
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al_kOthOa thtatathotathait the -
..Tae 'ixagrsctor will Da hold•Accaauxtabla - - for ilia
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1. wilt tta4 1 9; 05 0 . 4 SOCOPMZIOHIcaII
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ithas 04.44 aUroftfaiarllusuliozia,as C.
13.11 , .6.wa5tM2-t4;eeeee eenet .
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. . .
_ sore YYpm. sail ;LLTirCi with
Trdn f4i 213 11=11:11 1 11111m111 oormectat Blahs.
this Intersection with "Enough Acormunaderlon,
Johnstown -Accommodation and Express Train Lash
and *ill Baltiruorn Stpnen. 4.l.Jubt.tov-a Accom
modation West_
Trains en 6bausbaria contact a "reason with Ea
prees Tralca and Kell Train West and with Through
he and -lirprese Trait-lash -
The public will And -it greatly to.thetr totarmt, In
goingWeet,ja.tatul by • the PanneYireallsi
Central EAllroad i no the luacommodations now efilired
=not be warp-Hood on any other ronte. The Bead
M bellasiod with stone, end in entirely free from hat.
He can promise safsty, Kauai, end nosafort to all
who nosy Into, this tonal with.their patronage.
FAR B; -
To Bev Tork---41-2 so To Blltlinore-.-1111 00
To Philsdelphis-.- 10 60 To Lennart, ....-.. II SO
To Harrisburg 7 CS • •
Baggage checked to all titions on the Poortsylea.
els Central Railroad, and to Philadelphia, Baltimore
and New Fork.
Passengers purchasing tickets to the cars will be
on molon..occemllogto thuseistance traveled,
to to the station nom, wept from stations
tam the Company has me agent.
NOTICIL-In case of loem the Company will hold
thermelees responsibe for personal baggage only,
and tor m. =omit not excesainp Slik.
N. 8.-An Chunibm Lin has been employed to
mom pox:tenger" and baggage to and from the De
pot, at s charge not to exceed Z" &Ms, for each pea
seoger and beano. For tickets apply to
At the Pennsylvania Central Rearm! Poseenger
Btatloo, on Liberty and Grantaterots. no=
nrrsnunctt Atni
WINT E R AGIZANGEME2LT.--011 and atter
BIONDAY, November.lllth, 80, Teeing "GI lease
the Depot of the Petualylvaide IteGroltd, in Pitts
burgh, es ruilmrs
Pittebeepl mad Meth.: Lime.
Levavea Pittsburgh, 1:46 a. a:, I (r... 1) a. to. 1:45 p. m.
do Wellarille. 4210 ° 4.42. °MIS "
do Stet:bane . ° 5110' 0 9:46 0 6:06 0
do 'Wheeling 11: 1 /0 0 11:00 0 434 "
Arrirs Renoir.- or_s/ 0 11:15 0 1 6:91 0
Commetitur at Steubenville and•Bellair with Stan.
bensille and India. Uailrtaul and Central Olen Rail
road for iameille, Newark, Columbus, Xenia, Clay
ton, Indlariapolia, eh:wino:di, Lonimllle, Calm, Bt.
LOWS, 90. Jmeph, and all potutirvevat and aouthweate
and at Wheeling with Ilaltlmora dad Ohio Railroad
Attsbarph and Clem/gad Lim:
Leaves Pittaburgla—.—......2 irld a. 11.1
do Wellsellle.—.2.---... !WO
do Ilayard. .-----...- 6:N
do Allianm...-......--....... 436.5 0
do Ravenna.. ---2-.. 7:10 0
do lludsou.—.. -,.. .. 8:11
Arrive. at Cleveland— AL- 9:26 °
Connecting at Payarstwith Tuncarawas numb Mr
New Philadelphia and Canal Dover; u Alliance with
MUM:ugh, yore Wayne and Chkagn Railroad; at
Raven. with Atlantic and Gnat Western flathead
for Warren, Greenville, Meadville. CO '.
Jan:matron and Salamanca; at lindson with Cleve.
land, Zanesville and Cincinnati Railroad Sw Akron,
Cavaboga Falls an Atillerabom and at Cleveland
wall C. @ F._ R. A, for Erin, Dunkirk and Buffalo
with C. A T. R.-.IL for Sandusky, Toledo, and aim
with steamers for Detroit.
i. .
tesibenville and Wellsville Aswan:iodation ham
Allegheny City at .3:20 p. m.
&turning, trains arrive at 10:00 a sn, 9:50 p.
8:(15 p. m. and 2:10
Through Tickets to all preeminent palette If ba
Liberty Street.Dopot, Pittsbarg
Pr''eur"" th* GETIRGE Ticket Ageot.
" An'gh''YCll7. Y
Tick Amt.
l' ltttat iJ
II o ZWAILT,Agetts,
At the Company's Wilco In Freest Station, Penn .t.
Game or COSPIROLLit r t TIIII Congo t,
Washington City, August 1th,.11363,
Wuraus, By satisfactory erldenos prawn to
the undasigned, ft has been made to &ppm: that
In the Canty of All,hetry, and State of Pennsylro.
pia. has been drily organized under and awarding to
the requirements of the Act of Congas', entitled ,
"An Act to
_provide National Currency, walled by
tted Bptlira'th""lareolaw"ide
ebrary 4.5 th, ISM, and boo comfdlod - with tha
pmehrions of mid Act required to •,bo complled with,
afore commencing th e business of Raking:
Now, therefore, I, Hart IfeCriaoat. Com
of the Currency, do hereby artily - that 1=
county of Allegheny, and Sono of Pronoyinnla, is
authorized to warmence the baldness of Banking un
der the Act aforesaid.
. . . _ .
In test tawny whew? ...Rams my band
gs. 1 r d
. seal of ofelaw 7 b o VAtf c it i re,
Comp:rata 2l) of the Carrencr.
craw„ e 04,00,00. with PriTikg. Wi theism
- so 610.000,000,
The Plttsbcrgh Trust Oonepany hawing orlinlzed
under the art to proelde Netlasue elltorrescy, under
PITTSBURGH, Amid. r etlday Ger it. eeivion
lot the caloction of Notes,. Pills of Parluaige,
kr-, rocelye money. ca dquelt, Ltd boy and .eell Ta
ct:tante an all parts of the cot ot.y.
The enema which hes =coded the PI
Trost Company. Mao_ Its orkaalzattott In 1142, 4r e ' r1
Ire bellow , . be A nark.= gguussrraannt..•tbat boehles
eatrosted to the Ae.tion n,x-fre the
semi promptAttentio. '
Nnyiege ot7 extelletee , -"- - -
end Dank.are throoghoot tl
can offer unusual &cilia.
'rah to
—....ttondtcoce with Banks
he cotatitry, Ito bellen se
I to. Mom trlto do titlarks
Imam I..arghtlo,
Thomas Dell,
Thomas Wightossa,
- I
JOHN D. SCULLY, Chahhar.
Asosld W. ISM. • • sulihtlad
'Pruela C. Malley
Ales. Bradley,
DOLLAR 'SAV/NGS 114Nli t NO. 65
Fawn Siam. -
. =mart= 'mum.
Oper, daily front 6 la 2 &nicety, also an Wednesday
and flatuciar tannings, from 81a1.1stto November
lot, from 7 toe O'clock. and from Norember tat to
May Ist from 6 to 8 o'Clink. •
Deposita received of .11 - aims - intim than Oa*
i Dollar, and a dividend of tin profits &chard tyke •
year, la Sone and Decemlxr„ lateast:baa been ths•
dual antol-annuatiy,,M.Jonetand Danaher, sines.
the Bank was ofgantial,. at the - rate of as per amt.
... . . ... . .....
£ I t atest, ft not dram Oat; hi idanall'to the met
of the depositor as pinsterttal, asist•Deass -the ame tn.
terost from Itkuslastailsosaf Jon. mid Dsantassr,o:66..
t P :VZnr i ttff .rab rttirptrak t ! . rra
sue money will doubler la
lan t r h taern telve years.
- Boot, contaLolng•theiCha lse i By-Law, %
d ti a
aniasalations ftmltad Fa40.16 11 m
the st.tas. -•-- .—.—
r ..• .
i,xidtunt,'Airlo. :...
~. - .. • - ram maansarm V' ,
Nab 11. , Moraddia,i I , Isinantpeznooks • •
John Holm,.
Aleamuller Brae, .-: , - James I‘. A. 2 i.ed4 VI
Seq. L. tie' wk . , ,A. n. rqoa„ M. 13..
.I:unts Ma. y.. • : 'BM Thvgirin., -.:
~..jum m . , . i'. -: . Mika .1 e dadeniath
• tc:ilinirasaw, :,. : ,-. P.terl. , lWletn.. '-
;dm G. Baikolka, ._ -„ Walter Y. Idathsti.: . -
John 0. Rinctl.r. . Al= Lir. - .."
Alone .L. Carrltz, - ~, :' , ltain"Li . --•
Clorhol A.; 01624. .- ; .1.4 Skala, :- .:-
• : W/U l sul D' s 4ish: .. .; -Jolla iLlShomberrari
' Jobe
Emil:. , , : : William E. Waal;
wintam s.thiTrii,' • -•:- 7 IlTeigituleelladlN
Tat& IL Mu:llw ;':. ' ' WillEtan - Yiedirk, .
, Mr:hard n.A.PS' -----" -," -:: , 4 IsuolnlEtlon •. -
Junto D. Kelly, •,, 7 , k. 7 , WlALParriallo
- Bsearrair jt,UJI*; 'tik=4: r,4 . !; A.,
.t.,Cos. 0 attl=lttttettL_
Wohbetm h4o4:)Ter;-.271 1 , 121 =
NuxiCE. , -71Vill sold At,publio sue-
lion AWE D:JP/Rua, *agorae mare.
Ottiltor,lll4l4 at lb* Carat. war Ow OkagistaL
this dty •tat 011417513.111Totrisicifitir =Um
intit-ibriitibltesertrit. - '
biAtatdetitteidtalb444 - 'LI actitl -.. ".
WV. 411 0 04 9 40 11 air.sosirsua ,
GNAW; 4uptLAl4l., L
7 ~1,--,----,-,1-t
...: .15QUILIR3110:1._71/437:47d*
,C•fif a ts, -;- , I Ttil l i i k i , 4 16)4 ' 4', ' ,
1715 p.
&CO "