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    • X9 P E PCfrx- - - OCIA ;1803.
United States Chrtattamcommission.
The Army' Bouttaittae reports Vitt the fol
lowing perstm have . boort tomadmloned JO
delegates to the Army, diving tbo month of
' September. Riii; fr: 11. Githam, Barge Us
town, Pa., Rem Jai. 1.1. Smith, Indory.ry, Pe.,
of the Union Relief Asroelation of Western
Ponneylvanii, Err. David. Robinson, Pith
brargh, William D. Busies, Allegheny, Imo
E Jones, AliegYeay, Byron MoOre, Rev.
S.B',.' Endity.blemor, Pa:_ -:
Allstores donated, are distributed among
.. .., • ...
ta . • .
the infering d seedy gallon; by the dole
,. gateawittse.gonmlasion.-
The Timmer anknorriedgesLtba following
. . _
tontitbaiiiiini 'frr . • • _
Army Committeect Below email: Prikeo Is
of4lmialtl At Eititlanti le 51001 Ilnesony
ficitistycf Economy. PM ' Proceeds of "on
mill agDsaver, $76; Liantrooy Society of .
Edonially, 6103- . ---:--_, g 375 00
LadMe Ald &witty. llickor7. Wraleoeloo co / 56 10
Uoloollelielf laisociettloo of 4Velteor Penn's
acd Ziorth-weecarn Virgil:llA- ll9 80
Ladle.' A. Bykige=lreek, Wadi-. c5...254.- 32 80
Coolers' e. FL, Worth tp, Soder, " ._ 480
" ERler's 1114 go. lA/flans, " ... 10 80
" Aid Glob, Bbeekley.sll% IS eater, " ... 0D t
.. A. 0,, Lime•tone. el Orion, " 2 TO
M. E. 0., ra...aeld. Barrio' co., 0 ------ 14 75
I irclogbam...—.—...---. 671
Prn Church, C 1i. g0w..............-.-.......--... 3I 75 illwror Pres: rhfirch. pr---....-. 804
Liu. Prce..o,, Church Hill. Tpambul co., 0... •Sh 75
SAW , -do,': Darlington, -... 10 00
Uttlet Beaver Pres. Otruch Tara, re........., 16 70
PerintlCUAl. Charth, .li e 0ny...... Hi 00
Pity OurabatjaM/Prts. Oh tab, EitiebUrgh. 13 80
Pres, Chutcb, Temporal:cat a• ........ 468
P‘rbbeititeho.l. new rids, Pa... aco
. Pre4,41.41., sear s:immature, PA,....... 10 try
lira bock P. B , Mercer. co , ril ..... -.......: BOD
tolltwilois In Craillold, hiahrt log co , - 0......... 010
,n; u
.--..t ' ". 71 1 11 t 00 0r Ps ......-...• -.......,....... 41 00
:11 fealtdirclit, 14 ttsbergh...-:..........- 2./ 00
.f Mar nil, -6 00
Cho. lilisby. " ..._.........._ 600
Dr.J.Drookei . . '• .............,..„-.. 15 00
11.4 11. - I.`ll civilly; iftlihtnj.......---. if , 00
B. Colbert, h'ittionton, Pa........... --........-. 15 OrY
Job, McComb,. " " ~.......-.. 10 0 0
AT. 4.. H. Plo:ar. Siato‘ ley; P......- -- ---...- 16 no
si:nr. eteyoct, Gi. costars. pa.-....-...„.-- 10 Of
• P. Beaty per Um. 7. Ile 51 a1a0.....-.......-. 1000
Robert ecrtlson, Mercer co-...---...- 200
1 / 1 1.111134 &most, g1ieghtdif....d.........--- lir CO
Alas Itllen'llusdock, Oakland .....- 210 I
sirs 'James li. Log n, Oral 51nd.............-_ 600
O. W. lif--, Dayton, Pa,- . 15 00
/Ira. 0. P. Prencarlliarint Coo, 0.........-. 10 al •
Lady to I arrerceville, 65 to gold.--,.....„. 4LO
16 •41. AlcKintay, Ornate, lad:..-..-............ 00
NOW. Wright, Watfraillio,- 0 ...........-.-........ 60
C C.I. -.........-.--.-....-..--....“..---..--. VS CHI
5h....----..............- ~..... 10 00
1a eiPb ..?..............-.................--........-.... 9 0
n J ai r avesod.,-......-..----........-....... avo
• ...81041 won't 1130 20/0101fledge the receipt of
isiiilioal stores reload at 1 1 23 00 , frail V lOl •
I l ifilug,l2lq., of Elisibath, Pa.
"TheirapyOrmatiltfee mate the &Haring 'tattoo':
comber: e4l"34 l e t/1 1 :1 4 41 ' riming :al l' 7to . r , rift " L t o t:s 'l' 4 ° ,lo S ?
cbtr of frilllar4 Huo,A.ll,4„heny cortior hive's froUta '
Bardtary elm:A.l.Mo of Pralogrove,llwrenc. 0000fy;
1 box start* from 2dolirs , a me/Scion of Strut,
Warhlogton cirouty; 2 boars horpital stoat. from La
dle.' Idagtelety of Alcb.lllll sp., Greene toasty; 1
plizathout Obaction.Lodiess eta lot an Ald Society.
of ,,luiny connal; 1 box Data Le
nts' 4ld:Battbrty4f WellaillecOhlo; 1 tax from 1b...
r‘p Luiles' Aid Society, per Deaver Army Commit
tee; 1 box from liachty.of Traciluguis, per Army
Committee of Beaver courty; I box from Lalsrd Ald 1
8,057 00 Olarkwar,Oclumb atraccamly, 0[00;1 box
tram &Alen' Ald Entity cf Strattooville, Civics
ccuctl); I. pot, P 4 o4lllllrobx Hiss Jannis 011ie,
Clwreland, Onto; 2 boxes storm from Ladles' Aid 800/4170T
o/ 4 170T U. P.telor ott,,Xighon •CM It. Washicgrot
comfy; 1 box Dom lull. of liar. B. Pat . erscn4 Con-)
, New Gi.e.radthr cotudyf 3 bore cloth..
fog AgiNoo dl fraMMldters of Camp ropelemil; 1 barket vegeta-
birs from Miss crotch, of iloloavbillgj 2 tarxm4rout
• Lull.' AP/ SVClety of Worthing on, Ain:L.4r. g
county, 2 bates from school dtatidat No. 6,-Itscosan
tp., and 1 bum from schohl district No. 16, Greene ,
towns/p, pr Leaver County „fumy, Couracitwq I
1 box dried fruit hem Loyal Batioado Holon Largo.
of Sugar Grote. Warren cauety; 1 box bortritalstares
fr. en Millen Una, L 181.4 All Society . W..Lington
county; fillarril fruit earl L pacl.g. of cl . t Wag from
I.9trideig Chains - a All foz etr ; 1 box norm from
Prom 4th 1,7. P..l3ourch, Alleohoey clry,liar. Chu A.
Dicker restart 1 box from Worth co. u•blp, Soldier.
aid r od s/ y, Butler coodayi Se .1 a. of jelly, from id ..
24.. Muter , Jr/ '1 lauttosplcal ciothio g. 1 hstrrel of po
tatoes ar.d.l buret sppt ',Dom Ladies Aid &xl,ty
or coininsville, Armstrong comaty; 9 loam from L.
din aid 0t0 , 1 1 7. 0 1 Holsio,-.14 &Bangles., cousay749,
huilhisleirl; from' Sunday ,Sehoal-eflPrrebytarha'
Church, Vubington. Pa.; 63 boo awinih tneo Son.
P i a;
hottool of U. P. Church, illimrer, •Herrt 01 1 1 114,
Po; 1 box from 1.144.1 akl Society of Siortbrrille
10 packages from Wiwi of LawrenOrdlle; 2 Wars
from Laths Aid Society of Bears', par Dearer county
Aga, Couttellyee; / ohm from hamar. H.otti Pules.
ki, L.wrestrie emelt 3 bdzoi from Ilra. E. Sibbett,
Ilenorrillet 1 box from Ladle, Old hocirty of Bottom
D.4lllaCtii No, 6 041ttom tomistiv, pa Bo.ner m i gu 7
army Commbroe; I box from Itostrarer Laths. Aid
Becht,. lilrafteooratind c mty; 1 box grapes. from
Xi.. E. 11:Cone, Lockport, / box storm aud 1 bag of
f otatries from Ohildren's Aid &Clay of Carina Co.
lumb'sca comay; 1 lox from Ladle. AU hocirtr of
Wetuithztap, 4/sosltaig 0.0/1471 2 box. from los.
&maid dodelrof Zder's Bide. Indiana comity; 2
bass from Ladles aid Scam; of Wet Lebau a; 1
bag, from the 11 mei Fulton's', Tarsatnut; 1 barrel
wtlikrairifl tam/ of braMle from Harmony Sod.
qi; 1 box from Bear:domain Z. rabhat..Vichusil,Pree
, Armstr-ag courar, 1 p usage from ladle. of
TroyAtil.ler,r / ra. Denhcni; 1 pkgarrum lkebbstb
scgtogi ',.doC. Presbyterian .Church, Ca ..nanshars; 6
hostels of grapes and 1 of potatoes fro a Mr. Eden
BrwoN Ajar contrOduloaa o. clothlog sod Gaud/ a
train Meg: L. Sr. Wilma. 11 • t L. U. klicerme, Ht.. It,
W.:l(tudcit.ll4r. 'Josef h • Illelinight, hire. Mohr.,
legion Ba-kolso. • Friend, Ilta, T. Sauttn, ALIA; W. fixate.
Tee lobowlog wracks bare Men f rwardad to tho 1
h'egiftils and.sar i s of our ird.h.. during the Peat
gasethry." 64.1ibittr, SS oat. &racer., 145 atm% 83 .
pairs elippos, 37 dressing gauss, 17 corn forts, 110
pain scuts, 470 handlualds, Hi p 11 as, 88 8110 W
must VS ramie; Ti coat., 44 gran buttons, 850 pa.
Palub ol 2 l oo 6 . o o:ToTili •Por 6 8. 5 40 nape of Mery
ey,3oopages of tracts 41u fruit In can., I.l7ssionode
dried/rat e 01.3 smatt.a..jski end brandy, 105 gnarls
bar tuck and vuogele, 45 taster potato. and bets,
176 Paitirdittmirder, 28 pommi tsa,7,s4mkageri of cdrti
0 gaidi; 111 packages osubccolates 16 mutts liCtiritiug
paoers,'lio - magasfrial, 15 dolt= lead pencils, 170
sensigesof linin; 61 dozen eggs,,, - 4.050 book., 850
tosterwtote.47trhylan boot., 158 pigs, of sundae..
Tee Th a / 1 // batik/tin Ino-wast bare ID crowd tbir
drallabd far IfOrAtal staid,: We bun been . madded,
byeerialiimmoos centrtbotfoos, to ot.wer rll the
demandeof IttieWlelitagera in the a rloyotto Clam.
bathe& ..; ~._,.. : ... ~ • ~
/Mode of 'toe eallenare legvated to forward AU
04' 'to W. P. Wrydtsb; N 0.70 Smithfield itrres,
Illtabligh: /loom- =orb. sent-tromp[ Albree,
TOI OOO ToTa No. 71,W00/Pliealrkl4l.larrgh.
•-• ' AM'ltonnot - Democrat.
We. Fynalttid lamako the following az
---tratOpMeletter, vitten,by. LLoat. Simnel
num .1191h - litgimeat, Ponn'e Vols., dated
neatpitainttalpepper C. 11., Va , Soptember
Milk" to. a tripod In this ear. The letter
meknet ;intended for pobllattiog, bat as an
ladjoatlenefthe entiment, Its
parasol do Mood._ Lint. Harper will be
remembered by mew at oar chime aeon
sethaDamotrat prior to snits dog the army.
His affection for his petty seams 1.0 ban Wm
lalshed Ann be has !bean. oesopelled so fate
the. Sing N a 'fOinier annotates at , Ohomool-
Gettlisborg. lie. Faye:
"AltbOneril_hanallizipr lifo,,beum a sealoas
advonts - of.
_men and ,prloolples,
the natn. of iny Verq'silthelhe war began,
Am been too troelx - In opposition to the Ad-
Us/IMMO& to hobo:Mu The War will never
and ap IQng as , 4 ll fl I n i kT: l ] ?t ? Vin b olt t a l :
man to adndro Vellanaignam, took oppt
Wei irmitifyi Ind ill that tort of thing.
That trioinitilog oltif that 'feel' short la.
Dentemattepahlatint Mena pence end
peewits:4 , am for air/von:um when en :quell&
by , torsi etarms only; mit 'moot be puma seal iL
Ilented Iv =raider way. lam for
soomnomissesen . Tbenenta be no honor.
AN! g.V.W.9 , 0, 4 betteatg loyalty era tremon.
: . "Pi i Ifor the, 139 ;h: ,--- -
VO , Yl ll §Alei4 ilii: tii,it,iojtPr . of-1 7 1 .ii.
UngatOttemo_ go., hlitliti, sweet, ie beautiful.
• s gu L gati whiolLwe andettiandiVlillaan Sem
jly•Zsq.VoCAllostrernyr, hat ordered - for the
139:1 regtntintLoPPennertanta 'wolanteati.
This IS thil - eiftegt Clitg rhloh Mr. Benlde has
obtained-hitt!' regimint4hollitiratorn
to thmit itztlas new . / t/re - hi tlie-bidtbsiof.
Belmgelightso where alta:teglinens distill.
gidelart.tgelf, and won the praise of Gen.
Lisdgerieh: • The new Bag bee the following
Attodiallt 1. , ;4. ~.. ..v., ,1
sagwwitehOlett. , latti,tati... l' ,l I '-' .
':Waattellaneralsat. soutaaaw! ..., -.., f .r.
...lrato, D a n. At:14127a, lint, 11 -2 4,
aegastainhaanni.lifer talent. i ~
at at • inaitsadaria..laints, A 7 . . , ._ , .
4 ITlffF 1 5',.4c.Lx zDyir o 4 oo '.
qty 01 10.44 4 49 , 19 , n 2 thiet,.nt:
elqf i rrmat, heal.early recovered
boa Wolin i andirlll loon return to his
pampa !The regiment was last at Colprp
yet 0011:Mialarl.,
/fail intli;PliiiiiithiGit.=ll• &lanai
of the Ussor LonsiOts the-fourth Ward,
Pialebervb, trill 'wit' lit the manic Simon
Botta .111111411101 4113 0: 803 ), for the
yuppie et arpaktleg Os tliskooning contest
410 tinresni*Atekke Venti 01• 4 month
voidezettikii ant, Beelike's.
Pan'A Voui.
" rarer 0417 1 :A e. s., va.
September 23,1853,
—meeting of the reglmimt was held this
senile& to apron theirinterest in the polit.
teal content non pending' in Pennrylvanth.
Meths Damien addsessed the meeting to say
that its ohthet was to express en opinion ite to
the merits of the candidates for Oornaor of
Penusylyania, and the
.wishee of the regi
ntent•Ln the matter. Capt. John W, Crosby,
Co. G; war moiled upon to presider Cain. Louie
Redenbaoh, Co. B. and Captain William 0.
0, to tae Vise ;
Lieutenantßiblnion Samuel W. se Iliesne, Co. Presidents B, and
Lieutenant It. 71.. Lippincott, Co. I, to aot
as Secretaries. Captain Crosby, upon taking
the deb, raid that he did not look un this as
apolitical meeting. We could not po
vote, and
we were about to irteiteet Unkind. what we
wished them to do 111 ill, matter that Gov.
Curtin was the friend of the Milne, and the
spittle:a' hknd. •
0a motion, • committee was appointed to
report resolutions. • .The committee having
Minds Cept effOrdiirlred, the members of
the meeting. to Wen attentively to the read
ing of the rOtOintions, 'wheri • presented, and
not to assent to the passage of moy of whieh
they did not , *ppm', as nothing was to be
reported but the muftis sentlment of meeting. Assistant Burgeon John W. ad
dleßi being called . upon, said that ha wu no
speaker, but would say how he felt. Three
years ago he had opposed Governor Canto,
bat would 'heartily support him now.
The following resolutions erne then read
and adopted salmon bite dieseatiny votes:
awa*, It le one opinion that noe can form a
room live y hatereet la the Imes of the n
politico' eon.
teat now proding In lira State of , Pentlaylvauhr, than
her eon. sew In am &id contending for the vi ale ,..
tioa of the elfesticti msjesty of our common country&
therefor. be It
Eno, d, That although eiselmara ft lneampatible
with the most vital Interests of cur wintry Mel po
litical opinion. as snob, should in auy way guide the
operation. o.ollr arm erosion la tics told, yet our
tocatiou as soldiers has runtime deprived us of oar
lettrat in the ariectioa of those who shall rep -cunt
end cue f.r us in the Executive and Leetristive
elm:ober. of our State err of our risk to be.hatcd to
this behalf; and furt her
B seired, that the only party lime recoguleed by
us aro tit... tunalltetably drawn between bonen:Ml.,
devoted and untsmdith nal loyalty to our Government
bed Pat cowardly and contemptible rympalhy with
rebellion, which ho glum sod continues is give so
muchnubstantiol old and comfort tone malignant and
relentless enemy, with whom we eon make no terms
tut theta of Inbcolealon or exterminetlon • that In
the &Unapt to divide the sentiment of the people
D or:, :rlL 9 l t d b olrltn . r w l; sr= the spiri t
would glaze the coifs at the throat of bar who bare
Revolved. That we rrocgoixe the , mdcsishirat/re
Sow In foyer Al the Chnemment, ant as such entitled
to the earnest and cordial support of every loyal man
that the palely argument by wh eh those who aelf
themselves Democrats endeavor to distiegaisti be
tween loyalty to the Adfaiefloterion and loyally to the
Govenneentli • speciotue nophlem toe ebal'ow to be
worthy the oonaldaration cf any sane Wu&
likitobed. That to Andrew 0.:01q14, 'We! temp
alas ens who tau never faltered in hi, elltrindrideing
dovntiou to the cause fm which we, a soblire an
contending, that en Ponuahroade rebuttal"; we do,"
and shall ever regard him with 'affection ; that
loancench es uncontrollable clrcams'an•vg prevent
our value from befog beard et the ballot-box, as they
would be in onaidakonle teen. The anxiety with
which he her ever watched over no, nod the enegry
with which he ha. advanced nor comforts and
interests a Soldiers, make it the imperative ditty of
our friends at home, without regard to dlninstim of
party, to labor for and itdiltrie his election to the ex
.:nth* chide of car State; that we ere timeline%
that one interests as Pottneylvaela sadists should
be committed to the keeping of any other man, and
espechdly to one who d n not profess to be. the
fraud of the moldier and ble cause. ;
Eve Aired, That copies of these motet kme be Inward
ad for publicatith to the Pittstmrgh Gasetts. Otreatelo,
Dispatch atd Potamorolal, bathe Philadelphia Pecos,
byname and &Wog Depot* to the'Record qf tis
Times, of Wilkeshatre,Tm, to the dominos Repub.
Urea, and Vdß.pe Areaftf, of Wotan:etre, Pa, to the
flarriebnrg Tabora:Lb, Wait tsgton 640404 and to
the toys' Journal, of Indiana, Medlar and Montgom
ery count' a.
(Three cheers for the resolution, and three
Sheers for Governor Curtbj
ROL Smith being called open mid that he
eras • drm friend of Governor Curtin and that
she Regiment had lent a message to their
friends at home, mid& would leave them no
room to doubt, what soldiers wished the
matter. These resolutions would encourage
patriots and I:indeed,* those croakers who pro--
fused to believe that them was no more patri•
otism in the army. HL remarks were vocif
erously applauded throughout and three cheers
given for thelpaaker at their eorielusion.
Capt. on being called fors said that this
Regiment hit siren an enissden of their
sentiment thit'coWd not be misamistrwol,
The muting then adjourned with prolonged
cheap Tor Governor Curtin.
Our Book Table.
PST= CAILILIZIIII. CZ, the kLurrlrulabs Pludorid.
By Caroline Cheroboro% 800 York: Eboidon
00. BOIROZI: Gould d Llocalz. Plitabgrib: tor We
by L. Davlu,lo Wood street. ISUgyp. ltxno.
Dior Chrrebord sill add to her 'reputation
by thle book. - Esithewbsg all the haekneyett
sooner and Characters of fashionable life, she
carries as far into the country, and for the
snort Parfteeps us . there; with hardly more
than an occasional glimpse of the town and
its over-crowded 'society, where men and
woman can scarcely Ind stare-room for that
individuality which a country neighborhood
especially favers--that is to ny„ by as
sisting nit-development, in giving scope for
'moons trained nation—not to speak of the ad
vantage to the observer, also, who, owing to
the greater Isolation of the draeracis pomace,
can choose whatever point of view will throw
the ahansaterisUcs of each into the strongest
relief. Attu Cheseburo• dude abundant ma-
tidal fore truly natural sad deeply Interest
ing story in' pippin whom no one Would be
surprised to . meet, in any rural &mkt,-
though 'few and -ter between' are the in
stances In whisk writers hers bad, the foe
racy of presenting ordinary people and every
-417 life with snob; vleidnue of portraiture,
as to impress odr attention and excite eor
sympathy, and so win as and hold as with
the magnesia coil and golden chain of com
non human offsetions and k Mormon ha.
min interest We, therefore, cordially wel
come "Peter Carroding," ea a notable exam
ple of the success with which a writer of gen
uine faculty can dispense with both the style
and the materials of the sensational school,
—and yet, we trusty, find„even mere days, no
lack of readers.
Blernons or 81vor zx NATI:MAL Ihrroar. HT L.
&goads. Dorton: Ticknor &Sloldo;1813. Pitts.
burgh: for nolo by B. 8. Darir, 93 W0 0 4 000 1 , -
It ie a matter of• ougrattllatiou that its
most distinguished naturalist in this country
should hare bees followed to prepare a work
like the present, is which the rips results of
a profound and llfe.long study of same, are
presented in a poptilat, untailtuleal styli, not
only. porfeotly. letalligible, hat attractive and
area faseinsting to the general reader. "Pro
fessor Agossis combats is voriourportions of
this book tbs 'Darwinian theory,' Bow so
prettlent among sedettlie and gitasl-toleatiflo
eritorsi . on which ' Important and ;Mantillas
int.{ sot cannot forbear quoting tho follow
log pauage from his mimes:
- .Although the distet littratlcn of thus papa big
1,313, ea their Otte Indicates, to gin Mite general
hints to yonag students as to the meths& by which
seleatttotrutb bare brealesebed, racladirs s gen
eral thatch *tee tasters of schince to pant time,
yet Y hare she wished to avail saysitt of this appor.
malty too:dorm annum protest against the Irmo.
Month= th eory,rertradtt late wltti ao mach shit•
try, sad eo,pnetally rtothed. lela my be het thith
OttoZal Lit& "cheill ei a v vik bantam, their teach
Ater mom materiel km among created Wogs,
by which tte who! nal coal kintdoin my tun helm
dartiredbrintothiallte deralthatent from it aloe*
gstio,th-treaf kw 'pram' • `• Thlo notice
4ai a arta% forinatlos torahshams mind,
I . l iinb 10 10 4 Paltitht, tram the • thp'ain
theocrat ohm: hire moth dap!,
aid asthenia% oh ofthattat that weUta Latakia;
.ttattbore Math to itto to bo a Ythalthe •powirty la
MU material arphthattott, that ft. It coattailletal by
thatatallectaat.•ip tandem , . of the aninoar the te•
tharcesaftholtelty , canxitt ha so neaps, hat
other to mate &human bathitatdowel with Mien '
It must asap a monkey tan* than. •,
L haat that this theory la myna' to the Iwwwww• Of
astute, ao tar aa .velhave been abbe to Apprehead:
them, that it I. contradicted by the bete of asabry-•
nicety and Pathos . • • :* .analthth
bwhholtits Mew tad minutia and thillintad •
pinata, one Ito edharaatehete that, views, are
'windy totelan to the - saline In hand, that shop
Tarlatan thus brought about by the tostiniag care of
dap, are of an eatindydiltiont channel troth those
obierval =Kits via opd i k L as
Is Is ropeilvili to iv that to andhilly
zatind:auch s-wark,
Pi e r
. 4 4 4 E so ldrL i ter w asn aterf Ul o o ri O:Us okle go :
JOsigr W. "Pam*: koohootorl iflubun , U.
tit" Moons Plump% Ohio; :ohs W. Bat.
tarlifilkhub Pink Idaokoy,Warnm,
Allo; John P. a r dirauniViEun.Ro4,lhont.
A tWatariml, Winn; ,Oldej AU of whom
pissed. an 'honorable ozaminsuon, and whe
WI no doabehinsfordisUngoishihomniv eo
by thoir protaintoi bilitheu. Each pul l
law iniaafiardid-th• 4410 aplomb of the
Colin e, aid was also prosantod ay lb. 100.
pity with a copy of ageing* &au of Pon.
Minitip-4n-approptista mosiortil of Ida ix.
En*/ d•Pisfairsi wygaAtiaillad
ss Canis Taus- vicar is Ro
sin Atingrc-ith• t4s4 1VAA 3 2, 0 . 1 01.
JIM Pittgork bp*lts
. rmoza. „ • :4-
UMlOMilleatlMle at WIMIRO. Sall.
An en timulutie meeting of the friends of
the Unica. Mae ludd lard night at Wiikine
Hall,-the hiII befog crowded. Col. Sowell
soled et Chainztab, sad Thos. Steel, as Came
tore. Before °pubis the Matitieg, the chair
mall announced that there Would bee Mau
Convention at Uniontown on Monday, and
that an excursion train had been chartered to
take a large delegation from this city. The
train will leave the depot at 8 o'clock precise.
17, and return in theevening. Delegates will
bays nen at 73io'clook. a m and
proceed to the depot, accompanied by s brace
band. lion. Orson Adams, of Rentneky, and
Prof. Bemoan will accompany the delega
J. W. Pope, Esq., was then introdoesd for
the purpose of entertaining the meeting with;
a bong, actontpaniad by the guitar, of,libloh
tha following aro the round, third and but
Now who Is Woodward, tome may my
A copperhead, I Par
One who Solnt Patrick In his day
-Sant wriggling error here•,
Aeon of hoot who tempted Ere,
But not Jo aka , p so be;
lie cannot our old dam. deceive,
A Judas though he be.
Poot Woodoartl's heart is broke—
Yes, that la certain. tare;
Bet, on the neat election day,
We'll glee him earth" core I
We want • mon who lore, hie State—
Hie cotuttry, rt or wimp
And;wlll not sto igh p. or bealtsto
To help 0:d abs" Wong :
Ow, who will my. •. 8o pe.c• l no peace
TIII Jostles boa her sway,
And every rebel now Is onto
Her high commando obey.
God blots cur so!dlors all 1
God bless r , ttr Avineri'''. too ;
A rd let our dog forever float
O'er TA:4e. Docdle
Thom wax • little eog they logy,
izo stopped +dans le • chase ;
And Woodwatd, on elation day,
Jett .o will lop the race
If I'm . Jodp (but no, 'w
He'd tame oat fsr behind; •
Tor !lady Leads the tape, you tee
Hes bound to go it thud
For At dy you tlituld vete,
RF publican or not;
Let P. nosylvani• keep her (.me
Without • single Mon
Speecheo were then made by Prof. Hoge
man. of New York, and Ron. Wen Adams,
of Kentucky. Bah of the speakers cialuted
the attention of the audience for over an hoar.
Their views were differently and more clearly
enplaned than any we have yet heard during
the present campaign. Prof. Hegemen look
ing at the political question from a Northern
stand view, and lion. Gm= Adoms from a
Southern view.
The crowded condition of our advertising
Column, prevent even the least synopsis of
either speech.
RAILRIAD Oocustos.—There was 'a col
lision on the line Of. the Pittsburgh, Port
Wayne and Chicago railway, yesterday, two
tdlol west of Wooster, bat we has* been un
able to gather the full details of the accident.
It appears that the mail train and • freight
train came la collision at the point desig
nated, and that Kr. P. W. rem mall agent,
residing at Crestline, was seriously Injured.
The baggage maser of the mail train, name
was slit reported 14 gait
Barna! or Kit. Ramat. —Jame, Hamill,
the champion oarsman, mill arrive hi this city
to-day, on the noon train. lib friends hare
have made arrangenionts for giving him a
fitting 'sorption. He will be received at the
depot, and mootted to him residuum by a pro
cession of carriages.
ALL who would sass money should cal on
ear friend T. A. McClelland, 55 Plitt street,
and examine the goods and Fleas. He bat a
Teri large and desirable Wake! boots, those,
bale:orals and gatten,eultable for the season,
sndesaleh we au sums out readers he Is
selling at vary low prices. Call and satisty
Rznaz Stater CHI:MOIL—The Third United
Presbyterian Ohara, Bldge street, Allegheny,
haring been thoroughly renovated and re
paired, will be opened for service to-morrow,
both morning and aftarnoln, at the must
hours. The services will be oonductad . by the
ftirr. Joseph Han
FATAL AgOLDIRT.—Hagh McLaughlin,
Inaba( of Pengrove tort:AIN Malicia Min
ty, was Mast by the failing of a coal batik In
which he was working Wednesday last. He
eras entirely armored by the slabs and dirt. and
when , the body was unarmed, life was ex
CARD PHOTOGRIPILO, alliplll' than 'eV,
(below (mlOllO4 sliest given away, at the
exoesdlogly low prigs of $1 per deem, at
Plttook's, opposite the PolitoMos.
MISTIXO At Wruunie emu
Ads= bud Prot. Ilsgensu ' sill
address tits
Union Club this tioultig at. Wilkins' Hall.
Rine I AlC131! TILLOS 1 ll—United Stated
Plop, alt rim, to bo had only at the mann
faetery, Pittoek's, apposite the Postallee.
Lcoss's lasts, .Pocket Solves, Ostrow
Boldest, &o, at Mint's, opposite ths Post
ALL theball Suter' paper' and =spent,
en be had et Ptetoot•e, opposite the POO.
et rzeua. LOCAL NOTILCZ3
Glaceria ASO Dal:We Burma Mamma, for
family aid maaafaatming papas'', es Om
bast tra.
A. P. Ostrom Oaneral Amt.
No.lB, fifth ■teal
?lone Pnerr, Nein anti Ornamental Mite
&Wei, and dealer ib Penne"lns& and Ver
mont data of the best quality at los tabu.
Oaks at Mn. Laughlle'r, near the patty
Works, Pittsburgh, ap3:em
Optima' of the Wheeleg,ftod Wilson
Sewlag Alachtoo.
, Them is but eue Surtax hiaeblue, and that
lt Wheeler k Wllion's.--Jedge Mngs, el
Americas leetitase , N. P.
, The Wheeler At Wilson Kul*. has no
rtval . .--SciStajle Aleteriean.
It is the et whine for family axe—dcloscase
caul Joernea.
. It h eminently rupmiOre—Dietionogry of Ma
Every one should osli at Wheeler k Wil
son's rooms, No. 27 Blfth Waft, andatantlno
specimens of work done on these machines. •
Wm. Sumner & Co. , the Western Agents
for 'Whesler A Wilson, have now on 'AIN
-ilon it Anti Stook' of nmottlass, In Rosewood,
Mahogany and %Inn' oases.
• Jun , Brranano 11011 ran Bart.—The un
dersigned would mos respeothdly call the at
tention of their friende,and she publican Gen
oral, to their Petl and Winter stook of Goods.
Thvy consist of all the very latest styles of
Clothe, Oelitretel and Vatinge, Hagfish Bs.
khan Beavers, Trios and Pilot Oloth end Over.
coatings. Also c a Imp assortment of Freud
Chinchilla Overoostinge of the very finest
quality, ell of which Is slotted from the latest
Importations, and will be made in the most
fablonable manner, ea it a prim lower than
any other maiohant tailoring establishment
in the city. Give as an early fall.
limmen GnanasAt Co.,
Mordant Tann, No. hi Market st.
Boron (1111,1rili ' Ga. litoCainnaus.
j Fos MALL An w ising Www—Th• gum.
nior,lispast, and by the morning's frost, we
beginle apprehend, that fail and-winter will
be study opokuut, and we moth prOvideour.
salmi with the taitcrial to keep co oogiforta•
la. ace fell Lath, or a good and well-made
overcoat are the ivy thing, and we do not
know of any plate-Wham our widen would
raft them rag batter than at Messrs. W. -11.
Sidles A Co.'s clothing a:lanthanum, corner
of /Moral street andTiamOsui &Lome, All..
obey. TheLhare, rated tad oompleto
assortment of 'gentlemen's funiging goods,
India gnat varUty of new patterns for waist
coating, do.
Afrirffoll, t—Ths
attention of oar atuafrea bras didandon
contho PM Of 1114 and of
tbq labile to yostaii la again ditetked to tbs
*or, satinet's and bandanas assoittnont of
the !Wait style. of Wen* Inglith and
&ma *Oa kood.‘ for panto, Goats and
viz% lately wend by Idessig. Jobs Wein
A Co.. Merobeat 'Won, Ho. 121 Federal
Altai A quieted ecdootioa
yontleinVe taintftds trill 'also always
ba MO on to 4{61,04.01 ea 01 tabl 'Shinn Se
toritha 'with isle enils-umis elothibto
Rot ap
,to tko bait ma'am
am 540044,,, awn= not% wag id
ail buts* dila stsfesdoz.
ettsnital 10/Tglitat-4be etileateno
braving tile dangers of YommSearry, Wands
std-Cholera. Nuys lealbtet follaw iris tan*
his been te Mese% -whs. bY thou» of HOL
bon returned told& family goon sad healthy.
Holders, try them I Only 26 eget, per box or
Pot- 226
. Itainrwin Nia Aul.— Ben. B . 0. Smith,
PratMburg, N. Y., writes : "My gry hair
is Maned u book as when I was ayoung
man by ming Mrs. B. Allan's World's
Hair Itestonsr and Zylobaltamum." There
preparations hare been used and approved for
twenty years.
Pon DOLL4II2, for doilars.
boar dollars, tour dollars.
Dental tratltnie, Dental Distitnte.
But cheap Dentistry, beet cheap Dentistry
No machine work, no machine work.
°unman and carriage edit will be taken at
the Omnibus ogles, NO. 410 Penn Street,
day or night. All eiders left at the above
place will be promptly attended to. AU calls
must be paid la advisors. •
Bra IT'D —Mil aaetelre rope works of Ir
win, Balton & Uo. These in want of manilla,
hemp or hay rope, twines, oakum, Le, win
do well to call at 57 Water street. lw
ILLIIGY—BBIDPOIID-tht ihruilsy, °or. ht,
by the bridge fink,. at Bottaterced, Braver cmn
ty, Pa, &S. A. BLIMP, of Plttrborgb, Pa and
113.18 ILL 0., daughter of Rae. a. B. Bradford.
T 1319 PATUEDir NIGHT, 71119? TIIIE
r P cm' u A L 44.0013 r
@Pro oaosr:
If I ck• 'aced by
PpOIT PSPtEB , w . Et.
sod extliblubi ft r e'reour months sl the P4lll , ratic
Institute ' Lenoo, . G oo, having pees
bamght cter I.y
in the staimalp ilibernh, last Binh nom Swope
on 3
ell elms, from IfIVYGEM TO SIM rya?,
Pittsburgh Flag Manufactory,
nn u num, OPPOBTfi rOfiT onion.
so 8
To THOSE mmitte•
enpoitard 4, °ellen! lNTEl/18211). Um savants ter —Tbo
Labor Oo cm the
fortitic aloes monad the City of Pub busk, would
busby toffy all pinione liming bide ter tabor or
matelial teed • uptet_ the fattenotimeots, to remeit
the meet ham the Ist da or trovemb.r. to 0110.
eIIOIIIITUN, at tno Bo a r) ot Zeds Boom; he
twin Nem icauccted to aimed to the ditty of hoe
ing ad garb hElt c.yr. ctty mans of and properly
B 7 order of the Committee.
GEO. 11. 711004r09, Sett Et. Com.
la puree Luce of the above oat ta, I will attired
daily for ma purpose et lemma:llos the proper tame
tor math g out .44 bis, and tor
the muse
lifter alitiuntleation b 1 chimera'. at the Baud of
Trade Rooms, fatly, from 11 to 12X a. us •
ee3l4:tt ar.o. EL THERMS:
el •
8010 /goat for R. M. Swart, 06Irbroted
Glued and Unglazed Spool Ookton.
factrozr±7ALL am% Jaw • —The Russians were defeated on
the 80111, at Lutamietz, and at blagerien on
the 12th. The Rllll5llllll massacred a great
many Inhabitants of Lutamica. The Rug
slats had plundered tormal helices to War.
OWL FIFTH AND At 4111IST bTd , ar , seam Frr
WeirMT, Inlitrtin'd ALD ' , sears ePOLIL
o .71.00.
Prrrostatau, PA.
or The wbolisale trade supplied la goanttl'el to
inelt, by etoe am or Irk esaldm
LI To tha holm
tealst of kin and AMP
wham Infuse, In at. of Diehard Means, ate d.
At the nastancs of Jacob Llehart, one of lb, ere&
ton of aid Oeeesard, son ea. busby cited to ha and
appose herrn me. WM J. !SEMI& 111):03. Brenta
of WW4 As Is ard for Mt money akweastd, on or
lab • WaDNASIAAT, the Ith day at Oatsbar wait,
then and Mont to take oat letters el Admtulttra•
Mao upon to *Mate of sold &or& at, or show mute,
If sly jog bars, why sat attars should not Inas
to Jacob Matta. t, or some other flt prows,
totem updarmy band ant teal of taco, thti 25th
dry at B•ptembee. 0. D. laf3.
saMtlett Wlt. J. b &eater.
eminent tveviernis'n Vino;
Dormer 6 nod Mel street;
irealfegtos. D. PUBLIC
v Tlos, on the FIRST, 0300111 D ADD TELIRD
WI11)11 MAYS. ith, /llth sod Stet of October, at
the Com 4 neer the Amhlunion Obsuvettal, a
bra lot of HOSED 1 end MULE% condemned m
unfit for pull, menial. Bale to commence st 10
o'clock n. o.
Ten= —Qv it, in Government fend&
eatiocate of ten stouts of stock of the Bath
of Pittsburgh, ithmber SM. billed NOttallbff Web,
11133. Imr e decried. bat bee. misled or
ke., notice ft tureby glean that cake the slid an.
Most. rttheend befon the expiration of tout
vests Quo MI. data. ankostha .111 be sods to the
Mick to both a dcylkate outface/a of the stock.
W. 11. UM:110D
Adianfetsator a the Letts of Warta Karr.
September U, ealltalca
PPLI9-20 bbia: aided APPlog
oax•es—ino mild, Walton Hoerr% •
BACON-3001 "be. ribbed alder;
BD "TIM-2,CW lbs. 'rabid SIMI.
Alm—!lons. Sago, Cloties, Tobacco, dalms, Kolas
sea, Tea, PIJOSIM SNP, Oandb , , Splicos, A ally,
era= Rad, la mks, Ws/aboard; Baskets, lin
ago at tio. 183 Mercy atreet,.. by
odi 1011. P. BUR • m.
OTlpitar attastka to tha treatmen as
OSE° h:W
DISUSES. the Hind ; o t nes.
stem GATAIIAOT, SWIM. Hu. tor - AiSTDPI.
DURUM sad dbeeate aradlng the Ear and
teia c t r ozeatoest,
100 TIM gram.
MilUP 4 e Sited op tn elat all dill. •
ads, of th Num OITITI wW..
air INlbdous OMAN!, thelltit of the nom
oda as
dIIpISSON STREAM, mr tlit Boa Street BMA
Arazazar 0117. PA.
IitIVLDIZITS aid PANIL enuring mad* to.
ordiw sad coostsativ en band. isaktun
thelaried &ad bed awartmeat ti
. rnoroawn Alaimo
In the City of Pilafs: min and prices as love r sod •
litre Law , than wade at staler guilty an tontal
ly sold for. Dears to lha touts: ay dna tha
ban to sell an. asked Minas tat osn't aft any
others. I. L. ItitAD. TS Para rarest
or. zgotossra dispeozgas OX THE BAT
• By 7tat. J. J. liartie,,D., to. Prism $1 80.
Wrests by Kia IWO" Id Wood meet
vv -,Another 'apply of that most &skalds •ad
woeful sad should bs la may boom. Call
sad sea them Peon pCarob Wog other boaohlses that
do sot glntasYeaat ma. Foe oats at the ladle Nab
buD,p t. l . J. It H. kiIIbLIPII,
we spats for this asauty,
Nos. olland It as. ohd,
Migainityrpn received wig sae
,44x,rokj!et JAR= EIOWX, Me Waage.
WAIIIIIOI.OII, Oat. 2 8. Dietriat
Court for Eutern Virginia, will open at
Alexandria for the grit time since the rebel
lion commerneed, on Monday next 2tt prin
cipal business will be the adjudication of the
many asses under the me ilsoation ow: es pre
liminary to the sale of rebel estates. The
published statement that snob property is to
be told on the chore mentioned day is, there
fore, erroneous.
Although the blocked. of Alexandria has
been nominally made, the restrictions of the
pass system materially =litotes again t the
Made importation.
A. there seems to be a mleapprehenrion
about prize money, it may be proper to state
that the Courts may determine what parties
an entitled to tame In the specified pro
ceeds which, in pursuance of the law,
are paid by the Marshall tato the
Treasury. The lifts are furnished by the Department to the Fourth Auditor
of the Treasury, Willi makes the distribution.
It hae bent erroneously published In the
newspapers that only $30,000 had been
awarded to the captors. The first °Metal re
port on that subject, trade to Congress In
Fabruary last, states the amounts ordered
to - be distributed to be $1,769,000.
The suspension of the Kiokapoo treaty con
ittgee awaiting the return of Commiesioner
Dais, who has been investigating in Kansas
the eireametences under which It was made.
The treaty Involves the portion of the best
lands in the State, and effects railroad and
agricultural int:rests.
The Bob-CLamlttea of the hilesevirl and
liCeiree delegsttons d:es not expeot another
interview with the President before next
Monday. It eeled to-day, but ho was busy
with Oabinet &Ma's's.
Litest Isom Europe—irrthal of the
00'1 RAO., Oat. 2 --The &stools, hewn
Southampton on th i s 23J, errivo t off this point
at noon to Any.
The London Times gays that the fate tf
Charleston le virtually decided. Its fall is
only a question of time.
The Amu mays that Mr. Macon sent to
13117 t Rawl), on Monday, a notifiestion that
he bee boon lestrnoted by the Richmond 9w
(moment to withdraw frcm England. Mr. M.
proceeds to Paris.
I The Maar' stye that a Federal steamer
Corvette had arrived at Brest from Mathews,
having been sent with another corvette in
pursuit of the Florida.
The Florida leaves Brett on the 237, com
pletely repaired, and proceeds Immediately to
meet the corvette which is at Lisbon, end at
tack her before she can be found by the one at
Brett, which Ie repairing.
The La France says that the Federal cor
vette %toren* will be treated at Brest like
the Flo:Ida. Both belFgereata will enjoy the
Caine rights and•a3vantaget.
The Confedtrate lean was guote3 at 29@
30 diseount.
nib Trench Beater 67f 800. Coovls 03%
®03% for mosey.
Oa the Bat of O3tobr•, Naptleot will re
ceive the Mexican deputation en its return
from Trieste.
The life-m3rxil Diplocaatutive says, that Rag
land has mitered Into en 1514*ga:sec to ao•
knowledge the pretent Mexican government
as soon as Maximilian announces to the dep
elation his Acid acceptance. England and
Franee,will then immediately accredit °Meat
representative,. England hae promised to
favor every mean, fcr the realtsirtau cf
loan nicaesary to pled. Mexico in a position,
td tall! her obligation, abroad.
The L 3 France rays that if the Throe Powers
make a common ommouleation to Anssia,
it will be of a different oharaeter to the ordi
nary note, and in diplomitio language nearer
another name.
The Paris Journal considers the insertion
in the Moniteur of the Polish memorandum
tantamount to a moral recognition.
RUBDIA—The 'Bastian Emperor, in a epoch,
had promised reforms and extended privil
Mem iron-olad plated gunbonts,with tur
rets, will be completed by Spring.
Two hundred thcusand con, it le reported,
are stationed In Finland.
The Csar loathed the king cf the Greeks at
St. Petersburg, ea the 30:h.
No inure I f absence are granted to
navy officers.
tom Jarieston...tien. Gli :more
Strengthening his Works—Rebels
Shelling Morris
New Yeas, Oot, 2.—The Charleston Courier
of the 26th nit. says: The Yankees, in large,
forces, were again vigorously at work on Bat
tery Wagner all dey yesterday. They have
made considerable changes and thrown up
formidable sand embankments faring James
Island. They also spier to be busy pre
paring the grotinde. It ie believed these
embankments are for platforms for their guns.
It has no tbeen positively ascertained whether
they have as yet mounted any guns In Wagner
and Gregg.
Throughout Friday, Port Moultrie and Bat
terry Bee, on Sullivan's Island, and Battery
Slmplane, on Jambs Island, shelled the ene
my on Morrie Island very severely. The lire
became so hot that the V sakes working par.
des on Gregg and Wagner were completely
checked in their digging °mations in the af
ternoon, for sours length of time. Two of
their ammunition chests at Battery Wagner
nn exploded yesterday. At Commie:es
Points shell from Port Moultrie exploded
near the team of a wagon, killing one horse and
loitering those engaged In loading. Sev
eral times t01[1190.1 of smoke were observed
Muting from the batteries, supposed to be
from Ares :mined by our shells.
The Iron.eides, fonr monitors and the rest
of the fleet, including the non-descript, re
main in about the same poeition. The crew
of one of the monitors nearest the point, were
engaged In covering the deck with Bona sort
of earth work, having the appearance of sand
and pillow alas mixed.
Minenoncom; !semi.
New You, Oat. 2.—The Re* Washing.
ton letter says:, It seems to ba generally an'
derstood that Mr. Chess will not call for an.
other loan of 850,000,000, cartalnly not tin
after the meeting of Clongrers..
On. Schenck Mu assessed the disloyal cit.
leant of Ain Arundle county, Md., $1,500
for the loss of the buildings belonging to the
enrolling calcine in that dietriet.
A lacy was yesterday sent Booth, from Bal
-1 ninon, for sending: a disloyal letter to her
son In the rebel army.
The statement that our government has
demanded that apain shelf relinquish her
maritime jurisonotion of three mticokcm the
Cuban coast, Is a ridiculous blunder. The
facts are that oneyear ago, the Bpsalatt gov
ernment demanded the extension of , the Ins
tance to that which' international law deed
for maratime Jurisdlottoo, namely, three
mina, and that government asked. for dove
miles instead. It is not to be suppoied that
Mr. Seward gave Way before an, soot illegal
Raw Yoet j Oot. 2.—The World's. 'pub]
140 :
The order of tbe War Depertmeut, pub.
listed,relating to Col. Berdmi's &berate with
out leave, was caused by lirs Dapartmeat not
haring roselfed the °Medal oopy of the order
of Mej On. Dls i rnstritisig QoL Borden lean
of abscises on the.sarteone cartleosteof
. _
Col. Reynolds, of Want Haw Yoik caval
ry to hen andaargat,ohagedwith collusion
with the label, at filisliswborg whokho iota
tosodell. •
Gallant 'Conduct of Gen. Whittaker
and his Brigade in the Battle or
chtenmanga, ate,
LOtRaTILLII, Oot. Chattelsdoge die.
patch of ths 11th ultimo, delayed Instil this
dianeon, reports. that enema Whithdter
remised wen dish wounds in the engage.
numb, of the leth'but eonunande Ab
brigade. Bin . lou lo hooey, being about nine
hundred tudifty killed, wounded end miss;
lag—ebe latter eery few— All his staff except
els was killed or wounded. Whittater's bti;
gide consisted of the - 95M And IlStit Made,
The 2d Allohlgart and 88th ObleMsreteMpo-,
redly *sided, simpting 2,,500: rani
who blight with torrifflo energy end:effoot
from one o'clock in thistfterndon until night,-
aided by the sewed brigade - of Sheridan's dl•
vision, CoL Mitchell Oodattandhm =Cheat
book three drams With great slaughter.
Lieut. Coli. Chik: of the 904 h, Indians. add
Killen, of the 116th wen killed.
Col. Lob» of atedman's division, dranger's
mum, who'nsede the attack on the calomel,
rglikwh O g ma the 10tbas mows& to
h a r t bestVN,' Cdo tmapna s wounded;
From Nassau—The IteSCHWA is 4 1 §
Dozntago—A Stapicions Craft at
flavana--The Mutat steamer
Nair Yoar., Oot. 2 —The steamer Hanka
from Havana Via NUE/112, has solved. Brom
Nusoa, via Havana, we learn that the rebel
lion In St. Domingo has net been imp
messed. The Spanish troops were marching
on Loma, where the rebels wore etroagly
fortified. Additional seldiers ire being sent
from Cnba. Various skirmishes are reported
In which the rebels were &Seated.
Tre EnglisN" steamer Union, a onspiclons
looking craft, arrived at Havana from St.
John, N. 8., via Naftali.
Nothing we, heard of the missing steamer
Mexico but it is hoped as she had three beats
that the passengers have been picked up by
some passiogvestaL
Report of the_ /rat national Bank
of New York.
Nam Yogis, Oat. 2.—The lint report of the
First National Bank of New York,- la pub.
lished to-day, and Ls oansidepad highly favor
able. The resonrcas show Milled - States stooks
and loans and discounts $349,000, and dem
from other beaks $200,000. The liabilities
show a paid up capital of 52.000,000, and
59,000 deposits. Total $509,000. The bank
ha, only been in operation sixty days, but
will soon Mamie Its capital.
Market, by Telegraph.
NSW l'Oax, Oct. 2.—Oottouoore attire, and 10,2 c
betk r, at aatpla for )lidding Uplan . ds. roar
tithe} more steady aod • shade firm, for White;
prima are without deeded change at $6,606,70 for
Extra Stat. and r 6,1006,0 tor x•ra R. a. 0. , 50,30
(7,70 for T rade Ifrands—the market cloaing milot
and scarcely Co firm. Whisky active and armor at
62 ,X(.454--coletly at 53a54c. Wheat ltgla better,
with more dolt g. closing, however, with lees firm
est' at 5143314,17 for Old Chicago Speirg, SI..W for
New Llucago Sarin,. 51,14{41,114 tor choqcs allsran-
Ss. Clu and i 11,2301 :6 K. Winter R id Wes ern,
alloat; b,
8,89Xc yore, 90c for Western sad
91/091* for White Warren, Oats quite, Arm mod
active at 0.94730 fur Werern, lncl.dl g 4.000 budnela
fair arrive en P. T. Vv.! freer for foreign,
with •demaiid. (); gee steal:. Sugar firm. Pork
very dim, sod in good demaad psrtsonlarly lust
erasing at $13,(0 for Oad Mee., $14,25 for Ye • Blew,
810,25410,60 for New Prime, cod $13,d 1 014,t0 for
New Wo.tern Prime Elea feet dull. Meets quiet,
and Ann. 114 con Side. quiet and without a dent.. /
change. lard a .bade tumor prraculsrly 1.8: PTO tl.
lug sklOjic. Limon firmer et lumlo>in Bur cum
mon to prime.
New York Stock and Maxey market.
New Toga.. Oct 2.—Money Is fairly active at'6 per
cent. Bter Ing Irregular and unsettled, opening et
157%T,1158, and closed qn'et at 157 for first ciao bills.
Gold tinsett ed, rptning et 42%. ad fif ^ti lig to 44, de.
oliotog to 4236 and CIOSILIC quiet at 42%
Ornernmcnt btuelts Arm—U. C. Ca, 'el, Coupons,
Bracts lover and clot-d coat .•
17 8 e.l parr C., 69% Quicitiflrtr.
.-107 Har1em_...._.......
IllehiganCja -- tral_ Llcy Ptta,Vlll( A 0..—.
Ea% Illinois)] Scrip--
0 @ P.-----.---...10/;ilGalena S Chines..
Cleveland C T II
6I A P D h7lll
Ilittnorms,'Oct. 2—door don; Ohio litre $3,75
Whom quiet; Bed declined agat. Coro ad 'ahead
Kai firm. Whldy firm and earn at 85KW6:.
PEILADMP3IA, Oct. 2 —Fla= Is dull; sales 16,900
harms at 55(ges1ty.. Whoa firs; ra es 1,0',10 tombola
lkd at $1.410.1 40, White $1,00,41,72 Corn 938,94
Fatruletunj Crude at 34; /tafir.od at 68. Whlsky tli tu
at &IX,
Cnicacto. October I% —Ylour qu'ot. 'Wheat firm rat
11.0541,0434 Coro active and Ic Gott, rat 7":.(3,74c.
Oats Ilrto 41 52t 52%c 9,000 barro , a n. 111 1 .,
/ 23 ,M0 brohol, 23,000 bothel'a corn. bblp
manta, 81,C-o) In - n 114,r, /00,000 buslata wheat,
/ 8 ,500 Onalae/a corn Frofghts dull at 4:3),4 on corn to
[cue rzxcesr.n.]
,M - Pulmonary Consumption a Cu
The ondercived haring been sectored to health
in a few veak•, b 7 a very .Int., remedy, tiler bav•
lug suffored cereal year. with a emu* long abet•
lion, and thtt dread dhssage, Centeini tion—le sox
lots to make known to hie fellow rennin the mean.
of Core
To all slim desire 4, ►e trill nand a copy of the
p•raatptfoa card, (tee of cherge,) with t3s dilu
tions for preparing sod mice the acme, otach thej
will And a two curs lor CO3SCIIPTION, AUSIts, Duo.-
mutts, Colons, Comte, de The tmly otjeot of Its
advert/ear In rending the presaiptinn Le to benefit
the etllletad, and apn ad Infamttion which ha =t
utu& to to loiralnablo ; and he hopes sem &offerer
1•y Lea remedy, le It tvin cat them nothing, and
may trate • blessing
Parties ulzhlng LGe pre.erlytba wfl rdeass edlren
Willibmsbargh. Map county, New York.
(Tortoarty liozzaer A Co., Itordtaim)
Sire only Vinegar awarded 'oleo a Prize Medal, of
'lig exhibitors, at ths International Eallbition
Tar isle by
The Confessions and Experience
or AH =VALID, published for the bandit end ae
a wanting audOAUT/ON TO YOBBO HUI who
suffer from Marcos Debility, Prennatom Dew or
.to., taDPlitalt. at the runs time, THE
REAMS OP ENT 001ilL By one who haa cored
ithnsell after being put to great expense and loitry
through noodled humbug and quackery.
Hy enclosing a poonpaid &armed envelope, en
gig copies may be bed of the author,
m Bedford. Maas acracity. N. Y.
13rLake Cuperior Copper NM ezd
811XLTING WORM, Prnsivaaa.
Ifsnubctnron of 1311NATHLNO, BRA2LIE6I/1f AND
oho Import:en and dolone in ttZTALS.2III PLATT.
811113 ET MON, WIRE, & Oonstonfly on kind
Wasznonia, No. 149 Mist and 120 tkcond otreeto.
I . lltobargb, Pone&
pig - Sped al orders of Coypu cot la szy /And pg.
tgin. m7Ss:ds►lyt
fano Nervous Sufferers of Both
amme„....k Manna gentlemen baring been re.
stored to twalto In a taw dap, after undergoing all
the usual routlne and Irregular rapsnelre nudes
Magnum; without success, oonsidmi,it hi. sacred
duty to ormessmicate to his &Misted fellow create:lca
the amass ar 0171%. Bence, on the receipt of an
drained metope, he adll send (tree). cm 01 Ike
prreertraan used. Direct to Br. JOHN X. -DLI3
HALL, lee triton stmet, Brooklyn, N. Y.
• ir. mar inemoKor.
mason to llonosoat, Now A Munk) WABOugfoo
Wousatrincozas AND ZLIMITEUTir PittablUik4 Po.
1412okt:toms of 80/A' AHD BTAT/ONERT
INGA, of all dorm ; OIL TANKS A KUM,
for &Wag Boller&
Elanufactitrin of IRON BAIL/NO, IKON TUMID
WINDOW WARM 10., Nos. 81-eacoad Madam!
b 8 Thinintreat, totween Wow! anditioriiet.
Mite on band a viaiety of Joy Patterns, tang
and sib, suitable be al poriasai.:
- Patti:miss attention paid to fivimi Let
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stab Druistett. •
n. b WINICAMOKB, SON A. 00. •
co:rusr of lint imd Wood desots,
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, • Loaf, Miner t Co, •
Works at IThansbars StaSia, idlatateni
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=um meede , ea- a t a i ieticiiiiiddo
the Mika /Rasa
Aricaz,AL irozwc.r4,-
UV. T.-1860-X.
Parsons of usdentiary habil" tretiblid Inftb nein
ners, husitathe, palpitation of the heart, hank St sp.
petite. &straw after eating, torgild. Lim;,i,
limy de., deserve to gaffer If they f/ot try the ,
Which an now matontneradel r 7 bfghtit medics .
aattiortths, and iranurte4 to priiidetta an flammii,,
beinefidal effect. They are exceedingly, Isir'll?aWN,
Mrfre. l 7 Yen, and tarsi ■ enparoode all other incl .
when a healthy, gentle stimulant is reanlre.
They petrify, atningthan and liartiparrga'
They create a healthy appetlio..
They are an antidote to change of stag: !Intl e'...;„
They overcome 'Meta of dissipation sal lain
They strengthen the system end rotten:l e...ngrr.
They prevent ctlarmattoand Intermitterg fd.erek
They gently the breath and &Wry-of toe
They care Dynipeons mad Oonstlirdtidn.
They care Diarrhea, Cholera sad Melia:. bct
They eras Liver Complaint and Neisccatleultele
They maks the yeah strong, the 'fugal,: b:lUratt.
and are encliatated natars's great reltot cr. Tn., =,
compassd of the celebrated Cel` a bsrk, n .
green, nnafras, roots sad hate.
perfectly pas et. Crsi2 fan. Int ns,tlealere. see •
drentan and tartlaiontsit around each t..wt, ie.
nee - are of imposters. r =mice
that it has D. B. Caitlin' stgrminge on - •
dtaniscver the cork. with ciantsti,c r ,-,1
oar thin glgnittirs on a fine eloel :gate ea,:..3 - 1,2
ride tsbeL Flie that oar Lou. In no:
wariatia and debterloaa eta:. 7.'d d 4.4 ~ •
to match the eaote cr chs, , te- 41. T g
parson pretending to nen Flan' et!an 1.1*.e _yr
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oar log cabin battle. dry perun I.l.ctint:o4 ;
Cottle, or selling any inaterl
WWI Plautetiou Ehlers or ore, Le
the' P. Law, and will be eo-prorrected by rt. ^
already have oar eye on tiro Earths re dlla.g
bottle., de. , who will ramrod in t rots Ina therna,:r4
tato clam maarten. The demand for D:....10's - •
gallon Bitters tom baba,
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ropertority. They are sad by ell resi,.t.t3ll., stay
stets, grocery, abyriciate,
country storm
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P. a. DRAn /7.1
MU, far .ale, arbolesai and retail, 11
Oorner anftlnlallmd PonriL
Dr. LEDLICII , x rzt
tha only rrrada rt =say for Chealre of tna c,is a
f generation. it Ss the eloccre7 ef an e.i.Loctit
Phial:lan whose ersa &vett dto ih> ir
this clue of dilemma', and with un?r,ctaioLte :
cal. (or moss than Sworlfy years, Is to rurf:cLou
Ilsclf, requillog no InJectlat., 6.d
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tut!rely vegraat.'• iad peen, .a•u. It ;;9
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eased organs .
OACTIOL—The g cle i uctem of th!..: run r!.7 It of
tins parminent tune ha, 1. to Ic britg
by naptlacipkd Ron. Otasrvo, ih rrferr, Urn lb.
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No.flC3 Fifll Elt., (lard dm. Woe a Cr-the/bal.
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tary or naval eerotoe, an entifird to *lOO 'rider:iv
and Peneton. 11.1 Nairn wbo have err - rid .toe
Litarzate abo cotltkd to the 5700 Bounty. tioldiery
by moon cl &limey are entitled to nen.
e - ir7a:Vidows ct Vain whe die sr are RitiyA to
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Bounty, O da
°EkonLIG2I, of every deuniptioni pm:aptly
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1G011.7 le notberteri. 1.7.911r0a,•
P" 81 " 8 , BOUNTY, 4i4UK. r kr,
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No. Ili ritrit ETLIST, Plttat - c.r;,;:o. Pr,
Ilactloas AJlegheny and adloinfar r3nr-tfr,
PromecotarßOLZlLllS• OLAILIO, ewer; ••
aloof aournre, broil Mar-baron Soiefrrk
BOZO. for mornadad 02oers and ,oldicrr;
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GEO. A. =FA% 4:5121111:0f-...
erAliliCLll4o SODA WATER.. •
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11.-50 bbls. Aro. 3 large 11 . F.ckar4i: i 4
L 80 bT bbl,. de. cr.adn.i= a 5; •
tarp (IX. '
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