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tlittsburgit 6azettk.
FRIDAY MORRENG::::::•-....NOV. 13, 1868
. .
Judicial Nullification.
We hale enraged to find time to wade
through the wearisonieibitittdes of WOOD=
WARD and Lowaut, which spin out through
scadany mortal columns of the newspapers.
Tho people were naxious to hear what they
had to say, and we were desirous to see
their oracular utterances stereotyped, in or
der that they might be remembered, and re-
fermi to hereafter. The Chief Justice is
ebstluate and iposrrigiblac.-vnus Utterer
wrong in his life, and never confessed an
error. If he has an opinion, "are wouldn't
-melt it out of him. He would die in It at
the stake:" and ho will, of course, die in
his Sins. WOODWARD, however, equally
true to his nature, will deny hie complicity
in this matter in the comae of a few yens,
and-1111 in the ease of his Convention
speech—aren the record will not deter him
We want it, therefore, to confront him at a
fuVe time, when the retconn pf peace, said of
the now diefranchised,hut then enfranchised
soldiery, will swell the clamor for his re-
tEkolmi ilxvular hurrloane—lf he should
not have the wisdom to arrest the storm
by performing hart sari, after the Japanese
fida,a9l4, And taking himself off, in the mean-
When we penned our remarks, a few
weeks ago, iu regard to the ridiculous scene
which was enacted in Philadelphia, at the
hearing of 'the motion for a preliminary in
junction against the drafty although well
. .
aware of the lispositions of the Copper
head Triumvirate, it did not enter into our
heads, that they were quite stolid enough,
or quite crazy enough, to commit the trans
parent folly of venturing to nullify an Act
of Congress, through the extraordinary
medium of a prerentirc process, resting upon
equitable forms. We took it for granted
that, as the Habeas Corpus was now out of
the queation, they would wait until the case
came before them, as a Court of Law, in the
usual way. These operators, however, are as
bold as they are ingenious. When they
volunteered 'to attack the liberties of our
people here, in order to oust the jurisdie-
tion of our own Courts, and deprive our
citizens of the trial by jury, they imagined
the prerogative writ of mandamus as a fit in-
strUment fOr that purpose, and boot law
and morals, authority and principle, and
everything else, before it. Encouraged by
this temporary success, in a small way,
within the State, they have now grown
more adventurous, and dared to measure
their strength with the majesty of the
cinion, and run n tilt spinet the Govern.
meat itself, with a weapon still more extra.
ordinary. In that, however, they have been
guilty not so much of a crime, but—as Tel
le,yrand would have said—of what was
worse. for them—a blunder—which gives to
• upon, the. sir of a settled purpose
to ald-tltelrebels, by,paralreing the arm of
the Government.
Our readers are not generally lawyers,
and will look, of course, to these opinions
- TOi• a fair presentation of the whole case.
They will be surprised, therefore, to learn
that, aside from the mere constitutional
question which they discuss, there were
objections to the whole proceeding, eo ob
vious and palpable. that they could scarcely
have been otherwise than intentionally ig
nored, oven by lawyers of the grade of these
three gentlemen, who, without any previous
professional experience worth naming, have
done's° much to bring down their court frcim
the high position it maintained in the days
of the McKsass, and TILORMANN and Gra-
Soars, to the condition of disrepute, into
which its adjudications have fallen among
tbe profession everywhere, outside of this
State, as well as in it.
The object of the proceeding was obvi
ously to effect, in an indirect way, what
could not have been accomplished by a writ
of Habeas Corpus—even Louo re the suspen
sion of that writ—without disregitMlug and
directly oyer,ruling the decision of the SO
promo Court of the United States, in the
Wisconsin oases, Illicit was hailed with so
much satistackion.. by the Democratic and
fro,4lavery party;.inclnding these Judges
themselves, and but 'recently accredited by
Judge Lowrie, as of binding authority hero.
That decision imported that no State Court
could ' interfere with Ille,'"CAttody of a
prisoner in 'disbuds oftheTedoralofficer ;
that the jurilitteutinatiiiiiiinLitA , uwas
In ouch vaceif rAi irri eiclarditi'onc and
that it-was a sufficient answer to the officer,
that he was held by virtue of al'ederal
The:import and effect of thic - preceedlng
are; that although ills not cotriptiterit to the
Supreme Court of this State, to take the
-..prieceersost of the lands of the Federal an
-5.1 _tharit;toS, they zuty (lodge the obstacle, and
strike a more affective blew at the powor
of the - general go4orment, by tying the
hands of it, l roontiaxies in advance, and
preventing itior:dkpm gUV thern. .And
this is not all. T6ibruntesess but a retail
operstiom—a sort of ptZdling, huckstering,
petty-chapman affair, at the best—a bleed
ing of the smaller veins, as we have al
ready characterized it—while this was
s wholesale proeiss—the tapping of the
grand artery itself--whereby they might,
if they chose, and may still, upon
the final hearing, arreit the Whole_pro
ceeding- under the act of Congress, and
shut up the office of every Provest Marshal in
the State. Out of their abundant grace and
favor, it is true, they have confined their
present action to the individual eases of the
parties clueing, but if they lubd jurisdiction
it all to do what they have done, the rules
of equity would equally well have author
ized its extension to the whole community;
and, as a consequence, we are all now, as
the lawyers say, "in misericordia," . which
means—a( the mercy of those upstart
Judges) if they can assume jurisdiction
in this way, the Boo= eases count for
nothing. The spirit and reasoning of
those cases, however, alike proclaim that
the power exercised here, was a usurped
one, and If they undertake to enforce their
idle decree, they will find to their confusion,
that there is a principle there, which will
block their progress, and expose them, per
haps, to Oaks, which soon who prefer con
tributing their aid, te the rebellioniislyree
fel way, rsuld not Care toineui. TheTzeirest
Marshals, we take it for grailed,w4l4o, heir
duty atalleventa,biprooteding*nrolnitl
ca pture these men if drafted :V - 1f they
do, we would like to knowlion; ,
visite are to help themsetteitc39l4
summon the officers before them to answer
for s contempt of their authority? They
sedOeffri - ,StWree, 'that th?ey have ar
rested, and hold their,ttaptivdt, as desert
.itider tiuNtutiforilj., or the United
-Btetiiinndhriff - deelitm a s they mast--any
discussion of the question of the constitution
ality of the lecrinicTifr which they act, be
before a Court whose jurisdiction is
.onsted by the answer itself. If the
Triumvirate should declare this answer
insufficient, and undertake either to
imprison the officer, or discharge the party
held as a deserter, it will then be his duty,
according to Judge Taney and his Associ
ates, to resist, and he may, for this purpose,
call upon the posse comitatus, if necessary,
to aid.him, We are not sure, however, that
he might nOtleel it his further duty to ar
rest the triumvirate themselres in return,
for obstructing the draft, and that, if the
prisons of Philadelphia should not be big
enough for such dignitaries, the Secretary
of War might not be disposed to accommo
date them with larger apartments, albeit
with scantier and more meagre fare, as
State prisoners at Fort Lafayette; unless
they would prefer to go down and see their
afflicted friends in Dixie—as we would most
earnestly recommencl.
But there is more and worse, which wo
must needs defer, in order to avoid the risk
of tiring our readers.
A Word of Advice.
Welnd supposed that the cuticle of the
editor of the Franklin Repositorg. like that
of the Hindoo spoken of by Sir W LLLWI
;loans, to having slept, for many years upon
a huidle, had become so indurated as to be
impervious to the best aimed shaft. It
seems, however, that we have gone through
it, if we may judge from the eructation
which we have produced. If we have not
drawn blood, we have, at least, dislodged
something worse, in the putrid offal—the
festering mats of impurities—which ho has
upheaved from his unhealthy stomach. The
stripling sportsman, who tries his skill upon
a buzzard, is apt to be welcomed by his
wounded quarry in the same way. A still
lingering sensibility 19, however, always a
hopeful symptom, which might indicate, in
the present case, that even so old and obdu
rate a sinner As himself was not beyond
cure, but for the coolness with which we are
asked to ventilate this fetid agglomeration
of garbage, by a republication.
We beg to be excused. We can advertise
no such obscenities. We profess to publish
a decent paper, and would as soon think of
advertising a brothel. If the writer wants
any additional notoriety—as we think he
does not—he had better appeal to newspa
pers of his own class, or those who have
heretofore thought his effusions worthy of
republication, and were not unwilling even
to pay for thus debauching the mind and
morals of the people of this State. We
think we can assure him that the exhibi
tion would add nothing to his present fame.
The worst he can say, could scarcely make
our readers, or tho general public, think
any worse of him, than they had done
His remarks are no answer to us, except
so far as he asserts what he knows to be
untrue, and denies what a dozen witnesses
would prove, if necessary. This was natural.
The man who would do the things charged,
or owns a character so bad as to be obnoxious
to the suspici 011 of them, would deny of course.
We doubt whether there is any one of his
public acts which he would not have an
interest in denying. If there is anybody
credulous enough to believe him in such a
case, it is more than the people of his own
county would think of doing. With such a
reputation, the man who does so, has a faith
that is a large, though anything but a raring
one, while the creature who is so humble as
to repent, and so lost es• to admire, would
imitate him, if he had the brains, along with
the recklessness and the audacity.
WO Lave a word, however; in the way of
advice, for the Thereites of the Repository,
as well as his humbler yoke-fellow , and
copyist of the Telegraph. It strikes us that
if they would take about half the pains to
reclaim their own Districts--which have
been both lost to the Union cause, through
their unwholsome examples or helpless in
efficiency—that they do in black balling the
chosen Representative of a Loyal District,
for no other apparent reason than that an
honest and loyal man is a standing reproach
and offense to themselves, they would—
aside from the mere question of taste—be
doing a much better service to the country,
and repairing, at least to some extent, the
mischief they have inflicted on the party.
When they shall have done this, they will
have more leisure, and a better title to in
dulge in this way, if they think it an object
to get rid of theft who are supposed to be
Quixotic and crazy in the pursuit of rogues,
and over-diligent in marking and ex
posing each patriots 0.5 themselves. We
are not nettle enough u:t see how the
interest! of the Union and its friends, are to
be furthered by vulgar diatribes against
any of the loyal Representatives, who hold
the most important trusts of the nation, by
-the choice of their districts, in times like
those; but if these gentlemen have any
quarrel with the Congressman of our north
ern district, in the meanwhile,• they had
better turn it over, we think, to their own
copperhead Representatives in Congress.
With such aid as they can borrow from the
tornsplts and scullions either or else
where, who testify their disloyalty by en
deavoring to weaken the hands of their oyrn
representative, and showing that they
would rather damn an enemy of whom they
are jealous, than save a nation in its ex
tremity. The noblest cause has always its
treacherous friends, as the noblest vessel
will have its bottom fouled, and its speed
impaired, by thebarnaeles that cleave to it;
and they may find consolation, therefore, as
they have obviously found encouragement,
in the fact, that there are, here, perhaps,
even meaner and baser creatures than
themselves. _ _
TELIC 'littlest of the situation of the perma
nent capitol of West Virginia has been under
dismission in the State Legislature, but was
finally laid aside without any definite action.
During the discussion it was made known that
Grafton and Clarksburg are the probable
points where the capitol will be situated.
Wheeling, Parkersburg, Beverly and Point
Pleasant, are also competitors, and one of
them may possibly win the prise.
Tar Albany Evening Journal, of the 6th,
says the Union majority in New York State
will not Tory 500 Totes from 31,500. The
Senate will eland, Union 22, Copperhead 10 ;
- tho Assembly, Union BR, Copperhead 46. •
.„. Tim lately elected Governor of lone, when
ntridllat km twelve years •ggoo„ worked eight
Icon, • do for the ptirpOsenf earning money
;to pal tds Alaarl f.A.4,44.1!A
The Missouri Election.
While the copperhead papers generally
have been claiming that their pear relationc .
the conservatives, have carried their State
ticket in the recent election in Blissenri'
and many of the-loyal journals have even'
conceded this claim, we find there are yet
strong reasons to doubt that any such result
will gladden the hearts of pro-slavery Or
structives and rebel-sympathisers, when the 4 HENRY IT: roctiNg
official returns shall be mnde. The Chicago Cl. ! LlAllt.S.--Siv VAT lON
Tribune, which we quoted a day or twb ago WAsTro.—A moo with twall (unity, aho nn
on this subject, has the following in its t,°``.,,r!". u 1 t ,.. 111 , 1 1 1 :ii
Wednesday's issue, still more cheerful and TVl:l7:llaTiire".7.7it,i,n.Trigiv"-7.b.neT7ti:l7lL,
decided than its previous making up of the Ire.t umvta,tu,., Wrobington many, will he
promptly attended to. nolltn
The returns from sixty or more counties
in Missouri embrace all the rebel strong
holds. The figures have thus far done the
best they can do for the Gamble-Schofield- '
Blair-stiok-in-the-mud policy. The small
advantage gained by these patriots in their
own fields will be completely wiped out by
the returns from the radical portions of the
State. It is now conceded even by their
bitterest opponents that the radical candi
dates for the Supreme Bench—Messrs. Clo
ver, Krekel and Wayne—are elected. The
soldier boys aro yet to hear from, and the
straight oil loyal side cannot fall short of
from five t(seven thousand majority, and
will probably exceed it. Good and glorious
for Missouri!
knono the women of England there were in
1867,10 harikari, 7 money leaden, 274 com
mercial clerks, 25 commercial travellers, 54
brokers, 38 merchants, 29 farriers, 419 prin
ters, 3 shepherds, 43,964 out door agricultural
laborers, 13 ladies were doctors, 2 were bone
setters, 6' were reporters or eborthand
writers, 8 parish clerks, 4 choristers, 4 teach
ers of elocution, 17 dentists, 2 knackers, 4 con
jurors, 1 astronomer, 8 "neutralists."
A CORIMPONDEST who has seen J ames Gor
don Bennett get off the afternoon train near
Washington Heights, describes him as "a
large, heavy-built man, of about sixty-five
years, with uncouth and repulsive physiog
nomy, and clumsy though straightforward
gait Bo says but little to any one, but moves
onward, cane in hand, to his carriage, and
drives off, while many curious eyes follow him,
charmed by very ugliness.
TEN of Jeff. Davis's slaves were lately rap
tured by the rebels thirty miles below Vicks
burg. They were on the river plantation of
the "President" and had on federal uniforms
and arms in their hands. Six slaves belonging
to a brother of Jeff. were taken at the same
time. Will the "President" carry out his
threat and hang his own slaves for the offence
of wearing the Union uniform ?
MAINZ will receive this year nearly half a
million of dollars for her surplus potato crop.
From Bangor alone two hundred thousand
dollars' worth have been sent to western and
southern markets. The ruling price has boon
fifty-five to sixty cents—now fifty to fifty five.
The:sales now amoant to from fire to ton or
twelve thousand bushels a day.
Ton Rochester Erpress says that Frederick
Douglass, Jr., has enlisted in the 54th Mao.
swchusotts (colored) regiment. lie is the lasi
of Frederick Douglass' sons who had remained
at home, both.hie brothers being in the some
A SNOBBISH WHITES in the London Tone,
says of the late Lord Lyndhurst, . " Greet as
be was, he bowed before the greatness of the
Supreme B.Eng." Bow very humble and de
vout, not to say condescending
Fourr growers say that two hundred thou
rand barrels of apples will be sold In Orleans
county, Now York, during the present autumn,
for Eastern markets.
Tim present total revenue of Russia is i44,-
374,248, of which £18,000,000 is obtained from
the tax on brandy. L 111,225,111 goo, to the
army, and 12,941,104 to the navy.
Peor. HcLLLa, the well-known rentriloqui•t
and necromancer, died in liarrimburg,
PUBLIC rroTicEs.
FOURTH WARD (Au.sunEziy)
n-0. on TIIIA Friday
EVENING. Every reque , eed to Mt emf
n 13:11
E '1"11111%a t I›. Alt'l ILL F.N.In
—Men who have wwn aervice as Artillt•rishi,
are reiloristod to call at the armory of Flattery A.
over 'diner'. /look Store, Fifth *wart, awl enroll
thin:wawa., to proceed at once to Lake Erie, um! , r
orders from Mal. Goners,' Brook..
Chairman Battery Committee.
' -
Euars, MINING Coxes:iv or Itscrtiosts, I
Pittsburgh Oct. 12,4,, 18101.
STOCKITOLDERS of the Eureka klirittig
Company of Michigan and be held at the Ogles of
Banns, Bart .k Co., in Pittsburgh, on TUESDAY.
81h day of Douemticr, 1863, at 9 o'clock a. in., to act
una propooation to sell the property of the Company,
and for the alteration of the By-Lases.
noL2,3t ISAAC It. PENNOCK, Preeldent.
CA/RPS, U. S. A—A Re
cruiting Station for this attractive bruich of
the army has been opened in this city. Tho nature
of the service and the Inducements offered are roch ros
render this opportunity of enlisting most desirable,
usd on. that may not again Ile altered.
Tor fiarther particulars inquire at Recruiting Sta•
lion, No. 26 Fifth street, Pittsburgh.
Lieut. J. D. DLIT,
Reeniitiog Ottiror.
OF CHURCH MUSIC.—The well-known
composer, Mr. JOHN ZUNDF-1., Organist and Di
rector or Music of henry Weird Deccher's Church,
New York. will visit this city during the noel month
to give a short coarse of instruction in harmony, the
Organ or kielositon, and Chorus hinging. connect, d
•lth pablic performance++ th Organ, and barred
Couiserts. Circulare, stating term., etc., may he ole
tattled at the Music Mores of H. Illober . lima nd
C. C. Mellor. not.ttlkca
Annual A...cement List, for 1863, containing
taxer on Income., Silver Plate, Carriages, rte., and
Lice.* Duties, in the Ilifd Penn. Collection District,
comprising that portion of Allegheny county south
of the Allegheny and Ohio there, hoe boor received
from the Assessor.
Prez nztis ,
3d, t4htt ,
6th and atb Wards m oot ? V i tt :
t nc
We .!
burgh, and We adjacent Boroughs, must be mode at
my office, No. f 7 Fourth street, on or before the
DAY OF DECEMBEB NEXT, after which time the
penalties prescribed ley the low will be esricted.
Other portions of the District may make payment
at the same place, until notified by their respective
Deputy Collector.. JOHN SHEA,
Collector Penna.. District,
Olney, No. al Fourth street.
Ih, Nov. 6, 1663. no7i2w
Owe! W I flfl lamoxsaca C0ur...1,1
Ditt.borgh, Nov. 3d.
The Director. of the Weitern Ineurance Company
have thla day declared • Dividend of TWO-AND-A
HALT DOLLARS upon each share of the Capital
Stock, out of the earned profit. of the last six months,
payable to Stockholder. on or after the 13th init.
not:td P. If. GORDON. Seey.
_ • - _
ALLZGUZIeI Gas Connors, Nov. 41„ 11163.
TOSS bays this day declared a Dividend of
FOUR PER CENT. on the Capital stork, out Of the
profits of the teat eta months, payable to the Stock
holder. or their legal rvpmentativee, on and after
the 13th Instant.
noCtd J. C. McPIIERSON, Treasurer.
STAMPS, of all denomination/. A full supply
kept mordantly on hand, at the Internal Revenue
Men, No. 67 Water street, test door to City Veal
pry, Allegheny. DAVID N. WHITE,
Collector of Internal Herman, 93d Diet. Pa.
Ncers.—Letters shonki be directed to Allegheny,
not Pittsburgh. yeti
cd, our usual supply of "Na Plus Ultra" it Incad
Haut, put up In glees Jars or firkins for family use,
or tor ,:.:u by the pound, In bulk, et the lowast prim
wholesale or retell, at the /amity Grocery Mote of
Garner Liberty end Hand stre.sts,
S _
U N litt I Es.-65 bbls. Grease
7 Sitekti Yeabore
111 du Raga;
To arrivo rtram•r Atlantic and for axle by
FRENCH MUSTAlillgenuine import
ationjust swami ; also Htirrowe'l Leatagtan
Mustard arul Contrast's Anglian Mustard, tar sale by
.101 IN A. IitINSMAW,
maw Marty and Hand .tents._.
(14 UM BELTING, PACKI.NO, 110::4E,
VI sad GASKETS, of all thee and A
i tt=otilo ".""*a
s l d A 6 l . l. " P d llltLra, mlhs
not Noe. 211 and VI At Clair stmt.
J.ILL bble. Mese Pork In stare and for sale by
Wholesale Grocers, 'Produce * Com. WerehaLW,
aca 212 and 214 Liberty street..
CHEESK-I,ooobxs. Western Reserve
soo 4k. Ilandasrlo. • •
100 do Ceashein
In store and fur mile by J. 0. °Ai imp.
AltiO ADrERTISEMEXTR. ' -ft) I'ERTZSE..97/E-9 - TS. .rE IP 4Di
ii pa:3111% CL ' HE TALLOW OLL-10'bble. to arrive and t yAmit.)-! , V-E (1)1,i
ttgrwafrby-,:1" ' .1-
- •
P\. 717 n ^ 1 - '27:11 11 . . 1,.1. C. WISILLELT'S
AGON...OrkiLGS; aiSO Anti .
Battleicfor)34:fist rectlTed and torsolts
at t!4141!"11611'iP‘441.
nag] tit and 9alr btrt, t
1 ,
L.,hl 1:.
Bambow. ipd .BcPcflu,r.o
ifiA...x.NOTICE--Lu persons in the
JL Second Ward, Allegheny, wlm bac, net paid
their County, Hutto and Bounty Tatem to tbo Gunny
Treasurer fur the year leCd, will find me at tle. ~tore
of W. J. Cllawny No. 161 Federal 64 - .4 eecrY
trig from 6to 6 o'clock, to 1 . 001111 , tbo tame They
must be paid Immediately, as as fnrtl , r
can be green by Bald Immure ,
nol2:et JOHN RAINET,
T TY AT LOW PRICIFeg.—Two ei.mfort.b , "
thm -
story Brick Dwelling Horpee, In good location, he
tween SmliMield and Grant streets, each hen mg a lot
al feet front by SO deep, to an alley; boll, pert .r, five
chambers, bath room, dining r-onr, kiirte r cellar
and yard; gas and water nature..
Ear price and torms apply to
nol2, Oomtui , rcial Erokers, 51 Market et.
SATURDAY EVENING, Nov, 1 It h, at 73
o'clock, will be eold, at the Co tunicri.lal Rooms,
Fifth street, a large collection of he.. and .econd
hand Miecellaneous Books: in every department of
Literature, comprielngstandurd p.V.lar author ,
' In Watery, Tmvele, Theology, Science, Ye lb-. Lei tn..,
itc. Also bound sots of Magazines, and a aria: vari
ety of good Novel, from ei private Library.
nol3 DAVIS & MeltW ALES. Auct'rs.
- -
—The partnership beretnfore natio:or nuder
the name, firm and style of BOCKSTOUIL Aafld 0 ,
In the Nursery Business, has OM day been doisolved
by manta oDnsent ; and all business ennwetod with
the Ann will be ',titled by either of said firm
1,DA31 .131310 N
October Le, Ifr.a.
In rethinernm the late gem of BOCESTO ,
1h31.110N, I take plessure In rt emn,eu. my late
partner to the patronage of onr rustrmer.
nolgat AIJA3I
Of the knurl tzuportemt lower ,
Lantern Virglitea
Virginia. .
The Mountoto Rr, lon of Yneth
C.calt. and Tchno.o.oo
L•niPlana and
liar-Wotan Haar, s approach,
1.. r sale Icy
0013 _
AND A lA,:r
I , H(YI()(4IZA.I ,II .List - M ra
111 , . oFYLII.S LoW
V t. I :3A
R, t r
of the Arscrionn Agroculffirist, who say* of tie. ••Firit
Premium littiverml Clothes Wringer'
rom .. , 091 yea's' esperienrat with it in our don
fatuity . ; from the watiminiy of isurotradv who Ist,e
used it ; and from the roost IT.Cii. of the implement
certalo that it ie worthy a place In
sec.} family where the washism to done et me. A
child run readily erring out a tut.ful of clothea to a
few minute.. It le in reality never t a Time
saver and • Strength sayer! The melon of ga r.
meat. eIII alone pay a large pereenti, •ti to. at.
Wr think the machine touch morn than pea • for It •
...If every year in the met= of 011114.41‘. here are
....ern! kind., warty alike in general ie 800.
hut we consider It important that the t% ringrr St
rad with cogs, ot brewing, a mam of manumit. ~,or clog
the and the rollers upon the crank-.bolt
and tear the cletlina. Our 01111 14 one f ;he fret
taw!, and It lc ge.4 as new after tom
For sale only at tbe India Rubba Deot of
J. It 11. r
n.. 11 N,,.. 21, and 214 st ~root.
A CARL).-111S10.); 'ACI
WAY COMPANY BONDS, EAStZ 1 , 11 - 1131.,
(Kanerts Drawh of i)• Fneffie
As bonds of the above, description will pool dy to ,
offered for sale In the money market, the 1...
hereby carctioned &gaited purchaslog, or in any way
negotiation for them ' for the under...nor! L.," el,
rxLtlux contract which pr: Joists ...Lode Ll,e `etc ot
use of mid bonds; while at thratoc Hate the statute
Lana of the State of Kemal give them. under tte Ir
contract, a prior bea, to ail mortgages or aced, of
tract which can b. executed by said (0P11.3 v. Any
investment In add tondo, without authority from
the undereigned, will he luridid, and will toted •
total Inc. upon the parties who shell re torn to pur
chase them. ROSS, STEM, B co.,
Contractors kr building the Leavenworth, Paworo
and Western Railroad, now railed the Polon Pa
cific Beltway. Eastern Dtdnien. nal sr
rs.—llev tog purchased a large stock of goods
for rash, we are able to offer great bargain. at ex
tremely low priom. A groat variety of BLINDS,
every rmiety of goods kept to Hist Poe. II e invite
the attintiou of the public generally to our well as
sorted flock. All orders promptly attended to.
Marx give as a call, at 172 FEDERAL STREET,
Allegheny, (house formerly occuptisl by Mr. Semple.)
n07.;1w BALI. EttA NIBLO•
PROPERTY EON BALE, 'Bum , on Butler
street, near the forks of the road, • lot (routing od
Butler otrent and m..;...,dtun back b. Lafayette alloy,
on which there is erected two 2-otery Frame Dwell
ings—one new, the other nearly a , . with the nixes
wiry improremeura, all in good order The Fixation
for business, de., le O. of the hest la 110 . borough.
Terms ea y. Apply to
C. S. BATES, Conir• firoker,
null Butler etre. Lao?" 0,111,
$3 000F I ALI 1 3 4 1 .C o l f k t:t c6' Ii;GABLEt IA miles
from )
the clip opposite Sawicki rell . e, mei half I%
mile from the river. I hero are ii( s under • nlti
ration, balance Komi timber land; • ..whited of fat
apple meek of Let grafted fruit, besali • a ',ram) of
other fitilL The place la wag vete...A nail springs
of soft water, cod located near clod-clue., iichool
bona., +term chops, be. Torsos cnoy. Apply to
O. S. BATES, Commeraial Broket,
moll Butler street,
SALE—A Houflo r ntyl Lot on Ful
l: ton street, In the Sixth ward. Let _5 feet Om:
and extending bank toCrawford street 1 . 17 Ii et. The
house la e largo two-stnly brick illy... Ping, arranged
with wide hall, parlor, dialog-room lit. boo and
wash bonze on first fl on no room. and lidth room
on ;brand floor, gss and water tbrougit....l the prem
ises; good cellar, fine yard. Comniarling limo view
of the rivera e cltica and surroundings.
roll B. MoRAIN A CO.: Iblefidir tli
No. 112 YEDEIL4I, STREET, Allegheny, has just
rocolvod a largo assortment of •
Consisting of 111012N12113, I BON.
:NET I'ArtIONS. el., which }be o .n 1,, d n.ed to
.how her friends and contortierw 40 c‘collno
them., ••4. .
20,0b0 - 12w, Bockwhcat . AFOUr
400 to; Yreeli Roll Both,:
1,000 The. gatawbe Gripes
2 bide. &soh sop:
20 Nay 110, No. 1 31eot
2. ` 4 do do,
b 1.13. Lebredor Vorria,;;
. 9:1 — " choke Winter Ap p :-9
:100 boob. Dried Apple.
200 .• Wencher , :
100 sacks grant:in./atm
Row receiving and for sale by
moll H. tuRDLA(.II3 LI:r?
D ES-TM:ln(
ilu msumod lb. pr•ctict of 3,
No. 144 fiTitiET, two c1...0"
SWE, Wr PO' Ar Jersey
Sweet Petitses jest re,ieed sea roe as 121
Second street. SUANK s A\ 4;OOER.
riceived.and for sate by' •
ccYi . . JAVEB ,b()V7P, 136 W.vd-or.q.
5 bb is. Corn Gelb,:
In Mom and (brads by L IL VOIGT k CD.
A p PLES-200 bblot. choice received
and for sale by eANTIELD.
I , v ll
1 .1 ro
For 'On O. Cowie, :Own
&ark.ion: -
Manuel-, lints•
Yeat hors, Kid Wove, 1'1.11.1,-n•Choi...lnc awl all
kande i.t It eating Apparel.
.6' A ISAVINIS OF ion PEE CENT. 'nil
For tlf• cnonte y• ran en - lor .1. 1:1:11* it.+A.:lo , .11.1
Ott , et AL t 011111. V11,1„t. 1. A Kne a,6µ,,, th,, pit o f ge„m
-frl,ll, Knt , pew , ' "4s-1 , 1'111,1i 000x , 1 by 11, perranwefit contranton
^i-al•l•-. not any onw 00. lb.. ni:o 0 0 , p. . :-'t I'm stomach upon undigested food. It genera/1y
yona ens. Dtreetinnus ut Eosin-inn 0n.1111.1i , 1 1_1• r111:6”, Iwgill.lll2lordiatCl3, Or a .hartHMO after eating; in
often very severe and ob.:that,
I.ano I 10On - 1110PM Ll)ennia• and co nog a , 2. Fidel:ace and AM./ay.—The , symptome arse
pen f et k oonlenl.wn of
rod re a - - 'n naspod t. ' from tlw of 1.4, nhwil lortnentn Indeed
oven...thn en, with nolny • alit .. .in ho-ip ...a porn•line- of of:testing.
nt o vone` Tr e onis• , la Dyeing :t. htotirenese orpreilr.—These symptoms
tent tw , 11h ipi ot proo. --lo ••••Ine• are the evert. of the tom:dorsi condition of food in
11111 --It o
:1n:c11.,. I. II n E of to EN , tine vtounwh, and 1.110 want of mistric
yon Knondway. th-t Mee. The stomach u,-flan painfully distend.' by
Far sale by deu.totents sad dealers gem-Hilly niud ; the appetite Is !no:lotion. voracious.
n nil -tan . 4. Ginom and dell...Wu of egririA.—Tlils state uuhio
„ many for the enjoyment of life, and is caused by
. 1) , EA! , EsTATE sA NAN( ;rs • 1,.: 4- 1 noionn re inlon4 turohloal by imperfeet digest:en. Inn
TUTlON.—Kintoment of the rotolitiont eat tae thle stage of the diseaon many persons csionmit
abn.n.• 011 Mi day of Novozoln-r, lohn, ride. There is a roost:lnt forelveling of evil, and an
publisowl iu eon:fortuity to the chertee. ireltderenee },0•111‘e trn: twrform the of-
LI lilt L IT I En.
Amount of Depend. lion. GI. 18421 51. 1 foil i Nweehoe.—After being at first costive. it,' sub
A144,1111t of lmerest due Dopositor.... ...... 1,974.1.1 t-rer fl afflicted with diarrhea, which is owinit h• .1
• 1d..11,1{ ..f onnon..;ent t 1111 i • 2.44: di:waned condition of the boireie, produced hy the un
- ancennted food, whirl: it er....uated in the same mono
-5147.07:1 01 that eon when morn, and of course: gives no strength
to the system.
on h. p.m in “R sant. of Ma nonslern—Arise from the
:e• neer tJ, ILO p.n ter7,11,1 blond upon the wren-.. They ar•- c nay to the head, ode+ nod breast, and in the
11. , I 7, extremities. In many ca+
e. there to au unewincs.
MO 97 on the thrat, unto it Aerl.e of choking or suffocation.
17.0 u,t lon no• -nob on ohm, • ' •n lth a Lad taste ate!
Al kntete ...... ......
United Stat.. , :lowly
U. S. 15.1.1 Certillrates Davi 7, At., ,et
. . .
Tut.,rot P 1171.41 not ‘lll.
Office Vomit tiro
Cb• on haliai
t 1'14.11,1 1 , n4g0, .
. i'orinemptire palpitation ttft), Lean.
per,..n• pronounced as hat tug these disease,
hatt., la fact, notliln;; the lung nod
I...nit dbitilior being only iintrti.inin.
T ,t lokrvuto..l. Auditing Com m i hare ex sum- IA t.s terr IlNviuent of Dys
roe' iLf tho , 11., I,nd, 21111 1. • c•-ry .•Iten Mtn C011111 , ...d....U.1 . '
ran, el-m.4 , d the rash, sod h ull the,,ort
/I) ,, Vd. ....MI nt t.'
Irani ./ ,/nep.—.., tery Ppitem, re-
Nulling often inetental derangement.
lo...etnrieine r•lnltoa.—Th.• Judu n t is af
t leo pintituli. til ! 1/11:11 - 6 k 0... mg Li
etiniurid dr. at elttn, tel akin Le one. ad
Depoidt• reel DAILY, and IS F: HT SATUIZ. terted ti) eruption. and tatters. The gleeemy
DAY EVENINti. ;..puce avoid...let] as mu: h as pn,eible.
I titemd paid at g , r cent. per I areonig.—A frequent are distre.singp-
Aim. It relieve. I. pain, but emaciates and wears
tlee patent.
1 , 1,:/$1*, .I.nnres reun, newlarla. .4.1 deg
frolklng.—Tll.-ne are - alarming .vmp
ate ...eddy reunited by our medicine:
Idit if neglected. are quickly followed be numb... ,
d. death.
It i• iniposidble for n., to gfAe sell int it; 'apt. 41/.
a 1 , 3 tr nual , a space, Lut lilt' 100 TO aro
add that the patient loses
14A Al . PITA;•i.
11,1. Thos. Dt. Hou.•, Ho, J.
%VIII. 11 G Mtts,y.
O. B. lOp land, J....A, Painter.
1'I.:1.1., Nicholas
Cdr - Gtll, No. r... 1 FOURTH ,TIEtEET
Price n S.
. y 'mod. red oulliciont, if see add th- ea peta.._.
)1I PI IA o '..srS i Cl. /I HT SAl.E.—liv virtu , ' h,. rtemorj and attentum to rerronnding objects,
N --- 1 of ott ' , der of th'' OrPhaml i Coon of Allegheny i tilt 1 trequently becomes tuorme and e.•,• In dispssi
county, there will b. expoeed •1 Public red. or , out. lion. lec .hould my. however, that palm In the
cry, on SATURDAY. Soo. ''Mb, 1 , 013, •t 101 o'clock 1 joints and stillness of the limbo, which go by the
0. rn., at the 0 , 01:111 IioUSE, in the COY ed i'-' 0 " mono of oluounatism and neuralgia, an. very often
burgh, to the highest and Lost bidder, all the right, i proreeed by Dyepepsin. Also, • hardness of the
title, intorpst, 00000. and claim of Wm. A. Murdock. i intetelos of the abdomen, which become contractod
idilen Murdock, Itobert Durclork. and ,eitin 11. Mur- i and bard; and in some oasts the lolly shake, instead
4.4-1,. mm -r childs a of Jame. nod Frances T . .“ - - , ot losing gently prominent.
doelo, late of the county of Allegheny, deceased, in a I
tortnoto 1, of go, 1 *rest° on tie city of Pitts- ' Dyspepsia I Dyspepsia!
Lurch, boaund-el and des-riled on followe, to wit: Ito- I 1 ,
, r.t.11.• ItA in 13..0 N, Of Brandywine, DeL, fur
oohing lit tho goothemt reriler form, by the inter- . merly a Old Chester, Del. do certify HIM, for ono
so, non of Presbytet inn Ism A ~ 1 Church all,, and I '
eserr and s half I suffered everything Ant deathfrom
''' ndur l• in ftnnt nn ° buri.h nil " ' in. l '"'"' " Y .24 ' That awful asseame call , D span i ' My whole are
feet, and in tlo P °°i "`"”n`rili° from °.""°° °°ll° Y . ' ten was rattreted with Zak ty . -:Snd dutabtlity ; I
pre,rvitt the mme width of 20 1 foet 31 , 114 emit Prys
count not digestMy font; Of L ate tsen • cracker or
0,." 1 " 60 , °0 I '''''', °° , d 'l nni 7 of 30.,,f'"' to •,..
... a ii " nr ° °- " ° o, na the innellret - edrocont of tool. it 0,0101 return )oat 00
ourTneny on no. ..y ... , r.....tur. ...Lowry, ...1.11,R . pert oft , I „....,1 0 „,„,,E I , I became so costive in my uowels
I, t No. 12 in .lames liorn.rh. plan id lots oloong the i that 1 „rook, not haves poop age in less tnan from
Imo lot a ~.-..,,ft formerly owned by Devid Ilet, boor nod
often eight dnyn . . .4 .
, tamer this Immense lad
ter, olooram - d,, boo. tu,, 1,-"reola err..4l eve twt..•tory .
, Prior. my mind es...oci entirely to give way; I had
bock duelling house. Term. et sato. ' do yadlul 11 •.1, and e•il forebodings; I thought every-
body lusted me, and I hated everybody; I could not
Guardian of ne: nor children ..f lamer and rrenent . . • . . ~. . ...
Note my nnsoana nor my own moment, everything, dereetsud.toolktdis a I'm c
appeared to be horrorstricken to me;.l had no ambi
tll/ l' N'lli. I itErlf I - DE N CF: NVA NT El.). two .., do anything; I lont Ell my love el family and
‘,./ —Went, to purchase, aemail TARM, or tn home; I .would ramble and wander from piano to
l'o FS
ACRES. more or 1'.., within y 0
within ,d pu.., but could not be contented; I felt that
Pittelyregh, directly ton the lion of n stolway. With- doomed to bolt, and that them wart no hosysn for me,
~,,i, on n goo d g „,,e ng ,, roo t, would nn ,,,,,,.. as I was 01100 tempted to , ^rne.+lt entente, •onear
The bon..• buildings nowt le goal And •t,Erb, wt.. was my whole nervous eystent destroyed, and also my
to to room.. Also, tho noressery ntebio ',rod form mod, from that awful complaint, Dynpepels, that
1 0 .d,h... 0 .„ .. Th. L oo t ~,,,t b,„ o ( g4 „,1 quality „,.l my blend. thought beet S. . hare IRO placed so Dr.
cell watered. i sol , ro y e d s irt, fruit, An. A n y p o n e , E. irl.toride'e Hospital, at West Philadelphia. Ira boring • nuitattle pinto w ill find n parthaerr hp ivi- nonmed then nine weeks, and thought I was A little
h.„., „g •01t. Ir. C. ea,,,sa. on o . Pittsburgh," „tot. better, Litt Inv few days my dreadful complaint war
,„ g 0 1„ 0 , p on tr o n, p no ,. nor ms-, o r nom .. en d par- raging as bas ever. Hearing of the wonderful
In ulurs se to i d
1. cr, performert by Dr. Wistuu - thr Great American
N. B. -Wonid 1. willing to lea. for a term of Dyel.p.ia l'llle anti hits Treatment for DrePePaia ,, provided the owner war not disposed to molts my husband calkd on Dr. Wisher . , and statew my
no, if caw to Item. llr enid he had no doubt he could cure
_ a .. —.. . - u.n. Ses in tine days after, I called and plasnl ony
lik) ii. SAL E.—Two Buperior Cylinder welt under toy Doctor ' „ treatment, and in two weeks
1 B o dere, obi inch, des utotor, :al f,t loeig, made 1 Logan to digest food, end felt that my disease was
of I ', inch iron wrought lent low.l. - 4,, t Work. Doll- fast giving a a) - , And I conthattod to recurer for about
cm slonoet as good as now. threw months, and at the present time I enjoy per.
Ales, Ono Portable Engin. and Tubed, Boller of font hoslth
body and mind, and I most sincerely
nit home poser, 5 inch ejlindyr and 12 Inn, stroke. return my thank. to to. nierelfolGod and Dr. Wi re
Tlll4 Engine has burnt en. well wlnution 700 feet deep, slid to Los great Amelia:ln Dyspepnia l'ilin and Pine '
and in admirably adeptosi to th..t kool of w.•:., 1., Tree. Tar Conlin' that saved me from an Insane Any-
solving renal for InComotirao. liar and a premature grave. All persons suffering
Ales, One Engine, Leary iren hpil plate, 14 Inch with Dyspepsia are at liberty to call on me or writer.
cylinder, 30 incite+, .trot, ;up*, with Islam,• yalse and I a ill try to do all ;he good I can Inc guff o ,l,,g
governor. Well adepted to non a grlet hill or [call humanity. ELIZABETH BRANSON,
hoop mill. Brandywine, Del., formerly of Old Chester, Del.
Endoire at Dr. WISHABTS office, No. 10 North frecond et. .
li. M. BOLE'S,
corner Point Alley and linqueme Way, - ---- -- •
nolfklen Pittsbnntla.
, Dyspepsia! Dyspepsia I
ATERY CaEAP.—We have on hand, at 06
1. : been e constant ten,
Vr present, a very large nod well eelected stock of en.) , Dyepepene f or the Inn, o lg h teen
ROOTS AND SHOES, which wee bought lwfore the which time I cannot say that I ever enjoyed a per
late advance on goMin, and we will give our custom- redly well day. There were tintee when the symptoms
mil the benefit of low pricya. We have the latest and were no , ot ecgc ncneed t h en . 1 other., and then it
molt fashionable sty lea of Gentlemen's, Ladles',
....Died it would be a groat relief to die . I had at all
Bloom', Boys' and Children ' s ' times an unpleasant feeling in my head, but latterly
11l tilt,.. GA I TERS, my suffering@ au much incressed that I breams
tLMORALS, TPPEILS, moat mint ter business of .1 kind, my mind was
BUFFALO Sllols. continually tilled With gloomy thoughts and forebr-
QU ' Mg ' dingo, and If I attempted to change their current by
tit every elm and description. Call and examine. c ,,," ng, at once a e.0e.„,0n of ley c0mm .... , In con.
rculti+T m.rcbants will nod it to their ttd " Lta°4. mutton with a dead weight, ait it wore, rested open
to sire US a ,111. I or brain . aim a fe - dins. of sickness would occur at
JOS. H. BORLAND, the stomach, and great pain to b., Up., =compact 1.1
with which was the continual fear of losing my ma
:A 11A REET STREET, 2d door from Fifth. 1 , 1.41; I also expel +on:. great lassitude, debility and
nervousness, which made it dlltimalt to walk by day
or deep at night, I became averse to society, and
disposed only to seclusion, and baring tried the skill
of a number of eminent physicians of various schools,
finally came to she ..htslon that, for tide disease,
at my present age. 4,:s years, there was no cure In ex
istence. But, through the interference of Divine
Providence, to whom I devoutly offer my thanks; r
at lost found a eovereign remedy In your Dyspepsia
Pins and Tar Cordial, which seem to have effectually
removed almost tho last trace of my long list of ail
ments and bad feelings, and in their plane health,
pleasure and contentment are my every day cum
panions. JAMES If. SAUNDERS,
No. 4:53 North Second street, Philadelphia,
formerly of Woodbury, N. J.
Dr. WISILART'S °Mee, No. 10 North Second et.,
Helga omstantly - on hand • large and thoroughly
scssoucl stock of DECKING, BOAT AND BOTTOM
INGS, d.c., in., be.
He will fill orders for SAWED STUFF with
promptmws and at fair rates.
N. IL Persona wanting LONG TEMB'EB or POP
LAR are particnlary invited to examine hip stock.
DiFollice on Orsig street, near Robinson.
184. DIARIES. 1804.
A tare usortnvot of POCIVET AND COUNTING
DIARIES, for ISM—In raper, In cloth, in
roan, In Imitation Turkey, In Turkey Morocco--
with flit edges and k Jai marble tucks,
wentdropsLps and also , . that.-ulna. All don, and
from the COlOtantleflt m thd Tory Lust. For bele a?
reasouabls rat... by
WU. G. JoiINSTON A CO., Stannnara,
. .
0014;3aw-wram 57 %CNA strovi.
ROLNE.-.4v.t oprvAEL a lam, storl. or
- -
Also, ENVELOPES, m o,st rorirtir•, colors and
quslitles, for over) For sal° by
W. G. JOHNSTON 3. CO., raper Dealers,
ert4>9aw-wYtr• 57 Wood stra-A.
A y-a Lady, n ratimtam as
V Tzscagn, In any of tho Public &hoot" of
either cliy. Haa had three p.m' experience in
teaching, and can glue the bend of rofereuces.
/milk.. TEACHER, Roo 1,12, Poet OinCe.
An Experienced Carpet Uptieliderer
la wanted hamediately .t
ma, to open up a honer. for the menofsrture
VAL, One of the meet useful end popular invention,'
of the day.
All Inqfilriee cheerfully etureered ef.
nolOaw 13 T. CLAIR 8111F.ET.
IV A' Ive N p TE RL D-- ble p ik ri • so ar e d ( a n il d „o j r A' r. i !!: ' LeD i n n „ a d
year. old, within 13) minutes or.loell on hones walk
from the Poet (Mkt.. Addrete LIUX Pittebtreh
P. 0., itating locAllty And ternt•s nohh2t
PRolted in • buena.; portion of the en,.
Enquire at RIO tIECOND Irrusrr.
txlltktf •
\ll. ANTED-1 Fitiwy CLAas BooK
-10.1:1411 ; man who haa a practicii knwwlndr,
and ran canto wall recommendtA.
Addrew, BOX Plat .22:tf
WA - gall--Op who under-
VP dant' 'cooking, and other houtte-arork. &a
dmit BOX Bit, City Of Allegheny pool 0410.. with
ratnrenew sa to nuallficationv and charactor. netulf
ANITANTEP.-$6O A MO-Via—We wunt
Agwntm et "0:1 a month, entivnlca paid, to .01.1
our Rowing*" Pewit., Oriental !Owners. and thirtaiwt
other oow, Weal and curious Irwelen. Fifteen sni
cks sattferwi. Xddnwa.
arl.:43rodow7 SHAW & °LARS. Blddprord, Id,
t 4jltol A r A" MONTH I-1 want to hire Agents
/ c, In nary county at 875 • month, exPonsas
_ paid, to mil my DOW cheap Family Searing Machine..
Addr , an, 8. MADISON, Mired, Matte
WILLOWB.-30" bdls. Ke . f .;
rocky &tat Willows krrtrY
Ly IZ by mil, fir AII DICKEY I CO.
Dispepsta Pill and Treatment
DR. WISIIAIZT tote tr.-etert. In the pd.t to. year , . i
r.e , r !On • th0tt...13.1 th re e hundred and ninety p
tt ete for Dyeppla. in Do ettri4ne f.tram, and ;a
u her,. then , th,rine woe flatten it. dirnnO.i. '
It perfect ettre. A nuntlxr of the A 114311, CAA,
had Irretrti by the moot eminent phyririddle in
t lot e-entry sod Europe. He tame! All p.m.. eat-
feting irow the stone dirmrr , to rise hint a, refl.
and blare, No. to NORTII NEI:QND ST.. !
A.. 1. t
N. 11. ('OPF,T. ANT , .
2.11.:H0 LAu V , .Y.3:IITLY
wM If I Cll.
Dyspepsia! Dyspepsia i
I, Moan 'Fenix, of Cheltenham, Montgomery Co.,
Pa:, 119 , 9 suffered for more than 090 year everything
but death Itself, from that awful &pease, called Dye
peva.. I employed, to that time, Dm of the meet
eminent physicians In Philadelphia. They did all
they could
ofo. better.rme withlmthedici
then went
rapping, bet
I the .
vania University, in order to place myself In reach of
the heat medical talents in the country, but their
medicines faded to do me any good, and oftentimes
wished for death to relieve me of my sufferings, hot
..ceittr, Dr. Withart's advertisement to the Philadel
phia Bulletin, I dolt mined to try once more, but
with ladle faith I called tat Dr. Wishart, and told
him If I could hare I thad I would not have tr...1.,b1ed
him rend then related my svlfrcrillga to him. The
Dr. iiltsured me, if ho failed to ware me of Dyspepsia,
It would be the fleet caws in two years, so I put my
solf nude ,- his treatment, and although I bad bora
f-r months vomiting nearly everything I ate, my
91 , 99.1e1l 69011911 with pain beyond description. I
too•lght a boa of his Dyspetsdr. Pills, I used item as
directed, and in ten day. I coukl eat as hearty a meal
as any person in the Sudo of Pennsylvania, and in
thirty days uui a well man. I invite any pers o n
suffering as I was roach and see me, and I will relate
lay suffering and the great wire I received. I would
say to all Dyspeptics, everywhere, that Dr. Wishart
ie, I believe, the only person on the earth that can
rum Dyspepsia with any eartah t ty.
Cheltenham, Montgomery/ Co., P.
Dr...NSIPH.kaT'S oftles, Plo.lo North st.
OM, hour. from 9 a. tn. to 5 p. m. All examine
thm and consultations free.
A:Positive Cure for Dyspepsia.
Boos what 3lr. John H. Babcock sayer
No. 1028 Oliva Strut,
Philadelphia, latmary =d, 1809. f
Da. Wvitualtv--Eir It iv with much pleasure that
I am now able to imorm you that, by the on of your
great American Dyspepsia Pills, I hare berm entire
ly mood of that most tUstrusirm complaint, Dyapap.
Fa. I bad boon grievously afflicted for the last
twenty-eight years, and for tett year@ of that tame I
have not beau freo tram its pain one week at a time.
1 hare had it in tu worst form, and have dragged en
n moat miserable egletenee—in pain day and night.
Every kik of food that I ate filled me with pain and
wind, It mattered not how light, cr how anmil the
.inanity. A continued belching was sure to follow.
I hod no appetite for any kind of meats whatever,
mod my distr., was to groat for several months be
fqro 1 heard of 'your Pills, that / frequently wished
for death. I had taken everything that I had heard
of for Dyspepsia, without receiving any benefit ; but
Your Pills lying tvicounuanacal to em by one who
had .been cured by them. I ooncluded to give them a
isle!, although I had no Ellth in them. To my as.
tonishment, I found myself getting better Intfoto I
had taken one-fourth of a boo, and, after taking half
a boy, I ant a well ram,and me fat anything I aim.enjoy a hearty meal th ree times •day, without In-.
convenient.° from anything 1 eat or drink. If you
think proper. you are at liberty to make this public
snot refry to ma. I will cheerfully give all deUmble
neat Inn to any vita who may call on me.
Tours reepcetially,
Tor nolo at Dr, WIELIIA.RrI4 Medical Depot, Nn.
10 North Second otrect, Philadelphia, Pa. 'Pr/oe.
One Dollar per box. Seat by mall, Dv* of &mug., on
receipt prka,
Wo. 140 WOOD STRUT..
Solo Agent for Pittsburgh, Peart . o
- ,ll k
600 (bin extra Giree-thread Bore
and Grey Knitting Tam
1,500 dox fine extra do., nil odors.
500 dos extra heavy Wool Socks
50 doz. Knit Jackets
60 dos Traveling Shirts.
50 doz. Drawers
60 doz. Atkinson Patent Stec)
10,000 Paper Collars.
7S Market Street,
no 7
N EW GOMM—We hovel:IOW in store
• complete ittock of
moat of which were purchased before the tote ad
vanes In priers, .d will be sold st low rates
sty.s; LINEN HAI:D[IEIICH liFS;old
go. -..`• ..t old pric.; SILK A CASH•
HEAD-NETS. In every style • BONNET y EL.
new styles; SLY, QUAKER, and other
bed, Shaker, Koit, and other. kinds, for
Nil and ninior ; GLOVES, In etry style and
quality; good pairs KID GLOVES, in dark col-.
ors and pisi^ "look, for $1 00; gred WHITE BID
SHIRT ' S AND DRAWERS, real SCOttb, and
• fall line of otbar Undergarments and
Finishing Goods, for Men. Wonsan
and Citillren.
tar Wlolessla Rooms up stairs.
Buyers from oorrotry, and city dealers, find
oar stock at all limes well assorted, and pricer aa low
as say other have.
oe3lr a 79 ?LUMP.? FTWEET.
In numbers ranging from 10 to On, widell we ehell
dap out at 37 CENTS par dawn
50 dozen of the NT•.:C ANTI-RHEU-
IkiATlc SHIRT, at the retail price of
$1 50 each.
100 doz. Atkinson's Steel Collars.
50 ill AS Cuffs.
N. R oor Fourth and Market Streets.
Black. Blue and Brown Clothe.
SATINETS, all ° COlors.
Grey, Twilled, White, Colored and
Shirting Flannebi.
A. mil assortment of emery description of
A T -
No. 59 Market Street,
AT 750., 8734 c., si 00—VISIIT CHEAP.
AT 78 0 4, 20 AND 25, PEE YARD.
Noe. IT AND 19 ITITH BTIIKET, Perrnuloa, Pa.,
Sole Agonta for
Atkinson's Steel Collars and Cuffs,
taamelled White, haling the appearshee end eon
tort of Lima. To military teen and tromilara thq
are bseshzable.
Gant's BtandbigOriesc"h.
" Turneirci " 100 •
" I 50 Der pare
Ladles' Narrow. Ontlars=.--.. 1 CO each.
. 1 50 per NIG
Bent by post on — ter7erpT;iil - 1 . 5.
Str4l.ollaes menarnelled for 25 renel ; 02 we will
excbange • NEW COLLAR for an OLD 0111, pro-
Ulan It 4 not broke or tent, for 25 maga.
The trade supplied at the New Uri Aware price.
For pries list address
Plttoburuh. Ps.
FALL wove:
Jost reoehed st
No. 140 =DUAL MUM% Alliipsa.
tart and rollable articles nov In usa fot lodanagdui
and preserrtng the complexion, for sae it
OW. A. KELLY'S OnitmiklDrug SW%
corner Ohio and Yokes' atm%
In Settee Ilanni A7l snl
an highly parttasted asircniwz
SOAP, ror chapped binds. tea and for de ea
axo. A. MELIA'S Central SWIM ,
tob In LOA MIA • i