The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1863-1866, October 30, 1863, Image 3

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MDATMORPTIN - Or-:= 1 . 4- OCT- • ;04E68:
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0311 MAnOr. wr ,
iGA:igniilt;GO. B. *Can ItOret
treet--eonvetadgitY. : riY' ii :
9a Y -
: • 58
•11 I . . ..
tra:t :a
'' at Richmond are
• ~- •• Treated. .
:o_ :: •
.'.. &lett er W riiiin br" icr •T ; 7' I" re
' r
'. , erly a ttemyman oea m,hetshuchuia t;
. lelb_akh"n4iTd I n which
tt W"
that the Union prisoners at. Richmond
-5w7 7, • - 11. -"kii` b a.d.l:T.,Trij,,jea;ttih::ersstiet'nbtl.exteoed .extensively`
~,,_,_ -. , ra---" li ' ' or;thiplain of the
' 4.r.-aeo*
' Wit had been a
'''' l.-;- ' ' '''
12th -TinnsP l42l d l q ii fa r r_ , .. °
/-lei litichinOtcl for seme'folar " o 24 1".
i..,4 , cl.- 7 ., ittitin. . itc,ore in rather:,
' -- an d beirdoStilani with Idr. .
c '','''" " -, , i n a tatter to go dew
' l ' a ''-`" ''''- t . ' unequivocal terms. ~ - ' .; , ,
'at that'plate, be says . i
- veki - ear , date d . letter purP,sl4,-
1 c .•.•-,lt -, • - tri lei, kit Imen. shown e....
Thomas v.
, ,21:,-,0 , a- - - 114; to h eoro been written b3r A.° .. to
mos formerly o f m
. plane,
cx. . :,-... L , ~ ...:..Moore, of R i°l2 t t i si , b ro adl y tondo,thst
‘ ''
.in whisk : the
In the 'YAHOOS prisons of
.or .., + • We TrAto prisoners _ fed , .tot every
'-. ltlehmond are we ll treated, well
r - reasonable exertion mad u e u f t or t sthe stittt ir
s e s o ithu mfort od ;
of i L e ns Er their comfort,
~, ~,:.
~, ..5 it hed h i5 it tr5 ..1.......,......e evelythln that
of their
. • i '' l ''''''' ; MistriliPermiL` t a from a four
'''''‘ l ' : " . „, : wasting but Just "tutu°
and the
g . ..' t."..
MOnthemp........drlrr P / o -,td ir libb7 Prii n i oo ;ton of the
r,-, r , -,:faity thmr."."'",-"- , the
~, well' as that of the
-,,,• • • '-` • ..":
Pennsylvania e' '''" -- "lrTined' ther e , I - canna
' '-.
ealliteteet ritro enteirr ds ee nt lush a statement so
~ ; ,- 1: r uprigivtir - , as Ulll one alluded
1-leue'lefeetaPc i i = visited the reison
t .1 -.. 4 := .•' •,,:, .to: :Vat, moor., & pe a knows tter,
tto l'l',- ,l's:;., , ors, (sale
in say th eh da s ti -has bssa , uous
-, - ~c.r and states, c
sus , 0 .
hood. , Ile knows ths 1. I c a _ 11 . 1._ .
ol --, - . ',.". tratia likebrntel. I,,,,___nd -nefkriutiregetME;,
' Ile Minim ,that our G.....
O;L' heads bodice and thes
. ;I .f. ' ' :o' s f:t r i - Illted eltn i l l tri tn'eUd hs th Term s ; thy th in-41m eir sessi tr y a bd ill o o f ti t t o d a eln uth oe stw the ct ir
• fl 'as .;.-
food, even of very" poor quality, to ,
ts- li e knows they
..-... ... , supply thotelbyatealtitdhlurdesescasfrem both
' - .sfoot ete e l nheed ottha ftiel lt s t l ' r oondition Is deplorable
tr„,,, 1 , 'Jr 'i - .: 5 --, ad- --- Imu he, ;knows, mint
` l- " ' c' ''' ' ' V'''' 1""a cwire"k't to,i.--- With a ll o th er
P know, in
t 'le
an riled at its
~ 4...-•• 1 :La. - , to bot o t a t enten t s , I should IT _ rs _
' 44/1 ' ' f4.- ' -'"-; ei r.l ;-,j iati tt
, drd#te i r - ieeitl ef and
he fe -G leeh esp ee o tis l. a :
= On " , 'it ee tus luo inth rp Lteo n ce ee . e . e r .
'te '4
4 telleehhl to
them, while confined
' '''''''''''
f .1'......,•03041°D alloWe ' d 1 visitow whe re 1 I affirm.
_ ‘-.' --:-,T-,--flrfaibbY.Primt•if thit room onf z itost unsup
rlr'::,,tcf-' '--' "/%0 eterte.h
on Tet7 many of
''''l ' '''
‘Prtete ' their hoer exhaustion, hardly AM:
- ' ".'.'
'the= -thnegh e f t and but for the ellith.
''. '' 'l .* ita*IIII P °II their ee an d then on,
e .-, ~,, -• • of-ho ns, wh i c h now
glimmeringth pason, their condition would be one
oribselahr despair, I, InPolf,lwPoid u rt_dher e
boo mylimast. to the . bultrt ak o l r t gcs . d ee th of
;:: : ''•• - icall " f°r execution, and there the
any one of 6°2° ' - Myself bythent, through
•-., •,... - viten °teem, afterMr d thou&
D and snob
• -o^-re boles t o the floor, passed
uld n h
~ to add M I
,r 1 ::-.1 4 wiho l irtici ".,„ l l4l " o ft: the honing which cc
" •,, -''', their'Comfort e on t h e* phoie outheritice
' ''
'elope' them
the holes were nailed' uP, we
discovered th is, .
of be l ace d i n
-cod to des is t, on . pain mg
1' tl :', 'a wil dus e tion, ands few days a
ws , se to
m in:
i ~•• s i ne ;lair isolation from ror.,. the y, .
T ‘- i " mend to Castle Thunder,
1 75 w ha t Pl ° " 4 ,..T.:.:
• .. , : to known at the Lion'sDe ,1 a 0 r . 1 1 .. ' uy
' hdt.l44thatt. Ahe one from which"they 7 ' '.-
lam, „, Government
" ' . .;
the statement that our t
' '' ' .. l .,, ' -'.ll, ! l lts te fi ee t* e d t o exchange diem : t se hem eme Of ituire aMer ui e zi o
6 ' '-' e l"iticrasuilla° lE-h t°r ot he, like all others of
1 s ome tru th in - ---- t a k es goOd care
4 " , • a ! - ty,
accursed - rebellions crew,
:::,:_ _ 4 . - .1. t ot to state that' the demands of the rebel att-
thorities - ansia unreasonable that our GoTern
iiiitiot,4q: self respect and boner, or
,stedertalliem.--• Thep:Minn Ats the - eanditioir
• ,•• •--*" .'of their release, that our Goirernmetts ritleue
strpolltimg . prisoiterauesr bold by us-- , many
of. them the Mbar dangerotti: men 'and rebels
le thitchidei capabra of damaging
- -the intertestrof the-I:WI:410 an untold extent.
Lo:alf" since 'would- they have been released
limited' States' Ooveinnient. have
„. lienOtishly affected On the hoads.of rebate
sad traftors rests the responsibilltj.. 'Poisons
m.•=.-_-... - -.-...•. , --1-•; - alistrtirirtfortistlon address Ultras above
iforteresits-dap?' .
• An failltrdlon of learning of 'a high - order
le, ygesst blessing to the communityln• which
:lieitediiindAt the differenee:.betweeit.
on. Shari:4lo equipped and peiminent, and
one merely temporary, whose object is present
not always appreciated. l
TimAtiateralOnlteriltY, chartered In iEffoi
-tor thtsidaeation of young Moulis:uts of this,
_.>., sld~st #u~~hiiypirtaftheState,tad,nr7mart:
. —ins Ce1.,,,,,Ti0d =,
dithr. - riiii hil"
r•A =46-tile=
At. .,,,-- - —.-----4-,elool.toottang' of a pro.
1,..,' ate - ‘ 1 ,.. 1 '.
' ''' :tiles ll46lfa„. ami,,,,,,z`clb"„iaget,,,,,,,o`lyseedent
z -,t- ...:,..:.. 1 ,14,..7,...,1i55-itiaved, ell-iii
„., , -,1 ",, -. '7v,ilibro ...--h,,,iit.or, ,I.,;.'„,, le has
.",...,: ~.:,'
ofti ee - • .. '"Y iI;P-J."' soienee
i, , 4.,.;- .-
.A=o froittieel,foturot
,;0 et"!-; r,.......,,Leh1iel ittlo=,,,_.:efossor ef' 00.0 ..._.,L 1e W
tici b.
.el:7, ,:t. "";,-....1.... d
-..-.. e
will fe pl.laneir
t11)"4' t-I've' ,?,
..,elegnithettde he eheu!- -- 1 1 intehe toOlee`
4t , ' 7 •
~ been I°l4,Tio; !Tthoopihanspria : gi ve In''''
-.,..". -P ';".;-: ..-6.-feww•
,f,io,__,__•st. -0.Andi.,.a......
to Packs,
1141:41:4 "CAreililli'ea'ke"au le "",.. m .- 'i2eor illinhesaihoUt wale-
ill 4 01 t'j,,,,,d1:': The U n iversity .lt, the Pteo softli--' 4xadeeee in 'the
se . -., trileti" j r . til till . ' *Win
" , V....,4? 4," a die b ',
. A ails ye ar.
tV,II•/ (.11,•licrl'releatt . dai ly.l,lee ilLigilett
-11,,`,1 - a ate l'.*ett ef4-h
bmtitoill Um werllaienta w ho
as 1"'
iNtiOtrtbo. -,en-i,,,thaeilkntion tdaYgbt, Sta‘
.cyo ',"?''''''clieOlitzibir 'Prrothisifel faithfully tau
. r 3=12.
their to ns win' be
_1,,,„.,:1t =4,Pore et--
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017iiee• exl,_ lopttele
ii, 4
4,...,,w.tra. jovir*,,,, 1
cot scow
wilmitt di,
..., ,„„,a-row
6 Pe=ll!Yzetetexabut flip ge
'‘g,,olullats hr teil =t,,„ r l4ll: itrin 44 al3n they-
,ei.... --..„ 1-, hhortaLz.,..-.... 1, and so n
,_,A:•;,:--,,tc. T. to
.Z.t.7-e-I,Lti.f2 .}Ltitit• - a01,„4.114 '.., Oueoorma° Pg.iiir.•_.4l37,
.-.4 -4 °,'-xotet• o.litma----n`la'h•Arovelethie del= -..
.:-.44/'lt-4611410''' - ------_ sturPAt Aittifef elle - '
14'-i...e /4L'f.dtti"44 It A O . I. 09 -
~,,,e:,..-7:,:' masr.- c,_-,i,__tied. 8111
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*.litt '1..27
"' 'll *" . ._ o- 114T ; edi of 1it.14 eeilP&Flit„nr,
~,..„4,,, 4'lliat - - ,
34 ii.0i.,..74 *hit..,
Anne .
IL- e . t. as =
e::'''''t'J. r b o n ist *
-iiaileght - ri m p 44.
..., ~ ,; .4 , -di
_. gay,
ice - •
See="9 1?:.°
thiell"..RlL • '
0 ,.., .(ar-..-"'
,o,oaelm gentle man
Mark Mrs. ~,whe,
4-"----- of ink int dbrawr the
1 %fi. 4 117-hileill anter4 seel ask' r° NIP' etiiiii '
4.'lebaSk'l eile,. .. --- "P.__4 '' C "...i.udg-ilii;Ct,i‘ert..e' A?i,itiltirb::.
• 1 - ~..61117-onsittio AM a. ' '•• 5t..,, bubo
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rt'44,tafe 'tell a batielee
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,• of 1e
'1 , • . - llke
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etic.'f , 6-1--,; -40-...`et, • Y.'"7: • ..[..joem, neer,
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1) *rt''.o.':...4'i/iitt9ll` tb4fwitiOltitin.7 4164,t0p
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air 4WAff.nixiia
r: .3,C!it,:• 4'4-:.infrilliti,.itk.' I.i'WtrielW iif 7/7.,_,,1ti11" '7:
4,11:,,,,,!,;'....__„„ dot 10015iiii 40_,..- ':.011 g 1.10,L7u•J
tii-`1:".... ekit t,..tie-1181,..0....t0ki,...'*--initiktkii tdna.s.-.0,„,..
.4,..".--:,- St rjAit-titifolh of Ma
was et1....'
'1,,...-3:-''4, •:.___....,Mlll""lante ''' 0.b°11,14 Diehl,
~, ' "
,:f... '-'ania.',44,Weirlig 2 s •
msn Used
1- , "Eii.
..!: 7-
.tr..laltAig' ntiribrauczor.o.4_
,n Tuesday ,
,Ld iistOths(tlisde
do ." duos , ta? w lwi rt r an uctdo.,
unity ton Sunday; tbs - 181 , 1iliatitsc
birth albs house of Mn.
114 ' 14341 . { . l/Ditis;bsak' of this 04101,: On Tuesdsre•.,
4 4 ins . rouitapiiiitarcat bon; said house
,fcx..-:-.11-',404141C1i-sapposist.tbst itsrui pissed there
igloo the ttms of but V. inu, was ltiltt‘to
st Caurt;', If triads:Art- that
74... - ! F w ill yet .. W
•-'_w ee this , afttitt*s - at - three o'clock, at Con.,
v-k :C• 0 H 1 RA*.409 1 .4.1 71 0 . r eal/4W P9 / 1
~a~-c'r' `~'~r-u a 'Yl~a. X~" , ~~~''.'~"^,., .S ~ '' F ,~.,tm'""~ r- ~r T"~ 4~i ~ rrc+r
. ,~.-~
-x wa ~..
to Death. -.o.•;.L'a
. _ St- ...
aeisii erdeok;Titineke,joirts seen lasting from a
adraJ dlidaiteiremel‘lotatiderildegee street,
.." tape Aettli :Ward. The neighbors raised
as Harm; and on opening the door of the
room from Willett' the imhki issued, era was
Alisaavared - Thor room was so filled
wtfh smoke that as ono-eould ontor without
1 being udionatot It wu not supposed, that:
. - .
:say b o dy , ras In the- room, and water was
carried in buckets and. thrown in, until the
flames' wire subdued. When the smoke cleared.
away, is most horrible discovery wu made.
The 'bed in the roonfi wu partially ' burnt
up, ~ 40 on it lay the,. charred remains,
of ask old woman, witlstwo children near her.
The children were hastily picked up- endcar
ried Into the - house of Mrs. Rourke. Both
were horribly.
.buned. and one of them we,
already dead, but the other still survived.
When mooredit it wu not known whether
they were • dead.oe living. The news of the
easualtysrpread _vary rapidly, and a large
tiowd soon collected to talk over the =elan-
A oly affair.'
1 ' Coroner MeClimg was 'notified, and on sum-
I atoning , a , jury, - the following facts were
suited: The house wan occupied by a widow
named Dailey, whose husband was a member
Of;the - Prienelliftes, and who fell in action at
Milanese*, Gap. -Mrs.- Dailey bad left , the
tease tithe early , part of-the evening; leav
ing kir two children:Emma and Mary. Ant,
' 11:L . 44M0' of hir mother; Mri. Ellen Melaney,
Aged'. sizty-ain yearn. The children were
twins, and were between three and four years
of age. ' now the fire originated must forever
remain,a mystery. The old woman and her
WO giend,ohildren were this only occupants
of the room, and u there was a large lire
burning in :the grate, the supposition
of is that
the clothing of the old lady or that one of
the children aeoldimtally caught lire
' and in
her efforts to eztiniruish the flames the bed
,was set on tire. Mrs. hfelaney was shook.
ingly burned, and it is more than probable
.that her 'clothing caught lire drat. The snr
tiring child, Mary Ann, was promptl y . placed
in charge ' or a physici an, but her injuries
are pronounced fatal—the whole surface of
the body being deeply tuned. The jury
found it verdict of,aeoidentat death.
• • Vatted fitat.el platriet Court.
Tazotatomr Arrractrootii9et.
Mackey and Jetta...Loudon, charged
with : passing counterfeit postage currency, of
the denomination of My cents, 'knowing them
tole counterfeit, were placed , on . triaL The
passing , of the *porton; notes was clearly made'
emt, but the Government Wed to show such
.circumstances as were sufficient to establish a
"guilty . knowledge," and the ease was aban
doned. The 'moused therefore stand ac
Pluck AND Was,—A large pen-drawing
representing the goddess of Prace offering a,
wreath to the god of War, executed by Wm.
H. Duff,' Professor of Penmanship, Duffs
College, Pittsburgh. Behind the former the
-artist gives an animated representation of the
emblems of . , peace and abundance. Behind
the dark; frowning, =lied - figure of the tatter
are depictedthe torch and other emblems of
destruction and desolation. By inspecting
this and other thirographie -performances in
oniameniallettering, - card writing, wreaths;
exhibition at the'College Fifth street,
we think • ear 'readers , will *grim with us in
prenounchig hir. Dire dent- as new and
- remarkable 'Wfermances, and Slat the pro:
mums awatdedhlm by.the Ruined Stites and
other Fain were well deterred and Tory pro
perly:bestowed. dew
1.10,716 of rine Pada/mary and Toilet
Soaps would - do well to call on .Ictr neighbor,
S. Johnston Smithfield! and Fourth
Streets. Mock of these articles, as well
as all others, to he found in an nld establisod
first (dais drug Store, are of the I beet descrip
tion—ell of whichhe sells at thd most reason
able rates. This will be more deadily under
stood when we mention the amide &Aldo of
Barnett's 06(.61'M0 - et' fifty cents per bottle,
Idolised Bitters same price, and so on. Ths
store In question his always bed a celebrated
for good articles, correct and rair dealing ;
hence : BlS that it can now prodece avert' long
list of the most desirable and his hly respecta
ble patrons, and comfy' Acla, fir
._. , ,
_, _ .
,Aconim.—On Tliarsday forewoon, ei Capt.
IV-4—Moorhead was returning roni a visit to
,Maehester, in a bow, end irbd l4 passing , over
the railroad bridge at the Wes 4M. Peniten
tiary-, a - toooraotive shot andel. the bridge,
'caning the horse to shy and upaet the boa,.
The - Captain was thrown out Violently, and
received a loran thitugh ; not elangerona in
jury to the ankle.. The bum was broken to
Pisc'ef. ' ' ,
Itsworr or Erne Hstronaoa.—The patron's
of .the drama, and especially .the friends and
*digress of the sprightly and: talented Ettle
Itendanion, will bear in - mind that she takes
a thriven •benefit this *Tenths, upon which
Miculdn sheiwill appear in the lbeantifal play
of "The Flower Girl," and in the American
"drams of "The Weptof
l; A in in Wakbbittoil treat to, sleep on Bat
-431day wrapped in a teat cloth: share being a
'dead body. near Aim; similarly , mapped op,
• the', midertaker's• yin took bhp up by mis
take, sad. would lan burled him if he bad
riot entered an emphatio protest against It.
ItutPovroastre.—There is no ilimunition
Abe audiences who 'nightly nook to Masonic
llatt to witness this beautiftd pletnie, Ara as
the: Lit 6 eihibition will be glean to•morrpir .
might; our citizens must be. on hand or .lose
the oxporta4it7 fomor.:
W .
sLten st. hatf-witted
ereatuie named:Chnethers .3141er, while
white-washing a' fence - along ithe railroad
traolist nnotei,'wit 'truck by a western
boned than en Wedneidefeeinting, and in.
• - An. —An . eastern, paper leis:
krverslif the dellohnis bivalve will be rejedeed
toleirn.that tbeta * fair Jim:peel of this
atoll -lib" - n plea ty the ensuing eeasonil
and pnrehesible eta madeSlife figure.
Tot en Mee's' siva show wst
Sgsbilli*l reldistiOs' List ST ening, snd oi
mythieinpitiod oft oogifsOtority: Patorfo
sneestlds arta:soon and
A nd -oriaraantal
,t3tatilliorer,!arld paXiiitVannsylvaritit and
Vittiiiost• Ate oithreeet 1141ity at low flat;
° 1 . 151 !,.4 Als; r l - bmies,:,ixeisr the 'Water
Poo PSW:iirls IWErra Witen.—The Bum
indr Is pastilind by the ,znosidses.frook We
beginicseppretutudf that. tea andldnles: l 4/ 1
shortly be opon:ns,lead we must provide our-
Pelvis with the'lenitainttol kuratornagt,
iildtt . ' . .A:4 l 44 coll - =IV or Ood and Well
:neade,Oisoatnrii 4ho Tety,thg; add' wale"
reet c Acnor,olL anyt ghee *here our readets
ires/d Wan , theinsereas betted-then at Messrs.
i lit:ffilitiClito & -Oefettlajaatatlialwmii
eortiorlif,lNlereko a nd Diamond square,
'Ai my..L.121e7 4eialemieealied a coin.
pew assortuseat-ar trentlrmoii's Welshing
goods,,Oire:greet:vadlety, of now pattentslor
tysleooatlig, Ao.'. ;'-. V - 1 • -- • , -
........ . - ..
'-'llixe)wirkeitteii.orlita aro yhareatioorke,
just:opeobiedat BWail (haiku i k Cco.'i 'Sler7'.
cheat Talliiisrlifo. Lit )1104 sitrealt• It eat- ,
slats of • all the Telarell4tOtto of - ciothili
&airline's and -y• • gt ; arerrethip of all
t va
linds'.g.tlie,vety - t cull a ll of mid&
Isieleitnd ilsont!the 'latestins 'ouesiid
will to made up the „twat_ ogisbu attd
best 'uliteltir. '-13ontliaunt% de riat s elodi: of
gotetiAiaesetooki;thstadih btsurrovo.
,by any ether iti - tbi zeltyinad very oratent
. •
lid a paled' 4,woold'Aio well to give
, ea,
11...-.-- - .. -. 1 .....-
' 611.00 k Co. , -
-- , - , :lderebsat Tailors, lioi 50 Market l et ,
- "?0/UX"ri . " " 7. : " - Ow. ItoTiviiisige:
Tax Fasalte Wheeler *
Idimltiner,Cilapsnf Carded Off their itometiiin,
sd beams at thinly kif:tiki AsderlCan
tote.-the iiiisalPreeriein for ths.ber/Dollito'r
Ilinntfm arFiNglaiits.ebeisic On most per.
Poet aa,Aiiptiiiliti,Vcdpmetrop arid'work
in .
pliats;-alsolbeilitießutton and Eyelet:.
bole : Machine,: for florally mcd - perfeetion
, its iroilifiaoreefor a beantifal specimen of
' marNmelicold; work,.end-i silver medal r
loote's Patentr inbrellii Lock liamp- , ,feefe. -
.pwdmr Oer.3'L c-
grail oiai—OlriylAitt-1.
tiOnAlc:-‘47llfiltstreet. Very low.
'-'42l:Siiiittkir.3o:i-lann weir.;
tend to- kiln= el SS 11 4 4_ 0 1 011 * -
-- . ..~,~:.~~~-eau
• This
iiit:esSottlent rgr: d Win
Merchant Tillossate:l4Cledad.'stieeoa
legheny. The 'stock of elOthiagleediists of
the 'finest verietter "gents' isanteicois, yeti,
oeats and overcoats. The style of Isamu is
tasteful and fashionable. We would invite
all of our rustlers to give tbeabere gentymen
VALIIABLI TESTlllO.lc7.—Rev. A. Webster,
'B os t on , it sns „„ _ r it en —wl. bare used through
the advice of panfenal frlendi, Mrs. S. A. Al
lan's World's Hair Ilettinir - and Zylobalsa
mum, for several mouths put. with great of
fees and entire satisfaction. Isms weieneither
&Miter gray) isyhair was dri and brittle, bat
has regained the softness of Ira earlier years.',
Sold byDruggiate everywhere. Dep0t, , 193
We .UZ&? IT Bout:v.—There are no other
mealeines so reliable, effedual and convenient
tit Ifollowayos Pills and Ointment, 'lazy'
ready for use. They are invaluable to 'the
andexposed to Wounds, Soros, recent
and Bowel Complaints. They never fall.'
Only 25 mil per box or pot. 229.
Foos DOLLA23, fore dollars.
Four dollars, four dollars.
Dental Inititutet Dental Institute.
Beat eheap Dentistry, best cheap Dentistry
No macbino work, no machine work.
- :Manus and carriage oaths will b. taken at
tho Omnibus office, lie. 410 Penn street, day
or night. All ordeal left at the above Flue
will beTromptly attended to. Al! calls must
bo OislA,U advance.
Untotasnurts and Drawers, at Ale Solvers
Auction, No, 47 Fifth street. In great va
LARGE stook of Boots and shoes,at McKel
vey's Auction, N 0.47 Fifth sttet. Verj
BARELT.—On Thursday morning,'Bitober 29th,
JAMES, FM of Andrew Barkly, aged S "ram 3
menthe and 3 day. •
The friends of the faintly are respectfully Invited
to attend the tkoteraf, on Pumas' moannos, at 10
o'clock, from the residence of the parents, Nei; 3
Carnd street, illeghany . Clty.
• 11.0112.:ER.—;0n Thursday monilng, 29th Umtata;
. CAItOLIMEM., , nife °flier. I. Mortar, and dangh
tar of the late Dr. McCracken, aged 33 years.
Irtnieral on earteinar moaning, at 10% o'clock,
Dada the reddence of her husk:Lad, In Mlneradlle.
The 'friends of the•tamtly are reepeetfully Invited - to
Eacuaras Rua or Nino:Tun,
October 27th,
ACT OT ASSNEEBLY. notice Is hereby
even that lir. ALEXANDER NINICE ham been
eleatot Vke President of this BOA.
oc23:2er H. H. MURRAY. Cashier.
Mx..xisirre uro idcourActronsas Nam,
Pit...burgh, Oct. 16th, 1843.
DIHKOTORS will b. held at the Banking .
Hones, on MONDAY. the 16th day of November
next, between the bonne of tea.. nt. and two p. In.
The animal meeting . of the Stockholders iral be
hold on TUESDAY, theld day of November, at ton
redo& m. JOHN' SCOTT, Jr., Cashier.
oei&l • ,
Mumma 84011 or Prrriattiou2,
-ttototem 16th 11104.
ossor tht•Bank4lll be bold et the Dank
tag them on NONDAJ, November 16th, ISM, be..
tire= the haute of olerft in. M. and 2p. to. The
mud needing of Stockholders will take place en
TIMM AT, Novemberll4 st 11 s. m.
mina M hfUNIZAT, ambler.
AILEGICEXT "am., Oct. 14th, 1863.
ORB atlas Bank will be held at the-Counts
Ingllonsle on the 16th day of November next, be.
tweon the himrs of 10 o'clock e. m. and 2. o'clock
J. W. 000 K, Cashier.
She animal meattof of the Stockholder' will be
bald oa the 3d day of November next, at I.3o'
Cmatiara Mak, Pittabufgh,Oet. 15th, 1863.
DIBTCTOES of thi. Rank will he held at &a
Banking Maw on DIONDAT, November 16th, at ten
o'clock a. m.
Tito regular annual meeting of Stockboldeve rig
bo bold au TUESDAY, Nov. 3d, as U o'clock a. M.
ml3:lm OED. T. VAN DOIIEN, Can/dm
Term CriT liasa. Pittsburgh, Oct. 15 th, 1663 .
vistetons of this bank leUl be held at the
Mntug,'tqaultlat'7:l!` l4
The aims* 01.5413 g of dthekholders will be held
'gm TITLSI' DAY, liar. dd, 180, at 11 o'clock a. m.
o4lfam J. MAGOTaTti, Cashier.
Bison-yam Balm, littabargb, 0ct...60:41863.
oiIs of Otte Bank will be held at the Beak
4‘g (lotto; on MONDAY, the 16th day of November,
between ,he bourn of 10 o'rlock a. m. and p. m.
1116 regular mama] meeting of Stookholders trill
be held on TUESDAY. Nov. Id, at 10 o'clock a. ot.
40:1m GEO. D. measEw, Cadan.
g i n" eraistantly on hand a largo and tbml
'seaweed shack of DRONING, BOAT AND
IN A At; at, At.
B. tui.ardats. Ibr .11AWLD MVP with
pronnetaali ands& hit rates.
N. 11. Porsons wanting LONGor POP
LAR tire ea Invited to graaaine his stotk.
illarefros on Craig strut. near Bannon.
an 2 Iktf
.1 IfAIII.—We take this method of Infonning am
Men Olt and the pubic general!, that we an now
in tips practice of Dentlaq. Those who hare been
pfetporsteg this much dreaded Operation may new lay
adds, their &air And gin as • all, ea the apputans
wO hareiln nee ha been thoroug hly tested dfaing the
pad foarmfare, satablis the safe And pain,
kr character of theowsuon. - o Drop or Chenel.
ado nor Oahu& HatterPresolL those within
the eareket of •good end s'elinble Dentist will do
well to call end unundt with 'Ns,
JAHNS 8, }IT'D, D. D. 8.,
No. 97 Fifth street,
cor, DL O. 'ZINO, No. 47 Smithfield street, Pit t hs.
N - EGLEY • N 1.141.5 E RY.—ROSEd,
(basked sod the ornamental Olden.) ; FRUIT TREES
andbierbeeloon plinth. all in greet quantity and en.
. :Rosspoit 7helow peened ;15 -per hondsed,lf cto.
dared tbefot* petting `these; 'and.llll other Hendry
-. 40a /of the bestleallty; and st , reduced , prices; in
,ardep to chwe out dining thelptaint Salina nett
O. B. SEISLIET, - 37 Diamond street,
. or T. A. MELLON, on the orradisee.
. .
- ,TEELD.—WO fattya now suroorod to fumbth Oro
talro awned ortgumbiter filth STEAM r,21 7
011GES, orally stro stokstrolts. Yro will fora& all
.ttu tosebbaniat &bal.:cot mond to polot of oz.
rollout» to moo. W. bope, by our prompthorr
- comings* to *or: aud.tb", Quatro! our :work, to
share • patroriago of our own river incl.
osi2 blank of Allegheny Wm.
Et 'W. - DASH; listen/Um T.tu.oß, No.
oteigutrizto STREET, irflt odl- dump'
for '6oth:s 'good UNIAN. SUIT TOIL. 820 CASSI:
MERE. ALL woos.Sl3l.nuter-crorn Wirt, Vd;"
A: snft.fp.loth thsthrlS wetnbomnliSr
. 1:4.111CM. MITCIII2.I'
WM. P. BECK*'& - M.T - Nit-185 LIB;
llTVAtzigt, PAIN:Jib, Au, Wholesale On.
ma. Comm Wn~ Neretiata, and daeldnr 15 COM
unic% woe. AustsEarszt , ta, PRODuor.
VOIVIT6.-ka., BALT and I /7/6
ndirren:44ata , •••• •
ND 0
Also 12t1VE1.0112,-ta postoluiotorsanAl
.041d.04,Ioroosuppto. Toe Nilo , ,
W. O:JOHNUONA 00.;',Popt *kW%
• octelblywoom • /57 Mod stmt. •
DU NCAN, SHERMAN & Pali, Hight
the [Nam ,Bank, pavan& imad,Bt
lAN CrA intnasatiktonn laßeramo r ireaca,
Balkarlana tala R Rtar,tr ado lo pains to molt pm
7.-p,% Thi ji i rTll;L
• •
.1;:;..talitfflIt011.1„16r Ism • mu lit
..smrea supply mend at
. Oc2%AT& CoVe, 6.5 Wood strut.
WlTt"l44laTr-*thre gOliditodAbr:
4.47 Mt; r: BECOrk •
. o etcy, Grown, Vlis' Liberty *trot.
iiciaily4nWilltara of •
7 016 and -NtL ,
4-1 L 114,71 n loft Ti*ltligidlbr ale
, r =7ld m k. BROS,
liA6-611.4-12-bblo:710.%11. Wintkf,
tot ilt statiiittlor iota
IMMr. litff/S-- =he ^primp
;4ve,gls,by, /11. P. BEM &OK
W OIL— bbia.-in-store
3 -for alb, • Awl DICICIT/PW.;
Iklb-.3`N.;;,i;54.1.14,Zei1ig-.0'.'144.ii.1.e.Wae..1....r.b....<41A • •
llT2svisiEws ,
spociol Mop*lo O am Eittabnigh
Wain:MON, Oct. 21, lad 3
The wonderful sumac of last night in the
immediate emancipation demonstration in
Baltimore, Orme the leading topic of oonVer
'Wien here to-day. The astonishment at the
progress it dl aplayed,tsaomewhat akin to tho
sakonlelmeac with which the Ohioans regarded
tho remit oft their own election a few weeks
ago. . Sit,ttlitiiry chase's presence did much to
give-taturan/ahlivnoter to the demonstration,
.inismitch tat it was regarded u giving the of
dein! tistiotioli of the administration to the
radical and irtolodiato emancipation condi-
Governor Dennison, Gen." Garfield; Judge
N . Ohn, Ovodi and Kelly era
among the ppopitnent ge*lttriso hero to-dap.
AeMeXr. Byisit and - seeking to
cultivate wonderfully friendly rClitions with
the metubers Of the Admrst4trotkon•
,ILlloirlirllo TIM cxiox TICE=
. jar. *On.
..Thuslow Weed is reported to set the Now
York melerityl4 113,000—Usion Committee
isixes.limui or 40191 Ail
The eldl3tatii Bask of toulaiann will hare
to pay -tax .on-=53,000,000 of circulation, be
aide the i departa, its application for ezetr.ptibe
heming.hein.4lealeti by. Commisidoner Lowic.
After rift rebellion it had $2,900 1 ,000 in apeolal
depoaita,'mOitlfin donfederate paper. Afar
Genisitplatlpriorimle the Paying oat of the
last.natried, time wag a great rash on the
Bank .by depotitors, who weft; tautly paid In
the Battle& Own bills. Then the Bank passed
into the Becaireia hands.
Brings on the reports of the late battles and
the protent condition of the artnj of the Cum
berland. Ile bas had long interviews with
Gen. nalleek and Secretary Stanton to-day,
and has been closeted with Stanton all the
afternoon and evening. To-mortow, Secretary
Chase, Gov. Dennison and Gen. Garfield are
to have an important. consultation with the
Prominenteongressmen have been making
Indignant representations concerning the Into
remarkable performances of the army of the
Pete:nat. The army remains substantially no
it has been for firers' ;lays.
The authorities 'tiara a clue to some of the
accessories of the murder of the colored recruit
ing cancer, Limit. White, by Cot. Sonthron,
who is proved to have threatened; and made
preparations long' before hand, and devised
means for the . eseipe - of his family to Dixie.
• John W. Ktnearer, ex-member of Congress,
has been appointee! Mimeos of the Tenth
Disitietpf Pennsylvania.
&4LI or ♦ YaITART 118PRTa71O.f
Ai contract hu been made, under the recent
order for the ale of the military reherration of
Fort Crawford, by the General Land Ofnee;
for the surrey of the reservation, consisting
of 175 ACM in the city of Prairie Du Chien.
When the earvej h completed, the land is to
he sold at auction.
uscarinsTOßTUZ ti4OLXR ARUY
The_tittrjer secrets in the regular army is
erteida to tre;eitibs;rist,lB63; Aiming which
time the extra bounty of three hundred del
lira will be paid.
Gem Hunter goes west to-morrow for the
purpose of inspecting Gen. Grant . ' and other
From Chattanooga—.A Rebel Brigade
Attempts to Desert to the Union
Army—Gene. Granger and Thomas—
Health of the Army.
Nair Year, Oct. 29.—A Chattanooga letter
to the Herald says :
Desaitersco'ntinne to come into oar fines,
.notirifhetanding the extraordinary mounrea
taken by Bragg to prevent them. Nino men,
one a • commissioned officer, Tennesseeans,
canoe in yesterday. Theefficer, who is intelli
gent, and apparently honest, tells a tale,
which elseenng and inspiring to all good
Union men. and which corroborates previous
information. He says a full brigade of Ten.
nesseeans, svith their General at their head,
attempted to come through to our line, in a
bodj, one day lut week, and that a division
of staunch rebels wu called out to prevent
them. A fight of the most sanguinary char
acter ensued, in which artillery, musketry
and bayonits were used for three os four
Boars, resulting in the overpowering of the
discontented Tennesseesne, after some 800
men, had been gaughtered an both sides:
The sound of the cannon was distinctly heard
in ear lines at the time, but nobody could ex
plain ..the .ettuire of the brisk fire so close
to the. enemy's rear. The officer says the mat
ter *as bashed up, end has since been kept
so quiet that rho extremes of Bragg's army
know nothing definite about it. Bragg's dia.
trust 'ands Venni-Aso and, Georgia troops I.
L erhapt an explanetionof his delay in attack
' 1 / 1 11. Gon.*Gordon'Oranter takes command
Of the ,nth quips to-day. . Thomu and Grangers
who:Afro: now .utivereally acknowledged the
saviours of the army, are each to have a spldn
did Corpi:of three divisions in each, with able
doritninryderi Melillo:4. The brigades will
probably. be cempnrcel of not lees than nine
regiments °soh. , In fact the wholemaehinery
of the .artny t when reorganised, will be less
oompliented and 'more effective.
:The health of the army, notwithstanding
the inhere's& anxiety it has experienced, is
good. A largo field hospital is established in
ei lovilly.vidley, two miles from the town, north
of the river, and the sick and wounded re
ceive:the befit of cars and food.
Chaticei- Inc _Maiule , a ••Army—The Merl
.llDatiaer...The Draft.
, lranutudi„ Oct; ',29:--tleperaf blade has
withln'w dity.or two;roode some, Clumps in
.dlepoeftlan blifoitiosmind he is lookini
lett r bettoi:Pwdoctiol6 of those .engaded
tliterlitioithe.Orange and' AlOkon-.
- drisHadlirtud.: Inalfr-this • shaniti. ariu being
;erected ataboutdree o'clock yesterday morn
_llrg,„ the altole made sidiroonstration against
the Multi:oo4l;l3A. 13,0itlihg WONT was ao
cotoldtahod than driving, in their .piokots
shortdiot.aee when the rebate retired, -
donor glialolll, to-diy,ikoosurienloo the
13e1ritary 'of Stati;' tilted upon; aie 413 . *
and, buiving presented his crodesitials,. was
received rucEnroy.C3lxtraostlinary and Minis
.tofEliralnKentiory„ oi . the Juires or 'Liberal
GoverutuenCsi Mexico.
lii the recent , anntinatianent of the inolai
to the ;laurel Beata Atildid Pfndiolit
tohils:praleuttationd October 17th, calling
oat awaddinousl 100;000 usen,the deficiencies
a gbie,ffiilis nridie the former call,, and out-.
der : Ike raOst **Ai ae.taken aeciouni afoul,
to reined, to a inateequene &eft; In sane an
,-otherlir tendered' abeam,b tho failure to
"wolunteeti. — lt is
'paining theri,wLo beltiolraft in thosaltatos
Iliad Cili e . their" qdots'or the 300,000 volun
teett!; netzl.trlnatel where, through failure
to rates their& gitotai k INC draft has Co be re
lic:4l3o; in -
- addenda at thotittiaaitiating
iilniCh.,;fitata_ will be taken , llil&aoccunt.
Drafted ram and subtdtate; are entitled only
46440100 bounty by laWiaie net
q. 5.00 offered to
oliteeirternitc • - t
• - Wainprotar:Od. ll - 4 Priollerirarbs'
Potmi7l7 4 o l rallial:J , VittoFf.of Pim%
Uemateen 111190Witet4 It AbilAtrO government
dliacausnl_thuo rattan Company, ne
„, , iktsterztow beia - 4ip064
bilAd4'Yttn'ihnimbuilwis SoutbOaflofi'm
th1r27.617151Y1cd Cape glee, this motiateg,.4 a
washosided by the news yacht. lice dates
are threndsys later.
Garar Barrsts.—The British Admiralty
had decided to build a new sqUadron of iron
gunboats, armor plated, double-screw pro
pellers, to be armed with two hoary Arm
strong guns. • .
The Alabama, Georgia and Tuscarora con
tinue cruising around the coast of the Cape
Good Rope. The Vanderbilt had arrived rat
the Cape in pursuit of the Alabama, and was
'repairing at Simon's Bay .
Capt. Simmes has sold tbe bark Sea Bride.
No further captures bad been made by the
rebelyesseLs. Capt. Semmes will not, from
motives of policy, seek an engagement with
the Vanderbilt; but If his vessel should be
blockaded in Simon's Bay by her he will en
deavor to *lade her as she did the San Jacinto;
at Martinique. Capt. Semmes is of the opin
ion that the Vanderbilt la very much faster
than the Alabama, and that ifle should come
to close quarters he could not get away from
ki or.
Mich. Southern and N.. 1. Railroad share"
advanced 2l)i per -cent. Confederate loan
quoted at 65@67c. Consols steady at 93%e;
for money; 93%93.Ve, on account.
Liverpool, Oct. 21.—totton excited and ad
vanced 34@ld. Advice" from Manchester
are favorable. The market to excited, and
prices advanoed 1©1; , 4d for goods and.yarns,
with an upward tendency. Breadstuff" sraiet
bet steady. Flour, dull at 18&235. Wheat,
quiet and steady. Corn, quiet and tending
downward; mined at 6d@271 9d. Pro
visions; steady. Beef, firm betquiet. Lard,
firm. Sugar, buoyant and 6d1q,15d higher.
Coffee, inaetive. Jtice, sales small.
London, Oct. 31.-Consols closed on Tnea
day at 933. c fur money, and 93%(393,V0s for
FRANCE.—Tho Moniker says that 'thesauri>.
merits in the osueussus are serious.
The Pop denies that Franco partici
pated is the negotiations upon the Polish
question, and states that Austria and England
are en4earoring to come to an understanding
on the subject or an identical note. France
awaits the result of these: negotiations. Ed•
rope kriowa that France will adhere to every
act according to existing eircumstaneeitfistis
tying public opinion in Europe, which the
_agreement of the three powers desires to
Renter closed at Cif 20e.
JAPAN.—Admiral Keker's fleet had arrived
at Rogozema. Negotiations failing to obtain
the satisfaction demanded, Kokes besieged
the city and leveled It to the ground. Ile
then Oct on Ore Prince Satismu' three stoam
en, and returned. Rogorom► is one MOSS of
mina—palace, factories and arsenals all de
Caen Race, Oct. 29.—The steamship City of
Washington, from Liverpool, on the 21st. via
Queenstown, October 22d, passed Cape Race
at noon. She wan boarded by the news yaiiht
and the following summary of her news ob
tained, which is one day later.
Henry W. Beecher addressed an immense
audience in Exeter Hall, London,on the 20th
lost., upon the Interests of the North. A few
expressions of dissent were drowned in the
general plaudits of the vast assemblage.
The Daily New says that one of the most
enthusiastic meetings ever held in London,
must have convinced Mr. Beecher of the
truth of Earl Russell's assertion that the
great body of the English people were . -witb
the North, and cause bins to return home as a
messenger of peace and good will between
the two countries.
The Times combats Mr. Beecher's argu
ments, and declares that ho is not the man to
convey the British public to the Federal'
It was rumored that Franco tree strongly
urging the expulsion of the o:•King of Na
ples from Rose°.
Limpopo!, Oct. 21, noon.—Cotton sales to
day 10,000 bales; market buoyant and still
adducing. Other articles unchanged.
Load qn, 00. 21.—Sugar, 130 sales sinee,Fri
day. Coffee ffnu. Rice steady. Tea steady.
Liverpool, Oci. - 211.—Cotton, sales to-day arc
7,000 bales; market closing quiet. Bread
stuffs quiet and steady. Corn &raise. Provi
sions steady. Lard Oat. Petroleum heavy.
Confirtle, for money, 93 ; Illinois Central shares
20(708 discount; Erie 110468.
Raising Volunteers In Massachusetts.
EosTes, Dot. 29.—t10r: Andrew has lined
an order ',aligning the quotas of the several
dtiee and torus, under the President's last
cell for troops, and designating new regiments
to bo raised. The both ties offered for recruits
are $3OO, In addition to a State bounty of $5O,
to new recruit.., and .402 and a State b'ounty
of $5O to veterans. The Governek called on
the whale people to unite with fervent devo-c:
lion to a Canoe as earned as all our hopes, and
secure to the national armies a reinforcement
which will render them invincible and assure
them of victory.
Sole of Five-Twenties
PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 29.—The subscription
agent reports the sale of $5,712,000 -of Sys.
tweaUes, on Thursday, tho largest sale yet
made in any one day. One Boston hone.
took over two millions/ .1t this rate of sales
the amount remaining unsold will be con
sumed In six weeks or less. The ten days'
notice which was published come time since,
only referred to the withdrawal of the loan by
the Secretary, while the amount authorised
was unsold. So little remains that It will prob
ably be loft to be exhausted on the principle
of "first come, first served."
Important Arrest* in New fork.
New YORE, Oct. 29.—The Herald has the
following in its city new e : Marshal Manny
yesterday made some Important arrests of
parties and documents. Three of the .persons
are well known business men of this city.
The documents, it is said, throw light upon
certain operations relative to Vallutdigham
and the rebels. They may be even to the
prose at some future tints, but at present ate
Tho Robots Jiarching Against Burnside,
enerrssooes, Oet. 27, tin Nasheirie, Oet. 28'
—Unreliable intelligence has been received of
the movement of a portion of Bragg's army,
under Longstreet, up tho valley of the Ten
nessee river, with the iutentiou of operating
against Burnside. It is ale° believed. here
that a corps of Leo's army, under Ewell, is
moving into East Tennessee by way of Lynch
burg; for the same purpose.
Markets by Telegraph.
New Toss, Oct. 29.—Cottan bee attire and scarcely
so-Ann; Mc for Middling Dolan s . Maur more at
tire end ilealbe better, with good demand; 36 2566 30
Tor Extra etas, $770187 30 for Extra It. H. 0., and
117 , 3.430 25 for good to etudes Extra, the merket clot
log steady; included in salon are 2,000 1,1,11 good Ex
tra State, deliverable from the 51 of November to lb.
bth of December, at 8630; 2,OMi bbls cholas do for all
Deoember,23 75. Whlskyaahade firmer at 036134 e•
for Western.. Wheat about'lc better; $1 mai 38115 r.
Chicago fiming,2l 33al thr NilwankeeClub,sl 39
0140 for Amber lowa, $1 41kEil PI for 'Winter. Red
Western, and $134 for inferior old Whiter Rod Nest
ern. Corn about le higher; 0106(31 07 for shipping
Nixed Western In store, and $1 09 for fair White
Western &goat. Oats excited ; elated abonf3O Wither
With a good basins.= ; for Western and State,/
closing ai.the tranddearatione.'. Pork finder and
• In' ood demand; 510 lb 23 for Old Nms, $l6 301
16'x5 for New,•2ll 7301- CO for New Prime, and ill
(816 60 fors Now Shinto Kole l-rdto MOO, bNe P ew.
for December, WWI option, at filn 60, and'
1,0:0bble do-for January, buyer's option, at $l7 00.
Beef dull. Cut bleats a shade firmer; 65166X,e for
ghoublere, 00100 kw Harm ; Bacon Aides In fair m
ouser f'Western Cumberland Cut We- Lard. quiet
and steady at 1134t31134e ; also 1000bbls for Decent:
be; Jannafy and February, 14'1130. -
Thill.apitrinkx Oct.**—Than for
Dreadettdis of all kinds here, but not much 'doing i
J os of 1,630 bbls Flour, at 66 764725 for old Nair
sad frtels ground Extra Family Flour:it/2r receipts .
And 'Wks are very light. An Eye (Flour and Corn
Niel there Is nothing doing.. There is a Aar demand
,der Wheat, and COD to sold $l6O for lied, I L 801
406 for IVhite. Itio , oonunands 21 3 0 . Zorn, Is herd.
firm, and • oaks of , 000 hixed. Yellow titillos..
Oats sears and to =aiir N
des 00. In Perroletun bur
little doing; sale; of Crude at 301331 c ;Bested DX tn.
bond, and .303102 - for Ikea., . 1 004.3 , dcdl at,
Onlestio, Oct. .W.,--Flortv dnTi. S4mai Alm t .eadk
owned ; esla at 111 07Wel
7311175 W.. Otta firm a364,46ey.e, fig"gs„ ,
bbls Flour, 61,000 bn Wheir,.3pS3o, bon Corm. `
teems.-11,000-bble :Iflonr,<W7os9
bu Corn. Freights Arman d her, and.
ID: on Wheit to Drilfido.' ' .
BALearoxx,lset.. 29.—Fjoni film. Wheatztrreitt.
!lir; Nentneky White 2T906. I . o3 , 2 culthern-Ded 60;
gnlst ; White 2t0.5,1fe110w $1 06; Oats
; dult;Rialisylrliala 153tc - %Nail &di
Now York Stock sind . MOniy Mutet.l
Ntw . Uzi. Oct. .:A. iimadr tit la px4 i
v dimaad 'at WI toady all tranivilOno_at thOutor I
firm_ Stadia shade lirnier,bat . doom:Ann at Ifil' i
.46102.- 'Gold ler and unittlikopealus at, 1
146, lic! 1
. i,,, , itltri/4 , tog 463f,r and cbe , i
iti v irtlii
tt qutititti an,. ;',•:
~ , . , -., .- , .4 t . • --,. ...
Wnttametrt .ts eh Oa quill., .11:11. 444 1 4 1
lirowiteilin , , :4 oo .,, , ,) - T*.sifi . t - rißQuits:l74f i ,, f :. 1 ~,
Mci. w.::.-...;.;:i.:..::..: or xri ti a i.3,....;... ser
N. 5.C...." --I 31:1/. & SIVICIE - :;.133 ,, ..
2 xitz......L....,.• ,1 /IL Cert. &tip ..... ......1
146, pniCN/.... t ....",,101 C., dr-P...:...,,,:h . ...1
' - .....,.:—.13 A.& 0...:...,..0....,,, mt g
• - '"
I C e ltrireCt. MAIM-.
— ...»...:;44'46g
5..#14..-............ - ..u0 - _•.-- ~.,,,,,,1 ~.t ~.-4,,,,,
. • —177. 7 - •• • - :.7•;="$•
. ... 74Laro isa....8tumer
urßiArtscoiod-24. iisior.the
" I ' 4 -age- ' sutra ,t—
-;jai Vest, 8 64 fro . = O l i g d n ,aj t a i O O
;jai :00,000 frorouro
from British Columbia.
• -•—•
nearer Ma= reading slowly at thiapoiat tiseirg
fallen two inches diming the tanentyefoits home aid
ing last evening. *1 which Omaha metal merk In
dicated three test roar inches. The 'Weather Yeast...,
day ant mild and pleasant, .mittosilgtst lndidtluna df
There bare beau no tale eines mu . hat report'
thu!!01.1 any" for soling ins the only de
A ram boat being bai4 at Louisville for tie C1:1122-
testand rim' trade, bee been sumsl the °Chicle
The Wheelie% retreT474arrer of yesterday sajit
The dearer= about t setand yeaterrlay with trey
Inches eratafto the channel. The ammo, CaptAter•
rue, Manse for Parkersbargthlatmeralmt at 10 o'clock.
The lollcertisig (time aro from the it. 'Loats Demo
mat of Werintuday .
The Nat West Nei 2, on but way nyder Government
charter, from this port to the South, Captain WM.
Thompson ccaunandtutc„ etrurJr. • mum and soon sank
Indeep waniviiew CapeeGirardean, andit Si slimmed
boat and cargo will became,* total As the.G•os.
ernmnat will pilibr the boat; tht. Into to Uncle Sam
altogetherv/11,bi about $120,000. • The boat was eat
cod at 520,003., The Kay West No 2 was • • tin Aug,
sat, WM was • startothoeler, east:SlG." .„ and car.
dint Val ;ohs. „
Proddentalthodes, of the Northern - Lino Packet
• •• •• • 7;retutned from Wheeling on Sid=
this, having- coneluded a contract far a aid
steamer, sontethlag like the kinanalluis-Zie feet long
and 34 feet beam; to draw two Test only, or at little
more as possible...l 14-.
A NIUE CONSIGNMENT OF 130018, to 14, sold
It auction, at N0."53 lifth'stnert, Masonic hall
Bandffik,. EVEBT EVENING; at half.pait - tit
o'cksrks and at nitrate: avert day at *fiction'
prices. Mr. McClelland IMO/ rcepectfttllyl:l42ems.
the citizens if Pittaburth and Al
wlttudaildinr, the great W k rac in the ce of psper .
and binding, be has Jost received from :Pratt the
larmet and /Meet tassettamistbfielawkrd works In
eert7 depertmmt; of Pk-refute; /idea= and Art;
fies Family Bibles, eplendld Photogrephdlbnms and
Cards, Letter end Note Pspere, Envelop:B,o/dd Pena
bs has ever offered In this city.- Ito the collection
may be found *nth works as Ptubbigtmr Irving%
complete works, cola; J. Fenimore Coopers eons ,
plate works, 34 rohr, Denpunki lfranklEn'acomplete
wake, 10 mkt, Ittiodopodla - Aitiartasaa, 14 solin.
Danardre Tlatory of the United 5W3.4,8'1'014 Bunk
and Macaaley's lllstory of England, 11 Vole; 'Pb.
Warmly. /gamie r complete, 21 _Tola;
watt s complete; S. rob; Diyard.Taylors Travels,.
complete, 10 rals; Clark's Commentary, 4 *OIK Pat..
rick, Loath and Whitby's works, compkte, 4 vol.;
nutluMee Engin/kW 2 Goodr'• Ardnuil
Kingdom, 1,5u0 engravings; 2 vol.; Urie Dictionary
of Arta and &knew, 2 vol.; Idlhaante History of
Chtimlanity, a vol.; Strickland's Qtloollll of England,
7 rots; The litateanan's Manual, 4 yam Pulpit no
wenute, 3 tabu Chamber.' Information for the Peo
ple, 2 volt; Chambers' Encyclopedia of English Lit
erature, 2-ro11; the complete works of Shakepeore,
Byron, Scott-Moon, Darns, Cowper, Ike Johnson,
losephus, Dick, Mullin, Plutarch, Addison, Ao., dx.
Also, 10,000 soisunea of the popular literature of the.
day, at about kW the publishers' prier'..
A:11..W. LEMAN!), /sunflower.
Salesmen., - • od3 •
ad, 49734 o'elock, will be said, on tha second goor,of
'the Conutterctikl Bales lloonts,Fifth
,streat, that
city valuable improved property, denote at the cor
ner of Water and Yams streets, known as the Cea.
teal Hoof having 35 fat front on Voter street and
extending back along Perry street 97 Lot. The house
to a enbstantial brick, notninedkno, and well adapted
in weary zemyhtt for hotel cceo, with tho advantage of
good butindal location.
TELL or liezz—Onnitird cash, one-thint in two
years, with intsfest,'and one-thipl, with iliten ,4 4 at .
des& of lire. Logan, now in her 634 yeat of age.
=25 LAPIS & kIcILMADiC, Anct'rs.
DAY EVENYIifiS; October 30th and alet, ad TX
o'clock, will be goad, blbeatalogue, on the second
floor of the Omintereial Sake Rooms, 51711th street;
the large and valuable Medical Library of the late
Dr. Joseph P. Ounain, onmprletng 'English and
American editions of all the standsrdercarkasiodmia•
OPHILIIOIM bustler on 12edicfne, Surgery, kn..
uorke on Homeopathy; Outten- Medical, At. Full
mut bound, of the leading Medical and Surgical
low-pals, Sc. Cataloguesse now ready, and can be
had elites Auction Dooms. lihe Book, can be es:
'mined on Friday and Sitontajr.
ordO DAVIS kliclENVAlliE, Ant**.
G ' ERIES TOBACCO, 4te.-01:1
SATURDAY MOONING, October met, stab
Commorcb Sales Boom',
20 kga Ye.. Twin Tobacco;lo bbla. Ilercbt;
1 box' NU. Leaf do; 26 1 - ..x..1. Tolima arraots;
.^.O dua. Tk:ab litrig do; 10 do Warms
-3 bbla. that a Dry, don • Groond.Allspica,
10 ba.../rop3cte4 *401411 I do- do Cinnamon
6 chain Gruen Two; 6do du Cloven:
5 du Black do; , do do Pepper;
2 do hoOd. do; . Sdo En.Yellowilusnl
10 bra. Gov't Java Cofbe; 5 do bed Indigo;
6 bbla. N. 0. 51plassea; 15 do lop. ram. Soap.
oc.lo DAVIB.k 111c1LWALNE; Anon,.
MORNING, October 31st, at 10 o'clock, w/11 be
sold, at thaCommercial Skies Rooms, Ifo. 54 Fifth
street, • stock of pore Liquors, direct from the New
York Custottillotore, comprising
1 pips Holland Glas • .
10 cases Bordeaux.Braady; .
10 do old Cognac Brandy;
Also a chola article' of Iktrboa eMes;
and one ea& old Rhine Wine. '• • •
rem) • DAVIS S McISAYAINE, duet's,.
11111)Alt 5101L41120; °etcher Met it_lllVelock,
will be WA% at the Conixaerelal Salta Kamm No. 14
nth turf.-
1 largo Standing Sbow Caw; • •
Countlag Holm Death ) Doak; . .
24 eel Bugg Hate;
I Bench Vies;
1 Club Pump;
1 Kitchen Range;
1 large Cooking Stare:
oc3o PAVLS s. 21c11.15%41NE, ennui,
800 Ile . T . "'° l '
l A t i•
f.-. A,. ut,t2
o'clock mL.; Ell be sold; at, Mercbant's
Fourth drool, betimes Wood. and Market atrame, •
l'lttelmrgb, for amount oterboto It may concern,
In bona.= "Enaltemo -brand ; In Iron
barrel': plea tan be , awn by calll a y, on Nowa
Sellers, Canada & Co. Tartllll age. .
,oc2B . DAVIS &
- --
rBIDAT, October betb, at 12 o'clock nt”. l o
be bold, .2 thollerthebte Kretange, Tante meet,
between Wood an& Market ettente, rlttabnrgh, for
account mama B.ttea renrene•T •
500 bangle Ardeeew Brand,
Ittribrill =BOK 51X.4. 12 (beteleater,), l 4 .
prbne qualltroted fesvod elttnatng order. ~ e
mat BAYBEagIIeILW AINZ, duet n.
CHAN. • EXCHANGE.--OD Pridaz Oct. =k r
1823. at 12 o'clock; nt4,- will.b. ookl, at Ifotliante,
Jkrdonot Fox*" aocc,:odong Wood pod Mork/ dc,,
Petirord i for account 0 whom Itnosynonesin;
1,000 AIIILELS 22111242D,CA880N.01L.1 .
In band."Mndanl OnnUty,'-“Brallont" brand, in"
Tams made kixown
natsc :DIMS maiwenuk AneVre.
RLE, PONY;: • • N
On finTraD,LT...IIO.II3IISG; getobir :Slat; at ,
II - 4 *1 0 016 :A* 10111. .thenCamietelal Ade*
Itnortu, Ito: 54 Fitclittreet, one lf s games% Stul.
.dle.Aud 9Pe1 1 . 40 :0 Bukil7-: 'Alw." on* -Je_mkkt• I . l nd
Bata, new doubleAiet illiliimplatalkirryige liar=
..ptio4 sod 40 doles Mind Bridles,: • ' 7, ;• 4 •• •
or4o aratenwatim
=Oh 13ATIIDDA7.MILTrIN6, October Vet,
Will be Incheled ths rietellogne ale of Medical
Books, cconagenelocarj% o'oloOlt. et the Auction
Boo:wed rtfth street, one. toll Auld rig, nlnalle
of Detitel..Taithhttlette. extra firm - They 'tan'
.stoir bite:trot:Laid ths'Auctloir licosoti
0c23 IttatIMAINI. Mutt".
-0 - 11EvikNevs
1-4 '
• 1 ; kg - 000ga ROOW i .t
(51 ind M. 24.3 on!4 1
Jar 11 t1i;o: .
r ` l
sI7O74IDILAM- 6 0 1, 4 1- er-: AVF
1 711iti Ca • 7-;
t Er, riatiles4**io.
iimroutrtotlails.gatitti4t. tei l 4l : : 4 l ;c r 46 ;
z-,ns CCP. '
4PlatAionAtii , .4tatz 449" ,
$ : 4mo simur
l!TVwlMut. :i q.
ri!da • „ zixa .
WA=l ,n . u)
''jP-misida4V f 4 r cr ik 4 i c"*/4/Y-
EW „
tiiiitTAL Adolfo;
— ^" 4 9l6Ditaltiosd.qe. boxes - "
,:Nirok =Malik loy
fevo" LlrsztavoLvEn.
11 1.1130011
:i5r,..4151111103:r.X.i.: =X
xa=lorw2oo,---' 4 °• • " ' '
-?!9fl~~~' a TI~EB.
kse~ au .;..II..ZZSZT YOUSSON.
tOnCIENSON,-ELli & (suok
moors ta.t.tromoi, non s./In.Ltse,) wAslirsal
..tos.ROßXH.Porsana3 3L•entcri., Pitubargh.
-31anafactiovn or. BOAT ASP STATION - EST
-L+GS;oralldeceriytfotut OIL TANIS t SITLI4
norm AND =LET IRON \roar..
.` . A~eriti•'So!`GIPFAED'B PATENT inszcTore s
FOE rsnrso Bantus.
Tx's, mr sale wbolimale and ratan. b 7
sn'aipir zollwaToN,
- Cower Baltbfkltruad,Tonrth street..
\ mAxmatimmi:m
(Etrrstisdy Markt ANlZigas4
The only Vinagar inirt&di with a Prlz node, of
arty ashrbltori at shlh ltlaoa
- -
London. Toisale by '
It - SPECIAL : : :
„like iade:atgaed would retraerthily ask attenthxt
to the preiazatlon llama u
trusszerrws UNIVEREkI. COMM ItE'lrznY
For all Throat and Len Complaints.
The great rienrahrfe. Fkatiniskla, Plead-ache, Tooth
ache, Los. of Bleep, and General Remus Fel:weir.
'Also fbr tha Pains In- Ironthli iderartroatlons • per
lect , . -
. . .
2,:b'Snsittv'S Dann* titly*pver eters to C.
palls. Wail nor= req — ern min* ?;tuns nos and BA.
dons but one for s.doso, ace wl(bnut SU least griping,
and =a Indlgettics. Ilyspeptta,:•Blllonsness, Lye -
Complainta, Ptak Worms, ana,atl darangonumb Of
stomsth or bosrals.
The - above posparatimucntincli.tinboundal
' titian to New England,. base 't4i . con fi dent:m . of, and
are - used by; mat numboi ct#yzicians, and at
prim widths reach or ire.' worthy the attention
of Invalids, yds, will find thorn n strictnontarmity to
nature Ia medicine. Hlihont resorting to the cots
mm methodist columns of advertising, I would ash
emblems to test them, which will be sacred.
• JOHN ts. mnrigEwri,L, Froprlctor,
Practical Chemist, Boston, Boss.
For sale by all wholesale and retail dealers.
The eTelltallt freedom of correspundence solicited.
/Malan of good references supplied-on commission.
For ad* In Pittsburgh at retail by J. M. Fulton,
O. H. Keyser M. D., Joseph Iletnlng ; in Allegheny
City by Joe. Brown, M. D.. Moans and Coo. A.
oclOtimeodawlii ,Wbolesele Agents, Pittsburgh.
These ND dirties hare now been before the public
for a period of thirty years, and during that time
have maintained a high clammier in every part- of
the globe, for the extraordinary curative propertiea
which they potato.
The.ME,PILLS, In awn of Scrofhla, Dyspepais,
Dillon& and !aver Adhotlona, Pile., Illteraeratisen,
Feversand Agnes, Obstinate Headaches, and all gen
ital airiit g etheata of health. have invlriably proved
eirtain and `apaody remedy. A ethnie trial will
place the Ille - Pfils beyond the reach of competition
In the estimation of every patient
• The PR(EIUX BITTERS will ho found equally
eilicaeloris in all cases of Nervous- Debility, Draper-
Headache, the sicknesa Incident to females in del
icate health, and every kind of weakners of the
dlgei . itive organs.
Fripsrod only by ASDILEW ANDERSOY, Jr.,
.Frttatre for the heirs or the into proprietor, Dr. Wm.
B. 31oSat, deceased.
BB.O4JJWAT, Nmie York.
For sale by by all Druggists. oc29,lmdersF
BOTH SEXEB.—.I reverend gentleman liar-
Ing been restored to health to a rev day', after ma
dergoing all the meal routine and Irregular eXpetk
elvo mode. of treatment, without auccela, orsaidere it
tar eacrectiluty to communicate ;kll is tillictod Inllcor •
creatures the moane of cure. Ilente, on tho recetpl
of an addiWeiafenrektpe, he will send,fres, o cop: or
the prescription aced. Direct to Dr. JOII
'DAGNALL, 186 Fitton vine: IL I.
uthetnrera . of IRON - .N.1,M.M13, IRON
and 86 TBIBD STUET, tot.,Waod and Mita.
Rare on hard anxiety of new Patterns, fancy and
plain; suitable for 4.11 purposes.
Particular aftentlem petit,' antigens Gm. Leta.
Jobbindone &Wean:wpm .
jr.31.1(001:1113 &80N8., Dreurser
=CHANG'S. cram: navies - . or ogrour,
x 0728 Aim gum.. No. ST memr.rr
STIIHIPS, Pittsburgh, Pa.
• Colkettoramsda in all , Cut principal cities
throughout the llnitad Status. nal
whales* dealer to MUMS, DVTTEIL, SEEDS,
TlBH,'and arodstia avaarall7;No.2s WOOD ST ,
Pittsburgh, Pa. - nnl
CL.1141 4GE.IrTS.
Ltourtmit by the U. 8. Giorerzetment.
r. Firm 87317ZET, `Jd dale Walt the CathedniL
Pinner to &idlers welt orate inountaina, fieet.
ern Obio_Boldkre, and West Virgin's Bather"( nen
bale their' Peptone, flaunty and pack Pay secured
et WO Oboe. -
Virenl=34l to sent glytais ItA blikwinotion to
The Soldiers. or to gowned Soldiers' Ileirs, abasing
-vita sr, entttled twit., Pension. Bounty And Dock"
Pay. usi-the runner of securing the apply
ing Ao me by leUer or In perpon.
NO thugs Until colketed.
I)ENSiOttri - 130UNTYrii/diii TAY.
1 :31-A.O KREVE!, •
„NO, llf.lll7ll.sZElZET,erranzak.
, ,
CoUcctions to AllealW37 andnArotnin; corm: es.
. " .. 7.tnincitter'SOLDlXELCl,..A.llll4, of eery&writ.
tlod BOMITIES dlachargid &Mere. PEN.
WM; thr nomad/4 otdarri: and'Soldlera ; SAWN.
TUX apd YESSIO/O t ibr :Widow, Patents, Orplua
ChUar<D,Brothora ak Slaters. or_other lava tears
sentitlrettA.tboaa who him died do aortic. or
.Aare 4144.15 tar diacharte_frote dlacase contracted In
thodieinettl ixalecte4 and no letter will tot
answorpi name 111 stamp is ladosed fatinlynn
CLAIMS at Aescrlptiab, rallactal by the fab
acribi4aii the t plata, Tbf: Wallow $lO 01;
all Obit eitlauib3 150:
-Lb 0: TAYLOR, Atfaaboy at Law,
12 Grain tbatti.Plitsbassb. r•
**sums PM takla tr.tba. dolga ilbea not
* name& awl all Yalbrisatipa gins gratis. *ably
- sxklkatCplinn Whit* Boum •
60.1)114a. tinfmind Suva CLior; •
• ,14-boses .
So aniTS PI 101,1146 Sitoita stmt.
. • -- ;PRANK VAN 0012140,
is a ANDITOSE, or allitzetg. salmis Oft bika' l. -
'•ig.:lO ttilrluitikEtabber Depot of
28 aatk2a et. Claltetteet.
ihti bait brow; soother luso lot just moitod
at tba todloillabbort Dort; Moo. IS and MI St. ear
end. .•• • . JAI IL PHILLIP 3,
• oat , ,• Solo Altato ibrAntabooy Ctretoty.
AU - .loGbtu.Afeh oilktoTh
nes. itizzaa, * sox,
- ....o***To Watei•
• - ,
- bble. No 1 *trier Strifted.
sals ' 4l: JAL DALZZLI.
- .ID gad 70 Water street.
01: D. 15'11,10.0.-.-- lugbest cash
ftw ccate7l.aral tren unit&
.11 . 1412a dja z
l imp 4 SON..
IMA-1,000 biz: Western Reserve
/z 1.411 4; ic - c' -J., IC CANTIELD.
* 3,31 0 3 5 CRAOKE I I : fresh,feul tre
'tioßraa*PN-Rar46o l o o asittr in ,r ni - vr. ' •