The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1863-1866, November 28, 1863, Image 4

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sATCIP44I74.I.°P/140.--7NOY. 2 8 , Ma-
'l.*T PC B. C
The: iataan , o 4 voion4y co4tint
. =toot Of the organization of a Southern
General Synod of the loathed= Church is
the Cinfederate 'States. The information
comes through a litter by way Cf_tmglitsid.
It convened - at. Concord, N. C., in. Itay.list,
There were present about twenty-fife clew
omen and larnencrepresointirigliye Syn
ods; Dr. Bachman, president, and Dr." -Bit
tie, Secretary. A constitution Was adiipted
,witbent a dissenting voice. =ln-accordance
- with arrangements ptirtiouslrmatir4 cam-
menses reported npentiiurgy, tiymnbook,
Catechism, Cloyentruent, Disgipline,Ac.. All
the reports weresuloptcd, with slight amend-
meats, and r4ll to the acting I , ottmazt
of these committees, With potter to
prepare for; nd superintend the publication
. of, them in • one volume, to be-called • The
Boolt at 'Worship." The fttorti Synod is
- 'net - io be:merely an advisory body, but is
elotimodwitli, power to .enfores. obedience to
its enactments. The - unions .accepted
nearly a week. .
--;—The Rev. L. A. Sawyer, translator et
the Striiptures, sued the Christian Intedlisricer
of New York, the organ of the Dutch
formed Church, for Mel. The 'article com,
piqued ef represents Mr. Sawyer* work on
the Reconstruction of Biblical Theology, as
consisting entirely of balderdash and twad
ditty each as might hate , proceetied from
same innatie, and Mr. Sawyerai first a ren
egade Unitarian trent CengregatioPtilism,
and then &renegade infidel treniliaitarian.
• ism, eta, eto. The action 'was tried a few
days since before the Supreme- Conti of
Oneida iounty,New York. The jury agree
that the article was libellous, but could not
agree as to the amount of ditmages, and
therefore were discharged. The C 536 comes
up at the next term of court.
--Bev. W. M... Bunting, a Wesleyan
Methodist minister, son of the great Jobe:
Buatieg k of precious memory, meted a
complimentary resolution after the speech
of Rev. Henry Ward Beecher at the Arent
Exeter Hall Meetipg in London.
—The London . correspondent of the
frogera - Oltrivriced Advocate says that the
clergy ot.the Established Church to a man,
refused to liter Mr. Beeeherni 'Liverpool,
Manchester, and London; and farther the
Nexml„the prinelpal. organ of the Erin
else party in the National - Church, sr
fteted to pity him a mournful specimen
of clerical degraditlim
—The -trcs tan Chnstian Advocate, edi.
. • *ally, says, in reference to the address
at Dr. Presily on the communion qyacitlon, I
delivered fo4he students .'of the United i
Presbyterian Theological Seminary; Alle
gheny, Pa., and published in the Unitedl
Presbyterian of ibis city, that .'we Linea gone
over the whits witbeome eare,..and if "we f,
understand the Doctor rightly, Ito contends .
that none iWito are members of an ecclesiss-
Aleal bed4whose-profeesion it inconsistent
With jlint erhich the Church Lai made,' are I
entitled to the privilege of approach to the 1
Lord's table. -Thetis to say, no Moan:dist. I
or Ritidiiterlin his any right to approach
the table - which . tho Drifted Presbyterian
Church baize= fit to call the Lord's table."
—According to information . received
through rebel papera L tkos Rolston Metho
- dist Conference, recently held at. Ashville,
' N. C., five .preachers were expelled for dis
to the Confederate Government.
. Methodist minister in .a pamphlet
against Lay Ilepresentation the
Church, takes the ground that Christ has
made the ministers the shephenhi,. and
therefore rulers of his flock; and Abet it
would be a violation of Gotrit order.* per
membershiplo rule Lite ministry, or
the sheep to rule the shepherds. It is,
. written in a bold and -trenchant manner,
and is published by Sherman & Son, Phila.
delP: l 4 •'
ROT. Peter Jones, -Lactuabeintqf
!Hadley, near 'Wigan, (Busload.)
. fins ro.
dined his living oithe ground he touldne
longer declare hie unfeigned assent or con
sent to all and everything contained in and
prescribed by the Clmrch's 13ook of tiom-
mon Prayer, as he hid done ciallte 114411 , -
lion into his benefice. In atinninnicating
ltia decision to his congregation be intima
te& his intention, through retiring from'
'sninieherial duties, of remitirintit'reetnber
of theChureh or 'England, and doiniail in
Lis power for the revision of the Pimyer
-Pdrty-four persons were immersed,
On recent Sabbath, into the fellowship of
the Baptist .Chureh at Bt. Helens, B. C.
This mikes 400 baptized here by the pastor
dtiting the yeikipost..
—The Aret/toctirt contains elst the
mealpts, of the principal religious Societies
for the past year, as reported at.thelS an-
nnal meetings held, in London.. Thelotal
amiamt £9346.52. -Of this amount ear ,
ly onelutlf watt for the sapportatforCign
missioni[J - 111 the - report .of the Bible:and
Tract 'kiddies, the receipts for
.ire not included, -
The Ilev.,Wm. Ent, the distingaish
ed En lisb missionary,,n et:late iiip4iew
with a. Queen. of hhatteasOar, hm been
uttered that the' itilesionariesLcomlng from
Ragland would reoetre prdeition; their
Orions and property in the prosecution of
their worle: ai the
dine the ILlzur ties- assassinated that] the
Christian Mellon* sierild enter, aid per
, kips be 'Win o:hilted . by, Nioloni unwires:
Eight jeans ago,-tio Rim Mr. Wiberg
was sent out Vibe tiptiit`Pubihoition
oiety to superintend the' Ootiortagefor liwo•
den of this denoinintiOuw, Pre. VIM then
scanoely a Baptist eitatrgli :in sit Biieden;
to-day there are,:over
ty ono "churches, sores-!ußoeistlons and
nearly sir. thousandOsmnieiteiati,
—The school of the liefinnied:Dneli
Church celeb i r . ,ted two - huntiOd Sind
thirtieth inairersiu7 some.dayliiriee: .It:
we. organtied in emunition with the First:
, • church built in New York.
--43ishop'teo .oi,Delarrare,
Jed by the Arr. Mr. l4ilbirn oa ,. of_lllldole,
sailed for Port-art-Trinei lla ty'to:surrey
the'Aetd,,withaview ti thi establislunent
ilideSion . in eoinnOtiart :With tho
testant BpisoOpel Cht
_irk in -they, tnited.
oomparitin of the pres, nit nom.
Der of &intim is - Philadolplas
Ml new, with
those of 1811, SUO the following figu res
In 1811 there were 44, ViiiiesettrarthiP; in
1868 Errethei — ePertea Up. The
limy *lBll, nob bed !animal' of, war-
olktaloarritaut 2 5 11 - 1'
nutater of
:11C4a'.Eightfold greater
it su iE " wae is :11311,-iruAniiAation Is scarce
ly six. damage-large . .. , '
—Major !Timis 4L•Beyles of. the Illth
.regireeztt.of Pfitatusylretils.Yolante.ers, who
'wtsitilb3d in the battle of Lookout Moon-,
an . the 2i attt•llf Petetter mem formerly
a mazia;ar - ar OLlyean
ferenee. After having 004 iseeenil years
in tilaminists7, he 104pait in 1848. lie re
-sided inThiladelphis' previous to entering
the artily.
---lhoßlith anniversary of the Noon
day Bushiest' Men's Prayer Meeting, was
hold in lir. Neviton'e (EPisfoPal) Chula,
on Monday, 211. The IliereiSe3 ,ROIXt
'highly interesting:
From Yesterday's Evening Gazette
Tatskigiving• Anithig the Soldieres • .
The Nationa ; I Thank:glib - 4 Wei very ap
proprtattly.Obserred among the soldiers in
this vicinity, ntuitbering aboel.six -hundred
and ift;rin all. ".TheSubsistence Committee,
ever alive to the comfort and welfare of the
ioldiere in oni addit,istliolted the - necessary.
-donations, and made arrangements for giving
dirtier at , (bre° N itlaces,Lnamely: - the General
IlOsPital, In the inth Ward; where there are
two hundred and fifty-seven sick and coeval
weir% soldiers; at Camp Copeland, to two
hundred and sixty men- and at the Girard
'House, to the. Wound Gnaid, numbering about
one hundred aid, twenty-11re.
At the. General HosPital, arrangements
were-made for exereiMaafter dinner ' and the
public were invited lobe present . The fare
provided was rich OA in great abundance,
; consisting in part of roast turkeys, chickens,
etc.,, oysters, cakes, pies, frisk, etc. The
building was handsomely decorated with
evergreens, tlags; - flowers, pictures. etc.—the
work of decoration being done by the soldiers,
' under the ,direction of the Sisters of Mercy
connected 11th the hospital. After the din
, ner, , there was singing by the soldiers and
others; and prayer by Rev. J. G. Brown, an
able and eloquent address by Dr. Passavant.
and a very spirited, patriotic address by Gen.
' J. K. Moorhead—the only objection to which
wile its extreme brevity, the General laboring
under the impression that the soldiers were
too tired or had eaten too heartily to listen to
long speeches. '
We are tumble to give a more fall account
of the ceremonies. Suffice it to say, that it
was a good Idea, happilyconeeived and well
executed. We are requested by the officers
and soldiers of the llespital to return their
sincere thsalm to the Ladies of the Busts-
tonne ComMittee, and to the Speakers, for
, their kindness as manifested.on this occasion.
In the evening there was an oyster temper
for the soldiers—also provided by the Subsist
cues Committee. - .Singing by Rome ladles
from Allegheny City, assisted by the soldiers,
and a very eloquent address by Colonel .1. B.
"Clark, beingezoldier himself,
knows how to reachthem,• and on this occa
sion, as uanal,aras hkpny in striking theright
chord; carrying his audlenoci With bim from the
-She Chaplain, Rev. Mr. Bear; made a model
remarks being short end to the
point, and enlivened by several sallies of wit,
apparently vary acceptable te the audience.
The ladies think that the singing by the
ladies of Allegheny City deserves special
mention, turd leeg to return thanks to therm.
Altogether items an occasion long to be re
membered by the siek and wounded soldiers
in the hospital—reminding them or home,
and kindred, and friends—gad calculated to
deepen their, devotion to their country and
the noble Mlle for which they have struggled.
,he the ;Girard 'House, and at Camp Copy-
Wadi dinners;el.prolly sumptuous were stirred,
but no speeches were made. The boys heel a
good time, eating, drinking and merrymak
ing--and enjoined in expressing their warm
est thanks for the kindness shown them by
the citizens, thrones the medium of that most
expellant and. henerotent . association, the
Pitetheuth Sidisis Janie Committee.
Thanksgiving... The Churches.
The churches in theme cities were all well
1 Ailed yesterday., We are informed by mem
bora of .different congregations, that the at-
I...tent:Wm 'Wee full tervitiuus on any previous
occasion. This may have arisen from the
fact that the day was both a National and
Buda Thanksgiving. And neverclid the pee
pie eel ore under an obligation to return
I than f
k. to m
the God of Nations and of Battles
The elteeting,news of the morning gave an
i7lit z nition both to the ministers and the people"
' rktlety'sent:Up Pe Mosteordlal And devout
thanksgiving for all the blessings which a
kind Providence has bean pleased I. ahowor
down upon .our bleeding nation during the
past year. From reports received from a num
. her of tiongregatlens we loon. that Sur.minis
tars tally fuelled theinselves lit the patriotic
diamettnes to which they gave utterance, In
1100111 pulpits the Supreme Court of the State
was held up to public scorn. for Its late
decision in regar4 to the conscript law.
In' others, the right of adulators of the gospel
Ito dismiss the, subject of polities--the Wenn,
of government—the moms of our citizens and
theporpapsity of the government and institti •
lions of the country—was clearly demonstra
ted, not only from the fact that clergymen - are
.1 citizen, but .also that a. large portion of the
Bible is devoted to the discussion of these
subJecU. .
.. . ,
In some Instanom perhaps tho utterances
of the clergymen may no have bean as clear
and enthusiastic, es °then • but generally
our- pulpits-ware no =earl:sin -sound yes
terday A'qicominettt 'leen:dim of one of our
most wealthy and influential congregations,
Informed a friend of ours In the course of
the aftemoonthat there. must either be. Uaitm
preisehing or voestarprapits loon in some of our
The church-going people are Mostly all
sowadon the subject of the Union. We were
informed of one congregation, in which there
are 'boatels. man, who are udostrfol." and
not one of them was present. The minister
is %thorough going' Union and anti.slarery
maul and failed rOtto est hiinself right op
these SObjects yesterday. :We suppose the
' , doubt/el" . expected as notch. Bence their
absence. In smother • instance, we are in
formed, that when the minister was extolling
the Government a gentian:int!) rose from his
seat and made his exit from the unpleasant
atinospbere, not-failleg to , his departure to
data th e door withal! his ight, In' token of
his puny disapprobation. .
In thole thanksgiringe our people did not
forget. the aoldiess and the poor W. belle,.
a collection was takitrupin almost every con
gregation for - some , benevolent or charitable
object, and the contributions were on' the
imostilberal Neale:.-' • -
Now, National Dank.
A fete of the 'wealthy ;attune of Allegheny
City and'efeinity hairef,', for tame. tints Fut,
been discussing the,. subject oiestailishieg •
now book iLthateity, ender the protielone of
the late llontitAct.:: , en Wednesday last Wolin
weresoutrdingly peened; enctilittintthe fote- .
-noon_of that day $lOO,OOO were inhenribed'to
the stock. Sines that 'time—' the,
number 'of egyllesU.ote foe stool', the
emu ; hat ,been. inereneed ,r1.50;000;411 of
trhietils tel en;.llli, luny tinily be increased
to $400,000.
A blink of - inuelotistmi in Allegholiy, with
-so - latgo-tiitepitel," toad b• - rest
benefit, toad .wenkt, , iicitibtleso, meet with
liberstpstronage tho'grewlng taitlitese in
terests of that -city:
- Lett* on Blount
. ,
Ert../enter krestlefit lecture od "Zooid
n:.i," het evening, wee well attended. The
DoOtof gave en bitriottinitutriative :Of his
journey reoontly made in company withaomi
friends funs Phltedelphie,'"frost 'flues; rib
Mout Binal; to- derusaterel'l .The topogrs•
vby Was minutely described, and wort of, the
ID:adults ol Dated. ind.tastarical interest
carefully noted. ,It L.difficaitto invest such
added& with Interest, , but we think the doe:
tor' surrooded 'admirably list . night: un
derstood from hie elosinittintarki that anotb
er lecture will be , delivered In a few weeks.;
Subject: "What I saw In darusalem."
70111 residing nssr litadopirraisk
eolcory; lnu litany ittjund' by a- hors*
kicking bi5t . ...114', Ttaidayof
The. Nett Dra
_hal ,
;* .v
_44 lo!lowin404 0 eNbititbs , - , in9te 9f .
+'intii'requireefiete se& iiiird, bin‘ugb an - d . ,,
township, ltithend Histrict, and the numbei
1 to berdiawn; as es:mitred with the quota and
! number drawn in July last. The Spares In
1 a:alight- hand - conn .indicete the required
quota. Thu number of volunteers furnished
by each tub-district, prior to January sth,
I will he credited upon the quota of that pre
, elect, and It la the interest of every man to go
to work atonee Latium: Amery efort to El up
, the several-quotas, that a draft may be avoid
ed. Here is the table:
Lag Daft. Next Draft.
Sub. Dist. ' - Drawn. Quota. 1) o. Quota.
1 tat waV, Pitts.— 174 In 12Q 81
124 . ' " .... 187 121 )12 88
33d " ". 311 218 ft? 9.. 183
4 4th —. LSO 100 106 71
6 6th " " .... 264 246 219 'lB.B
0 6th " " .... 161.3 170 180 1'...V
7 7th " "._ htft 6) 41 47
8 Bth " "._ lip 112 . 119 65
10 L • •
a •
wrenceville ..... 140"" 90 104 69
11 Tetsperannertils.. 71 47 sa .
12 West Pittsburgh. 34 • = . 24 16
13 glouougatisla.m. 23 19 21 13
14 South Pittsburgh 77 62 34 36
13 111.4331bgbam. 193 129137 01
16 E. 11irmingbani— 163 110 119 79
17 111i5erp0rt.t.......6, R. 33 40 67
11E115eb5tb.......---1 . P. 7 14 WI 13
19 Want Elisabeth— 11 ' 7 s 6
83 Pitt. —......... 109 72 76 51
52 - Penn -- 44 30 7l 2L
. _ . .
.24 Preb1e0............. 70 47 51 .34
23 Wilhles..--,t 70 47 11 34
01 Patton..-..._:....._ 34 151 24 18
27 Versellle..--... 104 70' 74 49
.23 8312434th. 118 79 84 56
22 /1181 hi....—........ 108 72 78 51
24 28 17
23 24 16
M Beldeln 33 33 37 25
33 Lower Bt. Clair— liM 81 80 67
34 1138,3 ..... ..... .. 60 . 40 42 n
tts scat -- - ...... —2l 14 .14 1..
06 UpperBLClalr... 19 13 14 9
37 Chartists. 34 M 14 le
.38 South Fayette._ % 18 20 13
83 North Fayette.... 31 21 23 15
20 21 14
38 40 r
14 14 9
43 Crescent . ..... .—. 9 6 6
41 214.114 . 8 3 6, 4
Sabbath School Celebration.
The Sabbath Schools connected with the
Reformed and United Preebytecian Churches
of Pittsburgh, Lawrenceville and Birming
ham, bdld their Seventh Annual Celebration
in the Second C.. 21. Church, Sixth street, yes
terday afternoon, at half-past two o'clock.
Mr. B. C. Miller presided. The Rev., Robert
Gram, D.D., opened the meeting with
prayer. Several pieces of sacred psalmody
ware sung by the lbildren and congregation,
and practical remarks were made by the Rev.
J. B. Clark and Rev. Mr. Reid. The occa
sion, az heretofore, was an interesting one.
Ton wrsTRRN rsfftaSlTT.—On the 25th
inst., the Trustees of the Western University
voted to comply with the terms of Professor
George P. Darker, M. D., of the Albany Mad
teal School, and to appropriate $l,OOO to fit
and furnish' with additional apparatus a la
boratory. This secures to the University and
the city of Pittsburgh a scientifie gentleman
of eminent ability, whose services are sought
by a number of well•endowed institutes. A
new Impulse will be given to science and a
new Interest awakened in it. This Is science,
grearstcp towards the proper education of our
young men, who are preparing themselves to
be mechanics, or manufacturers, er farmers,
as every advantage trill be afforded such.
Dacavaa Psottorini.—We aye gratified to
learn thag .r former follow eitisen, Captain
Ames A.. Ekin, who bra for gotpe time past
so ably filled the post of Aasiatant Quarter
master, at Indianapolis, has justreeeised
breveu from the W. Department—that of
Major and Lieutenant Colonel-4n considen,
Limp( the very efilielentandsatisf.tory man
ner in which be bas discharged the.duties of
his office. Mia twiner., Merida hero will be
pleased to learn that his efforts are duly at.
knowledgod and rewarded by the Goreminent
which he so faithfully
"Ism Emmaus Wasusla.—Full files of these
popular journals will always be found at J. P.
atrYl'B, MASONIC ErALL, kifth street, where
they en, received by express immediately on
publication. Among the more note-worth?
we may mention the Pictorials, as Amp ,. •
Weekly, Frank Lealie, etc. ; among the literary
and miscellaneous, 22. Rem York Ledger,
Bunt and Snare Weekly, Fowler k Well.'
Piraw/ogiced Journal and Life libealrerted, the
Boston Due fteq, etc. and of course ell the
Weekly editions of the newrpopere, properly
to called, as the Tribune, World, oto.
DIASII.—The remains of Bich
.psd Passmore, of the 20th Pennsylvania
'cavalry, a young man of some twenty-nine
leers of age, who died at the Unita& States
llorpital, at Annapolis, were recently taken
by his relatives to his late residence in Mid
dletown, Delaware.county, from whence they
were interred on Thursday of last week. Ile
Was captured at. Bath, i a, while on picket,
and confined on Belle Island, where he was
literally starred to death. le *u Co emaci
ated when exchanged, that his recovery was
Morrow, aged twenty years, (son of Abraham
Morrow, of Donegal township, Wiuhington
county,) while laboring under a fit of insanity,
undertook to chugs* one of the younger
members of the family, when the father struck
him a eetere.blow with a stick. This so en.
raged the kinetic that he seized a hatchet,
and rushing uponbis father dealt him a terri
ble blow on the side of the head, splitting
open the scalp and fracturing the skull. The not fatal.
• . Ter. Datrarame Wer.m.nta, era-Thies
sanely° and always welcome Journal' will
he found in an variety at the News and Peri
odic:a Depot of J. W. Prrrocc, oppasim the
Post.ofilee. here as soon as the Eastern Es
rind le s s "i o; e s ' a m Lv w o i llte tal p= as e" Arnl
Ithatrated Narrpaper, Haconos
eta, etc., and to-day the January number of
The Pigmy 11411 m, which contains all man
ner of laughler.provoking =twill, both in
the literary.and pictorial shape.
Ia Acenr.--Thomas K. Lainf has reeeived
the of Inspector of Arms for the
United States, with Ms *Mee at Washington.
This is the same gentleman who formerly
held the position of Master Machinist at the
Allegheny kilns!, and who was compelled
to resign on account of the public indignation
entertained towards Min for his disloyal sen
timents. It Ili the belief of many persons
here that there are much more loyal men now
seri-ring in the rebel ranks.
MaLANCIIOTA learn from the
Shippenelurg Non that Mr. John Fry, of that
pima, died suddenly. on Sunday morning of
Wt week from Abe greet, of taking an over
dose of laudanum. Mr. F. had for some days
previously been 'searing from neuralgia, artd,
as he thoughtilad frequently found tempor
ary relief from taking the. above medicine.
On Saturday evening he took a large deco and
Immediately fell asleep, from which he elver
awoke, .
tura Itassassanox,-Proroit Yuebal Cap
tain Edward S. Wright, on Wednesday, was
made the recipient of every handsome WWI.-
headod eano,.-by a ntunber of the officers on
detached duty in this city as a token of:their
highostesm for him as an officer and gentle
man.. The presentation was made by. Captain
Brinker, on behalf of the donors, in a few
l a r ' irf r e
brief pp
nt ;
appropriate rephr tatn Wright making. a
' CHOICE Millie 117103.-4110 POW rrsbyte
flea Church in Butler aUI, bo dedicated to the
sokview of God, on Wednesdey, the rith clay of
tecinitbor. Benito will corateence at 11
Volock, LOU. Rev. Dr. Howard, oC eble city,
will French tho 'dedication sermon. Several
'other clergymen will be present and partipipite
'in the oxerelsee. . - -
Tna.,rinse Limmen.l37 refers:tee to ad-,
earatement, It w il t be ;Ma that . the lecture
E l ln e lg e n a i i i i t, ll ,.bi b. M.r ibl ?V. gu erdoni ; e:Tm T b il o " w ds ttl i fad ."'
selections (min' - Rif and 'I humorous
sketch" rom
URI= Fenaztt, taddittgich the Mt. pea,
dock farm. layette minty, ,wes tnethp
on Twts4sy, otlsi4 sioef, by thstalll4
of the frasii,ot Htibliwiteh tis *we hadititig
_tr i % Ile twig a jtire:tthkehterslamatt
Fin Company hasp:neared a new boa* pit-
TiaP itosablladelplik,,_The &Dubin, ant
4 700 , 1 01 1111 b• a CL!t Ia; t" l . o PauYon.t
4 1 0 1 1 4 10 11 00 , -;: -
riet..- • dubs s oa BIZIULF or tae Farm.-
' •
thel'reediimin a at dila AiLet trn - ; wilt
izn t oti
t i t tb . ectoil et% ter
drool. on E.. Peat f. l a7h an nt ? ;3 l 4 g ' h uc '44l g A i t c 'h ' I
o'clock - , and at Darla' b1a11, ' &11 . 7 su y 4
tr , lock hi the afternoon.
Tea BARKER CABS Ctotro.—On Tuesday
or last weet the Cana against Mn. Eliza L.
Barker and family, of Bearer, *ere brongialo
wtertoination the District Attorney of Bea
rer etausty(flr, Ituten) , hartntentered a aoL
. pro. on each indietmemt.. The sword costa
were paid by the defendants.
POsTrDAIED.—At. a late meeting of the stock
holders of the yranklin.Bank of Washington,
the question of changing the imditution_ 'to a
Nations! Hank was; niter discussion, indefi
nitely postponed. • The present charter of the
bank has, we believe, a Maple of year/ to run.
hamar. or Tariors.—The 121 h Illinois a.-
airy arrived In this city to-day, end were fed
at City Hall, by the Subsistanee Committee.
They are on their way home to Chicago, on
thirty days' leave of absence, having re-en
listed for the ear.
Joint McGazooos, oharge'd with the crime
of sheep stealing, was arrested at Canton, by
the Sheriff' orPortage eonnty, Ohio, a few
days ago, but Ai the cam was conveying
him to Itarennai, by railroad, he managed to
ustrape,nrid is still at largo.
75 50 63 33
34 24 16
Wm. Hasn't ILszats, a colefed man, in get
engulf' a train on - the Pennsylvania Italiniad,
at °handler's station, on Monday but, fell,
and the can paused over 64 right arm,
crushing, it eck that amputation had ...follow
Jscon McCune, art old and highly
citizen of Mersersburg, Franklin county
suddenly from paralysis n i i6 .3llr e .
week. Ile was attacked wbile ,more g
load of hay, sad survived bat s Caw hours.
orvicren or Here.—Santa Anna Purl, a
colored manitl convicted of rape, at the
present term h the Washington county court,
and sentence to ten years in the peniten
CAPT. Joan IL Ran, late of company D, of
the nem Pennsylvania :cement, has been
commissioned a Captain In the Invalid Corps.
lie was disabled at Fredericksburg.
Oanttrartos.--Rov. P. 111. Ward, a etodent
of thic dloceee in the American Cotfege at
Rome, wiu ordained Print by the Cardinal
Vicar Paved, on September 15th.
A your made Its appearance In the vicinity
of Cleveland, a day or two sine*, and was
captured sad caged by a daring banter of the
raosoesn.—Lient. DAL Yeech, ton of Jas.
Yeast, ' Seq., has reoeleed a commission as
Captain, !mils attached to the Commissary
Gold, to on • rather trulpr expansion, hag cot •
••bla..k.ept, - It opened at 10 in. Nan Tort to-n.T,
derhonl to 144 .od clad at 10%. Sayer, also, It
twain, haring declined to 141. Here, the nominal
donation for coin an 110341 Ibr raid sod 134/ - 307
to as.. r.
She esporla losettunve of •portal from Now Took
rololgn port for the seek ending Nowonber 164.
and lint . < Jan. let have been as follows
1561. 1862.
For tho Woek 11,11 . ,1t0 51,651,191' S2.W-'.2 ,8
r0per1.1...-1r.),5:+1,6611 130,LC.R.134152.W.A.367
To6l 0nceJan.15112.67/,NV1517.5.,0,,C04i11.53,(2:.,45
Tea Bart Qrstrlow.—nomo minima hae two ex
present at the weselog tontine...l of the teaks of
this Mato, aaupting the tortes end provisions of
the hot of Goitre's in reran] to Books, and gotta
Into openttion ernlor a now ohartcr.
Wa ale Informed by an offieer of one of our city
Banks, that the cave of deter le not with the old
Bente. hot arise. from or apprehension of difficulty
betaienin the Slate and In. Comptroller. Onr Ranks
of isane here entered Into a contrast with the Stat..
by the tem. of which they have agreed to pay to
the State teliain Mans, and Lave received charters.
running for a term of Jean; which austere, It
would R.:12, they canoed. voluntarily, aurrander.
To enahle State Batikt to accept of the provision of
the liadonal Pantie; tow, some tteclal Stata Leese
lailms It necessary. therefore, SWIM to ha
desirable that the leglalatune would pan an coo:dial
ciet et an early (ay, so that esittlng beaks, at ..5
as new instltutioas, could avid! Ituanacilee of the
provideu of the Ratio.' Rankin; /yawn. if the
ilistrictsior old bootie ationid iiketti it their In , crest
io In dn.
FUlai. November 27, 1963.
FLOUR t GB.A.IN—The mutat for grab& is ex.
credlngly quiet, and white pricry are tina, Neste has
bona au forthar chaomb R"heatU rte. dy, with doe
of Itsd from wagon or SI,W, and Willie at $1,40.
COTII is steady with light receipts and ontja scrodet
ate dernand, which is owingle the exceedingly high
mire new demanded; Weal eif Ethand en fowl rat
51.16. It is but prober to moat*, hoirsver, that
ocean hoiden are ukitsg $1,29, There apeman to be
an improved demand for Uats, and the market ts a
shade Anner, while grim ramalas as last quoted;
we ;tote small Wee from first hands at 74r, teal from
store at 69c. Darby U stationary at NIX for Spring,
and $1,30 far Fall. !lour Ls arm, hot the demand la
altogether local, and the transactions are rittlertport
ant; amalisalsw from Ware at 115,2208 for Elia, 'ad
$6,22/37,21 for Rats Family.
GEOCERIEB—Tbe maws L somewhat mare ac
tor*, but the transactions, In thnocarsgata, are Hat.
Sagar Is firm with sales .121 blob Cubs at 14, 1411,
.114 , ,,k ; Id bbl. C. fallow at 15o; and 6 bbl. Crab
ed at 1134, Coffee Is stir?, with We. la lota of 85 by
at 34% to 35c. M01e... may be quoted at 43(368a,
and Byrom ruse all thank, ttssa 66 to 115 c.
PROVISIONS—TO old stock of Ilaoon Is about
ambulated, arid tba eat stock Is not 7.4 LaMar In
market. We cots s.) of 10 tee; sod 15 bbl. (old)
Lard AS 125 E; and ZO bbl. Meat Mark (old) at 510
lIST-1.• arm PHD a deansad considerably to el,
an of the supply; pales from notes Of VI knob loon
sE3o4o,tuullto knee grand, put to Rune at $3l.
BUTTES & EGGS—Than It a continued gocd de
mead for 801 l Inner, sod vr• note isles at rdd to Ste,
tarplr to strictly prime. Packed Butter is ontable at
17plitc. Egg. contlone nun, aid pill nadlly at El
le En par &am.
APPLES—Xotoithrtesdlog the recelpn are largo,
sod the market is completaly glutted, good gamin
to largs•slzedlartob, mast with .5 pretty goEd
mend at 52443 to 112,78 per Dbl. Common and bra
in qua/Alta ere very dull, Sad /can Scarcely be sold_
for enongk to pay tramper% llon / , ,ead lolldaatjl
PUTATOES—The demand/le tnr, sad'good
the to good coodlnta and peeing's, haa be sold
TS to 800 per band la round lots; and SS to 0010 tin
and with a [sir demand; tW tnisttite a”sdl wttll
oil market
NIVITate we
ad! per gat
vangd in II
200 at 19345 and 175 tae -w
What 14c, lad 700 ?tY130,.110 - eiellpts'Uvntlnn
itadoi :tunT - ;
efilst bours lading tin* tti.:4iy. F.:, • 'l.
Thep hen t0:0.71% c4a0441110 11'1 4
apinlalleay and'the silts r.pciroa: to:
and.i.osabbiL , (Ram,. /412Iiir. strum yet:
nantllatalie erna, that ;the moat at 04 baid`ii, 01l
that has been sold intins thii* 4] :4 6 ' 4l7 . ! I v
purchased by prodnuns of Cillett !alio in
lateteettel, and own Come of in paint walls
on the creet,) .The reivietwie;ati u llifidn. l
1003 Ma Mao, lc ore v 4.0 nib, tor :DoCeliiiit
livery, at 7:13.1*; - IN'alti . e.i*on pilvite firm., and
Nbllitimi I. dull sadiusgitetail and tha nominal un.
Ohne ire 170g180,
..Atoildlinal 4 . 1 ‘ SW. gtm.r and
alika Sit 80 bbleivii• reported at ilablvit bbl,
it wu Capital ttoday, - ttunighltWeannot enn
firths LOMitflilli of the rumor, that'll] the pred - a=
Clayville nza the ^Blood , :lfavat,“ Come - stun Di
light la neuter, ha.. thuat entirdy, Or, to 'nthye
_ _
Philadetpkid seed Market. ",,
.. NO. ft-4mq mw 1 4 4110srn ADC Awls reatlf
'age sz 3167 X 'psi . trasbel; tbe lattg far. prism
Timothy is quiet .s 1123 i per bobdiand4flasmal la
actig mad islbistriam itilie
r stk9o o o3. oool but*
toodai bora 066, pus ipamv.,wats
• ••
New York Petroleum Market. • PROPOSALS. •
• :•• • '" ' '"' •
11s. Toni. ORDNANCE.DIMOR,''
onn e Nue 4 47 and • hade
!evil% od.htuniTl see! et . Valtr,d, :the nest and Ir.ualaintod,enttotir, 1863.
545,4,e Deanaber dellvarj. Reuel ale, le , ..;11 : 11=72, 0 . 2.e tsMtia l a
andlatioded moo bi qtelted 41,13,4 t, .t he .pot4nd
L1g520 fret. Naptha la dull at former quoted... to to delivered In the BedowitOttaidltioN at the
undrralgned arionel.
30,000 rt. at the Ne. TOZIL A reellit,G on. .es
Wand. „
POMO lab at the 'iehtthnt Arsenal, Itrlde•Surg,
Penvnt. - _ _ .
Chltago Market.
Nor. 2.s.—Tha door starlet was less oathn amt
mosohu—orttl, loges of- only nboat 1700 Mils, at
Prfor ItOod .n7dt eniter , kb° for *lota . Impart;
io,7s,7o.forsoptivg, cans, owl 51,7 0 605 0 for god
opting ontalrtne. lriOO I . 05050 . d 'mi n " d ' ij ' e
of 10*. , 2 e or only oboist 70,0 0 0
bush, 01 - ,tr4i731,11 for No. t spring.: 01,05%.91,0 , 4.1
thr No: opting; and Intedyll,ol% Sor reline Of oprigd
—the rootlet eloathn quint and nomlool s at SI,ItP
for Pool, and 111,033 for No. 2 spins. Coro was In
Waned dovand and the on .yk.t n 1; •da. 3c ti Indust—
wlh-solastsoOnly 0001 ",..4,0.0 intern{ .974Y.1c for.
NO. I, ut;Dfle for store—the market dodo&
dolL Oat' !Let Mid I.sic 'St bash—with Wet of oily
about 75,000 honk of istoW66oNe for No. 1, and 04c
for Nu. Rln .loss. At the close the demand woo lira.
nal:and the tendency was dotearrarde—setlent a/fer
ias No. lat 660, without boyern Nye dolinerd 44 5 n
VI smith, tetttritabr - tortes of No. 1 at 111,5012 1 .45.,
There woe rather snow Inquiry for Wireahertha
market alranted24.7oll bath —nttb Wes of No.
at sl,lnottA Italtyrtnee were In fair demand 'and
and daddy at 07e, at ethlch print we out. .alessff
bbl.. The mutat for Carbon Olt la very dull nod
pram hale nobs& otned—vriats veldts to soon! lots
hetognold today at 42
.5 . 04.70.: There Is no demand
fof Oren oil., and did autsket Is aototn.l. There la
vary Nut freight offering„ and we este only one ea.
andentent at is for srbtat to Ballads. The oropellera
to-day refused to anima, any mote riglll.—...t asow
by theta - are therefore Ontirolf holalnlll. •
ChlenCLlve Stock Market.
Nov. re
liege the tvipta during the day
ameont to about 14,C00,euid the entenni mho to
17,803 at CRS ragging from $4 g •, ; lb. nog
of which TO, however, been m• • a .• - . 25 per
100 Zs. Theta boo ban a corolderable mot in
the gessminctivity glebe market; peckers map. ,Ily
are indlepomil to concede the present ratoli this
gather with an imusnal scarcity of mating, nave
had.the effect-of reducing our prechms quotation"
'IR on medionn and 45c on gimme qualities. In Ilea
Mitt* the market has been mare active and price.
;time rolod very steady and Comet former quotations.
"The receipts for the deyantoont to admit 1.111/ head.
sod the entered salon to tigt, et prices . ranging from
3 2,60034,00.
New York Sugar iNkirket.
. Nor. 25.—The market eolith:ma eery dull, there
Ming Ilttk Inqury from any quarter, laud, as usual
In 1100 h oars, prima, though without Important
hauge, rather favor the buyer. Befitted le inactive'.
Mmes. B. L. it A. 6 inart'orpriesaare 17340 for L0ef...1
1714 e fur beet ,Cruslal and Grauolstod, 17%e for
Crowd, 194 e for White A, ind 160 for Yellow - O.
Sho sales am 193 Mute Oita at r1.2X01.9,d0 ; OS do
and Pi Ws Porto Alm, 13 , 31,013 , A,c..; - P.54 bids New
Orleans 13,1414 , 3i0; 10 Clarified du 153%e; 196 hhde,
II km Imd 113 bbl Lowman, 144 o; 211 bbls and 17
mats Jam (els Curacao)l2N,c,and 2,913 bra Hama,
at 12V1619e, 4 ram.
New Tort Ceres Market.
Net.l3.—There are no new feature* to note, the
market though quiet, remalning eery Wong at •
forther improvement of half • mot oa Braill, and we
edeence our spastatione accordingly. The Balm are
MO lap Otto per Adelaide, 093 do per Trieste, on
private Unto ; 410 do, in lots, 4 3.0.54 ; 45 Jam, 40;
650 Maracaibo, :35.1131. Laguayra, 103034,
arm; and 100) St. Domingo, 30 cash. At Bolden 1200
lap Cape mold at 343 , gc, cash. I (be World Eta In the
Country, as made up by Wm. Scott k Son, I. 10,432
bap, via., 21,733 ham and 700 in Baltimore.
Seeds In New York.
Nov. Z.—Linseed b. been to demand, .4 prices
base materially advanced, Wag held at 14 at lb.
doer—mho of 2,4oo 4 paltontbay per •• Witch of lbs
Warm . ' at 11,7.1; dapnr••Gem of the umn."
4,0 44, per ••Edlt Byrne,' sad 2,203 Calcutta par
"Couabtental," at 11,80: and 1.50) do. to
$3,70, n.“...1 rd., in aguillathr
.ith --s al es
P4IO,CCO boatiels State and
Western Neagh at I.3EV4S, closing at lb. higher
Imports by Railroad.
Panama., 10. Wanes& Calk,. Itak.k.k.D. Nu.
17-165 sce epoltre, Park, McCurdy & co; 20 bids
u.b,. McKee & co; 10 bias oil, 150 ice Imam, Knox
&Fortier, 2Zi Its gr eas e, so Nellen co; 6
pko.k h Patterson; 2.13 bkisi, 0 71 11,121P41
bales kar,J 11 Childs; to WS dour, 10 doe palls,
Shomaker & Lear. 1.6 bgo barley, Josh Ithodeei 53
dos brooms, 5 dos tuba, V/ 11 Gormley; 190 eke raira,
MAIM , k 33 doe pills, lAndsay & Telford,.
15 dodo, Mortlaild & Connor, 15 do do, G-A Zarthe,
10 do do, Keane & CoMoi 20 do do, Mood &
20 do d0...1 Porunlald 15 do da, Labalart &
55 bbl. apples, Pella & boa; 122 do do. /. LL Vobl l
oral ear cora, D Wallace; 10 bble oil, /2 Z Sellers &
bbla boor, Mazteolro & Mahan; 51 bbL ap
ebee, Shrives& Lamar; 12 bble “aatervies, ietmr &
Aretetrong; 1 b. cigars, 0 Lndair, 1 car metal,
12.zettanD tr Pmsarnent Ituannar, Nov. 27-
2O Llama, Joan, Boyd & co; Maks earn, Hitebenck.,
IleCrerry & en: 70 Mks bay, 9 D Pl•gd; 23 by oas,
D Wallaam; n as pads, J B LT. & co; AD dos
breams, 2 bbil &oar, Fboinskar & Law 1 eat corn,
Blegbam, Sin:goon & co:1 ear terrains, butter
Bro; :k by avows.; B Qualleld; 110 slut Fatima,
II Shim; 60 kM. apples. 9 Ewan & ea; to doe,, W
llcens.ebton;2oda do P Pear; D 9 tin onin, DAD do &ar
ia,. D raverat; Mtlga dried &Katt, It Robleckekt;
eo bar damn, Wm IlnAttp; tio,rool, s Hartangb;
7111 P rap, McGallones, Smith 0 e0;11 ULU bULtee. ,
V Beck • to.
ALLIAIWIT . 87010`1, Woe. 27-8 bb!. apples, 1
pkir Wt.'. A D.rrinder: 1 cm. stares, Bernee;
bbl eggs, 2 du ball et. &ads. Sian 1 pkip butter
end ogre, 011. Welly; pled" produce, Ir Lentz;- lb ~
do, I? Snonffer; bade apples, L II pkg. • .„)
dn.., Willey It Weaver, LI dodo , 3tbeick; b• '1
Alone, 0 blryerg pkg, predwe, Et II Chain. '
Import. by River
ZANESVILLE-ran Jcias-123:1 bbh 3 bills
sheepskins, 7 Obilndio, 63 do DD B O do imag
oes, Clark co; 4 k op butter, muldriss, 48 id
apples, Town t Armstrong; 24 bbis ennlw, /,
Tolgla; 1 bx drogs,Arty lisrit EV; 80 blob floor.
Cr -Ws • Tboussr. IGO tlis do' t Staulemll
8 kgs sicidrme, Cook, Pettit k oo; H bbl. &peter ; 9 LI
Luau; 47 plup ssundrim, Clmsl3 Thilsbey; 4 aka saga
J B Tourr; Ili DOh on. J C Mos • co; 3 bbis Boar
Jesse Noble; 4 dos chairs, Oovuebeck, Tunird'A co;
do do, Joshua Spisom LI do da,OI Moot & • to:
8 do do, nadir: I Bocksubouser; 7 41 do, Jos door llos;-11 dada, Harmer I Dauer: l est trios hoops,
Jobs Dram; 100 empty dl bids. Wm Flosilat• LI
wlibby bbl., 77nas re; 153 bbis apple,
flim'ssod, 3 als dried apples, Fleming k Steels; plop
sundries, 1 hmis,• Brownsville Pocket 17 006.
Wm Y Beds it co- 113 .0. .corri sad turnips, bbl
poultry, 531 E ll iot 10 pies marks, II rattle.
= CINOLIINATI-SwnCoreairr.No3.4l43 she b est
Clark • ca; 26 hp butt seed, Wet Dey; t; hp mil
Baum I Astor 64 titris spots., L Tolpl Aso:
31110 de, II A II /I Ones; I empty bbl Wm:Maids I
Wallace; 10 ass sundries, Thai hi McKim Moms
butts:, I,ll . Taght * Cu; 24 bbis Boor, Wm
le- a0 barisy. JT !hists
CII6CINNATI-esa Can= N... 3-13 ail bib,
0 Kbiliptsick Co; 3 astir Wartits• do; 20
Gbh oil, lihriver *Lamar, 613hlas • Ilicosisker
A Lang; 30 bbis liquor, lit 26 ,bbis, 66 to 80, T
&lbws &m; bbls deur, }ea Gardiseti• 140014,
Bakens/4 Pears Been 4 Pips lan k bizatlut
wbeil, T Emusedy . k Bro; 93 oil bleb.,
Baits • co; U bass Mitten, 330 Sky Wheat, 18 Obit;
bums, sq Clark ea.,
NEW °ARP= wroit*...
w o 4411•13. tuba Its purest ionsiassl
• fa Mei of
OMMffe, •
Floor Oil Olotiu3.
3 to IA Mt tide
Thais goods had Messed, In drat bands, trena
TIN to TWIENTLITTN PIN CUT. within tsxtl
days, and on an now rates at La! THAN NM
lITAIHITIIIBALPHICTS. Oar stoat is amid on-
Undy. ow, all hints; tem Incrobsiod within ninety
dam lOr away at thorn lumina Float we Ow NiaiN
if0142114y .
iNHT! ' in'Tattarra;
Post °Lie sad yiq jsnodi nno nom
roan tie !
ET B , I
ingri width, ire
for Oa,
4tltligi, Ra i
gm - 61.0Tras, am.,
Jlad hartarmabilell tor GA* ban lin jab_
aglesslcs, its 6fato W Krt ikt Oro .I!amd.leta+W
Window 'Shades, idattinip, • - de.
- • ‘'Ati.issfirs*srant. -
_TIBILICAT/Na 1)1 -,111
maulit • pori . sitiletr,olvvoiut *p.m
'UPI Oil as inpritakeir. leatTakt ,, *
anl , ROT 111U24 tapitlndeas hwaripaikr
1101TSIP 0:: tt,••••as woo,
NUlot:albs Cum Daeklatejoshorret
WU at mu tobetuit taini La Oessulay,
111111tagind anti Itgraar siibts *IOW aft:
15.. •
•• •
TOMO 111111.11).1 Anseltenz •„telestal, Pitesbutgb,
10,000 mete at the St. I.,,a6Arintnil, St. Louis. 11,,,
10.000 gents; tbn nated sua.
, .
Them accoetrentent. ate • babe maul. to strict von-
Pruilty will the regulative patterne„whirl, earibe
peen at any ot theaatae named ;Maces, nod they ire
to be subject to toopectioe es ihkerwsioll where fie
be,te been *mita bI Lt. Gosir.Mooo:
& , 110 Ittibreieeeptieforßti t i4 p rer,lot itich as eth .p-.
frank otd
r. 4, Z 1 :11 tit . * tan ;bita to - 6e of ned.
eiteethdem leit-to be Itichttbat tst Weal.
Dellsorles must A. Mad. tota,of not, lees than
IMO tato per' vt.t; tQltill rntifir4nt 10,000 art. or
vo,ierf .ud hat-liwe tintricOM isul"por weot cox nit
r.uatrsets Mr:ROW/Mot rhotint 4.4 !trey to be mods
Within Atttenaleyelheb dito,dcontrou: Feta,. to
dcllssz a sMplided limo 01 vadat the Contractor
forfeiture ~ f the unmet to ha dithered at teat
• tram iheaccontreineeti cheat bebent4 tit tbonatakt
etylo i the bineeto . terclui-nett it' scot, to ba dater..
mined:bribe bietteto • -
ille.oeri 0111 elate car kltly the arsenate,..krFnala
• w here they proporatodeliver,tbe clamber alone
ey propose lode/Inc attach place, it Ile mesa than
Be bide wilt 'be received tbom fdrtica othcr 'thee
repast odattufacturer• of the article, and each a• sre
hnow• to the Department to be tally , tiompetent to
execole in the.: owe shops the work proposed Mr.
Zarb HrV obtehtlng • =dean wall be regoired
to enter into bond, with approved euorty, for its
falthflal elm:Men.
The Deportees:a reeerree the right to reject tu,y or
alt bide, lf pot deemed malt:L.:tory.
Properale will be addreeted to "Brigadier Other.:
GLOBAL D. RAMSAY, Chief of Ordnance, Wa.h-
Ington, D. 5.," and will be endorsed "Propoaals fee
Infantry Becontroments."
G3ll‘ , _ . D. SAMBAS,
Brlg. Gen. Chief of Ordnance.
Duror Quaartaxastun'a Orncs, ll
Lou(settle, Sy., Nov. 14, 1863.
Sealed Propreala are Welted and will be received
at this office until 12 is. on NOVI/MAR Sere, 183?,
for faralabing coal to steamer. coder charter by the
Danutnient. Tbs. NW to be thr
obbed at Louisville, Ky., Clanueltrat, lod., Hawes
ville and Casoyville, Ey.. Fliannectown, 111., New
Albany and Evansville, lint, or Srulthload. Ky.
The coal to be deliver.] to boa* bargee or fiat%
ahead& of this attuonerv. and tho contractor. to fur
obit shovel., bolas, Le., to load the coal on the
...• .
Proper Moss will also be considered Ibr furnishing
coal delivered Into boot. or Nora for Government
WIN the bargee being furnished by the Quartermas
ter', Department.
Centiactore will plume stets the length of than tar
which their propane!, wilt be coneldered Whalen, the
quantities which they can fund& weekly to boats or
for other Government use, and the price at each point
to be twProetelyeteted.
Propaid. for the delivery of /AMC or mom berbele
of mal e monthly, at timitbland, Ky., will elm be eon
shlered. aced le to be delivered to the Quarter
master at Smithland, Ky., boats or bargee. Uht
boots, they are to be famished free of charge to the
Oohed States; It In bargee, the Government to Lore
the nee of them for pc9 thirty days from time of de
livery, audit detained longer than thirty days. then
the Governments shell pay for the him of the bargee
at the rate of (.13) three Ma'am per day, ceranteocing
after the wind:anon of the thirty days iy until the
barges aretwtorned spin at Smithlaad, . II the
banisters retained by the Govern:mind until Melt
hire equals in amount the appraised Vane of the
barges, they are to become the property of the United
States. Sworn a misc.:ate of the vol.. of verb
barge delivered at dmithland tonst . be filed with the
Quarteronater V Smithland ; &so worn measure
meet if the Mobutu of each barge;
Al propeosts old to depticate, pirmg Won.-
widefult maw wed prof ifflp. whims q,r the Md.,.
holeatodtd Capt. cad A. it. U., C.S. Army.
OanSum Omen, Wan DAeadTXl=ll,
Peeled Prepaid. will be liscedvedat this :aka to. ,
4 o'clock pm. on the =i DAT OP PNCIMBEII
EMIT, for are delivery of fifty thousand 10.bach
Mortar Shot* In the fallowing eunlitlee, stint, fol.
taring Arsenals, via
At the Wotertown Aroma, Watertown, Mare., LW,
Al dee Watervliet davatal, Wad Trey, 5 4 ,10 .
Al the New Tack Areimaletiournorli /eland. MO:Cf..
At the Allegheny Awned, Pittebasgh,
At the L. P. Arsenal, Wea_hlog toe., Ii,C.A OOO .
At the O. M. Aternat, St. Lmith S,CAI.
These elanarae to be made - of the land of metal,
and terve tett attar the role. laid dean In the Ord-
sauce MAlitaL Drawing - 4.0 be Peen at any of the
United Wales Arsenal, The .hello are tote /arr. , : •
ed at the !wadi) rut, free of chugs fortfalesposta
i ton or handling, until delivered at the Annul.
Waage. mast lamed. at the rate ot not tars than
Are per cent. pa week ef tha nomter of perketlies
fwwtrwf ied for the Am delivery to be made within
twenty drigeancr the darner the =amt. end any
fala* to deliver at time will satticet the
contracter to a forreiteen of the =ober De map liil
to &Murat that time. •
Spar to Wen:oat be stake for mob Arsenal, If
the Wien propive to &Ilene at eavre them oriek. 50
bid rill bekosinclesol from tardier other than ma
w tons:knot prop! . tun of wort., rpn IA known
to this Daparfirnerst to be casabla of cuwatiag tha
work arntracUnt for to Moir own establishments.
), • Zarb ratty obtaining a coatreet will be requirsd
cnter into bonds, with approvwl swretiosi tar it.
thtol asacntiow.
Tha Defartmeat roterris the right to fled a cd,
all bids, If not deemed latialivaiory, for asywause. -
Propoaale alit be aildrsied to •intigadice *federal
SLOWS L. IIILltdill", ,Chlet of Ordnance, :Wadi
intim, D. C,^ and will be eadoried .Pmpasab for
• Sheila^ • OZO.
nelimadtd Dr*: Can. Chid af °ethane..
r!ROPOS.ALS Fo& umr.
011111.11“1017/Cir Wen pretirever,
Weldon&los, Nov. 17t1, latz. j
&god Propotelo will he moiled at this ollic• un
til 4 o'clock p. Co the 'Phil Or DEllithltrit.
NAST, for the thlleory -of %OW wr , loom tear ot
pore, oolt Lillt,initable for ordnance- powwow. ,
, The lend le to be wt,approwel qttolltp, and to'be
dellened et any time. within ninety dare, from the
scooptarwe of the bid .or Wilt. Itiorio bo'dolircrtd,
et the [lnked Stator Avenel, Ciewaractes Ittend,l4l
r., and at the Unit wt States Amiga, St 1et 414 0 1 1 4 ..
I,OXt tons or recce at each pleee.Trce of all eltoriP
tranaportitioa or"handller, and will kw paid
molar certlitcateeorherpictlon and recolpr,b7 co
stdalthm on Vesiculate, Deleirttiont. in the usual
Bala tell] b recelnd ter aity pardon t tbe quanti
ty slot IcerthaelloO Wu. - "
Bide, vitt, approved unties, gni D , ...VIM ler
Ito tolluicceotat any contiact dui any he wade in
purulence or fhb advertlasosect. -
Th. Detearticka release tba MU to reject Loy a'
all attla„ if ie.damned setatlactora Mona%
Proppeds mutt be...Unseal!' to tart:Tented
GEDIAIt D. liAltailr, Chief at . With
le adored! 'arlopotale tor.
Lead." -
ADDAAVIL 1,2 w Botee-pmer e tow.
I,oo3Romotemer. LOW toro.
OOLUIEBIAJAIRIbreeIe4 , nerr, MOO tom.
ANOLI A, IPORempeOmer, IMO tom.
The magnltlanet Atoemsblp *ADRIATIC val
from New York Oar Liverpool/xi TIMIDAT, the 17th
of November.
•••• • - .
Batasat pa tram Sew Tork
able In at Ha elobaloat In =Tracy. •
Ramona tbnrarlal also la Loam Part; Hal
Dart. Hags, Bisaata, Ilatkrlada, aaramp. &LOIS
th. lowest Moe.
NanairloasLinFlool Galingr ta' Taxi sad
/1 0111 0. 412 5 . P. VO. $ 3 4 11/ 03 ,
- Ta paw* altply_ at the albto alba T a -
SaVia. a p1a.111,703
'Sakti drat* Sanitise,
tra-To. rum stmt. Pltlaba.
QTEAD.L /max
pis llMPOOL,lourallns at Ortstrinowil•
ums) - Tts.ssu4ssfss sismesi
- Liverpo s d, New York; adPlinadelpbto, Atestosido
us lalffladed as PsSows: - • •
X 114 4n.
01' BAUM 7U1,..3i735n1ik7,0•••
CM or Mr Doc:lt
... . .
• 1,111:1 Of RAILM... - - ' - .
..... Pefolii if oar, ..41.44*.gud 6 - 441 .
Ic — A -_,'
(a l
do to L00d055...,06,00 -1144 e ., • loLcouScova 03
. 86 :td 'it0.......... 1 / 6 ... . dier—l. .SoPoric... 40 60
. do froNOko46arg.-661:06 lAllo —, loHirobt 2160
. 1= ilte4 a loißa
k ' l4 iere Yr x3 '1"1 1 14 ,:: • •'' Zot. ' ,
foroo de
bit0rp0014:4660r05tir006:1460666 ,
oss 41105, fitoorogs,S3o.:-ThotArbio wild de
wad 640 their Alga& _ow tot Ciao" Mies at tal
ram - - , . , . .....
Tor ta"* - .oPisiSie l irri fti tenCeiV i i
- 1 :-... 7, 2 :. - 1 15BriActrir; :thy Mak.
3066/4161101171591. 4 muo:
Ilsztd strut, Irstl4,l6tonalho W4V6,' -1-
Paii_eiottegifbrxiiit otrt . to nastausrzut
lITIAMERe r tmas Llserpaot, Loallstimml4liray
cr Cork, tor
.„!=vs o .4:tif4r#*XYca l Brl•-
•And skiltagiriallo 19r 7 :TWIINTrAii_Sg nC L.
411 "614001•21thilasc.
At, Ism% Pitatmash.
inegl UTAR 4 1 /1 -8 ..., / i"*'
- s•ns4a4;ig:'!i4.f'a- i .:_-.---..-2,--'-:::"-: ,
A$ i ~~~: K^' n r'w~
. .~..
.-6 ,, atTivE CURE' FON, DrePEPSLL
_ AkiA,IT,II
Disposla PM and d
. A POSITIVAMO/011, tairspzu..
DILW47I-A, uwa.l.tafh.p.t tiro n. Sean.
(9,M, nine tlio'ne:v - fliAd hundred and ninety pa
tiaras for Dlefei,e — re - ,,1n . 1ie nu,l in
excry camethere theCtoedid,... ta ) cn to directed,
}l=ti 'L tV,t s :l g r it mt retrnert * Dtgiele
l r
ne °
,thindttddry furope- ' Reitman sliver". sed ,
fain& linnallis Liberec din:nee gice
0010 'ad !Untie, • No; io ST.,
1. A coaflant eiteaskto at W pit the
sea—Whittle ranted Ipermanent bientrectten
of the stomach npan =dig' eirtod foal Ipmerally
imm<di.asi or aehoM it arternatirt i 4
of.en vary wan and abethuite...
. . . ,
- ~.I. Votectit • cool Adoi.4 --Tritsi.vawtorn. u•: , ..
-frail the indigtetion.of ftwdothicli.fcidbekte lm - boiti
• of dlgmting: • ~"•::
i • • •'.
Ti4,e '
ft'' deem:wee wed lee n j air. A 3 mrtomo
er• the elh.cts of the num ictiatiVen CI fuer' in
-ti. stomach, and the want f Tura Lileiand giell e,
juke. the stomach Le idtal .pciarallyr distend I by
*:ml: t h e err Li. I , ..nna”Waeonui.o--4... ,
4. Wows and dere:Wet; ciwYdritwm•This state unfits
iMt u
olany for the enjoyment of and LCMuseed by the
itnituro blood banished b,y, fm iforit.dlgration. In
this "matte of thedinettee man .peritoine' Comma erd.
cid, Tbm) le a constnnt fore nruf-etH, and an
ind.derenco and pnettive inability to perform the et.
I.hen of life. .• ~ L.... , •;l :
G. Dfa.bmt. .b.ller being. it tfi. c
1.4..;',". the o ar' •
• frrer ti offlleied with diarrhea, 'Wet If hering to a
ate-acrd condition of am bow*, piguced by the on
' dicestri foal, el Mob le rtecuat‘dda. the none condi- '
! lien mt When onion, and of coin* Aires no - strength
1 to the arum.
• '... /Wier ho al2 part. of Ica rlateter,-Arice from the
action of Impure blood upon 'lbw driwee' They are
Lit ci.logy in the brad, attire and.,brratit, and in lh•
extrendliew fu many root them ie 00 numeittece
in the thrrtt., with a enteotehoking ter suffocation; A
tire mouth le often clammy, with, a bell taste and
famed tongue. '• 4
7. c.....untire rmpun. and Pninitaid. , f 0 , 1 .3 1,
—m.ny persons
he kering thew; ammo
hare. in fact, nothing tout Dppepelte, the 'lung and
1.... n. donate being onlyriymptonia. .. :
S. Crerab—Thle Leaecry trent:tent symptoth of ity•-
prpefa, and leads very Often - Into conitheanlereuntp
O. West qf Flrep.-41 very distressing system, m
alting often In mental deramecessate.
14 tiyaaptonu of extemalndatlene—Tfie patient rd.
fir.ted,palsadlyhy cold andleatoshich golo; to
smnatr.ral drynms of sk!n, and • the elan 4 often af
fected by eruptions and 'getters. The gleamy dio
vaptio avoids moiety u Ible-" -
VceeltheY.'—A _frequent and Men . ..ming symp
tom. It relent. tba palsy but em.sclateennd Vane
out the patient,
1N.,-fiecer, dimness Qf thins, basdocie; met .my
.pnilyisaorileo.Theseare. veqrabon symp
torus, a1.‘1.1 ere spoeilly b oteetnedlelne;
bc:. If neglected, are quickly UM br tritmtucas
and frA , Lit death.
13. It t. elpfbla for rei to sire all symptoms
of braerPsie m Meal space, but Alla•• above am
considered sufficient, U no add that the patient Lam
memory and atunalen •=roo.M.ling objects,
and frequently- tecomce memo and sour in dispted..
boa. lee should pay, bowever,,that. pains 19 lb.
joints and @Meta of the limbs, which . trnby the
name of rhtuunal and nescrel e lta. WY often
produced by Dyepepsla. a hardness of tbe
muscles of the abdomea, Which- become ceettracted
and Leta I sod la ionerceseethe bell.T.sintle: Joshua
of being gently:prominent,
I, Humane Bni*son, 'Bnuptyain.L . lbr.
marly oLOld Maier 'Del-, do Celt one
pot and" lull( I sassed 'everything bat death from
- that awful chime called Dyspepsia.. •If y-erbehe en
teee wu proettated with weakness sad ;
could inn &gen my food; if I ate men's crick. r or
the meallest, amount of food, it wood tiottrajmt
I nrallswed it; I became ea 'metre ta my bowvis
that I would not. barna passage in km than from
.4= and oaelk right dajb;.=nder,thia I.sutease
Rrtart etty-tintad sein964 entirely to glee' way; I lud
dreltd horroralevil IS:shod/um; I thought every
body hated me, and I haat over‘bcely; mould not
-bear my hmband nor my own children' mat7thind
-.mated to be horror -arida to act !oat no add-
Don to de anything; I Lad sal my tom of 4mally and
. boa; T would reMblo and wander from place to
' but maid not be contented; I felt that I woo
doomed. to bell, and that there sae no hmrmator too,
sad was often tempted to commit salciti,
, was my Intel, 1.4 a system dotter, and also my
Mimi, from thy: awful complaint, • yopepea. that
my friend. thought ben to ham tan placedin Dr.
liiritbrt.fes Umpital. at -Wee-.Phtladelphia: I re
mained there elm weeks, :ad thought. I was • linb
Letter, but in a ref dam my drtestral complaint war
raging as had as-mv.r. Boating of Ito trawler:al
CUM pMfortned IT Dr. Wlpert's - Gnat Amnion
Dysperofs Paw hi. Treat:tat for Dyapepsia,
my Inaba! called On Dr. Wishart and stated
ease to him. He said ho had to 'doubt hi could cum
in throb days atter, kcalled and placed my
self under the Doctor's tremment,and th ao irnas
began to digest lend, end that my disease woo
fast giving way, and I continued to reemerionabont
three mouths, and at the inesent time I enloy per.
fa health of buly and mmd. - antil moat DU:condo
morn my thanks to slam-UO.OO and Dr.Blabart,
and to groat America •IlkpepszalPllll end I Pine
Tres Tar Cordial that caved um fecal an lomime Ay-_..,
Inc. and a' pennant. grave. 'Alt - peritMe
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