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FRIDAY 1103LATE103=7:-. 4, 1863.
Elr.dixeleslerWsEleniegg 'Netts
„;"Only One Hmtdred gilled I”
ii4T. A. Id. Stawszt,'Cloyliin of the 102 d
Pori ifinent,
writing from Brandy Station, Va., after the
late heals St „Rapyaltnnock Station,„states
that'stueikelltiagefi iitree
bold, and must have been somewha t surprised
andjmnfased, else they /Would have killed and
wortMdiye jizetuandeld-muLtspopsfy Se,then
eontliiMrOatoThlehinks tridn't
Only about one hundred, were killed, and
three huitredihrounded..-- tot: hoir strange
tbllienguage, "on(y oes imam! killed/ Cruel
weeded greatly transform both our language
and' our: sensibilities. "Only one, hundred
killed I" Only one hundred noble young men
in the Sayrer of manhood swept together into
Only • fitiedred.hentes *alma*
circles thus quickly thrown into inconsolable
sadness end &operable grief. Were ono hun
dred faring men belonging to your fire com
panies crashed to death in a moment, under
tirof; mem. burning , what a
nntimPOOngpeiwade the Whole eig4-1-
r j - the entire - Ciinimunity t Raab daily pa
pekthinughout the country, for a number of
rune thereafter, would be filled with sicken
lag detethol tht
When; however;'"onlyon hundred killed
in /he:battle of the Rappahannock," is read
bysedillena nestmorning, no other emotion is
sighed' - -' thereby save perhaps that of joy—a
kind hreakfast repast.
neitmornlng (Sabbath) I passed en
tirely over the menu of lest ovening•kbloody.
struggle. All quiet now. The wounded lad
bans feat 0(11„.,4114342-thoZnlght, and the six
taird'unnarea pllioners conveyed far to
reer...,,iTle,dead were being collected into
gemps„in order to tio Mimed up in trenches
ailisrdiuthg by their thing , comrades. All
bizied'just as th fellL—uneotered end
eltrinuled In their blo ody garmonts—perhaps
,thie -IRM 4-burial - for the brave soldier,. At
ens plea erithhithe eneases works wore eel-
Meted And laid aide by side for interment,
thirty from tho 6th biaino regiment. Ail no
ble looking young men ; still, calm...bloody,
dead., They Male -from that far ofrllorth
00430.ideep their liat long ibiep'on the quiet
blinks of this lonely river:, 'Nearly every op°
of them had received the death wound in the
feie;'tliO nick, or upper portion of the breast,
is they marched directly ep to the mutates - Of
the rebel rifles.
Soldiers' AK co!leart.
A conavt wee given In Bethany Church on
TaseditY eeaeing last, by the Federal Springs
Sehilire 'Belief Society. Tho Rev. C. G.
Braddock presided, and Mr. M. B. Brown
iris chosen Secretary. The exercises were
Introduced by singing, alter which the Rev.
Mr, Marks, of the U. P. Church, led the as—
seinblirn prayer. The audience was not very
large,.,hutthe day. passed pleasantly and pm
The exercises ware interspersed with
lestrunsental and vocal music, Miss Ken
nedy presiding at the piano. The selec
tions were good, and the pieces were well ex
ecuted. Gel. Clark, Rev. Mr. Marks, and the
Rev./dr. Greer delivered excellent addresses.
Just bdoiethe•elose of the- exercises, Rev.
R. McPherson made an appeal to the au
dience, In behalf of the Seeley, for aid to en
able' them to accomplish their aimin adminis
.lcring to the wants of our soldiers, 'and this
appeal was generously responded to, the seere
: reporting that over $lOO had been
'raised. This, together with the pro
ceeds of the sale of tickets, will enable the
Society to go forward their praiseworthy
An Imposter.
Wu caution the public Against a young man
nemedtilis IL 'Williams, who-formerly werk
ed about the printing offussa in this city, but
who hu for some time past been traveling
from place-to place. When last hare he was
engaged in book peddling, and wo understand
that he has obtained money from several per
son. here, by false representations. On are -
rsintilsitLici New York, he pretended that be
had authority to purchase a press for the pro
prietors of this paper, and examined several
presses,.by Which meantheobtainsid the con
fidence of those in the business. Ile then
Inuit tonne of the firms, and alleged that he
Ihrathektrobbed of all his Marley, not having
enough left to pay his passage home. One of
the gentlemen advanced hita_.sl3 SO, which
was to be remitted on his arrival here, but of
course the money woe not refunded. A letter
of iatinhigrem the party named, has put us
in possession of these facts, and we deem it
one duty to make them public, that others
may be put upon their guard.
Arrest of an ittrieonttbig Partner
Habeas Corpus.
On Wednesday, a young man named James I
Atwell was arrested at the St. Charles Hotel,
biAter;otileer from Chicago, ob •a charge o
having absconded with corns s36,ooo,belong
log to' tte: drat of 'Messrs. :Noland k Carey,
of St. Louis. He loft $l. Louis for Chicago,
gad same from thence to thiseity„ in company
with his wife. lie was taken to the Mayor's
tam and looked up until his *cullers could,
beidardlrtitur - • This morning he said oat a
writ of habeas corpus, alleging that he had
been illegally restrained of his liberty, but the
Court mimed to release him, and he was com
mitted to jail until the witnesses agai e nst ht ho im
can be beard. Atwe ll allege' that. h
principal partner of the Arta, and had full
command of all the cash, having given ample
security to the other -partners.
Ciro: . Bitastas, of C., 7811 Penn
sylvania Itagimsnt,crts has - been on duty
netaiting ofticef, bas been relieved and order
ed ea isport to Ms regiment. Capt. 8., is a
'gentleman in every muse of the word, and
sitlamigh big' friends here will vegrethis led--
14, he will be most cordially welcomed by Ms
comrades inansa.
troupe of pantoudnistsolancers, Tapp: perfor
formers and gymnasts, wilt giro a aeries or
exhibitions in this city, at Consort Erall E coni•
manning this cleaning. Alf refer the TVICIF,F
to the amusementrolimmi for particulars.-
Cog. Wit.''Cisibitrii,t alba - fiertumb otilb
Bailment, who fell IR the recent engagement
unld, Ga4nrider; Gen. - Hacker, was
.ptiater, And learned his trade in this city.
'He removed from here te.Cleveland, !hero he
in rash" - - when the wax broke out.
A Concinr for the benefit of the Subsist
ellenee Committee entIQUACIA . te.COMQ. oa
in a few days. Tba principal peTfozroara are
members of thrtobolrtionnochrd vorltb
M. E. Church.
Dart. W. B. Oortiwa, Provost blatant of
the Westmoreland District, has been present
ed with • beautiful cane, by his assistants,
Messrs, *goblin*, *octave% Magee, and
Hemp I.fondisy nest, two hun
dred condemned govormient homer are to be
sorts; Wheeling. Herr , s ram chance for
hOrstakelioys. •
Coluarnm.—John Turbin and Jobn Tann,
the parties who robbod Mr. Frolictes
donee, at Oakland, hero boon folly committed
for trial.
JUIS ELL:crEous._
so. a) amasiim , atath, maim, on i ,
LMrtf et:atm:mt. v'
s lr---Irf— ' 123 ,000 'A le....._°,_lbwii, '
*pea minket, OVIALITT HOgioso tbr the tratteo
!Woe Mike. The Hems to be tom Anew ,(Into
ghttwa MO bands htgb, hoot kw I.l)t b, o lIIM
lure of pigkeompsetly built, is vssit tleg a 0 Cm (9)
BMW wm be remind, 'ORLI, to Itopeettau, pi
Pltiohtollki To. _ fiftoto 7
the let to the , 15thorpecem•
berg Asa et Ooluseboe. Obto, ftook, - . the leth t0..0s
Olt otltstembr.: ',.. 1 , -- - -. - - - ~.,,
r3-LDING TATUM ("t..* A...litilaa,.
pIINCAN,' SHERKAN 430:!8 13iitbt
Mb= tin ak,t. Bank, lontlots, 60.131g1tt
11111 ta g Important town -It Ootoznyiltriotoo
em s
Ihritsottall sottlttai. tor dein cons to oft tea ,
olt=r, :,{llrWit wansis to -
food nt% Olaf otilvlAL
• 411'. IN , . 1, -I • •••
sl. - '-gV , r 4 P •
. .
FilliAlter - AND TRAXIF,:
Tho apse naritrarabls news .frout the Ann; of
the r•bnaitifituamptit.lransettted the gold mar
ket agidniund todsy. ss wo learn by. telegraph, it
adranood 3 per cent In , ear York, t4e, noon quota-
Hon befortralg'. in iimpsibi Willi gold, Sayer al
so has lammed, being quoted at 10. Tho advance
then Mu, of comma, had Ifs effect here, and we cow
pl .. 147, 'suul Slifer at;WOW.
flas .ericas 'from Now 'ark, show s large sal.
upgis Int week,,tnitue, leg thus for the correspond. ,
lag week of lastsear. The following edA show the
exPaLt4 (exclusive of :pail from Anew York. to for
cigatilifor thoweek ending. New. ,Oltli,and since
1891. 18412. 1811.
INn• the Week —.42,849,445 62,903,918 $3
V23 1 , 63 i
Nev. reported.-.L.,667,828 138,380,047, 154,643,663
Total eincelen.l3l2-5,527,273,142,283,993 157,895,24
We malt Stated that Iro secnnaniation of goad in
the Bab-Tesuntry at San Francisco received fur au
to= now amounts to over two Millions of dollar',
that the Government Ims ordered it to be shipped to
Eanspe, and that bills will be drawn 'as lust it and
add In New York.
TIIIIIMID• r , Doool9ber 3,1.66 L
.FEOUR & Cladnl..--Whiat Is arm, and from
swan, Rad mils readily at FIX, and Whits com
mands 51.40431,45; sale of 4 can prime Red at $1,41.1.
Corn is mares and in active demand; Ear Is selling
in the small way from store at 51,20, and Shelled
may be quoted at 51,2431,25. Oats firm with Balm
from store of 500 bush at Stk. Barley le steady at
$ 1,35 Or Spring, and IRAS far Fall. Flour is quiet
but firm with small sales of Winter Wheat Family
from store at 17,020,25. Buckwheat is nominal at
64,00144,25 per cwt.
catooannts—ma market for groceries continues
Tory quiet. notwithstanding which, prime are firm
and well sustained. We not. small tales at 13% to
3.4y,c for Sugar; 34035 c for Coffee; Giiiiftsc. for Mo
lasses, and 80085 a for well- k nown broads of Syrups,.
MILL FRED—atesdy with isles from store of 10
tons Shorts at $1,55 per not 5 tons Seconds at 81,5 5 ,
end ZMO Ile Chopped Yeod at $2,25. Middlings in
absence of saleamay be quoted at $1,90(r.,00.
SALT—lsalasof !Ohs. Liverpool at $2,50 per sack
for Hoarse, and $ 3 , 0) for fine. No 1 Extra is firm at
52,10 per dbl—dellvered.
SEEDS—FIax Seed Is firm with a regular demand
and, and Ivo nota sales of 50 busk at g 5,45. No miss
of Timothy Sr Clever Seed reported.
WHlSST—Canunon Whisky Is sameerhet excited,
oaring to the material advance In Cincinnati and
Chicago, and the advance there has produced a o or.
responding result here. Holders are now asking 60c
per gallon for Common Rectified, though we are not
aware of any gales hosing, so yet, been Made at this
APPLES—Remain aritbont any clumps whatever.
Wo note salsa in tote of 300 bids at 92,51 to $2,75 . per
bbl, according to quality.
ASHES--vale at 40 eke common Soda at and
and 5 tons Pearls at 10c. Fierale Soda has advanced
to In. Befitted Soda to firm at Ws., and Alkali may
b 3 quoted al 8,4 C.
ellEESE—ateady with .1. of al boa IV It 1.1 , ,c,
and 40 bra Elambnr: at 14c.
Allegheny Live stock Market.
c. 3—Thole has boon no material change In tho
market for cattle since our but report. Prime cattle,
suitable for butchere, are Ivry scarce and 6t brisk de-
non not
mond, while common and Inferior gr i nfre
wanted, and can be sold only at extremely low pri
ces. Tba number offered during the week led Is
thought would reach about eleven hundred bead,
nearly all of which were wild at prices ranging from
to 3o for Inferior to common; 334 to 4c for fair to
good, and t'♦ to 4 for prime to extra.
There was no demand for government stock, al
though some 500 head were sold on speculation for
this purpose at *3,75 to *3,80 per cwt. geom. We
never MOS a time when good cattle were so badly
wasted and nu hard to obtain no as present. and tak
ing everything tutu rensideration, we newer .arr pri
ces rule no high at thls season of the year.
It is a fact which uo one acquainted with our mar
ket will despnte, that oil of those ticalera who bring
In good stock nation handsome profits, while on
tho other hand, it is equally true, that thoer har
ing inferior stock Imre hcorily, at much of thb. grade
is sold here for very Ilttlle to , .re than ...lab t.. par
Incidental expenses.
The following le a partial ilet•of the sale.
.1 Lantz "old 50 head at 20 per pound; Wolfe A Co
40 head at :1 3 / 4 433i; E Whittlemy :DAL 2451; Wright
ACo 130 at 54,30 rwt; 11 A Merrick' 155 at
4 1 4. c; Crouse A Co 40 at 23i04!; W Campbell 35 at
B Martin 17 at 31i,e; J laanown 10 at $3O per
bead; A McDowell 13 at 1.1.4 c; J 11 Craig 30--151 at
balance at 5242,132 per awl; J M Tahbot 15-12 al
$17,50 per head—balance at 112,0.51r,75 per cat; W 13
llieGaMck 21 at $23 per head; L Critten 13 at 2 91'021 3 c;
11 Morrell II at 12,37% per cwt; M Blair 44 at 615 1
per head; J W McConnell; 117 at from $1,37 to $3,75
per cart; 1' Ilartman 4001 31404 e.
The receipts of hogs continue fair, end, while the
demand is actin, the mast of those on sale are light
avenges, and ourpackars find It difficult to obtain
the kind they deem. compand -with waek,
the market I . • shade wain, and prlon are from
twenty to twenty-five nate per one hundred paned.
lower. There is • continued fair demand for ship
ment to the eastern markets, but the difficulty in
getting,tnunportsltlon. 'has • tendency to mulct
operatiomi =crag dancers, le they cannot afford to
feed three or fin days in the pens with corn at one
dollar and fifty cents per bushel.
Below will be found i pretty full report of arU the
inedlog mandating Ow weak—enorogh to indicate
the true character of the market
313 Huff reports the followthg pun:haws 310 head
from McElroy, averaging =0 Its, at 55,65 per met
Euar,.-340 from Schwartz Co, avenging 240, at
,fl 2; 127 from Wilson 'Co, averaging 205 st
AO; 57.5 from Wilson 1 Co, averaging 200 18.
5535;, 200 from A Baum, averaging VON at 55,50;
' 6611 from Ward, averaging =SEW 011 print+ tetras.
Holmes IGlass report the ffisllowing.parchnes
330 head from Wallace, averaging 200 llbe at 55,26;
Mit from Warner It Turner averatilug 2lol7 w et 55, 25 ;
Itei from Allen, avereging The at 0.12; 40 from
averaging 150 the sl Kan 251 from John
ston averaging 100 lb. at 54,130; from Swisher, av
eraging 21014 at 55,25.
Hobnes /a Clan sold to Voter 160, averaging TV Th.
at 56,110; also 2 car leads, to be delivered in Phlladol-
Pi lo s ith a n) 2 1
Sold to Sheeler Co 810, aver ging
me at $5.25. -
Carpenter At Ellwinger, 260, area "Shi, at 35.60.
Sanitised to Tater, 137, avg . * XSO, at 55, 5 3,
111dorvray wwn.on 117,arg 5 u =i ,at PAL.
Emarkk to . Ellwinger 195. area 230, at 55,60.
Myerslo Lkaberrauth 104, avg . . =Ol4, at 55,10.
Crum to Voter 198, nee 217 at 55,60.
Reynolds to Seymour 168 infe 210, at PAO.
Hostetter 10 C018%41107, tree ;218. at 55,50.
ward to Caldwell' 100, nee L.lBst 521460.
Divot/tenor to Phadlant 104, erg's 210, at 4 5 . 40
Want to Pettitt 178, are. 227, at 55,60.
Lafferty to Pettit; Dig, erg's 280, at 46,75.
Mclntyre to Pottht 105 .00, 220, at at 155,40.
Shemin to McDonald At Arbuckle 143, ars'e 21 1 ,
at 56,40.
31yen to McDonald& Arbuckle 106, Inge =, at
In addltlou to the above; the fellowlag mused sales
were melted, but we are without the names of the
buyers or Ono stems weights:
McCann &Strohm 163 at $0,06 per cwt.; D Warner
6 0 5 at talfl Inn Malone a at 4,75 . L 51 Swigart
112 as ,25; 11 Kerr 117 of 51,25; 0 dritchliald 303 at
35,66; 11 11 Todd 121 at 55,74; V Benjamin% at 116,a1i
(kitten 45 at 51,56; ft Bogen 20-180001 d 11 5 . 35 ,
balance shipped east; 3 Burnside sold 46 al g 3,70.
There to next to nothing doing In tide °lessor idea
and the market la
. quist and neglected with no
marked change In prime. Quotation , may wa l eb UM
given at $4,00 to 54,25 per mat; and we note •
of 125 headi from Indiana, 01 4 ,2 21 . .
Pittsburgh Petroleum Market
Doc. 9—The market for Crude has been exceedingly
notice to-day, the sales reported reaching 5,947 bbls.
As compared with yesterday prlcesare • shade high
er end the market clotted firm with an upward tan
.dency. We note sales of 1000 Ws In balk •at 15-it,
- 133 bids la bulk at 10, and 4,597 bbia in varlons lota
2134—thts Included.
In refined there was but cOcaliarstivoly little done
that we could bear of. There hi no felling In the de
mand, lint our refiner* generally are holding for ad
yanc•l rotes; and buyers do not, as yet, seem dis
posed to operate at the tutrante. Al 15 for bonded
and 43 for Ace, them Kra plenty of purchasers; but, sa
we have Whim stated, refiners Sri unwilling to sell at
these figures. She only Cale reported were 100 and
75 bids, free, it 45
liaptha remains guilt and dull, and the nominal
quetatkms arildalTelbr prints deodorized. Ueda
3axa Is steady, with oersaleund aural' [aka at $l,OO to
11, 25
tetta' fork Petroleum Market.
Special Dispatch telinlDlttabtnOwtette.
Day :row, Doe. 3.—Tha market Dr DOA= Ui r
decidedly firmer tad an advance kw beam ettabillbed.
.Crude le held firmly at 2634927 e, end Weaned alto Is
flan with take at bontlad at wave.. and (coo at
62435.1 c. Nepthe is nominal et former quotations.
.C1129019111d Biltrikete
Dec. 2.—The market li dullatidllnentive for Wheat
and hoer. The lack of transportatiou reetrlcts trent.
actions in all kinds of produce, and makes the market
more dull than itotherwlse - .mild be. We note to
day the largest tingle sale of Sprayer made In this
market, and MU* Idebeet Azure, vre-bellere, ever
reached try that artkle. She 'flour market I. quiet.
We at le th-56,W, 111 white at 17 to
W quota O. the- XX
cadet red & egure - lbr- feac7 brandy" redd and .
white. The 'Wheat nuttket isdari taleteller, sake
of 1 ear red from store at 125 e; 1 ear amber at 127 on
on track. 03M-1101111M*201414 0110 c from store
forshened; 150 for ears. ttata—flalis of Icar on
ttirkatJaleg. 11-411091.4}001Ateudi en 1* Crum.
dtovs: zwei " 04..aruirii.4110ide war*,
at !Mil- 1 0 6 41 ../14r.e# td 4alit7i
New.,-Vork GrocerY MarkCt•
(From tite List, Dec. 2.1
• 13itgarAs Wale semi tycsar report below, there
bags been alimatliuthingxkoceince our last, Seine.
day pasting without a single traniartion, Monday
with only a sale of 50 has, Mauna, the remainder of
the business being done yesterday. The advice.
Cram Englandare favorable, and holders generally
arepretty firm, but prices have yielded a little, say
yy, of a cent per lb., the market closing quietly.
Relined, though dull, has scarcely varied—Mears. R.
L. a A. steam'" prices, asarranged let inst., are 11%
cents for their Loaf, 17% for best Crushed and Gran
ulated, 17 for Ground; 101 7 ,‘ for White A and 153 ',
cash, for Yellow C. The salsa of Raw aro Ea Idiots.
I Cuba at 12%:613 cents, (Including 20, In bond, for
Canada, at 34, duty paid, nod 27, to arrive from
PhiladAphia; 10%;) 2,083 bus. Banana, 12 , .,%013 1, ...,
(including 222 yesterday, for export to Barre at 1.131;
duty paid;) Bdo Inferior, 11%, 4 mos.; 44 hints. Mar
que and t 2 hhds. and 105 bbls Demerara, on terms
not m ina public. By auction, 137 hhds, New Gr.
lama Glartlied emld at 813,81015,37%; and 200 do,
812,94014,W, 4 ma.
Coffee—We reduce oar quotations of Brazil half •
cent per lb, at which reduction there has been mom
doing, and tits market closes steadily, the , latest
Rakes beitut made at pretty fedi valuations. We
notle6 1,4.31 bags Rio, per P. C. Warwick. at w.y . , eta;
1,000 do per Carmelite, 12) M 4 do in lots, 33%034,
4 cum; 5,800d0 perEscaps, 4,510 do per Aid. 100
mate Java, 40 hf. and qr. do Mocha. Lad 9 tag. Coate
Rica, on terms not made public. The stock ofltin In
the country, as made up by Messrs. W. Scott t 8.o•
Is 34,052 bags, vie, 33,352 bags here, and .700 at WU
Molasses-Then le almost no business to notice,
and the morkot IS Very dull--prices favoring buyers.
The sales ere but3o bads. Porto Bice at 65 cents;
and BO bbis. New Orleans, et sad GO, 4 mon., the
lower price for sour. By auction, 50 bhde Cuba sold
at 33536 cents, 4 MCC At Boston, 130 bbde eons
Cuba sold at 33 cents.
The Stock of Petroleum In New York.
(From the COMllleiCial List, Dec. 2.1
We present below an official account of the stock
hand Ist lost., Including a small part of tiled on
atdpbasid, not alsared—baddre the abera, than Is •
censidcrable quantity on board the reseals loading
welsh, having been lightared easy from thedlffaircl,
yards bu been deducted from their stock, but ca,
amount cannot be accurately ascertained. The fol
lowing is the stock
Ist Dec. Ist Nov.
.1,1111 31,536 54,196
41,143 103,903
1,335 1,280
Stock Ist October—
Relined, ti.plha, &v..-
Borerteed at Neer York glace tat Jan.
Exported same time
-1863. 1862.
..galls 17,685,958 6,e03,710
7,770,512 3,665,291
From New Turk..
From other Porte
.gulls 2.5,438,410 u,K.9.U31
Toledo Market.
Dec. I—Them Is little activity in our market to-
day, operations are restricted by the firmness of
holden, Them Is some speculative Inquiry for
wheat, all from Western men, who think prices will
rule firm during the winter, and baying the means,
denim to Invest In grain. They offer 124 e SR No. I
Red; 1260 for No. 1, and 12So for Bed Mich.
Ylom—Sales 58 bbls XX, family, at 116,40; 100 obis
XX do. , white wheat, at 56,
660 10. Wheat-43.1es of
bra, 400 bu and 1,1119 be anther Etch, nt 12.36.
Nos. 1 and 2 could be sold at 12660:12.10. Corn—Sale
400 bet No. lat 104 c. generally held •i 1050. Oat.—
, Sale 6C9 bit at 075ic. Salt—L•ebanged; Vine 82,1 N
d bbl; Coarse end Ground Solar 82,25. Dressed
Hog .--Sale 25 at 8.5%/965, dividing on DV Ito.
Chicago Market.
Dread —Flour, dull. Wheat, quiet; =leo at 51, 10
(51,1.&:,. Cunt, ?fade lower; mkt at ittiSinde. Onto,
Bali; vales at 06%0. Rectipta—G, o oo Ude
27,000 buelt wheat, 26,000 bush corn. Shipments--
1,9 W
bbl deur, 1,700 limb wheat. Hoge, etewily and
without Important cline. Dreamed Lop, active (or
booty n@G.i,vje.
Imports by Railroad.
P 11714001311, Fr. Worse A (Macao° Ramwomo, Doe.
3-100 bbl. flour, C B Leech; 103 do do, Lindsay
Telford; 36 hided, J 11 Balaton; 519 eke rags, Godfrey
A Clark; 4 lads crud. oil Wade ,t Hampton; 95 tcs
hams, 40 do gream, F Sellers & co: 300 In how.,
Knox A Parker; 100 bblo highwines, Lmubort
Shlpton; 50 to. hams, J P Hatt. S. co; ir) bile
W Bryant,; MM pigs lead., 25 Lens oil, 11 A Felon.-
stock A co; 3 boles rap, Howard A Cottrell; 25 bbl,
applo, 1.4 Hewitt; 34 hid., McLane A co; 155 bp
wheat, J A Llgget c0,‘89 bids 011, 818 Sellers co;
2do butter, F angorder; 25 bbls flour, Shoemaker
Lang; 11 bes soap, t E Sellers; 44 hides, A Holetlen;
45 dor. brooms, S Evart A rss; 16 sks rags, Markle: I
car barrel headings, W liunpWn, A co.
Catetrame A Pirtg.trlloll RAILILOA 1),. 3-
143 eke wheat, J K irkpotria A Bre; 32 bbls
; 23 kegsapple butter, P i'Cangorder ; 5 bop do, 11 II
I Conin; 9do do, J. 81cCarelletes; bble applre, 2
lAA* apple, 2 bids cider, Ferrer A Armetrong; 10
bids applbs, Potter .411. m; IGO aka corn, SiMpooo
Kn..; 3 Pkge eggs sad butter, J Jawlba; 110. k.
whoat, Kennedy A bro; 147 do do, .1 L Noble . S
e g. pk
fludrice, Wes Placa.; 4 bide eggs mad Loa, J
rirtuon;l bla dry apploo, Little A Trimbl; 103
bbla floor, Culp* Sheperd; 1 car bay. P ItlcKelly,
100 bbls dour, Bingham, Sturgeon A co; 11 .b hick.
ry nuts Cook Pettttt A co; 2 bbls cider.
o d. Lang; outs,
bbis dour, J Kirkpatrick; 6 eke pearl..
B A k e , se ti, p e an g co; 30 do do, Bryce, Eicharia !co;
104 bales hay, S B Floyd; 134 elks rags, Markle A co. STAOIO3I, Der. 3-2 dreamt! hop, 8
Flap.; I a l l door bbls, 4 care wheat, Kenedy A
Bns; 9 pkgs produce, F Andenon; 11 do do, Darner;
Ci ale bbls, W W Anderemre, 25 aka buckwheat floor,
II Dyer; 1 car cannel coal, NW Palmer; 6 bbbtgp. J
Callbants,l3 3 bas condleo, Shalt, Son, .1k CO; 1 bbs
apploe, 2 do, potato., A Galley; I mar gar., Ar
bor; 100. bbls fluor, Simpson A linom 19 boor kegs
Lots A Waltz.
Zia Awarded to Sowing Itaditato is Illinois.
Them Machine+ were .waded the Highest Presni
um., mem competitors, for the Beg Family Bar*
Ilmbhierl the DM Maerefreveung Muchinot and the
iket iferr. Work, at the bilowing ST AT VA IBA,
of illed
Ns Tort Dar Fate,
First Premium for Welly machine.
First Premium for double.threed mactiton
First Premium for reachloe work.
/moment Sad Fair.
First Premiere for family mortise.
Pint Premium Fr maucturing machine.
First Premium tirr mend hi oo c
faun Siam P.*.
First Premiere It, family mei:bloc
First Premium for manufacturing combine
Tint Premium for machine work.
Michtpre Bab Fair.
first Premium for family anchlue.
First ?readmit Yet manufactaring machine.
be tint dieas amnion. for machine work.
First Premium for mane for all purposes.
Fin. Premium for mortise work.
Meet, Mae Ann
First Pritmlnat Mr machine For all purpose..
First Premium for machine work.
gersfurky Sob Ykir.
First Pond= Are mainine Ibr all purposes.
First Premium machine work.
Pienatideemie ght. f tor
First Pre211151:1 fer marrefeaturing machine.
lint Premium tor beautifal maidens work.
Ohio Nair NV."
First Premium Am machine work.
And ati the following County Fairs :
Okineader (b. (R.) dgeleatecral Becein.
First Premium for Amity machine.
First Premium for msantactering marlins.
First premium forlbectibte mark.
Oberiapiel• Vale (FL) drvinahni CFO.
First'Premieun Mr family machine.
First Premium for manufacturing machine.
First Prelaium tor mumbles work.
limeridesDiplmes Die. (M&m a om.) y doriasinend Emdmir.
Diploma for mans work.
Amalie Ch. (M..ra Nee.
First Premium Mr DWI; =china
First Premium lbw manufecturing machine
eras a Ce. (N. Ira eleirecaletrel arme44
First Premium for ousel machine.
Whiineht Gs. (N. F.) Pak.'
First Premium for tawny machine.
Ertruhvo i ll , tSN. Zs ar
Mmt um for insentua
Ffechrak't Ismtifer. (Pa.)
First premium for machine for all purposes.
First hem)nm for machine wart.
The awn Comprises all the Piin at wi11.% the
thisyear. At nearly Mid them th e lording Gmfing
kfachbred were in competition.
Ties work made upon the Orator A Sabra Bowing
,Machine has received the First Premium at emery
Stan Fair in the United Antes where It hoe been
elhibited to this date.
Bales Rooms, No. 16 TIITH ST. Pittsburgh, Pa.
(a-mu:a S. v. oneivincr. MR&
- 1 4 - 10 R WHEELING MARLET- 1.5
pasaenger steamer rtnete 011AIIAit; Monroe • poi,
Commander, leaves Pittsburgh every TUUDAT,
and Zanesville every fItIDAT, at 8 ' etloac
a. p,
m. The aew steamer JU LIA, Wm. Coulson, Com
mander, leaves Pittsburgh every AATURDAT, at 4
p. m., and Zanesville every TUESDAY, at 8 s'elock
a. m. Tor freight or pant!. appty obis:lard or to
.1. D. CO LlNOWPOk i tgat, h;
H. S. PIIIRCZ A CO. Arent*.
744 , 4trilte. Ohio.
mocAliacrs niARENE ,WORKS,.
ass iammiT aggrr,
A baintlfol, sot varied ainortatsut of
mminz Lunn%
Monuments tio'd erste 'Stones.
• TOM! 0111gliT9.
- - AsAleTettl ettreeenererrstre OEl=O.
earner o and 2241 strew%
Weahlegtoo, D. 0., Noe. 27th. Is= -•
AltalCE.—The tt rublio sale of Quartet.
1.1, - togstiiiir elm* - viiibitrfairittitiZeDAT , . ,
the ffelitteeielqegy! pottpeeell tent! WIIDKpi,
.DAY,:the rtb. - , ....., - . ...c.moroiegno, .
d o vte ~ , •. .*Captsitritett A. Q. It. Q. S. A.
PURILACY AND SLANGING ROCK. COAL .L.r • dourbihing Western town oe the P. F. W. •
WORREL - By wilts of ttn ordtr of 0814 Inrowl out 01 • C. R. R., not over 300 tells hum Pittsburgh, now
Us Cowl of
of on Pleas of the County of Law. g o w s kr ,„l p „" k bb. The
noce, and &ate Ohio, 1 will offer at Peldie ' near, and has been wlected with reference to the
at cis
hoist dear of the Court Hose in Drenthe, country trade. Lis all teen purchased for cash at
On SATURDAT,the 12th day of December, A. D.. I lowest market prices.
1953, at the has of 1 o'clock P. M., the following Thu pr„," dr„ridr.d fr,,„
deectibed red estate, MOM, 1.78. M i n C. 8"..". theob owing to bad bealth, end now cieraly
Stoats in mid county of laorence, and known as offers the stock for sale; also the good will of the 111-
M Gronornmses Landrk Hanging Rock Cad tiring psrty The house ha • large end respectable
Works, with the Beffroad, In the sult of Joseph B. trade, • loch ran be retained. The prsent Mock
Peebles maw John G. Peebles et al., in partition, to will broke from .vno to too tho.wad dollars, tot
wittccald be reit:mod If desire'.
In iotinaltiP two (3), 11thge nineteen ( 10 )soon tli- Pattie ...Wog to know the particulars will pleas
soot quarter docile's eight (8), south half of section I k od o .„„ or rkll
)K rmnalll or
nice (9), curt half of @esti. eleven (11) whole of mo. LY DA Y A CHORPEHNII IO ,
don ten (10), east half or northeast quarter and moth- „um 59 lima street, Pittsburgh, Pa.
out gamier of moth= Sateen (16), whole of section --
smote. (1). ran half of tiorthast quads, north - IN/it SA 1.E.-Tausuperior Cylinder
cait,„„.„, a nd , ,routb .belt motion twenty-two sou, se inches !Demeter, 30 trot long, made
,•"). And In inwoetoP two ' 41.... O . ! , of Y inch Don, wrought iron heads 4 thick. Bea
ttie followleg: Went bait southwest quarter of r„1„.... u pp " kr , pr , r.
"' Alm lbiLe° ll 0 8 ). o°°ltu'ut quarter of w uth " . " Alm, One Portable Engioe and Tubular Roller of
quarter ofsection (18), southwest quarter of motion six borer power, f. inch cylinder nod 12 inch stroke.
wren (17). soh 010 °I °L'a l°4 ( 19 ). me" ballo f see- Thu Noelee bale bored .ne .ail almost 700 fret deep,
Hon ( eon half of mutheeet quarter and west kpd adapted to that kind wort,
half of northeast quarter. sod west half of northeast „ wins woo , for ioromof
quart. of section twenty (W), west half of aouthost Also, Goa Engine, hooey iron bed plate, 14 inch
quarter, and east half of suoter of sec- I
,30 loch. etroke , use, with hal.ce
lion twenty-one (21), whole of •° ,tl°. 'WO' (30), o,
. Well adapted to rye • grist 0111 or email
west half of section twenty-Woo (.5), mirthweet. R po ,,
quarts of motion Swerity.olght (28), whole of section L.Frop,,„ at FL 11. BOLE'S,
thirtyms (91), vest bait, west balf, west half of corner Poi ot Alley and Duque„ Way,
northeas quarter mid southeast quarter of section Pitt s burgh.
thirty-too (n). In towship and range 19, the fol. - nollklut
lowing;. Rut half of northeast quarter, toot half
and southwest quarter of Notion one (1), south half
of motion two (2), east half of southeast quarter of
motion three (3), southeast quarter of northwest
quarter and northeast quarter of section ton (to),
north half, north half of mother.. quarter of sec
tion eleven (11), also part of northeast quarter of
southwest quarter of section eleven (11), that is to say
commencing at the centre of sold motion, running
thence moth 88 degrees and 30 minutes west, 17-26,
thane to • stone In the northeast corms of a lot of
land, formerly by John Campbell, thence south 1 de.
mei and 10 minutes west, 19mo
chats to • done In
emt line of mid Campbell's lot, from which •
beech 18 lochs in diadeter bears north 73 degrees
soot 18 onto and a dogwood three baths in diameter
beam north 10 degrees and 3001,010. east lob links,
theme north SO degrees .d 55 minutes east 17:26
chains to a Sone on the east line of tho southeast
quarter of sold section, from which a beech 24 Inch.
in disaster boars .00h 01 degrees east 33 links, and
• chestnut oek 4 inches in diamoter bears north 95
d m ecel east i ftfipo d k:t, the to nce4 , l:i e o p rth 1 d o m i e i tnl 43 lo
And in township one (1) rangseighteen (18) whole of
section six (6), won tonfor northwest gosoles of so -
Hon five (5) north half of southwest quarter of sec
tion sown (7); also north half of went hall of welt
half of southeast quarter of motion seven ; also a
• bra. of land situated In the south bellow, on eleven
(11), and north half of section Orebro (12), township
one (1), range nineteeo (19), described es lot number
one In a surrey and plod made for Ilemilton, Peebles,
Coles, by John Rowe, April hut, 1854, and recorded
Mimed 7th, 1854, Alm, lots numbered two (2).d
than (3) of said plat and survey ' • also of lots num
torad toasty-041st, (28), twenty-n ine, (29) and thirty
(30) of the village of Hanging Hock ; also a tract of
lend sdfoloing said village, to wit: Commencing at
tho northwest corner of mid yillege, running thence
a mothereeterly oceans &lengthens. of sald village to
the woutherest corner of said lot, number thirty (30)
on Main street. thence • westerly comae along the
line of Main street, to the line ails railroad ground,
being twelve feet from the centre of the railroa d
track ,• than. along the Ilse( eald rallro/d grounds
• northeart' sly course to the Ilia of lot number three
tof Johnßowe'e subdivision of section eleven (11),
ownship one (1), range nineteen ; thence along
the easterly Ithe of b ein g number blues (3), to the
place of beginning, It g all the epees between the
said village of 11.ging Rock and the raid railroad
The east port of scam twenty-seven, (27), town
ship three Oh range eighteen, (18) which is subject
to two rayments of 54.5,55 emh, doe rspectively
December tat 180 and 1804, with lotoriet from lie,.
1853, being wheel !soda, nod sold as such by the
Auditor of Lawrence comm. Alm the tract of land
known as "Simon Wood Farm,' being the meet hall
of the went quarter of section eistron (10). Loomis ip
two (2) and range nineteen (19), esept eleven (11)
acr. on the snit side of mdd quarter. Also the
east quarter quarter of the northost qnarter, and twenty.
wren errs from off the east ride of the northeast
easer of salon number fifteen (15), township two
(2), range nineteen (It), the legal title of which wan
vested in Robert Hamilton, Sr., deceased, end which
mid Robert Hamilton, fr., by his venting obligatory,
dated Almost 15th, 1854 bound , himself to convoy as
iblicros to said Plaintiff, one undivided eighth fart to
mild Sonnet Cedes, end to said John G.aPeeldee one
undivided fisarth ,so mon the mot Gebel
Hamilton, Sr., should acquire th e title to Laid premi
ss, which he did by deed, dated Attest 30,1, 18:56,
which convoy wares mid Robert linmiltun, Sr., never
did make, having departed this life soon after, to
wit In the member September A. D., 1860, leaving
a lest will and testament of which mid John Pee
bles wee afterwards duly qualifies!. Esecutorand the
aid Robert Hamilton, Jr., and Mary A. Ilemietead,
his help at law, and residue., daemon.
The following real estate, situate In the Incorpora
tervillageof Ilangiog Ruck, to it:w Beginning at
the northerner of lot thee (3) of John Rowe's cur
coy above reDrred to, running thence north 38 de
grees and 41 minutes west 7.16 chains to • stone;
thence north 43 degrees west 7.115 chains to • stone;
thence north gal Mors vest 8 chats to a sumo,
from which • white oak 4 inches In diameter bras
south 6 dooms stod 30 minutes west 6 llok.s, thence
math 28 &greet cast 88 links to a Spaniel! ask 12
Inched In diameter, theme moth 2.2 degree east 6.04
ehitios to • white oak 24 inch. In diameter, thence
south 140 degrees eatt.4.sB chains to • hickory 15
Inches In diameter, thence moth 45 Mares coat 3.50
chains to • black oat 0 troths to diameter; theme
set 57 degree. oast 9.13 chains; thence moth 1
degree 30 minutes wed 8.03 chas;in then. moth 70
degrees west 2.00 chains; then. moth 5 degrees
west ll4 chats to the line of lot two of said survey;
thence with the line of said lot to the center of Os
borne's Run; thence moth 85 degrees east 8.37
chains; thence moth 4 degree. and 30 minutes east
5 chains; theme along the Um of lots thirty (so) two
(2) and one (I) of said village of Henning Rock to the
northwest corner Of lot one (I), thence west around
et numbe.r three (31 of Rowe's matey to the ace of
beginning, except so mach ot the foregoing . o WM
tan hersoforeeold gro ut ed Hogehead, smd also so
mesh as have been to the Methallet Society
of Hanging Bock on which their church building le
erected, which said premiss are held by said John G.
reeblee In Snit wand fur the Plaintiff, and the De
(=dents hare se melte:sib in the deed of said Robert
Ilarallton, Jr., to maid John G. Peebles, as Trustee,
ftc., detest April 6tb, 1861.
The brick part of the Railroad and Coal office sit.
DMA in Hanging Rock, and the ground upon which
the rams stands, together with the land lying ho
tweet! the said ofßoa, and the north line of the mil
toad track and included within the east nod went
lines of old office buildiest prolonged to maid Bail.
rued track.
Alm the following righte, easements and ways, to
wit The sclusim sight and privilege to enter upon
any part of section eleven (11), township one (1 :
range number +detests (19), and of section seen (7
township one (1), range eighteen (18), (swept mu lone
of !section riven (7) as !dopes towards the Ohio
Aver) for a period of twenty-110e (PS) year. from the
ISth My of August, A. D. 18.54, to take thereon fur
the us of Pine Grove Pomace or Formica+ that may
he built by said PtraGrove Fume. Coommy, on the
said lauds!, but for no other use or purpme whatever,
any or all loan ote that me) 1. found upon said
premises. Also the right of way for teams and magma,
or If reelected, the privilege of laying down • railroad
track re tracks upon any of the land owned by maid
Robert Hamilton, on the 15th day of August, 1654,
and to pun and repass! Rugg* as often ea may be
esseeseary to aunts the ranger parties to take and
carry to their rempactive Tamale or Furness any
thermal or timber, ere or other material which said
rortis may have the tight at any time to take from
any of geld Made.
Also the right of way fora railroad track 25 feet
wide, 12% feet from the centre line soh way of the
prism( Hallsn track, and ',reading from the north
east corns el odd lot number two (2), of Rowe's
Surrey, to the south line of the emitted! of the Stith
west quarter of eactioarven (7), township one (1),
range (DI).
the privileges which the said Robert Hamil
ton Br., ressertel himself to oostroct raised
trills .04 any .f the streets of Hanging Rock.
Alm the right or way fora double track of railroad
from sal let number one (1), sr heretofore described,
along the present railroad througn 'helot upon which
the Rolling Mill stands.
Alm the right of way for a wagon road or railroad
track aces the southwest corner of the west part of
Hoflot known se the tavern loth 11un81ng Reek.
Also the timber wood, right', Mir/legs and 'as
manta connived by Robert Hanallton, Jr.. to the Arm
of Hamilton, Peebles A Coles; for • morn poeticalor
descriptiOn of Which reference Is made to mid Sod,
executed Porpterober 19,1869.
Appraised at 928,0110, Huy:weights of which are
subject to the dower annuity of Mrs. Rachel Handl.
toe, of DAGO par annum.
Tsai Or 9.1.-One third ea. In hand, one-third
In use year, and one-third in two yams, with inter
est on the deferred payment from the conArmation of
of Innitrum Grum ! Onto.
HR9lll' 9. !MAL. Attol3l4 Mawr-
New. leth. 1868. Ise2B:llMlin
....bbl' 46,M3
.—.bble 161,153
I.* BAL6.-1 offer for de on easy terms, the lame
s hock xteve Iron Works known as the "Hanging
Rolling Rill," This mill is situated et Hang
ing Roc k on the river, la the heart of the COAL
and IROII region of Southern Ohio, one banded and
forty mils above Cincinnati, and Immediately upon
the rime, sccestiblent all stages of water end there.
fore Nanning facilities for shipping superior to any
mills above this rogiOn.
This mill is Inferior to none In the Wad, either for
CAP,ACITY or DUILABILITt_oI-Anlsh, being en
elf•l7 NEW and in the hest of repeir—t• repplied
'with COAL, delivered - In 'the to without any
trouble whatevor xxcept anloseling kom care.
There is command with the pp:petty about 6 amrs
of ground, and 12 derelUng houses, all within one
hundred pods of the mill. Alm tan -wells of good
water ckae to the toil L-is supplied with machinery
es knows:
It double lined boilers, 28 Icet long, d 9 lecher. In di
, ameter ; 1 lever engine, eight het stroke, 21% Mellen
Alernoteroylinder; this engine drires muck mill, bar
chair put, email lAA Wizen Plat, me ek
4hesse anit'squesscas. Alilldixely• engine. 5 foot
sttoke,'N% facheadiemeter;drieldri boiler plata ;nit,
sheet' milVisitunet 'bid abeam. 1 doctor on
glee, I foot struke,lo Inches diameter. &Intl lathe,
grind SWIM, bar end eamiltaill abeam, and pumping
ell the water ihr the mill end boiler..
Also with 10 bollingifl beating, I sheet and I boiler
plate funtlett.... Also smith and carpenter .hope, with
all the nsaisary toots.. -
Thin eels to lake place at the done of the Court
Atoms, in Ironton, on Saturday, Deo. 12th, 1861, at 1
o'clock r. si. B. it. 111111T8TEAD,
Attorney forldery A. Hempstead.
Hanging Rock, Nov., 18 -not.
J: In tilumpaberg,.an Paseaspr Railway, a,.
Allot trent Tltte,. en 'add& them la a good
Dwelling Hanes of atm rooms ; also, enteral other
&maw allbullt of.brkk. well O good water to
the yard, plenty at good fruit, and cconrcutent to
Churches and &boot Haw* ,
Tor particulars arliteeiler fall on
O. T. ortmAn.
f ' Shansluct% Allegbeny County, Ps.
VOlt SA LE —The 2.-story Brick Dwell
ll [loose, eah four luta, 100 fret (root by 10
feet deep, eltuered nn rest corner of flood, Avenue,
fronting the ricer In Allegheny city. The Hans.
(.01.11111 eight rufous, with finished attic and Wash
Boom Also, two unimproved lots, 19 by 100 each,
In Moth ward, Plthfinirgh, fronting on Allegheny
r°r°l° of
:101tf . 76 A LEBER,
No. 71 Wood stroet.
T'OR SALE—A lot of land, containing
78 urns, &Boated 1% milts from Dizmant Sta
tion, on the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne * Chicago IL IL
The above property to well timbered, with a good
young orcluud of hearing fruit trees. This property
will be sold on reasonable terms.
For further particniare address •
oc2`2,:tra B. C. DIcItIASTES., Sewickleysille, Pa.
,350 Frame Dwelling , all
In good
two orl. s r to2 .
unto on Allen street, Lawrenceville, lot IN feet front
by 117% foot deep; on which there is a good well,
fruit, ke. Torras, cash. Apply to Q. A. BATESS,
Commercial Broker °Moe. Butler et., Lawrenceville.
T - „.
ADRIATIC, 1,..1:0 Horse.power, 4,000 tons.
HIDEBNIA...I,OOO Horse.power, 8,000 tons.
COLUMBIA, 1,000 Horse-power ! 1,000 tons.
ANGLI A, 1,1:(0 Horse-pawer, 2,100 tons.
The magnificent Steamship ADRIATIC will rail
from Now York for Liverpool on TUESDAY, the 17th
of November.
Rates of passage from New York to Liverpool, pep
able In gold or it. egnivalant to currency.
Intermediate.-- 401
Passengers forwarded also to London, Paris, Ham
burg, Have, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp, to., at
the lowest rates.
Fernsßodo., 8 ro2 V
fm Live ply rpool or Gal.. ay to New York and
8, S, 87S, IPA faco
at Oleo of the Ag
Pu.n..PSADEL the
SEARLE, RI Bents,.
Etasera Jobs., Ithmager.
or, D. O'NEILL,
Dosairsp (Arsenide Building,
Jylo . lyss No. 70 Flab street. Pittsburgh.
-10 ERPOOL, touching at QUEENSTOWN,
(Cass tissues.) The well-knows steamers%
Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia Steamship
Company are Intended en follows:
((ITT OF NEW YORK —......Saturday, Dee. It
ETNA Saturday, Dee. 19.
And every succeeding Saturday, at noon, from Iler
44, North River.
urn 01 rstemns.
Posabis is Gold, ar . its 0 7 .1.a.t m Ourrewer.
Plan Cann 3m, ,ti ....PO CO
do to London._ 55 00 do to London 34 CO
do to 9.5 09 du to Paris— 40 50
do to Hamburg .90 00 do to Barabg IT 00
Passenger, also forwarded to Ilene, Bremen, Rot
terdam, Attwerp, An., at equally low raters.
Fame from Liverpool or Queenstown; Ist Osbln,
575, 535, 5105. Steerage, 530. Thom who wish to
send for their friends can May tickets here at them
Nonce—The Steamship CITY OP LIMERICK,
of this line, will sell as an extra deamer on THUM.
DAT. Dee. 3d 11ee eplendtil accommodations for a
few Cabin and Steerage Passengers, at reelooed rates,
"'able to U. S. Currency.
Per Mother totbrmatkm apply at the Company's
001ces. JOHN Cl. DALE, Agent.
18 Broadway, New York.
Eland street, first lomm from the br
te idge.
CL NARD LINE. steam from z 4 r t,
1136 In gold, tx Its rqulvalent In currency
ruom NEW YORE, Et In currency
Salle every week. Apply to
11—Owing to the death of Mr L. B. Livingston,
and the voluntary withdrawing of Mr. Copeland, the
firm of Livingston, Copeland d Co. is this dhy dis
solved. Ail set tled m said firm, and all clams against
will bet with find by Adam, Wlioe dt 00.,
their eriscessors In business, whom we very cordially
recommend to our customers.
By lAD administrators
.1. lA. moosessi,
Perreeruon NOVEL', Won., Roy. 30, 1863.
- 10PAKTN BREW I P.—The business of
kltlaa "Novelty Works" will be continued as =rd
by the underelgaed, nada, the name and .tyl. of
Adams, M'Kee d CO. The extendra and liberal pa
tronage bestowed by • discerning pnblle on our pow
der..., requires that we .hooid only say 111. oar
design fully to anstaln the character of the "Norelty
Works," IL Manufacture., De punctuality and IL
J. N.
Di SSOLU T lON.—The Partnership
heretofore existing under the name and Am
of J. IL LINDSAY A CO. is this day dissolved by
mutual consent. All bustromi connected with the
late firm will be settled by 3. It. LINDSAY at 96
Wood street, op stairs.. J.ll. lawDm
I hart also &waged of my interest In the Arm at
Nor. 2, 1602. J. IL LINDSAY.
Having purchased the *tiered of J. H. LINDSAY,
lo the firm of J. IL LINDSAY I Co., Hardware and
Cutlery BRllilleffl. ; alas In the Ann Hurls. B. B.
MA I Co., Bellows Manufactu, the busi
ness will continue at usual, Hardware and Cutlery,
by J. IL LI N ^3l Bellows, to., J. B. it B. MAX
Nos. 2. ]wtnotba
.L.F The
the su
e rhi b eeeto fbfirrm existing
I between
FREWA ra b a hi r s d h y been ModHred. ,
ettased the entire Intermu of the other partner.
The basin., of the late firm will be settled by LOCK
Pltteburgh, August 10th, HU.
Pioducers and Refiners of Petroleum,
wet ALBION OTh WELLS, Vamp couckty
&ad BIIILLIANT WOUKB, Negler. Eon.
Office, 172 8 174 WOOD trruarr,
Orrit't or To. Cony QOARTZRBIARTIR,
Washington, I). C., Nov. 23, 1863.
Pronoun are eolicited, and will be received at this
offtee for the furnishing of Cavalry Norma, to Do de
livered at Washington, P. C., St. Louis, Mo., and
Chicago, 111.
The Bore. to comply with tho followingaperiflat.
lions, viz: To ho from fifteen (15) to unions (10
hands high, from floe (5) to nine (b) years old, well
broken to the meddle, compactly built, le good Oceh,
and free from all defects.
. .
The ability of the bidder to fulfill hts agreement
must be guaranteed by two-responsible I emus,
whose Migmatite" most be appended le the gnetatifees
lie proposals will be eutertaltied unless thaoatb of
allegiance orthe person or pommel . blading be '
on tile in thin dace. . • -
The responsibility of the guarantees moat bathos's.
bf the &Metal certificate of the Clerk of the nearest.
District Court or of the 'Crated States District At
Proposals must be addressed to Lieut. Col. C. G.
SAWTELLS, Chief Quartermaster, Cavalry Bureau,
and be' endorsed on the envelope Proposals Ste
Cavalry Ho r .. agreeing with the above specifics.
t lons will be an
in open market, at fair prices,
at th. Mowing places, via Nrw York Olty,Albary,.
Bonk. and Nocheeter, N. Y. i Plttsbnlt i Anaina,
Columbus, Ohlo , Norton. Masa -. LAujitus 220 .4 Pad
'Madison, Mts. o_. O. OAm 'CMG IC,:
Lieut. Col. and Calor 'torte:muter .
AA, 0),000 poplin Broom Iladdleb
bo boxes Hambart Moab; • .
VC° pounds Ithekwheatillour
Foy tale by 3DW. EII6ZELTOII.
hoer DIr.P.II,IIENT, ). i WFUNGE.M.EST.—....
Washington, November 21, 1563.1 and after ILONDAY, 'No.
The Department vent, net il the 7.1e7 DAY OF RE. 'ember 16th, IS6A-PENNSYLVANDODo..-
COMER NTXT. receive proposal. for the delivery EA 1L1105.0-NINE DAILY TpAl265.
at each of the Navy Yarde at Porumouth, N. /L; The TILGOVGII Accommorivnom Tun
Chavieeturu. Mate.: Brooklyn, New York, end Phil- lea,. the Passenger Station daily. (except Sanday,)
adeophia of the following detaibed side armor, at 5: 50 a. at., roPping at all Swims between Mte.
etringere and deck plating for one vessel at each burgh and Philadelphia, and nuking direct coon..
yard. The proposition may he eeparately thr the lion for New York and Philadelphia.
aide armor, nritoote, and deck pieties, and may le The THROUGH 114110 TRAIN leaves the Pal
ter one or more roue's, but it rout embrace the onger Sullen ever/ num Leg (except Sanday,) at
whole of each description of iron for a vessel; that is, X. 50 a. m., stopping only at princlui emit. , and
the deck outing, the stetter., or tho•ide armor making direct rolitn o c 7loo ° at Barrio leng Sw Bsltl.
may he bid for .parately. more and Wialdngton, and fer New York via Pliftee
DECK Avalon. delphia.
.Th . e THROUGH EXPRUeS TRAIN lama dafty at
Eleven bendrel (1,100) wrought iron plat., moro
co- lam tut (10) fest ) o., thirty-two (M) twice wide, 4•.5 p. in, stopping only at principal...ions,
direct connection at Ilarrieburg for Imitint i o=
and one end one-MI( ON) inch thick.
A portion of thew , ltaill be sheared to snit the _ W. ", n p := a ' a'n ' t.u.. aar l ' iaar York air ` a l ". ' a wn rents
curvature of the Od line of the vessel; she, to At "'-
The' FASI P LIICE leaves the Station daily (except
emend the turrets and hatches, RI Whichjlans will
~....„. ihmdey) at 5:35 p. at., stopping only at principal eta
l'• fa raadrad a ' ttaaaantrnat° "' T° b° the clout, connectin at Harrieburg for Baltimore au 1
1 . 44 an" and ad f aa M usa . s t rat a kt c and F lattad Weaninghm, an d at Phil e delptda for New York
tr.. to th e ni.O., glean. Tim whole to be do (vexed ACCOMMODATION TRAIJY&
within ten (10) utooths from thedato of contract. The Johnstown Accommodation Train leers deli
WROUGHT IRON STRINGERS. (except Sunday) .1 310 n, an, stopping .t aft Station.,
Threetheretrand add tworty (3,COO)lineal feet of Iron arni running u far n. e..,,,..„„,,.
drinura, eight 09 thaka• "'U ntra ' earePtrat ' ha atarn rim Accommoiation Tra m for Well's Station
and stem, where they will nape:coon way for the in ., daily (except Sunday) at " a. in.
length of about forty (40) feet on each odd of the ter Second Accommodation Train for Wallet Station
eel to about . three ( 3 ) Whet. Thew , I tria lf a . „,." ta ,,,. 1. leaves deily (except Suday) at 11:40 a. ro
le length twenty-theta ( M) fr et , lo d e ( 6 ) "...M . "' Third Acconinextatlon Trate for Wall's Station
rod. to be tltt°d together with a T rn*° arar V k on, leaves daily (except Sunday) Si 3:50 p. m
(I) foot m
'g` ° " -katt °I. tkrararPlat° be taken from Fourth Accommodation Train fur Wall's 51.1105
the end of each. Theta willba fonr.nuerns of these leaves da i ly (aims Sunday) at 6.101 p . m.
t - roger. oil tack side of the Tenet. TO he Wade of The Church Truitt leaves Wail's Station every Soo
the beet Iron, sods and edg..allure sod istreight, , day m 2:05 a. m. ; returning . hares p iva b ai .o m
true to the sires given. The whole to be delivered in 12 . 43 p . m..
eight (8) months from,tia date of the contrart. ReturnincTra . dtcs
. arrivo In Pittaborgb as follow, t
SIDE AR/10R. Baltimore -.-...-.--....----.....12:50 p. m.
One hundred end fortyesix 040 plat. of wruneht pima yni p m a .
iron, three (3) inches in thickness, of the Atilowloit Fast Su m .. *-- .- -..—. I:30 a. in.
length' and widths, •Ir. : Throne, Mail Tral..---.----...-. 1:00 a. m.
1 plate IS feet long by 39 inches wide. Johnstown Accommodation ... . . -.----10: 05 a. in.
23 . 15 " 39 . First Wall's Station Accommodation..-_... 5.25 a. ce.
I " 10 trot 6 filches hum by 33 inch. wide. Second Wallet Station Accommodation—. 6:35 a. at.
2.4 ''"
13 " o 33 " Third Wall'. Station Accommodation--- 1:55 p. in.
2 16 " •' ~2 YS " Fourth Wall'. Station Accommodation.. - 6:06 p. m.
1 o 14 " 2 " . 39 " Baltimore Express will arrive with Philadelphia ,
fa " 7o 7 o " 4t't . Ex tan. r n neea at 1. - 'h3 p. co. on Mondays.
1 " 7 •' t% " " 45 " Mr Blabwrillo and Indiana connect atl3latta
-1 " 7 " ota ".. 45 " rile Interaction with Through Acoostnadation,
1 " 7 " ti,.. " •' 45 . Johnstown Aeoommodation and taros Train East,
O .. 7 o 0 o ~ 43 „
nd with Baltimore Liven. and /out-wawa Amen,
11 " 7 "5% " " 46 " nodntlon West_
2 " 7'• 51. e o . 4.5 Trains for Member; connect at Cresson with Ex
" 7 " 6 1 4 " " 45 " prow Trains and hail Train Weet, and with Through
7" 6 “ " 46 '• Acceremodatien and Express Tnint Test.
7"4% " •' 45 . The public will find It pemtly to their interest, be'
7" 4 " •• CI " I going East or West, to travel by the Pennsylvania
7 611 $3,4 , 01 10 V. .1
Central Railroad, u the 0CLOMILIPIOLIOn• now eft red
' 7 .. a " .. 46 " cannot be rapeseed on any other route. The Reed
I. I.ll.ted with stone, and is entirely tree from dust.
We can prudes safety, speed, and comfort to all
who may favor this real with their pnlirOenge.
~ 7 - .q 45 - FALL:
To Now York ---.1112 SO To Daltimors--111 00
• " 7"iy - - 45 " To Philadelphia-- 10 40 To Lumen/ -.-....
.8 SO
: : 7 , '. • 1 1 $ • ' • t 4 , t
s e • , To Harrisburg..-- 766 .
checked to ail tattoos on the Peruesylva.
" 7"1 ' " " 45 " . tile fbntral Railroad, and to Philadelphia, Baltimore
" 7 " (P/ 0 " - •• 43 • and New York.
7 0 1 ,e " 45 " Passenger; porthesing tickets in the uses will be
1 •• 7 o •"
45 . " an exam, according to the dietauoe traveled,
2 " 10 " o 25 o =Out to the station tat®, except from station.
1 o 10 . 2 „ 32 „
whore the Company has nu agent.
The whole of the side armors to he med. from the NOTICE.-In a ., e f loot, the Company will bold
lest iron, elide sad edge. to be square and stra . glat t themselves responsible for nsonal baggage only,
and planed true to the rim given . To be delivered and for an amount not eocooatng 11100.
in c Ina (9) months from the date of the contract. N. 8.-Jan Omnibus Line hen been employed to
convey passengers and baggage to and from the Dee
The whole-of the Iron to be of a quality that will „„m. at a charge not to exceed 25 coats, for each yes
bear • tensile strain of twenty.tirer (tN)United Stat. 'iMii im . mi d b.cgage. For tickets apply to
tens to the square inch. J. STEIVART, Agent.
No bid. will he received except front parties haw. At t e a , N am yh an i a c enrm i Railroa d p
leg establiehments mamba of doing this/ work, and Station, on Liberty and Grant street. - " i=
their eetablblaments witi he examined before a con
tract will be awarded.
Particulars will be given on applicitlon to the
commandant of the Brooklyn, New Yea. Nevy Teed.
The contract will embrace the usual conditions,
and the Department reserves the right to teleet any
or all the propotals that may be made under this ad
vertisement, If 1n its opinion the public Inter-eta re
The proposition mast state the price per pentad for
which each class of the iron will be delivered in the
r.pectiee navy yards, and awn be accompardesilay
a guarantee that the puttee will execute • contract i
if awarded to them.
Nor'_-The aide armor for each vowel will be dou
ble the quantity of each mire above named, that le
two hundred and ninety-two (292) plates en narrater.
Wsahlsgton s Nov. 121, 1853.
Sealed Proposals will' le received at this office un
til 4 o'clock p. m. on the l&rn OP DECEMBER
NEXT, for MEATY PROJECTILES, tole delivered
in the following quantities, at the undernamed Ar•
weals, : •
.2,000 15.lnch battering shot.
2,000 6-inch shells.
3,000 10.lnch shot.
G,OOO h.-inch shells.
. .
1,000 tr.-inch battering shot.
1,000 15-loch shells.
000 10-Inch shot
1000 14-loch battering abut.
1,000 %batik.
10,000 104noh
8,000 10-inch
1,00016-Inch tattering shot.
1,000 I.S4nch shells
-6,0X) 10-lach ebot.
3,003 104neb
2,000 10-loch shot.
4,000 In-inch shells.
TON, D. C.
1,1010 11. Loch bolstering ehoX
1,100 ISlnch shells.
4,000 IS-loch shot
g,ooolo-loch shell&
The Perskietille are to be made of the kind of
metal, and impacted after the rules laid down to
the Ordnance iftnual, with the exception of the 16
tech battering abet, which are to be made of gun
motel, of tensile strength, ranging betwern 28 4 000
end 80,000 ponds to thirsguare Inch, and these moat
tocad from a nomberatory or air arnace. •
Drawings of all tho projectiles sea be seen at any
of the arsenals where they are to ho delivered.. The
projectile' are to bo inspected at Om foundry where
met, but mum be delivered at • the various
free clamp for transportation or handitri,Zt.
delivered at the arsenal. Deliveries moat be made
at the rate of not les than Are per cent. per week,
of the somber of projectiles - contracted for ; the first
delivery to be made within thirty days alter the date
of the enamel, and any failure to &Hem at a *edi
fied HIM will subject the contractor to a torteiture of
the number he may fail to delirer at that time.
Separate bids must be made tor each kind of pro
jectiles ; and if any bidder mimes to deliver at
different amenalsoreparate bite Mat be made for
each hied at each place.
No bid will be considered from parties other than
regular 'founders, or proprietors of works,. who are
known to this Departmaatto be capable of executing
the work contracted for to their own establishments.
Each party obtaining a contract will Ds
to enter Into bonds, with approved meths=
faithful execution.
The Department racemes to itself the right to re
ject any or all bids, If not deemed satiefeceorp, for
a 0
- will be addressed to nrlgadier General
GEGiki. D. DANSAY,•Ohist of Ordnance, Wait.
Widen, D. 0." and will beandbmed "Prepoul. ,r fur
Heavy Projectiles." GZO: D.
noldeceitd Brig. Oen. Chief of Ordnance.
wAz DErawmcir,
Waehbenti, Em.lliq@EL
That portion of the thriving !tetra:Gement Mich
relates to &WM Datterink Bhot; is withdrawn for
the prelim& GEO. D.IthIEHAT,
reeiftwodtd • Brtg. Gen. ChM. of Ordnarm
Dutrry Queurmserts&Cfmrsuet,'s
I.lll~,_Deo. 1, OlTI . " J . _
1 000 trl S. 76i i. Prt rh ee ittki will
06.1.., zqt.ittbw.,:a &lin e rjugt
Pittsburgh, 114, OLe Morita spodF,' sound, Urge'
site Molest= Asir to itiolt Yerfre Cid, • -
Muse mules meet he tar crier; sottnd enrery
'laude ugh.
gnu be d leed Pe lLti j orT i = red or mars
et the option the bidder. If any bidder intends to
bid on more than one lot,s separate bid will be offered.
Lot No. 1, to 3 mule, to bodell4trod ool2tb Dee.,1803:
8..00 " • " - • 113th "
' 1883.
3, •
280 " " • 191h= 1883.
" 4, 200 " 238 " 1863.
" 8, 2 200 " 20th " MM.
The mules will be inspected by • compstentinapse
tor, and no mule will be Inspected that Is not well
developed, and corresponds with the nodes in thin ad
vertisement for stem formation, volt condition, and
frre.from defects. .
Proposals must be marked "Proposals for
and marked hudde the Number of %helot virt l M .
bid Is Wended for, and addrcesed to I,t.thl. 0. - Dross,
Deputy Quartermaster, General, 11. B. A., Pittsburgh,
Tbo ablllty at the biddey to all the contract, shindd
It be awarded to blinormet be guaranteed. by two
responsible persons, whom signatures rarel be ay.
The - Yeepooal illty of the iguaraatora meet be shows
by the delcial cettiiittite bt the clerk of the Dearest
District Court, °Yet the United Statei District "At.
Bidden must be present in .Peencerwhen the bids
an ripened, or their proposals will-not be cusWidoired,
Booth equal In amount to half, the sum to,lesre
coned on the contract, signed by the content on irid
both of his parent., wfitlieutspitreiref the goo
reashil MAW RPM . , the .eantraet.
bond must sccompany the contract, it will Ise =COO.
sary tot the bidders to 'NM - their bondsmen . with
them, or to have bonds signed in anticipation and
ready to be produced when the ronttect le sigteid,
' Fon% 41 arterciater:
Wo, —, of the Meirity et—, sod Sian of
and of the county_ of ---,and State of —, do
heby guarantee that - is able to fulfil ncontracty
in accordion with the tormatof his propoieltion, and
that, should his proposition bencrop - far !Wien. in
once enter Into a sontrant_thezawlth.. Should the
eatrast be awarded hire. we 111111 prepared totweeme
[ To this guarantee most be appended the eclat
certificate gibe. meaticrtintr --
Prepasata Pram disloyalpartlelarli net be roast&
nred, and an oath of. lance be required of
soccesidal bldikra before contract. .
The understand nosenrits to..
Waal,. the, rtgbak
reject anjoi-ell liddt that he may deem feold‘h.,
Paysteat to be made open
_the completion of the
rontract or so mar ttarmaterris the. ntellersivid
&Ltd Pant. Cot. aid P. Q, IL GeateraT.
~..~.r~. ~ ;ra,~,.5:~-...'..',a~..ta~3~',a'~G'~.T~ ~'=aa?ti
LEVEL AND,),„.„.r„,
PITTSBUIIGH •.".7:J•2#11
MONDAY, November lath, li
the Depot of the Peonsylvsn
burgh, ail folloa - a :
Pinaterroh and Wheeling Line.
Leave. Pittaburghl 1:45 a na.l 6:20 aR. 1:45 p. to
do Wean - 111e. 4:10 " 8:42 " 4:05 . 4
do Strubenr'e 5.10 " 0:45 4 . 5:05 4 .
do Wheeling. o:tri " 11:00 " fad 4 .
Anima Dellair... 6:20 " 11:15 ," 1 6:50 "
Connecting at 'Steubenville and Beth& with Stee•
benville and Indiana Railroad end Central Ohio Bail.
mid for laroviik., Newark, Columbus, Xenia, Day
ton, Indianapolis, Cincinnati. Louisville, Cairo, St.
Louis, St. Joseph, and all point. west and southwest,
and et Wheeling with Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.
Pittsburgh and Wert/and Line.
Leaves Pittabargh,..,___........ IAS a. m. Mb p. M.
do Wcllsvllie.....—.-.... 4:30 " 401 "
do Bayard 5:56 " 5225 4
do A11iance...—.....- 5:55 " 6:15 t `
do Ravenna.. 7,40 " 6e.511 44
do Iladeort..-... —._ 8:11 " 7,8) "
Arrives at Cleveland " ...- .... 425 " 8:40 . 4
Connecting at Bayard with Tuscarawas roach Sir
New Philadelphia and Canal Dover, at Alliance with
Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad; at
Ravenna with Atlmitle and Great Western lISIIIVIII
for Warren, Greenville Meadville Union, ConTi
Jamestown and Salamanca; at Ilutiedit with Cleve.
land, Zanearille and Cincinnati Railroad for Akron.
Cuyahoga Falb and Millersburg, and at Cleveland
with C. .6 E. R. R. fbr Erie, Dunkirk and Buffalo
with C. ilt T. B. IL for SandusVy, Toledo, and also
with steamers for Detroit.
lambentrille and WeiLmille Accommodation leaves
Allegheny City at 3:00 p. m.
Returning trait. arrive at 10:00 a to., 3:50 p. 'w.,
Erna p. m. and 2:10 a. at.
Through Tickets to all prominent points can be
procured at the Liberty Street Depot, Pittsburgh.
GEORGE PARRS], Ticket Agora.
Arid at Allegheny City.
A. Q. CASSELBERRY, Ticket Agent.
For farther Information apply le
At the Company'. Oflice in Freight Station, Penn at.
'NT.--en end attar
.63, Trains will hale
la Railroad, in Pitts-
Waishingtan City, August bth, 1863,
Wntaxas, By satisfactory evidence presented to
the undeoligned, it has been made to appear that
in the County of Allegheny, and State of Pennsylva
nia, bas been duly organised under and according to
the requirements of the Act of Congress, entitled
"An Act to nerd& • ISatiorod Cadency, secured by
• pledge of halted States Stocks, and to'provid• for :
the circulation and redemption thereof," emoted
Yebraary 25th, 18f3, and hes compiled with ,litho
prodaions of said Act required to:be compiled with
before commencing the business of Ranking:
Now, therefore, I, Henn licemsocn, Comptroller
of the Currency, do hereby certify that the said
county of Allegheny, and State of Penusyleadas is
antbssrixed to commence the business of Banking un
der the Act aforecaid.
ess-, In testimony whereof witness. m=l
lanSaind !col of office, this sth day of
Comptroller of the Currency.
Camay, tfe4o 0,000000, with pririlege to Increase
to tp,,.44.110,
The Pittsburgh Trost Company baring organized
under the act to provide • Nat woe' Currency, tinder
the title of the FIRST NATIONAL DANZ. OF
PIETSBOXIGII, would resisciloily offer its services
for the collection of Notes, lersits, Bills of Exchange,
in., receive money on deposit, mid buy sod sell
change an all Parra of the country.
The traced which has atte nd ed the Pittsburgh
Trust Company, deice Its arganlmtion In 11352, will
we bellsve,•bei es sufficient guarantee that bnsiness
entrust* to the new orgatiization will rendre the
same prompt attentlem.
Having very extensive congspinidence with Banks
end Bata of throughout the country, we bet Jere we
icon offer unusual facilities to thee, who do busineu
with gra.
The badness will be conducted by the Name Ofßeers
Mfd Dlrectore.
.nazoroas :
Jameladeatti, Alexander Speer.
Robert 8. Hypo, French G. Balky,
nom= Bell, - Alex. Bradley,
Thomas Brightman, 1 Samuel Rea.
Wm. K. /Umiak, ,
JOHN D. SCULLY, 411.14.1r.r.
Atognit SG, 1863.
pun= Suet!. •
Open daily from 9 to 2 o'clock, also an Wednesday •
and Wortley erenlnp, from May let to November
lit, from 7 to 9 o'clock, and from 'ft etemb:2 let .
May lit from a to 8 o'clock.
tinielltta [Metre& of all rental not la a thin •Oes
Dollar, and a 5/IN of ths profits declaredlutce a
rear, is 7nne add . Dommber, interest bar beets
clued altil*to ll ll, ll ,./. Jane =a Dec.mber.. dace
the Bank wee organ mea, at the rata of sit, er comt '
a Rtltzete If not drawn out, I, planed to Chi:credit .'
of the depositor en principal, and bean the SS= tqr-•
tereet from the Arsi dip of June and December, cow
pounding twice a year without troublhig the &pool. -
to to cell, or even to present bit pus book. At this
rite money will double In Lela titan twelve yearn
Booby -containing the. charter:, By-Lamb
end liesnlatione, fumbled Trefle,nn. allittelloo
the ace.
Panntonii.--01201 1 0 21 'AtßiEr.
John, B. DlCYadtlact,. ' ;Irmo M. Pennock. -
John Whim, John Ilanoltall,. '
Afrzander Spier, Jim, B. D. !Utak.
Benj. L. Tabneeteck, A. It. Pollock, 91 . ,'1b t ,
James ktrAnky, 11111 Burgwie, ,
/amen laardama, MMus J. A ude n..
Peter A. iaacfrae
Natter P. 911ustmll. -
Sohn Orr, .
,Itobart-Itobbi! " 'T
Itensi leJ Rtati2r9iti
Jame, SltbStr,
John U. Stmenbcgorefv
P.:- . 24 1326 1f , ' - ..'.
AlasenderTMlW ,-
VanktrV, 3
:4HW: t, „
Calvin Adaron,
John G. Baekenn,
Jelin 0. Biro Sky,
tiona34l.enihit, _
Chnilen A: Colton,
WEllass K. limn,
, Peter IL flanker,
Klehnni Kam -
Janes D.; Belly,'
and tor tab by