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Vitf - %burgh
SATURDAY 11011511ith::::::110V. 14,1888
The council that assented to the
don tit the Her. Mr. Fsy from the pastorate
" .
of the First Con gregational Mutat at Fall
River, Mass., made some sharp hits that ap
ply with equal force to other congregations
`olsiivihore. They asitilhe ministry of this
'pastor hag fallen among a peophmomo of
'whom indulge great fastidiousness of ear
.and taste, and are constantly and sharply
critical In all the qualities of literary oom-
; position, and with not a few others of whom
aemeptablenets is not much the posseseionof
;the splidt of the Muter, the determination
Ito preach the truth of 'his gospel
abnply and directly, and an uneustained
record of personal purity of life, and earn-
mess -of pastoral labor, as- theability to
Wpm* and preach Brilliant and scholarly
dileouraes that shell charm the intellect,
conciliate criticism, and build up a repute,
tion for learning and ability.
N. W. Christi= Ackatale, pub
', /liana at ClAcago, In an editorial on "De
- lualdnationsliam," in the closing•paragraph
were-these words: Yet the forest is one,
though many; the solar system is one, though
Of many worlds and many different depen
denoies•, the meadow in one, though its crowns
of beauty be varied in their setting; the
race is one, though many hued ; the nation
is one, though many stars shine upon its
sane field; the household. is one, though
its children be so varied, and the church is
one i though variety be everywhere, the ohnoth
one, for it. has one center,. one Redeemer,
one "fountain filled with blood," one Holy
Spirit, one Father of all, one blessed Bible I
----The General Missionary Board of
the Methodist Episcopal Church, at its
meeting held last week at the Mission
Boom; New York, appropriated for the year
DM, over $425,000 for missions. Of this
amount, $202,934 14 is devoted to Foreign
Missions; for Domestic Work $192,250 00,
and contingentiies; See., $30,000 00. Thirty
five thousand dollars of the Domestic Mis
sion Fund is to be employed in the South
ern Territory for preaching the gospel both
to the white and black population that are
now without it. The Missionary Society
has received during the current missionary
year, ten months of which has already ex
pired, over . $492,000 said to be ten thous
and dollars in advance of any sum raised
in any year by any organization in the
United States. It is expected during the
two months yet to come the amount Rill be
swelled pretty certainly to $420,000.
—At the stated meeting of the mana
gers of the American Bible Soeiety, held at
the Bible House, New York, Nov. 5, the pub
lished proceedings indicate that it was an
interesting and important one. The reports
,fromforeign parts as well as the home work,
showed the Bible cause was keeping op with
this progressive age. Among the interest
ing items of business before the board, was
grants in funds for printing the Scriptures,
for the blind in Egypt, and the printing of
the Armeinan book of Psalms, and the book
of Genesis iu the Zultl language. nee grant
of $25,000 testaments to the Sunda); School
' Board of the Southern Baptist Church, was
gratefully acknowledged by the Correspond
ing Secretary of the Society. The board
made a grant of 41,000 volumes for the
supply of soldiers, Confederate prisoners,
Union prisoners at Richmond, hospitals,
and for distribution in East Tennessee. The
entire number of books granted this month
were 48,700.
—The of tho various Methodist
Episcopal Churches of New York, have
organized themselves into an Association,
forthe purpose of promoting the interests
of sacred music in the churches, as well as
for mutual improvement of its members.
ha-meetings arc held semi-monthly, iu "dif
ferent churches, when all the. choirs are
imply' represented.
—The Baptists in England talk, of eo
operating with the Baptist churches in Ja
maica in crlebisting the fiftieth anniveraiary
9f the estitbietatent of Missions on that
Island by that .deatimina tiou, during Feb
vary, 1864. The• first missionary, Ras.
FTistur noise; Commenced his labors in Feb-.
' nuu7 1814. Were aro now•in the Island
!: 74 churches, with 80,000 members, 41 pas
tors, 22 European and 19 native; there is a
college and sehbol for theeduCation of min
isters andteiehers, 90 day schools, 10 Sab
bath schools, with 1,100 teachers, and
48,4100 geholars.
--The sixty-eighth session of the North-
Eastern Episcopal CoiYiocation of Pennsyl
vania will be held at Scranton, LUII3IrIIO
on the 17th.
—The thirty-sixth Anniversary of the
Pennsylvania Baptist Convention has just
been held' at Salem, Westmoreland Co.
The introductory sermon was preached by
Rev. B. S. Mirick, of Lewisburgl; from
"Lo I am with you alway," &c. Special
resolutions were adopted .on the state of the
country of the most loyal kind; one ex
'pressing sympathy with the ;11. S. Christian
Commission, and one pledging the Churches
to raise daring this fiscal year, the strm of
410,000. In the report of the Convention
'2t' Was stated there have been employed 27
,missionaries, who have preached to 26
charehes and 84 out stations.
first American sermon ever
printed was preached in Virginia in the
yedii 1614 .by the Rev. Alexander Whit,
taker,..D. D., who landed at Jameston, May,
1611. he was n minister of the Church of
.---Home idea of the size of the new
datbolic Cathedral in PhiladelPhia, said to
he the largest and most impesing edifice in
-the country, may be gathered from the fact
•Iltitt in the domeslone morethan a half-mil-
Ofiniolts have been 'used.
, - ,--The annual missionary collectionbf
'the South' Pitth-street M. E. Church, Wil
'll4tutburgh, N. Y. will amount to $ 3 , 000 .
'Bishop Ames took part in the:anniversary
exercises. _ .
Aa annonneentent appears in the
Rpiecopal Recorder Not a committee by re
quest,. of .Bishop Potter of the Diocese of
Pennaficiali, an about to ',repave o col
Itiitins, cords, times and chants
tbto tme of Sunday Schools. Rev. Dr.
j.:liinhlenberg, of New York, Has connoted
:lo.stesiet, in., the - final revision of their
,4tutiversary .of the
ProYor . Book
pi l iy*a,ktidittdelphia,6unday,
_ roaming. rmv..
the annuafrepostme least that 6,447
have beets diatzibuted during the past yaw.
Of this nutabirei 4,268 mere for genersi!pur- I
and AO3B copies for volunteers. , The
total recerpts for the gear amortur to .51,-
716 46.
—ln pursuance to the action of the last
General Assembly of the Presbyterian
Manly-providing for the organization of •
Presbytery is the State of West Virginia, a
number of ministers and ruling elders as
sembled it Parkersburg, October 6th, for
that purpose. Tito Roy. a W. Biggs I
preached a sermon from "Wilt thou at this
timewesttwe again the kingdom of Israel?"
and immediately after constituted the Pres
bytery with prayer. Rev. H. W. Biggs was
elected Moderator. and A. O. Leimard,
Clerlq , th• Rev. J. A. Ewing wu elected
Stated Clerk, and Rev. J. EL Flanagan, Tree
rawer. Very little business was transacted,
and the Peesbytery adjourned to meet at
Fairmont, the fourth Thursday of April nest,
at seven p.
—According to the Hartford (Conn.)
Religious Herald, the first Sunday School in
New England was organized in Washing
ton, Conn, in 1808.. It was voted by the
Church that children should attend the
school till they were fourteen years of age,
and that they should be taught the West
minister Catechism.
—The new version branch of the Bap
tist Church held theirannual meeting . Jima
days since in the First Baptist Church, New
Fork. The report shows the receipts wore
about $17,500, and the expenditures as
much. The final revision of the Acts and
and three of the Bpistice, were reported to
to be ready for circulation, and that 15,000
of the revieed four Gospels had been dis
—The Board of Bishops of the Meth*.
dist Episcopal Church have lately held a
meeting at Newark, N. J., and arranged the
plan of Episcopal visitation to the annual
Conferences for the SpringoflB64. Bishop
Scott presides over the Pittsburgh Conthr
ease, which meets at Barnesville, Ohio,
March 16, 1884. The Western Virginia
Conference will meet at Parkersburg, on
the same day—the venerable senior Bishop
Morrill, presiding. East Baltimore will
hold its next session at Altoona, Pa., on
the 2d day of March next. Bishop Janes :it
expected to preside.
FromYesterdav'a Evening Gazette
Another Outrage at the Mayor's Office.
A case transpired at the Mayor's office, to
day, which tally exemplifici, the stupidity and
tyranny which so often characterizes the acts
of " his Honor." Tho circumstances are as
follows: On Thursday night a suspicions look
ing fellow named Wm. Ward applied for
lodgings at the tavern of Patrick McCormack,
on Water street,. He was given a bed, and
stopped over night.
In the morning, Anthony Calligan missed'
his pocketbook, containing twenty dellars—a
ten, a five, a two and three one dollar notes.
There were also two cents in thepocket book.
Ward had disappeared by this time, and
Calligan, fully satisfied Olathe bad committed
the robbery, started in pursuit. and overtook
• e an the street. Be at oust arrested him
and took him before "his lionor" the Meyer.
The circumstances were related by Calligan,
and Ward was ordered to be searched. Noth
ing was found upon Ward, and "bis honor"
pompously dismissed him, at the same time de
livering a severe lecture to Culligan; for his
assurance in assuming the prerogative of a
ministerial officer, and daring to arrest a citi
zen without a warrant. He wound op by in
forming Calligan that must pay the OHM of this
tourori , mted arrest! The amount of the
"grist" was fixed at $1,50, which poor Celli
pan had to pay, in addition to his other lets.
After the parties had loft, .11'Cormack, sat
isfied that Ward was the thief, and incensed
at the outrageous conduct of the Mayor,
seized Ward red took him before Alderman
Donaldson. This magistrate, with a keener
ammo of justice, and a better knowledge of
his business, ade a starch, and fined tie
stolen property in one of Word's shore ! One
of the bills bad boeu changed for a quart of
whiskey (part of which the prisoner had on
his person in a bottle) bat the other notes,
and the two cents, wore found exactly as de
scribed by Clasen. Ward was committed
for•trial. • -
Not being able to find the stolen property
may hare been the fault of One, of my
officers," but fining a citizen a dollar and
a half because he made an honest endeavor to
recover his lost property, is an outrage which
will be apt to open the eyes of some of "my
tale . * citizens.
Coneweration of the National Cemetery.
Thursday, the 19th inst., is the day Eel
apart for the consecration of the Notional
Cemetery grounds at Gettysburg, Ps. The
bodies of tho ioldiers save nearly all been re
moved to the cemetery from the battle-told.
It is expected that an immense concourse of
parsons from the different States will be pre
sent on the occasion. The Gettysburg Coil
piter says:
Extra locomotives and cars are about being
secured for the transportation of visitors over
the LlassoVerltranch and Gettysburg railroads,
and the town will do everything invite power
I o accommodate whilst hero. We 'Worlierstand
that a fine display of military--esvalry, in
fantry and artillery-,-will grace the.o4aasion.
Maj: Gen. Couch will have charge Of the mili
tary department, whilst Marshal Lemon, of
the District of Columbia, will act as marshal
of the civic branch.. The procession will form
in the ferenoon,and. march to the: ground,
where the ceremonies wilitake plaimto eeri
est of a prayer by Itet...Dr..StocktOn, the ad
dress by lion. Edward Everett, consecrating
ceremony by President Lincoln, the singing
of a dirge by a choir actuated for the purpose,
and music by, several bands.
The Masons and Odd Fellows will be largely
represented. Several of the Governonl of the
States will be here. The Army of the Poto
xnoe,which so gallantly sustained itself on
the bloody Sala of !Ciettystarg, will also, we
doubt not, contribute a goodly share of visi
The Marko Murder Case.
Tho jury in the Caro of James 13topiebni,
tried for the murder of Mary Ilurho,have now
been - deliberating twenty-six hours, but they
-have not yet: agreed upon it verdict; During
the forenoon they came into Court find asked
for some further Imam:Hope. JpdgeStenett,
in response to an intimation.frotn one of their
number, informed them that there was nothing
in the telthnony which Would' warrant them
in finding I verdict of Manslaughter. If they
thought that tho testimony would justify a
conviction the opinion of the Court was that
their verdict Amid be for murder of the• first
oc socorniAogroe. They themotired to their
room, bat up till the adjournment at noon they
had-not agreed.
"True FATAL Mannuos."—This is the title
of Mrs. Emma D. E. N. Elouthworth's new
novel, just published in a portly duodecimo
volume, of 487 pages of clear legible type
and good paper, byldessre. T. B. Peterson, of
Philadelphia,end now received and for sale
in thil city by Mr. W. A. GILDB.NYEINT, 65
Fifth street. The multitude of Mrs. South
worth's readers and admirers will • doubtiess,
find more attraction in the verypromise of the
title, than in any account of the' plot and
characters of the new story by tliolr fororite,
which could bo sketched mit Indere* Sentences
wecan devote to this notice.. We shill there
fore only remark that;we have seen already BO
many eulogistic expsesliioniused in reference
to "The Fatal Merrap," that we horn let it
down as probably the-best story yet prodaced
by its anther: - • ,
Galmore,the new wake/Meted hi Dili. troop:
at ()Pier Point, - anis gtharloatempli
"Battery ParyianeeP4 bonne 'the lists
matted, Colanal Pnniiuee, whi :tell fin
trenches of Bost Wagilei on thb
iaat. Blenlbstmaplia have also'hestrnamodln•
honor Genii Strong, 'CiSielielighiw,po.
smaralithen who have . fallen sinews the min
mencement of operations against Charleston.
rrr?t'.'lt-f-' nr
~ i ,-..., ...a , -,- •
:11,7"1/24,,,„ ,F4:,-.5.,"',g,9•F:',:,,,,t51‹.'fr,i,',7zat...,-, : 42 , - , A'' ,, •
Asittorto.; )sett Couunier.—On Saturday
eight; "Penneylvania regiment t
Ass. on picket about half a mile from Wash- I
mitten, seven of the soldiers stacked their
anus, and were standing around the fire
when" a horseman in the dress of a Union
officer rode between them and their 11.111111, and
with drawn revolver commanded them sur
render and go with him. They all obeyed,'
and he marched them to a house, wrote out a
parole, which they accepted, and sent them
hack to camp. When they returned, it was
found that three of them had revolvers in their
pockets when they surrendered ! They were
all put under arrest for cowardice.
THE Ott. Sructu.snms.—The Franklin Citi
zen sayer Notwithstanding the depression in
the price of oil, speculation in both land and
working interests was never more active.
Land holders in good locations are now ask
ing five-eights of the oil and are getting it,
too. The eonstant dimunition in the aggro
gate Quantity obtained, is opening the eyes of
landlords to the fact that a time must arrive
when the scarcity of the article will greatly
enhance its value; and hence they hold their
interests at high figures.
branch railroad from Franklin to Meadville,
one year ago, was considered a chimerical
undertaking—one that would not pay. That
opinion is now exploded effectually. There
has not been a day since the first train passed
over it, that there has not been on the plat
form, awaiting shipment, more freight than
the road could carry. Indeed, there is a
continuous complaining that the road is una
ble to take the freight offered.
A Eltslrtms.--There is in Nova Scotia a
young woman, seventeen years of age, who
is seven feet two inches in height. She mea
sures forty-three inches round the waist,
thirty-three inches from her armpit to the tip
of her fingers, weighs two hundred and seven
ty-four pounds, and has a foot thirteen inches
long. - She is good looking, quite social,
although diffident, not being accustomed to
see the public, and her name is Anna Swan.
AJITAT or a DSSEETER.—The Provost Mar
shal of the 18th District of Ohio, recently ar
rested Charles Capper, at Barnesville, Bel
mont county, Ohio, a drafted man belonging
to Spring Garden, in Deserve township, this
county.. He was arrested on a descriptive
list famished by Capt. lifirker, of the 23d Dill
triot, and has been delivered into his custody.
A SAD ACCIDEST.—A little child of Mr.
David Slouch, of North Lebanon township,
Lebanon county, aged about seven months,
mot with a fatal accident, on Saturday lest.
Its mother had placed it by the lido of a large
wood stove to sleep, whon a boy reached for a
pair of stockings hanging near the gore to
dry, and upset the stove on the child, injur
inglt so badly that it died a few hours after
THE CONTINENTAL OLD Fobss.— This popular
troupe of vocalists, including the celebrated
songstress, Mrs. Emma J. Nichols, will visit
this city on Monday, Nov. 23d, and give a
series of concerts here.
AnonArlvto ASSll.9.T.—Andrew Bushey ha,
been held to bail by Alderman Donaldson, to
answer a 'charge of aggravated assault and
battery, preferred by Philip Diamond.
Trz Kesztse Mcnpsis.—The trial of Barn
hard Lanai, foram murder or John Kunrier,
will be taken up in the Court of Oyer and Ter
miner, on Monday next.
Asesnco IflA Wrrr.-4ohn Courain, tavern
keeper, baa boon committod to jail to answer a
charge of surety of the peace, preferred by his
wife Caroline. . .
INSTALLEDw-BOT. Samuel 11. Henderson
has been installed pastor of the Pigion Creek
Presbyterian congregation, Washington co.
STILL OK TRIAL—The case of McLaren TS.
Patterson, before reported, is still on trial in
the United Stutes Circuit Court.
Trzi 11-inch guns, manufactured in this city.
have been shipped from PhiLadeldhia t. San
Francisco, California.
Tux BC?anti l'in'll.l%—thie Court tranitaeted
no bneineAr to-day, but adjourned until Mon
day next. -
Gold I. firm and higher, tile Nen- Y, •Itiotation
at noott being . 1173., Tht..olran , Is mud to
hare torn commit by the mport that get retary Chase
intends is.uing nr...000.000 more of grevnino lr, with
a view t rellrs. the ittringeto yof tle money mar
ket. liem, the rated for coin arc pitman nominal at
143a144 for Gold, and 1Y13140 for Silver. Eaetern
Exchange remaltas about es last quoted.
The demand for money in Chttam , , 1.0 Thursday,
was in aloes. of the supply, and the market was re
ported close and firm at 10 per cent per aunam.
W I LOCL.T.—The Monroe 01Ichigan) Commercial
warns the public against the hills of a now bank
which has recently gone Into °portalon ander the old
charter of "The Lake Erie and Direr Raisin Rail
road Company." It gays the value of the 1,10,...1 111 ,, n
Which the staff Is—elegnotly, of mimeo—printed, le
every particle of security the bill-holder bac
The Now York Evening Post of Thursday .y.
In aecordance with the arrangements made w ith
the loan commute of the banks of this city a day I
ago, Mr. Cisco has this morning called for Root her
instalment of 161,500.000 on the two your treasury
notes. The amount is payablo teemorrow in
tender currency.
Tho large drafts on the Nub-Treasury and the di
minished balance in tin Vallit, necessitated title rail,
and ILS the hanks hold to-day twenty-throe millions
of the national currency they afll lme. no chtficnlty
In paying In the meant without tightening the loan
market, ur interfering with the °refinery bositteso
their customers.
On the contrtry, the immediate disbursements of
the government- to setting afloat lb.° three and e
half million, of currency, which base linen withdrawn
from circulation and lockout up by rho banks, well
confer a positive ad, antage on the public and sheeu,J
teulto relieve rather than to aggravate the sti
ty to money.
The loan market le more easy to-day, but some of
the brokers have still considerable difficulty in ob
taining loaM, and 7 per cent. Is freely paid by all.
I liereautlle paper Is less in rouneat, and le goofed at
6i percent.
re.11.....2, November 13, 18113.
FLOUR, .h GRAlN—Wheat Is firm with sub's
Bed from wagon at. $1,30, and White at $1,35j1..10.
Barley fa firm but stationary at 11,35 fur Spring, and
'51,60 for 1011. Ours is steady at 81,1161,12 for
Shelled on track; sale of 1 car at 51,11. There appear,
to bn but little demand fur Oats, and the market may
bo quoted dull, while prices are unchanged; quota
tions may be fairly given at 73c from first hands; 730
by the car load, and 78t - from store. Floor i. quiet
but steady, with sales of beet grades of Extra Family
from store at $6,75(6,80. Buckwheat fluor may be
quoted at 11,00 per cat (In sacks.)
o.ll,oCY.lllo—Sugars continue to role very firm,
and we note sales at 1334 to 14%e fur common to
prime grades ofltaw, and 147,4 to 17%c fur helloed.
Coffee La salted. lower in Yew York, while here, pri
cm remain about o. lost quoted. Molasses range
from 11316G5c, and Syrups are selling at tram G36156c,
'according to quality.
BUTTER d EGOS—There is • good demand for
801 l Butts?, and strictly prime sells readily at 25e;
male of ll half bbls packed at 17c. Eggs very scarce,
and worrid.probably come:mad 214022 e per dozen .
POTATOES--The demand too, improved slightly,
while prises have undergone no change whatever.
Quotations may bd fairly given at 5.2,60,62,75 per 1,11
and them are. tho extreme of the 'market.
skPPlXS—There in no falling oil in the receipts,
and we have atilt to report • dull friarket,willi a .up-.
ply largely In excess of the demand. We note sales
at prices ranging from 52,2562,75 per bbl—mostly
at 52,00.;
CllEEBll,—Tito dem.d is fair, and the market
steady, without, however, any further change in
tabs. Sales of Western ReilerSo at 131613 , ,ic, and:l4,
for Goshen.
••• • • •
6=s—There Is alms [liquify fur Flax Ste I, prin•
cipeUy for shipment, but prioes are very unsettled.
•imd It Is hard to quote it correctly. We quote nom.
..11uldly at 62,5542,60, though rre understand s. c. 5
has been offered. No transactions In Timothy or
Clover Seeds.
Pittsburgh Petroleum Market.
Nov. 15—The receipts of Crude to-day were Larger
than for some time past, amounting In the aggregate
reseals 2500 barrels. Thereto • continued fah do
.natil, however, end the market is steady et former
tjnotations, say 15(5)153f i c; packages =taxied, and 20
(213344 packages Included. The sake were 50 bbh
at ebk; and 150, 115, and 550 bbb at 20 ,Se. There to
Ito new feature whatreer to notice In Refined. Bonded
la eery dull and neglected, and es there hare been no
Wes for rumo time, we omit quotations. Free 011 is
,coortl active, with • gale of aq etas, to go Indianapte
'1114.410430day5; and Etl3 Tkanday—at
PFDIRM tag bce quoted nominal at lib
bsolie ialleit; and italdinm 53,75 to Si per bbl-.the
melds ilgarm offered, and ths outside figures eked'
. . .
Weer York Petroleum Market.l - SEIf"LrG w7LICIEI MS.
Speca 1 Dlspatch to the rittsburgb Gazette, I ~. ~_ - ....... ~. ...,.. - . ,• ..11. ..
-- -.
Now TOSS, INAT. 13.--Crude ls firmer tut un- W HEELER Li: W: 4 S
ctr..ned at 211 c. Rofinod in band is farmer and mmm
utivn, but tunchanged ; .1. on Otto al., at 42a
123,..?, a nd January dolisery, .4'2,;. , buy... opt,. -
Frtt. Oil rang. trout 5.4.„3:::...
it. Louis Market.
• .
Nor. 11.—Tho Government flour contracts et , -e ',t
el $6,08 to e , ;,. - ,D per tenet, and 423,6. 5 la r 'it -5 for I
vinglo extra, awl 56,75 per hat It; for :amide extra. 1 FAMILY &swum miollillE
Tta• dour market was active and lagher, with cslse •
of LW/barrels at 55,50 far thperflne ; Er.....'i, inapred- I
rd, heal lined and delivered, for sing - le rates. and I _
Higlimt premium@ at. the London aid Paris Esbl•
5 6 , 90 to r.n per barrel for doable extra to choice
family country. Wheat was in tare” entidS, and there I bilious, and at all the important Mato and MBett.d.
WS-5 a giving down In the pricio of medium and low
grades, witilo choice motioned steady ; 7,...00 sacks 1:41 Fairs whereo%hibited thle 'envoy. Call and el
and Si barrelgat -prices ranging from 51,16 for cam- 1
mon fall to 51,40 per Mudiellor clionv. Corn was., amine those untehinee befoi a pur.loalling.
tire and stiffer, with antes. of 6,700 sari, at 96 to 950.
per bushel. Oats war buoyant, mid solos we , re- •, We air , for isle
ported of :1,000 a a ...ka at si.€/,..fe.k, per bushel. 1180101
was quiet and unchanged , with sales at 51,20(41,4.5 Foote's Patent Umbrella Lock Stand,
per bushel. exclusive of sacks, for spring tall. Bye .
was sold at 93..0 , 21 per bushel exclusive of r.itho, the I w u r. .k, 1 n .., portent varety to a u article proverbially
Prevailing pricelA ug 9.50. Tobacco was it,ady,wtli
salts of ethhdit at 51,26 to $40,25 pa 100 Ito. both- , gisitu to 10e led astray.
tug trathpirud in lead. Wo heard of no sale* of ral- !
dronted hemp. About . A5O bales ofd saed changed I
hands at 5t,1652,20 pa per ton. :Sles of aca. toils WC SUMNER 41 efts,
bale rope at I;jur,
remit sales of rope and Lagging
at o , ,iti(47t. and 1.5 e. Cotton woe dull and lower, with I If FIFTH STREET.
few buyers In the market; sales of 160 bales strictly 41,24.itesWF
middlings iu lots, at 75c lv Th. Around lot of :au . G H __
tierces new steam rendered lard was sold at 10iic "ii i
lb. Small sales of country 10vion,--dwar sides, of ri! l
~ ,
Qitrii.. Packer, nro buying bogs at 11e_46 , ,c sllh net, ' PREMIUM SEWING M.ACIEUERS.
..a we hear of transactions at OVPII higher rates.
Flint hides are steady at ltle tri lb. flay continues , THE ONLY GOLD HEDIL
very wares, and a lot wns reported to-day ei t 1.75 -,'" 1
100 RA, delivered. Ever Awarded to Uowlng Machin. In Illinois.
-•-- •
Chicago Market. These kfachines worn awarded the Highest Premi.
Nov. ]].—wheat o ned rnther dull at a
I sitbs, aro- all competitor., for the Badly Bearaarr
111.whoirs, the Boa lianufurturav Machias, and the
From . terd.'• cl.fitG firmer, hot .4 closed steady at $4,04 for No. 2.aud Bed Macho.* Work, at the Whoring STA'rE FAIRS,
- 1 of
81,18 for No. 1 Spring. There was rather more rm. 3,.wr Bak yofr,
tivity in Flour, but prime wen e55c...10.1 ; First Premium for family machine.
change. Corn vea, very shill and ..heavy, .d the
Pint Premium for deutle•thread machine.
market suffered • further dcrilue of 1: per lombet—
First Premium fur machine work.
closing sec for No. lin store. Oats recovered
from from the dullness which pervaded at the close '7irk.",'"icom;l`..."-for family
yesterday, and advanced to Cri)vaslho—clasing at First Premium for manufact uri n g maohl..
Bye was firm but quiet 01 2.1. Barl e y hint Premium krt machine work.
was dull and easy atS4,lii for Nu. 2in store. Faci a were steady and without material change. Hi g h ' First Premium for family machine.
wines were firm but quiet at 07e, au advance of le• First Premium for manufacturing mac/ilea
Hides were dull and drooping. Fleet Cattle were
First Premium fur machine work.
steady and iu goal demand. Hugs opened stead
MicAians Stars Fair.
but clonal quiet and easy. Pt - elisions were quiet one First Premium fur family machine,
without material change. First Premium for manufacturing maahine.
- First areminre for nuschine work.
Army Awards. Indiana Sada Fair,
Colima T. J. Haines. Chief Commissary of this De First Premium.for machine for ail purposes.
dartment, bog made the following awards of eon. First Premium for machine work.
tracts on bide opened by him yesterday Slate Fair.
2.000 bbiu single extra dour to t . I a 11.1. y. at First Premium for machine for all purposes.
52,48 per bid. First Premium for machine work.
2,hofi du do to J. Ft. Feebs, at :i,,77. Kentucky State Fair.
1,000 do du to Mott Ilea& at 50,:o. First Premium for meldun for all purpawa.
2.000 do do to Henry A. liameyer, at ;l.' s 's', First Premium for machine work.
2,00.0 do do to Retry A. lionicyter, g 8,59. Peansylranna Bak Fair.
.200,),.ack. stag's. oi tra Co. at e 3, r , % per First Premium for manufacturing modal..
sack. First Premium fur beautiful machiue work.
I,omo bids double extra to Charlesl.. To ker. at Ohio State Fair,
p el.
per burr—St Louis Democrat . First Premium for machine work.
And at the following County Faire :
( Vt.) Ayrketterel Beverly.
First Premium for family =chine.
' First Premium for manufacturing read:thou
First Premium for machine work.
Champions Valley (Fl.) Arica/enrol Society.
First Premium tor family machine.
First Premium for manufacturing machlue.
First Premium for machine work.
Hampden N. (Mass.) Agnicalarral Society.
Diploma for family machine.
Diploma for machine work,
Proollin Co. (N. 1.1 Fair.
lint Premium for family
First Premium for manufacturing machlae.
Queen's Co. (N. Y.) Agricultural &wag},
First Premium for family machine.
Washington Os. (N. P.) Fair.
First Premium for amity machine.
Sorsunga Co. (N. Y.) Fair.
First Premium for fluidly machine.
Merhassic's hard:ate (Pa.) Fair.
First premium for machine for all purples..
First Premium for machine work.
The above Comprises all the Pairs all which the
this year. At mealy all of them the landing hewing
Machines were in competition.
The work made upon the Grover S Baker Sewing
Machine has received the gnat grandam ate very
Sate Fair in the United States where it has hosu
exhibited to this date.
Sales Rooms, No. 18 FIFTH ST., Pittsburgh, Po.
0,a:211 WWI A. F. °MASONRY. Agent.
1 11. AIX FINS'
Cleveland Market.
Nor. 12.—Flonr inlet taltet itry IPltle \ \ whole
and red mixed at $0,73 ; XX X white at 5;',7 . .; tfro
Ws XX while at 17,12. Wheat ann. brat e and In
st.:tiro no sale. reported nt the lloard ; alter
-0000 sale. 2 earn clod.° red tt.t. at 11.27 ; I c...
whits do at $1,./tei 00) r from :tore at 51.21 , .
Corn Ittgher; hold nt the front .curl.. tint) Lett.,
holder" natklng 61 , from store. Rya nornle tilt un
changed. Barley quiet at $1,00e31..01. eta:ochre) to
Menlo Market
Nov. lg.—Flour titan. Whast tirtnrt, I.' ,
are apart and only a fete loto Friel... tern, 3,-
Own lattlerl Fait, at tltto,97e. lint,. Felling
freely at ill(§711l,e, lithe( geeing .intot. WlFlgky in
todernanti at VreiglitF on wheat
to Nen York. Totporte.--13,0110 1.14 F dour. 11310.1 m
tooth u b e at, 41,11/0 bush oal+ Export. --(Lon I.ld.
Ilonr,:lt11,..01 bunk wheat. 411.11) lauFll oats. Mao , '
Imports by R ailroad
PITTREIr.II, Fr. W•T‘L.k emirAno BMW) L.n,
bbILL whioky. Pau Wu'lac... 32 lip Liiit•, 1 , in
ngliaul, ILILILLL nostroug. dLL
do, I. Voigi It 00; ti LILL Llo F , r
Anhui A oL.
28 do do, 4.5 bp potatoes, if bit° k llru; 4 •As Lug,
Markle LA co, Li 2 ILILIs apples, J 7 h4dLL
W S II 11l nehirrt, 12 rar. w,tnl. J.L,L NALLod, 20 , 1 IL,TL
barley. U laiscLitt S cLL, 1 bale., MR , . IL ward S Col
tral; 07 hhies, J A lic Leugrilin, 10 rill., ILLM her. A
IllittoltirL; 2 cur. corn IfirrhL . Lirl., Nor
1.1,0 flour, rnri.ou li uox
CLLVTLAND & Pirmoral. 11A3t.uo•r., NOV.
:WO bbl. upplen, It do b. anr. I. 11 Vt.,,,t A re-, 145 ok.
corn, Hartuom, 1,1.1. upplon..l 13 l'anftel.l.
IV Liar turr...yr. truly s allayarxl, J
nompton. 10 do da, Jn.s Montoth:
A NV litokard. If, nlot tiny 51r \letter 1 71 M.
J Herbert; 129 oil bblo. Ardenv till co. 21 w' I.
payer, Perkin , . A 14 In Nd...
&holt, Son A. Cu; 3 I.lal. 5.1 !1 ))1,. 2'.
Jetcob Koller: 10 do te11..., t. Watlm ht Ira
sk. I. bent, K T Ilro; ld nerrin; run
Wm Sumner & en.
STxrtox, Nor. I'-11.5 mint o tohnt. R T
Nonnody A Ilro,llo , bug+ :In 00.001. Kwor A 11.9 n; Roo
I car bay, P T 110170, ,, ,t; 210 On( h, A
Krodx; 31 1,1.14 Joul, Clkaa lold. J II
Fritz; 72 bp bark), (7 P O.rnt, 1 'g2o, : 01.
ter, 1101112, Son & oh: u , pr. 4114., W N 11
cfshph. poultry, 8 pkg. looter, 1 0.1 ego,
Wearer; 11l Idols opploo, II 1-rarl; lo do du, Gro,, My.
ono; Al London( brooms, Beck-toad
opplre, 3 do cldor, J Abolmr; 31 do appleo, 4
2 do,ongl, J tinolpilor; Al sks 'Kantor, Wnh S(81•101,. 9
a.., bble olfpleo, If 11 (1101,1, 21 do tit , . 11 , 0 -
long, A J Davic Mae applos, J Ho. hocr. 1 ,, told. , op.
pleu, A A' Taggart.
11 I SS OLU TION.—The I'artnorship
hAetofore existloti under the moue and firm
of J. It. LINDSAY L t 0. Is this dsy ellesolwol by
mutual coven!. All business connector( with the
let• fins will be settled by J. It. LINDSAY, et
Wood strost, up stairs. J. 11. LINDoA Y,
I have also disposed of my Intorest in the firm iri
J. D. k S. MAXWELL & Co. to J. A. LINDSAY.
Nos. 2, Ibl3. J. 11. LINDSAY.
Having ptimhaecid tha Interest o!J. IL LINDSAY,
In thu ram of J. It. LINDSAY it. Co.. Hardware and
Cutlery Bitelnoes ; also In tha t m nf J. B. fo A.
MAXWELL t Cu., Bellow, Jima fact nrets, the brad
nem sr 111 continue so usual. Hardware and t'..itarti,
Xor. 2. LAS.I.
111SSO— -
partnerwhip he'retwfore e.t.t lag between
the suboorther., nod, the Arra of I'll ILI. IPS,
FREW 6 CO., has this day born dmolved. CHAR.
chatted the raw., intorno. of tho other partner..
The brtolotee of the late dm will be settled by Li )CK.
Pitisburgb, AnsPS 1003, WM.
OYa RUM LOC% II • ..... ........... a"! rusw.
Producers and Refiners of Petroleum,
INEr At ALBION OIL WELLS, Vernally. county,
awl BEILLIANT OIL WORKS, Negley'e Run.
Onion, 172 & 174 WOOD STREET,
nv ted till the 21irr DAY Of NO-
V fili P ar 1 1 13 ' flrat Ii
12 M., for furniehltig.the Subsi,t •
core Department with 20,000 barrels of flour.
Bids will be /MAYA for what L. known as No, 1,
No. 2, and No. 3 and for any portion lens tlran the
2 , ),000 barrels.
Bids in duplicate for the different grades should he
won separate sheets of paper.
The delivery of the flour to he commenced within
one week from the opening of the hide, or no soon
thereafter no the Government may direct, at the rate
of 800 barrels daily, deltrormi either at the Govern
ment warehouse in Georgetown, at the wharves, or at
the railroad depot, Washington, D. C.
Payment will he made in certificates of indebted
nesaor such other fends as the Government may have
for diabarsement.
The meal Government Inspection will be madejtun
before the flour Is received.
An oath of allegiance mast accompany each bid.
No bid wgbe entertained from parting who have
previously failed to comply with their bids, or from
bidders Ttul present to reapond.
The barrels to be entirely new, made very strong of
new materials and head Hued.
No flour will he received which fa not fresh ground.
Bids to be directed to tient. Col. 0. BELL, C. tt.,
D. N. A., Wuhtngton, D. C., end endorsed "Proposals
tbr flour."
ussToBED I—Just published, ins sealed en
velope. Price Mx Cants. A Lecture on the Nature,
Treatment and Radical Cure of Br4rmsdorrlsma, or
Nominal Weakness, Involuntary Emissions, Soarual
Debility, and Tmpedimente to Marriage generally ;
Nervousness, Consumption, Epilepsy and Fite;
and Phystmd Incapacity, resulting from Self.
Abuse, An., by Bon. J. Ocheitun - Eht., M. It.. author
of the "Omen Bonk, An. OA Boon to Thousands of
Rufferen," sent under • seal, in a plain enselope, to
any address, peal-paid, on necelpt of six cents or too
pea dogo stamps, by DR. (11. J. 0, KLINE,
127 'Bowery, Nov York, Poet °Mee Dos 46193.
200,000 APPLE TRES
Extra Stle-2, 6, 4 and 6 yearsi . dd—lneleallng all the
old leading varieties, =limns now ones.
Also, a very large. stock of PEAR, (standard and
ORAPN VINES, snmlns, auEENuousi
PLANTS, de., de., wholesale and retail at very rya,
eanable prices. JOHN DIUIiDOCII, Jr.,
- sel6:dasvP Pittsburgh sand Oaklmd Nurseries.
GREEN APPLES.-30 0 Kik choice
Aprl, : Ogre, Pipplue,
logy Bambara, in Moro end for I. by
nos No. 19 Smithfield •
BO sal w e m b . y 3o
ccOi JAMBS 1
I mlnpte.l to .11 kin•le of w,,rlt end worn! .11 Linda of
YolmiequAlly wcll.
A. F. CHATONEY, Agent,
No. IS TITTII STBERT, Pittsburw,ti
SD IP P 134.6
. .
ADRIATIC, 1,"J90 Horse-power, 4,trao
HIBERNIA, LOW Ilona-poker, 9,000 tons.
COLUMBIA, 1,000 hone-power, 3,000 ton..
ANGLIA, 1.000 Bor.-power, 1,000 tonic
The magnificent Stearmehip ADRIATIC will Mai
from Now York for Liverpool on TUESDAY, the 17th
of November.
Bates of passage from New York to Liverpool, pay
able In gold or Its equivalent in trairency.
i Cabin ......
40 .
Passengers ot warded also to London, Paris, 11am
berg, Bove, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp, an, at
the lowest raw.
Foes from Llrerpool or Galway to New York and
Boston, 525, C 35, $75, g&is $lO5.
For passage apply at the ofiloe of the Agenda.
BABEL * SEARLE, Broadway.
ELT-ISIS Joan, Manager.
or, D. O'NEILL,
Preateo armada Duildthg.
jylilayna -No. To Fifth meet. Pittsburgh.
(Coast Liar... 4 The well-knows Sidemen of
Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia Staanaship
Company are intended .a gallosat
CITY OF WASIIINGTON ...... —....Saturday, N0v.14.
F.DTN BURGH Saturday. Nov. 21.
...... . _
car OF LONDON.— —Saturday, Nov. 2.a.
And °very encor.disK Saturday, at soon, from Pits
44, North River.
L 17.1 OT nasanz.
Payable to Gold, or its vat:ora to Clarrency.
Ftsurr emus siood 00 urrsastut....—...-130 00
do to Loudon.... S., 00 do to Loudon 84 CO
do to Paris—__. 93 00 do to Paris —lO 60
do to Hamburg. 90 00 do to Ifuribg Tr 00
Passengers also forwarded to Ham, Bremen, Rot
terdam, Antwerp, etc., at equally low rates.
. frum Liverpool or Queenstown; lot Cabin,
576, 3 1 3 5 ., 3103. .6teerage, $3O. Those who wish to
send for their fiends can buy tickets bore at therm
Tor further information apply at the Company's
(items. JOHN G. DALE, Agent.
15 Broadway, New York.
Hand street, first house from the bridge.
. Pittsburgh.
CUNARD LlNK—Steam fromja
825 In gold.: o He equivalent in =vane/
TEOlt NEW YORE, $3 It =new,.
Bells ovary week. Apply to
MOILS atrnai th Vi t.
Pere.engers brought out to YIEST CLASS MAIL
STEA.IIERS, from Liverpool, L..mdonderry, Galvray
or Cork, for
Twenty-Five Dollars.
And by sallth g reload. for TWENTY-OHH DOL
LARS, In cnrrvuoy.
Apply to D. O'NEILL,
Domino amnia/Loading.
_my2;Crneod Fifth otmet, Plttabargh.
LW WOOD 81111. ET.
Inrit. tie attention or Sportemen and Where to hie
splendid stock of GUNS, MYLES, REVOLVER.
mutation of every kind. His stock la the largest net
brought to this truirThet. ' eel?
(Successor to Josses Holmes & Co.)
etl7:ly Ptrrsavton, Pe.
Toltec. Deele., 101 WOOD STREET, ham
how in gnus the hived and mast complete moot
moot of
In the city, which they ant idling at then 7 low
est cash figures, All order, proteytly cittesaW to.
Mlle on the Thelon Bank, London, and bight
Bine no every tmportant t•ern In Germany, France,
Selmerland and Italy, for sale In mints to mut pur
chaser", by WM. 11. WILLIAMS & CO.,
WM:dm Wood Anat. comer of Third.
LARD WANT,E.Lhe hiztletit cash
pipe paid for Dmitri lard, at' airtime&
mitt IM sad TO Water street.
.e,..a.,V.~u:cra~~•;,~.n:sz-~,:-~-:.:.:a:; .ec
For the various affectioro of the
Gat, Coughs, ,Asthma, Croup, Influenza
lioarsecies, BronchitiA, Spitting, of
Blood, Woakoest of tho Chest, In,lip-
ient Consumption, Catarrhal Afff.e
tiona, and all di.eaiw ui LI.
Lung,: Habitual Codtiveness,
Liability to take Cold, Ha
bitual Billiouaness, 'lush
of BlotAl to the Head,
Dizzines., Pain in Ow
KhouMors, Puin un
der the Shoulders
and the Shoulder
Blades, frequent
Cold Feet and
a Hacking
The coughing up of a lightish phlegm, ofton
tough and stringy, &faculty of breathing, or short
ness of breath, cold chills in the morning with far,
after, flush and red cheeks on excitement, spitting
op of matter !sometime. streaked with blood, fre
quent emaciation •nd debility, Pooh roll and flabby,
flying pains in the cheat, tide and shoulder., frequent
Ate of coughing on awakening up In the morning.
hea:tent attacks of the diarrhea, pains in the breast,
phthisic In early
we will guarentee It to rulieve the arid . . COrCill
or MRS; A COLD, no differ.teo of how long stand.
log, when oaod in time and ...Wing to the dlr.-
Read the fig oertilicatea, publialtea from
among many othora, recolatal during . tbo plat faw
Snout Calati, Jan. 7th, 1813.
Arr. Joist M. Pulem.--Delr Sir: For years my wife
Ilea been suffering with a very violent cough; at
nights mho would have to got up out of her hed
frequently to got her breath, or to :cep from suffo
cating. Hearing of your Cough Syrup I determined
to try it, which I did, and got a bottle from Isaac
Lewis, and need it according to directio.. It gal,
immediate relief, and acted like a charm no her
cough, produ4ng the greeted change ou her in ode
week, title his no mom of the hard coughing spells
now, and, to fact, I may say she is entirely cured.
Iterpostfully, ALEX. HANNA.
Perramoo, Dee. 1., 1.845 D
Mr. J. M. Fuffow--Drar Sir: Yor some time I
ham, been suffering with • severe cough and cold In
the head. But after using a bottle of your Vegetable
Cough Syrup I was entirely cured of It. I consider
It an ssoellent remedy, and recommend It to any per
son with a Cough or told so one of the very boat
remedies ever discovered.
Respectfully yearn.
If you •re troubl..l ulil •
do not &II to inee
• nd be made whole.
We do not say that to ►ll cases It will CURE CON
SUMPTION ; no medicine can be relied upon to do
that. 'But wa do allege, and stand ready t.. prove,
that by the Md of thla medicine, coupled with Mien"
tadlrog tnwlations, truth u regular rest, expansion
of the lungs, a restraint upon appetite, to., some
Desperate Cases have been Cured.
Do not neglect this timely admonition. The
a bottb. constantly In your home, and take a dose
on the iltst rymptota of 3 .-3:161.
Directioas for Cbfde.—Take a tea-epoonfoll three
thaw a dor, and if the cold be a bad ono, take it of
tener ; and to going to bed pot two tea-epoorieral
In .or water, and sweeten it a Luria, and drink It
is hot as you can boar it ; °over up Tarn and meat
Let mothers give it to their children in this way.
and It will remove the worst kind of hoarseness in •
child, and is perfectly harmless. It may be taken
by the most.delicate females, or the youngest child ;
only snit the doses to the age and constitution, It
cannot do sny Injury to the child or female if it
should be taken In an over done, for if it is, it will
cense them to throw up, and thou get elm of it In
their stomachs.
Diroctiow for Coegrks.—Taltd ono tea-epoopfull of It
every meal time, on an empty stomach, sad also be
fore going to be d ; If the cough Is bad, take It often
er and If troubled to the night with It, keep a bot
tle by your bed and too It when a et or cough comes
on; me It In Lt 4 we), and will soon bo rid of
your cough, be it ever W
Direction for DWleuky of Breaching.—Take one tea
epocatrall of the Vegetable Compound three times •
day. on an empty stomach . trembled with tt
in the night, keep the medicine near the Lod, end
take tome of it at the time you feel the moat depress
ed for want of breath ; to take it warm on going to
bed will be a very good plan. •
bireefloas lei PIA &:Tale It three times a day,
suit the drew to tho agesuad aLastltuticrn of the pa
tient—trod one tableapoonfoll down toe teseefead
fol. It ls always best to cautious this thr some Umo
in order to dear the,eystem of the disease entirely
Ibr one month./wenoro; It to slims bed to do so, as
It Is a hard complaint to got rid of, and to very apt to
ran Into a Irrot Wawa in altar 111 h. Be wise in time.
Elyraptentr Broerhaa.--Soreness of the lungs and
throat, dlftWty of broathing, hoarsences, uthma,
tpttlitig nit Warm and Oats blood. flit an Inter
Elation ef the skin that lines thesis. naps. of lungs
likentme.—Take one spoonful! of the Compound
amp fop homes until the patient Ls 'somewhat p
inned, and then take It four dram a day--morning,
noon, main; and Ind time. Suit the dose to the
ago and constitution of the patient ; let the diet ho
plain and nourishing.
Dinarlassfor Catarrh or Cerry4 Perrry.—Otte Cont-
Found in door of oat tettodatatall three or four
thaw • day, or attenarlr medal. It Is a eovemign
remedy far catarrh, and arrtahr to cum If tried sc
cordlig to the directions.
• Dbedkese for Mambo. Cons .—Take h in smelt
dams to suit theirs of the pullunt; flu or els times
• day, or oftener, II the unialrua of cough to had or
frequent. Thu treatment will cause the disuse to
run Its course to about one-third of the regntar time,
and sue the.patlont of many herd spells of cough
ing. Is fact if thie treatment Is followed up fight,
there wilt iss no herd whooping In the' whole coures
of the dlteaae. I bate some of the best eertllbustasdo
this effect. Fared' remedy we hue the recommen
dation of one of the most learned physicians in our
country, one who We used it In 101 l practice for Jean
with the happiest results.
le' This invaluable Vegetable Com-.
pound is prepared and sold at ONE
J. M. FULTON, Druggist,
No.. 67 AND 69 771TH' STRUT,
LI RANG Ell ENT.-0 • -
aml mot;
Muses we Put sikurgh StPt , on. " , e pt
4:1 .L m., stopping at all S ti, between Pima
burgh sod gnitadelphirs, am making direet cameo
1.1.3 tor Nem Yorh And l'hlladelpLia.
the TIIROI/till MAIL TRAIN bras., the Pas
' sews?, Station every morning isitrept Suuda), at
2,1,0 a. st t eppihg en., .4 t. i rttielpat mations, and
I m mn k tw i' L,P;zl - .7 ,', 1 ' ; ', ;, - . 0 .:,1,„ ',<7:;: , u.rrf• PT.
del ph M.
The TEIROCCTS EX P TR SUN leaves daily at
3;50 p.m-mopping , ;niy at pri of 101 stations,
direct connect Luo et Llarrisburg for Balllmo, and
Visehlngton, and for burr York tin Allentown route
; and Philadelphia.
Tito FAST LLNE leaves the Stoiton dolly (oscept
Sudsy) at t:ZIS p. m., stopping Ludy at principal sta
tion., oottnecting nt Harri.vburg hr Baltimore and
Woolf ington, mot at Philadolphts for ;Sew York.
The J,Alnat.Tiwo Accmaasodation Train louvre dally
(except Sunday) at . 414.:; nt, stopping. at al; Stations
and running to fer sa Connie/ugh.
First Accommodaalon -Train for Wtdre Station
lea, le daily (a SCA,O Sunday) at 6:50 m.
Second Accommodation Train for Walrs - Station
Leaves daily (Ps...pi Sunday) at 11:5o m.
Third Accommodation Train for Weirs Station
Iravea daily (excopt tianday) et 4.t0 p. m.
Fourth 'A‘cconanwalatiort — Trniti fol. bull's Statical
leaves daily teserpt lluminy) at n.lO p.
The ("numb Train leaves Wall's Station [wary Sun
day at 9..tal a. m.; returning, Ira.. Pittsburgh at
12:45 p. m.
Returning Train* anion to Pittsbnrgh en follows;
Baltimore p. m.
Philadelphia Itiptves ..... p. ro.
I'JJAI a. ot.
Through Haft 12,20 a. m.
Johnstown A.:commix/scion 11'; C. a. m.
First Wolfs Station Ataaamoodation...—. 6.1t.l a. crt.
Second Wan'. Station Accommodation—. b.:I:, n. to.
Wall's Station Accorunivjout:nio.... 1;40 p. nt.
Fourth Wall'. Station Accommodation— tiO• p. at.
Baltimore Express will arrive a ith Philadelphia
Eapreas at 12tig) p. m. 31modova.
Trains for Indiana connect at Mai,.
Pla Intersection with Through aromas - no-tattoo,
Johnstown Arcoromtolotiou and I.:ovate. Train Fast,
tool with oml J. ltrottown A.,. in
'ambition N wet.
Trains for Ebensburg connect at Cr/won with
yeaa Trains and al niliru. N% eat, and with Through
Accommodation and Eattreas Train East.
The pablic will find It greatly , interest, in
going Root or it; eat, to travel by the Pennsylvania
.2.ol3tred g 11.111910, IL9 lit 21,4.11,..110 11011 (-derail
.ennui be aurpasard Ufa any othrr lout, The Road
is baL.t.a) with stono, And cutircly free from dna.
We ma promba aatedy, apvvd, and comfort to all
who may favor Ws road with their patronage.
T., New York.---1312 SO Tu 0 0
T. philadelplas....... 10 50 To Lam.aster ......... 8 60
To flarrisburg..—.. 7 88
Baggage checked to ell tatione on the Penosylva.
nia Central Railroad, and to Philulelphia, Baltimore
turd New York.
Passengers purchasing. tickets to the can will be
charged an excess, according to the distance traveled,
in addition to the station rain, except from stations
when the Company hes no agent.
NOTICE.—In L..) of loss. the Oompany will hold
ttasurselvas responsible for personal baggage only,
end for an ameunt not exceeding
N. B.—An Omnibus Lino has been employed to
convey passengers and baggage to and than the De
pot, at a charge not- to exceed 25 cents, for each pas
senger and baggngs. ler tickets apply to •
.1. STEUART, Agent.
At the Pennsylvania Centcel Railroad Passenger
Station corner Liberty and Grant streets. split
ermstEn A ItBANGE3IENT.—On and slier
JioNDAY;AprII 20s h, Trains will leave t h e
bctrot of rice l'eun.y!rnoin Roilroa•1, in Pittsburgh,
e.s telloes
do Wellsvillx.! 3:ld l as
titeubonv't d.. 07
do it hoel . 5:10 06
Connort lug at Steuhenrille arid Bellalr with Steu
benville atoll odium. Railroad and Ohio Rail
road fur Zauswille, Newark, Columbus, Xenia, Day
ton, ludianapolia, Cincinnati, Lodecille, Cairo, St.
Laid", St. Joseph, twit all puiuta weal and etrutharest,
and at Wheeling with Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.
Pittsburch Atua Cler,land L;ne.
Leave. Pituhurgh--. ...... 7:0 0 11..
do Alliance..._
• - ...
do Ravenna.. .......... -.......1 7:04 " foi:l2
do fludvon...-.. ......... ......' ':'.f. " 6:10 ~
Arrive, at C1eve1and,.............1 9:10 ii 7.70 "
Couitectan, at Bayard with l'ini.-arawas ininch fur
New Philadelphia and Otani 167ver; at Alliance with
Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago 1:41:1,11; at
Ravenna with Atlantic 4.l.lG:eat Western ltailroad
for Warren, Greenville, iileralrille, Union, Corry,
Jamestown and balm:nano:a; nt Buikon with Cleve
land, Zanesville and Cincinnati Raiirmad for Akron,
Cuyahoga Calla and billli:reining, sod at Cleveland
with C. .7 E. It. It. for Erie. Dunkirk and Buffalo
erAti C. S. T. E. F. for ua.nilusky, Toleile, and also
with steamers for Detroit.
din Accommodation leaves at 3.50 p. m.
Returning 111.11.1 arrivc at s.tti a m., 35Q and 82%5
p. m. and 2:10 a. m.
Through Tickets to all prnminout points man la
prtaddeu at Litc , rty Street Depot. Pdtald.rgh.
GEOR.GS, PARKIN, Ticket dg , nt.
And at Allegheny City.
A. U. CASSELDERRT, Ticket Agent.
• For further informatua apply to
At the Company's Mai In rftight Station, Penn at.
Gretna or Costrreousts or Tea
Washington City, August 6th, 1801,
WasalAs, By etatiefactory evidence presented to
the undersigned, it has been made to appear that
in the County of Allegheny, and State of Pentetylva
eta, he been &tip organized under and according to
the requirements of the Act of Cons - mai, tended
"An Act-to provide • National Currency, seemed by
a pledge of tnit,ll States Stocks, and to provide for
the circulation and mlemption thereof," approved
February Path, end has complied with all the
prowls - lone of said Act rrydred to,tbe compiled with
beton " , oommencing the bustle, Of Banking:
Num', Uteretuae, 1, 11Cdn licCututru. Comptroller
of tie Currency, do hereby certify that the mid
county of Allegheny, cud Store of Penneyl - nnia, in
auilortted to commence the business of 13 , 0 t -it% un
der the Act aforess , l.
In tes:imony whereof witness my hand
J . 3 8 land wal eves, tau stll day of August,
160,3, 111cCULLOC11,
Comptroller of the Currency.
CAPTtIL, $400,000, with Privilege to iLICISSIO
to $1.000,000.
The Pittsburgh Trust Company baring organised
raider the act to provide a National Currency, router
the title of the FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF
PITTSBURCIII, would respectfully offer its services
for the reflection of Notes, limits, Bills of kNehangs,
to., receive money on deposit, and boy end sell EA
change on all ports of the country.
The success which has attended the Pittsburgh
Trust Company, elute Its organMation in 1852, will
we believe, be n sufficient g - ,naranteo that business
entrusted to the new organiastion will receive the
umo prompt attention.
Having a very extensive correspondence with Banks
end Bankers throughout the country, we Win - e we
can offer unusual facilities to those who do budinese
with nu., •
This bushed's will be conducted ay the mime Officers
and Directors:
Mimes towsghlizt, i Alexander Spepr,
HOtratlL UnD., Franc'. G.
Thnums Deli, Alex. Drudig,.
Thoniss Wighttnnui li4Xuuel Bea.
Wm. IC. Nimick,
JOHN D. SCULLY, Caahter,
Awma Ws. 180.
DUARTE:RED. 11l 18:4 -
Open daily from 9 to 2 o'clock, ala, on Wetlands,'
and Ekiltuday evenings, from Nay let to limeMber
lit, from 7 to 9 o'clock, and from: Narcinber Lt to
May Set from I to 8 o'clock.
Deposita received of all cams not less than Ono
Dollar, and n disidend or tkeproftedoilared twice
year, to Jane and ,Doccualwr. intertst his been dAr•
dared semi-arinually, In Mule and December, since
the Bank was organized, at the rate of six per cent.
amest. If not drawn, out, Is placed to the credit
of the depaettur as principal, and bear, the mama in
tercet from the tint dope of Jose and December, com
pounding twice a year without troubling the deposi
tor to call, or even to present his paw book. At this
rate money will doable in Iwo than twelve yeast.
Books, containing tba Charter,_By-Lews' Bolas
and Regulations, furnished gratis, ma application
the °Rice.
John B. Moralion,
John Holmes,
toJczarder Spate,
Beal. L. Fahneatock,
James McAuley,
James ilerdinan,
'Calvin Adams,
John G. Darkoten,
John C. Maley,
Dooms Dlu , nle,
Alonzo A. (....Nrrior,
Marks A. Callous
William Douglas,
John YAMS.
Winos a liaise,
Peter 11.'Hunker,
=chard Eve,
James D. S.elly,
WL>WmO. Leeeal.
aulC , Cml
Isaac M. Peacock,
Jolla IllarsbaA
James B. D. Mad.%
A. M. Pollack, IL D.,
Bill Bnx In,
WBliam J. Andorran,
Nter e. Sedgy.
Walter P. artlhane
John Oa, '
Hobe:llkb% .
mar, L. /thltwille
James 61
John 11: blombertm.
WWl= Behniertz,
Wll3latoVin ler kirke
Iwo Whitt,
Wm. P. 'Alm Xmi on,
:Cbsissiaa pr.
• • •
1. TON,