The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1863-1866, October 05, 1863, Image 3

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Milo* oirs-CoaTairirox.—The
'mjtteti'"for ilia" Uniontown Mass Convatiion
soeirred.triarportifica for all wire 'wish
''VP(II4It tz iciparatiraly law:crazy that all
who aro OW the train' ehoutd have tioiotr,
' C: 1 04 11 ‘. 4 4 1M had this moraing at Wliklas
- - 3T °laza or a mamma.
Late Sentatrn Items.
T me indebted to et friend for ales of labs
Boptbern papers. In the_Riehmond Scicieel
of Utellth of Septemirroto lad the following
Ham : •
It Is understood dud, the House of Dale
. mites on yesterday, in secret cession, pissed
a Mil in relation to the military defense of
. the State. The same bill is before the Smite,
tibi Dot yet sated en."
Is it the intention of Virginia to um the
rilgroes,und entrust the defense of
the State to those troops!" In the 11016
-.paw we fled is reined of $3OO offered for
*Se apprehension sad Om:elation of the person
0 13wileint Who.Mt pottarday, broke the look of
'the switett'at 'Temples turnout, with the oil
• dint design of throwing troop truing off the
Wok." They evidently have some "copper
beads" down in Dints:
Tho RiChMOild Zialtliart of September:oth
,mss that it has been conisonniested to the
War Department officially that Howard's and
Elloeum's corps, numbering twelve to fifteen
thinmand ,eseo. had gone to reinforce BOLO
*mg ; silo, that Grant had sent reinforce•
entitto the number of ten thousand.
..,,,,TitiEsomeiner his an editorial in which it
tin to Batts:, the inhuman and barbarous
!hipbone of Wombs lad ohildren at Law.
Nies, by stating that this was bathed rata.
; 4, 4°5•
In the course of • 3eb4to in flout of Dale.
NSW, on the bill relating to the public do- '
lite% scnonlimeats were of led, in
cluding ens to change the title of the bill w
a to mad ar.d State defence." /t is
W pro i p e a — d the Omtei t,K tihned atan ,
th nt Uome
Gaud—the former to include all bum= IS
ind 45, the Ho= Guard' to include ail others
_ between 16 and 6a.: The militia, to perform
*OUT, AllinitOs WOO needed, anywhere in the
OA hems guards to alive in their own
alounuaser smiler tot more than ten days at a
The Oil Trade.
`'The Oil City Register contains the following
reelew of the latrolettra trade for the, week
,enditig °etcher 71.11 "No 'change to report
nine oar bit brae, are that the market has
4. 'teen • shade MOD quiet. This is owing to
of shippers being unable to gat their
:OU'iomarket Vie river is too low and the
_.railroads' are Whet:tally blocked with ell await
int shipment. Hoists clam a flight decline.
bat we hate. heatil of no sales below last
.weekr,qaetatione... Producers are Arm, well
'-'-•-kaowlegthe vast qemnilky that will be wanted
As soon au seigatlea opui, which we eon•
fa t aitit leek for-this -month. There \ have
; ne w walls ttrnolt, and the daily pro
-. centinnegy diatinishleg. The eau
, ,Assalations ken are light's' well be 'teen by
Is, '
eke' Wiretense . report& We continne last
• *per: qii6tations: 11ig7.25 at the wellsoind
'''`411.042).715 ger bane, la bulk, and SIO 50.
.goolukaieldeladed, at tide point, with Co.
of 1',500 barrels at the Baehanan 'Farm,
• ,;*ti IV 25. The Eareperd advice, Are not eon.
pidSred unfavorable, while Ira notify an ad
• .."'lntikoe in priest at:Pittsburgh. That xity his
4 licher a large western dethand, which. to it 011.
f6. 20 01141,1101il • require all they have now' en
`, - zhatid, if not more, while the , stook of ern:*
thst,hande What is -.*ry light. No
Amigo heights arrives. Weather cloudy
tfliaaL , lnorza.. Narks& alone Arm and quiet.
'fee following are the amounts et oil re
- euhredandakipped from the rem:4M ware
• .• hansee for the emelt ending °amber Ist :
• . •Birrels 'waived. ehioyed.
, 1.3115
• 0144 Oola .... 1,535
A t 3 &Inn Melling.
•.;Wile Wheeling; latelligeaeir relates the tot
`s 45. irery angular Muting took. place
Pritiny pa Water street, between &soldier
24 - rb thaltama of Matthew Davin and hie }other.
.:,;;,11,4,;1111117 . ViTlll. Haat', ei "Miro of
+3selaad:+ad .Dame to '6tt v•oviiry -vine ten
:breaking out of the war
• dieritillhintidlsrerrogiment-ot Lime ytnt In
., :Autry. and boo Saris been curving ln the
vz .ahrmy.-of the Potertme. Do Iliday he
with s Uinta of, hit Vattlpssionv, and
1aloolltigeloni(d ray wont into • house on
Nitta Most to pat ePlittle mouthful of sow
A- 1 -. Vag tii.,dtlitit.'! Before. Mitering the home
down his kompuok (upon widelt.his
mom - mat: writtel)tri the -tursihhold of the
Devitt, who rosides fa Pittsburgih,
• hut ' , who Wee on a visit to an old 'friend in
maw palming down Water quest on
bit return from a visit so the tuipsnelon
—isdagliiiiten this lair the - tnaysiteir. , bearing
riain‘ , and npon entering the house
..siTones racy:ll2%lllm. Matthew s little
• ' bewildered at first, but he reek. came to him
iseitilend bewildered_ the 4 , eratur lied a
_Mitt* the titifter Of hisi, he WWI prevailed upon
.7 to aeciempant ble.motherto the house of
.I :7lend where, ohe „wee /topping. Ida. Davin
.to. thin ,ountry three yeas tater than
•• yy,litilOw.udhais been endeavoring for eaten
--- aisleby s proevai one eon with
.;whoop middeiin Pilltbarg, to obtain tome
"inliortOtlon hig6
Gag Jaldg 3' Shannon.
itihn 2 P
d'here way "`4.51.-- ma- i ns & demonstOtbn in
" frollipecohir
" . * gangl. ,l • shin:Lore
a : whin HIS Host P.-9.
-- • ^ ad/ lied the Union
tileletnuto, • ti
wee interrupted end
•r , - Ugo'edies . , end nothing
, essaisa g a/36 4 p uck mad novenae°
bat bli 11"1"4"1:L. mob &et was set
"ua i r e s id be§ home oL ea
I/kr - who traverses PSDB.'
11- %
" Mt %Milted; of treedon end
aptvenin-ait ,--- d if i r migua t mou dy permitted
'4llllllsllcti—asa- tonnt thts is noon the
m _ u te e f i s io ne .f & pa ss: .
owfate opposed to t he
wia4o2/ 1
Zjlg Central Schaal Chard.
'''.--Thi-denttat Board of Bandetton het/
zetolbs CIS patardsi. Pretest, blears.
Ilenhor,lowe, 13argesnt,
ftegas, Pre:bleat.
I:oC•Datn.seported the resaltot — the es
antratiser et_codinetes tor the Ts on ay to
thelltighlallool.k •
atlas al Ur. Bhagat; Me Baird ere.
Os Okla whloh sozatitql, is the
-411rettra,tif lalse/eseplitn• A. !Deena. ,
i ,t; ~-,lttiaelia Fp .lifaximattia:—A. Mige aad
r-• i iatiamlMM tlitloatoestias was h'old th Han
. 1 -,,,,,,* attester, 'tat eataiday creates, at the Gomm
~.',"2TF,,et itsamesed Lematstrestst , A loos baud
,--libdts".'aithbadAdr.:and'ilt* 'ambers - we:.
„ 1 , • ~.. . - 41 :mdma by a Urge datotattos ftolA.AU•Stuni •
1., p ~ your. :4 3. -11111,134,. Ytesidod," stained by
::,s , '-‘,„,:; - V "yikagh,lbtalsal Pattenoni Wst.'l3lll, J/1111111
~ .::•: , ; . .r.: ;',liikoligil•-ftiat; ISC Smith, and imetard me.
~.,,,,Ausaustp sl l) ,Ntatlis,JottaV; &rya, Thos.
•;' yy.,_llldtke -sad }lobate Milton. , Able sod
1- Ttyr ;, ; meted iddiesscsMase made , by - Thomas J.
t".t,..`,7,;:lllolo•lllll.o.lditattell, /3 414 alter . which
,*6, , 1,.‘ -&•iiiosimitlasooliao4 sittLene dug. toe
;- , tt- , tbietraba *het sad the Ualeb.
, _ -.
...t winda'
Ilsr- s-- d nu,
2- „„to-Nuiffriabog all.ld :00.1
) ..7,7tiiiii,...1166 Si Isetiab °Pl.l°lll= 0117 a In
,-,'".,wormigadatipereitgall.'olr.VicirL-» `:Bu:
• • ' ••••--;;411,,,..t.tier *ldea
.iths Of -211,-1,-CM14",,,,,;avi1l
...„,,,..--of ta t, ovii, ..._ ..kt.,
, 4460 tear 110"":n t, 6 4!...- 6: fig w a rii i
,------_.---igsrui.- stow ha l e —zw., tole.
- --
kostiblko *linopteoCA . . • i '7
,- .1-, bo at lattO., .0
, - , , , , L. _._ ,
.1 1, -. -.
Deal 11 '
on, gra.—Tho s T i m groat
b•tng LIMA"
Zeringrplirbid o .lr
• ; tit-4 4%0W en b o w taw
to ,
• 3. S
po a' 6.-laar
4414-Mr, " 1 ' 4 111400440
Ls - Vs - 14V, -
... _
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...` .
•1. ' , " • -, -,. •••• - . , ~ r ,,--,r, ,, ;?., t ,.", , 4 , - , i , ' , -. -z l• "1--.4',......,,, , ~ i,,, , , , ;:c .,,14, ., ~.-.7 ,--.44 "1.,n -, - , 17.- - 47-1", .f,V, - .14..." . . ,, ef.: 7 -E- 4 -'t , "4 , 5 , - . "Z , 5" ,. '"'n. ,, ' 4 1 0 4. -, • •YP T .. • = t 7 `"`‘ =l-711. P; -,•: : 2 ‘ ,2.4.:,:i:d-''''
, 1 •tz , :cfk'rr,.,7,4 , ,•:•74',, - ; , •, - ,51 , - -, / , -- , 1.;• , n - i . .7a: 11 -rez ''''--'V;;,.:I-'7''.'''',:il-.,'..;eli;ifMZZ'''-q•;"''t;P'fii.4;.oS•fet::":re,i'''`W4''l*-'''it''''ijatiZia'Al'a9ZA-tY•'4;'''''ir4'aZ4'W-.1.1,-."--',--WP- .41 L- :..a.' ~ , , F 5,..-s' ''ib'..w:x.'"-,il.l,viZ,' ~,- -1,- , a• .
P;' ,-, l'i.f:'"• , ,X,;;N-4 i,"•;,, , -"•.-,„'-%•(..:S•n''.•'''S': •-.•- • ,•:?44 - „i", , 2 5, q4,',Pti;'"W&' 1 6§ 4 !-F'14 2 •:^ '' ''''' l " ‘.. `0:- . 0,'" -"Q '''' .. -',• s lrf .5. ,'at
Vy a
. .
'• • Af.k.il4 ~ . ;i, ,,K z, : :" N \VI-I' 4 4,....ez.,f0,,,,z2..,-.t,.,0,4‹..,„.:.z,,,A,.„--A.._ ~,v.3% - .
'el.a" , ^-,',-, ,
. .
' l .l2lntoral t r
be Uhl Ws wreath& at Uan ,
Won addruffetatill dame! by Om O.
IL (ath and .Indite---Saff. , ,of ; Slasetili;
Thue gentlemen are both eminent Udine:4
Iflitourf, and In on Wiz "ay heati.from
Wuhtnigtoa Itbithe them had gone as Um.-
be of this Kuuss-flizionri Dalepeen.
They irM hare something intantlas mAsy•
TAB MAU Minn' LT 11
meats& that ts Monition of net II than
one thonnapersons will Inn ten city this.
morning. to intod the great man convention
at Uniontown. The train leans at sight
o'clock. All parsons dsaigning to p oast
have lichen, 'bleb yin tw,abtalned at 'Union
Usadspattats, Wilkins Uall.
Farr Demuth—TO men named J. Ellootas.
and J. Lane were artseted on
by the
eny paw, for tiding at • knit= rite
along Ohio greet. They were each fined
three dollen and moats by Mayer Alexander.,
0101 M ASP Dam's Biwa& lifurtnes,ln
family sad sunfaatirlag pinions, an t . p.o
but In ino.
L. I. Cznoss, Omni Asint.
• No.lB, nth stmt.
Glom Asa Boxia's estrum Nonni!, hr
family and raanufrotaring purposey on the
but In aro.
Carron, Qom) Agent,
No. Le Mb stmt.
Tacna! Palsy, Plain and Ornabantad Mats
Hada, and (baler la Panntylranta and Va.
moat gat* of the but quallty at by Wadi
0130 at Abr. Laughlin% U 3 Ike Watt,
Warts. Pi ttsburgb, Pa. ap3:fla
Opinions of the Wheeler and wit flees
Sowing alachane.
There in but one Sowing MaoMut, and that
h Wheeler & Wilson'a.—.lockto Moir, of
American iattirom, N. Y.
The Wheeler & Maori Machine lu
rival.—Sciatriflo dimmican.
It fu the mobile for family err—Achosade
=I Journal.
It to eminently suporlor.—Diationarg e✓ Mo.
Suzy ono should milt at Whelan & WU-
Goes room, No. 27 Filth groat, ands:amino
spoolmeno of work dons on they maohlhas.
Wm. Stunner & 00., the. Western Agents
for Mola sto o kili Una now ttblbt
flan a Be.of amobloas, Moseardoo,
Mahogany and Walnut our..
lOU Itznintati non sii Beet —The un
dersigned would mos respeotfallrelll the kb.
Mallon of that: frlaside.and site Imbliels En
oral, to their Pall and Winter stook of Goode,
They conist of all the very En g lishes of
Cloths, Ca:Amerce and Vostingt, El
klmo Beavers, Tx too and Pilot Cloth end °roe.
coating , . Also, a largeauortment of Prank
ininehibt Cremating" of the very nest
finality, allot whin is selected from the y latest
imporiations, and will , be made In theenest
fashionable manner and at a piles lowerthals
arty other merehanl tailoring establiebsalat
in the dt7. Eire as an early call.
Emmen Gunn & Co:,
Menhant Taal, No. bd Market'et.
Saxon Osman, Quo. MOOLNplaii.
Foe FALL sun Wolin Wasa.—The prim:
met to pail, and by the morning's frost E len
begin to apprehend, that fall and winter will
bs shortly upon us, and wa must provide out+
selves with the stiterial to lump es eontfortsoP
bin. A. nine fall snit, or a good and anit-tnado.
overcoat are the eery thing, and we do not .
know le of anymWves plats where our readers • would
snit ttterMous.
McGee & Cki.'s c lo thin gb at lietuntmt, Goner
of Federal street and Diamond Spare, *i,.
gbeny. They hen eiso.reoeirtil • Itotletall
atiortinent of gentlemen's farnititing goods,
and a great variety of new patterns for nab&
Natlngoto. - • 1
e; amtot , anuumnit VOLTIMBiII I—The
ausqu, , a of our sonata '$ brow degraders To
mmy r OuTiod from Um coot °Uwe, ;oral of
tho public la gintiaml,u acids &meta to tha
vary exasailva azd &amigo= ikisortzent
the taboos stria of Preach, Itaglioh sad
Anteliailll plots goods; for pato, mots lad
Tiuto, lately sooolood by Wasps. aohn War
khierolmat Tailors,aa• / 26 rodolia
strost:-Alleghatiy. A fiesta] solsotioa of
souturnsa's famishing gaols wo always
be found on the shams At the estsbliohaarato
tore'er with ato of ready-made olothiag,
got up In the best barker-
Pastor Pint Prasbytardan Clutch, Orange.
N. J.. writer, : havo end Mrs. 8. Dress
Wei Zyloiraisasium 6 or World's flair
Log with esry groat basalt la Wry tawny*
Itsolrarais and hatilajp props:Ugh man—
log dandruff, arid siting the bah. a natarsi
=II healthy toes artd.'soittess, sprpasi thou
of soy preparation knoin lama."
Sold by Druggists ararywitare. Dopey 19 J
Greenwich stele, New Pork.
TN. boners of war ;can be tiredly midge.:
tad by that soreragn remedy, liallowsre
Olnoment' alit will ewe asy ratusd, bayou
desperate, if it be well rubbed aroma the
wounded parte, and the, inay be kept thor.
oughly mired with ,It. A pot of ointment
should be in 'ivy awes twist*. Only
25 ante per pet. arr.
ALt. wbo would son mom sboold cm ow
GUI Mna T. A. Mellingua, 155 Tlllb strut,
and swains the goods and prima. Hs tin •
vary lap and doelsablo stand boots. thou,
bzbaoroU and glans, saltabto for the season,
sod whin wo en onus oar anus ks
selling at tory low psion. Call sad nobly
=silt. • -
EIDOII Bum Cittmos.—The Third Unttod
Prosbyliolebttkiltdpottost;Aliostt ab y.
hating bean thiroushlty nototati4 ;sad re
potted, Will be topsoil for limb:4 *morrow,
both morning and totternoon. at the mai
boon. The torsioto iul bloondaotetd by the
BIT. Joupit Kerr.
toys Tit WAND, Pirmsusan.—The Mails
of the Mims 'lmmo in the Aura Waal,
Pittsburgh, will meet in the Pont.ta &moot
Boas wars scamini (0,1. 14 1863), for the
ramose of capsidag for thimming contest
with the Copperhsads. Come arse, aomesll.'
Fora mum, feu
Fent dollen, lour dellari.
Dental Institute; Dental Distitate. •
Seat asap Dentistry, beat ehespDantlatei
o laso fork.
WATCHILB, Jivvu, ito.l-1. Itobszlh
No.IT RUM ;Moot, is now Wpottlsg tits most
cholas stook of las @old and Wm Wstoliss,
/smash 1311vm TIM iwid lacy @dodo over
dispb ai In this Oh and b sWkis tlAss it
ly low sews. -
Owints na =UP Will Abe taken at
the Omnibus ogles. No: 410 Poem
day or night Alt order, left at a• above
piste will be promptly attended tee Allea • lls
awl be paid in advance. ' -
Oitatere and Oeittaiee Cara will be takes
at the Omani oftlee, No. 405 Marty taw. le
dey or niet. AU grans :bit at the &DOTS
placo will promptly ettaadel to. All cello
matt be paid la idlettoe:. " • em.
DesUoti 14111•Yeallieeel• 11 **0*
siltarinao of 10 proroodow , - • •
. _
muitrtag.itiroarf..-42' , 14 0 4 , 47 , :0et;
by tbs WWI% taiie BattAiwocd,lifuir onn •
tialk CU WA A. EUJIDT, of Plustrazga, Pion*
'IBIWILL dattita 4 ileT• 4 1 .1 1 . Priabra• •
wurcir.apr xorop!;.
ricome )lA}l9B/iLI 011101, I
InD.Vonnint nit Finn.
• 08 lionnb lit...ringbarginOet.-3, UlII3; ''•
..n-V811P1181) 1,11.024.4)0AFT0i4
In sonentanno wltb ardnril pal& that&
bibs tot otityn
I..qr nyttl Dom dna by lb.
Hoond Toro In AU Dinztat, t 01412 •• ,•-
eltb tbikAninnis their cannytlna :
no ilium; animus roans Jos pa rigievOlos
Was.lllcOntebotal. ityrnacullls. ._• - :
Jobe Walls,l6lr4 Ward._- . - + :
: . -
Eat:d Pflfief. Ninth Wats, -': :, - ' !
'Mut I Jsect. slll4Di,Oinatify. .., • , , • 1 -•
0W..041'm . * liffikal.ll '
_ ___-----.------•--
CUPD OrtONAP Y. . 1 4
TACToiii"' • -
,iszkra: soar thipra Aid 0140 . ..
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llgeIII.D1011•4047/1,11/111. .11,35_!kokiL.Ap:
gaitlediamsloll7oolllll443l4 .1 ) issegarigßz:k
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2' WATEer tNEW,
BpsFtia Mnit4l to tbil'Utibaret I
• W.Assishsoktlmn; °Mato!
Thrfollovinelt to phtlirongh
lost nliht, onfoi ; tosasirSi , itoim sting •
portion of th• linos - '
• kgrinsifivier t at imit* risooos.
01iIiis1'espatehos froinChlttanoogir}st sd
yestarisyotro rindontoodtoreprosortionroito
titian 44111tardlly a , Mill, LLTI/fole, /IMIII
mikes no strum.
wounrisrost. ,- -• •
• Ili*-stmt of the rsloepspeio that
Ditrnigi lies rettrostod from 3:onesbotro to
SnozrUle Is not ondINI.
John gay, the Fleabane pante gore
tare, hes gonelisit bib bad atit. Celeunis.
Bonet Banat le else ebb:alma the city on
bruisers. •
Drsllerotiodon, 'Morel theibillian Coe
fids lemons for bisniinsiilag New Teri:
resiihents by • the' riparian of blot and
lists, is to Ulm eseking to lean flr the
a mit& '
ulna or sins PLICITIOIAL consuica...
New frictions' sturrellil !W hi i 47. for
WWI ' within the rust • fortnight, work Wag
partied nptdb fonreaL Ilia to ill,
lio paws are bow it work 417 Gad nig l i t,and
forty more aro rip and ready for work, sod
rhea all are Ong they will probe* ireirlY
one hundred and ilfry thcrarand per day: The
gamer design to do woe for all; 00iiiitthii
of a medallion of Washington, with landrospe
noblad, staamire, railroads. ha. The Sri Cent
notes are to hi yrisrOin wood alas; bens to
gran, twenty•firei to pirple; sad ilfOr
bright (=Om This le' regarded ea &gram
I mproutosst 0D pistil Minna.
- _
rim xaroxis. sat:.
A medicate warn issitedto-ftay fir the hem•
dredth national bank. Regulations hare ban
paraded malting national banks depositories
of nubile monies, and ditancial agents of the
Government. Inetraliate en the abject
will be breed stertly. ,
Gum mi garret coomstiv Or 11111106011 1 .
siLITS TO nano.
San. Halal is said mhos received infor
mation when troops was tent from tape to
Bragg, in:lab* both Mir =ostler and dee
dustbins nearly amonik before the battles of .
' sass , or nvorwarna.
Belts at .5-10's ailing - September foot 11 1
twelve minion one hundred and Any-nine
thousand Era ktuldad '40111 , 1 1 ; • They'now
ours up to aadliknolailyi and ars steadily
inntualig , .
spin. ;Bonds are now delivered
-M 1 4 644 4 1 0: , '; , ' ''
-, atart Arum.
Thal *l5 4 heavy s dorm las •to- day of
I both rabsixid laid, and falkoSel rummer
1 tisalkin with BlitiM6re a intsnopted: Na
-1 vat men say aiii-t4 most have been the Co
, totter hatioane, and regard it as gala din
' genus to•aurirooelailso at Chadestos4
Petty , iptemillat, primers, were tronght in
1 toaiighf, frith beyond Alexandria , .
1 loins OirTTRID.
The guerrillas captured one hnadial end
littyliarernment horses hat night, three miles
from Alexutdria:
The Pruldimt-exidaled visitors
fdisstaxl delogsUaitiduk' het. 'at Irak
on s replitOthitio. - -
taterrinale sionisna-naroznativarox
• , "Mr rosientvasta.
Das/tars, Tester*, told:the story that
Tiongsksers Men 04 got bask from Chicks
mono, tad that it visa unientood, in tho
abet iami. that .preparailelM ',wore making
'ter another 'adieus .Intp.Penns7lvasta. If Arrest of Capt. Black.. Terri hie 'Ex.
thoto hi m o an ca " th o story. t h e s aw i s .pioston—fficrillavliteAt tacked.
donbtlas to be in time for the election, as Louravnin, Set. 4—Capt. BMW); Black
was Maori nada arrest to hie own room, and
Jones Sad Unladen threaten Lobe in Western tatuatoto m toin any aoiniamitestien_wit i oti.
Virtzla., SSG ile report doe snot yet come t wee.
th roug h ih o uract th u t can ho ro gordwa ca. A caisson &ratified to battery I, lit New
llable. York artillery, golUg dawn Main Street,tear
' saw at/ogs ► rms sone, Sixth, exploded a shell cont ain ed thraln,
which latently !Med a canzenier wounded
The 10.. h of November Is now ssonsid_ered a dries , who died to ten mum.; mortally
nee latest date for the tat bra of Clroulat. vonndaanother eannontsrand badly waned.
1 tag Notts of the Vitiosal Bub.
I 11011 Mali TIMITT.
ed &third.. The:lndeed o f the stares on both
sides were samelisi by the concussion.
The Natalia Ras. of to-del.• salt: A
It is suggested bate by persons familiar terrible explosion marred near Bridgeport.
with foreign antra, that Bouts le looking A train of twenty army wagons, !saluted with
forward oto oh . rummy of it, 11th some of astatanitlms, bed camped near the city for the
night, and two tiaras trarretal, one of
the Irma mufti" Pomo, and that her flat whom seised a sholl,'Ohiell he accidentally let
Is hero to Avoid being blookaded:- ' fell among the attnnanttion, and owned it to
TIM aIUILII AMT. explode and eettunettleste to the other manst
. ration, and Immediately wagon after wagon
Bellableadviess received has through pr y. boug ht gm and - temitere and attendants
veto &am% Munn. IMM Mule 16111 have tying fd
baton the or their liva.
mpThe mks had been
ha army up to a anion man by ming. remove losion.
Later reports life nine to ten were killed
..tiat.. WTIDITAK. MISTED. and double that number.wounded.. The Are
Colonel. Sir Percy Wyndham has been re- daft reached the magagne and o uptogiug cc
lim a og w man g and o d ors / to wir e to end destroying a vast quantity of ammuni
1 the Ad" nats " ("2511'1. of the army . A Braila dispatch to the !oval from
run macirtoit.l l rullinwrsilm• Nashville, dated Oct. 31, gays: Moldinnatis
rGenirraisokidatile toll has la As alio• was attacked at noon. The result to unkboirn.
ens of tie Union ' party in Penisylvants. frsaiziv,.....d.. mhos tedorrsPh•
1 rat was Interruptei.l
zannt.-summutits: ODIIIIT GUTOMBIL The rebel eliTlarf ar liT• reported atoning am
. . the Stale Depart - nunter• Pad -Sink OL
Mat' has - procural an indicts:int for libel from this PM Worn" M* with •
. rebel captain, lantana and thirteen patoled
against Cant Gurowski, for a paragraph In
, his diary. heistinod .as charging • him, Nun-
The Vandethilt on a Gatlin...Dep.
tat with - r evunsi g 81°a Nexell to ° P k* redationn by Guerrillas on, the Am-
mats. • The OM 000111 on in the District s tomps Bever ...; Seizure • o r t h e
Supreme Coat this week.
________ _ --- Steamer William Pat.
• min ntanzion-samOiam`tazaosv. Maw YOl ll , OM. B .—Ties Penderbilt and .j
At the , late election in Colored° Territory 2o f :;1 i h s e
f r = sailed
o 'a
fromo ni : .r s a A a ge rO7 • 1
the Union thoults were ;Admit livisabs oki i lane letter to th e Ewald OGIIOI,IIIIIThT MUM:,
AO compliment, to, Plastery Olissel's institti- lasi Guadllas are valog bold and 1 ,114 , .,
a. ' , , maim on the Mitamippi Meer. They have
tisn of *anim
.., located • throe - gun better about slates*
MOS TENNIMSigig• lanes above-Na talia Um whiah they Sal
great kupeta to Gm PI:~ alarm ' films ;hots at theisteamsr Jens; four at
Irioxvszat,VinnK, Oct. 4,1136 L willoh went through her, but she !escaped.
- • ' - • ' - Some eight or tan vessels havelock deed into
Bryan''' 6 "" W oo /L5/4 ate atill alniglial* The partlindeme of the manure of the Brit:
with the enemy tdow•LbAdott._
_, _ lei stoma Sir Wm. Pitt, alas that she had
The rebels am 'atrongly raintoreal in the loaded her Lierapeel cargo of arms, do., In
Ent, °arterial fallen back to Bull's Sip. /loth= 'waters, and e°°k on b b ard 80 a.
V) 000 bales of cotton, when ' the French an.
Aniagemads are made for a decisive fight thatt i n a g e s h a w h ut i o r o ac on mum . ,
and "tad up of the gurrilla business in this which she did, coming over to the American
zelliMW• ' ' ‘' side of the Wetlands. Omsk Mandl, of the
Omani /retail . is in command of the 254 in on uu e mdgmnoels img f P
m ro e m n P and e sd wo t,
army - • • transferring ha Micas and env to 'the flar.
We hove remind no mails lately. ' Moir as abeam of war. • The Tassel wu
Thirsather is eater .' . sent to 'New Orleans. Captain, Hood, ot, the
1....i.e...:a -.ea,. a WIWI ship Pylades, demanded an anima.
- The * 44 ,111 ill in. " . "" ... ''" "I"''''' B. nation,whiolt he arrived from daptAolando,
Wounded Reartned Under a Flag or in *OM that she had *OM contraband
Triacoavelygootis kedd a• rscopuero war in AMU= waters, and kid contraband
of WarevAriateastild , Finn Saporta*. goals on board, . •
Hattie of Clicamairga, 4n. Union Masa Reeling.
•,[Critatata, Oct 4 .- A special a the One. New Toil . Oak 11.—A mass meeting • was
1 OloraieJ frau . ' Chlitliimolos Aged the 30thult, held at the Cooper ' institute last i evening,
past: - Two hundred aahnianall, ant with's: under the anspittos of the Union Club,' •
L '
ili br il aigh ih rin i car ia ! s l u rs h u undrad adil 16 44 14 0 W W °f ossulad. hitei, h aini" eros Iliat °l l l G ell ests cr e alla rown, 64 ,ll4. t4 gr:p w roha l",
Noe In.tha enemet hands Ally had Nothing sa, Nom Sail Pretoria= and ether We-
Co ea but corn brad. The rebels treated soutane of the delegation Ukiah has mantis
them, tar kindly, exprasing regrets that visited the Preisidant, to . sada' from Ida
An' could -not provide better. They refuse relief %regard to grievances Illepd to be
to' permit the koala of wounded or dammed endued at the hands of Gov., ramble and' to Miltolm 4 . •' • - . Qat. Solioceld: Tim - muting was large and ,
Shammy bolds Ittrtwo of our siitani ontlutsbliuoi.::-.,..--.........-.- 1 •
is minim of war.' _ _ , , . ~,. . _ ro ,
r ut 1110Mit Island.' -
Our sralosismon raterteof-to , the rebel Um ..............' souk • c o s
the total inainded who tall itdo env listpit. 4"''''""--• eePV 2 .4ho 'Uld
.1100610abfallblinf Ord b ilt g , ' The Piek : a f ro latall s °w all" : sion li bro lief -4.44ll'llnijindiaircisht
to or w it tchts 16 stoue'itlitow of 'sob aka t)o w mo m on Monte Istand.wers ProgruMo
"Thor assiuditsd=laiM. Mort of "Om MS& . Igobarmier , ar" Mufti
s o u, nossidaslas indipation moil , ' Om -- ..„,P hi g t iktoo b o u rc a utcyz , ',g a t l o w wa wa - ,
troops; . - ..The.atatemenv list • Reloolds pad _.-- topo i s a.i,eio6,Gublitio - ocludonsui
,Bautoolaillytitia s WI tilloMA taco near' 4,750 Vat Staistere aid Jolinson. Oat *op,
der lir Intortea..:- Lima toOto .110.Ittertim it o th ooo Pert trouller Int.L , 1 - . -.-
thugtollicadatlitste-leraray.of tram nom - • ,
..,.. ' , . -' ' -;•••-' 2- -; - - 1
MO l4 .#1,..-"ril°J,grilindit4l4ll .11 0 ~,1,4 10 0 A V.#olr -"tie, f: - :'`l
, E ,
~,..,..,„...,_,•__tr..........!,,.... payarity-deig.ll.42loer
4st tiara/O_lM 114 **AMP , * ?CIO 1tir4,1 1 , 01 /l, lirt,lo o rerS4o•lo*. , ,
pitied? ellanna. xi :.-4,-, , i• , ~,-,, „, 4 ' ."...,', • ',: „ • 4 : ,;..) .!" - ; - 1 ~ t ly t i !pl.*, i 0 ,
;,..... ~.1 f ,mt. 4 ''..-: .ear 'it tg. z .....,,,, 4 ,„f. . _ l ' :',.., 4 ,;„:, '''''' ~ •"' "' t ..4 4,2 ', b.
. t. - ••-‘,..'- • - .44-at.; Ittest 1 A ..,:..1
A` l 6"ai = 6 44,57,
.„.., A 1 1 110CLARATION.
1, f , the. litelfeertt , of - -iho au ea.
~, 5 Stelae et Arrtedetk ‘ t!'
yOsithatirdrodolog terwards Us arose
Sled with the bossing, of farltfal
tildeand healthful skies. To thus belittles
whlit are so constantly enjoyed that we see
pros to forget the Baines trolls widish nhey
es others hare been Wed which
are cif so extraordinary a nature - that awl' ,
mum{ fill to ponottotO and softei eves the
heart 'Wile habitually intendble Id the
sear watchful Providtote of - Almighty treed. '
In the Midst' of • civil trivet -undulated
raignitude and aerverity, Idiot imesornethries
seemed to invite end provoke tits aggrestions .
of foreign 0 Wee, peace has bun preitsed
AIM alt nations, order Les keno,. stain. I
tamed, the laws -have been respeeded and
obeyed, nolo hexagon has.. Prenlina
where. except ita the theatre of 1
oorefitot. _ .While tbst theatre' leg
cosily ecittreeted by the advancing armies
andliatiel of the Union, the needful cites
atone of wasitirand atrength from Um folds
of peaceful industry, to the national &aide,'
have not arreadd the plow, the shuttle or the
ship.- The axe , his 'enlarge& the: larders of
of lour aettlensentee sad the ganef as well of
iron and nal, es the ,preolona metals, have
yielded 011131. more abundantly than bedew.;
lore. The population , has Iteda7 lnedaluld,
nothwithsteurdlug the wilt° that, has l been
made in the amp, the siege and the battle.
Add, and the country, rejoicing in the:can
vasses of augmented strength and Mt:
permitted to expect . ao continuum' of gam
with sleep lemmas' of -freedom. No h
collard bath desired, notwithstanding the
mortal limed had .worked out lime t ,
slangs: they are psalm th ings of the Me et
mooed, who, utile dealing witlidi II ger
for our sins hatla f nevertheless, mom d
1 mercy. It hat seedied 'to me Itond proper
that they should le deleardly, rally emd
I gratefully ,aeknowledged, as with one tsars
and voles by Um-whole Ameriesn people. I
do; therefore. invite my fellow
altocitlems in all
parts of the Ualosi States, and thos t who
are at sea and those who are Whom a 14
foreign bind., to eel sprat and observe the
all Thursday of November next, as a day of
thanksgiving and prayer to our benif sent
neer, who cloth reside in the bowels, ;
and I recoinsend to them Ant, CUM 'offer
ing up the ascriptions justly du to him Jot
gush absorber deliveranoes endblessings, they' '
do also, with humble , penitence, for our no,
&nal person. and disobedience, commend to
hie tender OM all those who have beams
widows, orphans, or sulfsrlag la the lementa
blot civil strife in whist we are tutivoidebty
anpged, sad fervently implore the lateral.
don of the Almighty hand to preserve the
health of the nation, and restore it, as soon
as may bs onsistent with the divine Korpo.
ask, to ths full enjoyment of pesos, hermony,
tranquility and eaten. t
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto rot
my hand, and
til l mead the seal of the United
States to be allissol one st the city of
Washington, this day of Pot Oar, in
the year of our Lord- one thousand :eight
trandrod and eLtty.three. end of the Inde
pendence of the United Stites, the eighty
eighth. , A; Lrecerm.
V. 11. 611ILID,80IIIIItarl of State.
Camp Burpiteed—Violation cit, the
Mittel—Gem. Banks , Commit:pd.
Nair Yong., 00., 41.—The Herald' , Wash•
legion dispasoh says: The recent read by
gnenillse upon , cavalry ',map et./.4g10r,
oaptnred all the bona of the whole noSopeny
and thirteen one belonging to theAlciettes
master's Department. Tho whole amp was
asleep. •
The rebel authentic' have declared aq addl.
tional number of their paroled prisoners end
Taft as exchanged, and ordered them to duty.
This ie in arum violation of, the cartel, and
notwithstanding all this, they rakes° to de
liver spy of our commissioned °Mars, and
also a large number of online vigour'.
A Burnet City totter hi the Herald ,statas
that the main body of Hanks' coutrund was
encamped, on the lUth of September P near
that poses. No serious "neonates Is
B e reed
1 1 to Goat until reaching Vermillion Bayou,
r glove the rebels, under Dick Taylor, are re
torted to be in great forms, and fortifying the
place. Another report Is that the rebels are
sonoentratiag all their available forces from
liectern Lontsisma, Nuts= Texas, waft:nth.
ern Arkin's', at Alexandria, for a lut and
desperate resistance, and are evsenating all
the country this side of Alexandria and the
Ited ATM _ Gar forces will soon make 'au ad.
Tinge therement. • .
Ad dispatch of the LI lost, from the Army
of the Clamberiand, to the-Iferald, says the
prospect of innoess la good. If tiro ,enoray
makes an Utast he will he badly detested.
Thus is no louse for alum Inca rebel flank
movements. The in sight arid s
ml'hing continues, threbe ls always getting
Steamer, Burnwd..Ptutial Lilt of
.....gaillUlatsjeOlitzy4lkawsna Items.
,Ai. 'LOX Clit.-41.zatTits- • • -
- irwilforett Qedda ittiVikt*Awyembonled
at its afterneorl• - Th• lOte3
wsre-totalki anstroYed Ltus hull and assiall
rn tribe foinetwereciavisiL- All - the buts
Iwo undergoing marl. They wore 'Odd
at $71,000. The amount al ineuranoe Le not
aseertalueL The fire was the winkof a* ilL
condiari. Sunni live; are reported to hull
been lest, hot nothing definite Is , Imelda at
present. The stemma Campbell, bstrued , nau
Miliiken'e Bond a few days larlep•- is
at sao.llo and tutored for $25;030 I
Carlo, Oat. 3.—The steamer Lebt.'Cardp. -
bell, from St. Louis te Vintsburg, wu fired
brineendiertior Tneeday.scorning,bst, neer,
Bud. The tunes woad sof rap!
idly that the paeeengtr" Were forced to jamii
overboard before the boat oottid , be got to
'llsoin. Twenty-two lived an know* to hare
been lon, incindinu Lieut. - Perri% of the Sit'
Met N. T. Mulls, 13th Iowa; U. W. Thump
yon, 30th ; Roberts, 331 Ohio ; Clyneh,2l
Clerk Barahlisrooten;
• 'Advice' from Little Rock to the 25th ult.
*Win that • Deer two thousand Arkanne
Unionists joined our army et different potato.
Two newspaper/ have been rsvived'ilt Little
Roar. The railroad between Dtmall'e Mud
and Little Rook is in charge of Col. Meade, a
brother of Gen. ?dude. •
southern News
Bonruss Monson, Oct. 3.—Tba ItrohMond
Etztominer, of ye/tenpin, Lae the following t
• Shorketois, Oct. It —awry dring wastopt
Wp during Out night. The onemy . 's move•
manta se Morris Intend indicate o permanent
oeumpation morerthan immediate operatloni.
Two monitors aro kept close to the Island df.
lug &hot duty. Thor* has been but little
firing to.ffsy.
• ..11/oats, Sept 30 —Gen. Bragg bas un
suited to inswing. wounded ertth On. ose-
Adolf, are noobanged at Chattanooga.
Gen. Itimeetarts sections his tupplies by
wagon frau Stevenson. The rumor that it7B6-
07441' fIIIPPIkIe were cat off, is not
. B.osetteas is oondued to We storks atotrnd
Chattanooga, our lined extending to tbo river
slurp and below him. It is datum:aro strong
and thought to to a) V4llllOl that no aranlt
will be roads.
formation el the Government 'of
Virginia..Conilseate.d Properly.,
WABUILOTON, Oot. 4 —The formation of the
State Government of Virginia is now com
plete. The Oepttel he temporarily established
at Alexandria. The following are the names
of the State dicers Brenda 11. Plorppit,
Governor; 1.. P. Cowper, Lieutenant Gov
ernor ; L. A. Wager, Secretary of Stet's; G.
T. SMltb, Vaunter ; L. W. Webb, Auditor;
P. E. Poster, Adjetant General, and T.. 11.
Bowder, Attorney General.
The edvortisextente of rebel property ander
the Confiscation net ere daily on trio inerattu
in Alexandria. The loyal people there are
exceedingly fearftl lest come of the moat Mi
tering of the penalty may have theft property
protected by flintrey transfers. The people of
01.ondon to, are becoming mated to the no
'enmity of protecting themselves againtfigtet
Dispatches Item Bone Grant- 4 4in
Incendiary of the Campbell—Re
liglous Sleeting Broken up by Goer.-
Cacao, Oet. 8 —The steamer Liberty, With
200 bate, of dotter, has arrived from below.•
Among the poesens was S olel
cf Oen. Great's st bearer of dispatches.
The incendiary of the steamer Campbell is
hollered to be • White mmiliWtod black,
who loft the boat above Idlililithisltend. •
The Bleraphis BtUda •o ay a : A band of
guerrillas enteredllrowneville, broke up a re
llgiolu meeting, secured all the young men
sad negrees as tense:tots, and robbed the
plies of all valuables.. The Federal cavalry,
from Fort Pillow, aro panning the marauders.
Nick Neusoes guerrillas are conscripting
In the neighborhood of Danville.
reruicions Fere/ in the Gulf
clad ron
Weentavron, On. 4.—Commcdore Bell,
commanding the Western Ralf inimadron ro
tem., has informedtho Navy Department that
a pernielous favor lute appeared- on board of
the United B catee "Steamer Repricing, at-New
Orleans, from which several death► have re
salted. Re evy6 the disorder has not extend
ed rapidly so far, ant ez presses the hspe _that
ha approaching cold weather will - loon check
11. The vessels which sawed most aro those
bias the longrit cif the city.
From California
Balt FLLICII3OO O. 2.—Tio war steamer
Lei:wester, tho dritish steamer' Sutler, arid
the Spanish steamer Resolution are to port.
The balanced the Spanish hest arid the en
tire Hessian Paeifie Ant are expected soon.
The testimony talon thus far in the Wail of
the privateers, captured with the I:boater
Obaptuan, rime' eoucluivaly that tbey ware
provided with letters of mamas signed by
Jag. Davis.
Cataractlea Noies—Armal of Gon.
Btervoi. Oct. 3 —Counterfeit fives on Q•
Psi:meet Zook of Fall River, ore in circula
iiisjor (boatel Hartauff, conamantling the
13th Army Corr, 4 in talon for &brief visit.
• Mildiots by a 0 ingettp.
Nay Your, Oct. B.—Wheat equal; doll and heavy
sirsed 1010:o lower, at 5t,12 . 44y7r0 Old Chicago
41,173,1,231 - r New fallow Spring, 111..140
44,16 for lilliwaults• Club, and 81,270104 for Winter
116•1 Western. ?terra is an active &mod for Corn,
We* *mutative; prices have advanced 1 cent pa
Ina bet, at 8.1.11t0c 14,
to shlpplus mind Westarem
afloat. 10)00le ih store, Ole for Yellow, aad lilbo fo
White Westerly Oati active and firm et 35073 fa
Oauada, 100710 for Westsre, 7=730 for Mate, IR
cludlogf.oooobuthela Western deliverable betas the
11th of October, at 12s. sad 10.000 bcahrb Western
deliverahla lthiallo days at 610. Poll Om, tad
more active at 812,10 Or Old Mess,'lltill for Now
Mew Incladmil • lot at 1114,31)4'• slo,ololo Rat ,so for
New ,
Prise, and i113,0(k314,60 for New an
Prime gay Reef dull, Bacon Oldetdall and salces
u m nal* umbstoged. , Lard opened dull and closed,
• dude ealdwr, .'with Ira doing at 10)400)0—the
latter an =Mime at the close.
Ne* York: stock and Moir/ glaiket.'
. Sim You.-Oct. 3...-Efon* 'leads and a:chanty%
with a fair hostorars at 0 'Ref cOll- her 111 -Lowl GO
ItilUalb7)4 for Ant 000 bills. Cold alb deafer,
cs•• • • g stl2%. end cireln Sault 1 1 / 42 %
• Geweetiptent.
.TolalxPo llit tochlao6r
—U. 0. GP,
/0A; 7.3oa,lo l34o sie • today. 8592,190.
armor of -
s :
0 .a 827/4
fludsoa—.,lBB34,lllthlgan ()antral_ 10.
Oakum dAltdcago....l.oB Olevelmod• T.--
PllMlollrtti3Oet. 3.—lfloar quint. Vfisat
4ad•34910 lower. at $1,8041,3134. Corn firm, and
Mato yettero473)4 • Oats dam at 01340153, IttY
alptd Foxe haws., flour, 118,0tA whlato
:0,000 , htietuge corn. 15111rments,2,000tutrehl
, atiptel bus nels *heat, df/ADO bushels awn Trolguo
lulls% Mt on cora sad 64 on wisest - to Sankt?
p!llliraißdli G. R 611;41J,
Judge A. 8. Mat, of4llissousi.
WIII afdrait the loyal people at the UNION..
01.1111 Bootie, witaiN nAtu, Tin& (MO.
DAT) NTININCUAT To'o4oo/1. • •
ear fellow 4111 base an opportunity of
ileatlng them too ditthigolahed mtintors of lho
dA•gatba on the steal 1it0.4 of the day.
Itiq.4•At► ntmnbag • held on SATURDAY
DVELAiRGI, Ibo Coßooth g pine 212 nue apraged
ootainlltoo A,r lb. W.rd
SAL Toes W. Wit,m&T,'
I 3 1 . Timm.; • • Lux. WasiOn'ti, '
Join IiIIODEP, P . Intl. • .
W. A. Tonunpr, Dn. TnOn.W.Penn,
. Tn. WI_M. Eras. dins. '.
W. W. Yobso, 11.111 111213C12.
Aid #ii.101101,113; Committssof lrielanos
CyT.Wp...79sarzni, , AI. W. WA2271.
101 l Slick W. IfOrtil
Jos. Tirszrasi -
Jaan i.
• oin.-tic U. Bran.. 'JAWS.-4thas
."W.s. Bums, Was= Jorm
T Da. H. MoSonlin, non= coon,
• D. , 21. Use, E. li. Iwo,
iier. Boacnraisz. R.D.qoanew,
Calico. • BPsr. Stara,
MU. ics4loww.
; - +7IAE* I
eJaint Clensolt. Jowl 111;,71131PATiICI
gQLW . P a0F23•141,. s Boar. 4.4.lilanusik
Seal 'Uttar,
: 7 5C2132.13. UT"
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with loyal men. All eyes are tamed tb
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entalai * maid brthe battle es the did hat e k iik
tom* l S uy taw inerVmult see flutt as the
inn, is now made np, he who hiving the
right does not vote for Gov,Curtb, canaries
the rebellion in all its „revolting featured and
oasts contempt upon the blood spilt Merl
ganguinary I have yet to see the Int"
Sadler woo will rota for Woodward. I have
• onlylOard of snob. at l is 419117 . 4:11110 they
deverbswi. Warts should ,be made.
to..jiave every soldier- who can he Spared
'taken home to ~record his verdict at
the. polls. hae Mired his life in the
nause a whilst& enemy days at home to make
a diversion to favor of the rebellion. ' Let
thee* gallant men, to whom Gov. Curtin has
bean a truefrienA, partleipate in again n
ing him to the Bacentive Chair t There ors
wee aidinindredad them in the hotpitel
her, who would ba able to move and to vote,
and the saoral.slf, their te at the
polls would be Of rot of
as great advantag promo e's; their 1
I VOW. It is ll to of
agine, evell:dttner
Ingratitude thin &atothat of the, man (1) Who,
having been protected safe in the enjoyment
of Ass home and his property by the Teton
tar, offering of the breasts of freenimo as a
shield against a bloodthirsty and Whims
foe, Sims that safety to stab Ids benefactor in
I the back. How art thou, my brother," and
, he stabs hiro.iinder the fifth rib!
.dpropo• of the eafferings and fidelity of our
*oboe hosts,. I have just flashed reading the
book of Rev. Dr. J. J. Elerke, entitled the
'Tabular? Caspar'," The book does not
purport to bo a hbuory of the campaign, but a
record bf what Dr. Marks, as Chaplain of the
634 Pa. Volunteers, 0 'total Hsee old regi
ment. 1111 in that bloody and untueoessful
round of battles and machos. I have remit
through, with a most painful lutanist. Many
laminar twee are on its pages, and many
an eye in Western •Pennsylvenis win" be
.dimmed with tears as it reads the page. Ent
It fs e reardbf heroic that buy nation, any
people, might be proud oL tin/tented
hrisrer/r ',-ienoompleg distress, godllto
'resignation, end the holtowod mad holy peace
that gathers, "after lire fan! Cover" around
the pillow of him who anchors his hopes upon
the Bevlbrir of the world. 'I cordially com
mend Dr. Marks' book to the perusal of your
numerous readers. It's not written in an am , .
bitten, style, but In quite 1 familiar way it
brings home to the reader a sketch of the
great events of that sad episode la the war,
while Giovanni narrative runs likes thread
through the whole sad connects it together.
You will not be surprised to bear stirring
wows within the next few days. Great move
ments hive been taking place which will, In
due time, be meat' pnblio. White Elwin M.
8 . 411:01 LS at - the head of the War Depart. ,
Sant theie eon be to useless delay,. He is.
alike a terror to traitor emend to
doer.. ,
• We all swift the iieotion in
Pennsylvania.. P t it. Shall
It te a regular . Water , eel fez Woodward
and traitors in genera Vferos..
A amen from Nash%dile, 27th lost., says t
"Sim Thursday last refute:moments have
Man Fearing down to Chattanooga, and on
that day some 20 and 30-y minder Parrott
guns, tying here, uumod tines Nashville fell,
wore lower:Led. The finest troops which have
passed through the city. were Out 15th Regu
lars. They dumbed like woohinery, and
stood emend (snot as statues."
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Fertinity Fin., and taut inpanode all ether tsmtsi
ahna a bunk). mintas stimulant to nandred. .
Stars pudgy, strearturn and Initgoantn
They create a healthy am/4th
the an antidote to change of water and diet
They of enome ands of dl batten and late ]yams.
They ellththth the system sad enliven Oa mind.
They prevent ohmage and internlttimt boreth.
They parits the bthath and soldlty of the elemath.
They can Dppepeda and tkenOpetion. •
Thy can Martha'. Cholera and Cholera Moats
Tboy care Liter Om:delta andlionsne llmdachs
They make the troth strong, the languid taadeni.
and are erlansted nature% great restorer. They are
amxpousd of the aelebraled Mega bark, winta.
gram, ormth'sn, tooth end but% alt innerned
pater* pares t. Orals Bum. Tor particulars," see
*Wan and Wilmot:dab amend each bottle.
Derma Otirmmeters. Lembo eters bottle. Eat
that It has D. D. Dams' signet= on ow Within D.
11 Stamp Bret the cork, withllsatatics emu, and
ear arm signature on a lino steel plats engraving on
'hie label. gee that oar bottle is rot walled with
SPIIIIOIIIISa 44041110171 than. We deth any Panto
to match the tuts or thatieter at oar tooth UT
person prate:atm: to sell Plant *Um Dillon by the
pike or la bark, le an Impactor. We toll only in
oar log cabin bottles Any person tinitating this
bottle, or settles any other matalel therein; wheilur
celled Flantithm anters or not, is 6 adrenal ithda
the D. B. Law. and will be so prosocatcd by ea, We
greedy bare oar eye on two peke re Ming on
hotline, de., who will notosed In getting thcronine
into eke" Car tera Tho demand tcr Drake's Plan.
tailor Miters Dom laths. clergymen. saerchanth.
It., II partocily lacroilths. . The elm* trial of e
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superiority. They are sold by all respectehl• drag.
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WTheConfessious and Experience
ia AN INVALID, published for the built arid al
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