The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1863-1866, November 30, 1863, Image 2

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Dirmalasing Officers: P ÜBLIC XOTICESI Jr'EW ...4 II VEX TIS lEJELEXT El: IXE II - . IDF,E IR TI S E. 7113.11.5.
30#511 , 1111' gh 6511 Z ette. . We nute in th. dispatches from our Bev- -,..„:_:_...,--, ..---- .-: --.-------: -.------ ~,,, , --- _
-3 A.IIENTION , 1 , 01,C NTELAS - 1 01 - 4- - On :'``rnithfield between Fourth pi , ~ „ , ,
mai aria lc s repor.j Of dtsmizaala of officers '---..- af. s re sr-yots are wa dot! for Bath ry L 1 1 1-1 .1 't c.l, • ..4 -, a , 1111 D S all NERIi 51 1
MONDAY MORN ING NON so, I SE.d ' le - Et. , '1 cIT. rec s. r d o'o3 al. p 11..4111h) li Penne S re,. ry ttt Jue6l , ll ROBERT , Tho 111 a i 4 _ Tos fin ier ...1.1 la euitoid, r.
r ' '' Regoo. n, ,• immanent steti ns 1.. lon M won. ..., et i, en 1,., , 1T,., ' to. (I n 7 ITTE
Ir.-----==-- - '-' 4 '--- - -- - LILO.] dru..l..enPs t - coo ardiC7 an imn e os ge - rio• o f rb' P .t. B. ,n . 0 itlF In o. nil . 0 1m lo •,' . 1
PlitebUroil Consolidation. - ore I ele march , end rrnatlons of the Ovid are - _ -
•N - of Olt Entdo gr .le than ue coal.' s eni ire „, ~,t I, a nd men are pr Telcd ait n c defortari• I,\ O A \IED I t 1 I'U'RCnASI:, ' ,
Pm. Potnburghers nre in the habit of
.0 eniimerati. II hi it It that officers so l oan-, In the large. ate 3 ce w Important food. a s 5 a GIL TOM
thlnting our city n tleeidedly Important , _ to. in th• reentry, awl a, thoroughly Mennen-1 Iron p re nereed I ~...,,,, .1)01 t five t hoomudisat
oat-wring are ni(111 a nil in th.s oat, o e ill ell the duo, of kroller , and Infantry soldier, .4,, an d par , „,... e a , ~, •
one We know the extent, the ecm Hence, All the Boon.. paid--$4 ,2 to entre.. ancl 7- 4 d ' ' Inquire el LOB f ASHWORTH
are not able to understand, unless it Is „,,,,,,,oionteers ticarlw 51 sec . F eti. y 1;1, 4 1 t o a nt.
the veriednegs of our manufactures, and we _ __ ,
supposed that while the Government. IS ''' .3 ‘ Pl ' • f°" "ry ' ! 'f 'TV " i'''',',:rr...,"..„'"",," 'l l O LEAS 15 I olt l IN‘ ENTY YEAH:" birr • ,_ •It, s 3 , ns
know that in LIIAL respect r"lsburgh la our- heedyttotto tt A LIT 11 i •• ~ '
sinandcriug large Mims of money to recruit, Ise I ourtli -omen Building L. ts, each imuting 20 feet on
passed by seareely any city in the country Copt JOSEPH 0 111.1'11.2. SI the eat aide of the Priblh Square near tho near Mar- D on ,
.1, . l i : , .t , .. a , ~„. „ .1 r ,,,G
the arir3 it can ell o 1 to rebore enlible. to Hotta, to the Co, of Alagleny
In the vaMOUR Manufactures of Min there r-tt .-y 1' I l'-nan Artlll.-y For terms opply to GEO R nirrir„ si ~-i,,., ~ t „ .. ..- .., „„ 1„,,. „, , t o t -e 00,, east 1.1 Ln , theast quer ter aud math I ' -,
men from service by vac of pun s-brnent '
. 01 ,, ,
is probably not a city in the Union that .., Cenreyrewer so In Diamond A , PitT,AbrirEti ,val 0 , acter ef , • r Oil. V IA r, anode of en eon. 1, ,_ ~
for thoir short-comings. If a private ' n - do I" est, eel: f n -II west . eerier 11 rt 1
SI ' 4 11 t•s,' i t. . t •^"nut .. . ' n no reass Ltw ai 1.1,1 aan nitli iteirJ., End
equals It Some of ns like to call •PC ts- I ra, ,sTios.l 7 130 Alt Or InTrflat IVO, east l uso. r sod ay. .1 hal' al eccuon twenty two
do ends, he is punished in a different-IN ay Um, Pareteses rena ce..pnny,) V A 1.1 A BLii. lA Dli.b.fa tIN and In townthi two P2l muove eighteen o'"ol ' " I^ o . , -tv 1a C' kt: Zi l Om
burgh the Byrreangham of America. whde , ' !Into:terra', Nos I, 1863.
. ' Many of the allay , a-e from the ranks elms, .. to 1 wtag 1•• est half 41.30,v -et guar er . f r . n a, 1, w , • c ,f t ,
others think it would bo more appropriate ' r ---- _,,, rHE PRESIDENT AND BOA D nil ITI VT 11 35 t- tt n eight... la e robs.: t ua-ter of • uthcael ..,,,, . ~,,,,, ... ) , d, ~,, , ,
~ i
dz, ~ y,..41 . 41.
If they minbehate why not strip them of 1 '-'," of DIRECTORS have thie day declared in 1 h 1 tarter of section les, at othwont. quarter of *onion
to call Btrthingittina the Pittsburgh of Eng- • , i Dbodend of ONS. DOLL AR AND VA ENTT•FIIE De Ilan •51 il oars Low I rol bre Pin, S.l 63 ' U " r ' 'T r's ''' " ' ''," . ^''' '' - 1_,,,,,„,,, ~.,„,, „ 4 4 ~,,,,i„ 4V, ~,,, l c dr .4,f •,,4 an t l'e litan ...nd Ancor .' - n-nallintati. .3,11 ef
the,r COIIIPLIItsIOII6 MA VOLUM thelll to tne t , - , n 4 , ,at half n. li• beset q &row and vrest tscoo beau lisol goad tripe
land. CENTS pa altar* ori the mock of the Pittsburgh ( ~,•1 t . , . II„ , „ h /4 ,1 .. 1 1 La ~, s , , 1-7.),L.,,tt0 6,64).
' m any te bit of Angost aod TWO IMIL- "...I' 4 .‘nn. , y 7......nn 1 um, n 1,,,,,,,
ranks agate 'ls there any reason why T ru . . ''''' P . l ik r I, Fi r . 4 gr ust.ll 1. al 4CO 55 Wood JOHN P HUNT S, 1. 'lf f n ri . .raLl querbr aud ..Y. 4 '-' 1 I" . " r Tbe Julia cloontl for Zones, l'i on Saturday Infen•
But strangyrs have not so high an opinion tans per thorn on the Capita, btoc o. t o a na. - • ~, t , 1, two nil bso swat Flit of o, u thennt
tiler should be discharged, because they Notional Book, oat of the profits to tho let Mat . I Err THE 81,11SCRIBEE., in Upper i , , ~, , t , , „ t ,,„ ~ a Mg with a fair freight Hat and tt sew pactehEdn•
van - 2.. ..... 0 .. •ou ... Ind ~ 4
of our city as w e have * This 14 proved by -
~ ~. payeble on or after TITESDAV, the 10tb lost to .n twenty ne 2. w 'tole ot section ttorty OM The Etutha Graliarn from Ir•onetaille m due this tams
the fact that in all enumerations of the im- have of en gull yof acts which disquatity Th e stockholdere are hereby notited that the tool t -I- 2St ( lair townebip, an Inientured COI GISED I
01,0111.1,,tor1247.1.:1111,T0.4 Lila HOF g , IS Ct Fl• eged 1 2 ' .. ' 50 V .° U. U....." 31 ...on" - 54."' 1,...t hslf of Fee 101 l t:senty.rit. 1.5 1 1, northwest I ig. aud a til return m tonal to.morrow at 4 p.ta
eesrtet ' s•-tiett twsr,)-eigitt Is vele le ti doll". . , ,
thew for their trusts' It is discretionary knyment of the eubsca lotion to tbe Capital Stork, vit. atom the left, a red barred i
portant cities of the 'Union, that we meet „ wenty-flm Dollars per thane will be required on or . t.l. Iris 'or lit i sia. half arm( half, seat bail , 4 la 0142011 41 41:11 nor et Louis exchange.. that Cap&
o ilit the (0, ornment or hether It will flee bob, the Ist dny of lley next plaid dr., a ith short elem., a. a list on I yel ,AB 1.1.1. • aro .4o r• .1 dA' tit. AA-. ns ~ ~,,....,„, 1 „,,,..,,,,,, . ~,,,,,,y",,,,,, ~, ~.,.,, ~
Do 1,4,4411 1.-, ...II IL. .eamer 51 ho c Bono to the
with, in newspapers, pertodiaals or books no 3 lm JOHN I) SPICILY Cashier lo• a not I her•lty Va. all perm, from harbor ouderial thins ts, rln t onehip .d nog" 19 the f, ' ~, b, , a , D,. ,_
~,, ,
.d., 1 p„,, adapt . tu . t.,
, cep , the retignatten of an °Ricer in any -__
~, - -- mg her or coutraung dub. on my account ' rn ‘" ' . ." 4 h ' ..'" ft. ”''' .. P• 4 "' .I''''... 1 win, Last halt ,nf northeaat quorter eat ball
PITT3III RGe is alrribst sure to be left OUt it TI--739- TIE NEW GYMNAsTICS AT e'' , -" , It JOHN BORL AND t ....
_ 4044 e utlat.-t inert, .t sertion .1 1 e mt , t hall • il,ll 1n11„,
, ease If Ile mar make sure of it bv thes u„„yr . '
Is common for its to see in ouch enumerations 0 , - ~, ~ ' NEVILLE HALL -The Class. are o r n I I\Nl E lyl, IN G, LIOUIsES AT 1,,0W ~ e, to- t, ot le - or. , sail ,1 . ems." qua , " ' ' The south, lit 1 inCinpao 1.4 knout 4120 here and
tiler , condUCt, w oat 01 tale tut a pre- for new members at cub time of mssting La ha / 4 „.,.0 re 2, south. , Tooter of o rthe.t
tho names ei eines winch, we knot - can .1- 1 PRI. Ea -1 hr. hock homes end lot• fronting / ' ,al , I 0,1, a- t : 1•v The let ni ias was ed
n TUF.SDAY and TRIDAT &NEN- on Pine street Du new, bon ugh each f otr or lIN 0 -• ,-, • (re/ 1f• / 0 „,.. 0 f 40441 to Ils. a-, ,ocrt iof sort, ~, 0n I ,
. I . In . Inn ft e misla li a N lour' Why ohould n / /,', it
....... ( //„I _..., / , / o wth hoif n atit halt ,i south...o qua..., 4we vcrtlsed t law, ,- 0 , ,ento .
I f r Inttslow-5 on sant ,
bmr no compartson wall ours either as to
Tifi, niGSGTI77,Ar icatilee and Children, WEDNESDAY ~,,,,,,, ~,,,,i ...i.,. i rr .„ ) , of ~,,,, ~,,,„ T . )° , ..„_
n who has berm enhate I for three years mei NAl t t itI9AY AFTERNOONS, at 3 o'clock. half oteh, remainder in 0041 end two years am./ t, n eleven .11., al., ortrt ...I nortiomet quartet of ) d . y ~,,,
population, commerce, menu factureo, or TES., IX an•aael kith, three two story frame dwelling hou.s n eoot horst quarter of en tion eleven 1111, that 4to Aa•
• d -UDR NIItPEN .N a :-"I CI, 1. I R :•••T: -.1 ,-..,„„„, ingllst ih. env, Of ..1441 4.44 440. ronnot2 Thy ha ,it Ow., it I Rot int n a new
and afterwards advanced, be dtscharged For Adults, course of twenty lemons ...... fn M. lots, oath throe roommthd cellar HA_
wealth, whilst ours is omitted. This can- For Lads and Misses, " " • ..- 4 4 .. Icons. one half mot. remsintier ln two minnal prtyr.; 4, them south 50 de•rkee and 30 gamut, tated, I - 2. , boot it rapidly appro./att. t. r Itlll,riou, and It Is
from his obligation of service, because he For Clinton, "".. -. , 03 . Monte 3 CiTHBERT ft tn ,l, l`f S. 61 Mat" .ts -- n, 15,."J„,,.. PI I Tol3l 11.11 p k Vito, 4, a Mono 111 tho nurtheat caner ,4 a lot 01 th. twin th, slte viol! b. no I) r r busiest+ "'Alan
not. but be morttfy nig te us, and it does us , la.!, f mealy I v Juhn i ampbell then, Font It Ide
has 1 mimeo it any more than a prlvate in . _ - the nett ten day
very great , injury as well as 'injustice nol7 ir ' GEORGE IL RIDDLE, , - .;11. - O let 0--t, elleatest and itiost •atmeslo, Krt. Ana lo 1.4111011.444 went 1,12 chains to a stn. in
the Fmtne Gotham leaves • a Zanamdle to-metro.
toe ranks' 15 h y ohould he be even allowed I - -- ` - e, 'TO STUDENTS AND LOVERS ~.1,- the I tie , ' .11 1 aMint,ell s lot, fr , Int wind% s i PaseengerClthashlpp rs '6.461 bear hi mind that
Why Is 11-ere' The Philadelphia 2Vorfh 'Pe2l OF CHURCH MESIC -The well-known C 01 . 52 V ILYANCIT.R. /itssittflis .Yfato's Collrfre tweet, 14 niche. to ammeter boars north 72 d. grecs I
to...resign, except for such reasons as would oompmer, 111- JOHN ZLINDEL, Organist .d Di- i east Is lints and a dean , eel three nutted in diameter t .
Amen in, a short time ago, gave the answwr - . born toirth Itinhgnos and 30 mintoce east lo 501 inks, 1.. 1 P m M owe Hog. eha Rammed, an, msoci
entitle a private to his discharge' V, e rector of Music of Henry Ward Boocksie Church. 1 Offire, No. SD Dlamond fit., Plttoblogn, Pa I 1, ti. 1 rote 1 -oat . th , n « north Wo lope , nod a. motet. amt 1 - 2' , Intel 1 s ,tlser to the Alice
IL Is because the population which actually New York. aRI stet thin city during the amt month 1 I chains to • *tulle ot, the soot Inns of the t ,
cannot Imagine why it 15 50 It seems to to ere a thort cour. of Instruction in Harmony, the I DEEDS, IfORTt...F.S, AOREEMENTS BONDS, t0n....m ...ter .1 r. • les •t any tisue
belongs to Pittsburgh, is set down in the Organ or Melodeon, sod Chorus Singing, conoect. l MECHANICS' LIENS, owl other lostrtunents of it. rt, r,4 mid mutton, 1.01 a hsch a hooch 21 tech A
us that It. Is an abuse, or at least an ti, diameter len, 11 au. • 1 degree twat &I links nu i
census, ens in all other works on statistics, with pnblie_perfonothern gil 411 ' (kit". uud B l . ,__ ur. " l , ' N'' rlilog drawn with uoatness end 1. , gal to, wary 4. 114 lI a Ile . old ill log full last-metier , erut ~..,,,,,,,,, ob 4 ~,,,..„.„ .. ~.....),„ ~,..r . ...,,,, jo ,
error, that Is pregnant with mischief, and Concerts Ctrculors, terms eto , May tw O. - Accounta atalmi for Exectitors an i Adininistratora, . NIA, rot o met is Sir links, theme north 1 degree and lo f
as bc , longing to not less than a dozen differ- coined at the lilmic storm or H. meter .6 liro otid T in, h , 8. ,,,,,, g. „. d . ,
,),. , „...,)... ..,, ~,,,,,,,D, fr .... , ~ , ~,,,,, ~
~, .1 1,
~, . ~,), ) ,
~,, , 1,,,1,,
.00. _ 0 1
calls loudly tor correction at the hands of c c metier . eon tD. 4 • B , a arched f,r lathe 2Se nor- niniesT Lot 44 oelal 1 , 4 , hem. to tre plot. of he.lllllllll
ent places. Pr e have Allegheny, Senates- -_ _ _ - - Jk...NSLIN% di. 831 ITII4. Au lin 14.444114 p on. I ;sego eighteen le. le hde of
the Government 1.----?`LIN lON CITY EXECUTIVE COM- 1 A CARD-The understgned has, un- .stiee .1: 4144, 404.1 bettor northwest quarter of en
ter, Duquenne, Sharpsburg, Lawrenceville tote toe north halt I etentharst quarter of w et
tcw..v NIITTEE -The nirrnbore of th• I neon City 1 ..L - A. der the date of the loth Inst , taken ;harp of PU l " r g l ' . P . ti , e ••• e. u ( 7, aLso n rth half of west half ,Iwe et I
eel on by Mr in X , . Men 0..• r
EUSI Liberty , W ilk Insburg Biratinghftrn, Description of Various Points uf Inter.. E.,0,,,, I o inTnlttee are re qu o .7 l tr o te , meet at o the , tslieAtTaiiesieLY, .144004010.11;,Itnentettt•,
t• n
hi. _ _ leo i southaw 4110041 14 of section eeven n - els a
East Birmingham, South Pittsburgh, West est in Tennessee and Georgia. on, of the North Amertenn I moony \is
THIRD STREET, on 11,,NDAY EN ENING soth OWTI aeottUut All re ,ms ko• wing 1.11atn6.00. In ItiCt• 1,711. kt 11 UM \E . tr. , t. 4 loucl nautili .1 .ll• A. uth half mt tem eloeti
• II and not th half 4 f swoon tee's.. , 1,. to wer.,
Pittsburgh, Tempertnceville, anti w e know frill - Kin it Gl eTaTlct• Ittst ,nt 7 , , 0 chwit, for the purpose 4 Mama Winn Chided to the el 1 firm will plenee make payment, and I titei 11-.11 N er , mbar 2, , ,h I se. , ,
010 1 range Mot tee ~ 4e. ri1..1 as I a number
(1 after Chickarrianga Creek, which relati. to the approaching mu p.
n t. i e l e lection A . thswe having claim. agalvet the ~ I d arm will 1 , r...a N ,I II E 1-, lIE ii EBY GIVE \ that 4 4 4 in a minty and plat med. for Hamilton P. hi.,
not bolt a half dozen othert al . get don na- '' "r" pao,ioal att. oda... ~ desired Br ...Lc I Diem to . RENEE 14 U/E .1_ me follovong ecconuts of Exorntor. Simla 0 i ilt .by .1.4.1 IL • • ',mil 210 15.4,aud recorded
find. its eoutin. in NI ale, county, tworgm, 1 n , F 1011 5 gllist letraturs, latardialm tie , haw been duly pmts.! In August - D. I eset Ale, , lob. numbureal two (2). , 1
separate and distinct places, and in most and flows into th. Teunessee net rat Chatia- . c,,. tlicfrutan Ity rte. 0t,.• ( muntte. in rtto tog Mt mot lin I moon,- 1 tone I oaar , , ' mi d Iles,' , • Goic e ao si w in be pr ,,,ent,sd . tha , three nil 4 mid plat and enfroy , Illan Of 1,48 on.-
eases is itheue anything to indicate that they 000 Es - r` inn...dies 03 . . II 1"` 1 " "HE 1 ' m' ''' i lirphatic Court I 1 o ufirtuatlou and allow., on bcrel twenty eight, ,ot te out, eine, tli, an I 111411,
11140.44 ill, " --"NOTIC 1.1 TO STOCKIIOI,DERS - fr'e . t s set • unt `me^ 51 510101 ItAta 510 h DAY , Der . miser kith 140 ti 4 the ,Olage ni Hanging Rat , also a tea, tof
are within a hundred miles of Pittsburgh 1. ? Palomar' , Nor s. lea, A tonot of Jam. Murton and John Enloe Poe. Wel thioliong m id 141112430 to wit toutownt tug at
•111- The Annnal Mating .4 the Striakholden of _
waa ne mad art, iht. gallant Moho' Ittogguld
While in fact thew are el parts of it the Pittsburgh A Loneellsville astleusri L °moony N v-A i i 11, ~,I NI , DA rENTs AN D
tors 4 the ...tote or Andrew Murton, dua J Filed th ' north. est corner of mid village, mining th. me
who fcli early to the Mexican War. .11. 19 I
win b.,
.i ow
00 , or ~,,, ~,,,np.n,, (~,,,,4 , . to mb...tarty noose olongthe line Of sold village to
The CCIASIIS of l' -, ..e) shorts the popnlation twenty two tulles south of Chattanooga Lead Boll.ling t loon h street. in the ( ity of Pittaburgn, I tgalniltre A ow, of Wm. Liaoning, AnlMMlstrator of tha the souttiono corner of said lot, number thirty tan
li found here in non,iderable rthonittte. hear on the FIIINT 5105 DAY 17th da,,) Olf DFCF.3I 4:60, 4 f J... Potion, der d Ethyl Sept 7, 1463 on Stain intend them e a weenrly retinae aloog the
of Pittsburgh to be 1:1,21 7, w rule that of WJ dc HALL PATTERSON, Final ticeount of John Bryant. Admioistrator of ' line of sLun streot, to then. of the mitered ground
tho place ere the celebrated I wtrown mtheral BER NEXT, et 19. n clock m,l, r the purrs. oh
Gineinnatl Is Ifil 01 i The same census sprint., electing thel. Directors for the 4 libUllig par tha etclete of John Umlaut deed l'iled Sept 1, I bolror twelve fat from the centre of tie railroad
I W (1 11l GHART, star,tery
, noll t d 4 1,4(.3 took thence along the line. mid railroad grounde
shows that from 'ISA to ISiIO the popula- trf ',NEI nut, '''‘
r " ' ' 'T
. At.otto 1 Joeeph 51.11 n, Exeontor of the eetate an, ohemierly ...urse to the lino of lc t number three
(lon et' Pittsburgh increased '2 fIIS, while Clmtlanoo, on 1
thirty Ono wars south of , , 'Etter er Mothsomirts Imo rev.. Co . 4 No. lai Voter' h Street, li 11, tf II ugh Tor,ra. dec 4 Fliel Sept o, 11,63 (1 of.) ,hu R. we a subitviston of eection eleven (111,
the Western and Atlantic Railroad, stands In Pittsbuegh nor snth, lata A. otint of Elizabeth Sampan, Ethottn aof the t w nth ip one .1 , , ranp nineteen (191, thence along
that of Cinainnatr, in the same in- `' -,,t`Dl V I DE'.':D --Th." Directors of t ii. I irr...nt mot pt • 40,04 441 Wln P stmrson coe'd cued sem it, the eaalerly nue of Kalif hot number throe (3), to th.
Murray county,Georgta, whore the mountalns 1 L iota , pia. of 14/ginning, it being all the epee between the
-,•••• l taupe, have in. dey .1,4 lend •Mt Ideud ,
creastd 4.,,titro ACCOnitng to the censilo seem to come together, forming a suhltme, a eseful Ageonet of at. Eaton Admititstrotor of the, mtd village of Hanging }Lott and the gold rsilroed
of INI 0 Intl LARS tnels. etch thine ttf the c,,,,ii...1
'''''' I ''
i',li';,'''llslel'ia.t,,7o4 Gon t ,te 4 Witham hat,. der d ) iled Sept. It lim3 , grounds
Pittsbufgh 14 LAN all intents and purposes a terrine amphitheatre, us though cmth aTI 1 w , , , , ,, , ~ , ~ ~1 , ~ r ~,,,,,,,,, , th „ ~, „ .k pro...cotton a .ii etetm...... ,
. tat oolernment. for 856 Is 1A T Bill 'STY Partial act ount of John I Logan, Adminteirstar Ile eat part of nation tw.nt, seven, ( 27j, town
tante purpooo of hemming in the railroad D „. 11,11„ PI'N'ION PRI LE )i , ` , E l `• C BSI•TENt 11, RE . 4 tows nee raw Innweento lor the selate ef shlp three 4 I mugs eight's., 11, which is enbject
fin tolieri city -one tnat \ bas fully come to Tha tunnel ai tbie place IA 1,437 feet lung r ,St Itiel II 51 ''I \ I' K"r"1"1-1 . • A Sill .i lhollitt• Hartford, deo rl Filed Bert la 1,80 t, tw , payments of 542n,..5 at h, doe rea,wctirely
I .RI I I'lle 0 and other o pen., so hors. . or
iti groyne, ned ma ready to fall into de- '
ogliteen ftet 'high, and with a clear width of , 01,4 r 444 51 o soynafirt. 1,010040 yI o I lot n Ile w,,1. eW e ,n , al. .t1;.0,,
n • ,, 1 111 precut Final seonnnt .1' lt, tont King Aloonistrator of Ise . inbor let 15'3 aud 1.4, with interest from Istc
twelve feet Tito .utlo in a groat measure lotothorch N., 4 41,, 1...3 , tog Pa 1/ 5 r., , nod I' A.POIII a Inlet:cation given 0 ,
14 r 4411.14 .1 Joeteh bi-/untie dee 1 EOM Sept 00 IN.' le ing s, hoot land., and sold oe slut by the
0.6„t I w hile the Increase of population In through with rock, the lateral walls of rock Iyr -', A N., ELECTIc IN Volt t• IFTEb.>. h''' ,'""srss• i 7.150 r It 1.• A edit r,4 Co...Li c, . linty Also tto. tract ot b.
Ateonnt .1 . f ,enr. often, kdmlnletrstor er the es ke sr ... ,ITI nNs oed I ern, being the sost half
Clithltthati froth lt•iio to 1 Still is almost hong s n feet thick at the base and fire foot 1 te - 42Y DIRK; Tolla a ilos Compnny t , eerm 1 a nit \ 5 5 1 1\ m I N N ..., tate td D 4 Gilleland dee ri rim •ept 25, 1583 of the e. et quart. r 4 won n etxteco plel township
at the top Th. , approach. to the tunnel are I the ensuing veer will 1m held at 1.011., 5. , as binel sr onto of James P Blakely, •thmintatrator to• 2 ant rang. ninal4 aln 01, except oeeri ,Iln
equal to the w hole population of Patsburgh , , , , , , w„,,.,..,, on 71 ESDAI Isooclaw let, hot. ti " o
proteetrua on .01.1 Al .i.t9 It) OIJAAIs e masonry 1 0
of , II a
nod 1
,n ,DESTIaI r the estate of sonnet C Illskely, den d /Owl arr. .on the 'seek nide of snood quarter Also the .Osth
Now, how in the face of this s'iowing can net TON. Sept 2.2 15... emt plans rot the northweat quarter, and twenty
' nolt , t 1 II K 0 5 IF\ S. ,thrl The at m unt d 51.11 -, Beckett Admlnietratris of s. st n a rnss rrt. ~er the eat, .ni. a the northeast
PittabGegli expect to be Considered equal to ts tnirit sight mike from Chattan mga, alai I - TOOTH-ACHE PILLS. the eatate f Minn Beekert, .1. d Filet Seta to q uarter of 40,11441 number fifteen (1 .), t ranthip two
Le ttri the tremendous range of Mouutnius ' -.THE MAYORALIY Ob ALLF
Cincinnati by those tells are ignorant of )`,_ , Poet tr range n L ateen ,I ' , the legal title or which wso
ts men niMOSt Ont,rely fill itc. Tam , hetsrmn - GC FNS - t apt ale , . lint a, at the 114,0 Tho I 14- 4 ,arath.n of tl le rlll he. leen th. i solt . f
1 inel wconut of J ones A Hutchinson (thertlien semed in Robert Hamilton, Sr , deceased, told which
the trUe state of the case, ay nineteen i t , ~i,,,,0 gr ,d .t, ~,,,, ilur c itritation of many . otos n i he. coimentel to permit yea, or . ads amt pro 'lee TI, r ere purely Tog. of crwiww 0 1 / 4, ,... d ii).4 . c . 14 , , ). . ,3 sat 1 Koh. rt Hamilton tr he los writing obligatory,
. ids nem. , t. le owd . a ra n.thiate rt r t h e 51,,,,rsity ta ble e nd there( re all uI i W.. In. 3 ^^ l l. r ..." Mee., .1 Nt illiam Sm. n Guardian of moth dateal August 1501 la 4 bound boneelt to noway as
ITVOTalethil of the people in the t oiled Its tocraion 19 Ina beauttful and fertile Sat
of Allegheny C.t), et the etnnong sum& Istal olom They Is t 1 un the inns, stolen, T sdh kens lo a few ~,,, ~.. y Tll.l Okt s lei- follo• /I IA SR 11 Pis t• 1 .ne undivided eighth part t.l
ey , euvironed by mountains, from the rum ,„„ ....L. woole, tc ismonho ellen 1 nmerly woo
Sta'tes , arc ' I fhb I - I d th th I _ _ -__ _ _
man owic t le cyt, is reg. o WI e Arcuunt 01 Tb. ma Handl( in, 'Lamer w.f the . I mid mutat 1 oleo, an 4 to bald John le Peebles one
~,.. i 0 4 4 B NY Worthing,on ars 1 riled Oft 14 undls vied fourth part so sta , n as thn mid Robert
i - -
The census or 1 ,, •30 ;TM'S Allegheny c tty grandest scenery This section of Dew gift .
„ irE It• AD rERTISE.,,,.. , ,•
....r. ..........; f ..-,11.6.- I. loan ut the t ',lli tit the TOh aftret 1,3 Hamilton sr , ahotcli moui. Gm title to eninl pn mi
-1 and thy It aII w Inn e dion then rot ihk, I'lll Ateonnt of 11 e Ovarholt Executor 44 the entate tow which lio .114 be deed Anted August 21A, Ib3O,
a population of 2' l 7'02 ,The,ul are yust Rs ,
was the large, t g,ratn pr, dm log county in I _ _ - lb- "ie. d Gr. , o.dum si. I Pr". ' 4 tut" I " • ' th . , f Beaponte I .-penter, die d 1114.1 Supt .Iss, land which r tnik es ancos uktd Robert Hamilton, nr um,
tee blot° tli ar mnd Dolton are excellent i w ) ~,, ~.. . Ili , i . 1 . ,
.”'II, s'•• .' 5 111 K •••••T Alb 1 11 sod -.. r , vet. with wax or tt n Amount tf JII tA o wl:id, Admonetrotor of Eva did nuth , , baying deported thu life soon a'fter, to
much a part of the popu'ation of Pittsburgh humstone sprtngs, whleh Will afford nn ahund 21
I ._,(_ 0 i,niiTgl , 51 INTS.II APPI la L 'abort. Duch. rle d i lied 0t 1, ism wit in the month of beptember, A D 14.58, leaving
as are the residents of the eir - th or N mit once of pure water for Our men, both f. r fair I 051 ~.,.. poTA T,,Es, a p o . h ß. w r, , „ \ I T."'" P' '' .' ''' ' 4 1 h t'''' t • mu - II" ''t• I " Account of nos Bak.. II Guardten of the minor • last gill and thomment of whi. h Ravi John 0 Pa
seo of drinking and heti:wig pen ()rant ,i. rts so am e 144 for sole la thackora mon . I,thlren , 1 John P Bak , ell do,. d V ded (tot a, bl. sae durum - the duly qualified as Fsecutor,end the
- wards and yet there in no` hung in the cell- P, e)
oar passed the most stehborn port lon of the , n 024 kit* Hiatt/LIT, 511 lee. n I 1.,4 sold holowt Item tthw, Jr , end Mar) 5 lltssimitescl
__ _ r et tutiet • i t• 1 v I, .10.... ae ' reten he A r ono. at J awe. 5 Hut li so. Executor of tne hislowe at law, end residua": darts.;
. stts to show that kllegheny to any nearer eouritry when be arro ea at Dans n t)I tI \ lI.XS NEW M 111 NCII A\ D ....tate of loots lint loam Filed ,tet 2, 15.., Ibe followin i f real estate, situate la the incorpora
Prttoburglt than Erie or llarrisburg are The Tho distanee th. nto Atlanta tr almut a bun ,
„diry 15, YR RAISIN'. AUG WEINMANN. A tonal eff lam, A ilutchirein AdMinistrstor totl rllloge of ringing Rock, to WO Degtntong st
tired mllt n, through a rather poor When of 10 Trolls new geotliest 1404411444 4. , 5.... .4. lof Jams- Kathie, .1..1 Flied Oct the north corner of lot three (1) of John Rowe v ear
antne is true of Strrainglesm and Manclies , , . 5 18.0 •ev above referred to, months thence north 36 de
ocorgth, only ditturbed Ii) an othastonal In nyekt re 0 . ore ut• h.. 211 OHIO ST RAM', 111mbony elt • ~
41 4 _
nn 0
40, •
o leo r. , em al t.•
ter and all 11.0 oilier towns that we namtol •ange of menet, lolls, an 1 a dozen or mre Eliß 111 Ohl Tost n 3. In.', k Mal .• ouch& kf n. 11 It mi, Leis tit, of the r otate grees an minutes erre anea • 0
• ..rme Bonl it r I Ii ”r4l Oa I 1 , , 1.13 theute north 45 degrom wmt 7at Shall. to a stone,
forlorn, SD - Ogg:tog N illages and towns The
abet e The population of the whole of the. i 11111,`• WIIITE FLINT HOMINY ' p , l ly g o 01.111\lit km , 4044 4fA n II ;war I Administrator ot the ' thence north 99 degre. west 8 chame to s atooe,
r,i.troad win, 0 ., liOnht be put Initnethrstely in , ,
....i. .0 ~.o p mini Ur.. to ilenal. este.. It J Howard dee d Flied oto, la 3 1 from whith a white °take Inches in diameter Lcan
is, In tire mrietest sense, a part of the P"P mot ten bet lee n ( hick amaugo and Dolton, -,, .., ‘,... lumber; . be.... ..kceount of Thtentio Morahan. Exonow of tho os a titio ',deg,. mid St) minutes West 6 link. theme
ulattonsof Pittsburgh Thelr manufactures the latter plat e, probold, , seri ing as a sort . 1 tom pounds llu twine. /lour • 1 1.41 •• M O, 1. I tat. of 4.thi I 1 Marthei 1.• 4 ra-i ~. 0.1 post aalth 25 degrees emt 89 links to a Spoulsh oak .2
of Pub ham f, , r euppitee, stitch MUst be fur , For ale by 010.1 111 , A 7 kLION Final • . molt of II 1. Schmert a A ini I ritst rat iI , he. in imam.- thence south .22. depose eat 5 tit
their commerce iind their wealth belong as i of 01 m 0 I o chrano de ..1 I l ied tat /t,, lot, c I mins t, a white oak 11 Inches In drameter. then.
niche, prem oir • o tho direct mos °meta npon , 1
,-,, • r,,,,.i a., on , n• t loot. e Purnell. bor Vac of! hn s wth 14.1 degree. mut 4&S chains to • hickory IZ
Di 5A1.1...,--A Katt of Framing 'I in, Cape arid And. Ores (01111,
mucti t, Pittelotrglt 11,8 If the) a ere in 011 e At i vi,tc LAO. tier A Tilrd So •- I. . lit be. La diameter, thence tooth 65 degrees ecast Joe
. .r ber, al renew e from • t IS in h. wpm,.
of its own is - erde and vet It gets credst for ci 1i r I %NO ; EotjUir• at be Mt girt II STREET • A.vount of llt rrio Jon., tomato; Laceutor of tho ch .usto a black oak 5 Inch. In diameter, thence
swats of 11 Towner% de •cl Filed Ns.- s, le. mat 57 &green east 213 charts, then. south I
os t •es cn miles NOrtheiset of Dalton, 1 nots.6 tf
nOne of thenl Lotto ein the genius or an 5 ' " 1 s Ocennot ,4 A II 11111., Ad min ter rotor a tn. e•- segreo ...1) minotee west 8.03 chains, thence south 76
aod rights-Or, intles font hoot , ille It .. I ''Nl 1 1.,1L,, t IA) 111 1-:-. V, lII.Nt.t - it kii.L7ol• welt chains thence south 5 dewoes
tate L . ' eamoti 1 Penno,k. do, 1 t tied Nee 10, deg., , .
110 1 A tine,
other book of statistres If wo tdd the popu . o ne o f the tormlnt of the Clt, eland and Dal- 1 1,... th. 1444441141 U. , A 14440444 10050 . ipplt Pm , . 16", se et -14 riming to the line of lot two of sold surer: ,
1 eive I t all and .e.e 111 on at the Indb Rol la • lien
latton of Illeghetly alone to that of Pitt.- I.n ratiroad, owl the hart Tenuessee ont , o ,
... PILOTS, end aro mini of seleH kt 111 i r Administrator of the . then , e with the line of said lot to the center of ;re
ii , , hos .., antl _e \ 1 tls tr x tam of Martha 11 lineo de 1 I 11..1 hoe 10, 180 borne e Rue, thence south EA degrees east 6 7
() org s railro i 1 Itirt• litrOugh it CASSIMIDIES
burgh. It woald rau It up to 77 ttlfl au lif to 1 IA II riithi IPS AY or t 4 F E Kramer A oninletrater of the them. then. north 4 dogmas ond 30 tri/nUtene exst
1 no, fwd., attents fur Alleghen) county vII , . Lanus thence alo the line of lota thirty 14 two
.tane 1 ,drich IL From. de 4 ir led N . ng 1
that we should mid the populatien ,-,' Ilir 'Results of Emancipation. I ' Garibaldi and Cutaway Suits, ~.,,,, , . and one (1) of sold Tillage of Hanging Rock to Gat
I \ DIA RUBBER ( 0A.T.,-, CAlq,;-. 2,414 . 411nf of Doulei Draft/. Tx.. •or ri- Wm G non bw.t corner oflot one (1), thanes west orouud
boroughs and villages tmmedtately artiuml The Lott, of the Nash , tile Ceme, writing 1 I PANT'. LEr...l NS .4 . t 1 , -.1 Dill aubply of FOR t 1111 DREN Hellman ti , e d i 0.4 bo• lt. leol - lot number three (3) of Some' surrey to the place of
the city the total would be little if one `
fr , ur At ashingtoo, git 1. the folios , wig in res- • ali ...110 , s !sod rm. 44 &la 14)44 on lowa Ale . 011 A 4 onlif of John llgthn soloclumtrator of the . 0 ginning', except ao much of the foregoing m haw
' pert to the rceults of emancipation in the i.. 014 JAL 11.1.T5, sod ntil th E4lllth, f r sale e n t e too a eortmeat . soils o r a ll 1. d., t w mt.. f Ortornd, dee il Icled Nor In isal b.n heretofore •
sold tO C P Hogshead, and ala so
less than 12 0 "too If the census an I oilier L ,,,,..„ a Col tun ina wholvads, st, Ite ail, 10 t 4041 IL and .1.4 241 (lair It At. out of Catherine Durkhard , , eurvivtog Ad tion hos hove ban granted to the Methodist Society
n 0.9 11 11 PHILLIPS BOYS 4ND 1 orTll.l minlatestor of the eatate of Loth, Borkhori.D,dec iof Hanging Rock, on which their church building to
Mallet teal books shoos o 1 that l' it tse urgh hal Many of our friends tn Tennessee art asktng
wilt much enhotode, what ehall yr , . Llo with I iIMBE,I{ Filed N. v I', 18th crested, which said premier:snare held by raid John G
GRAY A. LOGAN, No 19 1 ,Rh at Acc. nut of darner, Candor Executor Of Om mtate of Peebles in trust to and for the Plaintiff, and the 'b
ench a population the city would get Inc
the el, s• ashen Itherated ' Let toe gwe tho 123 .. Lad yell , • .444‘444 .4 Pthe u kalror John lisle, der d Filed Nov la IL. L colon to hero ..t forth In the deed of said Hobert
a ..1 Parting 10011,
credit for importance tnat ats justly onti- ~,,h,,Lanes m eon, ereolions le Inch I harts had 4 mount ot V. illiam St. es and Dentualn hots, Hamilton Jr ,to mid /atm O. Peebles, os Trento.
2 ow. Pumping Poi, • .00 limes
Gil A l c in:S --TM o . e - an - Itr - rn lob d the -
tleu to but as loug as things remain as wrth several late slat ehelders, who reside ie ow, Wog.. Apokes , surylving Executory of the estate et Jobu Riddell, dc , dated Apoltah,l66 l .
de. i Filed Noy 17, 1,11 Tho brick part of the Railroad and Coal office sit
tins District, and after an expenence of n.- ID nsio Barn 1 3ta•. BENI tILAI ITT
_ they now are it 110141 he eantent to lake Ate met of Jamee Me( smile., Ement or of the re nate In flanging Rock, and the ground upon which
gro flat dorn of over two years, thus bear .es el •ro Ilial. PL,I, MI ,. a Sarah JII corblmen da d riled Nov 17, tha same stands, together with the land lying be ,
rook among lusignificnnt country towns oniony in tho Important case I Inquired of
~ „
5( ar latently and for mle la II nowt i... rue following ch /to. kinds imn t ..n the and 0010. arid the oorth line. the tall
t e," No 1.1 I.lhorty ore..
thew ontlemen, All of high 'octal position, 1 ___- - - - ii t a y cr , nu m u t L uc ia', e t .. en d J 0 p s tter.en, road track and included within the mot and_ w.t
The ..I'orth Am-ea . :o ticcs that tor 1 10442 g 11,4 , 1141 , DELAWARE.
l'ilit , le ALENA LEAD x,,eolliors et WallOn et., dee .1 i tied No. IA linee of mid lipee building prolonged to said Rail.
as 1011, w. 2-0 I nal rued took
toile. Phtlatbdphin lairorml oudet the same ‘• what has het n the aentina effect of onsan 0 REIIIIEMEXT, RC. n
n A croon tef hmlea Kenned• .s.tmlnietrotrtz er Me Also the amowing tights, casements nod imys, to
It store mid Br mi. by
thfficultv It was cut up into a great many cleating the Gave. in this Dia eoroto of 11,14 Kennedy &e l .! riled Nor 18. 160 wit the mud postbags to enter upon
. Derodedlv benetietol to both masters arid 11l 6 A 1.2.151, ANSA
Al FA ANDER GORDON, /tool Lorwont of lochln Weimer, Executor of the •n 5 P.m . 4 .. 41 . 0 . I, e. 0 1 ), ~ ..., ,,P 0 . 0 I
I Dderen inn I cro`porat`ons each of which
,i “
0, - worts of August,. Fothilderker, Mc d Ethel Nor rouge number ranetene 1191, ana of section wren (7 ,
i 4ION 4lLLAtift 21, lnd township one (1), range eighteen (IS), (except serum
got eredlt for its tra n popi,lation and in 0 Ilas e ynu suffered any considerable oriel tl no2l a 121 Seee.l 41130401
, A . net of Thomas and John Reynold. Elena°, of ...lon Wen (7) as slopes towards the Ohio
once " •
that way the pot ulatton of the etty prop, rml - s iris.. nin consequ lEV 11.1..1{-1 Mai lbs fresh Roll 1 515 M DA, stn 1, of the poste of Thomas Baird der d 1.11,1 Nov 21, 141Yero for a period ot twenty-tion psi pans from the
5, ue at all matters ha, c progressed no givoitihG_2s. taa, es trs to i 14•3 15th day of Auguet, A D 1&54, to take thereon for
wan -reduced to a comp:trot.' ely ineignlfi- ISABELLA .
+Monthly am' ever • BF:a:Sr-NJ hush rnmall Navy mothers. cUr lan of the minor t • nse e it a a
4mourit of J. ECa 0 d h fPt e Gros Yarn en or Pithead that may
Cant figure The remedy they applted nod Are ths Mgt., I Into itrit and Insole.. ' ' TI R\ I P.6-2ii bosh VI I.lte (dole , •
S• KNOX, No 27 Fifth street chtldroo of T M and Nthrgarrt Carothere, doemeed be twin by arid Plne Grove Edina. COMESME. On the
Al` P I In- noo hble Iltuncts 1 dot Nor IV 18.3 sold lands, hot for no other use or purpoca whatever,
whteh proved effectdal, woo contsolltiation 'Nm so much AO FIX formerly They Seel }3, ,..„.. 0 .,„„ ~.,),
,),. ..,„ ).). ~)„ by n, 21 int so aunt of Elizabeth T Rsrololpb, Adminiatr, any or all 1.4 Ore that may be found upon said
- --,-
t oat they are now statiling on their good be I „,02„., PI lIIDDI I I 1 - ADIE.Ii AND MISSES trio of Nathaniel Randolph, dee'd Fibd Nov 23, ptharth. Also the right ofway fortesunsandwagons,
Tbe North -ini rieon recommends the !lime honor atom - - , I I en 3 or if so wiret.i, the porting, °flaying down a railroad
) N ' , IC , \ MEVI'S
remedy for Pitteburgb What do our pee- " Hare you much trouble tn procuring le I i 1( . • - - , A,connt of John Ogden, Guardian of the minor track or trwks upon any of theta. owned by sold
h ATI , '' • 1 bolo Fliut floret, BA.LIdORAL AND HOOP SKIRTS ; Inn 3
I ehtid,n of .11plothe Itobtmon, dee d ro..t No• 2, Robert ilomilton, on the lath day of August, lase,
ple, and especially our nArchants and.mau- , 7, tem. extra large freshen Civet. and to pass and Male thereon all often as may be
'None at •Il , the negroos work readily and I o ,P. do Homburg do. IAO nunl of Jam, R Vanvorhle, Guardian of the necessary to enable the proper partied to take and
ufacturers, whose prosperity depends so faithfully for wages. They do then` worn het- i Iro do Euglieh Drury rhos. •ely fthe i either tidbit - on of David Wllron, deed filed Nov carry to their reepectlve Fyn.. or Furnaces any
mueh ou the high standing of the cite ter than ere:, because they know that they I 7: little Appl. Balmoral and Woolen Hosiery , I 1.3 charcal or timber, om or other malarial which saki
must e ther ftlfill their raintraCts Cr get nO I !. d, petals Bowls Aorotht of Emma Solomon. Admirdstratrlx of parties may ham the right st any time to take from
thin't of it' If Allegheny and all the bee- sd 1 lax rowd, Doom. Solomon, dee .1 Ifll.l Nos 24, 1503 any of Said lands
13.4 I in el,. 1 undo. HOODS AND Nrulas, 0, . onnt of John Craighead, Executor of the estate Also the right of way for a railroad track 23 feet
ouglos aud villages around tbe city st ith .Do toe people regret the change re Mob t in do Craliblf nom .or I.llmbeth McCann pilot Nor &I, 18. wide, 12 5 , feet bona the centre nee seat way of the
thr space lying hetnthen them si me ninth , 0 ”m.neipatoth hoe eider fed "" Ih. Onlom lA. r. wnt of Jecob Kanner, Francis Premier and prom, Railroad track, ond extending trout the north
"‘ 0, hardl3 one man in the 'thole Distort. lust resaiwd raid nit. sale al No 126 sere. west LINEN HANDKERCHIEFS,
. , Froth lek Schroeder, Executors of the mt. , ' of Clam tnat corner et mid lot number two (2), of Rowe's
part mi Pittsburgh and all placed under /RA NE 9A \ GoItDER tine Pr... 1 d Filed Nos n., laki Survey, to the south hone( the west half of the 'south
, tee t a few lolincians, would Vote for the
_rio, _ _ __ _ ._
the Itfillll la, 4, or ellnanCes, and officers res [strewth of Slayer) MT .• .
- and - Mr 1 r.ZOIiI„IN Dl 4 PRI( Ith Acsreuta. of Wm McK., AdMintstratOr of the as. swot quarter of election mven (T), township one (1),
tweet Tredrich Burnt, k, dn. ii. Filed Nos 19, 1e.,3 range eighteen (18)
-, who weth both largo Go, eholtiors, I_4 --
would it not be serail , o .1,, -, benefit of the Boots, Shoes and Gaiters ; it mint of E P Jon., Administrator of the Wets Also, the prtvilesce which the said Itobert Moan
• end opposed em an-Talmo bitteri, , now de- Men . eat( 4 •oble ...tunnel dothle upper Doom 54 o of Denid Horne doc d Filed Nov '25, 1.3 1 ton, Sr , reamed to himself to construct railroad
whOlo " tiers openly that lb , • nee, want to ete r, Boots 3 co- AT I Account of Dll Cutininghom end Campbell Duff tracks along any of the streeta of Hanging Bock.
footle • tle heavy Balm Inils 100 1 Executors of John Dell deed Flied Nov 25, IsB3 I Alm the sight or way for a double Gut of railroad
We write this article to bin lig the siti,J.,-i Slavery rest act • roll 41, Congos. Gone, .
~., Arcutint a itebert Hoodoos. and P. tn. Illii, Ex. ) from sold lot number ruse (1), as heretofore ~
Certiinl this 4I t tense 04 itevartant, and it, ~. o f ~II k t et t., re . SI to 1, 2 o
bcfore the peolile and w e ask them to sir eI w p , ,i, , s ~ oi 404 of Alva/oml. r Esr.mau, deo .1 Vast 5.,v Moog the lament railroad through tho lot upon which
. atii the el nsiderni ion o. ennesoceans W. men e 5100000 heel Do..te . i ,ift, 1,01 , the !toning Mill stands.
it that attention et filch Its importance en- , I,et Us in 1 honeetly toward the slaves, and ' double cole neared hal B tom I• 4 1 Fourth end heal account of Robt Poll, Aduclule.. Also the right of way for a wagon road or railroad
• Moroccn do do Belmorele 12. L 5 FIFTH oTtlit KT
ill take ear. of thorn ti
titles it to Cunsoltdatron has worked well then the t ensegnenees w eust an•modo Boot. s is, te. - . i rotor ar DI aJeohn Locals, dee d flied hoe 20, 10. track scrota the south•H'et corner of the wont part of
' 4cl, r. fa tVA offer " gr. cubacke•' in.tead uf „ -- ea 11 J. ItICH ARDSON,rtosiww. , the lot known as the tavern lot in Ilthging Rpck
Looting Peer , . (...t.c. ' l° rrlIE lirtt-Li- am , Aloo the Umber wood, tight. privileges uid Mie
n,. ie ItheatoT
in Philadelphia Ind see can Ace no reason estwhides to tbe negro, and be swill 'seri. with use . yery largo a...newel of MISsES sli 0 - menta couveyed hy Robert Hamilton, Jr ,to the firm'
illy it should not w ork equally Ili well fresh sltterity nrcl hope Ile has a soul lot , (nit LDILE so 4 4ti010., at wry bar pr ier. at 1,4101 t, biALE.-ROLLLNG MILL FOR ',
a ilurnilU '' P ' .l4 ' .. A e°l ' . ' be • M " P mlicutn'
us treat him accordingly. If we uso our nu i g.: description of which reference ip made to weld deed,
A collection of nearly eft, of the frowth.t thicket SALE -I offer for sale on easy terra., tha large
tiere Ii first therm were then. serious , No. 94 alarket 8 ..... •
inericsl rupertority to rob him of his naturnl executed sort mbar 19, 1850.
and extensive Iron Works known as the • Hanging 1 A. pr ,..., °., 50.0 0 D .,,.....,,d0 of w hith ~..
dtffIC'IIII... I • 3 1 " . ' 33 e"° l3 ' . . I" for 10•10"0" rights and defretul him of his wages, we wlll wd ,„,, Ass ,n 4 door front Filth at and =vet rousing Week itoning Ma" Thin mill 1. stmt.' at Hand
the soli...trot nt in the et n consolidated pull down upon our own beads and tha head, - - -
~ lUTANTIi/4 /I L I I 11l IW IA riiT 1_ HoW Q Mg Kock, on Gm Uhlo river, Da the heart of the CO AL • „,,,,,„„) ~,, www ,
-ongs, Trios, lanartett6 and Choruses and IRON rafflon of Southern Ohio, one hundred and I thb, P ect. to the dower atiktalty of krt. Rachel Saintly
too of .
• t . f our ehildrer the inst penalty of oUr gutit, Di x • T'allte or Sate r -Ons third cash in hand, one.tbird
11.1.5TORED , --Jnst published to a sealed en• forty miles above Cincinnati, and immediate's nou
. or port,' ion of the dolits doe by each or tile
„mpe „
,_ . - - ° 1 In ono year, thd one-thin:l In two yoars, with Inter
m' reh , pe. Pelee Six C. 411114, A Lectore on the Nature, N em po i,the t ,„,l mi,sk,oissuo* ford t 0 11 0.4 e river, ace o reelli n le m aLal r l o r 4 ageo o in f w:tner,ros.n•dnstlionren ~t on the defered payment from the confirmation of
010 co: p•a-atorns bill the practlcal good ,La c n SC. lit. Treatment and Radical Core of Sparruatot rho., or 1 pos.. on fa 1 hipp gps r
F . Onoe of the people soon rt moved them all mill above this ton
Seminal OC.kness. Involuntary Eatoostom, h onws , I D n . 07 11,,h, j 1"
).;.' ..,. "MIT 4 mg esti. JOSTICA If AMBLETON,
, I • West lfn \ I rrin Is a bill ha A passed the Debility, and impediment@ to Slat-Oar 1,en.111, ma s ',This mill hi I ferior to o 0 n the NV t either for
4 4. - 2: - /d • 'isr •-e 35.-•"•"...-'' u II . I " A Sheriff of Lawrence County, Ohio.
lit btlOh a er” as to vie general nattsfat ij,,,e and .ti • before the t-enate, authority Nervu...... ' "...WILT FPlters/ is d t on comp fire, far It will hiA',.- r _sy, '' v
- marAcrry or DURARILIT I of ilobh, being en
. HENRI P 5. E.& L, Attorney lior Plaintiff.
tel .d Phythal Incnrywity. reenlting from Self ... V ei5,4,4_, ) •. _ Al . y NEW and in the beet of ropair-le Repotted, i D ., ~,,,), ~,,,,, D. 01,...
tine and tii , ni tune w onto I,e the cam, le re trig the Gots roc , to hire out the eenvlets of Mow., te ,Ily Raw J ertovuo or t, it li , antbur emu., end entertnitte, -'.." it"2_s '- .• ..s . ; • fr., •Irg ro. ~. =MIL, delive , ed In the MILL without any ~ _ _ _ ___
this Stato, In the penitentiariee of adJotemE of the -Green Book de A Boon to Throsands of -,,0-5....5.4 - 04 4,`" -Om.: -g e ..gel • . 2 .1, IN, Whatever, except unleading it from owe
By the tret of consolidation the lints of i , Aeustirr•Orr cualleralltaltrrall a Orrzeir, 't
'ante. or in o 11. wtheg mono er until the seder,. wait nod., WA!, In • platn etittirope, to BY OM& altOW-• -,7,4. r.. `;',"l7 "'.,: u , mt. connected with the property about It scree COrner G thd 32d !streets,
Philatielphla eity were made rommensury mato ',halt li It riTOVIJIId it prop , r pin..e to anY seldom I poll, on Treelpf rf cis cAnIA or Ivo L .- ',-, t ,l't , .„t- -,, ---... ~, :Ma, awl 12 dwelling booms, MI within one , Waehington, D C., Nor 18th, 1863 i
poste,. etamp. hy
P'"' 011 1 - 11 J ( fil IN E, e ' ' pig ' tiL" -' . s o . virile of the mill Also two wells of good I
-opt. maned On reenlist. enti ...- __,,,. N _ 11 IBE SOLD AT PUBLIC ALC
ate with tlio , of Phtlal.lphia connty We l kc'T O.',
_____...... 127 Bowery Nets York, Poet 061, Rox tone ' Yorwerel29oo the mill-II ruppllsi with merhinory 1W • s
A v gill• trt IA fi ht in inn on among the .111 tredawF Is i
(meld not mnke the lines of Pittsburgh I7IT ,F g _, _ , ___.,. . CHAS. C. MELLOR, wribnow.: TION, at the Queriermaster•s Warehouse, on
6 double fined boilers, '2B bet loud, 42 int hes lo di I the equere betwete Z end r and fist arid 224 MUM..
`lplrltnali-tr andrew it lekson Davi,. sgatnat 1,1014. THE b ALI. OP 15134 D. C., on 'WEDNESDAY, Dee. 24, •
trommensurets ei Ith those or Alleghent ~ , , ~, ameter , 1 lever engine eight feet tanks, rib, inch. Wellblegims.
lite t'et 0 ~ti Vll 41 ) Iterate 11111 0 Or
The I f"P I .0 81 WOOD STREET. diameter cylinder, Cam engine drive., 111444 k mill, bar I Imp lot of QUARTERMASTER'S 5T01312, eon
oonnty, (het would be giving them too wide tont Itrund> tam, ' which means only some 7f. ' , Oil APPLE 11100, .21 mill, chair mill, small mill, inanely a ,
bl t muck I detthed as unfit for public Merrice, consisting In mart
_ _
emcni tn the decencies of life, which (I EN ERA L FOREIGN AGE - 3 1 I shear. 61141 squad , . I slide val. engine, 5 trot ,of Scrap low and Leather, Saddles, Bridle. pans of
a sweep-Intl-and we make the sugges- rr ,. 1 ,,, ,-e - , , Extra Pp-I. 1, 4 and 5 rem old-In. I,%dtng all Ihe 1 .14. stroke, .1.0- Inches diameter, driving bolter plate mill, I Herne. and 94 e go .. .a:Tout. Tails and Implement.
I the } fee LOrol, are too eievated to 116VO any old leeediug varieties, end many nes on. sheet mill, hammer •nd them .1.44.14111 l doctor en. Terme out, In Gov, rnment Fund,
_flint the Penedo rna3 tlitr,l, of it -sec 1 „ , r ,„, fo, Alm A wry Imp stock of PEAR, (attendant oat 1 AUSTIN rBALDWIN dr, CO , Rt., 2. foot Woke, 10 loch. diameter, driving lathe, Sale to commetice et 10 o'clock a. ZO•
wilght s tart the hne on the I.lleglieny rover I dwarf) rilyknv PEACH PI t 51 EN imaurrit I grind atm.., bw and amen mill enuars, and lounging
Trie new Archbishop of Dublin is the Amy ell ADE AND ORNAMENT kl. TREE& 0001,0 I 7.1 0 aliEd , 1.; 8 A
72 IIitOADW AT, NEW TORE all the teeter fue the min sod boilers.
ahos e loliarpshurg and run It so as to to Reverend Dr. Richard Cl:meads Trench, Dean 1,11. i t ltyl TINES, SHRUB., L11F.V. 5 11 01 oF Ala with 10 boiling. 3 heating.: sliest and 1 becller
elude that borough, Stewartstown, Du 1 c c- , K
1 W .tminster oi hteon of whose twenty- PLANTS, de ,dr , wholosele aml ndxn l n" v"r 3. "" 1..11 , An es el law rot.. areal Britain, Ireland, plate turrosce Moo eolith anti empunter shops with 5 000 CAVALRY HORSES WANT
, fire deans bare become bishop. or arebbieb- . Prig. JOHN id CUD.. 11 ir f 1 f h..,,,, ~,,,,,,,,. r e „,„ m et e...tor Queenclown all the eareamry tesole , ID -The rindersigued will purchase, in
quesne, Allegheny end Manchester, down op. The new Dean of \Vinare. Pier is Dr _ -__ -----e.
.16 deal' Pittsburgh end tint land 144 0 r...4-lo* , c. , ii.ii .. f0r...rii..,1 .
p • ., . , , ,, ,
of 0,0, id
/ 41 . .. 1 " w Ink° Plar" , " ft. do''' or th. 35 . (11 open market, l &VALHI HORSES fOr the Vatted
to below Wood, Ran, ilian the -ltanlev JOSEPH SNOWDEN, Hou. in Ironton on Saturday, Dor 1•201, 1863, •1 1 .D.,,,,,h,,,, yk. rs oe .o. to b.. from fifteen (Lb) 10
NI I I LIAM BINGHAM, Jr , Agent, el rlork rat Nil HEMPSTTAIi, elatcen (Id) bands high, from four (4) to nine (9)
~..--••••0-41.••••••- •
Ohio. run it so ns to include Temperancr- MARRIED : NOI:A BY l'r 1 1.1.1(.`, m - 21 lamest Adams' Eames Offlcs, Pittsburgh Attorney for Mary A llempeamd year. of sge, ooMpactly built, In good flesh, and free
Hanging Rock, Nov_ 1863-n029 from all defects,
ville, Mount Washlngton, Went and coillb e n Ega is EnsEsT -In Allegheny 1 ity, Nov No 44 DIAMOND STREET, Orissa.. non . ( 51/ A 1 1 140PICR I Y FOR ,Al I ----- - - - timers win he weaved, subject to Inspection, at
PlitSluirgh, and the two Ilirmingbame and , 17th 1563, hy Rev William Annan, Scut JOHN l' UPHOLSTERING, IN ALL ITS BRANCH Pitteburgh, Pa front the lel to the 16th of Doom
( lons and Ain ,
iFM EIs&NY of . o 114. 1566 Rost Ps. I °Meteor. A•knowledgrneuts of Dosds. rop...t 2to ACTITS, as -*laving purthated a largo stork of rod. bor , and at Col'ombuti, Ohio, Rem the Ifith to the
then crossing the Afonongrthela, run It to t darks taken Alm. 15.15, Mortgag., Article., of for (Vail, an sre ahls to offer grrar bargain. at ex. met of December
l en I Fs , 5 1 5 ERNEST AlOmment, 1 , ..e. uu 4 I 'lo l P O l O. of '" .r. , ki' d 1 More sr Ima, a 10.1,1. kND LAND, en il.o Mon.. PIELDLIG Lourr, Card & A. Q. M..
Gm Allegheny at the p'.ace of beginning , ._.,.....5.-..--- I mr"""IY
, S 11 IR 111:101i AND SPRING nol4.l..ertr Carairyßoroan.
written ",•". . genets ills,. into alsor• Wm third Lock , FEATIIII BLD .A ,
giving it such a direction between the two DIED: ;-,-i-,--0,,,T..,iii r .
... -
.... 0 ,, ~, , .. v . 1 Ernmire of ALEXANDER GURIIO,4, ,
MATTRASSES OLD lIIATTBASSES, re-ntode In , ----------- - -- --
or, RICHARD E. 1111Ekli, tbe beet manner, and FEATHER BEDS renovated MI rES AND EAR_
rivers na to take in EWA Liberty and IN il- " o r i, ,i'l i N t. ‘ : -17artAda TIPLVIViTtheit::I 74
M COLLISTER dr. BALK, imelta codtwerrbtr Itio, 100 Wood v i r ..,. \ A great variety of BLINDS, TABLE & FLOOR j 2,4
linsburgy As w e rani, we name those .e.r. ;nen...4i. mi,.. ropy A , mew and rh !his eines 1 ( LAD
nannforturrre th.l dealers In ell kJ.. of F a ASS and Id ANILLA BORDERED MATS, I
boundaries merely by war of suggestion ..o The fnueral will take place kom the mdeldence of Al MTIV----.ISTILA•i•OIi."FgRfI.N. - Lot , CARPERBBINDINGn, and e.ty satiety of Goode ) p IJ DAY /PINING Dee. let, at 7% o'Cl k will
. parikular attention to ttur treatment et ,be tald, at ths Ootron:ectal Sales ROMA /34 ;If& it,
er sister, Mrs C Butler, 121 Elm etre°. on Moe. TOBACCO, SN Pl'S' AND CIGARS, te, of Admlniettatton baring been granted ,`• 1 k l i iu th.. 11 "' TA. 1 " i" tb ' ." '" "ri" nf tt"' ' CURONIC DISLASES, the ryr. and EAR: operates ,ou Betiding Lot in the Seventh Word, tin the ninth
those Who, when their attention Is turned se of C.I Jan,. n pri Ile generally to our WELL ASSORTED STOCE
b it ALT 'Vt. lost ,at 2 0%. IM k e tr, The friends of the • • -. p . venue P. taireig-noriAl=ittyb.....rtunly, P., &nomad, all All orders promptl attanded In
AO 10. R 000 Al RS IT t e t .r" CATAJLACT, SWINT EYES, for ARTIFICIAL 1 side Of Centre arenas, inmate 1.30 bet 3 inches wants
to the subject, will be far more likely than I ta.ii, ar,. n epectrutly invited to attend maroons Indebteal Weald eat.. are requethd t o Dt .k. 1 p 1,„... ktvw ...,„T., i,..,,
-....., FEDERAL STREET 1 , •
PUPIL ineerte ARTIFIOILL Ell 5, and Ruts all i wardly from the corner of Erin eamt, being IoICSIo.
we'`to arrive at s. eorrect roes,os.or, i
' i n re. 1 (111 r?.4 , 4-Of Dlpfklarla, 4 o aoretgay moreteg, Keep. C.ol44llLatilly la• hand • largo ve
~ say
flay of Pip. I moot to the undenigned, 4 them haying claims I Idlest y, (house formerly occupied by Me &mole 1
t 12.rLA3131A,Teas T.YIS, awe ULM') HEARING, ;3 In Mtn B. Irwill'e plan, having a front *En bet
b and all diseases affecting the Ear and leading to lon Centre edenne,and extending I ack 81 feet 6 hash-
Nth Mot ,at trirr,o clock, ANNA 51•FALT„ oldem and Smoking Tetra..
____ WT. 114 against laid estate will prevent them, properly ori ,
I oortt BARRER d NIFIL . 1... p..... 1 ... T . = w , we .
ga ' rd to it thild of Jenue thd F. 11.0 th Dente lapel wren PROPRIETARY nlsll REA , ENUE
- a -- ' then I Vat ed, to CHARLES A. nom E, AduCr, , .-- - - ----__ -_ _ 0111ce. 109 MITI STREET. 'l
anylblyte 1 nal D ' ATLS &Mc ILWAINE A 're.
- . act
man end flen month, at Offlee of Husfay. Wells dto . iriltESS GOODS I ___..--------
Would it not be well for the co meals to - .1- STAMPS, of all denominattoos. A fUll thpply owner of liarrittn_i_Pd Pike streets , I_,
The funeral VIII take place Tuts Mrixoor Arran- kept constantly en halid, at the Internet Reath. Or to MITCHEL k PALMED, Attorney. .0,...,,,, A full line In every variety QTORE FOR RENT ON MARKET 1 I PRRICATING OIL-We are now
give the subject of consolidatton therr con- 4 . KIT Ifr OWL k CO. /...? STILYMI..-Th• hanbonsa Iron Trent No. /55 I . LI selling •
vow, et 2 o'clock, Orme tho residee7. .r r,..., p,mete Otte, No b 7 Water 'meet, next.deorstorfity Tmu notOleordeve No ast Fifth atmet, Pittsburgh --- - "WELL OIL" equal to 80. It
sideration, nnd take ouch action in regard `I. 23 rondo. tweet, near It !lie ury, Allegheny. DAN ID HITE, blarkst strut, nut door to N. Holmes d Sona is of. Lard 011 u a libricatar, which we warrant not to
XrriV- MIT7R-fMrSIZE : Ar - - -18 r . .." L-1 71 C'n .RT A INS I bred kr rent ais arvi of Jan i nWast.
Collector or I nt.enal 11.thp 261 Dist Po dill! nor gum, and la entirely flnte from lan&
hand and for sale 1,
10 13 145 4 ' lll U' l tug It fai rl y Ond nil' ' l '' Co" ' POWERS -O. 8.'.m14)' l'''t ^ 'l"'l' Norn-Letme, should 1.,s dirsetel to Allegheny / 1 1 Idris fan to prime, sir , y a variety ef styles in Isiee Address WAY, Jr., 355. DALEELL tk SOIL
- I id. sow mip POWERS, In the 6321 year or hi• ago ~,,,, pm.D.,,,,,D. .114 nol9 TILE attt I MIKA. I nose St P. HMI, ORS ACO stole 1001 IbriftolitlerlDe P. O. ; WITS,* IS and 70 Water street.
X 1
I'll , ll 4,:•!: tl'il .11.iT1
PllOrreo,;R %PH kJ.RI•ili
v' yr lAFERrisE4E.nr7'3
ri; xs , I \
rE, r.
n{ [s+ An • '..r • !••re !
• I Latrl,..
11, 11 n n
pcy; r..cp) red 1,. 0.1 City : gatnrcbsy
N 1 Is .1h in •lt ”r ~t
I' t.,
r. 1 '
r •, sr•-r: .-..r.• ter.e.ble
Du. r ; :; •e• r:°Li
alth,tlß:h rattticeed eel:err:het y the netpleassent
I •.'
Markets by Telegraph.
Xi ~ 1',..a. Nio -1:ot toy irregular, unsettled.
and decidedly lower at 7b.a.77 ,- for middling uploads.
ur :dot loc hotter—common grade" very modere.—
Yrk st 87,3:t0r7,10 for Eat ra R. II tY. end 57,4547 ,90
dna. Whlvky dull, hoary sad
aneettled ut 726474 for voedern. Wiowt more ac
tive and ,h.p.rd higher, particularly Lott ev l ening, id
1,57g.1,41 for Chicago spring. 51,U441,1 lot MAl
wankee club 51,12.@1,14 for Amber Mtlwauke, Mic $1, h
41.1.52 for Winter lied Weetern, ft go) ft r v htbs
r,.... and ElAd for small pwrovls umber Green Ilay.
Cart lc better. mizedWestern e11e:1.1,41,20 In store—
oting firm at the latter pro, 11;,66 more ultra,
and '2G3c better. Wool quiet 21.1 rather stesdler.
Petroleum dull; Refined, to bond, at 41%&/.2. Pork
active, hot unehaugul; . barrels new meet,
deliverable Theerntvd. at SPe,'2A, and (VW hermits ate
I packed do, for January anti February, at SIN3IW .
Beef quirt Paean Sides quiet viol urtclonnod
Dressed Unto dull at ": 3 , hurl dull and non/ball
unchanged. •
New York Stock and Money Market.
Sew lor. ^_B.—}Loney Su emler demand sad
has active, with rates onchangoi. Sterling ninnrn
firm and nominal. Gold unsettled and firmer, open
lug at 43 , ,,',. davit to 43 , 4 advaw tu,,; to 47 , 4, and
chwing quiet a yrt., Thu total espdtts of specie,
81,11.5,tka1 ,
Government Stuck, them,
with truant:Lions to a
moderate extent.
Stock. bott,r :
A. '8 T. R TT H.
Y ........ ........ ......14-8h
C. t. P 0.P4 , N. .C .. .3.34%
G. dg C UP, Iladelov ............. au
Ille. 1 . 6,111, 130 , , P. rt. Yi C 83
Y.rle ...... .. .. 10,,,•11.,adtuir, ............... ...IZ3
, . d 101' u ':.3od .......... .. ...... ....11NR.i
_ -_
Td. AND 7.AMESTILLE.—The fine
passenger steamer EMMA 3lonme Ayr*,
C•msmander, leave* Pittsburgh every TUESDAY, ork
4 p, m., and 'Zanesville every ITIIIDAY,
t 8 o'd
11. Com
a.m. The ,tamer JULIA, w tn• 012.
. ,tamermender, leaves Pittsburgh ever? SATURDAY, et 4
p. and Eaneroille every IP ESDAT, at 8 ieckwrk
a.- tn. Pdr Creight or palettes. appl on board or to
P. ,2aLl.lhatio.ol), Age
t y
IL S. PIERCE CO.. nrante,
nottl Zanesville, Ohio .
_ _
FOll. CINCINNATI, Lou is :ji a t a
The finotaamer ADELAIDE, Crept 111111er,
Pease mowv THIS DAY, the :dlt_h Instant.
For freight or pearta6,-e apply on board to
.1011 N FLACK, I
+lntl J D. COLL' tratWOOD, I
Loewe sad
Treasurer ............
First nhiht of the e ugagerrieut of the celebrated
equwitristo artiste, lir. P.. F. J. 111L103, and Mal
eelueotcd /Tor,. 111 A NC - ATE A end NT AT &XXII, the
Loh. wonder', also, GOLISH.
W - 111 M preeenteel, the celehreted droaras of
Or, DICE lOIIPIN, the BOLD 1110.131 V ATITAS.
Dick Turpiu ............................. R. E. J. liftlee-
Jorr) ........................................... J. O. Sefton.
O. Lander.
Sybil . Annie Eberlte.
Donfue Been Rtawathst.
To conclude with
—I. 0. Settee
...... Hyatt._
Busom...•—•••• ........
GranE complimentary testimonial by tilt cittven
Pittetnarch to
rew if Brilliant Prottraintne
Can be procared daring the day at Bieber a Bal.'s,
C. C. Ildellor's aad Charlotte Blame's Music SUMS.
and at the Ball from 10 to U e. at. and S to b p. m.
oar A CIE'S E PE VISITE ofhaaing Mrs. lilic67l ket. o7, B
ill be presantod to each lady purc a t
Doors open It 7 o'clock, ootomonclng It 7%.
The Le<bare Committee take pheurore ennonno
ing that the annual course of JaoCtlltolll b 0 OOom
ed by Kr. GEORGE I/ARUM:IIOIff. The
mines expect to make the coming Course of LKlora
the meet brilliant yet dehreneel la the city, and hate
honed tickets for the rutin, course at 51 50. Thel
may be bid from the mem here of the Committee or
at the Booms of the des. ,non.
US°, Dec. Ist, Balwor's ud e re e,,d play
And Dickens' Bketoh, ne arranged and mad by him
orsingle Tickete 2L' cents. to I. bedsit the asset
pieces. Doom open et 7: Reading 1L commence atTfi.
Baxtry. A., 711cumi BOLIVICL.L. Ir.,
n0214:14 Lecture Ootemittee.
t, TION.
—On TUESDAY EVENING, Deo. s 1883, at
7% o'clock. will be .old, et the Comme l rdal Saba
Booms, No. r.t4 BIM. street :
137 stoves Advaoture Mining Co. Stock.
DAVIS 0 AIeILWAINE, Atset'es.ll
v DAY EVYNING, Doc. Ist., 1863, at 7% o'clock,
at the Commercial Sales 11.13111. M 'Fifth street, will
bo sold, for account of whom It may cancer,
7 alarm ?mu City Bank ;
t do Facharmo Bank
4 do 'Mechanics' Dank ;
I do Maxine Ball ay Co.
n0..10 DAVIS & McILWAIN - E. -Ulcers.
0n TUESDAY EVENING, mber l 754
o'clock, will be sold, t the CommercialDece Bedew at
64 Fifth aimed, that valuable Lot of Ground on the
corner of Liberty street and Virgin alley, Whereon iii
erected the new three-gory brick house, now occu
pied by Diroslaweki A . Brow, Clothiers, and now rent
ing for $660 par annum. 'ten lot fronts 66 feet on
Liberty street and extends Lack to Virgin alley.
Tsars—One-third cash. evidus in one and two
yews, with Interred, secured by bond and mortgage.
mill' DAVIS a MoILIVAINE. Auet'rei.
EX.}.. pn. ( 7 l' T . MS BHIp. SALE
USG, Deo. let, at 73,i o:clock, will be wild, at the
Oconmercial Sales Booms, 54 Fifth street, by order of
Executors of the estate of John Craig, dee'd,..Two
adjoining Lots In Pitt township, being Into Noe. 45
and 46 in Gaxestea plan. The two lots have wOM
1 front of 40 feet on the north aide of Gammen . , street,
t and an average depth otaixmt IT feet.
Terms of salecaah.
i -cto27 DAVIS Jr McILWAINE, &mill.
- -----
aLL and
t'io uips of
!Xs. Hvautiakts.
ly last &pp...ranee of
23 CCM