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101:13141r liitlaNl3l3===BETT. 29 , 11368.
6ITY - 41174.1118
or-onnarar. ' , Armor 27115 arr•
IhrkillOtattroes Ow"Anorts for the Go.
,'7 1. Slum, Optiotert, Vo. 55 Tint
stiett.44inisted datly
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12 00 61
; ..... 49
Earometer,.... 29 4-10
_lieu° for the Lhamplouship.
AtelegrePlaledispateh enniusiii: that Hem.
the poiburgli oarsman, boat Ward, of
Newburg, in the fivemile sculling match for
the eluiniEdonshin, ands puree of $2,000
, Ward helms *Woes of right when Hamill was
dentereld the elate!. The time made by Hem
-Wets 37 minute, mil 65 'condo—being the
time,by about two minutes, ever made
°Mitt ilver,and some four minutiae less than
- Westmde when he beat Hamill on the same
mune ale* weeks ego. Ward, although so
must still have been very close
upon the time which he made In the lost
mee, and his defeat Li not so much attributa
ble to his leek of smell, es compared with his
previous conteats,.as to Hamill's superior
Condition, Which enabled him to lesson the
time so remarkably. These feet: go to show
eonolusively that Hamm was not beaten on
kin mutts, in his late Contest with Ward, but
lie had underrated the prowess of hri outage
- mist, and bWirottlered himsolt to fell into bad ,
_ i goaettlort.. ; .
tinder the Careful and skillful training of
hadteen put, in the best
possible condition before, leaving this city, , 1
and wail t , fit to row for a man's life." Ho
felt fatly confident of his ability to win, and
irettave no doubt he entered the outset un
der the firm convietion that ho would achieve ,
as easy victory over hismowerfai competitor. 1
For stmersrpose oilor, ho had been ot-
fared one banded dollen to change the come
from Pongtdieepsie, but he demurred, sagely
remarking that "he losthirmoney at Pough
keepsie, and that was the but Owe to lad
it.' Arid he has found it, with interest.
The belles, we tumerstand, was lerrly in
favor of Ward, so that our Pittaburgh sport
ing men have no doubt made up for their pro
, viounlosies,With a handsome annum drawn
from the pooketa.of the coot sanguine New
N ;esker& • .
This race being regarded as tort match,
will doubtless settle the vexed question as to
"toe -clumapionihlo ot. America." It is not
et sit likely that Ward will make another of
- foil toritrtiveliis loft liarele, and if the belt
again peases froM Himin is will go into tee
bands otc Irani'''. now asplrant for that honor.
In theineantlmeHemhz can &Herd to on
his pare," if indeed he ficoa not again throw
down the gauntlet to the crack oarsmen of
Mislead, wattuyvtew:to adding fresh Liana to
those elesialy postnatal, won.
Union Rotting an Brownstown.
Oa Battelle* oreningn largo and enamel
&AM Union ineetbsg was held at Bro fal tows,
naaethe wuksof Jones and Laughlln't, A..
B. Staventor , „ BA., presided; between 3,000
and 4,000 parsons wore present, Welly of the
band working meoltanice. The mooting was
laddreirsed by Son..J. K. Moorhead, in a
speech ff over an hour in length, ho urged
Spelt the assembled multitude the vital isu
portastroof esavybogPonusplvenia at dm oom
las election in favor of the Union ticket, as
the elation Would be an Index as to whether
the great Wotan!' Prmnrylvante was in favor
of she Goverasunt in all its integrity or not.
When tie 'General &plated the condition of
affairs - that would take place in the event of
a division of the Eaton, cur iron, coal and
prOducts paying tribute to • foreign govern•
mint with Its Oastom homes end peril &ions
a line which wonid ineinde that great artery,
the Mieslesippt river, to which aoparatieaand
division, he would never consent. His dads.
/On wb 111011iTad with a -pot; ot hurricane of
applause, amidst ales of you are right, never
snow it. lite speech wee well conceived its
Matter and manner, indeed we have r ever
heard the General with M3ra pleasure. This
Was the general feeling throughout the rut
and attentive assemblage.
H. P. Muller E:q , next addressed tho
muting, annountring Wore he oefemenced
that its would 001 II& over at a fu
ture time and addresis the Germane. His
speech wu strong, forcible, and, as usual
with him, to the point.
Wm. Little, Seq , then delivered an able
and eloquent addrus, which was ltstoncd to
with marked attention and approval.
The lait'rpesker was Mr. Clark, one of the
"bone and of the country, a worsinn
man from ono of the rolling mills, who made
ap unsellest drub, end one which, from the
bigamist Vomits of applause, told upon his
Maori Mass Bleating in Franklin
&large' and entituslast:o meeting of [le
dthetts of - Franklin township, was held on
astaxdarafternoon last, year the residence of
Wm. Neely. The meeting was organised by
walling D.P. Nevin, of Bewlekly township to
the their. Messrs. an. !Italy, of Braver
ankh end James Cannifigham, were aleoted
Fine Presidents,' and Squire Rhoda, Jamas
.IDillow, and U. 0. A. Bsgge, Secretaries.
MM. J. D. Gnarls., Capt. GDierpio end Win.
G.'Nealy, were appointed Committee on Res
Jitoquentaddzesses were delivered by Er
..,Dherit Graham, end Tie'. IL Marshall E. q
of, Pittsburgh.. Tb.s .psople of Frannisa
iolthmhip, are warmly alive to the impartacoo
of the aisle in one country'' history, and
will prove their 'Sal by inch a demons :ratiori
on the second Tuesday 'of o:Mbar, as will.
istekish the reptiles in anay against them.
• After theaddrasses the following Preambio
kith Desolations, reported by the Comsnitte
wgp analmously adopted, and ordered to be
printed in the auxin and anneercial.
- .Wasstsie, Our onntry Is now In rho midst of •
n unposted in tee history of slime, I r In
' tunny old wenn; and, selts ens, Ours .re tune to
ourundlt who by their east. end I eflones give en
and nonfat to the inestas of A111141.3C412 lwodom ;
Eviehad. Thatvro wile eustsin the Admin.! traitor,
- taking madonna to push Val. unholy rebuilov,
and .slit" by vote o: act do anything 14 cult 1,.•
qtypithiS93ll Dail. In tow tetanus
loloaaa Is divide • country fornited by the Crain
Sabina eca undlildid forever. •
Alreobien. That we will gin • aorty and want.
mous support to A. CI. Curtis, and Judge (
tise [spree audios of Ilbaly, Justice nil ha. ani iy,
alga. sEWG.dwAni itd L Aerle—the expiable of
U. 1 1 00 14 the rytepaihntre al.h Taileudlshion, and
shoed's:ism of lanty, Toney end oryratur.
sessinft, That If rant to townehip aid. on the
*Mad Tuuday Ocr ober zvas le-i op •e. to ler its
Wan' I Inn that will enestbe votarlrs of devot
e= to hide Waft toads In shame.
„ ittattint.
A Goad 400 st Martial, appointed by
. essaralßrootr, on tho 24th io sr., met at hall
past ten etdook, Monday morning, at the
` lllll O Monti, for the trial of snob COO/ so
MOO tl,eoeilee WOO it.
The ' deeeil el the Chart b as follows :
i. Dd. A. B. Monis, lout P. V.
. 2. Llano. Col.-Wra. P. Briutou, 18th Ponta.
Major George Bohleltsr. lel P. V.
1. Capt. W. N. Dmatol, 10. h P. B , V. 0.
”, 6. Capt. sot. T. Palls, 4th Pa, 01/1177.
6. Ospt. Ohm. W. Ormen, 9:b P. P. , V. 0.
7. Ist Ltsat. Jos. Andras, it P.. ()hairy.
Major Wright Blase, 11. S. A., A. D. U.,
Jalp Miramar.
Toe Court will sit without regard to hours
the oases argalrlas immadisus 'sample.
'MS lady, now by general consent of tits en-
MA pleeration of novel-reader, placed by the
. Vile of Mrs. Wood, as a writer whose inven
tive faosity and constructive skill gin het the
penteptive of stymie to whatever ohs as
tea tin i pbas now obtained the entree of that
-known serler,-nerpor's Library of Sckei
Ault We have hole before 1211 the 1100 TO
, soped ardsamor'. Victory," neatly printed in
s wafts* of 188 octavo peg's, with Moen
tiny, at the TOT] moderate price of 50 ante.
far sl. by Bong blister, cost door to the
4 • rottollso.
llSselnesebintilda lisrson has entered
Spa the impend week of hu engagement, with
eaf nuist. Waling indications of moms.
• 80e sypePs enstethle mains la
= the the new
'IIIIMOVIt of "A*141.0--,.. ?
Muting of Connect■
A regular monthly meeting of City Coun
cils wu hold on Monday evening, September
In Brieet, all the members were present.
The minutes of the premding meeting were
read and approved.
The Provident read a communication from
Wet. Finch A Son, centraeters, in reference to
the non-paymmit el certain - rims alleged to
be due for the paving of Union and other
alleys. Raul and referred to Street
Mr. McCarthy rebmitted a petition from
the Neptune Fire Company, sating leave of
absence for one week, dating from Monday,
October bth, In order that they may pertici.
pate in the trial of steam Ere engines to be
held In Detroit.
The petition was tempted, and the prayer
of the petitioners was granted.
Mr. WWI presented the petition cf a ma
jority of property holders on Rash street, be
' mean Liberty and Penn, asking for the pass
age of an ordinance authorising the grading
and paving of said street. Read and referred
to the Street Committee.
Mr. D. lined presented a report of the City
Solicitor, le reference to the biller Thomas J.
Keenan, Eiq Prothonotary of the Supreme
Court, for costs in the mandamus caress,
amounting to WO, with a resolution author
icing the payment of the same. Report ac
cepted and resolution adopted.
Mr. Thompson call.d up "an ordinance
granting certain privileges to the Allegheny
Valley Railroad Company." The ordinance
grants said company the privilege to connect
their road with the line of the Pennsylvania
Retread, by way of Butler and Allegheny
streets. ,
Mr. Thompson aired an amendment to
section first, providing that said company
shell grade,. pave, and sot with curb, Alle
gheny Street, from Butler to Liberty street,
wider the direction of the City Regulator,
and keep the same in perpetual good repair,
from curb to curb. And farther, that laid
company shall construct, at their own cost,
all water ways, culverts, ore.,to the satisfac
tion of the City Regulator—te city reserving
the right to enter upon said street, at soy
time, to lay down or take up water er eat
pipe, construct aswero,eto. The section, as
amended, was adopted.
Section second was amended to conform to
the first stollen as amended.
Election third was amended by adding span
alty of terenty.fivs dollars for eaob and every
eirrnse of mining the cars at a greater speed
then four miles per hour-one half of the flee
to go to the informer, and the other half to
the ally.
Mr. Thompson offered a eubstitute for the
Until section, but pending the discussion
Mr. D. Reed moved that the ordinance be
referred to a 'pedal committee of tan front
the Selsot, and three from the Common Coun
cil, to report at the next meeting. • Agreed to,
and M . D. Reed and Miller appointed on
pert of S,ieot. Common Council concurred,
and appointed Meters. MoTighe, 014111 and
- Mr. Allen offered the following:
Earthed, That the Gas Committee be in
straoted to have • gee lamp Greeted cm the
comer of Magee and Looast streets, in the
Eighth Ward.
Bead and referred to the Gas Oimmitteo.
Mr. D. Bead was added to the Market Com
mittee, to fill the manna, owed by the resig
nation of Mr. Berger. ,
In a1r315036 Cbeetif, present, Mastro- Ann
strong,liailey. Bareklay, Cameron, Coward,
i Del, Feely, Jeremy, Mackey, Montgomery,
McCandless, hleflielland, IdeTigtte, McGee
ea, McVay, O'Neill, Porliell,Supel,
Taylor and Eines, Plllll%.
Prayer by Dr. idoCendlees.
The minutes of last meeting wore rend and
Air. Jeremy presented a petition from the
merchants and dealers and mime of Pitts
burgh and Allegheny aide, doing business I o
the Diamond Merest, direst and indirect.
'They petitioned that Council, grant them
and such parties as sell for them, snob priri
levet .as aro granted other Memo of Alle
gheny county, via t to sell on Market street
inch eta( ss are marketable, inch as all kinds
of fruit and vegetables, inch a, are generally
sold in 'Pittsburgh market. They also pe
titioned that the rent will not exceed 25 eta.
per diem. (Signed by 22 persons.)
On motion of Mr. O'Neill, the petition was
referred to the Market Committee.
Mr. Bailey offered the following resolu
.ticsolved, That thie Council take some plan
to Orison of the atone to the canal bridge,
now beteg cavensd doily with the clay honied
by the P. 8.. 8.. Co. The stone is valuable
and worth money, and cost the city a large
amount. The bridge on Penn street, the slue
is now mimed six or seven feet under ground.
They can be sold.
Oa motion of Mr. O'Neill, tho resolution
was referred to the Street Committee with
power to act.
Mr. MeTlghe t ff wed the following
WllitiLlaa, The Pennsylvania ittlizoad Com
pany hive occupied, and do' now daily occupy
Liberty street as a common depot and permit
thew oars to remain on the track forhours at
a time, to the great inconvenience of the pub •
lie; Therefore
Bialved, That the City Solicitor be and he is
hereby requited to take all proper and legal
mewling., to compel the said Pennsylvania
!Loathed Company, to conform to the laws of
the city, in such oases snide and provided.
Tho resolution was passed.
Mr. Gowan offered the following :
Buolred, That the Ocmmittee on Gas Light
Lug be instructed to have two lamp poets
placed on Mechanic street—ono at the end of
the bridge, and one mid-way between the
bridge and Pike street.
Unsorted to the Gas Committr,o.
Mr. Daffy cffired the following
Beioleed, That the Gas Committal be in
etrooled, and they are hereby authorised to
scoot a gas lamp on the north side of Grant
wool, between Fifth strut and Virgin alley.
- OA notion of Mr. McCandless it was re
ferred to the committee on gee lighting.
Mr. Mackey offered the following:
Lfmtvtd, That the Gas Committee are in.
strewed to place a gee lamp la Scott alley,
in th Fourth Ward.
Referred to the Committee on Gee Lighting.
Mr. McGowan offered the following s
liwiveci, That Col. Pratt be authorised
to procure s crab to rain coal for the use
of Councils.
The resolution was passed.
The Chair presented a communication from
the City Controller containing the bill filed
by the City Regulator, with an accompanying
resolution. as follows:
Baptised, That the City Controller be, and ,
is hereby authorised, to draw his warrant la
favor of Issas Morley for $220.
The resolution was reed three times and I
The fallowing resotntlea, passed in Select I
Council August 31, was laid over under the
mite :
Ace.deed, That the Street Committee be in-
stmouid to report en ordinanosist the next I
regular meetin ounc il for the repeal of
an ordinance p o is e d the 27th day of July,
1863, for the paving and grading of Morton
Mr. Armstrong /rerouted a petltic.a for the
grading and peeing of Merton street frcm
the Allegheny V. R. B. track to the river.
Refined to the Street Committee with in
structions to report an ordinance.
The SelectOoundi resolution of gaga( Slit
transferring 5800 hem appropriatio N. 9,
end $BOO fzem appropriation 'No. 10, n
to o ap
propriation No. 6—Water Works—win eon
carred in.
The Seat Council resolution of August 31st
empowering the Street Committee to pay the
amount of expense that has been incurred by
their authority for the cleaning and upswing
tboseituiete traversed by the Pittsburgh sad
Oakland Passenger gatierey, and instructing
the City Solicitor to eoliiiM ths same from the
said railroad company, was concurred in.
The Select Council resolution of August Slit, I
instracitng the Clerk of Markets to oanse the
rigid enforcement of the ordinance against
hacksaws and sure keepers buying within
mutat hours and farther raising thereat to
hucksters from 25 cents to 76 cents. was con
curved In.
Oa motion of Mr. O'Neill, the following
Select Council resolution, of August 31, was
laid on the table
Bersfeed, That the Central Board of Edu
cation be requited to publish the report of
the Treasurer In the papers authorised to do
the city printing.
Dr. McCandless introduced the following
resolution :
Revolved, That the Pollee Committee be
instruoted to sign no warrant for members of
the night polies, whose appointment hu not
beau approved by said committee.
Fie resolution was pseud. In all other
active not otherwis Councilsthere Imo mutual
concurring* when ldjognad.
Your:um oupetiontnorsoka, at notion.
ifedsigaz amino it 10 Okla. .et
stew, T. A. NoOlilland, sulionsa.
Sanitary Cantratesion4
An adjourned =siting, la behalf of °to tick
and woondsd soldiers, was held, Sept. 26th.
at the rooms •f the Sanitary Conutalstitt,
59 Fourth West. The following committees
were appointed to solicit 'Wain for the great
North Western Fair, to he held at Chicago,
the lest of Octobar :
Steel and Iron Committee—Mrs. Dr. Dale
and Mrs. Henry Forsyth.
Oil Committee—Miss Murdock.
Glees Oneneitue—Mies Ideal midden.
Looking Mau, dro Cananitt' re-11111 Trimble
and Mrs. Eaton.
Books,eko., Committee—fillee Howard.
Jewelry, es, Committee— bin. Hogg cad
hill' Trainer.
Cabinet Committee—Min Bletkle sad Mill
Fusty Artiela Coe e ietee—Miss Emma
Mina Committee—Krt. Oust end Hiss
Musical Committee—Mir/ same Chfltb.
Flower, Committee—Mu liurdook.
The object of tats rassamotk Fair Ii the
Immediate and permanent relief of oar lick
and wounded soldkat. While we would
rollnit donations to this came, we would by no
means Interfere with the necessary sad gener
ous activity of the Pittsburgh Sanitary Com
mission. There will be an especial privilege
in giving to so good • cause on this gigantic
plan, with the 00-operation of *ash of the
great Nortitwutern States. Let Pittsburgh
and its vicinity show itself to be. in face, the
" Iron Olty"—with its Iron will and iron
strength, for the noble cease here presented—
dm relief of oar brave soldiers. Every fetide
given will be marked with the name of the
donor—end In this way, will be advertised,
most extensively, the emend twines' houses
of our city.
Oar ladies would earnestly present to the
liberal contribution of our business and mer
cantile community the Fortberertean Fair for
the benefit of the slok and wounded among our
brave soldiers.
Out Book Table
Tot New Co:rau or Fr.eos, ecreetllun to Be. Btu-
jambe. New Tort s r Swink Tom Pine , even
for silo by J. P. Hunt, lieu No Ball, Fifth Bt.
This amusing brochure will And tbouiands
of readers. It employs the meek-solemn
style with happy effect, and in "shapters' and
'verses' relates the history of "the war in the
land of Unou!psalm, In the days of /throe
hana"—whersl4 "hangs the tale," or rather.
—wo beg pardon — the "new gospel of peace,"
baring. as Its chief apostle,"Pheruandiwaud."
We would much like to quote • few cerise,
for the edification of our readers, from this
“gespel"—but our limits forbidding, we must
refer them to the volictue of the boot itself.
Whoever takes the hint, and reads diligently
for half an hour, will asknoweledge that ;he
is beholden much to St. Benjamin--and even
somewhat to us for good advice.
Tel AMll.loii PHlOlO=OlOll6 JOnaHat..—
The number of Fowler & Waite Ina.
known journal cantatas a phrenological char
acter and biography (with portrait) of the
distinguished artist Predate E Church; also,
of Governor Curtin ; and briefer nettles ot
the tame tort cf several others. Besides
these, we Dud the usual variety of physiolog
ical literary and miscellaneous intelligence,
to which the readers of this periodical often
look for a large amount ef pleasant and In
structive reading.
For sale by J. I'. Hunt, ?assents Hall, Fifth
DIOIIIIOII ACI•11181 . TES CITT.-411% Lawyer,
degnerrian artist, some cline sines mad Messrs.
Torrence .4 McGarr with maintaining a mit
ten.") in the shape of a bow window on fourth
street. The Mayor ova judgment &galas*
the defendants, Aced them $3. and ordered
them to abate the mahatma. The cr.:l came
before the Court of Common Veit, yesterday,
on a writ of certiorari, when it was diseov
ered that the Mayor had committed the blunder
of making Mr. Lawyer the glaintiff, instead
of the "Mayor, Alder men and citizens of
Pittsburgh." The case was therefore deeded
spinst the city.
MIZTIIIII9 To. Nioar.—Onr readers will
bear la mind that there will be two LtapOftllDS ,
Ineednn to-alght, one in Independenew Hall,
la the nth Ward, whisk will be addressed by
Hon. J. K. Morehead and Thomas kJ. Mar
shall, and one in Wilkins' Hall, which will
addressed by Shinn, B, and
Major A. M. Brown. Let there be a .good
turn out at both.
RODDID.-Mt. James Gosling, dry goods
merchant, of this city, was robbed of a gold
witch and chain, worth Safi, some two months
since, in New Yark. The thief was recently
wrested, and the stolen property recovered,
so that the owner will get It in doe time. .
A Lionel Fen Is annonneed to Dome of at
Collies Perk, en the 14th, lbth and 16th of
()etcher. The promlams offend snows% to
Pao, AiDISJSOI,the prestidietateur, drew
a large audience to Muesli, Ball, last 119111.1.•
in g. ile appears agate this evening.
aaos as LID Itarea's 81FWISO tOI
racily and saanatacturing psrposas, are the
hest Is au.
A. !. Ot/.1 . 01R, @moral Assat.
No. 18, nth-shut.
1 . 101140 PAM', Pinta and Ornamental Slats
Roots?, and deal? in PaaaglanL and Ver
mont slate of the best quality at low rafts.
°Zoe at &lex. Langb lln's, near nu Water
Works, Pittsburgh,Pa. apatem
Jai Remain° PION Mt al.—The un
&reigned would awe zespeetfully call de at
tention of their friends, and the
n pnblle in Gen
eral, to tho!r Fall and Witer stook of Goods.
They comae. of all the very latest styles of
Cloths, Catimeres and Vesting., English Bs
kimo Beavers, Tries and Pilot ()longed One
coatings. Also, a large assortment of Fiend
Chiochila Overcoming' of the very finest
quality, all of which is selected from the latest
Importations, end will be made in the most
faehionahlo manner, and at a price lower than
any other merchant tailoring establishment
in the city. Give us an early ail.
Batton Claczcs & Co.,
Merchant Tailrs, No. 64 Market st.
Styria. Onai.u, On.
Fon Feu. ken Winn Wean.—The 'rum
mer le past, and by the morning's Dust, we
begin to apprehend, that fail and whites will
be shortly upon us, and we must provide our
solves with the material to keep as oomforta
tie. A nice fell cult, or • good and well-made
overcoat are the very thing, and we do not
know of any place where our readers would
suit themselves better than at Messrs. W. 11.
McGee A Co.'s clothing establishment, corner
of Federal street and Diamond Square, Alle
gheny. They have also received a complete
usortment of gentlemen's tarnishing goods,
and a gnat variety of new patterns for wale.-
, outing, do.
Ariz . /moo, Em men Vournons I—Tho
attention of our onnny's bran dilation ri.
mealy retuned from the nit of was, mod of
the mobilo In young, is again &natal to the
Tay extensive and handsome usortmel of
the &stoat styles of French, English sad
Amerien pine goads, for pante, onto and
Tints, lately received by Kam. Jetta Weiss
A Co., Kerchset Tailors, blo. 120 radical
etrolt, Allsehtny. A ft:stolid Wootton of
goods will alai always
be found on the Allen of the establishment,
togethsr with • lot of nady-made clothing,
got up In the but manna.
briVitlg the dangers of live?, Balm, Monde
sad Choler*. Min, • afloat fellow will leave
his boss, to bleteb, wbo. Oa us of ROI,
have returned to his Loudly strong sod hoaltby.
Soldiers, try them t Only fb cents pet bes
• ot. !lo ot
Rosario Nut Aos.—lisr. D. 0. Ona
Prnettbarg, N. Y., wetter s "My gray kids
ts trusted as bison as when I was ayoung
nun by using' Mrs. S. A. Alton'. World's
Hair Serum and Zlobalsamorn." These
preparations hays bee n used and approved for
twenty years.
STAILTID.—TO extensive raps works of Ir
win, Balton & Us. Those in want of taantlla,
hemp or bay sops, mimes, oakum, iv, wIU
do will to oil at 6I Water strait Iw
Poop pours., lour dollars.
lOW &mambo, dollars.
Dental Itstlulu Dental Institut&
IWO Asap Dootistrh bolt oboapllisotlatry
No main worth no madams waft.
13)edel Dispatch to the Pittsburgh Clotaata
Wasursarou Ctrs', Sept. 28,1863. '
The Richmond Whig of lest Wmintsiay
0011t1111111 the fallowing Jildge Onif in his
Interview with Gen. Moro:loth, the Tube
Commissioner, submitted a propoldtion, whioh
If aotieeded to, will secure the **change and
return of all our officers now held in the Yan
kee prisons. Gen. Meraieth who Is not vested
with any authority, will emattuottioate the pro
posal to the authorities in Wuttington. The
Iridium of rank and Ms will be proceeded
giaDl . ll ADTANCIL
There are no further indloatione of purpose
'of Meads to admire. The taws from &oral
ern Goof& may impel • move, but he sissy
withdraw his army near to Washington in.
stead of attempting to 'faros his wey to Rich
mond. Ws will see.
um uptilall 011 110016TICCTIOX
The Richmond Enquirer of last Wednesday,
says, Ths sympathy for the Raffia and the
desire for its retronstruetion is as dead as In
days of our triumphant march to the Capitol
of Penasylvaols, and a single iletory would
',lnstate all the Joy, and hops and conadece
that gleamed - throughout the Confederacy la
June, and revive among one enemies dinar
ant dupondanoy that existed after the fail of
wthohmagr, -No matter how alma:aging
thaphysioal aspect of affairs may appear, as
long as the moral °mune of the people main
, tains unbroken In its proud defiance of the
enemy, we Shall have no canes to fear for our
ultimata mow.
LI 111/TORT TO lILILII rusoutza
Lieut. Col. Darr, of Omani Poster's Staff.
lately made still another ant for the :elute
of Junius liirowne and A. D. linhardson,
newspaper immespondents, from Libby pris
on. Commissioner Ofd replied that the
Confederate . authorities had intended to hold
them until the United States Gsvomment
agreed not to molest non-eembatants having
rebel proclivities.
It is not true that the issue of Internal
BATUMI CIIMIIICI7 b to take the place of pos
tal toureaey. no■ bolsi retired, hes been
Indefinitely postponed, as Meted in Now York
papas. It will be issued Inn short time, and
Is only delayed sow because of some amidents
in priritlng IL The notes for the National
Rank, however; will not be ready for • month
Kn. Lincoln Le expected to arrive from her
mums visit Keith thisensilsg. Vies
dent Gemini' bask.. Gen. Sickles is expected
to-night. Senator Hants is here.
Mansell B. Field, late Chief Clerk In the
Bab-Treanna's °Mos at Ne• York, has been
appointed Acting Militant Secrntary of the
Yreunry in the enema of Harrington.
Gen. lino= has withdrawn his resignation
at-the President's request. It was tendered,
it U said, on eceoant Ls the recent order u.
signing Gan. Hooker to the command of his
and another corps.
11011/11311 or rarsorsas
The ezobanat of prisoners up to tho lit of
of September releases about twonty thousand
and leaves still on our hinds forty thousand
saw etarionAL Resta.
Certificates of authority to begin tanking
nadir the National Banking Law, have been
tuned to banks at the following soints,,and
with the following capitals s First Warsaw,
InL, $50,000 ; Faskjit. Louis, Mo., $lOO,OOO ;
First Upper Sandusky, Ohio, $70,000; First
Toledo, Ohio, $226,000; First Logan, Ohio,
$50,000; Fourth Oinolunatl, Ohio, $125,000.
The Missouri &depth:on appointed a mom
mitts* of one from each Congressional pis
triot this morning to prepare a memorial to
the President. The Haws delegation ap-
pointed a committee for a similar purpose,
composed of Congressman Wilder and Sena
tor Len*. The delegations it. in 1111111i011 t -
night, dismissing points in the address. •
The meeting d the bits:curl and Kansas
delegations to-night sru quite enthusiastic.
The committee read an address they had pre-
pared to be presented tektite President,the read
ing of 'blob wu repeatedly interrupted by 'D
otter:on cheering• It has not yet been adopted,
and may possibly rustic some slight amend
ments, bat It will be safe to say that the foi
tildes wU.I embrace its male points: It will
begin by molting the manner In which the
delegations wino appointed, and the impera
tive neesssity that existed lerineit represen-
tattoos and musts as they proposed to make
Attu alSrming their attachment to the ad
ministration and the President, and their de
termination to stand by the proclamation of
emanolpatioa, they will premed to lay down
the real positions of the radical and amuse •
the parties Li Missouri, and call upon the
President to Ads* from this who are and who
are not his friends, and Lde.ds of his admin
istration in that State. They will then hold
'layer: to have been the original =MO of the
rebellioa, landau this amorist they dollars the
emancipation proclamation a necessity and ir
revocable. They say they accept the lama
radicals, and desire no ether. They are radi
cal to the comma/ are determined to see the
institation of 'laver, wiped out forever in
adoring to the conservatives, who seemed
to have the ear of the President, they charge
that In their camber' will be found every
man In fever of slavery, every man whore
hands are red with the blood of Balms men,
every man opposed to the euppresslori of tha
rebellion, every man opposed to the emanci
pation proclamation, sissy man opposed to
the enlistment of aggro's, and to other dis
tinctive foetus' of the Administration
policy. They will then enter upon the dis
angles and doings of the late Oonetitational
Convention and its aot of gradual entancips
ties, will show how the rebels and pro• slavery
men inspired its coasts, and will descant
Goy. Gamble's starvation of power and gross
abase of it, and will oblate that his pro.
slavery conservathea le responsible for the
arnica daunted stets et ebbe la Wined.
aid it ben possible to hive nunined tree to
the tinfoil Adadiletretion, and at the same
time to support buena beanie, their tap.
port wood have Ws *heels! and regarilil •
ea, ills stventestion of the Met* tallitle,
they will donne as aseahatillitletni, aid
without vaunt et tests of law.
On. fieltelliel Valley, they will Anion to
hen inn devoted to es alba to sebbaft era=
Mosel astitoelly, aid libidlßb the lets tfkii,
and inlitie• sue in Whin he etiotiteed
Men lethiddinVi @WA iiilills tb BMW tit
, 0 „owls, They All *Wei this lb. at.
hot of his bribe her Item to
mn, anti pat Mine la fita bibdt ti tilitojet
Cllll2, esti demote hit ittoolto
On transit of twit, dad if tits pm, the
arrest of White miff:lo4 Ni" hiei regi
ments, inlet the ifitiolitif et the WV be
putontl, theil H 140861441 is potted. sad
the return if FROM ta +Ali Saber& They
nada& what ihn bin It way of Behaleld
by declaring the State to s wane esinditiOn
now thee It has bean sines the war eonsizeneed,
t.:3 therefor; ask for's novr"Otimarider oftb6
departmic t; end suggest that if it would not
be improper, they would like to name, aithst:
new commander, Ore. Batter, bellsoing that
be could restero order wit: - in thirty
Whether the &cyst beat of Miss.:utile to
bo cheered is for the Prraident to Esy. b.*
refuses and Mittcu - 1 reatslas the Tiotloo of
s' coo sory i.tive poiloy, the suite o, orates will
be deplorable. They t 0.5. him a remember
who fast rallied w rho tinier. ass at Camp
Ssokaos who sevai St. L:cils and the Valley
of ftilssiasipp;, and rt!er voudly to what
Minoru! Leo dote in the war, end say U she
can now Eet - TOSO Cc rei:ere of cr:evaAser; and
no.effaris mado to aeve her to order and to the
Union, her fate wile form a dark pegs in the
history of this etraggle. 130 mo minor details
of this oisy be oheugod, but it shows, though
in very meagre form, the main points to be
presented in their ad iress. It will probably
be perfected to-morrow cud presented on
Tho Obk Itslief Association hero hare made
arrangements to scow* the vote of the Ohio
troops in hospitals and *nowhere la the vicin
ity of Washington. Wo have - towly Ave
shosisand Ohio votes here.
A Fight with the Rebels.
Bp,:ciat Dispetch to the rittahurgh Gazotta
- • Etwoxvirait, Sop!. 25,11183.
Oar osreupation of Elie Toltelliee oeutin,
nee comparatively quiet.
Sa Poster's erprment with Cater, he
eapteoted 70, Ellie , ' 8, wounded 10, and
routed the balance.
I tent the expedition to drive the rebels
from the railroad, and it was summit:Ll.
Oen. Shaaltitford C 13.1 on the enemy's
pickets near Carter's State n. anguishing
was kept up all day hitudey " At night, the
rebels retreated lot') their earthworks, and
mannonadieg was kept updating all the night.
The attack was kept ee till T acad.'', when
preparations were mode to capture the whole
party ; but they made their esoape during the
night. They left 27 deal. Our Ices wea 2
killed and 7 wounded. This leaves Haat
Testesseeelear. It )ri,:it bands will be picked
up by our cavalry.
Oar chief Interest is roncsntaled to Ilt)se
crane, and wo awol: the courant of action.
Onr boys ore in firm heath mad e,hitt.
Oen. Elartstuf 1; the North Bri
day. Gen. Judah is la tomporarycommand
of the eorpr.
Forage wad food it piety.
011? cavalry We all well mounted. S. S
The Cheruptoci Beet Mice...Hama
V kCcortous io 37:55
Pecoacatrate, sept. 28.—La the otempiTn
boat rale tSI.I afternoon Ramill belt Ward,
the latter bob:, eui of &via wlea patted
the judges' boat, Tim,-31.55.
Washington- city news.
Weenisoroe, Sept. 28 —The llda. Emeteen
Ethridge . is, et the matanno of prominent
Union men of Ter.actiec, endeavoring to ob
tain the of the Administration for
General W, 13 Cscopboll t.. 1 t o inaogunted
Governor of Tennessee, on the ground that
he Wee voted 13r in the various counties on
tho first Tharsday in Aagoat last, tios dey set
by law for the election of Governor in that
Bate since 183 S. It le oteimed tiket he re
ceived all the vo 03 CU', and In that Stan
the 'dojo; ity el ell the vstea -- givrod
*loots. A large vat•, it' ,e sift - by
these gentlemen, would hive been thrown
thrcugtiont the butte, had no'. 3ov. Joheeten
and his edyleers opposed the election. They
also say that the inauguration of Gor. Camp
bell woaid rot:eve Gov. Johnston from hie
labors, and the people of the State tiering e
civil Governor, would hove 130 dillisulty in
reorganising the entlie State Government
The Missouri delrgation, at . it meeting to
day, appointed • 03I0uatttae of one from each
Congtessional distriet of thee State, in con
nection with Gen. Paine and A. C. Wilder, of
Kansas, to draft a memorial to the P:osident,
setting forth Ow grievances arising out of
the polioXpeirscied by Gen. Schofield, in hie
admialstratton of affstra in hie military de
Wain:mosey, Sept. 28 —Up to two o'clock
to-day nothing of Special importance has been
received from Chattanooga.
Latest advises from flOgilOrite, dated yes
terday, p ca , stile that the enemy his mode
no attack aloes the 21st, and Gee. 113ECOrIlla
is not now in any fear.
From New Yoirk
New YORK, Sept. 23 —Mayor Opdyke hoe
vetoed the Com M3ll Connotes Draft Gump
tion Ordnance. That of the board of Supervi
sors Ls however in force.
The opinion of the Neaonoie of Port An
Prince of September 12.. b, announces that
the American Admiral, on the West India
Station, had mad. a demand on the Spanish
authorities at Port An Plato, for a ropers-
Mon for demises inflicted upon American citi
■ens in the duel of that city,
The Oommittec of the S:ook Exchange
made Its report at the Beard this morning.
In the Michigan Southern railroad matter, it
did not recommend any scmcn and the Board
did not take any. The Paley of the stook at
the Board were about 7,000 shares. e , mmene.
hog at 80 and selling down t. 76%@,78% at
the close, while sales were made loutaiaa as
low as 76%.
r Ike Missouri Delegation.
Draw Yomx,Sept 28 —A epacial from Wash
ington asp the it Tubb:ens of to-day lays
that a dispatch mitten hit Pmmes' head
quarters yesterday, p. m., animation that he
ottcaples a natant stronghold, from which he
cannot be removed, and that the entre, has
made no attaoa sloe, the 21it. Gen. Melgs,
who arrived at Chattanooga on Saturday,
upon invitation, examined Itisecrans' defen
ces, and 'aye nothing but a slags can dis
lodge him, and the enemy is making no move
ment in hat direction. The Republican is
s ilent op the subject of reinforcements having
molted Rosman&
The delegation from Missouri will not pre
sent its 'admits to the President until Tun
day or Wednesday.
Additional Foreign Nam.
NAT YoaK Sept. 28.—The Vous, of the
15th, hoe an :ditortal iu relation to Oscader
to the effect that oho could no mete exist as
an Independent nation by the—side of the
United States, than • lamb by.she ado of n
yell. She hoe to those tretweoit union with
the Uoited - States end annexation to the
United Statesand It says by the choice day
make, we she ll abide. The lien then 'puts
the question to tho Oseedians, who, It Ws,
have shown an anwilllnguers to relic • cea•
sortable foto@ to resist invasion, *MA coulee
they will closes fio light freely lot the
fence of their own bootre,,or be dragged at
the tension's mouth to Iced an 1511448min/ter
In the heart of • distant, furclo and utabeppy
Tile Repotted EtatTattoo, of RICA.
Pootteen Meeting, Soto. ti--A deterter
wee eembleted Into one linee nab outpetting
Into, it deltigi et the reboil In Richmond.
Reteeit hen , abeist the eity in ill direettene,
Shat the *bete tehtl ohne wits demetteg Vie
r. pied nettle 04eth. the gsinci ettenieth
re S he elettiteitetcnltt pork, of cut men who
it eteet,ol [eon Mite tele and came Into
toteohnitt, Vet to Oen. Oedoedast, nom
tiiiirt the ititeqr, of that advice, peat on
the Tteert were kiloton to tot
ediethi tb three tatittbstit theogh Richmond,
10t4 ikelht Ratak,
rtent the Bouttivtcat.
tooth 010. 18 —Teen to ectOlog later
trete Little nook. Ali la quiet along White
Hese, The heelth of the troops Is good.
Ysef lorathred aed arty woes of cotton sr
steed, -pars of so 'Ash below to the
PaloOngete by the 'teenier Lady Franklin
roport the eapture, in Mcmphte,.en ilattlidaY
eight, of the notorious guerrilla Genus!
" - Starkers ay Torenttlik;" ' '''
7 'Petn.tertaritimpt 'ZlLL4taiii do._ tht44l4
, B..asussei.6o:. ow. I.44raina!la.„:
at 83 to Yellow. Whist: II:Fond aV6739OW_ _
. _
Raw Yalta. Sept 211.-Oottm qugg.std ;114gad
akarsird 4.M. at 71410/4 Time Mort adinallad
agichi, be en mmwon sea Mites
' better on good
ammo. 5e4.5.11(35,15 to
p=tra99.tat 59. 1 39014 10 for MIME= SD -1199410 1 dP...
ping Ward, fiat's Banta Hasp soctOlVo-ttii aura
at taming ftrotorltll on *diem Walskl steady at
EV4063. Wheat dot and dretrolag; &topers Melat
upon • malarial enoseaden at 111,23 kr I.eld Wow
Bps ng. SUB for Inferior Mentor BM Wisdom. $1.07
Mr New _Chicago Optical maltase gumtrees are at
$1.1411,16 for 014 Clamps Spring, $1.01031.6 1 Br
lieu cht. 9 6 o 'train!. $410,31.16.16r Milvanits•Clab,
and 91,2741,35 for Winter lied Wedeln. Coro axe
cited. with a great areadattsa demand; prism halt
armrest leas:st Sißinto kr ship-lag dad West
ern abet, 848:k In 140[16. and Ca to srellessoos
920 for Wets Wotan. Oeta Irma With sorrel-mu:
!minus at 030T2a. Wool Quist. Buser rag Inn.
Pork opened gnus: and • duds radar at $1360 toro.d
Mesa IN9ATissgl4 for Now glees, $10,12% , 610,00 for
Aim PrldiS told 1113,250518.te for 11.11, Prime Item
Beet doll. Hama Wee dull and naminally weettsag
el. Lard Is srt. hoot a decided clangs at K}ogua.
Charm firm at 10815%.
?War York Sloes and Maxey Starker.
Nov You. Sept. 211.--Nonty stady. with g fide
business aolgg at Wye: amt. B;,,slaig q-. 1.16
Mai trzegulge, dal and plurally twos
n.B a 1.--.........1M nt 0, WI stock..—its
. 1
1 0O N iff.—...- gbh 1iri.........-------to%
o t T ....--117M N Y o----- 133 p.
Oteeeland & P.-- 03 Paulo Visa-- VI%
31 13.......—.-.-.. 793 149a.—....* 107
OT Lt....----e--109
af dr) teLIP—On llorday moaning. srn tai sat,
St Ku II 1. McC 5131.1a.0, flamptan tolemtlip.
The to . ral wilt take thee Tamer, flab ttutaat,
et 10 o'clocr. a. la.. from bit late reliance. The
frleaa cf tho family are reepectfery Invited to
DIA 11111119--On Ihmday eiveritag. September 21 , 14
ISS3, at 9 iic'er.k, at tem rieWensie of Micheal
it ht.' 01 eILISOII, of Inflammation of the bialef
WILLIAM r. t I.titel - o, In the Mb yeti of bta
Tbe friends et the family are nnpeztlally Welled
to attend the toward, from Os late moldence, Ere
tro-th Bete:, rd.), Kind, Plttsbureh, on Treabee,
et p m.
[BM Yoe! alltttri - 116./iii 0/11101, t
ibis Dumarct or Pfau.
OH Forritt EL, Pittsborlibaiopt. ST, 1133.1
In socordwas with onion, I yubliab the H.
loviog list of parr.. oaampted from draft by itui
Board of Info act in Ibis District, to this date,
sr ita than:mom of their exarapttras :
PAID SEM= aVrDW bo►i.►li
4%6 White. Jettanot tp.
Auxis wne turn sat =CLAIMS r 4111170111 011,021:1
TiscusulosrLon. flab Wart. Wltrissze•—Fraz
cis Smilax', if. Dialeickart.
- - ••
Capt. irA Frown Nankai. =I Dist. Pa.
M - 13. T.-1860---IL
?mons of sedentary habits troubled with weak.
nem, animate pelploa of the Easel, lack of mw
petite, Matron after eating, torpid Boar, =stip..
lion. fra, deserve to eager if they will not try the
Which are now recommeadad by the *beat media
mithoritlee, and erenentel to predate se kareelica
benttiolei amt. They ate exceedingly agreeable,
perfectly pore, and most roperced• all other Melee
when • boalsby.gientte ellmtdent is required.
I bey pimity, atrengthen ant invigorate.
They emote • healthy eppetite.
They are an antidote to change of rata and diet.
aVC/SOl2lll tracts of discipation and late hours.
They etrengthon the system and colleen the mind.
They Prevent relustath: and tntermittent fawn.
Tbay purify the breath and acidity of the etconach.
They car Dyrpopola and Constipation.
Tbay core Diarrhea. Maoism and Modern Itortim
Thi cure LleFr Canpletat andHervous Headache
Th.., mike the weak Mang. the languid WOW%
and aro eabamted 'nature% great restorer. They Of
composed of the celebrated Callous bark. winter.
green, 4.11117... Won and bah% ell prowled to
perfectly pore tu. Quiz Ante. Tor perticulsre. are wwthinontelo around each bottle.
Beware of Impoeten. Examtne every bottle. Bee
that It has D. b. Berme' signatory on our privet. U.
0 Clomp over the mirk, with plantation larni% and
oar firm aviators on • Mae steal plate engraving co
side Libel. Bee that our bottle la tot refilled with
eporlom end deleted= 'MIL We day sty per=
to match the taste or character of our grad% /my
person protrioding to mil Plantation Bittern by the
piton or to bah, Is an is:Tains. We cell only In
our log cabin bottle.. Any person baltating thb
bottle. or selling any other material thecein, lerbetbs
allay rientation Bitters or not, in e crillufnal ands
ti 3 11. B. Law, Ind will be so prorecuted by on. We
&reedy have oar eye on two psalm re filling our
bailee, &a., who will br.C,XOd in getting themisalem
Into close onartore. The demand ler Drake's Plan.
tattoo Bitters from ladies. clergymen, roarchants.
go., le perfectly lacnritblo. The simple trial of •
bombe le the oviducts we present of that worth end
eimoticrity. They an sold by ill trapectable drag.
ghlts, pecan, physician% hotels, dailaDoll3 and
=Mt:3 stone.
P. IL DILL= &00
TZB3, Ear sale, whole's& sad rstanp
Comer Bnit6ffold aid harth Mart&
E. & M. 80LL1413, GERMASY
(Tannerty Diaz . a 0c..,
The only Vinegar medal ) with a Prize Medal, el
for see by
MlN:amnia:7 Coasnnaptioa a Ca
The andersfy apt haring been motored to health
In a few week., be a very simple remedy, after hay
ing suffered amoral years with a severe lung sffeo
tton,and that dread &mole, Oorunusytton—ls an:-
tom to make know* to hfs fellow sufferers the mains
of care.
To 41 who doles It, Ile will Nand a copy of the
irrerription mud, (tree of thug%) with the oittro.
dons for preparing and mina the same, which they
will Ind a are awe for Vounrarrina, Airrituatzon.
taint enons. COLDS.:AII. The only oljtet of the
advatiser In analog the presalptlon Is to barb
the afflicted, and spwat infeametion which he am.
aIStS to he haskuhle ; and he hopes every mffera
will eiy his reelody,ultwUl oat them =alit& and
may prove a blaming.
Yertlre wishing She poseetiption will plesimaddress
Wlllismstougle, Step county, Nov York.
UrairZ t
sr 10,68011.0111.A1A
cazduactica vllkt
J .
eate igni elf N. u. sews oatentes
Glazed and Unglued Spool Cotton.
ram's—TALL MT= Puss.
btent ear Turroau, DIAMOND USILLT6,
VINOrtII% . nourws ehD PESItYII bPOOL
DM MAW AND HAM= STA, op dal'',
Itrasuzga. PL.
• ear Tbe vbabstale ttfdl Eryplltd 10 quisiett'al
toff. by the WO or bus. ter lats
Emu*:LW to Ziltht.
It Matcmkl zap.
rata by 'Prot Anderson.
QHOT GUNS. double and sing e berm
ICI The log dud Dot outstmeot Ora brought to
tato natkot, tot ode 1 , .
0021 . /MIS lIICEWIA LIS Wood itomt.
trabidillY 81031:0-100 Ingo now land
'.L log trolls P. F. W. AO. 7/.. a,
DIC ear Ws by
os•S MIAS E= •
Great General of the South.
STONEWALL; Ja.casos,
Ofetaial Pavers. Contoraporarr
NarrativeN and Person al
'ol. It Mt 326 pp. $1.45. Authentic
Portraits of Jackson, an ht' tut.
tor, Well, on Met Beprint
ed front Advanetd Ahetts
of the Richmond
STIMWAIL JAOKEOIII Nomads too prafond
en turponalou to the public not to &row trim
arlitty sa authentto U. Potr.wmptlatione mar
be gotta' up by authors without . seren to state ado
dommente, bnt Mb le n tits written by n CoulAec
ate Ofitor, (Hoe. J N. Deammi.) wbo km. blot
seated under bim In has brilliant career, we,
added In the work by Xi& JA=nos, end teed so
one to all his icses. It gives entnniely ell the de•
tells os the estopelve, IMO with ihralleg held me
and botenernaii narratives, and la written with i sm:
obilltY, forming • Totems of Isamu ends rot nor
Interest, totequeLed by any other yet offered to the
It contains the poly intleentlo Parretti of Jaez•
son, taken frog IL% atorely - before the battle of
Chancellorsellls, for hlLce 'Action.
Companion to Pollard's Tint
Year of the War.l
1 roue, 8 To i 800 re ; airs. $8 00
Authentic Pottivit of Uncial Beaungard,
An moot royalist a Om afflolal conkdarate rayons
of battle; raids and elope, which woof lb. pest
at fatties:ant impartanca. They Tin command
the attintloa of multitude of mama In all ;arta
'lmam ukona of towing tisa tonliar:in history cf
Ito Hew Tot 1101. aqi
Thh tee Wane of extmwdloary tale eat, bol.g
nettling toss than the rebel cdholel ststennots a bet
the, far the aocomothof Shish we We berstofo , s
bad to rely upon the reports of cur owns mart end
descriptions of newspeptr oonnwpoodssts.
The boo solleotton "al b. found• erne" dlrry
Talzudde se e enopcoton volume of car own Itspor
on the (kudos% of the Weil and Mi. Waal's n
&term crest credtt far pttleg It out In AU ytly
coninntent and hrodsoms shape.
CM Bradiss. U. I
Important Statements and a
Thrilling Aromalivo of
Editor Richmond Ewa'.
Editor Richmond Erupt/rot.
kulltentto Patnlts. finely szsrael .ftes.; It=
Da*, Lee, Beanregard, Jackson.
PLANS OP B 41.1*TLE13.
Tido ts en cart repaint! Ow only Mitory os eta
War FnVlsbed to flu nob.
.Tho nano and
anal of thto connected atatescsat of tient% stWatt,
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