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I ,) Philadelphia North riser/dean of,Thura-
1 day
.! i-Uhlon State Ticket.
ANDREW GIZICUO>tbri of Centro.
' DANIEL AGNEIV. of Deaver.
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JOHN P. DSpret, ; • •
4o.iftesolost 11114-PracUwe.
We lave taken oonsion to epeak briefly,
4. of tbecbaraitteii ofibeolnliidates nominat.
edikitbeCokierhead Convention et Harris
burfairrhe salttb ommeotion, 1,64100 Wined
ARO Cit ta:uotioo siziost.singtaar taocingrulty
between the pro Indent of that Convention,
audits. ads, cis 4d/ow:tin Lbosaleotion made
by it. , _
Its first resolution deplane,. inter-44n,
that "any officer At) State or Federal
Government, who_sweant to support th e
ittek - aftet4ifidri; `that
oath upon his-000eolenoe, wiurany vloletes
thigwitpitypnworthyafpnblio sonfidestataY
Now for the commentary. .iedge4,l,
_ .
ant, one of c1u.11.1-tes, dissented Strong
ly ficin the opinions of the majority of,hie
fellows, whin they declared the acts
sembly,authorhint i ntantelialsubaoriptions
to Itenrced Cotapcnitie f Gibe Conetttatlonal,
denouncing said acts as , immoral-in them
; selves, and a gross - tosuryetion upon the
tighttr4rthe eitiaini. l, When the gaeetion
'.- Canty ttp, : h:Oistrver;
write of tititiiittur, and other arbii.iiiiryand
nananarprheradirigiciiiibiatihireeTtnielif- I
elopers and : Councils itelent tale aid, with
even euperviceable • seal,'lor --that object,
La taking those gentlemen sway from, thitir
homes imposing fines ripon them, and
(throwing some of them into Jail, with ten
',Aumely and insult superadded, although
admitting that hiti mind had undergone
wo change, end that he still believed
thoie acts to be unconstitutional!
Judge Litwans had sworn to support the
Contkalution. The oath wee "upon hie
' coneoience." The law which he enforced
wetly his own
, admlsalon, a, yiolation Of
that inetrriment, andhliagOncy was a will
-fel one, becettee heroight have'deolined to
'interfers at lent, if-he could not stand op
ito"'the Coustlttultni." Tito 'Convention,
'ltnnwing ail die, of course,.deliberately
~pronounced him, therefore, u "wholly WI
-Worthy of public confidence," and then, as
if to show its contempt for its own opin
ions, nominated him!! What is to be
`thought of its eat, and how can any man,
Who endorses its own resolution, give i con.
leolentous support to itscaudidate?
` Bat there is more, it'd worae, itpoaatble,
;that applies to both the candidates. The
'same r!eolutiow.deelares—
"That among the right' the Constitution
provides every citizen, is that of being re•
curs 4.11fe, iiberly and proputy, so that he
paunot be deprived of ,cither without due
process of law, a /air trial by s competent
Judge, ajar" f Air nthbora, with taints:ea
contromiam, madieouarel to delentkhlm,
ie atijustin Hait i -so neemary to the hap
of (lie peolile, ruid this la en plainly
Wrlticw &media the'llateral Constitution,
bad in all thenksts Constitutions, that any
Gerson, who oan rnisunderstand it, has ail,
in our opinion, the mental capacity which
!kis him fora public station:" .
Now both these candidates , concurred as
Judge4iii depriving the Cdzimlilionera of
Allegheny County, Saddle Criuneilli of Pitts
burgh, of their liberty and property, without
prolesSof lave—without ajury of their
neighbors—without "witneenes to confront
them"—"sithout counsels to defend them"
-by a mere Star Chcatiberproesaiv, which
dragged them all the tray to Philadelphia,
imprisoned some of them, and mulcted
otherei r with heavy nnes,Sud that for resist
ing a ofilitii[tint:csbibinshed . even a
judgment, an'tilizider - a law which one of
tips* io bs unconstitutionaL If
it be true theietbat "any moat. trio can
misunderstand" these obvious principles,
hika not, In the opinion ofthe Couverntiou,
"the mental capacity which Ma him for
pliblio station'," how le it that they insult
tiadeletiiiAtig by singlinsrMit
tir!o men Whoseidli l rigsid'if private rights,
and tyranny sap:Wass in these and other
ooiles, - ouch ao Ltiost_of Cox.. BV/14. and
PAssn' op; yrrl.tArfson, :north! pnt to slut=
SR - Via - tit / Olt -F ins B red elisr b;
Miro in the stnatitiritialmafed or brawl
lo by a lenient Adrelnleiratior.
lain ants of war in th
itiO4i6f of
P a?
Bo couch for the consistency of these thin
skinned patriots who strain Ova gpat, while
theP do not male even a fans at a
fltirrow Jere ere aware of course, that the
ontWei ottitostitki&ttett ' w*liiiist -Barris.
bureat the time- ctithe rabl &Its,
sea taiiiciiiitteitatietw of
ea ~asax thc9r.a,
.bsitiot",oite -*red; of
milyl4int, of .tbf, , tiesson o l l107: DATE! or
A ilosnisn's Bremr Eirarrom—The
load lliniarexa+4 the folloWiag:
4At the grist, 'Union mettireat Troy,
Miami county, . on. Thursday last, was a
returned soldier' who had lost one leg , at
Vigkeburg. lie was weloomid , his
frlinde, and one of ibeel—aillalleadigham
Derseerat--tniarbiglutTossirifieritton with,
theisoldier, remarked: 'To* was a Demo.
eirllrtedilLid : krilpPote you
bare 00001Isok *Duette*? The soldier
replied': *To i l -whoa: 1
laggard warl Degtoorsr-letilL' That's
rsplied Ida:Medd, triumphantly,
'and. Of of you wilt vote forlfellWl o .
hard,' looking mond to gain the collationof the 'dialed to tht admirer. ' - 117114 - low
read. the soldier, as ha raVed'hi,
oat to.AhrLOrawt - wird.put hirristaulLarlhe
uehrsled stump of hie leg;, j 1
1 4fruknoSitutt aneloquentisrmaispessbro
vfklAtig7- ntthliatittrialent474
I kea "rCht Gant lignoz
1 04 1 :1 bay tut, in %swim
orate eggs t t , a m , i otleati& n
bo - L id for themketpLees will
Ya'"" ~"L T - ~~,~J ~
One of the master spirits of the cam
paign of Gen .
Ilosecrans, Gen. Lovell H.
$t on di agaished-
ew i himeelf at.
the battle Of e tin
river, s n In this
city, ..s.. , gneitt of Gas Continental.-:The
beeeldn r•Otri , of this war found General
d iefingalehed:Member - 'of the
kfilltlichyt)eir;, pettedling nt
the: Lsgin, the fleet
*OPkinitallillenttteltifor the shores-
Lit eras done Just
ante; B!4ior BOOkaiiatiowed his handl
and himself a rebel. To keep the
legion he was obliged to take them over
into Indians, where he formed 'Camp Joe
, Beery possiblo effort was made by
Gottwait 'filag.,ffin to-prevent the raising
of 'the legion, 'an. to disperse It when IL
Was retired. - Bat he succeeded. When
ilaCkilet went to Melrose Halvah the Ben
tileVY:-.131..itth Guard, RalsP.ll. duels them
Baelisueseed his army
and eirive Sim oak chased him' 6 Nash
villa, then Shiklt, nod then to Huntsville,
• The /melon comprised 8000 men. After
the battle of Perryville, Ronne was made
Major General He was theAtmet coa
st/ream man on one side at Perryville.
Jailtdon, (James,) who was killed at that
haitlevekuplitd a corresponding position
on the rebel side. Ile fought to every bat
tle tow - Shiloh op to Marfreesboro, with
greudistiection in every one of them.
Bach is the fame he has achieved, that
from the timo of hie arrival In tho pity,
yesterday morning, he was walled upon by
• continuous succession of visitors, anxious
to take him by the hand. At the request
of his friend; tho General has consented
te.vieit the lialonleagoe House to-day, at
12 o'clock, when he, will receive rush
friends as desire' tr.:ol4lon him. A finer
looking soldier we have never seen. Ile
muds over eta feet in height, has a mag
nificent figure and physique, and is about
forty yesie of age. He le a magnificent
hemmer), and at the- head of hie brigade
presents an appearance such se few men
have the power to make.
Last night be was !serenaded at the Con
annual. A large concourse of Teeple as
eembled 'outside the house, while the spa
de& parlors were tilled with ladies, - the
wives and fee:Mies, of gentlemen who had
come from different !motions of the city.
Gen. Rosseea was introduced to the sumo
blage by CoL G. Blight Brown, late of Phil
adelphia, anda member of its bar. A beret
of applause greeted the gallant soldier,
who,'during the coarse of his remarks, was
vociferously applauded. He epoke thus;
I thank you, my fellow-citizens, for tau
compliment to an humble man, and a swan
ger to you. I thank you all the more that
it is not 'to me alone, bat to the gallant
Army of the Camberiand, under General
lionorime, and I hope to the State from
which I come; the home of Bggry Clay,
(cheers) who I believe had no truer friends
than the people of Philadelphia. I do not
. feel entirely a etranger to .yc - oe, my fellow
cottiitrymen;fdr I have stood shoulder to
shoulder with the gallant sons of Penney
veal& in some of the hardest battles of this
war, and
.I can soy that no better men have
perished in this great came than her sons
In the Army of the Cumberlud. (Cheers.)
I come, my. fellow.iiitisens, from a State
which I think has been misunderstood.
There Is to mire loyal State in the Union
than Kentucky. (Three sheers for Ken
tucky.) The mass of her people are loyaL
but * few bold, bad men declared themselves
as corcretent to speak for-the State, and
they brought this calumny upon her. Bat
she has repudiated them, and demonstrated
her loyalty by Bending 40,000 men to the
army of the Union who are doing good ser
vice in crushing out the rebellion. Sines
the first of July, 1881, elle has put fifty reg
iments in the field. A State that did so
coach, divided ,as she was then, must ne
cesearily have been a true and loyal State.
You, too, In the North have your divis
ions, and I =lorry that you have. Bat
your men here are opposing the govern.
meat without the slightest shadow of an
apology of prejudice to prompt them in
their opposition. We have them with us,
and they have no better reason for the
canoe they are pursuing. They oppose en
listments, and do all they can to preveet
the furnishing of money to carry on the
war. They are the friends of the ettemies
of this country, end cowardly traitors at
neart. As the lamented Douglas said, a
few days before hie death, there can be but
two parties in a country In time of war—
one party opposed to the war, and the other
in favor of it.
There can be bat two parties here now,
one party for the government of the United
States, and the uthcr against it. lam op
posed to everyman, I do not care where he
lives or whatever his pretext may be, who
ia spinet the goveinment of Washington
and Jefferson. Such men mast be put down
at all hazards.
Bak-continued the speaker, the eympa
thirers here make a great ado about the
cenetitational rights of the men of the
South being invaded. All the copperheads
were so, and he never heard of any one in
the rebel army who was not a strong con
'Wallowa Union man. (Laughter.) He
did not allow the tricks of each mat to get
Valeta and the government.. They
prate about constitutional rights, bat never
flay a word against the rebellion. The
rights of snob men as Jeff. Davis and his
bounds are dearer to them than the Union;
and they are the men who call the Union
soldiers Hessians, Yankees and Aboli
What, then, did they want lie had
never Been any one of them who could tell
him what ha wanted, They were the free
State - Seciestonista. They want their
rightkand they Gannet tell what right Is
invaded. They talk about oonfuesatio ,n
but that , does not affect-them; but the reb
ate of the South. With them, if a man
robs he Is Imprisoned. It he murders he
is hung. Bat if he commits treason, welch
involves all theikorlmea, be is a berg and
must - have hie nonithational rights.
Such men had as constitutional rights
bit each es we choose to give them. They
repudiated the Constitution of the United
States, and yet they di t to)/ for its protec
tion. The speaker we. espernally severe
on those persons In the Northern States
who talked more of Southern' rights, and
undertook to teach Southern men what
their rights were. 'They indetthat the ne
gro shall remain se he. is In the South.
Bat for the negro there would have been
ttorebellbsn.L gitutheselforthern -men
great trouble.
For himself, If elavery steal In the way
of the Government of the United States,
It was for. destroying slavery. (Marx.)
Netithlg iheald ever come between him and
his and that of his teri:
diavery.on Ito Continent could not
not ex ist
consistently with the liberty of the nuasllll.
Let the copperheads fight as.,they would for
the master and ills niggers , he (the speak
er) would•jut as soon tight the copper
heads as the'rebel masters. lie hoped we
shoild be alwsys ready for such men,
but the only way was to be prepared- In
The present wee a time of revolution.
Ifs would not talk about it as a petti.
fogging lawyer does it It was not the
way to put doWn tlie rebellion. There
rim toe-run, little, insignificant men
who were eternally finding fault with the
authorities Omit small 'matters, and the
eurstitutlonal rights of those arrested by
order of the Government: llot ego martin
inmdred had been lumina that 'ought to
have been arrestediAsipjlineteen out of
every twenty that had been arrested ought,
to have been banged. A great fuss has
been made about arrest,. True, there have
been a few arrests wroughtlly made, but
therherobeen rectified as quickly as pos
The epeaker.agalis reverted to the negro
meth= It was Meetly sunspot the war.
The question than wee what should bilious
with it. He at lenst was resolved that sla
very, or any other property, shank( not '
again be the cause of krebellitut "'salami I
the Milted States. , It watt the strengthof
the rebellion; If it wee desired to strike a
death blow at the rebellion, strike at ale
, very._ The slaves furnished thesubsistence
to the army. If the slaves are set frce, the
rebels will have to go hemp and raise their
own corn. As to nigger equality,that was
all _fudge.. Igo -one .believocl .in_ nigger .
equality lie thought, however, they were
as good ae rebels, or copperheads either.
He hoped, however, that soon there would
be a 'war with Ragland 'and France, and
then they could be tired.
, -
The speaker •adverted at some length to
the recent New York AM& It was a cruel
'crime against a helpless and unfortunate
race, and a terrible disgrace to the white
men who composed those mobs. He Was
just as ready to fight for the negro, should
any attempt be made to crash him from
the country. Philadelphia and her loyal
1-eitigene deserved all praise, for no such
' disgraceful scenes were enacted in her
Streets as bad occurred in those of Itillr sis
ter city.
Olve the Union armies but six months
more and the attair would be Battled. But
to do it all must stand together, and be
ready at any time. You cannot tell at
what time these men will go through the
streets, as they did in New York, cheering
the names of Jeff. Davis and Gen. Me.'
Clonal:. (arcane.) Be ready for ail times
and the armies will attend to the rebels in
the south. Bat a little while lo nger; don't
allow theta men to refuse to Bend them
what they want in their hour of need. We
will then have a glorious peace, Dacha one
se we ought to have, by the triumph of law
and order. For my own part, I believe
that Abraham Lincoln is tieing all that be
honestly can to put down GM" rebellion. Be
is a pure and honest man. If he commits
an error I believe the people will uphold
him, while be is at the head of the nation,
and uphold him because he le the head of 1
the government, (Loud applause, during I
Which Gen. &Reim retired.)
The Peace Party In North Carolina.
Some doubts are expreseed of the impor
tance of the movements in North Carolina
towards the restoration of peace, and it is
slated that they are not indicative of any
extended popular eentiment, or represent
anything but the sentiments of a_few indi
viduals, and they opposed to a restoration
of the Union, however math in favor of•
peace.., The Raleigh Standard, of July 31,
publieNts a long comuturdeation, attributed
to the pen of Hon. H. Donnell, formerly a
member of Congress from that State,-which
was submitted to Gov. -Vance before publl•
cation and received his approbation. This
appeal to the people of the State sets out
with the deolaration that the secessionists
years ago resolved that the Union should
be destroyed, and then set themselves to
work to forge the grievances which would
justify, it. To this end they managed the
political conventions of 18130 so as to assure
the election of Linooln, and then they made
that a pretext for secession. When it was
euggesteil to them to fight their constlirt
(tonal battles in the Union, they promised
that secession should bo peaceable, or if
war by shay possibility ensued, it should bu
a very short war; that all the Blare States
would join the "Confederacy:" that aces.
sion should be recognised in the ne w Corded
traoy ; that the best government in the
world would be early and permanently es
tablished; and that the last drop of their
blood should be spilt, if necessary, In do
ing so. After enumerating ail these prom
ises, the article goes on to review the per
formances. Instead of secesaion being
peaceable, the most desolating war has
followed and has lasted for two years, and
promises to endure for as many more.
England and France have not recognised
the South. Toe border slate States have
not joined the Confederacy. "Slavery,'
says Mr. D., "hue not only not been perces.
Lusted in the States, nor extended into the
Territories, bat Missouri has passed an act
of emancipation and Maryland is ready to
' do so rather thin giro up her place in the
Union, and tho fait hope of obtaining one
foot of the Territories for the purpose of
extending-slavery has departed from the
Confederacy forever. Tne grievances caused
by the failure of some of the Northern
States to execute the fugitive glare law have
not only not been remedied, butneore slaves
have been lost to the South foerover since
secession was inaugurated than would have
escaped from their masters in the Unitin in
fire centuries." The Government of the
South has becomes military consolidation,
and the Government at Washington is a
mild and beneliolent one compared to it.
Instead of establishing a grand Confeders•
oy, the territory loot in battle reduces it to
about five States out of thirteen, and the
Yankees hold even portions of these. Lee's
campaign proved a disastrous failure and
the losses upon the Mississippi have weak
ened and dispirited the enemy. The credit
based upon cotton is gone, and the loaders
have not shed the last drop of their blood,
bat have called upon the people to do it.
Raving reviewed at length past fasts, the
writer begins to auggeat future, action, and
his words are important as showing what
tho sentiment is that he speaks for. He
Such being the condition into which they
have brought thecountry, the question pre
sents itself, "Is there any remedy?" A
full, complete, end adequate remedy there
is not; for what con restore the loved ones
loot—repair at once the desolation, or re
move immediately the mourning from our
land? Yet there is a remedy, which with
the helping hand of time, will accomplish
' ranch, very much Indeed, and which, with
the energy that usually follows desolating
ware, will perhaps remove most of its
tutus in a half century. This remedy is
peace I BP/MDT PBACe 1 Bat they say that
we are so situated that no proposition for
peace can be made by us; that has log pro
claimed our Independence, we must fight
until it is voluntarily acknowledged by
the United State; or unlit wears complete
ly subjugated.
In the impassioned language of Mr. Fox,
I would ask, are we to pay in blood and
treasure of the people for a paned/is?. Shall
we pursue the path of pride and punctilio,
which is as tangled as it Is aurpentine; or
shrill we take the simple, plata, and direct
road of common sense, which may lead to
the happiest mulls 7 Four Was of Ms pee.
pleat au portion of Nora Ocrotina border
s:no /or mini. miles IM the Yeats river and
I believe of the whole State ars in favor of
the latter course.
The one grim demand of the people of
this part of the State is peace—peace upon
any terms that will
,not enslave and do.
grade us. They may perhaps prefer that
the independence of the South should be
acknowledged, but this they believe cannot
now be obtained; nor, in viewing the situ
ation of affairs, do they see much hope of
it In the future. They naturally ask, if,
with no means of recruiting to any extent,
we cannot bold our own against the armies
whloh the Yankees now have In the field,
how can we meet them with their three
hundred thousand now !evict .whioh wilt
soon be In readluess, while they can keep
their army recruited to a great extent, if
net up to its maximum Dumber, from ad.
venturers who are constantly arriving in
their ports from every cowry in Europe?
' Bat, if Independence cannot be obtained,
then they ate for any terms that are,hon
orable—any terms that do not degnitie us.
lead 'would be willin to compromise upon
the memeat to the g Con st it ution props
ed by Mir. Corwin from the Committee of
Twenty-six, perpetuating slavery in the
States to which I have before alluded.; But
in what precise way overtures shall be
made, or themovement Inaugurated, Heave
fp wiser men and abler statesmen than =p
ain to propose.
I would, however, suggest to the people
to eleoEtnembars to the next Congrefs who
are In favor of an armistioSof six mouths,
and In the MIMI thin ofiabailitiagall nut-.
tars in disputa to &convention of delegates
from all the States, North and &suds, as I
delegate. to At elated aptlie people slisemeless,
in snob manures may be agreed upon by
the two partite. Other there an who de. .
One that the People arliorth Carolitia should 1 ArE 411, reR 77,8EMIMIrri.
her, coariulted in 'their sovereign capacity
Ahroaa.s.COLvention ; thatthe Legislature .° O4, B ' • —I T you went your
should submit the question of "Convention have a; op w„h POT ANC, cOLD WAILS, met
or no pi:nivel:titan to the peoplei 63 wee
done in February, 1.9.6 I. Such a Convention
would undonbeedly, speak the eentiments
of the people of tha State, !citizens
weil as soldiers, as all wl;n141 be
Consulted. Bat I propose nothing definitr,
and only make these suggestions So bring
the matter before the public. Ti would,
however, most earnestly appeal' to the
ft lends of humanity thi ongheut the State
to use their utmost efforts to procure tie
Speedily as possible an hanorabie place. In
the name of reason, of suffering hamenity,
and of the religion which we profeee, would
I appeal to the public men and statesmen
of North Carolina, sal especially to thet
eminent stateeman who possesses in s
greater degree than all others the confi
dence of the people of the State, an , . who
has recently been elevated to a high place'
in the Confederate Government, t lend a
helping hand
~ and use their Influence to
bring about at. honorable peace. And; lastly,
I would appeal to the ministers arid profes
sore of Our holy religion to pray COOStsltty,
without dictation of terms, to Almighty
God for an honorable peace.
The War Against lie Hostile ID Man Is _±.!_22
in It Northwest
The campaign against the hostile Indiens
in the Northwest appears to be over. Its re
sults are, is set forth in Gen. Bibloy'‘: con
gratulatory order, as folk, as: "You have
routed the miscreants who murdered our,geo
ple last year, banded 411 they wore with the
powerful Upper Sioux to the number of pearly
2,000 werriorr, in- three snacessful engage.
meets, with heavy loss, end driven them
amass the Missouri river, leaving behind them
all their, vehicles, provisions and skies de
!signed for clothing, :stitch have been destroy.
ed. Forty•lcur bodies of warriors haVe been
found, and many others emcees/ad or taken
away, according to the custom of theta sav
ages, so that it it omnsin they lost in, killed
and wounded not less than from 130 to 100
men. All this has been accomplished with com
paratively trifling loss on our ,part of three
killed and as many wounded. Yon have
marched nearly six hundred miles hem St.
Peal, end tho powerful bands of tko Dakotas,
who have hitherto held undisputed peeaession
of the great peal:fee, hove succumbed to
your valor and dboipline, end sought 'safety
in flight"
Escape of Three . or the 'recopy
r A dispatch from Boston, dated Wed:4day,
tells us that three of the pirates clam Tpcony
escaped from Dort Warren on Tuaday ;tight.
They are said to have limited over to Lovell 's
Island on si target, where they stole e...isloop
boat of eight lobe, with which, as the. tried
was south south-west, and fresh, they' mast
have steered, north along the coast. The die
patch says Lieut. Reed, the chief of this band
of pirates, cams tsar 'soaping also. iXe got
oat of his casemate, and was found thW next
morning In the grass. Ms more iodinate
companions were to come back for him, but
felled. The three who escaped may be re
captured, as lookouts are after them.
Tama or A SLAVA' OVARIPICZR.—Adtver-
Bear of a plantation in Lifourohe comity,
Louisiana, was lately tried in New Orleans
for cruelty to a slave. The only evidenee
introduced was that of three slaves upon
the plantation, whose testimony wee obitio
tad to by the counsel of the &cowed, as not
legal evidence according to the laws o' the
Neste, but his objectione were overruled,
the , accused was found guilty and aentenced
to sir months at hard labor in the parish
Iris understood that the British Govern
ment has made an appeal to the United
States Supremo Court in the matter of the
Peterboff. Ls the meantime, however, the
Secretary of the Nsvy has directed an ap•
pull= to be made for the sale of theses
eel to be used as a gunboat.
or DISCIPLE?, ol Plttabo I,h, meat' aM
tmli7, 1.1 lb. tat& CITY LOLLIGGE C/ 4WD°,
=roar of Pena and Bt. Clair atmeta. Preaching
LORD'S DAY—klornlog and Evenlcg—at the timml
hours. Sunday School at sg, o'clock p. m. Pram
Seating every WED/SEA/VI EVENING. ,Tha
pram aro rc.roctfolla %AL.&
OF ClilitbT, al 4LE
otaIET ores. Gia et UWE, el It lea, Palter,
meet la FIEGELSIOD, ALL, esraor of Trderal and
Ltecook etreets. hatching sweep LOBO'S D sT, at
LOX a. to.,
at Tti p. m. Freyer ftleatlog
Sete VAT iIeaNLNO The peak am eordlallp In.
F 0 it 81:1103.1F.P.-13suRy b.
Lrans. of Eharp.bvir, gut be • eta diaate for
Eberld, subject to the peoer.n of the now••ti,s
Ono effluvia, •rf ieb will wet on Thursday, reptt
ber 31.
FOB till E to P.—JosErn Etas
held am Mete Le the Owes Co e ur
Jeot to eohlopof the Unlock Coma, Commotion.
eat) tc
AaM 41ffirmit9isr,,,mil 9-p&
nandon a it ttNAtfIHVI,
13171111611 DHAIS GOODS,
anatnaa 81"ng5.
otrllliat IST
sumusa entwit,
.IrEar 011EAP I
To male mon for ear SSW t-TOCa, it
Alexander Bates ' ,
21 ply= STREET.
A' Oollatry liatchaott sappaod et masonstla
OW&11.8, clyro7annaraetntial
dot, sat
HALLsr, DA IS a 00..
P 31E113'77h
J. W. 908$
2 LhO :mom.
now. Tag .A. 1751711 PAanntri.
FROM :::225 'lO $5OO,
Jqss molted Lod fa
CHAS. C. MBLLOR, 81 Wood at.
11110ECHH &V Ira B! t'1458;
BOOtHaVITB strum
80E11114.176%s DWYER%
Tha areal can kw D►rWptl%
Tba grist oar? njapassia.
Tha put um tar Distaktada.
dolling of het peak by
Mena rourtA Le Sad thtlig4.42lolta.
agratnarterms cnnol TErB muu
d' I lib t •5' rA
bygc aa,
914, otrelautle& bun's. far WA
menWV RR, I'Int.T.P4FI
MIT bt 5. Au r isle b
ICITOE(Pr. BAT it TC B. WATER 0101[T, 10.
d FPD!RAL Plfaszr, Allegtany, cr IM7
L 1/3 E Tk CT &TIT.
6ordasor. to Wm Jr et Co-
RE'..? totrorrcr o- mit • T
B 1111 H ownad N 4, In the boroog or 1/sothra•
ter, o nialnlog Goa rooms, leelndlng a rood dud
•TuBICAroBEI, an ins o.rnor it Loons and II arm
et - .rt.
r..r terra' and forth, p.rticulara *pHs on the
proohoo 2A , DAVID H. BOLT&
auv • •
BOSTON, Rao. rusa 164 a,
Lai colors P4lllB T6i II Ifl 8,
(31—tiTfva — , un 11s,
S'iikT COLLARS AIM 711: 4 ,
OhLtre ociO4/0. fins Irleonal TBAVKLIHp BHILt TB
SATO!. 1 111110HCM a 00.."3,
uU 0h,1.0 lot t rum STEEL. GILT AND nrr
11 [LT OL 9818 , BL. GE A b PLAT, OOLA/119 OP
A LL BILK HALTING, r. <And by taprts. tbh day.
XATOSt alio:mum & 00
la &IR IS IIS AiN 40 11 NADA/B. o LL't,
un.t • • rgier foil a crroo.ota• RIBBONII. 13 of Id VIS ,II I. I ISO •
axe D •DEVILIZe , reo:lyad nod soki sholssale sad
yoUdi by
jUz'r lir:ut: I n o ogant lot of
A tub !carnal! ox, the cemest getter", privet
maglog from:law:do to f 4 00.
•t 80111AND'S. D 3 Market it%
lt) Butu,t}bilYts,
93 MASHED num,
For¢oA onf ohup BCO TB, BEIC,Z3 O&FIBB1.
N u
.ltl Tuts litiAiticE Nvx BAR.
EH HARK IT Er., st‘lnoor tr, ro Fifth
Stisi &WAD Isuu'f.l
Atllgacesve, 18 klitkal IL
d.,or t,.. Wirth,
63,(0J MI. Pi. UN BUSS;
7a,03 aBO:ILLIC411;
P.* We by /c.EI 1 I. H 013,11 . & 00.
~alfAxt WIN:S 13 a 13:7..-4t oft og Bgazalcos
IJ Bap (nraj In Mora and , or male b 1
1.024 No 149 Lavrt..t
; tits pnuid June nut
r•Ogdnd.lp •I°y •.d .or am* uy
RA thel'Ara rt.liii.itial ith.vr.
111 McClellan's Manual cf Bayonet 11.-14411 e.
19 lock
IS L'gtit Tea Wry Tactics. 1 - vol.
II B. /blast.; sad Oldo Tattles, 1,114 Qcost lont
by Wawa.
Cooties V. 9. Ororalry Tacit.. 9
Ccosers Randy Lon for U. O. Oovany.
Manned.. is ob Id Artillery. Denny. B to.
o.p.os's rldd Monet] of llmarlsogoril .1. IS zoo.
Scr, - . - moyer and &march on gunshot Inuario, 19
84halro Art of War, srarad ed. 111 ow,
•cbetk'a. laspotgrs of 186 !..6 19 mo.
Par Li.' /mammy .1 tbs Arteda 19 ma.
Porpital rtrorare's lasuaaL 19 m,.
lrwomars'o Guosnol Wounds. 19 ma
Wawa's Mammas (Jerk. 19 ma.
.04611201,11 r. Military System 1 td., I cc.
itotimino on 11.1 d tall Mr/.
olmsm'a Manual of 1111111t1a. 1 rol.; 5 ra
Cuwo 1n wit'', Taottos. 3 yd..
ICmgaborra driblet, and laicntq. 19 ma.
urea? Dlthtary Su:may.
For HAY At 00.. 66 Wood meat
Q9ci CASti an. 1459 CWO yeariy
ftphitiV payments till ptircbste a Creme owelllms
house and o 0/ stotnd feet front by 60 deep, to
alley ten Get Ode. iltoe's on Yes lute etreet,
Dear (isirlsom alloy. ?emus *labial to pmrobeee. •
cheep dor.elieg holm andlot aro levelled to examine,
L.l. ropily. Ably to
eon S. 6111 Tel emit I sou.. at lleoltet et.
a: anbacriben j went to nags, la
other butlness, aTir for tele their DidTIL PLI ,
sitretod to Itnel,:ort. Armstrong crusty. Ps. Tan
twebillbarmst is la goad main C0p , 131014 tied
hotly lea W for ccazahouptiaz Fys hakay, bro
tag la the Bye growing wenn of Walloon Amami.
Tanta, sod enjoys • WO rejahatfan ler It. products.
Alai • tlig-PlitKla 13/1101 /sr
"Farming. w hake,.
We alur ilia for wide oar OIL Sir IBS By, la
gad eacirahig caullttan, eltaaed on Yew Mill Ban,
adjoining the baronet of Tonovarannevllle.
IQs rarity r palmate • loathe of
THOS. DILL 100..15 hint area:.
LA)csd• AND hues ES'
AteClellandPs auction House
TLRT.--A !Set alma TWO-STORY
A. BEIGE DWELLING, occupied Ps no tub•
soother. on Bintrotrnet.'Elabtb w ard. A. lug, tot
botutattio to tte bona, tilled vitt' blazing trait
trero end rope eines. &Ole and ambito boom.
with s able loom for two harm. the Spat location
for • derclitog the city.
J. MD FELL , Liberty street, Or on lb. vistas%
VX I tiIISLITION.—AII persons inter.
rated are notified that, pursuant I. 414 armpit•
mint ulPh th•lst Congregatidn,” I .111, on
tea filth hut., pr,o led to ramose kr er.inttraunt
to tinklate Otmatery. all the Putman natal*. 000-
tatral In tinny Hurt fen Loh Mane on Led& and
Jeotton crew* &woo Warn, Alitglmay.
aW desiringothor or 'gnats! arrangesaats sill au.
at Nub the toe Otto. of His dais
Ciastaiy. JHO . HUTCHISON,
auliOnt ' En • olutandttaL
Orison or raw uarrnomaa ar *WARM 4.0. 1
Plttobarge, Pa. 4 - cams Mb. IZ6I. 1
CONTEAOPOR---Foged Propo
-IWs b. rec.fired at thatadko nun the Utz
.sreliT, balsam. for habitual • now Bridge,
otonoantl onord.ont Togo's Boa. Ohio Itownath
the alto or rho old *Do. Also tar motto, • sow
Woodon Stractusa at its bride, scam 801 l OttPk,
at to thutown, fawn Toomattlp..and to rata, to.
&barroom of tail oatos—ano ten bob.' sad Lo. other
*Odeon Imam ' Plano and opactiloalloaa tan be
yam at the allos of oho Count) 0,2111416M216
anltilidaltaerMlTT IaINERBT. Oontrollor.
TeiU CAPITAIIST —_ We offer for sale
that lathe Lot of elm:11d Is ebattobso q bar.
uttroht oia the htbigheoy, Meer of 16 het, sad
oreoeteg bo it to llete soett hi het, op 'blab ere
erected v toe et 4 7 Brktk Ilerallfas HOtOes, and
ea...otter ramp /,or Lied Witt trait tram. We
too lootroexed
to clot out Mb property for 'limo.
r.flotog pelts. of $ SOS Wig toot for itt per cora, on
the iSVItt3:M•I:II. • POI to
600 it, ktot.tleN . 1 { Cm., ISO r.vm
_ .
RR Roars. 'ran TEUOIIB,4kI., km, b
sad mute coorbe Abe. DOM' Walter GSA V
vsz 41.5 iod BeED 80W16101 FZ&IIILOWd, the
asd c! ..sprat teed Bowen Lev Pa Thos.
all wodt wsmulted.
Com\mpcnas are inv:tad sat arUl renrivoil tba
tlt fitniate cf the City oi Allegheny. tro•
nt !Dna, Usti afloat far the °lndian and
Varies of in loan lam. Purina Leas urll small
street, st tonalliaa arab th y nacialary &walk, ant
tlationea Payaircit inn be Matte to 'be I kintraot.
on as lion II la. o 7 son b. old leafed grit.
rzg , l l4 , : „. PfOr:::: to be hit 'lib 1 .. HO/WWI,
e______*3s:tl JOBS, Wittoitt. Mukha of dm
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libor Bamberg Chum'
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, 196 66cond dram,
!POl:toad of Moan tivadap, Alksbsay tount k r.
Moll at tharcia retool Iloafig loom= 1 and $
bl • CM Sh erOUDATo AIM WO. to alma ems tioseb•
. 11 % , Nose Itiesd spp4r moo those hphiliza
EtULATiNs R+AO v e r3 , o h m " ,
Li sill keep pool lo spy weather. 14, eke se ft.
/amity Gloats Inure at
sulg miler Lt arty ikall Mad gtzerta.
I J LOTWB srma,
alum Li2zza3 A .P&ILEOAD
M JEL .1P ,
Milted IStates,Canadas & New Brunswick
Stectc;zoitsig lush malls lisp ts ast tisdeptcdsnat
Iff&P 07 71/11 ICASTLE3 STATZB, to .liate lig
User as lapse the peen hisp—elu, 4 fret In dimes
atom. 'The two :I sir togithse ahoy no WA ti•an
itaireoldculy try mt.:cc - 1,7M0. &Lb:caption Bcob
now arm.
J. W. PITTOCK, Sole Agent,
6 eoxa
N.. I 7 PM% nert
Ginty-eight New and ?opt' Bongs,
ron e;a ciurr& • post•pald, en frobipt of
eight onti, b 7 .
No It rlftb nro.t.
Photograph Albums.
The best, the ittorgeit, tho este*: mod the etespeet
fa Um ally. HU El TT.
Lam t, cents W $1 a dovn, .1111zes,
No 17 rsith neveL
11.1.111ArdBILS, at.
?n. 17 1,131.2
Wtziarle rzd 'Cali
Book, stationery, gamine and Bean lapin,
Mbar° kik:.
BONI alliClLl—• valuta. at He orrr,
vintstne 23 Iguretra and Qa'atetipe 47 Malmo, 3 ,
Polka& 7 !chola oaks% I aanow,4 a Etiarls, and
Polka ram. kni t 8 Vanartennes, 1 Geelan., 4 Gob.
Fader, It 4. otilloat sad Quod blot, sad 44 l saw:.
baropfpre 4 ... arranged or lb' elan°.
TOM 111LV146 041.4.08 D-4 eatopnAao to
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At op. Entl.ds, Lass., nstitioArnite, &Amapa
nanonts kr lb. Ponnottat..
TSB 1,130V1148 OP PZUlLX—Oontatlainir
most boantlfal cool. t r S Swum &peso* and
Alto, Statrano sad Tenor. ktorma, and Ham ani
Tony, nod 8..,. aillUpd tub no nt.conpaulatent
far kto Ptmaaton,
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the lase animist and peat variety of Plano and
Poo , Mud , : consul lied ill the above collo:Mona bay.
readrred them lm namely poirlar mid moon sousbt
eh-r by Players .n.l Mayers. Tb.p furbish lb, ma:
aoltable places tar every tlam and occasion and an
adapted to teary grade of patio:mann. la h
amo is • dr;mci ate library la Iteall of Choloo Moro,
sad nO on. add fall to taco/tram In one and all a
ar..•t &alderman to every Plano.
Price or each, to olotli. II IS; In plain bit dint,
yi ca Coolie atallvd oa reatp: kilos, and 16 dn.
fee rain... Tor Sale by
11112I8M1AW 0018.0. mitttou. of Wood at.
mut AT
3E3 .49.12,3M.1111Z'5 )
. .*0. 59 Market Street,
Jam TIM lb -07 =lad tcr
Awl at the
,0174 f
686 marzry STRUM.
A bestudal and wszlsd maxmtd....; 1.4
Monuments and Grave Stones,
Soudan Only i— The dottn of thh Academy win' be
roomed an THiIIPIDAT, Es ptomber EL The fol.
lawns gen:tom Campos, the Board of Tont:no:
rOLLOOM, Prodlont.
Barr. Wet. APPLY, Vam Pswldent.
W. B
B B AYJIAB, fart.
OBI& Ag inast:tor.
Hee. Thos. Weston, D. Janne L Cfailscro,
Bor B 11110•110, D., Obarlse P. Dnoran,
Paneled Tboapon, Gee. P. II mall.
Hon. Chaska PlistlL Wm. L. s wino,
Hon. John Hicllcaso, fro. L. Yerren.
Bon W. X, t Chase, ideas @ 11,,,y.
Cc'. Wm. Bell Wadcell, `. B. P.tcre o.
Jas. B. losomend r : luodora Hyatt,
ihaatssatotas adared sr the acqtarstasot of a
thsrs nib inflltoy adocatlon ate sewed only to thole
of Wm, tolnt. The *radon% Enid Is sompsood of
th:roosthly.oonspennat lasnact ma The Ida qs•lo , al
Depostotent an:atoms Primary, Collf&We end IBcl.
snub whom.
Careful auentlos If rai oral &atm.:on
of iha cadets. Circular d s
may e
be m hod of JO V BJS
aOUTT, No. 1363 Liberty Weal, Plitstargb.
• COY !ila?
arl4l:ln Wet
Mod i er, p a.
s o smayr 13011Q0L,
Ajp.HIN PSBR !Iran?, pirzsßnos, PA.
Din. !mit intends to oNzi a Glen School to
to lame airy lours • n the soxod don. of No. 191
Pena attest. on I he 211.11't id ON 93.1 Or sae 11111.
ant, 18 , 33. Lulu. Cheek. Greek. ?mob end On.
men will M tenakt ohne us pass wilt b. spared to
Impart to Ina- pooh tbotoollr 1115 , 111•4i021 rn the
amal branatum 01 an antsatton.
pmr.sea to Wart the number of pool*
tblt my bays Ma Letter epportnalty of eacerina
lunar moral and intonation/ . callus, and Dora tea
9 ZULII•43O per etudes Cl Pin Month& leo extra
the °haws. llntlon to to pad duriog (to fat WA/ of
ilottool Bann from a 111. to Sp m.
Warta the 1716 Lod. Ar. N. may beam daily
t the r clod &OM, dartoa the atom boon.
ma 101
Boarding ac Day School for Young Lanier.
R. 1521 sact/629 trees &not, .f4iladt(ol46 .
Ibis molar atom Of illeillllll.o3 emblems the
11D)ltsh ad 'nosh Lereguetree so+ 1. hastens.—
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Drench t. tie hollow of fh• bogy, sod is (gip
.taffy spates to Ise ls @flattop.
211 e, soeolest'e vest ooasomentko .14esdenber 15th
end chose Jake Ist.
Tor rim:dare owl patinas?, one, to
• 101. *ADA C D.0104V11A7.
OHIO • Pi. B. 8, MB. WM25711713
fri AN TVII I ,I4Z u p.II .14 i1d% s l assiad .
Takla". Price en mai. .8 Lotittrll on tbs. nh..
ilYessuatonlicss or Bonds& Walkway Isaoinnovii
Emtraions, norm! Isaldlity, and .11apedimanys
m a m a .. poaray; Isarioasooss. Ocnamnsythlasi Xt.
e iina.d and Physical
th rZtfo lu ketons - I calf - •nhus, gss... Robt.V=.
wall. It. /Y, author of the Ones - Book An "4
Dona to' TEolusd of dadsrara"" sort - and*, wads
to a plain ani.lum So our addleas, posy.patt mt .
celyt of Ili alas. Cl tn.° Andatittainnnilli
I.U. guar. 131 enroll'. Wm Trak. Pan- Ono
for Ws.
Etsub". AZU3Ie.OO-7116
ne. Balkier Powder him takTn ohs highest pais
saiums at • number of Alp Lnitatal rains :and 01*
Is recommesded 1113 a ynia and asaithy art lolis—For
do by tna dt as Sr angle =Si' sr USS raf
Gras:l7 Elora of .
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*WO coma. Tela.rtc and Eland strsaM
Sari ool.taa • lr op bald „ r ut, cs pipe, IChaa /14Lb LotCtiln .311Ufin i • •
and dosottns *I °hod& minty
6TATLOIL—The oxidat4ntiL antharlsid to toll
twoipatai of 4a4. aza al 13% and one of 0 acne
nab, trashy oil tike Ohio I Pa. It. SL. Wag part
at the bra al Dal/ Dickus, da m ned,
A ybui or (Imam• may bi ma by caning at my
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sll9:4ndlire ."..., 4- 3111115 a RIDAHDS
lisantictaren sod flukes b all kW& of
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No. 1433 MOOD 827111'A
susTut sworr.
N, qv:my Klaguloy, atibor of . .Ifseruillce,"
Prim 31 u for aulu
611" G TAIT.
MBA! P. auwr.
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LAY 6 00.. 63 Ti ectt knot.
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SW Gross.d c; :mist Is .ilst, ea Tl: l, • c 40311
if& ' NCW LOO.ll. 141.1 P 0 1:1:!^,s1S. Thostal
I ts nsls renessitad ttrassbcct Hr. i, z.s.. CCEMIai.
THIS. yeterdt3) Evr-TN ,„
woo b, presented. at* tmatat.• .•.= of
?G'. l Wadiator,cr, the Last P - • 1 PempelL
--_.! . LOTIDar.
AttakiatUal—........--.--.... ..... . 0. r. is . ssig.
Irl , si:. SIR 1166131111.
SILIATONICr ..... __.:
.. ........... lt,e, PHILLI/8.
A .7: w 80.511_____.— •...—...vAVNT BOWL
.!W 0 vlns 11.111.8 —. --.08021417MA.
..1", ,„. , : - .. sclada • Ish thy I.:gams drams of
.............. • NIS It 11 , 4133. D.
—...„ 1 / 4 bN: BUM
_ _ _
U U h BAN bITES ON Resseiri,
10 Vat: Lt A i`SEUW, a DJOINING 011211.4512.
—Oa 11,2 ti l llo4l A 2 itlll22ON, AtigEtt 11112.
o'cl ch. will be !tin, en tha ikcaww,l4lnate be.
twiet the mediae. et Ja=.a 11. an.ra. and W. a
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No. 2, bottl-g 1124 wick a on Pentia anil"
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ta:L., I act* t 7 p-teL a
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elm I Infirm), the Ervanca or. mllda on stillt Or
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Contral Railroad. ' •
Tsars or raac—rilatoarth pub,. alltaat tit
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bond atd a o. tau,
!or anther iarl4.ll7art rip)) at the wady
Roans, 151 Binh otron, or U. 11. fasly's ottos..u4
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