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, :r olllilif - Paper of the City.
ef litiliCtitatAOlCAL Onszvrarrotra taken tar
; \. tin fAikilik p a t t Ciao. n'. Stinw's Optletan 'store,
, 54Infth street--eorreoted daily :
-.'light rain 00 50
6Y. Y. - - -
"Barometer, ----- 29 2-10
The First Ward • Election Oise.
• • The Deniecoacry held an adjourned meeting
last evening, in their Olub Boom, corner of
High end tioitiffield streets, and received
hather,tcsibilony In regard to the alleged on
at-the Tint Ward polls. There
was $ *analtmlitrince,, and the atmosphere of
_thwt*in wai rib:ost intolerable. Over Afty
adai, ...lien appeared and made affidavit
had voted the Woodward ticket.
rase, as they make it out, now stands
thus t• The eleetion officers- returned seewery
*eight Woodward rotes while under this "in
reittgallon" ass isoolied . a n d Ply-fear men
Ur° made affidavit thalthey voted for Wood
ward. There are other, it is claimed, who
will appear tn-night and greatly swell the
number • so there is no tolling exactly where
the thi ng is going to atop. Of the one hun
dred an Afty,forer already sworn, thirty-four
could not road,' butthey broughtthe men from
r B whom they got their tickets, who swore that
'the&isard .ballot was 'furnished in each
' 9rMlittirtlfawi•Plltibuig - 1:1. Venal° Col.
/Cge. 7 •
tie - velprected to state that the Mines
nit•iviot, silt 'Boston, of whoin we made men
' • don yastardal - ,Auve completed arrangements
:•.• the;...math: itisties of the Pittsburgh Female
to. give instructions to those of the
Frills :o - rtho college who may desire to
veceirithein,"zurd• also to any othen in the
. , : elty-wtto wish to.ritimid. class will be
;n...,.. ; imbed 10-marrow at .three-o'clock, in the
• college Jmilding, and • a preliznitmry lesson
Al ithe feel tur interest in the matter,
:or who "dcalri to - Lae lessons, ste Invited to
sttead .: Ther,Systeth, taught is highly recom
mended by the highestantharities in the land,
• • and we hope*to 'see the Hinson Haskell receive
. en-most substimitial encouragement from our
1 7 . • Tea Butrit—The‘. Allegheny - river raised
• about els Inches at this point yesterday, and
;was hilt awcilWielowly last evening. It was
reliortel yeitethw afternoob, thatle dispatoh
' had boon receired from Oil City, reporting
of three feet •in the Allegheny river at
point . Inure appears to have been but
little rain 'the headwaters of the Mononga
belaAver. a, that streets; as yet, has risen
but very little:
. Ern HEIDEBSON -appeared at the Theatre
but evening, In the admirable personation of
• *Time/son, ' And was greeted by a very full
di The piece wee , Well performed
„„thiolignout,..and was loudly applandecL To
r: alght•!!The Soldler's.Danghtor and "Strata
.. 4: • punier an Actress" will be produced, in both
',••• ' •of ishiela Ettiellenderson will appear,
2.Blrmsvais ihmos.—The Pennsylvania
Woad Company - has Jut erected, at Swiss-
Vale, - one- of the finest station houses to bo
found on - the road. It' is exceedingly neat
and attractive; sad Will be gaits an ornament
to-that naighliothood. This is a vary desira
ble location for country homes, and at no di's
- Wit day will furnish the company a large
lmPuntbf . tratel. •
d Ntos -Dolasiow.—Tho Aladdin Oil Cam
pang bare donated a barrel of lin. 1 Rau.'
Oil, Latta! Northwestern Fair, to be held at
Obleago, under the Auspices of the ladies 'for
She benefit of sick and wounded addiers. ' The
. package fen most beautiful one, brass bound
luid_bandsornely painted. It can be seen for
dayof two, at their office on Market st reet.
. COITIMILAD Vs:so:E.—The Westmoreland
SepabSiassi t in noticing the Union demonstra
. Lion at..Greensburg, says : " In the afternoon
a biaeltifnard,;talled t Ex-Oor. NAM of Wis
. "oolain' Ind one of old Abe's monkej , Goner
..al4 lama 8101; addressed the convention."
PerixiMaT Max 'tune grading.
haying beisn eompleted for the extra tracks
between IsesiLiberty and the new cattie yards
dt TM:ear station, "workmen are now busily
engaged in putting down the raits....The cat
tle yards will be ready-for use in a few weeks. -
Itroovractud.—ThO soldier, McCarty, who
was so shockingly injured on Saturday 'iron
ing, at the outer depot, by being run over by
the .13rizttow,- Accommodation train, *as to-
. ,
, potted data danger yesterday. Re enll lose
• • •one leggy but the other can be saved by ski'lfnl
• 7 - .
namo.d John WaV ,
• - kins was: bursted totatb t near Fairmont, Vs.,_
1? • - on"-Ttopiday iilglo List. MOW asleep is the
\,-fionso of Joiustkool:Coogte,, which took fire
idea iirotao,totalli detitroied.
: • lunar, as . Sznuty...-Oite ,distin
,'"44aeafelinw4M*33o3bri: 'Junin S. Negley,
Indirn4 in thliAtilinin
411b16 ,Thkirgt be lin:roily wolnorned by:bonne
. .„.,,
• ILtid relliumftt•
• bpswiliWS
~ _•.,740;00;47637
•• - •
- I „TAT, .govrpits,74,,Tbero.. is, zio dkruudtion.
q.O . ..T r i . LLVailitbe:iatiliettcos thatl night*. gather at Ma
•loniet - Malitorritaearthis highly popular en
/ ' - lettii'faidelif..Vii - dripped into. the hall last
; ---' •'-'loYre.rtixillionik. - ,Tarto.. - Anfinitelitnor*:-datiglited
than - ea 'ear preview risit. We wirer saw Mr.
c.. , .., •. -- -1 liouteltTleekitereo. welt,-and hd spoke With'
111(1111thatj4111LIU0 vigor as. deliiiiitrid
the terrors end glories of the tent Aoki. .A*
t , • - -- , 1 - -' - h*greptilearky depicted Almon* JiMideate:
, ; ‘.i' - Connected 'With lhei sobblllo4 4 some SAM
'-''' "" ' - 'l2itaiecir sisbiblilg inteireat, - aldwilui
'" • 'Mr' 'l3ovi" la. - ail* 1417 n
---1-.,,-:{....1.7-Rilip, C 4 er 0. !F egr „Iwo ed.
../. 1.• :1.. b• ,A into a, period :of loftier eloquiaimi;eadlds
.'.. illeilleg petted. *fretted 'thir ; attetatlow of
, -•-,.1 ' t : =Mem toc;biealtlikial pleiuire.l 'Onereohld
- '-1 :,..;, illawitthtlir.sph l .3 0 agelt.. the 4 0 0-
,angsit iner7 pease 16 hiS addle‘ She listeners
- - , pal spectators. best forth. r into • se wed and
......77.t.: ii;', -.- , ;,..teithememe, , spplitistc. , Mil; i Seto faiimWd
' f . - ' ; ' 7 ,ii**o2.,,*Mite...'elle*te 'la - appp! ' to ' sate;
' -. -''` -- ." and the entire eitirtaliiinOni, wit igslidod
) •• .... • . delight: to thwtast .audieswerlit atteadamas...
All who visit - the Pelyeramairill be abundant. ;
ly repaid teethe time and money forested.' ' -
. - 4 , " - L' , , , 't ; -•-•-r.i..i.MIINM••••••••4---• - • ~
• '''' l ''' SPECIAI.4OOAIi ITOTWILIia; ~
..• ....,..
thlin*A 3 D*4.44* - 4044 1 baosrre? ? fir
~ :,....: ,ifamtly and*umfacturing porp O sii;inthe.
best in use:. • j 1.1 :- , ' , -`', ,if , T. .'saintrr. .6:-,:'
-.., c , '," : 7 . ".' ;: : ....: :te r P.:Clurrerr, - general -.• !,...
,-/' ' - ' -' '
Pkl4 .- r and :Ontaiii4itid
: 111 4 } *.A 0 414*. 1 4 1 . 41 . 016 0er, 1 4Pinkt"**xdo and
- 1 1TentiOnt of the int* qifilipret imitate.
ills: , the won
iroki i prai ef ibP a . .;;; t
,1 ^ orlon in the
Otwing can be received
, . u nfrontitaiharii_ Ifietorikiileani.No'. 28 St. Matt
uT:, 1 , 1 $ •
t . ..,;;A • • •-• •• •
•I''‘-z-• - -- '• - - Man:4
' , 0rgAt440 11 r,.:(7" 1 t900 ,, mi r rf o , -
!:,.:;), t:,-,,--?'•!Sikort
l a. it sawn:bawd • Nadi
::l, . r , '-," .litst'llitta—k ITO; kt /1146461 ii oralOiNi
Cherry,:.lAisitx--r ' latest . sty lie - of all
::. i gam at. all
„. ~0.-.,! . h um% mak Te ti t ticility;4ll-0V *hleh
,;t fiall'VerY " . ' '." fte101:11...... -
••••,;.,,'--lthith'n . ~,.: .. flt i o - latest -- P Q — bi b sad
, ;if salleaoaa.— . - ..„..6, ..lorytasktoaa 0 _
.1141111itiana,nisd411PealliatulletZt 4f i airfi/ g mum m a sbek T .
' :- ~,tvl,so',___er-,
....„. einfouitiotiba _ .
j ,. , A • rig 3011liggiaV'F'"9 '''ai li t every Plin!Z
y• •' - fait in the. city , - o dd df well to g ,
itol,_, , periett tslN,
L , . - • , -
q.t ., '
I.:*taill7 fall. ' - " i'Cci-T' ll • .
no - au Par Y
- - I-' .1 At „,,.. .N o 1611 litiriet , SA' •"'.
310 m.pkata , ,., , , •io kociaiiimw...
~,1.-• 1 ` B.
ty,. N . .:Ti i i
..,;:•,4 ,yvn,qu ...:
~, ,_ „0 . .,„ , mai , luir
11.4';'Vj?,41.4.2t1012g,... *A7u& a : !,. Wee!" ,- • a
• a . , a. ~..,
To :. b een VW
..I"A'f,'::liilititeirl - ~•„„4 ' 2 lobaliorni f ila - 4 .. iikt I
, h .74:':,:;;:austaer, ...-
~/ ., w i th , ,boi ra tiod arta .1
.. y
mig . 430Eu3214 - db 4. th er io .to ng. 111 *”. . , ",
:-.11A.' iono4o.o4tisrgaz, Depot, l[tr
14*, mitioret .., r- ,/
.;.:I, r :i . tag: I,,u,s . p tgeve yilic: ' l ' l- -'-
. 0 4 1°47
. -.4 ., freitr., .i i :4 4 ,• s'7finirich sheet , ,
I PowEttu - Aara Wurna,Waiir---The Sam
mer Is past, And lbr the maritimes frost, we
begin to apprehend, that fall and winter will
shortly be upon us, and we must provide our- ,
selves with the material to keep ns comfort
able. A nice fall suit, or a good and well.
nude overcoat are the very thing, and we do
net know of any place where our readers
would nit themselves better than at Messrs.
W. D. McGee A Co's clothing establishment,
corner of Federal street and Diamond square,
Allegheny. They have also received a com
plete astortnent of gentlemen's furnishing
goods, and o great variety of hew patterns for
tine assortment of Tall and Winter Clothing,
lately received by Messrs. John Wier t Co.,
Merchant Tailors, No. 146 Federal street, Al
legheny. The stock of clothing consists of
the finest variety of gents' pantaloons, vests,
coats and overcoats. The style of patterns is
taatefol and fashionable. We would Invite
all of our readers to give the above gentlemen
a call.,
PACT. tot SOLDllms.—Thro3ghout the In
dian and Crimean campaigns, the only mad
feints which prated tEeraseltes able to cure
the wont man of Dysentery, Scurry and Fe
ver, were Holloway's Pills and • Ointment.
Therefore let emery Volunteer see that he is
supplied with them. Only 28 eents.per pot
or box. 2:18.
Foci Doman, four dollars.
Four dollars, tour dollars.
Dental Institute, Dental Institute.
Best cheap Dentistry, best cheap Dentistry.
No medico, work, no machine work.
Oman and carriage calls will be taken at
the Omnibus once, lio. 410 Penn street, day
or night. .1111 orders left' at the above place
will be promptly attended to, AU calls mast
bo amiss.
C. Buz, Dentist, Sig Pena. street, will &t
-imid to all balky= of Ws profession.
Cl7lllot--81fITIL—At Mineral Point, . Vb., on
the I.sth DM. by Var. Amos Norton, D. D., andatad
by lbw. Amon Dodges, Mr. N. 0. CTILTIY, of Pitts
burgh, to Nise ALICE, daughter of the into Cen. J.
Brolth, of the manes
CLOWESI-011 IS easily Oct.
P. CLOWES, egad 21 yam.
Vanua an ‘1"11)11:1:DAT 11:0113110, ILL 10 o'clock,
from the restilenos of Ws parents, ladle= township,
to peered to AtlegMuy Came.. The friends of
the tainitly ere ineitlid to 0114.
YEBOIIIBOII—At resltlanca, Na 50 North
Daimon, Atleny City, an Sabbath cleat, Datalooco
18tb, Bar. DAVID gE.B.(ItBONI , In the . = year of
his age.
no Mandl of the &milt aro ri:ovc...thdly turned
to attend the thamisk 1512 Arm:mama, at 2 o'clock,
from his hie reoldoneo.
zuserz—on monday arenins It 81 o'clock,
JOSEPH, youdgeet ion of Major -Hesse &feet.,
aged 6 yearn 3 mantle and ID day.
!unrol:Lotto. in °Toning papers
GOODWIN & ' 00:S .
To tho bercent of tl6l
0-vitt , HALL,
THURSDAY AFTERNOON, Oct. Sad, St 3 o'clock
Admission 23 cents. 01:/kMilan 10 cu. oda
am* ammo&
0•80BIHSOB, BRA & CO., frac.
moors to Itostusost, Ilan linisms,ol7ASSlniG
TON WORKS, Forams lisortateuri, Pittsburgh.
Moundhomm of DOLT ,AND WWIO4EICY
lNGS.ofaUdzoortiitioas:lML 161 . 1E.4 & STILLS,
br feeding Boners.
BOTH SEX .—A reverend gebtleueln har
ing been restored to health la. few arty., slier un
dergoing all the usual tootles and 'militater aspen-,
aim Modes al trestastut, without imoceM.uoMiders if
his sacred duty to communicate to his afflicted fellow
creatures the means .of curs. , Hence,l ,..te the teeelpt
of an addressed envelope, ha will lend, , a copy, of
the Msecriptlon wed. Direct to Dr', JOHN IL
DAGNALL, 1119Toltonstrost, N. T. ,
0401111 COCHRAN' 8: 8t.0., Maw.
' • aid.. of nims um o.' IRON
VAI3LTS AND v4trzer DOORS,7,sgirr
asslBB THIRD. STREET, bit. Woodatilifarkoti
11am air hand anxiety of tai I!atte Ja9cy and
P 3 99 1, =Ha& Bs% a Mien& • ;
Tarticular attention paid to' incloeing Grirre Lotu
Jobblog dons at sheet notici. • '
10.31. BOLUS 801518., DULA=
WPREET, Pittsburgh, Pa •
tar Olaketlyns mathe_sui th• prluelks4 cities
thrdsighoukthu trsdbpil flatus.. • t ,ota
wizagaialt, bitmowoi - imam,
It Eakin; pro,luedi rmerll7-2?: ; 4.1 wows• ST.,
, ;••• • ,
.111:1111111D W. 201110121*....4,Z;-;•.:T. /1101XICAL. .
- ' ' s 9. as rcrung mum,. • 11ya)... -
'The stiticaibtin maim:dial= mei tott_ 'earikiiiitv
Axi m ittevi,
on hand artielein tier Mier vti . W
i nk
OBN cuoronr-oodos co
swage =min:mai - Di aniftilhil Ow
Us odebrated PA SPRING BE .. - AO, Maid!
1 atIMADES;I3I,I mid' * • . : , :----- -,
I Pro tapkattentlon Icsiven to. sir , • - 41:iiiffy:It
14 , 1 2 0**M4d 0 V 30 milsOl u edVatV •.; ' , " -
• ....., —. . , -.: : . :,...- ~,.: °Auk ai , . CIL• '
7 :4I3II , I4ICiTORASOUriatok
lboo• lb° bilis wit, gunk go
tar VI IthatittPloo6#6Feilki
i 6 . 5 L 3 *901,
-&21 7 :6 7 6 =tsar'
arra Eseds l... ..ol
labarand -
add '
the .
01/11= a t
) ,
daan train WW
Arit ''- ; l l 22 Ar is,
Joinwomo ,, ba,
-. , t, . q.
1 1 9 1 21 1 Mr a ,., 4iitaf-iindlrell li
40,4 i. sliiiiikaMbiburd tottV 1 1
jail ntairidirf,..,,PAMST
gk'`MS'SWA,OW?? ° •
—. ~tronr,
t !kil i r , .!`cf
tri Egli NEWS .
SpectOl Dltipatch to the Pittsburgh Gnats.
Wastmccrros, Oct. 19, 1843.
The Star of this evening says: We hear that
reconnoissance made yesterday dessomtrated
that there was no force of rebels along the Or
ange A Alexandria Railroad as far oat as some
miles beyond Bristow Station; and facts as
certained by that movement create the Impres
sion that the main body of Leo's army is 'al
ready—on the retreat to some point south of the
Rappahannock, probably on or near the direct
road to Warrenton and Little Washington.
In his movement in this direction, General
Meads took due care so to destroy portions of
the railroad as toreador it uselesi for the time
bane to Leo, bad he been disposed to bring his
supplies from Riohnioaci. The country recently
traversed bylrbi army co uld L not supply him
self with s pound of aught needful:in Ordway
of subsisteriee; and as he failed to capture a
single dollar's woith of bleade's supplies, be
had but one of two alternatives lift him by
Saturday evening last—olther to fight imme
diately for our supplies, or to move his army
elsewhere, where rebel supplies are to bo had.
The receipts at the Internal
. Beeenue Mt=
ruin, on Saturday, were $608,000.
am Janlsos os sluscreArto
GOT. Andy Johnson has sont hens e Tory
strong article, in favor of immedirdo emanci
pation in Tonneuen, with an ondorsisinont to
the effect that it empresses his closes fully..
Thos. J. Boynton, at present District At
torney at Key West, has been appointed II: B.
Judge, John A. Bingham and Win. Laurel:me
having dalined.
Brigadier General D. C. Donohue has been
appointed by Secretary Usher, as agent to
visit Hayti,.for the investigation of the colon
isation scheme, undertaken under cohtract
with tho government.
Wen Dmutrxrst,
P11.0\1111? MARSILILL 4313traAelf
Oct. 19, 1863.
areutor No. 94
The attention of the Piovost Marshal is es
pecially called to the provisions of paragraph
37, regulations for the Government of the Bu
reau of the Provost Marshal General of the
United States. When a man is arrested as a
deserter by the officers or employers of this
bureau, and claims that. he is not 0 deserter,
by reason of basing been discharged
from the 'styles, or of never hav
ing been discharged from the circle', or
ever having been in the . army, he shall not
be forwarded from the Provost Marshal's
headquarters to any military poet until he
shell bare been offered 0. fair and.ample op
portunity to present proof in support of his
claim.. •It is made the especial duty of the
Provost Marshals to investigate all inch eases
carefully, thoroughly and promptly. Evi
dence with regard to them can usually be ob
tained from the official records upon applica
tion direct to the Provost Marshal General.
In all doubtful cases the matter shall boat
once reported to the Acting Assistant Provost
Marshal General of State,: for his orders as to
holding or discharging the man.
[Signed.[ Jas. B. Far, Pror. Mar. Goa
The rsubicriptione to tho nee-twenty loan
for the paiewelik,"throtigh Jay Cooke A Co.,
amount to 9,622,650 dollars. The demand
for these bonds by European capitalists,
through their agesits• In Now York, is quite
considerable and inercesing.k At the present
'remit= on gold, there bonds draw over 9 per
sitcom/ assztren
John 13. Plebe', who forged the tame of
Capt. Tompkins, Quartermaster, to roeelpts
for horses to the amount of forty thousand
dollars, hat been arrested In Canada.
.'The court martial, of which Maier Gaines
is Judge Advoeate, has adjourned to Wednes
day next. 'Gen. Slough, Cob Piperiand COL
WhMtler have been relieved from further ser
ried - theraarith. Gen. flayei till probably
succeed Gen. Slough as President of it.
rsc irsanntonm
The defiinsea of Wasillusion dm in I'4ll
- OctOrttion.
Gen. Meredeth hal been compelled by 1 nen 7
nam . 4tp. rellnquieh his command.:
• Oen: Sleklci C:sime back . , Gem. Meade
thinking ilia. not well enough to take charge
of hie
...Colonel Luau of tbo 2d Wieeon.
.o#:rogiment, and llniosccandidato toe doenit
ftary ot State in Wineonsin, bits been prO
. 1 ran' , ': 1151110, RFAii +11 1 MINARFA
'l3onfof,oteloi to tbialossoli. • '
PRnrottiliii; Oct 10,1869.1
lillientoiTtflhoiamy_of the PAGE/04 boing
within the intronobsn'ento .of Wishington Is
aii of,lOnnoS i ‘iijtliOntOto:sh,4dovi of foopoot,
' " ' r, • •
ni*potall;, amid , 1941.,
ondaistood that oar ;logo by, tie
rabolndiOk 'CtiOrleataion,Yo4 yooten*,
'itanatifiore`ttoin'lso :nen
Tfinzo.ozo no tidings: of , Lee's orheirialoonts:
On! owtrofnlfs *lon*
'). - Ilie viiitag,tplitpen bandit' thi:digiettia
•0011. simple, ;
AM& • -tennt..„.._ as
••;,'; MIMI* In iater3l Direction
"(' 4 !*inien". loo l4* Ann I and Trsii,
..ITASUROXO4..;IIO4KitaIIe :to wing, was
reeeivett&glinduptartire 10-day
4 CtinterdioGyeat. or Gescral.
ii. Wiliifffek'l.Pd:lollPoring gspatele hag
Jost!. lietir-iPseitia tioni` Brig. !Gen. George
CAW lettoimimdin:the 241 earalry
datailltogererilla, list,loo, 186$ c
144; waste intormyonAhat I-ha:silkto,'
• ' ral& tid i ,
.miensyline. !eft:levee 4
10,11S i trtp Ingllnv vim biidly.daoh time
The:bs a,Caded it IMmlggtan,,Rolatti4
;entire emenscad,•
lOW-but, twog•briipules: ,-Dent his Amain
Pao; leatturinfirlage partici orit, capturing,
pdboes :of, 10101ryi! .. ene' thousand , etaud
of - eitralrg;: *Mai and 4 4 4 • Pilsoiers .
aides theanntled. / pushed iniatiert.tho
ssismilmxnenttely; Ilea net-beta
. eehin there :Mild and
w?admitted, 114} 1 *.4 1 :7 0 .4:4 1 07 1 * e1 *
sieittesed4ric a, dbitaaue, 1 . 1114 4- runes.
Thai), shie,4o - Wss r eat.route,
*airmen dalatingaiitt rtragg g over the
eminutc-i-pitituad thins •iettli, great vigor,,
bet AtiWberie&o'•lii4i , g tatter than reboil woe
?P_IP) - Atat 14*Mb - mith`• trio irigiments tt
ft•mmeutlrUetelclk I made- a
, ebarile on . .11temi, capturing :Pane 114, `and
*Mortar Oa ientainderinshi'muntom
mishit they had all
ensMadid' alpidicanClhrest MUM above Etaizipir
ItcWW:Whiisii,.l , ll,it„ - entnnuitiolti I to moss.
new 28 44:;! 1 7 6 5 1.
• •• their Aoss ;In ,thla-lard enui • u&I ku
thartl,ooo.: , foars;need be '
,titetcoadiraloitikffliid icon. ••= l -••;+ 1
Eft i o4 ,l
131 cli - Csoaz 4 t ; „,
W. S. lloszsaass, Major Gaiters!.
MIS -It East
Spacial Dispatch to tha Pittsburgh Gsgatte.
Hatrtgotut, Oct. 19,1883
The Condition of affairs generally with Gen.
illeade'n army are highly satisfactory. , He
ha, foiled the rebels in all their attempts to
sniprise and outflank Min s There has been
no general engagement. The guerrillas have
been troublesome, and they hove captnred
Eiden' wagons.
Dispatches from flasper'e Ferry to-day say
that all is quiet there, at Martinsburg, and
along the entire Lineal the railroad, and trains
fro running through as =rat
Richmond papers, of the 16th, wore received
here today. They have dispatches from the
South-west. They confeu a severe defeat
aid repulse near Greonsville Run, with the
loss of 300 wounded, and.that things look die
heartening for the Confederate'.
The rebel steamer Mary Wilson was burnt
near Mobile, and seVenty lives lost.
The Richmond Bearriner wants 300,000 free
!legroom, in the Berndt, drafted for teamsters.
Dispatches from Charleston to the 16th, in
the Rietunond papers, say that the enemy con
tinues_ vigorous operations, but that nothing
definiteltas been effected. Firing from the
'batteries tontin=es Blowy,
All quiet in Raltimilio.
Special Dispatch tolhe Platatarrgb Gazette;
A contraband came Yn reporting tho / rebels
preparing pontoon" %carom the river abifie and
below. The river is high and - rising.
There is great rejoicing over the Ohio
election. D. S.
Southern Newe
Formren Mentos October 18.—The R. 8.
Spaulding. from Mo ms Island, is hourly ex
' We =kr:the following extracts froth Sciuth
ern paper received by the fag of truce boat
to-day :
The Richmond &curries? of Oct. 12th, clays
in regard to the Texas elec tion : "Pendleton
Murray is elected Governor over Gen. T. T.
Chambers by about 5,000 votes. P. 8. Stokk
pole is elected Lieutenant Governor."
The Richmond Examiner, of Oct.'l2th, says
that a smart correspondence has occurred be
tween Mr. Ould and Gen. S. A. Meredith in
regard to the exchange • of pritioners, from
which tt . appears that &wide difference exists
between the parties as to the number of pris
oners with which each should be credited, and
that all arrangements for the present an
knookedin the head.
The Examiner, of the 16tb, has the following
Charleston, Ott. firing from our
batteries continues as usuaL The enemy
makes no reply, but continues working on
additional number of earthworks. It is re
ported at Folly Inlet that two war vessels
have arrived off the bar.
The Richmond Examiner, of the 1111 i, hes
the following
It is said that Ewell fought the enemy at
Bristow Station, on the Orange and Alexan
dria Railroad, four miles this side of 'laminas
Junction. We heard no particulars of this
fight, except that we took 4,000 prisoners and
400 wagons. Sedgewick's corps is reported
to be cut off from the main body of Mettles
army, and to be now surrounded and hemmed
in by him on Oeenaquan Creek, with this ex
ception, that Meade Las succeeded fn escaping
to Bull Run with his artillery. Some believe
that he will these offer battle; others think
he wiU not halt on this side of Arlington
Oomionseille, Oct. 16.—A severe battle is re
ported to have taken place near Catlett'. Sta
tion. On Wednesday the enemy retreated
towards thisOccoquan, when 10,000 of Sedg
wick's corps were suddenly attacked by Gen.
Lee, and itls reported that 3,000 prisoners
were captured. yurther particulars are not
yet reeelved.
Tho Examiner of the 15th contains the fol
lowing dispatch:
Meridian, Miss., Oct. 13.—The following has
Just been received from Bragg:
Glen.Chahaers has torn up the railroad track
In four places, and attacked Collinsville yes
terday maiming.
Otn. Sherman, with part of Smith's. brig
ade were en route for Corinth. Arrived , as we
did. We drove the enemy into their fortifi
cations, burned - their camp, with considerable
sti:rns and thirty wagons. We brought off
twenty wagons, took four colors and VA pris
oners. Oar tom is about fifty liked- and
wounded. Prisoners report that Oen..Smlth
and a' Colonel was killed. Reinforcements
are coming faun. Oetmantown and Lafayette.
(Signed. J. C. Cifeutints., -
Ckartesmit 14.—There was heavy and
rapid firing yesterday afternoon and during
last night, chielly.trom our James Island
wens and Fort Moultrie. The statement'
hots Tirisoneia of a new battery - between Gregg
and Wagner it believed to be false.
&coitd Divideli+Theie lute been but littleL
The .Chattanooga Behi announcer the arri
val of Jeff. Davis in Bragg's &n or to settle all
horuiehold quarrels.
.Cten.,Boreerans has fortified Chattanooga to
io=, October IL—The 16th and 27th
f Timbal; mull* and m o unted
Infanray, estimated at 24,000; men,tamed
,Greenville,, around eastward, to-make
a 'raid -on 'tie Virginia 'aid TO ensues' Bail. ,
reed and attack our forces at Bible Ridge, six
Mileirwratt - al Greenville. On flatirday, the .
10th but., our forces withdrew to ,Hender
too's, ten mllee vest of lireenville, the enemy
having . succeeded iraraletbileg our veer. Oar
Men fell beet to Tolliralfer;ontil the Yankee";
heavily reinforced, advanced upon thont,-ithen'
they. were withdrawn to IMMO Our loss in
both 'One' tight 300 . 11111 ed and'vranded,
Oar.' wounded fell ratetler handily! the snorer
OONidneran. night. the enemy arrived at
'Bristol; aid on - 2 441 4 4;1 4, ,hae• -advance d
tom b Abingdon wit/vie:heavy fete, , irilMt•
posed,to number from 1i1,000t0 . 10,000.
command in gut Tonnes:
tee. Waal& biti'left; having resigned ' or
beendlailitied. ;,'; • ..)
The 'Eraliatv; the' errata*, the . ..following
The OeierralsentAieaCablialt
town bl theConikdatzby an agency the eels
inpi s fr
rapes the '
__ thousand free-ne
infe 'Who ought . bi
•ive'd#,C4,ll,at for
driver.; tte• ' ' • • • ,
•,•• ThtilUdaTifig4•Evolawf rot 410 lkh;siiii
tichltew t
etf h arwiithatlerfittalthiniee ef military
9PerigOnsaiNPrtaull end' bit !Ow
ta be la Meade's rear. •
- • • -
, , •
Beikided'bi a"Ph:1410 1 01te Xiatt 41r
„ , 011101110-104`.
Naje,.Tolite INN steamer
p4 t erhieti left Liverpool on the , elth laud
nettiwn on the Ith, Is due. here. The
Waiting la a sunineary_of her neelr,thredOht
!to.ifsj-by.the Cio,_of Apr York
T b e j o s iosjfede
Torte bang been And Atolikd boarded by
v ibeivrteiteetekthe Iskotluly-Afterox
anidnei itto""Pife.S l or theinith.-.. Neurnanne
the DrieiteOloft hey latf2s i., long. as w.
'Thepars - 1( . 00i skrafiLtltek"andrAsylater.
Isr , ,regard to
the. fight sear 'unattlulthot , itAleee not
riOndetti‘thi• ineepik . e4 era nt our
eoteroperanea,.:: nizoit.
o *,itt l itbg. thy intailtiothigot of oar Meads:
at a Tag._
nithitat 44/dtent*A3e4_ red at For, /
tnes ,atottoo.i. sack motto that lesterdey
i r htlglpeadirtc,_'thronil. Cekritneh Owil t ;
to -North 'Carolina, his
I 'kali NM effitved I,7_l4urnifil; toget her with
thespill.F9o ll, ? l- In* MI lichipitt 00(4:
141 'thit lfiAll
--VI ' ott &Mtn' the
apotiotbeetelettrthkVemurkad le,
oTT her, and ensiled. The crew of the Matt
4,z-.. -44 . 4 .1ee. 1..`C.C..14141,TF,
Istartkl Imva Alum
Oit. 19.-4 spaitt: Mutt Ogle'
some in t pi , Thl POW; tilitutipi au the
dycciace, usvolucdat 11160 000. They
cithc gums
46640 the public to•dilp.4
:From' Europe.
NEw Tour, Oct. 19.—The steamship City
of Neu' 'fork arrived this afternoon. The di
rectors of the Great Eastern Ship Company
have taken formal proceedings in bankruptcy
to wind up the company, in order to stay vari
ous notions, and insure an equal distribution of
England was startled by an earthquake
early on the morning of the sixth. ft was
felt in all directions, but Caere WAS no damage
The two Secession Associations at Man
chester have been amalgamated into one, un
der the title of the Southern Independence
Association. The main object being to pro
cure a recognition of the South. Lord
Wharneliffe is President.
. . .
.. ..... .
The COUP., adopted by Arch Duke Maxi
milliaa relative to Mexico, disappoints the
London speculators in Mexican soeurtties.
A considerable decline hod taken place.
It id reported that Spain is among the
powers resolved to recognise the new Mexican
Empire. e
Paris Bourse dull, and steady at mgrs.
The Polish question is unchanged. It is
reported that Perino .Cseartoriski was taking
formal steps on the part of the Polish Na
tional Government to secure the recognition
of the Poles as belligerents. ,
; p:,
bo Noce thinks the position of France in
teo and the conditional acceptance of the
Cro by the Arch Duke Maxanulllan amount
to something more than a diversion in favor Of
the South, inasmuch as they are o forcible
and practical protest against the` idea of e , •
republio on . the North American (fontinent.
Tine Mexican deputation to tendeto the Crown
-of Mexico to the Arch Dolts hinalmillian
was received by the Arch Duke on the Sd inst.
Maximillinis, in renly, said he must Make his
acceptance of the 'throne dependent on a ple-
Wefts of the whole country; that itleoold . be
his ditty terask for guards, which are 'Mils
ponsible to secure Mexico against' dangers
which threaten her. Should these guaranties
be obtained, and the universal: vote 'of the
nation,lio given in my favor, I am ready to
accept the Crown, subject to the approval of
my brother... It is believed the conditions of
thrfArch Duke's acceptance . of the Crown are
the same as-those named in October 18, 1861,
according 0 which, be considers the co-opera-
tion of France and England to he the only
means by which order can be re-established, ' I
and that, a free manifestation of the wish of
the whole nation is absolutely necessary.
Bev. Mr. Beecher had been addressing a
public meeting at Glasgow on the American
which has called out the criticism of the
London line.
Markets by Telegraph.
Raw Yong, Oct. 19.—Cotton dull, henry and lower.
Flour ho* and unsettled, and 60100 lower, at $ 5 . 95
911,80.f0r Extra 16 11. 0., and 141,95@)3,80 for Good to
Choice—closing with no buyers at outside. Whisky
firmer at Ode. Wheat imegular and unsettled and •
shade firmer, but at the close buyers were disported
to hold off, at SI,YBQSI,:IO for Chicago Spring. $1,27
11111,Vdor Milsrmatee 51,3401,35 fur Amber
lows, $1,35Q51,41 for Winter Red Wostern, and for
Infetior Wintar fled Wlatern. Corn about2c better,
with a fair demand, chiefly speculative. Oats dull,
and 2@Lic lower, at 780380 c for Western and State—
closing anituddo. Wool dull. Sugar dull. Petroleum
dull and lower. Pork dull and lower at 5 14 , 50 d3 1 .4,7 5
for Old Men, 510,E10,123C - for New Prima, 5U.(8
SALO far New. Prime Mims ;Also 1,000 barrels New
Mon, for Jannar7 at 516,75. Beef qidet and steady.
Bacon Sides trity. Lard opened quiet and closed a
shade easier at 11,4611.34 c. Cheese firm at 123160.
New York Stock and Money Market.
Na. Toni. o.l,lo.—Money steady, with a fair
bush:teat at 637 per cent. Gold Irregular and unset
tled, opening at 61%, declining to TeX, advancing to
31%, declining to it/A, and closing firm at 51/5/03.5034
Sterling Exchange nominal at 16534(416e%.
Government Stocks In without c
1881, Coupons, 109; 7•3o's, wy.C4107.
Bank Statement—Decrease 5".=.154 ; de
crease In, specie, 7/154,488; Increase in circulation.
1195,580; decrease In deposits, 51,986,000,
Stocks doll
A. a 1. 11.. ._
.107% • Hudson_
C 4 Harlem.
. • . •
G.. &
............... Reading
111. CV . P 1 M. S
Erie., • 10x15, N. Y. 0.
Puttarttrma, Oct. 19.—The BreaulstuCa market
in dull to-day, and there in rery little doing. There
Were small sales of Superfine Ylonr at $b,75(. 5,67 1 1
for Extra. $5,75(46,25 for Extra Family, 56,50 for
Old, and $7,50 her Choice. There is nothing doing
In Rye rim:wand Corn Meal. Wheat dull and droop
ing ; sales 5,000 bushels Red at $1, 5 0. and .m.ll loin
of White at sl,Toael,n6. Th,o wen .mall notes of
Rye at 51,25. Yellow Corn lower, and selling at $l.
Oats are dull at kin. There Is a firm feeling In Pro
visions, with rate. of Moos at stvaridia, and Lard
at 11,%e. Cloverteavl In wanted at 57.• Ylarated at
53,16. Coffee is held film. In Hagar and adman
but llttlo is doing. Whisky dull at COOtile.
DALTIVOIE, October 15.—Ylour firmer ; Superfine,
$0,14.‘; lloward Street, 5423. Wheat active; sales
6,000 binhels Kentlicky White at $1,93V11.08 ; 4,000
bushels Southern White at 11,00a1.,..12. Corn *toady.
Whisky dull at 130€02%.c.
The &Una reparations, of each unbounded rem'.
WPM to New England, here the confidence, of; and
are tubed by, great numbers of Physicians, and at
prices within roach of all, are worthy the attention
of invalid', who will Mid them • strict conrOrmity
nature in medicine. Without molting to the corti,
MOD methed of columns of adverVishi . g. I would ark
covidoece to teat them, which will. be =mid-
JOICf L. 111PSNICWSLL, Proprietor,
Practical Chemist, Ticatori,ldasi.
Tot sale by all whalers* sad retalidealein.
The greatest freedom of ammo:idea.* . .
Dealers of good references rupplial nu renximisalon.
Far =loin •Pittsburgh at retail by J.' 31: Fulton,.
G.,11. Emma,. M. D., Joseph .in Allegheny.
City by Jae. Drown, 11. D., W. J. Means and Geo.
Kelly. D. L. PARNESTOCK a CO.,
oclG.Ouicodawlf • Wholeada Agents; Pittsburgh.
mrpaesed by my In the country. lad- - .
pansing around to the different Shoe
Stores in the city, I happened Into
end tree enryricod to 11.3 the exceedingly
J . " P r i c "; q;° , . 41 gu'i r g';' °4 ° ;
fez as riontnetits concerned, cannot be
' persons' trhhtrig =jilting to It&
— lira, to can cnd einmine their stock, sad
sire from 60 t0:75 pc ans. ryarT Pgr
le ererrantod to give istLsfactlun
No.fd rirrrt STILETI.
u =Awl;
ROBERT *Lawn, UnDs.tustie.
tottipiciii4.46l7D sinker, rim adjoin-
Log_liotei;t PStorip's Lliary . Stabte.
trodertaldbelfoali bra:whet: littluterring,
biyibgatt sad Intutabing marling turFesfaa. for
;b ; .liotton etasmukbta torml.. les ..
.111NYDS- AND SDOED.—Persons,wish
zo IstrinyLbitag !in car Una or - busbes, wilt tad
that they eau save mottez by purchasing their .. • .
' . _
- _
Trilid us: We ban Unhand 'a Urge and well select ,
ad' eocrptisiug . ifflerrhilig In the shePe of
SHOO, whirls virare What at very tow Flow •
Giants* =abaft will - !edit to tiusirattnaiitii
JOSi.M . B01114.10„.
4,4 fetrlT:ici dpo ft:2.4ft
Ithliortensad'iTholesile 'Thuders in -
I - • •
ma'am% mom, JEw - KLEY. a AND
,„ , • 0.-
, • % 14/4 AWD ,T itACZI 4 IIIff.
• ^ Maw& Agentifor the telabrated
716. IrMXIITI2E6I; owl (11:.b trus iVoed,
llitibureg re I ” •• 0022
; .;„•,
; - • ; L BRAWN; t
, r ;
ihllntaCialtr of s,
has tgrocipxl*No.l.22 flarrorra are.he.
'FM - talon bandicLijgailoortzdtrat f YNNITIAN
DLIIND eta. theft vglete TANCI lad
Tux rlimnias, sisulffig• 0/1030148
coNtINNIS, bt-ths.iintrivattot VIM BLINDS
,' alkil& 14141335d.0t 00, WINDOW
Sof altiFint.kioo. Pow tlinedm
air! klintin irlth snow. apt
r• • r
ASG.4Iu:AND IltainthiLV 5T10 : 4 ,,, i •
OP*t 6 (4, COUntlik 3 um
larPrien to stilt l l 3 lOl O. it. mein.
i d
BElTRA3l:,,,l4lsmarttcrAtiii . ' es *of I
,-;*,„ impcpbert,iftil iMiabe toortstilp,,,l& ,
Moat, *4 ti- itnik`' ' stlPPostl to be '
oputtwo Ivan Old'ialbaT , e roar ti rt.
Atoned 4osianabhrad‘praar - ,rayehisges
mid tostuimskgrx#lll)2lct rttilas4:
.;:t ' -- I ' oaxuAlCSD=o:o o . l kr ,
.010,11.7. , nuRN754'011,- - .M.17...-felvt
jastignZbi s r Dlll4ll/01 DULL ttetlitrAoan.
111 1 ! 1' 1 : . !. , ildf;:i?. 1 4. 1 5,r,
itZof i lizv:,-i:u.l:;iLi ,4-,lii,vii: A u l ugy„ -d 1:....,
.. •, -, 1. , :: 1•11-1 . .. i1.1::1 idl'al ~, ,f,i, ~ a , act
I -. , :;', ,,, t1 . :' , 1 . : . : 1P Ipariv*LEltattan,f/t.W(Vaanit
!.: ..wataiPTTA, ,p,,r <,r.:. '• ,,, i v 0 pi . g1:7.*1- 0 :44 , .: ,,, t ,
C bit E4EVOOI? . ' •
N • ent
lila by - • - insiet VOL n,LtEss.
Vii s a i r t Mg ".2 "
EiPmcw..row Es.
i& -- .18. T.-1880-X.
Persons ef sedentary habits, troubled with weep•
neer, lateitnds, palpitation of the heart. lark of sp.
petite, dleree atter Whig, torpid, courtly.-
eon, du, deserve to serer if they will not try the
celebrated •
Which are now recommended by the highest medical
authorities and warranted to produce an Vessedies
immanent effect. They are exceedingly apeman
Fancily push and must supercede all other tonic
where a healthy. gentle ethindent to required.
They parity. strengthen and invigorate.
They create a healthy appetite.
They are an antidote to change of water and diet.
They overcome anion of dholpation and late heatss.
They strangthon the mama and enitnin thwintsn
They prevent witaenunid'and intersdttent Sines
They Pee* Ahe oddity o f the eiem4eih•
..,They .cur *Veil* ezei ~._,4l 4 Patlee•'
They ace diarrhea. gholera ii 4mdiintederallortes.
They time Liver Complaint- 'Harems Hoodacim.
Thy mahe the 'maks/mi.
end are szbaustat isuft's greatiadmer. They are
competed of Ito celebrated Callsilya bark,:wintar
1ir41113, mussatres, roots and bathe; all preserca'ln
pleb:by - pure St. Craig Votj partiet — dars, Ace
circulars and testimonials around each btittle.
Beware of Imposters. Examine evem bottle. Soe
that It has D. S. Barnes' signahnw on our privabsti.
8. Stamp over the cork, with plantation scene, and
our Arm signature on 11, 4120 steel plata engraving on
side label. See that oor bottle is not tefilltet wtat
spurious and deletarlons aulL MAK, lareterpan•
to match the testa or denude of onr, goods.' 'Any
mac pnatending to veil Plantatlisi- Sitters by the
galloacce in balk,ls an halite:ter: `Nem& Gulf In
* .14 cabin 'b.? 1114 . 1111 1 411 .4- 1 4 1 s
bort* or Salmi raj otter tuatariekth °rein. wbilbet
called plantation Dilate o!'not; a Criminal cider
Cite 11. 8. Mw. and will be tie proiecuted by mi. We.
already have our eye on two parties
bottles, do., who will succeed In getting thereselAts
Into clime quarttra. Th. demand Ibr 31rao?$41i51-.
halm innate Dom LUdiaat , clettimin i"!0* 41 ; -
Ite.; to perfectly Incredible. The. limps irtat ore'
tonic. Is the 'arida= we piestinit of their worth and
seperlority:. They are addbj ell respectabls drug
gists, grocers, pbyskiano. hoteti, stcamboata And
cosumry stores.
P. li. DEAKE St CO., '
TSBS, for mile wholeeals aria 'retail, bi
• Omer Smithfield mEA Forirtli'atreetai
aullist-xgarT . •
[1:1 3 11112. WIRE VINEGAR,
p. a U, BOLLMAN Galway,
(A~rlit Melia a (0., 13.wdetots.)
the only raver irseriled with • Prim Medal, of
sixty exhibitors at the Uterus Mood itthibition,
Loakex For sale by . •
_ . F. M. BOLLS/UN;
Yor alf Throat and Lung Complaints.
The Cm* Nottr,algie; /Thoomatie, Hetutembe, Tooth
ache, Low of tile*, =I General tereous Hemody..
Also for the Palma to Monthly • Meastroatlons a per
fect relief. •
Tim most perfea form of embark ever given to the .
publie, 'Which never require more then two Pod sel
dom Mat oeo fore dose, net without the inert griping,
end cure Indigmtion, Dyepopels, Biliousness, Liver
Complaints, Piles, Worms, end all &magmatic of
stouutchor bowel.
Ludlum's Specific .
retogfliliir Manses of awns
ot gecer loa. -1t 12. the axonal of 4,"emitioni
Phyldclaa wllae up . sae denoted to the treallzumi of
thlsAssa of dlaiinpa, and vith anprosesientmlano;
con, for more than twenty pars. Ills lierpetpitt
InJoodloiu . l, - 11;d differing exildrely
. .
haul the ndstahass erantleo and p• numeniesawcatb
les* compounds oVered to the poLito. It ( is 61*k
vegatabla and parfecey safe. It act. llki a sharp,
sik,e‘i to tha dtaidini4
Ommax.—Tb; grei4 aptagot , tbL rametrinet.
fcctlugpsrasasuuxt cures bsijed to ha being Imitated
by unprls;clpled =leo:
.obsarsu; iiiurcruce.
sigoshirs of riutSusrpriator Miss
other . to Qenutne, irciSkred,S34fY';; '
• WIL4.
Sold by .A 1:17ogglido. Price, $l.
tor ifir wliolesale
• 4 2 .otramira wprasaL
OARD—TO 470).8
The 133.1111421,1111•Tialr beefrtii Ifld t? kyiti#
a (air wield 157 . ••t‘rat7 Waage
. veztedy, arieritiehig
. ;eTt rat* td! l, am"
.teeke keavni to lb ialoweersereiretio inetl'oLetql_
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wayeajasyr• 3g.lar 70,
v PROPERTY-o=ft Tr/MI/AY EMiEfiG;txt—e,
"111 halal& on the wand flour of the Cam-
martial Sales Booing, Ito. 84 Fifth street , th at taros
Brick Warabonse now occupied be 3feears Esemon.
Preston a Co.. eligibly saufactilettecen Wood and
Market streets,•having a front of .no fret ou the Mo
nongahela Wharf and extending back WO feet to
Prontirtreet. Passesion gists, 'blot April next.
Afro thd el egant I/tee...story brick do :thug horse,
onuiPiftlllY M oe. &Thin Grant, tit Itoquesfri.
Wan =nor of - En= alley. Star u..ot cf 20 ft.:.
egg extending back 24fr.ftert to • 5.1 L.ot Tha
holm bee all the modern contenlvnces, with large
.md„ and'double stable &Useful& Posssssion Oren
31st of April next, or sootier If desired.
Also that bsuldsamely 'finished three-story brick
dashing house, Situate on PC= near May streets,
nod occupied by Mrs. faros& The lance fronts 24
fret on Penn street, extmuling back 112 feet, to a to
foot alley. Thif house to In excellent repair, and pos_
sealant given lit of April.
Also the three-story brick dwelling house non oc-
envied by John 11-31ePallifen,.•En,, situate on peoe,
near fray streets- Tho house lff well finished, mars.
nient; and in excellent repair. Pcsalition given lit
of April next.. • . .
. .
• . ,
The tents arfil be Made lirorable and announced
a: sale. • For further parUcalere enivilre of Inane X.
Pennock, 27 ylood street, .
0r.19 DAVIS &bIcIIATArSE. auct'in
nia,;•Octobei '27t14: at 10 O'clock, will lte sold on the pun ters, to thilltorough..of gaistencotige, by order
of ; Itibett Melt - Almada:44ot of llalcout Leech,
deed, the tollediltie titinti-olght
.4ah•able lots in
the 'plan told edit cif taimatteadprot, to :
Sixteen lids; each hiving a front of 24 let on the
Pittsburgh and Grocasburg .Pike, and extending
back Whet to Fairview alley.,
Wilds each bating a front or w r..t 4 ine.bas
on lb. T l tt 3 bargb and Greensbnrg and ex
tending bask 103 fret 4%.inchee:
lotion .141/Icrty weer. r.h hating a franc of
211 bet Lade:tending back 100 feet to Fairview alley.
Three lots on' Liberty strut, each hating a front
of lit ftstandett S. nen; bask an &virago depth of n
foot 10341f:cling. • •
One lot-at Um tanner of LlLesty street and Fair
view alley. Whig 4 (tent of 103 key 7 lacks. on Lib
erty street B=lllB fact 10 inches front on lair
ft:xi or - 811,1,-One-flifrd cash; 'and the residue
in two Kota Warms and two - years. with In.
• burst, hyjndgutent
Plans of. lturproperty playas, had at the Auction
30(11Xli, ;i1:1:54 Flith - ittreet.
ocil DAVIS, it • IforLINAINE, Auerrs.
.lil.Eo,,Oct.,g7ths, at 734 o'cloelt, will he sold, on the
utiotui ffooiof the Commercial Soles Dorms, No. At
Plfth' Etna, by ordrr of Executors, the Into residenco
erlitic - Agnes !twin, In the SerinlieWard, en Cen
tro-LRAM: ; IMO lei contains Udket flout on Centre
AdvAtte, extending back thw arene_width 163 feet to
Duncan street. The house Is a dOulde two-story
brick dwelling, containing ten rolints, finished garret,
batlttooterhOglind cold wetter, &c. Also a good
I:Ticketed& and suitable outbuildings on preenhori.
Also, all that vacant piece of ground !situate at the
corner of Centre Henna and Erin street, opposite tho
residence of 1111./Ealicn. colualgtug 106 feet 3 inches
front on Centre avenue and extending hock the earns
width tower& Duncan street 133 feet aloe/ Erin to.
Tittio—One-half aaeb, rewldue in 12 mouths, with
.Interest, secured by bond and mortUnge.
202 Bralubray, N. Y.
1-7'II3ESDAY EVElliCa. Oct. nth, at 73 o'clock.
will be soLl;Ori the second floor of the Commercial
Pala Itoonui; 61 -Fifth street, by order
Pennock, Esq., Trustee, that handfux country site
in Scotch .14ertirm, , heicif lot, N 0.9 in JOhn C. cede'
flab Of.lots, situate atlfisletrood Station, on the
itbirgh k Conuellecille Itaffroad, Peebhai fp.,
P ro t and a tualludles from the etty,und adjoining the
raeldencer of Hon-Gunge Dais* hemp:ln, M.
SwartweLler, gag/ and odium containing 9 norm
100 perches. Palau desiring to see the prarcrty
can obtain tdfonnatlon on enquiry at No. J Wood
Taira—One-fourth cash, balance to one, twn, throe,
four.and are years, with interest, secured by bond
0P1 790 41944 9 * •
-ocl9 . DA.1719 4 llclLWAtifl, Auct're.
-1,71711121 AND .SEWING stAcnnizs.—TUES
DAY. AFFERNOOK, October ECU, art wilt
be sold,. at the Commercial Sales Koreim, W Fifth sr..,
• quantity of superior flamehal Furniture. cow-
Cs it b=eat =ChM!, Spritt Curie Seat 4 g , Lotingn i ll/r
era ldosinnicslCYriting Desk, EinitLazi Ans.
dow Shades, fina Bedsteads, Child's Crib mei Mat
tress, Setter, Enclosed Wads Stand,. Osk Grains.!
Cupboard, Kitc.beu Mower, New Featbers,l3cd Cent
fbrts, Dining-Boom Detf Kitchen 'fable., .tr.. Also,
two family Sewing Machines, Mee Dedm, Gook
Caws, • DAVIS B MeiLlyal FE, Airti.r..
- - -
—OIOII7ESDAY ETEICING, Cm. 20th, lasi, at
73y o'clock...oral be eobl, at the Commercial Soles
Itootne, No. 04 riftb street
04 shares Exchange Ilink Steck;
110 do Bank of ,Pitteborrh Stock;
ocIG DAVIS 4 - 31cILWAINE. mfr.
at 7% o'clock, .111 to sold, ist thb Commercial Saito
Rooms, Na. 61 NM Won:
141.bam Girconn.Trizet & Saring3 Bank. ,
ocll DA9,D3 & lIcILII AI7iE, Anct'n.
VA BM FOR BALE The undersigned
odes at prints- tale a ret7 settablo faro.
Oblo Township, Allegheny County, Pa.., contenting
.Ibetzt 87 acres. It ls situated :on the Ohio rtrer.
Omit 43 miles below the ally. The iinproreziouts
ate a good stone dwelling house, log burn, and other
out-traikllngs; about 250 apple treartn good bearing
condition, and other fruit tram; about to acres go od
cleated land, the • balance Inc good timber. It is tho
merty tfortnetly owned by .TlloM.Liii B. JACK
- Tied whole farm.nill be .sold in body, or.if
Sulliciartit Indiunineat is offered It 'iorfil be cut up sad
sold inicts''quitablo d,r inenst--j•ritldenoss. As tho
•stibperiiier 'intends to dispose of Ihei property Kos,
tbosawho reugr . wbei to purchase .should cell upon
him without delay.. •
Rot further— particeda rs enquire of 1. W. F.
WRITE, ESQ., -108.17STEL BTEEET Pittsburgh, or
of theondindstied, in Ohio Township
. J
-Ltiflottrbdaug Western town oak the P. P. &
O.A. 8., not over 309 mike from Pittsburgh, now
doing a 'large and in: Whale tratr. The stock ill
'new, shit. has been selected with reference to tho
cestatig ttatie...Hu been' piunktanc4 Inc cask at
lowed inadtet, picas.
Thelresient proirletoT has &chicon° retire, from
'the trade 'owing to had 'health; and now rehtetrad4
'Wiens the Aga for sale palso this good will of the to
tting party. , The house Lu a /age: and TroPectabl.
trade, .which can be -rotained. The present stock
Will limbs from mina jo ten .thassand dollars, but
;could tie rednceirtt.distired.
' Parthat wishing:to know the particulars wN plums
'addressor call personally on''
69 Twnletont, Pittsburgh. Pa.
• RALE, sibusteoll:at X0.. - 17Prhird Wed, Soc,
brid-Ward; Pittilittegh; - ::Tlso Ia:MU of caw Met
atutsustemds tack fla hot, otrwidchlscrected sjarga. -
threewtory brick bull.liug, with Nultboaltnnikebree
.stmiesi The btilldiNiis galgto4 In modern si7 l e.
arriMica With double plirkws, Xtharbli. mantles,) &o
mit rootten, laundry, with tubs, boilers, stove.
and alsiCsernm commodious bed cham
bers. Parties roskin • comfortable residence, - the
abcom tajust the piece. is Oftereitlow.
TM-Ma kliftpritto maut -
.. B. =LAM thCOA;IO7 Fourth street:
- • - -
ft,trat4tto t.Lott, ss tot 4
tattles, front to artillai, frith Itioate. donblo home ,
.tetwoest /11iiiatKiind Band street, „A. dealrablo Lacs,
tlbntbrYPhUßelaa brDenttit.
MI9006:10 This building Wei ti Otte., rartdenco
nsae Own acid onoll.
fAltbot LITO member tOnnubt. or Tatia
,nizro, of from 23 to 60 foot, front, 4.100 , to MOS.*
.dorth iltaatott at ate terralthnt br the Wylie &rib
,Kmb , tho'nntlersigtsod,lninouttirs of the teat.
U/31=1; deca. a ,
• 4giwiminur.ox.
Bola Proprietor,
71 -- 'soil6rittilittridErraliNNGl3l2, 141 n. cylindor,
4,%; Lois Rite, genet Ontoltr,Velhot Cy wheel on
=inter shaftoD tbot3 in. steam plpo, with rso
'tn:"dirollsilabf(l4LbOdeas txlM , s, is tat long,
atainktirnationoghtdo4l . s PIA breeching sad
tanktfall In. good . coke; rated at c 0
het* pnrinc' tAttg"cni• 'Stutz Entine, in.
elnuder;vtai fti'AthstVik•ah' i like condition that
, Ircn.parttetdiza rem* n08.D% TATLOn* CO.,
_at necting t .:
111:31*. ,:.ovannick o co.
§1g4,1 -
cb u tn. aka : Troy . i pt, *tone
six Enscf. Ztaga p, 4sprepdatt e lrick Duelling
IroinScin Ttions'Math,, *kb m a n s for g
land Min with WIT; nOren in:grapes,
font boating cold; about Mega:a porch trees, tad
gent -laoo eAnol.;pM, -cpswebarty, TAum wad
ISM tren% , 4.# 1 . 0 .,10 1 9.. 1 i;14 41 L Conditims
Arga—Z 2 4# l o • "
- - 20TINT:IWZINER. on she Disco
a,. - . -1,.tr,--.B:l 3 l'.Etio Mc T3 - fool
.L. didgpin IDA 'ilittarlield Alt iron fly wheel.
hi*d of sboat . lso bono-paiste.t Ebro, ea* 3.lesslor.,
.tv*Th•tthrs,, iskad Stesseralor awk, sae . .t a nV , l . :
f, 33 : 4 Zdps 7A"- . .2=p &do 11dr,011. Wills, .
ou mote Tan
at e avollolitit_r•rand 21=1 addling
Au do .
ors Artklat will Ds sold at * great bar=
rdlibtltiddliAlistmesidl. 44l,l7 :ll BIEEET .
...b.& 1..... :-.1”.%.,n , dr1i ~ d td- , 1,,, . - . •-:i ~ _ • , s• '
NOOlValar, - . Wilt9talig A V IA - IY, -
• LESGlotocarcookiewitshed stue, ton.
Ir ia lM b4.l.4gura liti:ls tAt lg. *,
..,. 179"ett skii. t betZM 7 1 .4:
'.`!liCleetitreel.7s4reseeTin.. r`
•-plailkilt---4,lsiito Acres of Graand
'4134.01•117,V1-3114,zeding.- .„.,,,..
~- .mata • ; 3 / 4031 laapted , for * usura-_,
-, AV :IW* . freiTtarr bo yuretintsi Sr
""' Ca otiOrsizatiVALlnsfaM, •-- : -
lk' - .i.. 4. *.ti ••-• --1, t,, , ,•:•-- d dqdra-u WAB,D.. `:
.!AIRUVII .rd W, .* - 111 1 .91*Ases4 - Rittobtorgb.:2
-• • :
Two Su)
s!"74kl.,t4zt .oVulg=tingas'
-.7ll cmcni airs•= ro , rat niirlitatai n the it-d:t Dia.
. 6 A17:70T,
"nmt;"Alla "