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FRIDAY momNcitnNoy. lamas
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rivi*Xestetdityravoning Gazette
Trial' oi l James Stepletoa for the Atur
der of Mary Burke.
coon Tianwrin.=-Thoroday,
Nor. li.-i.jodgao Sterrett, Mellon, Stowo and
At the opening of -Court, Judge • Sterrett
preeeeded to deliver the oharge to the jury.
After aajklailliegthe lay of murder, recount
ing the eaidence in thiLease, and alluding to
the general principles of Insanity, the learned
judge oar
We have adverted to those general principle. of law
relating to Insanity, And have noticed the particular
Idiot of insanity known as mostzessiotsi, futhe pur
posed' enabling you to apply the evidence to theft
%V, if you And it 11008611/1 to dour. But, In
D; therela no evidence in theca's aufactent
to auirlomi question of theitheratthese forms
of !amenity. . It le not car-deslgn, howeverpto with.
draw the eptsetlontrono your coulderition; if you
.helltake•diffetentviam of the tettlitiony.-- We have
no evident•as to the psi oner'sndelitlon sunfoonduct
at sinyother time than on theft,. of the homicide.
The OffidOlloe of Ms drinking on that day Is, In our
opinkez;flWyellfficient to explain all the peculUrithe
of his appeusuace sod conduct on that day.
There is a Condition of mind produced by the
taadfela-lureW of intoxicating "liquor, which, tinder
the athlete* will demand your serious consideration
in dettembins thoidegres of homicide. It is a rule
of the oammonlawthatinadnees occa sioned
e s ioned by vol
untary intoxication, is no excis e for crime =snit
tel during Its existence, and while under its
The artiliclal, voluntarily contracted and
temporary madness produced by drunkannem
ratharithalpgrolration than en apology for a crime
rouraltted drains that 'tete. A drunkard lea vol
untary dessen,l and his intoxication gine him no
Pri , neay. By* low of the ancient Greek. • crime
committed when drank received a double punish-
Mente-one for the crime itadf—another for the
shriek( that produced it. .
Ryon And that the prisoner shot Mary Bark. In a
fit of Insanity, -voluntary-intoxication,
and while under the immediate influence of spiritu
ous liquor, be is, nemsthatess, guilty of murder. Ile
el:fluter, outward= of himself into a demon wee en
otdawiallezt; for .0 the Immediate conusequeAces of
which the ime; holds !dm-accountable. And although
there wu no: deliberate intention to kill, the law
holds him guilty of malice aforethought. But the
b.ueeulent proviaionui of the act of the-25.1 of April;
Mt, in dividtug minder at common law intodegree.,
have thrown this offence, when like characterized,
within the definallon of murder of the *mond degree.
Toonatitute murder In the Ant degree, the statute,
as welfare already eden, expressly mune. thecrinie
to bzwilifol, deliberate and premeditated, except in
the few enumerated cases,—with 'which we have
nothing to do in the present ente—A deliberate bus
tioaboßili lien eseentlal ingredient of murder in the
Ant degree. Whim this ingredient Is absent—where
themind, from inisuvleetion or any other came, is
deprived of its power to form a design, with deafen,
lion and premeditation, the offense le stripped of the
mallgoanticaturerequireeby Our statute to constitute
macula In the first Ogress; and neither courts nodules
unlawfully dispense with what the act ofAssenohly re
quire• If you And, therefore, from the evidence,
that the primmer was to deeply Intoxicated at the
time of the total act as to be nnable to form a
&Mums and sweeseehreael design to kill, you cannot
find him guilty of nimbler In the first degree. A
felonious borioleldo committed by one In • state of In
toxication, when tine mind, from intoxication, is de
prived of its power to fonts • design with deliberation
and premeditation, is minder in the second degree ;
hot the intoxication that will have each effect, must
be that degree of driinkenneee which deprives ono of
the power of Judgirig of his own acts and their legiti
mate consequences. When botoximitton exiles in this
degree it Immo the pule from moron in the Ant to
mauler In the snood degree. It is no excise or pal
liation for crime, and at best it can but reduce the
If you have a reasonable doubt as to the defend
ant'. guilt of the charge laid In the indictment, It I.
ybur duty to acquit him; grit you have a reasonable
doubt in determining between the different grades
of homicide, you should give him the benefit of that
Atter defining the phrase, "reasonable
doubt," the fudge oonelndes aa follows:
We bare nowdischerged what we beilereto be our
ditty in explaining to you the principles of law ap
plicable to this anis. It reelable far yote,to discluirge
yours, by faithfully applying the testimony to these
principle. elev. Take the case, gentlemen, give it
your most careful and Klima consideration, and re
turn such verdict as you belimoti the evidence war
rants—a verdict that wilt mect the approbation of
your own censciences.
The jury retired at ten o'clock, and op to
the hour or going to Dross they bad not agreed
upon a rerdiet.
The Warier' and Thiknito Railroad.
This project seems to be progressing favor- .
ably.. The route is down the valley_ of the
Allegheny river, from Irvine to Franklin, a
distance of fifty-eight miles. We find the fol
lowing particulars of the Bump in a report of
the Engineer, Mr. Samuel Lawrence, to the
President and Directors of the road :
"The lino:of survey, starting from a point
on the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad, about
six hundred feet west of Irvine, (e 1 miles
west of Warren, in Warren county, Pa.,) tra
verses the extensive Irvine Flats for a dis
tance of about. two miles, then following the
Allegheny river, on the west side, occasionally
encountering bluffs—which: arekty no means
serious, hut the line generally remains en the
river flittaon which the construction of the
road in'Ordinary times would be compara
tively fettling.
"The 'distance to Tidionte (which is well
known to be the centre of &prosperous region)
is Mien miles. The distance to Tionesta, •
flourishing village, is twenty-nine and a half
miles. At Pitthole, forty and a, half miles
from Irvine, a bridge of fifty feet, pan will be
required'; theuco to City, fifty miles from
Irvine, the pinta is plain and simple. The throughentirill be extremely light. No
formidable cutting ar tilling is encountered.
The bridging will be trifling and inexpensive.
The alignment le almost naeaceptianablo—no
caries of 'a teesriidiiittdin one thousand feet.
being necessary. The grades ere, unusually
farorable; :AO heaviest, •er'againit the oil
traffic, being only ten feet per Mile, endlicit
for a distanco',of only. ono mlbs.ausii a fialf.
Every feature pf the route assist( braving
that a railroad is feasible, desirable,•and can
be constructed with nAnsuntabospninn."
Vatted States Circuit Court.
_THURSDAY, Nov. 12.--Judges Oridr and
M'Candleio. . .
In the case of Patterson vs. Rvans—actibn
of ejectment fota tract. of land in. Beaver
county—the Jury found a verdict for plaintiff,
with six eents damages and six cents costs.
Daniel M'Laren vs. Rody Patterson. This
is an action to recover the value of eight cir
cus bailee, sold by Mr. Patterson, as. sheriff
of this county, under an execution nbtained
by a party residing in Phil adoiihla-;:the tor.-
see having been seized:its the prolierty Opal'
Rio, the great shown:mai. The horses were
claimed by -Mr. - 11'Litreit'l'inff sheriff Patter
son, although satisfied that they_tietenot the
property of Din Rice, sold thentutifor *Amid
of inde n tray. The case 112/4 tried some time
d the plaintiff obtained judgment in
the stun of $1,30_0, but Judge McCandless
a new trial upon the_gronnd
_Of neirly
dittivered evidence. Dan Rice - was` on tie„
stand gittwo or three home. • 'ThelMbstanct
of his testimony was that he had sold Wat_his
interest - In the circus, to XPLaren, for liZa;1100,
some months hefarothe judgment was obtain=
id against hini, and that the horses were thb
property of the plaintiff. The horses were
valued between $1,600 and $1,700. The
Cale 111.01,4 Oi WAIL
Card tedusiVit!:C. MeCqrtlljr, Esq.
It having been rumored that Mr. McCarthy,
nowbefore the people as candidate for nom
_ . ,
tonne* to the Mayoralty; purposed to divide
the tap= Ward-deleption with the-pre sent
Inetceibent;whcLls seeking it iniunalmition
And thlr'rephrt having published In the .
eironiek - Mr.' "McCarthy . orate. the Matter
• rliglit!'in.the 'following eartii
.I}Mir Carin& r—ln a local article; tinder thehisel
of q The Mereraity,“; whiclrippeired in , Tusedare
_,Of;elaerer yam de nal great Injustice, howwrer unto..
seawall; in miblishlng a rumor,•whtetryint ast has'
'retched thatOr- Say end r i awdf i rtirPee e
hlt , wen:testins 'fix the th W - nth en
'ldes I have never *Mortal fora =meat. , 7 think
l'OmenatedllsiriylowertM all the amptranta Ihr the
- , :yasserninaticeallms Ind' intend to act
Jo th out ,ttsa contest. I rely entirely for my
'not ten. political' chicanery, but on the
•opzoloo of our Attlee= In the different wards, agree
ing With- 70Urt; in :the Vary_ handsome compliment
yon pay me an time- article: where youmy of the
ism. - tit Wardl. - - . ..f1e (McCarthy) has represented
the ward to council for several yearthith kph Mel-,
ity =debility thatjt. win etre hinian - elmost owe,
/1011014.111. Y, DISCITAIMINIP-!•4lrhadet
higher, of the,l3th PenneylvantWirkrally, has
been honeribly Atietiarged, 'actrnit'
Iphyakit ifficability.; .4164. Col: ChantekNat;
' - lery, : of the aline seghnenti:will pr,Oablyfein
awl to ShOl continand:ri -- • -
rsr; Idetrisaii
Aid j the lads A-cimaitesi
astiont, p‘bilihrei
.• by I. P.Switirn4Cof4, New York, end fir
sale here by Unlit; Masonio SIM
flupreatio Court.
Lowrie, , and Jk!iges Woodward, Thompson,
Strong and . Head.
Nelson vs. Mark. Alleghety. Akirmod.
Woodward, J.
Wightmea vs. Dudes. Allegheny. Affirmed.
Wnedward, J.
Fleming vs. 'Ramsey. Allegheny., Affirmed.
Wolidward, J.
Dodson Litsor. Indiana. Affirmed.
Woodward, J.
Irwin ve.Sehults. Adams. Reversed. Wood-'
ward, J. • -
• Ward and others vs. Patterson. Allegheny.
Judgment reversed, and the overruling of the
motion ofdoiendant's counsel, of Sept.2B,lBBl,
is let aside, and said motion is granted, and
judgment is here entered. for defendants in
'pursuance thereof: Woodward, 3.
Buller 'Schrack. Clinton. - Affirmed.
:Tkompson, S. Dissenting opinion by Wood
wad, J. Strong, J., having been absent at
time of the argument, takes no part In this
high ye. Allegheny Insurance Co. Alle
gheny. Afthase4: Thompson, J.
Allison vs,Alilson. Indiana. Thompson, J.
Elliott vs. the Commonwealth. Weatmore
land. Reversed and new trial awarded.
Thompson, S.
McCalloch'sAppeal. Armstrong. Affirmed.
Read, T.
Fullerton'e Appeal. Armstrong. Affirmed.
Bead, J.
Colwell vs. Wolff. • Armstrong. Affirmed.
Read; J.
Linton vs. the Commonwealth. Cambria.
Affirmed. Read, J.
.Commonwealtli vs. Ifitchman. Westmore
land. Reversed at costs, etc. Read, J.
Commonwealth vs. Appeal. Armstrong.
Dismissed. Strong, J.
Golden vs. McCue. Armstrong. Affirmed.
Strong, J.
Roberts vs. Cohn. Cambria. Affirmed.
Strong, J.
Buchanan ve. Buchanan'. Indiana. Af
firmed.• Strong, .1.
Scott,. Burns & Co. re. Hipter. Allegheny.
Reversed, and new trial awarded. Strong, .7.
Road . In Robinson Township. Allegheny.
Belden vs. Nownes. Allegheny. Judg
ment of non pros.
Morange and others vs. Wallace. Alleghe
ny. Argued. Lockhart vs. chtonthaler.
Allegheny. Submitted,
Coates k Co. ve. Michaele. Coates & Cu's
Appeal. Four cases. Submitted.
Pennsylvania Railroad Co. vs. Canfield.
Allegheny. Submitted.
Golden's Appeal. Allegheny. Rale for
allowance. Argued. •
The Pennsylvania Tea Plant.
We have already published several articles
tending to prove the value and importance of
the herb known as the Pennsylvania tea
plant. Experiments are now being made
which, it is believed, will result in the suc
cessful cultivation and preparation of this
plant, which grows bountifully In the vest
mountain regions of our State. The Phila
delphia Press thus alludes to this subject:
The cultiratian of the tea tree, with the
manufacture of its leaves into an article of
domestic consumption, is now in progress in
Pennsylvania, and the State Legislature has
granted a charter of incorporation to the
American Tea Company, which undertakes to
develop this new productive resource In Penn
sylvania. The Eon. J. W. Quiggle, late con
sul at Antwerp, is at the head of this body,
and the gentleman who may be considered its
working head is Dr. Spencer Donsall, who re
ported to the Patent office, some years ago,
in favor of cultivating and manufacturing
tea in the United States, and acquired his
practical knowledge on the subject as su
perintendent and chief manager on the lands
in India of the Assam Tea Company.
Ily the use of machinery in preparing the
leaves, a superior article can be produced
here, and sold at the rate of from eleven to
thirteen cents delivered in markets; or about
one-third of its coat, when manual labor is
employed in the East Indies-. At present, the
produce of tea per acre is about 400 pounds,
which may be largely augmented. It grows
wild in some. (not all) of the mountainous
districts of Pennsylvania, and is found there
in great abundance. Set machinery against
the Asiatic process of personal manipulation,
and the cost of manufacture here becomes
much lower than in China, Assam, or Java.
It may come to pass, in the time even of liv
ing men, that Europe will import hasten from
the United States, and not from China.
The groan tea raised near Philadelphia has
the look, odor, and flavor of Asiatic tea, with
a slight horbaJious taste, the o=Bllpm:tea of
its not having been kept long enough before
brought to the test. This, alone, makes it
differ from ordinal:J..l4mm of good quality.
The King Case—Escape of George
Nonlette. -
The Kintand Nonlate ease has assumed a
new shape. After the testimony adduced on
Saturday List; tending to prove an atsli both
as regards Xing and his eon, an information
was made by Xing, ,hanging Xonlette with
perjury. Tho latter still being detained in
'custody as a deserte r, Provost Marshall Fos
ter refusedto surrender him to the civil au
thorities. Itrias then agreed that District
Attorney Carnahan, on behalf of the
United States, and District Attorney
Kirkpatrick, as , representing the Com
monwealth, should consult together and
decide, - between themselves, the questeon of
jurisdiction. As Mr. Kirkpatrick was engag
ed in the trial of the Stapleton =rider ca.
the consultation 'was postponed until this
morning. Daring the night, however, Non
lette managed to escape from the guardroom,
the guard having fallen asleep. Calms .he
can be re-arrested, the charge against King,
as that against ' himself, mast fall to the
The charge of surety of the peace, preferred
by Dr. King ag ainst Captain McHenry - , for
threatening to hoot the doctor while he was
under arrest,. was dismitsed, it' being bold
that the captain was not amenable to the civil
authorities, for a throat made while the'doetor
was in milftary custodyi Tho doctor conse
quently amended his information, and includ
ed threats made - while he was not under arrest,
upon which a warrant was issued, and Capt.
Mallenry was heldlo bail to answer.
The Great Sanitary Fair.
The receipts each day at the North Western
State Fair was as follows
Tnesday. Oct. Tr
Wednesday, Oct. .... ......
Thursday, Ott. •
Friday, Oct. .. .. ..........
Fetinday, Oct 31
Monday, Nor.
Tuesday Nev. 3
Wednesday, Noe.
Thursday, Nor. 5
Friday, Nov. ......
Articles remaining unsold were put up at
auction and brought goodgeices.. , The aver
age attendance was 4,000 persons per day, and
1,200 daily ..diwia st thairalitallsa , 'The re
ceipts are upward of $50,000. This Fair will
make glad the hearts, of ,thotuands who have
been disabled in fighting their conatry's
City Mortality.
Dr. A. oa. McCandless, Physician to the
Board of Health, reports the following deaths
for the week commencing Nov. Ist and end
ing Nov. fltik
Malei ' 10 White 251 To tal 2s
Females . -- 15 . 10010 red...... 0
Tim diseases wore: Exposure, 1; Apoplexy,
1; Disease or the brain, I Consumption 2;
Accident, 2; -Jaundice ; 1; Congestion the
Erain,,l;,Metningitls, I; Congestive Fever, 1;
Cnniention of. tbe Lungs,2; Catarrh:Fever, 1;
Marasmus, 1; Convulsions, I; Pneumonia, 1;
Erowned,l; CrOup,:ll Unknown; 11 Enteritis,
1; Falmoitery'COngestkin ' 1; .h emorrhage of
the Bovple, 1: Diptheria,l; Cerebral .Conges
Arr&lntim or laeriZroas roe 'Toe Weer
cue J o dges of the
Supreme Court to - daJ rude an order. appoint -'
ing the. following named gentlemen- as
specters for-the IYeatent Penitentiary for the
ensuing two years: • Wm. ll.Bitith
J. P.
Ram 4. U. ilhoenbenOr; V. Zug and dJonas R.
M'ClintOck." . The only change m. the retire
ment eiGeo. W. Cu., Eeq, miens place has
boon filled by the alpointinent of SWIITIkt-
_.. . .._....
- Aim ,goisnisVA4C - boy ,nathed . .Lobroan,
seventeen years old. employed izim w =ith:
;Wit between the Pott-wthee In rt
and thiti - 7 141 j9K.0P04 . 21 115 arse ).W. '
:Ow* on #stardwitaTerwrit heti charged with
putiolnlaftyttyp , :frook;the,otherriantiguss
- - theitoW artoAlite;azdteta . to bail tly the
, coin or rid Yhtiltailla Aillitra for his appear
ance at the next arnsion of the United States
Court to be held there.
The ThreatenekAlttiisk on Johwitonos
The "speck of war" on Lake Erie, brought
to light by the discovery of two suspicious
vessels, supposed to have been fitted out by.
secessionists in Canada, with the intention of
atteeking Johnston's Island,_near Sandusky,
and releasing the rebel prisoners confined
there has created considerable stir in • this
Military Department.
Gen. Brooks is now despatching all his
available forces to Sandusky. The Provost
Guard, under Capt. Wright, has already gone,
while Battery A, (Capt. Snap,) together with
all the able-bodied troops at Camp Copeland,
are to follow immediately. Should the pirates
enter Sandusky Bay, for the purpose indicated,
they will doubtless meet with a warm recep
Death of Gen. Beeson
Gen. Henry W. Beeson, an old and distin
guished citizen of Fayette county, died at
his residence in North Union township, on
the 28th ult., in the seventy-third year of his
age. -He Barred as a volunteer in the war of
1812-15, under Capt. Thomas Collins, on. our
Northern Frontier; became an expert discip
linarian, and thenceforth military affairs be
came a kind of specialty with him and he was
successively elected General of Brigade and
Major General. For three successive years he
was a member 9f the State Legislature ; then
Prothonotary of thecounty ; and, in 1841 woo
elected to Congress for the Unexpired term of
Hon. Enos Hook.
one a Major, the other a Lieutenant, wore cap
tured on the South Mountain, near Chambere
burg, on Sunday.
The domoitic money market presents no now lea
tore worthy of special noti eo . The leading charac
teristic of the Now York money mmkot is firmn,
and even lucre. ..a stringency, and there is, if any
• tendency to advanced rates of interest. Cal
loam are negotiated with difficulty, and berrowe
gladly pay 7 per cent., though they have, In some In
stances, hero obliged to pay as high as 12 per cent
Prime endorsed paper is readily taken at 66,7 pe.
The new fractional currency is now circulating
pretty freely. The ameunt already 1./Mal amonnts to
more than 81(5),CM. Tbo largest daily issue In $lO,-
000. There is no confirmation of the report that this
currency, so sharply criticised la every quarter, will
he withdrawn and a better article tubstitnted. It is
pity that the report Is not well founded, for the
now currency certainly cempares very unfavorably
with the old.
It is stated, sore the N. V. Shipping Lint, that the
Treasury report this year will be of unusual interest.
A number of very valuable statistical tables will be
appealed to the Report, upon some of which months
of preparation have been expsnded. Ono will coo.
tale the pries of elxty differ.. articles in the last
thirty yearn. Another will be the first attempt to
show ir. a state paper the amount of our internal
trade and commerce in different artodes. Another
will, from such data as can be obtaloed, undertake to
give as idea of the prospective trade nod commerce
of our territories. And still another will indicate
the amount of that carried on over our Intim and
ivers, including those between n. and Canada.
These are all of interest, and especially the latter, in
view of the probable action of Congrom on the Re
cipronney Treaty. Aceonling to the Washington
telegrams, it is teavrtaimst from the official reports to
the Government of Groat Itritoin that our export.
during the fiscal year ending Jane 30th, 1062, t‘.
$lOO,OOOOOO In racing, of of the Aga,. in our own en
port,. It to believed that doting the fiscal year
ending 10•62-63, the difference In our favor le trill
greater, the contraband trade having beer, larger
during that year.
TIII . C.AIIDAT, November 12, 1S
FLOUR. it DRAlN—Wheat b firm and 5 vents
per bush higher; Red is selling from wagon at 51,30
Corn bas advanced, a sale of 1 car Shelled bar -
lag been reported at 51,12. Oats quiet but steady at
former quotations; sales of 250 bush front store at
78c. Barley is steady at 51,35 for Spring, and 51,50
for Fall. Flour is wiling to a fair extent' trom store
at 50,7006,50 per bbl for guod to prime grades of Ex•
to Family. Sale of 1 ton Buckwheat flour at 5.4,W ,
per cwt.
GIIOCEIIIES—Tha market Is MOM active, and pri
ce* give evidence of a still further advance. Sales of 10
Mule San Jego Sugar at 14? 6 Llele Cuba et L'Nc;
lib& New Orleans at 1434 c; 20 61.6 "It" Coffee at
It ,ie; 10 bbbLe "A" Coffee at 17c, and 25 bids Crash
ed at 1734 c. Molasses Ann, with a sale of 75 bbis
New Orleans, to Obi trade, at Oc; else, small sales at
644§105e. Coffee is stiff but without change; sales of
IM bp, city trade, at 3334(351e.
SALT—Is grate active but; sale of tirr
bids No 1 Extra, to the trade, at 62,60, nod 110 do
de do at 52,511--delivered. Liverpool Is twilling at
52,50 per sack for foam, sod e1t.2. - .61,30 for Atte.
SENDS--Flat Seed has declined in the East, and
the decline there has prodnced a corresponding tr
iton here. We quote nominally at 52,5062,.75 Por
bushel from first hand.. There it nothing tieing in
Timothy or Clover Seeds.
fliT—The market Ulna with a demand fully
equal to the supply; sale of 0 tom prime balmd from
stets at $35 per ton; also wiles from scales at 511(336.
APPLES—The supply I. very large, and the re
ceipts continuo fair, and the inarket is doll but with
out quotable change; asks 375 bbl. at 52,50 per bbl,
and 50 bbbi choice at 52,75.
POTATOES—We have to notice a continued part
market, though price, are preety well sustained; sale
of 300 hush from Store at &es per busk.
CILEESE—Is 'dandy with • regular demand, and
we note sale. in lots of 30 lemt common Western Re
erve at 130, and 60 bx.s Goshen at 14c.
CHESTNUTS—firm and a ithado highd.r.;;Tth maim
of GU bosh from Moro at ss,be per bash.
CILANBEBILIES—quirt nod dull, with nu oeca
sional small sale a 812e14 par bbl fur commou t ,
prime Cultivated.
Pittsburgh Petroleum Market.
Nov 12—The ell market was unusually quiet 1..,-day,
the sales belog limited and of an unimportant char
acter?. Crude Is steady with 11012. Inquiry at about
former gnat/110ml, say 15 to my,. In bulk, and 2034,c
t' 21c, packages included, and :Lase may be regarded
se the extreme rates of the market. Several pat boats
loaded with Crude, camp in this afternoon, and oth
ers an, expected in to-morrow and next day. 'lletlned
continues rely dull and neglected, with scarcely
enough doing to establiels quotations. For bonded,
there Is no demand whatever, while free is netting In
the small way at about former quotations, Naptha
—Palo of an bbls deodorised at 180.
Advices received from Ott City up to the
10th lust, report the market as haring, to mune
extent, recovered there, and while there wee no ad-
Vance, there was a firmer feeling and more activity.
Several Wee wore made at 34 per hbi to bulk, at the
mouth of the creek, and tlde figure is said to have
been offered for 5000 bids without finding earlier..
The exports of Petroleum from Now York during
the three days ending on Tuesday evenhog, amounted
to 349,453 gallons, as follow.: 154,0r25 gnlions to Fal
mouth, E; 154,531 to Havre; 55,492 to Hamburg;
1,534 to Canary Wands; 11,060 to Cuba; lad to Hayti;
and 1(0)6 to Now Grenada.
81, 0 C 45
. . 4,840
.... 4,744
... 3,278
... 5,034
New York Petroleum Market.
Special Dilimit& to the Pltteberit Casette.
New FMIX, Nor.l2—Cnsde l active and 112111 at DS
on the spot. The demand (or Rained In bondi V fair
end prices tend upward; sake on the spot at 41c;
December delivery 41642 c, buyers option, end 40c,
sellers option; and January and February 43e, boy
ar., opine. Free oil ranges from GO to Glr, and Fel,
that ling at 25C".
Cleveland Market.
Nor M.—now—The loCal demand remain, active,
the hl b grades being In best demand. No sates of
largo lota retorted: 14hent--Dull and iliac:tin.
tales reportadon 'Mango were only I car Ohio white
on track, at 91,65, and I car mixed whits and amber
at 61,50 glace the *Board the market ls dull and
lower. Was 1 car choice rd on track at 91.T1;
bush rod afloat at 5 1 , 23 ; I car choice Ohio white at
111,90 on track. Corn—Quiet but held firm at 92c on
track and 93c from store. No salmi reported. The
receipts by rail have bedn very light for several day,.
Oats—No transactiods. Held firm at atic from
store. Ilye—Salei 1,909 bush on private, Lerma Bar
ley-414e email lot from Man at $1,30.
Toledo Market.
Nov. 11.—Tba arrival of a few grain vessels has Uu.
parted a little life to the market, and :several salsa of
wheat wore effected during the forenoon; yet we think
there were transactiowl to • much blgheroxtent than
Indicated below. The prim given show a decline of
le in the figures paid yesterday afternoon for the NIIIPO
quality of wheat. Nuashn reported In roar. Wheat:
Sales of 2,200 bush 'amber 81kh. at 12k; I,oon bud:
white Mich. at 148 0 ; 100 bush', 2,800 bush •sad 1,700
buMuda Mich /led, all at 12k; 8:.10 bushels tio 2•Med
at 128., Corn : Bele lest evening of M:0 bush Q. lat
BSc. Ttedsy, saki of 128 bath No; lat 88c; and 880
bush 40%18f/30. Other grains dull. •
Ye* York Wool Market.
Nos—U.—no market for both Domestic sad Ton
algal,' quiet, pending the lam public solo !Woe. ,
Used fotThancliy. T o Mast tons of the market
- tstaiDis that; bowevar,..stol• nmoteset•rees - fnd : tt
tlliftentt to paratraaa itaalsabla lots attept at eiltrom•
mss, •We mot* Mass of 190,000 pound. Domestic
Insects stlOrydt cents, 400 bales Cape, in small lots
to auurafacttusrs, 40645, and • parcel of fi) do Dons
tot, 48, cash.
AseglitHik:tive Sto c set . CaIIIPETS, OIL CLOTHS, ar C..
_ .
SOT*/ 2-7 4 8 Junket Par rattle hat been quite - - -
tire doiing the past:week, arid witha goad denund, NEw tikicrETs•
and only a moderate supply, prices adumed fully
cent* per carkgross, Oa-all cinalltlea The receipts
during Monday awl Tuesday were very light, and at
the close ((tits last named day, then, was
a bullock left In the pens =mid. Or, WednesdaV NEW CARPET STORE.
morning, several car 'Gadd arrived, nearly all of which
wore taken—tho beat for the local trade, and the bal.
;mite were picked up by raster, buyers, and gOV,II- McFarland,Collins&Ca,
meet contractors. The most remarkable feature to
notice In the market Is, that then- was an nriniond
ntuulijr of really good tattle oe FRU . , and an inausind Nos. 71 AND 73 FIFTH ST.,
scarcity of scalawags, with which, of law, Ih^ pen*
have been flooded.
Coed heavy cattle, in good condition, mdd readily I Offer for sale, AT PRICES FAR BELOW PRESENT
at from Pl,OO to 8.4.59 per „„t, and the supply wan i MARKET RATES, on entirely new and choke
scarcely adrritotte to the demand. There were but I gook of
very few dock cattle on sale, and with no demand, this Dv vvill ion V ELVET inuTe
pretty freely at from 3; 2 :4 3 , 75
grade of Mock may ho quoted entixly nomtnal at I IMULII3II V3IIII 11113 a
from $2 to $3 por cwt- Fair to common gradoe Bold
, Best Real Brussels Carpets.
There were some government buyers in an, rwet.
who bought soma 50t) head at prim+ ranging from ENGLISH AMERICAN TAPESTRY CARPETS,
83,21,34,00 per wt. Myers & Fro purchased FM.,
pa cwt.
300 head on government account at from 5 3 ; 2 -w•4 3 X,
and 74cCallister &Co took about 200 head, f r mule
purpose, at from 83,50(0 4 . 00 -
LI A Merrick, sold 32, head of shiers at S. l , 7 rl'Z
4,50; and 60 bead Ohio and lllinoic steer+ and heifer.
at from 83,60E44,50.
Wenknee, wholesaled 100 limd of fair I riiiisna
dock at $3,50.
A lasteriltio, Bold 17 head of extra Northern Ohio
heifers—the best in market for some time—et VA.. Per
bead; or about $4,10 per cwt.
There wore quite a number of Mite 111;td'. the Por.
Oculars of which we were unable to wwertulti. We
have given enough, however, we think. to Indicate
the movements of the market during the week whirit
has Just closed.
The market bat been quite active durtng too plat '
wok au d, notaithatantLag the reeeipte err,. largo,
the demand appeared to bo fully egne I to supply, and 1
Mat Week'. prhas Were fully metalled. lza flu:A, cow- :
mon and medium grades were In better demmel, and
at a alight advance.
Some few atom packer. were in the tuarket, and ;
purchased veveral hundred head, but the nowt of the 1
sales were for shipment to the Eastern markets. One 1
of oar packers, we understand, taught aloe of OM 1
head, averaging about 280120 et $5,40 per cal; anti
some WU mare were sold to other packers at prices
ranging from 24,73(45,28.
Below will bo fumel r correct report of cot, of the
the principal sale., together With theta:tap weights
and prices.
J Gilehriest purchased 150 from St railey, averag-
Lug 2eo poamla at 45,20; 181 from Sheeler, averaging
270 Ibs at $5,65; lf* from Fink bone, averaging, Stu.
et 85,50; 100 from Holmesaveraging 205 kw, at 88,f0 , ;
100 from Glass, averaging It'd, at 06,50; and 1r. , . hoe.
Hoff, averaging 200, at 0660.
Whittaker F•lat b Holmes 65, 6111.6,i lig la:, at
Hammond to Skiles 40, ats'e 200 at 54;25.
Henderson to ttvrr, 44 avg'a DM, at 88,:e.
Campbell to Skilos, 14:2 stock /100 sat 54,00.
Greenwalt to Emerick 1511, attic's 300,
Kelm. to Singer 70, areg'e 240, at $7,21.
siViggort to Tobiu lul, ave,g'e wu, at 84,10.
Caldwell GC. to Hol Mee 240. twee., 110), at 51,7',
Etuerick .1111, even r oat, at lt:.• 101 .
Ward to Holmes 54, aveee gio at 84,7. - t.
Beak to Robinson 2't2, nog'. 170 et $4,00.
Haver to Itabinvon 70, cope 170, 0 24,00.
Strayer to Tobin (03, nog o ,
_ .
linkbone to Kt!linger 1.0.1, ergs rob, . SI ot, DRUGGETS
La.". to Stnger 4ZI, argr trbt, at S , ), la, a
Sehnert. to Engle 25, svg it tYgl, at $-1,'..
Anderson to IlturloB, tirg'e 20(1. et .4-4.7,. lit N ENVEST PATTERNS and every 'Width, at the
Pringle to Tobin P., avg r :1 , ... 0 1 1 1 . 0 7.
Drummond St Logan to Sheeler :Ist , ava'e 217 a .
SL,OO. Lowest Prices for Cash,
NVallneo to Caldwell 114 trig . ..,r2tl 41 :I,=l.
Kelster to Tub In ON, urge ttio at it 11,2 . 1.. Including
Val - deer to Klock WO, erg elk.. :Lee', ,
Klock to Hulloes A libus 101), as r'e A., at $.1,,-., Crumb Cloths, Feltlugs, Rugs,
Hill St Co to Mantes ,t Ma. Na, sra'a =1 at 1.1 . .
Wellace to /tolutes d. 141.4 IttO, •tg... I_ll, 0 0 (.).0."1.o.
eIICCpa I-IMR,, CLOTI - TS, &e.
Tho market la quiet, ex there le but dial, 'hong
amide from supplying the Leal trade. The
aro fair, but the bulk of those art-trim; are • And haring purchased for CASII, before the late
bring shipped to the eastern market',
there has born e.. change, and at, 'online« lutruncro, we are able to 101 l at the manufacturer.'
gnoto at 1,4,01 to $4,2A per cart for fair to prime qitel-
Mrs. pricey, an unequalled stock of
New York Grocery Market.
[From the New York Shipping List, Nor. 11 :
Suga—Thio article continuo...gradually to wt.:Luce,
anti the market remains very firm, the tondeiro
being otill towards improvement, but at the high I
ang,. which prim Isaa, now Pea
there to lovo IVlndow Shades, Matttags, tc.
:activity, the demand being routine.] to the numodiate
wants of Itoliners and the trod,. The stork to quite
light, and holders maintain n arm attitude, ..boring
their ouppliet sparingly. Refined 1a also higher, and
we now quote lather than Stuart'o, 17 runts for Hard,
1574( . 41(N (or Soft White, and 14 1 .,441:d, for YoHow,
The salon include 1220 hhdo. Cahn at
tante ; 210 Porto Rlco, 13%&,14;l„; 8 ('larillesl New
Orleans, 15%. totolo . . 245 htoto., 11 tea.. and is bla.
English [fibula, (Ltenterara, Barb:Eras, Ar a ) 12 , 48
It; 400 lads. Blartinique, 121,0t12'; g ; 21 Plat-Hied I (a., • 20 St. Domlpgo,l3; ceronno, do., 12 1
100Ligs Manilla, IS, 4 moo. ; 11300 do., 12, rash and
5073 bag. Ilavutia, 121144, 4 moo. by an0.,..n, u.
hss. liarana, slightly damaged, sold at 121, cent
and 2N.) tads. New Orleans, 125:gq133,, rash
naain rodneo OAT - not:km , . of Broad
half a cent per lb., the market being quite dull and
favoring buyers fur all ilmicriptirimi e.rept Jar,, r,,,
whirli full prim hair Iron mallard. Vie notire 2:14
Inge 1210, per Lisette, at nit/i rents ; neff dn. per
Component, 31%; 213 do., 3114:1'2,!.., the loner mime
for Skimmings; 300 mote Java, 40, 4 mos.; SO bog%
St. Nailing - a, 21 ; 100 blaraeolbe and 1,0 1110, 21%
all rash, iu bond; und 400 Maracaibo, on terms not
made public. The stock of Rio In the Country,
made up by Messrs. W. Scott di Son, is 50,ttr
fib, 46,1137 bags here. and 4,11 X) In Balthnore.
Export, from Jan. I to Oct. 31—
16(n pkg 5.18,1.42 pkg. 11,921
Molasses—ls very firmly held, but the market
been genet %Ince our last, the demand haring fallen
off. The salee are tD4 hints. Porto Biro, part at
rents; 100 ltarbadoes, G 7; 261 Cuba Muscovado, 90
go; ; 511 bids. and 44 tor. (toyed Cuba, port 44;
417 able. New Orleans, 4.5.g6.1., 4 tn..; and CM bib,
Cuba dluscutado, on terms we did ant learn. By
auction, sOn bits. New Orleans ;,old Ykl,-1.; cents ;
and 9 do. OMr crop 74%, cash.
Chicago Market.
Nor. 11.—Flour dull. Wheal inletand 1r,41 3 4 . 0
lower, at si,onqi,osy r i. Con" dull nod. 141 lower;
enter nt 13761fi1i,c. oats dull nt
larreln tour; bushel/1 wheat; IP,nuo burl,
elr rorn. Shlpments--I,fino barrels flour;
bushels con". Freight. dull; ge on %float to Buffalo.
Imports by Raltroact
CLAY cusp & Prrursrmatt Ilanwoan, Nor. 12—
bbls apples and potatoes, E lieuletan: 6 do cider,
.1 13 Dorrington; 41100. feet lumber, .1 C Indwell; 10
bbls Cour, Atwell, Lee cokB7 bbl. apples, do,
LII Volgt co; 'n do do, Potter k Aiken; 2 cars mill
Nod, Knox & McKee; 13 b. clses., Webb & W Hstn
son; 10 de do, 11 Haworth; 141 .k. wheat, .1 L
blc; 10 dolmas:om, A Llpplut; TO bids ale, Wm Ed
munds k co; 1 car hay, I' McKelry; 10 bm tobaL,o,
J A Als.corie; 30 tom lard, F Sellers 0 rot . ' bid liquor,
Shale, On k co; 10 dm brandy, Jen S'clunl.ll; 1 car
apples, no mark-
12-1 sack wool. W Byron; 8l bids 0m cloy, D 1'
Shope; 11./ bbl flour, W H Dames; 1 sock feathers. L
II %olgt k co; 20 boo soap and condi., Graham o
Thom.; 11l Aga glamware, W N Naafi; 17 LW+ ap
ple., CC Balder, 108 do whisky, D Wallace; W 7 kg.
wheat, J 8 Liggett 5; rot; 12 kW apPles Little & Trim.
61,,; 16 dodo, J B Confichi; 17 do do, D G Evans; 15 do
do, J WooLdslyer; 268 lam, N I.lodstott; 1 kg cot
ton, King, Pennock &'co; 1W bble flour, Mackeown
& Linbart; 180 bge mill teed, .7 & W Fairies; 3 cars
metal, J Moorhead; 1 do corn, Harlin. .5 13 rn; 100
bbl. dour, filmmaker & Lang . ; 160 do whisky, Lam
bert & Bhipton; 150 pigs lead, J D Canfield; 50 bids
whisky, Barn Thompson; 50 do do, Jae lloyd; 4
pearls, McKee & thvi 101.41. rap, Howard & Cot
ALLFORANT STATION Noe , . 12.4 ears whref. UT
Kennedy k Bro; ati bags flaxseed, Ewer a Hamilton;
iG bap flaxseed, 4 bap, beans, W Gto
bales tow, J Childs; Labs bsEre, E Ride; 2 101 4 ,
corn, Simpson 1 - Knox; Et hides, J 11" eddell; 17 sack.
pcdatoes, J (Arid; 12 Ms - apples, A Taggart; 11 do
do, J II Trunlck; 22 Sacks-woot, 8 Elnulley; 11 bbl.
apples, E. Beckon; 5:1do do, D Cornelius; I do do, 11
I Boyle; ta.24. putatowe, V King; :I. dozen
.1 Town/lead.
CL.4lJtf .(10EXTS.'
T. vv.A.Lertert.
[avowed by the IL L OoTornmeeL
103 TIfTTI 11 . 111ZET, 3d deothelow the Cl.thedral.
Penyultsanta &Wes went of the mountains, Bast.
en' Mi. Bddistt, and West Vlrginla Soldiers, can
have their Pensions, Bounty and Back Pay secured
at this office.
Olivalan sin bo mat giving Ai tillbnaatlon to
tho &hum. at le Amu/Ana PoI4I , TP' 1101 " , "mrt° B
who ors entitlad to Um Pcaaloth Ihataty •atal hoot
Pay, anti tho manner of pacarinit tbo .1/11.., by apply.
lu t.r4L o c b rzr
17 9 ' 7
NO. 114 11E211 STREET, rzrreseean,
lollectlona la Alleaheer.and adjoining coon"'
Prosocules SOLDIEBSIII.AIMA of entf.l
ton ; BOUNTIES for all dTrehargerl
SIONS, for wounded officers' end
TIES and PENSIONN b.r Widows,'Farenta, Orplow
:Children, Ihwthera and Stators, or other NO N 1..-
. sent/41ra of thoeo who hare filed la the earl+ 0, or
hare diod after dlerhargo front dleeer*V•obtfl'" lu
111 rEotharlwantll collettokand no letter will 6
alutrowdysleee•starne ta Ineterild. fulltly ea t
:DLL PENSION.; BA IAL OE VAT ' ea11.7 , 11, .7 .0 y ,
lifiLraitir 6
WADI'S of every dewrlptlon,caowq , _ I
aerlber, at the following rat, 0/9, ro.
art other elttriall3 re, '
'; 0. 0.-TATEOII, Attorney At' LAW•
No. 73 Grant stria, Pusseurgh, na.
N, B. No clangor are suede aim elann dew net.
entered. and all Information ghee EMIL_ . I.'lo/
S TEAM 1101LE118.—Two (24 fuet by
47 Inches,) sevoull-band Bolters, for sub. by
A full line of new snd very choice pattems
Very choice patterns.
Lowoll, Ilartford and other atandanl makes o
A splendid stock of
at than manufacturer.' prearat prices, at wbul
Mil, and ',tali.
VELN ET MATS, In peen earloty, tiee lergoot se
em-tnna of patterns to be found eurndiere and e
eldrudid anortment of SHEEP SKIN MATS.
Floor Oil Cloths,
Yrum 2 to 24 foot with, nevr and elegant raZtorna.
COCOA MATTING, I, Clitirehea, Ofticea, Halls
laud Staire, common Snd extra quality.
Woolen, Linen & Cotton Dkugget,
From % to 4 yards wide
CLOTHS,plain and fancy; Embrol
dereA, an.l
Window Si}lades anti Fixtures
The stock 011 band having been part-bawd whom
`„ld see at 24, will be sold •t corresponding rates.
tar YI MR STIIEET. lilt
Doterom Poet OM. and Dip:sick Bnildithga.
Carpets, Oil Cloths, Druggets,
SHADES, &c., at
No. 87 POULIN sTnErr,
A very large assortment of all goods In our lion,
et the lowest point reached In tho Eastern
Market this season, and much trained from last sea
sos prices.
oat: W. D. & 11. MoCALLDif.
ADRIATIC, I,M) Hone-power, 4,M0 toes.
1,000 llorao-power, 9,003,t0n5.
COLUMBIA, 'AO Horse-power, .1,0(X) tom.
A HOLT A, LODO Horse-power, 2,000 tons.
The magnificent Steamship ADRIATIO wll.l sell
from New York fur Liverpool on TUESDAY, the 17th
of November.
8 40 . or Promage from Now York to Liverpool, pay
able In gold or its equivalent In currency.
Intermediate.-- 401
. . .
rassenigers forwarded Mao to London, Par o, Elam
barn., Hays, Bremen, Gotterd:an, Bc., at
tbs lowest rates.
Farms from Ilvertmot or Golow to Now York WM
Zuston, 525, PS, en, Sf.r.t
For passage apply at the office of the &smuts.
BABEL & BEAGLE, 'M Broadway.
Elam.* Jowls, Hangar.
or, D. O'NEILL,
Deming Ohrosiele
bin:lves No. TO Fifth street. Pittsburgh.
.J ERPOOL, touching at QUEENSTOWN, ••
i 1 10•111 HAltil011.) The well-known steamer* of • •
verpooli New York and PhtizelelphLa Steamship
CaMpusty - are intended As f 01101111:
CITY OF WASHINGTON ...... --Saturday, Nov. 14.
. . . .
RDIINDITROII _.Satorday, Nov. 21.
CITY OF LONDON ...... —.-Inturday, Nov. ZS.
And every succeeding BaCurdny, isotot, from ner
14, North River.
The Steamship CITY OF CORK, of thin line, will
ail as an extra steamer on THUILIDAY, Nov. (414
and, hiss splendid accommodations for► few Cabin
stisfiglccrapi Passengers, at roduced rates, payable la
UB. Currency.
Payable In add, or it, elrnivand in Oarrenty
rum' CAIRN ..t.wrcraaar. 00
do to London.— 65 00 do to Loudon 34 00
do to Paris 95 OP do to Paris... Kio
do to namborg. 90 OtP do to ilambg 37 OD
noweugurs also forwarded to !Jaren, Bremen. Rot
terdam, Antwerp, at equally low rates.
Iro.ros from X,lverpool or Queenstown ; Ist Cobb,n
$7 6 , 1 85 , htoorsgo. SW, Those who wish to
enrol for their friends am buy tickets hero at those
For further Informationafmly at the Company's
Offices. JOHN O. DALE, Agaut
-15 Broadway, New York.
Hand dram, nnt house from the bridge.
o 100: tf Pltubarzti.
. LlE.—Staim fromalS o .,
P=s lo gold.: or It. oonlyal.t to currency
1110111 NEW YOBS, VW to ourrney
EloHo every took. Apply to
atahiezi• Pittsburgh.
"TAP. "OLD 11101:1NTAIr.'
out In rimer CLASS MAIL
"'""r" t""ght i L Londooderry, G. 1../
Br ft AAI Llth, [rum L nrlvou
or Curl., fur
Twenty.letvw Dollars.
And by Nailing rnsfals fur TWE'TY-OAIt
7:A lttl, In cueruncy
Apply to
D. 0 . 27511.1 b,
Ascots", Ohrosiebt
stroot, Pittsburgh
JAMES iscivriv •
IGvlles the allonilor. of Sportsmen Gad ntlum hti
enleinthretook. of Mi. BLYLES, lildVol. l llll4l,
mrot,gcrisml6.llAGA PONTIAIt 'IABIO,BIIII
TS p!...4 . rpthanarz, 11117111 TUSKS, and em.
ruination of every kind. lib stook le the (argent ever
loom:MA. Ole market. Den
eft Aiti4LS 041.LDWELL,--
(quamor (*limos Uobaat & Oa)
Pont peozatt.
Malty la AllaiN. LAUD, STIOAII, [MUD HAMS,
. ' tAIONED DEEV, &a.,
4 30111941. liteigrAT AND rpm Simms,.
. 4
ITAL 1 . . Y'lTTi_ yaw,. PA.
AltD WANTED.-1110 higtiost cadi
Nice paid for Country Lax* at MI times.
or..aGS and 70 Water street.
For the carious affections of the
Colds, Coughs, Asthma, Croup, Influenza,
Hoarseness, Bronchitis, Spitting of
Blood, Weakness of the Chest, Insip•
lent Consumption, Catarrhal Area-
lions, and all diseases of the
Lungs ; Habitual Costiveness,
Liability to take Cold, 11a 7
bitual Billiousnesa, Raab
of Blood to tho Head,
Dizziness, Pain in the
Shoulders, Pain un
der the Shoulders
and the Shoulder
Blndee, frequent
Cold Feet and
a Hacking
The coughing up of a lightish phlegm, often rather
tough and stringy, difficulty of breething, or shoel
ace- of breath, cold chill. in tho mowing with fever
after, flesh and red cheek• on excitement, spitting
up of mattor sometimes streaked with blood, fre
duent enniclathrn and flesh .oft and flabby,
ying pains in the chest, aide and shoulders, frequent
tits of coughing on awakening op In the morning,
frequent attacks of tho diarrhea, pains in the breast,
phtidsle to early life.
We will guarantee it to relieve the wont COUGH
or CURE A COLD, nu difference of how ling stand
ing, when used in time and according to the direc
r.ead, 1110 following cortiflata, v 11,11,104 from
among many others, received daring the past few
8110IIT Cam, JUL 7th, 1869.
Mr. Joke M. Foliate—Dear liir Iror yews my wife
has beeu suffering with • vary violent congh i at
nights she would have to got up out of her bed
frequently to get her breath, or to keep from riff.
eating. Hearing of your Cough Syrup I determined
to try it, which I did, and got a bottle 4019 loam
Lew to, and need It according to directions. It gave
Immediate relief, and acted like a charm on her
cough, producing the greatest change co her in ono
week. dl,. low no more of the hard coughing spells
now, and, to fact, I may she to entirely clued.
Respectfully, ALBX.
Prnaaracm, Dec. 9, 1899.
Mr. J. /f. Fe/too—Dear Sir For nom. time
Lave been .offering with a severe rough and cold in
the bead. But after using • bottle of your Vegetable
Cough Syrup I was entirely cored of It. I concider
It en excellent remedy, and reoomme•d It to •oy tier-
WO with • Cough or Cold in, one of the very Wet
reined*. ever (Recovered. •
Respectfully yonn,
If you are troublad ailb a
PEITaIIIIO, asolicarria,
we do not say that In at case§ it will C QBR CON
SUMPTIOIi ; no medielne can 6s rullud upon to do
that. But we do allege, and stand nay to prosy,
that by the aid of thla medicine, coupled with pp rrooppeerr
sanitary regulations, such as regular rest, ezp n.lon
of the linGsot restraint upon appetite, le., some
Desperate Cases have -been Cured.
Do not negtrat this timely admonition. Tho
• bottle constantly in your honer, and tako • dose
on lb. first symptom of a cold.
Direction. for Coti.—Take • boa.apxnebill dare
thins a day, and if the cold be a bad one, tab It a
telier ; and in going to bed put two tes4pcondoll
In warm water, and neon= it a little, and drink it
as hot to you can bear It iCOrer . Up warm and meat
Let mothen glee It to their children In this way,
and It will remove the wont kind of Imareesiem In a
child, awl is perlbetly harmlna. It way ho taken
hy tho 111011 i Malaita females, or the youngest child ;
ouly suit the ions to the age and constitution, It
cannot do any-Injury to the child or *muds If It
should be taken in an One dose, for if It Is, It will
came them to throw up, and thin get clear of It In
their stomachs. •
TXrectio. far Cbeght.—Take one tea-opoonfall of It
every meal time, on an empty stomach, and also be
fore going to bed ; U the cough Is bad, take it often
er ; and If troubled In the night with it, keep a bot.
Ile by your bed wad Iwo it when a fit or cough comes
use It la this wa), and you will anon be rid of
your cough, In it over no bad.
Divetkou for Micatty of Breelkiep.—Teke one tea
epoonfull of the 'Vegetable Compound three times a
day, on an empty stomecb.' MTh= troubled with It
lo the night, keep the medicine near the bed. Auld
take some of It at the time jog the moat depress
ed for want of breath ; to take It Vane on going to
bed vvill be a very good Oro, .
Dimas= fa, Pithiate.-?aloeliva• ll:netts day•
the lignand , tOnstitallon et Shops:
dent—from ono table•npoottfoli down to alloapcson-.
Ital. It Is of ways best to ebniinantitla for on= time
In ordor to deer the liflllfirof'tbii a Lime entirety
for on. month or more; Ibis iitarippbari told so; as
it Is • bud complaint to matt% of, and lieu" sr: .
ron into a lung diatetso .d et Ilk. Do tin in
Symptom. re Draeolsitis.—Boreatue of Ma Wage sad
throat e allolculty of brattddag, hostseaaaa, maims,
uP phlegm and often blood. It la an Inds
motion of the skin that lines the air calls of lung,
and throat.
Dircrtion..—Take ono 'marlin of the Compound
army four boom until the patient is eoutrwhat to and than take It tour time.. dal-lgorning.
noon, evening and bed time. Bolt the doss to the
age and constitution of the patient; let the diet be
plain and nouriahing.
Direationsfor (Wart* or Marti inosr•--421ra Com.
ronnd in dor or onn teadipoonfoll guise or par
times • day, or oftener IS dad. It is a sararatot
moody for rand* and certain to care if feted at
cording to the direction. • . • . -
. • .
Directikou for Trloopkt .111 innJL
do." to HMI the age of the patient: or at amen
• day, or Oftener, if the Of eetigh it tad or
frequent. This treatment will eausathe gismo'to
run lee course in about ome4Wrd at the regular . time,
and can the pati•nt of . many laud. spell/ at In t . In fact if tbbi tre atment wit right,
there Will be no lard whooping In the-whole worm
of the dime.. I hate tome of the. beet tertilleats to
thie effect. For this namely we ham the recomecum.
dation done of the most Lured *nicht= to Oar
country, one who hoe used it lo his practice ibr pare
with the happiest results.
ler. This invaluable Vegetable Com-
pound Is propsrod and sold at ONE
J. X.PULTON. Dragghtit
Hoa. 67 AHD so rirm -STREIT,
Li: „iihmiutdir
Itlgheet premiums ne the London and Pula BLS
bltions essi at all the Important Btato end Ilsahani
Mil retro whole exhibited this season. Call sad or
szetior these mnehlars before Fratcluring
Foote's Patent Umbrella Lock Stand,
which Wows perfect eatity to co exticie prow:Wally
given to be led astray
WM. SUMNER & 00.,
Eros Awarded to dewing Machines In Mindy.
prase. Machine. were awarded the Highest Plena
etis ea/ eampaatera for the pool thway fiewiag
M the Bad .aLosefoderiem ilfechisea, and the
Bed If Work, at the following, bTATS rano,
of 1I
New York Rao Fair,
Tina Premium ter family machine.
Tint. Premium for double-thread machine.
That Premium for machine wuric.
Vermont Sods Pair.
Tint Premium for family machine.
Firm Premium for manufacturing macblue.
First Pro mum for machine work.
lona Mao Fair.
First Premium for family machine.
First Premium for manufacturing machine.
First Premium for machine work.
Afickams Elate Far.
First Premium for family machine.
First Premium for manufacturing machine.
Fleet armature for machine work.
&dim. &am Fair.
First Premium for machine for all purposes.
First Premium for machine work.
Mimi, Stab, Fair.
First Premium for machlee for ell purposes.
First Premium for machine work.
Heatucky Mate Feb.
First Premium for machine for all purposes.
First Premium for Machine work.
Pemsyloa.sia SIM. Fair.
Tint Premium for manufluituing machine.
First Premium for beautiful machine work.
Ohio State Fair.
First Premium for machine work.
And at the following County Pairs
Caldera., Cb. (Vt.) Agrimitural Serurv.
First Premium for family machine.
First Premium for inanulkcturing machine.
Tint Premium for machine work.
Ckaamlaisi Valley (VI) Agricaftend Society.
First Premium for family machine. •
First Premium for'manufacturing machine.
First Premium for machine work.
Heerudea (Mass.) Aorkalturof Soddy.
Diploma for funny machine.
Diploma for machine work.
Freak/is Ch. (N. P.) Pair.
:Int Premium for family machine.
Pint Premium for umuufacturing machine.
Otani. Or. (N. 7.) 4griesittowi Se!usog.
First Premium or tmoily macho..
Waskiegton Co. (N. T.) Few.
First Premium for (emily machine.
&warms Co. (N. T.) Fair.
Tint Premium for badly machine.
Meodauk's /agitate (Pa.) FM,
Tint premium for machine for all purposes.
First Premium for machine work.
The above comlnises all the Flare at which the
this year. At nearly ail of them the leading Sewing
Machines were In competition.
The work made upon the Grover A Dakar Seising
Ila-hine hes received the First Premium at every
State Fair In the ratted Stated, where It has been
exhibited to this date.
Salm Roams, No. IS F!TIBI BT;, Pittsburgh, Pa.
cerilaunwlf A. F. CHATONETi Agent.
J . 13. AIKEN&
Is adapted to all kinds of work, and maidl kinds of
Tama equally well.
A. P. CHATONET, Agent,
No. 18 TIFTII STREET, latan:m.l4
PLOJIMOS, .111// .. 111G, bfa
prAN BlibecrrbOrM
hu the pleasure to announce that b.
has just returned from New Tort and Boston, where
ha has selected from th• Factories of Cbickering
Sons, Jardine a Bois, Manna's Bros., W. P. Emerson
and other; • splendid assortment or PLiliOS, em
bracing all rt7lco of finish, from plain to extra aimed
These Instrument. will arrive during this and the
corning week, and the attention of parchasens in re-
spestfully solicited to them.
speaking of earl Ansbuta's Con
curt to Neer York. the editor of.the
Mmicial Scrim mai Motif makes the fallowing foe
marks : The instreurients used ent thls occasion
were of a comparatively now firm, of the name of
Decker Etrothars, and pee very gratifying evidence
of =silent workmanship and powerful and brilliant
tons. Decker's Pianos aro undonbtedly the best
manufactured now to this nountry."
8010 Keats for Pittsburgh,
& .11110., •
0031 No. 51 P/3711 • EEL
Among other. *lc:idiot STEINWAY V -
PIANOS, the beet Piano. lo the trorld.
et the price in the conntry.
HALE G CO.'S N. Y. PdINDS, the dumped Pianos
to be had an here.
KLEBER d 1180, No. 53 Filth etteet.
eel Soh. Meats for the abcreePhince.
J. I. HO
usD . ow
opening ningof KNAVE'S GOLD ' :, AL PIANOS, which I .
ate' now 'beyond a doubt considered t . loot is tle•
leveret and folly fermented for eight years.
ILLINES BROS. N. PIANOS, the beet at the
price. Alm, GROVESTEN. Ell N. Y. PIANOS, the
cheapest rosewood 7 octavo Plano. made.
orSO CHARLOTTE BLUME, 43 Fifth area.
DISSOL II TlON.—'llo Partnership
heretofore existing ander the name and arm
of J. R. LINDSAY d CO. Li this day dissolved by
mntnal consent. All Nosiness connected with the
late are Swill be Settled by J. R. LINDSAY, at 90
Wood street, lip ebbs. ' H. LYNDON!'
I lune elemilspeeed of my interest in the arm of
• - ,7. 11. e. S. MAXWELL it 00. t 9.J B. LINDSAY.
Nee. 2, ISM " Lt. LINDSAY .
Baying purchased the Intereatoir.ll:LEAlDSAY,
IW.the Arm of J. R. LINDSAY t Ca, thotwere tad
Ontl Badness ; - ebeo Ist the firm of J. 8.. it .8.
L k Co., Bellows Mernifsetusers, the trod
now will continuo ton fiend, Berdwue end Ctilloti,
by J. B. LINDSAY ; Bellows , J B. EL. N.-
Nos. 2, 180. aoklto.
" The itortnershto 'heretofore extettnr; tedietrn
the anbeertbenw wader the- ern of . PIIILLIPS.
TRW I CO.. bea this day been dissolved. CHAS.'
chased the entire interode of the other partner.
The barium of the late firm will be onkel by LW.'
wrmitat PHILLIPS,
Pittsburgh, Augwt 10th; 168 J.
CURL= raw.
Producers and Refiners of Petroleum
wr At ALBION OIL WILLS, Ventage county,
and BRII.V.TA NT Nogley's
offla, in A 174 won.
Ethsliti W. PORCH,
General Commission . Merchant,
Kamm& H.LJack & Co., rittlbl3l`etr i bt .,
0, Knight 4,0 9 ,, a 9,4.0.2. Xia +art.
Philadelpbta. --103:306
lIUNCAN - 811ERMAN .iClso2B'43l;tht
L., HIM on L. union Bank. Imam. and Bight
Bah on wary ham. Lint town In Germany, Trance,
flarltntrisnd and Italy, for sale bo sum toraft sw
am... by WM. H. Wallata. 41t. CO.,
otiMint Wood .Rest, wing Wilda