The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1863-1866, September 11, 1863, Image 2

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llaton State Ticket.
0: VUSTIN 'or 'Centre.
you ;mil or mut itIMEs , omit,
• DARIptIiGNEW; -*Titania.
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_ Black ' d.Wietti:.Equettioe of
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The Itiolinthattioirspspeek=ead the Au
. ,;'the.kt4 l testta.Aelibfr t. o . o— are grelUi czar
iiehwel- by the atithe of the Secretary of
War _;arderini th ree rebel pristiners—of
4 GPI tf there be any such—inio
dote custadi,holders: for as many Wire
who iiireciPtured on'the gunboat
Liao Miami and-handed over to the Gov
ernor 'or that Mate. They are Indignant at
the idea that the derides, whim the* insist
pan ittiturti 100 insirgents, under their
.'3Atisto - Amm - ationl4 be put- upon - a footing
eltivielY- T .men for man--whiale
• declare to be a degradation of the
latter to the level of malefactors. ' They
Oxelelinhoweirer, that it is not merely an
Insolentorderedadous - pretension to treat
w. Gear a s is a deadly stab , that we
are aiming e t their institutions thee/Rolm?!
—enti - Abrestai..scoortioen - thst If there
con be , , so .eadisigami egos/ terms; there
• shall'beitice it a1i , ..-acd thee there will
be neirtititri,amilhas-4hereerill be at least
,'• „
; Ths fellows are hard to please.. One
would eirpOsa. 7 frons their estimate pf the
differences of nthandconaltbinLthethth e
offerof a'retithfref 21211%in - eiclum:go for a
bisek.slavi,Lought to be considered
erably Pic But:no. We rata the
too lore. We are taking an on
,advantage at
' a slat la the mcr
' let, to put them dove. They, valet taker
=j them at ea beggarly a pride. If we don't
markup the •goals, we. may even• keep
.....thent;iiiiithen they will jail oirtallie the
.0 1 P 0 41 our black '11.90P81 and
=:compelling us to shoot their white cues.
=Well, if. thing is not equal; "IneppOse.
we offer oat Autternut for two negroes—
*lll they biroonient then? We have heard
that the alive makes great, account of the
imbreloi brings on the
„emotion bloat,. and
• Aftin - tainta his fellow with the reproach
'that he it only a, "Ave hundred dollar nig.'
ger. " BE liki, of course, to have it
said tirenntred Soo of his kind to ran
root :the
,lioor. rmealealelsi white; trash,"
:; -which krises beenbithellibif of despising.
If, however, it Wlll "Lipase the:wounded
prided the butternut, to know that he hei
- -got ;6'6 :the= - negro at last in vaice, we
abould tau no 'ofjeitlon to • the arranvk•
• meat We rather like to cultivate a feet
lag of self respect menet that class.
But we are oilskin a deadly stab," it
urns, at their lastibitionk thcoucelves,'
by eidoeirtg the black man, end leaching
Math API This, it niust confessed,
is a very. serious , charge. The idea that
A' we should drat them be Weed something
• of a novelty, and - is -not merprising,
,therefore, that they should =plain of it.
Taint reel bent trying all elong to sae
their tilittibehibets,"ll.lla particalsrli their
. lighting um • hor'nt we been employing
Generale that would'eaturt them? And
are not the Copperheads doing 'all they
',can, seen now, to prevent is from aiming
deadly blows at any of their istedlutione—
political or patithrclul—end volunteering
to offortihe in.. of the negro by taking
his place 'theensolvea, and groaning over
his intidelit4 and his
„ingratitude dowards
the "kindest of, banefactiers ? we are
compelled 10 suite re little hard at: last
because white soldiers are getting a little
Abet_ moat excuse ea,. an d: take
contort froorthe fact, that white slaves are
jolt as Good i ii black ones, and much more
sorelesablo Just now. • r. -
Bite thin thb nogroie are I aurgents, and
therefore not legitimate "objects of ex
: change! Well, so, are - their misters and.
lea this reeled; therefore, they are pre
.' -duly equal _ =wi q :this difference 'Ply in
favor of tha-niegro, that he b loyal to the
GovernMent, while the muter-is not., If
' the 4_2l'l.W:tor, beciuse-he his
ithelledisgselnit a traitor only what shall
we mei' efthe -Master Who has taken up
arms, agairuit the Siete, aid thiu,reailind
thither obedience: to him impoeilble?
-.: If the law of the State pre:apnoea the gave
a malofietei; tor zontintiwai-Arpon his
waiter, the lasiot.the llnttistiltatos,Whbli
the suireMilai,praiiusoes the dieter a
: • PgUiroclo!t see. taking up spinal
. ' thi . aiare bit performs his ditY
the dobeirunent; by slaying the retielir who
does no. In eve r y way, therefore, the "lir"
is the better man, and the Richmond edi:
tors ire 'led ia characterising their:Pp
• nienti*WlAL*olol424tatßO him abut-,
,-: aft*aelittd on e. •
'Me don' t
, see; however, that it is exactly
Alt to co mplain that, we are aiming s fr. •
•Id "bib it : chair thilitittiOns, when !they
bave tieen dolts the tame thing preolsely
• ; •4, , ~ •• wish ours. -Why elonslatteicishis brim& •
ty,when they Wool di* it tow? Ie it
because Share is. lint- one inslitudonand
that tie par cratiows--tiat Is
• *o;f :1001;1:4M or hu an ithi ngtrend
Opt 1112!
• tat they us with the blink fisg,
214)1141244!--0-takik man.
• Tan lifolivitiiitA 4 i.4 o
40,•70414•: fel
lows.We hope A 07.101. not
~; te - hart anybody;.- But , *don't exactly
• at. how the suptireislon - of equal irwitilies
on !both:sides of the "quilt:eV!' to hel p p
them in the outcome. be no,
affair like that of the lamina) , camsWhith
I;.•;fought nnill4there • Was aothing - left but
• fficke *OIL, _ ,l`fe casksth at there VP ha a
rv4TP? . 1 4° 0414 , luMololloeir aids, after
the 4 !* 1 0 1 , 11 , P! l 4'-cPraiktashalt bus
14. lir ei uP 4 7 4 1" -- 0 7si t a P da
•; oipb 0f .01001*.,Z;C,:
The Datiams Iradc.
British sympathizers with rebellion not ,
only build British' ports' ships of war;
for the rebels; in defiance if the laws of I
their: awn country buk they now lutist
dist the laws of this country shall be so
rooditted-that they-can- supply rebels from
our own ports with the supplies they need.
our Glrreinment found it necessary not
long since to impose restrictive replations
upon every retail rearbig ports
for deprives.lhem et
clearances until thify avertgalsrly enuLT
ined as to theivinigoes, it being well'es:
tablished that articles contraband of War .
were earrisillto.llssitatsfrosn'llaited States
Porter and Qumran into Routh= wooled;
ed yetis' in 'British visiels. As these re.
ottml - applied So vessels, Astoria en
or otherwise, there would seem to no
omit of _complaint for British veseeltin
particular but the- blockade. return=
I *found , their game interfered by
regulation.thiry, in the chsraotaintindig.
nant British sserslisato• 21bZ to' Esti
Russell for redress for alleg elide!' of
existing tristiesiindintinaational law.
4is asserted on durable of, tic... British
'lei:chants that loaf um= Great
Britain and•the Balled States as to.ports
and.places to the undisturbed porsession
of the Onited.fitaleCis not in any. degree
affected lily .tbs states of war in vidqh the
United States are engaged; and that trade
betweel• Great Britain and an peaty' of
the United-States—Altelgolerpreserving
strict neutrality 'Or indifference between
the belligerent , pants an-be affected
oz e ll I n the manner end to the extent pre.
by the international law of block
ade. hir. &Ward replies to tide that there
hes been no violation of treaties or inter,
national" lor; that bY the lewd =done
every Slate Is sovereign over its own - olti4
tens emd dreams wain its limits; that
'it has,tirighe to maintain that sovereignty
spinet sedition' add =insurrection by civil
primitives or panaltha or by armed force,
and to in terdlo lamb expoltatlon from with.
In its own borders as may supply traitors
in arms against itself with the metal of
carrying on rebellion. These rights he de
nies have ever bettis surrendered by any
treaty or convention ' or are prohibited by
international law. Bari Russell admits
"It is competent for the United States,
as a belligerent Power, to piloted itself
within Its own.por'a Wad territories, by TO.
fazing clearances to. rends ladoned with
oontraband of war, or Other specified arti
cles, as well as to tassels will,* are be-,
neva to bo bound to confederate putt, and
that so long wand precautionS are adopt
ed equally and - indifferently cases,
Without , reference' to' the nationality or.
origin Of any' particular 'nisei or goods,
they do not afford any just ground of coin
The cantspondenca is not ended; but,
after theadmission tof Russell, itseems
difficult to understand on what claim of
right it may be manned on his part-
4 %11 Elan the Flanhting Wet',
Thln very uncomplimentary "address - to I
the tho American flar,n was the subject of
an inquiry addressed to us by i corro:
ilpondent, some weeks •go. lie stated that
the lois:loco organ in this city had pub.
tidied "it as copied- from the New York
Tribune,- of June, 1869, Wo can now let
Our correspondent see what the editor of
the Vienna!! to tiny about Sane days
since the following. paragraph appeared
editorially in that piper
hir. 8. O. Clex,dn his, copperhead p.m.
elution! through OW, has a habit of
quoting a very spirited lyric evokedby the
desecration of our Natkami ties to the base
uses of the slevehuaters, beginning,
hail the flaunting lie I" and stating that
they were written by Donee Greeley 1 The
said Greeley would gladly be able to wilco
so good a lyrio as that, but never was—
yerse.writing being an , achievement 'for
which he his a very different aptitiade.
The excellent stances which Mr. Confab's.
ly attributes to Min were , written by •
young Irish Democrat of this city, then and
nos a member of the Tammany Bedew,
and a most ardent, effective coworker with
Cie in the support for the Presidency Of
Buchanan in '66 and of Douglas in '6O.
And dew if Cox will write u sirited and
visored!) a poem on - any subject—to be
chosen by Mentelf—its relative merit to be
decided by three rep,ntable judges of poetry
chosen by himself,' we will pay $lOO for it,
and stipulate that - he shall tell "whatever
fainhoods he pleas* to our prejudice for
the next di months without rebuke or ex.
cure. • -
Foteirl Coiabbastiolq...Ustotinded
Apprehend Ono
A Washington • corrmondent makes the
followiniray sensible reroute on 'a sub
ject that has called forth a great many
stunting dispatches from that city:
'Theo Slits Dqartrizent has no adders
(or none to speak of) about:the European
combination which Francs is reported u
engineering against the UnitW States.
The United States IS &TOM large country,
territorially considered a and being a some
what new country, as far as its towns are
concerned, the burning of a few of the lat.
ter would go little way towards. its eon-
quest European armies would hardly'
make their way far inland, and ea far as
our commerce on the sea is;ouncerned,
that is at low pbb enough now. Under
these considerations, impoious European ,
statesmen will find .very . little that b at
truth, in the , ides of.going to war with
With Russia in the.rear and the Uzi
tad States in its front, Europe wont& wish
itself clear of Commaks anal Yanked.' Mr.
Seward is placid under the announcement
of the Yranoe.engineered combination.
' The sympatidsuir with' treason bout
that they will:cube animmente majority
in York county, and among others stream ,
the -suthority,for this s Jere.
stink Biaok;lita Attcluay Ge neral of
the United 6tate and present reporter of
the Suprema Court of the United States.
As York county is said - to contain Several
thousand Knights of the Poiden Cirole a
sworn to , natio:ad authority,
there may be saciefoundatloa for the ru
*nor, but wcnld it not - bevel) to. recast &
hew far ibil dietirditintwitney intends,
and Icier far It b encouraged by_the Yore.
sworn -agouti of the' Maryland traitors ?
Phif `Azar.
- "
or GEOZOD WoonwAso.—uSigro! sla
very Is an inorksulable"bleralng • r! •
'Hun= bondage property lin are
tanotioned t if nol dhinray. or•
uWehsar it add, let the Bath go-pesoo.,
ably. ratty, tart atm ao ructsarm."
'it sews tome Mathes intuit be ithno
"hut idsvebolders may finissalini their
natural rights, 'cid opkw Isfisuis ot
saefrslavo_proporty whatever- owns of pea g e ctio' thos poutstor cps tonsiatd"
North ft rerpoudbls for every drop
of blood shed this vie! .
VALLAIDIGIIi3cWO iii Inforined by
perms, who knows, thst'ir
_allssidlisksis has
at hot fond seSspprspriiitsbahrdias plus
at Wisdsor, Csss&- -; with - a &spier. from
Lis Fsierid ow; sated Ober*, • Isis sup..
posed tbst *WI Will iskiiesini "bibs"
at that "OhanYr-4"001.Nan,.
As'lrish Captain hi the arm,i amity ap
pointed to drill his 2.010112t04 vociferated
fondtv Ms rat
,order, to show hie author'.
' Advance,' 'lima 'toys: bsakiraids ;
sad - 6m meirvithqut, - 3 1011 AP Your
m Trot ti
A , or namos.— re an
itutalpilon on lambdas* se lA , POO,
7Ate„Onparlari ibbh rands u follows:
0 740 - 1,11d111pr i „ la •
iustaf Weil's!) , kis WOMB:" •
trial Io Lawsonao. Koalas. on Monday. by
Pal etleoted by'tbs, clam& Xi was prayed
*atlas knew of the rad and alai:row, Malin-
Ily oat:of town cal Thataday .14tor
briagalataaold sob; teas spa apt, bi 1105.,,!
fund dal ha ealarin *lip Itzaablitbasaitsliat
Da t!llei th e widow Allan 'a son. no was then
Los In liltdimsnd #4 rapt& A 0;4 p,Ap4*
golf the gsmidlag And diitadilitito 1111 sp •
pusezi los two" lesatAttel.:aid 1111Mbri
tsrotnaksap IttaillilZ2 in 10/1 , 11101311 • • .•
Atok Sacr a and evimbodkin toal
&numb, sr s knight orttn-order $4 ratio
paaoh;. -
. !Int Hokum of Lia lt, initatilitd Att}lttititaii
C ttifoltoorlos load , ,
to 11 0 4 . 4
Couttivat t casidto Web
W Olll O l 030 7 , aid -00$111$ fam)*tallit matithi' -
cookhl***l4 ava nal thasiew:..
A litairsvitkattireigiver bits Wthe moral
ttdasth 11 *! Shs ow! Mi rTh Arit
- - , -
PrMtdre"-IVIg& ;'`
&1110511 — Zratittliat•II:-V Foit
ALLTEItiItM Ootttillt..l2‘tm Oititzetr
will meet MIRY TtriAD 111,ot 2 o•okok ty wait
EllaAttUARTIItt• wniaas Salk- Debstp) -AM
mutated to be nekr,lalitadilinear , = .
Nol'lUli=—Tfiere'ba sill. a oat ,
wer,_ aItheaIBILTIIIN °lntel:eel We Ms:
elliny, FRIDAY *YEW% at zw, o'clock 4t.
.11ABL, BLICKLS'B, No: 1 Dirtn ravetiam tat Far:,
pow andoptlng • of-- Mos lba , 14411 p. 41.
vaeral attendanas otitis Want= lett4sted.''
was imeessmorei
• " - .PLoTcott If Align. GUektrAiOt ttat,
Wuhtlirktp4l7. ;VW. •
Win rigerill litiendansto Kat Oh ,
lode maisalkiM,be, swinged. by.forttbre th of
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city authority to protect them in toorahr. Merv*
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Worts, and In o'er, of dlmoursgog or 'soyersolog: .
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stmt. 0.110'404 p.
rdoneor 0 :011, IT
00112Mlii,1 fat the Yyst Ward, 1I
Inittany. sppgntod, by the lesentli • Wan
mattes, .111 meet In Wobbliest' Hell, Tebozat
on OILItIiD tlr "Ulf UV. Sepkmber ;WS, stip;
es. Zee* enswebae Is requestril to bs present. Al
11711: VNION 14.148T1N0 eilll be Led
1111 D IX ZY.7,1130. Sept. title. at rig S'esit. r
lints B.S. 4381111. MB. Loa 11. lilt 10K.
BEM stbinst the math*
By order of tbiLltesentles Colneoltt&O. seat&
IN DIAMOND WW; Illtrairirm.
01 118IDAN SPERM. 41 r% - o;diocir.
Bag. JOD2I BULB, of Ilillid•lpbtop
11411118ALLOIK., Dr. Iir.COOK; mid oilier
eloquent Awaken will adf tn. meetml. Ono* .
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rate us omi■rrnli.
ALL IFITAY. AIT. 7.111t4 walnut froaa:d to old
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/Ai • 91001,01711 I , IIOI2IIfTION OF Till WAS .
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DANIEL ..A G - 14 - E W,
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*Us* Gaune isicors!nniv,
Wednesday; gelit. 1611i,' 1.183 i
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The Allorki Appian% and o!drar 110
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AM DAVID TOD4 . of Ohio; •
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pante are toegted sad out be meted! by the
Commute en Et so.. of the VIII at Allegheny, tat
111118DATotif 1613 hut;fortes reve.ftfatot
yeet:g of the sidewalk an the fest e 1.5 of ram'
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Taellns N IRMA%
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• • 78 New anB'Popttlar flange,
"Wlmi 'dila Cruel War It Ottr."
t. Cony , around tho floya"
• .uWho SMOLT& tor Mother r ow."
" 7 . 1 1 Ceti:tarn it is of 'A boa."
!Motto 4141. Ors's, Flom to Lb;
, .?Dan to tottes sow." .
"Our Uzi to Them"
tHYm floaloyufs Wets."
...Mantes:lo %IL"
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oft reodpt ot ID tenth, by
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v" Alsip to task a fir p aloortmeat of
01141016 es Furnishing Gopde.
CORNBBPItIia HD ST. CLAIR 81111311311,
PlTTNluseir, Pt. ,
NEW BOAT fdl'Olie.
V. C. 1111.117.......... W. t. DAT1D11177........7. 7. DATION:M.
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Esslib's Toren of Pro:odors. _
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WlalbOril CU gala vows,. A vas.
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Panononn Dn. Soots.
Do. Matruh, '9 vols.
Do. PionsooUto Law.'I Lox Diattoomy. A tole. •
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Ante lon Limitation; •
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IZ:Sty #44Liks prizat:~te
13440CLAMATION.—Wnzanas, in and
in. Ml:tboUth action of the Act arta* auoinal Is
asoNi a Pe=lv t iah PeSted., , Joly 2d, 1839, enti
tled sea et to thaiDintions of this Cont.
rtnierselth," it is nined on'-the Shedd of....esery.
wady , to giro notice of Mb elections to he WI, end
enumerate to such notice whet ottoman to he elected.
'Ehertext - tte cormtroftneginen372l6 therein make
known, end give this public who, to the elktors of
Ltd comayorltlitypheol4haVii lIENEEAL ELEC
TION wilitaihtddith.hdd.Coanty, On .the BYO MD
TUE= ,13th DAT OP °Grub= NEXT, et the
And at Itridad by 'mid =IC Stet/idol tLe Act of
Jul,, 18.29, I hereby sire notice, that *my person
, pm:aping Judicator the' Poles) who Shall bold any
alike or tippointruent of tiefilltor tetedonder the Gov
mama of the United Btates,or of Wag=
enharthemonadinnerictorboinar a
vapor or otherwise r. antordinste caws err um; who
'licashall be =plaid tinder the legislehee,extxntive
culettinter7depertownt of tWeStIaIVT at lb* United
thcorpx ? t.
Ehtee, or army dtwolineorpmenl. iSsa Os°
thetesbrywiember of , Ccehtm!l44 d yt . tbs . Leg.
bad e% and fifths ielect or COSODSOLI ' army
dty, ar antanissimere of
pay, district; Is
by law incipablo of holding or ism:him st theeense
ffma, theolacs 4* , lopolanwif bfJodge, Inteetor or
Clark,of any election of thintlonatunawasltin end that
MI LISPOC:IIO . 2. - of Otharbinellr a aniyfinek ekee.
ir ,, W 1,, ..n. be tWFAIg totuttoilleetobithen seta few.
kidalitber, Mit Vali m isetbeit et. the' Act of
APraietl.4B4o isprosided,tlwA-Sheefotaseld 13th
iectidn' of 111,114 07aly =• - stitil: tiot Kos ant.•
stated in SO 'Almaden, WWI Mow anbatough cdri.
ear F.m serving se Judge, Inspector cc cloth, at any
vowel - or .octal ateetiotiln thisCoadienwealth.
The electors of the First Ward of the eity of Pitts
burette meet et the Palle &bat flame insaidWerd.
The eisetarief theleeond IV cede( the city Of Pitts
beech fa motet the Mlle Echoed tlonsein said Wert
The electors of so much of the Third Waal of the
(Myra Pittsburgh, &it product, to meet at the home
of Outdo leuned.,4 caner of Tunnel end: Wylie
streets' emend satinet to greet st the honse of .
Trends Jettison, corner of : Sixth and feni.idle..
streets. '' "
The electors of the ?myth Ward °fib(' dty of Pitua
blugh t to mast at the kaiak Wog Mum ho Bahl
The electors of both pirdects cf the TURK Ward
city Of Pittsburgh to moat at the now School Rome
Home, corner of Pine and Adam' streote.
The dodos of ate Sixth Ward of thadty of Mho
-buflh to mod at thaPadlit School llotuebo ath) Ward:
Thuelacii of Warmth Wald lathed!, of PIM
burgh to meld ale the-Polack School Lame In odd
' W gileatoro of thillettth Vfmeof the Cho Etta
-4W meet at tho Sclicel Muse In mold
, The elictors of the Moth Ward of the oui of Put&
blu& Beat at th e Rohr.° *text &Loco to mid
Ward. . •
The eleStorsOf the lflrofW' °Mkt city of . All4e *
uy to meetat tha Public School Mose ler sold were.
The electors of the Second Wird of the city of Ante '
gheay to moat at the thick Moot Morey coma of
Yalu Alto oadtheateltla rum% la sad ward.
The electrum of the Third Ward of tho city of Alleghe
ny, Satpeedect,lohthet at the PubUo &Mod flame
eald Worth ths electors wood veined, Thud
Wart, toroees at rhe'bouse of Geo. flara.le told tad.
The alicthri of the tourth Ward of the city of Alle
ghee,. 1,..5t prides% to meet at the togler# totem, car
&at Cit Laois and Aadomou mete: wood prided,,
it the-home of Jamb Pechicorner of Oho not mid
The gleams oitlieboaOugh until : W.l2o=4 l yin,
'did, to meet ia thif Pandla Bt col Pr&
dor; at the Brugareptlexatu sold
The electore of ale borough of UM Etradigham to
bust at 'School Muse No. Weald borough.
The electors of Dadmemo =a\ to roots . a.l th e
Public School Would in eald
Therdedzse ciao boose orough W of Lastrucesilli to meet
the Public Sch nald borough.
The diet= of t ool hoborough of Sharparurg to !met at
the house of James Slurry In sad boomer.
The eloctorsofthe borough of McHeesport to tomtit
the Tont Mal In nor borough.
The amuse of the borough of TimperarmerMe to
meet at tho Public dehoolliome, to sad borough.
The electors ot the borough of South Pittsburgh to
sheet at the Public School Home, earner of !Wl=
stout and Beasserillo tomtit. rood.
The electors of the borough of West Pittsburgh to
motet the &had from 'timid barotor,h.
The electors of the borough of Watt glicaboth to
meet at the Public School Muse In mid bargee,.
The electors of the borough of Tarmac= to mart at
the Public &.hool Hems In sad borough.
The elector' of the borough of 3 1 ^ne to meet at
fht. Pablto . Behoorilotme.
The electors a the borough of 12kiebeth to met at
the house of II 0 Taylke, Sarcialy accepted by John
Walker, ln isititiorough.
The slalom of the borough of Barleltit;, to meet at
the Publie Bdtool Hass in sad borough.
The elector of Monongshale borough to meet at
the School llonsetie said borough.
Thealectora of Makes District Da 1, of Peale.
township to meat at the home of John Battler, In the
Theallege co Rea Libely.
electora of Blatt= District An 2, In Peelle.
townsldp, Mama at the Man Ilotalto said tcanshba.
The *Wm; al= Emma", to most at the 'halo
Baboollams, nem Oallead, to said towaildpoecept
the codified rotas raiding is sections Woe. 47 and
14, in the tily dletact, who shall vote at all the gen
era elections, in the Ninth Wad of tlro city of late.
The geckos of Collim township to toast at the house
of Wso. MEWL Jr., In Ihnsfllige of East Liberty.
The elector, of Wilkins tommtdp to most it tho
Palle Waal Dona. Ls the WIND of Wilkineterg, in
towtablp. • '
itamme a rtille in Wa h ip . townshipst at thehonse
al John sad
The electron of Pattart to mat at the hones
ofkbratoun Taylor, an the Nathan Tornpika, in said
The claim of Fenn townehtp to mad at the house
af Hobert Donaldson, ca the Leachborg lioed, In sad
m The i ldcats of Versallee township to mat at the
MIX &hod Hotta, on the torn of bee!! Maw, near
the Whit. Home, larmarly occople! by Thomas Neat
new by Willhan A. thaw.
The 'team of Elbodeth township to meet at the
hamar 113. G. !Vila, itematy cosapied by Jahn
Walks, in Ethan* borough.
Ile electors of Jefferson township to meat at the
hoar at Mahal Bate, Sactoerly occupied by John
Bit% Meal towinkla
The eLxlcon of Main township to meet at the home
of Banat! Wilam„tentestymeapied byJasnes IL Noel,
in aid township.
Its et a= &Upper BE Clair tawriabl to most at
the name of MO mama, In add tawntniy. ..
The akators of Lower At. I,2air township to meet at
the hooey lately kept by F.! Set the Incelled••• i of
the Birmingham end Cant HMl in mid townelp.
The aleatoric' Chatters taw fo meet at the
hem of WWl= Obey, on the and Sus.
The electats•of llobbmon township to meet et the
home of Sarah Milearland, formerly Maass 312farland
In aid township.
The electors of Iflndley township to meet at the
house of MMus' A. Armor, itaDerly occuphd by
.1. Chaim, in the !Diego Cllnton,in meld kinship.
The electron of Noon teremehm to meet at School
Han No. kin sad township.
The datum of Ohio township tamed at the home
of Weary 9. Thempeon, in sad townehip•
TLaates of Ire klla totality, drst precinct, to
meet at the bow caupled by leans Maly, In
sala towim the electors of dead precinct to most
at the store hmicK James Nods, to add tairoallto.
The slates ol Basin lawaldp to met , at the
Waal House No. B. in sal Olswies•W•
The electoral Baldwin township to met at
hoar of John Gonna, fn dd Mama*.
Wm electors of Mom's township, to meet at the
bona of Jacob &kart, on Moan Bon, in sald town
e6l lke gleans of finowden township to meet albs
house of Parse Boyer, In midtawnehlp.
The eteates of Bath blotto towable to meet at
the lease of H. }pylon Me fatut Of O. Y. , Clositer, In
Inki •
11br ililiN' elactosis of Worth 2 rte
do Wm *email app b7>mall ,Jandsuo,
Bodger'sll2l,l3, idd tamildp, •
Thoslettars toot/lad lama", to meet at the boors
of Hugh Wall, on tha Brea Bud, in obi town.
The electors of Eine townektp to meet at house
CaJICISCI 221mble to said
The gleams of township to seet at the
haunt friok Wards= in vat townroddp.
"The electors of Won Deer townitdp to meet at the
Mans of Nathan Oxley, to aid township.
• Ile abettors of Bea Doer township to meet at the
Publlo School Weave at the nenth of Daisy% non.'
The slalom of /awn township. Bra precinct, to
moot at the school harm at Bola Wade. in fiat leo
reason; eacoal pre loctot
• the bona of June Mo.
• TlreslettWil Odotiliktonnallp to meet it Bchool
hum ,ithassille Llittnel Clislatt
pooled= a flowithley townalp to mast et sus
I boar damped Itltchle,ln gad tranship.
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