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, 1514,1 MAY 7, 1888
The Old Leaven and the New.
gm's ertgada.Wenosed to baryiag -cur dead,
j khkd flapteraber. Win and Mtn, at Chickaranaga.
Mao PeniliaNd addiaial; codas had. gf a for
. *dm ArrOro t 'ostler and planed am tiattat
medpelerr:The beads meat* teen by General Craft
anforntri--Dttyalehfiroat 0100431100(76.
, +Can the Ethiopian change hie or
bi.i,potsr Can there bo any
orkabid - ag change in the people of the
fjihite ihnit.3,qta long ee they shill be born
Wasturtured under the influences of their
harrible ' , institution?" After the first
Bun 'battle, when the slave-holders,
hiving become rebels, were exulting over
• the falsely interpreted and proudly uttered
we 4eird with , some incredulity of their
nitutterable cruelties perpetrated on many
of the; Wilinded and dying who hod Men
Into:their kinds, end of their revolting seta
'ef,entrWiehria-mutilation practised on the
nub:tried dead-43vidences of a degradation
..tit a place on the moral scale but little
above that of the savages of Dahomey or
'Ottttojea Islands. It wts hard to believe
ninoteentlecontauy of Christian
falwilization, men and tionteneonldbliformd,
tff Enropeor America, to use the skulls of
theledead enemies as drinking-vessels, and
t.belr• finger-bones for necklaces, armlets,
or bracelets. But soon all possible inure-
Aunty was overcome by facts reported on
teeth:many not to be further questioned—
ssvir Mere to be gainsaid or resisted.
That, however, passed. The loaders of
the rebellion found that this flagrant exhi
titian of the real workings of "Southern
institutions" would not do for Europe—
whence their hope of recognition and aid
was Lb n strong. Consequently the savage
;Instil:to . of the "chivalry" were eisotrolled,
:and i s eed , in this horrible bone-manufitc
taring .I:minces, immediately and completely
''stippre sed.
ow, seeing that both hope and fear,
an je: • rds Europe and the things of Su
rope, h• TO alike ceased to have any Immo
; &ate p • tical effect on their minds, possibly
the re • is may again give loose rein to these
tiondis • paiwions and those savage instincts
which yelled, in the incarnation of ghoul
•;.like forms, over the battle - field of Bull Ram
'E,Now they can no longer hope, perhaps they
'••wi l no longer fear;—and the pause which
their leaders enforced from motives of policy
aad•Lpradanoe, may, when these motives
seem no longer to exist, in a horrible man
ner become like one of those
Puma that pampar rammytiou."
so diet the latter end May be worse than
the . beginning. Now that these desperate
1 conspirators against liberty have found out
that their "Confederacy," if it is to win at
all, must win without either more recogni
or more help, than it has already re-
' .atived from the 'royal and imperial and aria-
' tootatical sympathisers of the old world,
.:_me, vvo not expect these horrible and re- I
veiling acts of barbarism towards the 1
viceinded and dao dead to be resumed, and'
the4monitic frenzy of hate, so long foster'.
by 'ffieir t leaders in the hearts of the los-
braid masses of the Southern States, to 1
bs&gain rampant and uncontrollable to-,
wards the people of the North? ,
#osrever plausible, however probable an
' affirmative answer to this question ms"
appear, on a first and partial view, we are
siqiEsig that on the whole we should not So
suite- it. We hope better things, and
' think 're have some reasons to give to jus
tify our hope. Bat these cannot be stated
, et length .o-day. There may be, and doubt-
, less them is, a remnant of the old fierce an- ,
• tipathytowanis Northern men, so long and 1
so wickedly cherished by the slaveholding
• aristocracy in the minds and hearts of the
=au= people around them—whom they
kept in such a condition of ignorance as
best suited their own purposes of self-inter
est and ambition. • But a great change has
• been brought about over a large portion of
the Southern States, and in this third year
of the war, neither the poorwhites nor the
negroes are in the same condition as at its
commencement. It has in some measure
emancipated and enlightened both—in such
ameasure, we venture to say, that neither the
one nor the other can ever again become the
practicable, manageable things they were in
' the hands of their masters. The war itself
luts diffused light and brought knowledge
.among those classes of the Southern people
never before pervious, never before pine
, treble, to and by those transforming, won
der-working elements of nature and grace.
Upon the Tory same page on which
lies first road the revolting record
math on that Chickamauga battle-field,
by the leaven of barbarism which yet
tentains--( we have quoted the ' words
at tier:head of this article, and will not
repeat them_ hore)—upon the very same
page we read also this significant fact, that
over six TIICODIA.ND of those men who had
been fighting -under the rebel flag, wore
made prisoners so easily that it was eel
:::dimly with their willi--and that not only
' "thei Six thousand, the fruit of the oppor
tunity.or the battle-field, for which they had
plotablylong been waiting as for an hour
of delivetinee; but a daily crowd of deser-
' tors, often numbering hundreds, coming into
our lines and seeking the protection of the'
eldfisg;• had stilt's , the work of Ointegra
tion Le be going o n at a rate Of rapidity
that-will hardly leave General Bnaoo, or
*oral, or Generalissimo Jeer.
Is.iielsiniself, or anyother man or general,
d\ lin
en the memblaneo, much less the 'substance,
of army in the southwest before the
id of2rebruary. " Truly SO it does seem at
lenyik, that the old leaven:-of hatred and
rebellion has almost worked out, and the
new.. leaven of repentance and loyalty is
aetiVely working in. Presently we shall
haves the whelp mass—all that can cohere
to fonnsampluisation of society—in such
-...-- ...:
a reeeptivs state, taut the new leaven will
_ ~. , _
thoroughly do itivork In every part.
) 0.
TAX Richmond Examiner and Expire,. are
very bitter against Bragg, and declare him
In . moshle of performing the duties of any
noramitud—quttriblog all the.disters of the
TOnsfilite earnpaigm ,They de not
emiossllheir anzlety-for the safety of Long
strsitti iittbessertber express *hi, belief that
11'U hid not -'beon sermated from Bragg'.
main army, the dinutor of Chattanooga mielt.
beta bun avoided. . . ' - ' - 1;
PAVVlSlttrustimAiirt,—The New Bed
, ha 0441.g•)-811441,Pa .i 1 713 - , : •
A forliaWibillo bail bean *Noted from a
4ialrisl iiI,ZOOS. ofrutyr In tble' Seale, wbo
big bilit lfßlNf Wka_pittipor the 160 year. Its
Wad 48,06,4 foriii-ntidoe Vint AA say* the town
fie,* Itt to It or hit 400011,
4 1 ...,,-..-
Trifle Following the Flag.
Thu steined s very 'pretty.idea: when ft
was first; enunciated by sonsubody ••several
melittriii;, but the Prietteat workingent of
it has not been at :Al satisfactory. It has in
fact given aid and comfort to the enemy at all
points, wherever What been tried. Hero is a
vigorous handling of it frorls a western paper:
General Hurlbut has issued another. order
requiring all dealers in clothing to remove
their stocks North. Since our occupation of
Memphis, It he. been of more value to the
rebels than when it was held by the Coated- '
eracy. ,The men who follow the army to
•make money, are, to • very groat extent,
smugglers. This is the experience of General
Grant, General Sherman, General Hurlbut and
I all other generals, who have bad commands in
th. South. Why is it, therefore, that the
Government does not adopt the policy of dos
ing the lines, altogether, against trade. The
great MOSS of those following our armies for
money making purposes don't care a but
ton about the Government, and they
would well to • rebel, for the rue of the
rebel army, quite as willingly, prices being
equal, as to loyal men. It is time—high time,
that the idea of trade following the flag were
exploded. Better far establish a close block
ado at Cairo, and allow nothing to be bought
or sold except through government agents,
and for account of the United States. At
this, of course, traders would howL They
would bold meetings, pass resolutions, send
delegations to Washington to annoy the
President; but lot them howl and resolve; and
when they go to Washington, close the door
of tho White Haase against them. They are
aiding the rebellion, in the way of supplies,
more than the rebels are able to aid them
selves. Memphis needs to bo blockaded
quite as much as Wilmington. We bare no
doubt the rebels get more goods through the
former than the blockade runners pass into
the latter port. Wake up, Mr. Chase, and
put a full stop to the infamous, corrupting
and damaging business.
Speech of a Georgia Senator.
The Hon. Herschel V. Johnson, who was on
the Presidential ticket with Mr. Douglas, has
just been re-elected a Confederate Senator
from Georgia, and on the 24th of November
made & speech of which a summary is given
in a letter to the Richmond Dispatch. .Among
other things be said :
There is no step backward. All is now in -
retired in the struggle that le dear to man—
home, society, liberty, honor, every thing—
with the certainty of the most degraded fate
that ever oppressed a people if we fail. It
is not recorded in history that eight mil
lions of united people, resolved to be free,
have failed. We cannot yield if we would.
Yield to the Federal authorities, noror—to
vassalage and subjugation! The bleaching
bones of one hundred thousand gallant sol
diers slain In battle would be clothed in
tongues of fire to curse to everlasting infamy
the man who whispers yield.
Tlie western papers ere complaining that the
carrying Interest is consuming the largest
part of the profits of the producing interest.
It is said that a farmer on the Illinois prai
ries, to transfer his products to the seaboard,
has to pay eight per cent. of Its value on
wheat, thirty per cent. on pork, twenty per
cent on beef, sod four per cent. on wood. It
takes ono bushel of wheat to send another to
market, six bushels of corn to carry one to
New York, while one pound of wool will send
forty to the same market.
Ton pressure upon Jell. •••. to re more
Bragg became Intolerable •I. t, 'ate bat
tles before Chattanooga. Brag: • boon re
lieTed and Hardee Is picking Se pieces,
and - a dispatch from Ceattanoog forms us
that he will make a desperate e to rooks
the offensive. Hardee don't as t., any
thing. It looks as if Davis wig. •
rove cp
polnted him, in order to show thmo aljo hors
been making outcry against Bragg, that th, re
waspoorer stock on hand.—Oincinrorti (lon
menial. •
A orsearcn from Cairo of the 3d Inst., says
that 77 rebel prisoners from Columbus, Sy.,
passed through that place for Indianapolis.
Reports prevail to tho offect that the rebel
force threatened Columbus. Sixty tons of
sanitary goods wore shipped from Cairo on
Thursday for Chattanooga, by the Illinois
Sanitary Commission.
IT to STATED that a substitute for cotton hoe
teen discovered by o firm in Liverpool, which,
in length of fibre, delicacy, elasticity, and
great strength, is equal et leant to Indian cot.
ton. It can be produced to any amount et
6d. per pound. It has been patented in
France, and its appliembility and utility ore
so evident that the Minister of the Interior
has intimated his intention of forwarding its
use by all mean. in his power.
.liwits Wool", the founder of a secret Union
League In Tallapoosa and Coosa Counties,
Alabama, was hung by some rebel cavalry, a
week or two since. His organization is said
to hare been wido spread.
Ma- Gannon Anarsrra fista, s well-known
English novelist and essayist, arrived in this
country by the last steamer. He is correspond
ent of the London Telegraph.
l' 0731,1 C .rOTICES.
TEE.-.1 meeting of said Committee will be
held at theoftloo of MARSHALL k BROWN, Fifth
street, Pittsburgh, oa THURSDAY. Doe. )oth, lest ,
at 2 o'elork p.m. A. N. BROWN, amines.,
JOHN H. STEWA.IIS. Sweretary. de7:3t
ALLFAIHEDY.—The election of Directors of
this Bank will be held at the ulna, of IL U. DAVIS,
corns, of Yederal street and South Common, HON•
DAY, the ith inst., between the henna n and 12
o'clock. A. 0. ALLX.AIIDEU, Chairmen
Allegheny, Deo. 3, ISM
pARTicuLAti ' , ..'ol . feE.—Ab it be
.l coma a matter touching the boot Interests of
every Man. Woman and Child in alleglieny county
to vet that money is not equandered, and that when
expending the hard earn,l gain. procured by ens,
lons can and weary hours of toil and banleitip, It
bonomoe the duty of evely parent to sec that foil
value is received, and something tangible and mons,
Is obtained, these remarks are called forth at this
time, as wo are daily and hourly vatted upon to hear
the piteous story of some parr woman. as w Ith a moan
of tilspalr she relaXe the hem of her prop and slay
In this world,"—her brave hashluti—e. ho wont
forth and nobly battled for his lAmintry'e flown and
liatiOn't Flap, and now that the it lett Alone, ehe
finds no friendly hand to aid her, hut, on the contra,
ry, all seem ready to impute upon end lake the a+
vantage of her inasperi•nue, and with the COPTIIIC•
log Proof in hand, in kinmoest Rant which has literal.
If dropped fa pfeate,) we emu but credit the modes of
their wrongs. Now this is to give notice that on and
altar this date I will warrant every pair of Boots or
Shoes sold at CONCERT BALL 8110 E al ORE, IZI
Ylith Meet, to be perfect, and In no manner to rip or
COlllO to p 1.., and the money In ail C. , 11 to be re
funded or the work made peed, where the least die.
eatlefaation may occur, and pledge myself to sell this
tint class warranted work/or ire steam titan to ask•
ed far common work and socomi rate articles olso•
where. dad
Ogee and Depository; 59 Fourth Strait. I GIA)V
Betts. Wood and Market Stmt..
-1140, Dec. Bth. at 7 o'clock.
rehject—" The State of the Country..
The proceeds for the benefit of the llbrtstlan Cott,
Tickets, ffi mats. Tor sale at all the prinolpol
Book sad Periodical SIMI in .Pittsburgh dad Alle
gheny City.
PENNA. ARTILLERY, (the old Esvln's
Bounties SEIM and 11130%
Berm.lta wanted for thla well known Plttattargh
Battery. Ale°, a 8LA068111211 wanted for the
gime. Berretta °aligned tor any Pennsylvania Ar
tillery. Cavalry or laraatry in the tleld.
Apply at S 7 PIFTH STRKET, mend nosy, to
noalmorl2w Jut Lieut. and Romaine Meer.
"r , -." MITTEL
PaumagT—Tllolll,B BAIKEIYELL
Oontramatioes of money 'led gads sofleited
Stores soot to oil port. of ttto array
Lotormation taratahad la tslatlon to Om slat and
wounded la the Campo and Dospitilli.
Tho [might on goods donated la paid bare
••• Antral Armament Lilt for 1803. containing
Taxis on income, Oliver Plate, Carrisices. Ac., sod
Manua Duties In the 4th Division of the 27! Penn.
District, comprising the oth, 7th end Bth Wards of
the Oily Of Pittsburgh, and Pitt Township, mcupt•
lag that part north of Penn area, hes been recei red
from the. Assessor, and the Tame are now due. 1
trLU moths the Taxer as aforesaid, at the office of
Aldermen BUTLER, No. 120 Wylis street, from the
Hat delo( HoreMber until the UAL day of Docem.
bur, 130, inclusive, between Um hours of 1 end 6 p.
19., after which time the penalties prescribed by the
law will be exacted. JOHN A. SERGEANT,
Deputy Collator 4th Division, 224 District.
Tim. Annual Heetitig of the Stockholders of
the Pittsburgh t Connellsrille Railroad Company
sill be held at the of of. the Company(Jon:
Dallding,) Fourth street; in th e City of Plitaburgb,
on the FIRST MONDAY (7th day,)"OF DSC=
DES NEXT, at 19 o'clock m - tor the purpose of
electing twelve Directors far th e mod ingyrar.
natlad W. O. MlCHAS?.•frmstat7.
OT 01101108 1111910:=Ths well-known
composer, 2.1 r. JOHN ZtINDEL, Organist and Di
rector of Menlo of Hemp Wail Breclar's Chord.,
New Toot. will rid' this cityduring the next mouth
to glee a abort course pf instrocom Lt Hastsony, the
organ or **deo% and Chorus Binge& connoctsd
pnblia=7 on Ike Omen, AA Sacred
Comas. ststiog Ulm* .to., may be ob.
untold at ths.l4oo res d U. Mater I lire. and
0.0. ifdlot. " 'aolttroscil
JlrEfir ArprziFtrisEmzirrs. .rzor .IDi•ERTISEJQEJPTB. i JrEir .111 VERT IS EAF EXTS. ,rE I r rEPTIS E.'ll E.VTS.
t l i qV r 1 . 1-) 0.1;
MS, ELIAS EL YALLI.7, (or Rivicamex)
Cap Mani:Adorer, will pl.*. maul Ms address
to his friend IL MORRIS, (from Liverpool,) Frank
fort Elmer, corner Frankfort and William stroets.
Nei, York. de.7:l
FOB SALE-4 in on Virgin alley, la
twoen Wood and Smithfield streets, 30 front.
containing aticut 5,000 square font. wall adaptwt to
a manufacturing establishment,arlll be sold low.
Apply M No. en WOOD STREET
WANTED—A man to take charge of
m Oil Refinery. Must ben practical Frtaineer
Ifacbt¢int ; 1:10,16 else need apply. Apply at
KISS'S OIL YARD, pear Sberpeburg Drldge.
L" T--On ur Fifth xtreetT, be
twee. Smithfield andl Chatham etraete, • pelt of
GOLD SPECTACLES. The ender will be liberally
rewarded by leaving them at U. FUESSE'S Grocery,
68 Wylie street. do 4 Ztt
HALE—Three newly built three
1. story Brick HOUI9II, with litore Room. on Mot
Room situate on the corner of Wylie and Congrasc
streets. FinLshed In modem style land the beat man
ner. For Ruttier information Inquire at
de7,2weod No. 61 WOOD STREET.
CEAP FUEL—The Pittsburgh Gas
Company will sell COKE, suitable for manures.
turfing or domestic purposes, at 4 rents per bushel,
In the works, or 4) .6 cents per bushel delivered within
arty as distance In the city.
deklw JAIIE tI M. CrtllliiTT, Treasurer.
LOST.—On Wednesday evening, some
where In the vicinity of the Postollioe, • MM.
POCKET BOOK, with the name of the owner on the
°melds, and °ordaining about KM In money. A liberal
reward will be paid for 11l return to this office.
WANTED.—A young man having a
good bit/tines. mutation, and can command •
cash mita! of WOO, capable of taking charge of •
mot of Nolte, rinancem and out-door businees, cut
learn of a rare opportunity to enter ae partner do I
lucrative Iron Throb:ten Inlly ntabliehed. Apply to
de4 B. BcLAIN A 00., 103 Fourth •tmet•
A run mock
Also, s stock of Gentlemen's Shawls.
ate in the Borough of West Newton, Westmore
land county, l'a. Lot on Main street is 19: feet; on
Railroad street 198 feet. Brink Botol 68 feet by 66
feet ; Litchto by 1; Rent. Stable aI ho 42 (vet
If not tail& It will ho rented.
West Newton, Nov. 30. lettl. rie7.lawdet
POR SALE, Yvan - 1.... yr —thio
J-' VALVE ENGINE, '.td inch eylinilor. A feet
stroke, in admirable condition, with or e Ghee
Main Shaft, Fly Wbesi, Ylnagre, Tome rump, dc.
This Engine I. well adapted for many purlow•s.
bat especially for a D4ll i g Call end see ii
Aneher Cotton BLit,
des:o Aa.gheny Cwy .
Truren on the Manufacture of Iron.
Supplement to ['red Dlctlonerf
Dana,' Mannel Ga.ll,gy.
Lyell on' the A ntßnity of Men.
Breco't Gomm of the Old World
Mille Prin Iplot of Political E , 011 ,, 1TY
A otted's (trent Stone Loot of Sartre.
•Ipolehre Btndl.o In Natoral
lllnon -
Fot mile by K. /t CO., 55 Wont ennel.
Boots, Shoes, Gums,
Ilalmorids, Congress Gnit or*,
An.l a eten In our lino, et rttall, ther..hy
using • r.(::ur por rent.
••'1 R•re pun-tuning •Iry born
Pe,:nd door from Fifth.
kJ plea -I on North Canal .t reed Alle
gheny :us . f:s t :loot, running back to Duller
etroer I. r,.. two -nosey Isnot dwellinT, porch to flout.
aide had. :ere I rtch, 16 by 66 feet,,
kit h -n, tor* banernant roms, Inege roller, ioo r
ramie rod bath-room on Isemmni door, two :WI ,
room., gas tiltUre. is .11 the room,: all well palatal
and papered and In good order. Brick ratriage
bout° and .table for lire horses. Crape of bur, two
varieties of grapes, (resit anti :shade trove, thrulthary.
etc. Immodismo poesowsion.
do 7 COTIIBERT A SONS, 61 Hellcat et
tues of an order •f the I sephanor Court of
ghouy County, the nodemiguol will rut.... to Pub-
ID Salo. at the prom ises, nu 111 CILSDA C. tic slat
day of December Met., at 10 o'clock a. :u , that two.
thereto. belonging in the lisrongboof ttharlobnekr
bounded by the Canal, lot of Lents Dirtier. North
Cund steno!, Ae.•
Tanne OV SoLZ--Ontl•holf purchaeo Motley lo band,
tho tetaaiader .t one and two year., with In tercet, to
be .o.urtd by bond and toortaatz• on the penrolwa.
J. U. Cy3le 11.0 i ,
Adrelnierator of J 01,13 E thertek, d.ced4.l.
POR SA LE—A Tavern Stand in the
IL' Borough of Wont Newton, corner of Main and
Third airecte, at present ,recopied by John end 1.1,1111!
Boland, end known no tho ribtely property. Lot nt
by US [net. Largo bonding, Id room. and bar •rooln:
'tabling for 45 bona, boo yard, well payed: IP•al
garden, with fruit and shrtObery. Offend at e groat
sacrifice and on two tern..
Also, a two-story Brick Dwelling and lot en by 137,
(with another lot adjoining of mono sine If desired, I
situate cornier of kighth and Main street, and at prta.
rut occupied by John Boyd. (lord anblo. with cor
dage bongo; boa garden, (nth and obrubbery Ott r.
ed low and on easy Wino.
Also. 47 'bares Weal Seaton Bridge fit•Kk.
Apply to B. Mc LA IN A Co.. !CO Pond!! 41
. .
144 Fourth Street, 2.4 Ware
Claims tor PENSION, BOUNTY, BACH tool Ir:t:
HORSES lost or Ir. Bled In the &orrice promptly •1
tided to.
•• • •
EXEMPTION CLAIMS attend...l 0. without II
Shoopskln do
Welnn• rplcodld Gauntlet wittabl4 r., drlc
tnt 4 boand diffrent
n ;Tv, onn A (Yi
In n.• bright burebb for sob, by
, i ITT or AutottitsT, 1
•o•tirer'• nmc , . Dee. I. Ism. f
RONDS 7111.---I'artioe bolding Cam•prt
mire Rends - .t7 All• st hony, Po., are hereby
notified lbw e.iiititig run.' for SiIRN will 110 W-
I - rated In 11.,100 11•1120 at tbo brat rat. offered.
?reposes not:: SATURDAY, the 24 Joy r.f
~ ..ntiary, 1144.
By order c.f the itt•e an Tineoce.
de411•1 D. MACYERRON, Clay Treatinr•r.
rorwarded to order from
Irovxth sirmt cars mn eat to the Umeuttouse
mum liftean minutes. unl7
BUTTER. -10 tubs and lu paile
A./Dairy Ant nwaind and Vaud. by
4 0 7 J . D. ettliFlEl.o.
A 1'1%11:N.-1W bbls. Greertings, RUE.
iotar. &0., nicrlnd Bed for into by
WeTkit PROPWYrfilliq, of ATI
kW* always on bawl awl trw sib, 1%1191E04
or Min, IN Nom alway s Nut SS eg.-ULLU ottoot.
dal 1. * U. rzuburs.
. t
8105^2700 6• 1 Qr 7 wolpist Santnaa
rot sale by X,. VOLGi R CO.
SILKS, at 02 1-2 cent,. new
g' qualtlic.s
CLOAIC.S. of prim,. ChNtr, chcap
TIANVLS, 3T :y the:dr:l
DRESS GOODS, a tr. ah .ga-k. not
yard up, at
60 Market Street.
Germs or tut BOAR.D or knoll smser,)
224 i District of Peommitionio„.
Allegheny City, Dec. sth, 1003
A- mance of the requiromente of Circular No. 101,
"War Department, Prevost Marshal General's °Moe,
Washington, D. CNarember 17, 1803," we have
printed capita of the enrollment of each sub-district
within this District, and have carried We mime to be
put up In the moat public planes Meech Wart, Town
ship and Borough tor the purpose of correcting any
error. that may exist In the enrollment us made in
June last.
Any person enrolled may appear bof ire the Board
at any time between the 10th and 20th days of De
cember, 1863, and claim to'havn his name stricken off
the lust, if ho can show to the satisfaction of the
Board that he Is not and will not be at the tune fixed
for the next Draft, liable so military duty oh account
Pomona who may be cognizant of any other persons
liable to military duty, whose names do not appear
on thews Printed enrollment lints are requested to
notify the Board of Enrollment, who will thereupon
direct the enrolling °Meer of the sub-district in which
the parties reside, to ascertain the fact, and curet:
the petwen so reported. if they are found to to subject
to enrollment, 0, jut may c.noninnlento tlo !nod.
Cunt lon airraly to the Eurolitn,r toincer, who esteem
dirent,d to mate the inquiry aboro 6p c1f10.111,1 , /
roil 01, poriaL , 1.0
P•und )..ct ,nr .11n,• ~t. 1:1
1.-ra , n 4 rnr died am) ,rail then:A.l,s of t 1,1,1.
apptartng os ..1.,111,1 If Cloy Lad
1,.•u nrir tautly enrolled.
A ppitrate dui for tin, 1.5 parent.,
with the act ..f )16...0 a, lon •. nkt” t •d , 414 , rr
tlka 20t .•1" So 4,14 to ..1,11
the DMA,
No other rla;ltsa f-r Lon v. u.dderrd
by the Board,,-crept thee , ab. , ro trivnti..n•.l toOdl af
ter the Draft. The roots, I r rrerr..l anh-dla.
Irictg , a ill 1v pnblisbo.l ue exn ma then •r • rtrtdred.
and.ny antr-dintrikA that may farnlAli it, .plots be
volunteering edit 1.,...r0ra from lb' Draft. if they
furnish pert of their quota by ...Inni.rrtnr the, .0111
be exernpu to that extent.
0111ce hours from D to 12, and teem 1 1.,
J. W. KIRK 1.13, Prot rot Ilare4sl
j,,F,1 11 cl
glen Wolfe of anT latehtain t withdraw
rulair Loan rrom 6ala at fins, .1.1" ono. , trn day , .
nab - i• i•giren. do tin 1,1 SI . II
lifiVlPTlirf AGENT. will ioatintai t
The is hole tunaunt ,•f the Lorin entle•ta • sl 1. Fl e
llondresl Mlllione of Dollar, Nearly Fol R HUN
CRY, inertly eltliin the last iaren noir.:hor The
large demand from aboad, end the repot: y to
Mg home denten,' bit rise es die hats for irculation
by National Drinking .1/wet-steno now organizing In
all fame of the neu,try, will,lna rery el,rt
abiairli the 'mienn.. Sul, lito, reagrol from
ten to fifteen mllltatai floquently exceeding
three allillotni daily, mill as it is roll kriarii that the
Secretary of the Treesury h,it smote and unfailing
resiourees la the Dulles on ltuf. - irts ant Intel nal tint.
true•, and In the isene of the Tifirttrit.heat ,1,1 Legal
Tender Troosary Not.. It it almoet a oil linty that
ha will oat got It notastarr, for k hog to to
to tea o 111.11,0 for any other l •ug or oarrimnetit
Prurience and trelf•lnterest meet force tntmle •tf
thaw rrinteruplsting me formation • f Ntotenal
Banking Amsoniattons, MSwen no the minis of
who hate Idle money on the, hoods, to the
comet...ion that they shentd I ^0 eo tn+ u. outee,b ,
lag to thle moat pe•pular Lo-an It will noon be be
yond their remelt, and air ante to 3 handsome premi
um, as wee the retult 'Rh t • .. 4 er. n 'Thirty" bear,
when It was all eohlt end r.ett ao lorir-r be sub•
enriborl for at per.
yielding near NINE PER CENT. PER ANNUM. at
the merest rale of premium •rt coin.
Ihe Government require. all Swine on imports to
be paid In coin; those Minas have for • long time
peat amounted to over • gnat ter of a milli in of dol.
lam daily, a min nearly tilt. limes Greater than that
narrated in the payment of the intanet all the
5-20's act other permatant I .arir, c, hat it to
hoped that the surplus cote lu the Tn.r.sinry, at no
distant day, will enahle the mnited States manures
specie payments upon all
The Ginn canna from thn fact that whilst
the Bonds natty run fn. 20 your., yet the Gurf.rialtelll
ha, a right to pay thaw if In uld at ..tar, at any
time after S year..
en th. fret day of ,Jeul.or cld M.
Subscriber, ma bare Coupon Bond,. u Lich nrs
payable to bearer, end are 550, 5 OA, 1 , 1 51000
or Registered Bonds of NLL, ilen,nuinotious, end, In
addition, 55,000 mid 510,003. For Banking purposes
end for investments of Tiusi•nionbos the Beg - l A-sled
Bonds aro proferabls.
Thee, .1.20's cannot be tuned by Slates, <Ms.,
tosrus or countho, and the Government tan on them
la only oneend-rohalf per amt. on the amount of
Wean., whew the Income of the holder okteedo Fa
Hundred Dollar, for annum ; all other lurcstmente,
Guth as Income from Mortgagee, Railroad Stock and
Bond., ete., moot ray four th•os to lien per rent. tat
no the Income.
Book„ and Hookas" throughout the rotiotry will
mottooe to diatoose of the Booth ; toad all ,re.iity by
mall, or ottuirwtsti, promptly at tondriil ta.
The Inconvenience of a foss days' delay In the de-
Ileary of the Iluuds le unavoidable, the demand being
ao great ; but as interest commences from the day of
subectiption, no loss to Or..l•Mcii. sod emery eln/rt Is
being mads to diminish the delay.
JAY GOOSE, Subscrlptlon Agent,
la South Third street, Philadelphia
Cloeser Third and Wood streets, Pittsburgh.
do 1:1 sr
A large and xplend ld 6.110r1.01C011 of GOOdf fur
Morocco Satchels, Port•Monnaiee,
Belts, Belt-Bnekles, Jet Breaktpins
and Bots, Ear Sings, Shawl and
Scarf Pius, Shell Boxes, In.
laid Shell Combs, Head-
dresses, Hair Nets, Hoods,
Nubias, S outage and Condo' tr.
Maltese, Lace and Enanraiderad
taro, Ilem.Stitabcd and IliCtubrol,
dosed IllandkeTeltiots, Maly.;
tillov co, riot!one, Smolt War'' ,
Al Wholesa,lo and Rot ad.
Gira os • call Ware purchasing ilsarhsr,
real sollsicul that out prima all! to MO , c,ll lov
la DlAuKra 111%41",
QM0KED11A.51,9,4 freshsupyly jnAt
Kippciand; lib., a tot or fleoreo Piu,t fut
ititl , at Ektoty groovy liter. of -
• JOHN it. REN3O4IV,
det 0
, Filler Taut! oadillitismotc
„~ .. ..
Noaro, ,nry
the IstgeAt eve,
•_? ) •
Goothting. in port, or
Purses and Wallets
D 40411411 t'oarill 40d M 14110114 .1•01,
e}t \I. es t
litAlvrt. cam PublicatLins ;.; I la, if On,' bare now
e a `fhoufabald arqd' fn nil iirttous ef our
AWARDED \flit conntry. They are ever, whero, in everybaly's Itartai,
•nd reach all cla,ee nerd Li goad. •
HIGHEST PREMIUMS Th- a44ra aJaiktta Artieritat Wart Id and Amer-
Iran Unites ; they it 0: Ile kits& as pellet t and
complete as ern; the critical mold ;halm "Itswy
LXIIIBITION, LONDON, 1868, In the bletory fche.p W ke , •42d hire lean . rrpu
fl Intlon for excellency never Iverme eoertylell oor.•
! the it To ice. The Lenie,
Industrial Exposition, Paris, 1881,
In ~mtpet Ifith all the leading Sewing Machines is .rprnprime and eminently last. This la ¢taw con ,
to F.urope slid A tweeted, and the United
ceded both by the Icck turtle and tho
States. Agricultural association ; Metropolitan Mo
ab. ICS . Imitate, Washington • Franklin Institute, In offering, thaialore, a tut of th.r DIME Ft 1 3
Pialtelelphi• . ; Mecham& ALoalation, Boston; l LICATIONS, the Publishers seek to Inform Lbw. lowitete, Nov Maryland Inatitnte,
not yet familim• with the usefulness and- the exrel
pelt theme ; Mechanic& A.. elation, eitainnati ;
Kentucky itiotitnte, Louisville; Mechanics' Trutt- leate of their Locks, of the eatensiveringo embraced
tte, eau Fritneleco , end at every State end in their works, of their adaptability for all eilmsione
Fousity Vale where Exhibited this
snot oil Clae.• alai require Test Book., Bend Books,
Sen•on. _
ir.ld+ and !Kam IN adlng. The list dim far em•
bran, ameog others, it.. Kliwt log valuable sad la •
terrilial; features, sit •
Mg =73
A ta...; • I , lch •yrulu locator than worths of th. soscass
el: ' ; l tiliZ4l Y l' "l ..4l%:•7 ' 4G br ;lV 7 lll l lrtfl i e l otw lri peo l6 ;
tht arnid,
RAT" CAS KTns xv.reinto rx
Clevolers, conte.l no% en enhenation of the
frotchloo, . ht te.strooulel• f,osu ladle. of the He,
oil *oriel sturdlug.istv. spy U.1.b.4 olth.r In
i.,r. or by u..fl
Ag.nt. for the WelteTT Sint. •old Wes , tra P•
Prieopsi oak.* end %rholottle limpurkum,
Pio. 27 Fifth Street PITTSDUIIO/l, PA
Pike'. Opera 1ima5e......-..OINCINNATI, 0
Masonic, Temple LOUISVILLE, KT
r, PT.log HI Gmll., ALBA. Is,
Scarf., Ilt
Fathers, Kid Ulo.r, Children'. Clothing, and .11
kinds of Wearing Apparel.
03 A SAVINU o r BO PER CENT. "6a
. .
For cants you can color at many goods as would
othoralm oat Um times that sum. Various Amides
awn he prodocol from the same dys. The process Is
Ample, nod any on. can use the dye with faarfoct
DirNth)ll In English, French and German,
inside b.leach package.
lot bath, Information In Dyeing, and glring a
pbrfa-ct knowledge what Colon are best adapted ',dye
over otheri, with many salnahle recipe's.) purchase
Bon, 1 Stevens' Treatise on Dyeing and Coloring
Brat by mall on rw-elpt of prtco—.lo cents.
'frlanafactorol by lilrit"EA STEVENS,
200 Broadway, Boston.
For sale by druggists end dealers generally.
A N A 1, Y
~tyri ,t.
dime* 4 t .
ALL 110111-. ..... . St. LOUIS, MO.
Paz Oa. fans 1.30.
brag .
. C) XI A
Werra ......,0.10
%loving aeropteri the Agen -7 Mr the tale of thee
SEMPLE% CLAY, mined near St. Louie, Mo., I lo
th.: the Attention of Glass and Steel kimaufecturere ,
to ties Analyris giv. above. es reported by Prof.. A-el
A. flays, of Boston. and]. C. Booth. of Philadelphia,
which. together with the test of emus] experience by
mennfacturers in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati nod St.
Londe. determines It to be the purest and most valu
able Clay !tow known, whether Foreign or American.
Pots mmie from It-tuve stood in the Glass Turn..
from SS to Ii months.
The Analysis le of the Clay aa taken from the mina
without any 'nothing or preparation whatever. I,
rsessedeoe groat adhesiveness and plasticity %mantled,
which ere not .Sown by the Analyst., and which ad
mit of the mixture of . large proportion of *honor
burned clay.
I am now prepared to fill orders for the above Clay
to be shipper% from St Louts or delivored hero.
A LEI. 00E1)021
1)1101 oil ItA Pu AtErIDIS I
ro hAting, .73 Pion.* $1 cn and npwvda
11 q . t.., lobllng SO Picture*, it 50 and . upw ands.
Dl uroc..., bolding :A Piettmea, $1 50 .4d ap►vds
316roce0, huldln4s 60 Metal -et, IS 50 Sad ;MM.&
Morocco, loolMog 60 Pletarro, 63 50 and ninii:arda-,
Manx., hold:ng 50 Picture., /3 50 and apirsrds
All .tyk., from to) Gents (irlth gilt odge sod claari,)
"Ph< BERT plaoll w bay Photograph &Mama to at
No. 59 Fifth Street, Blasortle Hall
All A:lntrn , ara warrabseal of the bre. mate and
Photograph Cards from 30 cents per doe. npsrarda.
A new end benOttfol peepuntlen
Chapped Itouds, Lips sad Rough il kin,
Caustd b 7 cold or windy weather
Preparad saki far lads at
Corner Ohio and Federal Streets,.
12°19 Is Market Fiona, Allegheny.
C031.311.8510 . ...5: GOODS.—Now in store
and for sale
2000 bbl.. York State. Illehlzan and 0010 Apple.;
7001 hush. Potatoes;
4000 lbs. Buckwheat Floor.
00 bbb. Lake Shore Turnips.
00 do BlckoryiNnts.
200 busk. Walnuts;
15 bbh. Sweet Cider,
60 do Whilo Corn 3144 a:
5o do Hominy Grit..
00 do Flint Hominy;
I do choice 801 l Butter.
10 cher...buses do dx,
11 pally Pisan be; ter,
4 001.. Maple thik•
1200 hush. %Pita buses,
10 041. Tallow.
10010,. 041 bide klacau,
d 0.5 1. H.
rrio KimiurActtatutts OF - 11OSE.—
Fr.posa ' lsanalialtp4 . chi \rill rychic..l'uhtil
Flll OXY tun Intl. by w. CAlturnitto. COA ririce 6,lagioti, ct the City of alinghchy, Sue th 4 pahuth.
him 4104411va, lo said city, of oho thcciu , h4 tat
vt the hoot gmalits of Ltathet Hue.; inaltol. for Ike
. 3 . of 61 . 31 . Firs Eiht!PO , tiaperat.
i"liciiert tore And 10 Inch lint, cutailoo3.
rp,pot , hll ic , 1,00c,41641 end kit 1.0 a. A. eallll.l.
d 013..
m MO'
EXCIioN can roa* VIPtII
mid* Nit upon
WM T. DUNN, :So. 101 . 40 meet
TO^)(1 0 .roi kalaw CatpaiTsl
li 11 --Thsis snood b., lID d‘ , loty, Is th• ilms N .
illing ClMira is wary short 'ring "two tritnaosts,
Avyti ofiomillet, with ymi. doslA
~..„: lup)t Hon Waal frr =
LA tilrft, flat/14311:14 AtZ41(11111,1111F•ti.
*lf Lln , le or Utt4oris*ltv, rnitald. rum wlutor .
vlrtnarth/ • Emsdrp.
Incomparable in excAlenr.--
I"espproxhable In p:inr,-
I. SV'11;10L SEIIIES--Cousprining Dialogues, Spank
ere, Md.bats. Sc.
11. FAMILY HAND BOi./E.9.--Coak 13.. , .1t, Boa of
Recipes. Dressmaker, Phy.leis, etc.
111 HAND Di...4i, , /GE POPCI.ift 17:IE.—Letter
writer R. ok ••ftitquette, Book of I erase, Ac.
Iv. 11.4 N li Dicols: OF ;IA Mll9, A". --Cheee I notruet•
r; Cricketers Companion; Guld;• to Swim.
ruing; lirid llook for Compeuy and Squad, de.
V. POPU LA It II I trt. EA l• II I En.—M tu field Scott,
Garibaldi, Paul Jones, actoony Wayne,
Eit Carson. Der bl Boone, Datil Crocket,
Pontiac, Frensant, Tecumseh, Droaulevr, A..
VI. MEN i/E" THE .TlLES.—Biographical dkutclass
and Portraits of Gees. Halleck. Hooker, ftweo
crane, Duller, Grata, Durand-, Backs, Sigel,
Com.ran, Pope end many °then,
VII. lIAN I/ hunk YOU CITIZENS.—National Tex
Lew. In It now 3,1 with Summaries, Ac.: Tax
Law 1/ecie.ore. litho cry Heed Ilk Ac.
VII. AM E Elle AN ll ATI I. En.— Datil,. ot Inttsburgb
Landiux and •Ii• 2•0 .•f I' dintli.
IX. TAI-F.S.TRAlillicilet. AND Ii;;MANCEN OF
I —ln nuntbers, Al t rawn octavo lieges each,
• lisauttfully 111 wt riled from design. by John R.
i Chapin. Erich nntubsr complete tr. I twit. Par.
ticolarly adapted for Home, and Firesides.,
X. DIME SONG 1300Fte.—CholocSenetimentni 3,lti
Comic Snug., In Sznig Book, tout .
; bared from Ito IX Also. saws of the cldert
Time; Ti., knapsack 'Songster; Union ,01111
130,103, Nos. I to 4; ALilitary .9ong 13wk, ;Sc.
XI. D 00145 OP FUN, .tc.—Ditue Books of Pau, ll
lustratiel, Nos. I and 2.
i XII. BEADLEo 1)131}; NOVELS—The • hoi,st
I works try the most popular anchors. No ...rice
of tee•ke eNer put noon the American market
• has won Ott celebrity and favor which now at
taches to 13EADLIIS rOMPANY'S Nit V 111.9.
They pos..-es, among other commendable fee
-1 terse, the following characteristi.:
They are written axprercly for the aerie,.
• They are written to the very beet authors.
. They are "sleet In .object and character.
i They are adapted to Alma-can bates.
They are printed in eery attractive form.
They are equally accepiehle to; both sexes.
' They are pure, good, and sullsfactory.
; They aro principally bistorliAl remand's.
i No money,no rare. no tvite. are sport-1 in their
I popsration and pc Gamlen , and the public may al
ways rest assured that, in tqlyillr one of TIE-IDLES
DIME Ni IV EL', it obtains s Lot will prove a enure.,
of retLIA(.."I 1 leccore, aad 00 , 11,5 whet is orditakrily
foun•l tu Trlt,^3 coetly nod ferret l ime vrot ka.
Light Gr n
Number etxty Tv.. thl DIME NYVELF
This delightful roue..ce intrceluces us to the events
of Mere'. rampal,ro against Phit►delphla In t 777. It
lea earl graphic picture of the thane and of mon.
Improwatra m e story and of permanent Interest. It
in by COO of our 03 Jet farOOILO author• to the 6o!41 of
Rot oltt i...ntry 1 IA wrical romance
1. Elabseska, the Indian Wife of the NVltite Tien•
ter By Sirs. Am S. Stephens.
7. The Privateer's Cruise: and the Bride of Pent
frPt Hell. By. Hurry Cavendish.
5 M c elebrated
the Child of •doption. f the
celebrated Mrs. Cteceral Gaines C A By M rs . Ann
S. Stephen,
A. Alice A dde a Romance of the 11.6.1..igan Pins
PVc;ods. By Mrs. M. T. Victor
L. The Golden Belt; or, the Carib's Pledge. A
West lulls Romance. By Colin Barker.
e. Chip, the Cave Child. Dv Mrs. M. A. Denison
7. Reefer of '76; or, the Crntse of the Firefly. By
8. Beth jonre or. the Captives of the Frontier. By
Edward:. Ellis.
2 Th. :Aare olpwr ; Tale of Montague... Time.
By Wm Jerod Bell.
10. The Backwoods' Bride; a llornanorrof Simxt , er
Life. - By Mrs. If. V. Victor.
11. The Pri,ottr of La TB:arena ; or, Fortune. of •
Cuban Harem. By Mr.. Denison.
12. Bill Biddort, Trapper; or, Life in the Northwest.
By Edward 8. Ellis.
11. Cedar Swamp ; or, WUd Nat. Brigade. A Tale
of the Palmetto Stale. By Wm. B. Epic,
14. The Emerald Necklace; or, 3lra. Butterby'. Baird.
er. A love story of the old time and the new.
13. The Frontier Angel. a Romance of Kentucky
Banger. Life. By Edward B. Ellis.
16. Lode I:sekiel, and his Exploit. on Two Conti.
neat.. By Mo. M. V. Victor.
17. Madge Wylde, the Young Mao'. Ward.
18. Nat Todd; or, the Fate of the Sioux's Captire.
By Eduard S. Ellis.
19. Itaraasoltbs Daughter; or, the Trench Captive.
By A. J. 11. Dugan..
IN). Florida; or, the lron Will. By lira. Denison.
•Tl. flybinbase ; or, the Talley Handle; a Stop of
California Lite. By lire. Ann S. Stephens.
52. The Maid of Keep.; or, the Trial. and Triumphs
of the Revolution. By N. C. Iron.
WU:attired Winthrop ; or, the Lady of Atherton
IlalL By Clara Augusta.
2t. The Trail Hunters. By Edgard S. Ellis.
15. The Peon Prince ; or, • Yankee Knight Errant In
illexioo. By A. J. U. Dugan..
ft. Isabel de Cordova; or, the Brethren of the Coast.
By John S. Warner.
27. The Daughter of Laborty. A Milo of '75. By N
C. Iron.
lA. King Burnaby ; or, tho Maddens of tho Forest. A
Story of the Iflnkmacks. Ey N. W. Busked.
Tho Forma Spy. A Tale of the War of 1812. By
Edward 8. Mils._
SO. Putnam Pomfret's Ward ; or, • yarm.tor's Ad
ventures in Mexico. B 7 A. J. Burton,
SI. Tho Double Horn.. A Salo of Sc. and Land la
1313. By N. C. Iron.
M. Irons ; or, 148 on the Nonthyrest Border. By Ed
ward S. Ellie.
,33. DLpm Guinea. A Romance of LalliVillllA.
pp.; 20c. By 2dra. 31. V. Victor.
31. Bath Margolin , . A Borrunco of tho Benoit 0(1683.
By Mrs. AL A. Dent.oa. •
33. East and West ; or, the Beauty of Wftard'.3llll.
• By Mrs. F. F. Barritt.
35. The Itlftemeti of the Ahead.. By Eaer. S. Ellie.
37. Godbold, the Spy ;or,' the f•lthfutikadihtfalitiful
ofl7Bo. By N:C. Imo.' • • •
59. The Wrong Moo; a Tale of the Early Settlements.
Dv H.♦ J. Thomas.
39. The . Land bla:te ; e Tab, of the Upper Alisemni.
By Mrs. Franc,. Fuller Babbitt.
M. Tho Cniontst's Daughter ; a Talent Eastern Teu
neasoo. V.. 4 pp. ft/cents, By lira. Victor_
H. The Hunter's Cable. By Edward S. '
la. The King's Ilan; a Tale of South Casulina to Bet
olbtionary Tinare-• By A: J:11. D means.
43. The Allem ; *Tale of the Kanawha alley. By
Henry J. Thomas.'
44. Agnes Falkland f a Story of Continental Times.
By N. C. Iron. ,
43. Ember; • Story of tbo Oregon Trail. By Mks.
Ann S. Stephens..
13. Wreck of the Albion ; • liumance of the Sea. By
John S. Warner.
47. Tim Durable'. Charga Be Kre. M. S. Nairn,.
48. Oeuouar. the RIM.. 11/Sdranl B. Sate.
40. The Gold Ureters ; e Story of PikeN wer.. BY
Mee. M. V. 1 .
60. The Black Ship- By John B. taher•
Al. The Tre Gaeta. By N. O. troa.
37'. Bine, IZys, i a Story at Kips Philtres War. Sy
Warm Bt. John.
61 Dates %ad LIT.. By the author et " ..Uarkio
Al. Myrtle, the Prairie Child; en Put-West Ler,.
Sim. by the author '..Drherela 6lo:116;:r."
lA. OA eral lta t or, the Danger'. Pin% Cr nth% 'Ps
Jolla e. th %truer_
66 !Auto'. Plot -et, the l4,3lerrwr'e Ind lee Ch.ld
• Slaty of Preittehtee Tiiha By I.tra. Attu S.
51. The Scant: Us - the mutivir or 'cilhgla Eye."
61 The ltad.Elnutor. Ilya. 5.1. A. 190utOn,
59. Ireet, the Banger. hl EArrard S. =II.
Op Jp. V.ii*i.s , cl.l.lpt ; or, "POurtrA.T" halleathcks
Throe Sonerittione I o 3y DAL Yictar.
61 4sokhrtg Uses re Tarr ot the Set-oboe Tort, P=
henry J. TOcahl.S.
q. Tile rntriu v z,; le - Tate of T. P,y. Irc4.
TAd 11.UAPI.K. C(...grAtiT. all tat
Impript citthecoirt Dttail,” Ihnir rstuiei aud
Tho In r b ll 6iil Inca:4l4 sot to otrotmi sux
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WRITS, (I Us is
A Tele of 1777.
34.caut. titreotf
Feria, cure of all fllaea..ea ortotaz from an taclia/
etatie or the bloiel, Each ni
Cancerous Forme- •
darn, Cutanouts Die.
rases, Erysipelas, iloila,Pint
pies on the Face, Sore Eye*, Scald
"fetter Affection', Old and
Stubborn Ulcers, Rheumatic Dlaardals,
Dyspepsia, Cast issues., Jauculice, Salt lametn,
Me reurnal Diseases, General Dability,LieerCom•
plaint, Ldas of Appetite, boar Spirits, Foal Stomach
Female Complaints, together with all other die•
orders from an instimpor condition of the
irculatory .3 -stem. MI ago:karat Took,
Its of .icts are nand benignant, sad
cannot fail to Jesuit, what*
used persoceriugly end so
conllng to directions.
11le proprietor ors wttticavas enough on bad to
ails cowl dud roloarlo, all of them duo taw will of
&rine of it...a who bars /woo oared by lb. Blood
. S.:antler, from 'which he selects the fullosaug
I .cLcop-siuscrinil cLonrotlea,r =mon
, A.NT.—bwa.m statomant of David bloCiaary. of No
pier Townsidp.l3<dbiird Coaatzr
In April, 1518, as near al I can remember. a Ball
pimple made Its appearance CM my twer Up, which
soon became entatged and sore. 1 need i ritioes of
serrel, and a wean of blue vitriol, effect.
Finding the inre extending, I called on Dr. Ely, of
shigleborg, who pronounced It CANCEII, and pro
ei-rlbail a wash of sugar of lead and breed poulttites.
Winding thew rereediee vino avail, 1 albs vas Dr.
Shaffer, of Davidsville Somerset county, who also
pronounced the disease ' Cancer, and gave me Llama
end external minedle.-the looter =milting prim/.
ly of caustic—but all to uu purpose, ma the dimwits
CO. ill [Mai lipreading toward the no.. I next wed •
preparation of arsenic, In the form of salvo. Ws
tor a time checked the disease, but the Inflammation
soon tncretwed. I next called upon Dr. !Matter, of
St. Clairmille, Bedford county, elm also pronounced
the disease Cancer, and applied a eel.), said to be •
never failing remedy, but It bad no effect whatever
in checking the spread of the sum. In Docembet; In
oho mine year, the disease had eaten my • greater
I pert of my lip, and bad attacked the nowt, when I
I wont to Cincinnati, whore I consulted Prof. B. L
! Newton, of the Eclectic Medical Ctillege. Us pt.
nuanced the disease . 4 0 cutaneous Cancer, aperiti
f duped by an Inordinate me of mercury." Be applied
I build sine ointment, and gave me internal remedia
-1 My lam heeled up, but the inflammation Was not
thoroughly removed. In Februnry, 1857, he pro
nounced me cared, and I left for home. In April,
I the disease again returned, and eo violent wee the
pain that I could not rent at night Leto In May I
ed until September, during which time he taitalsrery
known remedy, and partly mtee.lett In checking the
dimese, but when I returned home there were Min
Lehree dtecharging ulcers upon my fem. I . _unitinned
toeing Newton'. preparations, and also medleinathat
I got from Dr. Ely, but the Cancer continued prow
: log until it bed cat off the left side of my near, the
greater portion of my left check, and had attacked
my left eye. I had given up ell hope of MT being
curd, since Dr. Ely =id be could only glee us
but that a mire was impowilble. In March; IBA I
I bought A bottle of °Ettood-Setrletter,” but I Emit Mi.
j fate that I had no faith le It. I was very Went. when
commenced ming it ; but I found that! Tgidaed
arena-al day by day. andelso that the doers -caro
-1 maned drying op. I continued, mid when the third
bottle was taton my face wee healed me If by a retro-
I ch.- I need • fourth bottle, and 1 have been healthier
iOnce than I here been for the bat seven Yeas. Al
though goy fan is sadly distigured, I am still gate
ful to a benign Providence who has vsy We,
I and which has been dons through the W-
I ity of oLludsey'e Improved Blood
Sworn and subscribed this 31et. day of August, A.
I D. lag, before roe, one of the Justices orthe Pesos,
in and for the Borough of Holltdayshorpllhar OA.
I Pmo, JOILN 0011 LET J. P.
U. J. J....
. -
Personally bolting me, ace of the Jetties
of the Peace in and for Blair county. Charge Kapp,
who being duly sworn accomling to law, doth depose
and say : Two years ago I trim attired with pile be.
the shoulders, almost. caratalt ormigh, lan of
appetite, chills, :tight matt. end miry, subiate to
take colds. lat length became al weak that Steakd
hardly walk ; toy Physielan did me so good. Saar
time last tall 1 er...ammatmitaking LindeWe Stagier.
ed fillood.deamnorr, ondbY the me of two bottles wee
perfectly c o el. I feel safe to recommend it to ell
who goner Prom Deer demure, general debility, leas
of appetite and other diseases arising from impurity
of the blood. I would not like to do without it. I
omaalder it an =cellist family medidne.
Sworn and subscrited Oda leth day of March, A.
D. 1857, before me. J. GOBLET, J. P_
Nora—ldr. %op? is a realdent of Frenkstowe_
well known to t citizens of Mee and Darned
coon** u a men etexcollont character endlnarianee.
If More be am lobo still doubt that Lindsey's kn.
moved Womb/Seam:her bead arid bereemsmalyeate
the moot domande, and 1.111.4pm:11K CLIO of Lao!.
els, lot them rod the Montag and be convinced:
Dr. J. M. Lneetses eu &filleted fa a nandae al
S~esn eith a atm" all by mj phyla:ads WM
Scrofula, Yoratie lest three years 1 sea Noted Mist
I wee unable to be out of my bed. tried - tlt llha
remedies and the best pkteiriam I was abls tolsto
cure, Isabela any lb-a-snail result. t. ixttitnid
growtng eerie until the neat' ad skin Seem IlittUibr
eaten otr the 'fireside am: ram, met, shoulder , sad
arm. My auflatess were so great, and Isis so la
minced, theitit required the abets of ten peraperts
move me in bed. Ibis was m 7 cendlttott elan 2ese
induced by the Steam. Barton. of Eldertos, to try
your leoptbred Illood.Searcher, which.% ta treat
rellar, and the inettalactton of my Mends, leas I.
covered erre helping t h at I n
continued the aie 0111
and dainedlto rapidly that In conaderably
one year Lama able to go about and attend to stile
of my tommdield dating, and' the parts affected vas
all healed up. and covered with sound, healthy
end akin, and here eo continued mar sines; and I
now enjoy a state of health that I bad for lama lam
op all holes of ever again being
•BLZI sse dAIM with.
SY, • '
Near Ellerton, &mamas county, INN
Ameba I, MS.
lleing afficted with a - grievous totter Oa thelthal
and see—alter trying many remedies which attenip
failed to core—l ens parreaded by W. AL Bates
Co. to try Lindsey's Improved Elood.Seandher."
sad now, Ma weeks after mut; the woad Wt., gra.
neamee myself =nit nit tetras Woke oil maw
tb Mg over one year ago: L on'the Leads of my arm,
ea:tending from the elbows down MUM lariats; also
en my face, immediatelYertemd Mamma& sadeblo,
and reattnned to be aperfsct torment ter am mall
cored by the Illocd.leareber. I(y anus werwaktlmma
elamat neoleto, awing to the debp cracksaruiltata oa
them, fable to bleed at any tine =eta .lamm mar
tian to lift or stark, and eantettam so ilthr r Maki
warmly prima:t towing off my Imit. I ham Mal
been cored dm weeks, and tart It dna to lit. lanalleey...
sad to thapribne generally. m mato this oaten ant e
La hope thee °thews lAeorytelf cony be, bameated bf
=Mg hb tontlesble netallept.
tsars snd .4serttettsitlass on*-44,111,41.
&mon in wafer entsll - 7.1' . rtiavino, Ltd" Ws
othay. Ma.
4141), IttaaSTEWUtionalliW
rao.rarus. Janc5a7.244.1670;
I.4ralsest,lrosi air artery-riararaat
your median - a; Aiwa mead us two dorm. lilromookt,
just say that. your medieitio'kus rural a carmoUlard.
o'.a,that has beta oczatm,; on for years:, the litslivas,
velar. cMthe Isrly's arms -lot could ama.4.l4storta_
...Ail*. fibs La{ Om cleat. tort's. max. ea& Ur
Drab 4 gratin.; or. very Lot. TGUf
la, gaga ovrr the canary. The ,pcopl4 - stwrimpr .
much plasma. a.irh rho abort ease. PisarsfiarWast
StafisMeat at our wawa, and obllgaus.- _ • .
To= 3 0101 BAJZZOSCA.OO..
lab*: !Ratko.
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tho mui.y vita miitures calla 3 44:134.1
createi rtp (alp, aypati*_'
pjvila t‘cian and, %igu t? thk fiteztk
naisi and permaneatty. ,- •
b.n.4 J.
FiFtt(d on 4.1..3.11.‘-,
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