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8 0 0 11 DAY idORMNO. AWL '29
`From Yeaterdars Evening Gazette:
Benet for the. Gleterence Orderers, ,
!: _ Attesting of reins of tee prominent men Or.
Ids city was held the rootakef, the Booth_
TreoliN i ea IlatuttLetreet, Able mentlng-i t t .
•-p us impose of , takthrtaeastwes • for the sill •
isf the raf iron at Lawrence, Banat•
la - ilettea , :of Mayor lawyer, Tho
iistwirsli *se mai to thy aide;
':lfErrin• O #Pl An 4 3 :•toPhY l
41.0 r
,Wkwroton a:4Elmb apswinioi
The ProsidentLimingatatolLtho sobjwit 41,
the wordirig bir.Kirargo llo4lrazotori SOTO .
this • onowltumbittittOobeappidatodby th
Wu& to Anon •MoisitkoiElriirosollo, of
Niue of the oaelaj e ,an4 th*Alown, tk
.011isasut of Pitiibirgli lo ;moot to_ Moon*
oOloiiilifol `rfpqn:4lto,' ottforns'Of leow‘
nor Ile following
lisios of gontionnor to tiodipout3bo fitoormlti ,
fat Notts: E10er,' , 414-TbrartiorOfro.'-'IG Shinn
toad o.4llawyorz - I
fir. Wooprrasanfaboil dkst ths, ifC"
Woolen wows pronint with dispatches frCIO
iintbotitior SWIM. nu tho.-Jinkloot,
rolled for the .1•011 y of vilioni.“ Tim
road is fotlowsF . • , •
laiovniwouirb And. 0,1863.
,Tiowar P mid, Alward fah% ifosoagolo
Roster _
Bale all the lie iionisiziw.osa for di Law]
_ olio= +r..._
';wore salfirstf.'; NumaiitY calls for it.
Tuba: . thrrernor.'
lamonairoires, Au g . le, 1.86/:
cad &laird Pintimst
TO* arc 'autbecisod to'ralse all sin for the
Lawratteo sulfuent. It was thstosolt horriblo
mason user porpstrated, -
- '
D. It; ANTHONY, Mayor.
W. P. 'Johnston Esq., said that in the'
Itosra of Latorsneo:Bansas large number,
of widows and orphans bed been to thel
pproteetien of their If relief via;
to be tarnished the people at oil, *Acta bet
;.dose right GIL Ilasnegestaitheropriaty UP
...110POtating committee of itwo. from. each;
markt:, solidi of dtieeno,..Lismiptions tor',
the relief s of the sufferer} c „LIWZOIIOO. He
requested, lowlier - , to be ar. from tar
. lag on the committee.
The Obsireppointsd the following commit:
tee to solicit pubsorlitions from Misting of
Pittsburgh stniAllo any
Assfoastlit4titu srd. A. Batty, D.
II rd - Witi; J. liflrwiti, W. M. flush.
Third Ward, A.' lfoTi6ghr7i MWdn. Fourth.
Ward,4.; Piddshiii, S. Nr , Wataim. Plfth
Ward, 1... Mt:. A. Bosnian BUM Ward,.
• the Arthur*, J. Butler. Elsrentl-Werd,J.S.
bloorhsadi`rll: - .B=ll.ol. — illgllth — Ward;Ws
P. Contr. O. Morrow. , Ninth Ward, W. 0•
Donis. 0. Kann.
Allophowy—Pirst Ward, J. ILCsoll,G; Cat
lin. Second - Ward, Bpanosr, P. Owner.
Third Ward, J. Park, Jr., W. W. Ward. •
Fourth Ward, J. Mazihill, Okllds
The following oommudtation wad received
from Du. Passavant s
Prrrommax, dug. 58,1863.
Ossilootos r Desiring to bona some part In
the relief of the sufferers at LawrenoO, Kan
sas, the undenignod, in behalf of the Orphan
Institutions under hie care, hereby offer. a
• home and • good moral and industrial adios.
tion to fifty of the orphan children under the
ago Of ten yeam—the children, to be selected
from among the Melt indlgificand fs Om *Ate
who have been bereaved of . both their '
It lames offered• that if the authorities in
Lawrence sem to this proposition, tbp
dran will be coarityad to this city without ex
panse to the general Mud fund.
. W. A. Posaaranr.
Mr. Cooper moved that the oommanication
of am Pennant, of the benevolent intim
- Urns he represents, be acupted with the oar
dial thanks of the meeting; that Melee.
laden be authorised to iam b In Aping all
torus:id rifted to the elm on their returtl3o
' goat% and that the authorities of that State
be informed by thoPtioldent of this meeting
of the edition in .behalf of the oitisene •of
Pittsburgh. •
Tim motion was curial.
The Om:mitts. on ItssoluCons mad* their
report as follows: .
. -
Waxen& Tide arasamotity his beard with horror,
gas bid and Venal not of barbarian perpetrated by
• a bendotrent robbers and =dints et thank - I of
Tmirmailte. in the Atate et Kaaswg and whilittheptt ,
petestarta the:Dahlman antitledonly lamb crlip•
aunt sa Is duo guava sad orn•thrnettl net. we cm
ildar both tbanienes and their 'conduct are the net
., urn and nesamary notations and comapitunts of
e rani whialicand minket* arigbiated Antonia
a peoPM /omit mg to. !tar.blean thaztO 11 !
be it
Eisolang That we all Vain the galantamit of
the hued states to dstagsach a farm as hoar to
mama, to bruit doom br,fgilain
glom person Ishii hangenehmted thts most =pat
ailed entrap genisrand by the mid anal nbelltan.
Erahrod, Miamian:um spiv:bias are acted.
mbrbeltofthesugeringatatdeeflogrettos, and we
arms* notamand to all oar; derma to maulfat
ilmitt etta gnus .Ira old of me
• Ttud betimes thadtlansotthe city of
Pittibint: o o salad ramnyllterat hand the sal
hang el , the leormann
Than& Om non* ot I..enam, the .eltheni of
Pittsburgh stein the saloymentof peat proSpitity.
std through 'lithe . adult:oda of the rebelle
Wm Pnlithuar Immo, oar linsa endow
prosperity ; no n aboni vaunt nay
aid= onlas atitnes mite tO the rich
asn's ofkring. •
Alumbn, That the alma of ate anteing be a
Qommitteato forward, with. the othrings of this
an addreis to the eltharli of Larnaca
ntammia of OW hymen the college cud cream•
panty With the ingerers - - •
The raolationi weritinatimodelj sdopteL
Th61°113.014 fesointion wee offered and
Wham, It is andastord about gi,COOof the
mow, subedited by oar antra the equipment
of Battery A ism the bands of. the Traturar one
goaded. and to be redurnedprit rote to the inalamcillo
mg *hennas belt"
hadied. That the Treasurer of this tesstlngbe ra
gman to all on the Treasurer and sulantbire of
the Baton fad, obtahrtbe doullon of so '
mochas is othindie netappropetated far tie relief of.
the ragman by the mamas at Lamm^
. .
On motion of Mr. Coo*, Mimes 0 Conner,
ins appointed Treasinie of , the Relief
The following resolution waif adopted r
Rahn. That the Butemilytkm Committeelbr the
Canna Wads _of Pittsburgh ant abeamy, ta
partadarly tartestal to go to work w ithout dnsy.
as the Nears. Nakao start et the ammamatatmtot
the asaarg mask for Lamina. -
The Chair_ tetalwke4 that .the j onembera. of
the eeinmlttnie•oosid of,*if ho o k a Alt
the alai Of-Jainisollonnof:;4s.,
tltrauirecOntest About Oli Well*.
The OU OltiArgisto , oontibuttbototlotriags
Os tis fail lir lossosisliiiiiiOiiiirom-Aby
place,thsre are Are 4
listriti 'actin
of *tett an •serin,
whit& formily produced SOO. acmes per ;
the Aloltolls, 1501Dalteti - 4:141 , 1411. 100 bar'
m i s
Geo Co.". trelt - 7:l3iiisziro c i ewe-new
anditsvelititeiOow muottLoil: All
these walls ars Mridently Coileresa"with'eteh
ether,lor upon pumping one, all the wet will
pump oit. The Columbia Co.'s sill armies.
to he the key' to the whole of these. Upon re.
moving the *Wu boot
stonped; andhits • or some •• • put:
• Nantsrous have ben the - units' mad, by
• ths; different wells -to test OW individual
capacity, but al theicksi all - separate inter
- este, some one of the-number would pull up
;heir tubing as soon as the others commenced'
to work. pot amnia WOO past, all 'hopes
- ties harshen stepped sad nay for the Ight.
When enemal consmanced operation, ail tie
Scat did likewles. The one falling to get' oil
ni seen* he wished,wouldpnactip the !kb
log, and stop the rest. This state of affairs
**dun up to the present (la% sad iewhat
we should consider imposition amusement,, Si
thy, have to watch each other all the time.
Would it not be better for - ell pastiesto*com.
promise *smatter taw way, as the holly ,
while - these wells am; 'll 'on - thelest produo
lng territory ost the Creek. - -
Boa flau.---It will be obsere mi t i lor o ad
' verd tu
slng eolns that the osa looatsi
essiduee of Mr. D. W. O. Bldws . on the
Brownsville itistilko,above Blimbleutudt
offered for Iblig — TithWiTrus snotty
lost ootablzdag - iliii,fel;-.the advantages of
the cite and ronitry, this is 'I dame arils
to boiedilu
tut withf , Tlue.uopuo aged Amu
ii=turnpiko. and_ 'adog a
t ssenerr; his ill tu 'aesthete and
poseesieness of a•hompoto upuse ;mews
1 been spared to tasks it a desitabb reddens&
It an be wasted at , s low Ow, and to s
%' good 011.01 1 / 1 1 1101 .:—'
• /i4l4loanemias 11teSime$
febsey of.the UU itssaulvatdi
V•hpisenollad ea Tbsoblittb if
.atd" • :t
, • -
;•;•• 1 •"."."\1',.. • ,„ ,
.Zl-7 5ef,:e..,•?.1., ,
•• .
Ceigition Dratted Men.
The Board Virollates tor Ate Pd
Embalms flisiollorttig tatition -to•draft-
baralonrsaintod: to- the Bows
!cif liardinasat that time traPphytiolanw who
iors . oatorting"eirorldtant lade - trona • 'diatto'd
I mad, Ud5041111144:04,-0/i
bialy Lammas, eimsitsot thstraMareptiaa.
Ilkuitd; •SitAblwribliermazltirri liisnonnits•ait
inserettoitionsinidl,ginii*tintr 'ttr'Aratod
/ 44 tiltilt14:
NA mu :40 2 : 14 0 0 0 ,01101
Imp bovilna prutitiensu who ,Ars. so
a.ailttitllonw L td ta;' 70'1We syt
tistatiVsif ortiow&Methron
IMMnentifoon.mailii bittliniaresiand
titionetiOntirintithilt ft is ou'e
zilmt.Eit Cain 'otoirpid,' itrienraflt
staloinssEttl• finis I. indhsts u dad , 7 115 l i
Ads dd. so *tab - It is bs
•dbigntaranderstoodaina no pt stelae, who
'bra straniter tatlisnonanf , Appa who,. one.
Of4lll?l , oo4ool 4 h**!iPr=.4oo l ** o-
a)ossAwsommt msn, vs elts aningiseasscr A
Valuta* Mid a nhystml Male 'otaistsptien
106tfetti•that it nesdtranlyjojO imirO,
Murafatten•tietisit to WOIs . thailan4-6_ f a
third potty thoonorldtallies Of ono Komend
dolts* for '&, ositlOosta t told paid to a Wow
;oho wdliggiais' CO the Midiralpinismion—.
ititideedinilms attletifms ititatotittcslt-44
ossetiovarosmapaid, and latish Imola' nal;
Thatiworthlets - eartleatta Tar eb ,
• d idz ofiroces diawnysii: elothidg
itOte ntilaredeAnt
shiny. Wit am Chris pirtionlir; t drifted
man man- star olsar-ot timaharikn.-Rat ;WS
• '
mrilitatralfriollt o A
„.. „
AI Imp:Wait kliaestioa Raised.
On Wednesday let an important question
Was raised In the United States Distriet
Court; at Philadelphia, before Judge 'Cid
walader. Mr. atingle, a drafted man, !tra
mmed papers to the Board of Enrollment,
elebningezemptlon,' on the greend'Or - being ,
cnrottidity-aye yearn of age, and minted..
The littitiddiaided . the evident, ineuelcderst,'
'hempen - • writ of Wens torpor we sued,
opt, and theasse rains one of most
Sonata questions ander the Conscription act.
10one:4 to the an, the decdslon of the
Bond Is declared to be final, and under that
particular section, Judgelledwalader directed
the argument to thiquestion Whether • wilt
of hate, cove/ could bull:after' a dilatant
had been made by the Beard. If tide is de
aided in the afarinttive. and the Court hem
the Cali, it will have to deride whether there
power to review the decision of the Board
of Enrollment. The case was only partially
argued-bythe United States Binds:it Attor
ney, for the Board of licailintent, and by
Charles Bookwalter, Esq., for the petitioner.
Judge Cadwalader si - ggested that he would
like to hear the argument extended to the
question, which teemed to - W e lts IA the
bottom of the matter , whetter , or
,itot Con
gress catiiiir*d the Wil Of labile, - Ours in
districts where arsi
theretto Iciest
of war, by a y Waling gram ete.iettlthich
tieett4tekeitedlicaft /Wood dim 1 11 4 ,1 MP'
merit upon , thli 41111t11111 will-alarphi beard,
and brings, up _a most important - qv:midden of
the Poirot , 1 4,V96, 14 ? 1 . 1 . 1 . 44143,4r4Weiitip.'01
Trade An Philadelphia
Thee North Americas Jaye: The good old
days are certainly revisiting us.. The light of
batter times is already upon 'the, morning
hills. Within two weeks past then Wry ba n
more southerners in the city Shea for Pus
meshes. An examination of the registers of
the La Pierre and Contineltal /howl .saints
Dam htew Afemphis, Nashville, and
other cities to which, for many months to•
gather, communication was cut of; rnd not •
two weeks Veit wisher" seen nurnerousßouth.
era =reheats walking the streets, andexam-
Irani the,maikets as Ahoy did in thrusi when
treason was =known. Prui Xenia*, and
Tennessee there are: now very many visitors
at Clap Itirey,Atientio City, and other wister
ia/ places.-Yesterday; a goodly number:of
mph people, • Union men and , allatatoldata,
Tare 118 - toin.their, return from the 'Ava
favorite moth: "They visited the 4ailous
firms witir'which they .Led farmarly dealtas
cordially as though nothing unpleasant bed
ever conned between the two asetioni - of the
Our leading merchants are of opinion that
all dealers having; sufficient stooks will this
fall do a Splendid trade. field Is down to 123
—4 rate , which makes exchange littleonerons.
Goad's' prod:used in fiurope at eight months'
,oredit, eight months ago, are paid for , with
the advantage of a decline in exchange of.
froutabout 10 to- the aboee.nemedlate. • De
spite the war Philadelphia is prosperous, • It
has made more iron built more ehiperand
Produced- more tomoutacrares. thenDirgAti.
There has bean a less number orpinpas in
thripublie charge, while the ishoiing.nleases.
have been better peld,tharkthey ever were.
A little-while "rid the-rebellion will ixt.driven
',lntel. center, and Philadalphta la sea oba
good old days it. rejoiced in before. Pbelliou
and secession muted pesoefulaess.
our . , .
Belau Rottane.,4 gentleman, uftenc-,011
City nanied'lleal, who hat been f4opPing et
the set Von Ilmel Intl Joke dam want 3
bed akeitit six o'clock on Thursdny ermines
te-doublebeddil romn s ene bed Inns aten/led
at thWllittefn mi k te-,or Esat - of
McGill, llh ;hi A44 . 46.vg4initi004
and hadticit 44 Whist Con slime On Park.
Mr. Ned gotw betweenalite and ten o'clock,
the nth'r man haabsynenowin lefttleioom
whlltt 'Maw ,gleoplos.. l / 1 10111"1001INCtec
hU /6eket - coMb,3i - dishoveied that Womb(
boAltad.bemt . contained 'BO In
Pittaharglutoilleitwo promissory notes torSSO
each, and a check on the Mune Bank - for
$6OO. altenrads . tonal that hit , Oyer
watch had I'llM-beton stolen:'" '•
Hemmen Pansarr.—The °Boers and mem
bers of the 47tik PIZZO& Regiment lune' pur
chased a beautiful sword, sash and WIN, tO be
presented, to Brig.Oen. CharlesTaUbbell.
The ewordis of the finest steal, .Therseabbard
to richly ornamented, sod beers -the lnporip-
Lion, " rresonted to Brig. Gen. Clharles
Campbell, our late 'Weisel, by OM otentnid
men of the,b7th Ragtime Penes Volanteers,
as a token of their regard for him as an oil=
and a soldier." The present oast POO. -
Tan ground baring been purchased for lap
log one the National Centotary at Gettysburg,
preparation ant being 1111411 to At the plies
for the reception of .the bodies of the gallant
dead vibe fell'
,on the iParensplvania battle
ground. •It tato eointe twenty aerest=c
A.1701171111n oyiaprawt :mama—Joseph
Snowdon, Btu To"' for the Anodatad
Prom at .thlt boon ordttli" b 7
Gov. Ostrfla: at Notary "We— Accosda
don to coatings for tbm yam front date. •
' Dug' itconakitaqw ed.
lior of th•Abiokii Tranioo, Wo ISMOOIII#
1 , mu : d m o p t i6,lol:i to Midi
I mks of ottio,l4o . Off_ . __l4,llol
MO States, Oafs M. • • • LEW • nevi.
1:111581r.Vt. "11
(045 . 01.4.141,4114211 11 1 0 .
BPlilli4 8T04:01i OP GOODS,.
manypted to find alai Midi, 'lda btous .
th great ars la _east approbadloilialliti
Mande aad iaid truelta6 aft•
teatime to buboes sad debt Istipity, Wined U*
approval of all who may baroc as irlth son •
07Y101118.. 1151101t118
Oeass• to dis test
Bide to manse and so reasoaabls
tet_L Datil databad vast malty ClStlfollalb,
lar dtatt, Hold tad Una Oldons, as wall as Pot tags
atom wa Sr. prepaid to mucosa orders to tbtoltos
with carritotaass and despatch.
Llbrirbe very etudoe relectlan at 71:18N/BIELISU
000D5 always as band.,
00 a - et !IA- 4, alt. UL&I3 • 4 t
=no, an.—Witltoat croiptiors Lean ad
but cattotken v 4 Plasita about tba di& id
simumals oiamAnD summit:. ' ;
. doraidl Aid look otyll
(613 ND UM. imam• Todd's enobroasti .
• 60,0002* do .do ototo Thom
100,110100. Shooldogg
15,01X , 11*
100 MIL listas dickdo Ifkotr;
b,sign—Mdig.. oo
"9°4) % i r i s
Ifc4, ;
;tog,mgogargc NEWS_
NKOM 9qa- mgNO pronoN.)
The Bloekade Sue,eiisfully nun.
A pprehenelene from the Delay of the het
itwinsatioy oua POISEUIOII.
The Bombairdment Continued
. ma. me.•
Niw You, Aug.2B.—A Monts Is'audit
tor, dated the *4th last s , to the IPA 141, says :
Bern dmierirre who/sapid from. Port Mont
t& on Thursday night to 'the Montane'', be
sides &lag mat other infortteliel
two blockade runners suoreeded iiiibading our
versus mad ten safely into Otiatleiton Let
Sturday night. They were dheovered by our
blockaders entered upon, but tit* night Was
soda** and misty that they were quickly lost
sight of. They were probably a portion of , a
large fleet dim here from Noun witlivaluaber
cargoes. "
On the 234, making goodleinoties to Gen.
Beaurevad, Gan. Gillinerodinicted -Lieuten
ant Sailer, commanding the Satter,.
tb open with his rifled gun upon the city of
Charisston-duringthe night, aid between one
end two o'clock On Saturday morning, Mien
shells of Birnere invention were pitched over
the James Island batteries wrote theristand
and harfior, and Into UM awl. Theatre:it of
this demtmstrallon splint the city was quite
satLtadtory enrdelmis. 1
Perhaps Beteregard tad considered General
GUISSO7B'II thplit to shell Charleston, at a dia
tanos of Art Wit, too prepositons to de.
eland attentionNid autainly thi city bad I
not been 'moulted by ati non-illanbatants.
The visitors whbh owe swamp s:pi gent them
created • moat utoroariour Win- The people
were aroused by - their advent, and universal
(menden followed, end a general skedaddle
ensued, as was d ent from the lighter !run
hag a ging of bells from every
steeple, and th screechieg Ind screaming of I
The same cottayonderit says a few more
days may tub the entire campaign. Banner
was mineed-bocaufe it was in the way of the
navy, eat Admiral Dahlgren hes as yet made
no advance- towards - completing the work
which Gillman tam so gloriontly begun. The
army is unable to do mom. Gen. Gillmore
eels performed his part of the ionised - and it
now remains for the navy to - water upon and
perform its part of the work. A week's delay
may onabletherebels torepleee Hartilamter by
new batteries within the bathos, whit& will
makethe .irapirrre of Charleston as far as it
was before we tired the fiat did spinet it
There is 'Limp Swift of fear. growing on
shore that the fruits of ear glorious trismt y li
wilt be permitted to slip from Our grasp
inexpliable procrastination on the pastorate
navy. - I cannot explain this seeming want
of energy on the part of the naval authorities.
They may be able to do it, bet some more
reascine mast be given than those already in
circulation, or the country will feel fat from
satisfied with the results of the naval opera
tions in this quarter.
. Morrie hind, Aug. 34.—Then is little to
note concerning the operations of yesterday.
Though Port Sumter had been rendered use
less for defame, the big gets in our batteries
were deliberately engaged in rounding off its
remainingengles, and putting on the finishing
touches of to destruction. .
That Wagner is • hard nut to arecirumst be
apparent to the people of the North. It is
not yet in our possession, though foot by foot,
and yard by yard, our brave soldiers are dig
ging their way into It.
Daring the bombardereatvi sores days not
• moment has been lost in the work before
Wegner. With its supplies cut off, and our
men wieldfig the pickaxe and spade undo:its .
very parapet, the prospect of its early trans
fer to Federal ownership daily brightens.
The destmotion of Sumter relieves our gun s
and bacteria, 'bleb may now be etherwir •
employed. That Wagner is destined to feel
their power end yield before them,"4 *onset ,
mad iseriall _ _
That Glen. Gilimore means business is ad
dant from the feet that the swamp eagle wee
again trained upon the ally last sight and
soma of her massagers waited upon the in
babitsets, if any -remain- •
.The guns of the James Idled batteries tee
naged to play upon this pet piste ottani with
great salutation ail night, bat without dare
Particulars of the Demolition of
Foil Sumter.
Dispatch trom Gen. Glamors
Reported Occupation of Forts Sumter and
Wagner by our Form.
Wane:seven, Aug. 28. ,n. nage* by
received an offish! dispateh from Gen. GUI.
more, dated flitter:UW/0d,Ang.24," giving
of the demolition of Eitunter,
and that he had began shellintihe city. The
prrjectile and en the our Besuregard desig
nates as the most destrnotive Wailes weer
- -
used In war. • '
Yoax, Aug. tarlihe gunboat West
ara World mind this morning from off Wil
mington, and reports the arrival theri of the
summer Florida from off Charbaton,
_pith Ws
Intelligence that the Union troophad con- .
pled Ports Sarnia and Wagner on Monday,
Negotiations • for the - Exchange 'of
Plisoneri Still PendiThiruanits
of Uton Morgan andOoL Straiglit .• ~ ,
Nsw Nair., Ans. 23.—W•6arskro-spocda•
n i s t a ma:
.• . . -• E: ..1. ..0a,p,51.1.
too. .. , ~.- L.- -
nu eat Interview bottrami moroatn,
roomUy . appolittad Nomfoltstorsiodazohanda,-
and Mr. Onld, robe floinsidsilow. Wok plsoo
at City Poinfrtlt. th s,33lllo‘s.Bolne potato
In &puts wore . 'arranged, sad artsogowonto
for the isoliarip of paroled SibOrtiird.wire not
annplotod, end-ragotlittois;o6 otllll.a. kn.,
grin' , 1., : =.• : ~. •.- • -;
TbOlotprltonment of ador 'Morgan 044
others fa the - Onto Porilaintla4 Imistroialit
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of other Talton*, of wit: "Thlilffl4robaldy , I
to atrtandist Idly the imfanktfoi of MOM,. 1
and Ms.rdlosrs to_ 6:llllliiitatitt.
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Orton or rsz Privies:man Daus GAirrf IR I
lritsmt e Lae 10. ifra• I •
This it bat 11111* doing in mosey mitten, eeide
from the neither daily trentertiona Gold is quoted
today at 124% in Hifi rod, which Is a slight ride
Winces addle bars the rates kcal:Ws tomato alma es
lest quoted. The produce market cootinues nosed
Wry dell sad depressed, with only a vety limited
demand br any - Oahe. leading ettielim of trade.
Thera 4,howgrrpno cheap thquotatious worthy of
ffedl ll l/ 0 0* •
ttOtrir-thafe 'Wit local deaMod foe - Salta'
ramp' Anus, sad ere oohs mesa isles from etyre at
tfulfflNSOtO sax puha The only trantacttou la
Malaise* SOO bniOetstrose stars st 68. •
a la acted") bat uncbaosed, alb
7.bbda at 1136rfor Cuba, and 1513{ for Pram Itlou
Veffartla Oat tab Eau at 29433bc. Motown., 614
5:5,11a old, end 68011000 for new.
h:OINSPEtiere Is a fair country demand tor
with take at '&ll6Bo—lftc,o7 at the
mall" figure; Wee an not much b. rptinol for, and
Parson without tamp. .Platu Maui are • shade
.bfeser, held now, aenarally, at 100. Soya
Cured allalls may be gaoled at 13.013)Irsoins choler
brand 140,
DUMB & ECM—Battu Is la good demand
Ind fleas, art. h sales of packed at 16c; end prime In
Cokl sllllo2o. Epp may be gaoled et leo tot
at elellg tomb paged
am INA to Lmltei Mipply;,. do from
awls of 1M load, al 113043 "skiver ocoordog to
. .
. ,
/lIIIIT—AppIe aie auxin more treaty, and the
tastkat la tamely ao Anil, but pricer !outdo 14 b - 0 1
f0r0.42.50 to $3 per bbl. Puebla , ctunnasud tnSin $3
to it per balbaL
Pittstioursit Peuoteam Market.
'duo. TlL—The unfavorable Uwe Ervin New York
and kiteepool, Awe had gnaer depresting edict an
the edi market to.dier, though net to the anoint pea
dieted try many. The transacUmus in Ornde were
limited, and while holden have reduced their Wind
idightly, buyers maniket a iiniposition to held od, ire
autielproton of still brier rata. We quote at Rio
to bun, and SW), packages Included. briers!
Mealy anted 99e, but holders generally are duo *Li
140. Belited, to bowl, I. less active, with more toll. .
ars tbau below, while pikes temaln about as -last
quoted. Sale of MO bb:a bonded, ca the epos at 5181,
E5O bbla tor October at 650, albite option: li,oo (hi.,
on the spot, to go out of the ntarkee, at 5.15; and 150.
bbls, free, at Gk. AWe of 100"bls, bonded, to be
&attend on endember 10th, was doted on Thurs.'s'
sowning at 130. There la no change In Oil Barra ucr
New Vat 'reuoletun Market
dpecdal Dhparati Lc. uu Pittatnaret I?asous.
Nnuiroza;• Aug 521, 180.
The market for Orade b auu, and shoot 1%,0 low
er, with fobs ca the epos et SOO, Sallned to inlet
and ratteer doll with salsa of bonded, on the spot, at
68600 e; September, f;0661, teller.' option, and 63%
at; born' option; October, 69%463, selbae op•
Um. and 6406, buyers' option; Noiembor, 67%
tome option, Relined, free, Is cold et from CS to
We. tisptha ranges tam 20 to 2.60. C.
The crop■ Hi Ensope
The Duncan TLmsa received per oda says that
tam MI parts of the Milted Blogicm—east. west,
north a ed south—thew* amounts are most ;menu.
WPC eit 4 M the Muth of England the hornet has
beau tmusnally early an wall es productive. The ce
rmet crops, foLd the potato crepitate all g 0.4, .ud from
/Mad Ma Moat chagrin' materna:M are toads.
Neterthelais, It vault hardly be este to us cum that
11 will hat be necessary tolmport pretlp Israel, from
the United Maus. portioulatly if there shall be •
1 4Pitwe tedium the West= Powers and Stoats,
the gnat snip predate; ocom.ry of /Campo, as In
that event ell aupptka from that source wouM be cut
oft, •et Papt••d aims tome bar =oat dattds made up
[rem some warts. Putt MU advice* my Lau 170•7
maul what ars cauniered La • easiness most fe
imports by ttailreaa.
thArsi•AD • I.l4=roads Bsicaaso, Adam/ 37-
27.-45 Isls Magus, I 0 Watery 10 on claws, tl
a..l'. • an .14 I:Weak/W. G 0311 do Akan 26 ladagoar,
W 1' G.K24 c 0 10 Ills awl*, 86ocasksr t Lolls; 4
Ids egg., Joba !Won la cop pearls, LUG= k /Wu;
46 081. vale. Power t alkm; 6 buts otaCtozs, .1 1)
D.I4W, ilk do do.• A /r4IVIr, lu Da owkoo, 1u hod
DDB 638, Wm licalairs; oo 1.4:4.11J . 70
bus oppeo I. Voids a C 4. 3 -1 1.66 :_rockots. 0.1.1161-
10a3 /Ism; 6013 s anial ; Y Yaudwass; 14 Ills
lhower ; Batas .11 c 4. 20 043 tobacco, 71.1.
mon /1; ootlll Gnaw 10.1311 ; Gdy. a thssarg; 1...,,
t01e.% 1:0 Du caddish 60114 ♦ Troils; bub 3
damp, 6 lialthama • co; to bblaltodr, blonaLcolor
• Iv. 3 Olds wig.. I togs batter. 6 lbw dr, won, 1
sac& llusltusa ; L cl VIAL/ A co; lu t.a. Aut. A 1.110-
400; 411 Dale. bow, tiersl4 • co; 7 ins shot &di
• L amyl B.ts cou.n, B kith; 2 pass tutecco,
Wm /poor,) DDSs, J 1114.1/unsol a thuloon; 17 881.
J solar 6 co; SO bile 3.00, Clitp £ /144pord;
a Md. 44004 Julia /141Llculcused .6 au .p 1 11.,
Briani a 6.1. lauty P Idolimumi 30 by kalbcro.
B H jun r , k to haw. 41)1 Gracazoyar; lu Ills .b..
'kr, 611 .I . 4krr ; 10 113 do tulacco ; Welosaa a 800; ado
do, Li Dadallp"r; 3 du do. Goo Warm; 4 lids oil, John
ilcotc;111co Mona D Havoctli; 2 Mole tobacco, Li W
Pull:waxier; 7 do do, W a /1 Muskat; sa bbls 13011,
Linos) t "AGM.
Prrnatraen IZ. WAX'S & MUC.IOO BAILICUM, Aug.
14-Ix7 WO wad, 1/Itchttcly "intimacy .40% 17 do
Wets= a Bauer. 00 =nab • wblaky. Jaor
Bryon 10 Carr= now, Sawn d
Or 1 du do, A I'
=ea= 126 bOlo whisky, D a 11 Wall a= 1= tags
J Llggrtt tot; 21.1 bows imp, 20 boats
candloodil Inarceth a ;10 down palls, W e
Gnizaj; 10 do dpi PBack aOW l U° "by* till'
liabnott; 11 sacks wool, a r Gibson; 10 Atkins bat
tar, I Soda, 10 Obis appals, James leolucoth; 50 no
.11cord =spate; oUda do, liciantabl Asbucalo;
=us Wane= J Misr; I can =rig, ay
3 do da, Jain= Mod= 45 =la flour, a
=go awl, 'Murkars, Barron A Got 2
oita tarloy, 8 lioabongh..l 0o; 1 car oats, Bingham,
Mow= a Ow, 10 Btu wtallig, Li Hasponnotwe 14
bake rap, llotlnUongb, Smith Go; 51 bid= J
353311439915tagem-22 ban cotton, 8 Hyde;
was %fa, J abonigion; X, barrel ego, Tantrum
Wan Sinai sgp o blob Uttar, .1 Yogi Ma bop
nand,ongdam; 1 banal amp, 011oolten
So/ant; bstryb swiss, B bon= 1 bbl oat Innal, 6
Ogor; I p mots bamitor., 3 bblo apples, Gent; 11
!,biosf ais ibis P &mato I =nob egp,
Kl=ll Ida Oh Rue= Bon 4 Oot lodge =whaling
DissOz.vriairs, erc.
NOTICE.—The , undersigned having
MU=the esters Mack trona lbs ka t co.
of J. IL NoOVNI. mold annOWDOO
M Markt cadcasers and MS Pleallabisnww‘ ll
.5 )
1 Idborty stmt. ItshO7 co:sro_. ,_ J .B.
whirs • lugs and ccomtets stock of dad
. sad Shoemakers' loather Flostom• Bid.,
!Ali AL, ma be 'bud, sad st louse mos.
AML/NN. No. UN Liberty stmt.
A. AND maim
e M c u o t m to m ed e Wlboaattnom% I most,
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to coasj a ri din aordthessU occale , llll.
SOWS came, matirM Mks IertaAPIMMF ,
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Balling Um
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asulr a DuLL,th. partnexabta to , tat*
thestlite4a7...Tliseilbsainass/fUpa carded pp
tflabalUdlardelsadsa!dastapts, • ,
1 / 1 7 150;Uti: " '
, yam. 4 ' :
sYli-.3siewor man. ovals a soma
~Mr, afidt-daeMsit Ho", Asa asd
Maititcautesatad oar pa
With a ,to• p;
= IUM kb " tr‘nr a 014.1310. s'a ra44,atpall B att dims cattle teeth.
Oath throw of eedthEl4d the Wear
• • •
• •
kthest)Lirritai..alle likrnirtnership
...astattaassosaa tbs. azatardiXect. wirer ay.
Dam sz
al P. aItIDD 4100. asykeel Ana day
of Tba Dubin, will ea 0-metaled by
oniumis IrNalle, by whim ► al dau nt!' due 'dor
m tba, fria loth los ended ' • •
• • 43111\14118 P,
'Poet Pltt F=Aetillity ft t; 26 a • Tv lama
varftwab*lonotat,rs hider
do draw 4.11W11116 DALSALT , a U . '. vex Woad,*
diklaridB duct Anus. • -
J 11111 1 YON(
lenlytog patine.
MBE UNDERSIGNED, onatessors to
loto Ina of LSWIB, DALLZIC La. win
itanttuss moubstmo Ista - Nad al.' WOW
MA style sat Onkel LAWN. Una" N . L 1 "/
. k1: 1 0 and solicit • toottatumoo d sbo poit.94
` 4 11.!:47117 attenitod to tbo We MIA
.141.1131 0. 7. - AWIEN
-• •
A. MD. HAI nialr.
• - L16W1.8 W
air wardwu99. W 1441.164110, 93 3 , chit at.
' Pittsburgh. Algot I.
„Erlin__)syngoviii6 1111
In TBRIA-- st „,„„ trwrotiza
0: 4 604: 11
nfletial /0 ONO • „v im ,. ,
ing. tar ane tii hi:rer bvi t L.......
al a ;L.,.2 ....
ise Quo Iwt"ipet.--1447p5.„.gw0.
~ , v rimvptirrerm--.• -•.- . ...
~,,-4 --' 'th-, . :; - ..' - ,'tro." — it li i:.....4Z-ib l:'llld
• - abiIMADI;TarR A, ' M 32311116- -.
: vnivaiiirAiniti,4o4,l:, 4 l*
' ' ' ' ' lougu ma l ei 2a biuunoccucasi t , .
zurslsHß b WIL3ON,I;
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ill , (lll6lvell}). ' io . .t.o.
ITADIINTBLeI. iiii•tlarrton
Wtst. ••total+ lesproyisens.
Paw..q atuatc. theworta year elms cuff/
s; Baingoo sea CODED. with Improved
Ant" osiaTeettallp lordedcall al .Jda
atm eadi the et itblzes op6atto.a.
X Au iteditiii• moniaiiS
etra.4.4m4, autuau.
Wn. SWIMMER di. CO.,
Portman—No. C. 1/31rilk OHM
;16, ?PICA , IA
Qua Haastoa) 'Ma well blows auranata i ft
I,detpooyNew Tort lad Eldladalplda Stassaddp
Oosatssop an Winded to sail ma LUau
OITS OS WitliB:meToll dog. 29.
OF NaliTllol.l6---flatarday, Sept r.
OITT OP L051D0N......—.....--Itattuday, Sept. 12.
Ana may aseemadtag easavesi, as ma, sato r
tt. Sore 111vir.
iguirabsit 61 Orre/C.
Parable la Gel; sr OP
hear Char 6.—.-4 81 00113tonuan 1150 64
do,. to London.. lo 00 do. so London. 65 50
a - do. to Pute.—... 95 MI do. to Porta— to 50
do. to Hamburg 00 60 do. to Hambmi 5? 50
Paasaupro aka ftwmdad to Bum Bnanan,
terdase. Ant wiwN 40.4 oly low nitsa.
Tams from WriwPol or Hnommorn: Ist 0.51 n,
655,5 105 . elserage, po. Throw who idai.
sod Ow their Ohm& tan bay tit:dusts hon. 0$ thaw
Mtn. •
FOr Wake, tostinglcas apply as the Compaq*.
pJOHN DAL', Agent,
15 Broadon.y, N.Y
Band Med . OM bons porn the Utdas,
PIM • • h
T .ATLA ?illy,' Labium
.11019 00 w l e; u
... *AT _ Litt
Hoteolymr, 0.100 tap&
HlBYLtilkillJDOßarso-power„ 6.000 tOllll4
(MU lAD Boreelower,a.OW twos.
MUM' t.OOO Rona-power, 9,ooolane.
• .1%, • issiguttlent, Ittemalep iumweno wW so
twee Liverpool, els Galway, to New York, ou
bgaDai, the 16th of July, to be followl4 by tab
stem= Of ttulatio iners eltetoste Weduaidsy.
Balm of prop flue foam York. pep
Wins kt OS OFF 9I k7; ,
flosaud.,Chkbl . SS 00 .1
90eDoetber eglit Ow taco of Ms Agents,
I =ALIA 99 13‘vollersy.
, es, D. artilal,L,
Away (Amok& Buildbui,
Do. TO FM Iltseet.
Wit."—Tha.sadarairmal la o. gig:ared la
a" Uallinar MAT- Plet9S, Dr
had ac Eractlaad n . 'by samba. Dna liall
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taw tithliall CIO bapanhand Carat say anratika la
Eittabarsh. T 4. Camas r tatsLdterpod in.,
iged, laaalag Si bandpadam for atio DAD
The wallas yr:redraws LiVarptrol Sian mak. '
addrigaii ime - D. 09
u 1 . 9 MILL,
: - A VPrar rarara. Luba:mi.
.w.vscumLwrzo us.
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110111308 s6D 111Jlitt2II COMPLIJET.
Ins lannense satin 1•111014 to th• somas of this
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Is Ina advantages over any cern rinnady, at OOP
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" Thwieo Friend."
Nathan had It meek" to'ay e:othlng eyrap lbw
ettadreateethtag, treed bon the Work= ablate of
Ertoo7lol, err rat to the ealteter by removlag
the dimes
gotht oJ.a. idael.atilltAll At 00.. bb Ms*
Pittzbank, sabbi rrypeetaE'. dealers evarywhars.
ImlrPstoe, 725 GINO A BOTrlal
16 • le ns4isß3B 8171121.2%
Ororausty iliebathstm itnist, Now Test.
wows 0.31 tE..t4titiao of *Wars to ea ankh. of
coutittootozs, of, 3
Dao wit
riscabor. IV" Oun• UPI" AIWA=
Cionflotalo. Etrodgm, Posy IftrgLolk liaohttoohio.
Fklentiitou mum Earn; •
Beatch, 'Mak Taal Babialicltiatt Tana or
M ho; Saw Scotch. army &xdab.
• 11111rdidadintia-aglii-ao-iba - action in
pima al irin•Aniabeving Lai Totem,.
Walt will bejband al •mania quality.
llitaatinz- No. t;1:fo. 16 Nos. 1 and 2 mind,
••Fro On acitirnia—P. A. b or plata ; °IMO.
Maly at
piTirlit awed; &rani &aatad OrODOIXI; Tin lon
BROICIXO.4I. lova, dimash.,oanastar,
i 21.-4114graatia di Ork.. *in to rat ®+r.
tJon. WM' •
lA, p 1 A L YBI6.-
Pia Uz. nos 1.60
1.30. • St LOUIS'S°.
' • 4 " 4 A:44:
dm star igene c tx the iiale:d tbs
sllllPiai 0 . Edo/Wow or. Louts; so. I ta•
i tte tr aik lav attualoo stm ot Clisond it Ittool , JlKatuttastortni =
gaff fooi
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41.101t10., which moot donestry tha. sd
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of &kilo W1 1 4 0 #04 1 1, 0 1 • iltro
1 oot.'ooto , Oropma to. above
OW. to to iblpipad hots BL lboahior dolliond been
ALEX Obtkoi,
Hd u° elm" :1,4117.
Gurreterusa QZ AMU,
AU midst Mao% and la a gm:glands of • • •
Ths hhiponainti oomist o%i now BRICE DMUS
use, ceommailartame; firgs /Air' BABY
TERABT with luau Load good orthazd
of pang from. 00AI. uodie the vbslo term. 'l4e.
sate to DeWitt! eowtehip, 'btu Ihno settettkote the
..atty.',too Of
Wiar, ram a M.
• ow • .
MUSD PHOPOSU.9 are Invited Oil itealey
oar or AMIN!, MS, at 19 at.. kw tarnishing
rarrnbelettmoe Owpartettart with •
93,000 EIABRIJA ON rwoa.
• Bide will be-toothed LW what te known silo.
Na t aid 411ild La Bay partiot, Inca than the
•tftwco hem'_AL . •
Was for . =went veins skald:be opus arparate
sheets of paper
i....O.very at itio,flour to be commelsollian the
n to .1. Septontar, or as 10321 thereafter Si the
Oosenunent may direct, W. then tote MI 600 barrels
dal4credsither eit tha OtteartummitWansbottee
In own, at the Whams, or at Shona/In:ad
Deote, addrigton„,ll. O.
Parana wilt he made to wartUltatas indebted.
mew* etch other fond' to the Clevantheni 1234 ,
hare for dietsikrodon.,
'The nasal
inapeotion he toads
pat before shallow hiyatoleal; •
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No held win be einatitthsailrona WIWI who her.
previously tailed to comply with their 1436,, cc ham
bidden not mast Sc tagstad. • •
The barrels to be emikelytoweinada earl atm&
of new meterlobi. 'cad heednited. , •
30 limo otters not letith groat." will Isa re.
Bids to to directed to OoL BIiCIKWITH, A. D.
0. and 0. 8., U.S. A. _Washlt4tan ; and eadaned
"Propcsala for flour. aialaad
" °EYELET 1301111/.11,
emus as vas Chinos Qaairwswasmoh
Wutthittaa, D. 0., sing. 16, 1049.
Proposer ore moll:died end will be received at this
otacs ta the foraisling at CAVALRY 80 1 / 9 1111, to
be &rimed at Pittsburgh, Po.. Philadelphia, W 4411-
.134002 lair, Bytom's, Y., or ILudisaspells, Tod.
rropmahr_vrilt be oissidered Engle faralahlait of
4001 la 10 1 l of not less then twenty.livs,2 Th e
borer to be from fhterin (1.1 to ciationAte tends
high, treat do (6) to lase (si years OE Moen
to the addict, Co zpectly;tolLt, in goodies/6mM free
from ail ildwits: • •
2he • ability of the bidder to foilli tit agetement
mast be guaranteed bibs" regisosalie swisarg ohms
signatures must I. oppeaded to the
The reepossibinty tno vuzzato=shiran '
by Ob. Wader .n 1111101" cd the Clerk of tticaluest
Wades Ogart, , as ohs- Milted iliatce 'Dlttricir At.
Baligmost_ be ear d o. Link C. a.
ti. szi Ll 7, Chief Quettenaistsr, 0411.117 Boma.
mid te endorsed oa sts - eatelfie, Proposals Er
ficsoos.” batifToL9l..
•-• .
Ltezt. Cokangthilli••=gailarrniresti
. . . •
ROA '1141.11.
Oecnottd by the antecriber, one mile been the city,
on the Brownsville tnespika cornmanding a view of
the anise sabots, std ten mills of the limn. The
Brick Homo, of Modern style. bait deem Toms, be
tide Bath roam and decade verandah, has
repainted one papered, sidle mppind with biased
end water, drawn In the buena km datum, sad •
never.nillsig spines of pare eratamlarge brick stank,
Carriage Home, &a Thelot has on 11 aClllX,entimee
by a more wall, high fume and bedge„ withevis 11.00
shake Waring troll Toast, ammo 'Nines, and srat7
variety of small Anita mid enintbary—tha
having been twenty' team ender onithratkat. To
those wanting desirable improved property, in cam
p' order. at • medicate dont" this to en mot
:unity veld= to be with. hat. witidmriew d
he city, end may twisty minutia' .walLbtalthar
bfidlia and ten mintrise walk from the Birmingham
threatD. W.; itt.BITOWIL%
wrafraw . Berner - Crater streetand
J: brick dwelling hoar,viik back Inilldl4, Ho.
BO Son arm; Pittabirrgh:
Also, a conut and - wall•lnished
story brick du bows. unlabeled' building, NO,
911 bco wash batman 11301 endibrinnui stersit.
Alto, • mortar, brick dualism bone% Irak beadi
bid No. ILL 9 Second street, near Nos._nNos.__
AU ars to good ardor, and smiled nip
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Old and Stubborn Maar;
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!Syphilitic Diseases and
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