The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1863-1866, October 08, 1863, Image 4

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PrOM. Yesterday's thrtalidg EditrOlL
TANiet frontt Rani/Sills= Sanded Mt •
Clackamas .
• N - Vi r i ire haabtedie Tho
for the [amidst intmesting from Nub
• Tiger allektillumthtP97: l 446 son._
c eirnias thetroweled of Dhebattlecon the.
Chicksmaugi c as.oosulectird• IlitialAcesterass.
lions of the batted Stites Saoltary Commis
/10501 1
; • t. 104,1803
florae Nohow/lit, ;Eq., • *. "s9ateri t i
Smits, sasetistestat — isooDutio / - Osir'tarty
• .s. st -- 9 S'obiolta"
• sliosurlist Sato:dm - • . • dtroorro
sunset. About four ears ;' crowded with,
passeugets, but themoue lit ikalteineirt at
s Usirville; on the train; or at /
,• , I -girding the last battle that had just beer
, •
,•; - fovea.: The 'West • re was tat
• - t frPtiktbakcif:Pne,flutirsio4lm* the
time of Lee!. Itiendon.4l R eiroan l / 2 . b4
- • . summer, for the ulna and bat-,
the hats, In thieMein r , ' molting,
it Insilith UM/olt mo smldobtahr,
4 shtsatiatistrto itintillittnesse to done
- • Orene'•Secont snnsivinsente:'- Contudinion.
• statements were wafted-en ivory breezy, -es,
stn as farad to the nowspaprond it wait
Sot until Isesdarthei hay in &WU% we
•• had eat itinneeted imaninted; Was and
its malts. After same ilshlisur army
" War temsellaii tirsolattirler t aim ~tc, fall
-leek= Ohattiaoogittor Oticisiole- tuition
"ironproteett sood
ettvmydpybflw IA their
fethavo.te rout troopsadditro them Into
"the Tennessee. Shoe tbs. grist UAW was
- Ought.= the - Ohkttelhe*Pisimsral
essofu attempts bean reads to INONI the
2hlLeinforawitethallove/ithsi/Wor,Chatta- ,
soogs, bat the woodiantim admit.?
molt audertakings snip at estabn teas whisks
.44 , sess.. itrongly - g uarded Omar ow* troops. The
.. 4 ^.-/IMDtad oommtuttration from thbeity 'stands
mill to Deldroport, and as the country be
:,-Oweetstitat nouttint,chattatmegolain pos-
SKltessian of the" enemy, ail our rcorosments
./. - '• ;" ,, cad - Fougprise have to protein a long way
tal -
mous ever th stun no,t or am% la
the same road all the Iron 84 kau been
--ssalisnblithartomMr or_iartailed In &mho
lesseer;- Thbesonstjorou a great impediment
Ali-the.peogras on e toroori a d...oares of
"sultAingiO our -0 latest-mewl
fo;dof fiat thefront b that 13 taleoga will
bi held; and than& a strong probability- that
eh/tow= is already' withdrawing his mom . '
Element% is la position on Rotociarde left. to.
-••-• -.Valera rettanktormovement. We bed 6,000
cavalry yesterday at Bridgport, and abont
"'&,000:troops have pissed throngh this city
vitals clew days, es the advance; of Vs re
:itsforsamonts en -route from he Elan, sad from
the libeirolppl. The military authorities
have token exclusive toms/don of all rolling
' stook tooth of Louisville. Prom thefts that
;-'•• Chattanooga might be attacked bt overwiseltn-
Tiurnostbers;;our thoughts now bonud - to the
Itetortioot Bragg may set escape beforiltcre
-. erialab ready to take the ottorilva
The/number of killed and woondect la the
battles cif the 19th and 10 thins,u4 has grad
ually demised as-worsts reports hour been
, rushed. Littbr arttiltry was non by -the
' rebels, - buses* of :the rough ground and
z" this& woodhand -.their louses were beyond
doubt much -greater than ours.; About flis
tholuond wounded bats actually arrived in
this aft, is/moot-whom have procoodsd further
, tne":nrat majority of 'them are
'oolfartably. provided for in the nospi.
-tals of oat city. These oases are; of_ course,
L those of the least severity, as. SO din
, . germ:sly isjuredumn couldvalk or - cm en-
Car, the Vide of fifty miles from Chattanooga
to the railroad. About 1„600 &Mont wound
ed are Chattanooga, and sattial
houtdred,:pshapo.c thousand err all, and at
diferent point. betimes hue sad:thetio. ' The
larva - part of our dead, and many of - our re
sesuly wounded,must hue Wien IA tie buds
__.,..ottlutansloy-on-tbst:'retreat--sof ',Our 'tofu:
-T. tradas a dig of true _a .1103614 o.lllollllded
• hive already been within ouribror bit it
Is painful to think of the. stiffsiaks or thous
who remain o FlNCilsorebels- seedbecare Find
mmentstalr CO' haring of the - itstate
-• oorpecfcinipatort ad, relief agents
pushed forward for*ora by the Sanitary' Ikcsolision
to Join thossainady lathe-Mid whittle/ming
' of ths,Clumberlasol , oar frommunt,taton trlth
establish** feeding italics,- lit 41*U:sloe ,
.11111lt •Bridg•part, at which the , SoI:SW olo‘,
•-; -tall farm food andilititit Son'iming :Oohs'
farm to-this eity, An addition do - the lrup.
piles im.thenebund•Madrona, oar Imelidter
ear load wore_ erom9W,- sent
LOnisTple and this ambubtrulle
watch brought the wounded &scrotum Chat.",
woos& touts - railroad' reamed 'laden - Sith
our stomp. Yesterday twenty army orison'.
ware Obtained, and to-day thirty) Morepind
were loaded withupplies for the tunic-Thou
shipments will doubtsess hue ilagtimatila
'she fabric/ saving of life and Preventing of
auditing, as our. repot - is from.the toll of
-_--/gtest-stslkgsmeyin-hospital-suppilem - Should
• the second battle; that now aunt Immin4t,
- taketioqe, there . must i tse gust mar and now
. lothotimstokthittiondsot the cause to , pot
forth,in isSoinitionsotiresCorts. •
The sick and wounded soldier* in this sdty
spy this excellent ,Ituildthgo • which wore
- taken far haitibtlil long iga.,by the medical
• sailhOritiee, and teapot map on la ay or
thieity.'Binea my arrival ltere visited with
• /- Dr. •Pattonr theittimPresidintl'Ofs-tholCht
- eago Eli/nits:7 ConsaloSoil;all'ihthil,',POUtu
- floor: ' The fitutstslo - ,kalliing fasten two
_ - _---secrurgotaussot - ultilateifwat Wed 1 with
hospital Cote; a large 'Wok - toetory . used for
merly forrho manufacture of - anao,'niolton a
sound szaellent hospital, copabisot tioldlot
assay istuoirodpatients.'•Themiliteriitollege,
. -sacral high selsoolt, two louts inn's large
umlaut building, withltill ether buildings
are stmilaaly. emotoyed We semitmem with
the CUSmsdoomfort skink surround our brave
boys when sink and mounded. They lie on
dan faith bentotLitt' rawmuk -whim sheets
andpillow oases , that often boar_ the mirk of
some Northern Lidice /fan
tedateill. WitlL:mniovitto bars ate provided
' forth. potlents in almost- every ward in the
sity.laseviral.kmitais ebecksiboards and
• booklabounded, and in one I saw *number of
- • sma-olingr alai bilhe Pittsburgh ladies.
.VAOPOOt amAted bon hit firths-mitt
Mood to beriklnganettl great ooratut
-• • ellasthat,r.w&kedthekindladythatmadell
mat have sea heap watt tinn e d ea purpose
the Neatest Direr for In this city, Ii ffsehor
• di in the ideation's for his faithfalasel
"Jr and silloionezothiclt save now se much to
.4 • ;, .4mproil
,thcaattlitin of hospitals. In
Akio lalsoodistoliatiltY r aid okra' is Of
• 7. Desk ve4itiblia,(ordeps and potatoos,)driod
~/.7 and pickles. -The:IMMO dit•sist re
- Mu that change and satiety 'ot food width
is lo Important for Oar welfare. if these
. - Isetimaro-kustwit-throughent; Ikel i try,
' 2.. among dm generous farmers of Pans Iv a
Ma, they would doubtless fund& snob p
- • bountifully to, the Sanitaryllionunission
d.Utributios:' . - . , , •1
' • Dating the trisent soisergeuey r the Neil- -
- cal Mutter Itactounditseeluary to Soupy
• our otioblion• Homo!' lor a hospital.- 'To our
....erorkstElproft 11 ./ 6 f t4lll-Is -Amok to do;
iletteme-lteth, ledivhittel aoldkromieding
nes9v4W. , -• especial astistiinoe r and many friends pith
-fonrirsita; Sad - Mai wounded, and eau tot
e . noisome then ihm_digr. , Zepkei who
• ; , ' hulas licantlentinea la y ithiheCorasolorion
• Continues line activity *ads saifebtes*: - 81;
I • madorklud inquirlso Dribs Pittsburgh ladies
, , Ake has been to eepogonsVsele
M,,'„ -L.. -.The-Chleago-Sanitary-CoMmlssion actin
- set itsilinutions; with marvelous gOnmotity.
,A short filsse'agai shipment was man
' ecisttel t AV" sae ,
fm th e
;Stabr orthArsutern Pair aro progressing
• the satisfanotyAloser.):
list& Brat reopoot, !remain; sir, • `
Yours, respectfully, - -
aid the. Orclui , eel.
_!..... L: _IA--4-114-ean'lrrinima__ilin-o-ir..,4,-iiiiikthisitiipoiathiliatetrithiott
gii - didocsaaiiPtilotnoit . , -' i , s h e d.
iiiill4lvit itel i i il l i. - * Pe rm q •
I P ir '''' 4 1 4,1 last the, ant , 11417_11“.
..., . ".. . ow lb ii Alas I
..".. t.8 ,..
ii i iii '-orate4; 1.1 order to " LI O I-6- 7'•
' -
4Mitill „1. E.! a t.„-- IsrliOW 144-bs- 11°
,4' thOiaiili-t°'""" --.' fastazumr. ID
`''''' ' ,•-..% - 1 1014,1 a*ot t a t ". °I with this
ferentklolo**Xlol7 w y s ibb mem
. , , iiis tioit, Ent mu° plariniii-ii
---; g,.._.;';,11 W•loOtioi have
:-.---;,-" zi t ri iaidriiorig.. - -ma
-,.'''' 4 1 ;1 .3 -1 4•Nli-'-rnr: - . i i iit il t*
seposotloN 4.....v.,:4- ' • .
:;-,: :..,+ at>.
..:•,?_ ;
_.•• •• i , AICOMI, :.: 11Xli ,: '
. .., .. . . - . .
; Ontlabiati -l iiiinliA .0i • Oh, the rell-
'ilia 4sinetsoi:OCll6 • DI. P. dune, 1
-77.. .7-.--
.. , 1
liiidition r , tinotuddwiWaSbbilion 000ntls and
iiiiii sin iglu — fin M Minton was biernint.
id in nWons , samillikal ,, . . The pas-
Ms, Bwr. Donaldsmityo man of a mild.
modest .disposition,. and ldmwnktiotl:s
-'oiMM*dii.; took Onsuldfria, elmosii - of4iiir
tOltlOt to ' entonetior - dove*
'titoszot ottrouttletal &Y,' kin the whom
oody of ..00ppethusir tons, the Noma in
Jilts adult% and loft the eli Ono Of the*
when nut' iki'dobt•idolfol, lisp - min book
Ind this - Titer tisi•Bili=r ono or two
Mon Maid the: diet . high& exit
Aron z the,salotamy r .4',lhoss alta r 1110 1 Rot
ant wanted: to ite,imih and v tios Pastor
•fitztraul'iinipt4 berths-of . o f the more
mind' seettilidtoad list — 1 . timid way.
oaths ..exweelsoli of Jibe ' - eli wont an to
dimionlose ,ma if nothing .ha - "01: ' In . thls
liontrallual *ink shout '-men; women
and ebildten; watt Ow/ . nrwe' ad 'Mu hen.
siolshisotadoinpeshoab:and Woodwuditos
mo MR 5igt,,,T111.443 PM* Ott cinema
I Itat;aliossloa, 7 00 .coolild, n sit end* the
1 IlseMoy'doko'or:Ozii.of Sit re noel::
twin +
moniosithott emit mentos of
, gaunt profaning the lord* . briskthi the
mnse,andiln altert i ligowing o Ibsiolook that
coned d o lt hisaufniliot gay the'gcmon=
Most or tion,.ith a r u m. .„ :sane is a
diScons.'lo tho:.whole Mi
us e - and no
_manor not. of min! Would la ty of such
aseiteit'Of binned indor ' llidr minds
MIA lainste:weri.Woisonsd .iilA=doory
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meetitgef the Bard os • • al Canton
as inte tat Allegheny tint • •g. The
of lilts Proodfoo6aa Anis tent Dna
dad a/Selma Ward &builds plus of
Mise.Cuoilita A. Moody, vie resigned on
assorintd inhalators' eanArsaa, and an
addltionalaseson -, tooter area: snowed to
the Band Ward.. The tollarlig sesolntions
Nara weed::.- • •
Doseteel:: Mame eongrabdate Dui Wah
ine upon the .susesafal=satloil of the
District Balla* on a baidb and to
accommodate our salon to tholdurof out =
dims adopted by them„ we do *retry rescind
-the thlcAtesolation in az aatlen et Aorta
20th beginning coltesoleed, thaithe afternoon
of each altamateEtataday be daoted to a leir
tom etc., and substantiate the ibUowing:
Beroletd. That the licit boa in the fore
noon ameba of ash alternate Distinct*,
fiaterclay -(neida& etc fistarilay in each
monta.)be cleated to a lecture by either of
the Principals, or by each other capable por
ton as may he *homily them. •
'''llieTtinclpalt of the salad imamd sellools
mere-r gastodici adopt..the time of Messrs.
B. M. Orr A Bro., as the standard open
, ing and clubs Schools.
ecifirs kroceedings
Before the Court of Quarter Sessions ibis
morning: In the woof the Octnirtionwealth
against William C. Elliott, surety of the
pewee on oath of J. Wells, eta party was or
deed to pay one half the cro .
The coos of the Commonwealth against
fdtp. Elisabeth Longstaff, surety of the peace,
on oath of John Gartarothotad avian Au
gust Sacks, 'for aseault ea battery; end
Against John Garmroth for :aseatdt and bat
toryton path ot Elisabeth Longstaff , were all
tried tab morning.. In the last ease, the
verdict. eras,. not guilty, and sank gouty pay
hell the costs; In the, .gra t case, Ellilteth
Lougetaff Was ordered to pay vets of mu
dation and enter into racoguisanos in $2OO for
One year, la the tecond cue, the defendant,
Seeks, was found guUtyt, eenbuios deferred.
In the cue of the Couunonvalth against
the Birmingham end Brownville Mr.:edam
lead Turnpike Company, the buy rendered •
reidiot of guilty..
In the Court of Common,Plass, the case of
B. o,lllYde spinet Ebony, Brewer aid
others, is still on trial Mum. Hamilton,
Atchison arid Shinn for plaLutiff;and
Mcßride and. Marshall for difendints.
of tho -
leuielitala 'at 'ltessint :
Bothau ti suzu..—..
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pornatid as
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lbw:lark Eltet
lifew-Tat par
-21 e. X
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Wk. al Pfttilegb,praut 42
Wleof Sam ow - u
1ttZ=2.02., ',25
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Utst:of 041222.126. ,
11:044 02.12taier.. 24,12aithicies: pi/
Then* Wbeens,...
idetphib 341 oent:atel
lenir babas tam%
Oldo" Par
Indiana v bok stata.:-0
I 1111c.tdgan 1
on if nr:fork end rail.
414 and Silva at SOWS
P..Banisaitaao, of Co. B, Bth
Noastoylvaala Boonvis, mu , drOwasd awe
boat Philodolpbto, on Batarday, by bilßas from a
. . .
O A .1?• 1 = TB.
A Imp sattrAsectorbles I'M es WU Al nA7
Areig. adistke egos bUr psius. •
• At MI
McFarland, Collins 'I4LOn
Ti AND 73 rip= si.;
Boma Itka Post Mao aaa Darla* indirmi;•'
niabi lm i ialcaima taa are. daltag Da aaaaaf
fanaablasoadUiza el the maitatsoa soot nisi**
atal campletaamisiant at Ur imnies laid *Ant
Ott .Cionas, ~ow RAM..,
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• "Ws are maw aillatag rob
By bar 'ream:ak ar a n fa p=ier IR WV. a l mat clamal
ant variorum/ y lap. WI Jaw afir tO buial
dowliolaida saa
/7/ zurrazET:ffsw AID .lilBB
' "Votawased by ay roir And la _ abates.
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Xassfsetareat watt Males is sII tits Cliirsat Hada
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Tnre SOUL as, Ina - gnat! Issila
har dateg truiss:An lams Salt* ilsolvat,
gin tes oil. Kaath•mm i•sperneVvllls.
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wow tofu; taiga mato luau inallt, sr* mad.
tysolttot.- 48 - ta• maul 11.1 itta•Vems ,
=t o o l aSit oaks at Albans tt.or adrtg i tat
, .1. auutp, r&
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' 177 — f - . ThiWilMoldllBlil r Zi
to:tom:a' woo. b. LrrnmoTRUIIII
anis suo .. 4 iMeit. .Y 4 it
Gen.. Burnside's Position.
_MIAOW Horn.
Rdltar-ot the Raleigh Stand
epeeist Itkpiteb to the Pfttstarel Guatt"
Pilunanru. 04. 7. 1863.
When the bidet of this Wu' le Ittnteks
General Lee's roost of the baths of tilettp
burg will hold an important piss in history.
It le In adnnoe of eau BleadVe molt
Gen. Ibbsido holds to-dagiall the pains
In North Carolina, and tits entire Gott:edgy
south from Raezvills to Calhoun, on the
Rowans' Rine to Onenvib, on the bet
busses* aid Virginia Railroad. Rim pod-,
then is one of groat strength.
Prom Newborn, N. C., we learn that Mr.
Salaam edltor of the loyal-Raleigh Shoulard,
had ban assassinated. •
Jag Dub has seat I prostitata to i sberesd.
Mason, -in London. The isontsponiant of
the New Teak Hamad mita •
Mrs. Grano* and her youngest daughter
are now on British sell, and sagio•nbsidom
are straining their naves and 'purses to pt
but ups purse, soma nay dresses, and a ear
flap and Ant, wherewith to ulonish the
ti n t Though the madam was the Widths
at Washington dining the palmy
_dip wherein Ilalhoun :and Jeff Davis were_
he magnates, she will, without doubt, be la
ded with open arms bp the West Ender of
London. Davis has recalled Mr. Mason and
out Mn.s Greenew, with full credentials, to
All his place, and assist Slidell is Co. at the
If Mn. G. makes good us of her oppertn
attlee, the wW probably athlete m Mae tem
porary celebrity, bat :I would advise her to
make hay while the son shirrs', tor the must.
ling walls el Charleston, smoldag amid the
nibs of Greek are, will make a bola In the
prospects GLUING! be 'Mend by every breach
that le made in a Southern stroagholj:
Poor Masoa's now Is out of Joint, mad a
petticoat rates the rout where the out at el
baumout of doors Ambassador was emu to
air la dignity.
Boreign fetters In receipt by the Preadult .
of the Board of Broken this snort/1n g, de
clare that England will never nits with
France in recognising the Confederacy.
Richmond—Statement 01 a Colored
Bat bar.
Niw !oar, Oat. 7.—The Macs' Washing
ton correspondent rays that a colored barber,
from Richmond, where he has resided for the
W t eighteen years, and who has been in dai
ly cannot with hiding rebele„ sins that the
battle of Chickamauga is not , considered by
the people of Richmond • rams. and that
Itiohmend ran arm, be easily east:rad, if the
Yukon went it, and thin °Moen of the ar
my have frequently said In his hewing it
would be abandoned, should the army of the
Potomac advance in force. Many chinas as
sert puldion they will not offer any mu tangs
in ease of an attack, because it would be ut
terly unless. People ire daily sending their
of farther south, in anticipation of the
cosalng of the Yankees.
'One day last west the State Quard - was
sailed out to suppress a threatened bread
riot. Hundreds of the employees of the
Government, with their wins Ind wins of
soldim, assembled in front of the State Capt.
tol, armed with; slabs, and other mintier,
demandiag of the autboritin relief for their
starring children. An exteruire riot was
only pmrented by the prompt action of the
Stets Guard, and promises of the State au
The anion of the Virginia Legislature, last
Pilo), would snai to antra the statement
that Ine's forces, between the' /tepid= and
Petersburg, is only $5,010. It is Inggestirs of
dm fact, mentioned by Ms colored MID, that
Stint Itas felled to pt a commission as Lien
tinant GenereJ, on amount of his nunterons
Melo:410g trom Europe.
BANDY NOCE, BSA. T.—The Peoria, from
Ltverpool on the 25tb, via Quenstown on the
7th, bee wind.
Tdortextf, Smirk, Starin --Oottos arm
or and miehinged. Bratattlat 'Ora, Pro-
Orions study. Musts Centrai, ld to lid
dtsommt ; Etio, TI to 753; Console, WM to
Arm s, Sipt. 25,—The Mins has ore:2mnd
about 'eves feet along the tine of Lyon, and
th em e witch, manta to submerged along the
The Pew% Alabama and Georgia had TU.
Mad the porta of Ospe Good Elam and had
captured sad burned several vanes.
The stemma Bandrabolt left SC Selena on
the 20th if dupla. in paean of the Alabama.
and bad caputmd 66 prtw.
lion', latter to wnon withdrawing
from Landon ' waa pnblialted. It quota
Davie' inemedene,:raybg, that it barns
thilkitish ginarnmentle 'determined to de.
Madly °Minn., tad will net Mein&
"aWilaturr. alto Winton. ma longer oonsh.
tont with the dignity at the ConlWarate
crinumst for liana to' main.
.-, Polish rpiettloir is managed. It Is
Operiwi that Baron eteninformet Rol Bus
sull that Wyss :Ms oplaton of the Traub
gammunent rilativi to the POW' %arab.
tient, that it isNpriferablo to dose a =tau
Our Prieenliiit hi Itichosolid”Robel
Coascripump•Condinos of Mops
tiny Toni Oat. - 70—TA. Ilentkr• dlepsteh
from Washingtop states that Co arranpoeust
has been nada for the Moab, pl. aeon held
inr.the nixie at Prieonitts of war atThelmond.
.Tha captures tic tho.battle seer Chattanooga
Imo feereasinf rhosumber fo tom , 1 4 00 d. who
small cronibilsto'Llbby Prison. Widle.the
rebel; sze,dielitingiltify:oo dash diem
and man erchanodund.puttlng. them in the
geld *gala, they stlll bold. an, to oar odlcesS
aid many privates,as wallas elefilant.
-Ifutadsy-rres the dby for , enforting the
conniption In Vlrgils; White's arealrgilri
amen evade, were mutiny Serfs* 'coneth
pktklng up all
that ostuld be fount,
and stualing bones. otilli gangue sed slang
In close prortosity to our dersnses,and threat
ened an ittintiOn, thi Government farms, but
the strungttrof *guard onventad them from
making asp attic:pt.
ti le
' Deserter' frour the armyrontlnue to s
thro potomurbelow.stlesendria, nottrittu! d -
.. .Aldine's - of the. flotilla. ,-, , - _
of the oundltion of *um or the
inratra;fhptekobe4 aro Mango at the
'Agricultural EOM vary Wm ir: - Thy
ICH be smarted for publiestionja blew dem
and will le of Moro than useisfinuiortanee.
411 1, 5Y011id Deelinfed4lcepbcrtion of
__. ,
,iliefenseor as pispws
— o li
Nair York, Ont. - I.—, 1 Waltham letter' of
the 20th, to the . Thseildi Ryas Az law dors
sines Capt. Beliaffor, of the 85th War Tort,
with swan dotal:tunts of the 101st and 1020
Pennsylvants and his own restoisiii, visited
onetora 'MU works goer Woad and
deetvored thsenks,which wenssopPed with
wrought iron- pass and shout one hundred
Valais ryff mgt. Vie *nem asking *boat age
'lautdridrint AO boatels per night and tont
lag it assess iAaaitnet Bound to canoes.
Capt. &hob, found no ribs% and thaverlur.l
*lre destroyed without opposition. I e
I:llrett. - .:Piek and staff started on s few
4 117• 1 bislarffon or the defenses at Washing.
Son,PlynienthatolislokePland, Bottum. to.
It.biaisted that tansffie ago the oltisens
of laud= sad Rabbit cantles had petition.,
ad to Jeff.,Divls to tiewsWeiby removed from
thiamin's", as the lollies 'whisk he ,ospaires
Myattsempetute tor Alf lama Ulan and'
animate. dons no by the Union troops In I
vomit or Mut Jeff. Davis =dam Stuart
napottiod to the , people, stating that. tha
&al tot see the good - done bj Mosby, with
s r elute forge of
00'01MM imply/ad 'lroned W
yid* attitherisies beetilPlWlff=
Nausstithirict sea
natisi:ess*talv sokillited
Apumatirsof Oistillatahlipuopt hap
;:llierPirate port&
RsrYotyOeßitThas Petits;
from L 1 pool on ikelGth and Quenstown
the 37th, Is below.
_ Tits Weirs Part Uttar says the pinto
Ylaridals being repaired by the floruotnintt
=rum lad inherent at the Goventment
dock.. What "hors' to ow she will sail ant
nabs, altestflor sad W *ha/ faitacil
sac that a Clonfodatatesaitte will ke re
ta. _Thermo three Poing vessels
of mar ea wakkoutdde, and the chances of
an notion atokandasna , ze.
Tito moos state that the Florida willows
Brat dining theratenews4. This is not
tam She wig ism the &oh bat net the
port. • In the meantime chimers be joined by
ono or two eollemptes.
PtoM the 'Potomac army.
Nair Toil, Oet. 7.—A dlapabgt from the
Army of the Potomac, of the 46, to the Her.
obillaws: About Ave o'clock today • rebel
massager in theshape • 'of shale, paid Or b
shit. • lie king wan on our extreme left, In
the dlreetion of fanaessille lord, and as we
treateskthein with ellen% contempt, they short
* cessup theamunneent. -
The-!Fade dispatch aye: A private In •
ihe nd corps wee abet In the'-woods inside of
our Huse near Bassoon lord, by therebeba
On Friday last Its rebels were captured.
An skills:7oTM, !sported- he nu muted
by the rebsbyltldn a sone and half of Gin.
Made* Itudiplarten, robbed end rehired.
Repulse 'el Gea. Irritant* at Brash.
oar City and Babsequeat Defeat of
the Rebels.
Como, October 10-41 re Beariag . Jamie
baa laformadon tram primrose:4 jest -Item
Sur Orleans, that Om. intaklh'a corps was
repulsed in an ak cm Braemar My. M.
terwards, or on th us
13th, ha again - made an
attack and completely defeated the rebel.
Thus was no puticolan or dates Oven.
It L mid that Qea. dhsxmaa, at Memphis,
be. nosteed ollital information of the ask.
WEDII3DAT, OCT. 7.--Th has Men • steady
dilating rein ['Mogan day, and a trolls hop. a are
enhe,talemd that It will orminue to min until then
h • wall in oar deer., oe that navigation can igen
snored. Ito one thing, perhaps. world be hailed
with pester an laractim,by the paha plurally, and
ateamboatmem in particular, than a rise a si‘th or
ten feet. Llano one thing, we are sore, could le of
mom benefit to the t ads of our city. Br great la the
panes of freight on the western railroads at this
point that tha depot gates ars 11'0T:tent!, chant don
lug a greater pOrtion of the day, the platforms being
hand losuidchmt to contain one-talful the rauchan
din that is Lent there for shipmet to his west and
southwest. The natural outied (rem this point to
Cindercuatt,lcaisells, St Ueda, and, In fact, all the
prlo ipid chits in the South ant West, is the rim e
adjust aci scan as there le a rite, midden, to admit
of a resumption of navigatiou, him so soon will them
be a material Improvotent In trade In all Its varloem
dew tmetts.
Money matters remain unchanged w;th l'_e excep
tion that Geld Ls a etude bower, being quoted at 1404
le New York lonia', • decline of % since yesterday,
The New York Hama a iliondAy, has the folipw.
lug interesting attic • on a caw way of speculating
it le not general know. that • aortof Credit Ito
tdita on • smaileade ham been lately established
bare. Shure stack epecientlima beams universal,
quite a number al scoops lick modatut einess• have
been in the lubit, it seems, of talcum their mon y to
I wile( operators of known ahrewdrose and luck, and
beggiag them to use II u deemed Wet use ar
two opennore, wtose gains hews teen conspicuotu,
have found themselves ernoarnmeed by thew leaden
of money to be °permed with,said ou. of stem hes
.organimd the bn.ln,n on the plea of the Credit Co-
biller, mud Only reaplsd. Illint” on the loom espies".
Si us tea Wit -wing receipt
Nzir You, -, IE6
This ceruilot that
his thU rimy deposits] with the nudu■lgoed
On the Ant ,dass d October, iltllllll. Atoll sn I
July, the lindassogoot sad make snob &dolma as In
,Indonsist the mist stistasented b Ibis certifi
cate may vassant, pith hooey to dm boLiss to claw
his Laws to ten dap *manor, prostisd notice
AMA on sub Usu.
It L susdors4od that the nodenalgood Is In no
one tik be called upon to dacicso ans at Us opera
dons, and Ins general statements of profit or loss Is
tube stonclashrs: lbo sevansations Damn amount
, lathe: that tarp stuns cl matisy am beteg daily
demised on them condultne tea. the story , at the
prevailing mania for Mock epomlatens as • my
amain mother: lt mill be remarked that the de-',
paten mrsender the control of their money abm
lately. are not entitled to rajahs what to MID( done
wide le. and repose ceddrely. as to the result et apex.
aliens nab lt, wan the hthor and bonerty of tha
party with whom it le lodged. Our eyeculatecre will
perceive at a glance the advantage enjoyed: WA
angle men thee operating with the money- ef. a
number of pareona /a many operetta= the weight
of capitol be can, bring to LOU wdl imam gamma
where weaker opera:nee wool fell. And alt Whit
enjoyed experience to Well Wrest will meths el
•••1131•US eavarteave derived from the feet that
entered tan by the tepreandall
rait t e aw
bbied capitol are know onl am asan;
sad carnal pcsalbly be defeated n
the y to
tematury or
Vides cf any at the anociates. T by
he ethane le, In a
word.• mete adiplion allot/reds& liettillor to one
epecelativeareze, with tide edition= that It is owe
maw and net a company who wields the capital of
eba opwalatars eurpgsd.
WsziosasY, October 7.163.
1L9112 011.1114—Whse3 is Am mad ire nate
smell fades of Bed from wag= at VA% Sul* Isla
derala. sad sells readily from first buds et VA
Com is Seta with saltiest libelled at 0.1.81,00. *us
ihin, arid bold dimly et 718720 by the or lasi. Bye
wactunp& hoar steady with stair dammed bat
ascistnet, ode ilio bbis huh grcratel Extra lam.
Bye Liar it willing it bb,1740.00 per
bbi from stare.
contlncek to snla TM AM
and Bay sup Le ontdad at Boni 13 to lb. Wined:
Anus aro ogling at 14100 for '43" and -
Odbm and 170 for Ora Awl, GranoMUM and Pow.
Barad. Wee Das apla adunad, and aiDAs nom
bald at Bonito to kbo tor prime to Mugge Itio. B=ll
Ilia of itatunas at Irma IM to tboa =Dram to pat.
up. Amapa range Boni el to 73.3.
111117—fi he satire bit not quotablp land ado
011 l loads from scar MS3O to Pipit ton. and lao
balm on track at $2ll to , 00 par ton. The demand
bm dle mitola appears to bart tam off otasidarably
within Ma put to
MILL PlED—sale on Mack of 1 ar Oran at $l.lO
par owl, and ear pdpitalts at 711A0 Elddlintp
may be qaotad at $1.133 303 1 i and Etta 11 1 47 0
t 051.75.
bate dinunol and naillnithar; lab
*1303 Own WWI at Itga., Gykra Bateluned
bt gattad et 13f f 34 lad DialbliA
Midin—as to pod dawn; and Fla Vegeta
timer{ math runny at 13}(4141—onatl7 at intim
r 3712118. EGGS—Battu fi dull bnt — WOW
piraselng at pow fog 0 2:6tud and
66 to Or kw Balk dale OIL Ms 0:6111= Atilt at Mu
of 6 Md. st 1154.
POTATo2ls—Tbata fa a =Amato lead demand far
kda OrPfine Asehminoaka lied Patch Blows,
and we eat! Mull ids froir Man al listiriiai par ,
klbel, flew Biasi Potatoes are added at IP
APPLii—Tbirdimand tr. fair, eat the market
Middy with Wm el edkaa nagtolf from 6140 to
13.25 par bbl, demagog to griallty.
134113-giddy mkt' small War of prime ;Mlle
fiam aloe at at $2•16 Pqr WO.
BiLT—Npiistas is Am with galas Alm tint
hands et LIAO par tbk, and $11,60 farm mare-
II ACION-15 gold bat study with sal," et about'
Wands quotation.
WUl9Bl—ls vary Armand 'Common la aellk g
at 62e63o—arane bolder. addidalw
Oct. 7-rber• le to an Sedan to itatittiatlit ,a4l
toolbtlaalita theriorptioaltrit thus At Ida la!
AtTla 01o.atadtiat etitttldeotla. totOttot tut
quatalloar lam 000140 a Put to °nits." , °obi
41160 .0 0 claget tattaat4 ead Slate( ) !mot
oat lir was dbmat of at Ea Ittihad It oat
cut_ 411 41/16 bat Iltt% ilistaaloa sgutaukitigi ta
MD Oat Pat of ibair o!selbir 1:* °Pmts. An
°Or Otoo *ft tit. laid PO SW Ptbal ,4 o , to
whim' sOfinbilf. sod looktattell; 4 8 6!,
notokfres W.lWNlnd a3tl l vat IS Pc* pr.
Nandas our bird" £,Mtc.
&Mum par. bbL `l' •
New lark , Petroleam Market. ,
Sps Mika oithap Mg=VlCeisda—
,igir,VostiOct‘T—Crado quisfoluf maul,
wig( out u NCO the irrISIM Thin haped
Mod dpgased br, refine 111 - bpadildill 'aloft
4 ald Pew of Meratutr, -414 " I n i f i l • lands
ilittarrodui t>4tliftag l o4 l o l7 kcal ea
Sig:SOagu9ef.MAlltaii44lr. Me.
elegtesam MOM O.
~ wit-.
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sf:-WiMe ts beak MOtsmeitt In
Ersidituffs say littler ohms, to rw*x
aqua dinisrul for Stour is ottrusely WU al. and
tblioui7 odes Mortal as a for bundmd barrels old
Mob .otro burnt: at MASSA. barrel I and WO bbli
Tow &rads iteitrtlAti GU ;strand tams. • Thus ts a
sprig brut* oststrodlodentMul $4 0 11. 5 .b tor El"
.ImM* Moo ta onnkie to $5,75 for arra
=illy. and EIGILLO:lot Marimba:kg to
quality. blyo,Sottr, eivt: ilef.lstPreal Or , quiet sad
UM* but Llltis of sitturstooptemi in. Ins receipt
of Wbest are Mitt and 'if steady demand et
smterdsre Aare. Silos of 9O.CCp En Mils ordinary
to ldine Old slid nstrWrierst SIM to 5141581.16 m
bob—csidlyas tbs lettss Ibrumb to mrlya. MLA
nays from PAS to wt., bona woaldFFaamm
mud SW. (bin bow en% sdrinesd, with nabs Of
8000 blob mixed In stravra, 'ea yellow, at WOW.
• Mb Art *Atari \l2ll4ftsniobt lir spites to ea
'rims et isairridaNstsate , clam/ed. flits is'
lints or mianertitroAHaoktinformad Nol tawanudas
SW per too. Prices of Torino& }tent us miebangsd.
Itts &mind for Taxwedliricilis mad WO boss sobs
rucposia bustud—on *Midas of Zbo. Ia Wzoo
thy, sod .4:7lovsreeed nottnag'doins. lu'iNottsioLs
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rbiladelpkia.vatuo ELarkot
OCr 5.-The snivels *SW cattle st the Anita
Thine Vardasetimiehareausted to sera head, c.a.
the supply /rut gook. /lost of the cattb weneas In
Ohio, Gaeta and WeAsin Yeaugtirazds. ' Thitsdast
kat see very Weida,; sod plat declined ants SW
Cl4O be on all padre, rinste4 trees T to 9 * PM'
eti aloha eatikione IoC sad et loge. leo cows
'Wert disposal of at SW Le STS pa head On syrlosers
and US to Seta CM Plia calves. There vu en
Incesseeldiff.oo heed to 'Moony W etteep, the *r
ani mates IS,Onifbad, whir.. tots at VX to to
pa petal prier, fa tit sheep, end $3,2S to so so poi
hat, for stock. 22? bogs Load balers at it to $8
per art, Mi.
Al Henry Glees' Union Wore Yrd 3549 hop were
sold at net prices of g 1,150 to sit per hundred.
Buffalo Alturkist,
eve. 6:4l;ccr drto sad Id . tau dad Wheat Witte and la ictlew detoaad; tau 16.2,060
both at $4040111.10 dee Mad chkigo eptiniallt.l3
11,14 ailssaltes date flji toe kersoaca
owing; 111,190)1,206 Or Bed whttir Wotan. ton
=Met batter, .at go at; axles 76 a ,609 btub'at
Out held at 630, stout light. /hake', battar de
mnoly mules SW bbla at 66.. Cabal radiate d sa; 14,
on cora and la cots oa wheat to New York. Int;
pnea„ /.ouO beta d ur; 21000 bash wheat, 71.u0ai
bash corn; O,(X* ba th oat,. ta, barna
d, n; 13.0001bab wheat; 71,000 curb c.rn;
bosh oa s.
Clereimad Mairatt.
o=o.-71ov Ana and freak poroad d Istib red
sad stilt. are In attire demand. Wes 100 karats
XX rd at 3633 ,, 60 miry choke do at WO; 40 &r ex
,. at 83,1,14 60 do XX rid as ISM; UV do do city
ground at MIA 00 do do at 36,04 100 do common
tad $3,46; 00 dc XX whits $0.60, sad 23 do do we.
Wilms Inactive sod auks. The talus bank& /pia
tog', and soippara wars still kuddl e. back; Bala at
the Bond 4 ars red on tusk at It, o. , ra stssdy
sod leas excitsd; Nolo 3 Cu. on track at inc. Ostsl
Wee 1 sir at tea* at Mt
Imports sly issuiroaa,
Prrrounsoullt. Warns 4,0=600 RimloaD, Oct.
2.-100 bolo Sur, 87npinki Km; 13 kin Mao, M-
K. a sur,6l by tutu. 6Pincir a MEV, • bdb
wits, Wm sums; 20 du towboat Revorth; 1 car
Boyd; 16 bin undbm,ll.6 618 101
maniononso, Badth a so; 11 di-do, Mao a
fii,Bkos; 6do do, Baku t 21ddbo 11 tip ordain, JllO
Mu; 46 don brooms, Wu Oooper; 23 by
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J Band too; T Odle togs, Blionoook, li ouy a ob. ;
4 bolo puts J B Outbid; 1 J
oar costal J Boorbuid;
66 DOI* bawd oU,Jas Woo; 67 do do, • (boom
100 bids aldsl4. D e 1/ Wallsru 104 do do, Lambou
• shlpton; 10 ao do, Then Zoom; 60 do do, 16 Ei By.
al; l car toed, J • W /Maw.
Cloussin a Prim:mai Busiono, October 7
va tom, D• 11 %discs; 870 both do, J Kirk
pinta Bra; 26 tau starch, OWs oat real, 4do
purl barley. J Brownlee; in Ms loprook B A rd,..
...La Cu 76 01. starch, W Bum% 16 do do, Jos
Boer, to do do. BO Ms door, 11 do soots, I do po.
Lanai, 4 do tuns, !Mu Ma A Luc s boles boy, 8
8 2107 d; 076 Us obsess, 00 Bobby; 10 tou metg.
Brae a Ora, 2 bh4s potasor, 120 bob do, Potter •
mks.: 149 bar wkwaS,J Limb; 197 bp sbltunffs
tubs* bran Knoz4l46cl6su losibay, P saottaim
tub apples, J obit; 20 bag anus. iShnl• don is co;
611 obb sobs, J Herbert; 10 pkp Ba ld . s
61 bin chum, GI Boon.: do co. 11 Haworth, ks op
cur* J 181balloldi 21006 p. talus, 26 do mks; P '
Tangortiri 16 boll dd.; J Buckley; 12 ski ogle.? do
buck Tdo onion", • Lipps4; 176 mks wheat. B T
Sonned2 a 11=443 bp wed, W Do; 1 bbl butter,
bbi. g p„ 0 P.m; 6 bids kinotoes,44 011 bbb, Pot=
a • rotstroar, SOT by baby W W Ambroon;Bo bbli•
tobacco, J lfsoyd.7l) dodo, kliAllunis /k Bann T pkia
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ss, II B 1.1,0 r• bzs study B
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value, /sks potatoes, 92 bin cUsii, 6 bb f, bum,
76 Mb sip*, 10 do butter, L H 'Volta t co.
AUssiiku 675p184, 046 7.-432 ski violet, 1 car
flow 0416 T Bsocuody . • 800, 0 tarp pimps, 88..
Ounro; 316 by bin bed, twins gibber', 1110
obis Am. Is by buns, Mama I Knort2 MU sp.
pbs. lOW Lukcot glad Mots, Lanni tank
1 car item, • Tspor; 1 bblkoutur il l
--ABP. A
clown; 1 115 tatter, I Mb Lunn Igo 8813
flour,P Pounou 210 by barmy, 0 B.Btrauti I ha
apples, J W_Butont 9 sks potatoes, B 011rtr, 4 do
rap, W Bad; l'bz bubo% Batist4 Babb* 14
Da whist, 19 do in .1 A anlLio; 111 by Can seed,
if B Buldam.
• WANTED.-46U A Monsu.—We want
ts at $6O most. opium paid, moon
out aismid Against% and adagio
other new. natal and maim atticlan. /Mean C -
=lira rant Asa Addeo,
soltandlriglf 8114 W .ILJAIL. 11Widnent., lie
W Al ia l vaasm car am.
Tat which the l ti aglwai m a tai Ip:lJ:swill m be/4% at
Nix HIS mad street
watt raMilS VAN GOBD/111.
WANTED—A Brut CABS • • •
'r mans s tas wha s =ra33ol • •
and cab anus wall nos
.-441dOssasa PDX On. Pan 011na.
WASISOCBII. No. I Wool . • two doom
from Wator stmt.
Tot taw apply to • RAHN
amend awl Wood stmts.
FUtt kUINT-1. Abied= r at
dot. oba r ".3ll= ibi way.
I,4lST—Ono, Two or /Woo Ammo
J. la the Maas lowa dodo of Glans BREW
int TlMdrat, Ida at "Meat Mama gam.
Tweaks ... / 0.10 Orelikma. MAW
1:739.140n. Nola gee
1011 •
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