The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1863-1866, December 04, 1863, Image 2

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~- t 1 .., 'v `•-• '''',' 1 10,11 Our Pibari
' ' - Ate '''''. ' :..4' y , ners are not Exchan g ed. I,
i tt ~ ~ It
.1 stilrg Rktit ti..
ID__ __ft: . ~. ,Ine pe rsons may possibly even Tet. 1 General ' • '
Punter uteri ' --;
' F ., - .
rhit;e?:c e o n nan . G tm an ie tt ate l s i. , , a fo '' o - w- t ,
" .... iir'4ll7.l6lll.lSialig"l4•
..10.1"E RT IS E- 1 5110,.1 - 713. • NE Ir .111PPENITISIEXIEXT S.
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t d t'-''' , . --, - ':,-:. - .7 have miaglvirtget tie to the proptiety ef the log facts mai:muting this noble Arkansas pa- , T r.ij:,„, !b : - ... ST- A 't . • n r ,,,,,,,,,,r, or £3ItOLLNISit , 1 LINTYSEVS
?- 4, 1 fits - ran , Or row , ' a- I .
Mined manufacturing businete, in. ow • ...•, - CI'S . Pr.,. Manaters 02Ree, CM Fremil St,ei, ,
8 . RIDDINB it 00., , refusal by the Government to accede to the 'riot ' mobil operation. A 'utile Mother/A, Pa., December 4th, twat I
ZDTIOSE AED.PIII7I433Ms. ' demands of rho rebels, regarding the terms General Gantt is one of the leading men in ! d 44 15 ' CUTID3 ' " " I ' 3 ' s°Na ' '' I L 3t4r14.4 u • THE SECT: ETA Til le I , TliF. T ROAM nII t •
Arkansas, and wields a very extensive In- SPRING WAGON.--On SATITRDA V
-,....—......-. iof exchanging prisoners--not understand- ye ,
.. r
;;;,;„,;;;; , ;
~ ;;;,: ::, 0 1 : :. ;
kj i iImIitKI,{TE(:Ts,,ITOI,Nr. 1„,)11.:„.,T,11,E,,,..E. NtieR....(1L1,e...-
fluence in the State. lie was elected to the
...... .. .. :::::::::PEC. 4, / 85 g• 1 •f oll y I MORNING, Dec. e t a , at II o'clock. will be sold, pupolor Lwe Sal• et Pat, 'ma mall ten day. am.. with Coe al. No. loi from the Provost Slionbal
_____,...„.........-...--- _ ---_., i ing and clearly what those A lemands . Federal Congress in 1860, by a very large at tay . comm_ vrvi.-.l_Selee Rooms 64 Fifth street, one
" ~ majority, to succeed Rust, and would have 1r„,,%-'.... spr i ng wviSsin• Dv'. 7 1.. , 'lli.. v.. . , , . . ~„,. District, by rem.. of
4 iirltallty 01 the Democracy." i and terms were—we think the following or. i t .. , eon, . ~. ~,,,,. ,I, ‘ ,„4. r .„.„,,,. „„ G y,N ER , t; St o . Geontal, to all person- improperly enrollr.l in tht.
DANIS A SIcILWAINE, Auet'rs. 1 SLR II Ito?. 41. L. T .. , II v0at0, , ,.. ,•• .110, Ow ALIT-NAGE.
taken his seat in December, 1861, had not se- ' `'"'''
, riiiN.naaiiil:NrF.,
Thiel. the captioa of an article which i i tide from the New York Entering Poe/ ' cession taken place. He went out with his State I (1 II CUM(
appeared h ome dap ago, in the Pittsburgh 1 , makes the matter sonlain, that we commend and entered the rebel
. service. He was in i -I
grertlutt.'s7umJierNMLlNALTDlAl-CTIX . -.
command at Now Madrid (when Pope be I, T. W. LOngilrry, lesv. on SATURDAY. Oth inst., lier.d-r. ,I kill:Ion- of i olar, N,Arle FOUR 111 N
' ni. u 11..'r niiiiiiiiii ..! i ,i. •1...,. ~,,i,,,,”,,i i. r ,,,, I NOUTTABLEN PS* tIF AGE, or .
sch.ohT Li.
Post, and it is a very suggestive one. We, i a careful perusal of it to all who would wish •
, sieged that place) unti l four days before it s ,at 12 o'clock tn. For freight or os-,sose apply oo DICED WILLI° \ , !IA 4IC 'MEN AL REA DT SI li Thal ,, t o le r e a lloa „
h rd ,
woLS,A, will li/ear lb eir claims, , Cancerrose yo, utt •
P ted,fr the 7th '
P at' Prehenf, however, to speak
~ of ! to understand the subject.. I board
evacuation, and was second in command at , . ' 11 _ SCRIBED FUR ASP PAID INTO Tllll TREAS. ” Rona, Cutsuelll.
tell tun the nith Denneber, torlu•ive (from tan oclock esa.,Erysi t 0..., non,,,l'lm -
nothing but the caption. ! The Chattanooga correspondent of the , Island No. 10, when General Makall sate en- WANTED --A Situation in a Whole- uR) • ~,- +I) ,+,:,‘,. •,..,- I-, .....,, mahtb. Th. till one, and from two till Ilse o'clock,' arid
m. trust.. pl. on the Face. Sure Myr...Scald
~ ' CinCinTlati Gazctre says, in his report of the re- 1 Mood that stronghold to General Popo, and 1 V sale Grocery or Commission Rowe, as Eotry large - I. ohool fr at, 0 , , ..0.. 11/.1 Li, rentals no no.- fled they are well f. en . ded, wili.ll,l77Trodthat ...end lload, the
Affections, Old "and
Üby the term ‘4era"rael we
mean a eent battle : . afterwards went to Fort Warren. He has ito- Clerk or Jusistmat Dook-Seeper, and is not afraid of , i„, ,„,„„.,,,,„„„, i„,. ~„.. , or., 1,„„„ g„ ~,,,,,,,,,„„ names be stricken fro the . e
principl,ein p olitick in , which are involved ' ••Ceneral llooker met with unexpected AU FO., come oonvinced . that the secession movement . work . Can els.. well isicolualvuded. Wit". It geed ' i , i i r , . ~
a r.,,, mad, as be swept around the mountain, cut olir nod ' la not only a failure but a great crime, and _
, hood. Add.. "P. S.. DAILY Garortn." de•Plt II • . 'lna anaing ....owl-. now ormicirin o ". e d s- ra id n '' . l'arats"e'arl 161 ' .4.1-11 rdb' ilb. th °":l"47l"'.4"Vtt:ee l''''''''' 311;r7boltt'urrber16'1'11732,et'aera2trvr.f.tlane!Zehrairinhelitti''''i'IRP;a1', f i d l i v 'e"Lh er ''' Cone . •
ali t ' ittilittlitY of nail, .as set forth in ,•.•.. seemed wavers] hundred primmer.. The. fellows hid • alt psi:. ol the comp), a 111. In a vett ..i.irt fItI Itet, lii,i sr, flied. plaint, boss .-f A np.tlte. Lew Spirit, Foul Stomach
rxiMe 4 " 4 In as open and manly way and . 4- 1 T OST—On Wylie t0.... 0r Fifth streets, be. ,0_,,,. ~,, ,„..„,.,. ~,,., i,„„ 1. ,,,,, ~,,„4 „ ,1 ~,,,.„ No tiTIIIIR CLAIMS FOR EN.F.M.PTION Female COniplaint*, tigelher with all other eits.
Declaration of Independenc; his inheren t to the rock. and bush., and surrendered at &ACM- knowledge!' his error, and urges the people of , J-I
time. TlLany of thane were unexchanged men, taken , , ( """".
' "iref -' • Iti su tho. titan° moot toned land that by election err order, from au ,m pr .1., coutilltion ef too
and Ge&given righ6 to life, liberty, and the lat Vickeleurg, &flit the qu.tion lute aria., what into 1 A r k ansas and the South to retnni to their al. GOLD arEcrrActxs. The finder will Ire libonilly I '''' 4 ' Cl '" '' '"""`"" '''' ''', I ' ""' "‘" '`" '' '" 4 ' ' ile lu military ciretilutory oystem. As n general Tolle,
pursuit Of happiness ; the right of the Roo- 1 , do. with them. It Ix evident from their conduct that ' legit/MCC to the flag of the Union. He is now i rl,A v ard ile cd by Ivr , lti4 thsm?st 1 1. FREESE'S °romp, Ihrv v l'llIll .. ill• dell) • 01 5 0 .s. ll 10 "II Irn-w n that the 1,74.4,t;r7111'1,7 two g. . ~..t,,,rtre-dr.nnrewlit,de, it. effw-te a re ma. b on i g naut, and
t/I4X but'. been forced to take up arms against or, i working earnestly and zealously in behalf of 1 -I._ street . dot:st Se...n.tare of Ito Toi.astii ) haa ample :Ina metalling TO CORRECT iIMISSIONS, panto. knowing of eolith , : Lail In benefit, where
pie to govern : themselves; the lodgment of dII
\an .. appmer to Iv cUntrientiou.i in say i ng that they i t h e cause of freedom. eIHEAP FUEL.—'The Pittsburgh Gas toed perreveringly .4 no
cordiug to direction..
ouppTed they had tro.o exchanged, ea they were reoour ..-- 11l the; DM , : 'l r il
l irle l /tt , e .. (111 5 , 1
tinte,re.rslLlte;:i , ...nLils.brolt, to.rlilredlywin,!.'ltsatte„,li,tri.Lttelirdfro,
or proper
p t ,,r_ n r o .rt,, ll:
the ultimate and Supreme Sovereignty in told. . as N.-) Company will Bell CO KE, suitable for inautefac- 'cue , ccd tu I . 'wo " the o ' • • '''' v • sr th
truing or domestic purposes, . I .... per 1.4.1. Tend' , Treasury Natea, it bi almost a rertainte that : made, eg
alrid“lrh'e'irt ocTine%itlde.l7l'Trol'fricewirlYitam*te y thie ,
the gretttMe•Bli of the people, to be regularly From the beat soxce th s : t o learn that thin \
Baltimore letter says : An interoepted mail any tun worts , Or
D r , r a ti . tut c l i t t el delivered within
and lawfully orarolsed through media pre- report i t ea - r u ce::
to d .rite nodorwi m th en a l s
o, n from rebeldom hitherward, reveals a deplore - '
dealer he will n.a fled tt oorawrary, for a I na time to cane. , proper FORM: fortht.hept.murip,ottw.lll, a i y h. be p
31,, a4 ;.
J Amyl; m. enityig.Ty.Tra,,,,,r. to a.l. a lll:triad. for any tau s ha,: or vormanent 1 .h.:,.rd„,,0,-..„',.., other ig ..„,;„, d . ignae d be, , i„
re Me state of things. One of the letters from -
scribed by themselves, the chief of Which paroled not only by Gen. Grant bat. sby Loans. THE INTEREST AND PRINCIPAL OF ',tell „( which lilei .,, i hate of pert. e enrolled may be
a big man down then , to his big sympathizer F OR SALE--A manufacturing business woicn arta PA TABLE IN fiOLD. ril f end.
is the ballot-box •if it means the exclusion
, General Banks at Port Hudson, end never here, says, that official advice' from General now In suerwishal operation, capable of realising, 1 , ,,,,1;;„;,,,
.01(;;;. ,.. „. ,
;,;„, r 0,.. tun
regularly exchanged or set free. If General , , f ro m a email capital , a net profit of 075 per weak_
froicktaxotrao. social compact of privileged Grant bed suffered a bloody repulse, it would 1 ....oe to Jeff. Davis Mform him that fire' then- Will be sold low, •. the ORtler has other tanonese de- Oh. routemplar nig the formation or 11 itt Innu I i;;;‘,,,,1'ti::,rn.t.'1"...1.1“rTnim.".:.°,1 ri st . T . k :. i f d x .', 1 . , , .* ,','''':. ' M '' ''''
sand of the rebeetroops are absolutely with
alesisk ' and 'of die 'right of one man to have been through the strength given to ,
out shoes and barefooted, that five thousand A u pti n y g t h ,,'' P ' ci ' l " tan" " n. inA,A.IN A en, timaklog As.viatioei. a. well a . the mind. or all •e
.1, r ., Gryirey, Water street,
Brag by men whom Grant would have sent I
domineer over another; if, in n word, it is g .more are without blankets, and so on,nmning
North from N inks nrg, bad he not trusted in ' through a Fri htinl Bat of deprivotiorus. All john o.Connor, 10,1 Witter street,
the very opposittt of that form of society the promises of Jeff. Davis and other net li h intended g to stir up ; the faithful imb- L OST.—On ItVednesday evening, some- ~. ..I .-s , n that thee shoold lc. en lim, , in . u livrib. : J i seeh Frederick, 37 Market street,
In In the vicinity of the Patellae, • large Ina to this ni -t her
1, It ~ 1 11 merne be be•
tr to WI. POCKET BO with the name of the owoer on rho . i Mn.M Frederick,
67 Water street,
which is made up of one ruling class super- If Rnsaarana wik , cut uP at Chickamauga, jects of his rebel majesty in Baltimore, to outside, a nd containing obout s ri in only . A liberal petid their reaah, and
i t, ono, to a headmen , . preml• I lingh Sala, 33 \Valor ton'. i,
~. that, too, wan the result of this - unheard-of
imposed over subordinate classes, then the and most dishonorable conduct of the rebels. I smuggle into Virginia the needed supplies_ reward will lee paid for its returo to this ~frice.
de.3:11 11171, ro, IV, th , I OSIIIt With the ' hie , ..n Thine" Loan, - I Iv." 31 ...' , 34 pl. ' .
proposition is a 'Culla one; for nothing is Can we trult
.such wretches ? Ought our 1 - .. en lon tt nn. all •..I . I mol coiChi no lng., I. 5111 , .
'-Alderman Nieholsen, Grant so eel, near Ina•
Tug king of Denmark died on Nov. 15. wribed 11. al Par•
merit te treat them a.s though they
more vital•than democracy In this sense. g" *"• ' Ile is enceeeded as kin g of Denmark by the end.
I W ou ld bbd
were men of honor ? onl t not a stir , , 1 IT IS OSi PER CENT LOAN, TUE INTER ' ~,..„. ni,,,k ; Tr,i,,i ~,,,, 1,1 0 . B.„,tt,da,
.... - 4. the Pasl is not talking about that i and a bitter wrong to our gallant soldiers in ' father of the Princes of Wales, under the EST AND PRINCIPAL P.t TABLE IN COIN, Rine ! St. Nicholas ItotaL Grants , . moor Fourth.
- ' -" ' ' ' " ' ' ' I name of Christian IX. But his right to Sao-
yielding rivor NINE PER CENT. PER ANNUM, Cl Eagle irate],
Grant end Se7nd.
. . . _
'-ivris •• idsy Ilonse, 5 Rawe at , n ar C. R. R.
Coth.• pr , ....II! role a pr , i..i.. in nu coin. . National Rotel, Water Bt., steer Smitnn.l4.
- ,--”. 02 Diamond alley.
But the
kind of Democracy. It is what it calls,
with &Strange disregard of the true mean
ing of terms, the "Democratic party"—the
party which long ago allied itself to slavery,
and became a paisive tool in the hands of
the meanest and*tost arrogant aristocracy
in the world—a party made up of men who
have always been aristocrats, and who are
now rebels and traitors, together with those
who either corruptly or snobbishly cling to
their skirts, do their bidding, bask in their
patronising smiles, or share in what public
plunderr they ate pleased to cast in their
way. Such is the political edifice which is
still called "the Democratic party:' But as
every edifice must have a foundation, so
this has a foundation, composed—first, of a
multitude of Negro slaves; next, another
multitude of poor Southern whites, whose
ignorance, vices, and abject condition have
laid them ablest as completely under the subject of exchange; aril that this govern- CApt. JOSAFFI 8.111
feet of the ruling class es are the negroee ; ment would pledge itself to both eed and , notifoi , l that the elne..„
I clothe all rebel prisoners - in our hand,.
Better) . L. Td Penna. Artillery. vet. in thew Bono* at the low~•a rnt••a ottro..l
themselves. , Druptealy received until SATURDAT, to . Ild del •
I too, was refused by the rebels. ! nolS:2w January, lent.
But there as soother class whose votes j It is plainly impossible to make any (Auer i By wrder of tie. 4? nti t tsr ,I Tinawe
i Ecy,-.7.,8ATT ER YH.INDE P EN DENT d , 4 . b i D. mAcil,lThilS, City Treanor ,
w ig b e b e d t o miste d ' , this er istem.stie 1 offers than these. Bet it would be roily and
FRSIIIA. ARTILLICRY, ithe old NerliCe -' . ---- - - - -
cruelty in our authoritie , to submit to the ' 8 .,,...,.
establishmenti, and that class had to be rpo NI AN U l'A CTU REES OF HOSE
rebel demands. Not only would it neutralise ! ' 1 5 0 „,,, n ti,„,„ E,4,04 , Le‘ a 030 A, 1. Propoutsare invited and will he received until
found in the North. This was the most di- i the advantage , gained by us in some of the FRIDAY, the It th Me by tho he
. lire
verse Pad insecure part of that
. foundation.
most brilliant operations of 1 00 war, but it Recruits wantel fur this well tnown ritteburgh E i b ,,,,,y ,b,,. ~ of All loih..y. for th ,.„ ~,.
Also, • BLACKSMITH wanted for the
would leave a number of oar men at the mercy ,Battery . r'"t".l. tore and delivery:in wild city, of one tbonenwl Wet
Part of it, and a largo part, was composed of the rebels. ' They hove, according to the, - . awls
r,:i!,:r2=1,1":, r"y7=yi'lle,,7,l7l'" use . A.r. `.f t h e heat l y 7;;: ,„ 1,,Z.tb.r6ep.Ta.,:u; t i 1 , ,,,,f i>: 1,,,.
—and is yet ,eempesed—of men who " al- own account, thirteen thousand prisoners of Apply at ..17 FIFTH STREET, wesena story, to w itmtei lo t e nod to Inch hoe• complete
•Dower; a but how mans more am latiguishin" in T. N. FINLEY, Propmale b• be waled evil left with A. D. :111-rii.
ways vote the democratic ticket .'• They
I Hoc:thorn dungeon ' s, of whom They gar °
e no n2lllleollter let Llent awl it.f.Viti. Officer. dehlir
are honest enough, but so wedded to party account? Gen. Hitchcock tells us the rebels
14-01 POE THE DRAFT.—Per , uts
thatdiothing,eould persuade them that in have given no returns of a single prisoner --,.
I NEYILLR HALL.—Ttio Manes ant open 11. claiming WARM PTiDN can have th.. 11. mew,
captured, officer or man, belonging t. negro ' for new member. at each time of meeting. Ladies mad•• ~,„, b y c . 1 1,,,, „,,,„
casting a vote for 0 sonar W. WOODWARD, The Government has, and Gentlemen TUESDAY and FRIDAY EVEN
regiments or corps.
they were not walking in the footsteps of i however, recently received, by ohanee,' l-
l a N nitVr a XtiAT l'd
A lee snliatill.t,Var fl: l ti o rD A Y WM T. DU NN. S• 10.) Fifth ar••et.
Hgence of one such officer, now confined in a
id voted for Trion as ! rears, 111.111.... ell:
'hough the rebels had solemnly and y Adult. connect twenty Mt.
their fathers who hat dungeon, thungh the .
Jars:Eases. ....The party name being the raudiky
exchange him. Gen. Hitch- 1 i' - o; Lade an - d - Itic - . , . , 5, 0'- .. --4
W,... , N. 13.•- There slodild lir nd •. ~
same, they *ere sure, so far as men who conk reports as follows upon his ease .. [ Vor Chidren, ' `-'"• fillnF claims Is vrry short ltring two oilucvs ,
•• Only n few "treks since a prmaisition WAN made . riol7itf _—__ .._.____.. . heads qi farnthee, with you. dmtilw
think so little, can be sure of anything that from our side slut all chaplains held ea primmer' of '„ —.
---.V,,0/F. Sein'tVulicEnSmTutisicA._NnDo I.....OIII:kEmItS.,,AUCTION.
the thing signited must be the same, also: ‘,: ‘ ,l!". °.,',T,Luilli::, Tid°:."z,7,l-.2„:, d„ :i ir n ,50, , , , i, u , " , 1,-,;,T,- - ; ii--,;> , 1 -- V
AL- u T A. LI -17 D E A ysrgt,,=)- STOCK s N GAT
and so they *oted for men whom JEFFERSON f w el i mi ch 1 ,;. , ,
t t h h , V , 1. , ,, ,, 0Nt w i0 ., n
b r i rd o i t all i y „ il upon , - conaxe.c,,r,l:Lri.J.ol.llll",..Zry(lN:,,Enli Ortu r is . t nil Di. ;
I . D :,.. ' .J . C.I , .Ck. will I. .44, et the ' Coh;X!::is t l a 8.1::
Or JAMION .. , #Olll , l have hanged
de "'KIROV , of non-combatiint" in good faith ' ,
and recr t ir . r t il flti. Neer Tort will visit this city during the seat month 1 ,:": 1 1 1 ,, No. tt.,llfilivetrret.:
It Wll3 this blind, unreasoning devotion to twbv.S:pur,t,,
11;ziln‘t:r,:lie,,,I,u,,,.. ' voi,gair.e;s4o,,,,irt m,ouurse; and
i iat , ii , -;,,c,,losni,l,oo.ll:rrawi,Ty, t „,t h , e i ..,
;„,,,.. 10. rat a,ic,,, , , : i t , ~ 1.,,,,,,,",...;
a mere party name that enabled a rank irbv i riy " t , i on- oir;erp lt r' r lerng ,k : h 1 '' ' ''s n t "t '" •C.
vßohmpr,o.bliectiremrtirin,,r,,esti.,,m, t t, li o , rga t,. ti, a m n ,, ,l y tt e c , 7l ,. 1 ~,, , we . wr . i .,,,,,,,,,,,,, co.:
sympathiser with the enemies of the COUR- chusett;colored m.gitne'l4ll..'ul-rndit ii!iing'rgn'p'tu'riid,'":;" tained at . th" Music ;torn nf 11. iirtvsl 2 a Rm. and i , 1 ;, d d ' n r i"." - nn k : g 1 2:117,7,,,,. C :;J:, '' r. ' , ' :
prison. cot audio, •e. C. 31"11's'• ."12' 'AI do Pitt Ahurgh A C.llln..llnvOl , It. It i',,
iry, a fripmli of traitors, and who has heavily Car ir' oli ed rin n . owdhe'rnoliteth'es'lmon held, In Tl.lllllOll . ' 1 ti, .(1 do Allegheny Vali., Railroad i'i, .
of 31r. Ould's leonilar•nemptaum of the proposition n 7 -',. -.NOTICE TO sTocKitoLDE -- del DAVII4 .4 111rILWAINIS Allen.
• • •.. . .. '...- :' The Annualiloettug of the Stookholders of . - _
done all be Could do to paralyze the arm Of 1 L.ll,g.leai,r-4:-..f. thar .. f. - 1,..i,, - .;,,. ,
1 ,.. i.5r,,
..... _
the government in its groat struggle for its i every reason to believe that his particular chaphiln. the Pittsburgh & C.roiell•ri h • ''''. ..1..7. OIIYELA..._
own life, to. come within fifteen thousand I b' le bail belonged to t heco l regiment, was , wfil be held •t the 4.111ce of t A company. Pour'
4.l ' l ' i:ru e i tely withheld. Anor CiMpiILIII, MAIO had Bnilding,) Yourth erect, in the city of Pftts z be , of an order of th• Oriihans Court of A.
leghe . ti ' e '' c c oltnty, the molerslgna, Gionen ,1 thr
votes of being.olected Governor of Pennsyl - i t,:ei,ilvs,riro•nomw;iihrooiomn,ere,l7.7.nizipiiiritt.twrotii,t,b,ll,l:,a.n...d cittat;r ITLST
i 31 1 ) Ii N ei t(7 :1 , " fo l r ' ) i
fi ° " r Po p rl'°•" "sl ° . ' :reel l 'h a il t a P " uD ' I 'Celt' waits
Tra.;r/t" Jr.,
d t. e . "' „ ' Z l :
vanes. 'Xhey, poor fellows, were only " vot- st, just stutsc." electing tvvelee ' Director. for the ensuing year. of December, .t the Court House, in the city of l'ots
lio2l til IV. O. 1101/HART, Secret.'") . burgh.. metal', lot of mmund situate to 1-i4iblos Ip.
Suppose we ?Ten comicntcd to give forty . _____— , ------;
... ,.L ___ ~,,,,,,,, .. ~,„ _ _. r ,r,, ,
ins the democratic ticket," not knowing i
; thousand for thirteen thousand, how shall we - l' . "T 11 E MAYORALTI OF it LLII- f i l"g"L', , , `*'"`:',l "1 :,'" .1 i "1"."Li
that while they were doing so, they be secure that some hundreds of car soldiers ~.. - ' GHENT -Capt. Siam, Darn. at the organs r ,;,,„. •
, t „„ the e '' rrtore nr lee:. There l!is small
were stabbing their country lo its heart. 1 a tti n i to c til ha cers mi a.r . e i :o v t i tl t d io b n ac o k f ,zre m t o l a y i ,:t o s ie w m a; , . zu.c.ititteto;iootfemuany
ars L.ttataemna.,dlida:tc.orztnte
m io pe , r , ra nu t; l ug ho c re
m on n‘ a, , , , premises, and a numb, r of troll
To the people who shall walk our streets I Oity, at the ensuing municipal eine- Sale tO ' comm .n en g er at to o'clock a. m. 4,1 said day.
, agreements, t'o be the wort of rebel maligni- of Allegbe. 7
and till our tielthsa hundred years hence, ty ?To submit to the rebel demand would , . . 1". Terms cash, On confirmation of nabs.
T or ino JOHN M. YAAS. Guardian.
it will lo a, matter 'of astonishment that so be to surrender these unfortunates to hopeless --,
t h e and death; it wo.ld b° to give OP I jrE Ili; 464. E itriSiEjlEjr". i.3I{6I'6SALS F6ll PL,'i .N - K. —Prop,
vast a number were found who could do the only hold we now have on these inhuman . • -• •- -- - •• • ••, 1 .1 e are lartt..l by the Allegheny awl Perry.
such a thing in 1863, in the very crisis of and treacherous scoundrels : and how could pIMTOGRAPII ALBUM: , I Title Plank Road Cent luny, until let OF JAN CIA•
I wfoerttenacetertasuiniereerresn,itnhatthseomogibayrt
a o n f
dtheottne; ST, lied, for fur Melling. on the line of their road ,
our country's fate; but let the I:lista-inn • the best quality old INCH WHITE OAR or HEM
LOCK PLANK. The White Oak to be e feet long.
enter, for the greatmass of them, the divine- I Richmond prisons, were not kept back by t ALBUMS I and the Hemlock 11 het lng, end to be delivered ei
ly benevelent plea, "they knew not what their jailors, who could laugh. at discovery of such times and places m the Preauierii of the @aid
tfohretiyr thousand
m ,
treachery, when they once had their i road 611141 diner . renew. prone...lug will atate the
they did," or let him allow the deluded men I-
on in their own hands' kind f 4 piank they v ill furnish. the pere per thoon
to make the older apology—"the serpent be- I - A.T WIIOLESALE PILICIOS I .d foot-hoard meaure. the payinen. requirol.
whore delivered from, and the tituintitiee they will he
' gulled me, and I diV—vote. AT ablo to fuluish monthly, or Miring the coming yen.
Proposal, sesli.l, to he left nt either of the i 41 g ate.,
I Negrophobia is a pretty considerable PITTOCK'S. ~thriefivi to tie ber through the Perrysville
element in the "vitality" of which the Pool P 0., Allegheny .c r av e c rn.
speaks; and never was that vitality LOOM Pr...l,lent A A P. P It Co
. do Vii filF
. conspicuous that when Governor Somer. - v.'s
Iriencle! • :rele murdering negroes in the
streets cit - New York, burning their dwell
ings, stealing their property, and applying
the incendiary torch to theusylum of their
orphans, E That was unadulterated democ
racy of the species to which the Post be
longs, and of the vitality of which it boasts.
That suolits.mmaifestation where its largest
aggregation is found, where it counts itli
majorities by tons of thousands, and where
Its voice roan from thousands of pot-hoaxes
and brothels.
The fact Is, slavery and that thing of
which the Post speaks, and for which it
claims BO much vitality, are one and inecp.
erable. ,While slavery lives, that party
will live. If slavery triumph; it will tri
umph; and when slavery perishes, we shall
' seethe end of it; for it has no vitality but
- what it derives from slavery. When it at
tached ltself, to a parasite, to that mon
strous tiystem of iniquity, it lost all other
vitalit4; Slavery itself has great vitality
and tretetadons power, as we feel and know
to cur . :Cost at this moment; but God, in
mingbpd 'Mercy and judgment, emote it with
madness; and in its madness it rushed into
rebellion and war, and was thus made the
instrument of its own destruction; and that
twin abomination which the Poet calls the
"democratic party," but which men who
'know 4hat's what, call the Copperhead
party being but a parasitic plant ;tinging
- to the oozy walls of that dark old prison
house, .will of course perish with it. Then,
and net till then, will true Democracy
- flonrisli and become the ruling principle in
our polities; Than, and not before, will its
vitalitrbe properly understood and its
transforming power be felt by a long en.
- dwelled world.
, •
The Siege of Charleston.
A Morris Island letter to the New York
iirsisums, dated the 28th olt., gives the fol.
lowing :
"The rebel design of building a covered
way and erecting &stockade upon the tea-face
of Yort Barnum has boon frustrated by Gen.
Silleuare. The calcium light of Professor
Grasktis kept upon the nine all night, and
the rebel working parties are fired on when
they appear.' Two calcium lights planted in
Tort Putnam (formerly Gregg) • make a local
foar times as brilliant as the fall
moorit,cin the oleatust .
" The Xronsides, beside her protection of
raftfiillShich surround her on ell sides to fend
toipedoee and cigar This
is supplied
with night, This is kept revels ,
tng a l l night, and sweeps the borison for two
mi lig leSin every direction with a wide bolt of
This precludes, of course, successful.
running of the blockade."
, .
"i 4
the field, to do an act whi - ch would, we now 1
coed the late king as duke of Schleswig ant
know, simply reinforce the rebel armies by I
about forty thousand von? The rebels hold, , holstein is contested by the Prince of Angus
according to official accounts, thirteen thou- tenbarg, who has already been recognised as
we hold I duke of Schleswig and flotsam by the Goy ,
sand of our mon as prisoners of war ;
eminent of Saxe Coburg.
within our hands now not less than forty 1
thousand of their soldiers prisoners of war. ' =----------
Our goyernment has made offers to the rebels, j-
y one of which is fair and honorable, and
would have been accepted at once if the '----. !FIRS N
I ALLEGHENY.—The election of Directors of
rebels had not dishonorable intentions. ' title Bank .111 b 0 bald at the aH.
aloe of R. H DAVIS,
let. Onr authorities; offered to exchange man ' corner of Federal street and South floramoa, ?lON
for man with the rebels ; that is to say, let DAY, the 7111 met , c. httSit,EXA the
SDKs., hours of 9 and 12
them release and send to us the thirteen thou- o'clock .
A. Chairman.
sand men they held, and we would at the Caine J 011 E I IttV IN, Jr . Seey. .
time tend them thirteen thousand of their A 11gb.."' Dee. a' 1N:1. - -
mon now in our hands. This proposition theyle - 5...., ATTE:CM...C.{ VOLUNTEERS
refused; but insisted that we should release CT?' A few reernits are wanted for Dattizy L, ad
forty thousand men against their release of Penna. Artisillery,
nently motio Col. JOSEPH ROB
Pe ERrt TS. mi.
only thirteen thousand !Of courao that is . Regiment permaned at Monroe,
as garrison of the poet. By enlisting in It, all exp.
i General Meredith, our commission. of I'vzh,rirr.",bn"7,:dpPrtZer:g the acid ors
exchange, offered some days ago to receive quarters in the largest and most important fortifies
all of the prisoners from Richmond under a tion tu th country, and are thoroughly instructed
solemn pledge that they should nut be al- In all the duties of Artillery and Infantry Soldiers.
lowed to take arms unless duly exchanged r w th l,, E. :," "1.1—e4°2 to int'''. "d s:'°2 in
with the consent of the rebel authorities, with- Apply, for Information, at the Recruiting
ont reference to existing difficulties on the h t, 1 k - FA VETTE HALL, Wood street, St
- , , . _.....,,. tow Vottrt
Expedition to Pocotaligo, South Caro..
line—Rescue of Prleaflets and Con
trabanda-.A Pack of Bloodhoun ds
The following portion of a letter from
Beaufort, S. C., of the 28th ult., to the New
York Tribune, gives the details of an expedi
tion in South Carolina, to which some allu
sion was made in our dispatches yesterday.
On Sunday evening, November 22d, a !
scouting party of fifty men, belonging to Col. i
Iligginson regiment, First South Carolina
colored troops, was sent, under command of
Caps. Bryant, Eighth Maine volunteers, and
Capt. Whitney, First South Carolina colored
volunteers, to release twenty-eight colored
people held in pretended slavery by a man
named Hayward, near Poeotaligo, 8. C. The
expedition was successful. The captives were
released and their freedom restored to them.
Two rebel horse soldier j stationed as pickets,
were regularly captured as prisoners of war.
Their comrades, seventy-five in number, un
der command of a major, pursued the raiding
party toward the ferry at Barnwell's Island.
The negroes received them in ambush, and
fired on them at twenty paces, emptying sev
eral saddles and putting them to flight. Ob
taining reinforcement , and artillery, they
tracked the retreating colored men with blood.
hotende. The doge daubed into the party in
advance of their comrades, the rebels. One
hound was shot and left with broken legs upon
the field. Five others were impaled upon the
bayonets of the Union troops, and brought as
trophies into their camp.
The gallantry of the negroes on this occa
sion was manifested not merely by their bril
liant conduct In action, but by the willingness
with which they gave up the ferryboats (in
which they bad.crossed to the mainland) to
their wounded, and to the non-combatants on
their return. In fording the river, two of
their number wore drowned. Another man, a
brave corporal, is missing, and is supposed to
be hiding upon the hostile soil until he can
escape to his regiment. Six of the party wore
wounded. Capt. Whitney shot an officer,
but it is not known accurately who or what
rank be was. On Thursday last, during an
interview by flag of truce, the rebels stated
that the dead officer was Capt. John C. Cal
houn, grandson of the great "Nullifier." At
the ferry the rebels got their artillery in po
sition, and fired on the raiders. A section of
artillery was ordered up by Gen. Saxton, and
dislodged the rebels, and the victorious party
re-entered Beaufort in triumph on Tuesday
afternoon, singing and shouting."
The Campaign in the Southwest
The campaign in the Southweat has ended,
and it cannot be expected that a now one will
be commenced until Spring. When Gonefal
Grant first arrived at Chattanooga, he found
ton thousand dead and disabled mules there,
and the animals remaining were living upon
one quarter the usual amount of Corn. Tho
army was in alleost as bad a condition. It
was in the face of such terrible obstacles that ho
won his splendidvictory. But it. Is expecting
altogether too much to hope for an immediate
advance into the heart of Georgia in the
month of December. There is, however, work
Which can be done before the season closes,
and General Grant will do it well. Ile will,
doubtless, attend to General Longstreet at
once, and then ha will prepare for a de
scent upon the enemy. Whether it can be
made in the winter or not
m ainsrem to be seen,
but the enemy has to guard zen points,
any one of which it is in the power of General
Grant to pounce upon without warning.—
Washington tbrrerporidenee of tie N.Y. .F.Toening
Pow. •
P - 011LIC - JrOTICES.
oiARIEs. FOR lizew4
Book, Stationery and NOWB Depot,
A SOU feet yellow sewtoned Pine ,
nAO Parting Raffle;
2,0,10 Pumping Poles, for rgni B oa t, ,
6,000 Wagon Spokes ;
10,000 Barrel Stares;
20,1V0 Hoop Pole.;
Now landing and for sale by U. RIDDLE,
No. led Liberty street
ty Treasurer haring placed in the hands of the un
derrlgned the County Duplicate for collection, all
persons who have not settled the nine are red/needed
to make Immediate payment and SOTO mita.
G. B. BATTS, Collector,
• ... .
Offiee, Butter .t.. near Allen Lawrenceville.
BUTTER -1,000 lbs. fresh Roll;
bbl.. extra Labrador 1
BEANd-6 0 bomb. smal R 1 ,7
TURNIPS-2 0 busk. White Globe
APPLES -60 bbl..
lionelTed In story and far sale by
—Seren Building Lae each fronting TO feet on
the Pa.' side of thaPublie grare, near the near Ida,
knt lions*, In the City of A egheny.
For terms apply to GEL). A. BIDDLE,
Conrey.cor, No. 62 Diamond rt., Pltteburgh.
RIPER.-A meeting of the Board of Trails vrill
be held at the Board Booms, on Thursday, at 24
o'clock, to hear the report of the Committee on the
Improvement of the Ohio, Citizens interested sr^
desired to be present. Ififiko JONES,
President litosird of Trade.
‘,.J ESA are acknowledged to be the eery best
pee. Call and me them at the India nubbin . Depot
Nos. 28 and 28 St. Clair st J.
del Sole agents for this county.
800 bid". POTATOES, of Vega BlowyjMnee AL
Nato, &c., vartettes, for late by
na2.3 EDW. 11BASELTON. lEDlamond.
200 I B A X yp ti a N B E L f sil Li... H. BUNCH AND
10 trails new Belles, llalelur,
10 casks new Gamuts;
Just racelvecl by EDW. IMAZILLTON.
OIL CLOT .I 01 urrii! of a'
kind., fur este cheap at the Oil Cloth Smport
um of J. & H. PHILLIPS,
de3 No.. VI and 28 St. CiLair street.
353 Lib.rt7 stmt.
DRY APPLES, Nmr-250 bush. prime
in store and for We by
.3•4 No. 12 Bra atrost.
8. , d7 r._ aan Ibn - racked Butter for
ESTRAY.—Taken up, running. at large
in the city ni Pittsburgh, on the tight of the
25th November Inat,o, DAILK. BROWN MULE. The
owner is rcguested to come forward, prove property,
pay charges awl take hint liway, or be will be Sic
poocil of necordlug to law, on TtleVilly, Mr. 7 t b, 1862.
1104.3 t ROUT. HAGUE, Chief •if
WANTED.—A young man lacing
I g ood butaness reputation, and run evinitnand
each capital of $5OOO, capable of taking charge of a
not of Books, Finances and out-door bovine:re, can
learn of a rare opportunity to enter ILK partner In •
lucrative Iron &mine. fully established. Apply to
de4 B. kicLAIN /t CO.,11:12 Fourth street.
HOUSE WANTED.—To purt'haso or
rent, for a term of years. a
On Penn street. F.,11111 think or C.itionon•.
Apply to W. P LOGAN,
No. I St. Clair street.
P. O. Boa aid. d.-I.lw
J 14 Pike strtot, two entry (canto bonne and lot.
four rut's, klteheu and et liar, renting for - 8111. , per
yokel PrWe rut [1...1514 Itrown ntreet. twiwstor)
from , . hon.., watt jot feet front by ion deep, to •
19 fort alley ; poi . n dwelling hon.. aud
lot of ground on North ntley, tarp , And, twat . red.
end steel...ll-ply
de-t Crill BERT .t SONS , 51 Murket et.
110?iD WANTED.—mourn holding Compro
mise Bonds of the City of Alleghenr. Ya . are Ire-cold,
‘host that the Sinking Fund for 1551 t out he to.
: .
Thr, C..thodral
_ .
A N 01{DINA.NCE ineretuing the Sala
tif.. of Street Cnnuntegnoncn.
der I Ile aemetlathetl and enacted by the
demwsen and cltuene ef.P4naburyh, tr. Select and euhathint
Oeuncflo aesembled. and 4 Is ho,eby ordained and enaricit
by the aarharity of the more, That after the first day of
next febrnary the Salaries of the Street Commission
ers be increased from DT° hundred tO six hundred
dollars each, per annum.
Ordained and enacted into a law In Councils, tbla
90th day of Iqnvember. A. D.
President of Sclect rnunril
tirei E BI onto.",
Clerk of Select Lortm . d. oll
President of Comm. Council
At lee Ilron M'llssrsa.
Clerk of Common Council.
OS Fifth Oirrini
nmomb•r ;ILIA [Li• s• 7 rop•dor stylo of
work, mot and warrantwl, coats no .M. that (CO
mum gcrods sold elimmbers
Greateat variety and tarot be..tairal Elylas of any
house west of New York
NEW u_A-i-Lewr trrortic,
We shall daring the preeeot month, at wholesale
a fall line et
Floor Oil Cloths,
In .1..0t. 9 to 21 fbot wide.
There goods base advanced, In drat band., [Tom
TEN to TWISTY-SIVE PER GENT. within thirty
days, and ws are now selling at LESS THAN HAN%
Hrely nsw, all having been purchsasd within ninety
Apr oath, at the very lowest pieta of the year.
McFarland, Collins & Co.,
Between Post Ofsra wld Maudeb °Midterm. d.. 3
k lIIIW and beautiful preparation for
Chopped Illsuas,Llps and Rough Shin
Caused by cold or ',lady weather.
Prepared and fer gala at
Caner Otdo sad rated eine , a.
In Markel Hour, iinegh.n,
TIP. Go, rn mon I n.qiii roe all dui i... "a Imports to * Arbor Saloon, 02 Diamon- ey. field et.
u• lui.l ice coin ; 111...0 . doll., have fore long tiruo ' ilnuesue Enitioe loose,
Mayor'.Smith Office, Fourth et.. near Smithfield.
pmt t. note.: to "o•r a ihartor of a million of dol. , Johnson's drug store, Smithfield and Fourth oh
la. daily, 0 runt misty Gino* Ilia. grate than that TIIIRD WARD.
remitted in Ow paynient "f i li , int.ino 00 all the ~,,,,,,,,,,... Mcßride, 112 Fin, ...
5-211'0 ...I "oh. , la*Tomm of I...uns. So that it Is V'Distiatch Office. fitt 1 , 311 h et.
Roped that tlo. oorplo , :. - ..10 io tho Treasury, at no . '
• i ll Toro:01 boot'SUl(Grant
t , n d t h F tl i el t tl h et. a t.
.li.ttnot day, wilt nnabl, OP. l'illtoft stat , ..t to roomoo. ...j. li. n oun ), 2; Wyija: et.
,p.cie payntrott opal nil !t o m ion, Beat it Woodcock's Penney... ItVOllll4l end ti.
Th. Loan it rallod ....-It; from the fact that while ,
I b‘J'ob.itn./.ltilholland, Weletter and Tunnel Oa.
the Ils*lta` may roll f*''' .1' Yr.r . ; F" ll.° Cl'''''..l.." Duff7's, Webster and Grant sts.
liat a light to pay th.on "IT in gold at par, ..t any Case a book store, Chronicle Office.
tints aft., J )itars. W arda hotel, Grant and Beneath eta.
i llansion llouso, Liberty at.,near Depot.
VAR INTEREST In PAID B A LD YEARLY, James ilontouth, 177 limithleld et.
vie iou ti... Eno days of No. ember and Mal . ! Eli Young's, 131 Smithfield at., cos . Virgin all.
Sufis: dB,. Can have Coupon Bonds, shish are EuFl• Hite'. 27 4 liills,rlY at., brie , So'cull'•
teyabl" to hearer, and nn sm, sioo, $5OO and 3100 n i FOURTH WARD.
or Il..p.,iorrrol Bcnti. or .nl.• denomination., and, in 1411,a,',:1'i1Vi).73;;.,./17;‘.e:i4,3::1;* C U "' " I •
addition. t* , .ita , and 510,000. For Banking purtusies *Allegheny Bridge Toll liouse.
and for for Amen to :.1* Triotonoull the Itegistered i
Tho m 116.1. * B
son's r•Prery, Duquesno Way
Hand ..t. .
Bolltill are Iqvfrrabl... p European Agency, 7
Bidwell'. Plough Factory, Dilellolo.9ll Wan.
Tics.. -20'0 ran not to' taxed by Mato., cit,s, i ;Tap. Iron Works., Wayne at.
Lannahan house, 372 tents at.
Wallace's Marble Yard, 310 Liberty at.
Norris' Shaving Saloon, 293 Liberty et
J. W. Ilannatu 81 Liberty et.
too at. or counti , t, and tti^ Cotaornment tax on atom
our and-a-half ft, cont. on tbo amount of
1111 - 0030, vh , 11 it, bloom , a the. holder c... 1. Sln
Elmolrrtd Itoßatty. , annum ; all other Inve,traonto,
1. 14 ,1,0111 , fr.', Ntortgag , .., Railroad Gt , .ch and
Button, •;‘,.., mu.t pay fr.,m t.. Att. rt • r,t. tax
t the hr-nn
Bank , mud Batilt.ert throughout t r•nntrl
mtinw t...t-p'' of the Ikea , end ill ,dortt by
ttr .thcrtris, promptly attended to
The Ins nveuienee of a few day,' delay in the de
•erl of the Winds le unavoidable, the demand bring
l‘rwit ; but me inter•et commences from the day of
beteription, no lose k occasioned. nod every effort it
tug made to liminish the delay.
JAY cooKIL Subscription Agent,
117 South Third street, Philadelphia
t .dner Third and 1W..41 .Ir.+•te. Pittsburgh
A N ORDIN AN CE fising and estab
ushing the grades of lb. fallowing nutted
streets and alleys, vies Pens woe, from Clymer
Street to Taylor street ; Smith street, from Smallman
to Liberty street; Sprlrg nod Muloorry idleys,frum
Taylor toOlymer otreets.
SM. 1. De d ontdooet atnl rnactr.l by the Moyer, .4/.
dermen tied ettients Pdteleogh. to Soled had Common
Omemile aceeeibled, and st o hereby oadomed mel enacted
by the authority qf the mw, That the grade of Penn
street, commencing at the western curb lino of Cly•
mer street, shall fail 0.23 hot to the content curb line
of the same; thence fell 0.70 fret per 100 fe.t to tbe
western sorb line of Fatah street; thence NI 0.23
feet to the eastern curb her Of the same; thence Ku.
1,83 feet per lit) feet fora dietetics of 340 feet, thence
fall MO Vet per L 0 tel to the woofer,' curb line of
Thdtlor tined. The grade of Smith anted, eommene
log at the snatherly curb lino of Snullmau street,
shall fail 1.71 best per 125 fe. r to the northern curb
line of Illnlberrt thence fall 9.83 feet per 100
feat to the northern curb line of Penn street, thence
level to the southern curb line of Penn cue.';; thence
rim' L3B foot per 180 feat to the northern curb line of
Libertd street. Tho grade of 11eilberry alley, com
mening at the west. rly club lice of Tiller street,
shell rt. 0.70 fret per 180 foot towards Smith street,
fen %distance of 1:14. - -e. 1 feet; thence fall 0.70 foot per
108 feet to the emtern curb line of Smith street,
thence 10.1 to the weetern curb line of Smith street;
thence rho. 0 70 feet per lee feet for s distan. of 300
teet, thence fall it 7 , 0 feet per 100 feet to the eastent
each boo of Clymer street. The grade of Spring al
et,, commencing at the wentern curb line of Ta ylor
stre .lullo.le3i bee per 100 feet to the eastern
-orb lake of Smith otreet; thence level to the western
tub line of Smith street, thence rise 0.70 feet per PA
t for •distance of 378 feet, thence fall 0.70 feet per
100 feet to Ito. eastern curb Lim ef Clymer street.
Ste. 2. That all ordinancea or parts of ordinance*
to conflict with the since, Do and the same are here.
`1 ,7,12 . . ` .1 . and ous-ted lute a Into to Councils, this
"ieth day 740v...bee, I'. 18113,
1 / 4 31KS IdeACLET.
Preeident of Select Connell
i~lei, m rh: ttrye r
Mt,. • L. S. Muratow,
Clerk of rieloct Council.
Prod&lora of Common Lour
Attest • II von St . 3lJ-irrkk,
Clerk of Common Council
Morocco, holding 50 Pictures, $1 50 and upward.•
loroao, holding 30 Pictures, 31 60 upwards
Morocco, holding 30 Pictures,ll 50 .5 upwards
Morocco, bolding 5) Plotirrys, $3 50 and upward.
Morocco, holding 80 Picture., ti 3 60 and upwards
Morocco, hAdlog 60 Picturc.,l33 60 and upwarda
All styles, Dom 60 cent, (with gilt alp, And clasps
Th. lISST Oar« to buy Photograph Albums Is
No. 59 Fitt% 9 r Masc:de Hall
All Albums ma warranted of the best make and
Photograph (lards fmtn 50 cents per dot. upirarda.
(t 4 wod 36 Works, over lllctoardeorea Jewelry OW
Priverme, P
Of every elm and style, plain or colored, from t►e
popular Carte do Visite to Cabinet and life etas.
Mr. PURVI ANC& would partic•larly call the at
tention of the AGED AND INFIRM to the easy ac
cessibility of thin setabliahment, being notched by •
!Ingle abort flight of main. Price. moderitts. end
antinfaction suarantood. my2PcipeauTis
A large awortment of POCKET AND COUNTING
HOUSE DIARIES, for 1144—in paper, to cloth, to
roan, In Imitation Turkey, in Turkey Morocco—
with gilt edges and with marble edges—with tocke,
patent clasps and elastic fastenings. All sizes, sad
from the commonest to the Tory best. For sale el
reasonablo rat.. by
W G. JOHNSTON A CO., Slatlonetl4
.14:Saw-weals 67 Wood street.
FOB BALE.—The large three-rtory BRICK
DWELLING, No. 8 Peon street, below Hay strewn,
to offered for sale. Price } 8,6110. The holm la_ well
hunt, furnished with marble mantels, pe and water.
Large yard and alley In the rear. •ny one wishing
to see the house can enter through the tide gat. on
Penn street. JOH N WAS.
Sewiekleyrille P. 0.
& HOUSS.—Jost opened, • large stock of
Also, ENVELOPES, to great varieties, colors and
qualities, for every taste. For sale by
W. O.3OIINSTON d 00., Paper Desists,
ocltaseraners CI Wood shwa
t each.
DID - Aseitors and other public *Moors In each aub
district. and nil loyal citizens, are urged to aid In these
correctle., that all liable to duty may be enrolled,
and all take an equal chan
ofce in theadraft.
By order of the Board Enrollment.
J. HERON vont% Captain,
PIIOTOGRAPII ALBUMS I Provost Marshal nd Dist. Ps. and Pent or Board.
I &Alms
In new blight barroln, fur wale by
ATS.-100 sacks prime Oats for sale
J. M. Taylor, Alderman, 411 Penn lit
' , J. 11. Jame, Aldermen, /7i Pont, et
Daniel Herwig, &01 Penn et.
tieorge Fr, hwiDder, 124 Penn et
George Gabriel. 186 Penn et.
Lecnb 110.01, 619 Penn rt.
Stittlller llome, 6E9 Penn et.
•A. Beggs, 725 et.
A. Greenwood, 10 Pike
Jacob Fox, 441 Merl y .
ArdtaT, MO Libor, ) al
Foal.. Hill, O'Hara et.
Fort Pitt Found,
Juniata Iron Works.
Dickson, !Stewart .0 Go., 100 berty st
rAlderman Butler ! l26 Wylie et.
Alderman Davis, 11 etreet.
Hai. Old Tavern, Fulton et.
F. Goodwin, Webster and Crawford ete.
Thutiun's Drug Store, 241 141111..
Mammies Groceei Store, 10 DOMIUT st.
Price. Foundry, Price et.
Cornman i e Drug Store, 161 PenrCa Avenue,
Zimmerman'. Hoer Hall, P. Av. and Fed..
l'Samuel Barclay, 277 Webster et,
•E. R. Lytle, Grocer, 18 Duncan at.
F. Rommel, Tavern, 119 Center Avenue.
P. Shell, Meat Shop, 97 Centre Avenue.
Masi Exchange, Gram and Centre Avenue
John Feetat, Centre Avenue.
Lippincott Shovel Factory.
F. Ildgd Po., Granary, 321 Pantie A •enue.
F. Siebert, '5B. Penn'a Avenue.
Wm. Masaott. Blackamith Shop. Fauna I
and Vino
l•Tlionuie Daft, Alderman, 36 Stevenson at.
-V. Rectscius, Barber, 716 Penn's avenur
dionnsylvanis avenue HOWL, 922 Penn's •venue •
L'llloll Howie, 240 Penn's avenue.
J. H. Meyer, Grocer, 108 Penn's avenno.
Win. Smith, Tobacconist, 79 Penn's avenue
1. nion Hotel, 24A Second et.
*Kensington Iron Works, Second wt.
John J. Storer, Grocer, Magee and Gibbon eta
Jacob Grocer, Boyd's
IL•J S. Normlne, Alderman, Penn et .
T. Bosworth, 749 Penn et.
•Heron A Pollock,
n B9B Penn et.
B. Milli Plesi Mil, 953 Penn el.
9CKay House, 999 Perm st.
Iron City Hotel, Penn et. •
3l'Kee'e Lumber Olhco, Penn at.
-T. 8. Rowley, Grocer, Peon et.
Smith, Park A Co, Foundry.
Part, Brother A Co.
Outer Depot Peon's Railroad, Liberty et.
Steven Hotel, Allegheny river.
tit these places full lists of the city may be seen.
Forme for notices of names may be procuredhere.
Boaotrune.—Lists of East Birmingham, Birming
ham. South and West Pittsburgh may be seen et the
Irina, end of the Monongahela Bridge, at the Post
dikes in those boroughs and other public places.
Tow:vs:lir Lute have been =died to the PostoMcoe
No. $3 Wood st.,
Wlll boll his outtro stock of
Complete tn every branch.
0 v ercoatie gs.
Casaimeres. &c..
By tho yard cm
n our canal nurorpassed style at Coot Pries, Wog
a ridded= of at lust
From omr old rata.
I male tide • good inducement to those who win
to imy bargainnbain; donna to close out my entire
rink by the of January on account retiring
from buen Ist
a. TUB BTOE , I TO LET. of
"Ova en the to of February.
Tor miming and beautitytnic the Hat
This is an article but recently introduced lab this
country, bat has long been farcrablytnown M i te
name&of Trance as Omit only effectual
UR. It is complete within itself, no other
drawing or accompaniment of 11111 kind being now&
smy to secure the attainment of thi lb/lowing deal
table maths, other than a Mom compliance with the
I. It MN, 4. solowe's sew mmosr, rotors Ouse Hob
to Ur 01{1711.61 color.
6. It vat make it promo* Bald Sods.
h. It oat attars the /166171 a 500111 Wall. •
4. /1 will name dot Dcredrof mod Ntgasil. •
h. It war soaked.. Hair &dt_643 Glow/.
/1 yawn. Go Oriel.' Cobs to Old Age.
7. It will protest the Harftels raring Of.
6. It rat core as Dimino/ 16. EcalP.
otherot Dye ; contemn° Nitrate of Biller, or any
ingredient injurious to either akin or Hair.
Price, ONE DoLuat.
Por sale by_all mspectabls Drt=.
Oer. of Bmithilald and rowth gts, Pituar.h.
nollithommawr . _
Mr% No. SO Diamond Sty . Plttatrarkh. Pa.
lIIOHANICS' LIMB, and other Instrumento of
Writing . dowea with mamma and tegoommory.
ACGOEMte statild for Inecutots and A
`Mho to Seal &tato, tr.. momtnod and Nekorde
marched for Limo, to., ke. ockflotdida
WED Call-
for the cure of ell 3L-ee-ee eri•ln; trout •n imp=
state of the blood, such u
.E.s - ri aio N
T6o proloietor Isms ,ruttentoo rooog,h ou hand to
k rocAl t,i111111,4, tn. frtst will of
fflllthg% Of t ilkn4 ilo lIRSO 1.-n cured toy lb. Blood
Searelotr, from „lack ho *elects the collowlu;
ANT.—Sworti statement of David McCreary, of Na
pier Township, Bedford County
In April, 18.543, as near m I can remember, a small
pimple mode Its appear - anew on ray upper lip, which
won became enlarged and ems. mod Pont ice* of
wirrel, end e a we ed
,tent.virod, wunori effect.
Finding Cie acre ea lewiluv, I on ot
Sh e iniburg, who pro...aced tA NC ER, arid pro
scribed a is anti of eugar of heel mal toyed poultice*.
Eluding it. , se mu...lien of no !send, I called upon Dr.
shade, of Dm ',twine, wow rest eouniy, who *hp
pronounced the drsease Cancer, nod gave too internal
awl externel ioilies —1 he la: ier I oWliel mg princi
pally of came.: --but all to lei purpose, m thn disease
cou t jutted epread tug e nerd the loon. I next used
preparation of arwnic, to the form of salve. This
• time checked Cie,
disehse, but the Inflammation
soon lacrosse:4. I next culledupon Dr. Steller,
St. Clairsville, Redford county, wt.,. alea pronounce:l
thn Mtwara Uancer, and applied salvo, eau' to be a
never falling remedy, trot it bad on effect whatever
in checking the spread of the ...ore. In December, fa
the same year, the d/lbeh•B hod eaten away IL greats
part of my lip, and had atter bed the nse, when I
went to Cincinnati, whore I consulted Prot B. B.
! Newton, of the Eclectic M.diva College. lie pro
nounced the disease '`e cutaneous tkincer,
doted by an Inordinate see of mercur7.” Ho applied
mildrine ointment, and gave me internal remediee.
My fare healed up, but the intlarnmation was not
thoroughly removed. In Febrnarv, lbfr7, he ro,
I pounced ma cured, and I lilt for borne. In April,
the disease again returned, eon no violent was the
pain that I could not rest at night Lute In Maw n-
tanned to Cincinnati, and again placed myself er
• der the charge of Dr. Newton, with whom 1 rrIIIIIII
- until September, during which Dee he used every
y known remedy, and partly rucoveded in checithrigtite
Howse, bat when I returned boron there were still
three discharging ulcers upon toy law. I continued
ruing Newton's preparations, and also medicine that
j I got from Dr. 1..1y, lint the Cancer continued grow
; log until It had rut off the loft side of my nose, the
greater portion of my lett check, and bed attacked
, my left eye. I had given rep all hope of ever being
cured, since lir. Ely earl no could only give wile;
tot that a cure was Impossible. In March, 1855, 1 •
, bought a bottle of "IlloodSearrher, - brit I must con- •
feet that 1 had me faith in it. I was very weak Islam
I I commenced mmg it ; but I Mond that I gained
strength day by day, and oleo that the ulcers com
mended drying up. I continued, and when the third
bottle neat taken my face wee healed of if by n mire
de. I need • fourth Indite, and I have been healthier
since than 1 hove been for the Imt seven years. Al-
though my face is sadly &ado:red, 1 am stell grate
ful to a benign Providemn who has spared my lite,
and which her been done tluough the imtrarnented
: Ity of "Lindsey's Improved Blood-Searc Cl her."
Sworn and when:Red this :sled del of August. A
D. 1868, before tue, one of the Justices of the Pesos,
in and for the Itoroogh of Hollidaysburg, Blatt flu..
1 Witnew :U. J. Jests .
Personally appeared before rue, one of the Joanne.
of the Pewee in and fur Blair county, Oeorge Kopp, •
who being duly scours according to law, doth depose
and say: Two year* ago I was afflicted with pain ,
twos. the shoulder., almost ronstant cough, lone or
appetite, chills, night sweats, and very subject to
take colds. lat length became so weak that cam •
hardly wulk ; my physician dal me Do good.
time last fall I commenced
the t
ed Blood-Searcher, and by the cal oft wo bottles was
perfectly cowed. I feel safe to roc...send It to all
ho p antler from liver diseases, general debility, you
of apetite and other dlseasce arising from impurity
of the blood. I would not like to do withost it. ,
consider it an excellent family medicine.
Sworn and sehocrtbed thin 1 Gth day of
arch' A.
D. 11557, before me. .
Nora.—Mr. Kopp LI a reeldent of Frankatown, and
is well known to the clam. of Blair and Bedford
counties' ao a man of excellent character and
If there be any who still doubt that Lindsey's Im
proved Blood-Beareher has and will ram:moody mire
the meat desperate and long-standing cares of Scrof
ula, lot them rend the following and be convinced
Dr. J. If. Liming r I was aftlicted br a number of
years with a disease, said by my physiciam to be
A.c.rofubs. for the la st three years I was so bed that
I was unable to be out of my bed. I tried all Um
remedies and L
ange physicians I was able to pro
cure, without benedcial mutt. I continued
growing worse until the flesh and akin were entirely
eaten o ff the le ft side of my face, neck, shoulder and
arm. My sufferings were so great, and I wae so Ihr
!educed, that it required th e effonte uf two persons tri.
move me in bed. TM. was my condition when Iwo&
induced by the Messrs. Italston, of Elderton, to try
your Improved Blood.Seareher, which, to my great
relief, and the satisfaction of my friends, I ewes die.
covered was helping me. I continued the use of it,
I and gained as rapidly that In comdderably less than
one year I was able to go about and attend to some
f my household duties, and the parts affected were.
.11 healed up, and emend with sound, healthy flesh,
and skin, and have so continued ever since; and I
now enjoy a state of health that I had fur year. given
up all hopes of ever again being blessed with.
Sear Elderton, Armstrong county, Pa.
Augnet 8, 19'..Z.
Being afflicted with p grievous totter on the arms
and Owe.—after tryinglmmy remedies which utterly
failed to care—l was persuaded by W. M. Barris &
Co. to try o Lludsey's Improved Blood-Searcher,'
and now, six weeks after Wring the wooed bottle, pro
nocmos myself cured. The letter broke out some
thing user one year ago, on the Inside of my arms
extending from the elbows down to the wrists ; eli
on my face, immediately creel the month and chin
and continued to be a perfect torment to ma tint!'
cured by the Blood-Search• r. My arms were at times
almost maks% owing to the deep cracks sad sores on
them, Wig to bleed at any time on the least exer
tion to Ilft or work, and sometimes so Itchy I could
scarcely present tearing off my flesh. 1 have now
been cured six weeks, and feel it duo to Mr. Lindsey,
and to the public generally, to make this stab:anent.
In hew th at other. like myself may be twoefited by
using ills incalnablo medicine.
Sworn to and subecribed before MO, one of the Al
dermen in nod for the city of Pittsburgh, this Lath
day of July, A. D. 1863.
ANT.. Mc If A STY,R, Alderman.
EL7:111 . 0,, January 24th, LEND.
J. H . Liadsep—Dsor Sir: We are very near out of
our medicine ; please send us two dozen. We would
just may that your medicine has cured a ran of Sswcd
tile that ban bee. coming on for years; the flesh was
eaten off the lady. acme—you could see the anew.
working. She is at the eighth bottle now, and O.
eeeh Ls growing on very fast. Your Blood-Searcher
is going ill over the country. The people are very
much pleased with the above case. Please send us
statement of our account, and oblige us:
Tours truly, JOAN RALSTON A. CO.,
Ellierton, Indiana eta t on.
No. 83 Wood stria
AS A TONIC, it has no equal Un
like the many vile mixtures called " Bit-
tera, - it creates no false appetite, u
giYea tone and vigor to the system grad
ually and permanently.
print on tacit label Refiaso,all
J. N. 'FULTON, Druggist,
Wholeaele and Retail Agent,
No& 67 ♦ND 69 Firm STRitsr,
To whom .J order. must bo directed.
J A—NE R I L. 9011
P 177813 MON, PA.,