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FRIDAY MOIMNO:::::=::::::=350V. 6, 1863
Offietat'Paper of the City
the Oman, at Goo. E. Shaw's Optioian stors,
No. IQTYElLirstriset— , correctod :
.. 00 44
. 62 SO
9a. y......' .....
12 It
6 r. it
The Criminal Court.
Mellon and Brown.
The jury In the case of George Hall and
Hdiard.Haskay, charged with highway rub
bery,on oath of John IV. MeGreggor, after
deliberating thirty boon, came into court and
stated - that they could not agree. Judge Aid
/on meat thaw, back to their room, but they
soon returned, declaring their utter inability
to agree, and they were discharged.
John Collins, charged with the larceny of a
ben and a castor cptcee, from Haslago's store,
while it was burning, on the night of the 13th
of October, was convicted and sentenced to
throe months in jail. He wee but a few steps
from the burning house when arrested, was a
Member of a . 11re company, and. his defense
_was that he intended to take the goods to a
Owe of safety. Ho proved a good character.
but all did not avail.
Francis Bell, a girl aged nine years, was
tried for the larceny of a lot of clothing, from
the person of a child, son of Thee. J. Keenan,
sq., whom she entited away from his home
and took to Lawrenceville, where she stripped
him of the greater portion of his wearing ap
parel and left hh mm, after which aho took the
stolen goods to her father's house in Sharp! -
burg. She was found guilty and committed
to the House of Refuge subject to be reclaimed
by her parents, If they can prole themselves .
competent to control her.
John Joyea r of the Third Ward, was con
victed of an aggravated assaalt and battery op
the person of Wm. Wilson, a colored waiter
employed at the Stott House. Re was coo
termed to pay a fine of twenty-flve dollars. and
undergo one month's imprisonment in the
county jail.
Shocking Accident—. Boy iiiiied.
On Thursday afternoon about fear o'clock,
es the Express train On the Pennsylvania
Adlroad was backing from the outer depot to
the &assenger station, a lad named Robert I , st -
tenon, aged between fifteen and sixteen years,
undertook to jump upon the forward nr, 412.1
in doing so he missed his footing and fell
neon the track. The whole train passed over
him, mangling him In a most horrible man
ner.' The body was dragged about one hun
dred • yards, the limbs wore crushed to pieces,
and the entrails' were scattered along the
track ; the heart was picked up at one place
and the liver at another. The head was
caught order the new catcher, and - was at
tached to the remains of the body by a slen
der integument. The remains were gathered
up as soon as possible, and conveyed to the
residence of the parents, in the vicinity of
BIM planing mill, in the Ninth Ward. Pt is
said (and we do not doubt it) that the boy was
in the habit of jumping on the cars, and had
been told as lately as the previous day that
he would be killed If he did not stop the dun
germ's practice. The warning was unheeded.
The Coroner held an inquest, and the jury
found a verdict of accidental death.
Lutheranism In Pennsylvania
Beeides the Lutheran Synod in Pennsylva
nia, there aro five other synods of the same
denomination in Pennsylvania, via: The
Synod a
,East Pennsylvania, the Syno , l of
West Pennsylvania, the Synod of Central
Pennsylvania, the Synod of Allegheny and
the Synod of Pittsburgh. Mee Synods, ac
eordiag to statistics of last year, hove three
hundred and twenty-nine ministers, eight
hundred and fourteen congreamtiohs, and
ninety-eight thousand nine hundred and thir
ty one communicants. Besides these six Syn
ods the joint Synod of Ohio, or the Ewers,
District of it, hest number of ininikers
churches in the western part of our own State;
and the "Synod of Missouri and adjacent
States" has also a few ministers and oungre
gallons in this State. This would make at
least in round numbers, three hundred and
forty, or perhaps nearly three hundred and
fifty ministers; Of congregations about eight
hundred and fifty, and of communicants con •
stderably over one hundred thousand.
MUEDSII A? RILDING.-A shocking murder
was coommitted in Beading, on Monday. Six
soldiers were in the bar room of a hotel, where
they had aquarrel, but through the interfe
rence of the bar-keeper, peace was rertored,
And thoirlfole party apparently amused them
„.---lves in ailing and dancing. They atter
...„sleft e housi peaceably. They had
I ,,,, roe ;resohed the sidewalk, however, before
theyrarzoled, when ono of them,
. White, drew a revolver and
4 .4l; riti o, Frederiek Wearer through
the b i .„, u t t i m asiNg his death in a few minute!.
The whole part/ bgonged to company G, of
thetoritinentsal vairy, recruited in Philadel
phia. White AB iu Prison, to await a trial.
The report was accepted and the ordinance
was read three times and passed.
Mr. Thompson presented the report of the
One Committee, with a resolution to pay the
bill of the Allegheny Gas Company, amonet
ing to $1,174,25 for lighting city lamps, for
the quarter ending Oct. let, 1863. Report ac
cepted and resolution adopted.
Mr. Dill presented the report of the Com
mittee on Printing, with resolution author
izing payment of bill of S. Riddle .t Co., of
the Gareth, for $5O, for three months print
ing. Accepted and resolution adapted.
The President presented a petition for the
extension of water pipes on Centre street, from
Tremont to Allegheny Avenue. Referred to
Water Committee.
Mr. Francis offered the following :
Revolved, That the Committee on Streets be
instructed to report, at the next meeting of
Councils, what difficulties remain in the way
of widening River Avenue, from Hope to Wal
nut streets. Also, that they be requested to
report on the practicability of opening a street
from Lamar street to the river bank, on the
line of the abandoned portion of the canal.
Mr. Ilutchinsom, the following:
Beans Snor.—David Brown, Jacob s ionfer Re.lned, That the Committee on City
aind others, living stCanoe Creek, Blair Conn- Property instruct the Street Commisaion! r
"ty, killed four bears on Thursday last. The to have all the rubbish emptied from Water
%ems came down from the mountain probe, biz alley, and not higher than Marion avenue.
Ia search of food, and erected the turnpike a Radioed, That no rubbish of any kind bo
taw rods from Mr. Brown's bootee, where the)' put on any of the streets, lanes or allays, or
were perceived, anti the dogs started after ' on the 00131M0115, that will have to be removed
them. They were soon treed, one after an- I when the streets are graded.
other, and shot. The resolutions were road and adopted. In
S, C. laid on the table.
CATALOOOLI for the sale a very choice ! r e all action mot otherwise noted thee I
private collection of Book', or Lasturday even- was a mutual concurrence, when Councils [id
log, at 73i o'idock, 'in the sewn.. - floe' 1 6 , 1 " temaaa . •
ri llo os om e, : sre of Davis' we my and
far y t i o n ..wa t m n, - . :a-44°nel tap grtCl A L LOCAL NOTI C ES.
distribution e
B ooks,
can be examined all day Saturday:.— pirmati . ;asst, Plain and Ornamental
This is a partieularly valuable Library s ad itg•Sanigr,il dealer in Pennsylvania and
residue of good books should give th e
int°•labs'a tie best quality at low rates.
their attention.. Vermont ' I
e g g„,ciggilin's, near the Water
Mee at A. •
Us b.
Works, Pitts be 4-I.___
or Btu IND WINITII 0601.2.,
Se re ND As ate '
8 'I Graham al Mee --
just oeived Market g 0 e ,;,, , t. It 0013-
chant Tailors ite" 64 les or cloths,
slats of all t leevery latest s _
t vestinge; overcoatings of all
kinds of the v
eassimeres an. - ,ty finest quality, all of which
the Latest importations, and
is selected Dor l la the most 6,abionable and
will be made up a .tiem desiring
best manner. Cie a stock of
tat 02.051 surp t
goods to select fri city, ano every german
by any other in use tit, would do well to give
warranted a perfect .
ns an early call. Clitetua A Co,
4 . r tr . u. No. 64 , 1darket at.
Mere-ant T ail or I, • ths , t , It : Te j on:MlN.
8A111761, GRAHAM.
—The gum-
Fox Fart. MU VI ' e frost, lop
mer Is poet, au( by U to morning
inter will
begin to APPslilinadr the it fail and a. ids our
shortly be upon us, and we must prov. mfort
solve' with the material to keep us ea
able. A :deo fat snit, or a good and do
made °Terms t are the we ry thing, and we ,;$
net know :of gey , yl g e. - where our reale.
would snit themselves bet her than at Messrs.
W. U. mr.oes .k Ekes eau tins establishment,
corner Of Federal street ant t Diamond Squarer
Allegheray. , They' have at. nr° , cety 7 l amm-
plate assortment of gentle] ' furn ishing
goody: sad a great variety et'
%new patterns for
waistaoating, &a.
O. Sett; Dentist, 248 Penn s t r eet , will
tend to alLbusiness of his pmf, ession.
w o w,,, a" ra ve Cannata BURNT TO DEATH.
the ni g ht o r,the 25th nit., a house about
Somerset county,
.two miles east he
took flzehi the kittelien. The occupants were
Mr. Itaymen, his w,Ve and two children. Mr.
Martian TOW sleeps Lc down stairs and got
out of the house anal called to his wife, who
was s l ee pi ng a b ove alto kitchen with the chil
dren, to knock out thesash—there being no
'oiddminiicislion with ~the • other part of the
house—and jump out, She appeared at the
window; bat Immedisetly disappeared, the
floor falling us. Their b 0110.1 were discovered
. ainenk the saute next dal
:Cert. E. P. HOWLAND leet Aires on Sharphoot
ing and lho lawn of proj e:t!los ' ln School
110. New' Brighton, on Saturday evening,
Iloreciber Tth. sho w his telescopic
signs ita'd instruments for VOW Trinß distances-
The lecture will close with musty:Taus interest
ing and brilliant expo:intents An chemistry.
The proopeo.l of the lecture will be given to
the Efani#4 Commission. Admiss.' on 15 and
Cnatartax Counreavut IdnarmatL—We di
reettpeetal attention to the announcement for
a scrim of meetings, to be held on Sabbath
lleXcit several of our churches, in aid of the
Christian Commission. George H. Stuart,
Hasf., the eminent philanthropist. has premix
ed-to attend some of these meetings, and will
no _doubt be hare. Other distinguished apes
keys will deliver Addresses.
Daum AT WS Jett . .—A deaf and dumb wo
man named Mary Jackson, who hail long been
known to the police se an incorrigible va
grant, died in tho county Jail on Thursday
evening, of typhoid fever. She was about
thirty-eight years of age.
NSW BM—The "First National Bank of
fiollidayaborg" commenced business on last
Monday. Col. William Jack is President and
ftebert JOhnaton Cashier. The bank is char
tered with s capital Of $50,000 with the priv.
t o °Lineman!. it to one hundred thousand.
MAX Kittate.—Caroner !Minns woo called
upon 1•44 night to hold an Inquest upon the
romatai of • man who was killed on the Pitts
bzugh,7ort Wayne and Chicago Railway, in
thorlittof the Stone Rome, below Wood's
Ottraits feeserriage calLt ,mlll be taken at
the Omnibus Mike, No. 410 Penn street, day
or night. • All ordelmleft at the , atom place
will be - promptly attended to. All'esfle must
be paid is &drupe.
1 '.i,,,•...' - ' - ' , • •
Allegheny Councils. ' Jrar Ilearrvzo Aso Mew roc 13srs.—The
A regular monthly meeting of Allegheny . fine assortment oF Pall and Winter Clothing,
lately received b Messrs. John Wier k Co.,
Councils was held on Thursday evening, Co. Merchant Tailors , y No 146 Federal street, Al
van:ll3er sth.
, leg,heny. The stock of clothing consists of
In Seleri , present, Messrs. Ashworth, Rio- 1 the finest variety of pints' pantaloons, vests,
sell, Hopkins, Irwin, Knox, Patterson, Rid _ , coats and overcoats. The style of patterns is
j tasteful and faahlonable. We would Invite
dle, Wright, and President Marshall. , all of our readers to give the above gentlemen
Minutes of preceding =edits' were read ; a call.
and approved. I To Ants I
Mr. Wright submitted the report of the I will find a more deadly foe in the brackish,
Committee on Streets, with an ordinance au- muddy water and damp night air than in the
i Holloway ' s Pills so
thorising the grading and p avin g °I. rid g e p m u e r e i t ry de th er te l in oo e d d :nr strengthen the stomach
street, fromlrwin's avenue to Chartiere street. ; and bowels that the soldier can endure these
Also, a resolution to pay bill of Mclntyre, ' hardships and still be strong and healthy.
McNaugher Jr Co., for grading and paving ; Only 25 cents per box. 230
sidewalx on Federal street, from Stockton j Here WORTII KNowitio.—Rev. D. Morris,
avenue to Church avenue. ' j Cross River, N. Y., says in &letter ; "I know
Report accepted and resolution adopted. , of a groat many who hare had their hair re
The ordinance was road and adopted. stored by the use of Mrs. S. A. Alien's
The Chair presented the report of tire Corn- World's Hair Restorer and Zylobalsamum,
mittoo on Water, with a resolution for the therefore I recommend them."
payment of sundry bills, together with the Sold by druggists everywhere. Depot, IQB
pay roll of the Superintendent for October. Greenwich street, New York.
In reference to the matter of procuring a
greater amount of power for the operation of
the Water Works, the Committee reported
that they had already commenced their illoCl.-
tigations, which are still pending.
Report accepted and resolution adopted.
Mr. Knox presented the report of the Com
mittee on Ordinances, enclosing "an ordi
nance establishing the rate of wharfage, and
regulating the landing of petroleum, carbon
and coal oils." The rate of wharfage is fixed
at one cent per barrel ; if the oil is permitted
to remain on the wharf more than twenty-four
hours, and less than forty-eight hours, one
half cent per barrel for each additional twen
ty-four hours thereafter. It prohibits any
persons from landing oil in bulk, at the wharf.
Report accepted, and ordinance adopted.
Mr. Hopkins submitted the report of the
C,mmittas on Finance, with a resolution for
the payment of the following Lille s. Robert
Enis, 821,70 ; James Graham, $6 ; Hamilton
At Acheson, $lOO ; H. Sproul, Clerk of the
Circuit Court, $139.
The report was accepted, and warrants were
ordered in favor of all the parties ereepting
Mews. Hamilton & Acheson.
Mr. Knox presented a resolution to pay
Messrs. Commiell 1 Kerr, $9,00, in full of bill
for "stare" furnished to the polite. Adopted. :
Mr. Irwin presented the report of the Cern- , ur A cK _,,....„ . m DIED.
r sth, JOllll DECK, Sr., to
mates on City Property., with a resolution an- the 67 . th year of hi. age.
thonsing the payment of the bill of Messrs. l•••
Lupton, olden & Co., amounting to s.l 2 r The members of Monument Loire, No. eh 1. 0.
5, fo- 0, r . , In connertion with the memenre of slitter
repairing roof of the Town Heuxe. Report ,
aocepted and resolution adopted.
Ludgre, are ruoinmted to Meet at the Hall of Moon-
In C ;non Council, present, Messrs. Barker, :to -et Lodge, corner of Eifth and Grant Streets, Oa
P. M.
,Borland, Dill, Dunlap, Francis, Hutchison, - SA7T I tDAY, the 7th Inst., all o'clock, .to ,
Miller, Patterson, Wm. Smith, Stockton, Tate trod the '.anal of Brother Bock, from the residence
and Thompson. of:Sire. JamecT. Shannon. No. etelyenn street, Fifth
President Brown being absent, Mr. Barker i Word.
was chosen Chairman, pro tun. 1
, rAlliT.—Ou Wodureoinv cornier, Nov. 4th,,ai 73-y,
Minutes of preceding meeting read cod rep-
~•el•K•it, ISAAC SAINT, in thepth year of hie age.
proved.' The frievels of the family are requested to attend
Mr. Patterson presented a petition fur the
the funeral, on Tamar ASTS.111)100:1,111t 3 o'clock. from
erection of a gas lamp at the railroad crossing
on Sandusky street. Head and referred to his late residence in Illlierpsbmg.
Gar Committee. -
SPECI.I.L JrforicEs.
Mr. Barker submitted the report of the Cl' lin
, „ _ . „ -- --..----
mimeo on Engine, The Committee believe : ‘,... c. ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
.....,,,,. i „,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.
that a paid Fire Department should be or- ,,,,, t i..,... IC MOIST 50112,035.
gentled in this city. They therefore race ''' . II -91 ?RORINSON, REA & CO., (Cue.
mend that Councils should at once proceed to 0 - ,..:e
its organization, and for that purpose they ' comers to Itotuasos, Mien & llnzies,) WASHING
recommend the purchase of two first class TON WORSE, Tontines d Ilarrnstrts, Plttsbarge.
steam tiro edgines, and one thousand feet of • Ilanuflorturen of BOAT AND STATIONERY
ten inch leather hese. They belie " a P ad ' STEAM ENGINES, BLAST ENGINES, MILL
Department the most reliable, orderly, cysts- 1 MACIIINNItY, OEMIIIM, SHAFTING, CAST
matia and economibal in the end, and also .
tending to promote the moral welfare of the • INtiS, of sit deeeriptions; OIL TANKS @ STILLS,
young mon. They therefore reported the 101- BUILER ANDIRON WORK.
lowing : ! Agents for GITTARD'S PATENT INJTeTOR,
Ruolred, That the committee on Engines : roll YEEDING BOILERS.
be authorized to purchase two first class steam-1 p-ostarsiesvan.i
fire enginea,from the Amoskeag-Manufacturing • {: - - -- PITLDIONARY CONSUMPTION
Company, of Manchester, N. H.. at a coat .-.
not exceeding $3,500 each, delivered in the • A CURABLE DISEASE.
Resolved, That the committee on Engines
be authorized to receive proposals for 1000
feet of 10 inch leather hose, a contract there
fore with the lowest and beat bidder, at their
discretion. •
The Committee has bids from Mr. Latta, of
Cincinnati, and also from the Amoskeag cam -
pony, to furnish engines, nod reported in la
ver of the latter au the best.
They also report a resolution to pay bill of
8. Barker 1 . Co., $4,98, for repairs to the
Fourth Ward Engine Houec. Also, $12,50 to
Hee. Lindsey, for coal furnished Second Ward
Engine House.
The above report was accompanied with an
ordinance provAding for tho organisations:id-a
paid-Fire Department.
The report was accepted and resolutions
The 'unlit:thee to establish a Fire Depart
ment woo received, and on motion of Mr. Dill
the Clerk of Council was Instructed to bare
the same printed, and a copy furnished to each
member as Boon as possible.
Mr. Barker presented a COMIMIDICIsi:1011
from the Hopo Steam Firs Engine Company,
proposing to sell their engine, hose condo ge,
horses, etc., to the city, in view of the pro
posed re-organisation of the Fire Depszt
meet. Referred to Committee on Engin es,
with power to act.
Mr. Dunlap presented the report of the C 4 m
mitfee on Markets, with the receipts of th e
Weighmasters for October, as follows:
Wm. Scandrett, Diemen/scales $l4l 30
John A. White, 3d Ward scales 108. 04
Total $447 39
The Committee, in consequence of extra.
services rendered by the Market Constable;
reported en ordinance to increase his salary
to A'2 , +o per annum, after the ith of September,
ISt 3.
0 Acne I—The citizen soldier
No. lrYilth Street, is now opening the most
choice stook of fine Gold and Bihar Watches,
Jewelry, Silver ware and Fancy Goods ever
displayed in this city, and is jelling them at
remarkably low prleea.
FOG'S DOLLASS four dollars.
Four dollars, /our dollars.
Dental Institute, Dental Institute.
Best cheap Dentistry, best eheap Dentistry.
No machine work, no machine work.
STRAV ART L ITIL E.—On Thursday eveldog,
Nor. f., ISM, by Rev. Homer J. Clark, D. D.. JOHN
11. STEW ART to LIDS, daughter of Thome Little,
Sr., Esq.
METCALF—AIeELROY.—At Turtle Creek, Nov.
kb, 1263, lit the reeidenee o 4 the bride's father, by
Rye. Dr. Dam of Philadelphia, ORLANDO MET
PALI, of Pitteburgb,and Ulm AGOIE DIcELROT.
it , ..BINSON—DILWOUTII—On Tuesday evening,
N.. 1. 3d, by tbo Rev. W. D. Howard, D. D., UEORGE
T. ROBINSON and ALTHEA R., daughter of Wm.
Dilworth,Jr., RN.
The undentigned having been restored to health In
' • few week. by • very simple remedy, after having•
volfered several years with a severe tong affection,
and that dread disease, Cansomption—ls an:lona to
make known to his fellow sufferers the Mesta of etas.
To all who desire It, he will send a espy of the
preecription mod, (Imo of obarge,) with the dime
trona for minting mid using We maw, which they
will God a woe ears for CONSUMPTION, ASTHMA,
object of the advertberin minding the prescription
to to benefit the afflicted, and spread information
vista. km. cancelasi to be itrvaltothis: and_ he tapes
every entrant will try his remedy, u ft will cod
' them nothing, and may parrs a blaming.
, Portico wishing the prescription will pinion addreee
Slags county, Nes* York
iHOLMES & BONS., ileAlaas
STREET, Pittsburgh, P...
Cr Callectione wade ern all the principal cities
thron.... out the United States. ap=
; cL.411.4.
- -
. r
Licensed by the C. S. Governnteast.
103 TITTII STRICT, 34 door below lb. adludtaL
Pennsylvania Soldier. wart of the etiountsdosi Beat
lo Soldiers, and {{eat Virginla ran
, hare their Patishms. Bounty and Back Pay geared
at this office.
I Circulars be gent gi.l4lHill information to
the Soldiers, or to deceased &Idlers' Haire, .hoerbig
erho an entitled to tic Peacion, Bounty and pack
Pay, and the meaner of securing the setae, by apply.
lop to ms
b 8 io cbla!regen.orilotrilk‘collactscl..
NO. 114 YIYIIi snarr, Pg44lnman
001.1m:to. in Allegheny and adjoining countim.
Proescates SPLODGES CLAIMS, of every &cep
; BOUNTIES for all discharged Soldiers. PZIL
SioNS, for wounded officers ami Soldiers;
11E8 and PENSIONS for Widows, Pannts, Oman
- Children, Brothers and Slams, or other legal rein.-
eentutlem of those who have died in the attics, or
have died alter discharge from disease contracted In
SNo charge until oollected;and no letter will he
anewand 11,...,4 a stamp Is Inclosed. felnllywe
CLAIMS of ovary de.criptlon, collected by the 4,b
-arrilier, at the following rota, viz PGIDNIVDS SiO W ;
all othar cialmaS3 GO.
C. C. FAYLO., Attorney at Law,
• No. 73 Otnot etswot, Pittsburgh, Pa.
N. L. No clxrgLe are made If the clew dues not
auconerl. end. all information given gratis. se4:ly
Gen. Butler at New Orleans ;
Illet.ary of the Department of the Gulf In the year
Dia2, with an acovuot of the capture of New Or
' Iwo, and • .ketch of the pnrrioue career of thy
Gemmel, civil end military. By Juan Pearox,
author Lite of Andrew Jackson," •'Llf• of
Aaron Burr," etc.
Mr. Par ton has bad the best possible fealties for
the preposration of this work, Including free .or to
oMcial incuments. The ceptnre of New Orleans,
and General Butler's administration thin, form the
mom bri Giant epoch In the present war and those
who are acquainted with Mr. Parton'. preitorts works
will as UMW.* a volume of Intermit Internet. It
will be ready early in November, forming one octavo
olute , •of about 700 pay.. Price, in cloth binding,
52 00. MASON naornEas:
WM:Gtood 5 & 7 Herr. Meet, Nest York.
. .
Pitteburp, October 29th, IMO.
isalmill be rewired at this °Moe until BOYER
HES Ora, for Banishing msteelal and building •
Bridge scrum Pino Creek, on chi old Dealer Tuna.
pike, In Ilampton township. Bide for SLOPOWOrk by
the porch and for Pnpundrueture by the Not
Ypecifetstions cen be 11011112 on application.
By direction of Oonnty Coreardeelonerr.
Imply LenBERT, Controller.
No. 89 DIAMOND MEET, Prrresmon
Acknowleftments of Deeds. Depositions Afd
dealt. taken. Abo, Deeds, Mortgages, Artteke of
A m cotept, !ALIO. and Legal Papas' of eees7 ktnd
written. , ealkassk
84 , smiTuirM.l) STREET, »u cheap
for earn .. good UNION" SUIT 1 11 E VOLOABISL
A volt at cloth made In twelve ho-`7l. It
No. 01 fottbflottlatroot.
suue t CURED U tcs. Supr
Card aw Huns just rscuireA otOt
N 0.1% Bern
"le`l" •
~. ....•i ! ~.!.A`~ S ~WJ_~~.~.z".a. .) <. ..~ h . t.. it:i~YaV +...'tw! ~.. )'., .st _. x~hF~ a~o'",e "~, Ms ..:,r t..1,5~.' t x .*;n,. ~—
;~::. q t <.~+~ ,l .~"i ~ Y '!. ~ g '~ t'"f~.?'Ps-.~~s ...~,. ~ s
- aL ~'^' - ~;`... + ' sl ::.~` , ~<~. c ~'~'~'.~kco~?~~,r`?,F ° t~~3 ~'i+.~ti' 9 t'~`.r:~..s.~;++ir.~r. ~%t%~~':'v".a~`7-'x.~L' .~3' '
1 ic4cio:cl4:l
Specl4.l Dispatch to Lb. Pittsbargh Oszstte
Wasnntorox, Nov. 5, . 103
Dispatches to members of the Administra
tion, from radical coligre 69 men oleet , announce
that the citizens* Tote in St. Louis, giros 'a
radical majority of 1,400, and that the radical
majority in Blow's district, amounts to 8,000.
The radicals and fusionists both claim the
The Treasury department to-fay received
dispatehes from California, announcing that
a project is on foot to build tiro lines of Inter
national Tolegraph—one from Ban Francisco
north to Victoria and pritish Columbia; the
other from San Francisco south to the city of ,
Mexico. If the Troasury Department will,l
consent to admit materials for the work free
of duty, the work will Le undertaken at once
Brigadier General Steadman, of Ohio, the
man who turned the crisis at Chickamauga
by marching without orders toward the sound
or the enemy's gone, is here, and had an in
torview with the Sect..taries of War, Treasury
and the President to-day.
A visitor congratulating Mr. Linea.lure-day
on the prospects of hie re-election, was
answered by that indefatigable story teller,
with an anoedote of on Illinois farmer, who
an dertook to blast hie own rooks. Ilia first
offort at producing an explosion proved a fail
ure, ho explained the cause by exolaiming,
"Pshaw, this powder has been shot onee be-
The British steam corvette Pelorius, caught
in a storm in the Bay of Biscay, lowered her
Lasts, fired guns of distress, rockets and Lino
.1 roue! ander full sail lye miles off,
Bred a signal gnu and bore down on her course.
Russell's Army and Nary Gazette says it was
supposed that the vessel was a Federal mer
chantman, and afraid the Pelotius we the
decoy of a Vonfetiorate eescol of arar--itho na
tional fruit of Bril ish doable dealing.
The Commissioner of Internal Revenue has
decided tho following points :* A ship or boat
for the Purposes of taxation, duns not include
the value of sails, rigging, ground, or other
tackle, rope or cordage. Makori aro liable to:a
duty of three per cent. advalorem en all rat
line, running rigging, stays, shrouds, ropes
or cords of whatever name or description,
whether made to order for particular s . eeeel
or mado for general Cale. All sails for reiwale
or water oraft are liable to a duty of three par
ant. adroloram
A complimentary supper was given to 11. 0
Plant:, late Private Secretary to Secretary
Chase, and now United States District At
torney for the Southern Dietriat of Florida.
It was attended by Congressman Ashley,
Judge Stickney, of Florida, officers of new
National Banks, and the heads of Bureaus.
Commissioner Lewis deeides that tobacco
captured on the high teas by a railed States
cruiser, whether It belonged at the time of the
ccpteiro toe mannfactsirer or to a purchaser,
if not subject to ■ lion or internal revenue tax
in the hands of the government, tho pnrehaser
ate government sale take' the article dis
charged of all claim for internal revenue daties.
FROM cumuLtTnc. VENN.
Special Dispatch to the Pittsburgh t.:
G.u.Arear, Tenn., Nov. McConnell,
with a battalion of the net Ohio, has just re
turned from a reunt after the guerrillas. Be
had two skirmishes with them, killing
wounding several and capturing ten. Alivo,a
number of hones, mules, arms, it.e.
Rebel■ Detbated to Tenneasee......Bien.
Bragg's Forage Train Captured.--
Treaty with Indian•... Redemption of
Certificate' of Indebtedness.
WASRINGTON, or. s.—General Thomas
officially communicate' to General Idallook,
under date of Chattanooga, sth instant, that
Major Fitzgibbon, of the Sd Michigan. over
took the combined forces of Cooper, Kirk,
Williams and Scott, numbering 40U, on the
morning of the 24 inst., at Lawrenceburg, and
after a severe - hand-to-hand fight defeated
them, with the lose on hie part of three men
wounded and eight horses killed. The rebel
lose is eight killed, seven wounded and twen
ty-four prisoners. Among tho latter is one
Captain and two Lieutenants.
General Bragg's forage train, sent up the
Lookout Valley in front of his position, was
Jno. G. Nicolay, the Presidents private
Secretary, has returned to Washington, after
three months' absentia at the west. He has
brought with him the treaty recently conclu
ded with a hand of Indiana in the Colorado
Territory, by which the United States acquire
• title to all the lauds diseoreral in that Ter
The eortificates of indebtedness issued prior
to the 4th of March last, were reeent, ordered
to be redeemed by the Secretary of the Treas
ury to the amount it is said of 54,000,000.
j 79 lysrs-ls
Treatment of the Union Prieonere at the
WiSIMICITON, Nov. s.—Mr. Bohamcm who
as captured in the vicinity of Weep:lan
Creek, on last Christmas, and lately returned
to his home in Alexandria, has informed the
Jeurnai. that Castle Thunder is the only place
in Richmond where prisoners are allowed to
purchase anything. Shortly after the battle
of Chickamauga, abaft 200 wed:tided prisoners
arrived at Richmond from the field. They
wore almost all in a famishing and starving
condition. They were four days on .the road
between the two points, and all they had to
eat during that time was four hard oraokers
each. On their arrival at Richmond, they
were taken to Libby prison, where they hid
two days longer without haring their wound"
dressed, and during all of which time they
had not had amouthfulte eat. Someof them
who were fortunate enough to have a little
money, offered ea high as five dollars for a
loaf of bread, but the officer to charge would
not let it be carried to them. Mr. Delusion
left Richmond an a flag of trues boat in com
pany with about 200 other Union prison
ers. When the vessel wu near Drury 's Bluff
this prisoners were made to lie flat down on
the deck, and a special guard was plaeed over
them so that they might bo prevented from
seeing the fortifications.
From Cairo and Memphis.
Canso, Nov. s.—The steamer Perry, with
four hundred bales of caftan, and Memphis
dates to the 4th, has arrived.
General Grier's= left for below to-day.
Returns indicate that the 13th Congres
sional District has gone Union.
'Another attack was made on Colliersville,
on the Memphis and Charleston Railroad, by
the rebels, on the craning of the bd. After a
brief fight the enemy was repulsed. Brigadier
General Geary, and thirteen of his staff, were
among the prisonem taken.
Lieut. Col. Loomis *and Major lienuod. of
the nth Illinois earalry, had an altercation at
the supper table at Gernanten, on the evening
of the Id. Re:rod fired four shots at Loomis
as he left the table, killing him instantly.
Colonel Retch, of the 2d lowa, was obliged to
draw his sabre on the soldiers present to pre
vent them lynching Harrod on the spot. The
remains of Loomis were brought to Memphis,
and Harrod was also taken there in irons.
Reinforcements ars being sent to Colliers.
Clothing for the Lidllina Soldiers In
Pornunti kkartok.NoT. Maatert,
thtsto k f o r, opx. Morton of Indiana, arrived
here ibis
ttortitnif, with Ito hundred sulu of
clothing . snit:ether articles Sir: the Indiana
soidiereli Ititanond, and win leave? for Ctiy
Point :text Saturday.
• Liter from Europe.
Sr. JONSVKiii'74;Vil POST Soon, Nov. 5.
—The Adriatic, from Glasgow on the rah,
arrived here to-day.
GREAT Bnrroin.—Gen. Lee's advance on
ben. Meade attracted much attention.
The Doily Seine says, that while the Con
federates are unable to dislodge ReSeerlinS,
Lee's movements are en inconsistent with the
ordinary principles as to baffle all attempt at
explanation. lien. Meade had nothing to gain
by delivering the centre of Virginia,
end wisely declined to challenge his opponent
until he reached his selectal field, where, no
doubt, be will be ready to receive them.
Licwpool, Oct. 27.—The cotton market Le
still advancing. Flour opens firmly and no
business done Ile yet. Provisions steady.
Lard dull and declined fid. Consols for money
Liverpool, Oot. 28.—Cotton buoyant and ad
vanced, lid. Breadstuff,. inactive. Flour dull
and inactive. Wheat quiet. Corn steady.
Provisions quiet and steady. Beef steady.
Pork steady. Bacon dull. Lard dull at 40s
Liincion, Vet. 26.—BreadetulLs dull. Sugar
firm. Illinois Central shares 20c yle discount;
Erie Ga. Console for money 93!..
Tho Tineo says the last blow has c t to he
struck, and the Fedorale will ho,. no extra
ordinary good fortune if a third battle on the
scene of two defeats tort:l[soi the associations
connected wish Ball Ken.
The Thues thinks lien. Roseman, will have
to capitulate or retreat, and the former ap
pears most probable.•
Henry Ward Beecher MIN entertained at a
farewell breakfast in Manchester on the 24th.
Thanks were voted to him re , his various ad
dresses, and congratulatory speeches were
It is semi-officially announced that the
Princess of Wales may be expected to become
a mother in March next.
F RA/Ml.—The Moniteur gives a report of •
recoption by Napoleon of the Mexican Depu
tation. Ile does not &Dude to the Arell Duke
The Paris correspondent of the 'tics. thinks
It doubtful that the rrench Chambers will ac
cede to the guarantees demanded by the Arch
lake, viz: The Integrity of the new Empire
and a loan.
The Nord says there le no trull in the re
port that Russia is building was vassals in
the Blank Bea, and that her relations with
Turkey have been disturbed. It is stated
that Austria and Prussia have agreed to de
cline the arbitration of England in the con
flict with Denmark, regarding it no of &purely
German character.
Liverpool, Oct. 27.—Nlarshal Neil goes to
Rl:ll9jn on an extraordinary 'mission regarding
The .3.forainy re.t says the Feder:lls must
be aware that any serious reverse just now
would bear to neutral. no alternative but to
recoAnize the South.
R. R. Lindsay, in a letter to the Tisses
nounees the government policy towards the
North as inconsistent with neutrality or honor.
The King of Denmark, in a speech, said if
he was overpowered by Germany, he would
proclaim a Danish Republic.
New YURI, Nov. s.—By the arrival of the
ship Tubal Cain, from St. D.,raingo, a‘, have
the following intelligenco:
The revolution in St. Domingo was in full
blast. The rebels held possession of the en
tire island, with the exception of the capital
•nd the east end. They were last reported
within a few miles of St. Domingo City.
Two recent victories are claimed by the
Spanish, near Do La Mesa and Porte au Pieta,
and in one engagement, it was said, one piece
of artillery,. runny muskets, and numerous
prisoners had been taken frt m the insurgents.
The Captain General of Domingo had
been removed, end Don C trios Ye Vargas,
Marshal of Spain, had boon appointed in his
stead. He is said to be a man of great ability,
and is expected to crush the rebellion promptly.
13•LTINORK, Nov. L.—The returns come In
very slowly. There is some doubt as to the
result in the First Congressional District, but
It io generally conceded that Crisfield is ulucted
over Criswell, the unconditional Union candi
date. liebster, Davis and Frank Thomas art
elected In the &mond, Third and Fourth Dis
tricts, there being no opposition. The Path
Congressional District-is uncertain. Rolland,
the Tomanoipation and Union candidate, runs
well, and possibly may have defeated Calton.
biolffebtfgfikEn. liancipaticnbt, h elected t.,7
esitalffable• naljntily Tor r.
Itt - the vdte,for Sildeboro the State hacem
phaticill(3l44o4 In tarot of emancipation.
Fria* eiS'otriiiincy cf the Potomoc—Vote to
Bier Iron Brigade.
.s.—lnformatloa from
th e a t ,,, 'Potomac metes that the rebels
~trir line frol n Sulphur Springs
Our oara.ri ere in the front-
Itearlf'pll our tick end wounded have been
• sent away.
The 2d, 6th, and 7th Wls,,nehm roziments,
of the Iron Brieide, gives 574 Republican
anal/ o_ppositiontvotes in the eleotion yotter
day. Returns f:cm the sth Wisconsin have
noeyet been received.
Government Bonds--Noteo for the Na..
Now Tom:, Nov. 6.—A special dispatch to
the Pwr, dated W4Phington. Nov. s th, lulYit
Tho melon of 1 , 20 bonds wee so great last week,
that the supply of printed bonds is exhausted.
As it will lake a fortnight to fill the previous
subscriptions, It le oxptcted that Balm will be
small during the rent of this montk.
The Government ie using all possible dis
patch in printiog, fur the National
TRICICTOX, N. J., Nor. s.—We soin up the
melt of the election in thin State as follows :
Senates, holding over—Republioans 4, Dem
ocrats 9. Newly eleeted—Sepublicans 3,
Demoerats 5. In the HOMO, the Demoorats
elected, 39; Republicans, 39, and 1 in doubt.
In Burlington county the Legislature will
now stand Democrats, 11; Republicans, 14.
tiv. Loots, Nov. s.—Tho following compiles
give Conservative majorities: Pottis,Bo ; De
kalb, 88; St. Franeis, 300; Clinton, 667;
Clay, one of the meet rebellions counties,
1,200 ; Jackson, radical, 411.
NRW Trtt, Noy. s.—The ship Europa, at
this port, reports that, on Rcpt. 28th, to lati
tude 1° 36' south, longitude 56° 23' west, sho
was chased by a full rigged brig, but It own
ing on night she lost sight of her.
Markets by Telegraph.
New You, Nov. 5.--Cotion firmer and In Into do
mood at 62584 c. Flour, common grade. dull i ma:
dlum and good grades a .had. armor; t4l mos to for
Extra Rate, $7 1587 30 for Extra S. H. 0., 61 4110
923 for trade brands, the market cloetng arm. Whi.-
ky without decided change, at Glltl2o, nearly all at
the inside prim, with a strong speculattm demand.
Wheat excited and 3asc higher: $1 1245! 40 fot OW.
.420 Spring, 51 2501 40 for Milwanloso Club, It 410
1 44 for Amber Milwaitkert, $1 43011 Ni for Winter
Ned Weetern. Corn opened staady ; teal 01 for
shipping Mixed Waiters, in .tore and $167 afloat.
and $1 09 for White Western. Oat. 10124 letter; a
fair business at 84@d5c for tVottern and State. Pork
mom active and tomer; VG 000119 26 too Old Mew,
$l7 37.417 041 for New Mean, $l2 for New
6% Primo and
$l4 60,#113 60 for New Prime Mee,
quiet; Cut
Meat. quiet and arm : 5.48.. for Shouldmd
610 e for Mau; Macon era.r quiet and no mina lly
anchanged. Lard firmer and morn tett. at 11%0
the latter an estrum, price; also 1,600 bbl. for
January at 12c.
PIIILADT.LIII I I. Nor. 6.—Flour Brat: sales 6,000
bbls BoperBns at 33 60. Wheat dull ; idea COMO bu
Waatern !divot at $7 CAI 91, Southern 51 62441 63.
COrn dull at 51 US. Catellm at Elk. 31m Pork dm
at 517 00. Lard dull at 1r 4 , . Whisky steady iodise
Mc kW at file. Petrulauut unsettled. flight Es
change on hum York pox.
Da LSISOILL. Nor.3.—Flour dm; Ohba Extra fl 3334
Wheal Bum S°.sh.r. sad 111°'
Coro dull; To ll e. drooping, and White Si 01 I'o6.
Whisky dull and quiet ; Ohio 8154.2.C.e.
Ns, Toss, Nov. 3.—.110.7 firmer, and to btlak
duniand at 7 mot. Shlllna firmer but nominal,
at 1614.910 L Gold armor, opening at WI, advancing
to Uri. declining to 147 !. „ and claim firm at 1473...
Governmentfitccks shade timer and dull. l,Year
Ocrtillestes, nen, 93.
Stodui loovr•
Bas4lr g...—.
Y. 8...
nommisslON gOODS.—Now ix; tore
4...) IMO ballets. Ohm Potatoes;
" Chaim:4l4
00 " Metto7 Hats;
80 bushels Hasler
160 " Dorn;
10 Wall Woe;
u " Al!IP/ 0 eater., ,
ilasTsl two year oltt Conant Witte;'
NO dozen Fancy Macau; • :•, ••
10 barrels pure (Mal
SOW pounds packed Hatton
And fey ads by L.B.
The Rebellion In St. 11JoomIngo
Maryland Election
tlonal Ba=te
New Jersey Election
Miasmic, Election.
Few York Stock and Money Blarket.
--....lVpLfe r n. Scrip
...3ri ,
.:.- -.1.1
C. t: — ::::—.103
1= C illi R L 1
_ 11.5 P.,Ft . W. N 0........,
Netba itioni
A opals] dispatch, dated :Vieki*m . g,
tuber 2Stki, to the Cincinnati
With the exception of shiratiaiiinLin'tig
Blaek there is but little doing. There e some,
talk of building and repairing the • ad in
Louisiana which runs Texuward. irel need
communication with that country just'now.
The weather is like spring, the river is very
low, and there are no rigns of rain. Gloom
succeeded the hallucination of brightness that
prevailed among the rebel, when they thought
to drive as from Tennessee. General despond
ency prevails among them. Rebels coming
through the lines speak of their maze as dark
in the extreme. One of them facetiously said,
"the Confederacy has allaek eye.'
A mead dispatch adds
A flag of truce has jetzt reached here. Liout.
Cols. Watts and Lacy, And Dr. Ricks, Com
misaiener for the exchange of prisoners, elm
the wife of the late rebel Gon. Bowen, came
under it. Colonel Watts desires to make this
• depot for exchange, as it is convenient for
the whole West. General McPherson, Col.
Coolbaugh and CoL Strong met the flag of
truee:at Big Black and escorted it to the city.
.411qor Oaband captured ail 4nportant rebel
mail yesterday, while on an e idition up the .
Y a too.
The weather la cool. Thera was a alight
frostiest night. The atateof ;health Is good.
EDITOILLAI. Ca.teme.—The Itv. Dr. Peabody
has retired from the editori I chair of the
North American Rinrior, which be has filled
with signal ability for more that ten yeah.
Re has taken this step in, ooneequence of bit
many diger engagements, and from the con
viction, long entertained, that +Quarterly like
the North American should lie to the charge of
parties who could devote JAI it their exclusive
attention. Dr. Peabody will:bksnceeeded by
Prof. Tomtit Ai:Essen Lowell snit:Charles Elliot
Norton, Esq., who are too well known to the
pahlie,lis withers and sattolars,:t.o Tecate any
asserraneeThat they nee embseattly..etted for
the position. We-understand that the. January
number of the Review will be edited 'by these
The river remains about etationary at this point.
with scant four feet by the pier marks last evening.
A well of front tan to twelve inches May be expected
In de Allegheny rim to-day, a. dispatches received
from Oil City yesterday morning report thirty-one
inchne at that point and rising slowly. In canner
tion.with this, we remark that some of our "weathar
prophets" predict that there will be plenty of water
w‘thir, a racy short time—end one of diem, we an•
Lderstand, is Intro that thorn will be coal-boot ise be
tween this and the fifteenth of the present month.
There hoe boon no arrii ale from below eines our last
report, and the .011 City" from Parkersburg le the
only doe. The "Charmor" left for Cincinnati -early
yesterday morning, with 11, good trip, and drawing
three feet and a half of water. She had proceeded no
further than "Glow House," when elm ruo hard
aground, and wax •till 'ticking there at toot accounts.
Capt. rrenk Marmite, an old Platt:ugh steamboat
man, Lao gone into the bost-rtere b.ineee
The telegraph yeeterday reports eight feet of water
in the Camberland river. Cawslly when there wee a
rim In the Cumberland, the Ifonongalmia followed
cult, but this seems to he an exception, as the latter
stream, as yet, has risen but little, If any, at this
point. •
The Nutletlie Preen of Tuesday says that'the Co
lon., Moore, and Catawba were attacked by
guerrillaa in the mighborbood of Darls'a Itipple. The
re,. former escaped rapture, but were fired into by
musketry. No one hart. The Catawba wee not In
theWmploy of the Government servioe, and baying
n to. but private freight on board, was allowed to
proceed on her voyage without molestation.
The Sew Orients. Ern or Oct. =d, Iw the follow
g interesting Item, ander the heeding.
LAMA LOAD Oi corrox."
The greet steamer Empreeo, Capt. Rider, arrived
from hatches yarterday, with 4,901 balm of cotton.
This would be thought • big load fore steamer, 09000
In the pairelost day* of New urleans, no but few
mearnen ever coming hero could carry w much. The
John Simonds and Magnolia, with partials suotber
large boat two, have brought, at long Interval.,
Czkrgt,lll aalderubly excoeding 6,000 balm; but
btad of 4,5f•1 bale. hes abeam been thought large.
Ttoo value of the load brought by tho Empress, at ttet
present prbco of cotton, exceed., by foe, that
~fro ; 0....rg0 of any hind of produco ever brought to
or taken from New Orleans by any craft whatever,
and would realm at Sow York. according to the [s
trut quotation., nearly two million. of dollars. A
Ow More sub arrivals, however, will be likely to
. idePrellibthe_Dottrkrt . Pfte learn, on good autborlt
laud ham before stated the fact, that there I. a long' '' .
amount of cotton awaiting ahlpment from lifiestaippi
and that It will be brought forward as noon IA possi
ble. Let It come.
1112,YRY 0. HALE CO.,
2ue now receiving their
Fall and Winter S cock,
And Unite thetr Mends and the pabllo to examine
their Mock, which I. the Arid MA mast complete
Ter brought to thh mutat.
Alvsyn on band, • largo mart:tuna of
Pm -newton. pi.
ii.nutaacermas of es - .7 wi•ti of anid.d
BRATS CASTINGS. of all deacriptiona, made to
TILTING, and REPAIRING, promptly attended to.
Parttin's.' - ottani paid t o Siting up REFINE
Aho, Sole Aosta for dm Waders Dlitdokof Penn
remota for Ou mlo of HARSH, LAI:WELL I
00.'d PATENS SYPHON PEEP, 0.. boat ever W
INKS& Haying no mama It i. not DAM to out
of mkt., sad will throw mon vulor thou any p pump
co twice lu elm. apl/1
ERSTOBED !—Juot riblished, in • soalad en ,
calor. Price Sig Coots. A Lettings on tits Nature,
Treatmont .d Radical Crow of fiwirmatorrhces, or.
Seminal Woaknoos, Involuntary Seniosiono, &mug!'
Debility, and impedimenta to Marriage congruity;
Norgooorteas, Ooneornption, Enlist:ay and Vito ; Men
tal and Phymical incapacity. rowiltifig from &If.
/brow. itu., by flour. J. Crimoureor., 11. D.. anttor
of the "arten Boor, Sc ••A Boon to Therm& of
Corigrory ' " !sent raider oral, in • plain sagsLopr, tit
any .dr ew, prat-paid, on receipt of di canto or two
*isimPr. by DR. CM. J. 4.1. 11.417dE,
EFT Bowery, New York, Pod Moo Box:LVal.
PALN.—Vie tali.* this method of infbrming our
Mende and the pubic generally that ens are now
fn te gel i rectdoe of Dentistiy. Thaw who hairs been
postponing this much dreed.d operation may now lay
aside their liars and Eire on a callow the
rag we ban in we boa been thoroughly tented dew rM i ie . .
past four yeas. fully establiahing the safe and pant,
ler character of the operation. No Drugs or Chard
cede nor Galvanic Battery used. All those wishing
the web. of s good and reliable Dentist will do
wel' to all and woman with
No. 152 Fourth street,
or, DEG. RING. No. 47 Smithfield street, Pitts.
OtTICLiErr SAW 141.1,1,13,
Napo contumely on. band • lase and
..soared rusk of DZWANCI. BOAT AND 4 IMO I 4
will a order, dir CAWED fTTINIP with
promotnhll sod at Ihir rata. • I
N. B. Puma wanting
LAltaniparttenlay invited to stsmin• BB stock.
awake on Orals street, iinr Bobision.
Notwithstanding .the Wanks of Joao.
le Venders, who empire to the name of °ed
am% the .
. .
Anew:ad:lg daily the zrerenett endmistainta of
citizen. ISlPthitis naked le to moth* pH cent
i t pi l i sek
Tar =1 1 1 , 1 . . 1 . 1111in th 0,108.41611.,
L DIAM6ND, A,*44•444*4
Ifionfactstrar of Elio l*pli4liobtliiriatfday
NW ID Fifth strsoOlorning Vat Building
IV , et •• : :410 labels ;mime
NJ store and for sali by .7. 77. C6Rn3I2 , D,
. - ,
umck,tt afiaripEs.
tr".l3. T.-IBl3o=-31.
Fermata of weientiry halts, trotbh ,l ith weak
awe. Wino* pelpitetlats of the heart, lee: of op
palm, dbarese otter sates, torpl4.llyer. mastica
tion. *O., &scree to actler U Abe: will not try the
Which ate nose recommended by the highest rossitosi
Solhoritlea, end everented to prodoos an feeeeedide
beneficial affect- They an examilligig agreeable
perfectly pure, sod mud earefrede all othrr tonic
where a healthy, geniis grim:dant to requited.
Tb. Puffy. etnmgthen and inrigorete.
They create a•healihy appetite,
They ire en antidote to drop of water and diet.
They overcome eflbets of dhetpation and WS hours.
They strengthen the system and enliven the mind.
They prevent toleanalic and Intermittent fever..
They purify the breath and acidity of the stenteoh.
They care Dyeneeela and Comnlpation.
They cure diarrhea, Cholera and Cholera Morbus.
They cure Liver Complaint end Nervous Headache.
They make the weak strong, the languid btillinni ,
and are exhansted nn. tire's g,. it reetorer. They are
composed of the Celebrated Callsayie bark, winter
green, samahria, roots end herbs, all preserved in
perfectly pure St. VITA, Emu_ Yor partimdara, eee
chmtdars and tat - Umlaut:lda around each bottle.
Beware of tagagiere. Examine every basis, Be-
that ft,haa D. B. Barnes' signature en Car private C.
B . stamp ower the cart, with plantation sceto, and
oar ar signMeare on a due steel plate entstating on
ildenielst gee that oar bottle ht not regiledwith
Simla= and deleterious fault We defy any ?men
to snatch the testa or character of oar gnat: Any
trial Pretending to sell Phintatan *tteriby tte
gallon or In bat., t o act Ingasfer. We jell WY lb
. .
env log cabin bottle. Any pprioh thilhst.,* this
bottle. or selling my other coatarts/ tberein.yhatter
called Plantation Bitters or 1104111 • ciimlimit,rindbE
the O.- B. Law, and will be so proescutod by SUL {Co
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140 Wood Wed.
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