The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1863-1866, October 31, 1863, Image 1

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dolly. Pee a slab of twenty, we will es4rthe .
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'dapped whaii the time; @nine.
... ,The Draft.. .„ • 1
.PrOTOO. .444:41.m. Ilenaral Fry, hi_rt ill.for
siddresief to the 6Seretany of War, gives COY
. • - '4"rslliitireitt4titatptcin!leatiftwitli,tikel;pcm4
.draft. The lar,estlitidelhall b . einlity of
`some of: its 'Prairiefons;iinetlio efforts 614 y,
4..l2.tettit crotidit.itiiiis 'tot been so (sinful
in its nueltarmww4desired, but with orhinin
modubsamentlie:-Trefdit Marshal belildrberl
.A 111) settle t alt etT:e t tengthg-the , .etett!t7,
...!*kehieihttetct the teshl...Vf the ktßif
bar drawn t/1 seirfratz-gtree cpngressiona Dia
trills; In ' oludint th e'ffitY Per nent. add! mak
...liq :LAtleieldta teel:ettitV:hriekiervaiii4t - eof
the twenty per . 7esat. who have not re 4,
teet9',Atie inhamit ...4Virso; find others, wpb` r
r -t eTe•rtegerAef - 41 4etettiFes -Fe (Paii?gl - ar-
Cal:iiikeill air , 1 4 im a , tie- lAetienite. i I dfl
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, pent.
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per efraiiitiOutltuf±WL , Mop2 . 4-'9lSm %i'
dogs; pa eiiiiii*innkr*nt .riciithird TO
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entere ttlisrani 34l wyl?, 6ll lllip,WiA•tlfo, -tta.nis,-
' '''idiii4iicretitititnins - 'The; in '•;pezteno3 - 0i"
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- --: Verging thkencronment lista In fel:ere - Of atl
.t, easeirof manifest unfitness 4:.r. duky;itbot
- aliens and othenincit liable feLmAltery 6":
''ls referred to, is :die the immense dense
*Mails& been entailed upon the sentry by
the wad:meat; daring the progress -of the
war. eliiii who veki Unfit for duty at the
- - .
time they; Mete Inneterea into the selyiriee.
The sonelnt, er„ 4200 X .59ended by` the
ytdtng tho =RI neeeiansr,te prat a thq ar
' 'yeah ikterretiiin — ohareiay itinsand deiie eters,
if but- a little "bier $1,200,009, whU6 i thii
!1 ittputat teneivolie aboatten thneir sr. great
mall thetivtissei iscaired.
_ ..
New York Journansto...Willia, Morris,
.I. . initoits) lielleta 'creoleyir•Vrofidertliti
Ind tuttry of the Last.n!uned. '
::' ~- k i. 4t:if14 1 . -4 4 ,,, . - iii'sViiiiijeciseite, ; in octi
„, I , coat letter of !1t# 7, 9 , ismiP; pins !th of a Tiait
-,d :, itaZiiiileA.inaiiiini'agliiipsittirsollo of
: ~, ;Vi?'#,Ti.b4ikePor th y - that city :!• - Id
, .. Si t.
t. , • ~ . Ist* Ipleanatt. littler/ dinners ply, at. the
. 3 '; reilditioa-ot sifrientiiefretiing, I had the
good fortunelb meet a group thati'llosidas a
.....Boston iiibliaiio4olol2Vic4,ber•iiiersr34P6o-
.1 - 4=t W ith ittadiel :Home, Greeley, N..-P., Willh,
• 4 ,* 2ilten and , hitss Nary& -Booth, the'
" Llrenslator of Cochin, liaspitrin,•paitt'of Lee
lfiewebbe l / 4 54c• -- - 1 1..1i ',.: 4IT
~""thie could reset help a little astonishment at
~. ton ii how
a y .s ag o n i f i troiti l l tiAd li lr y in e t;
4 ",tUf,gis„iiko W _ 4 " l4.liareZog.
tty.,„, ... ...-,w, looks fresherflab he
y.f.".i*did:Avoittget.:tind it would be I thtelf
3 X -7 -?-10414140rluiieflIz.711tonasitio!iseillr tinder
pttito,yitertitlW.yeungerin spirit. Dir. Oil-
V ', - .114i ores firming &little . age* front his throat
t_oridinngs,anG be ga n ; as be - wild, iii'fiiel as if
teurpte welly an oldish man. After a third
of a ouiturfa prolonged and multintions;lite;
c i
nary success, be may — ivelcafford to feel so,.
, flea . Geo. P . Mortis, bilt•Paritrr An AR, ore
l '''''Jilitrisit, life exeieditifyllietie-himith and
Ms. Willis is consequently compelled to f o r go
• , Kr fAildgAite4l4oo44oslA.T,hbals4ll/4
more - riga "erailefli6 office bii Et VateT. • K - • (
.! t. 4 / I , :fintalessinstia4ol tA4V l 4 , himg 010,,,
than half the leading editorials' of tho Tri-,
4 ZIAIR, and exercising At gamut. smil,env%ion.
i. r i ,er t gr ;,..,pbrmus,p.paring a week y w o
, attending to his mai oria
.:IPPrtligrOTaili — l4 P9/ 41011 Can", 44 • g
one day in Orrery week in - Working 94, 1.
is fifidit z liZMAtretese hhtort e if
hence ii - Ibelicrve, wit whirrs
to thie ' bf.Anti,Shwery. op 6 . It
is to make two octavo' velaince,‘ongi of- hielt
is to be given to the.publ4her in Bliml4 lie
has a den, as he Mink it; dremi loin; away
from the,..Pritiow aim whore helocks Kneed!
.14itithatithrninie; tor Eifetritethh histdry to
‘, apihtutographer. ~„ -
• -I '''' t "Diferiteriiiii 'ldiai'of the capabilities of'
,tastraty - foururfirOPYltqlqnB how th:rest,
est of living ' journalists martagrie t o, nu t hem I
up. lieftliqiitla :Oink? one la g, to
call for me to ride out with him to the 'Shook,
a mile or sa•berrad the Central Park, in which
khrdanghtcy, a charming young Miss of four
teen or fifteen, it being educated. RI had
,F-T: 2 -sitiolady achieved breakfast, the neinfoottn,
and a horselatiokildM jltiotertenely morning,
,rid e. over, . he nes AS told.' `
"I atan.' ,, *Ayala:: hit:ll46U thititta-ittiOt
ii i
es to writs and answer his le of
~,,,,, Asttersi thotOkilleto . dine , ! and y he.
.. ,iiiiiiiitil th i. - ivirWir b y Olig,:off.i heal
1, . ,t A roCika p i r r p lawi t a3 4 o ll 4. P 3 a, ll 4 7141
, to - the office z ' _ ... ~,,v - v. - iy> , .. .
QinciiiTyprolii",,iiiiihihai tint' 001;o op.. —.... a.Dam,: ::.:010.Andltat her husband j sk
z-,xithi.ßlEVWMPtita7 in
tv 1 e, , AblOrah*.filliVirAlkillts , l4,3fofitttilomeN
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: -2 f- ,1 f.ethosi . zaw elllc iagatatnc r.l / a . ! ' AftWt:o sqiialladdivai Ith:the
• Nita sad"thePinot. thieldWiittirie
: "Lrour loyal andtalhtetkottalatdroto
rpii touthad ausianit L Walt yon !brit
f sir tit.,ia with fooling , ' I
t iould
:-442 4 1 iielefinWitionioreas that I data bed
~,, ,. /W _ 11414Wolfrar, and - ^iltnatn.the ear
- ---. , of-tlitintalia - whieh. will record- to quo
1,/ii:Artasiatg , ,brdthilisf_4isisibilitlk4fal ti - of
, '.,, , tti , %ni-thht- - waindotjtamdleity for lay- grW" d be
' '''ai;;;lfilieltt"bo34:4242o4lfot:viotO ell. it
' - ' lif MG iiiii ' Aillia)*Xl.ljr6 eh - a
... ,51: - .41dheft . wsiakelh— field •solkTi inn : .,w0 flout,
Baer —- a . . . • • ~ i f
lila ; 1.-isieopo - 14 ip,lnAttaippii . sa me
;,...,i;,,..Age.w. , ..v i trut . A did
:. ~ .-,...•., 5 .- waren= and idat n . .1 7 0 °tad
01 4OwtqltarAltia,ntydtaattloar Alia ra o toss
..-/ing TOWTOWitATOKOWAiIIr Ittlip
.. t 41 ,
.. , •T i "7 - _, ii+o. , c
4 ' fitilail - fuss.::Attruilit, been
a I over ]6,960, it bew
' 44"jaz iWi t egr r alr tg
~ . , _ , T aym.golohiso ilfr Milo over
- '.. ' ' l 4: ''' r • 4: -', i;s*" • 1 71 11 / 1 Vani.llAV*lo
- 1.• : -",'4',i,,,,., , 71i , ..) , :. :!..!. Pit* F 4 , ,TrD4'1 4 / 4 ut
- - areq_tievioluty:
. .,.',.. - ;.2. - syrsdheademejiillreEluentn , laha.
F3tcat. , 0 .63Fragioudeplat, 10411MaTheriituArg,
l y. r. .tA, I • oil be4IS4O4IYAV - __Jlghti'litratbitriat
__. l airo_n s hikiwywnwsiall'bytari,.`Aen-,
T•su'rlisii4aftfofailmtorolg - . 4314 Pa t 0 .t0in..
lo 76 xallikellain lairtheSaiZra o 02teeeTieli ge
( 4 444,T0dvbiv4:01.4.... yet , abtata 'it
. 2 1 1-'72 - 40.t.tiiirtiriLitieraetiOn.9flhaWeY. - D.9***. o4
, ....,d.sbu
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,6014•4er livaPsh ig gi
--?i ,- .3r,iarratiimi4. t5y•f"46149 1 0,126i:
as ItgattniclituttUt laini. p'. 9MII. I Dela
_,..lnireitibe A
..-:...Theltaata of Onoluul .neit Una,
_oil Anneilratakl4. 44l .101PRL .17 2 7•15 t iiim
.1.7..i....,,vi50ice1e1.4.;.t..n.:041-1;1 oar..r.oinK. - ..,; ,'!- •il ,
•z l -1- ar-r4o.ilifia to Of t h eaf.dnigiti Nek.•
-tia **Ow :ell Wdsblngion,
ant and addressed
at cox phienkVP- IP . • H e
taggiab f I rte wia
air' s
. " 311 0eba l t i Zrl d id -til. trio l}*!
.3.l.trs '-; ..1- - iiik - .. - iroi, angle. , •- . . '
4ita ier, ~..L.. ,44.7 - o ,74utiourr , ~ • .• •
~.'2 "V. 3 7.. *P',.iPailailWt.ighat 4tin( o ol4.
-4A ., ; 2onekeit'i AUsericitelltzdalunn
:rriodar--igaix4274, .'-Oselehilir., . .. ffOr
ettl Li Cithadthigteggigad(llll2e,i ti... r
ati l t Vold 5 11ca.,:Acr.‘ ..4t
I r -
*t.- , 4:l.'Z'eakUlai.2g . 4 . < 4 ljAV'A*WVONcir:
' l 4 'Ug4rAk*,.` 474*.4:44.1W,
a .
: : A
Gen. Roiseeratta , Removal.
rn-the-Daytoa (0.,) Journal, of the 27th
Itest,me tintammnreatute for the removal of
.. , lt .
Gen. osecninitsuggestmL As the editor of
that paper, W. D. Blekham, Esq., was long,
entree:4d. with Bateerans' army as .corre
spondent of the Cincinnati (be mcrcial, pose'.
lily many People will be 'curious to hear what
appease to him a probable cause for the re
moval of a pdtmlar . and hitherto, throughout
his milttary career, a summed officer. But
- though we give t u *Titer's' statement, we
think It quite Inadeqtuste to explain the action
of the GoVahniiint ii, refernice to Gen. Bose
crans. , But even the editor himself, in intro
ducing the matter, only speaks of it as "part
Of the karnal°iif this nut which some elver
serviceable people.will insiston at least spent
. ,
When Genera Bosearans commanded the
Army of the Ilistlasippi under Grant, he tooj;
into his confidence Vol. Tmesdan of
St. Linde, 'CM had been unfit] to l ea. Pope
liiimouri, main the lionthweet, tattle se;
infornuiticin consenting Alto ene
my. In early life Trandall had been In po
lice service. lie was" shrewd, crafty, long
headed and reticent. Gen. Pope and Gen.
chant gave him Minato privilege in 'thsllm'
cerement of cotton, and be made money at it..
Bat `ultimately he attached himself to Gen.
Rosecisas, and accompanied him to the
.Department of the. Cumbarland,-, where ho 1
iihorrifinlfldenselD to-the seirice of I
the army, at lint enjoying the exclusive priv
- Itifillin s t octal Setilee,y),
Sadtlaeerairapere,llllW frlayi,lDth' the,
etaitr6i attic — hel - tEallia 'should carry the
army mails. Ent this„ imams he nmily
theta fieotheir :handy ttie, &seeded - , -himitelf
_exclusively to Army Potioe business. lle or-'1
paned &
3hrou groat epy
~systern, and, spread hi,
netweikOint qtaihville and - bite the-.
rebel" lines. He &equines e ast fund of raid ;
4 1 Aaitet4 0 %,.and-kerpt Bpsocrani
fltetell Pettecli.ji ;the
- dribs ttuf tilde" *UM' tad' "ffinlehed .ar
Nashville, and finally
.destro ed It, and in
7 Anitirt Lett, Wham thit, at an ex-1
pima of some $60,000 he had turned over to
the government over a million dollars' worth
of_eantraband matchandien and Amoy, Atine
Orjrbielt have- re
calved but for efforts. But while exe
cuting his duty ho interfered seriously
with milichiarints rebels r in. Nashville,
(whe steentediin n- artfhtagoini;endinditioaLin
&tenon over eveßain men. Some of 'them
were arrested and imprisoned. Complaints
were Mitivida.te Roxiscrans, and after
hearing'bOtit'sfdeic he generally sustained his
subordinates. Thom. ,wlto bated puesdail
transferred their enitity- to Ftofeerada , The
friende, , Athelatter
,trarysed hini r that a -eon
atidisthim, Which
would embarrass Mgt.*. _Waehington. Ire
'Wielded - the ''shigiteetiett h on e s t morn,
_gkiefeiesed.madintinbihed• . confidence in
Truesdell.' The pressure against the latter,
e.#:1 1 0 1 / 4 1 1 444ittifibitilikfile arrest tin'
ne e police dimartment. • Col. Truesdail wigs
14 1 5 111 P t it": °A . alrietariNilikr raillitary corn
'match; tirlid - deolitad - to ` teatime his old
position: These era the facts in
ribases in the
Army Police Department, but it is pertain
"tien.ilinecranis was DOC , tautschttui -of them,
and that he caused investigations to be made
in order that they might (if any) lle exposed
and corrected. Capt. Clark, A. A. G., o'
:illiestrido fluttliebaticter; rill) an
amination and did not find excesses; A mil
-1 lite* otexurdssion acquitted Colonel Trees
-dill himself, and it was finally decided
that the pettier who raised the hue and
.cfY !red* Mee° who warp
,Jtalunv that some
"tea icejairedi:.privileges of -trading with
tho, vrhick
_lFere denied to them.
LOtherleallinstlealso grew up in thn DepeaV
meat offlaCumberland—jealons jurfulie;
%Aid itibjebtalefkiehteFilidnt at
Washington, but which General Reseciaisdid'
not think of stifficient importance ,to notice
ciscP oxii p• -, !_ktlra,e Aslarcutldilld-bYllrestuur,l4
A►n- env*" 'xibixied,athirrs. [cinching
the au feet of credits due or eupposed lobe
due, which werirtiot given In offl - mal reports;
or-Allisiuns and. ,refiectiona. which, were not
Ai-tubbitiotts 'Manzi,' men ; all of
which accumulated against General Roseman!,
=Alia doftb,toseter int* dicpagßi pend
ing againsfliiiiliflreurbingtozi: When -Pres
ident Lincoln learns the whole truth we think
the .r.eV 1 1.9 1 4 21 / 1 . 1 144.10'. 1 4 dry bones..
Front East Tennessee.
d'aiiti?, of Thniedei, says :
Lista. Col. J. B. Brownlow, of the 9th Ten
.4risper. gangs) arrived itrthenitylay before
for his regiment. Ho informs as that tihre-ii ,
no fionbtAtte thatYmet. Tongue° will adcMt
immediate minumres for emaneipatng
reernitr hare
'AMA Plat4iit
IMU• Harne,entered
iiefrmar Ofth elite from
thierof North Carolina and Georgia bar
..4l3LPlPsXdnises,s4l:; :
imiCii - Browiihi s ii issued lie Grst tit/toiler of
his now paper on the 26th inst., which date is
•vgiatty,cits* masmitortithe 114011 which
'the Kx!ArtIi9JWIVKIIVPB224O
COMMIT NMI Ltiiliijilliibaii.jate lore-
spomtant of s Long pt niter : (44 / have
4 1 404414111a1ift.%. TAllar nurnth!s•
knocking about.' I glorious weathef,taud r
i50W.441: timing ittogratiteuktort..: There
is *good anecdote drone of them. He wanted
bhp army tcaWetied 4 lil tho use of the ildrIII•
strong gunottul got Auto,,but wum .qtAigod
;la battititUtti attilangittilutii' CU target
put t up ill his king4ot, hie own uotluring big
44 - abitropg Mute •
Nctu.Strkons,Fatayraardraws a depla F
;114 &tan of thStuludikigt4tagitiratp that
-trity.l laiditiiiiiionmereamtkstapuint,,the
lithafrttralTeatarittalandOhrhaagi felt
'that aomarimptiggprAotala innt, in
tcase matletalltitNalthreatWia. the coming
giater, 412:4
Faeottly,remaithat Vittriehtitor; M iiriewor to
qatatUmen'theilublect.of the wag:. ."That
matterrl do not talk upon - Jeri
for others to disonsi;sidd' init ' fbeLnq 'dwelt
upon is say old age. Lq other ,and
most WOO iingion lhb.attention of !ottrot
A Lorpox,profosam. teetered recently of
food -Hs~Laade mind aerie,-lehloh wee
pronooncedozedliet, then toldthe audiato:
theft:be* tad lipid !lOTA Ida% a,matitre of
trallookluAlood, eboip'i lirer dried,
A.4l4A o 2...f.ofilings444l l lYA;tholfr o,opitai
porter, • too, made id sgite of _We, eau'
arable's/Id 4111!tWittiAn
emenamiA•gaban.44laraite were Owl,
A n dama n,
al ..;11.015fth• 11 -td- , 8. A. Andaman,
falp . Ol?. 500 0..1148415: Jos:
to • } : O taiSlAttAtra'Aloore
'Washington, 500 atsl2s; E. H . Mafiltt ,
Ohio, 500 at VV.
' Ttral tildes - Fajita. drattair "up ai" iagara.
About 24tratamot - straw paper arciasunfau
tured. daily at Niazara . Fip loathe diroit York
0,0:0 2 1 1 #14 1 4*-VECt144 1 ri
nivtif to
Eikrim W1B! CLOTI4 EilM „ toran
k Atomm o v a m.
- "" g nI I T I P 4 ;;W* I N a+
_lolrAnakeire wimaida;
,110 3 414,4,6,..„,02,... A 1 1 / 1 1 supply
"US =WM 40.114sZat the /Marna' &us
rAcKfl i tor s to ClOi t i!eas
; :%14 . BOTIIIVIN2 d Dl* Ps.
4,0 directed to Alfthany,
isslPlttsbastk'L 044
ttf a ?r a•
• •-••-•• tSi Wed .
. ;
. _--..•
11-..:4.-;'_:=,44.-7:•..,,,:•14,:.,--'7.;4"-..F.:4-','-',":.-7'-a'~..~,~ ~39-Si:. ~ 39- 'w?r- - 'x'-'z- - -=''" - -7'-`'''' 7 - , "":'' -- "* - " --'"' '--, t , -- , gt ,,- -- - .4 - -. - -.:-.....zr.,..-...--3 , 1 - .. ...,-----. --.,,,;.,----- . ---- -,---
-,, . U ;7 :
,r., --; r' -_-'- .-',, ftil B 5 - - --.•-t.. ---.- - - H. -
.-, -, f " a ,V . 1 .s- .7a -,;:t--..H, -.. .. .
- _„...i.
~'',..,!: :e -- :^-', ;: , i ma .-: w
I ,
.._ . . .. . ...._.
. .
. .
szwal.rp's sazts.
RIIEREFIFS SATiRS.---Byvirtne of sun
dry executions issued out of the District
Court of Allegheny County,f Prinniiylvo•
nia, and to the Bhatiff of said cennty,di
rooted,. there will .be exposed to Public
Sale, at the Comm ,Hottsa, in the City of
Pitlabrirgh, , in said county, on Idowatx r ;
run 23D DAY OP NOITIOMEE, Anneum
1863, at 10 o'clock A. ra t the following.,
described real estate,.to wit:
'Ali the right, title; interest And claim"'
of the defendants, John... Bauer and Henry
Popp ! of, in, to and out of all those two
certain lots or Pieces of ground (node
sdribed in one, situated in the bo ugh
of Duquesne, (fornierly Rom!, Oil Re-:
serve townships ,) in the county . of ;Alle
gheny, and state of Pennsylvania, being
part of In No. 99 in the plan orlots laid
out by. U. It. Warner and,Jacob Painter,
recorded in the office for recording of
deeds in and for said county of Allrghe
ay; in. plan' book voL • 1, 'page Ipl, and
part of Jelin W. Gill's tract of. One acre,
bounded and described- as follows, via: .
Beginning: on the south side of Butler
street, or Butler plank.road, at a 'pin;
thence eastwpily' on Bald road 39 set 6
inches to a pm; thence south 27 de pea
east 100 feet, more or less, to the =I
bank of the Pennsylvania Canal; thence
westwardly on raid 'Berm bank 39 feet. 4.
ineh'es to a plu;',thenCe northwardly, and
parillel with said second line, 75 , feet,
more or„ less, to the place or beginning.
Being the same lot or piece of ground
which was granted and conveyed by
AdatTraier and Catharine, his wiga, by
their.-deed dated April 9, 1859, to the said
- John Hauer -and HenryPopp Upon the
above desCrthed- piece of property there
to driffited2two, B=lll brick houses and a
rr 8 IP j
with a steam boiler and tan i t 1- '
211.145; " - All those three certain lala'ar'
pieces of ground situated in the bormigh
of lhiquesne, county of Alleghehy, and
state.of Pennsylvatua, being lots marked
9, 3• and 4 in the- plan of lots drawn by
'lsaac *rely _Esq., for7Willimi S. Gill,
dite January 2,1858, and reard
ed in the Recorder's office in and-far:said
county, in Wan 'rot 2,13.art4 Pag; 6 24,
bounded and described a. 4, follows, to wit 7
Beginidn,gpii 010,0 - stroet, at the corner of
lot No.. 1. in'sita phim awned by . the . miid
'John Bauer; thenea eastwardlY Oen ' the
line of said Ohio iitieet•GO'reet to di linq
of , lot No. sin said plan; thence nth
wardly.along the line of lot No. 5 the,
hank.of the Pennsylvania Canal; thence
,westwardly tilong, the said bank of canal
`69 feet 11 inches, more or less, to the line
of said lot-4AL I; thence northwardly
along,the line of .said lot, No. -to Phu)
'Street, the olaea: of.: b k eginning; whdreon
is erected upon said.deseribed pieces of
'ground 'conipris — ing lots Nos. 2, 3 and 4 in
said plan . ; a' two-Story frame shop, hark
mill and semetaxi,vats.
Seize and - titan- in execution ..4 the
properly ordohn Bauer and.blenry Popp,
arthe SOW of wllltairi Iltiffniaii.
AU the right, title, interest and • claim
of the defendant, 31organRobertson, 1 late
of said county, deceased, in the hands of
his administrant- Geforge " Watson; Jr.,
:Esq.; with , notice fii WidoWand heirs of
• said deceased,- of, in matte the-one f ;di- ,
iideithalfg 01 that ceitain rittet,:q land i
sitantett partly in the. 'borough of est
"Elisallept,atid. partly: in -Jefferson wn
shir,:said :amity, kenneled rind dose lied
as follows :;Beginning nt a pin o the ,
line of land - fPadding:us and Wiliam
Chamberr, thence by land of said Chant
bets riortW394° east 80 perches to a White
oak; thence by land of said Clianibers
south 50r, oast .163 . 540 perches "to n
white oak, thence north 42' E. 26 83-100
Porches:to-A Pint thence by land of. hos.
tligerton, James O'Neal, and the boriaugh
of West,E4aheth R,
.5r K 0 163 pe'ehes
to the Monongahela river, thence b the
Monontuthelativer R. 44r,3ir 108 perch
es to tbeliiie of land eif 'Parltinsons; thence
by land of said Parkinsons, N. 50}' W.
3la pereheitd the Pin- on" the" ine of land
of . Paikingons , find Williain'.Chrs,
- the-place of. :beginning; containin 187
acres' and 4 perches, more or les 0
acres of said land being intik: bdrough of
West Elizabeth, as appears br thp - tar
assessments AA the , same, On which are
erected one large double two-story brick
dwelling- kaise r one. frame barn, one log
totatd tend inlefrainif *tablet and on the
remaining portion of said land are hear
ing orchard, two" log houses, stable; and
other building' ; the said land is nowes:s
re,..t- -de... ta- c,„) . eetenz..o . 4 the
same devised by the last Will .and Testa
ment of Andrew Robertion, lieceaseil, re
corded in Registers office in and fog said
'county, - in Will' Bonk vet '2, pugs, 312,
unto the said Morgan Robertson, et al.
Seized -and taken in execution-nit the
property of Morgan Robertson, in the
hateds'or his Adtanustrator, Geo. Watson,
Esq., with notice to widow and heirs
'of. said deeeistilli tit the; snit'ofiEduraid
Simpson and Joshua Hanna, in trust, &a,
against Alftvill,Curling, Edward Pith,
gidge,,surgutipz,partners.of ,the late firm
sitearlitie,-Merbion•ifitig,iand George
Watson; Jr. ,Administrator of:Mor ,
gan,Rehert,sen,lat9 partuer of, said farm,
'deceased; With' notice to Antoinette l Rob.
ertstme widow i -and. Frederick. Robertson,
'and Caroline niinherWri; heirs. andilegal
representatives of,-said , Morgan. Robert-
Boni 'deceased. - • ' - , , - ,
, 41.40,, E.- I . l. T !
All the riBh4' title; interest and inbeins'of
'thclititedibin„), reletetoal'Andraletkier,'.bt,
s and
to all 4 } o!, certain tract of land, lying and
situated is Robinson township,
1 tot.
Vl l l7'7 ll o l i*OhAllic9o!W : 6 1 land
of Jo ,spb: Pkrydi ~g ilt ten. degrees east,
ono-beßd . :, reid„ and lorlY "Whiles- to a per.
thinutiAlw:datid of William lisi a t a 4,sonth
alglityssirdeposs east sweaty- and
ontiailLiterattu to a Red twilq'thenne by
land. Otclifid'Xiiralsitd . ; lontlifttirtello do ,
greet! woes., thirty-eight 'sad editt. tenth
Feb 061164 Rid"oalcsoallt sisty-sesin do.
grew -xsetoforty drum perches to a post; i
*me by binti Al, gipup Reiceurdy,', south 1
twontyre ffittidezi*Ofiottfotipilooporoboo
to a poili,i ilium IT land of Hash Olen,
north V11:00Aligt Nit , iieit 11
pooliettostimitt, south Minty:fin& =s•
Wfotittl!filtereekoll 401400ttilk (Wordy.
psov week
four_dorms Itestelitts=estekte post,
ho to.
.seP94Atthigits 4 ktitiOiii4 o ViifechirdY,
ion* Ltiendj.toigelegrois lostailtont7-
w A i ti t leftp i r s lV4V . Mgrgan
- --- 4 4,1 , it, h e
by.] ioseph' ' -Ralik el tent
•.deglfitt - Lyroft 4.lnoty pintbneigf a ; post;
:thenoe•bytoodrot J0nn4E16440#4 mu
tont digress lifestiNgliteirs ind!rdniteeng
perches to,Piiblk,oali; north thirty-two.
degrees Wash iiistymeinlerdes in ratt.tedri
dump, Sonde :note . jirFplan, &greet wog
six perches to, thopthatif beiginninV-oon
tabling one hisdraeMtwo.aores Odom,
herndrodantfictr Peroleie, strict meas.
'Uzi i' sukitA44o4T4 , *qinizs .4041
on wino are-immisiGiimil3 mansion house,
gup4llollto dpnblet,log bah; omelet . bOpoo, The re
441§ JIM 41141hatall: 1 ' :- - ' '
42604 Add rtikekr_leltiotitl4 so -the
property #42! of " Axatilyleii*c
MOANING,'y OCTOBER 31, 1863.
Th°llllls }l' Hamilton,utl itatrator of Woo along said alley one hundred feet
• John Clark. ' on h ardl in a line p arallel with Cherry
la w .7',
....... wi 1A1 .... 1;t1t en . e ...c. ." ti ti ll .. "Lfil be L4B l: l l:nts i tz f e es tk t l' f- ii:h a sztind
be s a t i re l e ey o u t ta in ta B g lzth i:ty wh il e ta" f re ee o t i n ; a t is o eu lthe a t :pl g ari s e Six tw th
e o f
that ',tertian tract Or 411!00 Or WA
. Dusted story brink dwelling house and other
1 4.. !Lett beer VOwriabiPi b0,,.._,,uww %ado- improvements. Also, the same in
' a cri ' l .„.. 112 :1 1 : ° 11 3 7 1 2 1 , 6346, 1' "Ttiroteig st s Wrest in lot No. 25 in the plan
m po sur kt.:'n o ea; :
jui a wringt,oo9slvliiietteien26ol,7ol.l4. of of ,s Part of the anb : divislon of out lot
Patlies N 0.2 In the manor of Pittsburgh, bound
to 1, 1 ,0111 4. theme AT other *tit a tract. ad and described as follows vie : Begin
' No: Bill south, one degree calS;l2f lom b o ,, th ug id. ~,p or i n , on webotor silent (former
"ida :46-14:040-,* slob CO !.. i, thence ly Coal Lane) and . running twenty four
tooth 89° west 2 2 'Penlattig to' _ pit ei a Mat to twenty six; thence eastwardly
pane read; commonly cellos • 0 Perry . along the line of said lot one hundred and
Road; thence by said , yoad.t orttior wilt nine feet Wan alley twenty six feet' wide;
8 7-10 perches, to a, post ;"1
l i ttficle north_ , Alias nOrthwat die along add 'alley 'wen-
Or west 51 , pertiliee fo • , poet by . ..tir Joni feetio lot No. 24; thence Westward.-
!hindir of -3. Griffiths north . one - gr west ly along theline of said lot onebtrodeed and
93, paiebee 10'1141400' of. - bliglardligJ-oon- nine feet to the place of beginning whereon
coining 90 sores and 130 perchee. , :lleing the le *reeled a two story brick dwelling boon
same conveyed by, Bimini ilaslettind wit. tad iither l impriteements. The said until
by deed, tfitteir.Pcbroary''a, A. p•...188l, and aided one /earth part of said described
recorded:imdred book, v01. 149 ptipt128...i0 premises being, the same which the said
lad Boleti Ilieleit= 7 -on *hide isprected John t. harper inherited as one of the
one..log - dwelling louse, &tilt oliSitard and 'heirs at law of . John; Harper, who died in
other ltoproveinenta. t'l . q . , 4 testate. , _
Belted 'and taken - in eacon4n,:te the • Seised - and taken in ezecutlon se the
property of Reliiiii. Elatlott, at 'ths.-sult of property of John°. Harper, at the snit of
A. L Pearson,. for the nee of Depot Saving John J. C'are, for use of Dollar Baring
Bank. Bank.
. 13 t fi
Alt the right, title, ixttertefelm of
'Mei denindents, Unmet EL 1.1014 *Ad Ma.
ry P. Lloyd,rhiswife, ef, in and•totall Utter'
entrain lot or piece or grimed 'elfsiited in
titt township; n the 'county of Allegheny,
bounded•and -described as -dollowe r ecivrit:
'fieginningnd Craft itrerAte, at the °knee'
of a lot owned by C. Wegefartit,:4 the dia.
tone, of three hundred` and aeletryists
eight)-hiandradthe leel,from.,,Prnalijltania
avenue thence along said. Craft avenue,'
smith forty-tWo degrees and Corti fivoliiiu
tate* east too hundred cud o iAt.l-t*e cud
eighty-eight hundredths feel to Hamlet' .
Street; thence south ieventyligitt , degree*
and-twettly,two. minutes, west lixty-one
Ind -,bfey-thred'bundredebs (seven* pin
-lhothete L soneh seventy-serett 'digress and
Imalay.cileen minutes wont Shire hundred
and.,afxty-nine 'and seventy-seven hun
dredth* feet tea pin thence berth
ons degrees thirty-eight Minutes west
„three hundred and ninety- two and twent,.
*ix hundredth feel to Murphy otielit;ilbeoce
:.north. ten minntes weal one hundred and
eight and seventy-fire huntliedihs feet en
piti en the corner of a lot now ,tined by
James McMartin; and thencenorth thirty
al decrees fifty Minutes eaai, itlepz the
line of the lots or the said Itociminiss and
the said Wegefarth, five hundred and fifty
seven and forty-elf hundredth's feet to the
pqkcotina Craft *renew,. the plane of begin•
nine containing three aorta dud one
deed and thirteen and one-half perches;
bring the same lot or piece wt ground
'blob, by deed, bearing even date herewith,
was conveyed 'by the said denten 8. CHM
is 100 said Mary P. Lloyd, this mortgage
being given to creme the psy Meat of a
balance or the Purchase Money' thereof.
Seiud and taken in suummion ache pro
perty of Thomas ft Litipt and Mary P.
Lloyd, his wife, at the suit of James 5.
All the right, title, (attired and claim of
the defendant, Alexander AtaClurg, of. in
arid to all those orrtain lota of ground in
the 7th Ward, City of Fittsbnegh, fronting
on Cliff street and extending bact to Fish
street, being lots Nos. MT, ILA
.10U; 170,
171 mud 172 in Cook and Cassette plan of
lot, on record In vol. 2, page 19; *leo, all
chose certain lots of ground situated to the
6th Ward, City' of Pittsburgh, on. the south
aide of rerry, or Qiirry, street, beta lobs
Nos 28, 29, 30, 31, 32,33, 34
. „35 / 30 3 3 , 39
4001, 42, 43, 44, 4k, 40,'47, 1 48;q9, 60'shif
01' in the plan o' lots laid out by Alexander
' gelled and taken in execution as the pro.
petty of Alexander bloClurg at the rail at
Toomey H Wilson.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
the defendant, William Brawl; 01,-tn, to
or out of, all toot certain lot er piece of
grouid situated in the toticsbip of Bower
BLI Clair, Allegheny county and Suite of
rennSyleanta, 194 bounded and described
as follows : Beginning at a pin on theiweet.
aide of Bedford Street, at the distance of
422 feet 10 inches eouthwardly from the
southern line of the Borough of Dimling•
ham,•,thenwe along Eleilford street ettuth
wardly GO feet to the corner of lot N 0.13;
thence westwardly along the line of said
lot JlO 1p about Sl feet and 3 inches to
John Brown's line';' thence strong Said line
aorthwardly about &0 feet ainri inches to
the carter of lot No. 10; thence along said
let 2 ,10, 10 esetwardly . 102 feet 2 inches,
moil, Ortb the place of beginning; be
ing composed,oflowNoc 11 and 12; in tbe
plan of lots laid ont by Robert Duncan, El
quite, and thisame lot Whirth Datill: Jen
king and. wife, by their deo daft() Bepurm
bar 18,18588 toL 'page 280 &a., con
veyed td the eiiddeftlnds9t,William Brown,
—on which bre 'erected' thine Iwo-et:cried
Seized and taken inAzeoutlon tie the pro
perty of William AtOltin at tie auk. of Jo-
Beph Allen. .
All the right, Ittle r iiitereet and claim of
the defendant, Williact.Edwarde, of, Ilion,'
to all that oettaitt,lot of gronotteittiated in
LOwer gL Cialf iownehjp, Allegheny coon
, ty, beiNg lot-nutobered , ' , Doe" 441 p pion
- eloUrlaid out by Itichifd Ctiwttni on Coal
oot4...tOgnehit.; and Winded and
described a. follows: Commencing at the
flue of Willhun' •EbtArstroundla High
street; thence by ; line, of Ingli
.etreet GO
Nie l =ore or les, to corner of lots Nos. I
and 24 ; thence by . of iete. Not 1 rind 2
teet,.more 'Of leis; to Wil
liam t bblillnei - thencehy 'eaidaine north
siardlitd trlsol hoentilogi.'On-erhloh is
erected, alirO4lCry,l444....dwelling house,
with thiappurtentinom
Seized and taken in exectitionai the pro.
pert:jot 1 8111lent.E4t!httIN at the suit of
'mob iambs amid.
• - • ALSO,
All tiff right, tills,, Interest and Claim of
the defendant, Alexander bloCittrg, pc le
and to all those certain lots of ground, sit,
tutted In the Lth Ward of the City of Pitts
eft menth,eldif of Quarrp etreet,
(or _Perry street,) extending on said lino
from a point on said Quarry street 96 feet
west of Butler street to 5 point 454 feet,
Outwardly from:Butler street ; W3414)16
Not. 28, 29, 30, 81. 82, 83, 84. 3 . 6,
88, 39, 40, 41, 92, 43, 49, 45, 96, 47, 48, 4']
50and 51, In the plan of lots laid obt by
Alexander Laughlin ; each of said lota
having a front of 24 feet on Quarry street ;
and extending back about 130 feet, more or
lees, to the base of the hill; Also, the fol•
tovingdokailiedlits of ground; situated in.
the 7th Ward of the City of Pittsburgh, to.`
wit: lots Nos. 167, 168, 109, 170, 171 and
172, in•Coek and Comma's plan of lots. in
whieb pima 1m of record in vol. 2, page 19;
said lots fronting on ICH street and ex.
tending back to Fish street :
Seized and taken in execution as the
proong:rot silltranderllCClurg, at Montt 1
of Robert Wldtaker.
ths right, titles, and claim of,
,the defendant, Joint 'C. Hipper. or, 1p and
, th all the nidividid ottedsarth part (subject .
to ridow's dower) of that certain lot of
ground situated in the Third Ward of ibe,
oily of Pittsbirgbibounded and described
as follow *is: Beginning on the northern
AiAitelitiiiikeakeitteittifolcaerit oleo
three feet outwardly from Cherry alley
thugs book trop Sixth street, In a line par.
aid witkaCbirry' iltiy one bundled /esti
aeon outwardly -in imparaligne With'
SW% itreerthist fait la Fos A
ill the right title, interest and claim
diefendant, William 0. Leslie / of, ia and to
ail ihetsektain treater'land situated in the:
township .of ,Pitt, bounded. and described
as follows,' to wit: Beginning on Mullet
street slily one Ant lifiy three cue hurt
dredtbs,feemoutti wirdlYfromerialmitenues
theuce south seventreireatlegrees, twenty
neitin 'Wattles' Jtreet, three' hundred and.
sixty nine and seventy seven ,one bun.:
&edam feet to a pit; thenoe north sixty
one degrees' thirty eight minutes went,
three htmdred and ninety tensed twenty
eta one hundreds feet to Murphy 'treat;
therms along Murphy street south ten de.
yen, east thirty feet toe pin; thence south
dirty four degrees forty one-minutes and
ten seconds west two hundred and eighty
minutes eastsix hundred and seventy-six
six one 'lieedredihs feet to Hamlet swat;
thence north twenty eight degrees twenty
two minutes east four hundred and ninety
seven and two one buodredtas feet to place
of beginning—containing four sores and
ninety two eighteen one hundred perches.
Sexed and taken in execution as the prop
erty of W. 0. ioslie, at the suit of 3homas
All the right, title, inter et and claim of
the defendant, John J. Sutter, now in the
- hands of Zenaa Curtin' and Henry Ochs°,
his tulminisirators, of, to and in all that
certain tract, .or piece of ground, situated,
lying and helot in Blister township, Alle•
e mu co t icity,_ Pentßill, anis, containing
seven acres, meteor lead, and bounded by
the Allegheny & Butler Plank Road Com-
pay by Pine creek, Jacob elangold's pro.
party and iroperty of Samuel Suitor ; and
esrieg thereon erected a two-story frame
dwelling house; also; a one and ono half
story frame dwo hog, and a frame stable
sad small barn.
Seized end taken ia execution se the pro
perty of John J. Sutter, now ia the k.nds
of Zense Dareim and Henry Ochee, hie ad
niinietratore, Hoptended with Ureuls But
ter, at the Ault of Hear . ! Weal:el.
All the right., title, interest `stud claim of
the defendant, John Brown, of, in and to
all that certain piece or parcel of land,
with the butldingsana aopuctenancea, situ
sled iu the Patti Ward, City of Pitts
burgh, at the corner of Penn and O'Hara
streets, and fronting forty eight feet on
teas drroel
,taok !nail
width a luog s Otero street one hundred
feet, and having thereon erected four two
story bail houses, and being the lame two
lots of ground, met twenty four by one
hundred feet,, which Alexander Laughlin
and wife, by deed recorded in vol C A, page
296, conveyed to the Said John Brown,
and by deed recorded in vol 51, page 208,
o u • dyed to' Hobert Brown, who died in-
teet:te end without Issue, and whose eel
tautest heir* reconveyed the same to him
(the said• John Brown) by their deed re
corded in voL, '5B, page 439, vol. 69, page
55, vol 70, page 580, vol. 71, page 412,
and vol. 72, page 87..
ALSO—AII that certain lot of ground, in
the Borough .of Bait Birmingham, in the
county of Allegheny, bounded end de
'earthed "as ,follciwe, grit: 'Begriming at Ms
northwesterly corner Lrmed by the inter
section of Carson abd Brown Streets;
thence extending in fr. tat on Carson Street
Westwarlly. 300 feet Oliver street, and
in depth northwarAly '2.4 feet to Sidney
street; Also, that other iut of ground elle'.
nted in the borough and county aforesaid,
hounded and denoribed ea faibalt, sit:
Baying a front on the u rth aide of Carson
street of 367 feet 81 ! tootles, and extending
back along the eastern It ae eJ Brown street
wirthwardly, preeervit,r a uniform *idth
of 367 feet 131' inches, to the hisatingShels
i 'river, and containing about six aid three
fourthasores, and bounded by said hiOnon
, gabela Oise, by Carson and'Brown streets,
and properly Obweorlate,ofJames Taylor;
upon which lot are erected a large brick
mansion house, a brick stable and b two
story frame house ; &c.
Belted and taken ineicoution as the pro
perty of John'Brown, at the suit of Sam
net Gormly.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
the defendant, John Forsyth, of, in and to
all that certain measuage and piece of land
eituated in Robinson township, tiller heny
county and State of Pennsylvania, bounded
and described asfollows, vie : Begins ngat
a poet en the north aide of Temperanceville
and Nobles4wn Plank Road.; thence by
lend of Jacob Doolittle north 361. degrees
west 168 ii.o. perches to a pool; then by ,
the' gime', north Lai (Nieuwe Gait) 6;10
perches:to a Poet; thence by land of antiyi
Ewing south 38i deg.tist 126 MG ' es.
to it post In. tlii Old tioad; 1 henoeiby t an 'sold
then by
, franiy Eirliig foJohnPorsytheen 391'
degrees 'West ,- --3 perchen to a postMa
wild; ammo' by the 'name intith 29 de
greens east 30 4-10 perches' tom-poet tie
nortliside of said Plank float and nee
along said Plank It - Mid eolith 444 •
west a 7 pechesto thvbeginning; co tan:
ing ;26 acres and 33 - rename, more o le ss;
on which are : elected . a one story rich
dwelling hail*, with back building, a me
stable and ont•nnilillage. ;
'.'Reised' and taken in execution aii the
property 'of' John Foreyili, aLetha snit of
Jacob Doolittle.,
All the right.; title, interest and claim of
the defendant, William W. Fad, of, in and
to, and out +fifths tenoning described micas
. of 'vomit% iiitusted lit She Second Ward, of
the City of Allegheny, County *fiddle.
gheny, and State of Pennsylvania; botaided
and described as followe„ vie: -Begl ng
on the north side .of Shannapin street, on
the North Commons; Ot thedtatipdeot sixty
feet of : - Po k lck Alt 4 Street; theses
along Shannapltt -street eastwaidly .
feet; alnico isysklitie ruanibliPariffle With
Palo Alto *relit 'pertlisiarcU.y.osth d ivo t
and: eighty : feet to tßonloCalltey; nos
along 14Atdis alley weetw i rdly %hi tett'
10;:thiiIpepte. Of lhehtetbilo..ileho Lou;Len;
-theinie.smutwardly emblurudred'andleighs
het to 1344miipliketretc - thirpfittiOf Into..
;gogllo,94llhlol,lff t re attlti ,I, two!story
brick helium with back builgin.L a ,
. r Seized , Mid: taken in executlOnthe
property of W illlini W. FOrd s iCilte ui tt of
Simoll.,-PCF4' _. , ' • ':. L . - •
(i 4- •
. ' - .
uue,. tritertit and of
the illtfeidsal,l4ohn Justice 840,r, kd i IA
anti to, that lot or piece of gretmd, situated
In Ninth Ward, City of Pittsburgh, bounded
and described asfellows, to wit: Beginning
on the north aide of Pena street, at the dis
tance of twenty four feet from Baldwin
- stree4 theses along Penn street towards
Morrie street twenty four feet and extend
inglack preserving the same width one
hundred and fifty fonr feet to Mulberry
alley—on which le erected two three story
brink dwelling houses.
' Asso, all that other lot adjoining the
*bore and beginningen Perm street, at the
distance of forty eight feet from Baldwin
sheet;• thence along Tenn: street towards
Mottle street eighteen feet and entending
beak thisamewidth to Mulberry alley—on
whietiserected * two story house.
Baited and taken in execution as the
Proently of John Justice Miller, at the nit
of Just ice Baker.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
thedefendent, Nathaniel West, D. D , of, in
and to:van that certain mesenage and piece
of ground situated in the borough of Mc-
Jleesport, and bounded and described se
:follows, to• Beginning eta point where.
the eastern side of a twenty foot alloy,
running parallel with the Youghiogheny
River, laid out by Samuel M rose, inter
eosin Polleck's line, therms rester), by
„. :. said;ili n ,threeltundrad - andlenefiet, mot e
#o'icittir,, to line of lot. of Joseph tiil
ti northerly by raid line (Unpin,
titid: l ine of James Lew in's 1 . 4 t land rrd
feet, mope or Jess, tee street named Buena
Meta street, in Etose'aplan of lots now, or
former y inked by Jicob Culp, three Bun
dietr.arad:eigbleen feet, more or less, to
the aYOr.nald Atienky toot alley; thence
eouiberly oiitundied and
At 4 feet, more or him, to the ' place - off be
. ginning. Alec, all that lot of grouted sit
tasted in borough aforesaid, bounded and
described as follow., . Beginning on
the aforesaid twenty foot alley, al the line
of Jacob Culp's lot; thence southerly
along said alley sixty feet to line of
Whighim's lot; thence westerly along said
line• one hundred and forty feet; thence
northerly parallel with said alley sixty
feet, to hue of calis lot; thence by said
line easterly one hundred and forty feet, to
the piece of beginning. Being the same
which wan by John Pilch and wife, by deed ,
the MU of March, A. D., 18'4 recorded in
deed book 114, page 223, unto the aforesaid
Nathaniel West D. D.
Seised and Laken in emotion as the
property of Nathiniel West, D. D, a the
suit, of Levi Edmondson and John Peoroy,
whosurvived Jean Sill and John Whig.
;1111 the right, title r interest and claim of
the defendant, - Alexander bleolarg, of, In
and-to, all Ism certain lots of ground in
the Seventh Ward, Ciiy of Pittsburgh,
fronting on Cliff street, and eatemlios
back. to Fish street, being lots Nos. 167,
168, 169, 170, 171 and 172, In Coot and
Comsat's plan of lots on Record, hs volume
2d, page ID. Also, all those certain lots of
ground adulated in. the Fifth Ward, City Of
Pittsburgh, en the south aide of Perry or
Quarry afireete, being lots Noe. 28, 20, 30,
81, 82, 31, 34, 85, 86, 38, 89, 40, 41, 42,
43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50 and 51, in the
plan of lots laid oat by Alexander Laugh
Soiled and taken in execution as the
property of Alexander McClurg, at the
suit of Jonathan Posey.
Ail the right, title, Interest and claim of
the defendaot, Christopher Schmalz, of, in
and to all the following described lois of
ground, situated in Pitt township, in the
county of Allegheny, and Commonwealth
:of- Penney twin* designated as Noe. and_
11,'In the plan of lota laid out by said 510-
' Cllntook and Rifleman, and reoorded in
plan book, vol. 2, page 196,botanded and de
scribed as followe : Lot No. 53 begthnlngon
the north side of Braddock street at the
distance of 212 feet hvithes from the line
of land of _Reuben Tustin's Children, thence
along said Braddock it. north 873° east 100
feel; , theyeenorth 2r west 04 feet 4 incites;
thence, north b east 85 feet 4 'inches to
Tustin street; thence alongsaid street north
8W west 100 feed; thence eolith 5° west 90
feet 3 lathes; thence 32r ettet'lo3'feet 111
Inches to the place of beginning;:oti Vegan.
is erected a frame dwelling house and
brewery. Lot. Ito. 11 beginning at the
corner of Pennsylvania &vim= and Schneck
street; thence elan_ sold avenue 20 feet to
lot 80. Icq. thence alongeald lot southward
ly 119 feat to Beech alley; thence net
weirdly atantsaid-alley - 20 feet to Sohneck
street; thencenorthwardly along said street
114 that to the place
.0 beet:tiling
. Seised and taken in execution as the
property of Christopher &bawls, at the
snit of W. McClintock, (or use of C. ECM.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
the defendant, John Lehner, of in and to
all that Oerfain lot erpleoe of land situated
thoboroughof B.Birmingham,sud county
of Allegheny,. bounded and described as
follows, to wit: Beginning on the south
eastern corner formed , by , the intersection
of Meadow and Jane streets; thence in front
or width on Meadow street southward!,
40 Net t end in depth eastwardly along Jose
street 00 fee 4 whereon is erected a mall
frame house. .
.Seised and taken in execution as the
property of John Lehner; 'at the suit of
llilltiorgirla,execator of carotins Ormsby.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
the defendant, John • Brown, of in, and 'to,
all: that certain, piece. or, parcel of land,
with-the building, and, apprirtenarteee,
naiad In the FlfthArrird, city et Pitlebusgb,
at the corder iSt. tent:tend - O'Hara *sow
and frentingtOrtg.4dghtreet ort Tenn street,
:and extending back of *Avail , width along
O'Hara, nitieet —:- one hundred feet,
and having thereon erected fear two story
- brick bonne, and being.the tonne two lout
_ . _
.of ground. each . tirentylour. *et.. by one
hundred, which_ - Aleritudor Limekiln And
itife,htileed.reeorded in 506 pegeloo,
conveyed to Robert Brown, who died late*.
. I .loe and without issue, and whosecollataral
Adis revamped. the same to himia, said
I deed,. recorded in vol.
88, plot 489, vol. 89, page 88, rel. 70; page
MAIL - 71 i Pege 4 - 12 . • ' • • •
Seized and ~taken In - execution the
property 'Of - John Prow°, , at tha sou of
Adam •Tab, nee;4o Of , BOhnildt.
All_ll4 061, 1.111 e; interest and claim of
-I.lM.defendeal,..Bosata Nicholson, of, in and
44 all , thstAriet of lend situated in Pins
Wiriship,Allegheny county, containing 100
alms, more or less r and mgoiningrlands Of .
Honer lbelLjames Thompson,
gl,ton,Whlawberger ; and Kelly,
whereon are aratitstia frame housd and out
Tualdhigin :pas of the said lend is cleared
i l 47o l tlTatod:_ fruit trees, good
41tabesiti; thereon. , • .
litilted. and taken In execution as. the
tr9PWAT.Of:fiontits Nicholson , at the snit of
ucorge /lodgers, now for:use of A. , Binhop.
• - • ALS% •
All the right , title, interest:aid claim of
Elm • defendant,f Will. Black, of,: in and to
,Alt that certain loi of gromrkirkthe
etaritafAeTcity if Pittsburgh, .pouted on
th, gawk side or Prospect street, beating.
on Raid sticei'44:B64oofect, and sunning .
back about •87 ;484004141 - tileing4 - 20 foot
alley; 04 120 t 4 ci. Prospect
07 42-100. folks:4old tie lidding. Black
is um /Muer -or rested witer. the staid
stun ef• - •Sgtl`tieleir; tbn.atteettittilent, ar9n
said lot Tot.flar Matti Oa exposes of grak
ing thsoportoriTroopooOstreot4ttendlot
from 13evehth stritit'ic
Belted 1114 rtaltiltia .exeCtitliti - !duo
property of Will. Black, at the snit of the
C mmonwealth of Pennsylvania, for nee.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
the defendant, Thomas H. hit - smart, dec'd,
now in the hands of.hiary IltiSteerart and
Wm. Thompson, hts administrators, of, in
and to all that certain rolling mill, tract,
piece or parcel of land situated in Duquesne
borough, in the oonnty aforesaid, bounded
and described as follows, to wit: Beginning
on the centre of Girty's Run; thence down
the Allegheny river south 28 degrees west
20) perches to a post; thenee - borth 22 de
grees.west 103 lOperches to &peat by lands
of said Thomas H. Stewart; thence north
degrees west 16 perches to the centre of
Citrty's Run aforesaid; thence down centre et
laid Run, and by the line of the Poor House,
north 68 degrees east 20 perches; thence
south 60 degrees east 22 perches to the place
of beginning—being the same rolling mill,
tract, piece or parcel of ground which the
said parties of the first part, together with
others, by their indenture, dated the 20.11
day of October, A.D., 1863, conveyed to the
said Thomas U. Stewart, together with all
and singular the building and improve
ments, streets, lands, alley., paisages, w aye,
witerawater courses, rights, liberties, priv
ileges, herditoments and appurtenances,
whattceer *rennin belonging, or in any
wise appertaining, and the reversions and
remainders', rents, issues and profits there
of, 6:c. •
Seised, and taken in execution as the
property Of Themes H. Stewart, now. in the
hands of his administrators, nary IL Stew.
art and Wm. Thompson, &Cabe suit of Rees
Lloyd, et. el., fur use of Partsc‘l I!. i'ratt
AU the right, title, interest and claim of
the defendant, James Hughes, of, in and to
all that lot or piece of ground, situated in
the Birth Ward of the city of Pittsburgh,
and bounded and deecribed as follows :
Beginning at a pin on Webster street, at
the point dividing lute Nos. 14 and 16, in
Cummins' plan; thence by Webster street
fifty-nine feet ail inches, to a point divid
ing lets Nos. 12 and 13, in the same plan;
thence by said last mentioned dividing
line, extending back a distance of sixty
;Rix feet eight inches, to Cummins' line;
thence in a direct line fifty-six feet to a
point dividing lota Nes. 14 and 15; thence
extending in a direct line eighty-three tout
two and a half inches, to lYebster street,
at the place of beginning; being parts of
lot. 13 and 14 in said Cummins' plan, and
the same piece cf ground. which:was con
veyed to said Hughes by Said rummies by
deed, dated July 24, 1831, rec ,rded in vol.
47, pap 313, and on which is erected a
large three story brick boliciing, intended
fore store room and dwelling house.
Auto, All that certain lot of ground sit.
listed in the Sixth Ward of the city of
Pittsburgh, and numbered 97 in Pearl.-
ontee planet lotik as recorded in plan book
volume I, page 107; and being of uniform
width and tweedy-four feet on Tannehill
Lane, by ninetpono feet two inches in depth,
to the line et lot No. 27 in the same plan;
and being the same lot conveyed to the soil
Hughes by Sarah B. Fetterman, by Jeed
dated July 21,1840, recorded in volume 73,
page 50.
Arco, Those three certain lots of greubel
stunted in the Sixth Ward of the city :of
Pittabargh, and numbered 2r, 26 and 27 in
mild Fetterman's plan, recorded in plan
book volume 1, page 107; lot No 2t.e, situated
on the corner of Vino and Weheter streets,
fronting forty-two feet and one inch ou
Webster street, and extending back of uni
form width along Vine street one hundred
and nine feel, to the line of lot No. 29 in
the euunerplan; and being the same lot con
'eyed to James Hughes by Daniel Davis,
by deed dated September 12th, 1846, end
'reOrli - din *dame 91, page 921; lot No.
26, fronting also on Webster street twenty
fivefeeteleve.n and five-eighths inches; said
lot biting twenty-four feet six add three
fourths inches in width, and one hundred
-feet six and three fourths inches in depth
on the south side and One hundred and
eight feet in depth on the north side; lot
No. 27, fronting also on Webster arrest
twenty fire feet eleven inches, and being
twenty-four feet six and three-fourths
inthes in width, and eitending back rine ty
two feet and six Inches on the south side
;and one hundred feet six and three-fourths
inches on the north Bide, and conveyed to
James Untie, by deed of Sarah a Fetter
man, dated July 21, 1890; recorded in vol
ume 76, page 60, and on which lot No 27
is erected stem story brick dwelling house.
Seised and taken in execution as the
property of James Hughes, at the snit of
Nanny IfoKernan, far the nes, (in part) of
F. C. Negley.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
the defendant, William R. Graham, deed,
now In the hands of Allen Kramer and D.
N. White, his administrators, of in and to
all that certain tract of land,situated in Roes
townehip,Allegheny county,Ps,bounded and
described as follows, to wit: Bounded on
the easterly side by the public road known
teethe New Franklin road and by lauds
devised by William IC Graham to John 11.
Koontz; on the southerly side by lands Imo
of - Jacob Belliebsugh (now Beilhart, Ilerrou
and others) and lands of thO heirs of El
ward Hewitt, deo'd; on the westerly side
land of Bahl liewitt's heirs, M. Thomas and
Daniel Morningstar, and on the northerly
aide by lands of Peter Ivory's heirs and the
old Redenbsugh, containing one hundred
semi, more or less, and having thereon
erected the following improvements; - vie:
one law two storied frame house and ap
phrtenanCei with *Argo two storied framo
bank barli and 'haling, being the old man
sion house of Wm. B. Graham; one other
two story frame house, and appurtenances,
with large frame stable, known_ as the
ItGreen Tree Itin;" one other two story ten
ant boost, situated on the plink road, sod
appurtenances; one other two-efory- tenant
house, lear said read, and stabling; and
one other common tenant house (near the
coal pity two stories high, with buildings
appurtenant; and having a coal pit 'opened
otresid land, with ten sores more , or less
bituminoukooal, and beinctlutt.same land
-ownet . Wm. IL Graham, in bieVetime,
Ind occupied by his tenants, aid the same
devised b laid • Graham in hie - last will,
'to; to the defendants.. •
; , Eleised, and taken .irr wsecution as the
property of William B. Graters, deed; now
' the" Pines of Allen :Kramer and D. N.
-White, hie • ezeoutora, with italic* -- au, at
the sulard' Elias Graham, by her guardian,
Snsatr 'a OyncE,
'October 30;1863.
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