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WW7AIcbIT!.ny::=NOV. 2, 1863
Oinclal:Paier - of the City..
, .
- 1119p9SotOthat Ontinixattims fai
Ono. E. 81taw's Optician store,
.1 5 r Pglft Ailet.—ctoneciad daily •
9 A. It 00 38
1 71 -9
. Y ; *-•• . ••••.•••••••••, ' 54
..... 2Y 3-10,
The Xing Case Agaln.
The hearing in tiro ease of Dr. It. A. King,
charged with soldier named Comte
'/foirlatte, tot escape from the custody 0 ' thy )
I wiener Sproul, ouleaturrloy wllernoon.
. lette,was further' gtoiy-ez mined his pre
abstrenenli liiwhich her swore. that King
hii..f j fpTiiiiKiiia - .14* with cititen's clothes in
Wi . deNto mak.? his escape. Re sts4ed.tlrat he
1111 toia the story in jail, where he bast been
sent for stealing two kegs of beer- that lee woe
crinvleted and'sontenced to eighteen months in
the peniteirtiary, but was pardoned on uondi
. tier, thit he would go Into the army. ' , lle was
now with Capt. Foster, the Provost klatehab
The counsel for defendant undertook to 'show
that, there* was bad blood between Capt. Pos
tai Ailld 'Di. King, and did show that they
ware not on friendly- terms. Capt. Pester,
.:Layover, was examined as a witness, and
stated that hiked - had no conversation with
this. matter,"but heard him
Mike the , itateinerif. to'Sapt. Cameron. The
erosi-examinitiorlitres very lengthy, buttelic
' uowltiets, ' " • •
dt 064010: of the numainatiOn,
counsel for King, asked a farther poet.
ponernent wird! blandly, as he had soma wit
' nein( iebleb he 'desired to euturrine then: •
District Attorney Wirehair: objected,' for
the reason that ".hi was' going to leave the city,
• . to. be -absent until Saturday nest. It. was
-" finally agreed, however,tliatthe case should go
over until next flaturdsi :morning, at ten
o'clock, to give. the'dootur a chance to produce
his wit:lama.
-Oatlb*lAL Table.
. .
riMtv saw Aaravravt. 'A Dramado Romance. "Ily
Henry Taylor.. llostoo: , Ticknor 6 Flolda 3:30.
• , 111tabarght form& by Henry leltivr, Fifth alreet,
(next the 1 1 / 4 161-Mfteo.) 418py. 18mo.
By Pehrenna to the date of the preface, we
find it ie. cox: saw* thirty Yeats awl the
iirst - idition of , this . beautiful dramatic p em,
or romance," as the author has entitle it,
publishod. That was :when we were
younger, and perhaps. more Oueeptible than
: 'To-day—and; yet i avon to-day, as no tarn over
the elear, fresh pages of thin gayly-digbt and
laintfTolunie of "blue and gold," in rebich
Wa hare the latest revised edition, numbezing
we, him' not 'how many—for oven this ad
. called anpoetie generation has nailed for edi
tion after edition—netted all tho same Inman
treatable desiro to Tead Ma' and the same freeb
nets of Interest, too,in .what t0m1 7 , -nor less
so,'; because memory, revives come" portion of
the past, and ree6gmlies ;the once
dimly• tetteed,_ though ' now faint ,.; enough
}Tulin& Ithe . pakinipeore , confusion off; the re-
Bat all this is, perhapri merely after
dietuif,.ka the !mem onty-,and yet we, hro
tempted to let it stands our notice of this
most wail .
and Welcome addition to Meagre.
Tietriort hada" blue and gold' library of
:the rote,.
)4-CATIC,Vg* rus SILLY XXOVIrt in Its various
al:pHs:Mk:lm to. Mines; Mills, Mown liivigatkm,
• Ballirayo,iand Agrfaulltus. With Practical In
' ~ructions far tho Itantakettus and BLanagenannt
of Eagle's of EMT Claw.. fly John ilotume, C.
E. Yaw and novlad Y....litkat.:Now York : Ap
:.;:kton et :Co. Pittsburgh Abe sale by It. it.
.3 Wood street. 410Typ. 16:mo.
For manyy 7w:l-f-indeed ever since its pub
-: Eourne's "Catechism" has hues!
regarded Ai the very highest authority on the
subject of which it trends, not only in England,
but also in this country, where the earlier edi
done were reprinted. Translations were also
published in several European Magus:mi.—
Freneb,flerman, Datil, and perhaps some
othors—So that vary few books ever had a
Mars 'immediate or a wider recognition
throughout the world. This is a new edition,
I nvented by the American itblishers, from
thefith English edition, which the anther
had thoroughly studied, and in many respects
mach improved. A very eterpious index; we
.observe with-sellom ,, ion, forms 3 noticeable
andLviastale feature-of the book. It may,
:therefore, be ,contldently 'recoMmended, both
to the practical Man and the mechanical ama
teur, es the moat satisfactory hand-bools en
the Stesun Engine now extant..
Eacrnatons. By Item B. Thoreau. Author of
...Walden." and ''A Week on the Concord and Mer
rimack Birere.'` on: Ticknor & Ytdd.. MO.
Pittstoirgh : Syr tale by Henry Miner, Fifth anal,
(aft door to thi Pmto re.) . 310 pp. tem.
Thonsands who never met with either of
tho above-mentioned books of Henry I).
Thoreau, published daring his lit:Aims, have
no doubt made soputintanoe with some of his
wooderfally graphee and genial,descriptions of
nature contributed to Abe evages'of the widely
=ad Atlantic lifonthfy, ancf will now be pleased
to receive - this posthumous volume, and add
it tothetr library shelf—containing such
erasy delidae as White, of Selborne, Leas,lr.
Walton, Davy's "Salmonia," and &few other
books; Te be able to say so much in behalf
of any new book, is'editget,ar - privilege in
,'these ' dens - ono, toe, that we highly ema
ciate:exercising our office. The nine pa
pers by Thoreau comprised in this volume ane
entitled: Natural 'History of Massachusetts ;
A Walk in Vachueet; ThaLandlord; A Win
ter Welk The .Siteeesion of Forest Trees :
Walking: Augment . Tints; Wild Airples
Night and Moonlight. • The volume is ferthea I
enriched with a biographical sketch of the
authot fron the friendly bend Of Mr. Em
W. and ascii/Win his happiest manner. We
may add that the bookie beautifully printed.
Tun CAT= State Poem. Grim New York D.
Applebni Co. ?Mehl:ugh : for 'ale by IL S.
Darla, 03 Wood street.. •
This twenty.tire cent coins contains an
immense amnia: of information for the pub
- IW:relating to , the Postoffice Department.
It is published , with the express sanction
-• • thw Postintinr:Getteial and will *auppiy a
want tortglolt.L' It 'will be lined olearterly—
ivirtPliaving authority, will soon be-
Come a book of teforonee, which people will
wonder, how they once could do wi th out.
AtT rem or &ocean. r A Country Book; BJ the
Anther of Ufa Bachelor.' • New York-:
Charles Scribner./ : for wale by 11. S.
93,W00d street. ' 319 pp.
-Maar delightful Worke; botlfin' prose and
~ , aerse; Imre . teen - written on - country life; and
perhaptna reader of :taste would willingly,
omit to add a few of there- even to the most
limited ootheetion of books. Withint referring
to foreign laugusges, and other Kee who
would forego the pleasure and instritction
derived from:
some of the works of Arthur
Yog and William Cobbett i 'of the past
genTration, England—notto,mention with
invidious preferenoe , any one neon anong
at least half s . dosat of, our own cOnteMpo
raritte " , ;might - cited-to -
. peoire'that
• tho love - o . lr:roar, life is leer strong,:aud
eveathe.literarY results no less volikelnotti,
than fn fOrmer.timos, 'Zen' is a bOokv , bow.
ewer which b a n justeone into Out bands, not
. yet almost worth a rural
libiadixt it is ,a book which will at
. tract—for -though it is , instructive sod 'ran
ventaroi be efeitrudiev - also, when It Atolls
with . rente. illusions which imeginattra , people
etterish, , trith'regaid to country life, it is so
...Toll of ; genie' and honest sentiment, which is
:acaehere f endeM to efilkeki Into commonplace
' -ttentiinemblity;-that it has alisobitelythe ad
vantage of the Uinta t itseltr-not repelling at
linypointiebst we have been able to . ditoover.
it is indeed one tin wittiest eag l e. w 4 en . i
-phi of the moatpoetical and yet most p.rao
.',Beelbooks 'bat we hare -. dot : with the sub
ject of4firujing and the eondillona generally,.
advantageous and disideantagems,*cf life in
.the country. :Besides alt th ese good qualities,
for `vadat we Credit' thei:outborm-who, by the
• way, it must, be rem:rebored, la no other thin
that most apeeableaketabirot life and man
' nen, 31arsel—we may,add_that thapub-
Belief tete glireCtithe luntlaneadjuticts of
po:ix lase!! ro TED: Asse.n.;-Ori.` Frldag
avanint isat-ire noticed, tboirrkenrof
nintles M . Worthingtaii;`Aceistint , Siugebn
of the lith - Penaryitrants coralri, from• Libby,.
,priron,'lttetiororvi. - . On Tuesday or lertweek
he woe nisrrie4 to !Co Annlir M. .4:lniman,
Zarlister ,- . 7, .
cooki;on• ji , TUOMPSONIwIII , :gt
spiiisrazeith t is
fi ad u o z t et
betsMe celebnt~dpplfssTTitref
u Irgl
lbe /Olt_ lrelam' e a °Y` lae
: -
• • •sia k.• st.t , • •
. .
Pastoiliee atTeapertinetilllcOlobbadi
On Sunday, morning, ; between a nd twnlver
three ercioek; The stoic; Of Sir . William IV - lets,
located in the borough of Temperaneeville,
Was entered by thieves and• robbed of a quan
tity of good!. Mr.' Witte is Postmaster at
this place, and the postoffice and storo were
together.- Art entrance, was &rectal 3 Y means
.of -boting:threu' iite‘pitnels in the hack door.
All the letters in the postoffico were rifled,
and of rousse everything of value which they
:contained was taken.' They alto stole four
teen dollars in coin, tiro hundred stamped en
velopes, and fourteen dollars worth of stamps-
A emsiderable quantity of dry goods, cut
' fiery, etc., was earned off. No clue has yet
been obtained to, the .thieves.. A. neighbor,
:tense time In the night,. observed ellO or two
Orsini hanging ahead 'the' back dcior of the
store, but did not make the fact known at the
propertime. The feet. of,therobbery was at
once communicated to Mr. Von Bonnhorst,
and through hint Gartunntezit officere
hire and' the miller will be thoroughly in-
More Pittsburgh Contributions to the
-WorthWestern Vtdr at Chicago. _
We Ind the following in the Chicago Trib
une, of Saturday
Among the numerous curious old articles
on exhibition at the Arbor booths, is John Al
den's tobacenbox, exhibited by hirs.,BieVad
don, of Pittsburgh; a 'descendant of John
Alden, who canto over in the May Flower, in
1620. Also a copy of that exceedingly rare
urorkOlia Elliott .Bible,”—the first that was
printed in America, placed on eahibitton by
the-same lady.
11. Childs .4 Co. of Pittsburgh , send CO
pounds of the finest:cotton batting.
An elegant velvet cloak, worth $2OO, is do
nated by some citizen of Pittsburgh, who
withholds her name.
TelegTaph 17nloit.
A meeting-of the Telegraph operators of the
various branches .centering this city; was
held on the -31st ult., for the - purpose of
electing. a ~ delezate._to ;the National - Union
Telegraph VoiromtlerOthlth facets . in Kew
York to-day... Dir. Janos, G. Kendall was
choson'delegaie with full power to act. .
• ' The Aitastrr or DICEIF.Ri x23.—The basin oss
of apprehending deserters from the army has
become quite eztensivo end profitable. The
Government now pays thirty dollars a bead
for deserters, and • detectives" are, quite
numerous. Every elan is authoilzeol to
apprehend deserters, and the pay is the same
as received by regularly authorized agents.
Many men will do for lucre what they never
would do froin motives of patriotism, and in
the present emergency the Government Is
wise in offering large rewards.
Tee Betz Ittworas.—This celebrated trOupe
make their first appearance at Concert Ifall,
this evening, and all those who wish to enjoy
a rich inueical treat should go and hear them.
Besides the 801 l Ringers, there is Madam
Blaisdell, u harpist ; Gustavo Kaufman, Vio
linist; Frederick Him, oil the Cornet ; and a
full corps of vocal artists, who cannot fail to
potdnof en entartabutoint aqual.te-any hero
ioforo given in the city by any other troupe. .
They asp:give , ii.snalitioe_on'Nedtiesday, for
children, at tedneed prices.
Evantso Item= Tax,-.Joseph Dot
weiler,of..Tork county,-Pa 4 wak arrested on.
Wednesday, by Deputy United Stateslfir
shal Schuyler, on the charge of attempting to
evade the income tax. It is alleged that he
dividett.ble propeity; aisiozig etaldren . , so
that It 'belga not comb Within the provistons
of the law. The cue bids fait to beinterest
ing, as it is the first one of the kind brought
to the notice of the United States authorities
in Philadelphia.
SYnxetnxravursnia. man Donn.—cif the
$1,276,000 soldiers raised for the war since it
was commenced, 200,3011 hare been furnished
by Pennsylvania. Of this number, 151,g57
are three years! tielunteers. The Now
England States together have relied 186,642,
or over 12,000.1e5s then Pennsylvania alone_
Pasts, Plain and Ornamensal
Slate nada', and dislor In Penzurylvanis
Vermont slam of ttesbest quality at low mtbs.
°Mee at Alex. Laughlin's, nowt the Water
Works, Pittsburgh, Pa. ti
_ _
BitcoND drama. orlAu.min Win.Ka Goon,
just received at bam'l Graham - A Co.'s, Mer
chant Tailors, No. 64 'Market street. It orin
g/de of all 'bayou latest styles of cloths,
cassimeres and vestingst °vomiting, of idl
kinds of the very finest • quality, all of which
is selected from the latest Importations, and
will be made up in the , most fashionable and
best mane;. Gentlemen desiring a stock of
goods to select from, that cannot be surpumed
by any other in the city, and every garment
warranted a perfect At, would do well to give
ns an early calL
1311IIIL Gassier &
Merchant Tailors, No. 54 Market st.
Pow YAM.. AAP Worms Wum.—The Bum
mer is put, and by the morning's frost, we
begirt to eppreherid, that fall and winter will
shortly be uponms, and we must provide our
selves with the material to keep us comfort
able. A nice fall suit, or a good and well-
Mean overcoat are the very thing, and wo do
not know of any place where our readers
would snit themselves 'better than at Messrs.
blcace & Co's clothing establishment,
coiner of Federal street and Diamond square,
Allegheny. - They have also received a com
plete assortment of gentlemen's furnishing
goods, and a greaVvertety of now patterns for
waisterating, Am.
Taa Pita.—ttle , Wheeler & Wilson Sewing
Machine Company carried off their accustom
ed honors at the Fair of the American lasti
tute--the Itheet Premien for the best Doobbi
threaded Sewilig Machine, being the 'nest per
feet and simple in its construction and 'work
ing-points; also for their Button and Eyelet:-
hole Machine, for noreltp and perfection of
its wcirktliploma for a beautiful specimen of
machine Irsad -stork, and a silver medal fcrx
Foote's Patent Umbrella Lock Stand../netei•
pendent, 04. - #: lw
, .
fine assortment of Fall and Winter Clothing,
lately received by Messrs. John Wier k
Merchant lailors,lfe. 10 Federal:stied, 41.
iegheny. The stock of elothinecormiste of
the - finest .variety of gents' palitalbobs
coati and overcoats.. The style of patterns la
tasteful' and faihionable. We. would ,
Our readersto give the shove gentlemen
VALl:mitt Tzsilioirr.--Ttev. A. Web,ter,
Boston. Hass., writes "I Mire ntedAhrongh
tho advice of personal friends, Mrs.llA;Al
len's World's Hair. Restorer and Zylobilsa:
nium, for several months past, with great ef
fect and e - Oire satisfaction. Ima nom Rejoin
bald nor gray; ray hair leis dry andtrittle k but
has-impined the softness o, its earlier, yens.%
Sold by Druggists errarywhere. Depot, 193
Greenwich at. • • • '•
W!,Aaawar rr,— . Thereare other
medicines so ialieble, effeettml and Convenient
as Holloway's Pill. nand Oliteicati ' always
ready for tuq. They are invaluable to the
Soldier exposed to Sorer,,.-Bevers;
ind Botta Complaints. -They never fail.
Only 25 gents perlrox.orpot.: ' ) 229;
Bova •mtaii, tour dollars.
Pour dollen, four dollars. •
Dental Instltati;Dentat Institute.
Best 02,0 Dentistry, beat cheap Dentletry
No melds° trork,!no easoldne work.: •
v; Memo* and =Mart calls wW be talon at
the,Ozonlbus office, Re.. 410 Pean•street; - day
or aight. .AU orders-left , at ths• abova‘ pttice
will be:promptly • attended to. All Sallsunist
be • aldinAdroaes. , _
d. Sits, Demtitti 248 ' &oat; will At
tend to olllititloworof irOfootion.
, ItAUALET.-01k agender, - ;Oito - ber• 310; at le
ralnedes meek o'clock IdORGA.IIB3
EAMALICY, irtik 10 , 1011011114 21 natelo
nay:d.!!filick: - •
::717er..toocrol Rllti.k. place onli , (Moodig) aioseL
aco, utrpi o'Clocy; from thenol
deaciaker eetk31141,4:6. iluirum;No.lrefeons
"VEUGOBOl4;.tri St. - Clair %almanlic
Betcudey:meontlag; October net t 184, SATE 8.,
Yo84811“018104r OYDSIid? I . NMI /WO J r reign.
caolactus.-44.04-rii.idiak4 of elke , goreati,
corner ,131=relllet'andiAdaka.ltreela, Zetarday
morales,' ot P'clock,',./11ABY Of
ertaaatsoct :bias (*ohm. 8 8 08 rime 4 # B 25 1 18 14
1141,810 r.-eon Sat rmortiAnvat
IZlOSlBTA..slXPSON.Totalataguriteor Bohi
04 :184ber Jelutlicklrop, aged 8 months and
L~~.,.~~,,,n-x~-~, , >. r .,,~. ,, .ti.~.r,.5..~...~.
Special Ditietch to the Pinata:ash Gazette.
WAstuswrox Crry; Nov. Ist, 7 563
Up to thre . o o'clock the whole number of
flue-twenty bonds sold amounts V; threeiblin
dred and thirty nine million, nine hundred
and ninety-bye - thousand, eight hundred do-
Jars, Of the whole sum authorised by law to
be issued, one hundred and forty millions are
thus yet remixing unsold. At the rates at
which the bean new ; being taken' up only
forty days will be required to complete it.
Subscriptions last Week lacked only six thou
sand of reaching twenty-seven millions. It
is beliered, betrayer, that this is somewhat
larger than Ike. natural state of the sale, In
consequence of several -who desire to procure
bonds beginning to draW Interest on the let
of Noretribei2 It his been recently in actiro
demand from iluropo, particularly front Oar
many and liolland. A million has been
bought through one house during the lot
month for its foreign customers.
The internal IOTC1:1110 receipts for last week
amounted to $9,511,7tW1.
It is stated that lion. Railer has at last been
assigned to a command. Report has it that
be has boon ordered to relieve Ron. Foster, to
command of tho department of Boutlioni Vir
ginia and North Caroline, the latter officer be
ingprdered to report at Washington. As this
department includee Fortress Monroe arid the
James river approaches lo Richmond, the
gossips have_ It that the command miy be
made en exceedingly important one.
Requisitions vrill begin being answered to
morrow for the payment of She army and
navy for the last' two months. The sem re
quired Is about $30,000,009.
TUB oIIiNCIC LSO /1/litiD/LII. R./41140/D
Trains are again running to Warrenton
Junction. So thorough was the robot destruc
tion of this road, that from Manassas Junc
tion to Warrenton only six cross ties were left
not destroyed. In repairing the road thus
far the conetniction corpi have erected six
hundred and thirty-live lineal feet of beidg
ing, tho several. bridges .ranging from twenty
to sixty-five feet In heighta fact which may
give some idea of the magnitude of the work
. .
000. Lot . CUM for Our idlnerzny to do when
he made his lasi-advance.
aParitgrotp ar.quarrtoss.
The Treasavy tlepartment begins this month
with tables cleat. .of suspended requistlont,'
inert" seventy *Wens of them having bean
latelj paid off.
arm. cocismotrt Brune MOTS snots.
. .
The rebel government is seizing an the ,
.boots and 'hoes In Richmond to sappy Leo's
The President' of the Penn Sylvania Relief
Association lately active in proearing the
release of tho state agent who was wrongftilly
arrested. by the chief of the Spy department,
hoe boon removed from an eighteen hundred
dollar elerksbip la the Poet oEice &pertinent.
The surveys in Dacotah territory, between
Big Sioux and yormillion rivers, south of
Fetid City, 30 miles, and west of Commerce
glty, bare beim completed. a The reports st the
land OaCe a the towns of ? pourer, 'Annals,
and Irigittand,..Colarsda Territory., Alien a
large quantity of lands, over and above the
320 scree ;Mowed by the law 0f.1344 for town
sites. The Surreyorkleneral at Denver was
celled on , by the Commiseioner of the General
Land Office to furnish a report, that some
soden might be taken to avoid litigation.
A Conspiracy to Release Rebel Priv.
-one* Seize theßrsonaland Peni
tentiary, at Volninbne, and Over
tie State Government.
Cismassfr, Nov. I.—An extraordinary cue
of treason boa recently come to light, impli
cating sauced persons in this city, Columbus,
Covington awl Newport, in conspiring to re
lease the rjbea prisoners at Camp Chase and
overthrow tho State Government. The con
spiracy was brought to light by United States
detectives, who were supposed by the parties
implicated tube epics from the rebel army, and
were treated with full confidence. The plot,
as disclosed to the detest's'', was that the at
tack bo made on Carp Chase, release the
.rebel prisoners confined there, numbering
3,500, soils; the Arsenal at Columbus, take
possession of the Penitentiary, release John
Morgan and other ertricers .conlined there, and
then was to (unman= yobel campaign in
United States Marshal Sands and Provost
Marshal Majdr 'Kearney, arroated thatalhaWkag
persons. implicated in the pliit •
Charles W. 11. Cathcart, of Columbus,
formerly School Commissioner of Ohio; J. D.
Creasop,,of Colutibas;forrierly sutler of the
18th regulars, whiv was to lead the attack on
Camp Chase, JAS. D. Patton, of Covington !
regular agent of eke 'rebel goveniment t and.
who furnished mono,11 , 0" &Mattes =ldea the
imprinsion they- went spies, and according to
agreement,•meet Catbaart and others at Camp
Chaco, and assisted to: mature the, plan of
attack; Ruth •MeDionatt!, of •Coaingtour who .
acted SS mail carrier throttgh rebel lines and
whose house was the heaStriciactem of rehab
Daniel L. Thomas, Merchant , tailor Cincin
nati, and - Ms wife; and Catlteriite ' l a itinimsteri
Cincinnati." ' • • :
Pirecinathill lees beeit.Obtahtsd. that. an or-,.
ionisation *Lista in 'lllinois,. wetting for -the
outbreak in Ohio, to produce similar issalts
hi tine Slats. • ,
Otka putioubuu Leo known to' the elnuott -
ties bat not pot undo
Later' from' Europe.
Nrir Tons, Nov. 2..,-.The steamship Utols,
from Liverpool:on the 20th via QUO4lnstotn on
the 21st, arrired 'this afternoon. She 41.` 1 1 1
but foe Kern of newt.: .
The Lerant.lrsrold conarms the report.;that
the Porte offered to purobasathe rams in Pe
Mersey, Laird's prtee, /7.11,000.
Mason the' Sonthern Commissioner , was
amiliarAngland,.* guest of W. J. Lindsey
of London.
Franc la to refuse to caarantio the French
loan. Thar° la Made between Maxim!lllan
and the Government on that point.
Oficial news !rote Japan 'Wu that la the
attack on and obstruction of Kaawsena,•the
Englbh toot lost ,eleren 'and thirty .
wounded. Captslna Gatlin and Will:Lore were
SAN- PRAVCISON'Oot. 31.—There Is little
doing from first harids. , ' During -the week
the'jobbing trade hal been" suite satisfactory.
/Reeks eery good, and hardirowi'runnlng
aikrtmenie mach -blokon. ,- Virholet drng.
gists ant doing a largi lutetium with the in
tarter. Castile- soap - hoe; advanced to 20o;
crashed;Entail/30k drills 310'4.- •
Wsigestaktiltesoliart wholesale ereeiris in
California streeti Wing a ;breneltsat fihsats,
wonn'attsolad to.dar for aleuttl6;ooo.-Itilda
ttlani this awn initial- &gore: their oandition
is'geomitlly considered mery,hellthy; Stooki,
continuo tcv appioathsi.
Ophlr- about 1600'par foot. Gold and easy
An ikilleditiou About to Sail:
. SQUADRON* -- •
Nan - yemc, October 31.—lhe steauter George
WatqltalitOil• from 46:4.0Oott11,4ctoiler Mho
arrived this afternoon; !-Autengthspassengers
are Q. T. Tucker, Beeritary of 1114. General
Banks, also Capt. Charles Bulkly, Military
Surerintendant of -Telegraph- in : this Depart
, (let: 22.—:The Week name from
the armi 3 Of.the i cleitkis up to iei*ayulter
noon, iina 13 uf the mostuttomingehturootar.
The column under Dem. Frettile entered
Opelimas yesterday.
• -
The enemY,triedea stand alroat des ,111111.11
in front of. the town with Infantry, cavalry
and artillery yesterday morning, but were
quiokly drie.m; froth . the . field...! The same
resnle-hiurfolleirede6rY iittempt the enemy ,
has made at:a Stand during . the :preeerit cam
On the Teach°, at Vermillion Bayou, where
they have a strong positionoui ugly. en g age .
went had been expected; but the threats on .
their rear by Gen.. Dialled bola= canoed the
reb'elfieneral to. divide and so weakee Its
force on the Bayou, that it was. easily ttirned
by oar cavalry and forced to fallback from its, l
etrongposition. , • ,
Our troopearo - reported well Supplied arlir'
full health and Writs: •
The advance camp is now beyond Opele 4 us.
There is much spew:ll4oon 'ln ;tamp as to
whether the line of march Is to; be north or
west, but nothing is positively )(eosin. . •
An expedition of troops is being fitted oLt
and ell! donbtless snit within the next fbrty-,
eight hOurs. Ire, destination, of course r has
not been publicly announced, but it is udder- I
stood tmbe boundloreeme polnten the 'exiss
coast. Brownsville is supposed to be the I
point aimed at, whence to operate as the on
ward progress of the main column may do
eide. The best part of the corps D'Afrique
accompanies the expedition.
The enlistment of colored soldiers is rap
idly progressing: Tea'. white regiments are
also rapidlylilling nn.
go numb Of the Miesissippl u ii in this de- 1
partment is now entirely free from guerrilla
depredations, and traffiealong itebruchoa is
noises nninterreptedin this respect as before
the war.
Boehm' is steady'. Thskreceipts of cotton
for the week, up to thisevening,is 6 4 073 bales.
Middling fair brought 44% cents to-day.
Several expeditions tare recently been Sent
across Lake Ponchattein into
which have destroyed several rebel tanneries,
salt works and other valuable property. They
met al parties of rebel soldier', and in
the ekirmishos which ensued the Union troops
were ever victorious.
_ .
The gulf blockading squadron has made
several captures recently. Blockade running
in this part of the coast is ruining all who
engage in it.
New Orkam pet. 24, 7 a. es..—Advices
from the 120 army corps up to last evening
state that the corps was at Vermillionville.
Thelath army corps bad made a reconnois
sance in force to Opelousas, without much re
sistance, and the large part of the corps was
still at Opelousas.
The enemy is reported to be rapidly retreat
ing tuworde Alexandria.
al. Gen. Ord lass returned to this city, and
Gen. Washburn In In command of the 13th ar
my corps.
Wasaraavos, Nov. I.—The 'following was
received this morning at the -Headquarters of
the army;
Chattostoopa, Ovt. 29.—Itajor-Generel
leok: In the fight last night the enemy at
tacked Gen. Geety's division; posted at Wen.
hateheo on th ree sides, and broke his camp at
one poi nt, but was driven back in the most
gallant manner by part of his (ores--the re
mainder being held In reserve.
Howard, whilst marching to Geary's relief,
was attacked in the dank, the enemy occupy
ing in force the'two commanding hills on the
left of tire road. He immediately throw for
'ward two of his regiments, and took both at
the point of the bayonet, by driving the ene
my from his breastworks and acme Lookout
In thin brilliant aneema over their old ad
versary, the conduct of the officers and men of
the 11th and 12th corps is entitled to the high
est praise.
Gao.n. Taoras,..ll4. Gen.
Sale of the Government:Banda.
PRILADLLPII/A, Nov. I.—The Subscription.
Agent reports the sale of $16,500,000 Ilse
twenties on notarial?, making over 5314000,-
000 for the week. A. few days' delay may be
experienced in the delivery of the bonds fur
the large subscription. The public will do
well to bear in mind that less than one hun
dred and fifty millions of thesehonds remain
unsold, and that foreign competition is very
large. The loan will probably all be taken
before the first of December, and there is no
&ligation on the part of the Treasnry Depart
ment to retain it far a publio"bidding. Tho
last hundred millions will therefore be taken
by capitalists,. most 'tympani°s and banks for
Investment, and It is the wish' of the Sub
scription Agent to avoid any favoritism to
combinations, by giving the people at large
timely notice otitis contingencies of the loan
,hebig.coassuneiaad summarily placed beyond
'their reach exoopt at a •ptemium.-
Guerrilla Operations on the,Mlssisslppl
—Death of Commander
CAI2O, Oct. 31.-3'he steamer Liberty from
Memphis, and the Crescent City from White
ricer has limited,' bringing 1,980 bales of
cotton. On the way up the Crescent City wu
fired into by guerrilla while wooding at
head of island 21, but no one litui injured.
The Memiihis _llaftesiii, of the 29th, says :
The stissister Cheek ir died ititio with shell
by guerrillas: at Clakk's' Bar, and the explo
ding shell set fire tallier boat, but wits :satin
The guerrllia . liewsome, with 150 men, is
again conscripting in Fayette eounty.
Chu. It. Elliott.commanding the Meals
sippi Biari4o Brigadevaled soddenly on the
29th, at D'unker 404.111.11k015.
Sherman 'Skirmishing: vitth • the Rebel.
• ...stettalerw wired Into.
Oaten, 1 . :;--:Prisate" adilees from be
low retiOrt Elborinan skirmishing daily with
the relicts ander Lei,'Rodney and Forrest.
All military - operations in that' region are
The steamers Adriatic and . City of Pekin
warn fired into by tbe guerrillas *a Friday, on
their way up, at Whisky. Chute, below Mem
phis. One man was kliisd and.. ight-wounded
on tbi Adriatic.
.The gunboats. - have gone to
'gust point.
Guerrillas Boated in Tennessee.
Ilesnvis.ts, Oct. - SO.—Lieut. bit. Shively,
of the Pint Middle Tennesseh - i Infintry, at
tacked flashier And other guerrilla chiefs
near pi ne y, rectary, rooted eni p
to ermed them
centft , r ni e *ore , nitrides made another
Lund, attacking the rederals crossing
t a to r i v e r . working wee *On- rooted and
pemraed aatittits
force 1131 ' al r OarglA with
l oti , of twenty kille3l, sod aixtyreiz prisoners,
in:eluding Ori,f s th arm, editor oc : the
Fr ,, h ,in„, ow l /,111realift. 10113 was
The ifeighti Cinnainsidingy Loudon Oe..
etiphed b
,y our yorees.
,Kzetsvitts, Oct. P. or - forces which cc.
etnpled -londotehavoirfetired to the north aide
Of the river, and . ZIOR ceme ntite hatatts
putruiii - Loudon. r 41 1. 1itthW4 1 9 0 ,0 tionli a"?
tanthsng~ _'
'The Atitaltddit itiateltd:
New Yost, Nov.l Thu Heratti'i limy of
the POteinie:tilepetch:Of the SlttoWije that
trains ere lunattog toll'ilitintoim4. the
trek to rulald to Boohoo, and it Is prietlai-1
ble tallish it to the Bappahannoek three
or foes days.
. . .
The 'Battle between the Spaniards and ', - -....'." . .Rtrgit INTELLICIFACE. ---- 7 - 1 - ,....
, - Elogolniestut.....preat - Deatettet-lon of:.
--,'-' proliiiity—..The Whole PeptilatiOn Of' ne recent reloa have not, as yet, made any bias
Port an Plata Fleeing the Country.
..4 1 pression en the river at fhb point. we the metal . ' ' ....
.New Your, Nor. I.—The brig Santiago, , trout last evening indicated Scant throe fleet, had. -' •
froin Pori rim Plata, October Gth, via G ran d.,1 lalliog. We have Mob:ow - from the headwaters of_ . . . .
Turk, has sasivevi. She carried 100 refugees both the thinougalicia and Allegheny Owens from
.1 • -•- • 1
framTortnuPlani to GreadTork. The Ram - ' which 'sinter that them will cormthly he a arellif / n ....--„fg I_lB6o.—x. ,
terig'and 'Braaten Cdninle it Tort to Plat 4 two or three Seet bens to-day or toonorrow. . Thorn Lri-, e Y - 7 . 7 , . - 2 , - .• , •
had arrived at this port._ • wen barry rail. at and *bone Brommville on Pri- I Persons et sedentary habit', tmebiod with meals.
Reliable news by ebis fillitil en i tleri t e - PP - . day. and dm Monongahela dine rising slowly at that, oast, Laasitudee PalPltatilliettrbe ksenile ' , et el 1 47 -
riots re rte that the Spaniards, after the pre-
i point on mender Dispatches from Oil • petits, distress after . eatlairstetYta liter. coast
struotion of the town of Jeri& diego de Cabcl- ~. ____„,_. Sunday -' rria.„ lion, a„,,,.. d .„.,„,,,,,, s, ; :itafiltr if fluty yrill not try the
I lero, retreated with the Spanish garrison and Ci ty an Se.eine , e'PerebseeY rain there on
PROPERTY. 'two thousand reinforcements. They are re- and a rise In the Allegheny wancortidently expected. , °elate -slid ,
I ported to have retreated upon Port an Plata. 11 Mons it la not probable that them will be Miter PLANTATITV
....:. . ,
. t!rbo insusge ta so harassed their march *as to ,enoeigitto let oat coal boats, there Ls no doutd, Inv Width an now reccumiendedbythe trigtwatensdlral
carne alosi' ', ti
to the Spaniard' , I,ooor or 14 100 " - dila, hut there will be a rim sulk-kart to admit of aellhorillse, end wane:Med to' gtr•rghtetS aliAsseridisit
troops. Fresh arrivals of troops reinforced a - nartuoption of cuivigation by steamboats on the beneficial ewe, They are exceedingtraireeabbil
tbermto 4,000 men, yet even therm were con- chi er t„..., ,
~ ®Perfect!, punhand most' suporeedenartither teals
fined tb the town by the efforts of not over . Th..www/owr, little dour at the wharf ow bawr.
1,000 Inettrgen lei; at Janeardo—not making . a r/ay, the:only. arrival Wag the 0 011 City." Crum Thai purify, essnatitentandtorlGurans. ,
single 'effort to driveoff their assailants. This wh i en . , . A. .a te b, teg ..b oe t, mum the "General They ante a brialtlij ilea, . • •
ecintinnediontil.Crettlber 2d, when tho Spanish 8" -• 4
troops retired 40' tho fort , and the town Was 1 " 10, " • ri -1 " 1 " n Bi4dl/ morning from Meeleile" They are an Leiden to thaws eater ~ ,,.,
given op to pillage. with a taiga of oil barrel! . They Oise:onus effects of dlatlpstbost fie tato hoitrt.
Part of the Spanish embarked for San,De- , The "Cant. John Bricker' ', arrived at Cincinnati Ticy atrangthorn the instem andorilituatheindo.L.
mince; reducing the garrison to 1;000. en Friday from' Pltisbargh—haring gam through, heiprerveut atlasmatla sad Intormittent Awe%
. On the 24th tho Spaniards again pillaged .l ie hat Lula difficulty. Ilery.parily the breath end acidity of the comets.
the town, and the Dominicains then triad their "apt; Wei. Gabon and Mr. Juno, C. McVay, both . They curs Dyspepsia and Constipation.' ;;';
lurid at the same game. Nearly all the stenos well-known rlvancien, are Maidens a very pretty and They ems diarrhea. Clarden end C4lleilat arb°4 '
and 'boards wore' Pondered, and Such conic:tie warmth steamer feather Pittsburgh and Muskingum no on.. Liver Comptaiiir anitNernonEffradsclea
as were not removed were destroyed. - Six bun- ring b i ,d,,, gb e has beet, emoted the "Jolla," and kt ' They rashe the ‘ ...,ii deo.. the taognid brilliant,
dred,Spaniards then zaLlied from the fort, and ' crw .
If expected that she will be finished In about - two and ire exhausted naturs'e great XeelOts4 They we
after a severe ilght.drcrre the . Dominic:ions from
~ .e b.. T h. ....k a1.„ li
rat. az, and
0.114... ,
ot ,
. . 1.1. , ad 0,044, . 1..r . k „ ,
the town . Tho r, Blianiards were ;satiatd by the,
city of the *Trento Cielhata." tbotigh it Ls claimed green, tramatna, roots and herbs, an. pressen s'a .
guns of the for which set fire to the town.
The fire obntinued until the departure of the that she 0 - 111 net draw as much meter by ids incise— perfectly pun St. Crory Pura. For psithmlers, sea
Santiago, and destroyed among others the val. • very important item - eircithim and testimonials around cash battle,
noble stores of a considerable body of foreign' Tim IllnlimMille packet "Gallatin," arrived. on Beware of Imlnstara Rxerains every bottle. eel
merchan ;in fact the whole terra, except the, time yoatonlay afternoon, with a good trip, Including that tibia D. a...Barnes' signature an nor prints 0..
Wesleyan Mission House and a row of small .elargertatobce of passengers.. 8. Stamp over the cork, Wlll:plantation Name, ant
buiklings. was destroyed, and' it was believed ,Threhuilfor Capt., Bat Itoblneon's new boat Lea i oar firm signatrus on ithiri steel plate engraving on
the rest of the town would be destr4Yed. , arrived atlast from Parkanneug, Va., where Woes' side label. ere this Our fetes Is not Malted with
The leases by the two fires at St. Domingo built
~ • . ' ' •I' onlatleM and deletartoes. styli We defy any person
and Porrad Plata, will roach fire millions of I • - t - • t -
.',: - . . - Toe lutiosrinz items ant frm o th e. Clash:oven Com- . torautch the tas te or character torpor_ goods- Sin,"
• • Plantation Mittel*
The Whole: population of the latter place•, bi T " eia l ,„ o . l ''pr.lyst,il"l4l,..' ' - ( person pretending to sell by tho
from Pittsburgh: Emma Bovd
hod tied to .foreigo., countries, and thousands,/ from--Wheeling; logonsar, from nalltpeits, and li. I pica °` in bulz ' l' a ' n imPztor. ; We
bad gone to 'the neighboring islands, some of 11. Slunk, from Louisville, comprtasthearrivals...... low ;ell cabin bottle. dell Pewee / 30611 : 011 U " .
the principal Marahants leaving for the r rated / The Golden. Era and lartm . irgan, for Pomeroy, and I bottle. or methylene:wailer matoriat therein, whether.
States. The United litotes commercial agent ; :ji w C i t rn n e 'Ll e ," ll ::', / m ot P ,,.' it i w i t .f u ltt' e d ' / f / T er " called Plantation Bitters or not, in is ettnlnal emit,.
wad among thorn who left. None saved o f t b,,,,,,,5h a r The grt e ic e ni an d Emma Boyd am rho U. 8. Law, and will S. so no:emoted hi tirs. We
but their lives. .; both now and excellent streamers. The former wee : already hare our rye on two parties re- tilling our
Another 'accouu t from' rho Turks Island bnillat Pittsburgh and the latter at Wheeling_...— 1- bottles, do., who will netted in getting themselves
Standard says; Id the battle the Spanish were. The 1 1nel earn ° mf" MemP6b' yesterday , i nk ' e le , do ,. ~/,://, The demand ib,...t ft k o .. Tue ..
One;trip, including about DV leaks of cotton
torribly beaten and driven back to the fort, We had the pletumre, yesterday of meeting Malin Jon' t 4there Bitters from ladles, : clerumen,.zoirshatits.
sort c ompelled
tors of 450 men. A . brisk tire from the. Browne, of Pittsburgh. •Tho Major lain hoe heal th , I g„,.. le w h ee l,. incredible. The e l iep t e trW „i „,
tbo Dominietans to leave the sod adorns the Lace of the new steamnr, Capt. J. ,
town. The Government boost of the British 8ricke11.........Th0 /owe., from Itemphia, reseed
. 1 / eetibi In th e 'Widows we Pesten: of their *nth wok
and American cot:mita, and the Roman Catholic
1 Evansv i lle yesterday morning arid Is due here this , superiority. They are sold by a resinciabb, drug
church, were among the houses burned. The , ; gists, grocers , physician ., hotels, steamboats e nd
Spanish holders were seen going about with
Carrrar ran Dmrnecriox or rim Stunts Miss. i ea . zme , dee . / „..
—The Montle. papers of lost Sunday give the fol.
fire brands' in their bonds, when the fight R 23
kprogreesing. lovring particulars of the capture end dietnaction
1 A report says the Spanish would soon even- lof .t h e steamer Mist, by suerrillaa, on the lower
gate the fort, as they can nut retain it against . Misaluippi i
the Dominiciaus, who number 4,000 men, in •• On Saturday last the little ateamboat Mist, emo
tive neighteirhood. The report says the whole mooded by Captain Calbouo, lett this port for below,
south side or the Island is in actual rebellion, forte*
to et Pinehaeingeetnin.heeing on bowl
and the Dominicians we reported to have ' f t ' ' ' C•l is e w s th y e aTe wi no oon " of s= t ir•re ' p "l on k tgr . ' O n!
joined Santa Anna. The American, British etpp t e h.", e e the foe,. of Ship yc at o,.t,,i, two
end other consuls heel Arrived at Grand Turk. melee from Austin, end them a Man, who resides
about rim miles from llcleua, came on board and
sold fire bales of cotton. Seven or eight friends he
had with him ho introduced to Captain Calhoun.
By the time the purchase was concluded others ap
peared dit the teak, all in citizen's drew, when
three on board produced revolvers, ordered the
crow and a .paaaaager who was on board, thir.
tesn or fourteen persons altogether, on there, and
took poesseelon of the boat and the thirty thousand
dollars cub. The whole number of guerrillas now
amounted to between forty and fifty. They took
from the boat blankets, comforts, quilts, butter,
eggs, and each other thing as they wanted, and
thou set fire to the boat, which wai completely de.
greyed. The man who sold the five bales of cotton
as moon helping himself to some articles from the.
boat. When they saw the boat thoroughly in
Moues, they left the place, carrying tea pheuder
with them. They did not attempt to molest the
people of the Mist ; but are described by the yogi
uier of the Met se a set of Jolly, good sort of fellows.
They were to high glee over nude capture, and
evinced a great enaction for greenbacks. After the
departrus or the guerrillas the crew got into the
But', yawl, end were seen after taken on board by
the Monsoon. 'and landed at Helena. Among the
money taken was flee thousand dollars belonging to
the pilot of the boat, Captain Elijah-Woods. Throe
mgr.,. who were among the CV.' the guenillas
wanted to tete, and said they wooldtang them. On
explanation being made to their satisfaction that the
men wen free, they were allowed to remain. Ti a
Ittet nu a Paducah boat, owed by Captain Cal
houn, and was worth four thousand dollen."
Important to Person who hare paid
Commutation Money—Exempted for
three years.
W.ssirso-res, Nov .1— tl. Gazette— Ofticial.
Albert Nivea, A. A. P. If. o.neral. Nay
York: - Tho representations made by Dean
and Richmond, and Petter Cogger, in a privat
e& circular, dated ',October 27th, 1663, ta re
'Tee! to the Proi-nst Marshal General, is un
true. It is not true that the State of New
York is charged as with deficiency for every
citizen who has paid the three hundred dol
lars commutation money, receiving no credit
therefor; on the contrary, the State 'receives
the same credit fur a man who has Taid the
commutation as if Ilse drafted citizen bad gone
in porton or furnished a substitute ; and in
like manner towns which have raised the mo
ney to pay theii quotas, receive the same
credit as if actual Kibstitutes had been fur
nished. The PrePilent has ordered that ev
ery eitizen who has paid the three hundred
commutation shall receive the same credit
therefor as if he had furnished a subetituto,
and is exemptid from military martin for the
time which be was drafted, vie three years.
Ai the tnisrerirezeulati• or of boon Itichmcnd
and Peter Cogger, have been publish.' and
circulated for electioneering purposes, it is
proper that you give them immediate cor
rection. Jones B. Fey,
Provost -Marshal General
Furloughs to New York Soldfere.
Waautaurow, Nor. I.—For the lost three
days an unusually large number of soldiers
hare rooeived furloughs fur fifteen dnys, and
hare been leaving the city in citra e 3 well o
regular trains, for their homes, partionlarly
for New York.
New Yong: Nov. rollowing order
boa been iszned by ilenerni Die:
ClLDqVjOrntlll or ros ntr.lartort or TYt EArer
Now Yon Cm too
Now York, Nor. I.
['client! Unit," Yu. 15.—A1l tho soldiers of
New York regiments absent on leave, ita*
their furloughs extended to the 15th of No
vember, on whioh day they will report at the
respective hospitals and posts to yiktich they
By conamarulof Major General Dix.
D. I:sx DraaN, A. A. ti.
National Telegrapitic Union Con-
New Ilona, Oct. 31.—The convention of
the National Telegraphic Union will tie held
on Monday evening, the 2d Tho dele
gates will meet on that evening,. at eight
o'elock, at the Everett ilnuse, in the city of
New York, for the ptirpo,o of completing tho
organization of the Union, adopting a consti
tution and by 7 laws, electing a president and
other officers for the ensuing year, and trans
acting inch other businest as may come be
fore the convention.
Sisk and Wounded Soldiers to be Sent
•Home on Furlough:
Wasiitsorow, Oct. 31.—At the suggestion
of numerous medical °dicers attached to the
hospitals In this city, a large number of sick
and 'rounded soldiers hal boon and are being
furloughed for a abort time, in order I.lut, they
may be tent to their homes in Pennsylranin,
New Tonal, Now York, Michigan, and other
Markets by Telegraph.
Nay Yogic, Oct. 31.--Cation ronfinuee dull at Sta,
Cc for *Miffing Uplands. Maur dull for common,
and drooping; trade scaraa and to request at MR ,
prices; 57 20af7 30 for Esse It ILO. and 37 3.5a9 26
for trade brands; market quiet. Rya Flom scatro
and in request. Whisky doll at 61:1061c. NVlniat lo
lower and only a vary moderato busbies, at Si 524
196 for Chicago Spring, $1 Mai 56 for 14111wianks,
Club, $1 argl3B,lij Amber ioes, and Si 3341 41
for Winter ifs! %astern; tlio 3111 we ilk, Club Wheat
is what is known In Milwaukee as No. 2; No. 1 .MII
- Li sold in New York as Amber Rims, and al
way' brltp from In to ue more than No. I Chicago
Spring, so will be small the report which dully vent
to 31ilwatikee from New York. (tini heavy and Ie
lower for prime parcels In attire, while lots afloat are
Very seam and a little higher, at 51 °sat 07 for
iibipping Mixed Western in store, 3t el% alloat, and
51 10 for Western Yellow. Oats heavy and I@go
lower; sales at 62i355c, closing M the inside quota
tions; included In sake are 55,060 bu Prince Edwards
Island, to arrive within fifteen days; at 82c. Pork
heavy and lower at 615 beetl6 76 for Old Miss, 516 76
kill 7 00 for Now_ do, MU 00 for Now Prime, and
fl I 00a46 00 for New Primo Mom. Cat Meats quiet
and firm; kir Shoulder and Salee. for (lama;
Macon Sides iltilotand unchanged. Lard steady and
in moderate demand at 111011.10.
Plimasr.tritia, Ocki3l.—Sales 3,400 bbii Pionr at
55 75447 (0. Wheat Om ; solar 8,010 be at 47 0
all 50 for Rwl,iand 53011 Lr Wkito. Corn steady.
Oita fine at toe. Mew Pork j salts at $l4 CO
for old and 116 00 fur new. Ter , firm at 11%c.
Whisky firm - at - 51316ft. Perrot:vim dell•, gales of
Crudeat 291330 e, and kennel at'lec. Exchange an
New York par.
BALTIIIOIIII, Act. 41.—Flom dm and advancing.
Wheat activec choice Southern :Milt* 83 OW (A,
lied 51 MidSl 65, Kentucky Wbita. 51 0104 01, Corn
quiet and - deellusd 20. ' Onto rentisYlvstill 800
We. Whisky dull and tactv3%
New Yost Stork and Money Mirket.
Yaw Tots, Oct. U.—Money lea abide easier, wi th
no material change In :Wet. Ts:thongs dull 5t . 1.69,13
100. Odd dull, ci vritboat material &imp. opening at
lob, advancing to 186%, sod tleilnit quiet at 146310
litto6. Total axporta of Specie to-day 137,834..
floveniment Stocks withont &tided cluing*. 8.
Vs, It, =pone, 110,311(N. 1CTX,810794.
Tea Ceitilimttes 99.
New Tann. GI DO. ......
Canton Co • ' •St 0.1. O. ..
. 3 / 4 -31. Oast, pf'd VW, 111
R. T. 0 IL S.ged
-A. 67' nt:Cen.
C. 3 p.. ..... -111
z r k., Feu._... .. .CL
nkli O. .
" . ... —115%
/!•1 rt,AY.
publtsliM, to lb semen en
velope. Price Six Ones. A Loeturtneiths yinsinm,
Tratsbent and Radical Cure of Elionnatbnitera or
-4. 4 adnia.WOduslow,lbtorattter.Eraistlani; Ssznal
roldlitr. and Impediments to Ifarriage
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on SATURDAY. October Met, 11,1 Q
terms/sum, IT £070.01
123ir Please mention the date of I
the letter Ls advertlsed.
Mice doers tram No. rt. tg, ,
A ;Gould Jos
ABrm blrs C ;Lanham J 0 C
Ashworth Semi !Duly Matilda
Alexander S E . olllcmile A Allt.
Alexander 4000 b did]
AndeDion Jame. Graham d Tho-
Allen Lucy A
Allen Martha T .
Brown Annie
Bore Mist A
Bottoms Ann
Bruns Agnew .1
Boyers Chas
Bolus Carolina
Browner Chu
Bebtm Dennis
Bailey E
Battles Geo W
Brown Battle II
Brooks Irma,
Barry Sadie
Barnett Jos
Batley Sarah
Bryan Jane
Bower Ju
Black Jernnle-C
Barnet Jon
Beeler Jacob
Bradford L E
Belcher T
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'Nowell Eliza
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Hunter Ellen
Hannah Eliza
Hanson Ell=
Hutchinson 1 m
Huck Josephine
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Harrison J .1
Hastings Jane
Hutchinson X E
llusack Somi 31
Johnston D D 2
Johnson E 2
Johnson Ellis .11
Jones Jam
Johnston Dad W
Jut 'Thomas
Javens Mary
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Oliver Maggie
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Clark Jamee
Calling James
CanAlng Jot
Coplo John
Creighton Juo
Coleman Mrs
Cutler Mary .
Caldwell Martha
Conner Wm
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Cutter Rachel
Cahoon Rebecca
Vary Bernard
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McCullough M
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McKnight Ida I
McKown Sarah
McDonough 8
McWhorter II
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McKetel K
Italmy X r
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Fishar Georg,
Filch Sarah
Fletcher Jahn
Fairly W
Pair Eliza
Gormly Cath'n
Gates S W
Outer •
Grua Sot -
Ohm Sarah
Gleuon J P
Granny Ju, ,•
Gleams Mr S
Gambia Jr Slacker
REIERTFPI3 BA.LES.—By virtue of
dry executions issued out c i t the District
'Court of Allegheny County, Permsylva
nia, and to the Sheriff of said county di
there will be exposed to Public
Sale, at the COWLS Roust, in the City of
Pittsburgh, in said county, on Mosinay,
run 23D DAT or Norssrams, Anno Dumini
1863, at 10 o'clock a. nt, the following
described real estate to wit:
All the right, title i nterest and claim of
the defendant, James _Watt, fir.,:of, in *sa
to all that certain lot of ground situated on
the Pittsburgh and Birmingham turnpike
road; between the Monongahela bridge end
Birmingham, la Lower BL.Clair toardibin
bonridtd sad .deseribeil as folldwe, via: , De
ginning on the northward Meer said turn
pike road on the'westward - side-"of Third,
street, at the distance of twenty feet air
inches from sad Third street; thence north
warily one inrechidfeet. to Chesnut; theses
westwardly %slop* Cheroot street; fifteen
feet; thane* routhwardly tifty,feet; thence
wastwordri'dfleetifiet; thence aouthwardly
fifty feet to the turnpike road; thence east.
travail, along cud road' thirtyiat, to the
place of beginning: on which is erected
two trio - Storied and - one tbrarstorled brick
dwelling Nonage.
_. W641-iiid- taken In execution as ths
14rOperty of... Tames Watt; Br., at the putt of
The Dime tuviiii.loilltzttlon._
+-• - : SAMUEL B. CLTILEY, Sheriff.
finentrr's Omcz, Prettyman, 1
October 80,1868. j
7tilB, Ilbr *la wbolcsile aztd retail, b;
Comer Smithfield &ES Fourth str.te.
IL 4 M. BOLLALIII, Gennav,
(7tersurly Mad I Ca., .13aniar..)
The only Vinegar awarded 'will . Prize !ded.l. or
sixty *stabiles. at tbs letarraitkissl 'Exhibition.
Loadoo. Tor axle try ,
- Dr. Ludlum's Specific
Is the only renal:as remedy fa diseases of the agars
of emanation. lt Is the discove.7 of ad tenthont
Phylciazt whoa Ufa woe &voted W the treatment 0 I
this elosa of 41..easeo. and with aaprsoidakted enc
over, for more them tummy year.. rorfuctism to
Itodf, ravgring no Injection,, mid ailitsl4 taalraly
how the mistaken isractim and thanuMeronswarth-
1... compound. ottemd to Um pnblit. It ts attirely
vegetable sad perfectly eat. St-!lct* like 4 charm,
and Imports • strength And vt,g ( er so thn Mussed
CArnoli.—The grs►t ram.. of Odd nimbly 42 el.
feeling permszteut cures bas Isd to Its being imitated
by rostairmipled ram. Olmorre, Aberekos, that the
eivtature of the proprietor be mound Molt bi.x. NM*
other to atandos. Prepared may Ly
Bole Proprietor. earirt• O.
Bold by all Drunter'. Prim, I n per boo.
Mgr Far sal* as wholesale by. OtO. 11. =TOM,
140 Wood 'Mat.
Patterson David
Patton Eliza D
Pearson Emily C
Porter Elin
Printer Geo
Porter H J
Pa'mu, Sarah J
Partridge L
[Putter II
Pitasirn Wm
Putnam 0 B
sosricE. 1863
Rector Lizzy
Reed X
Riser Fred
.The aadessigaed could el:spectrally uk attoation
to the priparatton losawa Oa
roe all This:Ott - and Lary Compialats:
Rayi Dell C
leaser D D
Rodger. Thas
Deis Mtn SI
The met Nertrolgie, MewsUe, Eload-orlie; Tooth.
ache, Los of Bleep, and General Nerioos Boatedy.
Also for the Palos In Monthly bloostsiodkms o Tor
ti . c. ttr: , Marla
Snow Alre A
EoLranc PILLS,
The meet perfect form of Cationic ever girett to the
public, which • lever require , more than bra cud tei
dout but owe for doec,ettertibout the least'griplo.t.
and cure Indigeetion,pyrpeprds, Datoeutteas. Liver
Complaints, Min, wainu, end all derthPlumt , 4
sternal or bowel.
Stewart Agts
Scott Ann
Saxton Cathn
Paraiders Call,l,
.Bmith E A
Snyder Fred
, limitb Fred
Stills Henry
Smith Bella
Smith Jas Vi
Stokes J 17
Stewart .1 8
et ott J 1.
the glare preparations, of such unbounded repu
tation In New England, have the confidence of, and
as. used by, 'great number, oET'ltysletans,..ind et
priced within teach of all, are worthy the attention
of havaliWwho Will Dad them a strict mato:nutty to
satureLln median& Without resorting to the rem
mom method of columns of advertising, I would all:
asafidesse to test them, which will be mead.
.101121, L. lIIINNEWELL, Proprietor,
Practical Chemist, "baton*
Tor sale by all wholesale and retell &alert.
The greatest heat= of corresimalleacils.U.iled•
Dealers of good refgratces supplied on veramiselem.
For salt In Pittsburgh at retail by J. 11. ,Fulton,
13. IL Keyser, D. D Joseph Fleming ;in Allegbery
ltity by Jas. Ehcrrn, M. J. Means and Oeo. A
Kelly. B. A. FAIINESTOCK , a 00., ,
miff:Smooches! Wholesale Agents, Pittsburgh.
Stanley Tabltba
Stewart Martha
Sample WEI 2
!Stew art
W 0
Stewart Wm
!Thompson Beal
Taylor Lome
Taylor Than
Welter Elias
Williams Elliot
Wile= Ellen
Minikes. Lizzie
,Wood Hattie
'Wall methH.
Wheeler II
Woods Sarah 3
Winfield Jobn R
'William, JaaT 2
Weimer Joephte
Warnock L _
Whited Maro
Waiter Rickard
Weddell Robert
Young Frank
Young Wm
Young Otis
.411CTIO4r 14.ILES.
PROPESTY.--Chi 71:1111DAT - Irrrstga,
33, 7. 34 alktk, will ho sold; ea the mond floor o:
the Griosouartil We. Booms, bi rim., street, that,
'rah:able Improwsidty preps% situate- at the eon
Der of Water and Iterty Meets: hooarh Am the Oen..
wirer U. having ZS tbet front oh' Water street ot Ig
aztandlag lank elan* Pfau street ill fet:'7l, home
la uebetaatiat brick commodious. Rod veil adapted.
od. tom raapiiel location for hag in w , will? the ,adasalago of
go trainees
Taus or gass—Gaithdrd auk oga-thir,l ,in twu
Teats, with totaroWsed aniAltirdorllb -Intense, a;
death of lire. Logo ounr la has altiaewrof op.
on DAM XcILWA.II4E, Altera,
'E, 'Postmaster
--On 2L A 7 EVXNING. , 'Soe. 311, -WA at
Df, o'clock. wM 'be acid, at - the . Contatorcldl Saha
Flotood.'No:Strtrtb - streets
IS dune Ittchande Bank Stock:
Is do rutults Ina:rams
, //AVIS .t..IIeiI,WATNIS, Anent..
ports will be received at tito txtßai of'dir an.
ibnilstzdl, intka Market Dalian. until - EIATIM
DAY, October 31 st, 1 4 5421 . Pi *.
rotting wittrcortmnotte'tho tyllOwitag, camackstrret*
:"..V.mb street from Postuttreet ta Liberty street
Norton straet, fix= ths -
-I ewer: and O'Hara Ntserti frattrEtas stiles 1G
PlAz 3 iticWV.. import:Bala ca , Dalcites Lind.
ocault ISAAC icoßitr. Bic. 14.
fIA.VA.LILY 11011.9E4 WAYITD.—
V The anttereigned witreurtbl" own mute;
Careir yOtters WWI' terektt Tle
Yoram to be trona . e (16) to aLstoett CHO lino
Ntill'; 1 1 01 a Are (d .3!4o.klnarnorelok •Cnteree Use
to 'good nein; end nn . ••= eft dehets,,,
name trill be mind. enbject toltapeettel,:si
Iltobetio. Pet. eon theist to,' Oak Plth of Notetn•
bet at Columbus. Ohio, from um tem tyCy
_ . E...ll.iaski,j Cay ce { .
14 ?,14F! 4 .9 1 kFt.
Dam Tabora Kw twat Fkar ;Abadan°
Mad aadna ll iasacks,das y. rat - or arrl2
bi tha °dada Tadttly Grow* etcs.ot
'r:tansirlolotraseirsaoiners, - 7
Is stars sad i rib ILClalilatti.,
P. 11. DIL&EZ &CO.,
402 Ampthrai, T