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From Saturday's Evening Edition.
The Railroad Pier on Duquesne W ay—
Motion for a Preliminary Injunction.
Wc bare already reported the fact that the
Plttchargh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railway
company, without first baring obtained' the
consent ofthe city, had commenced the erec
tion of a pier en Duquesne way, for theirs"-
pose -ftif faFilitating access to their depot
Bounds fro{n the bridge over the Allegheny
rivet. In pursuance of a resolution_of Coun
cils, the City Solicitor, J. W. P. White, Esq.,
filed s bill in equity, in the District Court,
setting forth that the city-had exclusive con
trol of the streets and wharves, and was legal
ly bound to keep said and wharves free
from obstruction ; that the said Railway Com
pany was engaged hi erecting a steno pier on
the Allegheny wharf, and had already due a
deep excavation, in which they were laying
the foundation of said pier; that the
copal:any, having erected their railroad bridge
with the consent bf the city, and with the
plied understanding that no alterations or
additionsirenhi be necessary for the prospec
tive business of the - road L they had exhausted
their power and right in the -prernisca j that
the . work Is now being done witlihnt grant
from the legislature or the city ; that - the com
pany never asked the consent of the city;
that said pier now is and ever will be a nui
sance, and is wholly unnecessary for the pur
poses of said road; that the Allegheny wharf
is even nao in.”ll - ,1 , .nt to properly accommo
date the river business at certain seasons, and
the construction of said pier will render wholly
useless a part that is now important and val
uable, and which will yearly become more use
ful and valuable. The complainants therefore
~ pray for a writ of injunction to restrain the
railroad company from proceeding with the
" erection of the pier.
Tho matter came up for argument to-day,
before Judges Hampton and Williams. J. IV.
F. White; Esq., appeared on behalf of the
Mayor, Aldermen and citizens; and John H.
Hampton, Esq., Solicitor for the Railway
Mr. Hampton, in opening his argument, de
nied every allegation set forth in the bill of
complainants, and claimed that the, company
bad full power and authority to erect said pie',
which was essentially necessary for the trans
action of the business of the road ; and fur
ther, that the pier would not be a nui
sance, and would but slightly obstruct the
business on the wharf. lie then read nu
merous affidavits, made by employees of the
company, setting forth the necessity of the
improvement; also, the affulevifa of a number
of leading business men, tending to prove
the same fact, and to show that the obstruc
tion or inconvenience occasioned by the erec
tion of said pier would be but slight. He
next cited authorities to show that the com
pany had the legal right to extend their bridge
in the manner indicated.
Mr. White then replied. in support of the
motion for a preliminary injunction, after
which the Court took charge of the papers,
and will render a decision at an early day.
Opening of the Atlantic and Great
Western Railway.. e
The formal opening of the Atlantic and
Great Western Railway, on Wednesday, was,
says the Cleveland Leader, "the grandest fes
tival that Cleveland has ever seen or joined
In." The excursion train to carry Cleveland
ers to Meadville started at 0 a. m., consist
ing of eighipassengers and four baggage ears.
The number of excursionists was about two
hundred. Among the distinguished guests
frbm abroad who went out from Cleveland
with the train, wits Gen. Roseerans, who,
though suffering from indisposition, seemed
greatly to enjoy the trip, and, sitting in Mr.
Kennard's car,ehatted gaily and pleasantly
with those about him.
Attached to the train was Mr. Kennard's
elegantly arranged parlor-cat, or car-parlor,
a derided novelty and curiosity to our West
ern public.
At Meadville, on the arrival of the train, a
vast crowd, numbered by thousands, had
gathered in and around the splendid depot.
The New York train had already arrived, and
beside them, all Meadville and the surround
leg "was there to see."
The NOW York train !eft the city on Tuesday,.
and making its doe time arrived in Meadville
at eight Wednesday morning. It cousl,.:s of
seven passen-er coaches drawn by the ,pion
did engine Wm. Reynolds.
After the usual amount of handshaking and
greeting had passed between the two delega
tions, 'both adjourned immediately to Taylor's
Railroad Dining Rail, where they partook of
lunch, 'forced up in magnificent style..
After the lunch was properly discussed, the
assembled thousands at the depot became im
patient to see and hear the hero of Stone
River, and loud calls were made for Gen.
Roseerans. In response to 'them he made his
appearance on the balcony of the Mcllenry .
House, and excused himself from speaking,
on the.plea of ill health, calling on Judge Mc-
Call:tient to speak fur him. The Judge made
* brief and happy little address, referring
very justly tp the bravery and ability of their
favorite hero. The cheers, load and ringing,
which were given for "nosey," showed that
the love and confidence of the people are still
Warm for him.
The excursionist , then went to Cleveland,
i . rhere they arrived at 7)i p. in., where they
were greeted with a salute-and fireworks.
Spirited addresses were then delivered by
oon. Roxecran , f, and others, and the festivi
ties woundnp by a grand ball.
The Expioalon at Conemaugh.
It wilJ be rememlibred that a few days
Since cwe gay e an account of the explosion of
a locomotive at Conemaugh Station, by which
a number of men were killed, among whom
were three drovers. The names of the dro
vers have been ascertained to be John,llodg
es, of Springfield, Kentucky, A. J. Colo, of
irbledo, Ohio, killed, and Nathan Rosenfachs,
art Israelite, of No. 70, Mott street, New
York, who survived until the afternoon.
There were some others in the car, bat they
intaped'injury.. The other three were on the
locomotive as engineei, fireman,.and flagman.
Their names are. John Finley, engineer, and
Chas. Denote), fireman, of Altoona, and James
Mills, of Centreville, flagman; Denoho was
Idetedupsome rods from tho scene of the
wrack soma time after its occurrence, whither
be had been thrown, perfectly helpless and
almost lifeless. Ile still lives, though there is
batsman hope Obis recovery. Finley, the
engineer, lingered until Thursday moreing,
when death put an end to his horrible suffer
ings—making four victims of the terrible ac
cident. Mills is not so badly hurt, and there
is a fairproapeot of his recovery.
Death of Thomas Ratttgan.
Mr. Thomas nattigan, who was so badly
beaten in this city a few nights since, died at
hit residence in Allegheny, on Friday even
ing, &boatels o'clock, from the effects of his
injuries. As there - axe some eircurastan
ees connected with the outrageous osthult
upon dilution, which need investigation, and
as the report of his having been beaten on the
Hand streechridge is denied in the most pos
itive terms, Coroner M'Clung ban been re
quested to hold an inquest, which. will take
place this afternoon, at the office of Alderman
We had 'supposed that, ere this,.the police
Would have been able to ohtitin some elute
the perpetrators, bat, like 'many similar out
rages, it is likelyto' pus by unheeded. Since
death has 'resulted, and the assault has as
sumed the plisse of 'murder, perhaps some
effort will be made to bring the guilty parties
to justice.'
_ Court of ..guarter nfieselonss.
- 11115'Coort will, on hiciiditY morning at 10
de ck, proceed at once to finish its business.
Constables prosetratingliquer dealers, and all
Wilds 'lnterested, ihmsld -bo punctually In
Must. - District Attorney .X.irkpatrick is de
termined to close up the term .at MOO, now
et a the homicide Auto are disposed of, and
parties,i.with . their., witnesses, may be saied
colts - by belie Coart-en- Monday. morning.
, Serf nenentileie Nulty, convicted of
assenli end'beitediand34V:endldrs: Bolvd
lentcanv-nied•of, eicilbscorenes,w'cre each
sentenced to-d 1 ''y tar s ittif,ot Un- Olken
anksostic.: ' •
The; Local OH Trade.
The oil Cityltegister imp : Binee,ottr last re
port, there has teen a good rise is the Allo
gheny and the Creek. This has enabled par
ties who had oil at the wells, to boat it out on
the natural water, as well as to send it forward
to Pittsbuigh by the river. There have been
no large .ttansactions that we can hear of:
Most of thellealers have been too busy to at
tend to anything else but to getting their oil
and boats ready for shipment. During the
whole weak all has been bustle and activity.
There is a bolter feeling hare, and last week's
rrices are not only maintained, but holders
are askirz a slightadvance. Oil rules firm at
it:N.3,00(32,25 at the wells, and 53,756,14,00 in
bulk at this point. We have heard of ono or
two sales of small lots here at $3.75, whia it
below the market price. We are under the
impression that dealers in New York, Pitts
burgh, and elsewhere have greatly overesti
mated the amount of oil held hors. Indeed
we have been disappointed ourself. We
thought tee amount to be much greater than
it is really is.
We have taken some pains during this
week to ascertain as nearly as possible the
amount on hand here, up to Monday last.
The highest estimate that we could bear of,
placed it at from fifty thousand to sixty
thousand barrels. We are satisfied the
amount will not exceed seventy thousand
barrels. Probably half, if not more of this
amount goes direct to refiners, and of the
balance, there will be but a limited amount
thrown upon the- market. This shipment
cleans out both the tanks on the creek and
our warehouses. The Maple Shade well had
only one tank full left on Monday last, and
the tanks at all the other producing wells are
drained dry. There are large orders yet to fill
in the different markets. There is little dan
ger of much of an accumulation hero for some
to come, as we shell have the river and rail
roads to take off the oil as fast as it is pro
duced. That a better feeling will prevail, and
prices advance, as soon no buyers realize these
facts, is but reasonable for there will be
nothing bat the daily pr oduct, which we think
will scarcely reach five thousand barrels per
day, and is daily diminishing, to depend on.
General Synod of the German Reformed
opened with singing and prayer, by Elder G.
S. Griffith, of Baltimore, Md., after which the
minutes of yesterday were read and approved.
The subject of the establishment of an Or
phan Asylum came up again for discussion.
After a prolonged debate on the original re
port, a series of resolutions were offered by
Rev. Eh. Keller as a substitute, which were
under consideration up to the time of adjourn
The following additional appointments were
made for services in the various churches of
the city on Sunday:
German Presbyterian Church, Manchester,
Rev. Lichtenstein, of Cincinnati, 0., in the
morning, Rev. Knifing in the afternoon.
Presbyterian church, Alleghersy, morning,
Rev. J. S. Demand, of Lancaster, Pa.: even
tag, Roy. F. W. Kremer, of Lebanon, Pa.
Methodist Protestant church, Fifth street,
Rev. W.F. Colliflower, of Jefferson, Md., In
the morning.
Trinity Methodist Church, Ninth Ward,
morning, Rev. Jacob Hassler, of Shippens
burg ; evening, May. G. H. Johnston, of Som-
Sixth Presbyterian Church, morning, Rev
J. 0. Miller, of York ; evening, Rev. F. K.
Levan, of Westmoreland College.
Central Church, Rev. T. G. Apple, of Green
castle, 3 p. m.
Acquittal of Bernard Lauth
At the opening of Court, this morning, it
was announced that the jury in the case of
Bernard Loath, triad for the murder of John
Kirinler, had agreed upon • verdict. The
prisoner was brought in and placed in the
dook, when the jury soon after made their
appearance. In response to the interrogatory
of the Clerk, the foreman of the jury signified
that they had agreed upon a verdict, and the
indictment upon which the verdict was writ
ten, was handed to the Court. It was then
passed to the Clerk, and afterthe verdict had
been recorded it was duly announced—"not
guilty." While the verdict was exceedingly
gratifying to the defendant and hie nuwercua
friends, it was utlquestionably a runner of
surprise to many, who anticipate] a convk
vietion for manslaughter. But the issue lc
settled, and no it must remain.
,ETTEItS ren
November glst,
talon rho data of
OO' Please merit
the letter is siteerti
7y.. tl. to 6 P.
Erntat Thos
.oCios hours from
Alexander 4
Frazier Sarah A
Fountain S E
Forriater Janet
Frazier Louie
Flueson lira 8 C
Ar Lls.Le . 2
Atli:mann liatta
Aihortou 6 A
Ahaerson John
Alit. John
Andrist John
Amber,. Jorrj
Arnold Th.
Gumbirt MI A
Gehespher S C
Grey Theo
Grey G V
Gilldeal Lizzie
Grubb Josephine
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Bradlee AlPr
Baker Christ
Brown Lizzie V
Barton Emily
Benilea Eliza
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Comly Sam
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Gnrrett Annio
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Barker John A
Bowers Jane
Bockley Julia
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Barnet Julia A
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Divine Mary A
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Divine ilms
Evan. Allen
Evans Eli.
Mlle lasi*
.1 THE
No. 114, Juno Term, A. D. 1863. Lillis A. Do
by her next Mend, Thos. P. Adams, vs. John 11.
Roberts. Libel In Divorce. Subpoena boned. Re
tarried to Ist Mends? of June. Returned N. E. 1.
June 27th, 1863, aliaa .bpwns. issued. Returnable
to.lot Monday of October also returned N. E. Y.
.And now, October 22d, 160, on motion of Geo. R.
Cochran, Attorney for libellant, the Court direct the
fiberief to havenoticsi of the tame published in one or
more newspaper. published in said county, for four
successive weeks prior to the 4th Monday of Demo
bar neat, renutrinirthe odd party to appear onsald
day to answer said complaint..
Athat s nasal Savoie, Prothowitary.
To lobo H. fioberts—ln pommies of the above or
der of Court, you are hinebyttotifledgo appear before
the Judges of the Court of Common Neal of said
=runty, on 'MONDAY, the 28th day of Docember,
A. D. 1863, to slow cause. lf any you have, why the
grayer of said petitionsr should not be granted.
P.Amina. H. curui. Shall*
sherifrs Mee. Oct. nth, 181 or29ds.a4w
GDATAI Dee'D.—Lettara of Makinletration
on the Wale of Dr. F. McGrath, iota of Pittabeagh,
deceased, havlue—ltasawAuted to the trodersigued,
all pe r ms. tsetse ela. are requested to present
theca, 4nd all who are ladebted are aired to wake
cayesiat to • TIMSDA MoGRATIA. Aches,
Second attest, rittOtarllte.-.
New 'York crates Market.
[From the Shipping Last, Nov. 21.',
Cenee—The s,..tleity tiled eZdtement ntA. , 4l In our
but tito eubsidect, but thernarkm ,xtreto,ly
hem, 1•1111 usLt•. tlwir ,jut,
sparingly, very full if not iinpr , ved prices have tieen
The money market, here, I. without any new fra- riadired, .loving buoyantly. the tend , . y t;
tun worthy of epeeist notice. There is a confirmed , want. An increase of •duty at the lox t
grad klemand for coin, and all the gold and eilvmplast I Gitogrese begins again to he agitau 7 itend
I. offereil Is taken readily by our bankers at full quo enmten[ wen • in view u( ir. In,.Lah nit. . 11,,. sale.
tations. Emden!' Exchange remains abut . last Include 2,5 den Rm. p r Fleury 11111. lc., at
noted. , do prime and choice. %4Q 345.. , do •k•cron
I .;_te•• ono mat. .11.1111 Pr • 1.000 1.0 . 31,1 ~.• :Jar
In New York the money .market is atea ly, 1,7
cent, but the ripply L .1,1 to be fully equal to tl:e p a rt, if e a r discount , vast 01. ttotnit,
demand. Un Saturday wild opined at 154, then ad- t go, Part 2901 40 mate Java, ..c,"cash to lit. and of.
sauced to 154% and closet firm I.oa, u1..1 lee I p •t u t b li
et iso kinca, and 1.00 beryl Ceylon. , n tarma
Exchange Is reported gang, firm at L'+. Y14 . -, a Sugar—The market for tau laien dell leir
for Dr et clam lam, bet ~ 11QP c..ntluned bruan...a—and with
The total exports of spire, tram New York I.,".;;l:.larditarTmloyfrOde-jr,7tidt
foreign ports on Saturday, were $517,000. The the oTeringe heir, light. Refined also very tirm,
French shipment to Mexico will nut execsfs2,ooo,ooo witboßt secumulation of stork. Itlesara. ,
and there will not probably be over Mroo,ooo tut one
• met. : and Yellow, .11. The sales of
7 • 9 clarified do
Seven. large New York gold dealers 1..1 on Fri- ;
day. One den Is reported to kayo sold short some
15 1 ;1d4 . 1.5i4e r ; abed b. 'Rayner, l3r 15, 4 I.e.
6700,000, and had to go under In mamequence of I Br earth., 350 hit. New Uri,ns cold at i...1-,94u
1 the recent heavy advance. i 15,A70;'.
, 1 , Molasses—The market is inactive, with a moderate
Th e forthcwmiwg DAN" of s°crebnry Chaos " demand, but holders are firm, and them no change
looked forward to with a great deal of intermit, al-I to
notice In price.. 7he rale. include 49 Mid. Porto
though /a expected that it will give ww.wcwur n .. g 1 Rico part at 60, 0c • 42. f. hhd., 2 . J tel. and 1,1 d•
exhibit of the National ftnances. It is Divolt purr 42.4".1 end 4./ Id. avid 4,,
that Mr. Chase, will not Jesus any more legal tender l do New '
4 mos. By ,n ie tp.i., : - att
notes except of the kind bearing interest, of
w "' bids and hf. do new clop New Oriel.. sold at 71 ,7
he has authority to Jesus four hundred
75c : and ten bhls rid crop de., 4 m• s
which, it ia expected, will satisfy all his wants during
the next year, Theme notes bear 514 cent. Intense.
The Secretary has no power to issue note. 6Xcept for
the Notional Banks, and enough legal tenders, with
out Interest, to replace the notes which have been
destroyed, and It le not expected that he will ask
Congeal* for further authority to imue notes without
Intermit vales. it may be to a small amount, in time.
of dangerous !stringency In the Money market. It I.
difflcult to see why, even at each times, the interest
bearing notes will not answer every'purpo. that the
non-interest bearing notes would The notes bear
inh 'ff cent. lute:est, and made legal tender, will
coadoubtedly be issued In aufßalent q.ntium to pay
the debts of the Government after the re.mrees fry m
the duthm r ijiternal taxation, and sale of Are-twenty
bonds'are r exhansted. We do not look tor any farther
Leine of the legal tenders, therefyre, except to replace
the notm , which 'hall have been destroyed.
The United States COMMiP,I7 awarded on the
17th, contract. for .1,21 barrels new mec., hart at
$9,56'311.00; I,Btal do extra mem beef at $12,1: 7701 ,
do mess pork at $14,75015,00; 3,01 barrels prime
mess pork at $14,40614,95; 1,550,01 Thu clear 1 , 11.0 C
sides at $7,5907.79; 500,000 Ris bacon shoulder. at
$7,50CR7,80; 33,000 barrels single extra dour F .6 , 48 Mt
6,54; 1.900,0011 Ms hard bread at $5,10a5,30; 2,000
Inmhele beans at $3,09, and 5,000 do do at $3,29
. .
FLOUR GRAlN—Wheat I, limn hot unchanged
at $1,30 for Iced from wagon, and 51,3541,40 for
White. Corn is firm and Shell , ' ie bold body at I
51,15 on track and new Ear may 1w , otrd at $1,05.
Oate appear to lee shade firmer, hut. aa yat, there it
to. change, and the nominal guotatioi, re still T:c
the car load. Barley le firs with email from
wagon at $1,35 for Spring, and :31,a0 fur Fall. Floor
ia firm, with elkoill salmi from atom at
Eaten, and E 0,75 to Erl,t) for... Extra Family. Rye
flour remains en lest gnotea. Salmi of 4 tone (luck.
wheat flour at $1,01144,2.". per cwt.
GROCERIF.S—T6e grocery marl. t, the ugh firm,
and nomewhat excited, in without quotable camas'' , in
prices. Quetatioun may be la lily given at 13' ; i
14!..iic for Raa Sugats, 17i., to 1. for Retliwal It _ii
Me for Coffee; 63 to flu for Mohasco, and en to flu for
BUTTER sk EGGit—There se a.conti oiled cosssi si.-
mand for Roll Butter, and the market is firm at
to tSc fur common to strictly prime. 1'.0,11 may be
quoted at IS@l9e; tale of 7 tone at IF,. Egp ettasly
with salve at Td per dunes.
ithatonding tho recolit• are
Philadelphia seed Market.
pretty large, the market is though prices ore 21 r
michanged. Sala of 200 limh at a/,• per liushel and ,
132 bbh do at 111,55 per bbl. lots, at per OA, lle. Tmioth) i•ot I.tii.-
APPLES--The -receipts are again increasing. and i f ,i'lLni* 4. ."" -
the market appears to be completely glutted. Price.
however. remain as last iiitotevl, rouging from 52,10 1 to to mi out of tie , market. µAli
. at . 7. f
12,75 per libl; .sire of It cars on track at 52,10 per bid
and 350 bite on private terms.
BEANS—We liner to re• ord iu this report the larg
est sale of Beaus made in title market this amnion.
1200 bush of prime email white at 52. 00 per Ea') •
ILAY—The denomd is active, and the market con
tinues to rule very tirm, at 535@40 per t-,n for coin •
MOO to strictly primp Timothy..
ID/MINI - -is Arm and higher, with side. of 20
Idris at 57,50 tier
COEN St EA L—Side of 10 bids prime sifted at 501,30
Per bid.
CHEESE—is steady si ith u rey-elar demaii i ac 1o3„,
to 141, nets/riling 10 tlilitaitY.
Pittsburgh Petroleum Market
NOT. 21.—The mwrtet fur Petroleum and its pr
ducts has been quite antis: , throughout the past
rsek, Lb. transactions, in the aggregate, tieing un
srmally large, while prices hay- materially declined .
The receipts of Crud. have loon largor than for
many mourns, being estimated at Irons 10.100) U.
tWS:lobarrigls, and th• =suit Is n ilccitn• of from three
to five cents per gallon, the market to day closing
quiet at 12 to : ,In bulk, and 17 to 18c In bat rel.,
barrels intluded—acrording to condition and quality.
We note sales to-day of 000 and 4Ott s barrelo in bulk at
bbd at 18, bbls included; ' , also a •'call" for
7170 bbls for December delivery, with Ore days notice,
was add at 13, and 51,0) per barrel. Defined is more
active, especially bonded, but at a lower rang. o
prices.' We note a =loaf 2,010 barrels, "Brilliant . •
brand, at 38—delivered in Philadelphia, and 1,000 bblr
same brand, an it la, at 32. Free oil Is in fair de
mand, and we elite sales at prices rouging from 42 t.
43 for round lots, and 44 to 45 in the small may.
Naptha is quiet and doll and the nominal quotations
are 17j1& per gallon. Ilesidium remains as aol
Rifling in the
NY, Pa., 11.1. nuoc
ho List is vrhiclit
MeGlicanity C ar
licYall Mary J
'3lcCleibiid 11 J
McMillan Wm .\
Mclionnigh Mat
`Wean Th.
Patterson Mr. J
Packer Mary 0
' l Pa,ler Mary
Padder Wm
Roth Rotor M
Ramse) N 0
Ryan Mary
Riehard T It
Rodgers Rev .1 2
IL M lt c an beY ey j irh Ii
Reynolds Clans ,
Randle:. 11,nj
New York Petroleum Market
Special Dispatch to the Pittsburgh Gazette
Mr.w Yam:, Nov. 2.1.--Crude is dull but uncbausv 1
with small sale. at 25426. Refused 11.1 Lama I. dalt
with salvo •t 40,;i4 4.1%' for straw color, and 42 (or
prim• white. Imo oil le quiet at truq.7-' riud Imptha
nom at former quotation..
Strickler A E
Stephenson Alai
Steen, Anti E
Seinen Clara
Stewart David
Sayers Ellen
iSliannn Eliza A
inainple Em W
Smith Gee
• New York Dry Goods Trade.
NOV. 41.1.—Then. !us bee. a marked improvement
in Cotton goods within • day or tv-o past. The &J
-eanne is 1( . 4.2e; per yard ID medium and heavy good,
Standard Shoetings aro held a: 22'y0., with sales si
Sic. 'fh :re have been liberal sale, of Chlni {frills to
the government at tic; four-yard goods are 29(5:f0c,
and tive-yard goods t.I.C4ZBc. Prints are not changed.
Spraguee are selling at :120. The Cnchecu mine have
broright ant some new style., which are wiling at
233ic riot. Woolens are selling briskly, but are with
out now feature* of moment..
Spengler Geo
Scott Stewart 2
IStovenson Susan
Smith S E R
Scutt Shcle R
Sander, Julia A
Scott Jowl°
Slattery John S
Seawright Jae
Sheridan Jack
Sullivan John
Moll Mary
The following ie a comparative statement of the
imports of foreign dry wads •1 the port of New York
front foreign porta for the week ending November IM.
and since January 1
Swaney Martha
Enright Muth•
Stumak. M•ry J
Swami Mat; E
aeott MA
For the week. 1f912. 1863.
Entered at the port.... P 233,332 31,078,149 141,n68,091
Thrown on market 4.57,226 861,427 1.166,430
Mare January Ist.
Entered at the port ..A0,524,73) 51,210,349 20,767,643
Thrown on market..-41,915,900 12,e“.2,88n 57,218,06.9
Slents Mrlgo
Simpson Wm R
Stevenson P
Sunman Rachel
Shoman Retescee
British Iron Trade
WOLVLIIIIAbIPTON, Nov. s.—The Oniebed iron houses
reported to-day that they were doing • goevl steady
trade for mast description of fuviabed iron, ulna the
fell advanced rates. They hare further calm that
nibs meson advances the evidences increase which
make it more than before probable that the elletiog
preeperity wtil be continued Into the hew year. At
the um* time they announce that they Sr. able to
get pigs at half a crown under the price which they
would hare been compelled to give sin weeks ego.
They farther add that deliveries of pip are being
forced upon them, in amd. in which the prices to be
given are from 15e fa 10. belirr the current rates. If,
It is argued, pip were being delivered at the recent
high prices in any considerable quantities, the pro.
duet of old purchases would be kept back. Neverthe
less we know or instances in which' plg.makers Hill
accept no ordure at soy prim lotion present quota
tion.; and It may be mseinded that higher micas viii
to demanded at Christmas. The rise in money has
not much affected this market.
Tablss Mary
Tiu Josh
Tommy John
Thornton Eliss
Thompson Kato
Williams C B 2
Ward Eats
Williams Ella CI
Wallace Eliza L
Wadington 8
Willson 8 W 1'
Willlama Isabel
Whitney Jos II
Wright Jrs
Weaver Jacob Jr
Whittaker JnoC
Wright &icy C
Woods Lottla
Wiliam Diary J
Walla Martha
Whittaker P A
Cincinnati Market.
Nor. 2.0.—1 n gar Market to-day, there woe in
creased firmness - In flour, but no material advanc. , in
prices. There wire more buyen than sellers, bow.
aver, at quotations. Whisky firm at Ole. There was
a change In the provision market, buoyancy having
given place to fl atness; and a disPetlan to sell, wee
observable, when the anxiety tem on the other side
yesterday. The transactions in mess pork indicate &
decline of 25e. Lard wvot offered freely at 12,tic, hod
100 bble, payable In gold, sold at Bc. Bulk meats
and baton are not offering, pending the government
°mitred. Linseed oil Is firmer at 31,25. Potatoes
and a pples dull. Groceries firm, hot quick. flogs
decline:Me, closing doll at 88,78137,00 Cro lot. aver
aging 200 lb* and upwards. The receipts were 0,500
and the railroads having been set free, heavy arrivals
en anticipated. Wheat was flrni, brit a disposition
to pause was manifested. The supplies of corn fall
far LWOW the demand, and prices are very firm, with
Mk* of new at 1N3(406e. In bulk. We beard of onside@
of old, but It would bring 5P0ik41,10. Qat. In good
demand at 82.8838 in bulk.
Nov. 19.—Our market I. decidedly doll to-day, but
oneashs Of grain having been mad., that we could
hear of. Yesterday afternoon buyers yielded to the
almond. of holders. and au edemas of le was oh.
tallied for amber RUM. and No./ Rod. Hour—No
Mattstotions. Mest—Sala yesterday, after our
rrpoiti 748 tus and I,G 4 Ctba amber Mich. at MSc
2,000 bn and 1.503 Ws No. 1 Red at 121 e; 1,200 ho No.
u White. *helm wuntlle„ at 138 a. Today, ale-of
710 ha amber, Mich. at 129 c. Oam—Moderate in
qtdry/ no sales fewrted. Nothing doing In other
grans. Trigh_tr-Th• whir. M 1.; Collins gets ho for
wheat tolletilalo. We de not hear of anyothef en.
ragoments. 112,h) bbh Coarse and
Ground Solar 52,25. Dimmed lioga-Poi the tango
200 to 30011m.hyjic Is offered.
Noy. al—Prey inioas ut all descrikt mu • wei ml)'
held, and In 61011 t Coßtl4 sellers demanded an advance.
New Itawt Pork war loruetiVil P , 141 tidininal at bl7rJ.
17,15 soma holders were asking Oil Mw-
Pork told at Boded Meats were generally
held at all advance of l P u da bliort ftih Mid
dles told at b?...c. Sweat PiCkeied Ilanis are in ataady
demand and tirm t On—n,Meat• are d uiet,
but km, with sales of ilam , at laird up, in
good demand and 'wait s e highror. with wiles of Nei.
1 and ateam-renderepl at I Ildje ark! prime city
i IllA(512.- The ff heat market ruled nem and
at Sl,lPqrl,ltil; or Nu. I And
N.+ In Oar*. IV i•pier Whvat wto anu
atm.. , nominal. Flour in fah unit. Ir
anythinc. PiritlP was
mold at Vb for choice White ft inter Extraa ; kir
Mod Mat. r and .54.9.4 d ! PP '. , dmm"lt
Spring Extra,. A ery firm feelinc th..
Cora market, and athaneed lacdr, with sales nt Ni.
lat lia@mkte .41 No. 2at ted(kiCle in store. There aa.
an active demand for tots and the market ruled lir,
at yenterday's prices. At the [luxe thure w , -re
.0r,, , than wile,. of No. I of h. II)e M.a.3 firm
and advanced but the ore Let wit ,Inlet and
sale. Infht at Murky watw
ehange. Small wilp— .pf N in , were maple
at 31,16fitliltili. The demand for llyhwioe. vras lim
ited and the market d quiet at Ude. Tinioth)l ii e-1
aas ;11.•1, ti,bale. P.I A i r mi. e ,
Flux uu,.. dull nt 0. AI 1, I
Wtt, lo sul.ipPy mud outtunal
5,1•1 , n girpd Pip um 11.1 by pa. h mt..l
armrule at
xturu in ,141.13 ..n.l n. th maw!
nt fun pr to ultra rho,. It
undnun to in.,
t' atilt uur't , .l
an) firm.
S•TrUDAT, No , ,mhor 21, 183
Mort haul+ are now in Itoche-n r, k. I 11,*
Ing buckwheat lo supply ng.. and t •urr•nlo.l•
!ng rOdn try. Tin , pr.:, r:.ty •t rye
to Pighty-.orro ets p•r bo.hel, for IL• rod.. gr.ln,
whn - h t.Unnt ground and put up in barrels
went wrnlwrot. rnl. carry u,, gl ILO/ h.',
to the Want 11.1..111/01. 4 . jilt :lio
W Wik neetth.utal au.ltrotio , ary, lb. :•.,
wloch rot on the 80. ksrlimt n tn. •••, t
nhhh supplied ate t
frio , m3mot. hay.- r.•
.I.9'n .n 11.4 ••••11tttae..1 t..
Toledo Market.
Chicago Market
Sending Ureadstuffi West
Sugar and 31u1assem iu .iew OrLeal.:
111.—,ti . gar mg 1 ,, O.
11'{1.r 1.• I P . , 1.:.•
.10,1 nes, ••rup; lor an..t
,•• r OVCOI/.1.. 'I he . 110.‘1••rte r.
so• i- roam .0 0,1 1.40.1,..0
the Pale* um .0.0...01.•ta1y r•• 001 0 ,1 0.• II/
V.,. new lilt- .LO.llOlll Ir
Importn by Itallroad
Prrrsemm, Fr. W.41,..e N...
21—A01.1.1e lard. F , 410 11 &
F.,ort; A .101 s bacon, 1 , ,0k. Pet 5111 • ••..• do., .1
Tomeonett , l, 2 Hole tobacc,, 11 110,11:01, 20 1.1,1,
Itod S K,.11. Wut Lvao. 11,.0.
K 1,1•1.; lord, ed.-mert. 40 WA,. 'di. r 21,11
LLI 1:, ,at bo3 g, A I..yorte, 11 hote., I.e.Llt•ro
I. mg: 2 bide 1011.,'.. .1 llertlroa 0, 1 I. I , to 0.1,
S Kees!, 11 hge pOleodee. kidetetter :do .3"0...p
-1.41111 11.1,r1e: 1 lOU.. 'Jotter, Ik. r. dllatne 1 , ,
%Vhitn & 13r0, ". talige, ~.”
14ogli. 2," pkg. r‘ Ire, IL 1011.11..... 1 .1 0. 5 doz 1O
.1 101Jeort14 & rd; 10 do do, 34 11 :0,10111 cd. eke
wool, l'llol.l-0 ker., 110.0.0 J. -0. 32 1.1.1. 511.1 e.. .1
Celitirld: 101 r N 1101Yet.o1 1..1 (.11 2,14-1. V 4. •
den S It rn, L.
RAH ana n,-
'la'. .k. nata,1411411.a..n . lialoz; 1.. LW. applaa.
I.aarty 2 car. cal.bage Mat 11. , tm.r. 1..'.,'1 .•. r,
Park, Ilt.fur4A A 4 Dal, 1 Slt F 1..3
at, 11 Votgl h 47Z 11
J .0. I i kg. pearl F 11.,...d,..11; 7 tads
5 do tall,v. A BurkhaJo. , b 17.•
d- d... • I'4d..:•r. 5 pkg.. J P Tanner; 32
11.1, 1 . 1. Cublardl.
ALLV.IIENTSTA - rtgl, N.)c. -4 1. .1 1 ,
,sor.xon - :152 wheal, 11 T ,
ear I s la, .1 Glass; 641 Jigs 11,107,1; 1 I'.
Graching. 30 sks .n 1,1,5. 13
J fl Near. t 7 , 10.• ..undrieks J !11 , 1%.:111,r;
Sk. appl, and ;mtsity4..., h 11...1g.. 11,01“ poatoes, J
Ingold; 10 rolls It.allter, A C Taggart. 2 • az. ,
Folhlantr; ho hou.c huh! goods, .1 W..llcnan.
the NEWEST PATTERNS awl t very width, e the
Lowest Prices for Ca-h.
Crumb Cloths, FeMugs, Rugs,
load having purchoard tut Ulk.Sll, beh.rt , the lett.
advancan, we ate able to sell at tiro n,anafnetnr.n
peke., on unequalled et•cic of
Window Similes, Mattings, de.
Nii - MiT6CK
Carpets; Oil Cloths, Druggets,
SHADES, &c., at
A very Inrca iteeortment of All goode In onr line,
hang-let at the lotvret point re :heel In the , &velem
Market this neeAon, and touch reduced fr, , eu unit
on prkes.
c i ntyv 6F4 41
of the United States Circuit Court, President.
The largest, cheapest and hest.
EX. pays for a full. Commercial counte.
No extra charges! for Manufacturers, Steamboat,
Railroad and flank. Rook-keeping.
M Whitt rs' eons at one-half price. •
Students enter and renew at any time.
nit Institution is conduct' by experienced
Teachers ond . prectical. Accountants, who prepare
young men for nails businus...4 sit the least expense
and ohorteet time, fsr the es.' loeretive and r"Te."
en. Altoona.. Diplomas punted Mr merit only.
Berme the universal preference for grodoetes of this
College, by lousiness nm.
Prot A: COWLEY, the best Pennies of the. Colon,
who holds the largest number of First Premiums,
and over all competitors), teaches Rapid Business
ferjor Frpectmens of Penmanship, And Wainae
containing informatiod,loclose twenty-ere cents
'JENKINS MEd ITR, Pritisipuls.
er,kr VI/ CAVALItY alongES WANT-
ED.—The undersign., will purchase, in
open market, CAVALRY IIDitSES for the tolled
States service. The Ponies to be from fifteen (10) to
sixteen (111) bands high, tram four (4).t0 •nloo ( 5 )
years of age, compactly built, In good &eh, and free
from all defects.
Horses will be malted, subject to impection ' at
Pittsburgh, Pa., from the Ist to the 15th of Deeem
her, and at Cultunhus, Ohio, from the 16th to the
31st of December.
PIELDLNGI LOUDY, Capt. & b.. 4. H.,
nol4dewTtf Caran7Durean.
RlaB.-1U hales • now landing from
railroad and kw rile by
u 07,1 1.4MA11 DICKEY .4 Co,
FE.ITfIERS. —7 !tacks now landi
f,ogn raDrueol end for MUIR bp.
SE fr I.lre. .V.I("III.VES
G R4 ' 1;.%
Eini A wardisl W bold it I %nlo
Th... vr,re awead,d 11,11..1
UM, for 11, .car.tiy
Alorloo., 11. 8.., 3( 4..", awl Inc
Bt.( 11 . 4, - /: f In+ L'T ATE FAI
N-w T Pon,
Fin , P.. rt.: :tit f family
1.., l'i , tultart for inachtue.
Firxr I iem.oni tor truaatne *Jtk.
F Prem for family fox:blue.
b•-mit miu tra tot putt—Mt:Luring 14.64U:0r.
Fin , Premium lor marhinu
Ictm Stuk pair.
F.emittra (or family nfaxldue.
l'remitun for .uufacturing machine.
rir, Pr moan, for ma• an l.u:e work.
ilickuton !NI. Puff.
Fir, Premium for family macho,.
Firat Pr.-nil:lm fur manufacturing itcutuldna. .;
Firth .trettouni fur machine work.
from tom for machine for all w.p.m.
Fire P71.11.^”1 (or xnrt.
Fir)" Premium for machine fur all turpuwa.
}let Pron)h), for ru..chirte work
Sesar.eiy Fair
er ou'urn tor suactnue for all putTarex .
..•t Pramttin. for machine work.
.9.1 c Fair.
}siret l'n'in.tiat fur manufatrturlux utarbitie.
Pretolum for beautiful um. -tone work.
Oho , :1.4, rote.
Fir, Premium for mtwhlne wort - .
And at the follotrim: County 'fair. •
Chirruth-li ( Agrrieukund
}lna Premium for family machine.
First Premium fur manufacturing machine.
Fit •1 Premium for am It.
Champlain rai.-y A pri,tiotrol P4ocie(tt. .
Ftr, for family inachlue.
Fir -t for rroo.ofaTuring mro-hiar.
ill, Pr minor for mw bine work.
Po ma far fan.)ly or.
Ini.lonta for machine work.
Fitt Premium for family machine.
Premium r manufacturing ma. hi u•.
. tN. Y.) Aptrufturuf array.
-I Premium lor faul , ly madame.
Fret hentlont for tinnily niaahine
Finl Premium for fatuilv maAhrtie.
I.....farde (('a.)
PlO , l pv.inlnni for machin* for all purp,sex.
Fir, Premium for machine work.
fn. above comprotea all ilia Faint at whit h the
r,IIOVEIt A BAR Eli 31 ACII fi were exhibited
thin yea.. At nearly all of them tho leaditeg
were In competition.
Ti,,. neck made ~pun the Grover A Tinker Sewing
has receited the First Premium'at et. r)
State Fair in the totted Staten w4orro it Lae born
exhibued tn thin date.
Sot, Roomy, 1.40. II FIFTH AT. , Pittsburgh, ra.
F A. F. CIiATONEY. Agent.
wll 1.: E 1.11: WI 1.4-UN'S
11;glnali preminme ikt the London rad Paris Exhi• end-at 41 the Iniwrhent State end 31,11.1
eel Fairs lettere exhibited thin !Vag.. Cali sod ex
amine thro.. Ixforr,parchazing
Poots's Patent umbrella Lock Stand
which temarea perfeet eatery w au articles proverblAlly
even to be bet netray
SHIP P 1.4" G
111111 ATLANTIC IRISH : g 3,
ADRIATIC, 1.2(X) Honse-powrr, 4,000 tons.
111 BERRI A, 1,000 liorso-poosser, 3,015) tom.
COLI'MLIA.,I,OOO Iltroso.p r sor, 3,00 0 tons.
ANGLIA, 1,000 Homo-power, ,000 tune.
magulfbretit Steamship ADRIATIC will mail
from N..v York fur Liverptarl uta TUESDAY. C. lith
Puttee idatwage from Now Turk to Liverpool, pay
able wold or Ito eyniealent in curretley.
Interwed.ate tilt;
Paeaengen (onward,' ".',O to Lotrion, Parte, R rm-
Lnrtii, Iliorr, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp, to., at
Li , . lowest rate..
nave from Liverpool or Galway t.• New
Boioeti, hifh, $35, $l5, $55., $lO5.
rer paaaage apply at jhe elilicw or the Arent,
SABEL 4t htiltitLE, tit Broadway.
ELsazzo. Join, Ildanger.
• or, D. O'NEILL,
N. pi Fifth erect. Pittsburgh
ERPOOL, touching at QCEENSTOWN, 911 A
(Coae. Haim.) The well-known steamer. of I.a
Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia liteamishly
Oumpany are lett:ailed ae
PITY LONDON_ .......Saturday,
CITY OF BALTIMORE Saturday, Inc. 5,
CITY OF NEW YORK natunlay, Dec. IS.
and even. eueceeeling Saturday, at noon, front Pier
It, North River.
Alvah,. In wu , ••11.• .qurako m O..•e+cv
Ttasr j, , 6 [UN ....... ot , 00
do to 89 1 , 0 do to Loudon 34 00
do to dt, 00 do to rods 40 00
Lamb- 00 tot dc to Lamb g 37 to
Jo to Liontioug . , do to Horeb g
Pas...ogees also forwordott to blevrt., Bremen, Rot•
ternisau, Antwerp, Sae,t equally low rotes.
Fares Own Liverpool or Queenstown ; let cabin,
tr:s, SKI, $145. Steerage, Fin. Those who wish to
send for their friends tsnn buy tickets here of thew
V., further Information apply ea tho Company'.
JOUR G. DALE, Agent.
IS Broadway, Now York.
Maul Weed., dolt home from the hrldga.
nikillt If Pittaborth.
CLI N A LINE.:J-Bm= from
VI , la g 014,: or lb. egalvsleut In currency
FROM NEW TORE, $36 In =nanny
Belle .very week. Apply to
stalesuly Pittsburgh.
_, 110 sMITIIFIELD STREET, (epp.aito the
Cte.tetn IL.n.e.) ebertere4l I.y the Leg...lawn,
.NENN E6l.
Pre.idenl—J L.'4 ' , Ara:, Jr.
TICS b. 111:
Win. If. &quilt,. 11. F. Budd,
Jolm F. Jenuind4, lA. 'Wideman,
Thom. 1 , . Noisier, J.hum Bladder,
T 11,.. S. Blair, Jurob Stuckrath
French Scllen , Alex. Brndloy, Llod, Alfred Stark.
xxxerinsti :
Josiah King. C. Zug, IC. 11. Wolff,
A. S. Bill, 'Joe. Dilworth, 'll. D. Cochran
S. S. Fowler, W. A. heed, Wm. Smith,
J. W . W texts snot. C. Schmertz, G. R. Jones,
— F. Kabul, C. W. Ricketeon, H. F. Jon.,
J. 31. Tiernan, S. IL Ilartman, W. 11. Phelps,
D. M. Long, R. J. Anderson. C. B. Merton,
Jas. W. Barter, D. E. McKinley, W. 'lumen.
Secretary nod Trmistercr—D. K. 31'KINLEY.
Otte. daily, from 9 a. m. to 3 p. m. Tuesday
and Saturday °Tunings, from 9 to 8 o'clock.
Deposits revolved of ONE DIMS and upwards.
Dividends deciarod to INA:ember and June of each
Dividends allowed to remain are placed to the
credit of the depositor se principal, and hear Inter ,
est, Line twmpoundlog It.
Bou'u e containing'Charter, By-Lowe, Lc., furuish
ed at the office.
SIP Title Institution often, especially to (heel> per
fume whew earnings are email, the opportunity to
mulate, by email depoelts, cagily saved, a Mai
will be a NaoUrta when needed, their moury
not only being cafe, hot bearing interact, Instead of
remaining unproduot I mygolywr-off
OEII'IIA NS' (lOU R . SALE.—L'y virtue
of an order of the Orphans' Court of Allegheny
county, there will ha enrolled at Piddle Sale or Out
cry, ou SATURDAY, Nor. Seth, 1803, rat 10 o'clock
at the Ct 'CRT HOUSE, in the City of Nita
burgh, to the highest and bent bidder, all the right,
title, interest, estato and claim of Wm. A. Murdock,
Ellen Murdock, Robert Murdock and Sallie 11. Mur
dock, minor children of Jernee and France. -Mur
dock, late of the county of Allegheny, doceaeed, In a
certain let of ground eitnete in the city of Pltta
burgh, bounded and described no follows, to wit: Be
ginning at the toutheLst corner formed by the WWI ,
section of Preebyterian Lana end Church alley, and
extending In front on Church alley southwardly
Sett, an! In depth-easterardly from Church alley,
preeerving. the sane width of Slifeet along mid Pico-
Lyterian Lano, a distance of 30 feet, to a lotof ground
formerly owned by Dr. Peter Illtrerry, being a .part of
tot No. 12 In James Horner'. plan of lots, (being the
same lot of ground formerly owned by David Mon
ter, de•*.xd) having thereon erected one two-story
belch dwelling Ileum. Terms at eale,
Guardian of minor children of Giallara end Frances
Murdock, deceased. cook3tdontrFwe
estate of Llllle A. Fletcher, late of Pittsburgh,
haring bees granted to the undereigned, alt persone
baying chatm fungoid sold estate are retoesird to
presort them , duly authenticated, stud al l who are
indebted are rectuircil to make perneat to . .
JACOB If. WALTER, Executor,
vet lllawdqw 20 Centre A rians.
Dyspepsia Pill and Treatment
E. WINIIART he. tevated, in the pialt ran yran
skin • thi thri . .1 nod ninety p.
f,, In 101 ‘ll.-ri4ol terms, and In
e.er3 case "here Ina median, VIAS taken an directed,
• 14.1 Wel corr. A Irina:per atilt], abort can
1•9 I.• I lit , rnA , tt phrticianot in
t • -nut ry &Oa .ilc invitaat all I.ersona tut-
•• frnn. tit. at, In tintnann to tnt - e Lima call.
.tRi• • and bl 're, •. NOitTll EtEt.',.,ND ST
1. A rned•.rd rksee m es—isiness al the pit of ac soas •
n Is by it'pertnwstit contraction
ei the •tomaeh upon undim.erted Nat. It generally
-.gins immediately, or a sbort time after eating; la
nen very secure had obstinate.
2. 1 , 14.81, a as,' oymlitoms arise
the indigestion of food, which ferments Instead
1. 5,a4t n tool toss of these Symptoms
r 4• lite effects iif thr uunsturni cundltiou of In
r ob.'', tell, and the vent of pure bile nod .;
Joie. 'foe sldnaele in often it:dal:thy distended by
. the appettte is sometimes Ported 'l7
I. t owl ilt7reesseen o, r,aits.--Thts stste unfits
insny Air the er joi "taut of life, 0.3 is caused by the
impure blieet furnished by imperfect digestion. la
thin the disease many persons commit std.
tdc.. There it a constant f-tretiding o. End ar
ii.dittereree end pion e mobility to perform the of
t. es et life
L. 1,i,-Mlea. rt,r beitig at :..•tleostite, the ett4
I eve ie nfitirtetl inarrhea, whin in owing to
.s-aee.l t...cittbal ti• b..wele, pr dared by the un
which i• reacuxteal la the same condi-
I .11 as wilt and ..f coarse . etrer.glla
th• P3•terti.
fm,u is all par. r . / . yetern—Arite from the
9 , topttr.• up. on the 'nerve.. They ar•
f4.ltcnielly'in the head, rnle. •nti bresat, and in,Pht
-11,m/t/ra. In many Its.. Um- S. u. ut.•aainena
it. :he throat, with a arms.. of chok tug or suffocation;
.r k• trf . . •y, sib a Iknd tail. and
rrympl..rns• and rf thr ' J..
—Many porg..ql .4 having three diseases
I .it•, in t,tlt Dy•pri,e, the bung LI•z:
• • :tri tak!, a imp, ins
--Tla is a v«ry unptom Pys
1.,43 Tery..-I:rn tra.....hruted Ct•.11111P.
6torp.—A very divlrravjo, s y stem , ro.
so,tlng orlon In monied derangement.
lb. rignipbonv of von( rrhasoe.—The patient is
fort.,l painfully by bold and trot, which la oaring to
u, al drynoos of skin, and the skin Is often M.
forted by eruprions and letters. The gloomy dys
portlc avoids somety as much as poasible.
11. Tonnovo.—A froquoot and dlstrvsaing symp-
torn. It relieves tho pain, bat emaciates and wean
out the patient.
11. L.:Aria/MN, dimness of vision, Andadn, and Wag
irecuts to gralkilso.—These are vary alarming symp
te•ms, which are speedily removed by oar medicine;
bat if neglected, are quickly followed by numbness
and sudden death.
13. It Is irnyesselble for to to give all the symptoms
of Dyspepsia in so small a spare, but tho mimeo are
considered sufficient, if we add dint the patient teem
his more and attention to surrounding objects,
and frequently become, morose and sour in disposi
ti,n. Vie should say, however, that pain In thi
joints and stiffness of the limbo, which go by the
name of rheumatism and necindgia, are very often
eredneed by Dyepepsia. Alen, a hardness of the of the abdomen, which become contracted
tool hard ; end In Isom. reeve the Dolly sinks, Instead
of losing gently prominen t.
I, EI-11.113ATE BILLNIIOIII, of Brandywine, Del., lb,
userly of Old Chester, Del., do certify that, for ewe
year awl n. half I sutler. .7.ryttaLi out dostb from
that astral theta. called Dy.,,evein. My who,. s)s•
tern wen pros tra ted •elth weakness and disability; I
could not digest my food; If I ate oven a cracker or
the emeticet amount of food, it soul , ' return Just as
I swallowed it; I became so eoet• •c my boww
th. I would not have a passage in lees than from
four wad °Ben eight days;
en r-der this immense saf
fvring, my mind wonted tirely to glee way; I had
dreadful horror andetll forebodings; I thought ; •
tidy heed me, and 1 hated evarylt.ely; I could not
bear my husband nor my own childrtn; everything
appeared to be horror-stricken to me; I had no ambi
tion to do attytialog; I lost all my love of family and
home; I wontd ramble and wander from place to
pia., bet could not he contented; I felt that I was
doomed to hell, and that there was no heaven for ma,
sad WWI often tempted to commit suicide, so near
was my whole termue system destroyed, and also my
mind, from that awful complaint, Dyspepsia, that
my hietde best to hem me placed In Dr.
Eirkbride'm Hospital, at West Philadulphia. I re
malted theca moo weall, and thought I wed • Mai
better, hot to a few days my dreadful complaint was
raging as had a. ever. Hearing of the wonderful
coreo performed by Dr. Wlshart's Great American
Dyspepsos ride ant bit Tretotto,ut for Dyspepsia,
my bmtand rolled on Dr. Wishart and stated my
ease b lota. lit raid he had no doubt ho could cure
me. b&, in thrs.e days after, I milled end pieced my
self under tier Dort or treatment , and in two weeks
1 Logan to digest fot, and felt that my disease woe
fast giving way, tad I continued to recover for about
three months, and at the pretest time I enjoy per
t.. t !testi h of body and mind, and I most sincerely
retort my thlval.vjo a merciful God sod Dr. Withart,
and to his groat American Dyspepsia Pills and Pins
Tres Taz Gordisl that sited me from an Insane A sy.
lets sail a premature grave. All lumina Iniferin,g
Ttllll byt.,tepsta are at liberty to call on me or writs,
and I wilt try to do all the good I can (or stuToring
Praudywinc, Del., formerly of Old Chester, Del
Dr. WDSHAET'S No.lo North necond
Wll.ll/441 I have been a constant sufferer
wth Dyspepsia for the last eighteen peen, during
arl, ink time I cannot say Ott I over enJoyal a per
fectly well day. There were theneowbou the symptoms
were meet aggravated than at other,, and then It
seemed it wont ha a great rein to die. I had at .0
twin an unpleasant feeling In my Iliad, but latterly
my sufferings PI 'l7 increased that I became el
-11:109t unfit for business of any kind, my mind was
contineially 0144 with gloomy thoughts and forebo
ding., and if I attempted to change their current by
reading, at once n causation of icy collie:lcm in con
nection with a dead weight, as it were, rated upon
my brae.: also • feeling of aeckneas would re t
the stomach, and great pealn to my eyes, accompanied
with a heck was the continual fear of toeing my rea
son; f else experienced great luse,thele, debility nod
nervousness, which made it &filen:. to walk by day
or sleep at night, I became averse to society, and
disposed • el) to seclusion, and having tried the eh 11l
of a number of endueut pt•yeicians of various schools,
tinauy ca to to he conclusion that, for this disease,
at my present ageh years, there woe cc. curs in ex
istence. iled, through the interference of Divine
Providenut to whom I devoutly offer my thanks, I
at last found a sovereign remedy it your Dyepepola
Pills and Tar Cordial, which seem to have effectually
removed almost the last trace of my long 11.1 ef,ail
meats and bad feelings, and in their plus health,
pleasure and contentment are my every day came
No. 437 North Second street Philadelphia,
formerly of Wmulbury, N. J.
Dr. wisaenrs office, No. 10 North Second st.,
A Poiltive Cure for Dyspepsia.
Bear what Dr. John 11. Baheock says: .
No. VJZS Ullva &met, I,
Philadelphia, Janna:7 18,33.
Wisnanr—Sir : It in with much pleasure that
I am new able to inform you that., by the toes arm,
great Anierlcat Dyspepela Pills, I have been entire
ly cured of that moot distressing complaint, Dyepop.
Ric.. I had been grievorinly afflicted for the last
twenty-eight years, and for ten year. of that time 1
have not been free trom its Fein one week at a time.
I ham had It iu its vomit form, and,hare dragged on
a moat mieerable elleteow-in Cain day and night.
Every kind rf Axel that I ate filled me with' pain and
wind, It mattered not how light, or how small the
quantity. A ceutinned belching was sure to follow.
I bad no appetite for. any kind of meats whatever,
and my distress was so great fo r wrenl months be
fore 1 hoard of your Pills, thatT frequently wished
for Muth. 1 had taken everything that I had later/
of for Dyepeptda, without receiving any benefit ; but
on your Pills being recommended to me by one who
had been cured by them, I concluded to give them a
tried, although I had no faith in them. To my n.
tonislutient, I found tuyeelf getting better before /
had taken one-fourth of a box, and, after taking half
a box, I no. a testi awn, and cas rot awythiso I Ma,
envoy a hearty meal three times a day. without in
cones:donee from anything I rat or drink. If you
think proper, you an at liberty to make this publie
and refer to mo. I will cheerfully giro all desirable
information to any one who may call on me.
Tours respectfully
-.- • - .
For ago at Dr. IFTSIIARTII Medical Depot, No.
10 Nerth Second shoat, Philadelphia, Pa. Price,
One Dollar per box. Sent by mall, free.of charge, on
receipt of price.
I, Mons Toms, of Cheltenham, Montgomery Co.,
Pe., have sufferer! for more Ilan one year averythlngl
but death itself, from that &wild disease, culled Dys
pepsia, I employed, to that time, five of the most
eminent phretelans In Philadelphia. They did all
they could for me with medhrtom and coppiog, Lot
Bull I Rol no better. 1 Urea went to the Pennsyl•
'onto Ifrd , emUY, to order to place myself la reach of
the beet medical talent" In tho country, but {hair
medicines failed to do toe any good, and °flexitime" I
wished for death to relieve me of my "offering., but
seeing Dr. Wiehart's advertisement In the Phibutel
phis Butleffe, I determined to try once more, but
with little faith I called on Dr. Wislutrt, and told
him if I rould hove died I would not have troubled
him, and then related my sufferings to hint. The
Dr. assured me, If be failed to core one of Dyspepsia,
it would be the Ont case in two yenta so I put my
mff tinder his treatment, and although I bad been
fur months vomiting nearly everything I ate, my
stomach swollen with pain beyond duacription, I
bought a box of his Dyspepois. Pills, I need them as
directed, and in ten days I could eat es hearty a meal
as any person In the Strati, of Pennsylvania, and In
thirty ,day" was a well man. I fonts nay person
Buffering 114 I woo to call end err me, and/ wtU rebu
my suffering and the great cure I imeelved. I would
say to all Uyspeptire, everywhere, that. Dr. Illahart
Is, I believe, :Le. only person on the earth that eitri
cure Dyspepsia With any degree of osrlatnty.
Cheltenham, Montgomery tin., Pt.
Dr. WAIT ART'S office, No. 10 North Second St.
Office boon from oa.ra to 6 p. m. All examlmi- ,
Lion. sod corwoltatlons Dee. •
Sole Asyut for Pitt•burgh,•Penn'.
Dyspepsia 1 Dyspepsia
Dyspepsia ? Dyspepsia F
Dyspepsia 1 Dyspepsia a
D 0,140 WOOD STBSDA, ,
T T ILA NGE3IT.NT.-0 • -
and after MONDAY, No.
r.mber 'nth, 184 :Z.—PENNSYLVANIA CENTRAL
learns the Pr monger Station daily, (except )
st 5 : 93 stopping at at between rtta
burgh and Philadelphia., and making direct connec•
tier for New Turk and Philadelphia.
The THROUGH MAIL TRAIN learns the Pat.
conger Station n•crY moaning (eurpt At
2:50 a. tn., Flopping only at principal ...Bans, and
making direct connections at Harrisburg 63r Balti
more and Wn3hington, taal for New York eilk
The TEIROCGLI EXPRESS learn dal)) at
I p. ni, clopping only at principal 51.1.10., MO": „.
direct connection at llarriaburg for Baltimore and
Washington, nod for Now kook tic Allentown rcete
and IBlW.delphia.
Tim FAST LINE leave 4 the Fration daily (exceTt
Sunday) at 8:35 p. m., atepping only at principal eta.
I , na, connectiag at liarre,bm, for Baltimore and
Washington, and at Philadelphia for New York.
The Johnstown Acasmmalation Train Mores doll
(except Sunday) at :nos p. m., tor , ing at ail &saw.
and running as fur as Conemaugh.
First accumusgsLW.lun Train for Wall's Station
leaves daily (except Sunday ) at 6.30 a. in.
Second iccommalation Train for Wallt. Station
leaves daily (except Smsday) at 11:40 s. m.
Third tecommodation Tram for. Wall's Station
leaves daily (wrspt Sunday) at - 3:50 p. m.
Fourth Accommodation Tema for Wall's Stall .
hays. daily (except Sunday) arcs/ p. ni.
The Church Train leacks.3l44ll Station every San
day at 9:02 a.. nu.; retorning,..loacgs Pittsltr6l, at
12:45 p. m.
Returning Trains arri, "gzsl. - •-gh as folloe t
Baltimore Express__ y. to.
P h iladaphia Express 1•20 p. m.
Through Mali Train
Johnstown Arcammodation....—.— ..... m.
That Walla Station 1 senntmodation..—.. Giaft a. at.
Sekund Wall's Station Accommodation-- S,M a. m.
Third Wall't Fiatlon Aecommodation...... ItSE p. u.
Fourth Wall's Station Accommodation.... NUS, p n.
Baltimore Express will orrice anti Philadolpittat
Exams. et ittat p. m. no Joodays.
arnic+ for illut^•.letaa.l trait:ma C.MII"Ct at Bla
villa Intersection wail Thronatt ac..attaimlnt.
Johnstown Arrommialathat slot I tato Etn,
nod with Bahi a / a m Ea.'. as sm.: jahuatoosu ratan
mdal:lon Wont.
Trains for Etomsisarg connect at Cramta with Er
•- r m Trains and Nail Tram West, n Tla
Araornmodstion and Exprous Train klast.
The public will pad it giontly to t_eu tolerPet,
r nig East or ;Vast, w trr....1 ip rho Penns; Iranta
lia" — ati, tor that accomtundat.ots arta egarral
tonnot be aorpassed on toy other note. Tha Hood
Ea ballasted with stone, and to entirety Irro 80nd....
We can promise astety, synod, and coot art to all
0:to may favor this matt with their lattnnottie.
To Now York.—ALE &1 Tb 8a1tim0re.........E1l .0
To gkiladelphia. lit 30 To Lancaster ......... €SO
To Harriaborg..—.... 7 GS
I Baggage checked to all Station , on the Penturylra.
tila ("antral Railroad, and to Philadelphia, llaltlmora
totot New York.
Passengers purchasing tickets in the can will be
charged no excess, according to the distance traveled,
in addition to the station onion, except from stations
v.l,re the C,mpony has no agent.
lioilt3E.—ln case of loss, the Comp.•tny will bold
themselves responsible for puraonal ..agog, only,
and for an amount not exceeding 8100.
N. B.—An Omnibus Line has teen employod to
convey passenger, and baggage to and from the De
pot, at a charge not to exceed 25 MAW, for ezr-la pas
senger and baggage. /or tickets apply to
J. STEWART, Agent.
At the Pennsylvania Central Railroad Passenger
Station, on Liberty and Grant streets. nose
fl LEVEL AND. I „,
rirrsauncit Aniif.r4: 94 22 , -t -4 44a.
itu DAY, November IGth.lB ,
tbo I , :pot of the Younellvan:
too-gh, m followr :
Trains will ieare
Pittslnovla awl Trheclry Line.
LePTCI r irt•barghl 1:45 a. m.j 6:20 a. m. 1:45 p. m.
do 64 ellsvilie. 4:10 ° .6142 - 4:05 "
~ J,h. Steubetv'e 5:10 " 9:15 " 5:05
no Whcellng . O:09 " 11.60 " 6...4
A :GI, Renal- . 6:20 " 11:15 " Lads) "
Connecting at Steubenville and Rellair with Reu
ben, Me and Indiana Railroad Laid Central Ohio Rail
road for Zansville, Newark., Columbus, Xenia, Day
ton, In :idnvp. , ,,e, Cincinnati, Louisville, Cairn, St.
Lou., St Jost-ph, sod all points west i,nd esairhweet,
and at Wheeling with Baltimore end Ohio I - Railroad.
Putsborrph and Cleveland Line. •
Leaves Pittsbo.,,h_________ . 1.4 , o. in. , 1:401 , m.
doWellsville ... .... 4:30 " 41M
slit 8ayard......-----......... 5:56 " 5.25 "
do Alliance....- ......... -.... 6:55 " 6:15 "
do Ravennn......— T:4O " 1 6:59 0
do liudlon..----..-.... SAI " 1 , 7: 3 " "
Aril , —.._
es ut Cleveland. 9:25 " 8:40
Connecting at. Dayardssith - tumarrwas ranch by
New Philadolphla sod Cann! Dover; at Alliance with
Pittsbur,ll, Fort Wayna and Chicago Railroad; at
Ravenna with Atlantic nod Great Western Railroad.
for Warren, Greenville, Meadville, Union, Corry,
Jamestown and Salamanca; at Hudson with Cleve
land, Zanesville and Cincinnati Ilailrosil for Akron,
Onythoga Falls and 5111Iersbnrg, and at Cleveland
with C. A E. R. R. for Erie, Dunkirk. and Buffalo
with C. ,t: T. R. P.. for Sandtwky, T01e..., sod also
with steamers for Detroit.
Bteulxuvlpin and Welhrvillo Aecomenodatiou leaves
Allegheny City at 3:to p. m.
Returning trait. arriv e. at WOO a. m., 3:50 p. m.,
8,05 p. to. and•2:lo a. m.
Through Tickets to all prominent points can to
procured at the Liberty Street Depot, Pittsburgh.
And at Allegheny City.
A. Q. CASSELRERRY, Ticket Agent.
Tor further ir fern:union apply to
11/A.A./Ala oTEWART, Agent,
At the Company'e OM. In rr..ight Station, P.l, et.
Onus or Cosnerstottxu or nix Cuuncvcr,
Washington Clty, Attg-ust 18113,
Wit By satisfactory ev l dence presented to
the undersigned, It has been mad. to apy,ar that
in the County of Allegheny, and - State of Pennsylva
nits, has been duly organixtzl under and accotding to
the requirements of the Act of Congress, entitled
”An Act to provide a National C'urreney, secured by
• pledge of Lotted States Stocks, and to provide for
the circulation and redempti, thereof, ' approved
February 25th,18ttl, and has complied with all the
protl, of .std Act rem:dent to :be compiled with
LJore commencing the basin.. of Banking:
Now. therefore, I, Elton McCvatixxi, Comptroller
of the Currency, do hereby certify that the aald
manly of Allegheny, and State of Pennsyltania, is
authorized to commence the busbies& of Banking un
der the Act aforesaid.
In testimony srb,,of witness r..y hand
smd seal of °Mos, thts sth dny of August,
18,a. 111311 DicCULT. ,, C/J,
Comp:1011.r of thu Currency.
Cervtat., $4.00,600, privitess locreaso
to 431,0 oc. • 000.
The Pittsburgh Truot C o any having organized
under the act to provides h. onal Currencyy, under
the title of the FIRST , N I tONAL BAN S OF
PITTSBURG/11, would reept •olly offer its eery* a
for the ,ollection of Notes, D oi ieu!,bills of Eschango,
tre., receive money on deposit, no d ' buy and sell
chatlge on all parte cf ti., country.
the auccess which bas attend:4 the Pittsburgh
Trust Company, since lle organization to 1852, will
we believe, be a sufficient guarantee that beeline.
.troated to the new organiration will receive the
same prompt attenttom.
Baying a .17 catenates mrreepondence with Panha•
and Bankers throughout the conntry, we believe ,as
eau offer unusual fact:Wee to those who do busier. ,
with na.
The bestrew will be conducted toy the mu ne Owen
Led Directors.
Alexander Speer,
Aka. Bradley,
Samuel Item.
James Laughlin,
Robert B. Hays,
Thomas Wightmaa,
Tim. R. Rimick,
dame 5/1, 1863.
LA OGIILLti, Pfedgiult
loran' Silas?.
Open daily from 9 to 2 o'clock, Moo on Wednesday
and tiaturday aro:lingo. from hay lat to Moveznber
) et, from 7 to 9 o'clock, am. from November lot to
May let from 8 to 8 o'clock.
Depcolto received of ell t cum not loot than One
Dollar, and a dividend of the protlta declared twice •
p.m, In June and December. Intomet hat been de
clared otni-aanually, in June and December, shoe
Om Bank was organized, at the ram of olz per amt.
' ,Vt r e . nett, if-not drawn out, is placed to the credit
of the depositor aa principal, and Imam the arm in
terest from the firstdaya of June and December, cruzi. , -
pomading twice • year o about troubling the deporl.
ter to call, or men to present hie pose book. At thin ,
rata money will double I. Imo than twelve year..
Books, containing the Charter, By-Laws; Balmer
and Regulation; furnished gratis, on application ido
• .15T5 :
Sohn B. Wanadan t
John tlohnes,
Ben). L_Tohnostoek.
Jame, McAuley,
James Henlimn,
lasso M. Pennock..
John hiareball,
James B. D. Minds.
A- AL Pollock, pr. D.,
11111 Bargain , William J. Jnitors,
Peter A. Wedeln, -
Walter P. INMAN
John On. •
Wart Debt,•
Wenry L. Illettitilt.
Jobs IL iihAtabeeirt.`
William E. Sattlerts, - ,
Wor _Lease Whittier,' •
Wat.:P.WreAA, •
Cb elegise Yeager.
Calvin Adam,
Jan G. Barham,
John C. ilinAle7,
George Black,
Alonzo A. Carrier,
Charlet A. Colton,
WlllLrm Dongtm,
Wiltlam P, Hagan,
Peter H. Hanker,
Irhanl Bays,
Jam. D. Kelly.
WMlam 8.,
bscurmar d Thum