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CITY . :4174.1.8a.
Re- 01710ZAZ PAPER 0,1 THE CITY.
!Meeting of Allegheny Cannella.
A reglad` Monthly meeting of Allegheny
dant& was haidtan Thursday evening, Sop
*dm ILL
ikka, present Messrs. Ashworth, D -
HP, 110 PhillS, irnln, Kirkpatrick, Wright,
Min; Patterson, Smith, and President Mar
4, 91 4
minutes of the preceding meetings were
41441 and approved. ._
On motion of Mr. Wright, the President
ens fumed fromfuither attendance, (he hav
ing been notified that he had been onosen to
preside over ea Union sous meeting else
where reported) and Mr. Irwin was Ohosea
Pieddens pro tem.
• Petition from the citizens of Pleat Ward,
relative to railroad bridge our Marshall
strut.' • Berens&
Petition °finites Alroefetnger, for a wilds
of Water. Mud and referred.
Mr. gaol' presented the report of the Polito
Committee, to whom was referred the petition
of eitinna &eking for a repeal of the Ordinance
to prevent loge running at large in the el
tyr The committee stets that the ordinance
wea adopted u a sanitary moue*, and would
nordoubt greatly acanthi* to the health and
comfort of the oltismu, if rigidly enforced at
all.seasons: They therefore reported:adverse
ly to the prayer of the petitioners. -
Hoport ecapted and committee discharged
fed* folder eoadderefolon of the oubjeot.
Sr. ifirkpatriok presented the report of the
Water Catandttee, with a resolution for the
pa /Lent of the following:
:::--pOlohrhoft. Coal and slack, $628.47; J.
_••• U. Knox; on account of work at
111 olne UM'S; R. Moore, hauling MX; J.
Allston. erode oil, $6,60; , Pay Roll, for Au
gist, 1861,79.
Abe, the following resolution '
fife:Dived, That the Committee on Water be
authorised to enter Into a contract to supply
' A.Hoevetts, G. Henan, and °then,: (Lithos
or Referee I township; With water from the
city works, in such terms and conditions as
ialteirjudgmtrat will protect the inUrest of
tho city.
The report was ncespted and resolutions
Mr. Wright submitted the report of the
Street Committee, with the following resole
dons 1
"." Bodged, That the Mayor be authorised to
draW hla warrants in favor of A. Hobson, for
1680,80, to pay Mointyro, McNangher & Co.,
for grading and paving sid•walke in front of
thirblickst House; also, in favor of Forrest
er and Regrew, for $2O, for stone welt covers.
Resoled, That the Committee on Streets
teliuthodeed to receive proposals for the
- 011ie and paving of the sidewalk 00. the '
- east aide of 'Federal street, from Stockton
Amebae to Church mune, serum the South
zeositmoramad charge Appropriation No. 6.
-• •• The Committee also reported in retuned
to:the scouted grading and paying of Ohio
, . lane, from , Pasture Tremont strut—
, - Gut on remonstrance 'signed by all the pio
, petty holden except One; against the grading
and ming of said thoroughfare at this time,
thel"Committes were conftraned toyield and
faiths mitts: over for the present.
..'The Committee, amording to a resolution of
instrutiens, reported an ordinance for the
• grading- and ' paving of Perry! street, from
Chute:it street east to the 'city line.
The. *pert was eduepted, and the resole
. Gene and acoorepanying ordinance adopted.
IL Gormeen (neecie, ; proem, Mena. Bar
. Uri UN, Dttniap,?ninels, Hutchison, Miller,
Pattetion, St: ottan i Tate, Thompson, W.
Smith, and President Brown.
inkling mud and approved.
Mr. Dill presented a petition from True tees
- of the Uinta of A. Morten, deed, &eking per
=triton to .remove a'fraias building on Bea
ver ;nut • to. the adjoining tot on Ralston el
bye Laid• tun.
, • filit; Barker submitted the report of the
Committee on Library. The Committee, ao
, cording to instructions from Councils, took
posiestiort of the. Radorson •• Library, it,693
volumea bored op the books, and , placed
thee in the Mayor's ofilu. The cases were
placed in the cell= under the Tremolo's of ,
The cut of removierihe library VIM
v 57,26, and the Committee reported a mule.
• Monist favor of 8. Balser, Chairman, for that
The report wu areeptal rad resolution
Dunlap presented the report of the
Comillttee on Markets, with the report of the
Witighteuters for the month of August.;
- T 6. reesip Is were:
WlU.Saandrott, Diamond 5u105..........4140,40
Jeltst A., White; Bound WA:dab:ales, 201,63
nn:no r e po rt was soooptedand ordered to bo
DUI presented the report of -the Com
mit* on Printing, with a retain den for tho
payeftent of the following bills W. S. Ha.
tres‘ beets ote,, $24,16; Pittobargh Re.
smbhusetr, newspaper, $3,60.
Report =opted and resobstion adopted.
XT. litatehtson onset the following :
Rato/vgd. That the Committee on Naming
streets and Numbering Nowt, be instmoted
Whin the naming and numbering dons at a
out of not more than $lOO when put up—
Os Aimee of stream and alleys to be on sine
puNeedloman capitals, not lase then two inch
ltte aninbant yet to be put op not to
, 00stentersi .than twenty-Hro cents tad, on
. .
' sineplates..
Ties resoratitin was adopiod. B. C. floa
t moused, and teferrad to the committee, lb
In O. C. laid orelhe table.
fir. Stockton cd,!!!ral the well*
`. Vat OdoPta s• '
Bseotoed, That the Conunitteo ca tias are
hereby instrostod, if lhoy,deem it expedlinkt,
to ramose doges pest in front of the Hint
Wird Sighs Dour, to suds placo ci will not
greeint the taking out of. the apparatus.
Xt. Dunlop Called up the report- of the
.ifeterelo on the opening of lientarry street,
wide& was approved is Select Come% Juno
401, - 18113, and in Cammon Council laid on the
faille. The report was real, and on motion
darn Thompson the union of 8.0. was con
curred fn. •
A petition from ths Gitod Will Hire Com
yang, asking fir a runty of hole, was read
sad referred so the Oemmitteo on Engines.
Tn ell action not otherwise noted tiers was
•saltual concarronos, when 'Councils ad
journed. •
„ -
H2Oup —.Mr& Ilegalstott, of Batler town-
ahfp, Dirtier comity, tyro robbed on Thursday
Lekof *95; by anon namid - Wiloan. who with
his 'Molted for lonia time boon working for
bii , oll MO Linn. WMOX made good his
Gulp% but his wife was arrested the follow
ing .day, dressed in men's clothing, and was
40131111itild as an acoomplioo. The officers are
Siallts track of the scamp, and he will no
4001 be orerialum.
&roux Parvi.L;4ls. Wailes B. Campbell,
.of Yndiaaa kormigh,.(llsd riwy suddealy on
Santbritteralosplast. At bombast ho- tom.
planed of baing somewhat 41, and wont up
,taus col lay dom. t A ,phyaloian war sent
for : who _ Wed him C . then fell wimp,
to tie triads thought, but in h few minutes it
wardlarossred that he was daid. /dr. estop
twatares for many pass a resident . of that
Vaal, aad Wag widely knows( throughout the
Teas Newns.--Col. Wm. A. McCartney hl
the jinutaf the Union °Meer who promenad
ed sad' of drunk with it rebel elm named
Cdr,AXOhe. lienlitars Col. MoCartooy
bteroedfor the tempontry
release f tont prison - of said Anchor, fad into
Moods! In gettlng3lol out for o tAght'a
batik. The mom of thus "rebel quips.
thhere'' hen bop forwarded
. to tho Barretary
. .
isn'of Dt. Thomu Mo.
Mille, of 'iltosnvius, Indiana oonnth:Vos
'Mod WI wook,by:belng'ornilto4 tmdat
'slot Wash was standing on Amid Asgalest 6
gssio t and , will& tall Inn on him wltito
Aram - 140Ln ;Indult. no"was - onlj 'sum
psi* old.
s t :ts. Amor, wider/ ores lite (761.
maw 44- ladlso► l Pa'q bad two of hie flosses
. ;4 0 0 4 d e, ou silently squished, the °the
au i w a g figasod'Olosilng settler mill Wills
S 6 matlel
- =
swoio- IV II6 Reny, Wad Waahtng
t tentiSk., for tatreffy sad Omani, on oath of
nott. Acuttiottufh rut gamy and
EL. o r ip a pps to jtos •yous, Imprint:tam IA
ithOiligfin Orr•
. 4 _
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...... --k- 4,- -ff.:, -, 4" - iri. - , -- , 74: , 47-T. .1.r, , ,,t , y...-.,z...;n1t.4:•. - -z- ,-, -i,..._, ~,r,, , -.i..---,...,.7-I--4, , :q-, 1 4- ,- - re-." , -.7,- :-..,,....g, ,-4•71......,-, ~-4 ~.r , -,;_,....--,--,44._• -,1,-•
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S, ..T.,_e.
,"..,"s:'• ,p ••••,,,, .. ~Sim "
9.1, , , , '.'1•^ -- • . , ..
, ire .
„,,-'''''• •-•-•-..• ' ” . -
ThaiellLilasi - eating in Allegheily.
• An enthtudettle meths of the alias of
Allegitaig aid . violin, was held last night
in the Diamond. There were about tune or
fifteen hundred persons present. About half
put seven o'clock, A.M. Brown, Esq., called
the meeting to order, and announced the fol
lowing officers:
Pr aidear—JAMES measaALL, Esq.
Vice Praidents—John P. Dravo,Jas. Park,
Jr., Josiah Ring, Col. Jackson Daman, H.
Robinson, D. H. White, Samuel Chadwick,
Col.*Elearge Gent, Joseph Dilworth, Jas. L.
Graham., Usage Neely, John Harper, Dr. A.
G. McCandlets Hon. A. C. Alexander, Hon.
B. C. Sawyer, Thomas M. Howe. Dr. George
McCook, .1. G. Beekofsa, A. MoTighe, Seal
Riddle, Dr. Wm. J. Gilmer., Wm. B. Rari
tan, John .1. Williams, Handerron B. Davis.
Secretaries—Wm. Anderson, John Wright,
8. P. Ban, Col. T. M. Bayne, FL C. Mackrell,
D. O'Neill, Wm. M. Hatte:ll, 801. Scheyer,
Jr., Wm. 11. Gray.
Judge Belly, of Philadelphia was intro
duced to the mooting, and delinied a lengthy
and interesting speech. Wo cannot do more
than give a very brief outline of hit address,
which occupied an hour and a halt In delive
ry. He said'thst"thb war had taught u the
late:tate relation of our nation with the wet
s fare and prospertty of the people of the
world. It wet demonstmting to arietocratie
'Ramps that they matt either destroy our
power by dividing or diemembering this ne.
tion, or recognise the fact to endue forever,
that the fleet and manor nation of the world
Is the United Eitatee, whom emblem is the
Liter Spangled Banner. This war had made
armies of millions of men—Americans on
eithii side; that when the war was over, the
children of rebels would bless the memory of
Northern addict for perpetuating to them
the country and Its limiltations. Lot us con
quer this rebellion, and rebels will never
sub:slabs an armed hand against our Gov
an:taunt. We shall escape standing armies
—amps lines of custom houses upon the
frontier of every petty State. We shall es
cape an aristocracy more odious than
Europe has ever known. On the other hand,
should the nation be cot geared, either by
bullets from Southern rebels or ballots from
Northern traitors, we would have two
Minding Ludes of a half a million of men,
and a line of custom houses tunnies along
the borders of two Republics. Oa the one
hand an imperious aristocracy; on the other,
a Republic, constantly distabed by sympa
thising trailer,. Prom the day the Southern
Confederacy is acknowledged, peace on this
Continent becomes impossible.
lie then went on to show that the Demo
credo candidate for Governor represented the
sentiments of the Southern aristocrats and op.
posed the suppresalen of the rebellion. He
alluded to the position taken by Judge Wood
ward in the Convention, to amend the State
Constitution In 1837, denying the right of
suffrage, to every foreigner. He also alluded
to the recent opinion of Judge Woodward on
the slavery question-taking the ground that
slavery was merely a system of labor without
wages, and that It was an bushel/Me bier
The speaker then devoted considerable time
to a dismission of the causes whist' led to the
war, and the neglect of President Bushman
In taking effectual measures for crashing the
rebellion on its outbreak. He classed Wood
ward with Buchanan, and argued that his
election would bo a shame and a disgrace to
the people of a loyal State. He urged the
people to threw aside party ties, as he bad
don*, and Maud by the country and her in
termits. Be also referred to the valuable Ne
vins of the negro troops, and allowed how
many white man might have been saved, had
it not been for the Copperheads crying oat
against the employment of negroes do soldiers.
Thequation at stake was not as to race, but
• question as to the status of the !abasing
classes. Be said that he had the honor of
being the first man in the American Congress
to publicly Insist upon the enftenoblesment
of the slaves of r Acts, and upon arming them
in toucans&
The Judge was frequently applauded dar
ing his speech.
Thomas M. Marshall was loudly culled for,
and made a humorous and telling speech.
He handled the copperheads without gloves,
and illnetnited his argionents by numerous
anecdotes, which were received with roars of
laughter. Be was in his happiest vein, and
made one of the beet stump speeches of the
Lead calls were made for Col. Clare and
H. C. Maekrell, Bog , bat neither if those
gentlemen responded, and the meeting ad
journed at a beta hoar.
Anbias bina - dras in attendant*
during the evening, and enlivened theinest•
bog with & number of popular and national
Fatal Accident—Woutaa Killed.
On Thursday evening, about man o'clock,
an amident of a fatal character occurred to
Mrs. Elisabeth Gallagher, wife of William 0.
Gallagher, residing in a court off Virgin
alley, near Smithfield stmt. She was walk
ing through the court yard, and accidentally
stepped into an open vault hole, receiving
severe Internal injuries, which tamed her
death about an hour after. She was within a
few woks of her coadnement, and her in
juries were mob as to preclude all , hopes of
reeovary. The deceased was a worthy and
Industrious woman. and the mother of moral
alloys' Ain) BAxxes firma Minna, far
Lally and taandadartng 'purposes, are the
bed fa an.
A. N. OUTWIT, Ottnoral Agent.
No. 18, 'Fifth rave.
TIMM! Phan, Plain one Ornamental Blau
Hoofer, and dialer In Pennsylvania and Ver.
moni•slate of the beet quilt! al lot rates.
Orlos at Liam Laughlin's, um Ile Water
Works. Pittibrogh i Pa. apaam
Poo FALL can WiIITIZ WaAa.—Tbe sum
mer is put, and by the morning's frost, we
begin to apprehend, that fall and winter will
be shortly upon tut, Jana we must provide our
selves with the material to -keep as comforts.-
his. A aloe fall cult, or a good and well-made
overcoat are the very thing, and we do not
know of any place where our readers would
unit tkenuelies better than at Mosul. W. H.
fdtlase A Co.'s alotbiag establishment, corner
of Federal stmt and Diamond Square, Alla
ghozy. They have also received a complete
assortment of gentlemen's farnlahlwg goods,
and a /tut variety of new pettorns for wain
coating, ito.
Chump Our Rut Sams &mai iv Goff,—
Sue/ Onham, =chant tailor, Is selling of
his Spying =I Bummer stook of goods at cost.
They whilst of ill the lahuit styles of cloths,
=amass - and outings, of which he is pre
prod to make up In as most fothlonabla
mum, and at postprlee. The puha» should
Oct negloot to stall ,thruiselvoi of thls rare
&nos aid WO money by, giving him an
early sill.
Also, • loge assortment of plain end tons,
oussimeres a d a pted for boys' scar, which
he will s oil by the rases les below cost.
Mothers should not tweed to call early.
B.tut. aItAIWC, Merchant Tailor,
No. CI Market street.
Arresrmos, Bernsin9 V asuman* I—The
atemtion of oar womb, s brave defandsrs
sently retorted from the scat of war, sad of
tho pnbito to general, is again divested to the
very extmeslve and handsome assortment of
the latest styles of trench / English and
Anode in pies. goods, for puts, coMs and
vests, lately received by Meson. John Freda?
a_ Co., Merchant Tailors k No. IM Federal
Allisket*. A tistefal selection of
gentlecienlifunishing goods will also always
befound on the shelves of the establiehmeut
together with • let of isadpencle clothing:
tot up in the but manner.
Darras snsi Ain Omit.BEV. MRS. E.
0. ANDRUS, for sun, pars Allariontay to
Rash coo of Margot/argil, N. T., (Ma cli
mate having sartorrafy 'Mooted liar haft and
soap, writes " Dian &rind smelt blab
from the ass of Jim 8. A. Altaa's World's
titer Itastorar and Zylobahamum. I base
trlosinrions other remedies, bat nsvar any.
ditto that re inaterialk and permanently brae.
psi ine."
Sold by druilata svorparhere. Depot, 191
areenviolt stress, Nan York. dew
Osorrrs As thaw= Itiouoso Patoxo.--4.
'ink, terser of Groot ad Pifer streets, hov
tag just fotomtl trot; Eater s
whino be ationdod the atiotion sold trade
aitss of do ohm goods. 320 q ProPozod to
isU *amid u tom:afore ontootra of. Ws
oddsoltotiso pen to ostland smoothie thdr
stak before probodig olsoishozo. By so
doing yin will sail .at least thirty per- ant.
Aollwasbordis Poo corner of - Grant aid nth
streets pplostßi hy; Court Nous.
r -,
't& 1t Cowiatin' IssnevisA 'slat
illasdcal school for Lees, corm of .11sivis
I nd sad Stab= suns,
Pa. Thi lava asinlAinsall. swan emu
auwarce llanulay,fieptimber itk. Jot dr
ead= or ethic Ittormatlas, as to Willa or
bard. aill.apni or Mina the Piinoipal.
an2lairms Mu. E. A. Baca.
Was, as Axon, or Sunierea am Dis
ease anions tb. vohmteerstrotdd be prism
*4 by the free us of - HOLLOWAY'S PILLS
AND OINTMENT. For Weimds,StWesaad
Seamy, the Ointment is • asrtato awe, and
for Bowel oemplainti, Poen, amen Posoice.,
the PIM are the best mediates In the weal.
Only 22 ants per box or pet. 221
- Nance To Psorim Ilormtea, Astra aim
ALL Ovnes tiezoorrio.—lter. repalvs or al
teration to atom or dorslllags, Jaw roc% or
Cs4=elle is the Carpenter Eno, call at
s Carpenter Shop, Virgin a ll ey,
above fbalthlald streets. All orders pro=Av
attended to. t
Tan Okla or Yarn Hozeze.—Daele Rorie
Liniment will cure smelling, wlndgalls,
chafes, oaks, outs or sprains of the shoulder,
stifle, hough, knee, whirleone, fetlock pas
te= or cola joints; also lumps or tumors on
the bones or sinews. Sold at Dr. Hepeses,
•No. 40 Wood Stmt.
Wsurrais Ilumintrv.—Tho fall tam of
this Institution will coinnutnos on Tuesday,
theist day of Elepitunher nowt. Por portion
bus sos eatsions,to bs had at any of the
bookstores In tb city.
Aug. 18th, 1883. soda,
0101111711 and °MUGS VALLS will be taken
at the Omnibus °Moe, No. 4011 Liberty street,
day or night. All ordere left at the above
place will be promptly attended to. AU tali,
moat be paid in Meanie. ent.
Pons Doman, four dollars.
Pont dollars, tone dollars.
Dental Destitute, Dints! Instants.
Best asap Dentistry, best elutspDeatistry
No machine work, no 112sehliseyork.
BRAM() A LIMIJAT, by using gulles - 640.
clan Balm. It will likewise remora plosplu,
Nobles sunburn, tan or any unseemly , spots
on tbs skin. Bold at Dr. Iloysers', 140 Wood
Mum a Cowan? will mead wooden-work,
chins or aolthlns elm It la worth a dollar
for IMO cant it casts to soy hoasekoopor.
Bold at Keystes,l4o Wood stmt.
Ssow vats sere POUIIII3D ahlrlbosooas oaa
be had by nslag the stsroh•polieh sold as Dr.
Ruses's, 140 Wood strata.
EXCILBIOIII IliZtal artton
COMMIMNIS Zdondo, Simi/mbar 7th. Bond
for drodar, or all at the hitltato, comer of
Nan and Bt. Clair streak.
A wigs assortmeat of country midi an
Carpets will be epmed this morning at J.
Bistah'saorner of Great and Filth streets.
/human and Hoop Skirts,* low prices,
at J. Pinch's, corner of Grant and Fifth eta
GMT BMWS' In Hearth Bap, at J
Finch's, corner of 01201 and PUth *treats.
0. en c, Daudet, US Paw mist, attaDd
au badness at hb INC T.111:1112.16
Lair -on Wa=sash !opt. Ad, at 5 teCIDOk
m., Al LAGAIMA, Who of Loomed Loa, to tits
153 A year of Aar ego,
poLlrxvJL iroweeft:
The freemen of Allegheny County, lovers of the
Out= &el opponents of Copporboadlsm, moot in
Friday , Eveniag. gopt..
AT T) ovictos P. II
The iallaricgapiskons sill b prmal one adiirts,
the seating
Woo. W. D. ELILLY. of 11114.141•.1o;
Hon. J. K. UQ9REXAD;
By order of ths Voice 11.1sonUre Como hies.
OWALI flasto, Third Ward. Allegheny;
Runup Pam. Monangsheln Barongh;
D. B. Telams, Lowey EL Olalr ty;
Jona H. Darnur, Emma Ward, Allegheny;
D. Crrizur.l&nand Ward, Plllobaren
SOL 80¢011111. /A., Dq., Tanyth Ward, Allagbany;
B*XVIL BMW. blevezith Ward, Plitsburp;
Joann gum, Farrar. Ward, do;
K. B. Etrreurra, Penn krernabip;
Banua. P. Dana, Lawriincertle;
B. H. Puma, Jr.. Peebles Windily;
P.O. Craw, 1111 h Ward, PniaN/11;
;10/IN T. DELT% XIMIn township;
Atm Dam; BOUTS deg
Para Mclrsicann, Cessurat tannehtp,
Janis Durum, DarDM tarruthlp;
Joan M. Puns, TIL1114311; •
Murree' Hama t, Malan& township;
It. C. Manama. Mg . Sixth Ward. Pittsburgh.
A. Mame, Third Wald, glittbingt;
Aasnmi Honsar, booth Ward, Allegheny;
Dept. JAW Muss, Manchester;
J. Q. auxernnAblrd Ward, Plllabargh.
A. K. DROWN, a Pftlabargh. Otatrauw.
J. U. on WAR?, Collins tp., Mecretu7.
Piaases—A. 31. nzowN, D. O'BBILL sad J.
Frigging—D. D. V=2176011, D. O'NXISS, Ind
saint, alatiumey.
Oa Niatrigs cad gpentrra
MI /UM ntrret j J elfin On SUS, UT
801.. 801101r1g, Jr.. Ug Vonsth street
FAlAllit, Jr Pitt tp.y JlBll K. DROWN. 183
Wand stresl;aJlerugny; D. D. FinGolol. 84
Path .beet.
Noon gabby to hold Union Itactinp ho tba
fatC*odYttioL.thtawgboat the county,
rat be tarnictial with Bpeskaa by calling ow any of t
Om abase 051:11Mittee. 111820
ticitclag lo 44:48 mestlap In tic micas
licarliaalalhicia ttratisboaS She caanth can pa
cars 47.1821D4314.1.8 MID POMBA, raid, WM
ay * ol _ ol thogo, bi. spAylng to D. xnuaucos,
NO. 84 myth dammt. . =lB
TITS 01:1311dM1 friLl mat at the Mae
of Miugall A Hmrth came of Nib and Mont
struts, oa Iltrar VZ DNS:CUT sad B•T0k.
DAM, at 2 o7olcak to. •
The grad ler Dppepeli,
The' greet Oars be Drippy.
the ,greist mirror Dprpepehy
BeWas it bill pica, by
BUWN ..ronnizes.
OczauSoluttr sad antosaa mica.
ieransw arra ocsOoAtt: otey snit
IL roma
megiviietweri and &alio in a 11.14411•1
'Bcl.lo3'itoom ammo , . inentam4PA.
ggepecostanti• ool•aad • Imp tseliHkir of Ptaa
red amount /4314604• ,_ in:Mb
alk Widths
awiatteravent to toil' atky ot tosot,,
woo wilt Do 014 tityricos to Rai the thaw. at tho
011CloiltDosofot 7.15. PAlLidett
,-207 - -ItodYOLDLInDMI.
foetid Dispatch to the PI ttetrosib Gazette.
Waistscroa, Bait. 5,1963
POOP TIM =IT OP Till ragout.
The meant news from the Army of the Po:.
tome indicate no movement far the present.
General L. cannot mum the tifinsive, and
is evidently wafting the remit of Gen. Dern
eide's exptdltion Into Eut Tautevase, Gen.
Itottorane' ausalten Chattaneop, and ow-
more'l attack on Charlatan. If they ant
ruroaufal, he will bs in acondition to make
the but terms of turrender with Clentlisade
he can get. A kisUngalalted editor{ fiont the
(rout, am the health of pray l a. excellent
and eyer3thing oheetfal sad conduit. am.
Muds la the same unestentatiqui iientlemen
as when be was In the prints want of life.
Ererythlng about headlliarteraiudicatte •
republican simplielly and theroilghdin.
be. the undludnisited oonfiderte.itrall, and,
the battle et Gettysburg, fousit by filtyrelght
thousand than spinal ,nineth, will not be
Undated by any want ct thoughtful tare on
his Part. .
szrannion 701 11111/10h1113111 01.GC131110•78.
Naval and mßitary expeditions lame sent
down to recapture the gunboats Satellite and
Reliance on the Iteppshannook., Thettailtfiri
fore* was under Gen. KUpgrich r sad itlatisted
of cavalry and two batteries of artillerl.r .
was arranged far the navel form of gunboats
and Iron-clads to ascend the river, to go-op
erate with the land force. By some
derstanding, the gunboats did not Icomoto
time. Gen. Kilpatriek advanced slime; and
succeeded in eluting the Satellite and reduc
ing the Reliance, with shell, to a mere wreck.
Had the gunboats been praent, the boats
could easily have been rotaken. Thd enemy
ran away from them as eon as our guns
opined on them. Gen. 'lCllgatriek reached
King George's Court Horne on Tuesday even
ing, and drove in the rebel pickets. 'A rebel
brigade, ender Col. Lowe, fled at the first ap
preach of our cavatry by means of fist-boats.
Had they etord fight they would probably
hive been captured.
Waiting wend hour's for the gunboats,
via opened 011 MO Bitlaitt =Olt the river
and she vu soon snob, but the Iteliencie king
more,out of range, could outs be otiriplsd.
But for the slowness of the natal authorities,
both Tassels might have been taken undue
aged. The achievement Is coital/iced rintuk
able for mall to perform, to thogreist ohs
gift of "Gideon's Band."
Acting Burton Ganorit Elogth, bio bean
ordered to St. Lodi, sod Sargon Toi4ol
Barnes. uncooodo him to thtttpoeltion:
Hon. I. H. Moorhead, of Pitbbiligh, Dr.
John A. Wardu, of Cincinnati and •W. M.
Halley, of Provideneo, Contraissionua
pointed by the Agricultural Departrumt, . to
outsider the sabjut el flescnitnre s 03/211•
petit*? with cotton, met hue tele/.
Convect, it Its bat reseion,"l4propriated
$20,000 to nut the praltimbility of an intro
daption of flan and hemp so a imbetitnta for
The Kama/ Trust landslrere offered to
private b!ddere, IMMO time singe, by In
terior Department, with the underetanding
that thecae' were to be renewed it stated
intervals, and until all ware •cold. The bids
under the drat notice• hare all been ,re
jested, and new . proposal* will, bei*red_
until °either lath text.
Hereafter militates for WIWI of pay and
bounty due deceased soldiers will be paid only
by the Paymaster belonging to the pay HID.
bide from which the oertifleate emanates.
When presented to a Paymaster outside of
the Dletztot from which they come, ba wilt
refer them to the Bettor Paymaster of the
proper district for payment. An Immense
number of Auditor's eartlitostes, now being
Issued, renders this pre sullen absoiataly
firetal Dtspotth to the Plttoboxiti Parana
POILADILPEII, 800. 3,1863
Washington appears to be &traded with ail
sorts of rumors &boat Los's advance, and the
blookading of the Potomac. lam informed
by &conductor that nobody about that place
seems at all frightened.
It Is stated that it President Lincoln imam
• proolenation on the future of the rebellion,
It will be to hold out the olive branch to the
soldiers of the rebel army, and at them to
return to their respective States, and lean tha
leaden In the hands of the governmeatite be
dlaposed of as may be thought binifintal to
Qtarternmetur General Mains, Gen. Ripley,
(old imp) Chief et Ordnance, and Burgeon
General Hammond have been seaweed by
Elauctuy Blanton. A number of leaser lights
have been eclipsed In consequence.
There am over one thousand sick and
wottneti rank in the army hotpltal at Ches
ter. Two 'rebel Meer!, having recovered
p rom their weende, escaped. Tit's , were aided
by one or two Philadelphia sympathiser&
The;ward wherein the rebel Mikan gener7
ally are located has been doily carpeted by
men and women. All the luxuries of life are
taken to that hospital by the eympathlsing
friends of the rebels.
There is not one word from Charleston.
Not o Uttar is permitted to come from Qs
army or nary.
• Thereport that the draft was not to be en.
farad tho Sista of Ohlo is entree. The
draft will act be gamed west of Psaalylva•i
Ws pill lib haishadla the eastern part of
she estuary. Altar this it will be eafeseid%
all the Watt= States. It Is Estimated that
one-Illth of the drift of the nest dais win
yhilt 100,000 =head bring What least 20,-
000 of tho 116,000, who hare desestal the
anterp seseloo of the United States 'within
tho put you and a half, H . A .. W.
A Conference between the New Yolk
Banks and Mr. Cisco.
. _
Now Irons, BIS. 3, -.sta- unPariant meet. ;
ins botwsesothe others of the Cl!, hanks and'
Mr. Olseo, Auistant Treanuor of the Baited
Stator, was hold at the Vs vs Bank to.
dip. The proposition im t o t a tama .
lag we understand to be, t the banks of
the oily sbould lona the Governownt thirty.
Are sol Mons onnuatr.,ide. Chia to
4kaw for It daring the nest' two or' three
weeks, as it isr.golnd. Tho biota of Boo
ton and Pbfladelphi4 aro to be asked for on ,
a dditi o n a l Arty mentions, the whole Alt,
lions to be repaid, in Belabor or Morember,
In tho new interest bastion Treasury Motes;
which are to bear Aro Der oat. tannest, Ca
to flea legal tender
~'; This plan liana to be
rogardad with fart by our beet tinanolal an
thottiles: • •
CoittrabWont for the Amtvrooce Sot-
Kuala Ora, dopt. 3 . -Tb,s anima
dollars tuna %glom:drib:tad by The oldie=
at this city fat eh knelt of tbs'Lionmes
lams, sad a „thattadcl lhat Ohs' Union
/API IltdoliWoo sat OP Idsedistely ,
aftaz lileidusocro: • - • • •
Goz.Zoddied Ware Bo. 11„ prida d ins
gootiirdel} sumben of rebel sysopatlddirs
an haying dany.
alte , riesidelt's Letter to the lilt.
'Dein eorteention.
[Thisfoliewingia the emeclusien of the im
portant letter addressed by President Lin
coln to the great Union Meeting In Spring
deli, Ilcof which we had the commence
ment In Yesterday's gazerre s]
Oirilised belligerents do all in their power to
help tturmseleee or burs the enemy, except a
few things regarded as barbrzons or mei.
Among the exceptions are the taseseare of
elevated foes sad non-conahatantsOnale
and Mande. Bat the Proeistanitionis law and
valid, or It ie not valid. If It Is not valid
It needs ha retraction. If it is valid it
cannot . bo retreated any more than the
dead can be brought to life. Some of you
profess to think that rots:don - would opet
ram favorably to the Union. Why better
after the retraction, than before the Issue f
There was more , than a year and a half
of trial to suppress the rebellion beforO the
proclamation was issued, the last one hen
** day. of which pelted under an explicit
notice that It was coming unless averted by
those In revolt returning to their alleglancs,
The war has certainly programed as Liver
ably to as,
elan the Issue of 1110 proclama
tion, as before. I know as fully as one can
Apo* the opinions of veep, that soma of the
eromematdere of eirarmies In the field, who
have given us our most important viatories,,.
believe the emancipation policy and the aid
of colored troops constitute, the heaviesit blow
tat deaf?. to the rebeillion, and that at leut,
one of those important manses could not,
have been achieved when It sae bet for the
aid of black kiddieri. Ainong the commend
en Sierra are come who have
never hmtattriffinity with what is Called
Abolitionism, or with Republican party poli
tico, but who hold than purely as Military
sshmlt their . opinion as halos
entitled to some weight againetthe objections
often Urged, that emancipation and arming
the black, are unwise as military mealtime
and were not adopted as such in . .itifod faith.
Yon say ion will not tight to tree negroes.
Some ofilfthreertu to to willing enough to
fight,for.youi .IMOrttetleittet? - : - Plghl yo.a then
,exohnively to save the Union. I issued the .
proolamettatroulthrpose to aid you in saving
dos Union; :IThertever you shall tome
Tared all insistence t, the Union, if I shall
urge yotith e irdaffitte fighting, it , will be an
Asset:lam the n for yeti to declare: that you will
tot fight to free negroes. I thought that 111
your struggle for the Linton to whatever ex
tent the negroes should mate helping the
enemy to that extent It weakens the enemy in
his resistant= to you. De you think differ
ently ? I thought that whatever Degrease=
be got to do as soldiers, leaves jest ee mach
less for white soldiers to do in caving the
Union. Does it appear otherwise to yen ? •
But negroer, like ether people, sot upon
votive. Why should they do anything forms
Uwe will do nothing for them f If they
stake their lives for as they most be prompted
by the strongest mode.; even the promise of
and the promise bring made, must
be kept.
The signs look better: The Father of We
ten again goes unvexed to tho ma. Thanks
to the brave men of the great Northwest for
le—nor yet wholly to them. Three hundred
miles up they met BOW legion, Empire,
'Keystone and Jersey hewing their way right
and left. The may S,O'uth, too, In more
colors than oho, alto lent a hand en the spot.
Their pars of the history waljotted down la
black and white. The job war a groat ea-
Masi One, aid let nbne be boomed trap bore
en honorable part left, and those who clear
ed the great river may well , be proud. Even
that la not•all. It Is hard to say that any-.
thing has boon more bravely and better done
than at Lutists:a, trurfneebore, Ditty' •
burg and'on men ; fields(lien note.
Nor must Baehr 'l3ata's webbed feat be for
gotten. At all. the water marital' thej have
been present, not only on the deep see, the
broad bay and the - rapid titer, bat also tap the
bestow, muddy bayou' and wherever the
ground was a little damp thoy haft been and
mado their tracks.
;Thanks to :all for the groat republic I for
the principles by which It lives,. and kelps
alive, for mares vast future , th inks to all
Peace-dose not appear to distant vs It did.
I hope it will some soon, and come to stay,
and to come as tc be worth the keeping in ail
future time. It sill then have been proved
that among freemezehent can be no etoccen
hal appsai from. the ballot to the ballet, and
that they who take snob appeal are sure to
lose their- ease and pay the costs.
And then there will bo some black nose who
eau remember that with slldnt tongue and
with clenched teeth, and with steady eye and
well poised bayonet, they have helped man
klai great erresamortation.whiht.X.
fear there wilt be some white mon'attablet to
forges that with mallenentheartand deceitful
speech, they have striven to hinds: It. Ban,
let us not be over sanguine of a Speedy end
deal triumph. Let us be quiet and ocher..
Let as ditlieently apply the moans, never
doubting that a Jost Uod In his own geed
time will give us the rightful result.
Toon, very truly, A. Locum
Gea. Gilinaore's Beefy to Gen. Beau.
regard's Protest.
Wassnraresr, Sept. 3.—The fallowing le
general GiIIICOTIV3 reply in brief, notice of
which has been published In the rebel papers,
to Gen. Beatiregard'setnenunioation, already
printed at length:
Minna Inas D, 8,0., Aug. 29, 1863.
Bra :—I have the honor to aeknnowledge
the receipt of your oononnnication of this
date, complaining that one of my batteries
had opened upon the city of Charleston, and
thrown a number of heavy ride Mafia into
the city, theintabitante of which, of course,
were asleep and unarmed. My letter to you
&mending the the surrender of Port Banter
and Morris Island, tlna L tenieg in default
thereof to open Ere apt' •rarleston, was de
livered near Port Wagner, at llat a. m., of
the Mat inst., and should have arrived at
your headqutners to time to have permitted
your answer to reaoh me within the limit as
.signed, namely, four hour& The fact that
you were absent from your headquarters at
the time of its arrival, may be regarded so au
unfortunate olftOCOltlitieo for the city of
Charleston, but it is one for which I, clearly.
am not rceponsible. This letter bore data at
my headquarter:, and weed: tally delivered
by an cheer of my staff. The inadverteut
omission of my signature doubtless afford,
ground for epeeist pleading, but it is not the
argument of a -commander, sollelting only for
the safety of sleeping women and children
and unarmed men. Year threats of retail,-
tioa for sots of mine, which you do not allege
to be in rieleMon or the Wages of civillesd
warfare, except as regards the length of time
allowed as notice of my intention, are pealed
by without comment.
I will, however, Gill your attention to the
wall established principle that the command.
so of Ili pace attacked het not invested, hat
log his MOM of OJOSpo Open and probable,
has 00 right to a notice of an intention of
bombardment, other than that which is given
by the threatening attitude of hit advancing.
&van if this Utter had net been written, the
authoritlea of the city of Charleston lure had,
acoordlig to your own ruuumtusioation, forty
days none, of her danger. Daring that time,
my attack upon her dottrels has steadily pro
gressed. The ultimata sirJeat of that attack
her ettto time been doubtful; if radar the
olnrconstarnes the life of a single non-combat
ant h 'exposed to peril by tko bombardment of
the city, the respoulbility testa with those
who have Ent failed to remove the noa-oom
batants or to nouns the safety of the city, af
ter having held control of all Rs approaches
for a period of nearly two years and a half, to
the pounce of a threatening force, and who
efterwards refused to accept the terms upon
which the 'bembardment might here been
nottpined. From varicus smarm, official and
otherwise, I =led to believe most of the wo
man and ohildten of Ohs:intone were long
linos removed from that city bnt.upon your
warms that the city is still fall of them, I
shall suspend the bombardment until 11
o'clock?, to-morrow, thus givingyea two
days from the time you acknowledge to have
received my 'communication of the 21st
Vary rupsotinll7,
Your obedient servant,
(81sned) Q. 41.
Prigadler-tienmal Comoranding.
To Oen. P. C. Beanregard, Commanding Con
' fedotato foroos„ Charlooton,
It appears the Spanish and Blida Co:tab
foomsfullymddzsated an. 13Wmora on be
bolt Of the eullooto at their otantrlso In
°wows, and he - lawfully snipe:dad the
borobardmout for:tveraty.foUr hours, to era
them %Imo to • hail the' city. Nothing was
waft- o lio Klee from his Ida than to endo
w their lieu and property. • •
Raman's, Sint. 2 -Tba ably Gny Emit,
from BbiJanalea, Wino ;AN ba p olclle,
sad the *blot 4.129 by 2,200 bap Rio
wan said to-41q, 201 New Yak at 27 tub.
Groat Union Rasa a.
Debi t flit.
Sr areas tun; 111., Sept.
ante at the great Union den.
to-day was tally as largess an.
nsolutions were noardmonsty ad,.
this unholy rebellion commantma
justifiable cause ; that it Is maintain
violation of coney principle of justioe
humanity, and that ft b the defy of the Gov
ernment to suppress It by. the AIM 9! .eery
constitutional metne in their pow; that we
by aside party quetione and prejadoes and
devote onnerves unreservedly t 4 the IMPS
of the Government until the: rebellion is
dully and forever crashed; that to the sad
that the Union chill live, the Goverment
survive in all its constitntional integrity, that
the nation be preserved In territorial unity,
seepledge our lives, fortunes and sacred honor;
That the strength 'of cur Goveament con
sists in the espeot of the people for the laire
and conatitated autheritice, and whoever op
, poses the imeentlon of the laws, whether by
open - rebeMon or by secret combinations, or
teethes others to do so, is an enemy to repub
lican liberty. That theorems of that portion
of the Democratic) party who have not far
gotten the dying injunction of Stephen A.
Douala', and who have nobly milled to the
+connere standard In this her trouble, meets
our hearty, patriotic admiration. That, in
view of the extraordinary dill:1110m and em.
barrauments *bleb have eniironed the Na
del:al and State antra during the present
&tractions rebellion, the efforts of the consti
tuted authorities of the National - arid State
governments commend themselves to our
highest repeat for the seal, ability and fidel
ity with which they have been marked.
Spteehes were made by Gov. Yates, Sena
tors Doolittle, and Trumbull, Gens. Nellie
nand. Oglesby, Lane, of Indians, and Ether
distinguished gentlemen.
From Washington.
Waantsorow, Sept. 3.—The interior. DO.
partweat has refined all bide for not late of
the Baum Utast Janda, and ordered so
whtoh are to he made on or before the 15th of
Ooteber next.
The expedition cent ep the Reppahinnoeal,
to resaptare the gunboats Satellite cot lße
fiance, lure returned, being enable, in non
sequeuceof the low water, to gat higher. up
thin the Rappahannock. One of the eessoin
of the Satellite arrived here to-day, having
made bin escape while op the way to Rich
mond. He represented that as expedition,
cambering between 400 and 600 rebels, cost.
listing, in part, of the same force *lash cap
tured the two boats, loft the neighborhood of
Port Royal, on Tuesday, far the purpose of
capturing tome of oar needs. A party of
cavalry is with then, who have bean teen
lately about Mathias!, and ether points on the
Powhattan B. Locke, of .V.iszeuti, has
been appointed Associate" J cellos of Nevada
The premature 'publication of the Pseud.
dent's letter otioasione much surprise, as it
watfidona certainly not through the Instru
mentality of the author,
Democratic Btatp Coavontion.
Wonciarria, Mau., Sept. 3.—The Demo
cratic Sista Convention, was large, enthusi
astic and liarmonteue. Twelve hundred del
egates were present. Richard Spaced, Pres
ident, urged the anion of all-the parties for
the sate of A° Union, egalnit the adnalnls
teatime of Lincoln. pappitit, of tbsConven
lien, was mait 'decidedly against the appa
rent purpose of the edministration, in eon
duoting the war for the soli object of negro
omacespatlon, bilged of the proseriration of
the Union and the restoration of the Consti
tution. Mr. Paine was unanimously floral
natod,for Govemar, and Thom 11. Plunkett,
of Pittsfield, for Lieutenant Governor.
Letter from Ran. Edward Every(
to the SpthigllCid ConVOIIIIOII.
Boston, Sept.3.—The Eon. Edward Ever
ett wrote a totter to the NM Convention held
in Springfield, 111, to-day, reiterating the
patriotimeentiments he had always adopted,
and closing as follows t , qf all coed men and
Rood patriots in the loyal Stater, whether in
or out of office, learideinst r when llectlicalt
little pride of personal feeding and of party
assoviations would cordially unite for th e at
tainment al objects which they all approin,
and unite in a visual:4 proreeution end one.
eessful termination al the war, the next New
Yam day would witness the prostration of
the rebellion end He luaders, the return of
pesos; and the restoration of the ljnies."
From New York.
New Yont, - Popt. 3.2-A special to the Foil
says the Presitbmatt,,. to day, rovltsd his letter
to the - Illlzole Xoutantlon. The feller, 'as
publishodor obtalar idea"' anent. •
Renewed rumors has reached us to-day,
'from the Upper Potomac, of a rebel eavelry
Fight with the Nat'sJo Indians
LIIIIRSWORTH, Sept. 3.—Frog the Alba
pumps, Newlezioo, papers, of Augut, we
warn that, on the 28th of July, Colonel Hit
Cargon, with part of the let New Ideal**,
Regiment, had a light with the Navajo In
dians beyond Fort Canby. The Indhng were
defeated, with a low of thirteen killed, and
over twenty wounded, and many arbour&
The Health of Gen. Banks' Army.
BOSTON. Sept. s.—The correspondent of the
Boston Smeller under date of Acquit 23d,
refabes the reported norertions of the rebel
papers that many of the soldlsro of the, array
of General Banks were dying of yellow laver.
On the contrary, good health prevailed both
111 the army and city of New Orleans.
Hale of 5.20'..
PRILADILPHIA, Sept. 9.—The Sabstriptlen
Agent reports the elle of $531,659 Ave-twen
ties to-day,
Ships Ashore off the North Carolina
Poznan Normal Sept. 3 —The gunboat
Stockton, just arrived from Newbent, reports
two steamer, and Otte brig maim nett Ondon
Urethan by Telegraph.
Haw Toga, fept. 3 —liotton Wire and bet
ter, at MVOs.. for Middling Op'ands. flour more
active, and 66,100. better, at 1,4.5 for Rum
Mate, $61646.23 for Extra NAL BOa 0., 113,64g57 for
Trade brande—market cloning quiet. Whisky quiet
bat Ann at 200.. Wean Keen totter, with a mod
erate export detnuid; Chicago Spring.6l44l ,07
Milwaukee Club 81 8$ 1 le. and Winter d Weetarn
$llBBl tit Man cpetei to be ter, and eland dud
and drooping at 750.6 c. fur shipping; mixed weitera
Idlest 760. Oats bit sr, at .8462 e. forere.tern.
lager rates heavy at 11t)io. for Hier 0 leans and 1034
011Ria. for Musarrado. McLean doll and nominal
and unchanged Petroleum • sitedo Armen large
mks made on reknio ter re it--underatxd to beat go
adman.. Perk opined qnkit and rioted doll; includ
ect to the take are NOW MIL new mem, dalleeratie
on September Di Ike! quiet zed =Nome& Damn
stile, Wet =dirtied]. , Lard a shad, Armor.
Money more actin at Giga per cont., with bulk
of transactions at the the latter. et, riles decidedly
higher; tint ease rposed at 162 and Mood unsettled
at /644)1Hjg Got& advanced 8% per cat; cganing
et 2Vg, admeceg to 304. and . mowbg Om ad. 10%.
Goverment stocks quiet and withontitibbledohange
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