The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1863-1866, September 25, 1863, Image 3

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noes maRMIN...-I==upT. 25,188&
sir ornaut, Fern or ..TB? air?.
Haim ittloting in MlleChesil'.
Notwitidindleig theiiin last night, about
three or foe endred people um:Media the
diaMaiksiHMl* Allegheny, to Mu to
l , .
.elferel DrOnikeitt men, who , were expected to
Rune On the politicel topics of the day. The
asethiji wu orianizsdby electing the follow
- big others •• r
Praidsse-Jamss L. Graham, Req.
Yea Jbwicreme-0. Yeager, J. Ramsey, C.
Ong, J. J. McDermott. _
Honiara—O. Imsk,
hir. Graham retuned his thanks far the
honor done him, and exhorted the people to
vote for Andrew O. Outin in the oozing else
lion, and- thereby trustsin.the Rational Ad
ministration in the promo:tin of the war for
the Dam- - 2 .
Thomas . Howird, Req.. then spoke. lie
refund to the Dentomatie meetings which
hat ban held in Allegheny, at which the
*taken had.dasemLusted prinelptes opposed
to the Administration sad the Government.
fie satins% ther Dumeratio party had not
nundated allngle_prisolple of their own
• nor atingle measure :by which, if placed in
Pour, they would crash this rebellion or re
store pesos to this distracted country. The
' leaders of that party go about the country,
Analog fault with the State and National
flournments--poironing the minds of the
people--mieg the minds of honest men
who are ignorant of the law relating panic:e
lute-to the right government, to protein
itself against lacunas. lie referred to the
prodametien of emancipation, and said that
us Meat man coddling said that the Pres
ident did wren
. g when Do Issued that
great.proolemattoa. He also referred to
the uspeashil of the-wit of habeas
mime, sad said that in Regina, where men
ars muttedons of their rights. it has often
Peen slnPerlded ; :Mit the writ of habeas
mons war, in this — oontryouspeaded both
by Millington and Jackson: deet in times
like, thew, the; government amid not pre
serve itself unless the rulers armed with
power Minch, gran and punish the guilty.
He also' said Out the ancient Romans when
thief:lb:wary was in danger, suspended all
the tightest edemas for the time being, and
appointed a Dietstor. He said, in regard to
the suspension of the writ tif habeas corpus
by President Lincoln, every loyal man would
be benalitted. • . -
H. O. Marken, Reg, was introduced. He
reviewed the &adore of the Democracy of
Ohio sad New Tort, and wanted to know
whether that was the loyal Dummy of the
present day.. Ha hoped the people of Yen
, ulnas would,not be tinged or tainted with
endiDamoomoy. , He referred to the draft
and 'the inupeasion of the writ of habeas
• oupliowing the Damoonetio party for
prounnedng enn men= uunstitutlonal.
After Oft some of the political ' history of
Woodward (whom the Dementia party call.
loyal,) he went onto say thet t if a drop of
vinegar was. put on Woodward'r head, it
would tarn ee reedistis eininter . than ---
would scorch a feather. He spoke in praise
of filem; CUtin. and said. if he was elected,
&abut part ef-the rebellion was aver:
Emmet M. Marshall was then introduced.
He pitehet , intolhe:Jeoet, Of this:oily, and
said, the. where it' 'poke twenty-two times
ageleuttheAdaithistration,lt leek e enes
against JalL Duleadmininstion. lie said
' that Petutrylvanis had untlB4 regiments into
• the Add, and every need them was for Cur
tin. " /le ` related, several sensing shales,
whisk wars well Modred.
The emetinglidintlifki about ten o'clock.
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1 - %
, • • • Dalon Meeting.
large, and . enthusiastic sui
A'.ting d the
Ingot votaid tree "Bloody ' Third" Ward,
wu halation:dug at Mozart Hall,Sinnmth
stmt_'; The tainting was calla to order by
George =W. Leonard, Chalrinan of the Third
Wad 171110)1 Commitbse, and the following
oMosre were appointed :
Prestrkaa7Aux. lIILANDII. •
Praidait t -4soksoa Donau, James
Montath,:jorapp. altoeb, - Fred. Bele, Thos.
B. Hamilton, David Alms. .
&orstarlus--James Butherlaud, James Lat
. forty, Zierob Eberle. ,
The meeting was addreusd by Bev. Dr.
- Dougiu, la a tailing speed, replete with toy
alta, Interest andidequenos. lie was followed
by A. M. Biown,Mat, who delivered an ex
ceedingly scathing tUalra team' Copperhead
After a for remark, by Capt. B. P. Blood,
late fumes Army of the Potomac, and Jas.
fintherlsid, ,the following-resolution
• 'was offend and unanizatnadj adopted :
!has Wed:con of Ads meting sti.
IttOrtood to amtbl t_tocuottses of igLiutot fu
the TOlrdllirozd , Otid that :he , Da12•1421 maid
mita" bo_;abtfilot win Um ptomaine of ttas
toottlog sot th at caLl otiontittto mart to Bator-.
ay Imola:x=4 al timbal ftrowol cats, far
otputissomt. -
GI motion adinufhwt•
_ The 'following is a• list of the Vlgtrann
Cenunittas far the Third Ward:
;Mob Dlohl; Dr." T.: J. Ganagher,ll. o'-
Hare, J. Ottollattung, Capt. Pearl Becher,
Lords - Walter , , Janus Mentooth, Jen: daub,
O. Slurp, Charles Lem:hula, Dr: Crawford,
Joshua Splass: Joarpt Abol,A. M. Brown,
Henry J. Pau, John Small. Jas.
MolloMiter. Capt. Jas. ficriott, Chia Hamp,
:Taub H. Killer; Thes.B.• Barallton, Ceo. W.
Leonard,.3. Duo", P. Base, A. lIPTIght,
John' Paul, Jamb Aterle, B. 11., MolChrisp,
Joaph Miser s JsmesSaticrland,Jecoblrettm,
*joule thabotte.Willism -SiMploll,- Andrew
• Edw.; Dr. S. Floyd, English Moakley, Wm.
Barclay., Ban. W. Morgan, - B. P. Vandevorti
Sauk Case, P. 3.ldarfs, P. B. hiecrocceg,
Dr.:. alto: , 10. Bliendr, G. G.
Itsekofen, J.:ll..Baokofen, David Sims, Goo.
W. Butofen, David gall, Joseph Bashi,
Johri 0 Bury John Grazier Julia" Stark..
A_ 'disabused soldier, his wife, arta little
- JawSint
aged Wan three yen, mostly at;
dials/nem bnodnl, their fanner home
a ofnyvotattar destitution: Timis . 111t 0, 7
Is a al - eta, inflated the beginaiog of
On - wit, lentil 111 wife and shill do Boom-
• fettablir Pion In Gran township, Indians
ma*: Aline' a ter ago ..tbe boon was
destroyed by ire, together...llth all it. oon.
• eense,OtfoOssno.barety naplog with their
Inge: Th e wife then tea - her oaUdiert Mid
In; hostiiiiif laths army, whoa oho earned
,washloi for the ln
mein - of U or llss es ,
pnred by rebels;
' robioel otenewithlws alto had, and tatio to
Elduncool. 'AIWA kept In prison for a
Ono and almost - oho was sat North.
and aiaolast lowa, wl ands terribly
pasted Iy toga expcitsre. Her In
, met wan dieskarpd s Mos soul. to Iwo
forget antr-they iowlrittont Wpound of
swirothalll or a 114/ 1 40fattO
mai day to4llo4ltlrealtarlty of the nsfsh....
bon. 2111 - eon appasliatreonly to the syn.
. pashlaiof
lads orriaaiiTaiwiti - stookriAay dona
tions, SA 'nay Is - vat to;lsr, wo4 Apply
ant ref Alllsnettfof thefigollp
,Fitightfillltplattai; luta Lou
- -
A taii*a:s4l.2ll42 , 4xtriTiki Nol'aufk
in To
.# 1 47
at tbilatut owaatt ststutru Li. k Xtea.
th latigth Ave Pam won Weiland /IV
illeclat t aamtl,
Bt.atil isasbcr:.
pa, Jells Orogen* (angtutr), Mr. Sitskast•
as (iltstira).oa blatant at *wally
/herpro UO l O. O V Atattolign4 4 4
Sionalai-4111to to in. NAIL* &tally ;
Ore ParvilltlaVrattall7; Mi mlos Edit- .
mat (ate) NW, a. P. Tat, sat of tat pm*
part ol,suef Lb.4etler.n. tow thu thus
1 31 1 =a t t l aaosi ths r z utilv in ,t fe r i:
drift lat data sad data:slip,.
a poplatajCqut atata— tor a
pelftotypear: 1 Thit atm at tbaariarat Ida
n kmatitaisa pi:: zatteral.
almamaw sal a itsbottre" ban; others
littab, la ib. Put d
4 11 10 Mt• ' ' = - t-
_ ,A lord IMAM Obit--
114 X
if T'uTamak; Wsxr nutty, s pa :
Mall rani Ank teelovi VrAnot ratan ca
lads: kat A , soliklior boy :ouno to oho
Wok, os 141 mi. se olittok whoa YW
Inialdalairg as gait' Into sou brats
lelmolifomiosg31)100 , UtOloi Is% hi 4914 A.
woramaravgairoWiruk - Pa mg.**
411 end tolottly. •
- ofire-11 -tutithouget.....7o4l
- '1314 ca se'cif Defiltiatlon.
ltdis listerds,
oewinltiedleluciaokson, aged 12 yens, and
Albert Budthiagel7lo you, tO ,tb• oust,
Niter stalls, mow from the tilled alchael
Nauman's milk boa. These era the urns
boys who robbed prostates MoLabes pocket
book fa Allegiungraboi4 two weeks ago—ths
preacher zatasing to ti them for the
°fosse. As thy,. J caught In petty
thefts serval thaw; and their parents would
not send' them to the Haute of Befogs, the
Moyer thought nut Jail the boat place for
DIM 07 AZ ED1T011,411% John A. White,
=for enter of the Mercer eountY (Pa. 7 Dis •
pawl, lied at Mercer, on the 16th, of con
sumption. lie was one of the founders Of
that papa, and vu always an unwavering
and conshtent educate of the principles of
tree and freedom. In prhats fife he was
highly esteemed by all, and kb; loss is deeply
fe t by the community at large.
Tam Nunnery hill grounds, at the heed of
Federal street, Allegheny, are to ho sold at
A. Loggate's Auction House, No. 159 Mend
.street,, on Tuesday evening, Oat. 6:11, at 734
o'clock. This valuable property embraces
simnel fine sites for ruldenees, cur the city,
and two dwelling houses, plans os which can
be had from the auationeer.
Dam Gag. J. C. Hozraver has been re
lieved from duty in the army of Tennessee,
and ordued to report to Sen. Seam, com
manding the Department of West Virginia.
Gen. Sullivan served in West Virgbita, dor
the Wive campaign of 1881-2, ea Colonel
of the lath Indiana regiment, where he won
distinction and promotion.
To as Examen —The Tnustcai of the Bso.
and Presbyterian Chianti's)! Pittsburgh, hare
entered into an agreentent with .the Trots Wes
of HiUdell, Cemetery to exhume the remain'
from the grave yard situated on Center Wre
ns and Arthur etreet. We pruumethe work
will be commenced when the cold weather sets
tie daughter of Mr. James Anderson, of b
alms borough, was riding on a swing, herleg
was ought &bora the ankle, between the
swing and the upright put, oomnlsia l 7
smashing it, the piece' of bone protruding
thr the onsßask. ,
Musics .tit Britopor•The .Binoll a dna
ghee, (Old Betted Presbyterlaae)met in De.
Swift's chunk •on Thursday evening., end
yes opened witha sermon by UT. L. a. Me-
Aboy, robbing Moderator. Re but
ace yea treaseated. The union will be
conthanad to-day.
GOV. ;trans.—A dispatch wail ICCOIIIIIII In
tlda city yestarday, stating that ens. autln
wotdd pass throng,h I. Biwa thb musing.
Gum on Baun's Munn) linniunn, Ise
fug" and msufastulut moons, us the
but in us.
41. 7, Canon, Gourd Agent..
No. Fifth strut
'blown Panani Plain and OreemanWU Slats
Bailer, aid Ulla in NangWants and 17ar
awn, slate of the Dan etnallt7 at low rates.
011 W at Alm rattlin% nee?. th e Water
11.ttiltanalto ' aPB:43l'
GOOD AIM VAT AIM itexant.—This resudy
I active, panatratlng and cleansing; dislodg
ing all morbid ssontlons trom the mud and
its disused memiztaus, and pt - teperiestay
hutches, and cask ha need bp' the most deli
cate mtstitntlort, =du . raciemmutartote.
without &Dieu While tuttrit no change
t .
of diet or 'outdo Is n . .11 can be
had at Keyser's, 140 W street. ', •
BAD Sneered El si..--11Lany-men ,nejistly
complain of their risme when' the tants Is In
the soap. We Invariably- nee the Ortolan
Balm, which Makes the but lather in tha
world for shaving, and Is tar more *meant
bat than shaving soap. Nor tale at Dr. Key
sef's,l4.o Wood street.
Opisuons of the Wbeeler_and Wilson
Sewing Machine. I
Thera Is bat tom Sowing hholtiaa, and that
Is Wheeler & Wlltan.-4esi2s lhip, of
stasiricui /utittrup
the Whaalar.A. Wilson hischloo has no
steal.--aiela' dseriects-
and Journal.
It Is the aukohlao for family naa—Advocato
ia It is tmlnently supettor. —Tatiows7 of Mir.
Busy one should ash at Molar a Wil.
son's room, N0.171111b street, andexamins
spadmsna of work &neon thus sasobLosa
Was. Boman * Ca, the Western agents
for Wheeler it Wilson, bare now on
Lion • dim stook of zaoldnes, in Rosewood,
flab:4mq and Walnut =sea
Joni lirrunitau lad us Earn.—The un
dersigned would MU rgspeatielly all the at
tention of Altair triendt.and the publicises:a.
ertzl, to their Pall and Winter stook of Goods.
They consist of all the very latest styles.of
Clothe. Cultures and Vesting', English Es
kimo Beavers. Trice aid Pilot Cloth and Over
cawing.. Alsoia large assortment of Peen&
Chinaltila Onrcoatings at the very ,Ilnest
quality; all of which IS selected from the latest
importations, and will be made in the most
fashionable manner and at a price lower thin
- any other merchant tailodng establishment
in the City. eilre man 01114,1 OIL
, Sunni. Gaearan
Merchant Tulin, No. be Market st.
Baum Gums. Geo. MclicxneaUt:
Yoe Fess AID Worm Wism.--The am
ines le"put, and by the inorming's frost, we
begin to apprehend, that fall sad :bier will
be shortly upon us, and Tumult provide cur
tains with tbp mannial to keep se =midst:a
ble. A sloe fall suit, or a good and will-made
overcoat are the very th4g, and we do not
know of: any plead Val= our loaders would
fait tkemeelys• botteethen atlilesars. W.ll.
Sidles okstillest esieblishisant, comer
of Potosi strut end plamo:2uare; Alle
gheny. ""They halm:also semi • complete
assortment of gelitlemen's f hing goods,
end a grist misty of new patierno for waist
costing, to.
Armistirs, Vonvissus 1-21te
attention of our countrfo hem defenders re-_
saintly returned from the seat Of -war, and of
the pent In general, - Ifigaisi'directed to th e
very estenslve and bandana • assortment of
the Wert -Myles of Funtoklinglish-Ild
Amertaan pleat goods, for pante oasts and
vests, lately recalred by WHY& John Miler .
I Co., Merchant Talton, No; 115 Pedant
strait, 'Alleihen7.A tasteful sirecitlon of
ribir• e va Savoie the always
found on the shelves of the eitablishment,
together of noCAY•niadecelothlng,
Col uP In the ilat
—No sensible man Nil Lute-the aity *Meat
s supply of -Ifollowies PIW and Ointment.
Pot mods, Indies, sores, fame end dyien.
Ugy, {these zesdletnee are tke hest the
wWIL a d Wech: POW
Isentlutak . Ctoly2l/ cents pa box or pq. 225 •
Pori DoraW,foaedousrs
-Bast . cheapDimasWi hest cheapDentlstry.
Ito:MU worlcno maeldne troth. r •
ins ciaimasculaa clllVeteltert
At, she OtialbuscoMar, So;.4o6l4bettritroorto ,
partMght... ALI orders , UM a the above
isM will , bs PTO* it4,an l Wt 411 WU
anal be pit 4 RA, Ilmnsall , " -Ask;
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- o , ,lluisu -;4
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h nt AM1N1. 534
' $6.1. _A het
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r.ibmtnit ordsaa ptitest Owl*
lagist ot mom 4=004 .feri daft be"
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;,iewnsy, finliWitt.over 05 sad coodigl:
WM, sa.,losua Mann, ,Igo Maims. ,
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FVBLOPES; ali- ligoi inai t ufaitus,
par..o,,s„y ; Asba,. cmai-bad.
lift sad -
mop Zanies* IMP siaarblL
. • • r WAG 0401111STON 00.
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Vow *aka aid atattasaw
.`tiCF!t~iP3~-~+~~rs ~ - Yn}3:kly~y~nx~~~Q~~CgvW~~~ t `[~ q.LSi~ j +3~' ~'3' lie~:Srl~~'6`~:i4uC~~~,'
Supposed Br co ti l o n lnter.•la . w of lin
Geo. Yricegs Army Fleeing to Texas.
Wurusoros, Sept.. 24.--Telegraphlo Infor
mation hu reached her stating that Rich
mond papers up to yesterifsy have been re-.
calved from Gan. bleade's front. Thiry con
tain many Interesting telegramitromßragg's
srm,y. 'busy say that In the engagement of
Saturday and Sway !net they lost Hy. Gin.
Hood;of Texas, whose leg was shot elf, and
Brigadier annuals' Willlani?reston. Smith,
and GkaiiirolWiallford a of Georgie, werabilled-
Gene. Cleburne, of ArkaussarOtegg,mad Erfg
Gen. Benning,wouridal Is breast; dins Adams,
Baum, Brown and John Relnywirs landed.
If Ben 1104 brother-hr-law of Mrs. Ptisidrat
Lincoln 1114 Hein General he mit 1400 one
sanonnoed as killed. II the reference made la
not to him It mist be to Grisliest ionn MIL
The ItichmontiSaistiast, of yesteidey. dair-
Lions Its readout nisi net risaleing the so
ootints no far feeiihred as proof of their sums.
In that quartu r admittleg that the battles*,
Saturday and Sunday were not eoneluslve,
though darning that the slyaritege was on
the rebel tile.
The Itiolunand Enquirer Of the 23.1,' says
The batde commenced tight-mil. from Ring
gots', and on.** 20th• Itosmisne army was
drivut twordist by a mintbint4 charge; Of
the corps of Generals D. B. SJv ilia Polk.
The Union artillery fire Mas the •headestikat
has taken plat:to-in this: mar.'• Also • that ort
Saturday, Soars division of - Longettect!s'
corps nude =attack and mas repulsed. „
A dispatch raports that on bunchy tha
Union forces fall bask eight miles, and. adds
that the label loss watt An thonand ruled
and - voundad In the 'two ,"days'' fight- Tire
proportion of dhoti' was Very heavy. It
claims that Its ribdi lost two thousand psis.
Isere and saran places of artillery on Satur
day, and that the hem smoke on that night
Indicated that 9sa. Reasorans vu hunting
his stone. Another, dlspittob,,reoeived on
Idds, night, says thit • manbisted attack by
Gans. Hill and Longstreet was to be nude en
A dispatch from Atlanta, isted Itingitdd,
this morning, reports that four, thousand
Union prisoners have been taken sad thirty
places of artillery, and that the rebels are in
pursuit. It also claims a **rapists Confid
ants vistoryOrith the captures of itrAlltuy
and colon, though admitting a heavy loss of
offluen madmen.
Ask Adults ail:eta, dated I3apt. 223, says
that all of Itotearaast wary was sapisd.
That MU was Mal •and Hod 3 atonally
wounded. _
A dispatch sail that on Dotards, fiezurrals
MI and Loaptreet mode • unbind attack
and took an thontand prisoners. It addsou
• prophecy, that .they will drive Boseuras
,from the Mlulsdypl. ..
°Mehl adobes from General Rclannans'
army state that there are no thdloations of
of anotha battle. The cabal bats CD Saw
day and Monday ware ballades's.
Gov. /sham Harris, of Tennosese, in his
&patch to the Appeal rays that Chas. John
O. Brown, Mad, Gregg, Han't Adams,nnd
John Ham was wanacled and' ambled, and
that the rebels had tiptoed 2,500 prisesom,
and from 20 to itapisees ci artillery. •
Oa kleaday Cm Hants telegraphil that
the Coafedarate aotory wit Complete. He
odds, It Is mated that we hoe takan 5,000
prisoner, and we expeor.2o plaosa of Winery
to be brought In. - ~
Caro dbpateh of the 21st a report
that Psioe's army, reduesd - hi hundred
man, Is fleeing before ourAta , towards
_Texas. The report kayo the aunties of "bob
who bate sarendered to Osumi Steele will
amount ho 1,000 .or 8,000.1 Thb is probably
_ n rChingten spacial to the Hasid toys
the detonation from ,IlLtsood oar on the
trey to Wathbgton, toss* the Pouideat con
corning ths policy prated by On. Elohoesld.
Ms. Andean, of Kontnetr, Ababa of
oangras from Casey's . Marla. has atrial.
Bo will qtr Oa war t.olfii of the, /Ambit
istion Intaatigappora.,
The Richmond : Papas' on-the Late
right eeA Onion Defeat a Callan.
dish= Victory: -
Wasatiorofr, Sipt. 24.-111olemond pipers
of the dif - hsTo het% The; 'ld :IC feeder .headed.'! Victory in
tl eellue Sap: Charleston and.Chattenooda
are the only points ahem thsellieni pretest
the hues sppeatsses' of fight. D sated at
Chattanooga, eel &Wei' back • sahsfile,
the Vallandlht pari*.wseld.oarij 40-
Con In Ohio nszt Monday irithlittlodieloolty.
The, pesos men is.• the Udall Slates weed&
onto- more Oserf thslizeishool,sed. Speak
01 4 es they did WO! fteriele - 44sathete had
Shekel tear iittersusee. , Betitfaaotameng
the .pesisv men ,of the 1:111.04 Stilts§ theta
view,Chnttierioodie , ,Wedid inoitiell upon
• bun. ' Eat it . home 10 edger Nillho the
lteetett; I :lttfit/044ateteellr*Pie. 1 /edd
army Basic bia- lilt). ..thasdeistioll e bet , the
people-hits stot•aspateettet the wit hard
ship- the army 4414 Witro'sfors sully
msas - chispbridset:' 31ter,stheynortr.dis,1111
of the : Repoli.; becam eis Wolf .sflelti.
kW Its fortunes and zolidorfon but
some of the psopfi Irddo busy dls aisiaa,the
protabUttles , , s ;loniateriAtirpoy;Absf
the: owe. irsafesins,"." thsvie , !dotes, 'is
wantedby the oextetioi. • • t• - - •
Chatiancloga,Wounded Soldiers
• Comeledt, n0..P1114,!P0'.,-„.1;
24.--Adnow received
by the eaverament today, Awn the Anoy of
the Combuland, an to the offset that our
Unaided, in the late three dap' battle before
Chattanooga; have bieneonveyed to the hoe
, tide fitensetea' lad Stldpport, in , Air
. • atalthenoe takento , Nastuille, as tut
us they so. phyilcally able to' byre/send.
- The numbered wounded 'More* /ten'the
Uhl is not eflehalyAlated v nat whether 44
are now In the bind, ot thu enemy.
Beqopftos o Admiral .ranaggis.
•Sebols CoscesestiSi la Noes Car.
,dam `.
• 4iessat
Mit a maples ss ihs zooms giwie.
:of Osmatiss to-Op z•-• = ,
; monis tows Nnrbois u . ttta nbal #6OP.
are easel lectwebtasiii Awake tear we
podded* Owls= aro nay fail= If
ars . strih . his*" ettgliftor: •
:gOrdap, Volesstitiok#'lSt
' eiropes*
has received lONA Owe;
, issiors 7411 of diS'ep of oar booms mist
flosesiNowns, ust to doe a landpgs
001 SO Vsniossile ospessibiike soma of
the gunboats Clifton and Jsoktos; . slut sits!,! ,
wases;oo sooplogi,ho,Wso, l o:i'4 •,-1.-;th;,.,
Rosi/e!lqq pp' isfoieel:44ll4an;
'I • • 1.• -f , -
._712 . 170 1 ( 1 c, e rt;
.611 tau 114100104
Is to berelsitotorbtpiret, fir#Au.:to • Asa
piaci to ooacosad of aoarws;),,J , .-•
. _
• ; Saw dretolitmatiat•BOMUW
pnefiranakt beads seogatall to foe
taxibed-ut senisar twit
Viand Mt lety
The Cincinnati Gazette Correspond
ent's Account,
Hard Fighting of Thomas' Corps
Itosecrans Safe atChattanooga
Gen, Burnside in Danger
Orsorseur, Bent. 24.—Mr.. Shank, ' oor
• rupondent of the Nereid, hu arrived here
from the battle field of Ohicamango, where he
iwitnerecd tho two dayefighting. Be says .
that the °distal reports of the battier, front:
,Wasidagton, are, in main ‘ totally false, and
that really the Army of tho Cumberland has
met with a defeat which must put it upon the
defensive for some time to come. Thomas'
tarps really is the only - one which did onj
'fightlog on the first day. It defeated Long
atria, with honible slaughter, driving him
6 great confusion, for over mile, to the
Floicamenge river. Longstrust, in two hours'
Aghting, lost 1,000 mon hllled, - and double
that number wounded.
. Gona. edeCook's sad atittendea's corps, on
the game day, were both badly 'beaten, sad
the enemy broko our contra, drlrins. Critten
den in every direction. ' The defeat Of thla
put of the line valued Thomas to abandon
Ms deld, and fall book' to prated Ma flank,
and mestablish llne at the some time. The
enemy not knowing what he had accidentally
acoomplished, failed to pursue the advantsat.
and Wood and Nagle, went In on the centre,
end re-estahltshed that part of the line.
The day was oars, though the enemy held
the add. We but taken three plena of artil
lery more than we had lost. On the. Asst day
Thomas had defeated Longstreet; on the
second day Thomas saved the army of Role
erans from annihilation. Prom ten to twelve
Velgek on Sunday he fought the enemy and
reptired him in three oltargas, when finding
his matins in vain, the enemy ;Ittihad for
ward on the right and centre, and at the Ant
charge broke Glens. 011tunden and MeCook's
lines and routed their entire commands,
driving VIALS In disgraceful panto lato,lioss
ville and Chattanooga.
Theinas aith his carps still contested the
day and was enabled by timely reinforcements
of Granger to hold a position until nightfall,
Vlach earned his retreat to Roseville. .
Hr. Chinks left the held at 7 p. re. on finn-
Ay night, and Chattanooga at noon of Mon
day Rosterans wu faking bock on Chant.
iroop, where ha was perfectly safe from an
Bragg could do. ,Illa lines of oommnuleation
was perfectly snare, and he had plenty of
snit:tuition and provisions in Chattanooga.
to stand a month's slegi. The remit is vb.
sully a defeat to an, as we horologe norm*
Coin: material; not In than 60 plivxs
artlllaryfalllng into the bands of the enemy;
though Bragg's army- receipts for twenty.
The rebel lost In killed and wounded will ex
ceed our own. In killed he hu lost double
our number. Bono:aim ill In no danger, but
at the time bit. C. lift Chattanooga, _the
danger to llamado maw, Imminent.
Raid on the Osage end Alendudria
Battle Between Lee and Heade
Wesicsarox, Sept. 22.—A letter from the
Tfilatiquarters of the Potomac Army, received
to-day, says
Genus! Buford, with a portion of his &vb.
Leo, drove the rein:l picket' through Madison
Court Rouse. Three mile' beyond, be en ,
ootaitured • strong body of the enemy's tray.
airy. After a spirited fight, he forced them
across the Rapidan, at • point whore the
Gordonsville pike roaches the river. Thli
action nfieots the highest credit on all the
troops engaged. Oar ouns.lties ware one
killed mid twisty wounded. We took forty.
Are prisoners. Among them were Lieut. OoL
Ds Long, of Cebb's Georgia Legion ; Mut.
Bryce, and two privates, of a North Carolina
regiment, who were wounded. The wounded
bare been property Wended to, and sent to the
Division hospital, at 4/nipper.
" On Touts, a body of rebel cavalry emend
into Upper lileryland, gent Ave mile, from
Rockville, and bad not Frac:ceded far before
they ware met by a portion of Boer' cavalry,
aid some infantry. A fight ensued, In which
thirty•tonr rebate were killed and wounded.
Animas the killed was Captain Prank Kilger,
etteunieding the rebels, who retreated on die.
eovenngthat they were oontendbeg with a sic.
patter number.
Thee guerrilla chief Kincheloe, and fifteen
of his men, ism recently upwind on the
Hontlaside of the Potomac, and hare been ant
to thabld capital prison.
reconnaissance to Dantfrior toned no
armed rebels thole this morning.
Beaman WAS rind nine Voloot this' morn
ing; - Westport' gartrillee made a mid on
wood stades R 0.13, ea the Orange aid Alex.
andel* Railroad, annt move relies front
Altman, and gale Mae males, while their
surds, were breakfasting., ' lnes Highland,
of Pennsylvania Vienna, who started In
mew of tag planderus; fluid to have been
sakenprisoser. — ••• -
Thd - Rickarend•Ertiminer, of tbe'22l, says
TIM traLas maveyedmo informatkin yesterday
fro& Onnge, beyond the , supposiutarthatii
belt& between Ilene and Lee was imminent:
On: Heads} bath armies were drawn avbr Has
- of kettle, from half to -a wrier:of a mile
ispirt; and at some points, we, understand, la
fell Iriew, of, each other.. The Flinn -way
maintained yesterday, and under thus
inuattaness, If . enr,informeats are not ,nrts
taketiAris almost Impossible lo'ne how the
tiro armies can keep from fighting.
"inns also reported that a form of the en.,
my!. cavalry was at Newton , Sing sat
laiten cantles, steditatlngaraid on the rill;
The newspaper dispatch dated ionelt.:-
lug, Sept. saya tier nemy, Lume n
kneed stirring, enteted -- Bristol, , neat the
Sao lim a rneeting 'with but • feeble mist-
inns destroyed' new commissary build
lag, mllh one thonsand bangs of Sant ant
pu lar
.Three 011113 north of Bristol
thy tore rip the tanned trick, bianuid like
bildistai *4 :stoned.
N ow ti ate :
NwaTtliralariittolloa to- tka..tesstarat
DIUMIFLAY, the NMlaa4l4lll,lo6Bll*
.stosasCrAtallAClTil)ll37 *UMW /UMW
-07.A.UPOIPIL.Itnierts AII7I,IOIAL WES, oat
*WS 411,141,1431111 1 • 112 B 1 NMI alimamuy
MUM a5a106115 1 , 11 1 sod,
lak a
tat pliBN - -11111111L I mmo, :
'pm TEE rArit.orma,3:
s w op APPLIVILtas,
iitiiii.;", .ii . : 44i.l' a siii:. iai.'piiia g 0 4
old van= m. mist Now Intlk . . .
,), a - av e r imp .otook , of DIAD L ttaadarit ADA'
Await, canip i natarinausumßßOllllllL
.01141`s . Sal SIA;,I' ilia DSO* ; . AlatillSnouas
Rime, A. ;An, !Wm% and Mall at Teri I ni,i
slu m w ow • ,- • , .
;:r•telnrir,..T-Pieutiornoit sad 0510 and Dermiss.
rc gi
r aw zi og i nc 4 . 7 ~..„..,...:"'-----:. , :. c.)„ . , ,.. :,:„...,
,:,.... ; ,,, tii ,..,, „.
',,-UNika bah albiderj /MS fatal; ~ ..:, -. ..t ~1., . ., , . z .,,
F . ce#6l. , :. '• • . , 11.11:no - t"
b r - • . ' ' 9 ' ' gOliti V . % i
ftiffis Ilpy • - ILLIST nolVllllll4
• t
• -
. • .
. •
Special Dispatch to the Plitdcrib Gazelie.
WASHINGTON CITY, Sept. 24, 1863
The portion of the Army of the Potomac
which armed the Rapidan yerterday re
crossed today, having effeoted the obJeot of
the mooenzat. The enemy woo et:membered
in ooraiderable force, end severe sklrrolihlng
maenad 'Alai resulted in quite • large num
bar being killed end wounded. The mote-
mina woe intended es a reconnoissance in
rag rozartos or oar. zotzczass' Astir
Tolagrams have bean maraud hare from
Ohattancoga up to last night, stating that
thud was no lighting yattarday, and that
Gan. Boners:. than, held a vary atrong pool•
lion and had his army wail In hand, It Is
'atated, with groat confidence, that if again
attacked the annoy would And his troops
more than a match for them.
All officers and men captured and paroled
praattacs to Sept. 1, 18133, have bun dacland
GIN. E 011.111.11 CID)/ ro /01231811 XOllOll.
Coiaminary General Mamma has gone to
'ortrore Monroe, to bo prearnit at the next
meeting with the rebel Oommireioter. _
'korner C0M.111551011123 *wimp
. Dr. Alexar.der . ItioDonsid and Rev. Air.
Schandlin, of the Sanitary Commission arrived
bore to-day. They soy that Capts. Sawyer
and Flynn had not been executed, bet were in
Libby prison with other Union soldiers. They
wore treated with great
. brutallty after they
bad bean seleited for capital punishment, but
after the rebels learned that Gen. W. H. Lee
and Capt. Winder ware held as bogeys for
these men, they wait removed from their"
damp dungeon, and pot with other Delon of
doers in Libby. -
17510 A 0171511.115 If 055711.11.7111111D1A.
About 300 Gideon', prlsoneis, captured by
Lee on ids retreat after the Gettysburg battle,
are In (ladle Thunder, where all our officers
are kep t.
1115 xost mamas' molar 11.1081.1031 D
Whoa money is root to our prlsonars to
first exottanged by rebels for silonfabrate
scrip, which Is givon to persons to whom
funds are sent, and the difference in exchange
is pocketed by the Southern Yankees.
These men oonfirm provioias ao:cunts of
large bodies of troops and a large quality
of artillery passing through Riehmond to
join Bragg. They lay no doubt exists that
Longstreat's ems has gone southwest.
'ln eddition to the above, the authorities
here have reosired intelligence that Colonel
Straight and all his men have been brought
from Southern dungeons to Richmond and are
treated as other prisoner,. This change In
their outdition bait been brought about by re
tellatory measures of ibis Somirriment.
The easy cf Lieut. Col. Powell, of the
11th Virginia loyal volunteers, who was re
ported to be <rotated as a criminal in Rich-
Mond, is now under investigation. The :a
be authorities hare been Interrogated respect
ing him, and it the reply Is not eatbfaotory
a rebel officer of equal rank will be dealt with
John Morgan will bo told far exelongs for
Gen. Baal D4ll.
The fotiourlng Is a Hat of Burgeons and
Chaplains confined in the Libby prison
Burgeone.—D. B. Wren, of the 76th Ohio vol
unteers; W. A. Houston, 122 d Vols.; T. L.
Smith, 110th Ohio Vols ; .1. 1.. Dross, /lath
Ohio Vols., and P. McCandless, 110th Ohio
Volt; Wm. Spence, .231 Ind. Volt; A. 8.
Looker, 6th 111. cavalry; T. M. Patton, 12th
Va Vols.; 0. NOME, Td Va. Vols. Cavalry;
W. A. A. Bodges, 31 Tau; W. P. /McCarty,
87th Pa. Vols. Chsplains.—James Baron,
110th Ohio; C. C. McCabe, 1.221 Ohio; B. W.
Brady, 116th Ohio; Oliver Taylor, bth
Cay.; 'E. 0. Asitbler, 67th Pa. Vols ; Goo. W.
Hamm% 12th caval/7.
00111117TATIO1 XOIIIT 11.110S1TJD
Sive and a half :Milton' of dollen have
abroad: been received as oommatation ander
the earollmeat sot. Thla tam and all motleys
hereafter to be realizal from this 'MOS are to
ba capeaded to booatiee for ea.Ustmeate.
Market, by Telegraph.
PnrustietitS, Sept. 2t,-Phut Prorates of 3,030
barrels Extra at $5,2505,50. b heat : axles
'Wolof 6.000 buttie4 White at iil,Gsail4B, Sod at
CALL Ooro adraomd; oat of 0030 !muftis To low
'at iLle,9s, and nixed at LOVil. Petroleum ; Crud*
38., Whisky arm at 63055%.
Harrizossairpt. 28.-Ilonr; salsa of 2,000 barrala
Ohio Extra at fit Wheat amis.; danthern Whits,
st.7iBs4Bo, and Pod ii,isert,ta. Cbrn quiet and
warm Whisky flanor and aches at t73i045,
Saw Tout, Sept. 21.--Cotton quilt it 75 for odd.
Mips; uplands • floor his setts at $5 OW SP for
Sakai:UM, 85,8507,75 for Extra Bound Heap and'
Oho-Trade Draws clotleg goon and Ann. .WtalAy'
Milt sod hemp as tkliiGhia-this latter an entstda
fignni. Whass dull aso droofing-shippers walling
fn. Loners Trim ti.e Wast-at $1,13,5c5111.13 for Ois
CS kiss,29for S.. Amber Onlossofpita g
sl,o.oLre for lilliorauks• Club, 111.25a1,31. jr rn..
tasted Waitern,and 51,i341,55 lot White Mutant.
RLii scams and dKidoilly higher at i 11,000111,10 fur
Wratun and Blank Oats dud and lower at OWL°
for Wasters. Pork is • shade midis. and La Lair de.:
mood at ittzsgmeo Lir old Base, Meat for nay
mess, slo,l7titalo,6o for Haw Prima, $102312010.00
f roes prim. dims. Baal do I and lower at 05,t00
1 7 . 03 for Mow, $10,60.0111,60 dm Basackod and
Maas, and $1501i,60 for loath MOW wed Prime lbw.
Base doll acid nominal. Cat Shall quiet sue firm.
Baron alder dull. Lard a stud* sailer at loxatom.
Ne.or York Stock lindrftlosoy Market.
, Now Usk. Sept. 21.4-14124 Gasp at tt per mat,
/holing lovirr,Nrlth a Outlaws buslnesa as
151 for Pest clam 67 'L, Gold laver, f at •
idrandrig to IrCi, declining to II -- ft, and sal:p HZ
steady at 38%. -
fhareramtst Btocks-tafttd Stiles Rua, 111; Mu
*Ptinti 20 tVi 107 : 7 10., 106 6iiP147. s • • -
• Stocks trash buy guilt I . ; . . ,
'IT li 0-...;...-.l3'llludiro • . • ' 11D
Illthigan Coorral... tWona TOW° 4 Wabash. :.., 75 . -
Paciflo Ma 11..........-415 -
J: ; 4044, 1 itams:
TIMI 7 waved. Thule Elam Mal
Tool ow. Boas buck and Yarmbn Isapkaratts.
Price 814000.
he inforikat!on etivilre
1 16 '4311. B. uO/17,7, 105 tb
10 Midi. P. B, Endre ;
MS do Coda* dol
• AO bb s. otoadui throb' d do;,
di do Gnnulated do; •
'l6 do A sod II Miro diof •
150 do 1 triable@ dinip;
.100 do G ddei do, olio:to/ brood q
Idl bop lito Condi: '
376 boxio snorted Totioom
100 do Et.dtiin Pearl atur.d; _
oflotimeni of goalicadd Aopt
molests, pooay.toe ado do , '
.poll WAIT A .wasow,atts LThert.,strsitt.
ATOTlOB.—AlEpartiekin , intarest are:
•,..1.11; nettled nut Elatediat of 'Wads, la tlis,
=Mtn ot ta•otardag ardIONIZEIT STBlllllOn
the Word. Ward of AlYghenre h WO to Idua
IrOtAxrari of Alleir,hany pardaty
6.803101301. Jr. - , •
. .
jobeniir.s. ohmic ,
•ta.coooaae bsasectlitt*Mr ;
bbl. Wen AVPIO ' ' " ' • '-.'
lbbi.frah son Maw, , .; ,
Widik4 TAN Govaiwa,, •
• • 116 itsoanditmit:
it • !brat; _MAY, 11)wpisic.-ur
Alt &Wog Wats az uniVbe dig" buxom*,
alcr. b ;ma up ia oaaraa4 VID 6 III, lad la Welty
the tee! eettlettlol o 9 9 Warr, s i teg
~r t • ioratts-WartimiTandsupsfir:` '
eßaYiMO.saeneLuan rata b**2o4.
at00:01111/sed 1116:4.:
t IWO i 41 " • 14 /HkTINIVV:A22I*
TaionalguitirsasralVe t a mmt
1617 V SEMI disd.
.~„^~ ~>
r"'" -
F 'I
Orrice Ocorrnotaz or as Bossism
Wealdoston City, Assert atth LBO.
Wronnu, By Istittiotary evidence presto to
the sederitsord It haa teen rude to appear that
In the Bounty of Afterberty, R of Ifteteryhrs•
Kis, has bara thdy organizedun der and act =dies to
the requlnnurnta of the Art et Conn" naiad
“An Act to worlds a National Currency, secarelibe
a pledge of Baited States Steck', and to provide for
the ciren'atkrs and redemption tbsreof," approved
Tao airy fah, 12124 and toe compiled with all the
=k4DiDruid Art required to be complied with
a coninumdes ttis business of Backlog.
Now. thantore, I, Mao IdoOcatocs, Ocorrotroilei
of the Ourresoy,_ do hooey certify that taa Reid
Mat, of Allegheny. and Etats of Pennaltreals,
gathaltal to too mesh thebnidnesi of Basking on.
der the Lot shreadd.
tattimnoy erbmof vibes my band
{ as. and sea of °Now this day of Lagoa,
Coreptraller of the Curency..
OUTTAS, 11151.00.000.utth ;drib'', to tnexesto
to e 1.000.000.,
The Pleshorgh Tenet Comm: hoeing orgaalsed
ender th• act to provide a National Currency. =dm
tits 141 J• of toe NATI•Nite BANN OP
PITIIIBURCIEI, wouldratpsitcl • offer in novices
for tits colhotion of Notes, Bills of lia.changs,
20., remits =my on deposit, and buy sod all Ka.
chaos* cn all parted thenountry.
Vol mom which has encode d the Pittsburgh
Trust Company since Its coastline= in Ids•
we Wen, ba a menchnt genrontce that butharat
entmetcd to the new organisation Will mere the
mune prompt attention.
Harts, a my =tenths cornopezdenes with
Banks and Bankers throughout the country, we br •
hue we can offer cmuntal toceitin to tome who do
halms with =-
The =deem will to condi:mud by the tame *M
oen and Dirtoton.
If OUT= :
James Latiblin, a les ander Baser,
Bobcat B. Bays, Irrancie G. Haney,
no. Bell, Alex. Bradley,
Thai Wlghtssan, Simnel Bee.
Wm. K. Bamlek,,
D. 130 II LLY,
August DX um
Fouls enzer.
Open daily from 9 toe o'clock, also an Wednesday
and Wards, suntrap, from fday lit to Itarombee
Ist. from T to 0 o'clock, tad from Novansbas Ist to
lia4le cat t tom •to o'clock.
ts nostrad of all sums not Isla than One
ltotlar. and a dtskland of the profits declared twins s
year. ha Jane and Deconabse. Inured has tam &-
eland saml.annealty.Jose sad Deounber. shun
ths Bank was *spanked. at the eats of Lb per oat
a Ratted, If not drawn ant, ht plated to ilia creep
o' the dapodtosprloolpal, and bean the suns In.
twat tram thallest days of Jana and Deeembwr, nom.
Upanzullus twine • year withou troubling the &pod
s to anti, or elan to meant h i. pus book. At this
rite, mosey will doable in lea than twee, yeau,'
Decks, anstalnlng the charter, By-Laws. Enloe
th toad Bagolationsauntshad gratis, On application at
e deco.
Pastaza-0190E01 A.L84.7.7..
RCM 1210L21121121121
Jahn B. Ilaraddan,
John Hater,
almandur Speer,
13*1,..L. !Omuta*.
Janus tintou
lamas Herdsman,
Calvin Adam.,
/ohm A. Elackniso,
John o. l ihnilei
George Blank.
Menu d Carrier,
Mario A. Colton,
William Douglas,
John Iva=
MMus 6, Ham,
Peter U. Mulkey,'
luirl Hays,
lases D. liCaHwy,
%Masa S. Lardy,
BOCalrfla2 •
we& P. W±,mman,
Quint= Yea(
—011.18.. i. COLTON
5.'„10S MP a, doint doer Wow the Calera
taAll wooed,* Soldloro. who hays been to the toM•
n or curd etrrlce, cothlod to 111L0 Bonn ty
ead Pordoh. .11 Fathom • who bare oared two
=ore dm isolltl4.l (hot= lb:nutty. Bolder§
sod by worm of Came, at. entidad to ptd.
.tam . Wows of eoldlors who deer ere Mild to
the storks eze =tate to peactons and the 11100
Bounty, ito" *a.
°Moue Cleft; ot every ette:xlyttea, potop , mt.
tended to. Soohurl mate to any 031, until the
IliOneY b collmted. .
H. 02, micarazu,
aid ado dsca,
No.lll PIIITHITIOLT,Pittahrg Ps.
Cklltctlaas fa A.D/ itollaeljaltlna coaatizo.
PTIMICIA:11 WWI Imr? MAffiNaliniry
Vas ; 1:10IIIITM Icer all dlichattad Soldkg de re:
wond Moon arti bolding DOM
WEB and MUM for Won. Punta, Oral=
ObElltaa. Brothers an Mai, at Oar loping*
notattrar of thaw Ida ban dlid to Vanantot, as
ban Mad afar dltotuugo taxa alas ...ntmatad
mania dump omen ocatc•44, us rut liail la rl
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U 2 engem s els= b eszke3.4.
tet aurraium STILSTA Prrsairmemx, PA
&tamed sad Ittad up th elegant an Ml
cedes at the onion slime an head.
0C Deitch= OlteTlllo, the OM at the tem=
certificate of tea darts of stock of the Bank
of Pitubargh, ruder 154, fmtod November 17th,
rto Rade Mg?. has *ea talalaid. or
adios busby ghat that mien Abe sal w
ilted/I ft rionsad Wore she, expiration of tsar
weeks tubs Ude date. application will be *do tattle
Bask to Woe a doltillate certificate of the rock.
Administrator c t the Matte of 'Urfa Barr.
Stabrattel 11. - ealeam
WANTED.-4 Fmn of Lend,
P I : IM ai say of Qs tarod Hoes, not over 60 olio
troll et* city sod ad mot - two =nu frost &station.
ItmotttalonqusU4soil.withgood boilditip sod
othokimptonfroants, sad may =tan troto 60 to 166
mph mon or Dm. Any pan= Irtelf og to on oath
ala tosy find • potholes b 7 oddrnsfat B.
IlLiatogrls -Ptitabargb, Pa; " statism For.
tlinaantlob:6l o'lll7 of aou. looatfoo, somber of
a S. teasrovromfa, arks. Am an9lAt
"rang/ Dyeing . Estabit+iiimnsti
39 ouzo Fr., ussoum
islran goods Totrunsd to two soots. anEt;lm
11.91.16 Oran:till: innate sod Cfliventent to
Passsam/serap.... The home Is • Mr...tory Witt
Tea butt aid arranged for comfort sad crossedices;
portico b boat. widc7uU tIQ parlors. daning-reatn
and alishei; g:od dry ollsrs. 4 shush" flalshed
Arolt-lusess salt Cab* O. Vls Ist has a
front of AO iMIS bills:ad stmt. ty 190 fast dor" on
Pratte Kiss% lOU shads sat trots Criss; Thus, o.
4014 , cararism. AI IBOP/3,"
.0143 . 61114srkst orbs!.
occat Milted Plato.
On EIATTIEDLY 2d01141110,' Bret. ItGlio; at'lo
o'loch. at the allalo3llll__*o. will ben% at Public,
echo. tor atecuut Etats"; 8,503 MOP
COAL ter macated ; 3,000 LIPTAIP.
pllOOSlClS,autertguelurs. Bil otosp.
Tittua cub. - as.utorraa t SOPS,
Noe 119 =flit Oita ilh West.
4141 Y op THE PO'NOMMI
A 440 of turinfties biotin, from tbs orginftighti
Cita Amy by Mc hn= to the Camay the Cam.
NO Is Sruirlitk c about tts Ent day. of Jszmary.
Mb: By MI MS illisttobst. Oust= ants VIM
Erases& Wtmotuts TeMstsms,
* stanar‘l3l
yids*. Primal for Ws tr
Amyl JAIL L. Bits°. 71 Traretb stmt.,
19%;,116%.Y .-- ew st,"'"r .
Mll. > Ny
7. 411- -17 1"144. 0 t de it i by 6" ,:: : :- . 7 7 : l T ennl : L CO Clts : ' ll "lti o. l. 6s :l4lr- W ilabl oad vai' 413:0.4"-:
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..J; =la °cat train 'Pout, Lorolose -
*MOovorrazontt Won Its Gomm, Snot*
Ilettootimil to , oats In non to soh poz !
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76 7 :17c1 I i 1n:i:i•
~, ti,;
apim.dic Jrorress.,,,
Ws. T.-1880—X,
?mons of Wean, halal imolai& with Wish.
12604 ['sift* palpitating of tits heart. 1 . 244 sp.
petlto ands. after sating, torpid ilror,, constipo
thin, an., damns to scabs If thy will not In (Ns
Wblch are now etesenemended by the ldgbeet airmen
astholiths, and entreatthed to prodoe►an harnadtede
beftellehd and. They am etheedlngly egreggablcr
patently pare, end 'mad supeccede, all other tcesteel
There • he oldie ethanboat Ls regaired.
They verify, strengthen and bete:od%
They create a healthy appstlte.
They am an antidote to change of water and dIA.
They tegarcente affects of dholgatlon std Irmo IllOgink
They strengthen the system gendarme= the ado&
They prevent talegmattc and interzolttent Hirt!.
They pacify the breath and ecidlty of the ttotthlb•
They care Hyrpspda and Ocattlnetlen.
They cue Diarrhea. Cholera and Medan Ncelete
They ears fiver Complaint andHerectn Headache
Thay make the risk strong, the langald brilliants
and GM CatalZited DALOrte• great endorse. They ere
compard el the celebrated Callen= bark, sinter.
green, saustru, rash and beets, all' preserredla
perlhatly gene Bt. thole am. Ter partici:dere, te!o•
&whirs and teatime:lab arotosd etch bolds.
Beware of Important, Tratobas shay bottle. Bee
that It tau D. E. Dune iignartan on oar private 11,
U Ramp aver the Cook. with plantation scene, and
owe ilros sip:store on a One stool Vote engraving on
aids label. Bee that cam bottle it not refilled with
spurious and deleterions dud. We tidy way &OP%
to snatch the tub or tharorter of oar goods. dny
pcmon pretonding to sell Plantation Fitters by the
gallon or in bulk, to an Imppoics mil only to
oar tog oebb bottle. Any person imitating this
bottle. or setting m 1 oilmen:Muriel therein, thseu - r
allied Plantation Bitten or not. Is a ethainalfthider
the V. S. Law, end will be so promoted by as. We
already have oar eye on two parties tro tilling oor
bottles, do., who will scoured to getting Cum:Salem
into bless tbarters. The demand tor Drake's rAn.
Cation Bitten ham ladles, clergymen, berthants,
do., ta perfectly la r eertible. The aimplo trial of•
bottle is the mit:tsars a. present of their worth and
scgoertority. They an mold by sit respectahle drat.
gists, groans. phytlcians, totals, steamboats and
wintry storm
lIGHLIN. Prattdmt.
ant slain'
TZEJ3, for cats, whoboate end rots% by
Onner Emltbasld arkl Fourth 6trania.
WPulmonary Consumption a Ca
&thin DX/USK-A OADD.
7ha nnders!geed haring bean restored to health
in a few weeks, by a eery amyl: reined', eller bay
ing offered gement years with a :Aare Inns affto•
lion, and that dread dictate, Cznaniaidlon—ls
lona to nuke known to him fellow eafferera tie metes
of care.
haso N. Pennock,
John Harebell,
Janice D. D. Heeds.
A. It. Pollack, Dt. D
HID Durgwin,
Willitetn J. Andiron:.
Peter A. Madre,
Walter P. ItaxatteD,
:oho On.
Rebut Web,
To aq who dolts it, he will send ■ copy of the,
prlsalptiosi wad, (tree of charge,) with thedlret.
dna for preparing and ulna the same, whtch' they
will find a we we for Conatimos, darsw.t, Bun.
cams, Octant, Couajo. The only Opel of rte
advection In sendlag the prescription fa to tenant
the afflicted, and syttai.foforinstlin wh!ch he an•
calm to be Imalasble rand he Lopes every sufferer
will try Ida 'remedy, as it will cast them nething, and
may pore a bleating.
Parties wishing the pre=iption rill please iddrate
Wellamshorgh, Kings °nutty, New Tort.
John EL litr
WWl= Z.
Abiandor 'LWIs„
WlElon* Y. k.
Imiso Whittler,
M'PIIII.I3 WINE rnizoiat,
(Torn:wry hterairr as Co, Berdeerte.)
Tho oat: Viriegar awarded with et Prtse Medal, of
shly extdhltors„ et the Ittereatiotal
London: Pat & by
Mlle Conies sioul and Mg orient*
Of AR 'INVALID; published for the bum& end Ilf
eater Dom Benton Debility, Premature Decay of
Niel:mod, eta" supplying, et the mum time. THL
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NUBS Of BUT MILL By one vibe bat cord
61=0 altar belng pet to Smut doneesad lnJcry
thumb medical humbug and quarry.
By smcbedeg • punt paid addressed et: ale-ph sin
gs copies umy be had of Dustsathar,
ewe? Bedratd:Mints emmt. N.Y.
Superior Copper Mill BMA
EiVirt ak tCl WOMB, rinisinum
alakaprteriazuLladassthlUZTALO.TTS PL&TP.
MITT num win* fra 03=1 1 3017 en hil4
Waxman. So. li9 The aad Llitecond streak
Pittaerrek Pan
cartipsela Edam of °VW motto aaydocked
faTo lierstons Buffer= of BMX('
BEICLEL:—A. ran rend itentlenten ttathqt"bet se
stated to health In • fete days, ages undergo /ca. let
the mat =Una and Irregular expenilts mode s ct
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dial) tosonuanaleate So his auctcdtallow creatiuso f
the nun es =a. Moak on ths reenlyt of an •
dromeed envelop, to owl (1110 copy et th,'
goesertytlan mod. Moot to Dr. JOHN 11.: DAG ,
ZILLIONS Toll= attest, 'Brooklyn, N. Y.
Ma43IISJEL milks a . went Mt hy awry coed
hometeepet. -Every iheet "111 kIII. whctr:.!"
Ales ste Wet, Itmemberthet stl..DOTOEStri
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et3lirda•T 'Pis-about,:
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Wows, IsttraLtprn iLisaisum Mob:mg% Pi:
Mazatralititnn Of J 10.8.2 MID 6TATIO3SISItr
TEL =MIA BLAST mane, 2111.
INGI3dd adagariptiatta I OIL TARES &STIILLtj'
/watt tor carnams PATNNi. 11124101'01%:
Sri. *Mai Bathos ' ' ins '
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TAl"W:Ulte—/2 trfirtrby
ultrad mile oir br
=ALM 11/1313911C0.
P. U. DILLER. a CO.,