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-1111P-017707AL PAP*II Ol rEll; INT/.
~Tull of *Us Elizabeth Beatty for
the -Mtarder of; John Illevormick. .
'. AMP . or Onii 'aitt(Tizenna..--Beefore
`; Audit Staretia Mellon,' Stowe nail Brown.
- • 'Wednesday- Mternoin'
Me Coat met at
' quarter to .two o'clock.
_.-. Mn. Beatty testified: Am the mother of
EllesbethEsatty the defeudent ; do wu 19
VIM aid en the /Levu& Mt; Elisabeth
111111hinstlErelt3tder, to within twowade
•01l thei -mmr, when she cum hems; hem
Ike time the Meforttme happened (the nut
-.'neisfertuati) Blisaimllt was not fla bat mind
. bp three weeks; °Mlles day,;;WMg Btisabilit
Antatack room, I made her . tel whet was
lie Matta; ale disclosed the add of- her
coping; from Ms timettimppmed Jetta QM,-
de usetinte Me etiontryi Anomie M sash a
idateettaindthetehe lima lare tabia her
Ma life had Met bees for;me; on two Mt
- . fated' Wits ,she . attempted to preelpitite
be ilfdowe WWI; Mimi nights,ahe tried
. 6 beds herself -1 il , d down on • bowl near
ei bike imus, daring bee ef Me oddest sights
derider; her fallow !ad large egantittes of
balm* and omit tinteraught Elinbeth id
the set of FIUME the battle to her lip; this
*Mt juitiefore shoved into the country to
:: her sided; before the misfortune, she slept
.Monteilines with ter lister ; after, sometimes
es the'lloor;sometinist on the tette% some.
Urnell Vl* VISO, - and sometimes another;
snide* my how much she would slap; her
Slap manes swan; she would got up and
go mbont Ina Ira that skewed that she was
metetternoinde All Til t. taiChir Medi dry;
delditot ; get _bar Mint; map Zither was
it hems Udine/11 ant,forward beddes Ellsii;'
.. - Mlitilelicrehai llSldditeSild 'my kap
etwalend waif r Weir breigareelts(lltid
21utrado Liman „lierclooli,.elncie the OEM
Mae Om; lit her "Me she driminett-talkieg
e vadat about _Ea daub& i never Melt
her to sleep a night from the time the iron
? Ms alma open bee; foe the two months behte
" ' the diatti_of ilicCo . l eerytteldom slept
at night ; w husband mama slab at the
. Om v somWeasi during my stoying up at I
sights welting on my husband, I would falki
as but 'would be euddealymakinted up
by Met Isom Elisabeth; before the trouble
' Came *pole her, she Was • may good, kbid
gld; snail, she weialletrike me when s hied
to gather in the hod*
- .... iiirsatelmixtarattereoaXelin , sister °tittle
' Mlistit Beatty) lastllled 1--Mere not Wu Ur
:tog with momerlbriiimiyom ; lire in Bat
be email; have hard of the Mat trouble of
my sister ; wee not in town between that UM
- .and death bf Mettormtok ; Elizabeth was
-Mt my-hettns Weser, fourimede ; she lett my
-head the tight before the. shooting; I was
MtZemin , deaths eldotbeg exuded; she was
'e, giraiiitgiri altogether white at my home
. Slfrenfiltat ilia desther before • she' didn't
,411111121 to pay attention to anyth ing Ilk* she
used to do before. thb thing happened; she
'would be erying-gcbg send-didn's are
-about wooklng--ll she did' do anything, she
:Abet de :It sight; ' Oho mita every day f
whetl caught bee taltercrebig spells, I could
mot heir IMO she said; de skips np stairs;
• , Mintly knewheito . sleep; she disturbed us
- "Web frotedier Condunt; felts tiell oak floor
c..tetimitthio tut - and :eiditul story, of our
:; , , , bastal traubtlan lova stairs afterwards,
illelast apsaily,lart she would take little
..,des.ssinthi*. Made,' Mr would be sitting,
- .cereal/ 1 g appetite ems not good; she wawa
; gotteightem aim:satin a fel: montbfsls;
" -, during the time or four malteds was with
; ~...„.
;Mee 4 suer know her_toelsep a sound nigh 4
• beforede had this triable, she wu a Tory
eellltyiarl-memr in the habit of lease her
-. 1 , al rep;_, about a year before- Weide war out
If seem or eight Mahe oa a risi4 Me then slept
. ....eery well; nem saw any somMient with her
0 during Oiled make she was with me after
1 thntreable; alum I Camels town that night
.'i betrethedteciting, I-stopped at .datiter's: all
.. Mat Wight itlizatotli aled--nerer we to
• outdoors aimed thithouseau night;
• i lan town the out der after this shooting
• maned; saw Elisalitith the last time, about
IS oisilooki at home. , .• ._
_. , '
-- Jltr.kielem - Pattereen Mettned e-des "Ifs of
JEd.noea.i 'eider, of Elisabeth; ham known
~, Ethabethiternt tan lean; have been well
acqualated with her Anting that titer she
visited my bouts laseol mud; she was 4liere
: don; a mouth. Se conobersood the testi
; mend Massif*, Edema.
' ..
Esther Beettys ...Maned: _A brother two
yeanolderibanmyealf ma living at home
• buttes sepleg,Edsebetb, rePei and mother;
-: Da regand, tojintsaboth's 'conduat _after the
trouble came ell bdii I she Wined much the
maid the motherl-ham Mown. Elisabeth
to .trash dishes: der a second UM; km
• knows her to 'Wpm* apron up and than sew '
~- It together; sometimes ' litliliata4l_ pray God 1
in ielleveku of her trouble. . . I
~ Ilse 'testiineny - far the defense Val t han
.:Toni: - .:Toni: - g p
.' liir: Mar said *ii willing hei ll ing .to
submit, it to the of the Ccort. Air.
Kititpatriakmbi ifi is defense had nothing
to sag, he had alight:gee say. ,
The Cobiliben read theitsd;the deed. I
Mow .of sazder and ozplateed how the law
of Ibis Wits didledikomicideinto Moved's.
' ie-th4osse the Kens wat,.4 the opinion of
the coed, either Miteriter la the drat degree I
dmo-ctrimestolki TM testimony was mu
that the life ofJolut McCormick was taken
. ' bi ud - the - deretAsatv th at be was killed. by e
•iasci4 Mot from a•plotel In the hand of ,
leabetb, 3tutty. The circumstance of the
shootkga U detailedbythe iltnesoes in the!, tlloseawrotionythiat oat& the °mint Imbed
' ''• ea thipartettlooddeaseothowe ea-Wootton
..'' to Mlll.l:Titlittl bilge *videos in WOW. on
vidarAldiatia7:tat : lay Vat, lands; which
ther - dourt .remiliett, that indiums 'that
' de, intended maritbedily- Bum. The _law
. presumes theti iced Mt use of the : . deadly
respoCalw latudad .to kW; and,. that
..- IPTeszzargols ilioldiMeniiinetass the evidence
' MO* cowilf:Oriciattosathfy the „fury' it
*dad am liteetlenMilarslut to dognat
kdilylmid. The defend tetamp.s.*aria a
. ;
mouth 411pa8lilinr- the :patio( defendant to
commis se*Wld, deliberate sta - premedltatell
sterdes-•Met as the; Alfellentdok got
shot h ed defendant vas lasatom the ulbat
: !ifbit 'spill44W or imegirs Iterould'
buy thie saminffedbi her mind, whither:Mr
wroag.waa MitivlAngleiry. - The question,
: with the jell. wattiellid . from the addezier
the - ern:tea listalid. _Tit, 'opinion of the
lad' Ohisfleuitte .r r Cillmai:on insenitio " 11
ewe teitidepolat or law, raa rail io glary
as of the charge. The Coutintimated
: • that the eardist eh,...he Ottar guilty of
atuderlaTsiii, iriattal,lan
. aagauvahaU *tut thelart: - _
- Varian Ouratsikial.awa at** Otatt ea -
Came nook ands/14 TM eel**. .
: - ,20arCtiattstuttillibt at 73; ealoot. - The
• : Polagrarlitrid vartertd Vie- following rat
elate “N0t_0091,211/11wred of thstsAT
. . at the , Alai taraavasiador aadigat le the fi
: Mr atittorraltd." .. g . ,
*t r.
- - -111110dvaliartuid dot Wm dude t h en
Aft ' 01.1brOttosaile.disaharded, aa
she slpip sada:elm uotbat'araf:j
- At - -; , ' • Abe d! Own, proclamation vu
~ 4 *TO 91-2 111 . 1 :0 4 AN .
. - 4 - ... -_::_.i.i.....-.... . -.-.... .
=2:al Balk . 3111441.^ 1 -
: 6 . 2 . 2 0 6 g ZIP ci bus In4l-0 11 41 16 7 4 '
on tluaitialt7stanoin;dllayhavy, on Wadass•
day sitiiiosi4'eatutan the itlieshul 0 1
andthWiloistonia CIO of, this altyillatti,
iisattiajtor &kat two
liallitwtdatOidbatilboystatanod ananyti
of trodraiintad notwityto win ihs.antah
atlas an inttotailog - eigatalit,.The inn Is as
ANAILAI MU; dui .; ,7.llersul• Lost.
R013113333330,313333.:4.: 3
MS 21103i33 ".• • ' 1
J. J. Mooto.adloher .3
/0112 -
J. , ' 3 •
Joseph . bass. - 6 -
17•BA.:Ufaairkt... • 1
Jame 1117n10r, 4
-• • .
- 37 -
X Gl* 0101164:1 4113.9•;' #sitit,Loa.
-S. E. Bala 33 hass.:,3: 1
ItoOliitsWo Watts '
6:.-101hVi I. 8.4 CT.=
B. 1746n06 ib t 0 .
T. S.—
C • &NO**
• AtraittirillialriV Pillion, 4114'46
Loalletolly P "Pi ea* *NW' Amu
Issas - Vateas, at ,IstarnolUsal- liaattoa
4ppartold4 Arad
7;75 77, r ; -- - - •
: ',C ; r,6 1 1 : 4 : fj 41V11,6;
t x"
". • -
OpeN~s Of•UII~An Uead lßlteT.
The haft, knoweas Wilkins' Hall, on
, ,
Fourth' streer,kear ,
Smithfield, was Lamarly ,
opened lust evening as the headquarters of
the 'Union Club. It has recently ken fitted
up for campaign purpores,andmill hereafter
la applied with newrpapen, campaign docu
ments, eta, and will at all timet be open for
the accommodation of the publio.
The ball was well Cud, and an excellent
Braes Bend. under the direction of Mr. Ar
bogast, was in attendance.
4 WM. U. Hirsh. Esq, called the meeting to
arder ' and on his motioa, Geo. J. K. Meer-.
bead was called to preside. On tattne the
Chaireits. Moorhead made a few remarks in
which he stated he came to listen to addresses
from Goy. Morton' and other distinguished
iquiakezt and not to the expectation of speak
ing lizself. •He spoke In the most mover.
aging 'manure of the prima of that:Wm
candidates throughout the State Ind es pi dilly
in - Allegheny county. The bluffing and bug
ging of the Copperhead Indus had dis
couraged a few of the more timid of Our
party, but there ware not the slightest
'grenade fordespondeney. Thesamehregglog
aid bluffiss was - done kat year, but the
efectloscr a lultad in an overwhelming defeat
of the, Copperheads. The same would bo the
result at the end of this campaign.
The General thmedesli some heavy blown
at Wood ward aad L Webs, pertieularly in es -
gard to their notorious decision which die
frarichised every, Collier in the field. He eon
eludedby mouth% Gat the Hall was formal
ly opined, and extended a cordial invitation
to every loyal man to meet there and work
earnestly for the insist, of Gut GAM. •
Thos. M. Manta% Eve.. being observed In
the audience was totally called for, and made
short bet fitting speech. He Matra s . spicy
Ineldeat at, a total charade; which treated a
great deal of merriment, In which one of our
prominent Copperheads figured as the hero,
and which created considerable merriment..
Ho then entered upon a more serious Clme
situ of Tastiest' 'now hafors the people,
and oontinned to speak until the arrival of
judge ifvfley, when observing that gentle-,
men enter the ball, he announced that he
wield ant sheet his remarks and give way to
that distinguished stranger. '
;edge Kelly was then iatrodused : fie said
in Philadelphia we will roll,up a larger ma
jority forCartlAand the C4tatitation than Al
legheny, unless Allegheny's:lra six thencand
mefority. In Philadelphia the people value
thitsonstittitleit aid-the country more thank.
party. The only way to 'genes lature blocs- ,
lags, and to vindicate the: memory of one
father; wee to stand by the administration—
and the only. way to do that, was to sleet tife
Stater end county tie/tete. The 'men of Alle
gheny, by stretching their tickets. to gratify
pastas& rimier, might betray their aorta
try...Why not glees majority like that gives
to Abraham Lincoln ? How can into expected
that Abraham Lineola can carry on the af
fairs of a country Rho this—whose people have
been trained to pem—without making a mit.
tab; and more than that, please the jedge.
meat of every one of you. Look at Maryland
and Missouri loyal I—electing administration
candidates. Look at Kentucky. There they
have oleo ed their candidates by 50.000 to
17,000 Copperheads—ench men who are in
favor of Woodward and Vallandlgham. You
have elected Abe, why cannot you sustain
him ? Work as hard now as yod did to se
cute his election? Now old Abe has does
muck but he has done it slowly. Caution is
speed when danger te In the way. Ile moves
that klg foot of his vary slowly, but when he
getelt down, he never moves ix backward.
M. „A. Woodward, Efq , was then intro
duced. He ssid that the Han had born open
ed for the benefit of all—for the instruotion
of all, bo they for er againet um. He be •
lined that the loyal men of Pennlyiventa
will, in this aisle, save Pinnsykrania to the
Unbce and says the cense of the Utdon,, and
'wales to that Governor who had so much.
_ • .
honored th• State, who had dons so mach in
the Union saute. He may have faulty, but
between. Cavan--4 loyal man—end Bee. ST.
Woodward. standing upon platform fashion
ed after that ofaVailandighatr—there °ln be
bat little shots. Whatever atanda it the way
of the life of the nation—he it slavery In the
Beath. or copperbeadient ln the Borth—it ,
most go down. In the heart of every man
then, can be no tivestion between him and
tali Union.
CoL Ormsby, of the lath Regiment of Iv •
diens Volunteers was then introaneed. Re
odd U we are going to OW Andy °artist, we
might as well elect him with s big rosjortty.
Bash sn elootion would be most welerme to
to soldiers. Only out such a vote that will
°Wertheim these infernal oopperheadt—that's
all he asked.
W.O. Moreland, raq was newt introduced,
and made a few appropriate remarks, which
were well received.
Gin. Moorhead then arose and_ congratu
lated the andienee upon the opening of the
Union (Cab Rail. Re was else glad to have
{ three good newel° annonnef. The telegraph
brings the glorious news, that Chattanooga is
Out. LTnis waanstolvedirith hind applause.)
Bateman' hat takes pcosession, and our 031-
ors swam, tying ovailtuit Micro
dicers were then_ given , with I will, for Rose
anne I -
After the innonnownaut that there would be
a Convention ea Thursday afternoon; st
Eesanort, and meetings at Birmingham and
in the Rail in the evening, the meeting ad
Another Habeas Corpus from Judge
jamas Cavanagh, a young man who'anlisti•
id sea nabsUinto for John Wasson, of Wash,.
Ington county, under the first draft, and who
imbsequently deserted frost Capt. J. B. liars
company, Was arrested in this city pcsterday,
and tuned our •to Capt. Poeta, who under
a recent oder , directing that desarters from
the /trains under the diet draft ehould be
Wad by . a Commissiozi, gave him into the
enstody of Captain. Wright, Provost Marshal
d the Department: Mr. Bailey; vho alai=
the young man as an indentared apprentice,
appliod to Jags liostritithtough his coun
sel, for a writ of - habeas coque, with view
of having him disalierpl. The , writ was
granted, and mad* ratarnablit on:Saturday
nest -Distriet Attotary.Carnahan bee not
Jet riWnad from Washington, he
want to lay before the Elsorstary of War, the
late opinion' of the Chief ;notice of the fin.
preme 'Court of the . : State,. relative told'',
power to tilts cognissim of eases of Ibis
character. Should the views at thi Judge he
atarstod by tho znilitarjrisuthoritias, ha will
bonito enbmit."-bal iC approved, tits Protest
Therewill prods°, the Wigs as rrivalred.
There or• soma interesting Pointe Choy to
he rsissdla the presuit eass, which we shall
solidi at the vapor time.
Grecian Balm.
This is a new end delightful snide for
tae toilet, and on noeunt of Its mind prop-
Urdu and Atinfulless it should be the
drawing room of nay lady and gentleman in
Inland. If yon want a gout nave, with
out any, inatahing and hurting, you will nee
the Grecian Balm. If lon want a bath that
will m0 41 _199 7 din clean and—make you'-
ll:0nm - apt* as when young, nano (ha;
elan Balm. If Jan want an• winnable Saadi.
.preparation, nee tha anent, -psi* -if you
want to remora opts n-plinidee. frown,
famoi tine AO
**ant to ninon from : ,the zdelimite akin of
"Inhale in, rongSusela 44a:ignition:hes,
the Britain Balm it ti4i 'Mae _ainded. - :1
Is freo from all hortflit.iiisf
Aunts mu/AO I: 4ll 4. 4 *Briins ll4 rignikt
ctilAult7olll4l.:TOMPliist Bon mid nada
speedily restored to a pearly
satin Suture.: /or ail Toilet on' no anion
can .neel tha•Grinind liiins.". Boy al Dr.
Hymn % N0:14414nd fitreet.- •
Hernia, ox-Ruptuto.
Th. provabnos of t h is oftmont has bioomo
so oownoa that Ds. ezci. 140
Woof strootsluss lam irpoolal attention-to
the intjsot drizfag the plot Sinniq VIM ; 114
has nos onlystatill .the asatomy of hosali;
bit has four whhati ap#llabossiall
04111110.1fint_of - hosaffitad ,
ha avast Istaatsises: Mot t thmough • Sad
1 nalluloassi Rimy nada! lams
approved '80111,111: bo.foosid fa
went, Odds: slasy.othor stsolsaascal:appii•
ads, ,in oak cum osin or damnify:
Aay of ontrascloss who may stand !lined' a!
asysallsls of this wikall'assarod,
to lassoitsgsts&lit
14rettifftris iadteatly vtittoct the olden 'stab- -
ifilltgßOU for . this papaw ptoosiring 'she
boss nods* issproysaisatkso •, colt
ligrarissaimenUthaVosanot hi sezauisd
stiffabeqa;;PdlyaSists la the .-Vnikad
fitator. - Potwar attsallos 'to the corl'Aork.
• J r - :;-
It=t r t: 4 4 ll 4 4l 2lll l3 ,vit ' Zi l at
&tab Ms stud.
. 46 -
espon 116
Oarreadein stil sios f dl to: rotairralr Uto
grist Bu. Con> a atlon Thlshsksl pli s M
NeKeuportio-day.% , Ttus mestiala Orin . tiorti.:'
mmee at teo' o'elook to' , the aftunech, is&
'pedal tnatui' MU be:inn between this city
end ItleKtMpart, a haft /cm .•Tribul
have the forenoon at ,ht and Wotan
o'olook, and In Ose Mermen at hilliest
twelve and 'half , past three. 'The Committal
of Arransfinmats hate pooped 111krelli tor
lb. anommodatlon of_ the pnbllo, :end the
me-thas will &Atlas be one of • the 'mita
and most cambia&veto bald In the touts:,
bigeidad aitol lending) na
eembled at thia popular Voce. of smusement
lot night, to winos the Ito matte; ef Mitt
BUM Denim, is the •boantiftel Varietal of
Juno In the .t litinchbools.!' ti.was_ tt7oud
question the litmet effort that tide popular
tub boa mod* slam her remit engsgtmenst
To-night we are to toroth* thrilling dram
of Blowers of the Forest * with. Kiss Detail
co 4:7ntWA, the Wild Gipsy - Old, is port lii
which we. should enable ken with har
meows power,. her flee figure and brillloat
oonntenonee, adcdrobirattopted.
Iltrible. Dugan. of Maul
charged with noleplebts to defraud
mama the 234 MUNI - was wetted on taw
dey,by "other -Moratil, tit Allegheny, end
entered ball In'thisita of .1 1 0001 - to answer it
burins before Maw Absentia, en the 18tb
but. Wm. H. Ht OU otethtere et Alled4Ni7,
Theis alto impiloated ta the alleged fiend,
Appeared arid entered be Irltbent a variant
havlntbeen seed-, •
A _
Aiiisizo.—A.min anted Blom satotad,
of dogs:tin from tlutlAttla Polutsyhatda ask.
ery. In Jape hit; Tootsrdiy *nested by
ardar of Capt. Kirke, ProvostUarittal of t
33d platios, "ad --byitytkltpitod,ova t+) t
iciomErstnsis ,
tamilj ind stiacthatottlr Tha*l.ift, finibe
tail ICI WO*
A. P. Olovolso, Goma Aged.
No. 18, IfiNkotrool.
Tama Pew, Etta atl.ozaesisatal
Ude, and deacs la Pairshauls and Var.
moat Vat* at the taist. _quality at, ley rata.
O. at Alex: ap t ilta Water
'Nab. Vittstartitb,Ps. siSiga
& Noble Purpose; *pi the Glorious
There are as Meny..roods to fame and for.
tau as there were gateways to wit=
Thebes. Your embitiond.warrier le for ChM
lag his Way with the uhro—you uplrio
politician for marcouvrlng his way by subtler
ty and consummate art; but there is one broad'
grand path to the goal, along which nothint
base can tnveL It is the path set &put for
the march of talent, soup, end noble purl,.
pots, and, theughluit of obstacles, it eonledne
none which a greet -Mum -cannot sunnonnt.
This fact has been exemplidedingrantmentble
instances, but In fetr more , forcibly then in
the career of Doctor : 3411064L if 'London.
For twenty.fivo years he may.besalti to hull
been clinobing. . ~ :
“The deep where Mimed proud tinopixthlneo afsr,'7
-scattering blenshorM at enn4 step. lie ap.
nears to.Wre reached the , summit at Wt.
The staff upOn which he has' leaned In bit
ascent has bean adumfeisg," and by Its ltd
bee not only utilised& amid -wide oeisilii4 I
and a splendid fortune, bet has been enabled
to isudiarise millions of the stet with the
heath:re prepertlei of his -Pills and Ointment,
who would smear othuwisa- bourbon beiW
littad thereby. The 'WWI Ot dyspepsia irt
ebb country, and unfortunately their name ht
legion, have good cause to reicle• that so
wide a publicity hes been Oren to the virtue
of his Pills Mr: ugh the cokmn of the Amu.
lean press; for if we are rightly informed, they
have cared and are now inning more cues of
this diotreseing complaint than all other
Media:nes combined. We her, too, of ewes
of sorefule and other external disorders by
the Ointment, which if they mere not
for Toot
h co b ro e
authorit y, /sre n seem the beet we ati"ad pro
do what no otter advertised medicines ben
ever dote before—futall ad promisee of tie ad- .
Grrau=ca —2l_ Y. .Palica Attars. .
• Cuomo Ov nu Sanaa Stook as Con.—
filmkam, meraltant - Senor, t soiling of
las Spring and Sommer stook of goods at cost.
Thep conatst of all rho - latest Malmo of olotlui,
c..6..imeres and vs:AMIS. of which to Is pre-
pared to make up is the most fashionable
manner, and at oost prin. Th e publlo &add
notmegleat to avail tharaselem of MO ram
chance and awe money by giving him an
oarly nail.
Also I large a 1108120211 of plain and fury
oankneres, well adapted *Amelia, trllloh
he will, tall tip the Platt tar -below cost.
Moth= should aotentoot to call asap.
tax% dia1111: Morettint Tailor,
Vita bd Market strut
Paz Rai& Aso WgiTalt Wske.—the emu
ma Is pet, end by On morgue* frost, we
been to rpprebend, thrit fall and crlntuwlll
be shortly upon tureind we mast proride our
seine alai the material to keep u comfort"-
We. A nloe fall son, or s good and wall-made
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WALIUMMX. Sot. 9th,11.383.
Stoat the Itiolunone Esaatiarr of the 71-ti
instore bun the followiniC4l4 import
-int and glorious taws :
Cliarhaton, B.: ; 0., &pt. Tat--To-day has
'att une d eudasir furious txunbarintent • of
lots Wiper ' , and Gran by Os enemy's
bit and had *Whs. Birk% was begun
Aaglieteand4oi,324loOhntd deadly nn.
ark. A, Monitor ts now Ling &SINK
and niithu assmdt on Buttery
diebll4lll3 Improbable to.ntght.
iesterday no attack has been sada
011 Brink Built Gutter, which has bon had
twenty days atedist,all efforts by the enonWe
rut dusky Land aid ran.,
Bun thousand. Ave hunks& and fifty-one
sholithave been steel at IL tires thousand
tour hawked and mu st
. have utraok Weds,
sod tiotionuad one hundred and thirty to.
aide. The dad has been torn, aim fourteen
times. , Org* statist ezpoeuro having boon
1104 enforeed;ont triesafittio tram few.
Olarinfoni , Rept 0; 0:30; et. 'oa- , -Tnek bom
bardment of tattetisa Wagner and Oran las
bean Inconsat locate W t 41drt74ira home:
The - ache of elikaannoada :18 tremendous.'
A u , night thrreiestr.ladded int Oulages'a
Pant, In bargraiindinialtadtsattory Grou.
The - nrianit partlea!ma
ham sat been tomtit
Ramo Nolen, -Sept. 9.—Tha ateamildp
Daniel Webster haa:arrinsd ham from Oily
Point and roparti.4lmi :Monis Island has
boon oToonotoa b 7 Oki as Oonfede.
pun =MOM' mriarrsint.
Clontinoogn. gipt:4 —The inuonyoraro
all, niskt on ifildon's brida•, bat
*within L samszkobly quiet aeon ttio
door .to-day.. Theis ore no lathe Indies
-dons of advises on the part of Enemas.
TOG Ku orsillo Regulerhos boon removed to
Cllnroload. •
izoosp Durim
.Ciustkoosigo, Brys. s.r.dithough the ea
rotes are thetas* prozislits there are no Ina,
oetkoto of au early sagsgsmint, but a slight
mum my bring it on, honey, it any mo•
ment. Oar Artillery at the Terry opened on
tho snap; at stt o'eqk kids lerning, for the
guiposi disoiStalning ihkStringth and post•
timid therm/my% bitttilieu....„ Plot responded
promptly, safer hsU eu boa o artil•
lay duel wee kept upoirithetit any lOW, to
our side. " . -
Ths dGolpltao and hmltb.of ancytlis issory
Am. Tb. troop/ ate la UM but spirits.
;tithing has beep hod from ems. Dash.
Us's oammsad. -
Ths weather is *lsar mt.l Tat: warm.
Another dispatch:
1110LOINtre SILLS Until ROCK.
Atlanta, I,7:pt. epootal, dispatch i 2 the
,fpni,filonatoide, says that Gin.-Pries
had list engigannat with , the easnay fifteen
miles baby „tails Beck, and obtaincdos vb.
tory overt the Yankees. • Tha Arkansu unsi
had been tapldly reinforced,:
11311 lIACTIVISt OF TEI P:)&015
Gan. Hallook exonzoo *mint Insotbsitp
of the Union forma. Lb gm airs aro craft ,
fag for the onliasstion OA* Slop of Cholas
ton, sad that in arse wanks IteorLU-bsco thus
corps maim Goo. 9.11 U 46 66cmoost Mobile
from Zuzsgools,
Ospt. L ft. Shodsii of ths lit I:l64lsdoisite
I afaatry, Was shot to.diii fot , iikopmaglag
assartioos from his own, compsoy, sod ca
bs:2l4g moos, of substitutss. 110 made. a
.itkortrporoah, saknowk4glng tEs Justice' ef411.,
ssotasoo, and manifesOsa tint tittle mesti
and &rid 'without - a struggle.
ararsistrr cpao'aaa cassasiasto. „
Matt. CA. Adolph, if the swat ,riglintt,
was sastterad and ammo:100i 'Words) for
juivhag beta mosznal la tho ems OgIIIIOOII.
. aouramn wows.
Adasta, Apt T.—A special dispatch to Moo
Confederacy sale that CoL Morrison, or Da.,
repulsed the enemy at Diamond Gan on the
night of the 31 inst.. Oar lon was two
wounded—the enemy' s not known. The
brigade fell beak girth of the ,Tonninsee
liver.. The noun shelled landed on tho 2d
Inst. and Wed tn. warm. The taidge
wan bast to prevent the enemy from re
voles 1111110 IV 1/0131111/40LI11.
x.bovo, N. a, ,Sipi 6 —lns Bon. David
Itulloooprorents!lvo • of the TreartoDo
-4.4".21041. 44 Irate on tie wt. for Wash-
Ingtop. Importiottnrintst of *awning-.
doled , civil Animator: - • •
tho Haiuigt'Alt"dar4 ifd *i t ; pro.:
oesdloip of the poses Inostlop from tilfsront
courier, which feiplorrly: iniozio the anima
of theßnoulard.
' A. prirato letter repaired today front
*lllllCh Untoolit .in ftsistgla, eiv that
thefesibig North 'Carotins was spinet
raaay and ltiolinioad'olidarobl. . .0,•
ai= paste insetisgease,;lia,tricat
the Euternand uoilon of the State,
aid Union.= who had heretofore bean a,.
lent, ars, bspoinios bold and persistent in their
dewandlor #hat ths State desires—
Pessn'Arst asid aeiocistfoa afterwardsi
"P"" * l 4 Gowitorlripos'ilient
thaliate Legislature irld
ihW htote 11 1 ), gnat* 'add
raid goartnne4" . • ' '
•Elarerit'or.VAnits'etriends asy. he will moan
alt thatiorth Caroline ttgopa seems tbit
rebel am. '
The poilthii *suited iy the Raleigh Staid. .
enlist favor of place, mat with general oom
1511 Aims aissebiati, sovkl, caw I d*
the q!idesipr of sirgbilfr. Casa it rams
to miens tariff *a Ws la , the gouthirist.
as*. itioniumor to Ii ?magi ciiiuit.
. . , •
Bea: stated, Ult be geoid
hteemauutd at the Una apedittes. Ills for
mer mice fa that State tot a auther-ot
Pug readuedids apaeigtuat a good ou.
' Elght7 Netting bUlu. - irltli a upttel
tea cod a hoiltatittlaukaii ben Whales&
,Trisozoo utotenosto -or orroolotbik now:
TrAto may Odder. • .
vim u claw.
The Provost ithuhdeepard 'cotillett
Gott Tad; that tha Assistant Pgatest hiat.
etialf of Ohio, has peen odanift ap g . o r ,i,
*di th Ohio tor twelve thosund tea hen ;
died end •
lawkatteanyth rthlthillthemanaf;
Gen. Ben.' DatlirylU thhe -
,sturap In
Pcusaylvenle„th 'a few dip, ter £IOINCIIIII.I2.
• .„•
'sof uth auw os autque;
IgnaUcas ettuof iTisey hariejappeiridin
'the Puma the •Pabuthei
ton, l 94lfiAptitiiisiixii. bits Inderia to hi
1111 4 4 alge:! , lrott;:j "
0 11 #4 1 ri 10DIRYIa•
, TOzi aledtqfi l toita#9 l 4%. 4 8 +:1iiiid
1444i1WiktautitediwItIt,104Vd 80 n
Woman Illalrady rum Intandidi 44414 was
wldolt ate fading. The guns came by the
way ofMtwaa.
1111,01 TANT To 71110ZUS or int.
No prborters of •ar are hereafter to be ea-
WWI without the comsat cf the department
oeiszteader,ratil fell Inquiry into the history
of the arplloaat made•
SIX. 110140114115,
With Andy Johnson, U estibashing civil au
thority in the loyal districts of TSLIMISSO SS
rapidly as postible, laths viers tithe Motion
of flongrisimn to the next Congrces.
flislandbythe Rep Ror ebels!ted Evaen
?OYTatB3• Masao', Sept. d.—The steamer
Daniel Webs* Les arrived frcnt My Point
and teprts'iderrie Mani by the
Beer Yost, Sept. 9.—The transport City
a Baltimore, from Cherßaton Dar on the 6th,
has arrived. She - roporte thy siege of Wag
ner and Seater Tot going on.
The iron elad,and tent batteries were bom
barding Wagner. which had not replied for
savers:ldays. Casaaldoe very few.
Porous 'Mositos, Sept. 9.11,1863 —The
Rlohmond Reowioer of the Bth last , contains
the following :
Cflartestoe, Sept. Ith —Morrie island woe
errisetuated• yesterday. The enemy had ad
vanced their sappers up to the front of Wag
ner, and It being impossible to hell it, 81413.
regard evacuated it, which took place at
noon. Theeenamy holds Cummings' Point,
In fall view of the city. Beery 5.;12.,g is now
going on betweea our Bette:ries on Sullivan's
Islend and Pert Moultrto and the Monitore.
The following leifrem the Dichmend Whit
of Bth insta
Ouestuatos, Sept. 74.—Thobetubardment
was kept up without intermission, all day
yesteidey and far into night.
Abort 15 el one men ware killed and wenn
ded at the,battlei of Wagner and Gregg. Tke
attempt to assault batter; Gregg was repulsed
before the enemy had otmplated their land
ing. Greit havoc ie sappostd to have been
made on the enemy's boats by oar grape and
415IILItiteit. At dark. on Wednesday the =way
having advanced their sappers up to the very
month of Wagner, and it being imioselble to
bold the Island longer. Gin. Deauregard or
dered Its evacuation, which woo executed
tweea 8 r. u. and I a. m., with success. We
spiked the guns of Wagner and Gregg, and
withdrew soirtlestly In forty barges. Only
bun barge oontalniug twelve men was cap
tured. Ail quiet this morning.
8 a. m.—At 6 p. m.. the iron olade and
monitors approached sort Sumter closer then
nintel, and opened a hot ire against IL Oar
batteries on Gulliver's Islar.d,tholuding those
at Port Moultrie, replied heavily. The fir
ing is still going on.
Citarkston ' Egos, 7 —Nom —A dispatoh
from MejerSteptien Elliot, oolontandme et
Pot Sumter, enummeta ask, a flog of trace
demanding the immediate surrender of that
fort has jut bean , received from Admiral
Dahlgren, by Lieut. Brown, of the eteamor
Palmetto State. den. Bleuregerd hes tele
graphed to Major Elliot, to reedy to Dahl
%Tab, that he can hang Port Sumter when he
takes it end holds It, and that In the mean
time, snail demands are purely unbecoming.
Sate of Confiscated Property—Gen.
BoNatrona' Kapott —A Sacessful
Hip edition.
WaailiZaToti CLOT, Sept. 9.h, 1863 —Ufa
interest of seventeen 4:flame pereoni so son
dry policies of ground and improvements,
forfeited and condemned to the United States
under the Confiscation Aot, was sold to. day
under a decree of the Cla. The attendance
of persons was largo. The nevoid Marshal
wee present, end gave nation that the mili
tary authorities had taken poseeasion of
eight of the boat's, and .42 retain them
until they should see proper to surrender the
premises. Col. Lemon expressed hhi regret
that the military authorities bad lotorforal
with the sale, and said the pnr gh nse taut be
gevareed by the act. decor logly, under
this !variation the estates E d fro m ono
quarter to cue filth of their actual value.
Maj. Gen. Itomoreue neon of the opera
otiose to liaddle Tennessee is tedilly pro
mulgated. It embargo the intilimiassiCS
which resulud l in driving the rebels cal of
that portion el the State, Sloth tho cceopation
of Murfreesboro, a point 212 mils, from the
nearest Hat at aupplies. Oar loss was 85
'allied, 462 wounded and 25 • talS3lng. Wo
captured many moil ants, throe field picots,
ate osisions, three limbers, three rifled
siege pieces without carriages, besides arms
destroyed by tho Cavalry, and la Qaarter
master's Cores, eightyqaino teats, eighty
nine Asge, and time thousand Are hundred
tacks of corn and corn meal.
The total number of prisoners taker', was
lifteytnine commissioned °Ems, end one thou
sand non.eommlssioned and privates.
The following report hue bees made by
Gra. Avorifi toGen. Kelly :
II tdonivilie. 7,0 ~ Avy. Ze.—Cesaliint—l
have the h..nor to report the set, retain of my
command to this place, after en expedition
through the counties of Hardy, Pendleton,
Highland, Bath, Greensboro and Pocahon
tas. We drove Gen. Jackson ant of Pocatioa
tall over the Warm Spring Mountain, In a Mo
rbid skirmishes, destroying their saltpetre
works. burnt a camp siert/meat if Pocahon
tas, end captured a large amount of arms,
equipments and stores. We foughi••revice
engagement with' a Sari/for' form midst the
commend of hlsj. Gen. dam Davis and Cal.
Patton, at Rocky Chap, near the White Sul
phur Springs. The battle lasted during two
days. We &Ovalle enemy !ram his first po
, sitioni bat the want of ammunition, and the
arrival, on the second day, of three regiments
to reinficree the cuemy from the direction
whale* the co-operation of Gen. Sao:amen
had been premised, Aladdind me to withdraw
my command.
Oarless in the battle wee probably over 100
.ofieera and min killed and wounded, among
'wheri are Capt. Paul and Baron Von liseulg,
end Dr. Camp was killed while baling en as
male the enemy's right, and Biel. MoNally
of the 21 Pa, and Capt. daring et.the artil
lery, dangerously wounded. I liars tomato
believe- the enemy's lose grratei then cum.
One Parrott gun burst till first day, tad be
ceiling worthless, was abandoned. Great el
. ,
Torte, up to even to.dt , p, have been made by
the combined forma of .Ic.hcldidi end jacaeou
to prevent our retunk.last *lttiout stiess..
We have brought In . coter . 3o prieoneu, ken -
dbare Meier. and timer three Lleuteainfe,
also kluge =caber of tattle madhouse.
Signed,. . . Woo W. A.Vsitins.
FOCI o ushitareet.
Cminiasit. 9.:—The steamer City or Aft On.
kit this momitig for Memphis and Viokr..
burg, hating lon board Gong. libgan and `gar- To atacludit with
kids* ei: roars ti their orommandy 0:10;
iiiiltanTmatury Agent, 'on 11k way to PRRYRCTION.
liamplArLeho hasjan retonst room Noah- 'AIL Tossoaoal— ti r . bits TON.
Wigton. Mom if the ta-opoiing of trade is 15 " 425 T -1, Inr*T7'
soca alpootid.. ' •
Brig , Thu , ?QUM and Strom are ha jprERTIVEJCWW L
en routs for the South.
TIM stnmsr Julian arrived Mot night ,from ark. A AA ....TWO TRW:TM:ND DOL"
Now :Orient, making tar, tan day.: fpW)V4.I. sass innuAL to ,boaxy 'as
Aka brinpdataa tothatd. Tboiory best trwhtit lawny atm?, afr.
An elm. train .11ralkoar City, o n the inrctra des n
giros the following . I virfikliTßD—Wier balk Finneedi:for
Braes Tata , flitiptitit es' A lts Into Zion VY which Os brews! wallet ptios be yak
CUM City Aa Sonday. 'Ali that sia ardor r 4 010.123 &coati
was fad to the troops by order of thn. Dir k des >! sitas vas aosrrss.
Calitagrader was Md" in
gammon, the inak nerrions by one of J ~:a
liiiiianaatootho caught him in a criminal ass
1111Ithla wits. . ' ' ,
I Dmatata also data that tho lobe* cr :bet
fornaln Louisan is not oTor tut thou and,
'tad toattored from Bushier City to Ch
amu and Alazandriiii ullaractarna_cd et; ga3.
Mt_ Mad:mato:a are at:AL:24 .doaa,,
iTiis minims% 'blob ths degootora INA nisei
44 ham surly aildoputmL Tinmom , ngt
manta min open nmathir and aosTia a they
light no lonsi Mr the Tlaufadarof o cons
`is hopeless. ,
. ,
- • .... ,
~ . :,40;410tts -by Toteinrib;
• Israar Ti.o EtPi L—Crettalh ftrr fat 64.'0109 tat:
-Vitidlfair ataatida... 'lncur ii *irithc A ys , " 3 th c id e d
Atbaago; lath grout's-dead; arftb , s , • t o o ~/ 1 ..e..
/ 4 1
taana• dills dull &La dealulagat 4 int% ',ow..
,kiiimitiadt &tea at 604650X0., V sat
.434164 wait
=6 pima yound'pactla maw* 4 ,,d el
itlll6lllfUnt" an& na" lOWA dill dO C: al%
azao lbrapinizataalwatkaa r ilostmo t o I. r .t ms
ya6ick.:‘ anti Ta a tar mama ,: vat -. cird ir old
and 1 "7 itit 6 2 493 for • _aslant: , Eat t steady
it 5a for litalastai riktill!,taht *swan fk kat?
trtQuaat any itottilatt atone 7;c 44-2410 op . f u ",,,,
prime Aga% behtdin: 601 : 0 jitilt taw mat a . 1:1•4W
ige on oz battas tha-.lsttil i t .o t t o w, wo w. awe
for it sus 14 1 ; andlika . araubitotoo 'UM tilt Air
sits Datataboi atyil„,,,f 4t ,„ m a n „,4 " r d,
- Rae= 614066610, ui gd-rttre - Jatliat4* I aim
and tica 4 M. " i " nd fame at 1 0 troXa „i
-41041,_41,41.4, _ r' loon:vet owteikit 4- 4.
... - I.u-N,...'..- I , 4twu. quiet Id Imam 4,. , ,Tti0
zadr. AttlrPowl.oad4 on/ *NUM /11619 1 14 64 !
Gt " l4°lsklarcct- a Wet aatt trlltaati sagt gelgatti.
tta "V it "' s a t skater. PSttv a 0 11430 0 atAT
lOU Q Club ini z , It a (Hamm k em u c on;
0 aaa Wilda I' A l a n crin pi y - 900 ip.aoau
141 V 0 / 0 8 B r .a Elio Bra 1013' ars. tong p Y 0
1 2 Z34 Ono It•
Ira Val lf °l " 1.
Another Threatetaisa laridio*
Sr. Loma, Sept. 10.--A mail tHapitai to
the Dements from Pula, fC ILE MIS, ayes Be.
twain Leavenworth and bare moss uniting
reports are in circulation of another threaten
ad invasion of Kenna. Qnantrell hee of
lezet cue thosurend men user the Seam lb*.
The feeling in Johnston, Z 11112.1, Linn ant
Bourbon col:mite cannot be appreciated by
any one removed from the seat of danger,
his recent r.nobstrocted entry into- Ban
ns. The supposed return of Quantrell has
created an univerral feeling in the hardest
counties. The citizens are organising in •
military companies, end the teems on the
border rigidly patrolled by the dame.—
A ; large number of families will leave these
emir:ties ening something is dote for their
The rendition of the women and children
L most. painfuL
The .border panic meeting to-day will be a
great gathering of rebel haws and Bides!
IltkieD men. Lene, Parrott, Morulight, Sid
ney, Clark, Jennison, Insley, Babcock, Os
born, Shannon, Lowe, Hoyt, Reynolds, Mil
ler, Lawrence,A. 0. Wilder, D. W. Wilder
and other wekuown men are here. Among
all throe there is but ens providing opinion
we moot kill teuthwheclurre cr they will kill
no. They are in favor of petting them out
of the way immediately.
Int erostin4 from lievana. •
Now Yonx, Sept. 9.—The kismet Patap
ewe, from Harems on the ad, arrived to-night.
The news from Vera Oral Is to t)te 18th, and
is of little importance.
The occupation of Tampico by the French
wee effected by en expedition of levee Teasels
with 1,000 infantry and 700 cavalry. Afters
slight remittance the city and fort were ocon
Debiado raised $5,000,070, and With 4iooo
men started vestwartto pnrobue arras -and,
recruit men in California.
Great Allegan is being fortided by General
Artiger. • •
Gonne Dubsis and Sanger, were very ill.
The Branch forees occupied Tuealtmtga on
the 18th after a slight resistance.
Miremon had given in his adhesion to the
new order of thing,.
Another rebellion le reported to hale broken
out in San Domingo, in consequence whereof
Gen,Lnero had been obliged to that himeelf
up with the garrisen in the fort, and aban
doning the city. Troops were imbeequently
see e; which oleered the city and scattered the
rebels with one bayonet charge, in which there
were bat one killed and twelve wounded. The
one killed wee the stmx.ander-in.ehlef of the
whole expedition, who was shot in the head.
It wee reported there can another battle.
The yellow fever wee raging in Havana
Evacuation of Chattanooga by the
Rebels... Oar Troops in Possession.
CINCINNATI, Sept. 9 —Orittanden's division
of Eoesorans' army took poroassion of Qat
tanoogs to day. The enemy evacuated yes
terday, retreating Booth.
Some szeiteinoot was created at Columbar)
this afternoon oeessionad by souls cavalryman
tearing down a Vallandtgham flag.
aIIILIIVIRY iroraczs.
?BOPOST 151101/311hLIS 01111011,
Dismal or PICFIN'L
09 ffoosib Bt., Pittslmrgb, Sept. 9, 1683.
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lowlos lb: a pawns tzeniptsd boa' draft by the
Board of Inrollment In this District, to this dots:
with the ,awns of t@lt t xenarthen
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mb awer, J Gross.
Wm Smist, Baldeia tp. Nrltnesscs, W Limos, P
James Wlahtaina, Bath er, V., Wltaseeca, Km P
Aran. •
Debsle:e o,ntrouber, Baidedu tp. Witness, Julan
La•eber, Woo B. humor.
We Bowden. loiter St (Bobr ep. Wltymme, W
Palmer, 0 Grams..
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Joostban Long,
Geo 'Gillett, twD, 1234 r V., Baldwin township•
dim thdity &OM ilkiiiiitli waited In ths melee.
Alszander Wynn, Loins lit Oleic tp; disability.
Tambour Ana Wino WStty, tolkkedS timier
twenty Wanonow—Ellsnboth ranaliru, H Ana.
John Fiona. Baldwin locratLip; oar thirty-11re
and couri-d Witnesses-0 inattortner, Y 801130111.
21411 p llinshober. Baldwin township; aver thirty.
tiro and raarrlod Mines es—ht II Wwd. 0 nth
Williams, Tetallse town ohlig over forty.
titer Witnesses—T 11lobarda, Ann Blatant , .
Front Hick. Baldwin township; urn thirty Ste
and warded Wang:ass—l Rizatain, A. Weber.
Y U Bott, Baldwin townehip undor tienty Wit.
naves—n Bott, Sophia. rot'.
Adam Hants; Joffolson township; over thirty-110
and married Witnotten—N Gera J Bann.
Jotiorron Lowellyn. Lower Si Olsir toil:Ably:ma
thirty-12,8.mnd anrriod. Widmann-1C .Torrey,
Lnuplen. "
o.4l'sarroar or ICED AID nttntn PAZZETS.
Jacob HCag, Fed .l 1 tp. Witham, F that I
041 T 0031 LUXE TO DITLITAILT DUTY, AND Stmrowe 07
John Ds)le, Levu Pt Clair tp. Wltatoini. D
reran. D
Ts°, T Twin p. Wltnooin, L Priem
9 Boodle.
John W Gotdan.Doldwin tp. Wltncers, W Ham.
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;'..The lieu/ore of the Forest.
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