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    ..y Connreation.
.panty Omenstion met In the
-• ll :7 l tbrelay tatinring et 10 o'clock,
tiralinPuraan el nominating s eandidatefor
• Oa motto* of Dr. BleOstuilett, Wm. B. Neg.
' Hy Beg Preddent of the tut Convention,
wee calls to the &Mr.
Tits Chair announced that the object of the
floireaution Waa to nominate a candidate for
SIMI, the oars having been made vacant
by the death of the late inennbut, Harry .
Woods, arq.
TheHien larks. wen the gala. as those of
the tut CuAition; vie IL W. Mukey, D.
•O' silly Di. Wm: Z. Gilmore and U. Stew.
-.. a E on": the tretariell proceeded to
the roll of the d eleentes to the Dist Con
--yea oe, nearly all of whom ***wand to their
oe se.
De. Methiniliss moved that, in any as
was from width keit cam delegate was prerent,
that delegate be allowed to appolet a eubsti
ed Ilk the esemmyettheablutcolleigue.
'Oe motion; Geo. kinky was appointed an
r•sidditionel , Seeretary, to aeV.ln the.plare of
. John 11. Stuart, who war`before the Omen
Hosier nomination. •
Nombrations were then:made, as
Messrs. John 11. Stewart; Hugh S. Plenriag,
••Jonph Ross, and Henry M. Lewis.
- The nominations being declared closed, a
delegate withdraw, the name of Joseph Bess.
Kr. B. P. Nevin moved that a conunittee
of three be appointed by the . Chair to draft
L'lneolutions. 'Agreed to.
_: The Chair appointed, ae •.Committee on
Resointions, Messrs. P.Nevin, A. M.
Ortiwillind Teti MoDentl .
", M r . Nevin moved that , In CM/ of the ab.
seam of any one delegate, the delegate present
be permitted to vote for hit eel:league. Car
The Convention then proceeded to vote by
Mating, and the result of the balloting was
as follows:
7 John B. Stewed ..—.... ... . ..... 57
Hugh S. Pluming
Henry U. Lewis »..«. ...»..«
There being no c hoice, ..
oice, • second ballot was
ordered sad resulted as fellows :
Oa proceadieg to a thaTtallot,th; name of
Afr. Fleming was withdraw*.
The result of the third ballet war et fohiow,
Jelin Stewart, having ress.ved a major
ity of all the votes oast. was dely declared to
be the nominee of the. Coneeneion.
On motion of eir.S. P. Ban, the nomination
of Mr. Eiteriart wee made turanimone, amid,
load chum and applause.
Mr. Stewart wee loadly called for, and Gal
`being introdumed by the President, retuned
his thanks in 'nest speech.
Mr. Navin, Chairman of the Coinmittee on
Breolatione. submitted the following, as the
Unanimous report of the Committee:
Braolord, That we heartily approve of tho
resolutions adopted in the State Convention
of August 6th, especially es they embody the
&Waterton of an unyielding devotion to the
National triton, and the ulquaillied pledge
if en earnest end °nib:isle:tic support of
• the principles and policy adopted by the Ad
minietretion for its maintenance and preser
. Iteoloed, That we revive the President's
Proclamation of January, /883, ensincis-
Hee of the policy, u far as its bearing In the
• Most vital home of the timtris concerned, end
that simple justice, (if no mon exalted con
eliantion) to the ran who have proved their
claim, so herolially, to a common manhood
with their !Ellen', in the storming of Port
Hudson and the assault at Port Wagner, de
mands that Ito decree be obviate, irrevocable
end Rood.
Itunlard, That we cordially endorse the
nommetioae made by the State Convention;
end that to Andrew O. Curtin, who, by one
term of tried and approved servin to the Butte,
has made evident his peculiar fitness for
"nether, and to the Hon. Daniel Agnew, the
distingulahed jurist and loyal oltisan, as our ,
sendldate for Governor and Supreme Judge,
we pledge our undivided and cordial support.
The report was unanimously adopted.
Mr. lease,. Courtin offered the following:
Whims, The loyal man of /Kentucky
have recently elected a loyal Governor by
over 60.000 majority; end, ifirreat, Vesmont,
on the let day of September, elected the en
tire Union ticket, inelediug ihe Governor, all
the minters of Congress, all the State Sue,
tore, and all the numb= of the Hones of Re
prisentatives, excerpt two solitary Copper
kude and, Whereat, Little Demme, on the
let instant, in the city of Wlimiegton, stem
erpall loyal men from Mayor to Constable;
new, therefore, be it -
,gewtoed, That the loyal men of Peanut-
Tanis send greeting to their friends in BM.
tuoky, Vermont and Delaware, and promise
them that we will keen the old Keystone
State in the line of the Union In the :remitter
election, and we will laud by our loyal
broth= in other States In the great work of
orbiting the slaveholden' rebellion.
7 Dvo/vd, That we must sot be outdone by
the Union men of soy clays 8 / 1 110,11114 we ack
all the loyal men of POUNJITILIIIS to elect
Goeernor Curtin by a Majority equal to that
given by the loyal men of Kenttcky.
The resolutions were ratanimoualyedepted.
Mr. John fdoDonul offered the following,
WA:oh was adopted:
Besolotd, That Allegheny i manly, " the
darkest, bleakest, most abollUonised,
headed, ataxy-heeded' county in the Slate,'
(Inlite classic Movie* of the Chaliman of
the recent DIMOOIIIIO Colman tlonjwill give a
majority of the old.falltioned stamp for Cur
tin; Agnew,• and the Union Hetet, at the en
suing election—is majority whisk will es6n-
Ish n the mouthpiece of the 'moaned Democ
racy, and give aid and enceeragenreat te the
Weeds of Liberty thretnhone the Celan.
Mt. Jas. Kelly, of wunins, offered the fol.
leelog resolationer
Revolved, That the proper authotitlea of
the'iltate be, and they are hereby earnestly
requested te suite immediate preparation to
have the vote of our soldiers in the armies of
the Masten° duly taken and returned mord
ing to law st the approaching genmal *lea
.ficsolvtd, That
• a :ropy of the foregoleg
resetution, properly autheatitated by the
odious of this , Convention, be tranemitted to
the Governer of this Commonwealth.
TIM evolutions wen adopted.
Mr. Jno. f. Drat% of titian, offered the
Boolvett, - TOst the_mopleyreent Of , persons
In the Government service, whose sympathies.
are With the - rebellion. and •whose words are
entregeouiyalmeive of lillklagally :reunite
tad outtorities of the nation ' Is so fl agrant •
wrong against loyalty and ' the Instincts of
Di= people, as to call for tbsetaraut condom
nation. -
jf.mitred, That the melon of the command.%
kg alert of the Allegheny Arsenal, in re
storing to their places employees, who, while
drawing Vie pay of the Geyer...moat, were
oontinuallyiebnelve of its actions for quelling
the ribellimand eihrunelenly credited at one
nalefidfaines;:ii-Shasin by unimemehable
Mricessiden, sow lathe hands of,- the oft.;
*Wig is intmettakbe mange.
Thak Mat wlca.L.OpenlY avow their *Sett
Whettearandleb are Melted; who hue do
alaand the - atilt of the cdpelsed rebel
lion, beef devestetbsg_therland—Jeffenon De
al B - 414 11 good • man as, our viteellent Chief_
etthe,Unitel A Sisnsho n d f mainhr
vote r,,lf smith:Med to that °Slue, attar the re.
bNlion Is overt who Justify the ausublatioo
of CoL•Blisworth, and land bye assassin ; whO
declare that the rebel cavalry wilds Inte - Penzo..
are as jnalliliblO ac the a levasion
of the south by the Lincoln fefeei," sad whp
outrage the sense of damn, by their hiatint
treason, should not be employed in WIWI
Stater Arsenal, and the smployment such
mums nasal* disgrace oa %hoarier of the
Gesetved, That ollt4rmermve, tyke:
discoid tam ossbnathisqn were tan
diesehud, /rev ifs. ;4044111111,Aftif/141, be sad
they are hereby requatmi ,, tia".aubmit there
gelfdllkl9/$ CO the hoeonttle Eietikerayef WIZ
• Meals, 111 the sense of the Cribs waif Al.
leerier tletility—tegatler . with the Luca in
eleurer,ln tledrposiesdeirmendliqinsthita
telittlaWf intd the crolidact MU. ellberdlslaiell
is thlreallttie Mika , any eh: ,
giant , betirea 10,91' sad illatusi, gota,
sake if Is am of,Ph7 lll 7r ;PIS such
Aforimee for omplopunt h its pili4
The resolutions were tmealsoonsly.adseist
The Collocation than adjourns tier die, at
half-past twelve o'clock.
The right at , !Lady Gap.mithatos
" • Cavaliy.
The following extract 1 from • letter re
ceived by Col. Blakely, of Ude city, dated
Beverly, Randolph county, Wed Virginia,
Aug. 8181863 :
..alir Gantt&
Can. Aware Brigade has s led Warned to
this pla itionce, fatiraisedgued and nearly Warn out. His
ezisd through the comsties of
ilarly, Pendleton, Hyland, Green Briar, and
Pooahontas: lie destroyed.. the Saltpeter
works in Pendleton. (which andel the Con-
Wank in that eababla mataziaGand drove
Gen. Bill Jackson out of Pocahontas, and
pursued him to White Sulphur Spriap. Thls
is the second time Goa. draill has driven
this man Gen. Jackson, against double his
(Armin'.) numbers. ,At Rocky Gap he en
countorod the combined forces of Met Gm.
Ibies, and had a sersreengegement, In 'bleb
he lost over one hundred man in killed and
wounded, Including siveral oilcan. lie
brought In moral leading oilcar . who had
convened for the purpose of •holding a Court
Martial, aad destroyed a large amount of
stone camp equipage, he, •
The Stanton cavalry Oceania the right of
the brigade, and has an Jrteraly. Col.
Schoonmaker, elan _sad num, stood- op to
the work as usual,and bare won new laurels.
I win send you a list of the killed, wounded
and Mining of our regiment. Capt. Baron
Von Emig, h. G. on the Geterars staff,
woe killed while bravely leading a Aare on
the enemy's right. Capt. Ewing, of Slanes
battery, and Major Welly. 2i Va., were
dangerously wounded. flea. lanai wand
through portions of Virginia that btu never
loan occupied by the Union army. The
ple web =oh alarmed all along our route,
and concentrated their forces to meet as
all points._We have lost moms et our bes 4
oh and en.
Caught at Last-.lmportant Arrest.
Abrsander, McGregor, of Bedford,sipdast
whom a tuts bill ler peeing was found, as
far hick ss the special session of IL B. Coast
la this city, at July Term, 1851, was arrested
on Tuesday afternooa, the lit met., at Bed
ford Springs, by U. 9. Deputy Marshal Ber
nard Dougherty, and brought here, and lodged
is the county: Jsil this morning, to await his
The perjury consisted to Ms swearing that
he was worth some $7,000, to order to go bail
for *3,0:0 for Joseph Shoemaker, one of the
Johnstown cennterfeiters, who was subse
quently convicted, sentenced to the penitezt
tarp for Ave years, and pardoned. McGregor
then swore that he had two farms—:one in
Somerset and another in Bedford smutty—
when in fact he did not own afoot of lend in
either county. He will doubtless now nicely.
Ms deserts.
Too nitteh credit einnet be given to °Biter
Dougherty for tho perseverance and 'kW he
has castellated in this arrest. Be followed
Min to New York, Philedielphia, and diners,
other plume, gad tut brought him up with .
short Jerk at Bedford Springs. McGregor bee
beaten and fooled some two or three inhered,
smm who have been after him, but °Moor D.
proved too sharp for bite at last. ' -
A Lady Dies While being Serenaded.
A ensiles on of death occurred at Altoo
na, on Saturday morning last, at two o'clock.
Mn. Dr. J. M. Gemmilt, (formerly Mrs. Dr.
C. J. Harris,) had retired at eleven o'clock
the previous evening, in her usual health and
in floe spirits. About twelve o'clock a brass
band called to serenade the doctor, and about
the tame time he was called away to MI a pa
tient. After the doctor left, Mrs. G. arose
and called her niece into the room to hear the
music, and then sat down at the window.
When the band had Stashed playing, her niece
turned to speak to her and observed some
thins' unusual in her appearance. Mrs. 0:
left kez 'seat at the window and titrew henalf
apart the bed. lior niece approached her
and silted her:whether she was suffering, and
she replied "very severely." A museum
was once dispatched for the donut ' who was
soon at,hhr side, but he found her insensible
and shaexpired in-a few minutes. Her death
was canoed by apoplexy.
Tan Loanoi Quest:l2LT Rainsw,roa JOLT,
1363.—Mr. W. A. Glidentenoy, 45 Fifth sjoet.,
has just received from the American publish
ere, Messrs. L. Scott & Co., New Toth. the
July number of the Loudon Quarterly, which
contains an elaborate and inetruettee anima
on the "Resources and Suture of Austria,"
on appreciative and pleasantly-written article
on "Washington Irving." The rarcuilnlng
articles, some of them hardly bileriorin intaj
est or value to the above-mentioned, are:
Natural History of the Bible Gimlet Theo
ries; Our Colonial System Modern Spirltu-
Mlsm; Sacred Trees and Flowers; Reba di
Roma; The Nile—Spoke and Grant.
A SIIGULAS Call.—Mary .921 Somers, a
glrl aged twenty-two, whose'parents mide
In Pottsville, fell in a fit on Monday Last, at
Harrisburg. She was conveyed to the office
of Alderman 41Ine, and was tam seized by
a suooesslon oft paroxysms, to the number of
*whips fifty. Mary Ann was married on
Saturday evening but, to a soldier named
Davis,' who L from Stark county, Ohio.- On
Thursday evening previout to her wedding
she had been found at ono of the street cross
ings, and underwent a miss of paroxysms- i
Orrasoncoub:—The Harrisburg Telegraph
states that there are of/tomb that city, be.
longing to tke Union army, who are on the
most Intimate terms with certain rebel oaten
belonging to one of the tic s pitals. They walk
the streets together, eat together, and get
thinktovither,lt.seems that thus Union (f)
soldiers obtained passes for the rebels to en
able them to get out of the hospital, and that
they buy whiskey and dinners 101. them. The
shoulder straps should be torn from all ouch
"Union" soldiers.
following Le the ticket notelented by the
Demoorsey" yesterday : JaJge of Diatetot
Coact--John' H.• Daley. Asomehly—Jame,
Bonny, Charles P. Whlston Dr. A. Aga
Qaelde, John Bin, Wm. Whighsen. S Aimee a. Blinkankre. Reco rder-IN wird P.
Noma. Reststen—Jemei Bellamy. Pink
otilm - oontts-0, Bledloburg. Telemeter—,
:emu Dili. County Oimunlisloner—Jacob
Keil. Meador of the Poor—W. EL Wight
Houma Mtraosa.,—We learn trout the
Zertesolue (Ohlo).Co=icr, of Tuesday, that a
most bandit's murder was committed user
Bossvills, la Mashing= county, on Sour
day. Jacob Ziougtimem. au old haoholor of
great wadtb, war Um/tired at Ms, own door
sod robbed of several hundred dollars to
mer, Widob be had ooricsakef in the house.
The munieuni aro intllatloririe Baughman
was a gide t bodes dos tuition. ,
-Hogs sr ant 91.--4ixiiisasz evenin g last,
Mr. Suaßel Beason, .rnp_atker, of Alta
flesh WAS .gamer - tired, )1 7 *ideal', at
Jones' ferry landing. ec-irsa altuated
that he could not: got oat of the way. of a
drays of cattle, and theft' crowding together
firm one ol thotalwals inrush 6 pOsitton that
ita Urn ststrek him - upon the temple; eatding
a Tory serious wound. liLa Jiro Is not coral
end in danger.
AcWm. Dra azoirroe•On the Stet ult., while a son of
Mr. m, of Grantsburg, was oat gun
nth& he mat with quite I pastel stooldent.
Be wain the not of amine a tame, and wee
drawing Vat gun a ft er him, , when huh
taught tho trigger and the sunhats of the bar
rel. toting" of shot, werolodged In 64 head,
infliotlag a orlon! wound. ,
Knzarr—Woo. Spencer a member of the
Provost Eked at Orsenienr& ern killed, at
Pennstwit, ors ittenday night last, by tint 01111
"pimping ova his body. U. was getting : o8 ; the thin whilst ft ins in - Motion, still' Ms •
fool getting fast in step;thren him 'na
da the wheels,tliag him almost Initaady.
• ' "
"Simms itatrasz I pa, Tam Irvartivia of
qaa 8020111. n .jrithr 001 . 1,1tory forma
of Beadle'ililmilfovels. It Is billiiraid B.
BM; author of .f Otdomoo';'-' uttoth Joosa,"
'Pions." oto—loraala by John P.-Ifont, Na 7 .
aosag no, PIM arrest: '
The pinata draft "11l tendloo,ooo men into
the field besides 20,000 &marina.
Secretary- Stanton; has romdred 'Ouster
Master esnorai Kelso s aid Sen. al arm
of .Ordnanos; also,. enizeon Himont 'Ham
mond and Baryon Cipms. - '
• _._ ,_•
Warrants for the papa:ell of all troops In
Warts o f LUNA. Dolmas Poorrosp.— th iL e s id 'mi a i iinh d from the Tnimio, to•
The Mx oases of NA.
omas *blab tars to mottos (Zhlneho). :
bIITSOODIO bolero Jake Laszlo this morning, ------...- ,
licatPonsd Ull _Friday moraine. atoll:he AL U. inaPb tat_
_,, at Nassau—Expected
cisedock,, on accannt of Um Indisposition of 111 1 -... -*
_tia/con thud.
D. roster, Eq.
NI! tatto Itapt 11-... The Mobilo dipister
: Oats, that Mounds? 11. Stephens m al
Tan Raw. You liscrnianto'flates.—Tba game.
Sliabitt rof lit* watt of gat bNCdfaUT. U• A linsdulpilTpiiiix says that mad
/MMUS. 24110 0 1 0 . 4 60 itialthit likl4 Per" tad ill eiratell aloon,As Ithstsolnpf NZ*
'traits, Ylairs.Ol4o-leX c ada t la tarsals st J. tairEdlsoidi- sa l thika a m %a wn h
IVEiliaVeliilladdaHMlatiftitatrisl, ' ' ptipsitalp-to
• '''
:. - ' • - ‘... r 'it. .t ~,i -.; ,-
. -
D Ptozarron.—.Thomm J. Hardt.
210 P-hat Wei; beenacumaimieuad Pint Lieu
tenant, Pa e, Mith P. V. Maus Huainan
luta distinguished himself in every battle
alum Slaughter Mountain, &mint 9, 1862,
and ha has most honorably earned hia pro
Gams W. Bora, ESQ., one of tho Melt
sail most esteemed citizens of Harrisburg;
died on Monday last, from as effeetlon of the
heart. He was elzty-awran 'mesa amy end
It's worthy of mark that bodied In the nuns
holstein whieb he mu bean.
Stamm—The result of the late elution
in the borough of lifolCeesport Is as follows t
Burgiss—lebn W. Pastason. Connoll—L
Mathews, Wm. Trlob, B. Younker. Hubert
Ala anti John Stewart. Constable—
/obn T. Wolf.
[lllOlll 01311 11171=10 ILDIEON.]
Gen. Glllmore's Reply to Beare
gard's Protest.
The Rebels Demoralized and Fleeing
Movement on Mobile Boon Expected,
Dinner, in Donor of General fired.
CONTINUED DE:W.II'IION op cossearera
Bpeolal Dispatch to the Pitteboriitt Omits.
PRIZADILPAUs Sept. 3 , 180 4.
oatmeal's! BILiVILIGAZD.
Gen. Dillmore's reply to Bestir egad, when
he remonstrated against the bombardment of
Charleston, elicits - warm commendation. N.
says: "The hot that you were aslant from,
headquarters at the time of the ' rrival of my
demand for surrender, may be Unfortunate for
Charleston, but it is a matter for which I am
clearly not responsible. The inadvertent
omission of my signature doubtleas affords
ground/ for spacial pleading; but it is not the
argument of a commander solleitonionly for
the safety et sleeping children and unarmed
men. Your threats of retaliation are passed
by without comment. The responsibility
rata with thole who hared:lt failed to remove
the non-combatants, or to swath the safety of
the city after having held control of all Its
approaches fernier!, two years lathe prosaic*
of a threat/plug force, and who afterwards re
hired to accept the term. upon which the
bombardment might have been postponed."
At the equator the foreign Consuls, Gen.
Gutzon suspended the bombardment for
twenty-four hours. Meanwhile, there Is
enormous work for the navy to perform.
Ports Moultrie and Johnson must Ant stio•
iamb, sad Gott. Glilmore can there benf very
little usistazios. Moultrie Is the strongest
defensive work, end here he can de nothing.
Cumming Point gained, the 'Swamp Angel,
wtti make short work of Charleston.
It is not yet certain that Sumter Is harm
, less, thodgh Ile symmetry Is knocked into pL
From New Orleans, we have the arrival at
New York of the steamship Morning liter,
with dve days later news. Ethe Magi 720
bales private cotton.
An early movement upon Mobile I, ex
Major Generalllerrort wee to come in her,
but his leave of absence was revoked on the
eve of selling.
General Banks Is establishing a "system of
free labor I:7 as uuderatansling with the
planters. Blum in New Orleans exists no
more than it does in Jamaica or Philadelphia.
The proclamation excepted New Orleans and
*Malty, but these are the facts.
The United States steamer Gertroide,, on her
way from New York. to New Orleans, cap
tured a splendid steamer and valuable, oargo,.
bound from Hanna to Dixie. Volunteer
Liana Cressy commands the Gertrude. He
will thaw 8 20 of the prise money.
At Memphis, on the 28th, a dinner wee
given to Gen. Grant, the people turnthg out
es pis S% with most untoistakableelgos of loy
alty. The tout to Gen. Grant was f'Your
Grant and my Grant having Granted us vie
tortes, Grant or the restoration of the old dig
—Grant use etaapes, so that we may Grant to
our friends theerant to us." The affair mast
be one of the happiest theolisetions of General
Grant of his military career.
The news from Arkansas shows Little Rock
to be within our grasp.
CoL Burbrldge, Just raptured, Is a greater
loss to the rebels than the much vaunted Jeff.
Marmeduke'e 01111510 are driven from
from Brownsville by Gen. Davidson, and
Glom Is in full pursuit. Price's forces were
driven across the Arkansas liver on the sath,
and the math rebel force Is Seeing In a k ites,
of demoralisation.
Warrants for the -payment of the army are
to be Issued to-day. TM. Is authentic, and
the friends of the. soldiers will please take
Con continue to desert in numbers.
Two n egroes in the colored ca mp Will proba
bly be shot next week—one deserted.
W. J. '
Movements of BUtUelde and ItOre.
-orans—Tbe Crossing at Edwards*
New Tose, Sept. 3.—The World has the
following special
zorieproe, Sop. 3.7. The latest . from .
Burtsidee army states that impend deem . .
town and Merton, than to the top . or: th e
Virginia and Tennessee rives, thee milting
off the rebel retreat towards the WestorMle
another folds, 'which had proceeded instead
Of , the Cureleland Gap, would ant - cifthe
above, and thus eaptemLor drive On re
belsl out et the valley. • Genietal Reetcrain
was expected to cross at the lower end of the
valley, thee seising the Tennessee itallMad,
between' NeorrUle and Flame& • -
The WorhF• Washington dbpatoh Nye that
the nbels, 'who erased at Edward's Ferry,
captured a number of tattle, tint were unable,
to get them aver the Pototeso,encl shandened
them in the woods. •
• Contraband, persist le stating thlt Lei is
about making a movement.
Draft in Ohlo.wliamoonis—Payment
of Troop.. ' •
Nan You, Sept. 3.—The !Mune. !Todd
mints, that there win be no duff in Ohio,
The elteallost Essitern
tepartr are disuniting of &flanking tonientent
by Lei, And the extension of rebelestisby dr
monstratione on the Lower Rappahannock.'
There It prospect of an immediate mete
mint of either army.
There is no doubt • large force of rob& are
below Predericksburg, north of the 'tops
White's cavalry still to Loudon coo
sad thelsortbera portlea of Fairfax.
Three, hundred rebel lafuatry we at Snick-
Ws Gap, tolltidy Wonting the consorlyttort.
Aetaall squad of rebel cavalry creased lifl
oard'a Perry yesterday, but did Iltileilocay.
t kr cavalry have to4de 'enrol capture' with
t' few dsp, and are enargetiaally.utuvulag
The re am ported capture of 100 antler' wagons
From Row Orleans.
Nair rose. Sept. 3.—The steamship Morn
ing Star, from New Orleans, August the 27tb,
imbed at ten o'elook. She brings 670 bales
Cl cotton's freight.
A moment was on foot In N. Orleans,
to paint the 36th fleassoltrusons regiment
eltb a Stand of colors for goodlehairier while
posted In the oily. That regiment, has bean
Ordsred to mars duty in the Bald.
portsver m use for St.
Lodi and other up the ri.
Throb:tab= baler of cotton were sold on
Government amount on the 23th, bringing
Am 57 to 523 i amts.
An order has been issued to regulate the
enrollment for recruiting, employing and .ed
=Mien of persons of color.
Thrr Battle of Holly Springs.
Wasunrorros,Sept. 2.—Etej. Eten. Bloat, In
his Mktg report of the bottle of Bony
Springs, Ark., says the Blatt Bantu (color
ed) Bailment particularly disUaguithed
thatouives. They fought like veterans, and
4maerrell their lino unbroken throughout the
engage:mu Their coolness and bravery I
have never seen surpassed. They were in
the hottest of theAght, and opposed to Texan
troops twice their ameba, whom they com
pletely touted. The 20th Tow Regimens,
which fought against them, went tato the
light with 300 man and came out with only
Onus or Tor. P
111111711¢1! DAILY Clutrus
Twoasear, Sept. 3, 18 W. f
The precinct) market Ism been rery quiet to•dey,
and with only a limited demand for the leading aril
dee, prime en without material charm. /r) money
matter then is no now feature to notice. Gold, ac•
cording to our West adrims from New York, was
firm with an upward tendency.
GRAIN & ?LOGS—Wheal is go • st end etcher,*
ed. Guru is decidedly firmer, and Shelled may be
quoted at 780 hoes depot, and 78 from star& Oats,
too, are firmer, with sales on track et 64a560„ and 57
tr,BBo from store. Ws of E cum Rye, la bolt, at 115 c,
ricer Is quiet and us:changed; tale of 125 bbl. good
family at 51,93@6 pet bbl. Bye flour is steady with
amen Like from More at 85.
BACOR—Stioulden bore again ideal:lcel. piling
bold now, at 0/26;14a. Ribbed Side& ars aelling at
ti o lligi7c. Valls Elms arm at 10c; Plain Oancateei
14 and 9 rpr Oared L.‘4133!“
1111iTtiC11 I EGGS—Butler is firm with • salerof
1211tkine packed at Wm 806 of 5 bbls Eggs at lie
per doss—an advance.
HAY—Sbare was but little oflard today, brit the
demand, tee, was 11•10; sale of 8 los& from scan at
from= to $3O pa ton—a decline. We also note •
sale of 80 take of retool qnslity, on track. at /MAO
TO ton.
61115D9-82'e of 80 bus Timothy Seed fr.= Ears at
13 per bash. Flax Beath mulanged at $1,70g1180.
POTATOES—arm with small eau from a ore at
004 to $1 per bush. Elala of 10 bbls Hew Jerzy, Sweet
Potatoes at $0 per bbl.
01111319E—li firm with a very limited supply in
mother; small sales of W It at 10)4811o.
Allegheny Lave Stock Market
Thyestes, Seri 3 1863.
There has been more activity in the market fcr
cattle this week, than far several weeks before, ow-
Ina principaily to the abort supply, which did' not
exceed On hundred bead. The bulk of thous oiler.
Oar were light inferior stock, and rosily good cattle
cculdliare been rold readily as toll prices. There
war • great lack of lOU tle ani 'able for lattichou', and
this necemarily caused wean/ rata stock to sell at
prints that cou d not otherwhis have been obtained.
We noticed salts of the best that were in market at
prime ranging L ytam 4 to 13.0, and (sir malt cattle
at nada. Stock cattle were in demand, and sold
readily at an aivania of Xe per lb over former qoo.
tailonsi small steers weighing 800 lbs said at .2 1 ,X030,
while thaw averaging from 1000 to 1110, sail at 3a.
84. Plough and inferior stock mold much better than
heretofore, ranging from 2to 2Xo. We think that
&kippers would consult their own tat retts if they
would bring good stock to market, an this glade of
cattle command blear prices now, than w
core known at this season of the year,
Thera Is an Improved demand far nose, and an ad.
ranee of at lean *per to over Imam quotations
has been Satan:bed. Ocaumol grades sold a. from
4to 4*, and prime brought from 43. tom The
stook in first bands L l'ght, and the arrivals are lim
=OM b an UV titato7o airtice In the Bleep mar
ket. Ilan is • contluned demand. sod ail that
antra sell at farmer quotation.. Prime heavy &beep
sell at 408X0, while common grades tell slowly at
8 3003 i
Petroleum Market.
Stn. 8.-. There has been . cotieldsrabls exelbbasat
is the oil market today, sad Banned, both far pres
ent and Astute delivery, advanced materiallyt Crude
also was km, and holden generally, are edging an
advance, and In aomo inmancee, It was obtain - 0d; Dome
1007 to 1200 bbls chugged hinds at 2i to 3IX,e, bbl,
returned; and • sale of 3000 bide, fa tank. won
Ported at , fi3c, though we do not youth for its err
rectum, Bulk oil is held st 2Zo, ota the got, and
we were 'attired, that Ibis figure wu offered for It,
to be dittly.radr and refused. 'Mere was coaddarabie
it:quirt for Bellied, In bond, and prices are tending
upward; we note a isle of 300 bbls, on the spot, at
690;1000 bbls for October delivery, safiers' option, at
650; and 1503 tams delivery, and same option at ,660.
Banned, Imo, Is higher and may to quoted at from
61 to Om sale of 225 bbls straw color at sic,
New Torii Petroleum market.
Bipedal Dispatch to the Pittsburgh Gazette.
Nam Team, Sept, 3 . jetzt.
The demand for Crude la Wive and prism have
again edivattoird, ; with sake, on the spot, a: wpm
The &Mend for Banned, in bond, lamoderate, and
Priam are a abide lower; plea at. DOM; on thoePat;
Beptamtre., 13:00330, 6414 option; Octobor, 67Q,
673 k boom' option; cSotellfW option; November,
63, aallata! option, 67P% bait= optloa. TlMbeed,
'tree, to bald it 700. Myths la nominal at 2.5 a O.
Foteign COMM erClai.
Incaroot, Aug. 23, I.
Dmailatets.-111 the Lireipord Devadstutee nudes,
paces saes still declbsing, szcept GNU, Width
Ileum Sinhsedsan, dpenui •03 afeind o l
Oa.. and Wakefield. Nun Co cepa as
tolknra Pkair dad and ostler, with • doentaard risk!
dewy. Wimat,i ted ddalls 7d_, •Datt er.
on... l 3ruce.k.Ce,, yak
others, sepal Beal Met, but steady. ' 'Pain steady.,
azapt that Om Amur qemiltlea sazuswhatleder.
Siam sessie4` Lard firm. Talc, quiet end len.
abspfad. • Jibrodner—the Broken' Cdrettor vapor ,
Aetna quiet bill Mealy. dupe steady, ,Oefee• arm..
Unsaid sillidaelintag. Unsaid od maim at ads.
'Labs beasteadyi Spirits tniTentizak Wm..
Bon% Eugllsh and Brandon myna Patent/ am na. -
War and all qnslitires - eonsiderabl,y hider. mks
_et 2s /kituite gate iteltadle and 412022 to; Onide;
Imam Adana= —Daringe Circular Mart.,
'ltrliest berry and landing downward, with a. decline fordan, and Bali- fee Enatisb, • lon
was dem; ralisofon Esaav pig, &MN. .Bonse
armor and plan NOM bighor. Tea /toady. Oof.
la Ern. Tallow qualm at 124 24544 td Ulm doll
cad Widths &maim& Splrfa tmpeatine as
eitning. kamolsum Orin masati for Crude,
and 2s RI for Oldnid. Open, 011,,notatml.,
lalDor&a Iry Railroad.
strusinwarr:wrmkOuicacfo oat Sept,
ac—D3 Ulm .1L Clortout &co. 219 do, .7 . r lic.
Laagblla .4401 2 ICS ht001..119411'4 09 b 0 i 11 09:
bbl, atm oo;. 10 Info amp, EL Ouralm
lotetazl299, itualitr. itg do , P4ilte WlAb°,l"
Meth, Salts lato. toOtoosald at 90 0. 1 0/ t a,a - 0 ,
W 131171 9091 az cio ao, , Gratiam'a ,Tbom sr, bias
011 PoonotJt, 0-4.11• .34 bble tippled, 100 bbl .
0919 a abtad: 110 hid.,, Bribers Ileraloor a
atm. Qat. J u 8 1 , mri a d i ., c 9,811 Flush 9011 bbl.
nom D 11 It aha.u; 1 car Map 11;14 Zog Feat-
Ozartzsaira i Wirral:radeMinium) Eepi...-
49 Altdd apply .- Potter eau; coda d' 2.
e• Ihrois
SennOn lado do, rlaslas • ei..tiof di do doi - 4 ,
.A four; 22 do do, L Volgt oJi V. do do, aOlui.
Itaberti kige y, Jr.want; AWN". MU,
kit &to; 10 aop6o, Vaagozdar; , 0 bayed*
E o ob. Wthoo, Cur on 110 oh wito.r.'llltek•sok,
101,0 7 eq 27 by potatoes, I drotiori Opals
boy, B joyd; km gooocco, TobO:OrSdr;',.lo Ulf
bblo dd. T r y. l::
L Iraz boob, / L Road: 70
bra soap, Limo Trimblo. . • • '
• . ,
Mammy Ernsiets-40d. whoa. ,1"
. Agdenoa~
29 btb 4 , 0 1 .0,1211111191 100 WA' now triale•o4
•Xion; =Wm 21nr. a rovnisadt„.,
211, 1 6 4...._
dley cariCIITIN 2 ow! 6111900104 •
014 0 Vamilbss; ti May 1.%W.,,ct1f do!
Oraseit, rab3Hmtti 1192•04.1111"*"1-wl,
owe leek; ftsks. peg t ar, 12201.11402Wi0
=or; Step boleti, 0 0 Torg-:10 2:14 Nob% 0
WOK BALIL—A convenient two•story
• LT , het& dwelling home, with bank building, No.
f6-800/troth .IthOutrathit
Alto.* 3segs,OXollll2llnt weldirell-lintellnd three
glary halt dwelling hones. with berth !melding., No.
llßlLOWnirtede blithreett lirsthindllecond 'trestle.
tato, w two-story brisk derellinglwaso, with beck
beil/ding% No 212 Baena sires% war Nom
dirfUnborserei in good order.sod supplied with
,pa and sates.
Abl2; a on. story truth cottagediseelling. No. dill
redbad West * and the two sect 7 Isms dwelling td.
Wang. Both of tbaselunnts rain good order, aztt
imitable for tmeal fonillirs.
Alse o lot of ground on ilia northeustwordly Ode
o Plestedreet, beta/ en 800 end Try street., CCU
Boss stmt. Wring trout oi4ll trot on nest street,
and extending back co feet.
Wee city. shore ti to rimmed in e de..tirade pat
Yoe Wpm of rah and particulars Innoce nt
Wit. W. 2110111.109,
N0.,1113 Male ate: et
All ander ter" and In a good state of emigration.
The taproTementi oordst ofi new BRICE DWZI,
aittidning 10 rooms; lame 1111,1212 11411113
'taws= eausxrth 5 roccos ; mad good arch:an!
of roang trces. COAL coder the mbelo Cann. Eat-
sat& la Behlerte tomohtp &taut an mike Flom the
city. Itgrahro al
adILZY, 16/01.2LL 6 00.,
J. skta...—no stmenbeirkancat to engsra In
ogle tnulniss. of. for Ws their DISTIL/AIM
situated In grospott: Armstrong =mtg. Pa. Tbs
estsblhhaontis to god running condition, excel
Isatlgloaand gthittafilattlilltgly• Whiskey, be.
log In the Els growing !neon of Weds= Pamir
.Tiuna, and enjoys a h'gb esputstke for It, products.
Also s Itllk4ltoolr BBtGS WAREHOUSI, far
unondlne Gawky.
We also afar for ma our OIL nvilltsay, In
good aorktng condltlon.attnated on Bay MU Bm, .
oltiingtha bOrOagb Telnersnoardls.
or touitur putlanLas Inuntro of
tam MILL. & 0 0., 95 Phut Meet.
Tall 01110 ik PA. B. 8., BLAB 001711T8M113
13TATIOIL-4bo andeasigned It otaborit ad to RH
Ito gdoessof land, one of 83i sod one of 9 saes
eitety fronting on the Me 8 P► It.U., being part
of the farm of David Dfokooa, dociaaed.
A plan of the aucts mei be team by c U ng it Lay
oftlz, No. TS lredgibl street, Allegbeily Olty.
=TY NOD BALE.—Tero Lett' 99 feet 4 in,
front by 110 bet deep to in alley. wlll, a lame doable
home, batman Efessoock and Head dent. A fleet.
cable loosikes ava-PhiltJa or Dentist.
Also, ewe* deo Nis for prints redden=
Eflatortfile, boat to 1 eat each.
Alio, a large Comber of hoDdlog lots, of vitriol=
Meek of from Di to 00 teat that by 100 to LSO hest
deep, altsusted at the terudoae of toy Wylie Street
Peem Ai re Ballway.
y the undeollgted, Executors of the estate
of Jo Romel, deed. W. A. 111111.11019,
JOHN D. 1111111108,
11. 9. lINESON.
VOR- . ElALE...ono_Aiperlar mond
ltani OILI6fDIIII DO LYE, SO baler hY
ket long ( all perfect.
Oaa napalm surer BO
feet long, Inch boa. 1LZ33,711 Isobar &match
'ND HYDRAULIC PRIZECIA for Slegased, alth
garage all cozacbta.
Beyond ass and seacrad.hangliTßAßl BROX=
burgle Lath Omuta dawn tb 6 flub twat be era/
lone far caah. ROLR.
fiektf On the Allegheny deer. car. Paint Alb%
50 bble. Roofing Cement.
au17:12 cos. 6th and Wood oboe& rd stay . .
air for sea tbat nut and crobstane
nal 3 story lb 12 Hove, (Fa. tic) arsotei on a 30
fort ka, and attanarg back 100 cat, and *tumid
nearly oppcsica tLa Ya !ruby*: rho Ouch, Penn
street. for pries sal tame ayptE to •
ra3 Et. tIOGAfS d 10
• •
F OR GALE --A large Lot of Ground on
Vihrid fah . lanneda tbs wow of hi swain
wan sii. f ,•l to on Is c t t a ly
lirge minaiwtoring
estab!lshment, 4 frame Tawneola and a °taiga.,
which new routs far laid a rms.. fcr pal and
Was apply tokfo (AM CO.,
Lea 110 Irowth street.
COUNTY HOMES. Beautiful situ
idiom Ibr Country Homes 14 olds, In IL:Qom
township, uhlo townsblf. and . 13endolt4P llorough.
MI duo+ Ws aro within anon dintatoon notions
on lb. Fltudnuer, Toit Wayne a (Wordy Ballva7.
Enquire of it. LC DAV.IS, old 2.0. Holldtog.
109 O 3 Water stmt. Allootany-
VOR, BALE - 500 bbls. Crude Oil in
elk. Itcqulre of R. P. /WAND,
m 67 rerrißloolr, Plttibtrtgh.,Pi.
Int lir BOOKIL
.a.ll/ Lyon on the Antiquity of Wan.
ttchercestronemr of the Bible.
&orate& Won; Wu ant gold.
The Beforseation In the Thee of Calvin, by
D'AolAgtel. I rob.
Baldwedn'• nunttng to &nth Africa.
Ward's Tour anbni the Pyramids.
tnglake's !Maw= War, voL 1.
liactutt'a Hetet and fkunatents on Bhakeprora.
Co:easo en the Pentateuch, yob. 1 and 1.
Wenn on the Book of Bow=
rleheali Lamer to Cleenso.
The Pentateuch Vfndtcattd. by W. H. Green.
At Odle. by the Bzeureete Tantakom
The leery Daq Phllovpher a by the Country
The Gentleman. by Celvert.
Legend. of - Chiruniagne, by Belfinch,
Boluttlee Camel of 1881.1863.
Anneal of edentlfo Dlrtortry, for 1863.
Dickens' Soule anbTalse, Illarthte edttfon.
Long elm end Tampon, Cabinet
For oats by lf.lp A CO. Brt, 65 Wood et.
an3l •
Smith= Prhada. By Hirt.
Mika') of slur Ileflatmanealet tha alma at
RwWle at tato &madam of
BE World.
Ile Moat Lora Waal umbled. Brandow.
Beatea'a Thirty Years la ths & &mate.
Lea Wlearableo. cloth and paper.
file n and tho Worbte Aagola.
IllatoryrThort, Medicine, do.
'Ewe Jai. ' we n, to Iforom street.
14 WRY G. BALE & CO.,
Mamma to Jamu 0. Watt.)
Merchant Tailors,
en now' nceivtai that .
Atd4ted lei a Iltst clan loads, Waal u.. b.o .elect.
olio/VW ma to .aust tho mamba:too ot Mob
'en& b ar lskv ararlat alla
approval it ill ate map &lot tomtit, • calt.
CTIICIIIRS' tau:roue
Inds to order In the beet gonna and on rauwan
Uj bue
.term Haring tubbed • gnu* an d
tor Mad, 'ad gut: Line 00doeur, es will no for Abe
Nary, ani prepared to numb! ordera In this 1100
uftb oursotneer and deepoteb. •
Likewise seeryoboloe seleetkrn 0111Mllillitple
0 . 000 1 3 - "Willi= 4 431 , 12 .
UM. or PUA b 132% 014413 MEM
E:XTERtillitc- r
pointe s. r nuce.mbunahrerrill,
a: easuamoeourrone,NOW lll my,
'animate. aa, Bomb, aU Dragsbte ortrywbsta.
Betaleal italtattexu. Petrialpsl Depot ,
Uo. tri Ihotedirit. '
a. a. runtimes.% int a
unamxtAil Amy* eevaia Pitakbay g a. P•
tUATIII-9 WHIM:IEBkt —The ,".13Ell
wend QUM!, *flay:eV-1i ata 014 ails that .
- vitt simporkat sithatatiou-, It *ma two, - Writ;
meta" and palm*: Joakmormo at onalaavi ane
la nee hi:MO.3OM It arta pay for I t tfa ibs antrg bt
clan... Nor sobPECILTJP,
lava , - • -- 118•14 IN BR Malt
______ street
1 bopum -U/DER VI.NEGAR-gletulto
ws in Soot of Pore Clear Viziono tbr
PAULA= In larpolted by the Wool ip so
ibo Groom kltoro of
coma Llbrottand Boa 4 undo.
•DElrnoss.,+.Boo'D4 eat
sidoznahowibr watts • - ;
..• /name 0 0.•
is 2 ft Water Minot.
0771C3 or Oc ma cerracutes or CUMUITO%
lireshlmitoo City, diumet MC, U 63
, Wurar.ea. By ratf finery evidence presented to
the or•dereloced. lonia bean made toppear that
the YEAST N e.SI,.N et. BallE.Oir PlAbßOßtlfi e
to the Ilmtity at Alleutemy, and etabfild Pentbylva
elm hat teen duly moulted coder and ecandlrg to
the rebetromente of tee ActCr tbugreen, entitled
"AZ Act to prorate a Nattottel Currency, ~toted bt
• &pledge et Wiled atm. mach% and to ponds for
the chtuntlou mod WI copettoe. thereelP approved
blotter! 23th; ItC3- or.d be cooped with all the
moitobus of tall act required to be .emptied with
lobe Cl=tonnel , the boalmote or Dankkg
/dm therefore . Ur= 111cCumenrs, Comptro ll er
of the Currency, inenney MU the WA
molt/ Of Allegheo7, aad &ate of Ponnerhattlbe le
authorised to commence thabbelents of Baukieg ca.
der the act at meld.
In tertlarany crhercul witness say bast:
B.s. I and seal o: oLlos tide 6th day of submit
if 43 ./dO:IILLOCu,
Comptrdler of the Currency.
Ouxu, $400,000, wit.tL.Firdege to increase
The Pliable:4;h Tlll4 Company having organized
order the act to provide a Natiohal Currency, under
the title of toe ruin Nialw2l.llL - BehilL Or
PITIYBOUGH, world reepeothille offer its egret=
for the collection of Bota, Pratte, Bala of
&a receive money on &Poet , and htl7 and
ciniage on all parts of the country. ,
The as which has attended tha Pittstrargh
TreatChanpany lance Its organization' in Mt, will,
we behave, be a witnelent guarantee , that tondnest
=trotted to the hew. °mewing= 'will realm the
same prompt attention.
tto•tvg a very extensive correspiledente wit%
Beats cud Boaters throughont the contain we be •
Item we out offer =natal facilities to those who de
borloraa with us
11a. IZ) Yourtb street
_ _
The budesia will be cosaesteil by its size CID
cue azd Wrecks&
B .Tam.. ter s t Lar s. Ark ,. I lessadar tboer
la ,. y,
P• 11, Alex. Bradley',
Thai Wilittman &mod B.
Wm. H. 211. mack,
]OHS D. EODLLY. Deshler
depot 1813 '
Dols es SAVINGS BANK; No. 61
OnairTZSXD I 8 1105.
Open daily trout 9 to 2 o'clock_ , alto on Wadnasdig
and Saturday eveninga, tram nay lit to S
lit, from I to 9 oNsiocir, sad hum it avast= l im
it to
tint i l.42 from 0 to 0 o'clock,.
ta , •
reosivad of all nuns n u t lea than One
Dona, sada dividend of the prultedaeland aria
par, in Jana and Deounher. Into= has bon dv
eland metniviannally, in Juno end Daernaber s date
the Dank was otganireal. at the rats ot aluper cent.
Interest, if not ha= out, is to he =WI
of this depositor ae priaatpal, boas thous= In.
tar= from the drat daysai June and December, toms
antaria a year without troubling tba &pads
,or sun 101111entt 1111 . psia book. At this
ratei money win double in lam. than Mahe par&
Books, =staining the Charter, By-Lairs: Bola
*di Begniationajtundshed gratis, an applthatioa at
the m
Paraintirs—GlLOßOS MABB.P.E.
John B. Ideßaddan,
John Halmos,
Ala:ander Spear,
Jame. fladtdoy,
Jame Hardman,
Cohan Ats=n
Jobs G. Backchat,
John 0. Blndlay,
George Block.
Alonzo A. Curb;
Marko A. Dolton ,
WMImo Nl:en&
John tuns,
William 8. Hawn,
Pots? H. Hatkar,;
hoar D.
WBLam B.lonaly.
Etaciarair A .
°lbBo erstmra, ore.
NOTIGE.--The undersigned having
the entire tuck loom Gs
um the long .
tabitr= of J. B. trotIUNP. would 101110132106
told, old ccstmneas and tits Walla Mem:mum' to
stantlEd Liberty skeet. (Wel comlido , W.I. B.
intrame,) when'large and templets stook of Bad.
dime and Etboshasksts• babe /hidings, Bides,
ens, tin, can be found. and at lowest rates.
G. 2. /00.221021, No. lad Mat, stmt.
.11. LSD LIATHILIZ Bums:B, I most andislly
commend my summer askmaa of strict Istegrity
sal good buboes gnalitiostionn for some months
to come I will continue to occupy Br. ANDIE.
Ool4llcoruttingoomo, and will take groat plasm'
to Intreduting trim to my butinsm acquatotenour
J • B. 1110471:111111:
• Jab f4th. 1861 lidfam
tali day azaixiated with IA th e Bollb .lf g
batmen A. J. DULL, the style, of the firm to bo
uzzsz, anal" Jo 01XL. the pastruxisltfp toko
affect this day. Tan 011 baslnaaa viii bo aarrled on
by thottoilorstrod u baracdors.
Noy 2.5tb,1883. MEESE .4 OMIT.
34003 ILIIL 11111117 T 91•717. .111D111,17 DM.
R te, GRAFF di DULL,
If a deast of Hem Shea . sad
tide /rya
Having construated our =eke with • elm et
making this kbd of Iron a epordality, raveritedly
rolled& a share of the trade.
car 01E06, ccarter of Smithfield sad Water
—The pirtneiship heretofore Witting wader
the Arm of L 6 WIB , DauSILL 00" Wia dkelf*
el on the lit day of Ansel, 18A3.
JAkilll O. LEIVIP,
A. MoD. BALheaL
Omelet:lg pertnus.
TE UNDERSIGNED, ancoessoro to
the late firm of LILWIB, DALZELL 8 0 0.. will
°minutia the manahletereot Don end, =Mr
the style and firm of L tWI& BAILEY, DaLIIZLL
&00 . and when a continuance of t h e Wrong. so
Iltaslly aztectoo to the hits 81113.
• .7AtLE9• C. LEWIS,
HOMER'S Datzraz,
Cr Warehouse, No. 73 Water artd 1M Slut at.
Pimborah o Ac gut 1, 1861 auffaer
DIti'sOLUTION.—The Co•Parinenbip
exfollnubetweezt the undandgued, infer the
Arm name of SNAP. BUDD I 00. imbed Utb day
by limitation. The Unlace 141 be confirmed by
cassias Alsrer..l27 w hom demand . doe to or
from the late Ilan btu le batted.
. =LM
Fart Pitt Formby. July lit HO,
MI. E. WADS.'Maui
./.." —The bentoSure taking between
OBSCGGand 11. .8.. ABLlgeoloblit Lonna an
lltt, 15 MOM street. under the style of anon at
waznao. daydlstolved
_by mutual oonsenk.
Bee. WaRING neldeg. - 083023 enthosind
to nee the name at t= arm in setting the btalnen
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