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_____ _ ____ _____________ .
• + ,,,,,, L. h ~ ..i i, tr 44 i Nino of rifle pail : in panab f ers th wth i sugir 3 ,ed hereabout In
thethe mile of P 1 7 50,1 " 1, Pl', ', • .4 ' E Tir .1 D rERT ISIEME..I'7% S. AYE If ' ..11D P ' JP.: IR TON /Eel/ E. t FS. ~ E Elif - JD I- ER TIS EOPLIEXT S. 1
1143 4 1- arg ,mgazeile. ,u'vagend a o rd r firod e their is,.cces, e but i the gre low
1 , b,„ : „ . se c d tim f z m now w h ri e : of y Richmond
art t. el c , ti , -
I -1 01E.N1).--on \I ed - ueadai 3 -, - citing, . - rs --- ti ft I 11;. - t - 1 -\I I Der, 1 . Qt. 5 t.a.101.4.2Tia.1313.3 11 -st 1, Orme, ) OUR RI,T ,1' 1)1:rm; 1 )I.L.NT
roads which i 0 TM arm, D., iI , - i I
- II
I number collected into this massy about Jeff. Davis t ard re h t i t " f rien ds,' hat it i .rvoun , o•
s atm Cm eey d'h no, r . to, ~, 1 j 4 1,1 \III i , -: , ,,t1e1l prurto , ll.• ,1.1
S. RIDDLE & Co., erect obliquely up Its steep face, and went ou seem , to men new and justifiable feeling' , : 1 ' et' rt le" I"""" 1 I' s "' r '"''' ' " 1 --
erirrata um roorasuresa to their t• 1 vengeance would fill your ort q.t. could e 11
-• I , - le , t.l I k ~ .1 IL, a I, g ( kill 1 ..,....,..,,, at th 11,2322 until too • at'l `ar
t - Yin.", t• - , , n ,lo rli -I It, and d I rent s at 61,0‘ ES ‘. l tx tin ISt CLOVES 1
Some regiments pressed en anl !wormed up see men oho but a few month, or wcr. fu
TUESDAS MOIISING DEC 1, IS6B the steep suite of the ridge, and here anti er lift,dragged el 'ern t.' ollation o, t 1. , t ...: l•CO \ 1 tilt 1.1 1 .
______ -------.---=._ .-s--- there o color was advanced beyond the Imes yeti verge ot death I, "Carrolton ^ then co I'l Unw Ilene 1150.. , tn. ac nre heed enlcr w' I , , I , , I In. • tn., •In v I r
\ ..
JO\ HMI \ F, ' nolllll\ i STORE i i i ~,, sooodie ,, - -
T , he at , teMpt appeared most dangerous, Mat versa wsth filth and , full of tieTalr, and I''''""l' '.an I , mn h. ""," net '3O li I, r . 4 , I• I 0.4 and t../1 n rt. • a Alnds Is
WITH like _sot oe , maAnv. mois t- 't h e ant aur .1 was supported, and tile 1-0012 sant. fi 1 hlve Leen tempted to e I elnan, I. I • 'l .., 1.1.`,...11A1l 1 1.. r«,t , I lit ''n Cv Ilm, t tor 11..1.
t,. rI 0 ety ~ I/1 uol etre to 1it, 51 ,, , ,' the hi tot If air, I. d r raterho to
moats, which at thr moment is e write re - was ordered to storm the hetehts, upon which it pouthie that we have hoen for yeys tactic- , u,..,. i., t • i as Is, wto lean th be onered '
(11811111 ere tiloves anti gantlets.
main in sotrtn degree of doubt, ue have, not lees than forty !tweet of arillery, and 1 , the rule of these dsebohcai Nero," the: re Q . I .1;:j 1 13, 111 porch or,' a two story Ti and 79 11,,k,,t, Si , ITT ll FITT
one knew now many muskets dtood rend, to bare crouched to feed freer their ham!. at li t.71,t-n/ 1 3 Xr.,m, Dwelltna, nil In good order, au 1 \ .- • int • • be 1 lit ered en Illth Gr , . 1 . ,
from an points over the widely extended 'laughter the emotes:its. With cheers answer- besought them to grove the rod eel Ict toe no. , m film. il , t Loot . 0 1 I • t 't.l .', feet not 1 ,I ' '1 f 1• r u
field of operations, the most eneouceogin
g tub e to aeon, the men swarmed upwards I natton Ilvo" that even now the remnant
of r 1t li , I .to Ms., on who.l llt. in a *. ,vt "I
frau i. fra...... 1,, ) . L. k U VrEoh le , ' lot.
They gathered to the points to difficult ~f I bander lickspitties railing theni.elves •• dem t. ,, .
accounts of sticcesses attending evel.7 11D. al 9 tt Onto both ret Lawrence , ' e 2...til . LS
I ascent, and the line Wel broken. Clint . after I oerats,' ere anxicus to do Silber detd. of' ."'""
derlaklng in which our armies are engaged '
, color was planted er, the summit, while ma devotten before Olio people's bloody molo , F s ...,,,s1 ..,,5,....4,•tia a 0111 e)I. .t 1 - t - • _I. II oa. ..., , t • tp, ~,,,, 3 0,0 t s ,2•1. Von, n competent Mop.
t ortor 6 not . I troct. t• . on 1 n toot s. 111 I s int,--...e. that to nu arc
Of OILVer 3 moat pregnant victory over kit and cannon vomited their thunder upon whose tender mercies tiro cruelty and whose up u ningt)n, It 1 . • Is i • ..., a t , 13,1
,-. j Embroideries, tin' 1... I and a rre,pond• tette tie nano In Ibis. 1
tont+ te death! Ship your
DICAS6, if we were etsrtatp that its
ca r- I them Cl "Pl' nrh "' ls "' NO ricF -The public sale tat Quarter Lace Ontnie cad ~,,,,,,tte.ot for ..n, formation, pun, i. • [Limon at
A well directed shot from Orchard
and ex- I Libby prison and Ctuitto Thuuder ' Go c , ~,,,5 , ,- . ,: ~,,,,, s. ,i ssrt ,„, r.,. Nt,, E D., E.,,,,,, , ~ fos • (roll, def.,.
ilarten Handherottell4 l'r . ~,ait fau•l no.. mukol Pr nte-als t r Mal, '
ate effect was, what Its ultsmata effect car- pludud a rebel caisson on the summit, and the , them freely in exchange for the groaning pa- the 2.1 „t D oe . m her, i. pwip.tol until 9F D• k." 1621. n orl.•A ,:,.ire th.. • umber of 'be L t o blab the
tatnly must be, to put an end to BCIL•iIIDG g gun was seen galloping to their right, its delver I triots who te-day bre in dongeons, and sigh Del, th I Ali tII Tt/111'1••••, Ol ''l ' I III's" '-sot. I- , r IDI ,-“, than at 11. let I. l-. 1 tor , and udart.s.ed to t i toi t. lrotas
I lashing Lis hordes. A party of our soldiers in• , for a breath of pure air. Thia w ould be a I del tr.l Captain anti kQAII 7 8 3 . 1.• •i,r•a•l I. p • I oil her, • 1... n mgre al Dp"it t ...!lial terTIMG °I is MIAMI Ia L .
Pito , urgt ,
peril at Knoxville and to deliver East Ten- torcepted them, and the gun was captured i righteous ezebange. ri 10 1.12.i.:3r: FOR TIA EN Tl. li . 1. Itzi w „,,,..,„,, T „. p .„,
~ ,
~, m
~ m,
~,, ,
nessee tram
' tho presence of Longstreet and , with , Yet is it not hateful to see and hear the., g_
-.Sasso Iltilltllne I to tear fronting fa I.t en yi n , . ~n,,,, r , . gr .„ ,„ ~,,• I. ~,
A fierce muoketry fight broke out to the left, cowardly traitors who stay at home, heaping the east olds of the Pohl!, •quare near 111. '.°" Mar
the maraudng :bands he leads, we could 1
I where, between Thomas and Sherman, a mile contumely upon the heads of men like the Oct nom., i o 0, 0 City o r Allegheny •
confidently await the results, well satisfied, or tea of the ridge was still occupied by the President and Secretary of War I The men n fee tnrine 0 1 , 0 1 7 1' bE i 9 lITT , ttl E
r ~..t.yanc, No 89 Mani ld.l , l' d t tlt
MI rebels 1 who are for earnest measures are the special ~,,„ ~,,
I Bragg le ft the house in which he had held objects of these libeller? contempt and cou p , n r -„, - , -- 7 --- , -- ---- -
wear*, that they arc not far off, and that 1 ---- -
he le no laggawl who is pursuing them . ' his headquarter., and rode to the rear as our timely 1 The fact is, Mr. btonton works day IN a-a PHD It/ IL hi li An,e,,
Grain' thoroughly understands the work i troops crowded the hill on either side of him. and night to prevent these fellows from steal- ' 1 ,.
„, r,,r,
.4 A t1 t 11 .,, , 2 11 ,,, 1T
~ A ,, , '‘,o i st fire te , ,, ,,,,, „ ere
before hum He knows that the district tel I General Grant proceeded to the eummil, and ing the public property i lie watelles for e y e d -' 5 .,4 , .„'d p „,,,,,,,, ~. 711,1,'
, I there did we only know i t s height. tors and thieves, and when he catches thous I IneMre of treLDI ASEIVILIITILI
be held, is order permanently to contest the I Bocce of (ho captured artillery was put in I the penitentiary gets a new Inmate I lfeneolw
railroad, the mountain ranges and the val- position. Artillerists were sent for to work the the mound and groans ' The oopperbends I - - F A: ..,. r
guns. Cntsdond were searched for ammuni t want a nes, Ployd dynasty lan apothests of I I_,A Pl 11 sALE 01 111 E Isils..d.cON,
or A 1TT10.7 -9 111 be sol 1 on THLII.ID It I'AM ,
toy between, and the entrance into the great
ninon. The rebel log breastworks were torn I pletrider at which the Harpies shall preside I xi, at
the afternoon, at id hIILVSY'b
seaboard plains of Georgia and the Caroli- to pieces and corned to the other side of the 1 and thedays of Buchanan I Co. become again I L.I.
of the
itit.u.l.,dnE,hl..,,ol.4:groitfi.ohrlt,rxtt,,, tlx.trtileeng
not without being open to flanking attack,' ridge and used on forming barricades *cross. I inaugurated! They sigh, in view of
the p yre. 1 Ott without clot I amonv rets ane-ortment Us - bilge
A strong line of infantry was formed in the I eat, in the words of the poet :-
Is, as has frequently been shown, " a Irian- variety f Lolloo anahlhildreno bets of all kindaand
rear of Baird's line, hotly engaged in a mos - I 0 dal, of ancient gran d eur, are ye gene sista and Mid Is the nnly char , . • t,gt t Cheep Fora
vie of which the Tenneseee from Warrenton to ketry eonteet with the rebels to the left, and The war (acne none too soon to rove our 00- ' I T . ..7 p 7 57,1. ponies
„, ! a secure odgment was tOO2l effected.
Chattanooga ts the base, And Rome the , l ion from destruction I from that death by
The other assault to the right of our centre
and the possesram of this : latter place ,s suri'. - gained the summit, and the rebels threw down I nker whtoh eateth out the heart of public , VAI,I ARIAL , . 55 t lII,_
1 virtue, and leaves only a loathsnine corpse to '
Pa/ to the full security ..V.Ahe etrayetic position their arms and fiod. Ibe speedtly hidden from sight . Worse reloeries i 111LITilll LOW'
. Hooker coming in favorable position swept ,
whsch commenuts the reKtentre" there aro than war! Iris more deplorable to De Ilarr • ililitiry Law I yet., S TO Pr,. ill GO , vi,...,,,, , r,,,,, A r „,, D I )1d Awi.,,,,as,
the right of the ridge and eaptured many behold a nation besotted in Its evil COUT9o I (ellen et! o Alibtary Laws, 1716-18 1 3 15.50 .
We have no manner 9f doubt that he is prisoners. deaf to all cries of justme 'to consumed 11 ) Bawd 0 hillPury Law end l eurta.liarttal 3.1 1
Hen's Undershirts and Drawers.
oven ,' tow pressing fpr this "coign of van- Bragg's remaining troops left early in the lot ., or ease , as to yiel d the history of it ,, Yoe sale by RAY troltst -I orr...t
- - __-- 1
..a ntg ,K lat u; and the .a bo fi a l fe h ',, , ,/ ,./ Ch w pt u to .,. noor, o rk, fter e d , o ,„v ys oth,r I glonee end the future of the brace,at the bid I S ALT
tags," and that BRAGG eau roily no force to dais of a more grown rich and p road, on a
present him from attaining it. -- of the rebtehoe in the centre is broken. Bernard. plundered people ' Than to be thus - list. , o BARR ELS
The account of the important stop Of 'pro- 1 " ,,,, Tfr a i. 1 7 ,7' .. ` 1 " . :. -7 7, , ,, `”
r E ‘",,,, , ,,,:, a r 77,,,,' " 9. ,,,, K 2, - i Better be where the extinguished Spartans dal are ,
p o i. NO, 'I EXTRA,
grass Gen. BAXXII has made in Texas was t h e ,th,,,,, are threatened in the rear, and an- lin their ;nod charnel of Thermopylae.l
also a cheering , passages in our dispatches oaten Pwory ~ added t. 0 . , - 4 opt- of - c--- I A nobler future snail. lit ' whtn 4111 de in
I new bright I a-reli f,r tale 1 r
yesterday A glance at the map of the I d"'`''''l'''"'""cicr Bran(' 1 arras shall seek some asylum in a foreign , e PE', o k sail 'it Oki 01 , 1,0.
i To-night the estimatee of captures Is sever. ,eh while the remnant gladly retur ito i;1. ''''
Texan coas t will at once show the value of 'al thousands of pretences end thirty meees ot , she r 7t e e ' r/ , f the good old fine and those oho zt n d IVA I 11.1 s o tin 1101 :olt.Y , I I I,IIIV
. . at home I o hound the patmot In the cabinet cud "„ pLit‘rl.% tin
r .7.2,:. r e " te h r7 " h .. .. ',,i, b ' i " i 'r ,- " rlt i T ' t
~ die itetrailitliOn Of dOrpili•Olitilatt and Allin- / artillery.
Our loss, for so great a victory, is not llo•Ort,• . h e ld ,
la& ,
Bragg Is firing the ra il road as be retreat, ' ..t t h ra ll b e
" "i'l
elliii''il." r'''' anti " U ' r . P. "' s ' 1 " "1. '" " le "". '''
I kJ. Marr. IV. like C ow-Bops and ell triesl. r herf ,u•`., r. mato ler tit ...I t on i ar•
towards Dalton. Sherman is In hot pursuit . Tories of our ter oluthen. I,t O. 1111 tit art dui . 015 the'''. ' Ol "In , D'ut . I"' lAg, o - s sod .11 , 1 tII. II kRI:w (.. I. ILB nt 1.1.1
To day I viewed the Battle field, which or h , r ,,, , ,‘. ),., ~,,,,. 0 .,,. g , i .),) flog , tt not. -a il litre. ...mita° 1 cel lar PH, . a ril stn
tends for six m il es along liftman Ridge and cheer the heart of our entr 1.. President, and „ r ,,„,,, ' ..."‘ ' , l ., .7, Ti I : i ll " t d ...'„T„., 1 7', '472, l a ,"
for several miles on Lookout Mountain .to h adv.,. r,I it, tae Mr. L ba, ~ Idli r Egs ~.,,I . Ittli - t , h, lltlt'l ti
_ I., t,
Probably ' l ' " r " "' d ''''''' i ^ "nl' has 0 ` .. " ...nano.. and wh et tr like th, to are in dead
debrereti ( - tunny the ~- a rt But one assault was earnest' Let us all unite tilt. d 9 in t arle•C , , ~""s n ' '`,` '"' '''" ", I " Yr "111 .
repulsed but that assault, by calling to that T h an 1,,,,,, tog f „ i „ ~, w , , t ~,,„ ~, T 0 0,, ,, '-,..,,,,,,.,,
, L
,I nt' , 7 , `,
~.‘1 lll ‘' I': d .
„b . :O o:
~.::: an eons
point the rebel reserves, prevented them re so nt , ,i ~,,,, that p , ~,, an , L.. , nn , '
pulsing Any, f the others ' I'""I.:"''.
' " 'l'
• .'
" ' ' " ."
I '''' I" I JOS. HORNE & CO
T., all , I , 1,1,1,1,111 am rag u. I s'n le°1"I" , ' tI ' no , " k. ttl "s". " tin 2. tt•
A few days since Bragg sent to Gen. Grai l 1 I Is, nod three Inr.L.l,ti .1 . tit ' r.. 10 , 1 ~,s tots
a flag of trisect adetstog him that it would be
XII , Ni.T.rnnollt% IL, T -.1
los „Shun-, C I int\tklot , ibt
prudent to remove any non-combatant who
, Baltimore letter of the rih, save trot ern ,r Al F ~.t I 1 t r
Might. be still in Chattanooga. hlll.ll.lll.TlinbliT
Bradford puts to
the copperhead Wet bit d
No reply has been returned, but the coin • n
oho ., I ,” ~ , • I llsrlet o i 1 1•, nr,
Lim y a prooramation, C hit morning. _
batants having removed from OAs vicinity, suits, sort.
" declaring Croswell, Davit, NI olnottd Thom , .
is probable that non-combatants ran remain /. y 1 ...t,r I.
anl Harris eh CI Iron, t hi n State tot'ongis s+
without imprudence. I.Go•ernor Bradford et en trotted a fat.,l error in
L. Minces, Quartermaster General ' nt 1 ul lic
stopping in between the Ile, ernment and the and 1001 of
d. 10,111 VOtOrn Of flit tetate, for by so doing
LErrEn. FROII WASHINGTON. he elected the •Itt`ef•Itl1110.. Harris, but th Arun
trail, Int hate broken n file in clattering lure to
forrcepeindence ,n hu l'lttobergh rradeite be with their The (1,, ,- nor , a man ,f
W.i.SIIINGTOot N0v.26 i .61• crotchet! and very obstinate, but La mean
well, however mistaken he may lit
Editorbleraerft -This is Thanksgiving
Day hare, as with you. Preparations have
been made for it. celebration in all parts of----- - -- -- -- ----- - --
this city. At the hospitals bountiful tables F..i..elitE),R.A.Ettn..y (,p,: ‘ ,,, V4 ; v '
x. E L
j E i
i N I
..1.•;(111i1-,,I,r,- Ira, .
will be spread with the good things of the ri.NN A t• Intro! , r 101 pe-0,115 n i•hlr. Ir roll ,•v nen . of a
bountiful year. Even the desptsed black will ' i r , :1 i t z t:Z . , , , , , , , ,, e . r 5 4 of
,vr.o7d.„',-; and ch unto , " i '' , ''' .. " .. "7, , , , 7L 6
be rece i ved into the circle of mankind for the BEllovr Alll,lO 11.1M10 ' l'.. 'AL tLLNIIIT 22D I , t, I a I tall • atm, t
ra •.- MAMMAL 0ri1.7 lo Fon-th o. . rhr ee•-•••• P.'' . rll ', a ,
time Being, and at their new home-the At'. ) sp. n 11 , . 1 11110... 01 , ,
11311013 Estate-will sit at n bounteous board, earcier. Is nor•he glin.n . •••22- , isms will: r. • rum. rt-ttl. lift krtr itisl, Ts, 1.1
tru2o.f liarattal list ossl In a i l I. r
and have their thoughts all. directed to Rim r!" , " , ' , 7 1 7 1 .‘, g
r ",,L ly Es 1..,,L, F.: ,
~ ~. , V" , l' 'el l'. 1. 1 1 JANIE' ,
lad De, e..... 1 -Lettere test
who wheels the sun In its vast orbit and ten, by reaeon 1 - Let oL Ito t b to- nine
al-If \ 1 / 4 , d ,
pets the wind to the 612011 lamb 21,-• r, , ca.. It
N'int Itt .11,Y.•
flew this "contempt:lde I ankte custom' 1 tel 11 ell!, • 1. , " I" 1.1
Or thankllglrltig has tome int Yoe le l And i ant". r it. rt. wit . ,
MAh I Fk.hT I . LIIII.S.h Eh 1 I • tIlelt at. l 1 , 1 T .. ` ,, , , ',,,." im:7 l . ,
to this cots other tqual'y ' evitenipt,hlo' , T n it_iti o s o no er s , ,- a n
. or i ,Inr n , 1 1 1 . 61 , ^14 . 1. , 4•1. 1 1 , 111.r their rialo, !
e '` , 2 e . ,t . e ',l7
unel from lee
customs have gradually gained a little ground,
,1 lath till th.rtoth of ii,.,,, m k s , ~', 1,,..,.. sd i tr e at ' / / ,, """ I I t ' . '
and I think I may n • ne add, hot t taken ro , t tailed [hey are w e n found., eon lor too ...moulded
•,..,`, ,
that the, ow., be. .0..,... ~ ,,:he 1,,,, In a r,,-,m
Per example, you may note PM in al, ports of I 'red and unicorn r. to -e.I 1 11, 1... ri . ...In at at toe ; r lane oompaniel of men repairing L'''''' drat .'
and grading and paving the street. Sewers , St/ 11l :It'll I . k I 11' It tP PNI llPTlri` , , ~ 3.13, c • mer
are 'ast exten • iing under tho flacon gbla,no.toe, ig b. te,... I
, __,,,,,n0u• end ill , la P 111 11 , 1IFL Fit I ILM 000 OF
the acme and ~,, , I r f ni.u•iitur a "",
, , :Ent f'n ,In tie letuperar ...IL e L'ecr, "ea' A. l f:ARIt , On
than tit oL. al. et L uent,u. I atilt that ty eieet ,no' has lb ut dal been dire - dr.-1 by n.u. u...... a its ot T I
great pools or venter-Bow 011 rrruv ..' : parent, ate,. tarn or . or o ~,L . . arr 11101. L. - m 1 •ry LIEIehIiILER(LER loving per ha.5....1 al In s
o( the Gard P. 3 rr IT.ltatt h . .2.1. t.• re n•
0 , 1 , d ,,. " . , N ,, r , n ,.. ‘ h .: -° , ff , ' ,. ‘ .7,.,r! "''d o ,7 are i " ?...C ' rr ‘ ... ,' • L.' m h ord
rtil "' p ""h ?.:t l o 1. ,
'‘.:". -in, 11, At . said Um. or berme r
"....'i t , t" " 'lb . •. '' '''' p ro posed
wort so ne effective agency to olonn on. the i,, orip .,,, p, „,,,,,L, i ,.}. 1 „,„ , p ..„.„. L ,,,,,,,,, a l, ~L,,
'• canal which rune through the very heart I orneer. at ...e- too I , r r , tits. ry laws tee made, 0. aso•
of the city. A n d suet a canals ye genera- and thole nant,, .'fled To far tlit.t , tilt pr
, irr
"rid ,,,,,,,,,,.., . , 1 . , ,z...f0 , r ,. ! n p olo , rr .L:.
, Ll , l , It . 1 1 1 , 0 ,,
, 11: . ,..1,:t r l
0 u ,, Vt ,, , , , t r • ..,
liens of defunct. eats and doge,
Les placer '3O remove your scattered remain! ~'') ally ki , 1 „,...,„ , Al ~, In p,,b,,,,.., ~,,i at „.h,
I dwyeeta membra ) from this mansoleum of your pisce, hereafter dwiermie tln the pnl.llo print.. 11
glory how, oh, how in that world which the each of which pla.e.l.lhTh ILT PhltheJ het las KW I
chomp], of reetemtryohuitie have prefigured I CD m•Y b e found .
~A , hasten and owe" , Dub , c olli ,
for you, will the Tinwa be r ecetred, and amid ' 7r,",..ri.r...,,TZ'n.,„'„rr.%1:!,.
s '.' ', , t, ';',
..1,'7,",.:, arc
what mauling and growling will the announce- duty may be en,' cd no -I a I W. al ..,•1 I. Its. 2
mint be made, that another "contemptible , to tee than
Yankee custom '-kindrod to street ears-hats fly order of the Bart of Foe .
J. li
at last been inaugurated In a city Ito long provo.
m.,,h,, „.,,
in tl3 , I , rOsTER L a lain
i, l
Pa and P,• t .(B at ,
sacred to dirt and chivalry ' del ilw
The nation fights and works I Look, ye ~
.. t, , ~_T y.0 . ,, , I \ 1., ABU t Lot., I:\ 1,1) ,
admirers °Woe , on both rides Alto Attend.,
,•,,, ..-
at our Young America ' Standing like an on.,,,z Ttlr - II OILS-11 LEGG los, i ( ITS P..ST
athlete in the midst of the people' with one m-.. lola I.o..lrraT
hand the monster Python, oecesaion, Is East and Not, through and way Dune. 'I 1.30 a in
thrt Wed, and with the other the canvas . Eastern-Phi a., Baltimore. Washing -
taught to glow the dome of the Capitol is .fo• loft Co 3150 pco
I.Ln ' lr NI,- I. m.
shaped and rounded , the colossal statue of Bousr 1 ,,,. a ,, ~,1, ,, y,,,, i t r ,,,,,,, ny , 1,. :11: D P ::
Liberty Is heaved to its place upon the panne ,
rows of I ( battarcga, Nashville, ateroph I. I 7 ' 30 ***
cleat the gorgeous temple , the long 7 nion p• m
granite columns which for years obstructed the ,-„„.n.,
highways hero, are made to fall into the plan ThlTill west , -Clutinnatlt Chicago,
to, to
of U.° Treasury building: Through Taat,-Ploiledelphis, BIM
Pericles hacked by the Greeians, so fought more, w.„,,,,,,,t,,,,,,, ,r,,,, 2030 rto
and so builder, in a asonll way! let his Wostsro, through and way mails . ... 13600 p ist.
same comae down in thepictured pages of I ra , e , o , r, "
A. Yii. It Unala9.oo p en.
Plotarah as one of the earth's great ones' c0 .„.„..., m, ~.i,.,„„ A c use° p se.
What shall future eenturies say of our own w.,,,,in,,,,, ,-,,,,,,,, 3 1,,,,,, kc 0600 p at
honest President. laboring in these days ° I gutter, Harnionr, d r 9loo
doubt he deem(it not die praise, Let that °fin Ottmanshrag, John...fen Cr...._...2050 p. fn
great, patriots , . people ; a peoplo who have torah, cre A A 0 W R. It 9too p m.
111 01,0 a to
dashed to the earth as with lightning Woke, Charatrle. ga, ICaelecllle, On f 01001 c et
the plots of base consptrater., doomed to the no ., +.t .el/1 El. RIDDLY, II Al
limbo of vanitlet-year VI 00c1WItrtla, your ----- -- -- -----
Vallentit4-anereore, and your Seymour,-
' slid notated the way with [ho word orlbe `l' ln 0 " . '•''''" "'"'•"'"'"•' n•V to 'a
Penne. Artillery, cot .108Erfl ItOTIFR Thle
poet-etc tear ad Astra ' , llesoment is parrnatintitly slat "net at /art Monroe
Cartoon changes Indeed in this city in the I ih r a...M.3 of the pt.M. Dv sunning In It, all ens,
three years last past ' All the outskirts of the Imre. long marches and privations of the fie ld us
town, where vacant lots melted the idler to I scolded, and men are provided with comfortable
while away the h - ur " lylng on his back in re ri i ‘i fib t : ‘eho'nel'ltergy-:n.d'aire'7l:olL"relrinfe'trrtiltrit Z:1
the grade and Looking at the sky' are now way- to all the Coto. et 'Artillery end infantry fiddlers
ere 3 with got ernment store houses' Stables, Alt the honours pald-lies to veteran, and On tO
nr horse depots with their thousands of occur now vobsideco ,
pant/ give perpetual stir and lift to the moue Roll ", "r
i gg i t i rl..l! t t: h Lt n r , " T i t ' ,. '
Itospitals-medels of neatness and cleardi i ,,,,,%„= .
spas-crown all the knolls and "coigne of asps .10.46P11 D. 1111SPILeli,
e antago"about or I. dwelling homes are being ,
°foetid by rows I all the 'various traders and ' Itslawy 1., ad Daum. Artilisei
ekafferers which attend upon the rapid growth
LOW ns att. as it Were out of the ground- 113
~...._ _. _ ._r rrp, _____ots sw -
t ° ,;,,,,,,ii alas, ' , n th t h go t o ,,,,i, ,g 4 everywhere in 1 rmaras.., ABTILLBI/1", etas old Nerfir's
t e world. All the main streets are now Ihthrr I
r Bounes ra
$lO2 and $3OO.
threaded ' wait the boom railway 1 100 may I
ride from Georgetown to the Navy Yard, four
miles, for tine cents-On amazing outrage upon
gentlemen oatt° dominant here, with black
servente, 'wearing Lat bands, and driving
onisols end pee I do it goes, though. Behold
the poor mane coach at five conic a ride '
And Philadelphia did ill
Chang,s indeed ' Washington Is to-day, the I
republic to miniature. Arlington lions°, two)
years ago the model home of a Virginia gen
tleman-General R E Lee I The flag of the
republic n•tar floats gracefully from its great
atone portico. The negso Wave) bowies; ,
, anoint for their decorations without, and';
shocking for the 11th and desolation within,
are now good storehouses for army supplies
Even the gentleman's dog-kennels arej found
of use. A part of his eleven thousand acres
of old oaks and arable sunny land stretching
in beautiful and graceful lines along the
broad Potomac, and looking down upon the
then peaceful city of "slave-mangers, dew
affords work to some thousands of freedmen
many of them horn on his own estate. These
cool retreats and shady groves which admin
' inured to the ease and delight of one man,
these acres which have drank the sweat and
tears, of bondman for many a year, that ono
man might live in the enjoyment of luxuries
denied to the million, now are made subser
vient to the needs and wants of that ninon
Call this agrarianism if you will! I am for
cOnfiscating and dividing Into tee or twenty
acre lots the land of every traitor In arms be
tween the Potomac and the Gulf. The gov
ernment did not ask Gee. Leo to forfeit his
property and to raise the devil generally; hut
since he has done it, let him take the cense
qnertece, like the tat in the faille ' that would
"run under the rolling hogshe a d instead of
mound it. It is idioms Lialtlf he squeals.
',Messrs. Editors, you ;Weald not love to
ette what I•here had to see in the baptists
11,12artErMOSter General Meigs , -Des.
cription of the Battle of Chattahoogi.
Highly interesting Detalleit
Sovitral - important portions of the follow
tipg,tkiwtated_ and remarkably graphic ac
eolintefihe recent 'glorious achierement of
4-10LST and-hiseblwand gallant lientenants,
ldoonefr,, I : and ',sliiigna,N,._ have
icireidg upperireViii our dispatches; but as
014.12catia:110.rtlf so complete and so intel
ligible a view of what is not unlikely to
prose pm most important Wile of the war,
we .repteute'it entire.
7, 1 114:eTe t easress, Cuaresmooda,
November 26,1363.
a,Aciist . M. Stanton, Secretary of War:
Sire: On the 23d --irietant, at 11,30 a, in.,
tiisstreialGrant order-eds. dertronstrattanagainet
Miexidirßidge, to develops the force holding
tt.' marehad.onto formed in order,
anlieuiitimmil in tins of battle asi it on parade.
Tho ,rebels watched the formation and
dmVehirant Tram their picket lines end rifle
pine andßOm the 'summits of Mission 'Ridge,
Ara t hurglred feet above us, and thought it was
atevitswand drill, so openly and deliberately,
se regslidlay Was it all done.
Thilirtelsdvancod,proceded byakirnashera,
nailit72 o'clock p. to. reached our Ticket
lines, arid opened-a. rattling volley upon the
reisel , Tielsom, who replied and ran into • their
davanced lino of ride pits; After them went
our skirmishers, and into them, olong the
centre', et thrd line Of '23,000 troupe which Gen.
Thomas had so' quickly displayed, until we
opened tiro:"
prisoners lasfrt 'Oat they thought the
whole inurement was a review and general
drill, coil •that it erne,tuo late to send to their
eampS Jar tottiforeemdrits, and that they were
overwhelmed by force of numbers. It seas a
es in open den t ii9ht.
At - Sep. to. the important advance position
of Orchard Boob, and the lines right and left
were in our possession, and arrangements
were ordered for holding them during the
night; The next day at daylight, General
Thomas had tire thousand men. across the
Tennessee, and established on its south bank,
sod commenced the conetniction of a pontoon
bridge about six miles above Chattanooga.
Tee rebel eteioner Minim was repaired at
the right moment an.l rendered effective aid
in this, carrying ever fix thousand
By nightfall Gen. Thomas bad seised the
extremity of Mission Ridge nearest-the river,
and ens Int-ranching himself.
Gan. Reward, with a brigade, opened com
munication with him from Chattanooga, on the
south eido of the river. Skirmishing and can
nonading continued all day on the left and
centre. General Rooker sealed the slopoe of
Lookout , 31unritaio und from the valley of
Lookout Creek, and drove the rebels around
the point. Ile captured some two thousend
prisoners and established himself high op the
mountain side, in full viow of Chattanooga.
This raised the blockade, and now steamers
were ordered from Bridgeport to Chattanooga.
They had run only to Kelley'. Ferry, whence
tan miles of hauling over mountain roads and
twice . amass the Tennoste'e on - to pontoon
bridge's, brought Maur supplies.
All night the point,-of Mission Ridge on. the
extreme loft, and the -aids of Issiohout Moon
tain on the extreme right, blazed with the
°amp eras of loyal trempie
The dey had been iihe of douse mists and
rains, and muck of General Elooker's bottle' rose
fought above ilot e.t.a., which consented kite
fir3Molar,viess..brst lento which Ids enuOlZOtry
At, night/all the sky cies: ed and the full
moon, "the traitor's doom." shone upon the
beautiful were, until 1 h. rt.', when twinkling
• sparks upon the motidt-sln side ghosted that
picket skitinishing..was going :op.. Then it !
ceased. A, brigade. sent from Chattanooga
eiossed. the Chattamiege creek and',Opened
communication with Hooker.
- General Grant's headquarters during the
afternoon of die 23d and, the da,y of the 24th,
wore in Weed's redoubt, excePt when to oho
°oars° of the day, he rude tang the ad
vanced lino, visiting the headquarters of the
several e , irnmandern to Chattanooga Pallet.
At daylight on the 33th the ' , Start and.
Stripr were descried on the peek of Lookout.'
The rebels had'evaceated the mountain.'
Hooker moved to daseend the mountain,:
and striking Mission Ridge at the Roseville
b t: s r, sr bo ce l p o'n- r b i otlx i4ld s e e s e a n od as o c n its
it su o ntic ff ii e t t .!
light guying% gireuntog regiments antfr.bri- '
rules along,tho .110troNe summit of Mission
Ridge, indiet-Odneentrating un thi iight to
orerwhflmfiberinsn, or marching for the rail
road lard raising the siege.
They had dvaenated the valley of flietta
tiooga. Would thvy ahoution that of Chicka
mange ? -
The 20•pociniiere and 4i4: - Inch rifle. of
Wood's redoubt opened on......ldission: Ridge.
Orchard 'Rivet; sent its compliments to the
Ridge, which with rifed l'arrotts anew.ered,
and the mlyntiOnade that commenced, continual
all day'. and shell screamed from Or
chard Knob te Ridgo, anti from
'Missionary-Ridge to Orchard Rails, and from
Wood's redoribt•ever the heads of Generate
Grant onei . Thonass Lund stolflorno were with
as ie !hie facoritblo poiltion, from seheees the
tutee coot/ Er seen as ie ass alnphah,fro.
Tho A t atiettlartorf,teero under fire all daylong. .
Cannonading vitt musketry were heard from
General Sherman, and Gnu. Reward marched
the Elerentheorps to join him. •
General Thonia* sent out skirmishers, who
drove In the -rebel plekets, and chased them
Iptn their entrenchments, and at the foot of !
Mission Ridge Sherman made an assault '
against Rtagg'e right, entrenched on a high
• knob nett to that on which Sherman himself
lay fortified. The assault was gallantly Made.
Sherman reehed the edge of the crest sad
held his groura.for,lt seemed to me, an hour,
bat was blo6dily repulsed by toserves.
A general advance bas orderedi and a
strong line of iskirmishers,,followed by de
signalf d e a d e n i two miles in lenth.
the ign of shots from the h ead-
quarters on Orchard gnob, the lino moved
rapidly and.orderlyfotnid. 'The rebel pick
ets discharged theitimusitets and ran into their
rifle pits. Our ukirmisbanutfalLoved on their.
heels. •
The 4ir /u144 1 e -MO 1304.. fat bean and
We new MehlesY rlinthidltarni oat of the ledge.
Rocrnly 11(1111i61 rat this wall know,, Pittsburgh
Platter 7. Mow ► 131LktlIt8li11TEl wanted far la
mune. Roomlla enlisted...or any Pennsylvania Ar•
tillary, Cavalry os Infantry in tb. field.
Apply at 37 ET MI bill MET ow:aid envy 1.3
4. 11. YIN LET,
D05e...12w ist. Meal. and Rearnitta•
r . - - 4_ , UNI(IN CITY P.XECI;Ti v (x )lat •
XITTES.—The mambo]. nt the Union lily
Executive Committee are requeatml to meet the
of!lco of. the North American Oil Company, ! , :o.
/MIL at 7% oclock, for Ihn purpnna nf Inking tt ,
relative to tle• upproaching municipal .rotting. A
punctual ettandance Is desired. onto,
nu2o3 Chairman , City Executive Comm Moe;
L 7 F- - •NOTI.CE To 6Tocatiol.DEßs.
: Th. A ontud Mooting of the Stockholders of
the Pittsburgh & ronnelhoellle Redrowl Contpouy
will to held et the &Bee of the Company, (Jou. ,
Building' Fourth etroet, to the City of Plttsburth,
on the 'FIRST 110); DAY kith doy,) Or IIF.J'ESI•
BER NEXT, .11F cracia.m., for tie purpoee of
electing twelve Directors for the ensuing year.
no2l:td W. 0. I(I76IIART, Secretory .
Orrice go/ 310114040•21 ILL IXSUP4) , O. CO..
Pittsburgh, Nov. 20th, 1041.
LD END.—The Directors oftllll
Company have this day declared o DlTiliand
of TWO DOI 4 LAXB arm each share of the Oapital
Stock 'to be applied to thn reduction of the Stock
Dos but,.
no2n,tdal N. E. DAVIS. S.Grearr.
. • - •
Conics WiThMosnAsucie simonises. ~
• - Pittsburgh, Nov. 2001,103.
DlltreTOßS of Vats Covipony, to SOITS for
the teeming rAr will be held .1 It. °Mee, No.. 99
Water street, ou kcrasiaY, D.o3.brk•lot, N'twen
tbe honrs'of Il t. or.-and 1 p. m.
noWted- ' 11, E . , IYATIS., Secretary.
rniFe . MAYOktALTY 701 0 ALL&
"0 : •• -41.astm—tlipt: Mttlertilmt, at the matt
oollcitation of many alttosne, tom consented to 'permit
hie name lobo asie &candidate tbs tisMsity
of Allsgitser DKr, elle ensuing ennaleitargele.
F., pyotos ii. Crleala, Shavrili,
ficarfs, lirae , , Rib.. , ,.. . IStm•ets, Han,
Testi., kid Wove, Children's Cloth . Mg, and all
kind , . of SVoaring Apparel.
MC - A NAV I tiG ON h 0 PER (Mil. 'lll3
Fitt V. ,nt• you ern <Mon a• many of ar,,u1.1
...t4a ,QP autt,e.i.itri 1. -iit i . K. ,
..therm.. est her times that. rum. 'I nri,nl phaehnl . :a h.‘n so4ortment of svix ou o Ds..„ 0,,s and am,
ti and ,!' I 4t feet., .
' . .an is' proThiced from ttin pante. 4yo. 'lh, ple•coe, e,
Wa.longlon Li t' , Nor '.lll ii-,, • 1 , , niinnie, and and one can trio the dye olflt po• it ,
l i ,do'l'l—Will /.., ~. Id at Idll•lie Itid ' i . -oat. Ihro , tlon• In Loch., Frrn , h and P - ., reie e i ' .
- _
~ ~,, „ e w EpN
or ky,..• soh Soil 'Ltd of l'•••• la . • V A P , • inorie of earl. package. 1
comber inoi, at the Corral.. ,•nr tloi tierivai , ry. tO i 113‘\.. C.. Si., v rt-n-t 1.1.1111,ftkffnt.tri.17.....fb,rmb;.:1,,,,,n,,Ln
.Imiyi;s7.,..d..,,dovec,i,ttny: , NEW GOCIR '
thia city, a lot of Pohl. 80r.... atol .llnte• ,'harm n• , AT
over others, with mi 97 ~ 1 . ..',. riecipeeo pnrchase
•-i • rind, for puliii. sent,. 13.0. i A bterena' Treatina . 0 ,,, D.,„,,,,, .rid ~,1„,,,,,.
i n . nn, rush In ~ vortn ••to fin I• ••:•h• t. • ton I • . Eons I , mad ~, .meth , ,4 reie,•-lu cello..
rnun, , NA in 0'c1,.. - k now. tfl 1 , 011141 • • • •• i B.E D t: , (A ' : I) PRICES!
del.lci C.ptatn and .1. QNII' • A ELe tall 111.,00%)VYLI Mautitutui - i. i i r j IflftVF..t s-ruvrtis. .
2 , 0 Itroutto , , P..padm.
ITAI.I.AVeIt.EI.A,YII{F.!`;I'EVILLE IM . Tod gain by druggiato en:ldeal era gen,ii al :. ' At
V Pltf , VFlDPitorcllTY V' , lt S %LK.- h 1 .....ory A . tr A lIDEL• 211 K 1 a 11,tirn .
Ildick Its-shins. with lot 4!. by 1.0 h. t, on lienalt A X 'll.l' sts BARKER & CO.'S t
'`""' "‘" . "'''''''"'e '''''" . "" l "`'''' . RICHEST PREMIUMS I -Da- --v ,
- - Ds F. z , - ---..,
betwiten l'hoolu, and Evt•it 10,,,; a tuo aror, 1
Frame Piellinif, with lei 40 147 tent, 0 . : the cot- 59 )MARKET STREET,
ner of Burros. and 11 itahingi ,iii eir..itii e E1ii...1. ecr TIII: . --"''''' ' St.LOUIS,IIIO.
li.”lling with lot 40 by n 1 1, -iii. ,ft lThe..not •1. ~ , .
rlv." l''''" ih r , s ' l ' h .'"' .'-'' l . I ''' f ''''. ''' I.. "''''''' INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION, LONDON, 186'2., ~ •. . 0
.nt r, A. . . .___.
MI, Ore. 1..
.1 - 1,,..6, e prnr..rty .4 ni, rain ti.le, and a ~. li. ~,Id
arii , n 111, .0 10c.... .11,,, , iy i t 0 r %AI
i'..rurn/q , a ! ll rokor (it..• . tthili i,• . •
1.4 e re, , •
ETATE (.11: .lANIES E UtCh:.kt.)l:`ol
Dne,......,1 -I..tera trstAtnnt , ary or .L 1 . .h , I,' In onmpetltion. with all lb. londing Sowing Itochhma
arc: o, it, a F. II • :61 , 1 - i; In.+ ••l tit , eil. .4 Ail,
e t i „as, r, .„,....,, by,n t.... i i d to ~,,,,,,, e . i i„. In Europe and America, and the Eel
enh. iiia.r4. a - lio to•uni in ti.e l'et..rih. vard in ..,ii i . States Airri•ndt need Aofsslatton I Vlotroltotßan ?do
AR peva,+ darttaz el.t,mi , 4 triat,4l- afainht , ch' Int/Motet Nneohinigh'n i Franklin Inatituta,
di.: ~ of ~,i.i,i,eat., a ,-I ina . ,,,e. , .., . Pldlothaphla ; Mac/tatting' Asaontatloo. Bonton ;
a llhnut
r.0.,t oho*. In I. Moo dt .I lanyallt . Amerman Institute. 3ias . Sick , Mar) land luatante,
4.111 , and pay tho 'an , at th• I nuntint na.nn C.( ' Baninlore; Mechanics' Aninclatinn. Clueinuntl i
11. , .:."...rt 1h.1,11 A (ii .No 4 ' l 1.11 , my •••....t, h,c. Kentucky lnenttute, Lout. , ills; klectunics • Inatl
hora.d. }et, IZA itKi if Itill:A I. Ni:, c r„. 'a lute, ho; Eritaci. o, at eV cry game and
dsl.l•4oltn , 801 l !ACT iii I /I, I.L. 1.1 , .. • r I County Veto where Exhiblurel llal•
_ - leases..
nii , :`ol.(4l l l:\ W . rift l'.'si . .r! - till' I
Li .-Tto rnkrlnerublr 10.re1,f...• acting te.iseeuii
"Prll'l"'".nd I""'
r "
.I under the norm end Pity I- • r 'I. 111:Ithil 1.1 r.l< • i ,
t't ELL A C-0., in the letuirersii no Le . , Itlder• etallo, 1
has lb ta day bornilieollet-1 hy n.ui us, ion... ut, T. F. RAVI; ALItEADY BARS BOLD,
HER: IfERGER let•ing per ha,nl al: In. , in. rr/.,
of the mt-IPArr II ILSON-. Al, per...a, t,.i', te d..i. t . A 11.1 debit h spsaks louder than trnrd. of tba fmanws
nd to said firm, or haelng tialm• suain.i It, aOl and vr , pularllT of th•e*lebrated WIIF.ELLII a WlL
pi., nod on T. P. liEfLullitEtti4f.l.4, ar ii,, .i.i.h,.. . St/24 FAMILN SEWINO MAC-HINE-tiro cheapest
arlu. x1..a.,, Li auth.,r,r. -- : tc settle up tic Loi•itieem of , Manning in the
it,. gale. tiro., t.i.l lb • 1,1• Ines• it,. Is- coot ;dont by _
bunt. PAIN PA'r"falli•tftl't, • 'hE IT Lb
Trornst tsnat 1 td.r,hrtd Sub 1 ei.1..._ _ I •1 0 EVERY MACHINE WARRANTED FOR THREE TEVRS.
WilW.lltl) EVEVE 11 -:
Great Historical Oration on tits Bat
tle of Gettysburg.
BAH ED ,k CIDWIN, Pt Inter. • r.. 1 Puhlish,..
hatej us: mewl, it, A neat n. - tat .pa tut Wet. the titan! .
Umi lon ,f Fit,n. I,lwarel EreToti at iv•ityoUtirg To 1
16 - hi , I, I. added very ru!l and I ni..r, , ot ins Rev ort, tor !
the. iar. ruonl , at the I 'orvoe - rati. , 4 the Nat to.. al
C.-moto) . I.e. rico tin. of it o , ltatile•ll.o , l. I), te..k
awl I hr vi.nte •.1 il.- Baffle., hr., A
Thu , i.. perhaps, the inne int, nat., eut.trthist lon
•••1 made L. the 111,,,,, , of Ow 1% nt, end a1,,11.1 1,0
ii, the pea.,asion .!,, , •ry ntilytt..
Price, In paiemco , ra Inc. la limp atoll,. Nne. a ,
111-ral , liser-uni ma..l. - att. , ~ uunl 111. ,, nu. uid,,e4
Fent I.!, mail, upon the th• -thl ..f pro e A.ltlreee
11.1 K 1 . . N. it s;s WW I N. Pr in tern and Ptil , linlwre.
Tribith.. Dividing*, Pi luting I! ~.... *gust, N. 1.
del 'Old
. .. -
,1.EAI.111) proputuilii invited until [lie .
KJ Yid day of Iftoembto, litc:l. Itt 1.: in , fee the
, Hop , and Ilnltp:d o r a n 0 a .
acumen t (attic. Haugh term! within the anrtent Ilna•
Ile of the LW net nf Colombia, for throe month. to
' more from the cumnotomonent of the contract, I
' The above art! lee to bocatll , tol by the contractor,
i agd removed from the rock.. Oscan itl it Welt the
cattle ere k illctl, at •11 , 1111ince •• may in ileel i ri., Led
by the officer in charge.
The couttroctor shall be liable for oil the Hides and
I Tallow, p.m?. and Horns owning from eve, A antmol
I misughtsrwl, mdse. It eau be roads eatiefacuts p to •p
-;wet to the Sobeletenco Department that alb due on•
ertiop, dilbtoth , and earn was mods to olttoin ttos
I said et tole..
• roymont will be ralltirod entry ten days In Coeora •
I meet funds
13.. b. ehould i.e made In duplicate. and an oath ..f
.tilYttlab , Y , net.! atTorniMily the bi.lor
Tho contractor will be held fax-notable fdr the
• Illtirs, Ae i
one wen 4 then the • latont "f Ilf , •••• ,, Ir.". A
hood will bo *.tetrad Upon the acceptance of the
bid, for • faithful Nth Omega of the contract.
tio timer wi)l hot cont. of which le not fro.l. around
bite to Imottrorteti in Ideut Col. 0. BELL .- S.
V. It. A., Waaltlngton, H. C , alt! sntioreell "Prop...lsle
I fit UM. and Tallow." dslavoltd
- _ _
BuQu FIA )11' F.RS, &0.,
Fourth otOoot 'oars run out to the pieta... ,
oTory Wean telotstm • -
4 4 ,41.
- 15 - 1 , TY:r7(1 7 /11) a Eitu.S.,* ivpiLitil _ I
.1 innr ba you, Thyme and VC . Odind ,
1 ,, d Imp by th 4 r ..t.d Knelefl it .11 ' 1
d. I - I:4onior boot* - 410ferottorPiCt:,
NiALT IS 17'S IIAN,J t .'I lifertiar4r.
AlidaPy, and Pd . ortleiti t. ' t r i V i k*
~,, , , , . 1,11 • ' ''... ' trA ir - '"! - 5 `•
dol Comer id ' • al.:0114ml atrrota, l'
1 4 1 11ESLI ROLL BUTTEKI3 'boxes of
L Prime Roll Du tier jlme rerelved. en! for talo at
No. 12. :wood street. FRANK VAN t:11111tElt.
c4:1101( ED HA Ms.—A tremh supp juKt
Llmnolved. stem • Int of Grorgn' • Think t taken Mr
male at II Eanulr lirommY hero of
Jt.l:: A. RENsii ANY,
(Ascher Liberte and Demi
V 1 I T ANL) BAlt LEY.
I$A hd.hed. prime Ildriny;
Inro bushel. M %%Loot;
Fur .ale I.y SC LP INA fi ER 1, I
J. Time' by hrod r,nd
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di 1 SI Wit./
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Frod of Cora, It e, Darloy and ar , l,ost f..r
.16 I.r 51 - 11.01.11a.1 1, -A 1 11 f:
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h,l 6C/1011AKElt L I A N.i.
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c,ZAL'I'.-11)ou I,b4Fatra 1 f
13 r.Lla at le% I.ll...rttrent. I.•
dal IP.SI 11E1 It 3, I'4l
AI T- PLE..rt-2116 Ithi4
social, for Hilo et la 3 Lito-rrn •IMM•
Aal WM, P. DU: a t'o,
IRY A PI'L Ek4 —LO bushels Bright
1-.• Dry Al ploo for by
d.l WM. P. DErn.
TALLOW 01.L.--1n bbin DO'fr lnnding
from railroad, roraali by
dnl DICK .0 CO.
OATS. -160 endue privy Onte Corr
co. o
by • WM. y! npas A•
131JITTIR'—'244 1 n);ii 71777;77
Will P. r . lii (Xl.
13t)1.[I)AN (411:"IS
Mir .1
Cloak Ornaments, Bead Gimps,
Velvets and Gimpure Loges,
Silk and Felt Hats,
Feathers, Flowers, Ribbons,
Wool Hoods,
Saccines, Sontags,
Balmoral Shirts,
Quaker Shirts,
L 1.01E4' MERINO
Iluumn up etalr• )I,,hanto
77 and 79 Market Street.
; V.ll`t
Industrial Exposition, Paris, 1881,
CrIEMTII. 61FR 1 , 0T6110 Il 1T11.611/1,11
41.V•LA mein• •m nrru. 1111.
CS' Circular?, cno Intl - ling an I , rphaleti On of th
inisebbao, ult grettinoniel• frcnn ladle• of tho high
est ornial etanding, en appllrstlan, el.rh,r
porrms or by amil
pule kn . the 'ream, State. and Western P.
Principal 003.• and Wholesale Smporicana.
No. ST Plfth Street PITTSBURGH, Pi
Pike's Opera House
Platonic Temple
0.,11 - 210 1.
Vi r iC 1 A N C
OM and $d Atari., crr.r 'we lry Siore,)
K 312 A 1.1113
Oi •,ory Ore and styl., plain OT C.lonsd, from the
lepttles Carte da Visite t. Cabinet and life tire
Mr. PIIitYI.aNCE would particularly c fl dm al
Wulf. of tit. AQED AND 1.N711011 to Ibo oodly sr
awl ' of this establishment, lxing reached by
olnlo *tort !light n 4 KKR Crtur maleraw, and
fallowing eboiro kiwis
f;O*41,01 , 1/X.I.AWARE.
rtstxGRIIRO a.
J. KNOX ao g Fifth street
A new .nd beenttful prapwailem tor
C bopped Viands, Lips and Rough Mkln
0...,..1 by mid or windy avathrr
Prep.r.41•154 Nr W. at
Dorms Ohio and federal 80.0,
rn Markrt nom*, Allech..l
Ara .olllog oIT their Ikrge st,k of
At the rory Itoreot flgtht.t for cash. MI onto
promptly ottottelorl toll
G EOlail N 1 PORCH
General Commission Merchant.
Direwm:arris Bouarrio.
/H... % D H Jack & Pe Pftteletrgh
K 0 Knight tYe., Drea
Philadelphia. aelltamd
ley ot m. thdilei MI the contr.. c. ehotikt Real Maltese Lace Collars WI Bets,
it i—se,rtled to lihn, tour,. be irt.uteed by t.r,t
rerpot.••: le-rerros, liguitture mr•
mu., rtp
pe-1-1.4 to the g narun tro
reepoorlihility of the gihtraotore muyt
t. 3 ti,. OME•'tei c'ertthente the Clerk of the nette.-e:
lrlntri.l Court. or of the
Bidder+ tritp.t 1. id-coedit In pereon when the I.ldi
Are .
0p... a 1. ., their pr , p,eal, w,ll not 1.,
ar R• I'
to half the t.. re• •
.....e.••1 , r. the ~ .sitrarl, nigned by th , , lintavit. , and
••1 lot giaarant• n, uIII 1.. redulted lb, gni
lothier up en a;ton( the contract. A+ th, I
tand Inuit ...cowpony contract, It will la nage,
tory for the bidder , to hare their bondstriat waL
th. to, or to Lae , 1....nd+ ~go-d In exit.. 4010.111, .1
reed) to le wt... It...natant .trued
of Georoatee.
--,of the f.. tlll.l -. toA i' ,. 141,1 of
—tud of the cyan,. -- awl Mel,
twrrby gnarante , that -- al.le to fulfil &contract,
In oi.,...rdama ILL th, tcrtn• of his propoatt., and
that, 01...111.1 pr•daat t.. 11 to. nceple he win
on, all, lid, 111 , 0 with. Shooki t at
rot.tro. he awarded h,ill ue RIO pr..pared to become I
hi. ...cork tee. nom l . To in, appended the officia /
ranfrn!.. above mentioned ;
Prep. - wall from ili.loyal poctiee will twit 1,, roottid,
, r,•l, and an oath .11 rill, tau, lbe required .1 I •
hidden helot, llgo.oo c"lttreeitii•
~ II Th , ondetagn..l reenaa. to lilm+elf the right t 4
reject •ny or all bid. that he may deem too high.
Payment to lw mad, aspen 1".0 completion of the
c.,etynot. .... al tb• undendgnal
,hOll he In laud,ll CROSS,
ecl and Q.. Geo•rul,
/amok _for &al ,
• Lark Blue,
bght Eve,
Cleat Brows,
111.4 171
I. ay Drown,
I , Crams",
••- Lurk I
Log it Pnlb,
Fn / A'nh,
l.• Fmrn 1.0 •
I"rat ux 1r
V.I.- .
I .
Hating it. cepied the Agee ry for the solo of Om 0. AIC E
' .11,11 NOS
SEMPLE CLA Y. mined r St. Louie, Slo., I in
ette the •tient ion of Olsen and Steel Manufacturers
to the Ans/yeis given shove,. as reported Ity Probe. A. :
A. ilaya of Winton, and J.O. Tlooth, of Philadelphia
which:together with the teal of actual experience by ;
litilltilaactltrere in Pitteburi ;XL Clmintatl and St.
liankteedeterminee it to he $ planet end most warn- Cie l .l s . and 130 ,.. 5 . w„ 43.1 . ,
shell Pr oreignre
Pote made ITOIII II have stove I in the Glass Furnace
from to 9 mouths.
The Auelysie le of the Clay se taken from the mine,
submit toy arnehtos or p reparation srhetever. I, '
pcommem great adheelvoneas and plaerticiry quelltima
eirb lob are not shown by the Analysts, and which ad
mit of th• mixture of • lot! le proportion of *hell or
burned May.
I am now prop:trod to Mi t alien for the above Clar
t. be chipped from St. LOU, pr delivered hare.
r r i,f2; bU(ILE CALL
A callinitton a ettarly fifty of 'die tirisatst., spiciest
sod moot rowing
Songs, Trios, Quartette and Choruses
Erse published Slats Book shod t b ba salary loyal
home, In every 'rnlon Looques saVd around every
camp el,.,—for It will belt, the Keit, .en. It
sm... and enkm-taine
Copies matted on rDmipt d 36 reatiL
ton •
Cape and Back Overcoats,
M .k
OT S, .d
Garibaldi and Catawaii"4`lsioa,
FOB 01111.1)IIIIN ;
Prrnsrson, Pt.
- •
AoJ a fall iwortment of Foltz of ell kinds, for
(MAY & LOGAN, N. 19 Fifth lit.
BURGESS it CO., --
(s u ccopoil WJ. W. RC.)
& Forlvarding Merchants,
Basing purehsand the "Rant* Warshomao" at MI
City, and havirj ample morn and
c ll./ries, we .111
. 1 .2; dea a
c t riptto rd n, pAlLDlsrafr
lefecti6rrto oil who rusy favor tiarith their patron-.
!‘"*.. • 47 2, " gm
tk.n.rl3 and =id Street.,
Washington, Na.. 18th,
110N, at the tduartarmaster's Wirehoroo, on
Ito, Actual. tanween E and F and hot and .treet4
Washington, IL C. on WEDN't SDK!, Dec. Id, a
damned as unfit for pohlle serries, consisting in pot
of Scrap Iron and Leather, Saddles, Bridles, partanf
Bar.. and Wagons, Tents, Tools and Implements.
Toms cash. to Gosarnment Funds.
Sal. to comm.noo Dt 10 o'clock a. m.
-CRAB. TOILPKINS, A. Qi it., TY, 8,
OAT/AV - 11S, Bud
A der the CA•— 0 . I.l{l er Un-
date of the Met., taken &Ova of
the Gromr7,tetablktbm®t hitherto Mari . od o 6 bry it
It A THLAS RAUH. at. Ho. Rub street; on tils
own accutst. AU womb 'knowing themesirm 14- l to be old grin gleam make paynioni..mi
those !Wing claims against the old firm.vill present
them to v.. rizFR VABI•L
In retiring from scilm Minimal. I. take pleasure in
recommending my son, HENRY MHZ, to my old
friends and customer/. MATHIAS RA HR
Pittsburgh, Nov. IS. WI noVass
-- _
D r:
His reecunetl the practice of his prothegtorb at
No. is rEz:N STREET, two doors bekw Pyt.
Pittaburich. October '26. 16fik
Ba Mt, townOdp, art Indentured lI SD
GIRL, named VICTORIA norm- 10401
abons tenlnAna Had on when idta Ltt, h tt, dinlttßd
Oar' drats, Brithnhort skews; and., B/BABBBL 1 4 1'
ton ',am, I 154tobz warti - sll petnad t
lug anntt'stlAnrlnbtil to TT aoma•
nodnea. JOHN'EO Arrp.,
EV,. CKER • —, I Padialgehy
bbl..;, ball' DWI,. Cart ers ors sad Mix, ROL I. 1
.d 3 tarp In store sad *i de
Volle Una a DIA.
isn F.montIiDEIRLES.
J. M. 131.3.-RCH_FIELD'S.
Livia (even
S , id
A , a.
3 ea'
A tr.h .apply of
OIL Cprir, PA
Mr.., a n•.l . ia,ol
\V 11 (,) ELSAI.E
n :at ge, ou.l boa: .t.c..k
flobtery aped Gloves
Ektwe,l Fou - tb rand ULKI,IOII.I
p R CL(YrF, Ibr c.
1111911 PvI'LIISTS
PL&I❑ Yv!'Ll\e
1311A1CL.i .LSD CLVA R=
11611 HOT FLA:O E
F. E. cor. Fourth and Max Stet fits
002 3 _ . _ _
HA L. oFE 11. P. LiIRT9
Nail. 17 AND 19 rurrrt ErDlllO6, DwlystrLai, PA,
Bole il goat it to r
A fidrion's Steel Collars and Cliffs;
Ey toelled IPhitq harlot , the appearance and me.
fort of Linen. To mlllta. , oleo mei lanreicol - 5 1 .7
we In:Warble. •
sr 'rem rotors °rip . c . OU.tditt .4.1.12 - inTras
Gnat's Sign:Ong 00 each.
Imperar " ...—...__. 100 "
1 50 per pan . .
Ladles' Nan tor Clatter.-- —_ 100 ase.k.
--- 1 50 per per.
Bout by poet on roceipt d( 21 It.. . .
Steel Collar , re.manaollod for 25 oenta; or aro WM
ennbuaga • NSW 11)LLATI for an OLP 0143, pre.
•Vltx4; ft 18 out bro.Vo or trot, for 25 o • o m„
The trade eoppllO t 1 no 15,,, York Azent'll price.
Ste priceliet sehdrt '
AltTosl, MACBIIIM i 00"
Pitintnnyb. PII.
A L_L 00 - 1
i riCP7- r.
.- • •
JANE, II[)AI36X A:\ !A1.%
lin. }#o =ELUL 611111,0Laalq,N;IT.
THBS ua:c.mvlcrirA.wolt,.
Tor, restoring, shit beehttlying the Thett.h.
1111 t Itln iritrlebti4 Introdbrodloto lola
eoantry, bur too lbog boon torprobly known by oh.
I.2lobllity- of Frunze sitioir. only , -effrotttheil 111,11jc
MURES.. It lifooroplotamitbta.trit t lf ams.jothor
I draining or accompaniment of any kind belog_beces•
nary to .ante the Attalturtent of tbo ro.llobilus
table ',rate, otbor than orlon tomilishariritu
1. D aITI, in notofft..f?" mansor,rostoielfrip Sot
to Lb orlobka rob ,
1. It .-al took. 4 &tie od Told Nubia,
& It .sitl radon tie ; Notarial eatraticear'
I B '
a+II r"."4. ih.dr‘f .41 igaiaz. •
6. 71 tral matt
j 6. 11441 smarm A. 111riJrtoot Cb7orea 07,1 Ave.
7. ft will ;merest Lee Hairjrael Fn4612 Qf.
e. I snit cirre act Vona es 4I 04 0.4 p.
t• 110 t • DYni 4ol4 iiisdn'o Nitrftte_llllrrrg t other thys.thobilltjillinso to ektbir SUE or' 1..
For rale.blllllr*Jodoblo 14§.
ojaMON JOHNSTON, irlboorslAgotrt.,
Obr.ortzedthilebtandToorth eta:, Plttaboritt.
EN3I4 WRITE ~ .bitaliifaipmi
Nav p,r t imaram4l4 u
, rui t t
• w t o WO& kwbe.t. Ikawn
lor - - --WNW. r,AnLTO7 k
4u4i t.bizatt' old -prime
reffmirmiilir. .
nom - i
NS.-5 bbla White Beans for sale
it{ Marty la r, DUX it CV.