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13113RSIDSY M xov . 12, 1,868-
OMehil Paper of the Cfty.
Dead Woman Bound hi a Cora47l6llL
On Tuesday afternoon last, as Mr. John
Noble was passing through his corn-Sad, in
West Goshen, about two miles from Westekes
‘ ter, towards some men who were huskiag corn
in the field, ho observed the foot of a human
being sticking out from under one of the corn
shooks. Thinking some one had see:eta:l
himself there, he partially raised the shock;
when, to his great astonishment, he discov
ered the body of a remote, dead. He hast
ened to the men and told them what he had
seen. They removed the shock, and found
the woman in slitting posture.. She appeared
to be about forty year of age. She was •
stranger in the neighborhood, but had been
seen around there Comets; days before. She
called in a house at Westchester, about that
time, and asked for something - to eat. It is
supposed she had been in the corn shock fear
days, as no footprint. were observed around
the shock, the rain of the previous Saturday
V ,4aving.washed all marks away. Beeostiag
nearly exhausted by exposure and travel, it
11 thought she Axed herself in the shoal to
rest and be protected from the weather, and,
beaming still more feeble, was unable to got
away or call for assistance.
A Splendid Organ
For some time past, Mr. Jardine, of the
firm of Jardine & Son, New York, has been
engaged in fitting a large and elegant new
Organ In the First Presbyterian church, Wood
street (Dr. Paxton's.) The work has; been
completed, and the organ is now ready for use
It is one of the largest ever erected in this
State, and is In many respects a superior In
strument. It Is provided with new slam,
Just imported from Europe, and regarded by
organists as a valuable improvement. The
case is of the most chaste and elegant Wert
matiship, and has been much admired by those
who have seen it. We understand that tho
own will be tested, in public, this-evening,
upon which occasion a number of the most em
inent organists of the city will be present.
The church will be thrown open, fur the ro
-.caption of those who desire to attend. The
congregation certainly deserve eredit for the
teen and liberality which they have displayed
in securingan instrument so elegant and val
uable. The contract price was $4,000.
Kit.t.arr rtr Bz.►oz Rock t he
31st ult., a man named Patrick Coyle was in
stantly killed in Black Rook Tunnel, near
It is believed by the papers found on him,
that he has been a rebel in the Confederate
army. lle had a certificate showing that he
took the oath of allegiance to the United
Status, at Baltimore, lieptember 14th 1889.
Also, a receipt was found with him where he
paid $BOO on land in Virginia. A note of
PT:, payable to him one day after the ratifies.
Hon of pence between the Confederacy and
the United States ; and a note of pop on
which there had been paid $255. There wan
nothing found about himto discover from
wbatState be wee, or where his former resi
dence had been.
A Thief Restoring Stolen Property.
Some time in August last the jewelry store
of Frank Dickinson, in Madison, Lake county,
Ohio, was broken open and robbed of about
$4OO in money, and $1,200 in watches and
jewelry. The offer of a large reward and
persevering efforts failed to trace the thief sr
find the property. On Saturday evening last
Mr. Albert Sing, of Madison, received the
following anonymous letter, mailed at Lobe-
Ha. Ktwo—T want to tell you • rit and how to mak
money. The Jewelry shop was brnken Into a few
months ago and robboled. _Now lam the Man that
have got the money, and watches you will find in the
old 8 1l Barn ; make the jeweler pay you something
tr And them.
Mr. King went to the ptace designated, and
afterSt few minutes search , found the watches
(4.13 In number) and the jewelry, all right.
They had evidently been there since the rob
The Murder Trial.
The trial of Jemes Stapleton, for the mur
der of Mary Burke, is not yet concluded.
Wednesdayafternoon was ocoupiod in hearing
the arguments of counsel. Messrs. Swarts
weldor and Marshall made able and ingenious
addresses on behalf of the prisoner, and In
supped of the theory that the murder was
committed while the defendant was laboring
under a fit of insanity. They held that the
prisoner, under the circumstances, was entitled
to an acquittal. John M. Kirkpatrick, Esq.,
District Attorney, closed the argument on be ,
half of the Commonwealth, is an elegant and
logical address, ably combatting the argu
ments advanced by the defence, and insisting
uz l nlv r e g V e o j f conviction. tmo Judge Sterrett
Cocant Catracn.—Hundreds of per
sons destroy the interest of a whole congrega
tion, by a continual coughing and sneezing
when in church, and frequently interrupt the
preacher in his sermon, by a long bark, as un
becoming as it is dangerous to the health of
the person himself. This need not be. Dr.
Keyser, of Pittsburgh, has prepared a medi
cine, which although you ain't carry it in your
pocket, if you will take a dose before , going to
church, will allay all tickling and irritation of
the lungs, and by a perseverance in Its use
for a day or two, will entirely cure the disease.
So, don't cough any m,ore In church ; thick of
Dr. Keyser and his Pectoral; open your heart
itrinp and puree strings, and you wilt be a
better and happier man, and not be looked
upon as one who annoys his neighbors. Yon
can get it at 140 Wood street.
Tat V•tat or GOOD Lnana.—We advise our
readers, who are desirous of preserving the
ruefulness of the lungs and bronchial appara
tus, not to defer taking medicine in time for
their cure. Most of thi corusumptive eases
which end fatally, aro the result of a small
beginning of a cough or cold, which could be
easily removed bya bottle of Dr. 'resew'. Pee
;oral amyl, Syrup, how put up and told at 60
exalt: and $l.OO per bottle. It has had abun
dant evidence of ita vast superiority over most
ether remedies, and those who resort to It in
time will. SILTS a great deal of suffering from
those disagreeable diseases which Crb so pre
valenaduzing the winter and spring months.
You can get it at Dr. Keyser's Drug Store,
No. 140 Wood street.
DON'T Nsetscv • Coven.-Of all the diseases,
to which we are exposed there Is urine ,
deserving of our immediate attentionr.
4 2
what is usually termed a "cough or eoldif,
the reason that, If not arrested, they are apt
to run into some fixed disease of some of the
air passages, or pulmonary tisanes, ending in
consumption or incurable bronchitis. The way
to p revent , this 11 to get a bottle of Dr. Key
ser'. Pectoral Cough Syrup, made by that pin
dem= at his groat drug and medicine etore,
Pittsburgh, Pa. The preparation of Dr. Key
see has received the recommendation of hosts
of respectable persons In Pittsburgh, where it
is ma&, and will not fail to cure most incipi
ent cases of pulmonary disease.
A ,
—............—.----. i' , F ...; 4-
Busgraes Comm Drinnunois.-Tt is a
glorious thing to laugh, and there was enough
laughter to make a whirlwind at Concert Hall
last night.,:Bornett'e facial expressions are
Aitonlshini r His total annihilation of all
4dentity of •sellis wonderful. His powers over
.She face are beyond all comparison the best of
;any Jiving man. • ThaVinkof the evening, in
the poetic way,Aris. , ..:l4ofßichmond on the
:hems," a parody on "Bingen on the Rhine."
To.nlght 6 his last nigh - W - Don't fail to go.
C. C. C.--Cary's Cough Cure, or Pectoral
Troches, for the immediate relief and certain
cnn of Coughs, Colds, Influenza Asthma,
Hoarseness., Whooping Cough, Catairh, Bron
chitis, Difficult Breathing, Sore Throat, Az.
Relief warranted in ten minutes. For mistle
toes, ymblie ers and singers, these Tab
lets are i ndispe nsable for clearing and
strengthening the voice, removing hoarse
nese, he. Sold only at Dr. Keyser's, N 0.140
Wood street. Pittsburgh.
hams Cammorts Twoersos Mill continues
to attract large and appreciative audiences to
the tliestre zdgbtly. The patroaap bestowed
Oen. har - mast be as tiatteriag.,to bet pro
1411661 pride as It Is agreeable m apocaniasy
point of v - iew....She is a most deserving ma- -
tress, and merits succeu. ,
sit - NAT,;,r
• cult lsoari 'l{ able.
Essants is Yeses un Paces ciiillextr
Raman. With a Prase* end '
, Burton : '
Ticknor and Fields. Pittaburgh far sale by 11.
B. Davis, 93 Wood street.
The reader' of Tennyson's "Is Mentorionn " j
Irrespective era others, will form a public
large enough to welcome the publication in
an American edition, of these "Remains."
Arthur Henry Hallam, sou of the distinguish
ed. historian. Henry Fiallem,- was the friend
of tAlliad. Tennyson, to whose memory the
beautiful elegise poem we have just mention
ed, is dedicated, and whose rare endowments
of intellect and fast tmfolding promises of at
tainment, eclipsed in this lower sphere and
translated by theangel of death to the infinite
heights and expanses of the heaven of faith
and hope and linve, the, poet consecrates to
immortality, even in this world, by embalm
ing in verse destined to live as long as Eng
lish poetry shall be read, the tenderness of
friendship, the sympathy of kindred getting,
and the manifold memories of common joys
and sorrows, hopes and foam, and whatever
the alternations of faith and doubt may hare
painted in fresco on the temple-walla and col
umns of the morning -land of youth. Who
ever has read and admired this exquisitely
beautiful and profoundly thoughtful poem,
must, as we here already Intimated, wish
to place beside it, as a companion, tho lit
erary "Remains" of one so beloved, so
honored. Besides the prefatory memoir of
Arthur Henry Hallam, written by his father,
we have also a memoir of his younger brother,
Henry Fitsmattrice Hallam—who likewise
died yetmg-eontributed by two friends. The
"Remains"consist of over thirty poetical
pieces (many of them sonnets) in English and
Italian, and the following prose papers : On
Sympathy; Oration on the influence of Italian
works of imagination on tho same class of
Compositions in England;" "Essay on the
Philosophical Writings of Cicero ;" " Re
marks on Professor Rossetti's Disquisisione
malls Splrito Antipapale ;" and an "Extract
from a Review of Tennyson's Poems."—
Messrs. Ticknor & Fields hate published the
volume in a style worthy of its great literary
interest, and high associations with the names
of men already written on the heights—
.' Where Venie's proud temple shinns afar."
IiZTLIIIT.II or • 8aC11606 ! or, a hook or the Heart.
By Ik. Marvel. A New Edition. New York
Charles acti ti ner. Pittsburgh: U. S. Darla, 93
Wood Street, !Tlpp. limo.
Dawi Min: A Fableof the Seasons. By lk. Her.
vol. A New Edition. lie. York Charles Borth.
nee. Pittsburgh for sale by E. S. Darts, 93 Wood
Street. Elpp. 18. mo.
We do not at all wonder that the publisher
of these delightful little books, after twelve
years reprinting, had to write to tho anther,
that " the old type were so far worn and bat
tered, that thew would bear no further usage."
And now, as the anther, taking the good,
wise counsel of second-thought on the subject
of revision, determined to spare himself that
worse Max; wasted labor, and the already
well-done work of his hands that defacement
and aEaehronlsm, we give a hearty welcome
to these new editions, reproducing such truly
admirable contributions to • department of
our literature, in a style of elegance—nay, we
say exquisitness—of typography, and other
material and mechanical honors and advan
tages, which we hays seldom seen equalled.
One or both of these elegant volumes will
be likely to be foremost on the list of favor
ite gift-books for years to come—perhaps till
the publisher has to write again to the author,
(enjoying his odes cues dirtitate, at "Edge
wood Parm,")in the very words we quoted at
the commencement of this notice.
Acantizsrr—L=o BsolLl.—On Wednesday
afternoon, about four o'clock, Mr. Armstrong
Stoney, residing on . Beaver street, Allegheney,
met with a painful accident near the Union
hotel, at the cattle yards. While turning •
corner, on horseback, for the purpose of en
tering one of the yards, his home stumbled
and fell upon him in such a manner as to
cause a severe &setas of the thigh.
Tnr Carr Novirxerm—The first .nutnber
of this new series of el:temp publications con
tains a story by Bylranus Cobb, Jr., entitled
"The Golds,. Eagle; or, the Privateer of 1778."
It is a neatly printed volume, 18mo, of 126
pages, and bears the publishers' imprint of
Elliott, Thomos k Talbot, Boston. For sale
by .1. P. Hunt, Masonic Hall, Fifth street.
SEFTON'S Besirrr.—This peat night of fun
will 'bo on Monday, 16th inst. The comedy
of Paul Pry and the Irish drama of Rory
O'Mara will be sated. Doctor Thayer, the
celebrated claws, and Johnny Mackey will
Mnsaa'a Ainsitac.—Miner's Pittsburgh
Almanac, No. 6, for the year 1864, has just
been issned;and can be obtained from the
publisher, Bros. 71 and 73, Fifth street. It
is ealaulated and edited by Sanford C.
AM, Esq.
Eckert, sr., a well known citizen, formerly
Justice of the Peace, of Reading, fell into
the lock of the Schuylkill Canal, on Thtoday
last, and was drowned.
. .
Airman WARD thinkefeiss hard thing not
to have s wife—no gentle heart to get up In
the morning and build the Are.
Ditou.arzae ltdratura.—,We. direct atten
tion to the notice in reference to a meeting of
bricklayers, to be hold this evening.
BAEKTeII EX.C1145102 altrilOplATo/1 has fanny
good restores about ft—Scientific American.
On exhibition at 11 St. Clair street.
Lamm Invoice of Yore, to ha sold at auction
this day, at mall , * o'clock, at Maolvy's auc
tion room, 47 Fifth street.
Tama Point, Plain and Ornamental
Slate 11MAr, and dealer in Pennsylvania and
'lament slate of the boat quality at low rates.
Moe at Max. Laughlin's, near the Water
Works, Pittattrgh, Pa. •
jut received at basal Graham & Co.'s, Mer
chant Tailon ' For 54 Market street. It con
sists of all the very latest styles of °loth',
eassimeres and vestiags; overeoatinp of all
kinds of the very !nest qaality, all of which
is selected from the 'latest importations, and
will be made up in tbs most fashionable and
best manner. Contlemen desiring a stook of
goods to select front, that eannotiie surpassed
by any other in the city, and every garment
warranted a perfect ftt, would do well to give
cm an early eall.
Smarm. EIRAHAN & Co.,
Merchant Team; No. 64 Market st.
Samna OXAJLAX, Goo. MoCsantans.
Poe PALL AID Winn WlAl.—The Sum
mer is put, and by the morning's frost, we
begin to apprehend, that fall and winter will
shortly be upon us, and we must provide our
solve, with the material to keep In comfort
able. A nice fall suit,' or a good and well
made overcoat are thi very thing, and we do
net know of any place where our reader*
would suit themselves betterthan at Messrs.
W.,Xt. Melee k Co's clothing establishment,
corner of Federal street and Diamond Square,
Allegheny. They kayo also received a com
plete assortment of gentlemen's furnishing
goods, and a great variety of new patterns for
walsteoaUng, de.
Jun Eecxnzn min Rune roe Bain.—The
fine assortment of Fall and Winter Clothing,
lately received by Messrs. John Wier t Co.,
Merchant Tailors, No. lie Federal Street, Al
legheny. The stook of clothing consists of
the Onset variety of gents' pantaloons Tots,
coats and overcoats . The style of pat terns is
Ureteral and fashionable. We would invite
all of our readers to give the above gentlemen
a cell.
To Know ts To Arrzova.—lter. George
Hewilay, Greenport L. 1., writes : °Yea are
at liberty to use my name, if you think prop
er, as a recommendation both of Mrs. B. A.
Zylobalsamum and World's Nair Re
storer for festering the hair. Their virtue
should not be 'hidden under a bushel.' "
Bold by druggists eTerywhore. .
Depot 193 Greenwich street New York.
0. OM, Daman, 248 Patin street, will at
tend to all bogus' of Us profouloa.
ADDAMS—STANSON.—In this city, at .ths
notmahola Hon" on Tneeday, Nov. loth, by the 8.,.
Mr. Cowl, OZONON W. ADDAMS, of Harrison Co.,
Ohio, and CAS.OLINZ STANTON, of Salem, Comm
irtata Co., Ohio.
ANDZISON.—in Pranklln township, nikitheop
spd Nov. oth, , lOC, New lIANNAII AN
DM, 77 Pim.
tow &es cos Tsvisoss siossiss,
Li* l i st ; at 1O o cXooS, from ins reeldenes of Mn.
Mx Aside:too, soUci of William Anderson, deed,
on ihnieh sneer, war Paw, Muth Ward. Vie
Mends of the famUl an niSmituil, Writ.' to at
I WASHINGTON Crrr, Nov. frth, 1883
The following dispatches have not hitherto
been puldishod:
November 8, 18113.1
To Major Gement: It W. He:Bea
This morning on advancing from Kelly's
Ford, It was found that the enemy had retired
daring the night. The morning was so smoky
and hasy it wu impossible to ascertain at
Rappahannock Station the position of the
enemy, and it was not till the arrival of the
column fromKillly's Ford that it was definitely
known,he position at the Rappahannock was
evacuated. The army was put in motion and
the pursuit continued by the infantry to
Brandy Station, and by the cavalry beyond.
Major General Sedgwick reports officially
the capture of four guns, eight battle flags and
over 1,500 prisoners. Major General French
took over 400 prisoners. Gen. Sedgewiek's
loss is about 300• killed and wounded. Gen.
French's is about seventy. The conduct of
both officers and men in ouch affair was moat
admirable, Gao. 0. MIADM,
Major General.
Neer Fe Ililsyr Springs, Wert Fe., Nov. 7, 1889
—Brig. Gen. Kelly, ememanding Department:
At noon on the sth instant I attacked Jenkins
in front of Mill Point, and drove him from
hie position, with trifling loss on either side.
Yesterday ho was reinforced by Gen. Echols,
from Lewteberg, with Patton's brigade and a
regiment of Jenkins' command, end assumed
a strong position upon the Summit of Droop
Mountain, a position similar to that upon
South Mountain, in Maryland, but stronger
from natural difficulties and breutworks.
turned the enemy's left with Infantry, and
when he became disturbed made an attack di
rest with four regiments of dismounted cav
alry. Oar victory was decisive, and the ene
my's retreat became a total root, his forces
throwing away their arms and scattering in
every direction.
I pursued till after dark. Hi■ wounded
and many prisoners and arms have fallen into
our hands:
Oar loss was about ono hundred officers and
men. The troops are in exeellen‘ spirits,
with plenty of ammunition.
Ww. M. Armful., Brig. General.
Clarkvburg, Wed Virginia, 7 P. M., N. 8.
—Brig. Gen. Callum, Chief of Staff : A tele
gram just reeeivod from Gen. Soammon says
Uen. Duffle entered Lewisburg at 10:30 A. M.,
on the 7th. Bohol had passed through on
retreat from Averill, but before his arrival
Dome had captured the enemy's camp tents,
knapsacks, provisions, ke., 1 caisson and mazy
prisoners; also 100 head of cattle. Oar cavalry
is In pursuit. Averill had arrived at Lewis
burg. B. F. sz.i.r, Brig. Gen.
j The following report has been rt,eived from
Adjutant General Thomas .
Sashes, Iliac, Oct. 15th, 1863--SIR: I re
eently passed a few days at Goodrich's Land
ing, Louisiana, fifty miles shove Vicksburg.
One of my purposes being to aseettein the
condition of the leased plantations, to what
ertent the cultivation of cotton has been
carried on, and especially to know whether
the cultivation of the plantations could not
be earned nn as well by hired freemen as by
slaves. The gathering of cotton is now in
full operation, and may be too soon to report
fully the result, but the lasts in my possession
are entlielent for • judgment on eipiniment.
As previously reported, the season had ad
' vaneed fully two months from the time cotton
should have been planted, which was Inad
vertable, though the system was put in opera
tion as soon after my miming to this country
as was possible. The lessees, therefore,
labored under great disadvantages In this
respect, for the most of them had just to run
the furrow to plant the seed, and then plant
their corn, relying on subsequent time to
break up the ground between the farrows of
cotton and exterminate the weeds. The ne
cessity of withdrawing troops from Louisiana
to augment the force operating against
Vicksburg' left the line of the plantations,
some sixty in all, without adequate protection.
When the rebels made the attack on Milli
ken's Bend, where they were signally defeated
enema& raids on the plantations, scattering
and driving off the megrims and stock, w
eaned at a time when it was important to
cultivate crops. Some time elapsed before
the hands could be collected, and they were
itniu=d to recommence work. The cense
quenceow that fully one-half of the crops
wore not worked at all; and in other cases
whore some work was done, the weeds and
plants had to grow up together, the ill weeds
overtopping the cotton 'plant. The army
worm attacked all the late cotton, destroying
from one-fourth to one-half of the crops. Still
under all these disadvantages, not one of
the lessees will lose money, but all derive
a handsome profit. I know that they are
satisfied with this experiment, and all desire
to re-lease for anotheryear. The new Ismael',
of whom there are some fifteen, will make
from four and five bales up to, In one case,
one hundred and fifty ; and it is a fact, that
the cotton they, hare raised, owing to better
cultivation, Is of higher grade than of white
lessees. Some of the Degrees have cultivated
it by themselves and families, whilst others
have employed their fellow freedmen. The
freedmen have all to work for wages according
to a scale fixed upon by a Board of Commis
sioners, and at • higher rate I understand
than was adopted in the Department of the
Gulf. They have been well and more abund
antly fed than they were when held in slavery.
Schools have been established cyan planta
tions, and lessees have felt It their duty by
every proper means to cultivate this unfortn
nate race. As a general rule . they prefer
working with Northern men, whom they re
gard as their friends, to working with South
erner', even their former masters, and I
'hazard nothing in saying that the net proceed"
on a crop by a liorthernor, who has paid his
hands wages will exceed that of a Southerner
who has cultivated by slaves, the number of
acres being the same in both cases. Those
employed have thus been no expense to Gov
ernment, but hare supported themselves and
their families. They are perfectly contented,
and look . forward with hope to future eleva
tion of character. ..The experiment thus
adopted hastily and from necessity, with
many misgivings, I now regard as a complete
success. The number of bales of cotton raised
in these plantations will not much, If any,
fall short of 8,000 bales, giving to govern-
Mont some $150,000 of revenue. The slaves
will also psi to the Quarter-Muter's Depart
ment, for mules, utensils, ice., furnished or
found on the places, some $lOO,OOO. The charge
in lieu of rent is $2 a bale making 818,000 for
the Government. There are some few plan
tations abandoned by the lessees, that may
sell for $160,000. Idesire this money, or as
much as may be =canary, set amide to pay
the expenses of this yeas; and of the year com
mencing January 4th, 1861. It Is a signifbeant
fact that while transports on the river bwro
. begsttlY 1444 iniiiwthit "-' rebel*, not a I The Advance of Meadela 'Army—Gen. '' 111liske by - T4l .
_.., ~.....,
' 5ing14,4011141 been And trom that line of the i• ilekitZelmllit Relic -,--, of . hie i Few 9bax, :Wei.. I.l.lotton - dntrimbEnsoldnB
nand—Relief for the Union Prison- ,at Mc. Flour--fratni State In fair request for Gov
river covered by these plantations, extending ' ere in Richmond. " ernment ax and suite easily, while nearly al!
for seventy-five Alibi aboibTisltsburg, which
'' e r ''',
a n t r .rr a ' s t " clueing " ""..- I dc - - an d
ed ;t cad drop grla
V#7 67:135474 :a a e V - 1r
shows the importance to commerce of lining
equirer • army correspondent says that en. .
1. N . re - . 1 - ORK, Nor. 11. 7 The Phiiadel G phis
the river with a loyal populatiOn. Buford returned on Nl„nday night to the Chin- M mmy more active andsteady at M chiefly
at the latter. Wheat dullard heavy. @,ft lower,
I have th e honor sir to be very respectfully by of Brandy Stati s m, Loving advanced to i a few email wile. of choice parcels were made at fall
1 prices, but to sell to say amount holders would be
your obedient servant, within four miles of Culpepper. where he met. i comtelled to accept a decided redurtlen:.slor4l.3s
L. THOYAB, Adjutant General. for Chicago Spring, 51,fr3Q1,35 for Milwaukee Club,/
on Sunday night Wileox•is corps ot Ilill's di- $1.3 ,"„. k; ae
~ ,,r sitt.rrar. th r tot .. for.
fo h. am n br in anchit - L ati , ,.t .. ltid .. inf
n one lead o r 73,
E. M. &A row , Secretary of War. vision, with whom he hod a sharp fight, which rh r oi.«, 1.4,091,40 for Winter Western, 11?...0‘91,5`2
niore. active at ill f 0641 s 5 fe rer n r i n i tiaaa •nd
c.. lIKA.DIea OFFICIAL, moat OP THE oirmn • lasted tbro hours. IL. drove the rebels some
Or ClirrrlreallitO. distance, and picketed the ground, but being . 1 3 „,1„.
Gen. Ideado's detailed report of the battle I
the h M t :i f n l b/ P d P y " o e f theand and i' I. ' -a 06 Shl
. 1 ,. . „, , , a , ge, lie returned to Weete l 7 i .. ,,l CT .. .LuLl
in.t,,, c ..5 w i e 0 r ..4„ ..L. 1,...: 11; 1,0 4
fo li r ' lrbite Western. Data It- lower Mid mo active;
of Gettysburg, dated Oct. Ist, we, offiejellY In this fight Lt. J. A. 'Stephens of the Slh
promulgated to-day. He gives as a reason 111. Cavalry woo wound..... f/7 1 3;,, for r laj r ai k t= o, e i ble qu il i y ,rt a a t io Wool ns
or ' twther mom doing. Dressed Rugs a shade Omer.
for his delay In not making it sooner that his The First Brignite, nndr- . C,...1. Chapman,
receiving the
..,,,,,,i the t.. 3rd s ind. C avalry, was principally engaged, i City Bacon , , '.dev quiet nod a rm" lord quiet end
twining a in..., of aLout fitly killed nod 1 steady at 11,44113,; also 2,-0 Ib....elivorable from I
corps and division commanders, who wore wounded. January to April at 11%.
severely wounded In battle, and says: The I The rebel bee is unknown. They loft fire i P..,...Lr0u.
N o .. t.—Floor arm; aal,.. 1,500
dead on the field. They buried several men , i l 'b'' °k".." S' ,26 < - ,`'°' Wh. "' n ""..d.l';
result of the campaign may be briefly stated _'ire
3uoo bushels Red at 3 1 , 53 / I .f.g,Whitegl,Vog
wound,.. and carried off man. , 2. 00 Corn firm mut wa• "elle. 51..0 , 81.10,
in the defeat of the enemy at Gettysburg. on Monday morning the ,liels retirees i Whits Sl,OO , oats Ilrrn at 0. 'Men Pork sl7(g,' 17,50.
His compulsory evacuation of Pennsylvania towards the Rapidan. ' Lard 11*a 114 and in kegs 12. N. Petroleum doll;
and Maryland and his withdrawal from the I Gen. Buford, before returning, sent a del ::h- , C^. l .' " , (X 27 R•dlricd• in t.' o d• 51 1' 4 . Whisky
0....u1v ; - 5a...,.:i0t0 LH. at t`l4.
upper valley of the Shenandoah, and in the n m o en r : t t ,e o ls Ci i ii n lp t e i rli t e v r i
o ti i. o i o , r r t
. 1 . 1. d 5 t r , , , who ,.
r., !' , i , , e r . . ,. d ,
i i New York Stock and Money Market.
capture of throe guns, 41 etandardi, 13,021 in that all of Lee's army i. across Ste Rapt- 1 Sew tons, Nov. 11.- -Money In brisk demand.
- .
, 1. u .. i, ,.. , Id , , 4 a s, ii. l ing to 4.7, - „, d,unin, , , to 45a,i i , and clewing
prisoners, 24,978 small erne were oolleeted on den. They occupied Pence Mountain, a t.ii•.rt : !...r . linit dull et li.o. Gehl quiet and steady , opening
the battle - held. Our own leases were very
e taneu beyond Culpepper. and t w o
h the c le t f h t.
e of
severe, el:mounting es [will be seen by the .I'' . Government vir...k without material ehasure; 17. S.
can r ai lroad,
oerve 1 " lio a signal
in.t-.0 e ' i t i 4 t t s "' . u .t ! our 'n tir " tny to 6• SI coupon. iced, Tao. 1,te, 4 4106.
'accompanying returns to 2,834 killed, 13,703 advantage. Stock generally twit., but quiet ,
Wounded, and 6,643 missing, in all 23,1itt1. Gen. Briton! (mind the railroad uninjured r., rt. W. .t c ..... ..- * , 7 ,- ."'Herl'-ea
?HZ 11OLD11313' CEXETIRY. to Culpepper, anti it tv it, i...' ivy,' to be in good to. (..,„. f ,. rif , ' 1 ,.,..,, , . , m. ~
condition to the Rapidan. M s elf:l,G. a C.
The President and cabinet will-attend the The Washington coryespondent ,if the New k.r
dedication of the Soldiers' Cemetery at °attys. , York I.:materna/ Say?: An order ban been Cite, pre( d ...... ....... P 1 1 ,,,; S. C. C
burg, on the 19th. ic.ued, permanently, relieving lien. Ileintsle- 11 "'"'
1 - 21 !-.1
men from the command of this Department, • _
CIMINO TNI ItarIDAN. i and placing Gen. Auger, who has been tem-
It is now positively ascertained that the porarily acting in thc Fla ,, Gen. Ileintxle
rear of the rebel-4 9* crossed the Rapidan man has Lae" e" , igned In rot new command,
ftir his re.
on last Sunday night. The only rebel force
c and probably will not be 1 . ., AOl., time to
I ome. There is no rea,n, public,
this slits of the Rapidan consists of roving -p aeye d,
bands of their cavalry. The rebel army is I The President il..ecoutied in his efforts by
known to be now encamped at Gordonsville. Col. Hoffman, of the Exchange Burma, hurt,
Lee is not In colnmand. Ever yi na j"tion and Oen Meredith, the ontnnossioner to in
stitute M '
measures for the relief of our suffering
shows, that the robbls had intended to winter men in Richmond. The , lotliii.g which we
between the Repicien and Rappahannock. . have forwarded them b.... :cached them: and
lIZBIL TICK)Pa ItiCALLan, the rebels have pr.:mined faittilul!y th-tt every
thing else sent will be delivered. It is now
Deserters and-scouts report that the forces ' proposed to send them the neeessaries of life, .
recently sent from Lee's- army to operate in the pro, ',ion line. Coen. Meredith wilt'
against Burnside h a p. b e e n pe d all e d , an d w ill forward any clothing for the present, 'tent to
join the main army either at Gordonsville sr :I n o Y n; r w i Tt o h c b " un in dl lt es ic f h o m rWa ' ; ' ,ie e dV, rlv„.,'-!!, 1 , 4 :,,r): .
Charlottesville. went. An effort will also be made to see if
I the rebel, will not parole the men held by"..
them for exchange. If they can't feed them, t
no one Can coo why they Mould starve them, wee i . Th,
when it is. no easy to paroie them.
Rlllll. CAVALRY BIN? AGAIXIIT aosicoaiks
Among the forms sent against Roseerans
were two divisions of rebel cavalry.
...Reconnoitering parties of our cavalry have
saready been far south of the Rapidan.
Senator Wilson is in town. He is going to
Delaware in a few days to aid in the congres
sional canvass there.
Several persons called on the authorities
hero within a day or two, representing the
ease of oar prisoners at Richmond. It is un
derstood that the War Department has prom
ised to send the previsions which are most
needed, and in ease of refusal by the rebel
tautbori ties to permit them to be given our
soldiers, retaliation will be resorted to. It
may be that retaliation will be commenced at
once, as the rebels insist that the rations now
given our prisonerel are ample, ant they will
probably not cense& to any arrangement that
will appear like an admission of having
starved men in their hands.
. .
Secretory uhaso.has directed that Collector.
of Internal Revenue shall not hereafter re
mire or deposit any fonds other than green •
The folionting promotions have been mod,
n the Pension Bureau
Jno. If. Beaton, of • Indiana, third to fourth
class clerkship; O. W. Kellogg, of Michigan.
from second to third class; B. Boxford, W
CronlliD, from second to third CULAS.
Gen. Balsamlmam flu to-day assigned to
the Presidency of the Court Martial lately
headed by Gen.' Augur, and the latter officer
has been assigned to the command of the De
partment of Washington.
Gen. Foster, it is understood, goes speedily
to East Tennessee to aucceod eon. Burnside,
whose resignation bas been accepted.
F. 8. Senator Sprague, of It. 1., has arriv
ed here. lie Is to be married to-morrow
evening, by Bishop Claik, to Miss Rata Chair,
eldest daughter of the Secretary of the Trea
sury. The ceremony takes place at S!.i o'clock,
and will be followed by a reception from 9 to
12 o'clock. The bridal party leaves the next
day for Providence, R. 1., where Senator
Sprague resides. From Providence their tour
will be continued to Misr Chase's former resi
dence, and to other points in the West, and
the party expect to return In time for the
opening of Congress.
On Satui'day the advance of our cavalry,
under Col. Clandiner, of the Bth 111. Cavalry
had a smart skirmish with the enemy and
drove them oQ the field. A further advanip
of cavalry was opposed by a whole division
of the enemy, and we were forced to retire.
Another and more successfol advance was
made by Gen. Kilpatrick on Tuesday, who
dashed through Culpepper without sealing the
enemy. Ile than pained on through Steven.-
burg, followed by the whole army. They
have not succeeded in finding the enemy, who
has retired so rapidly that ho has left the rail
;tied from Rappahannock entirely uninjured.
The enemy are fleeing and hard to catch.
The Examining Board of whioh Gen. Me-
Dowell ii President, is in 'ensign at Wilming
ton, Del., to examine oMoors of the army who
may be ordered before it, with a view to ne
aring thorn.
The Capture of Gen. Burnside's Out
W ADS INOTOP, v.ll.—lt was stated several
days ago, that two of Gen. Burnside's most
easterly outposts in Tennessee had been
attacked by the rebels and half of the gar
rison, consisting of two regiments and a bat
tery hod been Captured. Gen. Grant's dis
patch did not designate tho exact place where
the disaster occurred, nor did it state the
strength of the enmity's force or the probable
number of killed and wounded on our side.
The Reponicoo of this afternoon says : Olen.
Burnside telegrapha that the disaster referred
to, warred at Rogersville, Hawkins county,
Tennueee. This place is the terminus of the
branch of the Eat Tennessee and Virginia
Railroad, and is situated fifteen miles from
Knoxville. Gen. Burnside also states that
tho rebels captured six hundred men and four
cannon. He does not mention tho ndmber of
his killed and wounded. His main army is
where it was when the attack was made on
Rogerville, in an impregnable position and in
goad spirits, subject to the orders of Gen.
Grant, who is perfectly well satisfied with its
Operations of Guerrillas in Tennessee.
MIMPHIB, Nov. B.—The rebel Den. Rich
ardson struck tho biomphim and Charleston
Railroad, six miles east of Sanisburg, yester
day morning, 'and destroyed the railroad
bridges, and at Middleton, burned two small
bridges, tore up several miles of the track, and
out the telegraph badly. The latter was re
paired this morning, and the former will be In
running order to-morrow.
Roddy, Ferguson, Ingee, Chalmers and
Richardson are all north of the Mississippi,
co-operating to annoy this line of communi
ninon In the Army.
Waseuravon, Nov. IL—An ediciat dispatch
to the Army Gantt, says that the intimation
made in several of the daily newsmen, that
the Secretary of War has communicated
t h roug h the Adjutant Genera), a modification
of the ordlir ref runes to the discharge of
=biers from the military service by the civil
courts, is founded in error. No such modifi
cation bu been made or anamualpiked.
v,7,'ri U'~, s~~.s~'s >: ~~ ,~>~`~~'~}~. 15 ay~l~a~`~'-',~~Y~ ~`uy'+~ s^y o= 4
~.v:a+=aJ=~ ~S.:d)L .I~firr.
The Massachusetts Legislature—The
Strike Among the 'Navy Yark Work
men and the Boiler and Iron Plate
, Workers.
lloiroy, Nov. 11.—In the Legislature to
day the Governor's address on raising end
paying volunteers wee referred to ton Special
Legislative Committee, which met imumdia
tely after the House A bill was
introduced proposing to give all e who
re-enlist, twenty dol:Lirs per month from the
State Treasury, instead of the bounties now
offered. Action upon this proposition wns do
(erred until to-morrow
No sati.f.netory arrangement has boon made
with the Navy Toed workmen, and tier strike
Mill continues. The boiler and iron ;date
werkerr. in Fast 13,t0n ore .till on a strike,
their employers refu2ing t.. in the advance
Prefentation of en rthred Battle Flags
to General Mead&
fl NI•A RTSII3 ARMYeI . In F. No,.
ll.—Yeeterday afternoon Poi. Upton, who
commanded tho brigade whi••h Ingt Saturday
so successfully charged nod ruptured the ene•
my's work at Rappnhannoet, -0. a,eum
panto,' hr deputations fr.dn sorbof one
tnents participating in the astault, pre,.ente•:
Oen. Meade with eight batt/e-flags taken at
that time t'. ph, presented the flag. In the
name of his e.Aromand, natu,,,g the reg.dwnt4
—the nth and eth .Maine, the nth
and the 12Ist New 1 “rit, the !niter
ton'e own regimen:.
Gen. Meade ha. i,Ano.l a congratulatory
order to the army .Jrl
the recent •• r• I
pasmgm of thy. Itarmahonnook in fora of Lim
enemy • and say, Ow
hit satitdaetion.
prom Buroolde`a Army.
K.:to:l'll.LE, Nov. 10.-1 n the affair at Roger
illa, Burtuddes forces were s r - :--thelrne.l bJ
superior numbers.
Gen. Bumeide has taken over fifteen hun
dred prisoners rinee he ratite into T0.:.,-nee.
independent of the garrison at Cumberland
Gap, patting us far ahead of the rebels.
There are soma indications of largo forme
coming against IL!, bet we expert :0 repel
At Rogervillo the rebels captured nhout
hundred men, four pieces of artillery, thirty -
six wagons. The most of them raptured sere
of the 2nd Loyal Tennessee, end over one
hundred of the 17th Ohio.
We bold from Washington, nu the Tvutre
seo rive r , to shore llull's Gap.
Affairs In Meade'a and Lee'4 Armies
N . 1),11.- 1o.: tilal of the
Army of the Potomac it mainly unchanged.
Gen. Buford yesterday ps,ed ;through Cul
pepper and necupled the enemy's p..sition
on the Rap:dan.
From requisitions out invoices picked up in
the late rebel comp., it -; that the ri , was
no scarcity of the nece+m vies or life in Lee's
army. Sugar RR! twelve and a half cents per
pound, flour ten cents. 1 .« of t«r ^nnts, bacon
one dollar, and salt was regularly i.vued to
hones and mules.
Gene. Ewe and corps was encamped
nearly parallel t, the Rappahannock on
Saturday, the right reeling below K , ..iley'e
ford, and the left ROUT Rixiyv Pl° on tho
A esthorm ricer.
Rumored Conspiracy to Release the
Rebel Prisoner. on Johnson'. Island.
PatnitIICLPHIA, Nov. I 1.--Tho special dis.
patch.. (rein Cincinnati give an account of a
singular story about tiro suspicious vessel.,
discorosed yesterday, hovering shout San
dusky Bay, supposed to be privateers fitted up
by secessionist, in Canada, aided by the .yrn
patb`ivers there of the rebellion. The supposed
object is to release the rebel prisoners on
J0h111.013 . 1 Island, end commence piracy on
the lakes and pillage in the land. A battery
of Parrot guns seas or.lerod forth frith to Jnhn
son's Island.
From South America
NEW YORK, For. 11.-1 . 1“11,,, ,, &lies to the
22d alt. state that the Venezuela fleet, be
longing to the old government party, arrived
at Gums° on the 17th, and surrendered them
selves to the commander of the federal Beet.
It consisted of six sailing vessels. ono steamer
and a number of smaller craft.
enema's is now in the hands of the fed
eral. or insurgents.
Hundreds of refugees were fleeing from St.
Domingo. They also report the insurrection
there as spreading, and that the slaughter of
both the Spenith invaders and natives is very
Firing into Trap„port■
WABHINGTON, Nov. 1 I ,—Adjutant Genera
Thomas, in a temmuniestion to the War De
partment, dated Natchez. 10th says it is a
significant fact that while transports on the
river have been frequently fired iutn 1y the
robots, not a single shot has been firtd from
that part of the riper hook, extending for
seventy-Over miles above Vicksburg. which
shows the importance to commerce of lining
the shore with a loyal population. lie says
that on the I3th of October, the gathering of
Cotton was in full operation. The experiment
was adopted hastily and from necessity, with
many misgivings of emplo:;ing freedmen at
wars on theta plantations.
Inks Burned by the Rebels—ltallrotut
and Telegraph in (triter to Corinth.
CAIRO. NOT. 4.—Metephis papers of the 9th,
contain no Sews from either eourees. I learn
that dub* - was burned by tho rebels after
General Sherman's troops left.
Tho Railroad and Telegraph is In order to
Corinth. Stories about their being abandoned
is false.
New Telegraph Line.
Pirrascion, Nov. 11.—Telegraphicoommu
nication was opened with Little Washington
this evening. Tho lines extends from that
point to Wheeling, there to conn ec t w i t h the
lines west.
More Legal Tenders to be Issued.
Nor TORN, Nov. 11.—It in rumerod Mr.
Chase Inte decided to issue $25,000,000 of legal
tender currency, with a viow to relieve the
stringency of the loan market.
aimispoix, !kn. firm; 2.000 bbl. Ohio
Litre S7,MYA7,gO. Wbeat quiet ; KenturkY
Whtts 8202. 1 t5. - - Com ,lull; %Mad, *1,0201 ; O0.
Thlik7 dna ; Ohlp (2,962 y„.
The riser vac unexpts.. :tartly, raised eaves Inches
1 during Tuesday night and Wednesdut morning, but
lmd s,mng It tem apparently eta stsnd, With four
feet two or three inchea In the channel by the pled
marks. The neuter lota moderato , ' slightly, and
hope. are n entertained that the •‘cold
t snap" will be followed by rale.
The hart proart.tml a more Neely empaarance yes
' tonlay, then: being no lew than two bottle noel% lug
freight—the Leclaire for Parkersburg, and the
John Bridget! for Cludpnuti. Both of thee. .WWW. •
ors err advertise!' to leave to-day.
There Ie nothibg perhami that could be more tiene.
. dotal t o the Intermit, of this osmronnltyJnst now,
than a good gage of water. Aside from the millions
on nushels of to he pent forward
to the downielver markets, there le an Immo..
aount of Pittebtirgh marotfoctterm awaiting trans-
po m rtation to different point• in the weft and soot*
{WWI. TL.. western re.rocule ern so completely hiorh•
edn" ail', &amine., that they cannot begin to receive
one-tlthe of the feelght now at this point randy foe
Lenin satd Ed.agor.
......W*. lizmoratos.
Last night but two or the great artiste, NW
CIIARLATTE THnHPSON, who will appear, ftlr
C„ lint cold only Um-, as Mra. Haller.
THIS (Thursday) ETHNING,
Will h.• pr, 000 to i, Hot German firs act pla3 or
rt et ralmor
'1 J 11.113
Mis 4 Charlotte rhomintal
G. B. Kerne,
F. Chippendale
J. U. &Owe.
To•cooclnde with
Tioket J. 0. Sett"
!Itsan Annie Brett
Ell idloy, honotit of g'hatitt.• Thothp.ou
T:.. 011 , 1.1,4, , , , ...1 lIUMMUST, wlll girt two.
biA Jcvrial entertaiuroatits at
E EN131618, Nor. 111 h and 12th
Tho progranimr col:Woo Mamma of Mirth
Oratory, Mimicry, Loaghablo Delineations of Char
liedotlfhl • Poetic Gems, Comic Speeches, Old
Men, Young Men, Dutch, inch. Yankee, ?ranch and
Admission. 25 CENTS. Doors op. nt 6%, oom
tn.u, nt 7' o'clock.
SP EC 1.11. JrOT ICES.
this day
taload a Paton: f-r our Manufactum, known
Dew manufactured by other persons, under
the name Of .. Domosuc Dyes," de., are made In vin-
lati..n • f our Patent.
We caution all leve e he making or selling the same
hereafter, that we shall proaecuta tor all Inning. -
manta of our right.. HOWE & STIVYNB.
•o. 0t t. 17=,
- -,ROBEEIBON, REA & CO., (sue .
nwors to Itooutoott, Mtn, kLers,)WISIIIIGG
TON WORKS, Forrprnot C M rlttsbmgh
Manufacturers of BOAT AND STATIONERY
INGS, of an doscdpOorts ; OIL TANKS A STILLS,
Also, Importers and dealers la SIETALB, TIN
PLATE. SHEET IRON, WIRE, &a. Col:lewdly on
Warehoux. N 0.140 TIRST.d I^_o SECOND STS.,
I . ittoburgh, P.
Special orders of Copper tut to any doeirod pattorn..
for the benefit and as a warning and caution to young
men who ender from Nerrons Debility, Pram stun
Deasy of Manhood, oto., eupplylng, at the eame time,
the seems of 1.41 cam By ono who has cared himself
after being pat to great expense and Wary through
medical humbug and mi...aery.
By enclosing a pert-paid addressed ...Tomato:le
copies may be had of the author,
own : lydA.7 ]Ledford. Xing. county, N. T.
STREET, Pictebru•gh, Pa. „ •
lelir Collodion. made en aIl the principal dale
thronghorit the United Statex. avta
. _ .... __—
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Atone, by Ron, J. Cm.etsrawast, D., author
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noter llAasatbsoded to '.
Flaw Oro p & min FEDERAL = ITRES
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18. T.-1880-5.
Ponape et eedetrethy hitdte. tronNra trtth seg.
mem, Imam* pelpitationot th e heft, lack of ;w
-ipe*, diar. i dler .
japii, torpid ttnr. eottetiya
ttha. to., deeerre to indler fethey vitt ,not try the
Mach are now recommended fTtlllt MOM/ 2 ".'t
antherttlas, and -warranted to produce en treasdLas
tenclicial enact . Tta7 are weceedhiglY arreeebl.•
parkatly pen, and must soperoede all other took,
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They porgy, strengthen and Inelicersta .
They create • healthy appetite.
They ars an antidote to change of water tv-st Wee.
They oferoteraeffects of dloslpatlon and late Iwurr.
They streamthen the system andonllven the Ed, I.
They parent Inleamelle and bitermlttent fe'vore.
Tbej putlfy the breath and acidity of the , stome.A.
They ears Dyspurele and Clonatipatlen.
They cure diarrhea, Cholera and Cholera hfoi Lus.
They cure Liter Cm:el....Ant and harsens neada. b,
They make, the weak strong, the languid brill W, t.
and are exhausted nehtre'e greet restorer * They are
coenposed of the oehla aced Genst:Fa bark, ce
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perfbctly pare St. Croft num. Toe pgrtfenler", see
circulars and teetlmoulada erout.: each bottle:
Beware of imposter.. Examine ere.ry bottle. Se.,
that ft has D. S. Ban.: slanatare on nor private V.
S. Stamp over the cork, with plardation .cone, rend
em' Arm stgastare on a line !Merl plate enararinis mi
side label. Pew that cm' bottle le not roßitedTpritli
spurious and &Weems; Ma. We del': aiy , tisrecn
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parson pretending to poll Plantattnn,Bitrenb7 the
galas or In Ma, 1e en totpOater.' We only io
our log cabin bottle. Any .orsort firrittdingAls
Wale, or solling may other toitertat theinlfi„Wh r ithor
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the U. 8. Law, and will be lei prowentedhy*.Bra
already have our eye on two ,pirties Bll44 :*— niti
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The coly Vinegar awarded with a Prise Id NU, ui
Blxt7 exhibiton at the Internallrma!
Landau. Tar gala ty
Dr. Ludlum's Specific
/ 4 the only reliable remedy bar di "the
of moo .
md•Aarere. aa.Nak .ao..itiar a. Qs
CAimos.—Tle genai sueopia , of tLh remedy In ef-
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earl* sa• at wholasal• by 010. •,
140 Wo.d street.
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