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OJTZ 41.1i:11 AIRS.
shocking Accident... One Bay Killed
and Another Fatally
A most distressing accident occurred on
Wedauday evening, about seven o'clock on
Penn ;street, obeys St. Clair, by which a boy
named Louis
I r
lesseakatun was almost in
stantly killed, a d a lad named Martin, per
haps, fatally bj ed. The circumstances of
the sad affair areas follows : The boys bad
been engaged in playing whorls" with a rope.
The one who was acting as horse, had the
end ofibeerops fastened around hie neck or
shoriden, whim the other, acting as driver,
had the other end of the rope fastened around
his wrist bye slip knot. In this condition they
had ben tanning about the street, unconscious
of the fearful casualty which awaited them. It
so hapOsied that oar Not 12,-ou the Cies ins'
Passenger Rallway,tess coming down Penn
street towards the depot, at the mil rate of
speed,jutas the boys were at play on the
streett'-'4l - 8Y , had evidently conceived the
idea of. streteMng the rope across the trash,
and etatialit, - one on either tide, until the
horses andmar passed over. The rope,,how.
ever, wastet tea close enough to the ground
for that 'pinata, end the feet of the bursas
becoming entangled in it, the boys were
suddenly jerked from the position in which
they stood, and thrown violently against the
sides of the ear. It was so dark that the
driver perhaps did not obrerve the rope at all,
and before the car could be chocked up the
wheels On either side had passed over both
bop._alessukfunp was run over about the
middle, s 'Noy,: the body was • not oat or
mangled in' MIA least. lie was soveroly b
iased laterniSly, and • expired .in less than
teAmbiuteil.. 4, A'young man picked him up,
and found the rope still fastened to him. i
ro t
was a strunAg cord and had to be savored with
• knife. .Yeing Martin was dreadfully la
wellAki, one wheel having out through the
fleshy pert of the thigh,. and the other
parsing close up along the groin, tearing off
the flash between the two wounds, and expo.
slag the bone, The foot on the other leg was
badly smashed, and embody exhibited Revere
bruises beside. fie was taken charge of by
Dr. Walter, but it Is scarcely possible that he
can nectar. .
Glessenkamp was eleven year/ of age, Aid •
son of Mr. L. Glessankamp, of the firm cf C.
West A. Co., eosoh makers, and resided with
Ma parents et No. 313 Penn street. Martin
le mine pars of age, and son of Andrew Mar
tin, sexton of the Second Presbyterian - church,
molding In Scott alley, near Penn street.
Coroner McClung was notified of thosooi
dent,,lMl being indmposed ho will not hold In
Jilin/Atilt/I Thursday morning.
Haien Meettng and Presentation.
Alarge and enthneisatie meeting of the
Meads of the Union was held on Thursday
Luis in the grove of kir. Heasier, of Rostraver
township, Westmoreland County Pennsylva
nia., Although it bad been previouely an
nounced that a presentation of a silver service
weaki be snide on theroottaxion, to Mrs. Hes
sler, (who it will be remembered, ordered •
, party of thresher', wearing butternut badger,
item her table a few weeks since), yet it was
not supposed that more than : from 500 to 1,000
would be present. Clontriry to expectations,
however, there wss a vast crowd numbering
at least, 4;500, many who were competent to
Jude say 6,000; delegations being present
from Washington, Fayette Allegheny, and
efferent parts of Westmoreland county. Too
venerable Gen. Markle, of West Newton, pro •
stied. The meeting was opened with prayer
by the Rev. Mr. Brainier, of the Baptist
Much. The presentation was made to Mrs.
Busier on behalf of the ladies of West Noe
ton and vicinity, by Rev. W. W. Roup, in o
Opeochabonnding with telling. denunciations
of disloyalty, and eloquent 'allusions to the
Patriot's:nation of Mrs. H. The articlei pro
asintedwars six la number, viz : Coffee urn,
tea poi, eager bowl, slop bowl, creamlatcher,
and tea ball. Oa the urn war the inscription,
"So standard bearer of the emblem of our
country's 'foe dints at my table. To Mrs.
Elisabeth Hassler, in consideration of her
'patriotism and love of country, by the ladle:
of West Newton and vicinity." On the tea
tall was lettered "None bat loyal men need
reepond." Oa the other articles was inscribed
Mn. Hassler's name. The artistes wore
caved in behalf of hire. H. by Rev. James R.
Milbef the M. E. Church Us an address freight
ed with nettled° sentiment, and detiverod
in an eloquent manner, which captivated the
attention if and elicited frequent and en
thtualastio rounds of applanse. Eloquent and
stirring addressee ware afterwards delivered
by W. 0. Moreland Esq., of Pittsburgh, Hon.
George V. Lawrence, of Washington Co., and
Rev. T. W. Boyle, f Elizabeth. The meet
ing Was a complete atoms, and the loyal
crowds Journeying homeward, with smiles of
satlstietiorren their fazes, roused by patriot
isarand zbt whiskey, were in strikiag con
trest.with some we saw coming along the
same road from a Copperhead meeting shout
ing for "Woodward, Doyle, end 11-11."
.1 '. City Mortality.
1, The timber of deaths in ibis city, from
Ai Eiept..lB`3 to Sept. 28th, as reported by Dr. A
iI G. MOCll36llass, physician to the Board of
Hailtii;li as follows :
ti Mates. •18 I-Wh1te........25 1
remains.:-: 8i C010red...... 1 I T°4l 26
ibwilitossetworo: Coasamption,2; wound.
'el! .1,1 'seats faaniagetls, 4 congestion of the
4 bra1p,.14.-dyphold Inar,l; rtusnmations, 1;
g oorinarg , , par, / tittrioly!ise;oluip,olld
i fintrrmirminue, 2; wealostite, I; cholera
infanta; gi liiiithezia; If eenvidsloste, 1; con
-414 pitfoh of r
'lngo, 1,; whooping cough, l; on
if n o inii4.l
lisisevata.....Al fill be sewn by reference
to the advertisement that Mean. Rider A
Olarit r yetrolostminsrehents, have removed to
Water _Street. Mr. W. A. Chapman,
spat for .tars. R. dr 0., desires as. to say
that be will bs vary hippy to meet his friends
at Ms stet Pm of business.
Mersn.'llyday oh:rpm:Log, also dealers
In pit:dawn, have removed so Sto Rand
Street, In tho edits lately oetropled by Messrs.
Rider - .lr . Clerk. Mr. Lyday Is extremely
azalea to have his friends, "especially goo
Stasis, lonised ispetrattas," submits's° him
ie hb tint erne&
Mans Casnirstosti.;—Tlurre will be &Union
Mw Cavitation at, Uniontown on Monday s
the 6th. Aa onsarsion train has been secarec,
and a tau Ina engaged. Thine aka della
plait wl. to their names with the Com
maltbee,wha each •day at two o'clock.
Than wilt also be a Kass Convention at Free
port" Antlltrong county, cm Wednesday, thq
7th. Exotinlon train and brass band will
Ism earl; on Wedatudaymonitog. The ex
act time etionting win be announced In a
day or two. The people of Pmeport will ex
tand the utmost hospitality mall persona site
stay slat.them. • •
ceistass TO Prrnnusom—The Wheeling As
tiltisisessit says s." Major Allison, Psynsastsh
who figibeast on duty here for some
about Ms 'holfasiiferred to Pittsburgh. Col.
Lonna 'tan oonoluded to give the
Pittsisarevaiwyauteam, for the - pupae or
liquiditing Mar claims of dammed holdtass,,
ariblifluto.boomassa important branch of the
Dapartormt, Major Allison -having had eon.
siderab.M Opulence, was assigned to the duty.
We sus sorry to part with Major A. Ile la a
most latslitgentgaitlasin, • gm patriot sad
in adult and pOpialiir,tecer."'---
Bann who bat the country
spun Mower him, says the ralrmont Ara •
weal, are beginning to seek liar holies and•
are fregnettly picked up by the MUltla who,
andernt nanegement of affairs In
lids Di t, are more to be rolled 411 for
prase atAtan the_. United States troops.
They find no'difitalttzt getting through the
Ilnes, , itsfting there • home* end 4 returning
when ship plus*. • - •The eountry Is fait of
hit elan ill.persens, 'who are sples;and
adelsathe •peopla to hoot theM op and shoot
blest a? . •Ploy would,panthers.- •
, ,
gauger, * , .
es 41.ex,-=A catered nun by
the maureflintes'etile ma yesterday &r
-eared by Knit Alassztdees' pollee, for the
Weeny of is him from theatelt of Mr. Per
-eddy, Irately:4 In the Allegheny mark&t.
He wa!loakird for 6.ltesring, . '
=Deem Loauri lodser In..the BroLare
lieu., Wheeling, wu robbed of $l,OBO, on
alettiby,somo uplift . thief who =-
Mud the nom whilst's ilqL.
The Votes 0f.. . - the -414 , ,Te...!Cftwalry.
HIADQI7AII2334I , ft Pieret 'Stirsxxv,
• Sept. 26,44, 1863.
At a meeting of the officer and men of the
4th regiment Pennsylvania Cavalry, held on
the 26th of September, 1863, at Rappahan
nock Station, Va., George IL Covode, Major
commanding, WWI appointed chairman, Lieu
tenants John B. Maitland, Regimental Adju
tant (and now A. A. A. ace'l of 21 brigade,
21 division, cavalry corps), and J. Benton
White, Acting Adjutant 4th Penn's Cavalry,
were appointed Secretaries.
A committee, eansisting of the following
named offbars--Zdajor 8. B. K. Young, Capt.
E. L. Gillespie, of Co. 0, Cept. H. M. Hughes,
of Co. K, (and now A. A. Gni of 21 brigade,
si division cavalry corps), and Surgeon Jno.
M. Jtinkin—were appointed a committee to
draft resolutions expressive of the feelings of .
the cabers and men of the regiment in regard
to the candidates for the gubernatorial chair
of Pennsylvania. After a short clinsultation
of the committee, they reported the following
preamble end resolutions, which, after a brief
end -pithy address by Lieut.:Henry B. King,
A. C. B.„c f 21 brigade, in which the object of
the meeting and the sub; tot of the resolutions
were fully explained, were rend to the regi
ment by Vent. J. B. White, Acting Adjutant,
and adoptid without a diraenting voice, and
with three cheers for Cartiit.
Waraus The general diction of Penusylvanis
le to take plate on the second Tuesday of October
neat, and ere being deprived of the air:d'art traa•
chile—take t he only means left as to nkereee our .-a•
fitments on the great quay ion new at lane, To: Tne
election of Governor of Pennsylvania
kerolrcd, That in Ando w G. Curtin we tto
ability, energ/t inirelotlem and steal of • gr, at states.
man, abate heavy co operation with the general goy
ern,: ent hat proven him to be, in the bli t hest awe,
1°3.1, feithful, owning and trios to our native State
•nd to our copanDO country In every emergency.
That during hie adentethernion he he, earned the
putation of "toe Model Governor • ' Woo the hearty
of the *oilier* in the field, and the approbation of all
loyal Pvt.'s, and as .wo are deprived the privilege
and honor of voting for him, we earnestly appeal to
our friend, at home, and all loyal people •f the 6.ey
star e State to give him their united support at the
Poi s, and we give them our kieurance that while
they are defeating the Copperheads of Penetylvisnla
with bat lots, we will defeat their armed brethren of
the Booth with I tillers'
Bemired, That n'though while 13 arms lir the cause
cf Joules and liberty, we earnestly desire an honora
ble and victorious peace, and recognise no political
patty, yet we desire to expten oar heartfelt detests.
Gen of the comae pawned bi those northern traitor.,
who falsely calling them:tam dtmemate date to mt.
represent U. se in their favor, while th ey deny no
the inalienable tied of suffrage
II•solesd, not the comae
of Judge Woodward in
deriding epithet the constitutionality of our voting,
thereby depriving u• temporarily of those tights f
c tlzenship, for which we ere fight' og, while be was
endeavoydeg to pt °cure the nomination for the Caber
colonel Oa air, and knew of carte arty opposition, ls
infemous a. it,te &epic:able and calls ter the loud
ly expressed contempt of every true petr.ot and
Resotrod, That wa are in favor of a vigorous prose
putt= of the war, the restoration of the Federal
Union, and the parliament of the traitors of the
ortb as well as the rebels of the South.
lireoieed, That we hereby expres our disapproba
tion of the political ezwee of Jams K. Kerr, Eeq , and
duly regret that he does not stand true to the esti.
be 60 stroogly advocates on the field f battle, wi h
the meanness that we now rrg%rd him as a Judea to
the regiment that always stood by him, and an Ar
nold to his governmest and his country.
It•soleed, That we requost ad the loyal mid• Colon
loving Journal. of Peeneylveula to pu.lish tho.o pro
Onr Book Table.
Pszasom; or, the Numendi of Script:ire a Proof of
Inspiration. A tree Inquiry. .137 M. Mahon. D.
D Po:if:visor of Boob:azalea& Wletory in the Gen
eral Theoltglestlienanary, New York. New licuk:
.D. Appleton 6 Co., 1863. Pittsburgh: far isle by
11. h. Daifa, 93 Wood street. 176 pp. .12mo.
Dr. Mahan in this volume oompletely turps
the tablee—the multiplication table, and all
the other arithmetical tables included—upon
Bishop Colons°, whose arithmetic-Jo utterly
confounded by the rules of a new system dis
covered, or, rather, re discovered by Dr. Ma
han. We can not attempt any explarstion
of this system, or theory, but we can and do
some all those who have ever Interested
themselves Jic such [rockier, that Dr. Ma
han's book will enable tnem to become greatly
more interested—and will probably open ma
ny an unexplored and carious labyrinth of
biblical numerals, not only in the department
of chronology, but in almost every otter in
which numbers are involved. To the reader
who has neva examined any similar work,
there will certainly be .a succession of sur
prises, in tee remarkable numerical cones
pondenees which he will find set forth in ordiri
as Dr. Mahan prooeeds to apply his system to
the scriptural record.
Oct OLD lloicss &Series of English Sketches, By
Bathes:l'e! liatitharce. Bastes,: Ticknor R Yield.
1863. PiVeburgb: forest° by B. S. Davis, 9 - 3 Wcod
eteset. =pp. Ltao.
We have lingered over man; sr page of this
delightful volume of "ketches" from the
hand at a master-artist. Never, since the
quaint, quiet humor of the author of the
"Sketch Book" found scope amid English
scenery and manners—though John Murray,
the celebrated publisher, could not see the
"scope" at first—have we had to genial and
worthy a record made for the sir-traveled ma
jority of the reading world, as we have in this
volume,—which, after an interval of severol
years, comes to us as the, literary result of
Mr. Hawthorn's residence in England, as
Consul at Liverpool under the administration
of Franklin Pierce. We regret to see that Mr.
Hawthorne bee dedicated. his book to the
ex-President, who— notwithstanding Mr.
Hawthorne's strongly-entered conviction
of his loyalty—is proved by his recently di:-
coverod correspondence with Jeff. Davis to be
the setae man he ever was, and utterly Un
worthy of any renewed expressions of regard
from Mr. Hawthorne ;—who should re:miler
a certain biographical attempt to make some
thing of poor Pierce, and how die:Wrongly it
failed. Bet we shall tear out the dedication :
then all the rest of the book will he—as we
have raid already—delightful.
That Butternut at alteßeespOnt.
Mews. Editors: I tto a note In last OUP
lag's Gareth. •of du. Semple, a returned sol
dier, stripping a Butternut juard chain from
a man named Gay at )10/111041014. Thus
man Gay manse from a notable Copperhead
family; on• of them is at present the Cop
perhead candidate forßegister of Westmore
land county; another is a deserter from
BuelPs body guard, and a third is in the
South, a strong sympathiser with the reboil,
and probably in the rebel army. •
DAVID 1)10Kx:on, lately dottier difordetly
aoudad, by Mayor Alexander, Is Dot the gen.
tleman of that name reunify who tarred on
the pollee.
RIVITRY Boissa,Warraes oil nanny,
ha East Maoßag, was camplstary,,dostsoysit
by are on Tosstiatohtht. Lots attain $5,000.
Su advertisameat calling a Union Meeting
in the Eighth Ward. -
Elaossa AID Baina t a Burma tdanatam, tot
family and manufacturing purposes, are the
best In use. _
A. V. azAeon', General Agont.
No. 18. PIM Mgt
Troass Prier. Plain and Ornamental Slats
gooier, and renraybranla and Vttr
csontslato of aka boat quallti at low rates.
Ofiloa at Alm' laughlin% kris Ma' Water
Works, Plttiblrgh.Pa. ip9sem
Opinions of the Wheeler and Wilton
Sewing 'filae,hine.
There le but one Bowls't blaohlito, and that
is Wheeler Maya, 'Ol
America' iiiititetio,ll. , Y.
The Wheeler .1k Wilson' Nadine has no
It le the =chino for family aie—dcrootate
and Journal.
It is eminently superior.—bimimerryy of Mr,
Every one shoed can at Wheeler & Wil
son's rooms, No. 27 Fifth street, andercamine
specimens of work •done on thin machines.
Wm. Stunner . 4 Co., the Western Agents
for Wheeler .1; Witaoa, have now on exhibi
tion a Ana , ot.matilnesilik Rosewood,
Idahogany and Walnui came, •
&reigned would mos respectfully call the at
tention of their friendi, and the rago In g en .
to.tbeir Half and Winter stook of Goode,
They consist 'of sil the vesy latest stYles of
Cloths, Oasintares and Vatings, English Bi
kits° Beavers, Trice and PliotOloth and Over.
coatings. Also, a large assortment of French
OhinohiLs Overcastings of the very 'limit
quality, all of which is selected from the West
importatlons, and" wilt be made friths moil
fashionable lower thuis
any ether teereltsite - tailoring estahllshnult
in the city. Give lissuistril a - ,
BOMA elamoi*
Iferohant Tatirti:2le: di Market
13AK V IL alBFarl "` , . -;tires. MOOANDWIII.
- '
Fon Fur. AND WINTIMI Wiss.-67:11a
mu fa put, and by the inarilnee frost, we
begin to apprehend, that , fall and !intim will
bi shortly upon is and we mist paulde our
selves with the motadal to keep us comforts
We. A nice foil sat, or a good and well-reade
overcoat are the vary thing, and we do not
know of any place where our readers would
nit themsearei better than at Messrs. W. H.
Mahe & Co.'s elothiog ealablbhmantr corner
of Podenl great end Diamond Spam Alle
gheny. They - have also'reaiveda complain
assortment of gentlemen's furnishing goods,
and a great variety of tow patterns for east
coating, ke.
Ammo', Itsvmunco Votmrrezza t—Ths
attention of our ocuntry's brave defenders re
retuned from the seat of war, and of
the public la general, li again directed to the
very extensive and handsome assortment of
the latest styles of Preach, English and
American pieta goods, for pants, ooats and
vests, lately rotelved by Messrs. John Welts
k Co., Merchant Tailors, No. 128 Hedersi
stzoct, Allezheny. A tasteful selection of
gentlemen's furnishing goods will also always
be found on the shelves of the establlsbutont,
together with a lot of ready-made clothing,
got up In the beat manner.
STAITLIIII3 i 8117 TRlTlL—The'yolontaers are
braying the dangers of Payer, Scum, Wounds
and Cholera. Manya gallant fallow will leave
his bones to bleach, who. by the use of HOL
have returned to his family strong and healthy.
Soldiers, try them I Only 26 cents per box or
pot. • 226
Resawin Hu Aos.—Rev. B. Q. Smith,
Pratt!burg, N. Y., writes s "My gray hair
is turned as black se when I was a young
man by using Mrs. B. A. Mimeo World's
Hair Restorer and Zyloballeamnat." These
preparations have been used and approved for
twenty years
0/011/11111 and carriage calls mill be taken at
the Omnibus olllce, No. 410 Penn street,
day or Dight. All orders lett at the obeys
place Will be promptly attended to. All cells
mast be paid in advance. •
Fon* nol.uaa , four dollars.
Four dollars, lour dollars.
Dental Institute, Dental Institnte.
Boat cheap Dentistry, best cheap Dentistry
No =chino work, no msehlne work.
STARTID —Tat extensive rope works of Ir
win, Balton k Vo. Those in want of manilla,
hemp or bay rope, twines, oakum, ke, will
do wi it to cell at 57 Water street. Iw
C. biE. 4 ; D s Atigt, :46 Yana street, stnrad
AU S-11 &111—On the evening of the Pith Eep•
t•mber, at the ra latnce of the betde•e father. by the
Her. 0. J. Hredel, Ile. OZO. W. BASHI! sad Ma
HART H t,III, bath of A Ilegbeny Olty.
BODISFON--b - uddenly, oo Tersdar afternoon,
Sept 29' h. ELIZA BE rH, wl'o of Joshua kohiaeon,
in the 5.141 rib , of hor age.
The funeral will take place Tim Arrxxsoon, at 2
o'clock, boa the reedeuce of her husband, comer of
East o , nsmon and Bbaunapfn streets, Allegheny
City. The fr'eada of the (amity aro , kindly Horne!
to s Hand.
PIONNO7K—fn We 2 malty mon:dog, at the reel
doom of her father, Hon. LI Hampton, , nes•
tlashorg. lira. ANNIE HAM P 11.41 PEHNOOE,
aged 06 gems.
Tumult at 2 o'clock Natoli arrinacton. 4 13 are
rt +gra wit leave the Warerroms of E. tatnnan, cos.
tur fl.vennth and emttlanstd Street., at 12 tn. Vein&
of tto family are r epeatOslly lovitel to attend.
MACK LOW W—Pent.enber 29th, at the nada., re
at b.. Fetenta, Noe Grove. In dentolley, ANNA
SLIZ talent daughter of Wm. and E. t. Mac
knows, eget 20 months and 19 days.
intend from Allegbooy Lepot, on tIIGILIDAT
nommen, at 0 o'clods. •
T VFLOB—On Weln , alsy morning, Fept. 301 b
HCGO Tref L eirtn 7i yews.
/amoral fain Mt late mildew* le Pe= town
ally on TITGRSDAT, October lot, at 2 o'clock p. m.
BaLLS...TINC,—&S Du•all's Muff, Arkaisa* 013
bowl thi U. 8. Gnsbost H wasp, aaBupt. 11. 1183,
Surgvon IL W. DA.l,Latil I ma., U. 8 v., of Tam.
perunorvllle, Ps., In the Stab year of bit m.o. •
-711LITARr .ff'OTICES.
entriftiliT XI &WIN sten oratta6
Silo Mirror or Proxi'a ,
lrourth FL,' PftLbargb,' Bert. ZO,-1501
in amortise:of rrith order, i foibibb the fol.
lowing not of pepsotts exempted from drag by the
Roared of rarolinfMat In this District, to tbie date,
with the - Teo:ono of Unit exemption :
ALISO Imo lII.VI ■IVES DSCIaIiED IN? priotif 0*
'Am 11Ostably, 811. wad. Wltmases—John
McMurray, R Gibson.
John Itairt.y. 7tS ward. Witnmez— . -Jobn Sc.
/bung, 8 810 nicks t.
.7: 'Limos w2errus,
Cott. and Provost arsrslasl,l24 Dist. Ps.
vet ItAssrl.
IILd'INMED I insbLehrd, to a meted ea.
Teton*. Prloe Cents. A Lecture on the Nature
Treermamt and Cure of Elpeentatorthrea, or
geteiell Weeknow, tavola:eery efmltstons geanal
Del:itty, and 11:01.dimerall to ."Mait.
gervatuneta, Coteumpant, rptlepty and rit .
tat and Psysiol Inequity, resulting from t elh
Abuse, Stn.. by botre.J.e vtutranttn, C.. D.,nuthor
of the anten Cook; to • '••e 134X , 11 tt Theueencla
Sol rem' sent n ear seal. ha a plain antelope, to
any ade.toe p•el•p rid, on reoelpt of ez cent. or two
postage IttiIIIIPS. by Dtt. OH. J ci. g Ligg,
Ba‘Me Now Tut. Poet helm gut UK
aelo.3mdeng le
V. C..niaa►._...r. DAV1D10N.......8. F. DLVF6OI
dad dialers la
01 ►►vl doverlidiod.,.
reatlce oimors o err. 0.
QOM.' Olio awl hden4 math tgwLq
GNO 4. KELLY, Proprietor.
P4.111.41/i0 IRMA WATI6OB,
PATBNT t 11910311118, 10
E 4 g - Physidans pracriptioai aantrately=l,-
-Asnusw Hues. TuasaUH,,
Gaon, Palm, Joepodal Partner.
*Mit WAIL.. Prrmelmos.
Itrontaactura Bar Iron. General Railway mad mem.
boat rowing'', Panonpri rated and Locamottra
nelea, Aa 6a
Plttoborgb, flaptombar 9th, I. oeleam
Na 88 DIAMOND ERBIUM l'reinusaa.
Acknowled.innile of Deeds. Depositions and Md.
daring taken. Alec. Deed.. litortgaires, Articles of
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y:.. t +~,;r.~ri~A~.~....u:.~ , . , .. ~_:T~.rcc-=~~r - ?..~ -1 `~~ .• t xl..;.;r~~`:~ ~ r- .
P The Missouri and Kansas delegations had
their interview with the President . this fore
noon.. The address, points of which have
already been telegraphed, and advance copies
of which were forwarded yesterday by mail,
was read to the President. HO then entered
Into a discussion of the points tonebed , neon
in the address, seeming chiefly an=ions ` ? to
elicit their hots concerning the policy of
which complaints were made. What few re
marks he did make, tending to show his own
views of the ease, were not regarded by the
delegates as particularly promising, though
they still regard the prospeot for the moons
of their mission as ter. The President will
In a short time furnish a written reply. The
delegation to-night are paying their rerpeets
In body to Secretary Chase.
The Kansas representative: have laid before
the 'President to day a separate representa
tion of their ease, asking especially for the
formation of a 'operate Department for Kansas
aid urging the absurdity of placing their
State under the control of a man like Scho
field. The President replied that he did not
he but that the request for a separate deport
ment was reuonable encash, and they infer
that he is likely to grant it. The prospects
for the Missouri delegation are dubious. In
what the President said on the topics Involved
in their address, be left on them an impres
sion that he wee not lively to give up his
support of Schofield. Ile told them they
were going faster in supporting hie policy of
emancipation than he cared to go himself,
and as to Schofield he said that be had not
ONO much to blame in him, and that he hid
always obeyed orders ; and in particular, be
had always been prompt In sending reinforce- ,
ments wherever they were wanted, which was
more than be could say of some other Gen
The Committee from each Congressional
distriot of Missouri welt upon the Presi
dent again to-morrow, to give Specifies,
Sone and evidence as to their respective
chugs. against Gen. Schofield. 'The dele
gation propose to remain here either tits they
get the President's written answer, or till
they get some satisfactory assurance ,of its
favorable nature than they have yet re
At Chase's, this evening, they called cut
the Seeretary. He declined to make a speech,
bat expressed his delight at seeing K. 1331/
and Missouri now co-workers, and while be
could not speak for the President, ho VII
bound to say he (Chase) sincerely honed- for
their MOMS in reenring the command to men
who t twiny :equitathicsd with them to the
ideals that underlie our struggle, and who
would gin their leilmence in favor of freedom
for ill. The delegation were enthusiastic
over this cordial expression cf sympetby
with their oi•Jeot.
Commissioner Lewis has decided that the
accounts cf the collectors era to bo closed at
the end of each year from their appointment,
and their commistions calculated or the
amount of reentry paid over and accented for
dozing the year. The collectors appointed in
the reiiis of ihe Senate and new commissions
'issued after the confirmation by the Senate
will be allowed commission fees from the date
of the original appointment. The salary of no
collector shall exceed $lO,OOO in aggregate, or
more than $5 000, exclusive of expanses of ad
ministering the office. In ease of a vacancy
In a collectorship (rem any mute, deputise
will continue to sot until sucoesrors are ap
poir,tod, and the one living nearest the resi
dence of the late collector ehsil diechargo the
&ales of that officer. Commissions on the
amount collected daring the interim Ann
accrue to lb. 0011411er under whose bonds the
cellootions were made. Proprietary medi
cines, perfumery, cosmetics and playing cards,
purchased before the passage of the Excite
Law, meet be stamped, If told or r tiered for
sale after September 30th, 1663.
The 'avail' Cur t s having increased to one
hundred and ality earapentes.,has ken or
ganised into fifteen regiments. The Presi
dent to day appointed 'the following Col.
Rlohard 11. Rash, senior, George N. Morgan,
F. D. Sewell, A. J. Johnson, B. J. Sweet,
Geo. W. GUI, D. P. Dewitt, B. B. Porter, .k.
Farnsworth, J. Hendrickson, Prank P. Cahill,
J. 0. Strong, and C. M. Provost.., 00!. Rash
tuts been chief of the Invalid Bureau, knitt
ing Col. Pr", Provost Marshal Generals
la the organization of this Corps. He N
• graduate of West Point, and served with
distinction in the Mexican war, and all
through the present war, u Colonel of the
Sib Pennsylvania cavalry. All the °Limp!.
deep named have been disabled for active
field nrvlas by wounds received In adios, or
by Crean contracted to line of duty, bat have
eo far muffed as to be fully able to perform
g archon, provost or bureau duty.
• John A. Blnuhnat his declined the Plaids
Judgeship because Ida health would not per-
mit him to go there In the summer. He of
feted to swept it If be could be allowed hue
et absence WI whiter, but the number of ed.
=balky oases ahead) , socumnlatea, compollid
ansapmenti far their 11Fatasto adjadlos.
Col. Cahill, of Cincinneti, though only
Lieutenant Cehmel in active terries, h pro•
meted to a fall oolonelcry, being transferred
to the Invalid Corps. OoL Cahill hatbeen on
duty In the War Department, assisting In the
organisation of.the corm and the promotion
Is *moil:tidos of his gallant conduct from
tie 'outbreak of the war, and a reward for his
valuable services here.
Fight With fflosbra Guerrillas
New Toes, dept. 80.—A-letter from Har
per's Perry, of the 28th, to the Baltimore
dasericitii says Cole's Cavalry came in con.
tact 'with Mosby and about 160 of his com
mend, near lipperrillo last Friday. He was
drawn up in line of battle awaiting his arrival.
After some slight skirmishing, Major Cole
charged the gang, when they scattered and
dal in dismay. The Major also recovered
somllB horses and some mules, and one man
of the nth New Yore cavalry, Whom Mosby
had Plaited up in his raid.
Ilisionio 11101 tasklibt.
The Death of Francis .1. Grand.
Partanurure, Sept. 30.—Pranola J.
Grand, recently editor. of the Philadelphia
dm whieb paper he left on aceottnt of
polities, died suddenly We morninv hir.
Ontud'a death was 'sauced by a' III" of ape.
.pleay. &cited by the appearance of a
Crowd before hie residence, who were owed?
way to serenade (lea. McClellan and Judge
Woodward, Mr: Grand ran, in baste, to the
station house where he fell exhausted, and
ten minutes 111411 expired.
litimtors of a Olsiqitor to . Our Army
hizw Yowls, Sept. 30.—A special to the Pox,
from Washington. says there is the highest
authority for stating that the rumors current
yesterday, ofa,disaster to county, are false.
The Ropablicaa of this morning lays that
good hews :has been received, which will be
Special 'Dispatch to the Pitizbargh Gs:tette
lirLeaucrros Cirr, Sept. 30, 1863
Latest European News.
Casa taus, Sept. 29,—The abeam Europa
passed Cape Bee* at 3:30 p. m. te• day. Sae
Wu boarded by a:ensue zenith. The political
news le unimportant. Humor says that the
Confederate envoy at London is to be with
drawn, la consequence of the meanies of
the British Government.
Liverpool, Sept, 19 —Caton. is excited ;
prices have advanced Ito 24, °liming on Fri
day gn•ot. Broadttoffe dull and:priees tend
ing downwatd with a cons'.derable duc•ts.e on
all desariptioni. Floor very doll and 8d to
le lower. Wheat hoary and 41 10 Os lower
lin the inferior qualities rod western 7s
to St 3d; red southern 8; 61 to fie 9i;
white western white aontheln 9r. Corn
dall and-6.1 lower; mixed 28.1 131. PLOYitielle
quiet bat steady. Pork inactive. Mad
steady. The broker's circular reports sugar
tending downwards. Coffee firm.
Loudon, Sept. 19 —Barricg's oironlar re
ports wheat very dull cod le to 2; lower for
lieglish. Sager firmer. Crffeetending down
wards. Tea easier. Provisions quiet and
steady. Consols closed on Friday at 93% to,
935. Bullion in the bank of England sad
increased £llB,OOO.
Lico-pool, STe. 19, eorniv —Cotten firmer,
bat ononanged. Bread/tulle very dull. Corn
is still deolining; waxed 261. 6d. Provisions
A letter from Richmond in the Confederate
organiThe fed.x, speaks of the probe b!e early
recall of the repreeec tatives of the South from
England, on aosouut of the attitude of the
British Government.
The London St, of the let, states that it is
the intention cf the French Government to
epeedily recognise the Confederate Staten. It
adduees various ante and d•menstrations to
Justify the belief, and comes to the conclusion
that we must be prepared for French recogni
tion bef.,re long.
The London Hern/d, adverting to the ru•
meted probable withdrawal of Meson from
London, soya it is In consequence of the sys
tematio rudeness with which he has been
treated by Raison. The Herald hint/ that it
has been through the euggestion ot Mr. Ad
ams that Mr. Mason has been excluded from
°Meal intercourse with the Ittitieh Govern
The Paris correspondent of the Morning
I Post says that a new loan for the' Confederaey
is oentemplated. -
The Frond! Government has certainly not
thrown any difficulty iu the way of the Flori
da. Copt. *edit bas resigned the command
of the Florida, on account of ill health. Lieut.
Barney probably tekes command. of the remote (or the decline of the
Faris Bonne is the app:ehension by some
operators that the decision in the case of the
Florida may lead to unpleasant feelings be
tween the French and Federal governments.
'The Paris Pep rays the Eoglish journals
are mistaken in looking upon the note lately
Publiehed in the Moniker respecting the
Florida, as a step towards the recognition of
the Confederates. It was merely a recogni
tion of belligerent rights. If the Emperor's
Government believed itself bound to icoog- !
nice the Confederates and eatabliah ofßolal re- !
lotions at all, it would do co epenly and not by
indirect means.
Bonne firm; Emotes closed at 68f. 453.
Bev. Mr. Stuart, late a chaplain the
rebel army, hes boon lecturing before 010
Southern Club of Liverpool. fin charged the
New Eagland clergy with instigating MO war,
and asserted that when President Lincoln
loses this clerical support the war would soon
mid. Ile declared that the South had the
means for carrying on the war for years to
come, bet wes novertbelees ready to lay down
the sword and have the question at moue to
the ballot.
The Paris Opiniooe Aratioertia believes itself
able to state that the E - glieh -Calinethear
ing that France may take possession of Max.
100, is strongly -endeavoring topersuade the
Emperor Cl Austria to consent to the amp
tines of the throne by Iktaxamillan The
same paper says a Mexican loan is spoken of
to be London as soon as the Arch
D ake Is officially proclaimed. The Emperor
also said that 8,000 Irishmen mould be en
rolled for service in the rem Empire. These
statements calmed a material improvement in
fdexioao securities in
The Tiea city etticla rem srke that tise em
loyment ft' Irish troops is calaalated to pre
vent the United States from undertaking soy
aggression on the new monarcmy.
The Enzeian reply to the English note is
eablished. It prdesses ao ardsnt desire to
restore tear quality in Pohlad.
ho Madrid Epoch asserts that the Cabi
nda of Washiegton and Madrid hare deter
mined to submit tho gnat titn tt jurisdiction
in the Cuban waters to the arbitration of the
King of Beiginta.
Interview of tee haulms Delegation
with the rresideut.
WOISHIXOTON, Sept. 30 —The Kansas dele
gation waited on Presideet Lincoln to day,
by appointment, end presented, through
their Chairman, Mr. Drake, their alleged
grievances, end asking for a change of the
military ocmmandant of the Department of
The President received the ad
dress, and promised to give is a careful con
sideration, and furnish a reply es soon as
practicable. A free eoriversational discus
sion took place, centieoing several hours.
This having bum a strictly private In
terVlOW, no reporters of the press were
present. The address is signed by sev
enty persons, composing the committee, who
say that they have endeavored carefully to
avoid exaggeration, and speak the 'ample
truth. Among other things they uk the im
mediate restoration of the military control of
lidhisouri to the handsel' the national offleers
and troops, and the distharge of all the en
' railed militia of the State from any further
orrice at the arbitrary will of Gov. Gamble,
end further that in place of Gen. Schofield,
a commander be assigned the department of
Missouri whose sympathies will be with BM
loners suffering people, and not with slavery,
and pro-slavery Men. They say that Gen.
Schofield bu disappointed their Put expecte.
tlons by identifying himself who their State
administration, and that hie policy has been
u they believe, shaped to conform to Gover
nor pro- slaymy and conservative
views. The delegation says that from the
day of Elan. Betioneld's awes:ion to the com
mand of the Deportment, matters have grown
wows and worse in Missouri, till now
the condition Is worm than they have
beep at any time since the °atheist of
the rebellion. They therefore reapectfal/7
pray the President to need another genera,'
to commend that department, and, if they do
not overstep the bounds of propriety, ask that
the commander sent them be Major General
Beaj. B. Bailer. His pretence there would
restore order and peace in Missouri in has
than sixty daye. He would be received by
their people with reJololng, and they would.
ones mere br permitted to feel that loyalty
is to govern ',Missouri. They entreat the
President to observe that in their Hl-fated
State the eonflict le between loyalty and dis
loyalty. It is Impossible ,that both should
mile there, Ono or the ether mutt go - downi
They esy that if the President refuses their
reqnset, they return to their homes only to
Wimess, In coneequenee of that reftlial.• more
active and relentless persecution of the Union
Men, and to feel that while Maryland can re
joice in the protection of the Government of
the Union, Missouri is still to be the victim
of a pro-slavery conservatism, which blasts
wherever it reigns.
The address concludes as follows: We ask
only justice, and protection to our. leering
people. If they are to offer hereafter as now
audit: time past, the world will remember
that they are not responsible for the gloomy
page in Missouri's history, which may have
to record the Independent aorta of her her.
rased bat still loyal men to defend them
selves, their families and their homes against
their disloyal and murderous aurasolne.
mportani tiesointions Palmed.
WASSUIO7O2I, Sept. 30.—At a late meeting
of the Supreme body of the Union. Leagra of
the United States, o lot 65 highly important
mob:Mont veto poised, amounting, In feet,
to npolitiool platform. it to said that in the
°nurse of a fon days they will be made pub
lic. , •
Arrival of yen. Schgnek nt Dayton.
- DAMON, Sept. so.—isio. Sehakak ar.
elflel this evening, on ten dap' leave' of ab
sence, leaving (ten. TYler temporally in
charged the Maryland Department. Than
Lanolfoundatlon for the reoottot hisomoval.
Bale of tlovezivaeus.Boode.
Pintr.unttrata, Sept. .30.—The tales of
fire-twenties to-day emanated to $1,101,050.
The heaviest sale for • two 'months. The de.
Ilverfas of bonds &rented° to the 28th of Sop.
. ,
11ABBITrik EOM* POWDER, fo'r
11 clearact pinta cr has *Do mpg
ricrthe a P o u r s
'a u t P retireriVB v :57G. d tog
• re of
JOHN 41.11milrinew.
scO4 armor Llb.cry .0 , 1 Tfinnd itroca.
.lIRRICIAT/NG 01 L.-.P.ure .M.Duok•
JJ Mali" Lubrlcattott .04 1 w/onto:I to outwit
fOr all h tuft totchtlielloott:an , ly - oO'biod sot
Riau by ark alissafir.
- ags -4il ass to Wasesetssii,
: 2 ~ , ,l.Ts? f &~` f t'=;,u~csr3u3~'~_v: 2: ' s c~ i :~ L:id: ~ s:.''
eta . by ToSiegiayb. _
NET You. &rid. hl..reotiondoll aid 1‘624i lower
at ale for middling uplands. li'leuellaw actin mid Ott
lower at $S 10e.5 SS too extra state, is. Imes SS for
common to good ehipping brands; extra B. W 0.
$6 35627 75, for trade breads—the market dater
dull with no burn at theoutalde dootatkam. Mita.
ky envier and more salve at 152dy5534 , Wheat Milt
and Tully le lower at $1 ilia is am Main
Spiny, $1 1541 25 tor Milwaukee Cub, nsa 1 37
for whiter red. Own lc lower. with en aetimiuid.
nem at a decline at Seggle for ehipeiteg mixed admit,'
Wady astisswp.. Sic in more, Sagaim for waders
yellow. and Mc for unsound western Wend In store.
b „t. steady at Wilk. Wool B firm. Lard hal
actin at 103i19113e.
New York Stock and Moser Market
Star ing tower and doll at Homan; Golddeellned
In per mat opening, 41%, dodos- valet. 41% p er
anal rum matt flaoka 'Lady; Bat - 11
Coupons 107: 7.30,107®107%
Tem total export. of spools to-day per steamer Ree
k for Llreesyral was $178.7a2aL
N 3 68.% A T ff.ptl—.
Taut CA 00 Illehltran Central_ lon
Cal Ts my, Meats 0 Bortp.--121
N State 6%13--115 II 8 yy
!reed= G01d.—.141 1 4 Clayaland A - PAU- —UV
NYC NV/ Galenat CAlpeo- —lO9
3, 1"..1 10 it as a.Lloa
Hudson IN P D 0---
Retnanne, Sept. 30.—Ineni 'divining and mite.
Wheat meth,: [Gathers eithrarad 60. Corn ultra I,
White $l. Wlltlie dm at 51c. Ciato quiet; alo
PIITLADCLIIO.I.. Sept. 50.—Yloar ISM; 4.0r0,
bht. 5d.475(p. Wheat Arm; Was 6 bath. lied
at $1.4031.43; Whits $1.6131.72. Corn firm at GIO
970. Patroletude 37c., Baked 670. Wtday Mc.
weenstrely cub pore:mos made during the
reotnt decline In the Eastern !Sorbets, we ere ens.
blad to ofer the fl nest stacrtment of geed, thr
brought to the ott7, carnleting of
Window Shades,
Piano and Table Coven
Alto, a well selected ato:k of ladlrf Mak pur
e:hued for the laprlog trade, width •e trill dispute of
at many reduced prier, to make room for other
Purrhurrs would do well to tall sod wasustne our
stock. am we are 000lident we tae offer greater In
ducements thou soy other house 111 the city.
No. 29 TITTH 22'112.12ET.
Of •
McFarland, Coffins & Co,
41 AND 73 FIFTH ST.,
O'Brien the lost 011os and RirpotrA
Booing lit porcharel far cash, doing the rmnit
favorable condition of the me•keta, • most imtaniria.
end COMP64O ateortment of the newest old choicest
Oil Cloths, Window Shades,
We ore sow oaring good.
By our redaction to futon we have simort dated
out our former purchum, and now offer to boyar*
at ',bola:oils and retell
thoompasmil by any ever offered to ttkh city.
in 9
liGC'Call - Lana ta.
A large alsoriatent, which will ee sold std my
oust redaction
from late prim.
W. D. & & N'CALLIThi.
Jr. L. 11.91LLOWEI CO.,
tuts NOW IN 112011.0
DUES 4301D0,
Bought ozaladtaly for nth, and width still b sold
►t a mall Altana.. sada.
f 50,000 APPLII TREYS,
Dabs' dna, 8.8.4 and 6 years old, inelaitifeall the
old leallna rarlotles.and today new anew
oleo, • eery large 'took or Pad; (enuldard and
d wart.) MURRY. PELCH, PLUM. 111,1111132 UN,
PloildTa, km, do, wholesale and retail at Tory tea
email* orlon. JOHN 8W DOOM, Ja„,
se.BTdaoll Pitblosell and Oakland Narserisa
A dairy of tuawritten blitaty..from the organisation
of th. Any by lifoglallatt to the ciao of the Cam
/Mau to 'Alba's, about the Ant day of Jantiary.
MA. By Afnod L. Osstlarosn, burgeon of the Fifth
Boalcaunt Wtscondn 'Mustafa, Boanny'i Off DI- .
irtalon. Prim $L for iota by
.•S1 le B_L. Ala D. TS Totrrth lave.
MR. A. H. ENGLISH respectfully
the ultimo" of Pittsburgh, that
babas bassippolulud stole agent for tbs age of M .
PEN. They ars ricommended by th e 11'2volt - holm"
hi the city, among which ors
01/li, Buzz= is co., l a tux Om r laala a Cal.._
- MOOR allaD Ca. w 0 0.1
Sus, Fatima & 03u nd othoh.
PIATAWID SI( -0.E51512 1 4
the most effecind end • itiieeeihicanah ruled!.
known. It tote been veld here and .threnglart 'the
country for may raw. rendertan the ntmott oath'.
Illation. In bathe at 50 awe etch. ontrbontte
tatabne &beat thrift than the Quantity of the ordi.
nary 25 cent =lola'.
rat sale by _ SIMON J011115T014
se 25 cone* rettetk and Bmltheeld retests.
E us AND KAM • -
Ds. seatz
Pays parefeithr - stteitlei •to the hutment's!
P ays D 71,13 sad RAH SAW.
treats all IRPLAtiIIATDRY BY7B 81 1 0 HARD
auszig= disease streatint ItiaZu sad'
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230, , Nadi= Pawl Raab;
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dna tanned% palpitatteie of the I =M tea at
Tattle. distress attar est.ltag, Amid Ilvirr. ccautlya.
ttaa. ta, deism to suffer It Mit will not try dui
Which us now reomnocended by the bislang mediae
authorities, and unmated to liircelliteart Wenn Vial ,
Mandela' effect. They an emosedingly Aventine
perfectly pore,and mast ster,enedo ail- other tonics;
when a healthy, gentle stimulant le required.
They ptuiry, etreagthen and Inrigutate. •
They create. healthy 'nettle.
They are an antidote to ebangeof water sod diet.
They oennenuesincts of ellmipailon and Lite haurg. • •
Tbe7 stnelthen the miem and enliven the mire.
They prevent talsamallosed intermittent fevers.'
e Tin purilythe breath and tidally of the ertonmate.
The/ eon Blepsnia and Grastipstion.
They cure Diarrhea, Cholera sod Chalon, rorbra •
They core Lim Completed and Berms Illead,whe
They make the week strong, tbenlanguid brillteat.- •
end am szhansted nature's men restorer. They any
onnyased of the celebrated Canny" bark, selatne: ,
Men, sanafraa, mots and hada, an preserved tri•
perfectly pure Bt. Choi: Bum. For particulars, me •
circulars and testtmonieb amend each bailie.
Beware of imposters. .firamine evilly bottle_ fee
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