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    THE . DAILY PITTSI3UR: E -- • ---. G k :. ZETTE.
P ..
PINE GROE 1. , 01{. I'AI.E—ROI,I.IN ( ; Nlll.l. 1 . 1 11(
FURNACE AN'' HANGING SUCK C , tI lb .12 SAL}.-1 offer fur talc on ~ 0.4. ) tenn., no, I thee
WORK...S.-By virtue of an order of selo sem. out 14 alit ...itemise Inn W.l. km oti e- the ••litingiug P i l:1 IN l e e l)A v NI( tit ,S [NG
the Court of Common Pleas of tho teinnty of Lao- It fie Milling 5111 t e` 71,is rod It n 11031.01 01 110 n,
tenor, and Slane of Ohio, 1 will offer at pithily. sole, log Rork. on t,. Ohio river. In the beat t.. the r_ , TO I. -
it the front door of the Court liousit in Inotoo, and ILO iN region of retalttini (i.e./Up 1,10.11,1 and
On HATUIIDAY, thn llith day of December, A 11 , forty miles ale, r eincinnati, and onnitelotel , mon
1.8 1, at tho hour of 1 o'cl.k P. M., the follow mg toe ri) or, at , ...hie at all stone , , f wen-, nut tit, ie. 1
1 /...r 11 . 331 real eelefio, rigliu, wars, and enennl.o , lo, tone loweeeing facilities for telppng eeler':.r to any
eltuate in said county of Lawrence, and Mon n lie milli &boy. title nue..
tho Pine Grove Furnace Lands, Hanging hock toll , Title mill is later: nto L, one In the We-4, vinto r fie
Work*, with the Ilatirceol, in the ma of Joaipli n CAleAt' In or M . 1111111.11 I: of Minh, Leong i n
Peeblea Veranie John G. l'oeblos et el , iti out tain %)
t, to tin ly'lef.. And to the 1014 of repoir-is supplied
wit t
. , with 1 OA 1,, devertel In the IN 1 Li, wahout nil)
ln township two 121, range newt , . , I:), eolith- !noble whounter, except unloatling It from ears.
owt giaarter of eectiou eight ill. south half of station Three Is connected pith the property count 5 aerie
al. (9), east half of 00.000 tie, m (111 whole of sm. of gruitiol, and 12 dwelling lioume, all e abet 'lie
tion ten (10), rata half of motto...quarter and south- hunts++! yards of the mill. Alan two mills of pad
esst goat - tor of emtunt 0101.0 (lii), w holm of en-eon water clone to the mill-te supplied oeth tone liloory
seventeen (IT), east half of north treat gnarl., worth- no 10110111,1 1
mat quarter and south Ind( of an tiou twenty-two 5 double Cued b0i1..., 25 foot litho, 12 loch. In di
(211). And in township too 121, rite, eighteen .I• ~ ouster , I lever engine, eight foot stroke, 3,03,, inch. ,
the following: West holt of rout, met qua/ ier of diatnett•r cylinder; this engine drive+ mock mill, heri
motion uigh.iri (18), soutleeert miarter of southe.t t mill, t noir :toll, small mill, refinery Illet, ethyl; ;
quarter of motion (no, southweet quarter of netion t Morita at. I atheontre. I slide valve engine, 5 foe
soventer 117), wholo of boohoo tie, vreet hair of en-. : ntrol.e. 2'_',f. trodiee diameter, driving holler plate in 111,
Lana OW), mut half of south... tat quarter anti shoot loth. heininer and shoes shear.. f doctor co. ;
half of northeaet gloater, and west halt of uortheeet glue 2 (tot .t role, 11l holiest dionioter, din., tale. .
quatter of soction twenty (00,, west half of motion, grind slot., lea- and etnall mill sheer., and Interne I
quarter, and oast half or mottles,. quitner of sec- oil the water for Ow mill owl helloes.
Lion tvionty-ono (21„ whole of sectiou thirty )7,0, , Also with lu to Meg, 3 heating, 2 sheet anii I bite, r I
west half of nectitio twenty-nine Ml,north. est. plat.. lii r ttttt ie. Almol
eith and re teen tee elite, 0 it h
quarter of motion twenty-eight (28), wleole of fortiori all the naciessary thole..
thirty-one (31), went hole tomb half, caret halt of . TI to eels to take It o • tit ile• il ti rof the kon-1 '
northmst quarter and gnarl er of eei ion I lon-, in Ir .1T 1••0 . ‘O, •.110,1,1, 1... , I 0) iT, 1 , 1..1, 011
thirty-two I. 111). In I nonslip and ratio. , 10, the 1..:. ~ t l, I, r. a e. it. HEMP F 7 1..)1 , . I
lowing: Etta half' f porno -Ott goon, r, not hut AI t. riniy 1 , r Mary .. It T.l, .t ad.
and eouthwoet goat ter el ioc.l ton 000 11., x. , 11 11 1,.,11 lin, ~4 11.. k. 5,•r.. I •'.) tt te-.
id metion two (el, ra..t bait , -I ...oho ett plat ter ot
isectiorr three (.1), anathema quart ir of Lion lio•-t , Ili SA I.l r ..—Two suporior l • vlinder I
quarto; and northeast Touter of en-lion ten ie. , It. , )ere, et• in. he 1 ionivier, 30 fro: b'' ; ;, mode
north half, north half of sonthr.t quarter of sir- ~,,t 3.,, 11 „ ~
e ‘0 ,, , „.,,,,,, h e l , „„„ beodo 0 1, , h , e. „,ii.
lio n
cloven (II), also part of northeast quarter of ' I te nom. t ae peel e. 0",,..
eouthw.t quarter of &cotton eleven (11), that is toga; I Also, One Por mho. hog. ond Tultolnr 15 a, of
commcmg at Gat , centre of said Wave, TOlllon4 .1% bor.e pin or, b .11 cy 1.1,11 - end le in h i•
t , 1,..
thou. moth m degireos and 30 minters west, 17-20, I This Loewe hoe hired i lie wool slime,. eottee 1 i t., r.
choke, to a stone In the northeioa coiner of ii lot of , and is admiralty n.TOT 1..1 10 thus kind of o ork . or
land, formerly by John Complete!, then. south I di- t sawing 0 teal for loconettin s.
glee and 10 minutiae w.f., 19.32 chaos to a stow , ,o ' Alm, One Engioe, heavy lon In-I iitote. I I int ii
the .1009.1100 of told Campbell's lot, from which a I cyltodyr, 30 inches atrokel next, with lodate 0 a al,.
Leech 18 inch. In dhameter boar, north 11 Metre.,. eoeoroor. Well %/tattled to roll a plot 11,01 or ...I
mat le link, and a dogwood three Incites in Sextette pop n et,.
bear. north Illilegrees and Without. east Hoe° links, I E,,,,,,i re o , R. 51. 11nLE:e.
thence north $9 deg - roes and 55 minute” east 17oat i .rnor Point Alley lad bitquestre n ey,
chains to a stono on the east line of tho south , yet 1 onlo.lni 1' ithaurch.
quarter of sold section, from which a beech 24 inch/. 1
In diamoter bears north 61 log-c. east 33 Ilethe, mad 'A RA RE CIiANCE Ft )li. Ls vEsT.
a oheetnnt .k 4 'nob s in diameter bears uorth eh ei ENT.-We ~ r r.., 13 r rho no too large and
deg.. cast 9,50 links, thence north 1 degree and ;0 , ~,,,,, ,„
minute mat 19;47 chain. to the place of hoglntithg.
And In township One (I) r.e. eighteen (le) whole of
section eft (6), weer 'half or northwest quarter of ee , • se 0 „,,, hen „ and ~,,1„ 01.1,.0 c ,. ~, 0 , ~ 0 ,„ 1 ,,
thou flee (6) north half of southwest gitarter of siiti- A. le It. It., ..1 now ii, tenem oe
,menu: tt., ii. Till,
tion moon (7); also north half of mat half of wtet. ' n i ne 0, 1 00) bosh. c- al dilly, ami ohoth eau be in •
half of southeast quarter of section ~van (7); also a er , ~,,,e. e s o ~,,,,,ei „,,,,, y. ,„ ~,,,,,,,, rho , h ,,, , ,,,,,
tract of land altnated In tho south holf smitiou Om to I Thee, are the ouly oval el 0. fa . u the, that, end oil. re
(11), and north hallo( metlon twelve (I 2), toy tothitt 1 epecial Inducements.
one (1), range nineteen (19), dere...bed as lot numb< r y o , t „,,,,, “,„i ~,,,,,,,,• ht,°pl."'::l, ur r,,..0 , t 0,, ,,
ono In a surrey and plat made for 11.tiltot.
Peelehe. I No 509 Liberty tares:. lei! I .I.nriZit
A Col., by IOW:. Rowe, April 21st, lag, and recorded l ~,e, ~„ ,I i ti, te. el' lett AHT 0 oil
Atignat 7th, 1&54. Ain., luta uumbored two (2) old , -
threo Eh of mid plat and ourvey , also of lots Lone " VA I .L . A 111.1 . : I.A W It E N 42.1 . : V 11.1. E I \1 -
harod twenty-eight, (EI), t wee arnine, ( le) o ed thirty t V petit' PP It nu P E ItTY Is+l:` ILE -5i et -5 1,
00) of the vlllago of Ilatiging Kuck , ale. 0 tie' , a I Brick linellion, .oth lot 42 by 1., f. .t. on 1: , '. , .f.
land adjoining said village, to wit . Commencing at t ~,,,,,,, o ~,,, „,„,. P romo iiii e ,e,,,,,, wall,:n 1.,, 3 . 1,
tho northwest corner of oael village , loosing them, 10 , 0 ., , o . ~,.acv : rid Ch.
hi ,
,h.., h
a socahor.terly courne &long the hoe of eleid `1n . ... 1 ° i Pram- 1m elli tie. mire lot 4 1' , te Ii 7 e- t. el, II oc ;.
tho muthenest corner id said lot, Loather thtety 1 30, i
m r . f 13ntroas eat \ , ,,eu n i 1, an- 4. 0 Iletle
on Main at t, theme, a vendetty course along tit,. i ,,,,, „,„. 0 .,, i. i , 111 1., ~,h ..,
h. .
~ , ~....0 ,,,
limo a Main *into, to the lion of alai raliroad gotontl, reo , e ,, „ hell,
.. , hhih 1, 1 . r:., by I , h
~o 3..4.1,, e f0,..
hit Mich° foot from the metre of tho railroad ! iie ,,,„„ „ eh ei
track i thenoe along tlio late of Laid rear,. ;thumb Ti .„ hiohho I , io ,
o.h.he I' oil
h.ohhhhi,,,.. and
h, oh i.,. ..dl
a nor - V..11 , 1y coarse to the Iliad of lot number three ' 0 ,,,,,,, ' , lee ,' n. ,.1 . ,. ' Apply tiel., s PATE,.
'(3) of John no." 1 . 1 ° ,11 . 1 e1e. . 1 .. 1 m. a.... ill), 1 Commoreed linker (ghee, Bute r ,t., Latrrono;:villr.
townoble one (I), rungs Moto.° (12i) ; then. along i . .. . . .
.the miserly 11ne of mid lot number three (3), to t. ,i CIENTRE AVENt E It I - 1:;11/EN(;F.
plain of b o ginniog, it befog all the eonce between tile 1 4._ , F011 etyL E. -obi Irate of ground, lot feet trout on
.said villa). of hanging Itook end the mid railroad I the es.. 0v 200 •leti , to Franke. street, ',Loup wall
,grontada in front, with iron railway. flae-etone, and trick
Tho east part of ...Moo twenty-seven, (O 7), town- ! walk •. o well built and confehl , lo Ely arranged 5-.1 , i y
.o.lp three (.1), rango eighty., (le) o-111011 is elTleio t 1•n , k 11-00e k a let° portico, natter hall, largt part,.
ID .ro payments of 51D,56 each, doe reepectivoly 1 -.J.. ,t . vi -•m, mooed „ mantle., , eitionletts, i litios
Xlecember Ist HAG and 1804, with int, rest from Dec. pr.., bath room. dieing ,0.1.1, kitchen. r.:1;or,
Best, 1953, being.hoot lends, and mid. Valli Ly the / go. an; water hythros, tits. t oal :,0: a •. -i li iie
aueetor of Lawrence county. Alai the tract of Land .relic and coning. !mow, on Fro it k 1111 tom i posii le
known as "Simon Wood Farm,' being th , weed half , , beery and stiode te net. , grate ~, ~,,,, 1 .e, „. ne,.„
of the west quarter of section slat, u (hie t mrus)ilp I l oos illotepoorassion.
two (l) and range nineteen (19), • xcept elt.thu 1111 1 tel X CI.7IIIIERT A cuss, - 4 m or e, ti.
acres on the wcst side of mid quarter. Also tlie moth- 1
mat quart ex of the uorthwest g.rtor, wed Loewy- ll e'l'ls(. FOR t7z Al. E. —Ti
ie properly
BeVeal aunse from off the coot bide of the northe.t 1 -1.. knoii it as SEA Ntat'S HOTEL, militate t n
quarter of eVOLIort number Ilfteen (I:.), I•on 110.1 , I. Iwo . Fel, h •Ireet, leqween Etirry and Market ilreeLi
(1), range Efortei n (lei, the legal the. of ti 55 it ye .e. The laia 40 feet front on Finn), anal. 1.) 0.) s
Vented in lloliert Linuallton, Fr., dte emed, end olio la I dieep T. llot, I o a three story 1 , 1 0k.52 ft tit lo
sole Robert li o sugtoo, te., by his orptiageblegotta,y, I 7. , het. Tho hon. Wed 141013 built, and is /Mho n
dated August 15th. 18:14 bound hinoodi La Mandy ite , Peel 1... 7 1"..
.The ihron.rd .01 hr .41 trod, the
(aloes tO said Plaintiff, one undithinl eighth part to I hottileifirieleineks
maid Samuel Coke, and to tail John G l'oeblee ono I For further perticolan, .to 101 - 11111, er., 1 0.11.....
ondividod fourth part, so won as the Mel Hobert of .1, W. MALL, No. oe 1 oti, strvet, or of .1 II
liaatiltou, Sr.. should acquire Om tee to told mond- I HEANOR, eu the preen...
see, which lie did by dont. dated Aumat and, lied, tt , 1..1 Jl3 MIZINitll
which ecitiveyoutew toad littbort !Minot., sr„ rev” t
I 1,4 1 1)11 :ALE 1./It 1. EASE----.A Linz° loot
did make, lotting departed tlos , Life .. , I1 atter, to
wit: in the month of reiptetater, A. I'., 1 Me, nor tog
oh ~,,111,.,.,5hirne1ei_,1.1g.,....tbi,,.. rg t 00 0, 0 . 0 , r 1,, 1 ., tul 7 a ,, ,, y , ~ B . : -...1
a last will ,nod testament of which coed Joho G. lee- I „li e !
.... c .. ....i f 0 r...... h
.. ,..,,,ni
tiles Was afterwards duly q.lified as Esecutor,atid the t . .. l° _ l _ l ,!_ . E en
r.e Ate bedl . t of
_betel:, A well of go.. 1 wax. In
sae! Hobert Hmilton, Jr., and Mary A. Ilengeho,
ti yard, pi, nly oT good f. nit, nod toneeniont to
taeheine at Moe 000 d reohluary dee....
The following real
S tate, ,dente In the tuna pore. i C..1113.„05h.6„2..dh...,...05t,1,/1r00.e..,,,en.,.. 0
tete village of aallgig bock, to it: . Hemming al , Toe i''' . 1 ° 1 , 1 ;T. G
the north corner or l o ut 11., c,...t) or Jobe liewe's stir- I
vey above referred to, rut:111111g thenco too th 7, at - 1 „.i...,...F. Sharpe(.. A11'E ...7 1 - - ". 111 ). P.
grecs and 41 minutes west 7.16 chair, to o stun", i oe-i It 1
ge e ., north 4.5 degrees sent 1.3 , rho.' to . stun-; t VI Ile ! ( t: N T—A WA; .o! , . mt l. Ell 2 - el i , il• IN
thence north oft degrees ',nut e chains to 0,1,0•, ' 1' e ~,,,,„ „„ ~e , , , _4 e iii ti, ii 5. {I .. ,1 NII N . .1 -
from which a eh). ook 4 inches is diameter bears noon„,) ~,,,,,,,,k.,..,.....,,,,
ro. mr.
ryh,, ..
aonth 6 degrees and SO minutes meet 0 little , thence , whe„h,,,,,,,, ~,,0h0h,h.,__,,,,,,...,,,h. „ oh,.
ho h in
south 26 dogrel ea. et, links to n epaiiisli mot 12 I Oro final, „ Lot , spihh
~,,,, shho,ht T 00.,,,..„
inch. lii diametor; then. month 22 deethiev ..-" 1 " 11 I oink. s,anal a large for e. Toruerl Spoke-. en I o el,
citable , to a white oak 21 inches iu domet, t, thence ,„ gig ° ohy ~,,,,,,,
a 1,... 10 toe 1110,,,h0h01,,,,,
month 140 degre. clef s to chain a hickory 1 I
e. i I
skive. A rare one,. I, ofter,el It. a get.' Wog it
ittobos Wdiameter, thence math -Co deer,. eue: .5.56 , maker. ~,,,,, , of J. thlAbitt.
ohabes to a black ,at h inches in diameter; thence , h , eiio,hhos ',', Tomorrow. tlie
*rest 67 degreos east 2.13 chagia; hone° booth I . i /
degree 30 iniatatel west 6.04 clams; thence south ,_ t
dove. we. 2.06 chains; then.souths drg,"ct 1.
groat 2.14 chains to the line of lot 1,00 of mid annoy,
thence with the hoe 0(.111 lot to tho ,enter of On
borne', hot,; thine° moth 0,5 deg,. inn/ b.OT j
chains; thence north 4 degroos irri.l :11/ moot. east t
5 chain.; thence along the hoe of lots thirty CM, lx,
(2) mad one (I) of said village of Hammitt; bock to the
csorthwiert corner of lot one (I ), titmice west around
tot number three Gil of Howe' 0 !Ur.) to the plow of
teglontng, except no witch of the foregoing tonave
been heretofore sold to C. I'. Hogshead, and alto no
moot as M.0..n granted to lit, Methodist Sochty
°Changing Rook, on o hich to
bulldog 1. I
erected, which mud ponnee are beld hy tail !olio G. I
Peebles , In 11.01 to and for the I'leintle, nut the liy. I
fondants here . bet forth ro the deed ot said E. teat '
hamilton, Jr., LO alai Joha L./. l'eetTlLS, as Trust...,
itc., dated April tale 1361.
The brick part of the 11.1111 . 004 and Coal office sit
uate In ilatioing Ratio sad the grouud ult. o heti
the eon. stands, to o, with the laud lying Le
towers the said lab., and the north line of tho roil
road truck and included within the oast end • eat
lines of said office building prolonged to eaol Mall
rood track.
Also the (Aloe,mg rights, cawrnente and o ay., to
:sift: The otelueive right and privilege to cot. upeo
any part of en non elev. (II), tovreelop um, (I„
mange number nineteen 119), and of section see. (71,
township one (11, rouge eighteen (10„ (except m moil
of section seven (7) on elopes toward. the Ohio
river) for a pertml of toenty -two (25) year. from the
15th day id August, A. IL 1864, to take them , * for
the use of Piou tame bronco or Furnaces that may
be built by mid Pine Grove Funny. Company, Oa the
said lands, but for no other use or purpose when's - or,
any or .11 Iron UM that May la Co 1110.1 upon mid
premixes. Also the right of way for tear. hid senglos,
or if eo elected. the lin recite of laying down a railroad
track or trio'. upon nay of the laud owned by said
Itobcrt Hamilton, on tho 15th day of August, - Thl , 4,
and to paw and repass theme as uflon .0e may be
necessary to enable the proper part's to hobo and
carry to their rospective Furnace or Pairtmars any
charcoal or timbor, ore or other material well. laid
parties may lons the right at any time to take frt.
say of said lands.
Also tho right of way for a railroad track.2s feet
wed°, 12% feet from the centre line mch any of the
,preeent Hearted track, cud .tending from the north
utast corner of mid lot number two (2), of Howley
Survey, to the south lino of the west half of the Booth
trot quarter of bectlan eaten (7), towuehip 000 (1),
range eighteen (01}.
Also,.,he_ritllegta whlcti not said Robert - liam il
ton Sr morn* to. him to runtu not rnaliavil
tracks .10)15 t .a.T of the streets of hanging Bock.
Ala th tight or Way tor a &Jobb) track of Milroxi
from told 101 qUintur one (I), to heretoforedesorga - d ,
along the tinitentrattiolutthrough the lot upon which
the liolllng,Milletitadtk o :.
Also the rightut rmymil wagon road or railroad
1 ,,,, 11.1° , ”, r°°ll ,. h „,,,,. 414. . 14° ,, 411°E 5 h 0 h „,.. °41.1 .,,,, °1 0 f 11° ,,,,,, °°°° , 11,,,.1"1' hock. 1 Tbie le or , article lot recently lotrodoced tato this
`"" ''''' --' - *"'"ew".1"" l OllO i ' ----4 ' 1°7 , ---- ,..„,„ - ' comary, hut has long born favo ra bly loom oby tLe
Also Lae Lanbet,-lelaik4ViAT l'i - hTdlg r. ) "„.7 -,,,_): , nobility of ' , roue° as thole ouly eff.tmil HAI 11
1 7 ° ,, °1 ...., °° ,, ° ,,, V e, 11 1e,„,' 13° - I° U h -P n. ' t it° , °„`„,"lnree,'o-7,..„,°17,r KgzTURSU. it it complete %II Illn itself. n o otin,
11. `' . ' - i" - ' ll .' °° "i"' °' ..
' o• --- port -- ' dielootig or accompaniment of goy Mod bow: *tee.-
description of which carmine° is made to said deed, I
hhh ., ~. 0, ,,,,,, iiho
orrho r,n0,, , 0.,
.rucuted September 19, 1e61.1. d r,, ,, b ,, 1e . n . e . :1tte, other thou a thin.. cent, Ishii 0 v of the
App rated at 198,0(10, thrreeights of which are I,
oitiblect to the dower annuity of Sim. It litoull• 1. it tili, in nano: e'r 0011 nlanno . , , e-1.4. ~..,y /Mir
ton. of 51,'eti per wanton.
~, , o its ,rigsnni ' , ln,
TLICIII9 Or SALe.--Ooe third caeli In Mod, ono-thl 2 ih
0h, „ .. o
aloe h, e. ~ ~,,,, ,
)a one year, mid ono-third In Iwo y oars, with Inter. „. ~
_„ _ e, ~,,,, e. ~ ,,.. ., ,; n. g r e te ,..
eat on the deferent payment f rom flan comer:notion of - 1 . ! I I
~,''''hyl,l'.`..o",..h.'hih„ ,i.r.,..,,r4.0„,,,,,,,;7;‘,,,,,,.
tale. , g. R trill trinkr the Hrthitieft oral Glow/.
11. It yell premiere the Original Color to Old Age
7. li will preeent the Hair/rose Pa.," gee
8, ft will cure all Dow-utota qf the &-arly.
It le not a Dye ; contains no N i.e. of Silver, of et.y
other taredlent beim - io. to either Skin ho lair.
For sale by all respectabla Druggists
11.14014 JO n Nee tiN, General Amni.
Coro of limithfield and Fourth Me., lettsieurell
Shertff of I...”rmore County, (,1 o.
UENILY 8. NEAL, Attoroos for
Nov. I?.th, 18,53. magtvoran
.1./ a nourishing Westera town on the P. P. W.
8., not over ZOO miles from Pitteburgh, uoer
doing a large and profitable mole. The stock le
lOW, and has been eoleeton with reference to the
otuntry trade. been purchwohl for ~.ash at
toinst market prima.
Thad.snt proprietor ho decided to retire from
lb* t o ut
to had health, and now reluctantly
ears the stack for wile; also the good win of the re
tiring party. The house ban • large and respedeble
trade, whkh can be detained. Tho present stock
la Invoice from wren to Wu thousand doltars, hat
could be reduced if desired.
Parties wishing to buoy the partlenLani will please
edibles or call personally on
59 Eland street, Plikhorgh. Va.
VA710.1. FOR SALE, situated in n. ulna
tomb, alimilea from Bledr rillq on the North
ern Nike, containing ONN lIIINDR= A-ND SIXTY
ACRES, ninety acrm cleared and in good cultiva
tion. New frame bonne and outbuilding., forms
orchard of choice fruit, abundance of excellent water.
112arothe at the ollice of W. C. AUGUYSIIAIICLEI,
.oto. S. SWARTZ, No. 112 Diamond Wart.
U 135 0 Will
• Yerellin h g, all : good o orde s r th a r ti r .
stare on Allan etreet, Lawrenceville, lot 34%feet front
11117% rest dmpo, on which there lea good well,
trate, ka Terms, cob. Apply to G. A. BATES&
Commercial Broker Office. Butler et., Laverencenllle.
A Fbrat•Llooli Hotel In PLllndelphl•,
GclAttall) Lo, to lot of t Juror) Ist, 1.x•1
Api.1ic.0.1144 =Lae L..
nos.Mei4 Ns.. 1 la 5.4116 Smenth
l' FAK>I FOR SALE, Fituato in
V Wr.t r bort/F.1,1p, Alletthen, rotinly, 1
mile foot thr ll.rlr tt o t .i.11n,...•11 1.4.-
, tains UCI VS, 70 of h
Tll , lt , COT,ISt of it r in,ll trot. le ilie. barn
3lix./0, with extelleite ntariltieg , Sr. ',told of 1:+:
hearing fruit tit es, a nrr ,lor tog of taer at
the do, r, neter et. 11 te CO:11 C.,111:t th wie
plitee AHII t
n.. 2.3 it. L CO— (Oct Ftolrilt iitre. I.
1 4 1 01 - 1 SALE —Thr -'.=tore Bri , k
fug Bon., with four lots . , IMt . trot front 11 14A
fret deep, •Itotaled nn , -ant tier of froth A venni,
frouttug the ricer In Allegheny or. Ti,- H..www
contain eight 1,0:11,to Ith firil.ll,l Attie and
noose. Also. ft.. , tin imprio hi. I , liy 10, ea. 11,
In Shah ward, 11.11,11,,M, Ir. ~t. 11..
tio Lif nob i,T ply to
Gilt/I:6E ALM:EP,
.1 , 1211 w
n9CSES, nituate on Null:eon it met, A!:
The honor. 101 lie wild on terron to mot. It
tile nowntment to repo niint., or poison , Molting
cheap and comfortable limnr.
Inquire of
N... 16 Dimond. Allegheny
or of S. B. W. GILL. Attorney. Bt-Low,
nolieeirlt f No. 8 Fifth street. Pittehurgh.
1 4 - ' l oit SALE—A lot 01 land, containing
1. 78 Burrs. ..Bunted milei from liimuont SlB
tion. On the Pittabitrgli, Fort Wayno Chimp. It. IL.
Tbll ILInOVI) property in well timbered, with a , 1
young orchard of bearing Bolt trees. Tido preberty
will Sr eold rereourble 4 rms.
For bother porticulors add rem
0CZ2'...1111 h. C. Nl,ll AST E It, S , ewi, 1 le) '.ii.,
kitrou v rt:NA - 1. - ( )lt
For restoring and brioitlf3ing the (lair
Tho preparation of this Pill hos heel. thelt el
years of study and practice. They are purely vege
tale, and therefore will nut Wars the teeth t gum.
They will curs the most violent Tooth-Ache to a I o
minutes, when properly used.
Directifnw—Clean out the cnyity ..f the 1..0th nRKt
.4. end dry It well with cotton; then ent th• Pi
the eine of the vacuum and Finn it tight Into th
tooth, add cover over with wax or otton.
Those Pills are ono of the Ivit reinealea fur tl
shocking pain.
PrOplimi and sold Kbol.,.sle RSA relnil, by
Ho. al OHIO STUKIIT, A11,71...ny City
ALIA Al. hr dl wholnKolt , mild retail Drug)ids
l'itleborgli nod Alloghefly. toMlltnao
• ,
pittitilif t lit EVENIVi (I.I2ITrE TELECIRILS,
n: I It',E; tho
P A.CCOU'q of the Battle at
Chattanooga. A Tri'aern.r
PrP.: , tenT IrrlPg.
MOKNISO EIRITIO%, 4v mail. rwr 'IS
E. rsrna Et.l,- . 1. by :nail. I,r year
e1e.4,1 • c Ita,moe, single c,.plut, per yerte...
noc,,nrn, f Crc ~f
I a -, 51.41. L. that ',to i 11.. ki.arg_d •
—.al coo eat:.. to the party 10,13.1i1l club. Ter a f •rt y
club of tlftveu, lie ..t0l the Ut INI , o (Axel , tit;. I,i•ylrg 4 n
For • .11,11 of lurot, oao , ulll c„,,L
141 , 1•Nta, (1:xxo-r,cop.. 4, (en,
•t f 6• ncr. e •
OS All Fn bs od , o tvol
aluatyl 0 , 01.14'41 mho•
L.LINotz4 has over seventy -tire rogini LOU her, an•l i•tat a ;;,.1., in
under the immediate command of Gen. Gran:. lual,lng at. s•, • n
Trusty burgeons and nurser will tent Ly e'el •••,, I. ••'
Gcnernor Yates as ~non as they can get ready. •
14, F _63 11 A , L.s.r.--,;overnor t,f
Now Vert:, now announce"! that lie a,ellis a , D.,
and will
dill, in the State td Non York. Th,y are 5. q„... I , „,,,
r,--eire the raise 1.11116124
axe to he I.l.netl flit t , regiments in the f..eld,
.1 will lee coccted in 11, quota"; Nttv York
Ilt lit e • . ' J • •
ing out to the letter lit 0m .i
. `berm •ler `he Gen' l'i Ough Lec.
impregFing able bodied men into the
" rv i r „ . M any „1,,, t te 1,;t1. the I rtderie.koLnig and (..oao,,
th e i r p b y t h e i r r„„ien„, !Innis 03.1, miles from tirao...:•• , art
arc at, Port j,g Lb e ernment 1.. r 7 I.; e I u.o. wile; e Lee st: .:r, ;,,4 • •
month and no bounty at alt.
- --•••10r- Run honor infantry, undrc over of amiltiy. pi n kti r i , P 1 14, ,„ 4.
Ir has Lain ,uggected that the tMc;r.iia an- was made on Nlond,y,an•l after hall an Ip.urg The \ ...1-1•1‘c :la le ••( -
C 6 firing, which the rel.,cl, feel.;y iii..sicered, an N. .
nonneing Morgan arrival in Can- , •,•
ado. may Lc a trick—arranged by "J‘pht. 11112, attack cr•lerml.'
.ICir throw hi, purenem en thi, t:en. IVarren 011 and
the troth The Cincinnati tio,ctic thot • i ere and I,,,ii•ien .1 0.,•• ;cc hiltnot;
a trace of him and two of his e....iipc7.; .0. I naa antic;pate.t. a.... 0. • •.t tS, n• i : - •
Leon reported t,y a gentleman of 47-n, I.L. -sc, lie i• t , cm.
funnil in that'neighberimo.l. .I. LII
.r the n•,• far-off frotilior of ill, C.•
111 Kra is a story, in private circle 3,
N. that, 3 fete tuontlo ;lc • ,
be rebul 1 . 0.1120 r ere niwut rea
Livorpofil, and our affoir3 nito England n( rr
mart fearful and threatening, Pro nt 1.;-•
IvmLe a pere.anal, 1.6% ICU
!I Lae au I
tior. I.y her, 3,073 the n, ,v to l tilete ja : I
icy the Ettg.ii,h t:•tvernutt ht marl A
O'ngulatr pleloartt t u t _
r ;_„„d it u„t trot. „ „ ; t. SUCCESS OF TEL THIRD CORPS
The Operath.wi
The position of, in V irgini,
that the e.mpaign l'"' fa a GI and 11;ssau
One of serest.
Army uf the 1:: 1
. . .
-tartling t 1.1
qu,lo refre,h,ng
11.1, • „id L.l
,ago a too day,'an. ,
.at regard to Link or L. ri'df . Ito
lltt °di out boldly for the enetn). The mark!.
of the fast twu Jaya, of which only we have
10.3 ilt, was in rvi,;., re,l,crt rurce4,.fal,
„ .
enonty's strong line on the Itouidan asu
~ c 0,...41a1y turned, and the rourentrallt,
army nuns prompt at the appointe4
Friday r.ight.
It if I+,ol hdr to ftztly the
:he rife urth,t, branr
1111,es hm,elf nn the tine 1,• Itt
.t.ti it he defeat, Lee.),
tare .1 him in the r:•ce f..; the r.•ii.l ;At .
I.,itittp it Letlrvi I to Int hotwitt
C.Jort Ii i.c iiJ t
in pn hatt`sy hi, ileeire gut to for t-ttit
”ootble hefere he :weept. Gen. ?lead'. er
battle. Shwa...3 he defeat the Army of the
whteh io te oe.ttr thto
Cute, ho would then hate it greater en tree et
indulging in the pursuit.
1,..e ennnot well be stronger th on 1..;;)
th , ainna infantry, while we tb tt l I l l t , nl.
Meade would be able to bring into battle tally
fifty per cent. grouter sir' ngth.
Thomas Carl) le
A erairi,tu ant rarlyle rn Eiaa),, Jo a Bar
riitcr ,Mr. Stephen), hum the Lot.i
defy Reoe, ,ix a go o d rommentoly on , ar y s
igulent on American offaire .
"Mr. Carl) lee political writinv
it every point a Cr MrleSO i nravat'.ty I t e-:..
mating jEnitly any ruh . P.‘et which cow , Init. ,
thately under the observoihm of the Wlltor.
When a man Or thing stand.: far rnongi. fr.qu
Mr. Carlyl ,, enable hint NO view on•ii.o., t
0, a nd Iv, hi. uch
elrcet, though u.,tn NV hen it Ls ein•e to him he i 0 way h
rrtinte , l 1,7 the irr, gularittow and 1.1tn...r1,,,
~1 ita FUTiSICO I hot he never inquire. , what it
bd.,. Ile ie, t.n tho vhnk r ,mo I,f I i$ e
gt,alest trill and poet;, hut tho ;Int ru.:-
muralig. eel politician of our age an
~ neral eligaCl/It'llt.
N. ,I.k ..-- . L 0101' lay to rtiillg neap ~i i.j.
Ha: heard.
From pa, inge, by a trio !. m I: 't.,:,.
I-nine...el: Stati.n, we Irani I , .:
:i: 11.- -it 4 ...r.
~acrd during :lie :::icater p• . - 1...1 . II c f.•:,:,
A d,-patch beater fr.-in ti• n. >Lade t• Ilt. 1 ,, ~.., ~
duel. pit t.• have come in ..n the trate, with 1.01'1 , 1i.
dispateLeA to the 11 . sr Departmetit.
_The //..r.ii.r. P o l..mac Ai.ny letter rays 11:irt.1:
"This i Monday i m. , ruing at e;ght o'clock the i , ~,
I,,, t tl e opened a! nr, -ur en!i, hoot . the one- . 1 .,
my replying only loom a loin pie..e, r., ..:, : , • :,..
liar the artillery I.rartioti Wil. , int•ei,al.: u•.l . .k
heavy, Then CAM° a hill, which 14.ItOti 1111111
ono o'clock, our infantry in the meantime pro
poring for to grand assau:t along the whole
' line. lint n••n comes the report that Warren P , . I.^ \:\ I
Tor in , bark Atlantic, lying a: Ilunter's I found the enemy too ate..rigly posted in hi, 1-0
Polo:, in New York harbor, and loading po- I front, and Gen. lloodu hair gone to hi. left. I
troleurn, took fire on Sunday night, supposed I In the meantime operations ceased at the c on_
1 L.
to be from the gas of the oil reining in con. I Ire and right."
tact with the lamps in the cabin. Phu b u lk. I Another firm: 4 et , rrespondent , who left the : •
head of the cabin V 14.1 blown down and the I Army of the Potomac at three p. in. ~n )1..n. ,
cabin ect on fire, which was, however, ex- day, says: Just bef.ris leaving the lit ides ery ,
t.ilgo...heil by the bands on board. The cap- thing-was in readiness far an assault. I
tam and carpenter were badly burned about have little doubt that our forcra how 0 5 , ,,,,,,
the hoods-and face. The bark was towed out the_ enemy's works on Mine Cu.-, Nly •
into the river and anchored. preritdon is that ho left the nigl.t 1,.f. , :e in .
direction of Gardens' idle, leaving I In iy I ..
A r. L:. 1...N1.a a' modiste hits been in the (deft
to make a show in ..ur Irmo
habit of purchasing, in Paris, Keaton laces i I left an assault had been orderc.l to i.e nu,..:
!-,I , ,
. upon their \Tooke by Infantry, or •.h bay ,inet. ( .. .i . it .•
worth a hundred dollars pet 'd
her i. 11.11 dresses therewith, and praising thew
-order ''''''' r of on ar-111 ' r Y ti"• Zhu i .iii -
._ „ ,',.,;;',.. 1;
. nonading commenced before I left, 3iii eon
through the New York rushers house as a por
tion 01 her wearing apparel. The pleasant """' d '''" r.une oi.t "" ii -"). repay Crow l'• , '
I halo operation was repeated for the last time , '"`",".Y,• t ad roo ky " -. "' : ' -i "u"ri.Y bolero I
the other day • and the queenly looking lady . r e '''''''" ''Y ' " r `" „ . T A \ `ppAi A r, \ ;lit \ t..i
drew her cheek for $lO,OOO to settle !menages , . • ~
ingt., nispatelt i:l3 5 . ir. .0 reported to .d.iy , ~,.....•• ..: ,I. ii .. ri. 1,,,.,• • :,•. .
at the custom house. ti..neral Mende has !alien book op.,n 1 re•ter. '-' ''' ''" l '" ' ``'
ielt , .•littrg, U.l i: tu, l i. ,, t ii t.. r i ‘ : b .,, a d ble, the ~ , n nipaign ',. 4,4. " ,- . 1-7,:',..7,.....' t. -;;;,.!.-,......'‘:,... 1 , ,, ,,ri i•iY- .... ~,, i ,r„.1,,..
hell tent Doc. 2.—i of tight Aldermen .
elected yesterday, four were UniOnintsi and .In "ri"'n'' toast ' '.. wit " ""i recent -, .. ,
four Democrats. X . /VAN I Lit.
(If o i g h t 1 ,„ 1 .,,,, J ,,,,,,,i„ 1 tuoveinents there.
The Thrni..l's Rappahannock Stall.. d.-
elected, there were three Unionists, and five 1
t h dated i 1., m. Tuesday , , si • Anntl
I Democrats. Of eight civil justices elected, : P' -c- , ' , ,j t ,• ' • ', 3 ' ', by ', er
i r obe
currespountu was captured tie 1 ,,,,....,,,, ~,,,,,,,,,,,,, , 12 ,
I two were Unionists, and six Democrats. The
above is the Tribune's classification.
[ 1 Some two hundred head of mules and cattle
and sheep were captured from Mosby at
SwEDEN i.. making naval preparatiou. for • .
rborouglifitre liap last nigh:, and brought to " , 001.01,1.1. pun L. 1.0.1, nli I ii2l One sus I: egos, l.• rat
I lIIC Danish-German war. The people of the , it, , os , „tato.. ~,,,, li, Or ..zt.y.wtahlrli.l. tr[la, 5,,r,:01.1...1100..•••
I Du
Holstein and Schleswig have in vi • i ... s . • N . \IA ‘.`, lEP —,tt , u , .‘IO.NTI:. -- \Vn c....r.L •, • ~:
~;„, ,„,..i,. L- . .!
The seme gun, Vac:l., t.. he placed in p, ) ~...•,•..11 1.,. a moo i-, el 0.-..-9 1,041 t,•.
! led the Doke of Angustenimrg, One of the ,
i, ;•
il.oll yeiterdriv, and it ii
fir a h a' .10 ..., s: 0 .....,•, I,w - rm., ~, ..r.l J1.,,...,-,. ,-,. • CI \ll C; ( ii) DS
i 1 next relatives of the Danish King, to place
; would be fougl;t. to day. No firing via, Leo: d, •"li. , n"'•' ,l- .."
"I' ' I. . k ir. ,,, o , :' • u••
• '
. I himself at their head against Denmark.
I however, to-day..
4,1% nnili•vi , RH .tin 0 010 1t..J.104A, ll- NE \V G 0 0 I )S:
A special to the Woad, Iron, Washington, - - _ .
Illitunatr Toulici boasts that ho can see more , Dec, so) , i . sci . ; A MONTH I—l want tsi nire Atelito
' jut meal tea at
gold and silver from the door of his house than We have advices, by a special mesreegrr. to CV_ !t.s . t a,r , ..,,,, , , ~,, , ,, e . ,, r, a . . .7.i. n no ti. ..‘p..noa
WWII,' equal tie whole currency or the world• ~,, early boor this morning from the Ariny .: p an! . . R .. “ -iiY '.. F. ' 3 ' ,,, '......, , - , .. , ••, ..:. w.0.0ii..- LA NE . 11 , 11 1301. & citit , i
t These mines aro oat allowed to be opened. , the Potomac. There was considerable ski, ........:t 3m..lis.T in 2 , Aite•.l Maim.
mi,liing yesterday as usual. but no general • , ,
~, rio. lid eenRIIAL. 5T117.MT, , A11. , te ...•
; tie.e,T smuggling frauds have been disco, ' engagement opened. lien. Mende is not at WA:';l.l,•l' It) l'"'•• • • 1 . , , •••••ttlrsis
1 °rod at Cairn, St. Louis and Memphis, and : tacking, while Lee 5006111 to remain entirely ;sit A 6 ,0 . PD W \ lii Iltrt ,'
ttua,ie.;ilniu.,l,l,ll,io'r“ port . toe ...I (to.' ,',...',, . .-.• _- _ _..
VDGIiirUON & STEWART, Wholes:le
e l'ulr.k.nt , nottill 34l Y r"ileloll° has,: been lon the defensive. It is evident that the former , I.:, itko,: , , 0 sTisl:e. i . ,K.Atlii3OCK,ltii AND el/DaI:SION IIIgROTIANTS,
I arrested. li s awaiting developments elsewhere. The I ei ,..;.ii ti 0.107 'A tea btrert, t•,,,rgh. ten)
A 1;01.D NV A T , ll von, Putstnct,
11,.. n 1 Chicago, ~flared a pri, of a
gold watch to the largest contributor to the
great Sanitary Fair. It tarns out th t
dent Lincoln wax tho largest nontrihuior,
proclamation having brought for the
benefit of tho Fair. Accordingly, Mc. 'loco
decides that lb° prize belongs to the
dent, and be sent an the watch tact Saturday
—nut a $5O watch, hut n magnitioent one,
worth $l$U, with this inscription upon it:
"Presented to Abraham Lincoln an a memorial
trim the Northwestern Sanitary Fair, in con
.oleration ..f his being the targrAtruntriout tr
to that enterprise:'
w. , 1. ..... ... I'.
2. The Defeat of Longstreot's Force=s. Rebel Bal.;
1:4. _ The Battle
'inking hi.-
Treatihent -1 cur 1),,t: ir!
---1:a11.• , all A.criolent,,e
Latest from lien. Meade\ trio)
ALWIG hE UI 1A0,11 . 1 O!! ItIZADAY
111 liii. I,l,Pord , U i 1:11h
Ul tit. ..zwy nf •b
I .1. tn
Fig by orn.
,•• t.ll Tao,' tt'll 1-
1.••11, T 1•11,
rr ,,haYy be 1%, 4ht t.• •, ••.
Sur,lay t 111,,,... • WI!! . , I . ;• ly
and a rn'•lrthw ‘611•: nAr n. 4 A I
• I....nging r• • .a ,r. ••
• • •
~.r, era:. k`ll)'.-7; lb LION 1101. 5,E,;•1 . 11
P. la l•r• ••k, nr arrtßoy r•••••• 5 VsN
'l'U t,rtny 1,11
.. tine,.
t, y gur.i in in full viol,.
:natter.. up to ten niti l !nelve
Ito ..111 rorp:, on, n
ley 111: the C(1.:.1 i n
ri kr, Is \Varcrn z
Wl,O ;lie i.h t v 1 •'.l
(p ......
(pint ,gin Judtly v. ip.
itik t•ii ~ • 1;
ex,rutvil h., the 2.1 ri.viic tier
V,11,11 W ,, 111• 1 . ;I • i•I :
..:.F ..,..14.a-~.. F_..,..-..,.r .'f.w'rEf~s...,.,.. *..rrr....z. S r 0... ..- ~.vr,.:0„~, ~. ~wr..-Rid, • ~'~ t, >''~L,•.{.„F.~
Li, I),
gtt, I .46 ;
At lour'CSe ;
ttro.i t 11:111.1.
, •.1. T-. 11,
. .
the l'otem.te %nil,
~4. p
I' V
... f:~iUe I'ra
" ' ' "
The Ihtln.‘4.! r
\VI` \
[il)()TTI tiNii ;:ri,Cr
ti ALMO ii .... I . t. : . i i
'• )01 , I
No. U, Mt" ket Strad,
‘, I'l ,
R ; 1
~ I .
\ 1:1-
JAMES 1:02.13
i ; . .n.
)6'. i. 9 "T
•.I,l4l.sTikrr Qt. kiltll263ll.t.f.Trit'K Orrit,
Ltpr. K. avAnd niteete
I _AT W2,4,lng.:”rk it i'., Nwir. 71 . 113,1 , 45.
~g, ' i
Iv ancE —Will b, HAd at publia ,- ,
4s. Experlencetl Carpel I. ph ollst et t 2 I iv, , 9 , 9"0 le, Vil Atientli 641. CO -7 , 1 y.:l Li..,, „, WraiNESPAy... 4 , tl,,Erth And VAIZ.
... , :s . Iv . 1 , ~„0..7 Isra, at rt , rraT war 1.h. , (11,orvo.f,
tilt. i• I t of l'att'tc 1.1. T., :Intl Mules ~11,1,
•L• 1 , I.ili for pittlAin sen ice
T. rin., cn,ll, in itostsrunn.T.t itintt, Sala In
in ....1.. k 0. ID. C 11. Twit Pll2':r
C-pta:n :.n8 1. ‘; M. 17 S
77 ',I 7 3 TA
Lace Goods, and
Linen liandkercheiis
, I ).\ (1- I i
Cloak Orname - nts. Bead Girripc,
Velvets ar,d Gi:npure Laces,
au,d Felt Hat - ,
1-'cat'art • Ribbon..
S , ccalnzs.
Wool Her-
Ealmoral Skirts,
Quaker Shirts,
L. VDII ,- .2. , MERINO
1•1-.. es NI)
11en's t fillershirts 'mid Drawers
;;,I, \'
N < ) T I c,
- ‘11.1.1
7"i &rid 79 Market Street.
()! I'A It, \ 1 ENT
1,11)1cm and Gantillei
l'1,11e1.1:!1 11!I
Real z LacT Collars and Sets,
\\ 11 0 1, \ 1. I
N! Tii , . LoN , E T i fl'•
E~iE 0000 S.
1;1 . 1;.(2111'i1.1. 1) 'S
t: ..1
t.l NE:A G.
ti. 1.. cor. VourLll and Merkel Sib
o;; Tux
ElE.gart, Lace Collars and Sets
Rich Lace Handkerchiefs
Prussian Lace Veils
Stuart Plaid Ribbo4s;
r:.n.ibzoidereci ;chic
Sontags, :Nubias
Ificsquitoire Kid Gio% e.
:feats. Kid and Buck gauntlets
Fine Dress Shirt; ;
Linen and Paper Collars;
Sri.,. • ;
ut, r.• •.irt uf ''.•
ttr , o;lar• ru-uuno rllud ,utr ur Wt. ..1A
:< \l,l P. USE, pry
r!,, t. uzi•p , u: ttpu Nuu
VI: pric..
1.)EN:"1 ( )1 , BACK l'A
F I FT u t.b.
p. ons a ni:k Soltl'l4, wrAt 4
oho 11,1 Vugt,,m
1:-. Puy
I , prtnat ion I
colo,-...,16 , Adi0r , '
ure 11•1 b• 1 . . :I
-0.12.1 1311111,-r ; • th....tur , . upplj .
• ruo by Irr.
FEN:71k0,." , , N'l 1, L;AI'E PAY
yl.l n,ft.inn -orall.• •
1.11.1 i ., 0 4 1.11.11 , , •
not/ I;4:UNTIE , tl.r all di, hart,o Sldivng. PEN
for 10... tan k ,. n,`",n , and •Idinrs ; ISUCS
T: ES and PEN,It Cr , Wi.low, I'anTl , 4, Orpba ,
t h!lf fon, L. i-n n. or, ingnl mpre
non ef tn. h. hacu
lii it Lb° ae••r
In, • •t,..1.(t0r fn.: cvntnset•-.1
rierti , To, t :0.,1
only:em] folgtlywn
i1.11.\ lOC
1".11 nod 31 i LIT'. 111
2 owl (:'or fs
SEWLEG .71.11C111,1 - ES.
\ k:l4. BA kEI - Z
tvery nlvt,
107? I' GOODs
)R 00
Reduced Prices !
Nl.\;:ki. I ri Nr.1.1
‘l.‘Clit M T (0.
o 'S
St Co!lars and Ouf:,
et..l ~ .. Ley
4,1,11 r, C
1 W •
1 >, s r s
ICATU2 , 2i M• H NI a.
('L.11. 1 1 .IGE.VTS
PAT h:NTs A\:)
No. 141 l'ol:rt la St rcet,
•• • 1101'NTI I
11.IZr 15i.11.,-.111,1 , 11 , .N.:1•:. rt.
f, a .1,
U.% A.A.
U ntlbebt
11. C. VIA Cti It ELI
NO 114 FIF 1:E:a P7r,..1-1.111
it t..l.nrgh,
E.rwlu,; 11111, 's
The" , 51... him, v. , re ftwar.led the Hlgh.igt Pmrtr,
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