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' Pittsburgh Sanitary Commission. Southern News.
flittsburgh (gazeit ' I
t . In tho following extracts from a letter THE LATEST NEWS i
__--. Fearseests Morsox, Dec. 1.-Ihe Fueleariond
The Mew reatairse about eustionety at this point, ,
i• written from Nashville, tbe writer epeaks of BY TELEGRAPH. Whey, of Nov 2Sth and 30th, contains Lae fol h , Ie th le. 1 -
- , TOE FIGIIIIIG ON FRIDAY AID SITERDAY. , wit Ali ,t-et 111 the chasm. -y a iner marks
WEDNESDAY MORNTSG — ... -DEC. 2,186 E. tie anxiety with which Bores are looked for, lowing et - ening The weather wise extremely celd Monday Lmlismand Newer.'
....---,.. e _________ __ , end tbe joy they give the soldiers even if OUR SPECIAL DISPATCHES. ,
h.. 1 . , , e 5ee r : 5 e,0, ,, , , ,,; , - ,, ,, 10,i t_ g T 0z ,, , , , L i „„, ,, , ,, , re, „ k ept u p ulgte and the fame part of yesterday, but In the ai• ' 1 tramal2zu ----
last night, tarn.. it mederaved MIMI dorably, .4 het evening Third lege& of the engageratt: of the c e l e h rete d
CIT 7 AND SUBURBAN they are not sick and suffering. The thought - -
foll.teng, dated ••/rmy of thole emer, Set- and are conttnaing it this aioniing.' .. Six 'hells tb• Indemitons were prially fee:cable for rain or equestrian artiste, Mr P. E J It 11 I+, end his
' e.itt. menv wa hearts and ready hands are FROM WASHIN'GTON.
were thrown into the city to-day, and two se .,
educated Hoene IILS.WATITA, 31 - 4 T rg; i ll . end
urday night . .
exr - oritic ELL PA.PEII. - Be 1 e s ti devising wnys and meune for thei s - -
buildings were streak , ea beer goo 1 anthormy fur say.: that the rumor a opeeeele.
epeelel Dept , hts tho Pittsburgh Cetrett- This wormier, et eleven o'clock , our forces The shelling of Sumter, Mete am, Jo hi:epee's ... je . settee ... 2d y .......,,,, y to t ..., er ,.... teat te . ; Tins 0red ... L . 1) EesLeffee, ~,,,„ re pr 0„,,,,,„...
n eeere, vide ranch to their happiness
he,- -- I received yesterdny the invoice of Wes n titermee, Dee. 1 . 1503. were das li ane fel' ward iti h tie of battle on the • and Simpkine by the enemy, from Gregg and
: Allegheny river wee almist el with les at Oil the new ludiao Drams melded,
C-ange and Frederinksburg pike, tow. ds the Wagner bee bean lively find contennone 461 .....
TOR ataanirm taiTITIA goods rent by the steamer Starlight. There
1./ y h not corm.rt. The latest advice* recedeed Irene EAGLE EYE, or, TIIE Pli 5 IR' L STEED
Int •1131 T.
first mcneose4 point, rine ing the cnomvat shoto were fired on them tosday end Fridas
t , ,
__ .
. t.„..d0
_ he
nod I
~ times a 2. , i. ,, a / , G 9 T a trite a gen eral rejoicing when I reported to
Daily wiw , l'''' l l `"" k the ladies who cook the delicasies for the hoa- No news has been received from the army skirmishers before them. This mentill Cher/mem, Nor. 2.9.-The 'belling has been i '''` P` - '"`' - " Y " 1 "' "'"
IN 3,.1 1 ..1 ' ,, ,-1
g kept up steadily on Sumter Moultrte, John• the weather moderating Tiatothy..._. .. .. . ..... -.J. 0. Sefton
1 tin/.....51;21 72,,t' '.l ' , ..1 _ pataie that the gelatine and flavoring extracts jet. A heavy train woe exported In late te- opened wItL a rain storm, bat the whole army - - ' %sta.., ..- ..... ........ -. ..illittio.l6beflle
ann and htmpkin.. noven tv •t we ltiench Business sentience quite active at the wharf, and , ~,,,,,,,..
, fie heetra.
2 times, Ino G 2 hed atartcd. 'sumo/irately 1 wm, called on to night with wounde4 roldiers. It may pole,- . was on the adrance at an early hour
a ton... i. so . _ tat make a promise that I would report again as
bly bring farther ady tees The Third Corps, whirth °reseed the leap• Coltimbiade. were fired 011 Femur from Gregg 1 all the boats In port app.. to be Mang •flocuishing .
To conclude with
1 week.e. 2 008 1 503 lea eo . reon as they came to Land, which f readily idea at Janoba' Mills, and was engage.l y.- to-day. /he enemy has COMIC, need firing a busatiew. The re.ipts front below are gradually hi . '"
2 weeke . e. 50 175 1: 403 I 2.8 I 7:4 1 lii I 551 F ee
agreed tn.
.1 packed a box for Capt. Root, of tIFSRT 'X non ncecore. torday sie mil. from Locuet Green, on the thorteeti inch mortars frets euMllling's Point, i creasing, aud shipments appear to be Imre/Ting. Hr Pettibone
3 wee. . s, PI 230 ioe I .te 1 . 10 2.1 i 1.90 DO
and tweuty-eight shella were fired diming the '
I Month_ GUS 3. 00 4OD2RDeen l Je 1 ..., i ir e the 2lth 11 iseeneue three weeks ago whioh lien-y Ward Beecher le ite town and ie lite road leading to Celpeper deployed t the The arrival. include the Jennie Rubin and Prima Mrs Pettibone
' l ' ' ° ieht The enemy eontinued their usual ----
3 Mantes 900 450 r, SC 2 r.,0 iso 2 f.l„ 3 tai I St/ 110 Undertook to take with him to Chrsttanooga; eor „, o r et ere , rr . ey e left of our lines. The !sixth remained on the n - ' Denna from Cluementa, and:the little Gen Ire e. ‘..,.---,
- J i pu 630Tee375''0 2 7 • 3 7 ' I I'''l he succeeded altbough he wrote his brother- - ; e a - ni
• right and the First ein the left of the Sixth, practice on Sumter. There were aome gar i .
tr. Marietta. The Renums Graleen for Vssorerdle, il-,..V
4 months.l3 00 7' 00 El 3. 4 0 G3O 32 . 4 2.0 2 2", in-law "that it was a perfect Chickamauga CONGRE-9. 9 1t1N •1111.1 f lat. • theta fired on Frilly night. Cantata Jacob NATION LE(7II. like.
5 months 14 lel 750 a 2. ' :st 7no 171 tOO 230 ' The Second retained itp, intuition, while the \,. . , e wa. titi euly eeparitint
emanates 15 Ou it no te oi 2A) 7 f+l 4nes le 2 b+J °gut al I the way ihreniih• ii He selected a ; Congreeemen aro beginning to come in Fifth deployed frem its firet statiou on tlao aleutme anu two . or three private, were
e merit i,. etre II ie 13 4 5 7COIo 00 5 7.3 C. 95 4 2.5 box of medical stores and sent them to the • pretty rapidly. Many Pennsylvanians aro left to Locust Grove, as the referee of the
iyur . 3 ne Is et t 7 of le 10 I• 2 Se 7V. 8 ,0 ,2 0 surgeon much to his delight. The balance army. The engagement ieff the Third Cor i ; pee of s Parrott shell. There was no ease- • dee, nut the w Ili probably arrive e-et y.
. oeverely wounded at Moultrie by the expl e _ The ;ed. frem Cincinnati ,: le . the beat
Will give Ills eecoud end last lteadusg at 31Ahl/NIC
here, h ded by Thaddeue Stereos. G. H.
P &Mee on Jame.' Island to-der. Tho St Leine leur.ocroa, of Monday isayse HALL, on TB CRSDAY EVENINte, lex_ 3,..1, fa,:
CIIANCRA II Lel I.D VI. lel iiiii3ll;NTii ho distributed to the boys in the regiment ; ; ea yesterday will be referred to before clueing.
An evening with Dickens. Part 1. The Teachine
to those who had not had for months but one i Pendleton is also here. Demo/mate speak of
1 A brisk skirretth oomrnetteell its our line °refuge Neil //ewe, Nor. 29, 9a. se-There
Irbaugoablo rows a neck.,
"The WhiM Rose ler , " bothrd./ f." l ' lll ' bnr gh Story of RICH kRO DOUDLEDICK, to Poor Seidler,
are go movements of importance In either with a good tim, the Perth& who a... 4 - e
~te bey h e r , who, ...t a m e ( e ivef tet em p eeeme .. f e pee mo ree te
3 time. 2 ttmra I ern. 'hire and ono pair of socks he gave. Also j him as likely to recinve their complimentary reached a point a mile and a half to the west
Dotty o week a eeek n week WI:1y the dned frutt and soap he distributed among rote for Speaker. arm) this morning. The enemy is deploying OslAng failed !'h. n n "nd with Lb. ""' reek awl honor fie geed conduct and brewery in It,
of Locust - Point Greve. Oar forces pushed
g re re p e eh e . liti LID 911 .1 Is te 8e 40 SI , 00 those who were meet needy. They offered , steadily onward, however, driring the enemy's in our front in line of battle There hes bean Ws .ere pleated ywderday to find our old friurel , fleld. Pan 11. The Itoots at Holly Iree kn. P,.
One year ..... . itri 00 21 0.. II 71 11 50 le/ lAA
him pee. but when. he told them that they DISMIRTEID irllol4 01111 BK. ICY.
skirmishers and hastening their retreat be an • " fi g htin g ignen Frideiy• There was tome • ere , , it ,,, , 111. The klopentent of Mr Jinele, ugh elte Spar,
Alekond-r Pe 3 " . re• in coninniti- , star Aunt, ferrate- • Perfect Cortesli Ist Itself are ,
ii - diribilst'n E - oil - 7 - ea, Fume n wee e tunes e 2 25 came !Cern the ladies of the Sanitary Commis- ' Colonel Bolger, of the 2nd Marylentl, W.. l occasional ;hell teem ottr batteries, 1 ., .. bloh skirmishing on Saturday. The inn he. have nigh hooded and popular rummer Prima Done*. Aa i i nteedeeit . n me Lj e...,. mr , Tot,o , no : mr po . k ,;. tr.k.
Martine Notice,.
eagbt days' rations. 1,11 be wen by e.t.d. tho Eno ateemer is annotemed i Old Werdle, The So me , eitee „ e ether c . her ,
Nattenel teitices, each Inserti. " non, and that there was nothing to pay, they j diehonorably dismissed front the service for the guno of the enemy die not reply.
' could not expreee their thanks and gratitude, I ~.. m . 0.,. nod
~,,,i r bad coma
.. General Fitzhugh Lao drove the eaemy et j e , 1„,,,, for )1...pa1a and ea intermediate mints on I 4 ",7i .kotn ,
1., 10, low
ot ate mt„,.. a r....
taunt Quartermaster failingt.
and it woule hare drawn tears from your early hour to RobertaOn'a tavern. The head- ca•alry &ern. Ileoceou lord and Morton's Thunday, coil wo hope Capt. Ilmemenn will receive, Stores, Library Riem e and a• the Ilne DeT.
Nve noticed last erening that W teethe Ms-
I Goer eertoS , Ford yeaterday. liri,iey'e fight was mostly
eyes could you kayo seen the satiefaction and 1 1 quarters train et. ordered back out of range.
~, e„,„ sf , , - • re he dessmes, a good trip Mr Memel:dor 'dont- I Doers °pellet 7, Reading tee-insm-nre at -1 .1
Clete Esq., died suddenly at his residence en
to the front and every:-
thankfulness with which they were received. j Between Sowiud and Mercier, under which Long Cesium of ammunition wagons and ?mita- "."" •""77°',Y• g tonry lio elmk, will be found a:truths, c •Grtroes . Ir . ReatT.t4 GEORG'. W WETA.A.C.
Centre Aeon ne,early in the forenoon yesterday The following donattom have been fleet,. far the i Mosby fell on the rear or the Yankee reagort ,
_, _
.1. Teen. Danewns, Jr
t s w ., e tt. iza t n „ t r h.s to e t trmencin g „September 25th, and ending a _Fr o e . nch tobatmo le te be shipped, fixes City , hthees wore Morin:
M . ILLI•1/1 W. Woes, Moyne hi. A seseen ,
We learn that the came of his desth was
e „,„ et , thing Indicated a general eugagement, should train near Brandy Station, E'riday Inortung, n' t . " 0., ' . .7 ,.,.0.1
w.... " ,
.1,....y ur „. t . , „,, ~..,. 0 , 1 ,
Lecture tenuesittee
1 P int es the place of shipment, by
tran- r" - ' I Lee fall int, position and should the weather and burned therty weenies rend captured one , te
heart-disease, which is always sudden In ite ooldiens' Ale Soeloty of Heels's...burg, 2 Foto, , wi .
n exsor er a ow!' to b e s - ,,,, r abi,
i th two correttes. A d II All - ; hundred and twelve mules and Once,' horses. I 0, ...d or Gtht• 11 . D• Deeiwiee, formerlY of We
nee/miss Him ei o• .it to lenindo corn sterch 4/Irl a
PLI Aro s .71L - Ssi ty
The yetnatittee front Riehreeeld to look after • Meer. in annOnnocd to Imre Mr Cincinnati and . . s G.
attack. As was stated in the notice referred fad., M r , 1i , rt . ; peund. core atarett', IS de ' tele and other friendly nations to hi the sable The rain continued to fall at in terrals, h '
tee Mr. Minims wee a native of County I i fa Ina, I pa.l.azn pa 1..., Mr,. W Dilworth, beans 0••••• still th t o pa pressed termed, and the ska " -
er D tbe wounded, arrived at Gordensrillo to-day. I Lewisville to-morres. evening. Pe ' e.iiifief ' .ed .14 ' i bECKER'S PIANOS.-I _
tot:nature, b do. pod: . r. Jelly 1 pack old -ieg' ,
The tan ernes. are confrontlng each other • panahouldbear this fut in mindandactamoriingiy. '
meshing etill webt on ae before, the reeel lair
gluts a Cvn •
,in line of battle. A generel fight rennet long 1 m es t ere , Temthseh tnOE on bmwd • foil lood of 1 cern I:= 4 Vg a t r i l le A" edi ter of the . ' 11
Armagh/ irelend. Ho had a largo circle of muslin . Mrs. heel, i tue,. dried berries. i', ireishcle seetueel. retete 'WT.
, gradually felling back, nett] it bad reeehed
acenalatances, extending throughout several ; s e tt eh he oef e tZ e itpe e et hh • Ald .a ri kt oeilt , y e Z jtj e tt ial h rvi 7 me bt ima i n jj iii The national bank netos will not have
the weetern bank of elite Run, two and a half h° PiiiiejetPiei"iii General Ewen returne e t o tbe I iotion a few dare eltnn at Needier After gclung efeeed &view and Warkt makes the relieving re
neighboring counties ; and his memory Is kas eoldfore Atd7o:toty, l'etoettmeri, s boxes, s o i. breath on red lettering. They are On. prom- • miles from the esteem, end a 'here distance niiiii i ' ----n Y' under limy she Mend .I•• alp loaded too hearily, and l nla-..k.! " The nettewineet. meed ie. TM. DeClaalon ,
Atlanta, Gu., Nur. 2 - .-Thn city is full of , entre ns a coalearatteely thaw . hiln. Or Itio none 4
fondly eherielsed in his native place by the ea- ' t n e t t.j e i t" e ' ts ," o " l ., e h e e etr i s t ei tet t . i tt e t l . e n tit ; 2 0 i. ,,,, - , ,, , , ,. % ,.. ::; , :, . 6' . 1 1 ued in ten days. from ()Id Verdierrillo. Ifere evidence. of the
•onfif serer rumors of tho battle of Chici-s- put lute Nrt feels/el, where lbe discharged fUe j Decker Brothers, Andean, seri gratiletag ovidee •
1,1:y that the bee •
° " Intention of the cuemy to dispute Om pas- ' ` .- ' hundred bales She wan eh - 4d leaving, when It was ,of eiteollent workmanship and powerful end brlillne,
sociatea of tee early years, nem still eurrive. senat e s Sold.ere Ael Neely, I bon A.lkgbeny LI, NUTIIINO NEW i %WY Till 0.11.
sage or the roo .oro had. Earthwork. and ' in iii g n • We h "' lest man, ' P rireneil • cell- i
mated at 6,000 and;ipward.. All tur dead I tette. Docket's Pianos, are uctlottleielly the 1, -
de,' Aid eoelety, 7 been.. 1 keg, 1 half barrel aud 2
, dikenfared she was oh i t lre Tito flames epread AO rap- 1 .... 1 ,.. ,tuir . e. ..., 1. itth , ,,,,,,tr, „
package papers, &Adieu Aid sectety or Richland, Nothing nloro 1111 10 th-i. hew/ .k/ " . 'g ht . ' abottis were visible es the /gearing Lee ond,
and piteously emend d are In the hunts of the
Dielaisehol4 Death of' Lieut. Brennan/I,
t web ten balaress of the .W 4,
llareption and Plne Townships, 1 firkin, 3 1%01 , .I I has been received from the army and Oen. Meadeaccredingly dtsposed eta tor cog
enemy. In the attack on Lookout eteuratain, some /dm NUM.
of the Gunboat Prairie Bird. barrels and 14 derma eggs; Mrs Henry Latrgolle, 12
along n 4iensely wended ereet ef billy oast of
t We regret to learn that Ftrst Lieutenant sees neat. Whim ToweshlP Soldiers Aid Seebity. 2 was ...eel; onasumot Th. To- - &sews fur P
tbe enemy', Me was greater than oUra. The:, ' cuiseeh ...built in Il.eauLar, 1.2 C. 411 Br,M - I,
the run. Owing to th •- ditheulty ID motto e Cr.
bone, I barrel, Soidien Aid eociete of Indiana More li bt /Bier ehmtly .in cloaranthe nee •
Edward E. Brennand, brother of Mrs. M. it
eerottgli, 1 box; 31cliteeport nohor ke,, , elation, I g ' • ' I.llltry, and even leferarv, throne ] the woode (bolo ue Lack by lore/ of numbers. 81t ir , ee d earri ed goo tont
box, from A Friend, 6 can. peachie,l2 betties cats. to ha recommended by Chaec, at tie rte en cents on either rt,2o of the re.l, sometime clap° d al " bi .” g "I' Ll " l i .l l T °. ' d "I t s•i l uril aY t i " • , i ,.' l t h e " The Gi.gror a rrmsd st eche a fee d a le age, eat, . . 571 No al FIFTI' e t bEeT
Erwin, residing at Soho bridge, neer thte city,
_____ ___
and 1 quilt: Tbe Pros: Chapel Soldiers' Aid Salm). 2
I «era ph No 3, wlllrb K NABE :.•• PI AN();-: are , .
accidentally killed himself, a few des. ego. boxes. Ladies' Aul S . wiety ..f Cherry inn. b /nue', 2 per ton , they ere twenty-fin.. ',pc, in (yr...! b, fore tho f t f t matt. of, our hue N tete sure ; 7..:. " t b o l : o ll t 7 :", r n b r ';',.. b l ll : o ab i l:::, a tt " . - m i n e jt n t in , Y ujt • the farniter. n' the •en ken Vs
- , ""e'ert. l .--..
mg on the oring Callt.•/, t ofOpt un nicle . nila , now rensldered the bee T. es -s,
. 1 „,.. ...„, , barn•is, 1 le g ; seize. of grolercen, e I,,,xe s eei- Breath.
while gunning. The particnlare
shell from our lines. „ eon , rosg, nt do , „ ro „ , ott.
or . ror,
the :o h :
. p o t „. - t , . 1, 9 . 1, 1,, ,, , : -1 / 1„. 1 ., 10 , e 2 .1 , 0 b - r 0 .,... b S o t f re th el . er m, s ,, t M , ,,,:n ,, d id,1 it 1 y ,, '
pi , j
diene Aid Srelety of Jefferson Township - . 1 box, kw' - utl,
teeter- Serer rtreSSeh. ettennon of our rl -h. 14, •"' fla . f • elfie ... the beet res. es •,al 1 . ,im /-% u• t' •
affair, as communicated to his 3111tOr through ebenneen, Crawford le unty AO So: key. 1 box, •••••I i Nothing of importune° has trempire,l te „ . .., ,
uorionary rsinge. Tee 0,0 or Gen Bre, It . i . ': . ' i t '
e i i t, • . •i t e ;jj t I ti 1. 7....:„ . " „.. : 1 7 0 : c . n . ' ,..,...:, ~1 , .., p t e ri e..7 " e n s t .:,, o - d E , fu T l ' ile rN e n - r ' r e " et - e ,i, l I, I r
r' , ' , - ,,, ' I mi, ,
, i , , , , ; . , ,,, i :,,,i,,, or Brovro.vlllP, 5 irninP, J P Rob- The exlionses •f liglit-houees av••rege yew- the runty of lion. eleade, ehe fie/hems a see
the parents of Isiout. J. Chambers, of thn
M eultile. I lento grape wine litre II 0 tiem of whet ta termed the wildereeee enridge mo; am theel. et th outer Meg cot: -
ell 4LL k TRA VF.N •: P. -I re. , ~, I•I 5 ~ ,, s f, , .-.. •
city, are ae folleare: C0mp1,,,,11 . I k i , pir eh e. u„,ed eh , s eeh , e , eel ee . ly over $1,100,000. The State Department
I delernainotion
Many lea pprereed the Awry that Lee eill " r ° ""; ' -- I. ~'' -",, ''" " r '''"'"'"'""'"'"" "'''Y . PRINCT•eI 31ELODECe is, the best r•ade. Pre I
cut), / b".• noldler• Ael eeetety tr Shor.n. 7 estimates are about as follows for the curl -eta in the alternooll the to reit nforeread in ,1, 1 nr0.1 that I 1,1 elite.. whother he e Ili reeever 4,... S2C, ~..0 s.t. ~,,.
Lieut. Brennand bad Torten/Ind of tho boxes, i barrel Ides Lazne It—, 4 rens gith battle the eidee•i•f Orange eourt tiou
CLIARtnTTE 111 1 III: 4', Fdll, steet.
" number, and hy repeated at tack s rue•-eaded in Una other had 41.1 r n I...ard the SelVaTaph bet re
United States Gunboat Prairie Bird, o f the ' frolt, Ines N Iluteny, 24 LendLeeinafs, lieb. Yew. end the one Liszt succeeding. for Ile or Gurdonsi ille.
• noel Sole auune for ...vs I els - maroon.
art Hamilton, Lloydstown, t towels, 1 Nur aa.i. year on hog Ju o 1e•64- Diplomatic salaries The Tilt AIRI . I oUrreSp:llll.l.ln leirnithee the m I king an impression ot, our lanes. At four the ednetrow lert ber •
KIED.LF.: itt 131{0 haver,
MiseLssippi fleet, and Lieut. Chambers was and k bushel penthes. lire Dr 13011erd, Etergre% n. - . - n ' ' f„11,,,,,,,, . ' 0'01,,, 'a .II . the left o' too centre
g aeeount of tra tiny e battle •In 0110- f . ' ^ .. 3 , The Hillman Mangeintrillxenre et the sink lam a 13,1 VI
second in command Wider him. A few days 2 hariais pester, Ib. beeta, 11 st.h. end Deb [lamp $30,100 Mr next year, • elng Jeue, ISitta,
Ili e ene my pureeing th roue al the 1 a Iley p ro b e ht e total lo re , o f ilo, ..koonor 0d,,, w em. ge e,. _LI . Just received a woe :dont ,f ,h• ' , i f ...WV. - g
&eI:WV to orders, the 3re, ft/Dewed by the oth
1...,n, ilAkrareen, I barrel redeem, awl unions, Seidler.
(lead 4 like a dome this tro ps env mg thon.elvee stay fr.. 110. port l• Nosholle odh scrag° of ea.- nel.bruted Stoebbelnr 4. nrhrohle• PI. 1,; ki li 1 ,
age he started out, in cumpany with 511 eseerty t,f M eleter, e boxes, Mrs. Lowry S,Cllil,ln2 tams of Logetein Mr 11,64, corpeeen Therniay p. M., crossed the Rale
eibeer. %In,. eh. street a reek earty yeeterdey . ANOS. Thee. inetremints am eat.e nor matey Mo. -.
ru t get ennfeend an a retreated in disorder
the Fire! Engineer and tee. black boys
i r: . ,, , u t pif t ie j,,, e r o t e j el .
j at j a w rc , h ,i; • t i t 4. tairltA , a do s ,, l ,o ,orA u d d ra ,,, :ra i
, I , $ll l ,OOl . ISFS, $30,000 ; Cif...Metter eXpetnie• den AFJeteob'e Mills w i them opptismien. or.
after repented nbarre we , ... e..eted Alt.t : t o rife , eve, atgl.l 01 , men el and lent down and w y ill be .I.l it is ts li E l. tor t i . e i r i
i .k k le t, li stel, n •,.. , •
to hunt d oche On Bea rchin g th e s bor. , 4..1,0.1, o r Lees Itherarb.7l:. ' ,:os,. Soldien,. AM Stele:, of legatem f o r 1864, seo,lloo : 1985, s6e,uo9 , ce i r t .
w a
tj s r le . ot jj
t o . r ti t t w tt o ..d fr a o t ra t
it :
1. 10 , 7 1. re o be t, l
tj v Ide b tte,...
'denary Itidge on R ceineeday. Our army Is :•,:ten 1711 , r fr a w n " 4 '' t7, , T1; ' nif r t:reo h l i t n y b -e n l: ' )!: 71" 701117e r t . $ 323 t. g 3'" Tidies, Aeneel• • •• • ••., st . .r 7„2• ' ; i ' r ' '''
where they intended shrmting, Limy separate I, L . i t , l tto e- o t i•cei t i'llle. 2 be ot eet, Iseldeare AM Cos lety 0' Constliar salaries f e r lefid, $416,000 ~.180L,
t w he snutit .tde of the r•rete . ,these sore's's:erg- uow at Chteka matt ea. Wo haVe lite int ntired were saree or OnP hundred. the halanee hawing swain
each man taking a boy teltii hem Atter thie ' i
prasonere. The 11 aellington and Cebb's bat- , ashore or drotrsed ehe was a stern wheel beat, about '
y ir t a ,t art. y .i .
,1 •1.:.c.:: , n t t , : t o .
I :GA .1-1 1 , 4: , i 'l „, i i‘ , / ,
. ' il ':![ . Y .
' . i . 71 ' 1
r,. . : . ,..00 ' 1 1;T: g.,. • C:li n l ir l. ' t ' $45(1,000 ; contingent expenes of consuls for sued the road leading to Mertene Fore z Mir
, 1 L ' tomes 1, .0 ad their
had been separated norne lime, the engmeer
gu n. ~,,,,,, ~
aithun , f ear soar% • Id. rocent.. , pOrthaped be Captain A eel, t
hoard the black boy trim ea. with Ca ptam s oars pe.a...1.4, 14. currant J ell, eeleters Aid Nei- ... , IStii, ter ,000 ; 1665, 8110,000 , total for leoft• , mi.e. a eire where they too a read to the
, aa% wounded Our wont:eel n's o•li, or le r prreert commander, and Mr neereey, of the e .....r.wse
len in order I A • ;eke thn sonuanation of tat , , , . ' • .• 0 et, 11,. vain. 10 4.-111nat01 botvr.o%o eighteen and -
Brennard hallooing fer help, a ti d he Mau:mil t - ety .4 a . medlar Me, 5 berets, MArlon 0,441i.r• Aet ea 24, 000 ; for /865, $208,182
nett` atil being ear vd 1. I Ilr.nt V thousand dollarn, 41 the having lost tree re. .IUCTIE)-1" .Y..1.1..1.:5.
read from Celpepper te Reliertaun's Tower , ...
ately hastened to the spot and found his friend • toe Episcopal Ladies' Ald Soeloty, 1 bey. nea Mews TREATY went THE reeve Deuece. ~t , Tbortoloy
5t .. ,00t. G eeerea ~,,gg'• he,,111.111,,, it:+ row a• 1 , , , ..r , ,,,,i i h 5 , t , : t. i , e;, ,, t ,, ,.. , f t e1 t.. .e . 1a m t it,tt herie;. , , , , ,. ,1
f :1 , , ,,,,, ,110rt i . 1.,
b,. 1t i, 1; - - —........ .. ~,, _ , c _,
sore /not U cans (not New :seism Relief Aseecha
&corpse. It appears that the Captain had
lice I tex•eoldlors eel homey of Pul.k a , Ibe The treaty, captured et , Fort Bmit la, and re . Imuse, alel y tett rile y evening tontine. the. Ilkn gi: ° l d
, h•lderabll Isrld, water. while 110 r Oltern 11, on a
heeded his gun with ehot, but an snapping, it . Soliilen Ail &win, - of Elden., 1 Lem. Soldiery' A l ' il
missed fire. Ho then picked powder Into the tinclot3 a sewl. Lie,. cl., , 4 bos. and I barrel. eelved nt the Indian oßee, between Alber , r t nnrch l'i" nif‘lel °Poet... 'lib Gon• j ii a""in . i. From ( hattaneoga-Rlngguld Everu- tu n ee t. te' t te , . I ...h i :si t e:l t. er o ir
t ren s Zof b" , he'io6 Or°. . On Thereday, Tetchy ard , aturdavnvo a l nge , IJec SO.
, eth eel Stip, at 7Y, o'clock, reel] ev• meg, will 10
nipple with a pin, h ut it 's e nse s fi re e eeeon e se e e er i e et ay. ose fire.. of pickle., Me, COlliaderate Ceammassiormr. and chi i °f t' j , , I, s filed by Hooker and Palmer-Burl- " '
. 1, T ' I
time. The Captain then rev ted the butt of the i "e i lTl . " Al' Newwe ef 34 "k-ionv•L-• 1 taik. Mi. n
eamanehes of tbe Prairie. was tic is I ..I I. In l' i,,h ' : a d r''' ,, ' ' ne ' d ';';' : fli ti ' ,: e ' I t, f s ' e 1 ' e ur k e l ..,'l. lug the Dead on the Om Battlefield '''''' n ' h b '''' na ' ll a "'" .s " " r la ' "' I ' ll "' I r bi b Y gr l ,, L b t f r n t k e , gb ,;'':, l , , a ,,', 1 „";',"...7 ' i t „ .i r ., -
musket on the ground, and n-hile blowing into ', • ,7, i t i t ' e “, i ee s ie tew ,i.i o r ld, i e r e ..7„ - !. 4 , l : l l7 l i i tj i d i Ziun ; l i t"' Illi • I ' 7 ' a aa ' l ' n ' of Chickamauga- 1 leispateh from ...rig but pleasant, atninded, as lt he by the nem
, re of En - glish ar.d Ateeri ' er:n L Iter ' et ame n , ree ' breel. g
. It we. /signed by Pike and thirteen chiefs and men !Pat be , cl n await cleartng it was greeted Iturnaide. enr"e. does's , . hid in Ow' Ibfrk ",.../ Ind ' , ln* of is enseofthecholiseei midmost valunlee collections whf,h
the barrel the load waa disharged into his Mrs Mold Helms... r• Jars fruit, 1 LEI: fit ' i l l:', t. a . , ‘ ,l
mouth, killing him instantly. mor, Ald beclety or merrier, 7 b 1, , e , Settler. tid teeth a relies from r. lane of rebel sktrustshers
renegade Indian agents as with/sues. Tito ._ • . Cu iTIANAIO3a, Dec. 1 -110..ker and Palmer river n•lt kit wing. by day ur reset vehna, or tmm i b. been brought to mantle eale for :relies Itt our city
1 Le Ist brigade of the 2d div talon ea. !breath
1 It is rid, in all the department, of libtere. ro ,
The deceased was a most wortl t y gentle- encente• 4 Shcenete... , bux.s. Nlre John Oedon, lod , •• Indians wero rr quired le seep teethe wtth the f 0.....„. „ Lt. h.. , resealed Ringgold the moreteg. after burst ri 'II .• I', tk" eest "elle! will be fired
, with the let 3.lo.4litehu•ette graph', Theology, Poetry, Traeels, end B. ues , Lei
man and an eeteemed officer. He entered ' in "'i Li " i " fe '"'• 7 l ' us " .. '”''' , 2 Pr" fiilnne"'"'" ar .
I o trilla«Mpet., pub!, betide:lV nr d Thn 3,. IL. 3 ' 44, ... L ... W. ` l4 ‘ ..d. ° et ten fest of ter., including many old editions of Me k Vane,i,-.
era, I b ar dreA p.e. lee, 1 ba g aresi blackberries A, mexicana, and it distinctly oepulated Tezas de1:11412,0d gx. ekirmilliery and supported Ity the lb " I I ' '
the three trioralue /eerie° at the commence- „,„,,, r ,„,.„ . 2 neer peier „ . ..„ 0 ,,,, 5 , ejd e .,.,, n , ,
lAI. and 3J diveloo. of the cor e The lat retiree 1 kedges. ,A .atAI ry reform 0 thaanot, ' rot... Hand hood she e. oweee in Cleelsisati. and finely 111mtrated voluMea. The mentlen.le
meet of the war, and at the expiration of that Poni es . : T ri ne , I b e , , m r . e B wini eree e l e ,-; l ' s nu° "I the Cente d e riet e gta'•'• Theireet Y i ' • , P • . :meet.. tee wee. eou th ward ennloned m. books in web night's male are too nuremoas Mr see
.r n fi ! i24, V " . 11 ! :' ,...° , 7 „ . ...:
~,, ,, ...,, , b-,,,,,r,:p 7 ,1,1::ri n5 13 .13 ":: ; el n y . in th . ~ A
rit eg .. t 2 he , a. ol :l 7
i i s se jni n i d o o tt n td Pati d e , ia r , y l' , 3 „
i nep t :
M.P., ad raßet dt I, rough a dense th Inketeigh t- 0 e
fey. Nit they n ere Nand in force at Teo I -
time he sought a position in tbe navy, for Mew., / roll bandagee • lAdte. Aid boiler,' of M N. hound with r.l tape exid blue rlblson
bled . caz o .,, I hos , raol , ald society or notoaare ing and pu.hine tbe rebels back to the rte,nity
of 14,10 rtun. . h... the ..... y,
...... gthott
jeg o n e] Bill. The retiree d fret. It , oggold to cehick.
which be was well qualified, having been woo
FlGenellrl . R ever .r.
tura, 2 vote; Clarondra'a Rebellion and Civil Wan,
years in the British service. Ho began hts i ,i, i e ee , a t e"; ; ; 2 . 1 :::,7,.. in .' i ik , l ' i d d i se ,, e ` ni ;.•. 4 ; d ot ee l tt i e ne ti t. o.f .,t r:"i
amauga we. destroyed by Heeler j phi. tor its,ooo.
, a vela ; Dean Swift's It ork e, 24 eels , Pkdsley +eel
Rev. Dr. Allen, Dr. Boyonton, Levi Censpth. i het line. graduAlly fercea heck our lane. l Asorru. Irrtast. Soto —rapt Johu Noss hns I
career with Captain Walker, commander of bee. seams. Ahl nontety of halt...burg, a boxee , :i.e. Skamichlns eont•nued tall 330 it in , when Col. Grars' bragede was left on elm old bat- I
field of Ch seka mange, bun in g rem dead. large libation, 10 eels ; Werke ni'll . etirns, the entlq arT, '
P 2 rfl. I vole ; Dryden ea Complete Werk., i tee mete lIIIIi
I , • I llerioeed of the nub, ...or "eif City," to
the United States Gunboat Taylor, and was dine.' kid lescisty of 3lt 211tkeou, 2 boxes, Solder.' J. el Walden, E. Harwood and Ker. Adair
h ene ;Ith I how ti . te 11. hg I
afterwards transferred to th. Carendolet, Aid o,oo . lety of Brid ge p or t, I b ee , Mee Barn., I‘, POO, or C•nement, Francis G Plasee. 1 .. : heet n y .he
eche,,,,, " e ; n p,
~.:„. ,; d',',:;:. numbers er eh in hes Men 10 ,. .. uniourted , 0 Illn*l ug, f e the sum of 512,000n5. She peened , 13 . 7 . e t ent: T V b al or ga d rLrro t rs. to_n le t t t e lib itee ye .' becan t . LIS
which tparticipated in all the engagements on P e i h ; ' brl ,.'", llI PIII"": ',P k g . , "l e e fr il, kr., rn• I a • nr-. ,, -.• 1 e„ . if le . Is eso e.,. Is„. i l w . fi o n es „ , e
the right of ethich fire t fell back in 'fano enn ; " in " 5414 '';iiih' Int., the bends of her now owners yeeterd.ay, and ;, ‘ ,..,7 . , 0 ,, c ii.„ o ia,,,,;,,,,t r 1,:„ .1 ,,, - , ':';"," 1 "; , ‘ ,1 , 1 1'
the Mississippi. Haying proved himself " L ie ': eiii " ' f l '''' "`"' ": Ill 'l l " ''' S '''''y " 'll - ' 4
1 drape teh froze, de te.l No. ember I win h " " fl i jihi Y" 4 f ' - ' r ll " P re. '" 'n c"r"Illia In". I antson'e Iconelege, 4 %Ginn., ,DM lann s . TCeti,,,,l
erpoil, / ODE . Robbers Aid Serlety of Meet New .
worthy, by him gallantry, he ems promoted to et, s , 2 b ee ., e o lde. r . A i d e,,,, i . e • 11,, L e a. i i„,e It. Roberta, and Ii t 'Ward. of New York fosion, hut soon reined, and with tha al,/ o' „, , j , 1 rt , g I Nal, Ti Rhg ug Sh ake . ~,.„, e , 01 „ oerney , ci , o ,
ene seet .in ef Rend . I ph • 1•I Rhode lat„nd "' nil ' aa ;'' thll ' neni Y iin iiii " "Y inh ` ed e l' P ''.
" .'
a' ' '''. ma "' " m. " rma n ''
ng. Resur mr, Y locohinK, simitere e seethe 0 eet e tt
the position which he oceupiee at th e ti me o r ie. ifehrow Ladve Aid Seelety. 11-t . S, Mame Aei John M F0T1.0.% n 0 I F. 1 w tr.l A t kin.. of lb,
batter-, and h it:ere h. „f the 4th reited "", b ' g'' ,. .. 'n'i
'"''k'd 07 1 , ..f , h " bl s 'blew, 15 vole.; tier-per s I litatroh-1 Shirk, s iVarlr. •
tee death-commander of the' Prairie Bird. e' - eirte ' 4 N... 0 ' ll. ' ' fl . 2 h°. ‘" . 2,...02, . 31 rs 1,^1 .r. ton etephe t e 4:31 in,ll, Yrat,e,e R. Copelit , „.,,,,,' oi , I .
. o „'. I ~..,,
of . d g.l.ier. lo a• 1 rong 10wItinn 4ontn n 1 Inn rIN pr. Markets by Telegraph.
Protestant, 2 vols. Cie a Ihetleenm, !Joule. • 1111,
iii..ain, will he brought to thie site as i, i t t e ,;,;. i r l i e' e u r i T„,`;:j . i : t h e;!.`, " ,7.,1, 1 , 4 ,,,.., - ;:, ,, ,.,.. , ,,..',; - ,, , , If i o 11. T o,' s :t. •r I r e thee. net, front Kne x t lie .k tter n hard 1. ". I ' 2 .• D . ' 1 -- I'll'''. fi'm un•l in"i"doitig• l ty Yeare • Erols., ll'a e rroft . Cede! ii-at,e, 5 tols e
.. , a,r WC.. 1130 ..0% .... ,.. .,na , lit.,.. 0% 2ollnue s .,
, r 9 , 1 ,1 4 . .1 5 4...r , i . r n il ,. . ,,,t ti::a „
‘, e. f 1.i ... ., ,„, , , , in„ , - ,, , se., l :need g :,i ‘r t : , , ,, f , : t n i ,, , er
t., 1
ottej w
tIo o
of 0 , 0,
~,0 .10, 1 , ,..,, , • 0,01,0
~ 0 , 0 , 0 ,,.., ; • ,_,„ O ....,,
0... ,
~.1 0g,,,,. Ihe the 60,-0
night. ,
.. 10,
or a
soon AA poesil•le, for interment Sew II llinfugt,,, 1 box , • .!.1 Idle, f reuid, Pomo,-
or./ ohkee • • Tali:table collemit.n are noir reody, end 4 , be beobs A . or
plata, arc herr le en. tee rrailitlent nn tenni.
!lei 1 lA., 4 borrele. Plurnilllr bahltary Gomorra* one haudard lied fifty killed The 1""iti"" Tif fj e ' ese 'r e. ;; ltin l 't 'a s
e" '
j t'Y fn.-
r r
hod,' diri•ion. of Enell's corns twice u tate , Vat! .50 , 4t ra
A Change for the Better. Ib x 11, r 0 Carpstiter, 4, cane peacm,.loral of the Freedmen's Assoe..ation- soak mg Ihe it • ' • we. stretigthenea. aud tientg la the enemy see i et' it, 0 ~.endr s 7,‘ n ir,7s9. , 3,l (or Trade ' Brand., tlet I b ler" a t
luecessioe, gallantly iepulsed deg enemy, who Wad . "' re - i h e' d.7 l3 dili gl elL e WA - INT.. koco'ra
nprts.,. ital.( 5... - Intioll. I hex . ewbe,rale Sehe,,,l, setabltihruent of the toovrtn. down In large forret with the evident 1 market eke.. Incitt - actlvn aed ftriner 15hiaky I e-
The lakery at No 64, rounh street, where 4 banolo Ladles' 'll , l 1 4 .10 L of lowhester, I 1.•,,, . 1 '. '" ...i m ‘ .n ' . Ti "*"'. wsso-ss, dri ten tucker% perfeet - - ' -- ' --, - •- '
intent' en of ren.. wing the ',meet., B e r e eed,, IN% setae, cod Orin at ..q3dir ler wee.'" TCh.. " I QTATUAR Y„ OTT, l''..llN - TINGS, VI(1-
the "unfermented bread" has for somp emu Fanny li /toren, sx,', f 4. Th. noldna's , Mrs. L. /rub. The President who Is sick eiellf varlaloid arm rent.
j, •r j.„4„,1
jjj j
ti. j . , , , .
tj h
kt.l t
tt t ,
It.e , n ' T.;;;l,:pn .' lo .' rt i o ' nt n TS " ll7, ' 4oo 4 116r;41111..'hhteag"eo"SIT-101'-gr, I eh l'il' ld •Irt.hae'CComl l e r ro 'l l ' al b'y Sal r e:TTo g roor, '. 44 i'll b tll ' et P n l -er ' :
• ...- . /e. pillow*. It pillow reaoe '2 cute epicauf. applee . a ho fight eleteed et derit The I I .• re. I .' ll ''''' l . '"" I ' l l '" fi ' l ' i Ili ' hn ` heen " ide .
pasteasen manufactured. hal been entirely ye- Ger tlemth 2 to , :ttles who:, !'. do brundy, 2 bolas pan , unable te attend. Seward saw feet reel the
In the eatalegne sale et rateable ho.ks, from a •
• prieeem ••f the ' Se 4 ~.. it s t ettwaiikne ' lob, St,C4NAI,SS for Win
modeled-•the bread making apparatue removed li t e , t l t it j
jji sen t gL jr rly r,;t l t o , x j
jw ll . . , , c , e ) nt it • t r a selften t rs , t , l i .lbottlarr , addr e es, but esid nothing,
( 0, , , lon .1'
...%,•1 1.1300 , 11ncd, /IS tad, fro4l LI ." 1 .1.' Y '' l r"vi'inn .." 1 l. ""ngn ter lie t u nod R1,5111.r0 for A mt er Miehiga n . i
vat. Library, Contolanels at 7I , i eleck. a enaet il et• •
i . , harees,
and the latest and tliDelt 1111111 . 0 Ted machinery I. •x••• . s , llltam II Clan, Fset,. I three Ida , kbemy re l erveT or , 001110.31.N1in lEn 14 cunt tiro, lie a u aet ectuenr• are 0, the wit ) 1.,, h im ; eo-s. , i esl natt and drooping at 21,22.(41.M . 1e store. I eopy ~ pow.r.. G. ,,,,, 5 ,, L L , irt , nn ,
ron l
114 , • Mtn :A'. ins I', Waid...tu and Mato. %Del rim, ,
---- - 7 lane Landscape Paintings In 011,3 T.IP Pieter°, es:
for making crackers h. lieeu substituted, and t b ,.. - r ,T,, 1Y 4, 11 1 ,,,,, A ,..,1: 4 . 1 '.77 . 4 1,":, k t i C `,. i i l . 2 . o° '" bi ! ll ' " s I. ollllllllalllonec, Lewis. In 2114 report sllg . ilt. 101 l n k , lled arid ar00n24,1 I • r ele e el
The of knotellle.
,jj j C a ,
,„ . ......l ' d i 0 t1n::, :..:. li . . n -i:i....,,,-; ~,..,'::; I T-1 ,
r ,.....,,,,r, r: .:7,:.,... 5 .7 i , 0
~..:...-i ii, v , ,,...„..-.. ,
_..._,,,,„,..., t i ,hr,„... , ,,b,--„,,,. , G_.:Ab"..vrt-LsTti.L. . I ........ v " 7: "" i i i rf i r ' , N , d o;:rL 'l LL, l ,: b : .. ' 1
e Chem, femme.
stuonnts to TIOL kat than 3.50
is now in successful operation, under the di- neceville, log:Woes pooseis•rry emeeto ceea f ruit . 2 wets to the Secretary of the Treasury te,
With soot. haste did the reh .1. retreat that Sew Tette, Dee. I -Tbo Tedesse
rection of Mr. Marvin, who bee just returned j g fi t„,7, el jeT y °g , ci j i ( fi , e lee e M . 7 eft w e r , i l i i s F ,; l 7, f j r o e ' re t„`„„, i f "'''..t.teu'l 1 . C"ltgr... that th° Ithi9 'lll thl they left behind alit-heir deed, the gthund be et ecaal dispateh d ited g tau:vele, Satairdas , , for eld*Liee, 51.,0151e,23 TM new Meese 81.1!0•1112,e5 '
from the east, bringing with him experienced drawers, 440 du elurte. the ieends of Mti teal Life Ineurance Compaufee log Itterall) tem, eed with therm tier proper Irl" Cnin iirrieed i iefif NI ee 'ley • seeing We ; e fii „ ij ,,r,f r o d er e i; e:l ie „ ; S i e le l'X e r e ' r e e n r ea e ll i n ii .: 4 3 7 l l ww. tat.l l '
and practical workmen from eastern cracker Relert Hamitic., Boydstoo n .... .- 81 85 ate now an the teelfth day of the siege. The• date hot mouth, 142,706 , eati;ft date Met year, I
bakeriee. Mr. Marvin feels confident of lam Y s ; ei ~,..i,istie-en ~, ~,j , he repealed, the rllllll4 denlered . divldends ten of killed in the fight ei very renal!, and
on itispeetion of the battle field. lead. te the enemy hat glined liv n4l Tantago. We are 12',.7e9 Deer steady and sapc better for Extra Mese; I
Fetter prepered for an nttaek then
ability to furnish the public with a superior l iri i.„" ert i ' d • '" j luo by those companies. not being actual dirt
pew-lesion the t them . _emelt te. far exeeeded the ino•t , total •tort of old and new 186,35e,e02 e.klnget anus
quality of Boston, Soda, Oyster, Wirth, end C't 1 tamed by - lir ll'itenn . ... 7ue donde but Only eredita. In thee more revenue eerie •an guine expected. I,:rng.troot ,a .01.9.,,,,,. I date lad month n,t.Rs packing; earn., date last year,
..' etesse Beef In good reeneet at 28 for India. Cut
ceery other kind of cracker that enn Le , Capt. 1101. t Beers __ 10 Is' ehall lie needed than now produeed by the In
i Mests quiet and a shade firmer now quoted at 7(4
But one begade of thn fith corps we. ee he ceinfereenienis freel V Irgini t a T
. gaged -thAI. of Gee. 11.sel, famous for Gm enemy mede a diversion on Wedueseay
found in any establishment cast fir wee( rapt Wm. Peen
°Pee I V-, !Moulders at toqll, hams 'and baton tildes qalet
nnr position over the riser, but firer .11 11011r'e andenehanard Hogs • shade better. lead at 1134
•r%of Fi lje tt atteg A fer ono-third or Dividesiod
1 1' 7. terna.l Revenue Laws, that a sehed le he ex
The machinery is complete in every re
ii brilliant charge at Rappahannock Fta lion
all -. 3 tended by ridding di vldend maid. of etirrency if fight, were dr,i en back. ' 011 ,1 1 ;-the latter an extreme for very clot.; I,OIW WANTED.
spect, and the moat skilltui bakers are em- I
.., ,
j , ee , e 1.... waLo . lotjeg
10 eft EA DQUA.R.TKILS A.S.ltv or TIIX POTOStar, Nor.
tin Tuesday e detaohre eel of the Second barrels. stric . tly prime for February, at 13c. natter
played. Mr. Sillebrown, tne foretuen, occu- Mu. Eltza Shields, Setrlckleyellle 5o ori on such as dtamende, etneralde and other ar- :10 -The armies of Meade and Lee are dir i
plod a similar position, for sense time past, In Miller a Staff 25 IEI ~,,),,,,, 0y . ,,,,,,,, e 1, 7, ,,,,id.m,b 0 ,, , 1 ,i ,5 ,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,„ , 1 ded by Mile Run Valley, croseing the Fred Ni i eh igen ninde " Pill." , 'tete , • 3 . 1 ap - 11 "" at sDri" l '" - -
tured a rebel rifle pe withal „ele yard.' of our Pen,. Dec I Fl dli el r 1 ow ,_
the well-known bakery of Itheore. Keep 37 Pee Eon.. 31...11 ee
ericksbure and Orange plank rood about 12
r nse Oven y were cempe oto EL/MIA, our U.ItP, 0 ,
Itzr n e t l l , ll , t , ll 3a 7,23l3 l,66 7,lS corn W i t ,. eat , ', sales of 4,000 hmhela ...Weld iwiteeilhwelY at
Worthen, New York. We hare -visited - Mr. - .. ..L a e ' i n kri L :fi te r . lie"'"- r ie sen dogs and leeking gl.sea beyeed a certalu Clem
nodes (m e m the latter plane The e ; nerny are ...° i tt h t " i il I " sales of 3,000 old yet
ero -, ,
>Junin's establishment, examined his mache ; wines ", ~..5.,...t e. , ~., Llnnrry F, 0 ,, .t a stamp schedule lee alse extended to • e reng e y i dt ,,,,,,,,b ad „„a exhibit . detert.t.. _ g ,„ ere , re ~,„n erier forr.o , ~ .,th a Krost 10t.r. lOW at $1,.-Vki;51,1,..., , and new yellow at 81,076/313n. OLTTITB MetILINTOCK At 4/
nery, and feel satisfied that hits facilities are o, e , c om p eer ,
Be el embrace recespu or essigniesnis of chases in 11012 to make a desperate re•ot.anee. S o u s e N_lelor liSibeten we, teken prisoner, -Idjutent Pork firm sales ofsne barrels mesa at Vs. petr o l eum
.11 ,
noble and Lieu t. Baleen were killee.
of the most superior character. As to the A °entire.. . , i) in
eanntioading has taken place this morning, less tmti ye.
Ctoted Presbyters. Church, Daytere Imes. action, exeept negetiable paver, releases.
crackers, they must be tested to be fully ap
winch was feebly replied to hy their hatter... T. ;a at. Colonel Conn i k, of the lit h M tebigee, , IAT 1,0,11, Dol . I --Cotton . smell adet of middling WA.NT,ED 'l'o RENT
, ii::,.il p c a u r. }: , r r id l e y y q f , r i u e ul t
i t!:
t sr b o o 7 . 1 . 5 t. t
, l o t
d ha , ; ,. on I air at 139 e, 100 hal. meld on eatardae, for Connoltoss
24 fl a ? trensfers or personal property for the Ilea hoc of eorks is nthr Verdiersvale, in lionst
predated. We advise every one who ha, a ' .""'"I" Cl°
OD WARE . . j ~
, tatted Preehrterian I. hunet it 'manning 3' lel
ba , f per t• . cos, Flo rWh t 10 la et 81 In a In ' tt
house to /upper, to procure, a sample of tee fleeted PrsetTyteraan Church, pare,if Thais.. . benefit a crediton of eerie. certificate commanding positions, but they will probe. ' Gall p ' r; 'es.. ' Co ' rriadrana u -.1 . .1igh n ..t.y .n lT ‘ et!ther mild, Extmdee at pertho the ell).
L szcolrn en:ft - I - .
crackers baked at this eetablishmeat, which giving Collection --
023 net enumerated in the law of 1862. as those hly be a ttacked to-day or to-morrow. Noth- , From ( air°. • ...led Ssutheast.
i octet(
will hereafter be known as the Boston Cracker Harmon) Society, Economy, Thankerovitet ng of a deoieire character has utast - tired un
le, no of admission V) the bar , diplomas fer used , ; • • Cele°. Ten. I -The steemet Lady Frank- New York Stock and Money Market. (21_11iL WANTED-One who under-
Bakery, and will no doubt loon become one .. l .'l n ' l lng
n the prolient time.
XJI land o _eesuaking, End ether houseenerk. Ad
via echo,' Pmebyteri. Church, Rural et! cal practitioners and the like, au addatou lin, from Memphis. arrned on the 29th ult , ' Nrw Yeee, Dec 1.-Money .tlvo and arta at 7 per
W ARRINGTON, Der. 1.-Information received
of the most popular and succeseful bakenee in Inge. Thar keglving Collect, n la u•i
e - . cent reefing quiet at 162,,e1657.e; Gold firmer,
_.,_ S. aol,=f Allegheny Net Mike, witb
the city. • Deelpeee Church, Drieidneks' Vicki,. Theo.- will be med. t o Lt. a1„,,,p now. re/ l eered. and from the Army of the Potomac, up to Monday hni in g iie 1•• ' fil . j" i ' h.lo of 0-1)1 ' ; ij Li: " , opetring .411, deetesing Li 47Se and dotting' steady at `'e'reatee a• re ii ttens and character.. octeet
giving Coll.tion per Mr bane Melt 13 3.5 noon, day s that the tram, captured on the
thee a !wet el $2O, tee to bank cheeks, be re. The ii°
Chreit M E. Church, Pittsburgh, pan of
plank road on Ftl.lllY, is pate to hare con- • gee utiles Ims r crerted a I,n Ile!, wate l
. , r , time:emote Seeks merely-4 S. 6 s 'CI Coupene, : NiraCAROU ' S 31e BELE WORKI 4 .,
Tbatilegleleg Ct•llecti.n 10 ' D ' 2 Peeled. Sem° additionel ncenea are JUR' talland a small quanti . ty of Ammunition, p"" I. b " i " v ' ek ' h "g' winch fi"d into the • lee , 7 30s, 10,01 J-T.S.
...earners Welcome and Emerald. and fire or 1 etucke better gented. Clonveynnees. rent, brokers, produce, ' 1110 rebels exploded.
fit Dereone are re
In relation to the affairs In front, en Satur • T h . .....„.., ti r: m rt ru e ': l , h i l l le a d rr " , :' , d a w a o t u e r is de n d 4 I 3 L. ( 0 8 4 41. 1 y' '' .."r - 9 ,... 1 ,.. 3 3 1 • 11 ,
bakers, Owners Of enteric' of horse. for rac•
dey, it is stated that, at daylight, our army
ing, &a., recommend. the legacies and dean. • Galf. She reports a battery of T-twandere i li.:°2;lo",..mnii 3J 31 S., Ctd..
My aeons, the Frederickebur aud Oran e turn - -
two miles below the mouth of Red lever. e. e. e or eiste,B
bution of /hare. to the emcee heirs, be sub.. pike at Robertson's Tavern, g about twelr g e mile, 44, Ilia. te ecrip.
ject to one per cent. tax, and that the intones from Orange Coact "loose. Refugees report 1,300 guerrilla, there. Thts , N y. c Lei, te s p
The rebel lines were light, and were grade- buttery Nod into the traneport Black Hawk 1 Eris IGO, - G A C
F t r ot ie t . Pfd ..... .......101 C. /. it I
of wives and husbands in each others estate.,
I 13 eholle buret its her texas, set fire to ' I
elly pushed back by our_skirmishers for one niii
121 1 / 4 03GL A P D. C
iTref $4,000, be pubject to two per cent. tax, the bete and Maned the pilot-hon. and ' '" Il
mile and a half cror to Mlle Run, near Ver.
tee.. One negro was killed and four white ' r ' eflieg ...... '•- ' 12.22. P. FL W. * C.--
and on estates to eollateAl kindred, be elererille. On both side, of the reed, sloping
m i en badl , .• w . ,,unded The , gunbmtt Choctaw I New York Cattle Market.
ar:s ,:.
. c. 1 0 7:: ,. :
d ,
i ll : it °
. I :r —T f h . s i 11 r
bruk rte et,s t et do la ri st stl iT h k : .
jrfioti,.. _
Increased, and that the law he extended to a half mile on each tide of theenver, ie ari
Ai eneen Wu 1./suers:.
d th the eda•e of the woode, wee t
The guard 1 /IPc• and block building. at t .'
real an wiell ail personal pr,,porty. Corpora
intrenhon'te7r:,'inho memo , were in lie of bete s
Gene and person. inannfa o t ar , a g (~e t e e ..
.. Loth
etde, a
rite ? , better ":
j, c,L ere b ee gs e .000 burned on the let tn.t• !RI ppi n y . o7 al ' lnnt 3,1. h2.l ° , P rh l iela ri m ut ' b r nsrts lling. E - YES ANC EA - E'. -
solves to the amonnt of over $6OO, be tared as entree/thee. Tho elope from there to the It was firoll by the }enemas, ble none escapee'. meeted curing the day to about 3,',00. The bulk of
' lb. stock en sale being of a retie, Inferior quality. "Y).R. BA ELZ
tither mount . ..corer's tricomee , and ionolnel river it, etudded will. rale pin, from winch Independent a t emoerat Leer led May or The hestfor grades brought a slight advise. to-day,
the sharpshooters fired scattering shoe.
over SS,OIIO be eubmect to a duty of four of New York. f The market closes gaiety at atent Monday's inside Payll partiertiar attention to tho tr,...,,,n1
P i " . , About ono o'clock p. tn. the elealt broke, , prices, at the close, poet arid common ateers sold et' • CHRONIC DISEASES, the EYE and EAR . opPrat•
I. sw 1011 a, Dee. 1.-The sk e e t er, l e d a y ' t e 37, ,oinnien to medium at 7Y e .18.1.: t e • eommon to on CATARACT, SQUINT EYES, for ARTIFICIAL
cent , between 810,000 and $2,0,000, /feta teed tho rain CORIIed, but the roads were filmes!
'2ste to .54 per cont. If addittonal reveuue be In an impaesable rendition One of our bat- i , p t r j e t . , p f aLeo lt tl t
t, ,, , fr o e r &I e S t o ly . . , T ho t fe 1 4 e, w i n ng ra i t s
° LI . , .
a fp , :tirl t :t . 7 t td ., lt fo ln . ; good ....p t ri o o p rj e j. m tt e t e ti t i thessin , i , „ ;
j e ,jj 1,...4,..,.,, PrIA.3I7,4IAAP'7i',II:III-I,:V;!raM
:,0 1 , Blunt, 'regular I. l l.i7fi rn , 127460 'w . jues(th - e ' r, I iji ' ei ' lingl); been
not needed, then the tax on pooh producta es te l r e i. d is f w a t e
h d a fe w
t eh t o 7 r : t o w vj ili t ech int li t o ! a lbei t : o r u e ;
wath first quality. which conunue and all ellseues affecting the Ear end leadd er, t.
ere elarood neecoseries may bo lightened and /:4.ho' ut ou t most se ' veraT guns wore fired from eur. Independent Demoorat, 20,03). Guenther le 1 a i r . 7 4,, pr . int , is hes . ... v t eale
in, be d a :. 6 .2:7111,.. ` =,7,,1 1 . 6` : ' I rak7lo6 Irirrn sTnts - r.
moros./11.1 un liquor. or tobneen. lanes, but failed te draw the enemy's fire. elveted. tive, anSas the eupply of good eheep h. been very -
A few additional particulars are furnished - limatel, the market has taken an upward turn. Live le
of the engagement of Fridy, namely the , More of Morgan's Men in Canada.
Toaosa, C. W., Dec. 1.-Itonr or five of :L e : i s l e :
I Steck has been Lavorably affected, and In some he I
~f ut l i tl y. k . ks e be ., tte r c i p .d rie , e i s ul b . ave ftrm bee t ri tto pe tnmo ld...e t
j e t i 200,600 APPLE TRES,
; number of prisoners taken by the 3rd corps, 1
which has beta greatly exaggerated, only 60 j
it Ni rr o t rf e a d n' h a tt fc e ll tjo ew .ti - p tg ri b s t o b n y ere tb ar e e ,c re . p t e ern i-ted t„s to tr h . eve j good sheep, live, at 4;,s•Se; fair to prtme at. 4.lfi t a. lijei ' Elt " flima-2, 3 ' 4 " d a r' n " . I ' M -In ' l ' lllln g . 11 th ''
brajtig yet reported to the Provost Marshal. perm to cholc,, at Siet@le,l.j, MD to good lansbe, - 83,56; ' ald treading warletdas, and many et.w once. -
A:songlike wounded are Col, McClellan anri _________„„e„.•,,,,e,...---- I, good te prime, Seeseefee per heed. The Swine awn. AUTO. • very Large stock of PEA It, (standard wrel
ply vnts larger this week, and le/them:ly a moderate
DOI: Riggint s 'of the 811th Pa. Regiment, sad , MARRIED: I dratand . twit-. heavy and lower . cora-fed, 11., at SHARI AND ORNAMENTAL TREES, ROSES.
two eaptaina,mankor not known. •4a gee- eorn-fed, dressed. at iteirea , still-fed, Dee, GaAPB TIN -421 . 8,111 MRS• GRElrrignusr
The medlsal director of one oorpe eatnnatee 1 44t4e; Ved do, dresscd, at •T‘<-iii'An dos. hesey. , P L "Tig• gee ge e wheirw ele °en re tail al " t l •ier
Receipts-8...e, 6,484; Cow; les; Cals., 664; Obese I seeshhi Prenia Jona; yronnone.ot-.
ottrApis at 315Wrottaded, and shoat 100 killed.
and Lamb., 16,0., Swine, 4.2,360. solealawli Pitubarth end Oakland ;estuaries.
- - -
!nee:BMW retreatod from the front during
.ttle4ight; lensing their dead and wounded on
;the - Selcli,4
' _Oaring:Wthe enemy'e change of poaition a
beeekeiltteelellgay for us to leave them there,
as their initatier greatly exceeded ours.
Dates of Sunday say : Yesterday elesed
clear, with both" armies laying In lino on the
opposite sides of Mile Run Valley. Upon ex
amination it waa found that the ground on
the sides of the run, except where it ia crossed
by the ,turnpike, was itnpassible by onr
troops, owing to the boggy and swampy con
dition of the ground.
All was quiet at the front on Sunday.
On Monday morning, at eight o'clock, oor
batteries, which could be placed in position to
bear upon the rebels' works, were ordered to
open. The siege train was in position in front
of Sedgwick's ,command, end, after half an
hour's slew connonading, to which the enemy
feebly responded, an attack was ordered.
Gen. Warren, on the left, came qpon the
enemy stronger in numbers and position than
was anticipated, and asked for furtherinstrao.
tient. The forward movement NSF then
shocked, and all firing ceased.
The Lecture Last Night.
no lecture season was most auppiciously
inaugurated last evening, by Mr._Vanden
hog, at Concert Ball. Every scat le the spa
cial:ls hail wry occupied, and the distinguished
reader, notwithstanding the unusual length
of time which ho occupied with "Richelieu,"
received the undivided attention of his audi
ence, and was frequently applauded. The
sketch from Dickens, entitled "Mrs. Gamp,"
was most admirably rendered, and the audi
ence dispersed in the beet of humor. Oo
Thursday evening Mr. Vandenhuff will give
his second and last reading, at Masonic Ball,
cinder the title of "An Evening with Dick
ens," embracing "The Tinching Story of
Richard Dolabledick," "The Boots at Holly
Tree Inn," and "The Elopement of Mr. into
with the Spinster Annt.?.
The Allegheny Baird of Controllers.
This Board met last evening, in the San
dusky street school building, but, as on the
preceding monthlimeeting, no quorum was
present. After wilting over half an hour,
the roll was called, when Messrs. Francis,
Gibson, Gormley, Graham, Latton, MeGonni
gle, McMillen, Nesbit, Thompson and Presi
dent Brown answered to their names. There
being no quorum, the Board adjourned.
There was an informal dim:orlon dpon the
propzioty of declaring vacant the seats of
those members who had been absent at the
last tilt meetings, and who could not furnish
a valid excuse'.
Sat.rx or &roux and Real Estate by Davis
„k Me[lnsane at tho Commercial Sales Rooms,
No. 64 Fifth street, on Tuesday peening, De
comber Ist:
Exchange Bank.
Exchange Bank.
Iron City Bank..
Mechanics Bank
Allegheny Bank.
Bunks Inininnee Co
!farina Hallway C 0...
Bowe and lot fronting 46 feet on Liberty
ptiest, and extending back to Virgin Alley,
$7,800; 2 lots fronting 40-feet on COMIXICTCH
street and extending beck 77 feet, $l2O exalt.
VoLcarErna, heap inter-Yor the derange
ment of the system, Change of Diet, Wounds,
Sores, Bruises and Eruption', to which rrery
Volunteer is liable, there are no remedies so
info, convenient and sure as lIOLLOWAY'S
pila lit OINTMENT, thoroughly tested in
the Crimean and Italian Campaigns. Only 24
rents per box or pot. • 234
Twit Rtruszwarea will make HQ; grow on
Bald Beads. Price Ozie Dollar. .For este by
Hiram Johnson, Gement Arent, earner Fourth
not Oreltbileid streets.
OIXAT bargalas la long and equate Shawls
at J, Fla elea, Coiner of Grant and Fifth
Chesiao out Carpets at first cook at J
Ififiet's,eoraer of Grant and,Fifth streets.
C. Btu, Debtlit; 248 Pena ouvet, at
tend to all booklets of Ma profession.
TI . 1031•11 Paar.r, Plain arid Ornamental
Slate Roofer, and dealer in Pennsylvania and
Vermont slate of the best quality at low rates.
Office at Alex. Lane:ain't, near the Water
Works, Pittsburgh, Ps. . •
Foe Pau. sun lf /Mlle Wesa.—The Sara
meri s past, and by the morning's frost, we
begin to apprehend, that fall and winter will
shortly bo upon no, and we must provide our
selves with the material to keep as oensfort
able. A aloe full alit, or a good and well
made overcoat are the very thing, and we do
not know of auy pima where oar readers
would suit themselves hotter than at Messrs.
W. D. McGee k Co's clothing establishment,
corner of Federal street and Diamond Square,
Allegheny. They here also received a com
plete assortment of gentlemen's famishing
goods, and a great variety of new patterns for
Wlti3 Lc:mating, 4.. a.
JAet received at tiam'l Oraham & Co.'s, Mer
chant Tailors, Nu. 51 Market street. It con
sists of all the very latest styles' of cloths,
easslmeres and vesting"; overooatlup of all
kinds of the very finest quality, all of which
is selected from the latest importations, and
will be made up in the most fashionable and
belt manner. Gentlemen desiring a stock of
gold" to select from, that cannot bo surpassed
by any other In the city, and every garment
warranted a perfect At, would do well to ere
at an early call.
SaY!!Et GLEAM St Co.,
Merchant Tailors, Ao. b 4 Market et.
5.c140/11., OaAlum. Gao. MoOesnittin
Nants, of Louisville, Ky., sa te in a letter :
"When In Now York, this stnmer,
purchased by way of experiment some of
Mrs. S. A. Allon's celebrated Nair Restorer
and Zylobalsamum, which I have found
valuable. I now write to have yen Tend
mo a dozer of each by express, for' the use
of my friends."
Sold by Druggists everywhere. Depot, 138
Oreonwieh et, New-York.
JUST EXOXIVID axn RUDY sea Bsmr..—The
Lim assortment of "Fall and Winter Clothing,
lately received by Miseern.John Wier k Co.,
Merchant Tailors, No. 146 Federal street, Al
legheny. The stook of clothing consists of
the finest variety of gents' pantaloons, vests,
coats and overcoats. The style of pattern' is
tasteful and fashionable. We would invite
all of our reader, to give the abovsigentlemen
a call.
WATOTIV:3, .ImwsLiT, M. Roberta,
No. 17 Fifth street, is now opening the most
choice stock of fine Gold and Silver Watches,
Jewelry, Silver ware and Fancy Goode ever
displayed - in this city, end is selling them at
remarkably low prices.
Itarnta and carriage cal . Will be..taken at
the Omnlbws office, No. 410 Penn •treat, day
or night. All orders left at the above place
will be promptly attended to. All calls meet
be raid in advance. •
;COD seta 2f Fan can be had at the follow
ing rim at J. Finoh's ' eorner of Grant and
Fifth !treats: $7, $9, si), slo, $l2, and np
Belie Boyd has been sent South
Longetree Vs Retreat into Virginia
Intercepted. •
CpCCINNATI, Deo. I.—The Oommereicl'.Cum
bprland Gap corroepondeet telegraphs that
all tho available force has been lent from
there to Intercept Longstreet's retreat into
Virginia, and says the courier from Knoxville
brings the Intelligence that the enemy:at
tempted to cross the river on Sunday, bring
ing en a general engagement, resulting in the
defeat of the enemy and capture of ben.
Wheeler's division of Ere thousand men.
A French Vestal Foundered-41aHag
of Blockade Ranners4
haw Yoar, Deciember I.—Bermuda &del
cee report that the French Steamer Charles
Mantel, from Sew York on Oetober 23d, with
an assorted cargo, valued at $200,000, found
.ored at sea. Her crew was rescued by the
ship St. George, of Now Bedford, and landed
at Bermuda.
The rebel bbielrado-ranoing steamers Dee
A DeVance, Cares and Powerful had sailed
for some southern port, also tho steamer St.
Petersburg. Zlio Gibraltar, from Wilming
ton, arrived at St. Georges, with a full cargo
of cotton.
ew Ettrrency.
IVonntecrow, Deo. I.—Tbo various minors
of tbo withdrawal of the new fractional cur
reney are witbont foundation. The currency ,
is duly Issued, and preparations are miserly .
completed to issue it in ouch quantities as may
I.e required. •
From Waehington—Tho Fight osi
day Exaggerated—Lee Strongly Post..
ed on Mlle RlTer.
Wseistworon, Doe.- I.—The reports from
Boaiton Station oonfirm the reports of heavy
firing heard yesterday.
Tho engagement of the 3d Corps on Friday
lest is said to bare been exaggerated, espe
cially as 10 :the 'number of rebel prisoners
taken, which wee far lese than stated. Onr
lope in killed and wounded is believed to bo
The reports that Gon. Loe has retreated are
not credited. On the contrary, It is said, he
is strongly posted on Mile River.
.:>~~ ~(_ ~` say's. v,~:k,;~.:e:'
ERNER--PENTICOST.-0a Thursday Trti
Nm. Seth, at the 12,1111.0 of U, Graham, Ea•t
atlegham, by Re•. John Seem, Mr. WEL JAMES
th• abore place.
SIVE KNEY—ERDDST.--On Too. i y .Teping,
Soo. 17th. 186.1, by the Hey. Wm. Amnon, Forgeont
J011:5 C. 3WESNEY. of Co. D, 163 th Rog`t rean'a
Vol., to Mies EMMA ERNEST, of Allegheoy city.
MA OtlrM—At Ide residence on Centre Aram',
no 'Tuesday morning. WILLIAM MACIIL'AI, Eeq.,
aged 74 year..
The funeral will take plans from Ms late maldence
oo Satitana T, of 10a. m., to proceed to the Allegheny
Cemetery. Carriages will 1141• P R. 10. Pat lorson'., oa
Diamond etyma, at 9N o'clock.
ATW IiILL.—At Chattanooga, Tenn., on SA Nov.
1863, of wound r ori ved at the battle of iVaaatehle,
Ala., Capt. CIIA 8. A. ATWELLL of Noon'. Peon's.
Battery, in the =d year at la. age.
Due notice of the Amoral will be given on the ar.
rival of the body.
PATTON.— en Tuesday mars:doff, 12:40, MARGA
RET LOFIHE DE TO110111,(Potin.) .ii an Child of
omusil W. and Calif.", Aram Patton, aged II year.
11% months.
7h. Nears! .1111 take niece from the reetdoneo of
her parents, AS Eland at., at 11 o'clock on WZDJIMAT
AITBINOO3r, the ZS inst.
A.B.NOLD.—At Chicago, Ilooday,No.. /Kith, Roy.
OEO. 0. AREOLD. Bematra will b. brought here
an burial.
Notice of the fettered In Thnredey morutog's
PEED! FEEDI—Two oars Chopped
Feed of Corn, Eye. Barley and vilest mired; for
QALT.•IOOO bbla Eztra,No. 1 Salt for
sale at l 9 Liberty street, by
del WM. P. BECK A CO.
HO G NS, double and 'single burro
I English maw: dictum for ale by
oda JAMES MOWN, lib Wood larva.
•,,.4,,i,: . ,fi..; , a.E,,':',>, ,, y;. ,, :.: . . ,,, , ,, ' -
_... cv SQL .:r4~-~ ~. a ..a~ :~...~.._i-,.~~1 ?-.~?~K,_i''~i,-%.
and MERPHIS.—The steamer PRIMA DONNA, A.
M'Covren, Muter, win leave for the adult port. on
THIS DAT, 2d instant, at 12 m.
For freight or EIUMIap apply on board or to
deS - JOHN VLACH, Agent
ISVILLE.—Ttu splandld ttoamar
JENNIE HOBBS Capt. H. 11. Dtvenney, will tears
as &bora on THURSDAY, ad lint., at 4 p. m.
der For frolzht or wino apply on board or to
Theis,* steamer ADELAIDE, Capt A. Miller, will
teas* as above oa TIIIS DAY, the hYth truant-
For Dofah% erJ
11 • t praga apply on board or to
111 FLACK.
men J. D. cot,LniOwoon, }Am".
passenger steamer EMMA GRAITAK, Monr4ree,
Commander, leaves Pittebergh every TUESDAY, at
4 p. .a., •nd Zanesville every FRIDAY, at 8 &dock
a. m. The neer steamer JULIA, Wm. Coulson. Com
mander, leaves Pittebnrgh every
_fIATURDA.Y, at 4
p. m. , and Zanesville every TU .=DAY, at 8 .'clock
a. In. Per Wet" . cpea t atte epply ou board or to
I Plttabogb
no2l 11. S. PIERCE &•=kaizdao.
MR A. 11.. ENGLISH respectfully
- Inform the citizens of litttehargh, that helm
bona appointed sole nat
CEMENTe sale of MYERS ♦
PEN. They are recommended by I hé-himest bonen'
In the city, among which are
there, Duman / cb.. Nolan 1 Co.,
I now I 'rIT Tatar Co..
Aad others
Er% Ps,nn k
J. M. HOFFMANN ...t 800.,
• No 181 ITH Fl :•TR.VRT,
W -
A N'rED.--$6O A Niceirii.— W e wall;
Arent. at SOD s month, e2p141.11 paid, to
nor Jrcalutiar Telma. Orkstal Denten, tuna n
°Wet nos, metal and anions amid... rlfteett &LI 1
eta rentirra. Addron,
veltlettAmlT !MAW A MARK. Dl.tilefiovd. M.
Expellant:ad Carpet Uphola(erer
• benatitta and vstiei amortmeni
•-•)°24 MOnaments and crave Stones,
81?4, PLUMES FILMS, 11,09MiDALX AND 3011;i+
• 5, A AA
YD.—The undermiumed will potato., In
OPM market, CAVALRY HORSES for the United
States maim Tke Home to be from fiftren (i 3)
alateea Do hands high, from four (4) to nine (I,i)
i•yeari ail of
date. compactly built, in mood Posh, Rod free
Bone§ will be rocetfect, athlete to Inept ctico,
Plttabante„ P., from the he to the Ibih or Decem
ber; and et Columbus, Ohlo, from the Mb to the
Stet of December.
FILMING LOMAT, Capt. it A. Q. M.,
poliarwTtf Cavatyauraga
Efare shove on hand and make to order EIDE AXE
End.; RIDDLES, for ranndiy nee ; HEAVY
NAMENTAL WIRE IVOkR, for Iflowsts,to_
sir ma oar' it ETRE fin sale, st
PRACTICAL rt. um Rims,
GLS AHD STEAM' prrrpas,
N. 69 71:DIZBALL ISTLEXT, amegmereltsV..4
Na 227 Warty strirt, Pittsburgh
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