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Yt aaft.
Prom Yesterday's Drain Edition.
Ciapt. Koontz and - the Negroes.
Ws weds waftid upon ;to-day, by a couple of
napcotabi• colond aria, olio of whomfalona•
ed us that, white puling the Allegheny mars
het, on . Monday . evenlng, b bawd Captain
WWI= J.: Kautz addnuing a. Thunoeratio
meting. The erste: walling than on the
saldear ,the aggro, ardour Informant walt.
, , ,
ed to hoar 'whit Is had td itay . TIM substance
of Ida remarkies.thie IMad Waa,that ttl• war
"was a war for the nigte;" that he always
ha an aveglons2to' the Idasks, and arra
Wanted to han,anythlay to do 'with them;
that the ItepnbllnairlUred them bosoms they
sow pt them ;mirk farseeing; that they
(the slaves) get flinty tout and wear In the
Beath, and the- ought to be content to a
main them. • _
Now the object if the polored men, In call
ings/I,U, was to, put Ite la .possession of the
following fact.: ; „That whin Capt. Honks
Ant began lila, olinisiont as - cabin boy on •
stelmboak - ender a• aloud 'steward Darned
jaidnii'lonee'klbwn lir title City,' but now
dinned') and the - "ceptain” is pleated to re
' late. even tro this day, that - the "cabin boy"
Often felt hie-'rear this 400 of the colored
steward's boot, When his order. were
gardeldi cr net - properly. enented.. Still he
continued to sans under nd was
amounted& pretty good boy. Now Garth..,,jib
tionedtoshow thatCaPt Boma* did not await
exhibit aversion towards the black man, when
he would sena under him, and even ender
,himeelf to be kicked onasionally. Bat it
may be said that he wee only a boy then."
Weil, S 2 be it. What traits did he exhibit In
. his manhood? Oar informant. state that
' one upon • time he bind a free black wo.
sun, and took her to New Orleans upon his
• boat. For some reason or other be dogged
her severely at New Orleans, and, she sued
him for assatOt, and battery. Oa the trial, he
wu adjadged guilty , tout sentenced to pay a
doe of $5OO This woman is now living in
Allagheny, and the at/Monne is made on
her authority. This ease is cited to show
that be '"Los bad something to do with ne
s, .
But there le a graver :charge still . against
this "negro hater." It is asserted that he
purchased • colored female, in Louisiana, for
the.mend sum of $l,OOO, and %Screw&
broughtlter to Allegheny, where he kept her
am a domestic In hi. family. When she came
here, she was warned not to ease:gate with
on colored people, as they wen all " obeli-
Waited," and would -pot misohlef in her
basil He 'soon found, however, that such
warning was of no nut, and that his " prow
ty" was bound. to become "abolitionised."
Getting tired working for "plenty to eat cad
wear," she left, and maned out in life "on
her own hook." She le atuU to Allegheny,
and this statement Is made on her authority.
Now when a gentleman aspire, to the posi
tion of is political leader,eind onkel anertions
upon the stomp 'blob do not altogether tally
with the truth, he may nasonably expect
to be reminded of his error. No one has had
more hard thine: to say about "neg ro
. wor
shippers;'"abolitionists," and .wooly.
bads,' than Cept. Kogan, and we think his
colorid neighbors are perfectly justillebn in
having his record an the negro gentian made
public. A - man Who whips - and eralaves
colored women may be pardoned for acting
with the pro-slavery, Copperhead Democracy,
for that is jest where he should not, but at
the same time le should be careful not t.. ,
compromise his consist/nay by making serer.
lions directly at various° with his prudes.
The Dummy Engine.
When will some one or other of oar poison
• ger railway 0012011121611 iIItTOMIIO3 the "4110-
ay" engine 2 f The day'lailli some when oar
pausnger cue will be drawn , by steam, in
stead of horse-Ault. W. aro aware of the
maudlin *planet the proposed innovation,
but the tame opposition was manifested when
the steam angina took the place of the horse
on our ferry boats--anayot, of the thousand.
who micd out against the change, there Le
none now who mould not laugh at the folly
t. of the man who would attempt to establish' •
Zany Ilneion the old "blind torso aid tread
wheel" principle. There Is no reason why
passenger oar cannot be run—more safely,
cheaply and expeditiously by steam than by
horse!, and with greats? advantage to the
yablioingeneraL-The only dilitouitywillbe
fn adopting the machinery to !betroth mph ,
ad to b• done—and, Pittsburgh skill end coo.
+alumina will sully oremome this obstacle. '
Sat the "dummy" engine has already been
thoroughly United in serail parts of our
country, and his everywhere proved an on
qulilledsueraut. To New ?env, from Jos ,
*ay City to. Davi • Point, it has undergone
the praot foal trial of several - months daily ate,
and hu denionstrstad thus facts: That one
smillenitineoccupying no mom sues limn a
chest of drawer., in , the fron t partition of the
ear, and - ingrely othoulad from external
view, Will draw as many panurngen u ten
tortes; that it will draw them two or three
times fastei than - horsey, tf necessary; that
the expense,•Looluditis wear and tsar, is tus
than that of horset; that the engine throws se
'putts in the els, croasumes its own smoke aud
makes no noise; that it cubs slopped In less
spats than a horse oan, removing thereby lia
bility to accidents; that the roads an kept in a
olianliiiiititieSitidirthaltitthiliSt of thelead'
itur ban: inereased elites, sha.introdution of .
'steam passeaget - catif.thar_Partolirly
them to hone. twat ; The greater shenliness
Of thestnietsis a snoopy reason for adopting
this kind-of car Indite. Wail fa ' fess milieu
Places, 41 ft fool little weight in comparison
with the saving of hone-nub *nettle can
timpani of iced ithiSh wooid malt from the
general introdution dilate Mire.
Drailkonneos a the Army.
-Bev. A. M.- littewais,abaylata ate of
Sur regiments, :ilia hi' deplorable amount cf
the prevalence' . of &Matanzas In the Army
of tha Potomae. Ha sale
Had' the pastors Si our Valiollll dualist
any situp:lsta boneeption as to the present
'monde' , of the' evil, thisk would surely dry
aloud spara.aot -nstll '
some someremedy was
hind; Did Chfistiasi loych-oseatry.ioeing
elthisni - kakwAt, - .4ol lll l.h_i_uskonlitnlakeissass
sating.. .0 mutaroasoes. VOW lamb and be
seeshig danger, ot ail bling...sagalped to a
sioairon dritikturga, they would, with nuned
• altalltepless: litpertnally, , bialogo-Cosgrees,
Misi Padden', tleorstrobt War, Comaisadir
tehlsr. Qoartarmastartlimarali &a; Souks
doffing isp, at once; each &ninny ,olkolal
doodgat., through thigh such humus, gain.
tidal of bad whisky , now sato the army.
Bat how," some onasossy ask. is salmis
neranunost:of tutoxicatisig drink obtained as
-to Stoats -such asi- - auusani.of dinntimnium?
. Did her, Cesgrisr soma :years:-sines abolish
whisky .ration.chrtius army.r Palmy:Am;
yet certain It is that,, some - authority,
whisky rations are oocasionally lased to
soar, soldier. Aid whisky., without etlnyL
at all Ulna oiliolely famished to commis
- stoned 45 : 41111,- - Ar.. 432 wits sibilitioa, con;
04111141M1i> -parohassi from the
ffirigada CroMsalisaii; by personal application
or by „wrlttvasorder; for his sans use, at gar
moment priosi, whatever pleSisioas may be
on handoctter rations have been tarnished the
privet. soldier. ; . -"A - -ffirigideAbminissary
Woulsilltear_buidiesomplabaudfida officers for
Lek of bread, sera, oohs and sugar, than'ot
whisk/. It must ha - always en hand. 1 Oar
lirigade Commlssarlas hays thus Mumma ex
tensive retail whisky establishments;
nishad govarnment. A barrel is often is
sued by theoantsea--about three pints at fifty
csals—jast as fast as Commissary's clerk
ossrmaasure it.
.' , Xltatorolto aro fart booomishatost &pion.
' Of foto, I Imolai fathom roan Wood,
who heti as adrasossolas froia - tha. nisho,to
tho porreolonl of a oommisslot. , _ Thor* ar
Ipiaa who asp; have a basbaag 4 llo, or broth.
or prostate, tut botimpot *armada*
M A bash sioag fast ht.droadhfllo sou apd
1 ages' rata. -TO vortex looros to oretabolso
in that likirhogroamattot he Witt brood
.U 1
1 400torxiltoory Mooso, aged about thip.
too your, ind - zoildlos on But tau, Mb
skin, climbed spas s of timbre libido,
NOWA', on Wood attest, sad while dz(,g
, bioituuktio olds he mottos fell off, Ito. ,
- kW 11 9 1411 7, addit
- on.
I.ld Ida now- .
Motel AI ot'inoogatoo
-:--tribte to tiolliott ot Of Patinas. - Thor r
101 6, 45 4 .410u5iail whin:Fie ma_
olarnot flour Toni':t oar:
la Maingdi-
. ittninterial License, IfTOksti.
Maidronid - , fa' daysliWikat' the
ass of Bev. W. C. Jackson, of Washington
county, 'outdone* op before the Presbytery of
Chartism, it its meeting on' the 13th lost.
The followtegestmst from the minutes ro
tates to this eases .
The Clommittee appointed to notify fdr4 W.
Q. Jackson, licentiate, to cease his disorderly
ceursein -making appointments sad preach
ing within our bounds with4iut appointment
from Presbytery, reported that they had done
do, and that Mr. Jackson continued to dime
-gard theanthority of Presbytery, and mania
minding, that, in view of this fact, and also
that he bad now been on probation before
the church for about fourteen rears, and his
ministratiOnanot emoting to be edifying to
the churches, his license be, and hereby is,
This report wee adopted, ty taking the
gyei and noes unanimously, and it was di
noted to herald ftcm all the pulpits of the
Presbytery, and the members warned against
conntenmseing his ministrations should he
disregard this &MICA of Presbytery.
New Church in Lawrenceville
The new United Presbyterian. church in
Lawrenceville, which was opened for divine
genteel few weeks ago, is a very Moe building
and redacts groat credit on those who had the
matter In charge. It is &frame building with
"lodged" weather boarding, and ls seventy
hat in length by forty In breadth. The inte
rior was neatly finished, the rests being oak
grained and the ceilings and walls frescoed in
good style. The audience room contains some
eighty pews, and is capable of seating ever
four hundred persons. The congregation,
which is under the putout care of Rev. W.
Andrews, was organised In 1860, with only Of.
teen members, but was Increased until at pies
ant It numbers one hundred and twenty-five
communicants. The past prosperity of the
congregation is due, in a measure, to the ef
forts of the pastor, and we have no doubt It
will continue to prosper under hie care.
Forestalling in Allegheny;
On Monday arming, Mayor Alexander's'
attention was called, by a friend, to a lot of
floe Neshannock potatoes offered for sole by a
farmer, who bad pot op at Newell's tavern,
in the Diamond. The. Mayor all'od around',
soon after, to purchase a email qoantity for
his table, when be was told that they had all
been told. Jut then an oMcer ascertaining
that the whole lot, about ten hada.% had
been mapped up by Messrs. Samuel McNeal
and George Fulton, groom on Ohio street,
contrary to the or di nance fo rbidding the par
chase of farm produce, during market hour.,
to sell again. A warrant was linmed . for their
arrest, and they were fined ten dollars and
costs. The Mayor didn't got any of the pota
toes, but he rather got the grocers.
U. S. Grand Lodge I. O. O. F
The Grand Lodge of the United States of
the Independent Order of Old Bottom met in
Baltimore on Monday. All the States were
represented eteapt yir it ico Borth Carolina,
South Caroline, Georgia, A labama, Florida,
Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas.
The delegates from Tennessee, which were
not repreeented in • the last and preceding
sessions of the grand body, were present.
James B. Nicholson, grand sire of the Grand
Lodge, preside'. There will be but little boil
/mai of interest to the publio. The British
American provinces are under the Jorisdietion
of the Grand Lodge of the United Stater, and
will probably be taproom Lead.
B►n,wAD Inraorsitunr.—The Pittsburgh,
Port Wayne and Chicago Railway Company
have in course of erection at their contact depot,
Allegheny, I line engine house. The build
ing, which is a templets circle, is located on
the north side of the present " Roundhouse,"
and is over, nine hundred feet in circumfer
ence; and when completed will accommodate
between thirty and forty engines. The work
on the building is being pushed forward as
rapidly as possible, and It will be ready for
occupancy in a short time.
PULL ACCIDIM-A man named William
Coulter, a resident of Summitville, Cambria
county, wu instantly killed rear Johnstown,
on fiatarday teat, by falling off a freight train
infull motion. Ile fell upon the track, set ,
eras oars panning over him and literally oa
th:lg hia to pieces. Ell remains were, taken
to Summitville on Saturday end interred.
The demised wan a brakeman, and engaged
lo the duties of his avocation when be mat
ate death.
Mi. jllll.B LONG, & member of the First
North Carolina (rebeir,Voine tears, who was
taken prisoner at the battle of South Noun
ban, and subsequently took the oath of bile
eases, was reoeitly married to kilos Marge:
rot GeNI, of Perrysville, in this cointy. lie
le led to be thoroughly loyal, and an out sod
out Union man. We hope the happy couple
may keg eojoLthe soul relation which - they
have established, and that there may be no
dissolution of the sacred nolon which they
have formed.
Pei Vesroar.-011 Thmeday lest a fire
marred at Vanport Station, a few miles be
low Beaver, on the Cleveland h •Pittehufgh
Itallroall. resulting to the total destruotiou of
two dwelling houses, together with their
entire 'Miasma. The balldloge were occupied
by Mr. Jobe Stone and Mr. Beieinger, the
latter being lathe army. The fire le supposed
to have originated from a spark from a loco
Para Parrasean.—Sberde7 Beaton Wal
yesterpiay arrested and held to answer •
•obirge of obtaining ;foods by fares pretense.
He borrowed three muffs from Lewis Miller,
,rater. of Wood street, by representing that
they were for am at the theatre, where he
had been formerly employe., as "property
man." After getting them, be pawned them
for $l3. The pawn tiokat was found upon hie
T 111117.1 CLUE. BAia POSTPOIRDraIIe pub
lfo if ' loti adiertised - for text Thursday
morning, at Turtle Creak, has been postponed;
hist any put of the plan will be sold at pri
vate rale, by calling either at the Auction
Room, id Fifth atraet, or on Mr. D. M.
Toomy, at his oboe, second floor, over Long
& DO% Water street,near Market.
Haim co Bo.u..—Martin Drawdy, vas
last night arrested and taken before Alder
man Humbert, ebarged with keeping a disor
derly house near the Point, known as the
Hague:no House. Hail was entered for his
appearance at Court in the snm of $5OO.
B ---
Splendid neet stock of the ealt.
Waled GOLD =DAL. kalaktlC
',woo /MIA manufactnied hy• Enable d Co.
They hive been awarded the highest premiums for
intositenee over all nempetlilan, and ere pronounced
by Thither', Btrakmah Batter, and ether Witte.
sashed plautits, superler to any made. Warranted
eight yaws. °lmmix . = BLURB,
45 FM street, aide dent.
?111 xszsr IN AINIBIOII
We Imre 'wind • lat of FLA NO3 trot' th, cat.
brat/A dnaneftotory of MAXIS JIMA% T.
Planar* by, distlogakbed Oteilibbtalugtred.a•
tho belt In Americo. and an, In mirror, to attuzor,
and &Stamm In Nor nrk.
tattio an. intik; sad atppol tlf . tta
clop, to coil sod Gaeta% mod coottioat. Iltat
do loandtatta toonotoad duausbuts. •
.1. E. 11.017011 N
Igo. at trirtb etnei
mend mi. Aran OLIE3 WU
.11,10.14 pt tee Wquat Fais;,t,!"o.ll3S.
4 1 71Farranta0 amain. to L
ai seiliictiita avvi7
wet._ O oar stpolud SIG 'bon jut arthlng. • •
Sas Azstio for this dlsirfet eoi thilSteinsiai
Moos as ff. =ARNO a AWN'
szel • rum amnia;
suit .11, w. leUlital,
General Commission Merchant,
saw OlMLktm, LA.
con4ririairi forum*" ,
Name. n. a. hat Pletievo
B. CL !Wed fro. 4 oLtd &data •
.Piteadsipbta• A -
11'10....wa.• 01. 111A.1111.
-MOOLLISTER & 8L1138, -, '
abettiisalusa dagsitis an I '
, U - 1", • •
..SimarmdotheAss •
Y 4 1111K,ft lobsoomo ; AU=
Latest from Roseerans' Army
iittempt of the rebth to Flom Thomas' Le
Pereral Times Repolsetl with Heavy loss.
Thomas , Centre Pierced and
Driven to the Mountains.
The Result Not Decisive
Our Lou 1,200 Hilted and 7,000
BOTH 810E8, 30,000!
Junction of Iturneide's Forced with
amorous Certain.
CHVITAXOO/14, Sept. 21,a. st.—The battle
on the 19th resulted well for us, having held
our own as established on the left and con
centrated our forces during the day. Oar for
ces on Saturday morning held • handsome
line with the right, on a ridge of hills, and
the left was protested by rude works of logs
thrown up during the night. The left rested on
the east side of the Roseville and Lafayette
road', about four miles south of Roseville.
In the fight of the 19th, we lost about Ili
hundred killed,. and two thousand wounded,
and were ahead threo picots of artillery. The
men were in splendid spirits, and the engage
ment was resumed at nine a. a. on the 20th,
by an attempt of the rebels to storm Thomas'
left and front several times. They were brava
ly repulsed with a heavy loss, and a very lit
tle to as. This fight lasted an hoar and a
half, and was one of the meet terrific of the,
war. A continuous firing of artillery and mus
ketry was kept " up with deadly effect during
the night. Tho centre was not engaged.
Skirmishers were keeping up a halting fire.
The enemy finding their amanita in vain,
malcoarred to the 101 l with the intention to
throw a force on the Roseville road, and at
. tack Thomas on the left flank. At this Juno
tare, Thomas ordered Brannon—who had one
brigade on reserve, and who with Reynolds war
holding the key of the position, which was
Thomas' right—to move to the loft of the line
to protein the flank.
Gen. Bevil:raps at the same time lent Davie ,
and Van theme from the right and centre, to
support Brannon in his efforts to hold the line
to P.osevilso—Thomas' left flank. On per
ceiving the withdrawal of skirmishers from
the front of the division moving from the
right and centre, the enemy made a vigerobs
attack on that pare of the line, piercing the
centre, cutting off Davis and Sheridan from
the lett, and driving the centre into the moun
tains. Both the right and centre being much
scattered, without vary serious lose in killed
and wounded, Thomas' right became expoiod
to a most terrific flank attack, and Reynolds
and Brannon, on the right of Thomas' line,
wore swung around, his extreme left being as
at first. This, also, fell back • short die
ts-nee on the Roseville road. Parte of the
centre were gathered up and reported to
Thomas, 'who made several stands, but was
nimbie to check the rthal advance until the
arrival of reinforcements.
At one o'olook Gen. Granger, with one di:
vision of iteerves, 02MB up and were at once
thrown into the centre, driving the enemy
handsomely from his position in a strong
ridge, and with a heavy loss—the fire from
One of Gen. Granger's batteries mowing them
This fight lasted only half an hoar or so.
with a slight loss to us. I regret to say that
Capt. Russell, Gat. Granger's Adjutant was
kliled ere he had been in the fight ten mantes.
Muir this bloody repulses the enemy re
mained until about four p. m., persisting, how
ever, in may:encoring both flanks. their fall
and correct information regarding this coun
try enabling them to do so with great facility.
Having gotten again on the- left flank, the
enemy made a vigorous attack, and alight en
sued which has no parallel in the history of
this army. Both Wood and Harker and Gen.
Garfield were present, and the remnant of
Johnston's division, holding the left, covered
themselves with glory; and on the right and
centre Brannon, Bayard, Reynolds and Pal-i
mar, with perm of their divisions, fought most
gallantly, while Stedman and Orsageroelth the
reserve, drove the enemy at every point where
they went in.
At fire o'clock Thomas was still triumphant
—and on the left be held his line of the moth.
Two linos of retreat were open to him to
Chattanooga, on one of which he fell back to
Roseville dating the night.
Oar Imes - lave neoessarily ben heavy.bUt
the lie{ of killed wlll be amprialngly light,
and In the two days' engagement we have not
suffered more in men than the enemy, In the
charge by Thomas ' on the Ant day. The en
emy lost as many in killed as we did In the
whole day. What - the losses are in Prisoners
and artillery, we cannot say ; oar killed lOU
reach 1200; our wounded will amount to 7000,
molt of them Plight wounds. Among the m
oral Gibers killed are Gin. Lytle Colkirfg,
Commandant of the Brigade; OoL Butonsaf
101st Illinois. Among the wounded are fin.
fdortoi ' of Bosemans' staff; -Col. Crortn, of
the 4th Kentucky veal. Franklin, of the 98th
Ililnol,; LienL Col. Madge, of the 11th
Michigan: Lieut. Col. Hunt, of the 4th Ky.;
Col. Bradley Cornanading Brigade, filumgmit's
Division; 001. Ches. Anderson, 6th Chi° ;
ids). Wlimen, 12th Ky.; Watt. Col. Tripp,
6th Ind.; J.leut. Col. Bryan, Ist led j CoL
Armstrong, 93d Ind.; Major Johnston,.22d
Ills.; Lieut. Col. Maxwell, 24 Oldo • Went.
Coi. Vanghan.l7th Ky; Col Stinky, 180th 0.
tdo. Brown, 68th 0; Mel. Dimon, 16th DO.
all slightly. Gin. .in. 11. King, repcttni
wounded sad a prisoner.
We have captured Gen. Adams, of Tease,
and 1300 of his men.
Loguavum,Sept. IL-11% r. rt.—Thin
h not a word. from Bosamans' army
The reports hers cf the rebels being in co h .
sidarable umbra °minting° Eastern Halt.
tacky, through Pound asp, aro untrue. I
i Plitorarous rumors, Impossible to iathahti.
oate, now prevail that Gen, Grant Is mphily
moving forward to aid Roiserans. The en
gagement between Roseanne and Bragg's
army is still programing. The military aa.
thoriths hero do not believe that any jury
salons Or disastrous remits have mama to
Rasearani' army.
1 . *hp!. Sam. Blagt,.Asshtant Quartarmaa d Z e
In eof forage, was arras - ted bra to- i
°barged with defraudinttheGoesnautimt.
, Tobacto Isageited and Wiggly stemmedn
aoreunt of tbe - bfutitraroprty - tbd fro ts
of Pelday Ind Bogard') nights.
Thini bat bled pa 'disputant* to thiaa 1
graph illieitiOttoo 4440 (Thit4llo,bia4
Nair YouiSeptaatbai at —The eaandig
~. . , ,t. ,„ .
upon Popypz,„yartous speculations kola*,
to tto 140 battles of Geo; Basearaairialllot
which ire, lowsrat, &omitted by .the Gat
report 'snit* elor press at so oil* hourtitis,
morning, gmder the dote of Ohattanie,
Eispt SU. . .
TIM liiineet..spirelals.ray that thogristal
(inuattotry,is, that after two dera Wag ado
ing,in which Gem. 11011•11171311. with greatly.
Interior forme, bore the (book of 140,441
litwit&noluprlsing .0W
6 &ei d Bragg
Johnateu, half of. Leo'( army and all of
Voiafeiton a a, scattered• troops that pelld bo
-gather, be deemed it prudent to tall , birk
on Chattantioe v erhioh he dld In good ordaa„
- 21te Sena a Washington apaial Jaya a--
Nothing:Mite= talked of:or thought of
Washington - troday exempt the fated fbui
era Sonoran(' army. Ii la otkalaily - haw;
mined.that be -baclitilaa.baniLtii,.Qatto.'
coif,' • to atilt the iinfealid Smatkitta i lgoia;
abi =potted Um 4111.4iiirsialkla
Ylatav t
_ .
to-day, when a forwerd moverniat' would
be man on the lines of the enemy at OP=
Mountains. The utmost continua is i s it,
here upon the putative of Dusan esith Bow
erns, when the enemy would be badly
beaten sad compelled to fa ll back on Rom. or,
Atlante• Ia the meantime much solicitude
is expressed in regard to the movements of
Omni Meade, to take advantage of the de
pletlia of Lees nary in North Virginia.
A spatial to the Herald contain an order
refusing to allow correspondents with the
army the use of the telegraph Ilan for the
trio:l=l'lton of dispatchu to newspapers.
The deg presentation to the Iron Brigade
came off Thursday last. Mr. Senn prenatal
the flog. Speeches were made by atom and
A movement la the Army of the Potomac
has commsneed, no far as to said forward Be
ford's cavalry across the Rapidan. The oross-
Ing was eroded without appestat%
It is supposed that but a foible forte of set.
els intervenes batweeti Meade and ItiohnsonL
Commanders who have doubted the am
matted evldimo• of many detachment,hay
ing been sant from Lees- army southward,
now seam inclined to admit the fact, since the
news of the Chattanooga battlo that Elia
crane Ls fleabag the whole Bouthirn Clouted.
A gentleman, who left Falmouth a few due
ago, reports that then was no rebel force In
or near Fredericksburg, and tat few picket.
were to be seen. Same perky up thane is
only one Minds as low down as Elermania.
On the Rapidan there is only one squad of
rebel troops now north of the Reppahannook,
and east of Orange and Alexandria Railroad.
The Herald', 'pedal, dated, Headquarters
Army Potomac, Sept. 21 eine t The may Is
now being paid off - for July and Anglin-
The news received to-day via Philadelphia,
that one hundred and fifty men of the Hew
York cavalry segment, had been captured in
an engagement at Raccoon Ford, is utterly
fain. Ou entire lonkilled, wounded and
mining, since lut Sunday week, has been less
than one hundred men while the Ws of rebel
winners captured. during the nun time, foot
up sight ummissloned twelve non-eommis
aloud abets, and over run hundred and
thirty pirates. Thenbele hereabout, discredit
the reports that any cane idarable force of Lea's
army has gone to more Sonthma States.
Wigan:noir, Sept. 21.—The National Bw.
Frblicas says: The enemy attacked Bose.
Grant again on Sunday morning, at 0 o'clock,
with overwhelming numbers. The battle
raged all day. According to the latest cc.
counts. received here op to two o'clock this
p. m., which left Chattanooga et 8 o'clock last
evening. two, and only two, of General Bore.
crane' divisions gave way in Titter panio and
confusion, but from 8,000 to 10,000 of , theft
had been rallied and got bath to their planes,
while the remainder of the army had not
given way or retreatadi and at the Utast me-
meat wee driving the advent* of the rebel
army bask. This we know is the latest news
hem The numter of killed and wounded on
both aides will probably not fall short of
EletrenTrinteers at Wilmington.
London Paper' on the Bitnation in
' on-fichnged Pooled Prisoners b be
pedal Dispatch to the Pittsburgh Casette
Pati&DILPHIA, Sept. 23, 1863.
Boilable advises resolved here show that
Gloom vessels sum into Wilmingten, 5. 0.,
being fitted out is privateers. Thep are all
first alms, and of antra speed.
The nebulous Sumter entered Charleston
on the 134 with four banded and two 600-
pound mans.
A powerful fleet Is fitting out In Minting-
ton, N. C.
At Bermuda them are 75,000 bales of cotton
waiting for shipment to England.!atton to arming the slams, the Lon
don Foss, the Goventmentoinan, says r "Bach
a measure, therefore; must realm the, sym
pathies of Empe, with the Elouttem cause,
by lessening or even abolishing the only
oannteractlng leflansee to Its 'general pope.;
larity on Ude side of the Atlantic.
The London Bina tap : When a nation
like the Beath Is fighting for hare existence,
all terms of subminion amimpossible. The
invader may cat deep into Ike country, but
the soul of the national life escapes his sword
and his cruelties only quicken the Pulse of the
hurt of Independence. The Feder* 'May
gain point after point, bat they can not con
quer the hatred which they have raised end
Inflamed themselves.
Tkeliondon Post says the Idea of driving,
Pianos out of Ideate° with the ,thirty thou
sand troops employed to keep down the New
York Mob, is *at on a level with that of
seeking the mum of terminating the lams.
gle In a foreign Inteehreation, 'which would
nave the obvious and direct effect ot inflame
log and prolonging It, besides adding as Ea
ropeau war to the American:strife. Bootless
would!, the attempt and terrible the eons*•
gamma of trying to pat oat a. Are with a
copious stream of petroleum."
There Is intake aaxtety for further netts
from Bosecases.
Gold Is at 40 thh morning, and business is
at a standstill.
• The Louisville dispatch's rseelred withait-
Mut. .
It Is .expected that Gen. Meade has taken
advantage of thi depletion of Lee's army.
Gen. Bragg was reinforced, violation of .
the cartel, bylliaktkurir ganged prisonen. '
',ltosecraas mid ,lieraelde fl are pledged to,
theist all eonlxillanged - paroled prisoners,
endue Prisident. wp,
The rebil govenufmn4 hie had -dlgieally
already with honorable paroled ofgems, who
refuse to light'
There h nothing 'Birthed. traps Charleston
W.:. •
. _ -
,Arrival of the Etna fro m Europe...
The Rebel. DitmeeeteLeagoe
tween • Fume., Mexico ' , dad • the
Beath Decided Open. -
fIuDT Hon, Sept. .Iteinistiii
Etna snivel from Verarpool en the eab and
Queuslowe on the Iliih—emidey Uter aria.
• Lirerpoot, AO: till.—Dettel
unchanged.. Densities kin. Pueblos
glikt. QOlllOlll PlUa.3% for 32201 17"../ 1 U-
Anluantrat stoma _ - t
v•Thellaglial pews canueshig the pro
priety and noel-propilety,ot"tha:Quanuisit
&taiga (eke. t ea staaurranas hull* ro t -Eakii
be ,
uppeard to ton the tionlisleretud •
4 French um siyi.there er ilicrelippir
tumors UMW, at-lifiniitand 2 liio etDer
• dug, inuestid to be tor ail:iodates*.
The Pahl' curespondenV of Ilien . Meraisg
Herald mutt the usertleif that 1.pOoSel•
Me and effusive end &hailed lesodi bag
luau the Yeineh i Contsderate andllloasi
M e nlizgagilriletWATio.u;7
Entiscriptiens no. theleaaitar coin.
nantazt—•Deseirting EttbitStnten
Shot. < 1. •
Woommaros, Itept: 31,4 1 sivate &dilate
from Virg:tote pity, NmAle Territory,- Lay o'
That adaittonelentwortistious to the aumatot'
of s9o,ooo,lwme pea midi thent.'for the ite*,.,-
Iteri Conualsoloa. The messy let.. bs for:
waded istilttOrtololurotabontiliON IfettC,
2*LiAgoid eildameoll,thosetettl%_
cesolthst Ihroltoti o eeireltes• of:
alltytif Ito Meteorite. , -.I ft , ••
A lettntromtheArsay of the Potroatolm;:
eightetetei Mutt mooky..of,the sabstimum lob
had deserted, Were-,-*hot-ta thelereretterle;
toward, the, oliotel - sf feet Yak ' , ant i , telept
sad_ extreme, puitstiliett hew swaltrihts
akes otoffesdeti, without UP , of Pildette
• Italtroa4 Coittilttlo k !,
•mho,. Sopt. IL—A to dos
sat hat., this aoralagoas the Daytime sid
AUd i ltt e M;laltrohlr - beßsealLlF4 4 6 l o44
17.111116 sul
Avt• - et t i- 41
. 6
81 - iihoiniittioni Against 'Con. nub".
Delin , e Organ.
Br. Lome, Sept. 21.—0 e Friday fart the
Mafia newspaper the term -oDoial argon
General Babolield ' and the Conmvatives, pub
lished an editorial rellsoting on Gen- Swipe,
ton disputing pertain border counties. On
Batarday, Captain Price, of the Pint Kansas,
made obarges of epetifiestions, charging D.
M. Graswald. editor if the Midi, with viola
tion of Sattalein order tlt , by publtshing e
matter calculated to 'mbar's' the military
authorial'', and flied them with the Adjutant
General, and demanding an invetigation.
Mr. Griswold ha, sot, yet beigk arrested, but
ea Capt. Pride /lAA the man to withdraw the
charger, It mate the organ of the authors of
the order I, likely to be the first victim.
Additional Foieinn flews
New Too., Sept. —lt is again at est ted
that the Grand Duke Maxhairnet' accepts
the MIPZIOIM thtollll4BeiSi Vienna papers
remora matters still undecided
The French pamphlet referred to by the last
steamer, Le said to have bson issued at the ex •
pence of a tarp Confederate Iran ometreetor,
to b Aster up that speculation.
French hitrdrerial comcolle courted al
most daily.. Bourn steady, 69f 300. Polish
question pnohanged• The rumored proffered
reforms will prove unimportant and untutts
From eharleston.
Stir Yoaralapt. 23.—The steamer Yalben
wind from Charleston bar on the 19:II. Nee
news.• •
Sales of rave-Twenties.
Patcannrata, Sept. 21.—The sales of 5 20e
to dsy amottetttnl to $653,150.
TVLIIDAT, BST,. 88L-00/4 wee 111 shodo lower In
New York te-day, Wee quoted at 138 X, a decline of
3 pee cent. below the rats of Monday. Buyer was.
quoted at 135, she a slight dedlcks. Here, our bank
ers are baying what 11101 s alb offers at 135 for Gold,
and 13.0a131 for Barer. Eastern Exchange b stead,
at par, baying, and X per ant. premium, selling.
Old Dummied Notes—cf slack there are but very few
la clrculatlon—command eaut the tame premieui
as gold. .
• The advauce in Gold his had the effect of produc.i
lag catdderable ileutueee In the• produce market,
wpeclidly Itt sous and rain, which hare sivauced
materially all one Ude atontuy within the past LW
On Saturday, to Philadalphla, Allagheay floanti
13alirtad Blies clamd_at 1669834. Penmylvanle first
mortgages mad at 10, and the attires, tarly In
day, at 19, and anteeqently at IS%
A numerous class of people, says the Phlladelphhe
Press, amid of Mullin wan are baying fold largely'
and eechadracciln theptioefilghtens them worse sad
evaders them Mill mire persistent In their pa losses.
Thee folks should renumber that It is against the
intenets of the Government and Its loins for gold tp
edema; that the Goramment le bound to protect
its lanes =dial not allow Gem to de
Windy became a few operators wfah the y mho
ardo4reasarbx any time ma agars two or trait
nano: • of gold to throw on the market and &Trail
the price, and what would mem profitable and prob
Ws for Bet:star, Chase to do, It le at least po•allaba be
may do. The operatioo Is plain. Any man would
do the tams to protect his bulbul, end why should
not the fiewstaty • mploy all the nit means at his
command to we his paper from depreciation?
may be fbresight which impels the buying of gold
at Mese advancing figurer; bat if it le of that kind
which a bop,' exhibited to-day when he tall cod
adentlally, .4old will be 160 to thirty day e• we
pity the faxesighr and the poisoner together, at the
tame thaw idnatrely hoping that such may not be the
Then handfed and alitY-Lture thousand six hut.
dreddollant, ldt New York cu Bawds, kw Nampa
for thereat thaw woo imputed and thrown on Leo
'market of dry go:ds, a1,e211.416. The amount hi.
paid at New Yost eine January Ist, $46,318,tii4,
and the extutunt thrown 012 the inartat to Qs rare.
tlnta 4 $15,133,231. Theawacwils are all to bo paid
too In cola, lf not, In produce.
22, 1863,
GRAIN a FLOUN—Whast lo qu:st, wilt but lit
offaring; =all ails. from first hands at former io
tattoos. Corn Is rep t= end blgbut we hoard of
rah" of Ehalled on track at ilk, although thin to an
untold. figure. Oats firm with an upward tandanqr;
r►la on track of I car at tic--holders, morally, act•
fag from 6D to 700. Barbry—ola of 1 ear No 1 Biotin/
at $1,25. Nye Arm with. tabu f rom first bands at 65
0900. Flour bi firm and good grad*/ it. from 20 to
25 oasts per bbl blew, ranging at $5,00 to $5,25 11)r
.Ir4tra, and gn,oo to $646 for Natl.' gamily. gals of
800 bbla Estes /atoll/ on pinata farms.
PHOVISIONS—Boon Le &al, with • molar Job•
bins demand, mad War aro logy maintained—B4®
Vgo fat Shoaling MeTo for Bibbed Sag 11%0
loXfor Plals Sims , and 1,3 to lio far for Soar Said.
bkasPoit Wei end =dowsed; ta at SLI bbl at
El per 141. Lard is 0/19 "Eh II ales of 33 to prima
luatieleadind a .114.
OBOOZIIIIIB—Ibe market h Arm With a as d.
mud. white Aloes Escudo about at but quoted Au
g= may tie quoted at lit tit 12„144 ibe Ibiba; 131.4 ito
131.4 for Was Ilawillrleaus, soma Ulan" &Wag ltc.
°Woo stiff, with silo of Eb at 308310 tor ecaution
to ptims. roiatiesstrady.with miff Wes at train
quwatiosa, , ,
MILL =ED—la dna with bade 010 tam d ir t
OM treat &pat at $l,lO par eat, sad 100 sack/ -
&bp as $.1.65. Braa may be gusted Arm at 843.
11&2-4. drat faith aka Dom maks at SKEW/ par
tan. Wept 17 baba from depot, mime, at VP por
POTATOES—Ms muted ts steady, with sraall
miss from store ,a 1 90s, to $l.OO per MIA foe is
qualltlss. Sala OT IS bbls Swint Potato's st SOtS
per bbl.
APPLE&—dat/witta a sttp - 7 conatiotably to ex.
ceo of the dereei4 talc at /ID bbls W lots at 11,60
taw per bbl, Sotetr:at to 91193 a.
024101151111. —neat lath/atm of 6 bib litctd
ail at sllol9:srr DDL •
(182119Z—=S IMO tato of 90 ba, W B at; /9
rittsintirsa Petroleum Market.
Bar. 99—Tlis ftrarams . *oiled our Ind raga t.
dill =Om* aid an *drop imalad Inaa's tots
Is aim guaseally &minded: Crash' Am, with atatr
load demand, and ow law mall ants weal midi at
2 7 0. dukaii• 181**4 and no, gasps Included
Thistudc V aw•ldthaid diat, sad the teadlas?ui
araaadjuly Bedded. to bond. L dim*/
frmar,aad an admix. be Max parsat and Wan
doddery, is danialdsat Tam vas ad, barrmai, •
abet fin. sad, as Was STO whir tertudar,
nuat; iviadkain , -dru 011,
also, 'Remit dad War, arkh • dsmaad tally evuit
Orged*!66o bus of Ow
'alai #dak. my bs rigiadid din
sit 'italtatlcia Viipriiis city brands amino fa la
detinrdozasadt *Mt ;aa upward 'teadraan o'
UssictUbgrrla dm as Sic, 4SUnadla Nov Yet:
Than Aside i-adstil ladalrtladamadma. and.
mitts Ere orielaismo per MI, Lad bat" go 'r. '
Wa tiara ricellid Veer tiaiii•Littrp•ol cap to
tat: - 'SIM** U quoted wort 'Meg at 2 1,
semeaasakr; and mom sem dimandid, tor
,Chlaitairibipi,lneff,d. b ut holden w sauna
fleet, V oilt Pi!ttolenas Market.
10* 1:410A to Ilialalrits GwNi
41*, , Z0aF;,1614: 9, ]Eds.
. 'too Is bLi(iiiapa -fiectros
tondsocy Us ostaio;0001Olk Ltbikspoi aXayro
!taw, Ecox rit4 Was on tho min 24 BO
agi Loe.:.4l2lakliiiiro4.4o4 keedolmr,lmpto
plod:- ~7iroiod:`lrtfi bloOdigioid to 121070e.144ap.
thibiecosj;ai for Who& 0.. f.
t• The Barn, Crap Ot /803.
(tlidethet Cheater tall. la."Sard.l
Ii Ittawitiattlei breadth °Mad sawn - Bailey'
mama Wed pater Coil= -124 yhdd b maul:
rid to bit =b• hutitht batter. yartlak
tuteap, aegis ItroVeleda Who
. arop)) was aaraded la jaaal cardltiog: , Ths tereatteder
hasasebed atter Mar red= lir ortuddatably
itathatilatt Otlearteleataaeoltoadttlait: with them.
.trythe bleu aster Agatha Una It la Malted : -
doom ibut Ittliebtsiel uoml tbs amp Is mem
mated taheethass ;ammo salmi year tagaleatty
hartioUty. Coals Whit fur mot sto bad ova
aart germ *aft ThatelamtityarMasaeatt that of
Writ by thy pig addieeld shit mad* Val* Is
tearytasa Etba .reer boa %% I n o Mem TO. a.
at t hrice Wait Wes sad Awe wake
aleteermesee hid par. ;Is Oiled. Sl* crop WU
Mud .that Ugh abotiglell h
a to'corknert la
~maall thergi be malt lobe argosi,te pt
bleu* we lasrAtba ettep Oahltaats la hey
I. sat Otte la dt= khol ,
r hea the &demo us
eettipommassy thlblubbtbatuls•
yeacat shaellikstaletireda, Soh II
rum tar sattedpaih`lb• Idith phis harms belt
yaw beroahlwat WS, Von inalksta aarbttliteao
lowa al porta badlyb atiThlhaeL, It hp, aid&
/hart that ItthhitmeasAvad tem 'atm
ewe 11 ^ 64 0 1 2 sInto btlart tat , ay mad
hyttatedpakerot bap.' 4, hays or moll.
111 4 11 .q. 8 9P art Olnakstior
4 47: •
that year, but anntehlrictir the w tattariesory prf
oatslotal last sraton. It Is reasonable to
that the re enfo:roy will be colts ea Isrma. 'm W:
ralloni.og statement shoos the emiparatlre men.
swat of the trap, of 1181 and 1112 to thin market
sad Alhaa7. liacolpte by railroads are not Mended.
Lad aro not material to the comparbon. ea the q oap
tityconalog Inward by mil etch year eronld not earl
Bemired be canal from September 1 to ekes et
meat, 1961 _.....Y..~.._......_~..,;,__1~g;'~ t' 11p
Bac t e i t t erd d•
by email from May 1, to September
Itarelved r9l:Sq°°tl
Serebred by camel hem September 1,
1862, to elate of cartel._.. • 1,017,042
Bemired by cabal from hay 1, 1663, to
September lot 73,700
llecernel ewfttiee 327,774
Tot/1. 1892-8
Apparent defletrocy----,---338,671
The flock of malt is coostderably larger than at
the coloateacemeot of the season lest par, cod the
demur] has settee.
Baltimore Grain Market.
Barr. Yl—?here 00 very Kitle Groin at market,
thn n celote on the Cora Ea change barely reaching
7,000 Doak. Dnoar a fair Icqrtlry prime cf all Ce.
tcriptio. favored niters and rived Orm. Wa now
quote damaged to tair Southern white Wiust at 81,20
01,61, good to prime do at 1511.70(01,80, Fleur
at 81,61101,85; amnion to fair Kentucky ortsl;e at
51,141,50, good to very prime do at 81,65011,617. In
feria to ordinary &wham red at 51,1191,26, medt.
nm to We do at $1,311101,15, god to {bolos do at
01,,t0i,0, and oroioary tearrictly prima Pennsyl •
vania do at $1,20.41,40 per barb. Yiy-cut and info.
for white and yellow Gunk 850670, fair to prime do
83,1190 c per bath Doyaged aad anurocn Marytond
Pate 08c. measure, Lott to prima do at 57050e,end Pe e nraylvoail 760780 might. Maryland 11.011
Magyar bushel.
Hay Contracts.
Captain Chipman, A. Q. U., let the following con.
tracts on Fel tag hut, far aunt:hi:2g hay to the Gov.
ernment : Getup A. Ilanteyer A C., of St. Louts,
5400 tons, to be &Cowed at et. Lont. , so SAW per
ton; Gaff, C.chrans & Co, of Aurora, Indiana, 1%004
tons, to be dalle4 red it ifstopohr, Tenn., no SZ pea
4.; bicago ,ftlarkeL
Sur. 21L—Tloor lilt is 'nitre demand and ad.
warmed 2082 M p.r barrel, but the limited Mira lap
mats ictol tinaname. tome 40.0 Wanda changed
hand, at $50803,23 for common to geo.lWhlte Wtn
ter Litre.; $ ' , Ada 6 for fair to choice dprirg
Waal 11800 for Water huger gam of • grade
and 1C..0 for . l3yring dnpecQite . Corr woe firm and
buoyant sod advanced To yacht' ibel with an active
dem sad at 62(N go for No 1, and GsaWro for No 21a
atom. land orn afloat cold tarty at 684670, but
la er in tair day a number of boat-lade sold at 68404
—cloying firm at the latter Agoras. Thera woo a god
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at the chime boyars herd off and the marktt was may.
No I sold at 497260c,and No 2at 113, to stare. Rye
was in good mitten for ahlyment i and Prices ad.
danced 7o per brothel, with Weep! No lat BM, Ban
ley was firm and moderately actin at as inaproro.
.mint of 1420, melte tens made at $1,0501013 'or 2in
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at 53,0033,22,6 for common to prime samples. a lax
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whale vets firm and adrancod kiikth e is per imCon,
with Ilboral saw at 47,348.4.
Buffett° Illarket.
Sirs 21 goad demand. 'Market lhallio
better Wheat, blame excited and prices betting=
all tartans. IN 1491 16, al Mal 17).l. for MU
'nuke. Club la port and to attire • at la%
No. 1 Chicago spring; 111 Neritheaknaro club;
81 116118% Na S Otdeato dpringcjit • da@l. No cad
winter western; t 24 unbar Michigan. Core ,
in kir demand and snacks* batter. baba of 500000
bask at 70,§703in Oats
_la gntd dnosad sad mar
ket better. traWl 21,000 but at 6Cdp67a. Whtaky,
In moderate demand. • Bales 120 barrels at iniekhlfee.
Ole eland market
Sass. 21.—Tlcar, Sales 40 bbls (nab ground XX
Bed at $5,02)6c, 35 Das ,047 in ` his ki
Wbite, old, at 5575; 100 bb l . tied' aat, sacks, at
56,00. Wheat, Arm; market 14411 brae/. Bates
crOChang• 4 oars radon track at ft 13.; and 2 can
do do 51,140. Mace the B. and we hoar of saes of 1
car idluo Whit. on track at 1,1,220; 2,000 bosh Bed
stzet at P.14;2,000 bosh do co at $1,110; 1 car Bed
from sto.• at p,t6c; 2,0Z0 bush on bawd at $1,16c.
Bony hales 2 cars L u . b, at 70c;1 ar oa track at 65:
Scars In bags, at 71c. Oats 11 nt; Lao S OM tree an
board at 6ec; 2 cars do at ac. Salitelbv bosh
at 51,00. ilighwams, edranced 2y,c; no • bed at
40c. Timothy bad, Sales 110 bosh at $3 TS, Closes
Seed, Nominal at 55,75.
imports By iteulroad.
Pernisinion Warta a OVICAZIO ILLILBOADO3Opt.
—lBO Lg, batiry. Join' Rhodes; CWI4 .1 di
sr gairoy; 16 do mill feed, n & J. Carothers, 2'.1 hla
high Ana, B. klonnagger. 81 Wes, Lim & Mahn-
Grow di 1 as parlay, Reichroeh. Rllhriaola et; Ito
do Nish 8 B /loyal 30 rtes tro /ReJs co; 116
oLL his, Lay/ Wai.• / car ars clay, Joni & Laugh
lin; 68 Ids &At les, /La & Keil; 25 b y rap, BO Boa.
art; CO has starch, 11 B Godfrey; 16 its lard oh,
A lratuantock
Czars aids r 91ssisioade Bausoaa, &FL 71 --
126 by abess,J s Auras 3; o 4 60 baXs bay, 67 mks
Wows; 11 B Floyd; al du 44, J X Enarden • co;
16 him cheese, l frau shoderl 141 caws toot' and
items. LI Childs r ch 7 do do, Jae P Termer; 4 tais
iralclng, W llyymbehner co; 13 eta rags, A H
Effsll.l4 62 Me attisly, Wee Carr kco; 8 do lenges
Pones span; 26 de de, Lll Vole, • co; X boxes
leach, J 4 Snead.]: A co; AS do do , J A Banshinc
60 leas cap, 13 bls whiting, 14 de logwoodi B A Fah
sestae.k r ce; 2u bas etude, W Boozer r co; 20 rain
eather, Babard Bed; 4 el. =lees, W 1.16,43 r co;
124 co potatoes, L H Vshrt r ca; tat boaelthany,
Caldwell r bru; blr flour, Xackeown Mohan,
MIL alms, T lieneedy ft bee.
AILLGHEIT STATION. &pt. bgs Busted,
BIM HAlanttin; rt Dear ke;,./nitz Waltz; 4020
Ore brick, (Bans, Cu; 102 b.W epPs. 1r a abbe; 2
ds bottles. Omen bro; 81 Boar barn's, Peter P..
tenon; 12 da epples, B Duncan; begs lot marketing,
'T . ENTH rou
etra,m3 LlST o
Li O e P uo AP EB, PLI Em
in faiLjl okat ONS
00ce rip to Sept. Bth, IBM :
I - Itabbon Pam, • area, lit ward, Pittaborgh; Batton D. 11.. other geode, do, do;
Moliatey Dale!, tam, &I ward, do;
Dads Wtholnd, do. do, do;
Datum= Italthardosattboura,dl, do;
Boblen tm
Obar, do. do, do ;
Omit Theo . Win d.. do;
i drain &mph, min gnu, do, do:
adorn &boas, • tavern, do,
Earn Iran, do, sa word, eke"
fiedtton Dannfa, other goods, do, do;
Beilboneer & Elwarighs, do, do, . do;
Burke Joh% do. dd;
bodals 0 . eating bout, do, do;
banana O. 8., do, do, Art •
Noumea Wm, do, do, do;
Banta Lewd, to, do, do;
Batley Gauge, tavern, tth ward, do;
Etalahtmen Arbarthas a. h.. do. da;
Matters D. A M., Min mode, do, doi
Timor ha. & Oe., do, do, do;
. Dna=
Rtry Min B. .
do, beeni, 6th ward,
A. B. do, L
antteedert /srobotat'd Lou., to, ddi
Arlan Treat 8.. other Lax% db. do;
Dna= hat% do, etk ward, do;
gnaw LL A., , do, 7th wasd, do;
Dlehardolamae, tam, Mb ward, do;
Joint JUIN% estdng boon do, dm
lanrelbor hank IL, tarsan,eth ward, do;
Dots* Dada; other aeon dos do;
Boa. Barna, nand hmute, do, do;
Man knotted, , tams. Ist mod. Alle/6„lsmm
Decked lii ito..othar goode,td ward.
D iu ,„ j;i., . tamp, 4th ward. do;
Mane Anton, eating Bono, ' do, do;
an Jacob, tavern, Ihrmlnthenn
&heal Irredik. - otherzode, de;
Dedemoih Wm., do;
Awe. Daus tam. DM Diesdratase;
Dar Easy, do, do;
Bids Lorna, other mate, do .
Elatd detatten, anon boon Duman. BOZO;
Thalheimer John, lama, Lawrooomaim
lose Ram . . do. . do;
ax Jon. .i -• " do, -' dm
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Darden Mita; , do, - do;
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Indian ' aeon% Tann, • Pitt tm
Tattaten A. a,- ' de._ . Deada ts; '.
Isiont - Mm, .ating homy . do; -
Crane Palm Maw Dank Milan tin
Holten Janata.: do., Mtn tp;
Perldna Than. -' do; ' ' Sobbing ty;
....filmy, " Mbar dead; Wait Drat ty;
Maya John Hary, 11111111111... - , Within, tp;
The meet WO MID 1 7. DIM Me
lidd. et lateclocks. ea. Bamoutrantes mut be fled
on or bane that dn., Appllmaft. . • will tong thin
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1/50 coo /i °Tad' null;
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Ex-tvwrru Azimut.
FaX Er.riEli r r IC) N.'
V 11.1113 ULM A?
September 29th and ?Oyi and October
Ist and 2nd, itifi.
No•rtetalm I, Omit mention miles mil of Phil.
edelphis, oat the Schuylkill river, aid to someible
by railway to ovary portion of thefts:a,
s h rew 2 , 3
cf gro groomdau n a d, re
With beautifully attested. coital:thg
tee leap bullitineethanco
created. together with hugs anceont fineddles. The
track la saW to be adept tos best half Mlle tracks In
the State. the premiums ars the heaviest ere of-
Owed by the &Matz, smouating to shoat 1117$0.
The premiums for all grades of cattlemen,
due of which am $lO each, 10 Me $35 to 1111, others
numbs down to lesser rates. Beet herd not his
than 15 head, let priachm 110; Yreldnib,
Boum for all grad., the. premiums exceed 511130.
The highest titan Tebetweau refi and 'Aced Mae
merging from $lO, $lO &add& Toe Sheep and Site.
the premium. tense Lam $lO to Pend u.
Tar Possible there I, a long list of purconmts from
$2 to 51 each, In the following alms most liberal
premium are ofterad r Moth; Coltivalore, DMA%
Wsgene. Besping and Mowing Machines, Cotten,
Corn Muller% tide:. Mills, Pmts. Buckets, Tit
Ware. Leather and Its Manufacture, Cu NUM*
Marble Mantes, Batter, Stour. Strain and beds.
Vegetables arid 'AIM for Damestio and Honks id
Maonfacturea, Cloth, Carpets, &Met, useung,
abeeling.Btankets. Time% Shawls, Enit Coeds.
tietelertrotk, , Dread, Oaksa,Freserres,JelllekAn.
Large premime ere odired .fike rimy runny or
Trait and Thews= 114 Iloral-Teat will be the
largest aureate:ad by the Sectethend irill foresaw
of the molt attrectivedestures of the /inhibition'.
partmen °raps and Wlll6ll will
=Whited -BTredt, tn. this
The Tennolvanla Nana and lifceristoin; tail.
road have arranged to - carry articles tor sobibitlan
to end from lizbibition freight free, requirtng the
(mid trefght to S. prepaid, which rent he mild
chipper when goods are Maned to rte station
whence ahlred. it Is hoped to Mat the same with
other Impatient Meta.
Ixotusioni at reduced rates will le run on all the
leading railroads.
Tante am be made at the °Mee. in Noctittaim,
alter the ithday of September, AU ankles met
be entered on the books on or before needy assn.
log, Sept. 49tb. Taktbitors must become Masters.
klamberdstp Stall, with taut coupon Mcluts: sub of
wbl:h ell adult one perm to the Tar ones
frir A List of Premiums emir begulations can be
had by addressidt the Secretary,
THOMAS P. RHO; Praideist
trorrietein, Pa,
11012 BUS AND BUMMER 001111. MINT.
The bazattue mho testily to tbo Emits of Wt
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T. the soldier, Ggpedatly, ft le tatatrathlm beteg
ayymyrletely termed by o=4 In many itertltketek
"The 6oldiere" b`riend.•
Motban. lad It animator to any mottling arnp f
claim Within& treed frames Waling abets of
theNABOO73O3, gam toot to tha =tam by ratanTbal
Sold by N. N00T.4118.611 k 00 , 66 Naykst esnat,
Pittsburgh, 1044 respedible deabsrsevarrgisn.
Are now rushimg ash'
And irmits Ito& &Liras mid ths pnbis to cuticles
their stock, 'hick Is the knot and mot cants!,
on? t7traght to Mir market.
Aiwa3.2 ca hand, arge astort3at mt - of
Gentlemen's Furnishing Goode.
QuAkintrariVs. trcrawrazor,
Er. outs, ar. 26, 1.4.1
ma yrs* of it* detour .1311§ppiwa
ray? as ohs Dow Um. Oa Mks Wow Gollatio
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One river.
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namel bests am repaired. to be good. ":
Thal will be IrOld at pnbile anal= to th• mom
bidder, oaths la Dl .T OP omega, ISO, to the
Oft of (Radon/41 O'elo, ingot OM* cake of.Cagt.
01 1 / l lLl3soaarrin. A. Q. IL
Tams cub. U. • Treater, /lota,
coda of Dag. goo. ECU= ALzly
ee3:te. Captain and t. Q. N.
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virctien uel. G ol 4 ,twat El4 otheiL lairri
PUBLICI OAL 0 0 2410
AltittALll tab Dleoe at - tia Deiddi' Dear
the Obwer Wor ta ttde aim an -thei WED ADD
rffir Wane naristis alrrstaza,-Isem the
2d. 113th and ADA dem of the moth. Vile Iwyeety
le candy:ma as =At derpaldte BMW. -
Ado to eosaateaoi at 10 Oahe* a. sa of iech day,
Sid be continued a= do to do uotalall !malt
to head Medi ha tot&
Terauponb, In Ocemmatent Pazuh.
a 020.111.10 - Cook aad A. Q. K.. 11. & A.
AIJIMAIrT Iltraana ant:R.
Omer 0 sad =I mats,
Irsgbigtou r b-14 Orpt t . I.lth. 12C3,1
MCYflolt—Nvill ... .le ..A' tat - it: .Publio
tunny at tha IejIIIRTINEIIII44O4. W
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Taro task to dartaiimaat Malik ==- .'
Bahr to oacusurace at 10 eoltak su at. - - •
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tha largartarii bat uotatataat el , : .. . .
• r • t' , . L ' PHOTNITLAPII- ALBUMS_ ..- ,
Dattara '
titbit:AT of Piudamtla• aid prim as law, sad
Bahlarlhairig at Odin Intalltpaas mat. a
1 7 PM Or. -hrthir coma; op slaw thal
Pear ta saioar.,außtaatrtibaraa taat aia% aall say
BAWD; Ti roma atrial,
INDIA -1)17iillEICO- LOWING; also,
OM CLOTlUntaimell ea } madam" au Me 4 *
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aW NO.I- KAIAK KM.jnit
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m A =reit. Libor, Road Orem%
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Ultr—tr.6ll2"l3 to
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