The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1863-1866, November 16, 1863, Image 3

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mcon.q:-*OBNINGran:::inNOV. 16, 1863.
°Metal Paper of tho City.
• alto..:•Air
Mayor gawyer has entered snits against the
propr:teters and reporters of the . amens and
_ ,
arosick; foillbel—the informations alleging
that thesubliestions inreforence to the fining
91 . ,Apthany i tolliy,ma wate false and toalletoes,
`liiiirdoelithot to hald "his Honor" op to pub
lic, contempt and obloquy. The publication,
as made In the Gazette, bee boon 'substantially
verified by the.affidavitof Wilms ,hitaxclf.
Obtained at the instance of the Mayor,
and hence— the charge of falsity falls
to• the ground. As to the allegation of
malice, we can afford to let that pass
until the trial takes Risco, when the Mayor
will idivis an opportunity to nuke it good, if
he can. Personally, we havers° quarrel with
Mr. Sawyer, bat.** while journalists we
claim the right, (and shall continue to suer- ,
elrait,) to report and criticise his
official acts, as Mayor , of the city. U have
given fads or made' comminta which prove
unpalatable to the Mayor and are calculated
to' bring him ind his administmtion into con
tempt, the fault is not ours. He cannot ea
cape the resPoniibility'of his own acts; nei
ther =A we escape _toe disehargo of $ plain
duty, namely: exposing the errors and abuses
of those who assume the tawniest" of public
de to the suit for libol, we regard d merely
oA an attempt to murals the papers which,
irrespective of men and party, have con
demned the °Meal -condnot of the present
hniyof, wh?„-beting. a candidate ter re-nomi
nation, shrinks Vora pnblite seristiny, and en
vloavors to .zereen hltoielf behind...the hvr of
libeL" Twenty sash sitint Wile not deter us
from a proper discpargo of .ortr, &sties,. and wo
are perfectly willing to stand by tho verdict
of a Jury. .
Murderous Assault by Highwaymen.
On Baiturday 404-between twelve and ono
o'ciocki,lite, attention or. officer. Sobaston, of
the /Sight was , celled todid fad that a
, .
0 ). mm iris in dm vicinity of the , liand
street bridge, with bas headrest and bleeding
andjitticelY able to speak.. The man was
?adornlied ky the dicer as Mr. Thomas Ratd.
gas, tAI! well knoWn:ship agent. :He wasoon
rayed to the Mayor's office, and,Dr. Murdoch ,
was called tdic es tals iajaries. His heed pro
. _
ranted a frightful appaaralice. Apiece of tbe
scalp, about the size of a sliver dollar, had
been cut out pear the mown. and,the entire
back portion' of the scalp, from ear to ear,
• weevils- open, as if by repeated blows from
some heavy, bliint instrument. Mr. Rettig=
lay, for the moot part, insensible ; but he had
lucid intenrals,...du ri ng which he stated that he
hadim On attacked by foar mon who attempted
to rob him. fie foughtthree °Ahem, and kept
em. off fora while, when the fourth, struck
- he bead with en iron bar, kaoekod
arid beat:lim natal:to : became . .
•• 0 WaSSIOL asked whatatammt of
he with-hire.%
o'clock in the .111002121101.1.)rasitin
i ray 'Ms Ptica,'Hei..l97ltesSca Street,
Eletol2. .'Nara eglony. His family were
very much tined to hear Aust . he was in
the city, as • an had called at. the home,
daring the previous orating and stated that
Mr:Rettig= had gone to W heeling, on bust.
• ness;end would' not be at home for a day ar
two. rrom this it wan evident that • plot
had been laid byperoons whors:re watching hie
movements, to rob him. Ile - •continued quite
ill until Sunday evenbigorhert.his sensibility
• returned, and.he is now in Saab. way of reeve
cry. Tito assault is ono of the most daringand
outrageous wo have over teen called upon to
report, and, takes in connection with similar
outrages recently perpetrated, proies the oi
1, latent* in our midst of a regularly organised
r band of highwaymen, who' will not stop at
murder to accomplish their ends. Here is
work fur the police to dd. Let 'them give up
electioneering for a day or two, and corn their
attention to ierretting w otit atn.. trators of
these outrages. Until this is- 'e, no citizen
'y can oonaider himself enfe.innither kiss-posson ,
.4 Homo persons,. eisentated , si Tiara - a to the
li effect that this assault way COMMittadOn . th e
footwalk of the Hind - street bridge, bat
Biomass. Thomas- BreKee.and,Tobswesumlish,
the night watelunen On the bridge deny that it
A took place these. . They assert that curb a
1 strugglecould not have mussed there without
: their, knowledge, and - we third: they are roe
met in this.
Another Railroad . Collision.--Engineer '
4 Severely and Brakeman Difortally •
Injured—Locomotive* - Damaged. 1
~ . A serious collision *mired on the Pitts
: i burgh Port. Wayne and Chicago Railway, at .
' three o'clock on •liaturday: :morning teat, at '
_ ~
Franklin station, Seronteeniniles east of Alll
- 1 intro. ' The express traln,'Which left this city
at one o'clockB . atordaj morning, was proceed
'' ing atthensual iate . of snood, And was :mar
l- „ t;76MI .GI: . ....
y ing the - aleing'sstation, • arhare in ' _
; • enters; belied freight training awaiting the
_,.'Pa43*•••ef tkii...kpresir. , .The freight 'train -
was in its propel planeion' the siding; hit the
' switch-bonier- had "flanfortunstali left the '
switch so.that it throw _the,... which
was running 'at the rate of thirty-five or forty
1 miles an hottr,, tipon'the , siding. 4 1'A terrible
..!.!;• 0-Anat.:or wee the conieq' tenet. The engineer "
‘',:., • of the septets/Re Theodbre Gray, finding a
• crash' inevitable, jumped Gem the au
, gine, crying. nut to the fireman tp save
` l l himself. The can s engine was driven
;• _ . against ''.- the , ''' - re r c e o l metire of ;the f reight
',..1. train link ' . .gr!ntif: - gree d ' - Ind] .-. was
: I smashed into pierc e.,... Ile freight engine was
:..Y also hiviiidatnage
. 1d;-: The , ears' in the pea
•"" selves train were Jammed up by the conons
, s loe, nrat couild'orablj broken. "bli. Gray was
, /sincerely bikers d biltimPlag horn the tra1e.......,
1 ; v roceiviag an nglywound. en the head...another •
•:, an the face, And apaleful isearatioe of °nook '
',4, !his knees. 4 ' The Iranian, remained on. the an,
r gine, and'escsped: with" it few.slight. bruloes.
, Goa of the'brakasiton, gr:Rfigh McNeill, is.
l. roported to hare been - mortally injured. Be'
I; e was standing ea the platformet the tlmeiand
was crashed betweenthe two'ears' when the
crash mune.' Mr. 'pray,'although severely :
'. L
hurt; bobbled along to - the „snaked engine,
and waelelphig, to pat the Ire out when be
swanned and fell; lie was then Carried away
and placed underltrestavnt, and during the
day he, wee broaglit up, on one of the trains
;: . ea& soureject to,hisiesidence on .Westera
Amu/Allegheny, where he is getting along •
'., well: 31r..31.21e111 was so badly inlared.that
ho could amt- be removed. - Pe has a wife and
t , eight ehildien residing hare. Roue of the
": 1 paseezmarserueoricesly Injured,-excepting a,
•.; i lady Smut :Rim Aare, who "wee we her way
. ' west.. Sbe was tot ableto 'contintia her Jour--
noy, tent, her" Inliztes 'Veen. not regarded as
= dangerotti."3*Realit teat the 'wind...tender, '
;.•, 4 - whose negligence . caused this volideati:had, l
' „ keen -: diseharged from the ierriatiof 'the eons.:
,•' • ; pany, *bent: six ,yoars ago, for a dud* me
get of dritatidthichabhd been ritinatatil
4; vii eo.
Iltannit:DaavreoThe Miltiletoin Feyitser.
al's that Rnotui, interesting daughter of the
: Ger. 11:4•11." v iietcheri of that . lszough;tmed
"i • about. 16..jreirs,
tail dead .4itheps.
Tuesday awning of‘litit' week. She 'retired
to bed the evening previtras ja her usual good
. health. Itlesapposedthatihe had a spasm
daring the eigaht and turning over upon her
face amotinitedAo = vciesth.,lla -which' porltion
b She was lying , whee'dbecrirereil;llthr blood•
:1 upon bar:pillow'and utuelt:seollent..sibent the
n00k."... 'mai roixtqiu thezapraing the war
.1. ; still_erarM.." ' • . ,
Regi m ent
- .*rx•Gouniso..Tsocia:—The. • eth
Rogiment , of-tinited-States:Geloriatireops,'
from Cates . Delaware, : phio,,'artiver,iii this
... A ear cm Ew* vs, L itt sere* o'elock sad,
' '. 3 .• • left .imon'*.fter for;;lfortreat Ittionroe. , "They
• '''''-y• wu mberial,:eight hundred `men; are". fully,
...# ar med,4nilcomnended by;white oligere, with .
•. ,-
c-I It'Col•*ltheir Med.'. They were Madly' „
. • recsived",bire,*lded.vrith a: good,
• -•"• - substaatia-'Weal, by -the; Sabristmiell Pow
flcsinhl Pt#llatiliOn'Ancouc.—Tb4;tiztfs
-, annual imbilisdionlOf" Arviar'i jratienigh Al. i - *wag j u uk-appeared: 'lt is ealindetedend ed. .
',..• jug -.11--pigeford 0. ;Dill, , Ilsi.,_ and 'may =be
. obtained : from 'the publisher ' , fenny 4.114 01 :v
;"1.4 11 and 4 l3' Fifth" static L-- .Ihicephscene4 ,:
liticieMnixosAinal Coburgo. low prim,
'....;,' at J._•-Fitieles, , ,ingtipt, 10.13. 4RL:ea& 'Fifth ,
iitraetsr , .:- •' •' ' ,-; 4 :1';' • • • ' "-- -•- -:\ ~ _ - . .
... 1-- - -,'"'"'"---- - al.l Pinola
't —.000020°45-31.2101"!filili '
. .
, ',.r.:Kf4: - 4
..-„,..---,..r..,.... ,_. -..
.::',-'''.." ....'' ' '''' ' ' - '; - • - ; ; ;; . '''''' - ' l:. t'
.". - !:-1 5 f . ,:.:;;;•:'.i.' - `_ - : -; ,:.:`.-;. -.-
r2~ >,S
t ~:'1
~: :1
r =
, 1 C ., "~
~. s
pistei otbisiiiiind Fifth stneti.
:r-; ,c
~.:;. .~
• .
• . •• •
- ,
• ..••• ,
Th!i4:4MAin . istaiti Etr.ltement
Thiclevllid.MerA of Baturdentscaarks
that the alleged conspiracy, hitched or hatch
in Csatidis, -his not the eitent which
rumor gives to it , yet there is sufficient sauce
for putting the frontier: on. the alert. It
'Says: it Gin. Breaks, who bai been stationed
at Pittsburgh, came on Thursday afternoon,
by_ epeeist engine and car , from Pittsburgh to
this city, and passedon by special engine and
ear to Erii, to be stationed at that point. At
this city lairs have been no:aired to arm and
previdethe 12th Cavell.* af Camp Cleveland,
and the Mayor, we understand, baring re,
calved a dispat ch from the Secretary of War
similar to the one to the Mayor of Buffalo,
which we have by telegraph, has taken meas
ure, to rally our city tegiment at a moment',
notice. We , iuld improvise a steam navy in
the Lake very soon, provided we heal the tools
with which to provide it. We understand a
steamer at Detroit has been fitted oat to patrol
the Lake, and we presume other means will
be iminidiately taken to catch the rebel craft
if any snob is yet afloat."
Verdict in the Murder Case.
At five o'clock, Saturday evening, the
Judgesof the Oyer and Terminer met for the
purpose of receiving the verdict of the jury in
the case James Stapleton, triad for the mar
darn( Mary Burke. Judge Mellon was still
absent, bat there being no objections made,'
the iardietvras, taken by Judges Sterrett and
Brown. The verdict was as folloers : "We
And the defendant, James Stepleton, guilty of
Murder In the ascend degree, and we recom
mend him to the extreme mercy of the Court."
The prisoner, previous to the rendition of the
verdict, appeared to be quite hopeful, as
though he anticlpated an acquittal, but the
announcement of the verdict by the clerk did
not seem to surprise or disturb him. The
jury was then discharged, with the thanks of
the Court, and the prisoner was remanded for
Iticrnis Anarsren.--Liout. Berns, brand
Corps, en Wednesday arrived in Rending,
having in charge twenty-four men, oharged
With being — lmulleated in the recent riotous
proe!.adingt in Carbon county, in which two
men were killed, is is alleged, for havingbar
bored 'soldiers in pursuit of deserters from
the trailed States serf-ire. They have been
'handed aver to Meier General Sigel, who will
dispose of them according to their merits.
, Ryan EDITOIC To nit Bnor.- Capt. William
P. Gordon, fOrnierlY editor of a paper in Par
kersburg, and editor .of • -the Clarksburg
-Register when the • rebellion broke ont,hts
hien tried •at Baltimore, ty a court martial,
and senteneed to be shot u a spy. Ire was.
arrested Lulfarriaon county, W. V., st few
weeki sate, while hanging about our camps
in dhignite. The President has not yet ap
proved the sentence. .
COL. Dars'ei Civaiir.—The regiment of
envah7 tirade, commend of Lieut. Col. B. C.
Dale, and stationed at Uniontown, arrived to
the cityyelterday, tu3der orders front Gen.
Brooke. It was the intention to dispatch thu
peirrig te tt h e e n an o t t n e p r a u ter rrontaJ"elLtoin re
land, bet we believe the order has been coan
termanded, end the regiment wilt return to
CLOSIIIG OCR Carpets, OR Clothe wad Rags
it tint eott ird J. Piestzdes, corner of Grant and
Fifth streets:
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Fox Fait dap WurrmeWeaa..—The tent
mer is put, and by the montleg's (meow*
begin teeppmhend, that all tad winter will
thorny be appn nsiend wentutt provide ,cer
selves with the material, to, keep us aonSert
abl~ Ai fell wait, nr , &good and well
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corner of Federal street and Diamond Square,
Alleghnoy.. They here -also reetired a com
plete anortmomt of gentlemen's tarnishing
gdods, and a groat variety of new patterns for
esboinliifsiiar aslatuasnslitszsza Goose,
just received at Slung Graben kCo.'s, 'Mer
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fieuvrt Gasusu k Co.;
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ilexuat azo. licaszausts.
Joan Itzeinien ann Exam roe
fine amordzient of Fat and Winter Clothing,
lately received by blesses. John' Wier k Co.,
MereheMTailors, 'o. lid rederal street, Al
legheny. The stoek..ol clothing consists of
tba Gnat- minty of gents' pantaloons, rest:,
"Mite and cremate. The ore Of pato= 19
-Wren] and ['Womble. We would Invite
allot oitr readers to eve the above gentlemen
To Snow to TO
. ..4 . ..rriurrz. 7 l3ov. George
Hew Liam Greenport L. L, writes : "Yen are
stillborn to use coy maw, ff you think lov
er: air a reeenunendation7 - both of Mn.a B. A.
Zylobalssunuralind.World's Hair Re
storer fee , restoring - the hair. Theft virtue
should not be 'hidden under • bushel."'
Sold brdmggists evenwhero:
Depot UM Greenwich ltreet'Nuirirork.
• Ste►Lr~Poz has_alriady sackrilisod some el
our best and bravest troops. Soldiers listen
t 4 the voice of reuoo, supply yourselves with
Holloways Pills , and. Outtaketit. The Pills
purify rho blood'atid itrestherk thestomach,
while thi _Ointment removes all pain, and
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Pot.- • • - k • 231.
'Criftow, Jawntay. Bobarte r
Fißhatroat, Is now Opening the moot
&oleo Moak of dna Gold and faint Watches.,
Jewelry, Slur wait and Panay Gioodi aro
Alsplacd Wets city, and fa *las thaw at
'foam: bly low, whom
OnanitleandhatiTA*oalls:irill be talon at
the Thnalbia i5a.. , 410 , Penn wog, day
or night.' Allowdes daft it tha atom place
will btam s gtly?it.tandad calla mad
„, en . p e ep street. is
- ' . lininttrri, ...o. I t 11 , 4 b e l t :asap
I 'the=where you t o na ori t s tA l o P/501,
derattn 7 in tho eity-L,
ust.ok. , .
NoAbt I'="4.l4"""ar , .....- •,4' will at
. •
tend to a I Pen 'am. I. •
C.l6;Deglidi —n
hit refOsi”'
p katuglit
• grjEZlrril.
fO'P/'/S'E l / I MIC"! l i
'lt'll •
ef tbAl•Plttitnugh taiite;llfr. grtrrom
'. Tan OffendayylviniaNO,
.bepreeolo. the. eamiii at-.
lsal*b p i Sefton.
Ella."" : " - •-• - ••• ; ri' - 77 :;---AE A V,=•
Tbiragatatsa Fill 411 appear.
• - !ROAX-.0-.IIOIIIC. -
. Seca.
our Cu Tatols4r, ti 4 7iinsdarPl Arttste, 11%12.
COLLISTER.:dc7 BAElf l .lVli . olerale
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In nu city; irtsiti titry 1137 flablf eM,iris
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_ r -r l laitiltMttrB, 1-
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: • iyan.' • , for ale e
irrtl row.% .WY :Y:...- kV..
Special IH.p►tcb to.the Pittsburgh Guetts.
• WAIIIIEFOTOIri Nov. 14, 1803
On board one of the tioekade runner, whose
eastern was rectintly announced in those dis
patches, were certain important official com
munications from their agents in Europe to
the rebel authorities Richmond. Among
them are some letters of Mason's, fixing the
complicity of the Lord Mayor of London with
the blockade running in au official way, the
letters showing in detail negotiations with
parties in London for ship-building, import,-
lag contraband of war, &a Two long and
important letters from Edwin De Leon, rebel
agent at Path—one to Benjamin, the other
to Jeff. Davis—were among the communism,
Lions. From the letter to Benjamin, we ex
tract the following
"The greatest recoil of Mason's withdrawal
boa been against Lord John Russell person
ally. His speech is apologetic, and vindica
tory of his own course. it is the reply to
your :challenge, and it proves that he will
persist In his policy to the bitter end, and is
ready to overstep the law in order to avoid
offense to the Washington Government. The
delivery of this speech is too recent to permit
me to Inform you of the English sentiment in
relation to it. The conlibentary of the Meer
will show that even that 068*p:wenn echo of
the ministry does not accept and reiterate-
Lord Russell's views without protest, and
should he renture to carry into execution the
threats he has made of violating tbe law and
asking for a bill of indemnity from Parlia
ment, the experiment may cost him his
place. The sympathy of the British people
for us is growing stronger ever] day, and in
'the same ratio as their antipathy for the Yan
kees hasten on and increase these favorable
!dispositions. I have caused various pi:Mica-
Sons to be matte In England on the topics of
cotton, slavery, thecath of allegiance, F•deral
fabrications,and kePt'op a running fire through
the English press."
Tho sumo letter dilates on our alleged ex
portation of recruits for our armies from Ire
and. It sap:
"After the disposal of the Roebuck mo
tion the rapid increase of the tir Jed States
recruitments in Ireland, attracted much at
traction, and I denied It adrisible to visit
that country to see if anything could be done
to check it. During three weeks residence,
chiefly in Dublin, with a visit to Belfast, in
the north of Ireland, I imectsaded inunmasklng
and exposing tho • enemi's battery, and en
listed the aid of some powerful auxiliaries In
the press and the pulpit to Opp this cruel and
cowardly crimpling of recruits under the pre
text of employment, on Northern Railroads.'
Many know the real pa tare of the service
required of them, but many more were en
trapped by the promise of high wages, their
contracts oonteining a clause that they would
tab the preliminary oath of renunciation
On their arrival In America. This at once
would make them subjcet to the draft. The -
number of actual recruits thus obtained from
Ireland for the past year, up to August, can
not have exceeded 20,000 able ,bodied man,
but we bore their nets will pot hold. No
step has been or will be taken by the British
Government to stop this wholesale diportlon,
for two reasons : First. From the difficulty
of proof- of setum,l enlistment. Second. Be
cause of tho unwillingness of Lard Bothell to
around thn'estaceptibillties of Xi., Seward, of
witoas,cond44 ‘ tloelmstao.cemplaisd lean.
- The‘Pieta,llie Fiesta and public opinion may
supply the short comings of the Government.
In this respect at least, the attempt Is making
in France."
TA referring to the Mexican and Polish
qaeition, he says : "'The Polish question and
the Mexican entirely obscure ours, in which
the Frenchmen have really felt but little
interest. The sympathy at fret felt far the
Pederalehai been forfeited by . their brutality
and insolence. A kind of vague admonition
for the heroism of our people has succeeded,
bat not lively enough to prompt any
action, nor give es any reasonable
hope of ii. The withdrawal of Mr.
Mason from London, makes the Empe
ror more than ever master of the eituatian.
The only rivalry he feared being this with.
draaraL lie can amine as- with a Mexican
alliance in lieu of more practical intervention,
in the belief that we WWI rentirMo lobe very
grateful for very email fa+rs. ;Ire i thec. the
British Parliament nor thel,Erenett. Beaubrau,
will meet until Fehriary neii, and until then
the game Is entimiyin ttli own hands—Bari
Baasell's rpecch having relieved his
. mlO of
any change in England's inactivity. • I
yl:v.4 hope that the intentions of the Empe
ror may be mere practical, but I Can -only
jade by the lights before me; •
I remain very sincerely,
Lewis Ds Leos."
The same person in a long I private letter to
'Jeff. Davis himself, after complaining of the
intitneis of the men who so eurround Davis,
and espeeially of thossileke manage the dips,
Lomatie strain of the rebellion, goes on to my :
"The radical democracy which levels down
Instead of grading up, seems almost as, strong
with no ate with the North, though not to such
repulsive * Shapes, and alter the war is over, we
shall hare to fight the same old foe, with a
Gen face. I may seem to speak bitterly, but
I leo on this side so much pitiful 'self seeking,
and worthless greed in the swarm of specula
'tors and blockade breakers, and swaggering
ibuffters from danger, whci coil themselves
confederates, that my aout sickens-as I con
template 'haft:tare."
After some general statements about the .
English and French feeling concerning them,
he says :"I am not a prophet end may de
ceived, but as far as I know and CUM tee, there
has been, and Is to-day, as little real intention
of a speedy reeogeltion by Fran°e as by Eng
land. That we may be made spawn to the
Meileen business, I think very probable. But
the detoctod intrigues In Texas, MI. 211140.
man's denunciation of •which as Intercepted
and published in the New York and English
papers, do not inspire cerafidence• in
that very astnis , gentleman, who is
nose on arbiter of ' Southern and Mexi-
Can destinies.' :raga Boit, who •ir bore now,
intirely•coneure in my views, and ha adds
further that .Dayton declares he has never
heard 'any eo plaint frOm Washington ra
prding Fran intervention in Mexico. If
'Seward, therefore, acknowledges Maaimillian
13esperor, the ground'on
t racts one action
'cams to have been predict is cut away (rem
under oar feet and should Seward snake •
protest—for he cannot, meditates war - with'
Franee—we wil still be held aa a pawn and
tars the shadow of a favor, while cur enemy
enjoys the aubstance of non-intervention."
Hi then moatcis to suggest to Mr. Davis'
that the fabolTreusitry mist keel; him WWI ,
tuppled in cement finks, andeaplainothas t,
Sqrance Waite nieneylitinilly,and not firer. %
, , .
&Bray. Theyarall pall and ii,l).ts ntgateermry
each than thaEnitith, and xamzet bay geld
'en. oidnierui of them,llat,aU, fhlohmaatha
secret of, Di. i C*44:l/ ingeess." . - - .
;_The' iixtiieti an . bition' ithiiiii tria.ths
~"a. tai.
~r.S,~Sj. '"~~ 1 .~.,~
- • - -
ori,Vaals 6 W 24 to XaviDepaziakent.
Ths hill text
s t hs.spesdl
ly published- ..."
I The Richmond rapine, of 'last Wed.ecs
day, contained the following leading editorial
“The people and army cf tte Confederate
States have been so much eomr hunted Upon
the prowess and gallantry of their arms, and
so much flattered earn what has been accom
plished, that they have loot sight of the fact
that more surrenders have been mode by their
armies than by the armies of any other ration.
What nation In three years of war ever low
ered their flag eleven times in surrender?
There has been eleven Confederate maunders
since this war began—near Rich Mountain,
at Hatteras, at Island No. 10, at Port Hoary,
at Fort Donahoe, Roanoke ',dud, Fort Phil
lips, Jackson, at Arkansas Post, at Vicks
burg, et Port Hudson, at Cumberland Gap,
and then there has not been an instance
of puniahment In this long list of
diluters, but on the contrary promotion
has is some instazioes been followed swiftly
upon the surrender. If the history of this
war will show as muck gallantry In the fight
ing ea that of any other war, {V will aloe ex
hibit more surrenders than ever betel the
erns of any other nation, during the ,
same period of time, and we cannot I
point to a Londonderry or a Genoa, to
effect this long catalogue of unsueeessful
elope. If our people cannot understand why
European nations hesitate. to recognize our
nationality, perhaps they may find the cause
in the Diet that the flag which we seek to mg-
ister among the nations of the earth, though
often crowned with glorious victory, has un
fortunately been lowered Very often in unmit
igated disgrace, and so long as foreign na
tions aro sarrenders so compluently made,
and promotion often followitig them, they are
uncertain whether come steamer may not'l
bring the new, of our unconditional eurren
dor to the terms of the enemy. We do not
mean to intimate that all of these surrender*
were equally disgraceful, but we do say that
no one of them conferred any honor upon the
arms of the Confederate States. 'AI many of
them gallant Oghting was done. At Vicki
burg, Port Hudson, Donaldson and Roanoke
Island, there was not wanting tuatara* of
great gallantry, but to none of them can we
point with pride of Spaniard, French and
English, at places made glorious by the ola
stinancy and endurance of their defense.
The surprise of Kellyeeille, Brandy Station,
Williamsport, Bristow Station, and now the
late disaster oath' Rappahannock, show how
leniency lo the first dfrelletion of duty may
entail continued and repeated disasters, and
carelessness inflict lasting disgrace upon the
army, nothwithstandmg the gallantry of the
Army of Northern Virginia. Something is
wanting to correct and prevent these frequent
affairs. It has net yet transpired where the
brigades of note and Hays wore when the
enemy pounced upon than. It is net yet
stated how they came to be so eanpletely
isolated from the main body or the army that
they oonld not be reinforced, though tie fight
is represented to have lasted, without Inter
mission, from two o'clock in the after,* or
tiU dark. Naseeplanation has been made
why reinforcements were sot sent to their
rescue, nor are we Informed hew these two
small brigades came to be than exposed, in
viting almost their capture or annihilation.
We hope there are good sufficient reasons for
those strange cirenmstances, and that General I
Lee will, upon Investigation, b. eatistied that
his two brigades were lost in one of the ordi
nary eventualities of was, which no vigilance
am prevent, and no activity remedy. Su
prises are morn injurious to military prestige
and more destructive to men and material,
than defeat in regular battle, add as they
are eerily prevented, the pincer who suGers
himself to be surprised and pounced upon- so
Suddenly, deserves the severest punishment.
The Amu of Gen. Bragg has lately suffered
greatly from a surprise, by which an Import
ant position was gained by the- enemy,and
one which, it is feared, may neutralise
much of the advantage pined by the
battle of Chickamauga. Richmond papers
also publish ;in full the correspondence
between their Commissioner of Exchange and
ours, which resulted in the breaking off of
exchanges. It is quite sharp and eat ales In
numerous disputes as to the matter of fact
and Is considered by the rebel commissioner
in a long letter, of which the following are
the closing paragraphs. "Not content with
all the mlstatements of facts which I have
cited, you have in your letter of the .9th
descended to malignant and wanton assert ens
of motives of the confederate antlenities. In •
making propoule contained in my letter of
the 90th yea were asked to agree that all
officers and men on both sides should
be released. The excess, On one side
or the other to be on parole. It would
have boa injustice jousugh to the
maay thousands of your prisoners in our
ands, end to those of nun in year custody,
*imply to have delivered the proposal, but
you hove thought proper to add to your re
fusal, gratuitous insult to the Confederate
States of lutimating that their fair and hon
est offer was made for i the purpose of putting
into the field officers andmen fraudulently ex
changed. This calumny Le as &asthma of
fotindaUod in feet as tt is despicable in spirit.
In conansion lot tee tell you that the purpose
.of your letter is apparent. It bee been well
knuen for a long time that your astborities
are Opposed Le a fair and terrier exchange of
prisoners under the cartel. In rejecting my
propesitioa you have endeavored to ounces
under a cloud of ?ague elthigasjendunformsded
statements, the detruselnation at - which year
government tontines"Why not soy
without any (tether eithterfaget, that you
have reaehed.the conclusion that our Ohio,
and men, as soldiers, are mere valuable than
yours. Reepeethdle plum, -
Th 9 Riehi2bid'ituatimer of Utit 9th says
~.0 wee vs - ported that Oen. Whole had been
dbrutruudv defeated near Lewisburg, Va.,
Two whole brigades of . ihe army of North
Virginia were captured on Saturday. We
learned this not u sooner, but es a fact, from
snobs source that we cannot question its so
-ennui. We could not learn whose brigades
thepre)e, not even whether they were cav
alry or infantry."
• Ivabsrg, Ito,. special. cones.
pendent, at Lynchburg. Va., gives the - par ,
Seders of the late tight, 20 miles west of
Lewisburg. Floe thoonnd Yankees under
Audit, who came' from - Beverly, atte..i , ked
Johnson, when the latter fallback to the point
tamed and wujeinedbylehols, and a severe
fight ensued. Our loss wee heavy. We lost
ono piece of artillery. and saved our wagons.
Gen. Belie r bearing that a farce, opposed to
be under Suranton, was approaching. from
Renawha to eat him;off, - fell bad toward Belt
Pond Mountain, and passed Ibrough Lewis
bougon Belday evening. The force expected
from Kanawha arrived there the next,
lag: • .
Jod, Davi' boo rota:nod to Itlebouoad, but
the 01:114015, coaled for by the Rtolatiostil
papers, did bat corm oti, WU to the !Attica
of the how: Tho goolidoe" tbst: be bit
dottibtod to Mill fora Court or Atittiri id Abe
Cu. of. Qui. Polk, isit- Lai -iulguti
I,ll2rpc:rtiutt iolustututt. • ;1`:
• .-: attain Irwin; Lm iitaa
list evil-44/1a the Pfeil-
Bar*, its one
ceelock ihit morning. They clop in Philadel
pla till Monday, and then proceed to Provi
dence, Rhode Inland, accompanied by the
following bridal party: the bridatmeids—
Miss Nettie ,Chase, bibs Spinner and Miss
iiiehob. The theoseeeeetit—Major Baldwin
and Captains Haven and Ivis,and the follow
ing from Rhoda Island: Mrd. F. Sprague,
Mee A. Sprague, Mies d Sprague, Kiss Susan
Sprague, Mies A. Rice, Mrs. L. D. Prate,
Misses Palmer and Fisher, and Messrs. A.
Gardner and C. D. Jillson. The departure
and Jouruoy true conducted oniony, and
publicity avoided at much aa posbible.
WAEIIIINOTON Orli', soy. 15th, 1863
Some of Ocn. Curtis' frienAs here state that
the President has been recently investigating
his cue, and eLtim that, u the result of the
evidence laid before him, ho has been con
vinced that Oen. Curtis wu entirely innocent
of the charges bronghtegainst him in McDow
ell'. Cotton Speculation Investigation Court,
and will, in all probability, manifest his con
viction of hi, innocence on the Ant opportu
nity that may arise, by giving him a now
Now Yorkers state that tho result of the Lu
ta:me warfare no* rowing to the Now York
Custom House, will be at lead two libel salts,
which will to prosecuted with romarkable bit
terness, and to m.eke derelopiients as to t7te
procurement of aontrasu and tho like, that
will possess 10640 lamest.
Chief of Signal Corp, L squelched and or
dered to Memphis, to report thence by letter
to the Adjutant General of the Arsny. The
War Department seems to he acting on the
principle of ordering West all beads or
bureaus whom It waits to get tid of It has
already out there Adjutant General Thomas,
Settetod• General Hammond, Quartermaster
General Help, and Commissary General Tay
lor, and, every indioatioe here is, that two or
three more will Speedily follow them.
The Treasury Department will not, proba
bly, ask for muob legislation this winter.
The hit Congress gave the Secretary author
ity to borrow nine hundred millions of dol
ars. Of this amount he has only lased the
fifty millions recently negotiated through the
N. Y. Ranks. Ten millions more of this have
Jut been drawn. leaving twelve and a half
millions yet to be drawn.
Applications from the wires of soldiers,
made to the Land °Mee, cannot he rewired,
as by the provisions of the Act persons ars
required to make &timed= in person. Leg
islation will probably be. had on the subject
doting the next session.
The Navy Department eatimates for next
year am about one hundred millions, forty
millions more than Last year. Tho estimates
presented from all the Departments, to the
Secretary of the Treasury, ore about twelve
hundred millions.
, 1
RGE ,anus 3.
The largest payments a er made at the
Treasury, in any one day, in the history of
the nation, were made last Thursday, when
over twenty fire millions of dollar, were paid
The Itoriden eeeme to be thought a bards
not to crack than the Itappatiannook. More
troops are called for, and melnitinie the army
anite. Practically, all interrst o NMI con
mattered at Chattanooga.
New Natlonal Bulks h,ra
at Hlntyra, Nave York, Soul.
and Chillicothe and Carding
Tbelp State Treasure
bas beet hare - for a fee da
Second Lint. S. D. Doyle
Igap, has been &trained ft.
disobedience of orden.
- Jobe Row, Chief the Cherokees, arid others
of tho 'tribe, aro hen to consult with CUM
MilliolloT Dale.
Gsnendl.Meade is tows
Southern New..
FORTUSS MONVIII, Nor. 14.—The Rich
mond Xemstiswe, of Noy. 11th, say 4 Thomas
Whit*, proprietor of the Ablngdnst House,
was shot sad mortally wounded, in s diEcnity
with Colonel Clarence Prentiss.
Raleigh, N. C, Noe. B.—Weldon ailvices
state that ton Yankee gunboats arrived at
Covington on Priihey, filled with troops. It
is thought that another fere*, from Newham:,
of ;000 cavalry end 15 pieces of artillery is
desisnoil for the rem. point. An adequate
forecloui been sent to chock them.
Jet Davis arrived*, Richmond ['tithe Bth.
Tee &nearer Is mach exerchied at the matt
of the North Carolina election, whi;h ham
sent one or two peace men to Congress.
'De Richmood - papets say that the Yankee
primers are soon to' he sent to Danville,
Lynchburg, and other places.
The Richmond 1r wiser,. after giving a
statement of the capture of two of their bri
gades, ley" It is believed that Lee expected
Meade to advance, but was not prepared for
se early and vigototu an attack. It now ap
pears that - Meade eaa• Adriatic:a u quickly ea
he retreats: The. Apiirer demands lb* dis-
Mllltal from there army the Brigadier who
commanded the. captured brigades
. for their
The Enquirer, of the 10th, says that there Is
no material change at Charleston, The Yan
kees keep up • eradiate:rim tro day and night,
but with little Mai and conada nee leas strong
in Charleston as ever.
Charhuton corretponden of &Georgia pa
par nays that -:ehtuddAh• Hank., try the
strength of our land tames they would get the
whist thrashing an army ever received. Belay
day adds to oar aliength, while it lessens
. - •
A MAI eortespondsut write • the Atlanta
fetelligeseer, from Missionary Rides, that out
extreme right now occupies Louden', which
vas as the command of the Tennessee river
that point, brincing our force" within 23
•• Hu of Knoxville. mportant movements are
espoeted in that direction. The rebels OTOCII
- their fortifications at London on our ap
The Evistiaer' states that live pieces of
cannon ate now planted in position, beating
cot the prisoners at Bella Isle and any demon
stration to overpower the gu ard, will remit in
thinning out their numbers *.buzingly.
Rebel papers contain , the following die-
Fatah : •
Narrow, mar IhMies, Noe. B.—Our cavalry
Yisterday, expected at Rogeruille t 850 pris
oner*, 4 cannon, 3 stands of 401011,60 widens.
and 1000 011i0401/. Our lou was 2 killed and
8 wounded. (Mined-)
R. Rsasox, Ida). Oensral.
Ant Your, N'oir.l3.--The Richmond Flo
goiter, of the nth, sape Aibdortaments nn
der Gen. Imbodes, mat:the retreating troops
ofv2en. F.ehols near Sweet •Apring, in Monroe
county, Va 4 some fbrty miles from,Christisa
burg, the nearest point oa the Virginia and
Tennessee railroad, d ebecked •the farther
advance of Gon..•Ar :ill's Yankees. More
fighting was expecte before she latter would
relintptilb their design of dertroying the rail
Tb. esv' -vaati.• P.Mtliteill by the
Frederic] por
dote of mini, 18
miles fro /dead, it
rapidly > n where
the decis lea
• Mar
• Itator to!day,.
pured ti
chunks that •tif
the,whita truer*
frppdtlong c Mis Mot. Roux rue,. Aci4
to 0 100 3 eir Ter , .dt , 4lilirai
but tio action taken
BollntT Or.~p;'
a~l~w. ~n..'."~Ni f.. ~1. ~ s7a _ t via~i`.+ ,:_"~k
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I The Steamer !Mgt . Slde
Desteare4.- by: Plre.:Thfrteexr Lbw
CVO, Noe, I.l.—The-kremphl, ;offetkr, of
1 the 12th, gio.r ea al of the Operations
of the MattlisloPl Marine lizigude, whfih .
present is under the command of Cel..Cntry.
Three rebel reallc-wirre captured Veinal,.
The Ent was exchteirely Texas; Mond
to Richmond. Sontainsedvalnable informs
tioe. The haltr:firolut'Richmond, contained
Important dectiments andletterr. One St the
latter was kom Jeff. Darii;iii reply to cot
tons purees, Liking their opinion es to the
propriety end expediency of empowering
hands to destroy "tesiminste.. He says he
sees no objection to the plan, and con
• strum the ad of the rebel Congress
to authorize the formation of bond.
for nett purpose. The bilged* his been
quite active isteljent-keeping the enemy at a
respectable distance from tho river. A party
is now In pursuit of Montgomery's guerrillas,
who recently burnt the steamer Allen Collier,
with good motpcet of success. Col. Curry
captured nearly a million and s half dopers
of Confederate money, and fifty ' , ateliers
during the past month. The brigade polo its
own way, ruts Its road and forages en the
enemy. Gen. John A. Ellett, who has - been
North some time past, soon resumes eommusii
of the brigade, and under circumstancee which
"am the best portable resulte.
The staamot Glasgow, from Memphis on the
14th, brings the painful intelligence of the
burning of the steamer Sunny Side, about
flee o'slock yesterday minting, opposite
island No. 16, twenty-eight miles below 'trw
Madrid. She had a large passenger list and
heavy freight. Among the tatter were 1,380
bale, of cotton, which, with the boat, was
totally destroyed. The Wet took tae from
the sparks of the chimney, igniting Mention.
The boat ran ashore, and the engines hisprin
motion to keep her to the bank.: The *site
from the boat being insufficientmany at tbe
wiener' were obliged to jump overheard,
biTOTIIi of whom were drowned. The 'scene
is deeeribed as mmetarrible. Of the thirteen
female passengers only four escaped. Of the
eight children, six were lost. Abbot thirty
persons in all were &owned or bunted: Atclopg,
the last were Mr. Boyd. wife and child, of
Memphis , sister . of Major Roswell, wife of
an army Surgeon, name unknown, Mai, Tan
Boren, daughter of Mottleof Detroit; •kr..ix 1
Blake, Mr. George Cox and ' child, Mrs. ties=
well and. two children, Mr. J. Pose, Mrs.
Etrong, John Powers, fireman, font deck
hands, names unknown, negro women; be
longing to Major Brooks. The money of this
boat was lost. The Glasgow brought the star,
rivers here, the most of whom bsteverything
they possessed.
}ULTIMO/a, Nor.l:l.—A gentleman who or
rired in this city, to-day, direct from Char
leston Bar, expresses peat. confidence in the
progretv• of new going on there,
and predicts the capture of the Fort in a few
days. .
New Teen, Nor. 15.—The Baltimore Awes.
icon correspondence, froin Charleston harbor,
of the 11th, rays: The monitors Montauk
and Pe isle had returned from Port Royal,
fully paired. The gunboat Nyplilse had
arrived The bombardment of Fort Sumter,
gees o without unusual Incident.. The rebel
tire . not serious. The re...r.lha Patapsco
recent' threw lire shells into Battery Doe
comps g the rebels to desert their guns for
• time. -
Gen. Ilmors recently threw three ordinary
shells • to the centre of Charleeton to try the
range ( his ram The conespondent pre
sumes, bewares that Charleston will not be
shelled till the monitors are in; position,
when is su rrender can be demanded accor
ding to all forms and usages at war. The
rebels are at least 2000 negro° a working on
the es en Balliran'e and Jonee
Island but many orthem will be found nee
lees wh n the great trial comas. The oorree
ponden m.neludes that the
.prospect of,_easy
and se seta results Were never more prem
ixing t an now, and indirectly refers to an ex
pert:De t recently made to full of sums that
the re 1 o bstructions no longer are to be
feared.. tot ing hie firm cot:Motion that we will
hale C &Heston or Its ruins between now and
NP•11=11. N.C., Nor. 10.—NrIqs, ( hZ:rt'l
Peck made a reconnolesance of the Cho wan
river, near the mouth of the illackwater, oa
the 6th, Ti!,, end'l3th With Commo dore'
Firmer and the Whitehead, Delaware, and
Al be was some 250 miles from New
born, It is pre - awned he was waling tha to. .
operation of Major General Foster, from Fort-,
fess Monroe. The rebels worecapprehensire
of some more upon Weidels, end they brunt
the bridge, over the Wieacuttt:iirer and other
principal. stream,.
Chas. Ifens7 Foster lifts recently rcharned
from an exhibition to Faigttatank.and ren r se-
MAYS counties, and brings a number of re
waits. He lbend_a strong talon fooling in
the region visited. This sectiehis rut 1.:. -
teciticl by the Federal &reel.
roar large steamer' engaged in running the
blockade of Wilmington; hare . bean captured
within the last three days. One was laden
with 30,00..Entiold riles, amtnnaition and
clothing. One was Leaded with salt pets and
lead, and the others arab assorted cargoes.
The original cost of one Tam $205,000. •
The State debtor North Carolina, amounting
to tipsier& of one million dollars, has been
entirely lignidated from the proceeds 'of
blockade runners, in which the State Octant
meat was largely engaged. •
Wastilsigton City Items.
been eitablisbed
Bend, Indiana,
1 ,
•o, Obin,
Air. Stone, who
hu rotarnogi
or d, let liicL
• • the service for
Weentsoroa, Nov. 14.—A 'pedal dispatch
to the Herald says : •
By the direction of the President of the
United States, Major Chas. - .L'initing, of the
United States Cavalry, is hereby dishonorably
dismissed the wale* tor - disloyalty, and for
using centemptumrs and disrespeetftil Fordo
against the President of the Uaito d states.
Major Generals Mende, Keeton and Pleas
anton and Brig . Gen. Kilpatrick arrived In
tont last lmight, It ast thist Gen.
Meade proposes, should the situation of affairs
• t the front admit, to attend the inauguration
o • he National Cemetery et Gettysburg. The
army wilt be represented on {hot oceanion by
a detachment from each girision Of thit array
engaged In that battle.
Considerable °scion:mit - has been ema
ciated hers In the motel circles by the die
eovety of forgeries of papaw:cis chocks to
considerable amount, by the young ton of -a
leading hanker of this City. Ilia father bac
advanced en amount equate the sum required
by the forger for one or. more paymasters, but
declines to go farther.
Orders Lev* been Issued to the common•
dente of the Navy Yards to reduce the labor
employed 'Nen per cent.
The Richmond Prbonere—Nonanated
for Mayor—.Non,Reportlng Conscripts
to be Arrested.
Nrsr Year, Nov. 14.—The Post:iv" that .
the Government has . authorised - Gen. Nell
Dew, at the Richmond prison to draw open
Meade for every article of:clothing need
ed by the UltiQA Prisoners.
Jasper „Boole way nominated for hinyorto
day by the Tetenutny• Democrats. • • ••
Non-reportiairdrafted I:ten are to be wrest
ed immediately, and the City is to be placard
ed with posters containing their names and
Hammon', Nov., of .
the 10th Countudiuut regiinent. who hos
been a prisoner at P.lohmond, was orobannad
on last Wedneediy. He says that rut' days
previous to .hialeaalnin the . 1 4 6 9 Pmtottats!
the officers '_ dally ; Cations Consisted:of, abut
one-third of r foetid of bran and water. .No
meat had been served for several days. It.
Hate!, the (WiAntarmostei, told the risen - era
wu not his failitl that he - bad moue trigiee
them; that hay be hod been unable to furdsh
anything whatever to-the prisoner! on Belle
Island, and that It wits with the greatest diffi
culty he could n't the smallest ripply of moat
for MD hospitals.
No Hope Ibr the Rebels In Europe...
swift Steatnete Anne Itloetide Ran.,
Etteners.....Preohni Khw, Golng td'
Canada. .
Nov 'rota; Nor. 14.-Tlio iteraN's *ash.
latton,dispateheaetate that iatpcateot foreign
rebel dispatches hid-bee° oapturedi-fapy Jo=
dleaang that the-ribelo :IWO no NV borfrtart'
T Nary Dopartnarnt tourlotelytaien rend:
Inv t iloninber of milt ; ihounere to the
i d ividion off Wilmlngtoti, and the re.
talk ilia captor", of three xileolatitititei . et
that t i ,0 0 . 114 4. 7 SPO..-# ll ol° t40, 1 :r
iben Hon n i lag, es ;
loofa there ,lii'rehttlog
an.qta tebil plot.l th!Oelathe Resultt, - •
, tt,
WOO , firellasui _ca4ua t .
;:toron. -Warn , Skr thi•
`Wal*lll4:4lsrita:vulmivid b - i•r; schainot
td•fity; and navigation will be interrupted
thitteby till the int of next week.
glop of Fort litonter.
From Newbern, N. C
I iiie;
. ,
TOPOTTO ' Now. IL—A. setession4iisirrie
1. day admits the ailase of the rebel plan. end
10111 : confedrosto government litted, ,, st
the 4tcaMer Benlee,"fromlVilmingion tell3l
ifax, with a cargo tv furnish funds. TKO - -
six-ofteers and 3000 men were to aye: olio . -
lead trials:4l44Mo. tti s' &Tirol roe dessert.
Their intenti On Weeo rorprise, the federal
garrison at •Toluoicti't laterl, liberate the
prisoners there and convey.. them* to 'Canals.
The orders were not to ~ r iolate. Aritish- neu
trality, only to moue 2,000 saftutble liwes
from mai wretched ritmrteta which were *-
signed to kill them by slow degrees.—
A Band of Rai3cri•Gaptared.
Hstrtnons, NOT. 15.—A dispatch to Glow
Schema from Go. H. P. Leawood, datcd
Drunonendtown, Eastern Shuns, Virginia,
Nov. 15th, reports that a small party of rcle.l
raiders landed on the Cbcsapeale Shall
yesterday, bat before they could get into
the intetior they were met and, captured
by the post guard. They belong to the gang
of the notorious Capt. Beane, of the. rebut
A winoini dlapateh says that (introf oareostl
valions fall in with Capt. Bailin and cap
bared him with his whole party,' amkiitint 6f
the commissioned Oki= gins nixtrmen. •
rum Nen - Or/cans—Thu Union Army
Concentrating at New Iberia... Gen.
Bank's !Carat Expedition,
Mt" OatEau, Nor. 6.—Tlio army in"thoi
Toche country is concentrating at New Iberia
and vicinity.
/lathing hot been heard from gen; Banta'.
nasal expedition. Its destination was probe
buy Brownville, which it is supposed will be
en easy, capture, in connection with . The
movements towards the eastern border of
CouteMP / aLe /"%zi/'`g'
gr: Lours, Nov. 14.--Sirocint*frontleE*rson%
Ciq , any ,taiornbly well !teem:n*4 moon .pee—•
rall thnt- gor. Gtantble.and Lieutenant Qat -'-'
enior Hall contgaplataiesigalak.'
Mark "4 by Telegraph.
',raw 'Sou Nor., 14,-ootton quiet •-and statist' ,
chimp it 1488. Flour, len =tiro nod conunow,
grads% Se Weer ; 8. 7 ,1(;,,,001 for Extra Slats, 57..*3
7,30 , for Extra u-,,W for Tradat,
Brand, Whisky mom nrttre andrmer at C.4(gC4.;
li'hantirregularaol nedwitbrd, and ntiallatt, tome,
grades tee lower ; for ChleagoSnling,
eI,ZOCLIS 3111aaukes Club, 31,/ffigi,4l3; for
Amber WestartySl,4,l,r.,o for Whites. Iled heaters,.
n t- ' l4forti"=, glxl.l 4 l:=
afloat, and SLAT for Inferior. in st.-o. taxis
twelve, a .dada firmer at rdt.0134. Wanton Wool-in
moderate demand and flout. po t quilt and without
ebange. Cutlfeata a-nree and timer ZA,ifor
dem 9@lOotor Hain, Baron Sides drmer; 10O'for
City Cumberland Ccd.1034 fur do. loweelettr and en,
eat llama, 10m far Stretford Cat, rat 11 fur
Lard quiet at ?net c; aloe, 1,016 del,,Nistableki
.Doe.auber sod Janet.) of
Money eaaler and in bear 514 , 03 - at 7' per rent.
Starlit% dull. Onkl; on" Iged. 'fatal export of
3 250 . 000 - Ovrerruneut atoeka Mao tirunr ;
I. S. Call. •
M 10 Dttpstrboe to lb. Pittstergh Gazttt,
Westawos, Nov: L.
Ad *Mows transferring clothing or camp
and garrison egnirsgo,,aro directed to mate
the Jerroies _thereof in triplicato,tvo copies
of which will be iletivenid, or transmitted to
the olDeer to whom the transfer - is made - , Ana
Ibe third will be transmitted forthwith by mail,
to the Qm.etermaster annul, at Washingtwis.
D. C.
The only exception to this regnistitm is
'where company commanders or other oficas
issue clothhik, directly to enlisted men :
coarersrosimm p Tfl Irsw TORO Asp wzar
wax rut, 15 4181115GiON.
Tho following article, published the,
pordisen of this city, may be interesting, as
- giving an Idea or the persona of the roan,:
lecturers of Washington news •
A correct list of the ropre.sentatirtm :Sow.
York, Philadelphia and Western newspapers
In Washington will pounce a.general Internet:,
ft will Silo lava vain. to those, who. havvr:'
basiness with thesogentlomcn, P. may, tend,
too, to discourage fraudulent aselmspticura
• connection with the journals, and-break-.
up a notations tratfieywhich,
Au exlstaTtir i_long. time in Washingt,on, . -
carried on by perilous who azontac to be con-,
nested with theso papers, for the purpose of
obtaining free passes over railro.sds,-oror tot
egraph wires, and in TUifillf other wail!! ...... ---
propriating the Influence of the preen, whiolt--
does not belong to thetn-„Thi following Fro
. .
the names: .
Weer York ri---Saarael•Walkesm, chief;
Prink .Ifeary, aseoaiate.- -
Neer York Tribuse—Adams 8. min; other ;
A. IL DOl:4ton, W. 11. Sent, associates.
Neer lark Fferatd—L. A. 'Whiteley, chief;'"
Jame If. Ashley,g. M.Carpeater.astooiates.
New York Worid—loo. W. Adams, regular -
New York &ming Pest—D. W. Bartlott,
regular wnesdent.
New York Daly Nowe-...Frank ifeElheray,
regeLtr oorrer . spoadeat.
Philadelphia bervirer—G. H. Painter,
chief; Joke 11. Taggart, ausociate.
A esociaie Prise—L. A. Gebright, chief ;
Cleteitusa Aiertte—,WhiteLear Itefili regular
Woken, Ripebtioso elsseci Faze (Cineiti
neei grew*, st.. Louis Democrat, Chicago RSi•
iaay Pittalinush Gazette, and Detroit Adentieer
and hibund)—Nillitohne Reid, thief; Wee , l l. ' - ":‘
Moore, associate. -
OSio State regular
Menu Tlsset—G.ll".4itlamy ragas.
Boston Joartagl—Ben. Parlor Poore,' regular •.' '
°l ven*Adatst.
Boston _Trani/el.—D. W. Bartlett,
- Boston . 21Traerript ana.Herald—G.'ll - ..-Ad-••
ants, zwialar,correspoodect. - "-
- To this statement it rosy be added -that
most ortho !aiding .papas of the coartry also
have other persrattonore or , less- 'intimately '
osnoeetisk with theiriVaaltincton harems, hitt
who, tbr various ratioat, are not -classed: at
regular attaches of their ruptctire jeurr.Sti.
It has tismityilatag hers almcnt Isanduagy en tla,
Inn tyro de* Ind it iW In -uni:rivers [snow tong:
gently . prodtried: It ws4:stg.l raining last ungdps
and . the liver during ,the •dey raised about eLe
Inch Lib throe het and,a mil' of water In the char,
eel s ity the ;der tea*: • • •••
There bast born no arrivals 'etas' one Lot report.
sad Its OA Clty for Whoeling rm tbs only dspor, •
arm - 7bs Emma Graham,. trompatettrellie, . was due , .
Let 114;tit tbubthes be found rtihe. wharf;
L wtll her wen by card, the ecrmelnalelLe etvp,"
St,illeit" Capt. T. 6.lTartotk,' bizio4uxvix4lt
Wain pro trtarrilla on Ttionlay. Hcini 0r..414t..
draight ana
,tg thirann? earshot ,and irperiencid....:
dhow; obi trill in Albite' witb
&tan:indent . coal.bosticien c(arseq, the
iW viihntruntriniiirot than was aimed yerterdir
In hantla~ up crews.. •-;
TM Oil Cup had in wwwilettt trip
boilthi toning's, byte Instil-with Wilt. Ehi
r , t;< 1 . 1 : 1 •4;01 1 . tz•rovrt I"; and; If tbir *l4'l' Vila
*Mit, larlrfll then make a trip
The Emma Graham, Capt. „Vera, ratanairrolZamca.
Toads; aram'ay, at4trur 0'c10th...., • :.""f-Z ve
The wbewing Y;gbizioc:ca: of -Satan:ply atra;";, ,
"TharMam iraa r1"14., patents, aa . ahmrly , „ Ihat
. Nleararctly - porcaptlhle. warerta.
Imrhaa.4 tha ebantutl. The Emma 8011, the . perrj.:..
stammer Mamma:o tha C.m , lesirtad hue aril:dale'
am balm: , • •
:The frUOlNtlif rim ffemtar. from itsidad&tf
Gram serial of batorfajr 7 7 sr
.• Onolau from Nailer
from Xemphli, wore lard annals otitstar of 'tar
-MOlf melon: • Tbo..W. Noon beds fultestraott:'.
"cotton, amt. wail "tt. mint vita porworrw..,,=.-401
'Plltantralt *Mr all - *nem -std. whi talk.
Was gro3llor Maki latiplefr arrow . ,= - L'::,
• to'iMi Imam of M. Gloremmorot.:.,;:-.llre Cato. - 4*
Brlcktlll (torn fittrbarßlt • Lratrnik`antm-1.40}44'
Nth+ouat an dCommerrio‘ from alenW'-'-
oltir, - M . l..orturbo ant boon duo bore.. ... - -Culata• - .o z
LVltamourth-letsurealiti In kW - Matt's tolo. on t
way..tatMempala, to nun. command "of nor. Arr.
,'Willtrao • Waltie.,....—.Copaiio -Uortka r rno Oar, •
aal4 Echo - 2(o. to.flut Girrersurne
oho hurt.
! •lt. C. Urea Ind porno...eta.. tinny FRUMP.
At.3a30....rb, .Tempert..bocald',daink owl lb.
- Coutes., ..
fraud at.thi mooch Of
•Ilturnroat not, mita ttlow.tonterfile.!.ll.6omanV., , ; - ::-:
100 u oltetty damagod„.oa ltaV rboot o O.rr.
1 0u. , nn_lby for data for tto rcru
N. ozriT--rat.ruu, Atra,„ativd
• • Va - firtuag, to , 11
ull-pkilea ormation
•Altr tenth Is: esprortortloptant• Dram,
I ate Of lap efJCINot and. Emperor; au:orturactaL.:...t..
hero - Ur a haerreebem! imlnadal•
staIANC , ,ithwtTrbo
Luau( ttio talootob.lwrolm , wltrw'fr 4
M , another Aim ilde-whoel nesono. at l'lnaborga ...-