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1/ 404 '44 ZNZAWANPY I K
Prom Yesterday's Evening /di*
List of iissessori:,,‘
'These *Was» net god Weil *Weed, and.
wito - dealie to Teta at the enneingleleatlns'i
n a gs ihrg_thelr names to the asionota Oa of
before/tidily start, the 21 of October,,lAmit
SNOW di imehint of the tax, taiiottop
that the , party should go, e t estiatAtaKe
61 . titr*Olits' ll u it- J thi s MOW. Tito'
taxes cannot be paid at the poteh . ,,,gg.AW
T r esecre - ri. i now the owl, per
41?POTirlk.ga_ Po not
/tit .
momra t i is yon 4say: thiriby
top you-,et`. The following ate pte names
of She eeeaear s foe the several eloolinn 4h
AIT 1 . 111 "no!i ,
That Ward.:4inies efraisey.
&end We:II-John McKee.
Thirt Ward-John Kelly.
learth 'Ward-IL P. Thompson.
BUM Ward-Jompt Xrwitt,
81x1h lirirr464insanuel Halter. '
filwentittoteut Thom ion.
' Ztsht3 U6rldeliar W. Smith.
..1.4601t. MCOitne.
Piret Ward-elmon Bullard.
fletenla NW-John 'Horrid.
ThlldWard--13. W: LteOlnneu.
Pourttr-Ward-James Graham.
• - • zosonenr.
Haiusio-Andrew filet. 'Johnston.
Manohoster-Alex. MoGlivary.
ilhaspebetrg-John Belt% or.
Birmingham-Sep. Heldman.
Bert Ilintilegham-Ale=. McLane.
Welt dahlibedli-David Lynch.
Lawrenceville-Hebron Robineon,
Monennabele-Jno. D. Holemau.
Bouth.Pltteturgh-Tboe. Cuddy.
illeit'Pltieburgh-Wm. H. Brent.
Tarantula-Jae. P. Baran.
Testeerancetilli-JnO. Pattenon.
, . T.01T181111.11.
Climatal-J. L. '
Collins-Samuel Chadwick.
' But Deer 7 ,-A.Sliony Marvin.
lireff-Heeti-41wrieder Hallett. ,
Sawn-, , Genr=e Bastin. •
Ifindley-TOomee Born&
Prialilin-LDevid Healey.'
North flapetter.-Mathew Mangos.
South Payetw-..A.-terender Pftspatick.
Hetoptch-John Trimble. .
Harrison-George Hallett. '
Lodiana-William Brown.
bfferson-Plank Dean.
atifdla-Jobe. Witlock.
MegandlterArmes Wallow
Nevilho-Gobit IL Hamilton.
WOlure-Thomai Hughes.
Ohio-H. V. Tbompaon.
Patton-Mama Zimmerman.
Peebles-Wm. M. Burobleld.
Pean-Wm. Dunning.
Plue-Thcanas Graham
Pitt-Toot Ruh.
-Plum-Deng Better.
Reserve:•-•Chrietien Lapps.
• Richland-.Tohn 8. Dickson.
Robinson-T. J. F'hillipa.
Rcist-loreptt Wider.
floott-Win. B. Lea.
13eirlobles--lames McClelland.
Henry %ULM. _
Lower Bt. Ohir,,Yonathen Neely.
. Upper St. Clair-David C. Bower.
Verrellier-James Amhara.
Ellstbeth-John Rankin
Deserter Shot While Being Rescued
by Coploarkeade.
We learn from titriiluoyrus Jou}al that a 1
man named Henry Williams, a raildont of
West Liberty, Varian township, prawford
county, Ohio, was shot one day list weak,
while being reamed from Provost Marshal
-lisaltett t who hid twkaulini into nsetedy as
• delerter. Mier he was arrested, Williams
put his hand into his coat pocket and drew a
revolver, wbioh Hackett immediably took i
from him. Williams than drown dagger from
an . in West pocket, which Hac kett also
tank. hir.ilsokett thenrialled (dr sasiatenee,
sad two or three persons woe tol hie aid.
The crowd then demanded ilaokettii papers,
sad be drew them out and read Cli- . aloud.
Wrqatavideumnings, • prominent Democrat
of Shelby, having heard the gaper& , said
they were all right—that Haokett had the
right to arrest -Wlillams, and ad ed the
crowd not in interferes warning th if they
interfered Asy would, piste themselves in a
wens ix than Williams wan in. hir Hackett
sat his swistanw then proceeded 'to bind
Williams, ant had nearly ettacesdedl: doing
ety , leken W il liams willed out" De Otlfitt I
Dlo9ltrat I Democrats I" - . Imuradlitely the
crowd made a rush, overpowered thiamine,
released Williams, whogot apaniatarted to
sna, the pillion s till trying, to fret pt lon
of him . Tint or ha started.* pistol asered,
and William filrplereed by a ballitioh, it
11l feared, will terminate fatally. ho Aped
the pistol it not knows, and it is th tight by
some, that it was toed by some of Williams'
Mende and intended for the onioers. Williams
frequently 'boaited of being a deserter it' end
li r
4e/eds whole of "Abe Lincoln's talons"
t o
',taker him; kiiritingl• tbit lie was med to
the teeth at all timer ; ,
~Tbl names o quite •
esuittorrurthirsCichgerp4 in the lie have
been taken, who will no doubt be b neat°
Culotta thrinterninitv :
Synod of Allegheny
The Synod et - Allegheny (0.8 ), thespeang
ol whit& we it °flood • few days ago, resumed
Its tesetont Is Dr. Birlf Vs church, thle mom-
'rho action of the Pais Presby ivy, in restor
ing B. Dr. Hamilton, late 6f Mobile, Ate.,
I. the - *Moe pf the holy ministry, pas en
dorsed by Synod, with the exception 1f a soil
Dr. Et of the Western Theological
limitlimai•Msredis resolution enjoinieg upon
esmgregetions, in view of the present advance,
le the mein* Calving, toiairrtheir ministers
Ttio reioluden was ably coated
by A. M. Boroblield, Rio , and Hon.
M../franitis, OrLawreca oonnty.
Rev. - Dr/. Doigtas, of the Reforms!' Pas
:byissian Ohuredr, stal invited-to take I suit as
• oorrespending member.
The Rev. - Loyal Young, D. D., of"Bettler,,
offered artsoluttion recommending the Chris
tian COnailliiion to the beneficial regards of
the eengregations under the oars of Synod.
The report recommending a change of the
Same IX Synod; end of come of its ?ruby
titles, weelndedoltely postposted.
After hearing • few report' Synod adjourn
ad, finally, by absereing the used (annelids,.
*Wsi'lldirstatid - that there will been in
form] meeting this afternoon, to take Into
oonsldgration the subjeet of aildhlg Mitsion
arias to the Army of the Onmberlandj under
the direetion of the (ILIUM= Qommisdon.
UR!! Begtmeat.
Ai area adahied to A. L. Berm, Lhrut.
tiedertat oemaiudies the 166th Peansplunle
.2aglineat, ter the followincepte, takes ea the
nth et 'September, Amer Culpepper, Va. It
ICU wee to show heit'llte"ilue Ways sad
kin betteni" would roie,lt Judges Wood-
ward and Lowrie luid not diefreaehtsetttbets
For Oortia. ' For Woodward.
Com i TY A n 1 7 0
.At az: 17
rir is
• a bi
a • 0..... $4
11—.. 25
- -33
: S 7
Add sad Staff. 3
Nes. Om fluff 4
Tit '
tom Crroß.—Ltrot. Col. Wm. L. Nola,
of flu 461 k Naar/Maas miming, salve d
itiiiiitftolor, shoot loan. fia on.
tbs :sports of Writes& ,m goad:
ttoq}r fa as PoWim atuMlll of eourolm
illedildUt *Mina litofb.
• - _
:Tah=' date" Cs~ualt "i~ ~C~sotie~`26
0 -M OOW P I PA ;*... Ptinfas on
evening,! th at =Patrick =Calms sad arti4 Mn
tailor trho':'were mini* inbred on Friday
i4terskok t ily the. Wing of • temperarr
bridge on the-line IX thr .Pithborgh and
kabbitY lllo nUtoad,llLClndlns to within,
bid died of-their Waist- and this morning
'ha ppcsiede4 to hoiden' trout. On reach
' big tie gun, he ?mind that Cairns only wu
dead, Int Oconnorls not expected to survive
num hours. as -his spine le , broken badman
the:stoulderg. ' An Investigation u to the
af 7 ":4•Ailsgent s _4leveleptd the fad
th on e. WI "timbers of the brldp had
-broken la cooluqnsare of its Ming weakened
by &One knot whirl( ran-through Its entire
ft*. ` - Cling, Wel driein t l i thrt loads of dirt
,Over Whridge, - andltee' mood Out two
twessrelinpon this sso of the bridge
when*. gate wsl.. -Bath mime and the &bra
4 iltelreelpitated forts feat Into a stone
' quarry, - yeralting in 'the *dant killing of
the bonehead the fatal Wiry of Kr. Cairns.
Mr. Connor was at work to the quarry. and
had kis buts-Inotan by a_portion of the dio
,brts Wag •ftot Ttsejory found •
eirdlottf death. 'Caine leaves •
T u., I da grie.emall children, reeding In
Omelet hontO.
Serious Accident
On dathxday last, u Mr. Wm. Trimble,
carpenter, of Manchuter, was conveying his
wife and children in • buggy to Bakerstown,
the bursa became unausnageable while de
scenaleg whiLlitur the village, and the en
ibe party mu thrown out. Mr. Trimble re
ceived an ugly scalp wound,from the teens
of which he wu rendered insensible for sev
eral hours. Mrs. Trimble was badly hurt
from having bean trailed on the ground for
some dietance. A little boy had his thigh
brogan, and ayoung babe received some ra
vers bruises. They were pimply attended
to by parties in the neighborhood, and after •
rest of a few hours they ware conveyed to
their home in Manchester, where they are all
getting along reasonably well.
Man Drowned'
Tifis . mornll.‘g, between eleven and twelve
o'clock, the body of a man was nen lying in
the Allegheny river, between the second and
third pion of the railroad bridge, on the Al
legheny lido. Skiffs were obtained, and the
body was taken ashore, when it was identified
as that of Frederick Hunt, an employee of
the Pennsylvania- Italtroad Company. He
had eaten pia dinner on Sunday, at the resi
dence of his another, in Allegheny, and be
was not again seen alive by any of the family.
Be ie supposed to have fallen through the
timbers of the bridge while crossing. He was
about thirty-flu years of age, and has *wife
residing in BaglancL The coroner will hold
an inquest this afternoon.
Bit Wary Movements
We have Information of the movements of
large bodies of troops, which we do not deem
it proper to publish at present. The Govern
ment is lasi; g every effort to concentrate our
force§ at mots - time and place se will enable it
to strike a ornahlng blow at the rebellion, when
next it le met in armed force. Several of our
home military organisations have quite re
asatly passed through the vicinity of their
homes. Webp* to fee them soon, on their
return, when the military situation will per•
mit them the opportunity of visiting their
HIGH PRICLD Sour —Judge R. W. klus
cave and D. 0. Boyer, of Crawford county,
Ohio, have jut roturned from Vermont,
bringing with them a number of line sheep.
One Spanish merino book, whieh took the first
premium this fall at the Vermont State Bair,
was purchased by these gentlemen, for twelve
hundred dollars, a lot of ewes at one hundred
dollars gush, and a lot of lambs front $l5 to
$45 each.
COBILICTIOS.—In our article In reference to
wine growing in 'his vielnity, we omitted the
name of Mr. John Backfield as a producer.
lie has ern Aare in grapes, which produoed
400 gallons In 1862, and will yield the same
prodnot this year. Mr. Christian Beckert has
three cores under =Written, which yielded
1,300 gallons In 1882, end will prove squally
productive this year..
tiolpsu printed nada; the direction of the
Union ibunty Oonimittee are now ready for
distribution, and can be obtained, in peac
eful, for the several election distriets, on ap
plication to Mr. D. D. Ferguson, Gaulle Job
ACCIDIPT.-A lad named DM, aged &bon.
twelve years, was severely injured on Battr
day afternoon, by being thrown from a hors*
at the corner of Wood and Third straits.
Latest from . Europe--Arrival of the
Slv Toil, Sept. 28.—The Amerloa, from
Bremen The Southampton on the 181 h, hat
The steamer Star gaited from Clyde, to run
the blockade. Two others were ready to follow.
Eighty of the Florida's orew had arrived
at Cardiff, and proceeded to Liverpool.
The Confederate loan Is 250. discount. Con
sols 93%@933 for money. French mates
694 Ede Shares, paid, declined 9 per
cont. Preference Shares drafted ba.
0. declined 5,4. U.S. 6., delivered, le. Piffle
'dolphin & Heading Shares declined 20, and
Penne. H. It. 2X.
Fleece —ld. Would was preparing a dnanos
report, and its said to be very favorable. The
Russian reply to the last trine note has been
waived. The Notion gays the tone of the
Hessian dispatch i•very conciliatory. It dose
not refer to the discussion of the Six Points
armistioe nor aoonfstenoe.
The Times' Peril correspondent says an at
tachment of the Slctlda is not allowed to
take plies while in the Im:serial doek yard.
The Potris dealt' that Slidell left Bearritz
for Brest.
The Austrian General conespondense denies
the statement that Metteznieh sawed Prance
that Mullis would unconditionally ally her
self with Prance in the Polish question, even
to the extant cf e war with Hassle.
It Is reported the steamer Florid• tuts been
sold at Brost,and • new vessel awaits her avow
at Lbw/pool.
The MondOn rims, editorially, strongly
tavon Ids detention of tho- two rims until
cleared of suspicion.
Liverpool, September Ibtik o cesaing —Cotton I
Calm lot *two dsys, 30.000 bales. The mar
ket eseltadand 1021 higher. Breedstuffs
dull and all kinds slightly lower. Itioliard
son, Spezia, Wakefield, Bash and others re
port Plow dull sod 6s lower. Wheat quiet
and 31 lawn.; Bed Western Ss 4t@B,
Corn easier; killed, Vs. Beef quiet and
steady. Pork dull and• unotusaged. Bacon
tending downward.. Lard quiet at 89@40'.
Bum quiet &ad steady. gales arm.
Resignation of Oen. Blomun—Arms
on hand—Absentees from the Army.
Weenieurox, Sept. 27.—A special to the
Mom says that Gen. Slocum, commodes
the 12th Army Corps, has tendered his resig
nation to the President
The Government at present has on hand,
In the diffsrent anemia throughout the coun
try, 600,000 aware stand of arms, and the
number Is rapidly increasing. The Spring
field Arsenal Vane thinning out 23,000 rifled
muskets every month, under the contract
made by 13earetery Cameron nearly two years
ego, with Orate parties, for 200,000 riled
guns. Only 25,000 hare as yet been delivered
to the Gorommant.
The statement going thercrande or the press
that 18,000 men were absent without bum,
from the army of the Potomae alone, or to
other words, had deserted, le ineorreet. Prom
fignru lei the Provost Marshal General's °Mee
it b ascertained that on the let of July, 1888,
there were but 92,189 from all the armies in
thelield. bins the utablishment of the Bo
real of patellar i s over 16,000 of these miser
able plotters hare bun returned to their
The Battles in Bemis—Oar Losses
Breaux Exaggerated.
Ctsconsau, (dept. 38.—Tie Comtism.:fare
Correspondent gives • less gloomy account of
the battles in Georgia than *battle= by oth
er correspondents. Oar loss in artillery and
bigpge' is greatly exaggerated. AU Cu
divisions fought ult. Oar army was drawn
up stout' Roseville on, Konday r in good or
der, geraftloglinnAtitack, bat Sr.. enemy de
cllAtg, littuffsrbattlirrour many fall beak and
took o p etmlergottllsnaroundOliattemeogi.
Our 10Mb= axe Wipo4 tplzit& - c• Womb so
lilt Opal, aapulMtm p low.
1071113-Dsimitlg FROM solllugUlVl
Central Herron Ineeettful Expedition.
Call for 300,000 Sk laths' 'Pointers Eggeded.
Case of the Pirate Sumter
Bimetal Dispatch to the Pittsburgh Ossetia
Patranetraza, Sept. 28.—There is noth
ing really definite from Bosecoraes since the
last tiltspatchu. The reported moveminte
sus published In sensational papers, are very
uatellable. There Is no truth WhateMS 'lSt
the government taking possession of the Bal
timore & Ohio B. B.
Very Important rebel government papers
were captured in Louisiana.
Gen. Huron's expedition has gleaned the
eeentry between Bed Blum and Port Gabon,
of guerrillas. Gen Green's rebel forces have
been driven beyond theAntareyalla with most
ixterminative lota. GUI. Herron is a vaetim
to the malaria cf the country, -and will be
brought back to New Orleans.
Ths news of suceieses to Bosserans is pure
ly sensational and untrue. Affairs with him
are hopeful—that is all.
The United States steamer Hercules was
attacked by guerrillas on the Virginia shore
of Chesapeake Bay. The nimbi were, driven
off, buiestanifented great hardihood.
Colonel Cloud, of Blind's command, reached
Little Hock on the 20th inst. Ora two thou
Union men of Arkansas have Joined his
command. Deserters are joining him daily.
Blunt bids fair, gradually, to clear the rebels
oat of the State.
In the Indian country the rebels have met
with another very disastrous defeat.
News from the French Minister In Mexico
urges the recognition of the South, as means
of giving stability to the new Empire.
The New York Herald of to-day calls on the
President for a pronto:salon appealing to the
patriotism of the people for au immediate levy,
apportioned among the loyal States, of three
hundred thousand six months volunteers and
militia. The whole force might thus be armed
and equipped, and moved forward to the Said
in len than two months. It argues that they
would relieve perhaps two hundred thousand
veteran miners from garrison and railway du
ties for active service in our advancing ar
mies, and there can be no doubt that thus
strengthened, they would utterly crush oat
the last fragments of the armies of the rebel
lion in a brief campaign east and west.
A letter from Vienna, is the Caerier da Dr
maneAs, which is before me, affirms that the
Arch Bake Maximillista has not yet accepted
the Mexican crown, that he is personally well
dlepesed to do so, and that the Austrian Gov
ernment treats the affair as purely private,
but there is one condition, withcut which he
would hardly venture to accept it. France
appears disposedao consent to that condition,
but England, which shows herself more than
indifferent to the Arch Duke's candidature, re
fuses to grant even a moral guarantee to . the
new Empire. Hence doubts and hesitation,
which are increased by the almost hostile at
titude of the whole American continent
against the establishment of a monarchy in
the midst of so many Republics.
The !ovens:era organ nye : Prance hav
ing put her hand to the work, the Emperor is
determined to go on. Even or lnalations of
'great profit are made and confidence is dea
-1 deity prevailing in high quarters. Beguile
' Lions between the Emperor and the Arch Duke
proceeded stony, but as Napoleon Third ie
very anxious to Gamy out his scheme, diM•
mattes soon disappear, and it is expected the
universal seffrase applied, and the vote even,
se easy to do in Mexico, the Arch Duke Maxi
=Mien will appear on the scene surrounded
by French troops, and such of his anti eats as
prefer the fortunes of the Austrian Prince to
Ex-President Juarez, who is negotiating with
Washington for a very different programme,
and American conscit say, with SUOMI&
The Arch Duke agrees with France that a
new Mexican loan stall be brought out under
Frenoh patronage at Paris. It may be twen
ty millions of pounds. The exact sum is not
fixed. Several respectable French bankers
have already offered to take up large portions
of the lout, and a few English Houses have
Jelled them in these demands.• The loan
will be divided when subscribed into three
portlem—one will go to pay off English, French
and Spanish claims, which originated the
hostilities; a eecond,nm will be dedicated to
lignidating In some measure the cost of the
French military expedition, whilst the re
maining fonds will be depoeited in the panto
treasury of Mexico, in order to carry on the
expenses of the government.
As to the pirate Florida, the English pa
pers Lay it is reported that each sailor belong
ing tcr the Florida is entitled to 45,000 francs,
or £l,BOO, so his share of the captures, which
amount in all to 4 000,000 francs. With as.
aped to the claims made noon her by certain
French merchants, for property destroyed, it
la stated that Captain Mafia ham offered to
deposit a sum of money sufficient to pay all
demands, until the tribunals have decided
epee the claims. It would thus appear that
SO tar as the previsional embargo en the Flor
ida le concerned, It will not Interfere with the
freedom of her movements, whenever she is
ready to put to sea.
The Florida Judgeship—Captured by
Guernitais—The Indian and Mill•
tory Reservattons.
New You, Sept. 28.—The Tribunes special
from Washington, of the Ira, says: Wm.
Lawrence, of Bellerouttine, Oblo, has boon
appointed Judge of the Belted Staten District
Court of the Southern District of Florida, in
place of William Marvin, resigned. It Is
therefore presumed that Hon. J. A. Bingham,
of Ohio, appointed to this post 100111 time
sines, has declined.
Mosby'e guerrillas captured six of the 12th
New York cavalry, and eight horses, near Al
die. on Thursday last;
The Secretary of the Interior to-day d gelded
adversely to the claim of tho State of Illinois
for two per amt. on all lands retained by the
Government In the Indian reservations. The
military reservations of Ports Howard sad
Crawford wu being desired for railroad and
other proposes. An act of Convulse at the
last session authorissd the selling of the same
at nubile sale. An agent of the General Land
Offee, sent to cumin and report upon the
UM, has returned, and arrangements are be
ing perfooted to have the land surveyed and
sold under the provisions of the above sot.
The Port Howard reserve Is situated at the
mouth of Pox river, on Green Bay, and con
tabu about 6,000 101.11. The Port Crawford
resume is in the town of Prairie du Chien and
comprises one hundred and seventy-Stemmas.
The Reported Movement of Troops
Attacked by Guerrillas.
NW You, Sept 28.—The Herald ley,
that the reported movement of troops, u pub
lished la one or two papers, are totbleg bet.
ter than sensation pengraphs. There is very
little doubt that the statements here been
made by Laterested parties for the purpose
of operetleig on Canal stmt.
The United States Revenue steamer Her
maw, while lying, under the Viritniashore off
Chesapeake Baylvon the 20th list, wits at
tacked byignenillas, but after an entifismant
of twenty minutes, the rebels were driven off.
Draft la Albany.
ALBUIT s N. T., Elgt. 28.—Tbs draft cog.
atassid - km to-daye lad It tOrogroutag
adalb• 7 _ '
- • - . • -• • -•-
icon is Stutern Virginia—The
Wail in the Western States—Gen.
New Tom Sept.22.—The World's soecbd
from Washtngton, September 27th, gays: The
good news received trent 13eneral Ramming to
interpreted by an official organ this morning,
to mien that zeinforcementa have reacted
him, and that he may Boon decide when he
shall resume the tffensivo. It would be high
ly Improper at present to reveal In fall the na
ture of our present pcsitioa. Bat it la or loth
• notate as to render an attack on our lines
exceedingly Improbable. The sanitary Con
di-dui of this army is ray, estiefactory, and It
is generally thought that it was never in
batuir, condition man at present. . ,
There Is good reason to believe that Les la
not anxious to prime an er.gagetortil, and that
If he should attempt a fink movement, his
labor will be rain.
A large portion of oar army Is encamped
near Culpepper.
The Herald'. epecial from Washington,
Sept. 27 says: The leading Republicans In
the West are writing to Washington letters
etromonstranea against the propelled aban
donment of the draft in the Western States,
and the substitution therefor of a new spi
te:Eta eolunbaring.
It b rumored that M.J. Gen. Howard will
tender his resignation.
From Cbarieston.
Wearaiurow,,Sept.24.—The steamer Spaul
ding arrived at Portrass Monroe yesterday,
with data from Charleston Bar to Friday
morning. Nothing important has omurred.
Omni 9itimore was Lithely creating siege
guns. Bad weather interfered with the naval
Capture of Col. Polk arid Family.
Sr. Loin, Sopt.2B.—The Democrat'. Cairo
spwriel ;ay': Col. Trustin Polk, formes
United States Senator from Missouri, lids
end two daughters, were captured at Bolivar
Landinn,Artanses on the 18dr, and deliv
ered to Gen. Buford, commanding at Helens.
Gen. Hooker
Wanarnoton, Sept. 28 —Oen. Booker loft
Washington to-day to enter on active tervite.
Gen. Butterfield will conflicts hie Chief of
GOMM A.B C/A .a eU D
glowneT, Sept. 2.3—Sn roll no new gretare what
ever to notice In regard to dont:wile money - matters.
Id s In New York. *pp are to bate oodargoov no
rba=r, b log to do ) at itt9g--SatEndefe
geotatlcn. 7 here Is bat lIH.ld coin ea. [lag heti, ant
Tetra rem& ah,:nt as tut gnote.t. •
Is may appear itrour, yet It Is nererthtlem trio,
that our whohaale grocers 111.0 al-130 pra, ut time
wiling gramma at East.= prices. O. usury mer
chants thou! l r.mensbar this hart, •al thus ovoid
the trouble •r. I eipertie of make g a trip to the E est.
To prove our 40triloo, we a ppere I Ito. follow log lett r
which woo tecatstd here tc, by out, of our leading
hon.', from a country merheut in Palstlelphia,
share be bad gone to bay "cheap g .ois
Putisaturara. &pt. Z.—Gana: Aber art ielog
h. • 1 cams tee the conu us.uu act w g 00 to new
York, so that prices here eb.ut the eau. •• la your
City. Thaiefurs I intend to rt torn 10 eitUaairda to
boy goods, sod ease fret, hts.
Thu 110.1u:s Market email:au at to trebly t olive, at
much au as c u' d be espeated nod• r the tale:tug cir
cum 11.1CCS. Oat of the greatest olheael ain tee way
at trade, just tow, is elan atnuylnce end delay is
gettltg grain, a mr, etc., etc., through (nut tho 11 eat.
tlo g eat in the pressure of It - tights [apart the Weat,rn
loads Scat It is ftegocu•ly fount] Lectata to close
the depot gates du: og tho day, and stop reo,ty
18, 1863.
O MAIN AND ILJUa—Wnest it ster.l) Stith a
fair denuid at former curt .tio..s. Corn Is firm with
but little In cuaket; en eon track of 1 cm 8 eiftd at
63c. There Is a continued good demand for Oats, nod
we act, &ea on track of 4 can at 70c, and 1 car at
Tic. Barley—lt as t Gering from first haud2; sahli on
track of I car So I Opting at $1,30. By. to firm with
email saber from wagon at 8.563,93 c. 11,.!nr te firm
With e go.d demand for the best g-•lcs, prh oI ere
imam. We note isle. from store at $3,75 to $6,00
Ihr common'o fair grades of Intro Psniil, and $6,25
to $6 . 60 for gm! to cht Let brae's. Rye flour may
be quotol 11,m at $5.2.1 xor bbl. •
OROCERIRS--Tbe Otto ry %%riot con:haure to
sum firm, and prices s:111 ti nd itywArd. thuars rang*
Rom ISX to 130 for fic,d W prime Cuba, ant 13 to
13Xo for Porto Rico. timall tales of Rtflool LIU W.
at IbX3loc kr .11 - and "A." Coffre, act 17..: for
Croshtd. 11..icsscs firm with Chi. at from 61 to
60a. ColLe Is flees and a shade h'ghrr, phb soles of
Moat from It to 32*.
MILL VERD—firm with a rale on track of I tar
Bran at 11,10 rr owt, and I car No 1 31 idd ins at
$l/6. No ears of Bhisetaffir or 011 Meal retcrttd.
Bilf—le arm with • demand May foal to the
sapp'y, ea'a or 15 loads from mules at 130 to 515 per
too, and 45 bob' oo track st $l6O er cwt.
TEDS—liale of 55 baga prime Timothy Seed at
82.75 par bash. Tlas Seed It acaree, and a roatol lot
would sell rotelify at at,9362,00.
BUTTER A EGGS—Packed Dotter is quirt, with
Wes at Iron 1610 180 pot m, so to quality; Roil I.
Paling at from to 22c. sma'l solo of Eggs et 110
par derma.
CREESE—The drmaad b felx, and the Market Is
atom with sale' of prime W B at 12Xo
BACON—There is e contiterd fair dem►ad for
kiwis of smoked meat., and the market to firm
foram quotatlOok
L.k111:1 7 -le quiet bat-at:as:ly with •mall eslte
prime kettle rsxmlorsul at 10%01.1e.
LARD OIL—S, 1 Is very firm, and etlle frailly
9% for tint quality.
Pfttebargn retroleam Matket.
Stet 18.—Tbare has leen• fair Wannest dcno in
Chaim to-flay, without, however, any vatlation in
rates. We note sales of 600 Ulf In bulk at 77c; 67
beds at 27c, bbls returned; and 115 and 765 bids at
M(e, I o b, packages included. The receipts continuo
limited, reaching only about 600 btln during the peat
two days. Baited 6.o.Lnc:a antenna) quiet to.dny,
as we were tumble to hear of si single trl:ractitn.•
8o far, however, an qmsations are cam:Gated, there
has bean no change whatever. Thom is some In
quiry fur Banana, and • law smallllll.lllwere made at
207, though holders, generally, Ire asking Ylet. An
weer of 60 cents, was made Ls WO Ws, delivered In
new York, ant refused.
New Yprk Petroleum Markel.
Spacial Dispatch to the Pittsburgh Gazette.
Saw Tom, Sept. 43.--Cleads is almost p °mind;
cull asks on the spot at 35033%0 Bellied in band
Is quiet with salvia; mcioNo an the .po4 630 rer
Oc tobtr, tmgers epitome, and 640 for November, emus
option. Tess Cil ranges from GI to Cl'X i t. flaptha
talct it 9.7827 X. for B . ll ne d .• 0.
Wean,' Review of the New Yogic Pe
troieum Markel.
Do:ported Esprees!y for the Pittsburgh vett
Nmw YOWL, Sept. 23. 1563.
no market for Petroleum hat ruled atesdy dialog
the entire pail, and there have teen no exclt
tog ielloancee, except the very favoralie cba-actar of
the Pmpa= advice, whlch,bovrever, ware without
effect co the muter. Thera prevailed • tderably
active demand dories; the early put of the week,
when the sales were to a fair extort 111 foll
The demand has bron lee actin dialed the lOW
put of the met, bowercr, and ail kluf, hors tended
Tor Crude the Inquiry was brl,k on Monday and
Tuesday, et an advance In prima of about lo par gal
lon, but since then the Cemand his been nicdmate,
and the gale have ben at a rather lower rep of
pries. The vales tor-Mie yet Mot 8 Ofto bile, mainly
at 844837 amts, theeper—bat including 10Mlbbla in
bulk at the wells et 60.60 per bbl, and 3W t Wile, de.
liveable in October. at 34,4770, renew. option,
atdpplag order, and WOW. buyer. °Slog The
market ruled very dui today, and closed nominal at
834)38 canto.
Ilefinifd in band, en the spot, vu ale *Mite dar
ing Lb* early pat of tat net. lu rat for erTort to
Euglawer, at price snowing an advance of 1881,4,0
Pe gallon, Inn the market entrequently Drams quiet
and prioe favored the porcherr. The e'er color
tole 3000 gallows In tint at 70% ninthf 0 b, mud
411,000 bblv, chiefly on the spot, at 67,41168 c. Tb•
market, we doll, and prima acre Icily lc
beer, closing at 57066ei on the spot oaBO 3 Nroi for
October &livery, Lavaca apUtU. Mod 61 6 030,0,150-
vembar, ewe option.
lee 011 brinat in.. In much favor, and limiters
ha. been nib* , liabt —la options as vrli as •Oee.
W• lots salsa of emu s ot no, In tins, at 70 cents;
2000 dr, lu poor order at az bble at 64 to Ulm
1000 do.'d•Uvarable In October, at GBo, bululoPtlon.
and MO do do at 713f,e, mod 400 tails Realdliun at
66,76. Today the market was dull at 4064684‘.
liaptha bar born lo fair irqdry for the mr4t part
and prima have feuded upward. 'rho ratio are 1280
bbi•at iLt top*, dosias at 27a2N0.
Cleveland Market
Bar. uo nleo at thv Board. Thtt after.
twos rata were made of 100 bbla extra at 6.5,00; 110
btda 3LX. at k 6,66; BO Irbli white do ' so to. Wheat,
Market a shade more actlYeand !tutu:. Balm 7 pun
choice Kentucky white at 61.410; 7 . 04 e I 616 ci0 rod
oio knead at $1,160, 11,7601ur do do at 11.184. Corn
-tuy Bra and 11,11 at 764576 a. Oats, Qedet sad Brit
111 ido. Elkturinee-satiol oo bbls Wn. Ttluolk,
11144. Lida as sz7s. maces, Bala 1 tor at 664
Cisnt ialklar I Cots t
Pil44s for luraf.hly the - 0 amo.fawy 'op •
meat of PtgLeaelpb is w Fat. a Ti-ar, Cara
Mad, atc., wno optosi oa rtilay la a a: 16e art -a
Bomburi 10[0 bb:. Extra Family
Patrytem 111 _96,05
• Gi C.llnlll C., LO9 Lat. IV sy Le , Lara 8 111•... 6,79
as soWO4I . 6.75
1,000 "
" 7JCU
C nr1111 , 112. J r, 1,0919 t bir 87011,,a96 Mt
W lint7l99*. /Let, 1,000 1.:914 I",a9aut
Wattsc. t Brown. LIMO 911471.491.1.1 IL1:9-- 6 91
8 Matlack, 1,0.0 071. Omar,' LI 1114--..---6.79
11 H 11941.9 SOL 1,00 tatls Aatettazo Colon ..6 ra
• MO " 6,69
• " 201 . 6,69
GOO •• " 6,49
1,09019 We G 41 8 ,131
Ltola 21. Loafs 18111.--.—.13 21
StilKar t 9 - alf9r, 2,91.11 tytii. • Li Untiorri.,
ti 2.,0r 0 9. 6,90
•• 9,otai 1891 a wridry brao.ts-6. 91
29,,tati ant 999a1 at 9% Lb
800.1 Ll'. ro. 20,00 9 210 C"r9 . 7 zhc 'kJ
D. 994 net t 009690871, 1.0,0 Lb!. Qvaker (4,7
1.003 " 6,4 a
Mato & SeKaan,..:o,o4o iOt tioap
P LIG arlde & Co, 25,0.0161 Wilde S 'gar—A B
15 }cc, 160.
0 0 I - apiary, 4,000 laUon. Tioegtr at 103ic; 1,0 J) do
at 10 1.10 e; 3,000 do at 100.
O Eer•d & Co, 25.( be White Pogo at lb*.
Barmaids, Mae, & Bale, 23#43 m. Whito oat et
E 16,47. and ti Bo . 1 .. 4 514 0' 0 W ." " P
at. $6,54, 30.140 ta do at $5.13; 5,0tY3 EaVotts Sy rap
at 50 53 3k; '..0.000 dta, to b',ll„ at 4*.
Ajax, Err, 31,t0 0 tat bolt .t SL3O. •
J W Starter, 3,0:10 galleue Vlcriroar at 12c
Des t iaLatt.a. B,teel artless Vir,-gar at 113 c.
Wm Parker. Jr, 6,(01 gallon. Syrup at ttc, and 8,010
it. lora at ISt.
St. Louis Musket
Hem 2.3.—Tobecco centinums buoyant and ad.
Marin; bales to-day at the two warebocues ef 69
hhits at $G to 532,25 per IUU HA for factory lugs to
On , shipping Lat. bids on 12 blods, (hell:sting on*
f SOU, wars rrject.d. Cocoa was exalted and
5 ought • tugher price which crag not made public.
All of 23 bang good 13,1,1 , 140 g wide co Id. /letup was
timer, and the only We rere,rted was.lll bales ordina.
17 undressed m store at 565 par ton. Moe w• no
lead In the market. limn,. was Orin but batty*.
Sales comprA tar bblo at $3,90 to 4,111 for 4.w to
pool pups. llos, $4,75 for • ova I lot of Fine. extra.
and 5o 12,465t323 for double zirs, and 16U alts don.
bin extra at $3,10. Wheat was quite buoyant, end
tlgher fur choice, with gales o , li,insu aka at bsc to $5,23
per bushel for p or etwice, and something higher for
Wale cape tar lots. There was an 641,4. ILI COI a,
with tat,. t 1 200 elts Lure 01 74 1. 7flo In god
order, and 20 OW bush*. to bullrat a point on lbe
Illinois river at 50e bal• mitre steady and illenn i •lth
m es of 3,600 las In lots at 70c, atid.72; do at 71aiI1a
per bushel In to dr sank.. A round lot of 2.690 bu.n
• f abutae spring bailey to arrive, h. ough t $1,25 per
exauseti• of tall. Aam s deo of rye was
on de .t 750 per bu het. Thena was conalderist, e bu•
.Mess to lord, wish sates of plimeltere at, and
at Hannibal at 90 per pound. Hamm, clear older
were: , old at t%oh6 ter pohnd. bia6 y ..banned to
4164(443%n par gailou, wilts sties of 110 barrels
—Amor, a
Chicago Market
Brrr. 27.—There vat • eery active demand for
Spring Whtat by abippera and rptcualorg, rod the
market advanced folly 6 per unstai, with salts .1 No.
at $404.1;41,1.17%; pct.:Wally at $1,07; No, 2 at st,od
41,u4. rod ILO feted at 95e(901,60 m store. W ru , or
haat wag neglected md alma,'" nominal. Flour
was firm and in g.od de random t.-b an advance ef fit
luc per Nurel on an grades. Ttri - demand lot tout
'lra light, bet hot .en were rap Arm to their TWINS
and the Mica made wars at as .draoce of 134 , 42 c p.r
bri,ria on ytateidaya price. d twat 110 ago brotel+
ctrangol hands at 73c for Canal an • ; 72473 f r No.
L . 71,54c1,0 No. 2, and 70: fa . ',pate dln More. Oat,
•ern to good remeat and tal,Sac high•r, ea';ee being
mad, at 6:056.e for No. 1 and b134462c for No 2
Bye •as in tour* nquent, sod ad:yawed 3e, With
Baler at auc for No. 2 u.d 8135 1 tar geed No, 1 Ba . .
le) t tiled firm and ta,,rant laud a leacc a 2e, Nu
In clot gelling atnt acme from 5 1 . 1(1 0 1 , 13 . the ad*
tone to t oat cliAdal • tr mer f gang In Ilighwinta,
and h dna demanded 40%449.,,.. A ...lea 100 bar.
rein was made at too ILL,laa frgurr. Timothy Peed
wu in &carve req.*. sod steady at $2,20-2 25 f..,r
goo Ito prime. k' !lard awe and ti in at $2,404
9 00. CL,rer Seed quiet. Prtrtll:ol3.ll4ure aCtli• Ann
fi incr.
iallwankee Mitket
gem. 25.—Vrbeat firm and 2 cents p,r bushel
blgoer. At the Nesbit:l florae, some 00,000 bushels
clianatil haul. at st,o2 for No. 2 .d $1,05 fur No. 1
Sp,luc. Th.te was a Letter er.qtury for door. a:4
thifoodeney of the marl et lowatde the close was In
favor of balder.. The offerfogs were light, sod salsa
ditto. About 800 burls were reported on 'ellauge
at g 6.35,15 lor fair to good conntry spring extra, fb.s
113,1. a. Jar tal..ter wheat brand.l and gt,tl.s toe thole,
superfine. Oats were in good regent at lle In store,
but to bags ohm nil so readiiy ealeabl., and irreg..
I.,•taglog from 60 to 20 delivered. A bade corn
was sold at 7100. There It re: enough healing In to
establish quotations. Ber ay to good at furze
*. piton. Nye was mach Inquired for and rouse. It
cold at 75437d0 to 140111.-00OGOLOL
Imports 6y Railroad
PIITISITRO. re. Wirtz • CHICLGO DesLaoa D. Sept.
28-3ul bg. ewe, 'limbtruck, Meet - eery @ co; 3 Cu/.
oars, I owe. II IltddW; 339 by bran, el • J °sr.:th
ese; be bbl. About . , dl @ LI Wallace; re; de do, S 13
Walton, 3 pogo twine, Gerwlg; 45 rolls I , tper, Pt I ,
kin , @ cc; 13 pk 4. wire, 11 Tuwuwed; IT bbl. oil, /Sr
ceeco WI co. 000 og. oil meal, If. Bishop; 32 bb .apples,
4.56 bra nail feed, Iles @ tied; 43 a m broom.", tieSl
dletrger; 54 hole cul,st oil, J ♦ I:angtos; I cer•
setsi, Julio blloorbeed; luo bole done, tinctuaker •
Lac ble 141, P OA Ile rs @ co; 150 bids *ben., J d
Ligestt @ co. 100 bb's dour, Culp • bast:Aged; a !thee
tab s no, nfrymen •eon; Co bbl. liquor, J Dryer; 4
care barley, J /teeter; Ilk bble totaCco. bdurt,nor
CU - sm./an d Pttlastnaa Bemoan, Sept. 26-
01 bb.6 Sour, lispktowa & Lis.bart; 6 hbds tobacco,
31 Iley1; 1 do do„ J Grier, 7 do do, 11 W Poludester;
3 do de, 6 but , s do, Jae A blastula; 1 c , se do,B Evart
d co; 3 tmtts do, W 111 °oriole, ; 1 Lad flee J Gre
ater; 8 pkgs J D Drava; 3do do, 2 oks wire, J D
Kirkpatrick d co; 4 eke glycerine, 20 litiLt la d oil, 11
A Fenuestock d co; 30 do do, Jos Ds.:ll Abort; Hoke
1 bol eo, 6co II D ether d bro; 6 do whisky,
Simon L 8ok; 13 rolls I.tier, Hays d Stewart; 142
.k. wheat, Sk Llggott .1 co, 9 bb • vatol.b, J 811111•
k.n; 11 bbl• apples, T Stantln; IT3 togs corn, Woo
Cartairimal; I tamest", 11 11cOolt.mgh; 103 bble
boor, Atwell, L.* d fi)i 10 sirs rage, Startle di CO; 14
of at oat meal and barley, Wm Ilaslage; 3 eke obis• ise,
J Dvab; 95 oil Gbh, Noah American WI co; 1.0 bbli
&dlr. Lindsay tt Telford; 16 boo sheet bed, A GoC.
duo; 3 lads eggs Cook, Pettlit d to; 34 bides, Goi 11.
Anderson; 112 do do, J 1 McLaughlin; 1553 do do, 8'
tiatbaligh A.O; 335 b.. cheese, J D Canfield; 161
helve bay, n B Lloyd; 96 bbls what, Noble d Lintel;
150 bbl. send, D.teaoJ, rears d co, 0 Ws apples,
Stouffer I Tindle; 1 co. baths,, 1/ Fawcett * co; 1 do
do, Josh Rhodes; 3 bbl. ciauberriss, C C Balder, .9
cks musses, 76 bzs do, Shoutaken A Lang;2o3 bbl. op
plea, L 11 Vo!gt 41; 00.
ALLIGUIDIT 9TAT/031-240 middlinp, 2. CIO. Ws,
210 bgs shorts, J 11 Spear; 100 oge liszsorl, Welder
A lb:ter; 14 bb. apples, 3 .8. potatoes., J P Cald
well; 2110 g. oats. A Taylor; 8 bbl. apples, Wm Rey
nolds, 1 maodeov; T McCort:All; 6 baskets vegetablcs,
D Cornelia.; 1 bed tallow ; I Blom; lot Mat kat
Dissol.uraoirs, AL:
—lb* partnership heretofore r white( t wren
the oodertl.ned. unser the etll. sad Arm of
WOLFS. PLUNK aIT 800., has tble day—L'ut
rex eel ITth, 1867—bean dlesolved. The bushese
of the firm will ha settled by J. A. TS 01.,Tu or T.
OrtteleßALL, they Mote beioet authorized lob es.
J. a. NVO.LWE,
Pitteborab, September 10, 1803.
peretoultd P. V. PLUNK NTT'S Interest In
Ise (Thom Cocoas It sill to curled on Surnaftsr
• nen dm style and tiros of WOLTZ, CAIN PBILIs
Pittsburgh. rept. N N. 180. srS3As
—The wine/118V bon tof xe ozbiloo betwom
tb roboalboro, node, flo ars of PHILLIPS,
ISSW boo Ibis dsy Non dleolrwl, OEIBB.
WOW/LW and WILLI/LS PHEW bllviog por.
d0...1 the satire Interest• of the otb'r cartoon.
the bliskets of ILo lota Arm via to 'island by
LOOK H AHra 111,1 W.
PM/burgh, Log. 10th, 1883,
Producers and/loaners of Petroleum
At ALBION OIL WZLIN, Vett.go Oa., and
oar 011 co, 1773 174 WOOD BTRAKT,
NOTiCit.-..The undersigned having
purobsesd the entire 'took from the long cc.
tablhhed house of J. ES McUllttE, world announce
Coble old comtomers sod the potato hie removal to
store 169 Liberty octet. octal) bj J. B.
Id °Cone.) • large and complete cock of end.
diets' and Ethoecoakem ,
Leotber Findings. Bides,
to., mu be Wand, and at lineal rates.
0. if. tolliDititiOti. No. 181 Liberty Meet.
AND Lae:ruin 111387N,83, I most cordially
commend my 611azelleef ea • maw& strict Istegrtty
and good bnefiw coaltilcatiosus For some moults
to acme I will contlawe to ocnopy W. Amnia.
E'OSPB connUng.soom, and will take gnat pMesurs
In introducing bits to tny boalataa eccirmintonner
J, Mai:lMM:
rit.801.1.1110N.-1 ho fi:m cf
LIAhIA, B,LeCE. 4 W. wss dissolve! ea the
17th day or Eeptembov, 1110, by mutual cosset.
The kasle, al o: the Arm WVbe clued by 0. U. P.
WILLIAMS. I MOOS bevies shims sgetast the
trm will brand them to him, at thetroMas, at the
Sew tilt. Prapreses Bowe' i and all persons in
debted to sal dim will al-sur settle the soma.
JOUR BLa as.
EBE urn aItZWEB,
JAME , 11,YriP,
O.C. 1207.4.
Tlta..,-45.11 parties in interest are
Oc4lllol that' the Btatooont of Vfosen If( Mt,
motto of am oionfog of MOSTABIIY Wrallrer,to
.tbo &cowl Wald of /310.1. to the
trial Wu{ of Alloshny l*Roloy
B.OONOI/6; Ir.,
liollsitoe Atteetsge.
von Liam
F s.R FO . B.'qAT.R OR RENT,
.111 cader team, and In ■ good state c: clatint.lca.
tr.provelarzte comaftl of • ?law SHIM DEPEL•
LINO, onntafolcg 10 roams; large litAdlr, BABA;
TM - ANT HODSZ, vial 5 rooms ; ind good erchard
o: twang Issas. GOAL cosdar the vhsts farm. Eats
nate la Naldwla towcattlp Baca st. talks from the
city. !claire a
• • LT.—The hdra of Ganda esetnr, den%
will tiler at Plinth Sale, on YE a4).a Y. Odeon
att.: tam. ens 'of the mad restreb!e Parma fa allw ,
It le g /atm= tarrashlp,.l2 Ando
Iron Pittabrait and from the Illonantrahala
leer, ecatslaing nit at...-95 area tkared and well
Doll tested. the s rewaindel well Unabated The land
Item beantlfal.y. and Is well watered. Orel. Use.
et, no and lladleit Stone, all if the lows quality.
abound oaths maths. The trolliltigs are goof and
enbrtuttlat, the (merino end cotthroma tato/ of
acne and the barn • lards frame. hull of tettoon
kinds Is also plenty.
elan, at the tone nor, a tarp . dostrab'e to of Si
amo, rata& mile tram the toll, wiry o - davintsitt•
If Wooted, well watered sod In owl mnditton, hiP
ona thereon • go- - 31 lama] log hones and fro= eta.
ble, at d some trnts. I
ye., to Owns:once at 1 o'clotk p. m.
Tom, Made known on the du rf sale.
Nor further pant:tears enquire on the maim of
40HN ciAertus
no .rI , 7A T
VOR HALE.—A oonvoraenll two-story
U brkk deorlhig house, with back braiding, DM
V 3 BON street., rittabora.
Also, a large, ocatvankot and vall.flaishild three.
glory brink dwelling boom, with back building, Be..
2d Am street, between Tint and &wood athlete.
Also, a two-trton brink dwelling two" with back
bolldlop, 80. 11l Becond skeet, war BAWL
AJJ riot above are to good order, and dandled with
yea end water.
Alp, a one .Wry frame cottage dwelling, 80. BB
!locoed erect, and the two-wort Waco dwelling ad.
lotolog. Both of theta lames we In good order, and
soluble for mall Sawlike.
Also, lot of grafted on the olostbisstwarttly side
of fleet serwc, batsman Zoos and Toy Meg % bow
Boas stmt. tuving • front of 14 feat oo first Mich
and ostmodlng back OD Ink
Ttf don property b &noted to s desirable port
of tee WI.
toy terms Olds sad particulars hoqulre of
1411 AI
No. W
Wit. .. IsoS
Fifth m. eoN,
PIIBLIO 13A.LE,—Will be exposed for
Ws. on the 29ra DAY 07 OCTOI2IIII. that old
quarry, (hotter Looms so 17.61.14011111 QULBRY,)
coonskin 10 acres, mon as Iris, 16 Wks to m .
tetnargn, on the A. Y, E. 8.. to Pinta totrantilp,
A Ileghe. y avant... having a front of 41 probes on
th. river, a frame how. Lod stable, a antoterr of
hales besting srpht tree, which tent ir.t.s trait ;
• floe quallty of rock for grin/gorge, of all
ii = s a
.are nd boadpid ;mho ot cellar Win, .
quarried, sad a pl•tkrm at lb. rsliroLi reedy far
loading. This lot wonld mum , for oil retzurrl..,
or Lay one that would win to go to th. atone bail.
Toms midi known on Jay drain.
Silo to commons, at 10 o'dook e. o.
JAALIJI nannw.
PJom m r , neet . 10, IP6n. awlikaodti
PBOPIBTT FOII BALE, situat• tear Cooks.
loan Bo Otto scanty, Pa. A Farm of 43 stri, wi
der g ood lapin which than, itarocted
two etc , ' from. Flouring um, with tuer run of
stone and modern imptosinneuts i also a baso urn
connected. The wh Le is nearly new, and in goal
running crd•rosad to wowed to rya by steam and
!rater powsr, or 'swat*, so may to desired. Also,
.11,70 story r 7119111 Dwahing new Barn, and th• nos
massy outbuildings. The land Is underlayed with
cat,lona a Danis now open, whkh supp li es the
lis, du.
For • lairs minute description and terms apply to
1 3. B. BATTS, Real Vt.t. and Laurance Await.
But'sr stmt. Lsnrrsuosolls. sal
ERI7 JOB SALEL—Two Lots, 20 foot 4 b.
front by 110 kat deep to an aileyorith • lap doable
balm, between Hiceoxlt and Hand street. A deal.
table locarion for a Phyla's' or Dentist.
• Also, tome fine kindles rites for private erg
neer ntnersellle, tram 36 001
as each.
Also, a Isar mambas of building lots, of surto=
Arse, of from 26 to 60 feet want by 100 to 160 Ist
deep, enacted it the tarminni of Me Willa Must
Apply to the andandgned, Er ' cantors of the estate
of John Huron, dked. W. A. HE BON,
Iroh3ni R. 0. HEBRON.
FARM FOR SALE.—I am authorized
to offer for legs, ea reasonable tams, • T 'Aar
or LEND, sea ceasing about an acres, sawed In
oak, and rraatlin tornthicia Des? Parr/stills. Al.
legllcay county, and nor cceaplca by John MoDcar•
fail ea Want.
TW tract is Iran tisalmaid, magas cod, sails
'try Tamable for foriolos porpoise.
tellAt .tI Fourth street. PHisbasib.
C OI3I.7TRY HOMBEl.—Beintifal eidr
stints far Gotortry Hama Ihr Ws, to llsOlars
toanshtp, Ohio townihip. sad ElevlokLeg Barough.
AU thole lots ars vrtibin short edam= at orstions
ou.the Pittsburgh, Tort Warns 1 CdthAgii Ull W.
innlao of Y. H. DAVIS, old 2. O. !halts&
sus ' es Wstor stmt. Allteheso,
FOB SALE--Four Acres of Orraul
and • Hoar Stacy Erick Biaildtas Hoene.
Boilers and Hantalnary; wall adapted tar • mann•
tactory fret by 110 fed PardallEd tw
ore-ball Ho original wasta by caning on
gal Ha 93 Qraant strastayittabtrita.
ADBTATIO, 1. Earee-pwww. 4,000 tam.
BIENELNIA. LITO Honespower, SAD tone,
"DOLO et ISIA, 1.0 a) Honwpower, SPX tom
AUSIGLIA. 14110 Has-pour, LOOO tam.
The ,amsnidoent etesmahlp ADBIATIO will mil
from Now York tar Liverpool sn TUXBDAT. the
' -
CT of September.
Bates of pomp from Lhespool UMW, Tod. Dip
abed Is gold or Ite scotrahrot to cannon
Dint 0a1dn......470 and sBosEtelamP...." 00
Interreedlste $4O l
Perserstes rowomeded gm. to London. Parts Ham
bug. Ram, Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp, /M., at
Lowest rates.
Term from Thorp: rot or Dalwei to New Toth and
Baton. $25 $ 226 ,,575, sto. $lO6.
for pump apply at the adloe of the Agents,
BASIL mud" Medina.
Emma Joan, thaw.
tSwkir CT, . OISWILL.
Gkran D ddi Bialldthiro
blear= Be. TO Filth Strum. 'Mestere*. .
14.) POOL, (=Wog at 1/1:111EPITOWP,
(o;nur, Hama.) TLe Iran Pawn dasmaM
Livorpool, Pew Trak and ndlsdelpitla LitausaL)
Ocactrianyar tatauded to mil Iblkmi
OITY OP eteinazeria..........issurear, (mt.
01 LONDOIL. R.1:12dr7. Oct. .17.
Essobto do Gold, or lb spooloatost t. Ourromes.
Pmt 1araaa5a5..—..........031 to
do. to Loadou... CC do. to Londaa.. W
td Porta—... 0:1 do. to Portt.m— 10 IM
dn. to itatotnui 00 Di do. to lialabard R 110
Postauqers alto %
Itzrrardid to Wm, Roam. BM.
Urdu% &atom km., at squatty low rata.
Sam (mmWnspod or Quwastaanat Ird Odd;
My pa, $lO6. Statrap, 7W. Masa who alit to
lead for that! lhaula am bm *MU Wm at thaw
Pat farther tatennillon_applj ill dlai Oda Par II
Mac JOHN g. DAL,. Aims,
16 Broadwin H. I.
4 JOHN IMOIIP8011,: u S 4
Hand Mist, Ifni lunno bon ina
CUNT LlNR,—Eteam -fromM
Liverpool aid Qoaaastown, 115, In bola. or lb *PIP
slant la commay. Irmo Haw York. 136 to car
may. Ws enty week. Ant, to
VLBIBOIIIIS4I4o. 6 W tbsooleetto stud, two dimrs
train Wsiter 'taut.
Tor4eran apply to c
cr " trlMa WOOD
coma m tad wood amts. •
DoR RUNT—The third story of the
J o hauling now accaolad bY laagqible) =Or
of ISt. Olair street 'at Dogma Way.
IeIDAT 12081. AffIiWORTIL.
qv Lisa—me, Ywo or spies iIOOMS
la the third or fourth storlis a! 411.trrn tulle.
log, /fifth stn.:, with or without SUFIS palm.
Ittenaltib. lb. prombirs. satil
AISSITLIT Qua arnaiwass's (orus,
Goner G
Wallington, D. 0.. 0.0000= 3
,3 sas.
.1 ANIMALS win taks pianist tbigurnl s max
the Otrernocry, lu thli.osy. on Ms Ipr, an LEG
lath and 60th &Pia Gut tonne: PM pupa/
ontieuatei mat far public *Men
WO 000100/01011 at ID o'clock 10• Sada day.
and be a CO
cidinned boa Lecto dop or
to Litd LuG.l*ol4._ -
cat. Vanua, ,
WWI • jai $4ll. Iv% L L.'
P 11 - VP
I,IIERNIk Oli - 11117PTVRE.
Hernia or Rupture cured.
Hernia or Rupture cured.
Hernia or Rupture cured.
Hernia or Rupture cured.
Hernia or Rupture cured. 1.
Hernia or Rdpiure med.
Hernia or Ripttire cure
Rupture or Hernia oared.
RuptUre or Hernia cured.
Rupture-or Hernia cured.
• Rupture or Hernia cured.
Rupture or Hernia cured.
Rupture or Hernia cured.
Rupture or Hernia cured.
Harsh's Radical Cture Truss.
Ritter's Patent True.
Fitoh's Supporter Truss.
, Dr. Banning's Lace erßoiy Brace,
for the mire of ProLaitini Uteri, Pilaf
Abdominal and Epinal Weaknesses.
Dr 8. 8. Fitch's Silver Plated Sup•
Pile Drops, for the rapport and care
of Piles.
Elastic Stockings, for weak ual var
icose veins.
Elastic ;Knee Caps, for weak knee
Ankle Supporters, for weak knee
Suspensory Bandages.'
kind of
Ele/f-Injeoting Syringes; also, ever)
Dr. KEYSER lute elm s Trims widah
will radically eurtakraitt or Rupture.
_ .
Otr oEar at hie Drug Store, No. 140
WOOD Entan..sign of the Golden Nor
tar. Persona writia4for Trustee should
aend the munbeilof inches _around the
body; immediately crrer the rupture.
DEL itIITEIII}2 WM str• Ide *wad sitentkro to
the applitastott of Truism be adults set eldibtres,
end he b welled that, with weersteuteees of twat•
tr l•en, be wiLl be swatted to due eltbleotbau
81tt.7-12Mt0TI80 811118013.
rsimartazortsa sultmois.
ezzar•usnortao BYRUM=
Bold at Dr. KEYSER'S, /40 WOOD St
Ist/APINSDET 8A51D1.025,
brarzareonT BANDAGEII,
A dm dllkdrit IdalA
O damn abut Med%
a daunt dffilinat kb*,
A dam Mem* Ma t%
At Dr. RSTEIIIII, 140 WOOD Erwin.
CUM ALL D 1231.1818 OF 287 LISI7II.
I Writ, ottaittion to Roza of 120 mot =taw&
mara =ea t 7 my
They are at home, and say caa law hea iheahal
am tacit:real Ms persons iha have bees eased by 11.
013 L. •
71 . ou ittandlcs caned by na,Auraars PSOTO•
Prranaroax. lam ii, INA
DL Enna: Ey WI bas balm aldlattd wit" •
bad wash and efilealty of Ittaithdos tat lnlasq
whloh karermal years back bad itradnagfiEwmul
in siolanco. Ths =plaint kis bnest
and Oa had tom Welted by lissial pytialaniittE•
out any rslist Im Era slats of lurrau, I Mani
so= of Yew Naomi Dona elnno..l WO; I";
first elan, a day otan boat* yid& rand bit WE'
morli I than ailed and got a ilcdlarbOUL. Wll*
wind hat entlrdy , and ohs bas w v
ay tram of WO
ferns? Mama. =apt waskaut. I. wadi alas dab
ask! and Eta mailloins salad! to l add'Mow&
The andloins mod las by Wins one bats. I ar•
pro mY satin antisibetkin with Om loath* aid
you an at Malty to Fatah Udall pa Mtn to do
m. WE. WILdOZ,
Altman 111th WuL
Prnninnam, Nat., 111, 1515.
Da. Iznik: I We bony'man or Limo in IN
Ufa, ettpoted with the meted at wails Amid tweak
MS. At times manta mould bowentelo clam: si
to gnmant my Spiking Omni It: erbbiler, Ist tfr
taking. limber nt the slots Brown would vo
line me entbely. •
Is mmenunanding fhb Mellatima hut lan tooltw
tingly my tbst it to the best rein/dr/ Riff *and.
yensetteg t. come the !Mon, nor olumbl say bony
be without this mantytte illotessein
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thebiar Cithimenlegoilt Bra.
on. PRATT Alm DL. miniam psorouz,
Da. Same--DD: Et: Dtton the defog In Tag
acknowledging tbo erailleno• ef rnr Pectaur
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and 04 will to prowl to wrg,_"lll% na quack mat
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attra~auaoHedgaalabtod gretibob for /mat
fog ID tiOaßtlll*oo.. IrOOMPOO Inert, to so
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wbo sotortga doubts east cotOolt posoodlr.
1. L?.
Prrattopt; • fail I'. WS.
.TLIIADII VIIITIL—Da. tratssay. I tuns •
daaahtst who bas bibs sessaal aasdkibm fa • bit
cough. *Acid tsselb.asisc a Pisal.krit's COOTS
hastailL, I postaisa tram 'ball" Of 7010
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