The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1863-1866, September 24, 1863, Image 4

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Pros Yesterday* Bilraiiir Editioa.
icoaaSusnita Unton Bleating..
A Union meeting of ea dam, of Con.
nallsoflis ant *tensity,. Ins on•Toss/47.
afternoon, an the green - War the '
Oa ntotliliOf
Van*Botsi*.ol4.l4.iii• IhAti•
John Hirst and flatbow Arbon ergo deo* :
Moe Prodiestsj-Kosszn - Affosos Collin odtd
loch V. /Mai wars appotatodiloontfariOn
. Praollot lbs intralooel G. W. K.
muse The only vat
quitting f•ksthfit countryat tide time
Row Oat eittisifon be paservoli our Oat.;
°Station a.. upheld and our, hem *Monet r
NOW Shin our,bathetic - 41V Sinaintalud
thry ha
. .u.;l2aritifore been and at they hags.
hem Visithet dotre'M bi" Cur West Oht
pirty luau Utak formal* dhidet•the pelt!
of this . 'eauttim lore•-n0Phiard , tf nojr.l
stsaitte rebellion`broke out (the
Us of Udell the world user raw)tharsom
butt ef nothuslasusi shout of potholing'
from the .-that vent uplrom one end
the hat to the 0tha.,....kt ,the call of the
Presidia* of the Untied Stabi l the masse! ,of
the people rushed. to arms.. 6q:lnzszos
atom Walt Adler the virus* of Mind
ing the bithottons our fathers headed down
1 to at? as It not, a maintain and held the
• heritage biqtatethod to al by them ?
as lt itof for maintaining the honor of our
name et-home and abroad end &finding that
flag which hes bete amanot In an cutters
opf the globs? That Is the teem why the
eople, et the still of the •21aldent, rushed 16
mu. If that state of heliostat southuiti,
tide rebellion would hue ben • aloha and
we should hew had peace this Am. -And/
does adt the same robethen. Does' It 1
seknow as moth require imolai North to
pat the down as It did then to teeth
traltore they could not AO on OUT flog with
In ?
Uponhis question thire me but two sides.
One party fora vlgorons 'prosecution of the
war for **purpose of preserving the Union,
and until we compel those who have tohen'hP
arms against the Goveroment, to be subjeo to
the law—the other party, Who are ln favor, of
thosetrabellies - mainst -: the 4 k orentiebt.
[Mr. 11:11arershOwed hanihe leaders of the
wreath& parts were detchids the
muses of the people. Re believed the heath
of thi people were yet true] Dsoloorahr
leaders prove that they are not Union men
because they do .not_donorrace the rebellion ;
they do oatmeal tethe people to uphold ani
strengthen arms , at the Government
- crushing rebellion ; they do not . depot:oog
Jul. Dols ala the rebel Generals; they say
Joe upturn? conquer the armles of the South;
tiger say the rebels are lighting for their
rights, esti that can never r a peo
ple fiShting for t heir li berty . What do the
e men sty of out Generals? They way
gam Groat la an old drunken bust ; that Biun
Huller la • thief, murderer. and a satrap.
They only say this of Gene Buser beano he
went to New Orleans and .pat the thuMb:
gorses os the rebels, and made them guy he
hallow& If ;theism:tat Mu's. Mow how
the iimcgoratio leaders stand, rdOi r t know
what will. Alg Mira men talk for our oWn
nwn. for our own Osanals, and our own eol
dint.. Men aboi who they are for by their
litallnor then refined te si.ase number
of disloyal resolutions passed ,at meetings; of
theiwoalled Pusuratio party. Ile midday
weed. Altai: resolutions i fee the_ propos* of
polsonteg the wands of the people ; that they
may finally rol e the government so, odious
irlth the peoln the ., Borth, that it will**
left , altheat support, either of men or ms - aui
to awry on the war. ' Thetasult trill then he„ '
WA the indeneldellak of Ohs South wilt by
wring from as, -not from -ty oneete - and
youth of the vibe% but from Mut WM Aare
berets:tea among ts, 'more doly
to liberty than the men bile rebel rimy
nith'aximkets on their• shoulders: Ile
the following, as seined the resolatlesui piss
ed' at teinthhip Psseemitle meetings during
this tear, (publlehed in thir Quint of Liberty,
et Uniontown.)
Theo emu the niaddetrenou meth,
frets its wocaustltuttcotal.lottssuatelory tad deepotto
-11031 of Jestotryl.lBo, sod returns to
gli t at e° 4 l 7 la . l .." l7--%74 1 .17 i 1b...
Inanity. It camber* no he daises epos ate obits
Pennaltranis fot tarn or otho me= of cerrybog
as the war.
,Reearoil, That dna the whole purer* of the Oov
elsetint bars bma .trirlYal 13 a roe lm crusade .
Natoli the institution of emery, ft cut bate bo,
dams eneK soya oilseed Prithermaia. _
theetwa. Slut we ere mooed to the prceecution
el the adjoin war Wombs we bailout& will .ieblt
late naildtsmlution ot the Won— _ •
Min of the United - Btibti,PTlMing4h4risai
dent Lbseela was prcersoutbag ,thaLwat in a
twastitudonal- sauna: lie said its; the
Diadem of the Dtmeamtle party "Mild have
the people Wire' that titS Portia :met tee
no pew to defend Unit against rebellion;
that tkir protean - tin of Curvet le urammatu
tielalf` Mai thd thoitorepon theirown On
innininnt the reprobation of the =llona tit the
world, Women the Clivermlwat ettemptleit
• in mom i lf. tse Are molt mill Union Men?
Alswibd la fuor of theGoirenatent? It Will
• not do. The people will have to tut loose
.Ikm:imams, or they will us thik Oki
-•theymill regret it, the bittern - err of their
Alm Minor also referred to the. following
• artltde to the amiss of Lilarry,Unroll
.The aiwria - Of ins liSit . i . orrello party wig Int
• tunes Tuner for the =hoof YrbirtPlosteed
*stun, woke' wee pleld by mu rerolottoui is to
' jset MSC This ell M=o , io
' p ee -OW" dO kir ibilillll-441110 &idi7
mo than theme/ beitot.whlch bad between
the thateb sod toter. Dot if ible ootuditottottel
modesirditaustlieries,trmdteclitada freer*
' dual' b e denied tattle peaty by the sollitaiy ter—
: PglitoLolLASsebAr fovea gyjimr. the* the Deutowatte
' =Ng Iforceof was, that those dove
who, -
, be thee M. the Settrtd."
lie 'this If - them wu Democomd
that, there mss De - mooted in anything.
• Cathenn's theory of State Watts was th en
• ladowlepen6 Its lathy `proven. Aux. te
em' fathom speech filt „Mud= was sae*
pertly nig to - shew that the government bad
• givens asmislnz the
Mr.. Minor also said he wu a eandlda'il for
Uralifitslattiterillonrsillon te-Thol.
B. Seatight. Us loft it to the punk' trot &-
die whith one wan tight and which inte L
would vote Arr. -
- ,/ At th e close eithif ditheli - ,Vs. Join' 'per
was Indty called for. Ile apparel,and
aid be endorsed *Ulm bad heard from 'Dir.
• • The misting djograed about slx-eelaile
Bank Note Quotations,
Ootteated especially for the Oastatin b 7
;Kenn. NH& Laze, of the National Beeb
Nose livarier Rims animas st
t mint :
, • reiiiiinai: sePt.y4less•
l '. —l4.iinsisail Rem.
Wallrl-- ywlll4U iF:,;, ....6.1e—
im J -•••••—: pa Atbliso-----•
. 1 Ti llb : II ~.. pit Lactstani...—
ine .... ..
ish:onfitnt; Poo 33 KilP a ll.""
. iirt_,...d &Mr Oxitt• . az
-. - 0,1 i • - - 0-- -
i tt, -..,, inllCni* +.....
"Dlit. 1,. L . ...m
arkg%lli 7 T-Srbiellag: , 1 001 111 .......1 u 25
78.'117241:inaksolabsapcima""="7".1)414 4kaillia:t°41 417. 71''''.7,
air ia o lat 41ww tifol APh 844 °ar i l"'
~'; SOW= WOW94 3 V --- 4141Altr. ' W.4 1 4 401 C 5 i
I sed to thr ltostoonsee - has tto o
• e
i s Piar s t ow Armor?* endrra,
al - wool eseisto of teittoottoll- sto
t i saa tia jiepoNybhujut el OM ,•
az _
atseelissre"Vltoi I
71 , it soupia to d It. . ,O, 0
ilrit, tha o nto% but may
i H, , -&Vbsobbli tfotatident llos.aMP "',
1 - ' ' eishbOt&l,ciele Wm amy
' k ' amilMeolaiwi irtibestsalimidOdillarstatoll4.s
- ,:•' , an. ibis tegliww wf the matter Pass* e
pAbivg J. w Mai ft•• L ks - r
ortient# ol 111.1,11" ' 1 `
r o 7 1,...8-114104 1 - I .W. man 'Onall
_: - , , ,:ollliiii*MOVllll, l t 9 ,!l l l= k l
:-',...."' ; ' ' '''' Vlill . 0 . Olt-01110 ...W.. nipiLiti
---'*--.' r '
' r , — nowt
_,- etiioile
i= Pr"tlft. Zlif=i i a
.."1-,l,natelt&ilSiAtlONktin* id fie motellfsb
7il ti idiot rewind m
.--.. Ckessetefal. ,
The lies :aegis!; . Altilsoad Repot.
_ .
The antral
_uangir depot, cos being
emoted in tide iii#,7l4 the Pennsylvania
:11Alfria&_CrimpriAl. *Di bridneif the largest
and dust strneturateLthe kind In the United
States... , rhelenzdattoU is aocr,,lceticthbUts
but more than a• eer Mast Ann before if.
can, be ooropleted. The depot will extend
seven hundred feet on Liberty etreet by one
hundred Ind fittpaine • feet on Bbn street
The Liberty - street - front will be irately of
iron, and highly , orinunentai..' The centre
, elevation of the roof will be eaventrits, feet,
',with an arch 'ringing from ironed:Wu el*.
vita thirty: feet from the tragic, leaving sib
lean to sheds thirty-seven feet in width asd
rtivantr•Ove bona height. The Liberty street
elumi will be oomph& by the Pittsburgh, Port
!NMI end Chicago Ballrucir nil, with
r don , track. The Camay street shed, with
I I double track, will aciootemodate the Stenban-
Title liatirurr artismy, while the arched
portion will be used by tbe ?iambc:lla Cen
tral, with flu treks. , c 'e. ,-.. • . .
In addition to the depot proper, a hotel will
be erected eighty.fonr feet sic inches front,
Inutdred feet deep and four sterile
g& The first -door will be divided into
waltingroeins, ofteu, eta. while the mend
Our will contain a large dieing room, sixty
by eighty feat, ladles and gentlisunierr
!lamp UiWp footnote. The upper us
of Uri Val In mutat& pesters an Amp- 1
leg apartment& The exterior of the build-
tag will be -Med with Philadelphia pressed
klolt, with onumiltau stone. drearily to
windows, doors, eta — ._ -
Malin. Collins. A /Mb:arise, of Philidel-
Ads, aro the =Mmes. The contractors
are : for carpenter work, Maseru Eitaith &
Bum of Allegheny city ; for masonry. J.
L. L. Know, of Allegheny airy; for brick
work, Messrs. Logan & Bush, of Allegheny
city ; the campany me doing their own ant
structurerk. The contracts for the iron
and the slate roolleg hare not yet
been given.
rtesbyterlitla Intelligence.
At the statcrinteetWg of the Presbytery of
Allegheny. held atDeaver, Rev. D. P. Lowey
tem Installed putor of the alturctoss of
Deaver and Freedom. Rev. L. L. Conrad
preached the usual sermon, Aar. Dr. Vi'll
llama delivered the charge to-the pastor, and
Rev. Dr. ZdeLboyr the charge to the coupe
tion.......The the utes of
the tut EleaccralCommittee
Assembly on
directedMi n
the at
tanUon of the Presbytery to • decision on
nag s 87, baths a reply to the ..ISquiry,
"whether in cue of sickness or peculiar con
version, the Session of a church is at liberty - to
admhister the Lord's Supper in • private
1;1%; ti l t nith a use ad m a ta t i e r a of t' ists ficss the i4osn
and • Walser frommturicomtar the pastor
matPrOessittoltdministar this am
tuo cdrentatianoes." ';...hir: a .--W.. Potter
was ordained end inst alled pastor 'of Plains
church. 4 The dame vas, by zcquast of Pres
bytery, deltrand hy lie brother. B.ay. James
H. =Potter'' OIL BilacilDra.....MS. James B.
Boyd, Wincing of the Witherspoon Instt
litei ,eras ordained en An:orsagellst«....The
-Iseteral relation bowie
-Bev. O. • W. • Sack-
Soh bald the sturel Or lair Creek, ' 'was dis.
Delved ' 42he compeneation for supplies in
,pant eharettill vaatcurnealsof ro tso d o llar,
per dayiend to lifteen.Aollars pat day when
the Loree Supper is adMinhtered....
B....rnaliscas of the last limo of , the 'Western
TheologicaliElearyi his received a unani-
VIM can from , the Presbyterian church of
Frederichtorn, Oltto.
Court 'lgnorant of tho Law.
Jadeite! Courts in administering the teats
are generally supposed to be accinainteeiritli
them, but it appears in the Philadelphia
Master .Bwatt:4s they try eraser withont
'knowing the reqUirements of important-Lots
of Congress which they are bound to a s
and rerpaot. '{ be
last Congress, in Tossing
the bewail; Wenn° andistarcip.ltetei made It
oireoessr Sauthiltittica.voll-Votrultditynosea
revenuestamp axed tOnate it valid, and
another ;alien Of the abtlialoss the eontraet
Inadmissible in evidence unless it Is so stamp.
ed. 04 blonaby a cue wig tried against an
individual who had torn his signature from $
lease for which he Wood security for ono of
the parties. She cue was trisd, epeeches
suede, pipers ermined by the attorneys on
beth Sides and by the presiding Judge, who
instructed ' the jury on the law. It was not
tilt the paper ot into the hands of thejury
that ore of them noticed that the lease was
without a. stamp, and nn calling the Judge's . '
netiet,t3 thetas*, bitted to ocasult oopy of i
di Wier Congress before teemed say witeth.
er a amp itarmseunay-to-ttr.valtalty or
not.. inettrita.f.o WO'S!: Iteeteen publiett
ed alt.thanessaanwtol. the tend, and the
lead 'aiownpaketnigrequized upon every
strltuteiVetwrftheref 'that kind, the iptr.
'owes of the emit end the attorneys is rather
singular commentary upon the proper ,a
miahtritiOn: -Of justice in the Quarter Bee.
dons. Thaintereste of the.publie
in the law than Judges.
Prosperity nt Cosineßovine.
The • borough of Oonaellsville la quite a
prorporour plum. ilosidsk bptug surrounded
by.snagricultural and Alban country, it has
thendrantagi airoziOrlaotei 'of 4asnu- .
toots:es. Ths irincipatibusinass establish
malt llwoo l e n Will ; of C. IL Orth,
on the wart; last . 'Youghloglieny,
where iscitu'-sicking" is now.theonlY ar
tido nisife.• . About one thousand ponn6o of
foreign wooi (thipbriva from earl:Tape Good
Hope - vitt England) are. csmununt each day.
;Tits cool Is Much . otwaper and fluor that; '
own' .tool. . - The machinery.mill is
iftiven by two 80.1corse- seems.* Thaw are
übo sorteuty -Ire binds employed., -footill.
low about • thousarayards clothr(prin+
olpalkr al:ovarian sackinp) , a dol. , The
market is Wm- York city. The superior
otienifoll quads* of the wow of the Tough.
logitsuy valor it vary &Arabi° for woolen
and paps: manufacturer.
• Them is merge age 01l banl manufsetory,
owned by Nickel At C o . where' one s
bunk -• watt- fifty iron-bound 'barrels are
made In a week—all the work being done
The ftellroad Company also here, at ?this
town, a large albs holm, oar factory, to.
fine Wire brUge, *boat two hundred' and
Arty feet long, spans the rim et the town.
:The bridge cost about 1{16,000, and Is owned
bj a prtrate oor ration.
,Vardtiat young Man.
. .
7011%:5902, iihosi feedings we wilt not
,trod pitbiliaeg i la reol4llll ttf.
114.4“411.41 01-A- gig who -andllial tlb.
rather qiesklualAtiFfisibilliti Xioalbt to
bbbear saloon, and plaiting the
ta:nod peinsitsiott actuout her to her todg
ins, plauWhile theta ,thel.had an j4ter
vtewittallitvildels sliettevalled no n hum
loan her a las diamond . sing, valued one
lusadred donate; 'She esbnlutt "the ring very
moth. and wisitedU _war it; the ;tut even
ing when she applaud to charm the beer
bibistra with her vocal *trains.' TheverAant
yougtnan was at the salottn on the following
erasing, bat -the 4 ' oharinthg wdealiss"! did
; not appear,- end- 4a. bcalry I; WY loud that
she bad lett the city. A warrant was loud
tor tar arrest, Ina at bat easouts no olne had
bees obtained , u to bar whereabouts.
-1•••••••••?" P it
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tek 1410.tpar
2 2.211
IS. rolittead lmpooyir. . ,
In looking over the Procesedisgo of the late
• Cepperhat Coitatf Closaddloi;Tiiiititsdthe
sows! JohalL. Nesbit, so representing No•
ollictowaship; sad, I Sad also, that he was
II osidfasto tot nosninstien for Aussobly: I,
so s Mons of tirrille township, whit ti in
form the loyal =in of thin count" that this
ICS tilitidant of Kezar comity,
an dose belong to Monis at I'M I. pro
ismitoltiVos coponed.for thormaposs of Itio•-
int two delogstas trom one township, are Lt is
a weiViinirts Tool tiwit SWIMS only -4ii. coP•
pinhead in this distrist,` mid Wm limo hal
sow mow tio Inanely =tip this to let
the loyal men kitiw - thst - wsi do not claim to
iiitimoto.titon, viw oflitst duo
- A riool;blin.
Asueskik COium.—asta
'illitattelfal.inputtitistegap geolud Lit
Vett, fir baba- anestristet to.ot
& She mut:tomtit to the nityddirlSorn
umlaViudlin4.4.Jras,bitonotbs Mayor,
oulant" to ion, as a Taps* for
s oy ihtelf 6176 Utter she had prombst to
iittilVaasC4*The Of
VI111" 11110:1101k4140 4
MOW* sae kb ilnits
iehtireig biradant "ft: Ma
Mho imlisility lan beesidtbont
gperatioxu 3 at, Cho,rleston.
obetanUal Ammon of the Union Army.
44a., dhl., &v.
Special Dispatch to the Pittsburgh Gamete.
Yenanurers., Sept. 48,1803.
The steamer China, from Liverpool on the
twelfth bit , arrived at New York this morn
The Government hu acted upon a resolve
to detain the rebel rams.
The Fluids was detained at Brest, to risi
bly chime against bar.
Masimiillan has atnepted the throne of
The often market ls excited at an advance
of one to one and a hall junco.
American Bullion In the Bank of England
has increased to L 4148,0 00 during the week.
Things at Charleston are dull. Active op
orations have temporarily ceased. The navy
is doing nothing. Beaungard ls perfecting
his defences, threatening our forces at 70117
which have
Baugurah is deserted of troops,
been sent to Charleston.
The battlein Georgia lea eubstantinl senses
for the Union army. Ourtroops fought like
gladiators. The assaults were finally rivaled
at all points. Our army it to a strong posi
tion at' hattanooga.
The tardy reinforesment of Bouorans Is
not the fault of the Government, but of unfore
seen cironmetances.
'Among our killed are General Little, Cols.
Key, and Bing, and Bartleton. General Mor
ton, of Itosearans' etas, Cols. Crorter, Tran
house, Mudge, Bradley and Anderson are
among the wounded. Gen. John B. King
is wounded and a plum. Gen. Adams, of
Texas, with thirteen hundred of his men, are
in our hands.
In a charge by Gen. Themes the enemy lost
more than we did. Our killed is twelve hen
dad and wonoded seven th wised. The
enemy has taken two thews:id prisoners and
one thousand wounded.
In the lest two assaults One men fought
with the bayonet, their ammunition being
twisted. Gen. Granger, with reinforcements,
W. J. J.
saved no.
Tents Blown
boolamati ß on byCaro the GOVeMOT na of
ooth li.
&a., &e., &e.
NSW YORL, Sept. 23.-4 Clarkston hu
hu letter states everything b quiet there.
'Tics Herald'• letter says there is a greet deal
of work bang done of an important character,
the nature of which cannot, et present, be re
corded, the multi of which will !soon fie
velop themselves.
On Wed&lliday be, & severe gale from tho
Northeast blew up and continued to blow
with great fury until Thursday, when It mod
ended and finally died away. The tents were
blown down and their oeteupante oompelled to
remain out of doors exposed to one of he
Vastest rain storms I have witnessed or
I sem* time. Ties tides wer uy hi h,
ana the huge waves rolledf ar o n - the tweet
over • levee of sand cesstrueted about the
empty and oomuletaly swept down the front
TOWS of tents and drowned the soldiers. The
vessels In the roads pitched and rolled vio
lently, and manr.of them dragged 'their
anchors. Fortosatily none went ashore.
The Charleston &stride., of the 16th, has
the following :
1 "A very sad accident occurred at Battery
. Chaves,, James Island, about ten I chlsok on
.1 Tueldsy 'morning. A msgssine exploded,
I killing Ire men. We bays not learnedahe
k cause of the explosion, nor how many were
"Theresa steamer Sumter was sank
ifoultrisand Sumter afew days ago."
manner the Cowie' r does not state.
"Gov. Bonham has eared an entre session
of the State Legislature, to meet at Colorable,
Sept. 27th.
"Gov. Bonham, in a proolematios cells
out all the aross.beszing population In to ll s
extsen years of ar , not In or ile
a, to the Clonledente service, for State de.
tense. 'firsts= of enlistment of throw so.
eepted sixmonths."
Thi,rebeli seem to be under the Impression
that ;something is going on that does not
promise well to their owe, as our Men am
silent and no grins have been tired on our side
?Wady; it is not Improbable timy are correct
is:their surmises . but their aorta to she
w ll us
out will signally fail to =MOTO the ee of
their team
Al I writs, Gregg Is being- rapidly shelled
by. batteries Bee and Simpkins, on Salim
and Zanies Islands. No considerable timber
of casnalties have occurred lately from rebel
Willow practice, although at times it has
been quite hot lard well dirsetad.
The Battle-Yield Tro o pay 0~
caged by our.
Reinforcements from Gencral
Grant Reported.
Lootsvu.ts, Sept. 28.--The &anal ben re
ceived Infoimation, which Itteredits, that on
*clads/ night the right and left wing of
Bosco:tans' grand army rested on the battle
ground of Saturday and Sunday, and thane-
Informants (number not stated) from Swint,
its Decatur, were to have reached him yes-
Oen. RIMS& headquarters were four
Miles Item Biel:Attie held, in the roar of the
centre. Itossomme Ii In good epirlta, end
hopeful of complete And doable* victory
ever Johnston, Bragg, end Looping& .1
Ills veported that A. P.lllll lain command
Of the Co:federate forces opposed to Bose-
Sept. Twelve noon.—A
special from Zfailcrille,,to the -roulade Just
f!Olved-satt_,ifillSP afftflahhilli took Piate
Ye sterday in frost of ,Bofllaraae. 0017111t11,
an *SI TM from viz o'clock this morning to
Ellsope....The Mime stopped.
Yourithe Detisised..!.,lllnxis.
=Man Accepts. 21
BaStrt nOpr o fientamhe r 23.-Abe stela.
chip •Cildne, freist col'fltutathiP.l2th vla
Queenstown 12th, pante t point. ,
, Tidsaos, Supt. 12,...;Ther thwantatent has
=atop Issolrtdsto stop the deem tams IA
fike ; • •
‘4l347lalitalracitikih n l t.
p it
Is 44 - 3 :
positivaly lusitwi Phil Maztlaillian
Poet. es Kuban arm.
.7'. -'RfLWi~~C ~, J .•. ~~H "y+fC.7.~'' a~~e.c s.ta:,~r:
Admites flomßlitat's AfargooAddreks
to the People of Alkalises. •
Sr. Louie, Sept: 2f—A Leavenworth see
elAlO - the Diewerat Obtain* adobes from
Blunts aftrirto the 10th. Mina nry
poor health, and-leacee-for Fort Scott soot.
All quiet at Port Smith and vicinity, sleep%
a few bushwhackers.
Oar cavalry h reeonnoitering,
keeping the guerrillas at respectful die-
The rebels' are falltugbach from Eihrevet,
Le. Bixby Smith is in command.
About onwhandred men are recruited deity
at Fort Smith. The enlistment of tepees le
also brisk. • -
Blunt has lesnedsn addesu to the people f
Wistsle-Athaeteir, la which' • hosanna thn
of the Fe derai coinpition Sep anks% i e
whole Indian Tonitory and Western A -
haulm being, under_ ids control, andoill tie
rebel troops driven beyond Acid Iliver,lolloW
cid by most melons mbelUtisens. lie feels
assured that -leve—anoh,cataohment for the
Union is not- satinet in Wotan ..Arkanath.
The joy .
Znasifeita at the appearance
troops, and reports- of -delegations who have
visited him how the lute:lot of Boehm?
Arkansas, and the antra Of hundreds
argoas QUM'
ogees to enlist in the army, giveast
of the foot.
U. feelingly alludes to the permurations i, tf
Union men, and domed his address as folio
/deny applications have been mods kV tad
sans for safeguards, but none will in inued.
Th• boot catignssd you can have Is the
American lag unfurled over your premises,
and deport ;minden sr becomes good loyal
damns. Your conduce met be Foie safe ,
guard. If it be
. your desire to disenthedi
yourtelves from tyranny and oppression, ao
which - you hays been subjeeted, and orspOsi t e
a civil government under the ausphes of
United States authority, every facillt7
will afforded to accomplish that purpose. I leave
the matter with you, trusting that wise coun
sel may prevail. • '
PW"Il so Aran Ordered to IlloiraFot. he Situation Unchanged...
Lee's bttength.
Her You, Sept. 23.—The Wail's special .
rays: fisnand Halleek has given orders for
the Army of the Potomte to more forward.,
The situation en the Rapidan has .nader
gone no mstertal ahem en either side. The
enemy is understood to be fortifying the ap
proaches to Orange COrtrt Home and Gordon,-
villa. sow
Lee's whe'a army, it Is estimated, Is
composed of A. P. and D. H. Hill's morph
the litter evacuating Hiolunond lately to
es, and /WOWS division of re
corps, with Stewart's cavalry, maltins
an aggregate - of 40,000 men.
Witnalutort, Sum 23.—We hare nothing new to
notice in regard to doutestin oisey =tiers. Thera
U some bigotry for C oln,; our t totters sod deal*
a:e bujlog what little offers at abut former
quotations. The "scare" in Nee Yost aware to
be enteddlng,and Gold is slowly Wang beck. Today,
it was quoted at 3. per cant below the rate of Tura
The Philadelphia Ledger, cf To sday, dye : "The
Otty COntrolhr of Pittsburgh gives notice to all per.
sons holding railroad bend., lured by the city of
Pittsburgh, that he will .be at 833 'Reheat street,
Philadelphia, prepared to exchange comproadeo
bond, for tie old Line of railroad bonds, trona Thrill
day, 20th last.. to October let, both data hodudeS.
Tux lrivs:remarre Nuns —The avenge daily WM
of do2o bored* from the Treisury Department far the
week ending Wednayday,September 16th,was
HL To effect the lone, the bonds, after bali
the printer's hal:aside:mire be Slid with th mim ng
of the eubscribere, signed and entered, for e
nearly SAM signature* are daily require. The en
tire amend of subscriptions recelied is new Blin
and the bonds will hereafter be Issued' within th
day■ after the deposit of the eatecrlyetions The
printing and other preWallon of ores 0,000 sheets of,
bond. per day la the Treason Building is without
precedent In any farmer imue„ and demonstrate the
economy sad propriety of preparing these ism* In
the deputmentdrateed of relying on individuals Or
companies, whom fecilitio are necoaddy divided
among diffement,cutomera.
The New lock stock markets on Siddedole oPePe d
under great excitement, and an advance wee Paid
upon the extreme Mt! of Saturday. Cield cloud at
1.1961.30% der selling on the street at 1103{,. Chsva
land and Pittsburgh Railroad elect arid at fene%klie
90%, and Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and ChSago se
Counterfeit be on the eePrendon Bank," V t , are In
cliculetion. They ore very well executed, sad
on, endue would do well to exude.. closely all de of
thin bank.
las Drowned
GRAIN AND FLOG It—Wheat la to demand and
higher, and from Ant heads, elm market LB Limn at
St,lol)l,l2yer Bel, and 51,1501,18 for While. Data
ant eery Iren,kad S3J mats per bean higher; !Ma
on track of 1 car at 113ie, and GOO haah teamsters at
731)76e. 0:411111111) la higher, and Shelled mai be
quota Arm at 133900 on track. There le some in.
Tiny for Darby. and we note odes trom warn it
g',Lli—an advance. Rye 101141 it /lour
la In better demand—as to altrAls the.", whoa
ca an adranar, sale In round lota of 69 and GO
bblo of Tatra Tandly from atop at 18,21; end
de at SABO. Rye flour la Ann with smoN sum at
gO,OO per bbl.
PBOVI6IONr--Tbere is a continued fair jobbing
demand gar Bacon, and the market U Ann but on.
changed. Bats in one lot of 10,009 As is Pas
fibonidarr, 634 c for alblisd Sides; 1030 for Plain
Barns, end 11c for Plain Canvassed do. kites
ske of 90 Ebb at $ll per bbl. Lard Is falling at It/
All In em.
GROCABlllB—Augars coutioue to rule ray firm,
and In note sales at 19 to 13340 for
Ulf to prime
grades of Baer; MON* for (bushel, and 16340
for .:/i" and 16X0 for Ocihe Eagan, Was is
strong with tale alit°, at from 10 to 32. for coat.
mon to prime. names suichasgrd.
MILL FElD—ealak ou truck of 1 cur prime 1111-
dliaga 111,0,60 per cwt. Aran map be quoted s (
$1. 0 6 to $l,lO, and fikipstuffs 111,16€01,k).
HAY—Shan la continued red demand, and us
note sales from mks at born= to $37 par ton. Pale
of BO balm prime on track at 549 per ton.
BUTTER ft T.Gfil—lleg Batter bin goad tupply
end dull. with mil slur at 10Q17c; 801 l Dotter
zsay be wetted at from lo ski for good to choice.
Agge rill se from It to 160 per damn.
POTATOES' catalpas sre kulirrrvinig. and,
I Mille the market la hardly in firm,
there how boon
.'hinge la runt sale tom stored 100 bush prints
Ifeshannorke at 61,asul 116 bush Peach Blows at thou
BEARS—She demand is fair, and the market firm
but unclangod; ode (rem Cox of 16 bask.' Whits at
I I AM to gips par bush.
.0111:1;8111lie market U gulot but steady, with
salad Wattim Dewer; st to 1.9)0.
AryLlifi-0011 and seglect with, , do:loping
Isamu) Wei at prises mess from $l, lO to .57. 96
Pea bbl, wording to grainy.
WlllSEX—Ocension Pontillad Tarp Arm, with
'aka tfirfi—boldars, .asking the outside
Pittsburgh Po — " 1t market
Burr. 23—Misoll market has been somewhat more
soave to day, especially Asflusd. but Wail lba
nun Aaiun to notice. Crudsis gala but Arm, with
but Ciao i 0 the matt ; oaks of 00 barrels it Udi
packages Wind:di 10) bb's. a! tel)ge, f o b, std 7l
bblt. at 27c, tankages returned. Reload. In botth,
was Mini active, but unchanged; ads of 600 bola.
fornmeent daltrag, Mita ;O for Octo* , er delivery
at I o, and 800 for Solentbsr. on private terms, fi.e..
itee, stesayrwith ieznyulse waken &Wad.
and we note tan at 14)64*-110.0 gulano uk
them. fa g oaAti brands. Beestoels Ara i , it goo
to Cc fdl dicdoxized—the bible emus cite zed ad
tho °Waldo Agars domande! Saab:hum is Arm, but
anellsallid. Theis lehut isqulsg for oil barrels
4themarkst to duß.
. .
NOW TO ratlatearta
Special Zunalxii up in. Phi:but:la cilizett..
-, • 'NM Tau: layr. isea.
Trio market tau beei Pao dun today, ihatutor
&au punka arises upoarldataUdirtg. Crude sold
sold at Foam en th elpo, Bead ID laud; La -
ohsupd /WAS° on ea 12,11 . 142 4) et ° '
lber, boas poptuuk &dad, trap, ow I* goad .at
Via • Zispara is firm with salo of Banal at Oa
. -
The Wool. Trade.::: , .
Vl= tho Vaal Milli Xecumooklit hopt. lig - 1
Bid on latoissoi coto',ltalexelb r esA toutto ! itiP
*item lawn opinithota a t
w ry- tbreamentha to;
tallow, wooht booboo te Tol e r: Piho'se
ant wotatr tare tapo' et wore, inalrhig
What're IssIEL It tuts hem Wad 'TSCIIiinr44 him
Wool clamp inza,aad tWoub.ctart• bath togah ht
bills Woola it solatitutooablob la taoakaalefazt.
own Oafs maw. sad, moo taboo rrassikal. ate
gtfille . k# homig4g.hdai doper (I tamp=
. mat vita ao - oatiltiotott 6 irprati - ct
tal i
7703W0r0t !cum um ditypd es. gua
yak, itci chetah, DO soot. of which
nil alhaw. : 4 - „ Mfloot toohilia at
"gestiokoad WWI. a
lota pit - Ida taw,
dam' ports of thi cocain hem boo tralte tawt
aottall how With We Motion of WM, has cos
taci. I+l
bletilak LpArtill.e... • ”,,er
Milling foPoy — an Ohl,' nu bun Fuss- It tikes
more s bantering; remarked • broker, than ever, to
bal. and 'Sheath nmanfasdnra rewant Wcol, they Mit
ind (l i st more to get lc than era briars. TAW g
tbsdamand as • 'bolo, however, it is not study,
end the grnerel mullet don sot sinbor appearance
offctvity; mill, assaufacturen ore 1011. ouppiner
and are picking op lots here and then. but there lo
a bingnidnen aztetlem that is hard ) expressible
upon paper. Docuatio Iffeolo are n t much sought
alter. in mow queues of their high p410,5'01 a • mod.
mato demand exists. Iss lots of 1640•400 lb., al tne
61Im but the gnat attractioo is Iforeign. al is
now bought I) insnakictmers who hentofcre pan
chosen reiyil arty, Tomlin bang talon In pre f or
ens" became it is re Monty dmper.
The calm the meek suntan between 1,1 00 end
8,000 bale, amigo, incia log SAO bolas Cape; 3,000
Provence •nd Et Mean; •03 ile, rwelm, or j i ff, Am
do blank. gray and white Weal; ISO Estre Um;
60.000 fbe tkontantine. end i torsi other lots , I ion
sign, on terms not made Dollies, but known to be at
low prices, Lotug composed of low and undlom gad
flies ez opt the an and Meet's , . of 600 f grades
which bremgfil an advance of WSW per lb cm., M ate
Cl Dames ka- 110,0[0 ib• e r at Waage,
at i o,ooo en Lambe railed at 60.11•53/0; 4.,000 U.
Canada /lame arc, and mural Mbar iota. MI Irithin
brit range. lb. =Met closing with conelderebin M
arshy. rblialielOhlii mid - the button ennatectu.
rare, hers boon the principal purchasers
Imports of Wool, per Carom house return at New
barb, daring the post too years, for the nook
1662. 1863
Bat..lue. &ler. V elu..
1,866 106,710
&p: ember G.. —...1,629 140,771
" 671 66,348 1,076 100.096
Furnaces in the Hanging Rock Re
Prom 'be circular of Addy, literl a. flay, we extract
the fol!owing In 'elation to the Iron Pumices of the
Hanging Bock region:
Of the sixty-two tutosoes repot - fel at work to
TiOP, atztean have, dace that time gone out !I big"
and away of them are wore out, and. permanently
There ere, &sedate, Lairds tursares now en
pgod in the production of Pig Iron 01 time, On
ate making Golf bleat Iron exolusivelf ; two, cold
blot in part; and tbirly-four, hot blest Iran.
the full capacity of the tortyais Furnace., per
annum, Is 115,000 tuna.
She ass see poorly production of-the same, under
prosperous sarcomata:ices, would be 92,1:00 tuna .
The 'unmated production fa the pear ending May
I, UM derived from the molt rellahie lonic s Is 74,.
from an extensive correepondeoce with the Iron
makers, and personal interviews with • tufo lelltubor
fathom we are convinced timt the amount ollorn
Mused the meant moon mast tall consider -My short
of the above estimate of 74,418 tuns. Starting with
an ablmdancs of wood choppers during the winter,
the 'apply of bands has been gradually tal log off.
rintil, es Oa preterit tima, • imp number of the f ar
naco • are with gnat difficulty Kept at wort, and all
o f chew, with possibly one or two exception., bars
ot • supply ot laboiers at all adequate to their no
amities. The preage of llarpn's army through
ttis Pomace region of Ohio, r esulted In Imam to the
furnaces not wily estimaudi not it much by amid
destruction of property, u through a complete de.
retirement and denontaliaalion co the laboring popu
tion. The avenge number or is empdoyed by
sorb fame., In ordinary years, is 161. The funs.
me can now°hula even with the etimnliis of high
wages, only an &Wing" 99 lalxters.
1:711Imago Blanket.
ELM 22.—A sudden and decided change vu ex.
balanced in the grabs market today, end the fabu
lous prioesidyetureley melted away like ante nada
a hot run. It is ineulably thecae. with our grain
dubs* that whohlut app rtuulty prostrate itself for
an admen of bro, they go too much steam on,
and are not contest until 4 or 6 edits bars been patd
ultimately taming • epilogs and conederal le dam
age to country grain beaus. the latter elan of our
madam ought, by Weems, t, undentand the Chi
cago grain cedar% and given De prepared for a re
action after such sudden and unhealthy 'dunces u
those of yesterday. The dement for Wheat was
comparatively light and prices declined fully 4o per
bushel. At use close on onere 81,000L01
for No 3, arid 81,0301,04 ba1ms
for Ns. ly 1
Spr d ing. Early
sales of No. g and loJecteS Bed were mad. at sl,lo
and 83 respectivelr, but we heard of no ften at ths
dote. flour was .co active, and except o
to 611 orders
there're, lathier no demand. thews am s general
thing were not diaries with n 2.5 c par barrel of yea
terday's prices. Cora atoned arm and Unload to
on the Melee, peas paid yesterday, but alter the
New tort news was recstved, •
re oar toot piece
sod the market readad toper buitheb—clothig et etc
for No. 1, and 0064 tor No. I in store. l'here
• Era antialoyaut feeling to Oats at the opening,
andpribeg improved 1.02 c, but at the class there was
an Urdu klieg, and the otarket wad unsettled and
the advance los Bye was In Wed, tut aerie(
to the general deprealon, boldd d . In:,
000 bushe l
decline of 7030 per bushel. About nl,
worn sold at Trafoo for No. Ifa store. Buley was.
quiet and eander,with sales of No. 2 at 81,001,01
princlps ly a $1,05. liighwines trete study, but
mutely so arm at ilSo. Timothy Secd of good and
prime qualities was in fair regard at 113,200 1 , 45 .
Plus Seed Continues scarce, KM we NWT.) to notice a
farther advance, mks being mate at 82,2502,40 for
indium to eh. ice.
Cleveland Market.
Sur. 21. —Flo ur Saks 60 bble. 1. om red
wheat, old grocui4st 043; ID3 do do 64,117; 100 do
do 86,16;10 obli him white whist, old, at 71 8 60.
Wheat. On 'Chugs buoyant end market 34 better,
but [hie attar nom these was • diumition on the
part dboth buyer and lona to ..wait • little
Wore eye atlas to any extent. Sales dini the
t 11,900 bash. red
do en
11 c o ar nmt
$ u .1a t me l e;o n
ack 81,170. Corn,
oar track at 70r, 4 cars from store at. 72e. Oats.
firm and better, sales 1 car on track at die; 1 cur
from store at fbet
Toledo Idasket.
Baez 21—Flom—Ho salmi this Benno= after car
rapers Ma a'
sad, 200 bbls (amber Mall as
$5,50. Wheat—The salts Mad" previews toeteamees
there, erne, 1,000 Do amber "Hob at 118 c; 1.500 be
and 1,000 MI do at 118 e. After steamer—SAO Ina
amber Mich at Iltac; 4,000 be do at same; 800 be and
2,500 Ma tic 2&A at ltfo Oorn-ale tab morning
of 5,000 Ma Ho lat 050 No 'aim of ether grains,
The Frost last Week.
Ho Friday and Hattirdsy nights bet a heavy frost
prevailed over tarp portiam of this State and I ha.
ans. and the &aslant' received of farther 'HirciagOo
the corn mop are of a very gloomy therectar. As wit
are without path:Mars, it is premature to make es
timates; but it is Geared that at lisest tO nt of
the entire crop is destroyed.—(''bingo Tri bune.
Phlladelphin Cattle igntltet.
acre. 21—The arrivals and aim or Del Cattle at
Phillip's Avenue Drove Yazd reach about 22.00 head
thla week. There sirs a better dentandAkts mars'
sod prices a gab an d
than lad quted, DM 'pod."
ity Pennsylvania and Weatern BUM , . am sating at
WaVAe; dyielio tor lid do; end common at Dom
e d gy
to glom Thl market closed dall, and lain
were made late In the day at loser pieta than the
The arrivals and sales or iihrep at Phillip' Ave.
ow Drove Yard are smaller than they_hare been for
Mirrors! walk. pest, machlng abPa ;dell bad. Then
b a fair demand, and priers are Without , any material
&LIP. Meng at frost 4X003 o ¢ ID gust, for ret
Weep, aeon di. g to quality.
Lambe an selling 'Mem 138141 head.
Theaninis aid sato, of Flop at the Linton and
Amon Drove IV& reach about =Obeid Oda seek.
These a madamts demand. bat mime Istlirr
lower, =rill et Dolt $ O O 9 411.
LOBO head sold at usury Glass' Union Yard
l td $7,3033 irk Ds net, es to quality.
1,120 bead old at th• Mance Drove Yard, at from
IgO.3up to /0 0 lbe
1151901111 by 128112011 d.
Frivolo= ltr.W•nrsa oell:4oollanioaD,Sept.
23,-93 begarsips, no . e 01111 4.10 4•1 1 4 6 6161 9 6666 a
Boo; 10 pegs wire, e.O. 11 Towood a O r, 3Op
twine, 11 Gendr; 6 Parole apples, 109 do Mar. 001 3
a Shepard; 581.000 beef, 11 &bison lt Clo ; 111 brio
widely, J 644114 4 ran meal. J Ilioarttead; V 1 bags
seed, Ito • Nob 203 begs =ID. WWl= ck, 11`Groery
a Go; 20 barrels liquor, B L Jraloessook a On 100
bands dor, keelowa a Maori . 17 sacks rap,
Illarkie a Go; 48 bels andre, L Z Telt • Go; 10 do
do; S bale flour, blerdurian, goon •Go; 14 0 23 Pq
bulgy, Atloll,. Lee • 0o; - 10 lacks aro, 11 a a
Wallace; SO tot; 0810. 1•16 31 7 a 'refold.
IM Wee toos. II B Floyd; 218 sots oats, Karina •
Medieley; 133 earboysolas Irwin; M brie pou t e.
3 0 60 aPpleoFeiner • Amstrong; 10 brla WI"
Wal 21142nt0n; 20 do dd. I' Tangarder; 20 PM*
Oise, Web £ Wlleloson;•3 do do, /1 Biddle; 3 1,10
oboe 43 , d0 apples, 03 b sea duos, L H Tolst a
Co; 16 bet appal, Shouter • Lent, 1,03,0 ' 1 bbl bona. 6
6014;100,1 1 ark P00 1 0 11 6" 34 7 700, a BO
dose, 3 teriallewl; 9 ore corn, D a II Wallace: 11
bbls apple., Iflurand a 6100 e; 10S do do. Owens a
Zwoody; XI do o- 1, Hotsmad 93 dodo, J X Snow
dan; 25_aw so d dlah Pions a MOW, 20 -bell' bets
3,14 16011110.1426 13 baci4rodiaooro.ldaltol ago.
A =mars sunox—d Mastro% X too, 14 bbls
oplse,r halm tee 4 Co; 1 carol barrels, 1, T Zen
body A B 1 0 1 sacks oak; Marts; 3Ow 00
Slremon• bedearvip, If Bettor aOw 3 0 41006
J Weddle; 114U4 apples, Cocks wheat. /3 . 0.40; 1
car ems, „I'll. spear, 10 banal; J Way; lame lot of
marketlos, owners;
We bolt siocted and•frave In operatton.indar the
city. an ext., nave Lalnatory to the nuurtihultas at
Lubricating and Fialnt 0
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odd and comma" to pails =alai and passim. ,
Vino grata, /L, 8 sad 0 reop-:cUriey,
14,74 aad 34,4,44:11111f1104T1N9 OIL.
Whireror thee* lohrkat= Ws been wad, they
bus beiftt'yronciniend patty roytrtor to any td the
preparations Istigy • der.d In the Durk et. •
the u. A..' or hentgoldttnit auttted 40 uka the
plow.( flutheokflper .0, and for nee on cotton.
vivant or Othor =beldam. B," or di quell.
d other like intahluory sub tbs.
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"Paiii. cbb 4,70.0 ipturrd to bs • invest ext.
Wear/or botted - noteted And!ed wax Painters
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teats ottattssuitityptt. • •
rat *A 9.,llol;ittiprt Ottani% waft at'
pirolOinr; Mu, & co.
NOTION 4.l4,UplitieliZi lab:4o3loi
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lu_____—:-.... - . - -„...:—. 1 .• 44. . , He) I
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to. , UAW/ZEE CVT.--Ou ' '
and after 11 r•li DA Y , & {all .=,.. -
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on' !MUM T 73410- •
Ito TV ItOctra it MO'S IDUIULT[O 2I, /7
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st LSD . M.. SLVSCra .31 OP gt:600 41, loo.Prool TI
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,ion to Bow Tort
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tad-ronotatrattar , at tinat:4o4l:: , . -,
TIM itroTrata forWitWohir. ll.l . l . l,ll,
taPy (ram. lindsi) 4 d:Se I. M.
ateoad Arootheodarloo. , Thar 'Mr aror . .. rarer
tidal daily (osrpt damitryld 11:80 a. at.
Thh - 1 L.omortc.lattrai l'alr for Wan r.:::
WM.. daPy incrpt anday) 1E440 a, ca.
Tr. ely SeromearataDon.Tridit ihr 14 1 11 1. A*U.
Mare dalty (dent liarday) d M.lop. cr.
Th. Miran Tont i•=ret Wall'a Mitt= wr 07 tap
day et 405 a, ax.; ntorarta, laaras Vlttst mr,t. 0
1.1:45 p. =. '
lastaraba Waal arrtri It Tttrattrsaa at eta 4 t
Balthaora ' - .Urdu: MO. p. 11.1 ThilodstWa lb
m, WV p..Ja4 Plat 1 , 1F4•01 WO &;• 80 .1 T
KO Train, .I.' l a. ca.; an- Aroolarn' k e
11801 a. na.• Mart Waln Sago, atecorrin ,
tai I. En 1 Ibrotd WON 011 ,11 Ma drniatrodreda
tad a. m..; Third Wall'a SIP locoartodstiria
1.40 p. c...; Peroth 'Wan aratars Aandatadattan.
6:08 p. m. Ballimare V:80100 ‘lll
with PhD
adeiplta Trine. at Ltaa p. 4.... or Idcadaya_
Tram Mr Dlatrailla cad latazaronrodatEdwin
rata lotarraction with Thnnh Kwastatattbdwit
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WitstAd with Timm)
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.MC4' 410111) gad Ii arab to hair
de Wadi to trod ha tha Plaral"-th
biatil - 13 Railroad , its th• acoaratoodaticas paw ataill'
wand ha =man. oa any otbat matt. Tha U. 0113,
...Mutat! with don*, WO b rattrory al.ins; dna
Ws to prowls. eclat" sped an =mart t 4. al a.
I may tams tila Prod with nab patrons&
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To Lierristrtag ...,.. 1 e 4 -
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ahs Crortal Esitrowd. nil to Pdblatiihb.. Patti:do 1
tad tin Tea.
hurts= vu*s.t.okstt Ist:- Ida b '
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addlttra to tha abiltrontd;napt treat ttatini .
wilds tha 080.18 131 1 hand kOtt.
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V D. -Aa •Onsatbra Lin bat ben a/Clniri ii
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pot I &large Do* to mud 85 arts br nth pt•
mad aid Dann. I t cr liettts . mon& to
&t da Tr:ltaals Ord& Eel:road r
p.m,. aa raa
TA-wrtb , elvi lirsist drad... "Ila"
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prrresusau AIM
8 11 II II 11 It ADALNGZDART.—ttn sad afiar
KOZIDAT, April NO, IDA Trubr win Ina in
Depot of Ma Ponnsylranis Taitramd, to Pita
brain, es Draws t
Panhargh anVmaimmt Lias.
Loma PittsbaTA 1 I 0:10 a. to. IMO p. m
do Welist ILICi • I lide . LW .
do Otativany's ale . I 9:07 mm 6:53 u
do Whaling. itao . 10:08 . 41611 .
Arrives tiollar.— 6:24 mm iOdz . kip
Cbtorating at titenbenalle and Baas with Mau.
humans and isdiaas Railroad and Cant:gig:ipso Ball.
mad Ow Zanesville, Newark. o.l o mnbta. Nene% Dar
ton, Indianapolis, Otnelnnsti, Lonimith l / 2 O dra, ma.
Louts. Bt. Jomph,andsU points west and southwest,
and at WhomM..trith Daltimorem and Ohio Banned.
gh owd Carmbnal Diat
Leans Ptttsbnrgh..--.........1 Ida a. m.ilit:4o IN m.
do Wallseins.---- t:10 . LEO .
arL—.—. ' "
do Say --. 6.40 Lin mm.
do Allisnom ea/ mm 4:46 .
do Ravonna.-----••—•••*1 Tat mm 60
do Hudson --............ TM " &Id mm
Wiese at Cleveland— KO . 730 .
Ounnecting at Bawd with Tuscarawastwanch Its
Now PhilsdelWa smut Dana! twat at Alamos with
Pittsburgh, Wayne and Chicago Railroad; at
Paramus with /Warta° and Gnat Western Railroad
Ow Warren, armaments, Medal* Cam, Ciotte,
Jantadown and Balarsanca at Nadas with
nutnnati Railroa d ICane.
C d yaho a g Ps andUPlilenbag, aas=
with O. A A B. R. for Neba'Dunkirt and Raids
with O.A T. IL N. for eanduar, Wade, and alum
with Rodman for Detroit.
.. ,
Wellrmillo doontun MOW aft M5O p. m.
Retuning trains av a
st 90 a. m., AM and
AIM p. m., and 4.10 s. m.
Through Masts to an prominent points can be
prom:wad at ths lAbarty litratt:Dopot,Plnahtergh.
GROWN PAULI% Ticket d4pltt.
And it /Anthony City,
A. Q. CIABARLDTAUT, Tialtet Agutd.
Pot Maw informailos, apply to
At the Ocempany't 00Ioe to PnO.ght notion, Pi= at
EX _
rnH 11 LTLANTIO it
BOTatt man, mat nevioilth
non oonyszy:
ADBIATIO,I4t O Boorl7dlfft. ' "
BIBYBDIfi, Honorpoirto, Utah
Ontildela• LOCIO Horowprwer. tom
ANGLIA. Lae Ilonolowar .3,00 tons.
Itto mint litoonWlD ADBIATIO wta son
from Row To* On Idoopotd tIIII3Ddia tha
MI of feytorober.
PAIN of rump tram Idvorpoot to Now Tork.
abd *gold or tta , apttaltalt Is consway a
rod Or VD and iscl i tisteasp.—.-0 0 co
Panexpro =way dad alio to Loam. Paris, Um
' burg; plonk Brenta, Dottordam, Mammy, Do., at
tow= Woo. -
run to= idnnool or Galway to Bow Took and
Bodon.sts %Er Ste&
for pomp at the Ma of tho Apra%
gTI►BLY.IS Broadway. ,
Slaws iota, nowt.
or. D. bloom,
ond.unkrasa. mama&
Da. TO Dina din= Plidotoolk.
10 POOL. toucbhat, amosslowzr
i=assos.) Ilse voll Mom stessams
New Pak .o 4 MOW& litmoaddp
bmoas as t010a614 to Mort t
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env Or WASEPINOTO6I---.. s stard s yo ns.L
And nay comsoand Bntardil. at was. crom
61. Noah - Bina
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ds fold, er tbeosilmioot to Cams
ft= ISO
do. to Laacm.... 16 00 do. to L a ndon .. Id 64
do. to SS 90 do. to Parts 60 60
do. to Hotobosa 90 IM do. to Ersastrors a 60
Pollaulso dara6sl *scums, Itrocum.Bot
tudssz, Wrap da, at Wally to, 11014
lasttrozo itrorpool 01
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seg alm . fassnat, t y g r m a lath to
D ior Italica tokamak* Mal th. 0M01 2 61 4
15 Broodway. 26
;WM tgonnois, Are!.
Hand Moot, ant Was 4toci
-0:616c1 IPitttos.
CIINLILD lartis.--Ettaxa froma t
antra and latuantbard, $213, In gold. or Its Katt.
dent ho autopsy. atom Nig Trak, WY in au
racy. DADS CIRO veer. Apply to
SUB "OLD 001321111 T
Passmott brinbt oat to lITBST CUSS RAIZ
OTIMIESIS, Itose Limp:A London. Gallup or
Ocolt, for
Twonty-ftve DoLtars.
Anil to • D. mom. •
tossing dinystere itugdiag.
sarkismcd tuft dria. ilitatrarlak
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Ontaa orlon IatrAXISISAMI4
Prok's m ilrull =asa win la neetna Athit
Alto lanlntoi CalraLßT HUM -
Do batmen littenietlit,a,Platabaphlst. Womb.
vtQ bum:Adana In Ms
ann.= kas AA:algae= s • lll n 4 Ta % aim '
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sto damm(l s ) to Attant hinds
Ittsb.lroto V* (5) to also py pia da.
to tat Wan. toapactlztle; im pas Inband trio
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akigortanss Offladoa ttagnotatat.
ty Attie sonspana tattbuthowi
Dthicalaelinilladetetho Chat at An amen
tn Clout, or Ms Vatted Stotts 'IMAM Alty
C oi Pitman inotko Lizat..ota. C. Q.
eAwnijAms tnartatanlatc. omen rum%
and la indtmek tar Ato . omatiar,
tiontec Prop** Sr
- , Mat, CA. .04 OIL Q. Oman
iuso.cco isioate Lam UfnotnEAU .
500101b0— , ,d0 do Vain Wag
,17 MI lAMB =it'll's:ft - M
JCL h . 11. .
pROCLAMATION.—WmanuaIin an d
be the 13th section ti the Let of the Kendal
suably of Pennsylvania, passed July 5E104 enti
tled ^An Act
manwealth,^ I 7 on the &m
if laecilan' of tbia Wu
iff ai
county to give notice of such electkros to be heidond
enumerate In such notice what offccrsexe to to elerdad.
In pursue= thereof, I, SAMUEL B. CUTLET.
Sheriff of the county of Allegheny, do therefore make
knowit wail giro this public notice to the electors f
raid 'county of Allepininy the: a 11Elills '
TlOll will be held in kid 'county, on the KID uSiD
TUESDAY, lath DAY fly OCTußtat RAE et the
115Tati Election Districts therein,
And m directed by mid Kth moil= id Om Act of
July, 1839, I hereby give notice, that e
(excepthig Justices of the Peens) who shall any
elm or appointment of profit or trustonday g ut
ernment utiles United States, or of this Pr=
citzhor Incarporared district, whether •
ofOcer or otherwise a rabotdinste officeror agent, who
or shell bwemployed under the legiiinfilitMlismith•
orindluiexy pruned af gas Same., or alba Thane
13tstris,ta of any city or huurptatted didric , l, and sho
that every member of -Congtess;and of the State Ler
filature, sad ache ,select or common , toonoti 4of any
dry, or comallatimuus of any locespotatol district, is
It law Intapable of holdin e ar exercising , thesame
dme, the race or apPointment of Judge,lncectu or
Clerk, of any election of this CionormXtratalr, and that
no Inspector, Judge ,or other oldcer of susy auth elec
tion shall be eliglole to any, dace tots then udod for.
And ihrther, that by the ith section of the - Act of
April leth, laid, it is weld .U,that et* OfOreillia 12th
section of the Act ofJuly li•Mr , , shall not beim cau•
armed as to prevent any militia of
or botongli oat •
car from serving as Judge, Inspector or clerk, at. any
general or special election In this Commonweath.
The electors dile Bind Ward of the city of Mtn
to meet at dm Public School House in aid ard.
The electors of the Bowed Wardcd the city of Pitla
burgle to meet at the Public School Boogie In wild Word.
The electors of so much of ths Third Wud of the
city of Pittsburgh, first product. to meet at the home
of Charles Kennedy, corner of Tunnel and Wylie
streets; secondprecinct to meet at the house of
Fronds Jamison, corner of Sixth and Rodtlithdd
The elector* of the Fourth Ward of the city of Pitts
burgh, to moot at the Potato &bed Wawa In add
W Thuard.
electors of both precincts of the Pith Ward
city of Pittsburgh to mot at the new School ihrise
House, corner of Penn and lassos 'treats.
The electors of the Muth Ward of thacig of Pitts
burgh tamest at the Public School noose in said Ward.
The electors of tin tUmulth Ward of she cit 7 of Pitts•
burgh to moot at the Public School Flouts in said
The electors of the Eghth Word of the city of Thu .
burgh to meet at the Palle School Home In mid
The electors ot the Ninth Ward of the city of Pitts.
trorglino moot at the Public School tisane In sal .
Ward o
Thrs of the Tied f the city of Alleghe •
ny to meets the Public School house to said ward. .
The electors of the Second Wad of the city of Alto
ghooy to meet st the Brick School Ihreee, career of
Palo Alto and Ehannapin streets, to said word. . •
The electors dile Third Ward of =city of Allighe ,
ny, hest precinct, to meet at too Public Schad hour
In mid Ward; the electors mood precinct, Third
Ward. to meet at the home of Gee. Genalst Sabi ward.
Thad octors of the Fourth Ward of the city el Alla , .
ahem, drat precinct, to meet at thoughts home, toe
Lao= and At:de:eon streets; second .
at the home of Jacob Pack, comer of Oluenut imb 6 I
Wein treets.
The electors of the borough ofllirmitstoon„lint pre
duct, to meet at the Public School Wag gosood Pro.
duct, at the Surged old= In said bomagh.
The electors of the borough of East Sianhoshien to
meet at Schoolhouse No. IL, in add bomagh.
The electors of Duquesne borough to meet K the
Potato School home to mid borough.
The elector' of the borough of Lorrenceello
at the Piddle School House inlaid meet
Theelonore of the borough of ShatTeburg to meet at
the home of James Slurp In saldborough.
The dodo= of the borough of Illeitteetect tom/sad
the Town hall in sold borough.
, The electors of the borough of Tempasnogyrne to
Tge electors ot the borough of South Pittsburgh to
most at
" at th e the 2 P ub obi li krheh ßa= col l ii 7oto:ccerner n" Wrough. of Make
street and Brownest:lre turnpike road.
The stator the t
Home i wn i st i of Went pittsbmgh to
The ere of the toroogh of West KLizabeth to
meet at the Public lichsol Home Mead borough.
The electors of the borough of Taranto= to meet at
the Public School House in said borough. •
The electors of the borough of hienchester to moot at
the Public School Home.
The electors of the Wreath of Ellentoth to meet et
the house of ill CI Taylor, formerly occupied by John
Walker, in said boarish.
The de:torso:the borough of Sewickley, to meeCat
the Public School Scare In said borough.
The electors of Nonangsbele borough to meet at
the School house In aid borough.
Theelectore of Election District No.l, of Nobles
tomb* to meta the home of John Baler, in de
tillers to East Liberty.
The electors of Election Maid En I, In Peebles
township, tomeet at that/len Media odd tagnehip. •
The electors of Pitt towmhip to =et al the Puha*
School booms, near Oakhosti, In said toot:Alp, =awl
the quelitled sorters raiding in sections Noe. 4, f end
/4, to the city &ghat, who shell vote at ell the Bete
oral elect/can in the Ninth Ward of thecity of Pate
The doctors of Cal= townshlp to meet at the home
of Wm. ?PGA Jr., in the rillegeof thst. Liberty.
The electors of Wilkins township to meet st the
Palle School home In the village of Williodarg, in
aid township.
The electors all= teraddp to meet al the loose
' of John Sommerville Medd township.
The electors of Pattontonntalp to meet at the house
, ottleral p. em Taylor, on do Northern 'forupike, m odd
1 townshi
The electors of Penn township to =et al the Maw '
1 of Bober Denadeon, on the Laridurg Bond, In said
Tine electors of Tenssilles ..menaMp to meet at the
Public; School House, cm the fain of ft= Shaw. neer .
the Widte House, formerly 'occapled by Thomas Neal;
now by William A. Shaw.
The electors of Elisabeth awned' , to
mess at the
home of IL G. Tayl or , formerly occupied by John
Walker, in Eituktb borough. • -
T 's electors of Jetta= tenaship to meet st the
ho of
Michael Snob, formerly occupied by John
Sara, to mid township.
The of klithin township tom eet at the hone
of Samuel Mao, formerly camped briannelE Neel,
in said township.
The electors of Upper St. Oink ten=to meet at
the boon of Hugh 010n0w1..., In all
The deck= of Lower St =a toninalp t meet at
Got home lately kept by F. Taal the Prod= of ,
the Itirminglown and hoed Mt in aid Oartahip.
The electors of Chasten :to mad at the
Mate of William Obey, on the and Stew
berrilleTurnpike. •
The =cocoa of Roldnern ton:ship to pet at the
home of Bash hPlaritul, formerly Andlty litTsadand _
in said townshiP. - ' -
The =dors of Findley township to meet id the
house of. hiThelland A. Anna, formerly occonled by
J. Muriel, In thesillsge cf Cilinten,to gald townddis.
The elector, of Moon township to meet it WWI
Elmo No. 6,1 n aid township.
The electors of Ohio torosbtp towed at this bolo! . -
oth an V. mid township. - . .
The d..- -- -1 of Franklin township, tbatiodnotito
meet et the house occupied by. limo ./frairt In
rid towniblpi the electors of second precinct to Meet., •- ,
lathe amts home of Jemel Neely ,lo Mitt totinaldp. -7 - ~'
The electors of Braun townshlP to - town aka,
School HIMIONO. a. insai4 lowtoihtP.. = . , .-c , ,
The decayed' Baldwin towmhlp to =et. at the
liana ofJohn °awl* in aid townadP: ;.. : _ .: -. ,
_The electors ; of. idollgure toinuthipitO =malting 1 T.- ,
tonee of Jacob Eckert; =Wad's Sun, in bald towl*,.'„
ah litte electors of finoir . den township to meet age ' . .
Lease of Pderfloyer ,In odd township. • -
The el of f South layette township to moth
the home of rt.lings, on= farm of 0. Y. Coulternln - .
said township.:
The dectral Of : .Notlit layette township to Mgt gl .'.'. I
the hams formerly occupied by Francis Jamiecen, - id ' . -
Haloes KM, in ruthitownship. . .
The electors toot Rase township to meet at the hone .
cf Hugh Telsell. cm the Ynn hood,iii Mid tmet.
Itit .... electors of . ,Pixo, :tolmeldk to meet et hale
of James 'bimble, M aid township. .
• The datums a es tamthip to =at* th)
homed brink Wards= In earl townothip. . .
The electors Graced . Deer tawnshlP to tene tat th e •
Immo of Nathan Gonley, In aid towaship. r... 1..
The electors of Eat Deer Winship to, meet at the
Public School Um= at the mouth of Italley's Sun.
The.electors of Pawn township. -dnaWorks, precinct, to
. Mint ecbool house a Sala st East Tle
F rearm at ;
s the econd precinct , t at Me . , house of Jowl St,
,' Dowell.•
The electors °Melillo township to• . meet II School
i , liocopiNe. 1 gm:after to be tailed Ateddln.) - -
1 The - electors of Sewickley, annallatto. meet* the
hormitif Soma Shahs, in plldtownsbiP.' .•_' " 1
1 , The electors at Indian township to Ingle 'at the
Lou's formerly occupied by Alon - Tutlri In a "Aid.
b.:MU/IMX . . ..,e .. •
Vtui qoaXaol* rotors of that - part of Iteasty town
-1 *pita Alleghenyorunty. residing within the.loilow
atadocribed -teumils=44o wit c,-41egliinteg at I
lliiiihesbetlythror, st hummer blue on the
of John Odle, and runsdey2ig • =theft , cou=e,
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