The daily Pittsburgh gazette. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1863-1866, August 29, 1863, Image 3

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9 o'clock o. /6.• ' 80 ' al
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FOTgeillre..A Baltimore
Bask_ silflitifed out 150,000 by a
Ifittsbusgker. _%.
We learied yesterday that a mein =TM.
singed ensoessfol. brgoiy was reovtly per.
pointed upon the' Citis es' . o n %!tl.
: ; more, by • tavern keeps it this e••• y. • -*d
John L. Phi& • IVappeare that
had obtained theeordidonoo of ono* pond.
:not business raked Baltimore, visited that
olty a few days ago, and swoon*, idswelf
sis • horse trontraotorlof the litionueent. He
motto the Quarternoctor at ttsaplace. and
• Ichteitted from ids •clerk-a t.trealpt for • large
.lot of korai ' inlaid At • mosis, price yet
, :head, ingethes with an order upon tint Pall-
Aosta for semtotal—ossenur
c het
bran 148.080 and-,450,0811.
lin mooeeded p i mping this reosipt and
order, it it alleged at -Pfrell forged
the endorse:so th
t -of the Quartermaster, asid
bumosesayatter obtained an order from the
Bormatter, down upon the Onions' Bank,
.psyable to twenty days. He then re.
gored te the bank, where he was bltredu o sli to
the enabler by a well-known trait:en man,
and ststekthat ingegemente were such
that ke mut han1110 . ..004-coh. The amount
wanted out foibles. when be pretended.
figowat h t l
a u n ta .
n f asa mfr&
thiswas alsopeld Um. making $23,000 tan%
Ile than took cheeks for the boom, t. $ 3 , 00 *
kuns,udfrilthebok. Oa the Mowing day
the ashler blkoolli TO tot ail vas
not sight, to
en ke learned forte '
stannidthe lleartermoson had bites
lie at onselook the ors ter this oily. mach-
Leg hereon Thursday. Oa nuking inquiry,
through' an eater, ha
.learned th at Piehl ht
One to Waddsgtost. on business. .It
supposed. homer, that he had gas to New
Tork,"preparatory to taking the steamer for
Elarerillid#l was to sale on idday. This
sappositlen ins strogthened by the hot that
Plohl's loft had' also left the dry. The
cashier telegraphed
, ca ntattei all yin or -
Tal 81 #08, and left, the
MI the to
not to
train f
New York, holds% to - maccoediin apprehend.
lag the strintfro.
The aansed L wellknown in this city, and
wits formerly as a salesman in •
clothing den on street. He hes for
morel years poet been kesping the La Piano
• Row, • disking, saloon - at No. 48,11arket
etfret, near Third. If all soomunt be fro,
titbit not the first or the second time that kr
_Untried Wind itiunra, bobs escaped
opostini by littint 44 food notes at main.
sity. - It is suptesee that use sold the cheeks
width he obtained uem the Onion Bank to
psides in Betties% re; and than pointed_ the
entire amount in iteet;'leu-the shave which
'he:Would have to sta nd . The nrindlets'ene
•of the bodso Azimut sdeoessial en record,
soh Itia 16hay hopedibat the soundrel - will
be Arrested and brought tespurdshment.
rho; on ansithlield Street.
.nbont4 aka *An*, hist night, a Ise was
dlsittorired la the buildings Nos. , 112 and 114
'Eksitidlald. stied/near ROIL' 'The maks
Waif Ant seen Issuing oat st :a abed In the
Paild" aka by • 7004 bum. who keeps
141 44,te1e0 Wi t He hamollately ran to the
ittio . aid • gain Our alma, Ilia steam fire
saltnes, were, ;noway - -bola* spot, and
ehetkaikthfteress._ ~21ut supposed to
haveivintsated lints sp*taneons combos
tlonla, aselileetype gallery of Mr. D. IL
Coates, alb fourth story, or la the book.
bloittry of kfr:ll.4Y. ,ReeWm, tasks titled
2'be ineoad stosy, of the ftlldinn mu
nia si duping apartments. On the intend
neco!Wase Ike groom stores of Dr. B. Wray
and D. MUM& Ike Ire Sr. dl4 not
gehtfnOrdfl, headway as the banns/ was
teedSivith water. MI WWI owned
by two Mean. licuslook, and luared.
Thaßlit Soled sae not Wesel
Deng 6: 1 41, fond.
On , the kb of May tut, a boy named
Charlie, sou of Brands Boast, residing in
Neat Olanlnghaso, was drowned In the Mo
nonipthela deur, by, falling between two log
Un Bi b been playing an M. raft., and
bola& only 'don. years old he Unwittingly
stmed upon some driftwood which bad lodg
ed between the raft!, and dLiappeared from
sight. (Mhos spent an days in searot.-
Ing tor ths body, bet without inicoeu. Teo
tordai afternoon the logs were removed teem
the water, sad the remains of the eland were
tonadanderneeth them. la supposed that
the clothing had caught upon the oafs la some
a y, The Whlo
headb prevented the body from flostleg
entirely as were also
the lap and arms, baying onlyths half de
efayodtrunk. The body vas recognised by the
Keeling of the Central Board
Central Board of, Education -mot F 71.1
dal si,if!illo dvgut2B, _
Arab, /imam. Martha,
tdantigl, and 13,1roant.
Mr. Maiduill via appall - it'd Paddszt, pro
• .
Tho idW :4 of mootlai were rood "sad
"The Ptisoipalpritisted a report of tho n
'saw of 41to mozoodastlon for ad6ilssion to
oho School.
notton'of lLr. Bznob , oudidatoo bold.
to Obi following sunk!, wogs eotttliol to
sesolooloos. t
Nos. 3,4, 9, 12, 16, 21, so, 24, 25,'30, 27,
28, 31,33, 33, 29,40,61, 44, 46,51, 52, 5 3 , 68,
69, 42, 44, 66, 67,49, 12, 73, 14,17,19,80, 81,
ins, 87,11, 94. J
On CM Otto, s3joarnid,.'
rocket Boma . Rules.
A pct: ur, while .dtspostiti of produce la
the Alteihekt? =JO Its &Sakai/el iitpubst,
bad blit,ipSaket book dorm pa .bls stall while
ululated a dollartuiteeiuWlds
fsXi )11/ bees
tendered blatli' li ttmut of sow ardale par.
abased by a; . - "Van ha eased mud
arida ble yoolet k seined and analog
itobody'alie to aeons he youced ,
epos tho
- ladylike ,was tot bar dugs. fibs
dellidd,tt ake dhuriti. and eSyteued
to be so d, but the girdsur dunned to
soars& kir. Harsh:sod to striker any chugs
out of the dolts', and site told Itha be salon
kssp it-tud walked off. Tke pocket book
oubluabst tea dollars.
3reaetot - a Deserter: —
A Gerdelkaanwl ISla4olasflghf,a donn
a .41304 186th i l esuutylvaate Ilestetaat,
41. nisei afaiarroote I. es lrldai eS oho=
an Trei.l/01, by ahem Venus aid Ka
gab, of :theAlNheny. ;cam', Zs duetted
g ro in kta Ottawas OM foils mob see k and
had bad lodging Omit the taro for atoms
.tine. , Hitu said Se be s realdaat of
Alsg, Wad MlllithanY whoa ha
inflated. '4 ile'iraa'edne Into the Gaited, of
Captain /Whet; Prot et Miitsluil et Ilte su
Dissefas, hid win tmasetumili to the Mars of
OAYJ tin POI Proldiedi
and his wife, Jilisabsth„ who keep the Good
latent Hadoos, on Ohio lawei Bsound ward,
=, and who went tempi with as-
Who with latest:to kill ma old
Rimed 'Oroltsr, and his ion, postordey
*stoodboll for trial. pylpoBNtar,.who is
I secused •of lading and- stooge: the'iossult,
, m
e 8m a—M*44ll . 342,4* gaydei;
ion am* big MIL 0 -Ikustp,ons
Bag Maus of Pule and //lady. Andhra
weep , , This will be luorable *maw&
zfor the 1144100C1,* Mg* OOA =mu- et
/Loos Li 3L, Prntenr,llfflOMpri*
111.fata *Wow adli k sat a - Issidut of
Whaling, :died La % Wedsuday
Xualue*sieelgurananne enigma
4altus olisapidlifoolellaralutline. •
A fteilisimitaihietersv.
Labe ma-Boai* irallgisigey•
thankfully soldrasicige e.l
iasslng acoapant, dudes the two walks dul
led August Tisk, 1863: -
Welt* Oak ElprinAs riagyegatidit.... l .-48 50
Cblldria's Bair, Nallelliewart, sad Dal
lis tohustol6.
• • 2 00
guAm L. Eua, 1 iTo sso Jim and
lCesases2 / 2 2-As 6laekberr7 irkiessani2kJetly.
dJohnun dampen, 4 dans, pai/rIP
ea, 1 lterikdag l i t r.
lints.l4lrtzupla, 6 pair! soaks, 6 cans
fn it, tan .0 wawa sloe flour, 6
Parlagintrizitarch, papers, masselnes, Oi
lmano and ticking.
Mrs. James Gibson; 8 feather Pillow&
Mu Mary T. Morison, 1 right dart, 1
out tomatoes.
Mrs. John Petterson, 3 cans blackberries,
3 Dabs socks, bundle of pafa.
A friend, 16 corn husk ors.
Work dorm by lad*, • shirts, 10 pairs
drenered, pair mks.
- Church Dedication.
The UMW Presbyterian Church of Law..
r•raoinfor bested at the was: of Ewalt and
Bauer eirests; will be armed for Divine sro
ilse, on to-morrow, the 10th lust. Bev. W.
Alabam a tbe, pastor, will .proutelt at 1.03 i
(Nick a. a.; Bev. John O. Brown at -2
!Nook,* is.,and,Ber. James Wadley, D.D.,.
all3fo'est night. A. eolleation will ba
taken tip at the end of eioh unto', to amiss
the oeugreption la sonstradagand tarnish
ing the
The Ba bes
ScheratiMily Invited to'
attend. iiabbatool win :mein
Bobinson's Ball, at o'clock, P. The 4:ca
ts hereby tenders Jle Its grateful aolmow='
to Mr.bron Robinson, for
• mare nominal mit, has so long furnishedwho,
with place of emoting.
/avian ova lientirra.—The sev
enth send-annual session of the memo! for
m t team nada the °harp of Mrs. 0. A.
common. Monday, September 7c.h.
ILma his longboat known in this oonunn
nit, es i teacher of rare abilitleOurring sited
serval of the most Important positions in
then dike to the entire satisfaction of all
emisonmed. Her school is intended to be in
allteepetiti ilmodell one, la which 'young Is.
dies rmehm, tbit otrefollad thoronkh tralaing
ea esseatraltirthidivatopnoutt of those quali
ties that tend Madams and dignify tranlea.
• This retool rooms me AMod up like a pri
vate parloriand nething that could tend to
hhealth, aomfortor edraneement or the pu
au him nesistoted.
Enaavroon'e(MUM roe Auocrar.-
31r4W.A. Gildanfenney. at Fifth street, am
remised from the publishers; 3lessn. L.
fleott A Co., New Pork, the August number
of Bleekarood'• !Empalme, entailing r—d.
Visit toast Insurgent Camp—Letter from Po.
land, No. 3; Caztoalans, Part /8; Novels ;
"Panelist/vas of Horace; Indian Prosperity ;.
George Ondltshank ; The State and Prospeota
of the Church of England; In the Garden;
Chrodolot of Carlingfordi—The -Perpetual
Canty Part 3; Captain Spate's Welcome.—
Glancing over all which, ws receive the ito
preulon that we could piss • few hownt very
pleasantly andprolltabl,y with " Old Ebony"
this month. •
GRADUAiLD..-410 burs Moreantile Gallego,
Pittsburgh, George limp, Shamokia, Pa.;
Peter Hilt , Bharpsbutgs. Pf&.; David M.
Park. Allagiteny city: /QUID 0. Farman,
Sheillabt, Li.; ail of whom passed an honor
able examination. Those who understand
Ms long and searching ware of the exam!.
nations is this institution willseadily award
its graiketo the destination dile tO'swperior
probational attainments. Seca graduate
was awarded ohs Omani Diploma of oho Col
lege, and as a zustamial of his industry sod
awszaphir, dsportmont was presented by the
faculty with
p. copy of the Ooltsgo Gems of
Basra Roses.-00 Sunday, Ang. 113th,
the barn of Joseph Winslow, of Gaskili to urn:
Jillerson county, was 'track by light
ning, and burnt to the ground, together with
somezinin„ farming bnplements, and several
bead of young eatUe. Mr. Win s loss Is
about 21,000.
On Friday evening the 21st inst., the barn
of Amos !Wm., In Middlesex township, Cam
birthed county, was struck by lightning and
burned t• the ground. AU the orntebts of
the barn wan ars* destroyed. The lass Is es
timated at $4,500.
Trio Ir. rwrzarin WZILLINI —Pull Alai of
the Nov York Notarial Winans/ will be
found at the Newa and Periodical Dapot of J.
W. Pitted, apposite the Poat•oftloe. /iamb
Lealtk, /wiper's Week( and the Now Pork
Distwatal Nem, for nut weak, will be found
close Mute in the ram of oompatition-L-esch
meals/ to dawn a prise for come Apittial
A NAT Ehisanzos Dora.—Tho great sen
sation play ontitlad oThi Dates Signal,"
Odell has boon In rodearsio for some tams,
will b• produced at the thsatropon blonds,
=for th• Srat Urns. The piste his
Unit up by Karma asnattiltn, at
entsidanblit aspens% and it will no doubt
him • prolltabls run. Owing to the !snob
d ith the play, no oilier midi:mos tan be given
ft -
A Bow Txxre.—Ott Friday morning, do
les rumba holm some &deg rascal -stole s
seat from the stall of Mz. Charles Sanders, In
the Allithilw7 Cadet house, leaving another
_coat In Its stead.' S.'s coat contained his
bank book; an account with his tanner. and
°Qua useful pews. The thief doubt ex
pected to dad some mons, In the pockets oot
the garment, but In this he wai mistaken.
DLO' 07 • Puutmok—.on Banda', th• 18th
inst., Jacob Rower, of New Balls, Oldo,
Ned at 'do age of 92 years: Dsosased,
though bats. In Lancaster counts, In this
Btu., had lived 62 years In Stark conni7. He
haves Smoothing of a family, being not Ins
than 6 obildren, 61 grand-child:on and 103
great grand-children I •
Alma Tsunami Castes& Vbital Ctall and
`mate •, selection. Almost at arrap-et
eidy Cu dollar per - dolma—taw onto each,
61enerab,matrwat soon and women, actors
and rotressar, *Wm of saps:rings and stat
urp are eoinprbed in the large eollsotion, at
Plttook's opposite the Postordes. '
:Lunn Dor. Suns (new organizotion)
bars remand stud: Vaasa( netts` to:amine
KosattAsil to WWI qoutthu Neptune on-
Ito tunuo, Eloranth stmt. Pnaoldas on
next Babbatls L at two o'clock In the attankoon.
• Pew- are zesPOUVI,7 Wits& Stets
.Wriuml7 *Baas:—llds look% samba of
etontaina semi artis °Peon
stearablip inmost to ths moral rea tes
d's. It
;will to found at J. W. Pittoors News and
Dspot, opposite ths gostoelos.
Einuaina Inanrarn.--lho auth innelow
aanuannou ay, Beptambei 7th. and
fonedrantar, Mo nd talk at the Institut*, amoral
Pena and Bt. Clair stmts.
/as the Zest= defy.
,gad weekly paper*,
IdEddue-adt_olitha• ethatee64tt• min
eat,;at Fitthers o oppoelti the Post
Tine gilts to got an Album fa at - Pittook's
loppoidte the Postal's, when the Anus so
elope ossi bitad.
Your ad/nu—tor w
ofoo. aany pspariat Pitt. k. opposAte the Pad-
Tan MU* &hoed of *a /Int Ward Alla.
them CH op= aa Wadi% dxgastalat.
- -
Gam' la• Sail Boots sad Shoes at Mo.
9104 fA r s , 65 PUth street.
_ro°, all also aad auto, at Mo. glallad'a Aaetloa Bon.
Assam= Goods an• - balng dosed onl at
tidnoid prima at M•ol•llanit's.
011.8111 T—On maktztag. Aigint sethr
romipla NOS Or Ham and Min 0612.
Abe ntlaittamfit tan pan an nom: um&
way at MAW'. fres eDr tadinto M . 7boma
,Fawralicatat &W i ndt' IrkdotOtattilt
to AllaitatarOmistaiy. eke Maids di* Cady
ars tattled to attest. .
CRILIS-Oatihr ci. AU. I M.
= .1"137"71.
sissoLai, iA)cmit,
r lb li.bret Onus Nairn% fro
tingly and manbatteba papaw. an Ile
but b in.
A. P. Onion eattitalAtom.
k.. Ruth arms.
Tzosum Pans, Plali sad Onamsotal aims
&Mos. alas doalso la Nativism& ant Pm
mous aims of Ma boss quality at low rota.
Offloo st Atm Lough tla's. tear the Must
Works. Pittsburgh, Pa. optila
Owario Our us Annan Mum as Con.—
M i ne/%Anna:chant tailor. is sal/lag off
bla Sprit% ao /lemma Mock of goods at cost.
Litzniadit of all the blast Mlles of cloths,
sad vostlags, of wk
pared to oaks up la Qs most fslibmablo
mallue4 Gad at otot_pabis. 72us mablio should
not:teem to Await thosoialms of this ton
charms sad oats Soong lip globs blso an
early call.
Also a largeaasortoseat or plain Ind fang
cashmeres, wall adapted for boys' wear, which
be will 'ell by the plea far below east.
Mothers ehoald not aselett to saki early.
Beek Nstezers, Marehast Tailor
- No. MI Market straits.
arriurnoa, ii 117111111311 Woman= I—The
attention of one owantaro loan defenders re
deal, mentod AVM'ths.pea} of ma i and of
the publin In-giamil.lo spindial tho
entenstre handsonie eat of
the lawn siva of. Ira* - and
Mesa pisos goads, : for tante, Goats and
s' lll 3, &lob readved Ream Jelin Wider
& Co., listatina , Taltats # g o ,. 126 "Waal
tweet, Allaheiqh Wfjbeallal nelattian,A
gentlemates faathint also shrug
be found on the delta of thi atgi i ishateut.
to ot gether with
ba lotests of readpwaade 4 :baths,
g a ia the mear.
New Llama op ammo
Cap' we
ten we ens asked, where CIO we boy a neat
and oonkfcrrtabl• UMW= salt, lisle to ljt4Ot
thus having the dunce of sideothig our own
toads? To all then Inquiries wenn outawer,
go to Messrs. W. H. McGee wiser of
ftdeal street and end Meth , '
ay. end on will be suited asoording to-your;
taste. They have just Illetinti their
goods, and foreleganoe of styles they
b surpassed. and for Aquino Um ate the try
- parsons, as their work is all done ander their ,
own sopervislon. Give thank • call, sod you
oatonot fail to b• 'added.
slime max err Omar.--REV. hiBB. R.
0. ANDRUS, for many pars Missionary to
ReJUN "V , 0 / 11,W151010 N. P., (the oil ,
mate having seriously =sew het hair and
, " have derived snub benefit
from t he h us of •
Mrs. 8. A. Allen's World's
Hair Restorer and Zylobalsamum. I have
tried various other remedies, but never any
thing that*. natarially and permanostly bass
litird me."
Sold by druggiets everywhere. Depot, 193
Greenwich street, Maw York. dew
,CIADIOCT OF Swum% Lazoneens eau Con
niece, No. 110, Peden! street, Allegheny.
This institution, conducted by Dem. J. Davis,
who is anisted by esperienold and aniqueful
iottrnotors, will coratnenoe Its Pall Elusion on
the let of September. Number of pupils lisni
acd. The English sad °ammonia! Night
Sahool willoomMlZloooll the let of °etcher.
anU 41
Imre Commuura liarcrura--A Klett
olaaaleol eohool for bees, corner of Beaver
street and Stoekton Ovum% AlLawny edgy,
P. The seventh aeml-ananal simian am
moms on Monday, September 7th. Per cir
cular' or other Information *moo tuition or
board, 001 l upon or address the PrinolpaL
sa2L•2nme Mss. B. A. Bunn.
Was: AI Ammo or Ehrmatio Aro Dra
wee mons ibevishutteare would ba pritoent
ed by the freebie et HOLLOWAY'S PILLS
AND OINTIONT. Poe Wounds. Sorsa and
doom, the Ointment is a certain rare, and
for Bowel aentplalnts, Bever., Bina Pox, Ao.,
the Pill. are the beet medicine to the world.
Only 25 cents per box or pot. 22!
Nanzen_ro PZOPRITT BOLDUC a 6 / 1 111111 a/D
ALL 011/111111 Irrsastvino.7lNr repairs or ids
teratlona tc storm or dwellings, ass rotate, or
an)thinN olae to the Carpenter line, eel at
thrthrkerea Carpenter. Mir% Vtr64n oaqi
&bore Szoithteid Peres", an ordain viva:4l3ly
attended to
Boom DOUAI:II, fora dollars.
Pow dollars, tour dollars.
Dental Icetitute, Dental Institute.
But cheap Dentistry, bast cheap Dentistry
No machine work, no maohlne work.
Wu?w liatratstrr.—The hU teem of
this institution will commence et Tuesday,
the Ist day of September neut. Poi particu
lars see catalogue, to be had at aey of the
bookstores In the city.
Afro. 18th, 1863. eod:2w
Ousteve end Oefutrawa O►ua wiN be taken
at the Omnibus oats, No. in Liberty strait,
day or eight. All orders left at the above
pleas will be promptly attended te. All calls
must be paid bn advance. 6m.
C. SILL, DeWitt, 246 Penn rforsai, .r2s, d le
nodn•n .9 Ws orefasition
TIVB 0001111 TM will moot or Ms 0914
of Mamball I Brown, corner of /PM and Grant
argot; on Malt WEDNiBIDAY and Watt&
DAY. or 9 ealoot p. m. • anr4
POLITICAL ;410T1011.—Perms
&siring to bold bisstbip In the various
Ilselicni Districts thnmiliocrt the comply, can pro
curs HAHD.DILLO AND P 0521848. nedly print
tior Wangs, h 7 wiping to D. B. 1211411r08,
.No. 84 ilith stmt. Pitisimph. anlB
ant to the order of the Onion Reecentre
Oonsmltlea of Allegheny county, the anderelened
hereby rived the Delegetee who represented the
loyal citizens of Bald ,colmty to Oonvenfloa en Jute
2d, 1353, to 104.10111:1241/ IB cosyzwrion el
the COURT HORAN, to 'Pittsburgh; en TOUfl.
DAT, F irpromber 3d, 11103. at 10 o'chat a. for
the purpose of hatolnating a candidate Art the dna
of Sheriff. A. IL DROWN, Manisa.
JOHN N. 6111WAIIT. etoratary.
2 bo hownoo of AnegbooY County, lonti of the
Dean and opponantstut Ooppordniknon, tlll alma to
Thursday, Septeassber 8, I.SBB,
ON Tam
WEST CODISIOI4I3, Allegheny,
AT ix amooK P. a
air 12siosst spates ban been ssested sad will
by Is stissitstie. Ld m Doi, s (MUM RALLY
FOB 28X 18808.
jtz u orderat w rigs& Itcrattv•aasnatts•.
imri ITUL a
Oacia ilnar,lldrd Ward, All Oar;
Roam Pam, Xaoarphaa *roast;
D. D. lanicaa, Lova Bt. Chit tp;
'Joan ii.Jhaar, &cad Wad. Allogbaa
D. Ogranasiond Ward, Plitatracht '
5o Roars, Jr., Zan., /oath Wad, Alleghan
aura Razatar. Nana Ward, Ptiaborgh;
loam Rana, Banta Ward, do,
K. D. lincata. Aron immatip;
Marra Z. Das, Tainaarrillin
B. N. PALM, Jr.. Postai alma*
P. O. Haan, Mb Ward, Pinata&
Joni P. Dar, =Ea
_DriDahlin .
Jaw Hiram Erma do;
hum lialuanar, Oman torrahla
hum Ihoraor, Rains tarnahr,
Jar 11. Pears, Tarantcm;
Wuraa Ruccant. Richland lima*
CL Maesaw, Ra i Rath Ward, Mango.
Dollins, Third Wad,
Aunt Boasas, Lank Ward, Magary;
Capt. Jaw Dram, Manchattor;
Gm W. Buxom, Itli• Wird. Pitlatarsh.
/4.'. M. BROWN. of Plitabargh, Dhahran.
J. a. wriwazz. Dol/hr li•ci,arY• •
Fiamoi—A. IL DROWN, D. O'BIILL sad
.Pridtip-D. 14. ruauaom D. 04final sad
sums& nasmar. _ . .
_ • •
, a s sisikp soad gigoins..lll. 4 o. 111Aummi s .
lit fink a r . J JAmin MAXIM% UT third 111.1
80L. 8 M r.. VD loath Ong t. .
7Atailh Piss v. JoHN LL 880 w it
irsanal ittrof, Bl l4Bp7l it s . ii.,1211008011.
Amu drifts le 11011 Woo Nestlalits ta*
wins dada' •
,aoisikamiloat as Nem,
viathsebno bis turdelotssmiau TabOlikle aft" Cs Norti
et UL W%
Spodal Moot& to Of Ptttobaret Gomm.
Wasuaarcur, Aug. 28, 1881.
/OM MMUS alto woods 00017r1ILD IT 0171
Nein ram revolved gesit /fortress Monroe
52 noon to-dey that de iptuboat Western
World; Capt. @mem arrived there title
numbs from off Wittbaton, and reports
the antral there of the S. steamer PIMA&
from Charleston,' with the btalligenes that
' our forces occupied Rotts Sumter and Wainer
on 'Monday last
1110/111WED examunts mitten "Loire anoonsa."
A lets number of the , Richmond Shomseecr
says In relation to the attack on Charleston:
allot what startles eels the Milano, from
which the Odle warelltrown. The battery
la In a marsh, An. :Was from the oily. It
his long hem claimed by InTentorsof modern
calmness that new artillery was &Tellable
for inch purposes St dint 'distance; but this Is
the drat prtantittal twsl their pretensions on
yetrorlibitsiiiiffitiksmay attract attention. '
Not a doubt noirprushas that the spirit of
Charleston Is about to to be triedln the tent
h!' ordeal of bombardment. It is well that
that place to Bonham has
jail Issued • prollatmition inframhis the ca
lming that the plea of 'defense admitted of that
eontinganoy, end reoutsmandlost all non- cora
betel:lts to withdraw, after the conformation,
thereof ft:unbelted by °lncome. Them is little
fear that his itirlos will not be attended to
by familles who hats not deep cellars and
Ann nerves.
Charleston will be aliened, but that will
be a circumstance of miner importance to r a
successful deforms of its fortilications and har
bor. If we cab wain item and foil theenesoy
that glutton@ wham will amplg cksinpensate
hor all the 14 ay which bombs can do to empty
Surgeon General Hammond ii about to no
donate a tour et la/soden Intone the hoop!
tale on the Atlantis and Galt 00113*11.
Tax szosoree OP MOO SUP
Gen. Meredith, who has dug* of the ex
*hoop of prifeeteri at Fortress Monroe, tn
. • • .
forms the Departniewt here that GoL Eltralght
and his Gamy will is placed on the same
footing as other prisoners of war.
11Q101110111111 , 01 0114/LUTOI.
A Dumber of Okieons Dora beim soot to
43harlastoa loakaAolpottoo of coming oracle,
dirorwit nsonuos
The town site - of Comma Grove, In Hutu,
has been claimed by Vol Hall, of fdlasotud,
and the molter hal been in legislation for some
liars. To- daj cue was finally dooldod
by the interior Department, in favor of the
Oa yesterday, White's guerrillas attacked
a squad of scouts, alas hundred In number,
near Leesburg. Mies sad wounding soma
teen, and, It is supposed, captured the Moat
of the rest, about a huudred la number. The
others have ►sea warned reputedly of the
danger of each as attack.
FROM P 101,40 EL/PH.I4
cpectsl Dispatch to.f44 . lstsbureh Oaten.
Piillattexrxia, Aug I% 1883.
At Last we have received an otlinial dispatch
from 'Oen. GlLlmore that our troops occupy
Sumter and Wagner. The news has bean so
long expected that it hardly •wakens any
manifestation of Joy in our city. Other ac-
counts say that Sumter is • huge man of
rains. The shelling of Charleston with Greek
fire ie not coedited in Philadelphia.
A Lester from Richmond, of the 24th lust.,
saye that Ord. Straight and his party will be
reamed to the status of prisoner' of war. In
this event it Ls expected that Morgan aad his
men, now in the Ohio penitentiary, will be
regarded as the same.
The establishment of • Bureau for the
apprehension or deserters, sod the prompt •nd
savure punishment to be indicted, has decrees
-02 desertions seventy. eve per amt. In June
4,000 deserters, and in July 6,000 wed* arrest
The remaining old people in Blatant Vir
ginian Basing from she " wrath to coots."
The whoiesale oonstaiption by the rebels is
Lightening lb. old stab away. The refugees
are 11111:111W01114
I had it tall' this morning with • cass.7l3
yews old, who fled from bit native Seats to
scold its conscription. Hs sys : When Um
war broke out ha had ass sons, sad two an
tund thumbsl ankh voluntaorsd- Throe wen
conscripted, and all of them are 'timid. and the
old man Is broken heartod. Bs forthar says
it is not the fault of flit United Stares Gov
The Ed Pa. negro troops have wifely arrived
of bloats Island. Thom Is another roginiont
of nogrom at Camp Wm. Pons that mill be
ready to start in a Gm days.
The cams of tbe Philo&lehla milltary
hoopitals foot op to about 10,000 Mk and
wended soldlati.
Than Is a dull, sold Ma So-day—Um
ammeter The. - H. d,. W.
11016 Nissan aad Havana.
Nsw You, Aug. 28.—The Enamor Cor
sica, from Noun on the lick, has arrived.
Quite • riot maned at Gnat Town be.
town ne inhabitants and *Didion. Twe'or
three were killed cut both Ades.
As mint from Havana otitis that the old
"alto of Havana busbies doincollohod.
ma ionnbciat 'mists Whitt from Havana
on eta kith la pronit of the robs! otostnor
Nait, wale& had saga the smogs, for Ha
Two Vessels captured by lie Rebels.
Bauman, Aug. 28.—The gunboat Alsip
arrived .t' Point Lookout at (Moth
wegewday night, and reports the gunboat
Conitaok in th e Chesapeake bay. an Cap
tainireported that else gunboat flatmate and
wit Beams, Capt. Danpn, with the crews
et both vessels, weremaptured on Tuesday by
this rebels, our the inane of the Rappkem.
took. Tee Ilaptals the of Satellte was_ repot*
id killed, and the Captain of the Bod: es
Affeun at renoacolck
Founts Morns, Aek. 3L - -.The mobil o
Agis , ihlosoo,of Mb, mot Thaws
alztoon wills in the harbor of Poimeola,
ten of whisk are made-of-war and ten
sports. •
The Yankees aro banding two Immense
holpitals at the Navy lard.
All thenevem are Wog slut to Now Or
limo to to placed tho Taubman!** Mom
Psobable Evacuation °CAW* Tea
Deuce by the. Rebels. •
BISTIMM Ala ., Ault% It probable
that the rebels are mottles Chattanooge,
and all Eastern Tennessee. Deserters who
PIM into Reynolds' Ilnes.repost th a t th ey $l5
aortas ins and nodal and Important ma
chinery at hendrhs at 01414:100 and At.
lents. Babel naval!, are o ttiontm.
tins at Beau.
nosey Votodfor 'be itehof of Drafted
Ras ilk' New Work—Rebel Steamer
Nay Tom Avg. se.— T ae' Board of ; fis•
*doom i. Toted $ 2 . 000 ,600 fo ofiostitt
finfluat illthaond Poll" sad to ignias for
fiatUos of drawl 2114 * 44 1 0: 11 1 1 ,fr .
;louse advises of Ai ni fut.' otogi aid
tio ;del stoma Omuta& wso eiptidorly
Ito sabot abode blowy off Atalkoi Ago
wilo from Witadagtofh
Dispatch from General Gillmore.
The Shelling of Charleston
- 11q0.11D, S. 0 , Avg $4
To ifsd. 0111 . 111: Bo fleck, Wasfaingtow
I have the honer to report the practical do.
molitlon of Port Sumter u the result of our
saran days' bombardment of that work,
intlindthg two days of which • powerful N.
.}3. storm most statousty diminished the aeon
racy and effect of Oat Ore. Port Sumter 1.
to-dap a helpless and tutimbiss niece of ruins.
My Chief of Artillery, Col. J. Turner, reports
Ito destruction so far complete that it Is no '
longer of any &salts the debased of Charles
ton. Its alto sap that by a Stager lire it
could be ma!us more completely • ruin and
mass of broken masonry, but it could scarcely
be more powerless for the defense . of the har
bor: Breaching batteries wore located at
Marmites liar:tag between 3,330 and 4,240
yards Irina the work, and now remain as effi
cient as emu. I deem It inuutoessary at pres
ent to continue their ire upon the ruble of
Port Stmt &
I have also, at great labor and wader heavy
Ere trot James Island, established batteries
OD my laft within drag:hive range of the heart
of Charleaton, and bay. opened with them,
after giving General Beauregard notice of my
Intention to do so. My ' notification to Gen.
Bestamal : his reply thereto, with the threat
of re on, and my rejoinder, have been
transmit to the Army Headquarter,. The
prolectiles from my batteries entered the city,
an General Beatuedard, himself, designates
them is the most destruative missiles over
used in war. The 'report of my Chief of ar
tillery and an arcuate sketch of the rain of
Port Sumter, taken at 12 m. yesterday, six
hoan before we ceased firing, are herewith
Very reggae Milky,
Your obedient servant,
Q. A. Onsnas,
Brigadier General Commanding
Capittre of an English Steamer--1 he
White River Expedition.
Wsinuoros; Aug. 28 —The Navy De
partment has received a oommunicetion from
Cammander Tosnahord, of the steamer Rhode
Wand, reporting the capture of the Rogileh
screw steamer Oronstadt,..for a violation of the
blockade o ff Willeingtoe, N. C. Her cargo
concreted of cotton, turpentine and tobacco.
Rear Admiral Porter has forwarded the re
port of Mani Beebe, relative to theism Whim
river expedition. He fint stopped at Des Aro,
on White river, and burnt Confederate stores,
destroyed the telegraph woes, go. lie thee
sent the Cricket slier the steamers Tout Gregg
and 0411ht0e,,whieh be had reason to believe
were hid up the river, while he and the Mar_
more proceeded to Augusta, 30 miles further
up. Them ha obtained valuable information
of the enemy, which was subsequently eon
firmed, namely, that the grand Southern
army was orecentrating at Brownell/6, to
make their line of defenses on the hive'
Men. Gen. Prloe was there, and Chin. Kirby
Smith was at Little Rash.
Gen. Martnadttke had erossed t h e river a
few day, before, and was then massing the
Little Bed River.
Leaving the Mamoru off the mouth, Lient
Bache went up Little Red with the Lazing.
ton. When about twenty-Ave mire distant,
be mat the Cricket with two prizes, which she
had captured at bray, fifteen miles farther
on. She also destroyed Ilsrmeduke's pon
toon bridge, leaving a portion of the lance's
brigade on the other ewe of the river. The
Cricket was fired into by itiartuatiake's men,
and had about twenty soldiers wounded out
of 160 Both la were attacked • coming
down the river.. Sum. cotton and • few prie
seers were captured with the prier..
2:e Tem Gregg is a hoe code-te heel steamer,
as la also the $ ukases., though somewhat
older. They axe BOW manned, and are tow
retained to oe-operate With the army along
the river.
The farmers were glad at oar pretence, and
many Union demoostratlens were made.
The captured boats were the oily mesas of
transportation the rebels had on the river ;
therefore our taking them is o heavy. blow in
Poled upon them.
Lieu Dannington, who was formerly sap.
Wad while in minatand of Arkansas Post, is
now galas at Little Rook, the Ponchertritin,
:the last ram the rebels have in these waters.
if she ventures outside the shoals Admiral
Porter says she will be captured.
." Admiral Porter communicating the results
of the Last expedition up the Yazoo river o
recover the Bares Do Bath, says the vessel
coat the rebels more than was at but sup
posed. Capt. Walker has received Informs
non to be relied on, that live steamers, at or
near the city of Yazoo, Isaac Brown, late in
the U. S. A., in a panto, and for fear that they
would WI into our bards, set fire to and de
stroyed fourteen other'', among them nine
large ones, the machinery of which was lc
'tended to be mint to Um', Ala., for therm:-
boats building there. There are no mote
steamers on the Yazoo. All the vessels which
sought refuge there, as the safest time in
rebeldom, have been destroyed.
Further by the Steamer Hibernia.
Sr. Jona% N. I.—The following is a con
tinuation of the Nihauian's Iowa:
The London rime, In Us oily artlole, in
mierring to Mazinn, says
It Ufn vain to any that the feeling is,
that the Emperor Napoleon has lone. groat
sertioo, both political and oosnmoroial, to the
world. PollUoal, in tionforming to the pre
vious action of Spain, in extimmishing the
Monroe doctrine and common:Li, la restoring
interootaso with a nation of such importance
of territory..
A British - w.r-sktip- trim Rio De Joniero,
reports as follows t
Passed astrip, acme not given, burnt to the
watersedge, on the 24 of Jaly, in lat. 26,
south long, E 8 west. Shortly afterwards
spoke the steamer Alabama, wbleb had cap_
tared and burnt this ship.
Tha Polish question remained unottansed.
The Poles Imo defeated the Russians at Bar
ium and;paptured 200,000 roubles.
The Emperor Napoleon's leaf at Paris lad
passed off qoletly, and without any political
he Oestrus of the German Primes was In
minion at Yninkfort. It was headed by the
Emperor of Austria, and was largely attended.
The agents of the Confederate loan an- •
mound Mad the September dividend will be
paid fa ditivoonne. •
loadon,lllg.lB,—the trench porangment
has revoked the 'Munn it erdlilisalion In
Mexiso,aud hae'eritluitairn thi proposition is
nerd to
Aug. I.—The Oily of Maw'
York, trom ' Newlork B , has arrived.
A heavy decline In the London Breadainii
Market will doubling cane a fall hare.
From New Orleans.
Murata, Aug. 25.—The New Orleans ad
IrieOS of the 20th, received to -day contain bid
Hit/is news.
qa Tim ship 0. 0. Du from Boston. with
000 bolds of oata bo o animod. Mahe,
balm low middling cotton sold at sok, Tau
little on tahm.
The Blamer Courier, with the 49th Illinois
regiment on board, collided with the steamer
Da Aso, about 30 tabs below Memphis. The
Courier was stink, and soma lives were lost,
bet not yet known how man,y.
• lgarketa Dr Telegraph.
Nag You, Ang. 0.-7bttonduU,lessvg and lent
&S NOW* soldallag and Uplands. Slur dml and
higleg and 60100 lone asll4,o64=yer Sutra
glue, gootjae tbulextes B. 0., ,00 fist
Sudo Biala& 1210 Warta ckedng dull and Wt..
put, antive. nodal= at alkatda• Mau ham
and gost, gus ; the thc/Ine Is chiefly on otauncat
and iniakes kW , . at 70aggle tarlNZlpring.
fir.t3 Ittlenneks• m 0,1147301 Inn Win.
0 00 24 wawa, thin% for' OCCIIIIIOU Bag,
aid $1.14 kr White onad. • Qua hiss, sad lgtfonat
largest Skrlce tor Opting sobeat Wotan:: Oats 1 0
Ulm, with a modish buttons &dust 60864 Ix
Wataste. Wool gds! and unchanP•• Suss gm
w i t h & g ou da. Ara qtdst and unchanged. Baccu
610 as doll Lad doll at 990703‘. Ohutsa dill and
Tbo kaagaltst to mg ate pe
.cant Statthig
=gni usetthed, first clue Mk at lrealsr.
Ira baba:A* 4l *S st Orte admoulni
SISS, Clautstut stocks ars steady, U. U.B. 0. dl
Caulgena, 107; SAWA 107.
Stacks tntillon__ and llbode Mod lhah
4 tP.Do.7k,S7tWes ,Pisa ;°
4 :1 h.p. rah' Mahan aaahaaaasidg T
wA ittadlng 26% la x &
gantesl Dolma , and llama% la abs .
10;34. 4 77: 17 le 1 trait am.;
a, • rr:Likargadarliaranl Street
ws: .
wovi allat ramituahaa:
Onarealaylkiat -Aba sitta
sol mai o r l ".lttV.Esitutils6
81. Louts Market.
A ro. 26 —The prim of dour:undarwant a lags da•
cline, with Wee of 1860 bbla at N gm single extra,
Inapectod, heal lined and dalhared, and $6 par bb
kr double au:.. When was dull and heavy, (ha
prima of median. and los grade@ ruling knew. &WA
ocalmismi 2,400 aka at 700 m 41,18 ip bosh kw dirty
tall to extra onoloe, and 3,000 basic a!! t0 ,., 1v pd.
vaia4. • miall badness was dine to m the del
wand for which was Isavald. and the market dull
add drooping. Adair anoie.' 800 Wu at 64Q530 for
mixed, and 680 bush fu r walla Oats meow active
and higher, sad moat of the lugs transactions were
at 83.1 bu,b. A los of 600 aka mu sold at 51)ie.,
and • few lot. at 62063*. The sales at 630 amount
ed to 6,001 7,C00 esa. a The
lot mummy was mld
•a 600 111 bush. delee of 43,000 my boom
cu sg Was, pecked and loose, were made at 4,66034 0
tb.-• decline. oth articles there
Ocular changes to ln
Democrat. ware no par.
Tolcdo Market.
7/40; Extra, $4,25@4,75; Dontie Extra sad Panay.
851e46. Bye Norm, 24. No sale reported. Wheat
—l3selkting; sales before New York report; 1.000 Ns
No 1 Bad at 102 700 bus and 800 bos White 2 11 oh.
11.1 m 3,300 boa, and 2,00 bus No 2 Bed at 103 a
alms report—sales 1.110 hoe No 1 Bed at 1010 1,000
bus No 2 Ned at MI SAO boa, 3.000 boa and WO hue
No 2 Bed at 930 ; 1,300 bra No 1 Bed at 1010. 00r.-.-
Advancing - gam this barrooms of 4,030 boa No 1
to sad at 67340; VICO Dos No 1 White at 600. Oat.
—lo bettor, We 2,700 boo •1350. Barley--Bpring.
65m Winter, 760. fieeds—Cl,ver, $4,6046; Timothy,
$1,73.92; Flax, $1,113.91,8754.—8rad5.
Cleveland !Market.
Ana. 27.-21oueLliarket doll and TAM; sal. 76
bbla city made from whim wheat at pad, and 25 do
at 1,75. Wheat—Tbe tratmactLoa an weaned at.
most or gaits exclusively to applying the milling
&mind; aba 3 can red trout at at 104 c. Cora—
Not moth Moak]; a far qtogation aradd probably
59@t100 on track. OAWA,In deraaad at 4.1 e.—
-al Lir-tft r iroricEs.
tittiVuST 21/203,SEItiLli (Arms,
Pitc.bargb, Asti,2ll, 1889
a mIf.XIL &IPTILDViiii — DR:Ari . .••
b aooordama with orders, I publish lbs by
lowio t Wt of persons •zompt.d frsisi draft by dm
Board of ICurollsoant to tb.ll District, to this data,
with tha lebTOCkl o4tp, It t aam p tl m. :
ST Amami OT TVZ2III/11X0 AbotrrAbba 10.11111171121.
Nama f Sod d-smo. Eabsdaw
Arch'd idasdner, I too .114haal, Homo..
Job. 'diner, do reed Schmidt.
Wm Garrls.u. do !Lod
PALO ?ILI= 110/19129 pC11.1.4114.
J.,hn Ath,bnaLd, Ll • Hasport
Tlios D Tuner, do
John Thom•a,l'asi Dircrilrgtum.
Christian Bud a. Pitt township.
J W 1111111gan, Wails towmb•p_ -
Pancoot,,b boevuo,
Job. tl BrdbJ • Dahl.
17110 11.•VE IGR 13/ IZIMIFT/03,1L
.7 sues Lemont, tp Witeerace Juo H thed e ,
J Canoe,
I.Pantsl Wine:er, Pitt tp. J-o j.
Peter Donou.
(Md.& ta uter, Pitt tp Wltoessee, (/ !Netter,
tAn n•I too ItoWA CuldA. tp WAn we., .11 SAIL
yall, If r 111411• nat.
John V Chamber. t'onloo ip. Wltuemos. D Cch nal
A Jotnehott,
Ugnst riackett, 6trmingLacn Witiata. I. -but.
/tar, it Oehler.
Ti... , Ilt: tp, Wltuee.a , fl J Thomas,
J 6 JOLlfl, J
CharkePCurry Doff, ,
Pitt townithip; dl ability. -
John A do do
Wm Maguire, do a.
John lierchguarner, Pitt t owns hip' . it
charged from tiompany A, 102,1 Penn 's V 01.., 16th of
January, 1863.
Fleury Borland, Jr., Fifth Ward; dlubiliti„
Adam Blemon, Pitt township, disability,
Philip Hess, Oollins township, disabitity.
J W Brook do do discharg
ed from 7th P V, and from the thine months iserrtor.
Martin Keplar, Coil township, disability.
Wm Bockats, o do do
Wm L DennLitton do do
Marcos A Jones do du
Martin Kirknecker do do
Wm felointim du do
Daniel Guile, Pitt township, do
John Loather, du do
Andrew Henderson, Pitt township, over 35 and
married. Witnesses, A Elendsmon, flr., derah Berk
David nanny, Pitt township, under 2 years
Witnames, gllea Ilsreep, duassinah Brown.
John Bast. Pitt township, under a) yeark
last, • 1., J
Bondsman lit brick. Pitt township, ender 20 yearn
Witnesses, family record, parents and others.
al•aot, Lol•11111,p, •r
Wltclea3e., Grsri, Gls ns, A G 0 uning.wes.
John a Thorns, Co. lins tp, user Si yea. and mar
red warn,..,. C• lone, Elssneth Alta t.
ilrbort Idm.oory, Pitt ip, a,•01 . 36 years and mar.
Lai W,tn ise...l Mahon. y, J W tittle
Dinar° Ouniett, tp, Suer MIMI]. Wit
oerFes, Jame, Mush Gam:tett
Ph dip Violloh, Colßn, tp; over .15 and it arriod
Illtsisra•s, G Yr lick, G Rudolf.
John Garr. LoLLas tp; ore.- 36 and mart led. Wa
nes's., J are, Eunice cart.
s dal IdeLsue-, tp; under twenty. Wit
asses, LI Manure, Zdarprotut 3.leLsner
Oat., 11172,vati OF WIDOW.,
Cam 1:. Lawson, Pitt tp. Intranet', A flOyd, G
James 'aright, Coigns tp Witnemes, J H Van
Horo, J Palmer.
Hamm 0111/er, Lanni:nos Le . Vittnearea. r Aar.,
it bowler.
0 .1.1•111,0112 (7 Ai.= SOD aortae raw:sta.
Domhalcas A lug, Pitt tp. Wit...toes, a Gtcehch
A Handel.
Jam - 2 McDade, Oullia • tp. Witnesses, T J black,
J tlcWlalmatry.
Frederica than°, McKeesport. Wittiaams, G DD
more, J
rl.to2loN or I‘,ll on.
John L Lee, Pitt township. Wltnesse*, W Work
man, W- 8 Bunn.
A Gallagher, Callao toarnablp. Wan., ea,
G. Im, II Grim.
aricarnirrs mtnnirsaixiii nuourr 1 / 3 63.
Wm mindpal; Jahn Porter, tab
&Mute; Uncial rte.. to Isaac Rankin. Upper St.
Prank Ebla, ' Principal; John B li'Mahcoa
tate; tranderr 4 to Jacob Gloria, Birmingham.
John J Cars, principal; Georg, Form., antnUtubli;
Mundarred to Jams. William.,
John M MU, plincipal; Irrederick Bummers, anb
aims, tranenrog to toi.hen Plerco, East ß.
ham. '
W E Dellarennos. prtocip•l; Otto Elgtoond, tuba]
tato; tranaforred to Cbarin Edatront, Pitt town
George [tos, principal; Wm L Jamaica, anbati
bare;. transferred to Pre& Back, First Ward, PM
11,- Eathg la F4ur
W W Thompou.
Jain.% Methatchey ,
W Mco
Charles Hannah,
Bober: Powe
Jtsoph r,
Jaw. II Elehard I,
nuo Mack.
James n Wslb:•
Charles H Jones,
Wm M Cook,
a wad, Pittsburgh.
J. cot Led , to. Jr,
J••••ph D 8 chards,
R istunry„
w h Mealtntock,
Joho Lan,
John Grier,
L i zi o: .r d et n iatatud•r,
/John W John
Eftldlng In
seer hen Bbeplur d,
Willlgun Jerkin,
Jobe newer's,
Faecal Kens,
Jelin 0 Illarrhon,
Wen lllseg,I Ilseg,
Shoe J Jaws.
Pau lek 1000•00.
John J Cowley,
Elxib ward.
qeorge Bauer,
Hoary a Appleton.
Alexander Allickell,
John Loot,.
Jao J dilbbek
Hobe W Wrlsht.
/ellx Boyle, Jr.,
llealtilng In El
Mei ample.
Welter II WM wheal,
Henry any,
Tnotosa Taylor,
Jonas Smith,
Robert Dobson,
Divan] Maier,
Henry Kesrasy,
John Donnelly,
Mktsel J Manneyno,,
Arcot Hawk,
James Whiten:Wee,
John Barnacle m ,
Wilson J Ha •
Joseph Han*
Janus Mars,
John Albeit; -
Diehard Mackey.
Wm Mae,
Wm Gallagher,
math ward.
Ifallz Gildsman,
arthru White,
Patrick Dilawre,
John runt..
Mb Ward. •
Edward Sch. Ma r,
S If 11114:111And:
R A Colville,
John J Smith,
N W Shift,
John Johludon,
John Moore.
Jae* Williams,
Vito 11 Panl,
John Taarton,
Prod Ibiloger,
John W Tummy,
Adam Emma,
Wm doom,
Robert Campbell.
John Stott,
Chas Appleton.
• • Eld Markt, Pa.
coptalia and Ps;moot
Iptonasvirs BITTERS,
rtossesvirs BITTZBB,
BOXIMAVraI 211112119,
The great mire for Appepete,
no greet ours toe Divots*
Theo gnat care for Dyspesets,
0.111.14 at hilt price, b 7
Oornor Fourth sada:data:l lariat&
syrnuastrre coooosnz only 100. s
iSioOMXKYB ALitaBLJ Wolms,
ass LIBIBTI eraser
A Namara! sad naiad ant of
Iroatuariate and Grave nom
It PGB 'SHOT jast received and for
mark, TAMOdd DOWN. WM Wood at.
SPZCI4L drOrlett.
Mr& T.-1860-X.
Persona of sedentary Willa tricatic3 with weak
!nets, lassitions, palpitation of the teat. leaf 4,4 sp
Petits. dlstrom afar sang. torpid iner, cionettpe
don. &a, down tra sailor U they will sot try B••
celebrated •
Which an sow recatereanded hi the histirst median
arithmitics, and wmasated to Forma an immediate
tearldril falba. Titivate exceedingly =a *cable,
Panctly pars, and Moot ripened. all other wain
when • healthy. gnats at Insalaal Ls repaired.
They paddy, atreagthen mid tortgonoe.
They meets • healthy amine.
They steam antidote to change of enter sod der.
They overanneethoteofdledpabmii ens Lour Men
They drangthen the wino sad enliven the conc.
They prevent alsonsatioand intermittent Men
They Pardrthe breath and oddity of the stornan.
They more Drapopeto and Ocretlyatlon.
They mite Diann% Chalon and Chelan Deituan
They care /ever Oraplatat andlliervone
make the weak Mang. tbe languid b unmet.
and en mamboed mows% great restorer. The r me
casipmed ot the contested Clonmys hark, winter.
grow, manstra, net. and herbs, all pnerned la
pedlocin parent. Cada Balm Tor particulars, th,,
oinraliors end terthistadolo enized trios.
Bowan Of tadoetme. Inandee may barb.
that It ham D. B. Bans' egristme on oar priest. t'.
B. Stamp war the cork, with plantation W. .4
oor firm dinatan in a One steel Van eogroving
side Wel flee dud nor bottle to an rolillod eta.
notarize and indotaione and. We defy any permc.
to match the nate a character of oar texas a.,
per..., pedaling to will Plantedon Bitten by ti
gallon or In balk, is an Impieta. We men only
rear . kg cabin both.. day perm= latitsang this
bottle. or selling any otter matertal therein, einem
creel Pleetatlan Bitten or not, Is • cchialnal anis
the U. O. Law. and will lie so prosecuted Ly na. IS.
already tuna ma Oje on two parties n hinny oat
bathe, to., who will ancosed In getting deasselveo
Into don tenoten. The demand be Drake". Plan.
ration Bitten from ladies, deem:tan. merchant,.
to., to palhatly incredible. The simple trial of •
bottle to the endemic we present of their worth mid
earporlarity. They mead by all respectable dra4-
gnmers, physiderm, holds, stescobcan mid
weeny storm
TX 843, br Ws, wholaude sad ntall, by
811111”1 JOHNSTON,
• sat - ala-aoaliT
Omer amltalleld and Toarth
la — Lake Einpenor Copper Sill 44te
BIURLTLbiO WOREB, PirrlbOtilit.
Claatcfacsasera of SHIATHING, ONABI Elie aAi
also Importers sad &animals AISTALS, TIN PLA rt
&DDSS IRON, WIRE, &a. Constalatly L• 44
Wattmoos; No. 142 Tiros mul LEO *ooood
Ptstobargt, PIDLILVS. •
151114edal brim of (kppot oaq to any decked .•1
OrTo Nervous Sufferers of Both
lifiX/LL—A reverend gentleman baying been is
stored to health In a. law day; after undergoing en
the usual routine and irregular expensive modem o.
favatonant, without somas. considers It his eao t.
duty to communicate to his alllicted fellow creetnte•
the MELLO OS OSSA. Hams, on the receipt of co ad
drualusi sosularia, he will mad (Creel a copy of
preecription curd, Dina .to Dr. JOHN D
HALL, 184 Irulloo sure, Brooklyn, N
kL a -ICILLIA supplies a want bit by, every rood
houastraeper. Every steel will kill a Quart when•
Slice an Wet. Beirataber that It is DOT BMW
that doe. thia and r. fuse the base tuella:iota tat
are offered. Thema article la for We tj all nerves
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&. /ARSES ORE, BON k 00.,
corner at Tint end Won! armies,
Jel&AwdterT Pitteborea
Janie Conies dons and Experience
ur AN INVALID, publfahed for Um benefit and.,
• werning andOstOTION TO 1011150 NEN üb.
roffer hum Berms Debility, Prantxted• Deco os
Nesahoed, eto.eaupplying, at the same shoe, VTK
ULM OP ONLY CUBA By nee *ha hut mewl
hintaelf edict being put to Burt expense end tohr y
through mailed humbug and quackery,
By thcfselag • padvald addressed envelope, co.
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girßoatsrsoN, BSA CO.. (am •
'moon to Itoansam, Mug & nn.uutt.) Wass:en:pro&
Wow, /cmplus otro IffAtniumek Pittsburgh, Po.
EloAnisctorm of BOAT ADD STATIvIi LEY
DIGS, of oil dot:7,101o= ; OIL TAIIKB t STILLii.
Agents be IntiA.Ttrit PATENT nuicaros,
far faellas Doißm. uy
WINDOW QUARDB,IrA, Nos. Yl Second over ersi
86 Third street, between Wood sod Market,
Rave ea head a swirly of new ?warn, taper
and pan, sortable the in puma.
Parstoolas *treaties paid to onologlag 0r.,. Let
Jobbing dam at abort mottles.
Long, Miller IF Co
Wars. as sharpth a r g etasku. Annamy Vniett
Railroad. Moe and Warettoost, No. to SARI irr
Milt Mita:nigh.
lfaant►tamno LLIMILUittIING and Waal •
Mir-No.l IMMaili OIL, warranted nowazola.
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to mum MID Dolosito BILLS OA &X.
NOT= MID BUM, Ne. 67 Matt threat; Pim
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made on the prbuipel ettim
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MIRIMI and dabs to BOOK, PFUNT.
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PUN PA11611:1'..
ar Al;:viiftl Limit uo. R Wood areal 10 13 a.
33 itulthileld strait, Pittsburgh, Ps.
arum Olt TOE UAL is •
plaraanY H.. OLLIE% lor
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whoinala tinder in 01111:91. =MB, BiliDe
12111. and Produce pnarntly, No. 13 Wood .l Ml
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id and ad saga" one Itiibardson% Amery Nam
PHOTOGRAPHS. of ivory goo sad (Pi* plats to
colanpd. nom ths popsy* Q.zte ds Watts to Chistas I
and Lib Itlie.
Mallon of Ib, MUM LID AO= to sugary 60.116!
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CST WObbis. New irci c ar
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P. H. Dat..lllo a 00,
809 hiroadvsy. N. I
Prnssoasa. Pa.