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From Saturday's Evening Edition.
• Petty A 5. 114114/4111. . ;.,
An mushy seem was May witnessed at
thi*Ataglieny'llayor's " Ama mum
midst Data. reds' tiecie, l shiaffi 'ffiihiliiisti`
hotiy pursued by i failiivilairli Oh puff;
; log and blowing flea 0 . 1 . 44.' 41Zelikalt, ,T 4.7
had quarrels/ about sometffing, and, were
males a ram, all the War from the.lone
part of this Plat Wetd, a &name of, half a.
mil*, each bmt on- limier the Arskiitfartoco , '
ann. It "t urn ed ontiefsoilhistikin nutlet
bon theon efAssiebaciditadMiifer , The
um got ear dabs vagteastintinti but
before h e aid telthlauteryakomMuLatas
i n u pon ant Meaemealtailoilowedmas
b i deiwitiabla. . But Mani .wice=t , lit Aia
am OM sa, Fuethi. 1419 1 L . *Pr
we bolhee, by ei repsimand,of iiiithipirtch.
On Pay, CEA:dila" iiiildby; , iit But
• etreat; in the Thiffilliatlaimad
Pascal and Ilactalni, - toff blii i sad
detanntnica to malt it by 'lppsOrlo'llis
law. Henry 'Pegg!' Medi - Andrea,flostallis
and Mooney Weal= thessessitt and-rbat
my, and to snake. aseuranesi doubly me,
Hannah Papa, vita of Ahaltratnamod mese
actor, sued Mrs. Siciehlise "and - en the. ether
Hoehlineel for a stellar offsam.i r l' : t hear.
Eng davelopwl thishathat licitk ware'
&bent equally in toilikaat the yin. ash
tanocaltasulto pay"Onic halt the 0011 each.
A siallai whirs' hada imadiatsly Shar k
by the unighteats-11fary Charitailiciv.
big osharpd Alms Pleteher with surety of the
peacs:_- , Nary was dent as guilty as Anna;
and had the infinite eatiefactlen of paying
half the maw
_ ----•--- '
"Commissary'Chaos aflturia Irwin.
. .
We copied some time ago from a Philadel
phia axeliange, certain chergee d fraud at
Earriamg, during the MS 11111.110/1. WO
have lime - disaorbret that then 'report' did
injutioe, ij implicaflori, to in 'officer, than
whom there is none mole able, dinisift dam-
Barlow in the State-Aen. 'lrwin, Commis.
city general of Penneyimmis, He has dote
hie doh'. his who!. duty, withemtruke
energy mid rare 'alfill,ind we regal
that even a remote - rsilsothalin should
have appeared in the commas of this or any
othorjournal. Ulm squally our duty to ex
pos, fraud andincapacity, and males honesty
• sad
in and share could occur an batter ap
pall hicidoncilhelatter passim o,
than we re - isr bathe testimony" to flan.
Inein's able nindnistration of . the duties of
his Vying pi. .:.
.......- b
. di
" • Ilan Hilltd. ,- r
On lady aftdrimaira six o'clock au stv
dam& Mined - at the' new Market House,
Allegany, resulting in the ;death of aig elder
ly man named Juana Stith. The deceased
was employed in whiling stones to some
mach who ware W
. M* a vault on the
serth-east "ovair cif. tha 'nee market lams.
On •woulng a plank with'. , barrow Mad of
stones, it gave way, ancelpitating him into
the vault, strikisg his and on alai* stone,
and creaking his soak, hardy arcing instant
dual. The demand boarded II - the tavern„,
d Ches. Stevenson, at the conk of Ohio r
street, and the West Crommons t _Aileglieny,
and lame a Von* fic tali§ .liens and Mis
daughter, all nfieboirart 'emit up. , -The
Mona bald an Inquest, Isict's radiate! acci
dental death was 'rendered; .
Change Ift Railroad- Officials.
It heated on'good authority not
yet offloisily announced)that Augustus Brad.
lay, Esq., the aba, eilifficrit and pupsial Sn
. 1
paintendent of ths Bohm D ivision of the
Pittsburgh, Port Wayne and 'Chino Itall
wiy, his resigned tie position on account of
ill bealth, - ant that - Win: Tr filtdaniam.i the
Ginerat Passenger Igent,iiis bees promoted
to the important posidoz of Smaintandent.
Mr. Bradley tam at all times datied his
• ditties promptly and faithfallyi sad has won
the good opinion of the public and ths highest
them of the dams of Me road. Mr. Shinn,
se Passenger Agent, has realwed entire satis
faction, sad the Directors have Val confidence
in his abaft, to discharge the more empty.
Imam and arduous dales of Simaintendent.
DOIAIIoRa.AOIIIOWLIDGIDe-41.17 11 1 11 13th,
1353 -Tholcaillea* Aid Bosley .
of Alaskan,
gratefully - astriowledges - thi fabling WM- •
tione: hrs. Win. Iff: Darte,l4 DJarts muslin;
Sam 0.-Kiellnatdok,'" ,, han • Dr.;
Jacobus, i paskagemligina papas; 110 ;i/in II
Glory, 3 liendiges; roll of ad, 1 1 kalletaf -
Aiding 2 tribiai., A lased, ' SW Thanks.
living Collecting, Pint Presbyterian Church,
*37,05; Thanksgiving -,, Collection,. Central'
Presbyterian' altaroli $lB 4 O0; Thanksgiving;
aslinithsitsformed Presbyterian ahurob, ',
Sitclikr Velataallecitton. - lit United - I
Presbyterian- reton ..Cliatioti, s2B*.iliteelliegiviell '
Ohioans} ahmousitla;2 l ; Lidies
it Ovisron, OE' ..a • - 1 -'''••••• - '
alliesep es .Bane-The as d Michael
• Hama, oilteachille, Pa., charged with eb
- Matti”g the Provost atarshal of the 20th '
District in the discharge of his actin wider
the M i mi' celled up te-day before U. 13..
Commissioner ,EintouL The datilidint was
yep tot by .ffiseare,Seenin sad Hancock,
who 'Mitred sliming; aat offered bell for
thi'spparancte of liehollent %aslant trial at
the ven
tterm of ,ffici , " that, in• October. A
handl* $l,OOO, approved by the U.& District
Attorney, was accordinlay filed, and theris. •
' ' elm released from further custody.` , "
ifweirima 111: Z. Citomix-This new and ;
teautifet edifice was dedicated to the wonldp
- of Clod on the 11th WV- The Thy swims ' ware
conducted by Dr. D. L. Dramseryi Wad his
• sermon on the "Triumph of the Gimpolli was
okarantaisectirthe Intffithoughterniteeply
' Impreashestyli which' imentiellitt.lostracy
mamma his sailimulei, ,Thaellarill,l3.pdat 1
of style and Adel, h said to b• superior n'
any church and ,
the sounty. ' The Wisp
of Mansfield 11 'imam! Iva miles from this
oily, on the line of the Pittsburgh sad Stela
; Meals salirced. • ~ - -.
i s , liassow Esa,-John Palton aged ,
Oast eightesn, wh ile skylarking, ;Limey'
semi in** ascend• atory-of-the manisotery •
of •Sohn Dartap r airneratiourth and''Kan.:
kaketviefe, fill out of ths window, buteihipet
out any injury otters a gash. whout
Buse holm lough*, forehead: -. Dr. Mar
tech was cailedh, and 'sewed up the worm&
'.ffilieboysiortilnad'in If.r. Dmaarestoni anal
evening, when he went hams. , •
_ . _ _ --
Titair Mil a no an
spd (&T m u Mimed 101ifcrorlq'S Itsldont of
- north ilrigotto ioornakllo - ; Orisagod fin
hominggran from the bldg. , off
'iragos and medisd Wades sidali canoed YU
dark In fro hourt...Aoldo frour. p llM , blarfas
- romplool iamb awn .
la-mgrifroaroltogir agovor
Thrit.coloomid inlC-abtritt
..;sests of ap.- . .
Diortiroo.—Joatolt Hu., of ; SO. r 11 th;
sostmset,P. iris this morning illadobryd
. from thorast4oir lasnl.A.-ILltoppor, 7
oirtUATlONotibripii4ll3 l ;:tolltosto‘
of MO MUG Tho rooscrti for iskthroho dis•-•
chirp, ,wal. *it • of aloorltr, _
ant sAettoeft yosri-Of ip Wm hs - onitstod
it OrsichoWl44 ll /SOL -- •
. Irma "blur pass nsdua .dsokoss et
ebeehalng Inke pertimery end :toilet - artiales,
fossil sti. B. 1111.111kenes Drug Suns, b he
keeps eel:latently on hand • large end du
ate& et *who and We and iatiabdthat entire .
satisfaction rill be given•
our.—Tbo notorious dosartors, aso.i
W.'nollOson'i Thos. Layton and - Jou -IL,
Lons,all bolotsging to the Artoy of PoW
Moo, will be an coltboaquitirsui tits(
by Worigsant Z. M. Norio&
lltas Ilsousa.-0a ma lag, a jail
not stoat llvo years, sou of a Garatais IWrt,
blower; salads on DsmatairStrong
bas t was *maid while playing shoat : ,
sires aliitValasa-thaafraalaalwasttzlil
23.11art.31110P‘ Stivata, or rki regisS l
satiliptiqapsl Qtaral, will dighlairja Mama
as ea Saw Prnblantaa Ohara ,b isairtaklmi
Oa liq UandaY-4,lTh g! eTan
arilatitset toittesd.
Ciatati gV Cop.tand
wlltielisovitisjispiowtimfis 311aida7 from
td woman
. 10r,
fel' ,
A 1
Sou rk7l es.
- •
S ~
Colored Troops to MOW PI 111 2 —MOILIIi?.
eilytoops Urged to Operate lisTeu.
seisno.- ,
. 14ssi Testi s - Aug: -15.—The',1441.usee, oils;
,pooh says the =abet of maned treeptnetti.
07 In the lishk it between terenty-twe sod
twenty-thrtiatittensarid. Fifty additional regi
zusta ens partly organised, Ind speedily sp
lines:Mist eompletioe. The estimate of one
~hLLlldtbdtillblualtdbeingisarms byte% Id%
it la tionglit;bli folly sustained.
Ptontineit "SSW% mi•Olitgat4 them G"'
roa, .ealia . 0,1 the President yesterday, and
limed tlesimmediat• organisation of mount
'ad fora to optima* la Tennessee. The toter
.slaw vas mewed to-day: 'rho. greater Im
portant. -le-sUaehed-to the sips:Woo, am
'Gen. Itoseenum data nob • lons •ssenti•l
to the meets of his future stomas.
Descent on topparbeads and De.
sertess.-Grai Ezpitement.
Moira, (Ill..) Aug. 14,—A spedil
lige' to she Chicago Trams*, ajar Last
night Provost Marshal WesUake, of the 9th
district, with a detachment of cavalry, rude
descent on some two hundred Copperheads
and.desartare- isa limbed- township, Balton
lciptaflas tea or - twelve. Report
sail that tertral ware killed. Great excite.
'meat ':late la that section. It is repOrted
I that the Copperheads smarming to drive the
!,eumalry oat of the county.
'Attival from Burope-.Farther De
cline Of 'Rebel Loan;
Jones, Aug. IS.—Tbe steamship Hi
haulms, from Istrarpool on the oth, via Gram.
castle, 'inland as Ospe Bass bat evening.
The political news was unimportant.
The Baba loan in London detained to 35
per cent. discount, but sallied to 24.
Ocnsols closed 'Thursday et 93®93% for
:money. American Mitton decilried l 4d. Dna&
OM quiet and steady.
Fall of a PliSollo.lslol/1311 Women
Boded... Mail Robbed by Guer•
MUMS Car, Aug. lb.—Thelmale prison,
In this place, fell on Thursday morning, bury
ing eleven women. Biz wore takon • out
slightly injured, one mortally, maker Med.
The mail coach and paasengerswere robbed
by gtunzUlas, this morning, near Big Blue,
between here and Indepesdenee.
'tattles with ladiahs•.The Indians
ST. PAIR, Minn., Aug. 15.—There have
been three battle' with the Indians, killing
50 and losing 7. The Indians hare been
driven smogs the Missouri with great lose.
The expedition Is homeward bound.
Death of Gen. Thema' Welch.
Cznemserz, toes. 14.—Brig. Gen. Thomas
Welch, commanding Pint Division, finth
Amp Corps, died in this city last night, of
congestive fever, -atgaired during the cram
psign of the Mississippi.
Death of Sergeant Watson,
Pertzess Moslem, Aug. p.—Th• Pork
torn Ilevabier aanotintai-the death of fiergenit
B. P. Watson, 4th battery, Wissonsin light
artillery, on the 6th inst., in the Nelson Hoe-
grotips Coming East.
Cnicianor, Aag. Ib.—TD. Torquay-eighth
Maine liniment late IndLanapolli lost night,
and tbn Bartel Maossahnsatto this morning,
for the East Na Buffalo.
Gen. Mende and the late Operations
of the Army of the Potomac.
. It is asserted that Gen. Meade has sent in
his resignation. A gentleman jut from Wash
ington, who bas had the best opportunities
to be posted in the matter, informs me that a
few days linos Gen. Meade sent a latter to the
General In *Armand et Washington, urging
permission to attack the enemy. The letter
was referred to the President. Mr. Lincoln
immediately replied l “11," said the Pled.
dent, "the army was not sufficiently strong to
warrant an attack on the enemy al Williams
port, low on it be strong enough now. While
I have no disposition to interfere with the
operations of the army or the plans of the
Commanding General General, I mast say
tlint tulle emolument will be contary jo my
wishes and avast my jadgment.' A copy
of this letter was sent to Gen. Meade.
,-The allusion to Wiiiianisport dnubtlessLir.
rtialitetrd Meade. He could hale, by send
' lug 'strong:owe moss the Potomac and par.
suing Leo, captured a part of his army. Gen.
, Marolei -however, as has before been stated,
=Ueda coupon of war and 'found that his
generals were equally divided lubpinion; four
to four, and he would not assume the respon-
The credit of laving the army at Gettya
burg is said to bodes to a distinguithed °Meer
sating under spode] orders fromihm.
This *Meer sidle at Haniebrug, was inform.
ed of certain movements of thearmy. He im-
mnierstood what them movements
Indicated._ namely that the enemy was
moving In converging Gnu so as to eonoan
trate upon Gettysburg. As he was familiar
"intim:, lot% of ground in that locality, he
etricat.orice the object of the movement and
the doges oreur - stay. Ha immediately
telegraphed to Gen: Schenck, requesting thin
eispin irtloswurd his information, to OrTierel
Mien' WiPtiandittlt aH higardir. hoer be
ars Lee had postal ids army, end acting awn
tliiinfertastion Meade had just time to-fail
bag Mid avail Ilistileff of the accident of the
litality. This aims dim asked General
Meade to push forward a division across the
Potomac, sad had: Ms advice been taken, in
all human probability the result would have
been motion , serious merle to Los's army.
VaOF =Trims =mining in aka
n. ornon is ALL /WM PA. of reoss
eu SATURDAY, Await, lb, ISeta.
• airEalis Math= the We of the tat In welch
Us letter le ederrir. - •
Micelle= 0-
. , A
Ayres Balls
Arzatreng Chle
Ater= Bells
AlArbmuckl Jaee
j A
Amen Mug, ,
,444 1 /.
-atm. to 634 r.
Cab ItteNollon Solo
Geribbo Goo W ' N -
Georp Jos NoWo Amato
Golowei f ego Ned Lawrence,
=tekWorp Imply Mary J
Gll2llLnAlarthi gals'
Gramma Wm 0
EL OtiM.l7
Rol& Lomb
EsoNlion AApm PeareeeNlanor
Hert Christ, Mar ti
P Eliza Potts WNsatorth
Haber Omit Pelmet Hoary
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airoit*Wc o- aseg - 16 - &trlaesor
Brawn May It Hatehinson Goo
Ban XeZll& • Bournad 6
Parry Kay Bads -
Mg Harabbonf t : '.
BoUrraZ , , Ra i ar la
BOOM Miaow Harolltoa H 6
Bova= Jaao Warllialw7,:„'
Burs John 7 arttawskr P
Bang Im . o - liendarron
Sh ff.
arcco,Boy .1 J 148r0d.8.
Bruit Joko r . c'.l .•.
Bryon Jahn 0 Janitors John
8.0 , obaatar t Nya, j.
,Ball Bast II Siam .6. atr 6
Boyd irovarß Karr Agate
Bar 8 ra-- - - Mr sarsir&-:--
Biwa a “- , Keay Edward
Bower Zama lisrr Baran X.
Mask Zan : i Komar Bat ''
Books a I fit .
t aw
Giza Andrew Elaryllra Bs*
auapbell oat Eht - patrik Jolla
Compton Darla Kincaid Jaw
OrrertrdEllsa *trams Jail=
!rant - Eirk.4l43
CO l66y4trot 6'
on 11 L
bastrrmillar B toreamillnuto V
Cans Jams tarokay,idward
Campbell Jain_ thorny 161• bra
Oornallas WALT Lowther Baamml
.Claratlaralartha Ilara Ballo 1
Oarty_Wary Lra it -
Co's 6 411 . : litclual
Carnpra W , lial i
'Cr IWYWEIT77 --- AWWOOM - •
D: - - Woadscor Wither
.DartrAitara Man Geo W
liairk Ellin 116162 Mar
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Dalt/nil Embry J ,11
mjuicsi ,, 111710Jolm A' ,
Jew D , 66161 61
Donnelly haul - alkkahui Jr
Dousy Nary. Martial/ Jr T
W ...W A , -.,:. ,- . -: =LA ae W/ .
'''.'"-PFEYW/04. Bob! 666 a Tatia6,
Bt- : . .. atarthißiAt: .:,
zpSty Atm, ~, iiipar.l IP** ,
- ____........Nr- - -: -.,.___• , —.11(1 4 ..,
.. 0:1134!' s
ru l itu , =ad::
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Flotaj_furil- - licnoundJam:
icartelo.awa . • :
•Tarrt Zetirv‘r 0 ;. 21 e
Balton 11160 , - -SS -.11,,
0 : traDina6l Harr
Ola : 1=066= Bow
artAdrae:: I. 1141MdargyILE
Ottas Aka 11 ~ idainalata .oatb
Mau Info ' !bap:l264_oK
BUM& 107)
- .6.
Orme mr Pomo= DarLY Germrre l )
11.112VVIAT, dug 15,801,
There Is nothing. atuttertr,toag In the produce
iemultet.adds from the little dear petty trinseettans.
'lard ti is impatsible to matte ma s rerreetsbi• mu.
Ist Mod. It Us =hied of remark atone ater.
etue.e, than brulinese hie been annitudly dart and
&premed, during the pert thirty drys, and no mate.
1111,1toprarement need be Icr.kei for e until the fal I
71,101! 11 ID rest Manse to mac* In oioney - mat- .
tins Lich the eireplion that Gold 4 a shade lover
New Poet, befog gnoted to day at 125%. Hera
'car &alai are baying what Uttle calm often at 1423
67 Gold, and Mean for filter.
lITOJT II ik Gir." 451—We haw to record a oontln
;g4 doll flora .tenet, the silos being ihnltod, and
Altogether of • local:character The only Lilo of
'Grain reputed, vu 500 btu Gate from store, at IRa
for now, enipto for old.
PBol77llloNfillecon to steady with a modentg
lopaldaalsod at miner quotations—%We forEbool•
; dreg Plain Saw; 103011 for Plain Mame
etri a:AIN/44415r llogorented.
go,ual.t.iva, with ealee,frorn scales of P 2
!Ittatleof newel UMW pis ton, according to goal.
10; • • •
1271.41(1=21—Theretio modarataJobbkm &mould
Ira growths, arposially far Sugars, sad the market la
' ! stealy•but unabant&
Pittsburgh Petroleum Market.
Ace 16—The oil market has:tern ezdtsil and un
settled to-day, and upon the whole, rather unsatis
factory, Tlaere le a marked difference between the
risers of boidere end buyers of Crude, and, as always
Is the case under inch circumstances, the transit
tiOns have men limited. Teetaday's prices, how
ever, were folly maintained-23c, packages sit 's,
and 28)(46290, packages included—and we note sake
of OM bits In bulk, meesured In boat, at =a; 260 bbla
In late at 28)0, packages Included, and 76 this at
SMe. At the close of the market, we lewd of some
lots being diesel at lower figure., than those above
toted, though we cannot vouch for its correctness.
Befitted In bond, appeared to be firm at about krautr
quotations. dale cf 600 bbl. Lroa City" for pros.
era delivery, at 480, and 1000 bbis, "B[Bllant" at
66e, net, for October delivery. There was also a
sale of 600 bbla for present delivery, but the drown-
Mammy attending the tale were of such a character,
that we do not think it proper to notice It. refined,
free, nay be quoted at 686560 c. There is no dezdoad
*baton:, for Benzine, and, In th guano, of rules,
we omit quotations. There LI a most erste demand
for oil Barrels at farmer Tates.
Our latest deices front Oil City, report Crude firm
at that place, with [alma! $7 par bbl, In bulk—pret
ty steep.
New 'tor* Petroleum narkst.
Special Diagetch to the Pittsburgh Gazette.
Haw Yoza„ Aug 15, 1863.
Cicada is quiet with salekon the spat at 360. 84.
Soul In boa, Is steady at 81452340 on the 1930 sto„
buyer's opals% for all August; 6.5058 for September,
—.lke. option; Isoramio for Octoba, buyer'. op.
don; 0%8640 for November, boar's and alines
option. Itatrl, tree, Is steady at 61069 e. lqaptha
I. anoloal at ItOialitc. 0.
Late Foreign Petroleum Markets
loom the Looks Grow of Loynd hi, Too taw
Cho Mowing mufti! of Potrolsoto
Low= eavut isa—Patraitnn—The mutat
continues dem, and has an upward tendes en Crude
Pennsylvania Ia worth SUP to PIP Ida for Be • • • •
b 64 on ths apot is required sad males to au= • •
hate teen alltzted to the tart bur nanntba u ita
to ta 6d.
awsrbanax, July 28.-Petratetun—The market
boo been very animated, and a eansideuabls &drums
has taken plane to the One% Idwatur Votall nabr
&tined being SSG tar Loan, 31 tar uctobes, and 8351 e
tar Noubber.
Ilorntantu, July 7.B.—Pettobtlett --A considerable
the In oxbow le ebearvable for Bef ited. both an the
Mut and for delivery, and the Wee have been very
extensive. BeiWU /*loco Is Werth now 38 11,
tauter delivery; 38%; October 20; and November 40.
Mocks are omell and the market duos In firm con
dition. 1838 barrebi have arrived from New York.
Ukase, • Jaly W.—Petroleum—The market here
has been very lively, and sUcoeselmily rising prices
have been paid. The treated rbe took place in
Crude, which advanced from ely‘ ha, up to 88, et
which latter tlamee, amend ales were made, being a
rlaa of sm per cent. The quudity of Ora& that
changed heads since tut report .ace 111,430 barrels,
and 1883 barrel. of Refined. making together a total
of 16,123 barrel.. The Improvement in Balked did
not keep pace with that of daw, and the fluctuations
oo ln t oittol from 70 to 78, equal to about 11 percent.
blue thaw maximum prima were reached, about the
Middle et the month, they have ban well supported,
not fluctuating more than t ln.
Gansuao, Jot, 2&—Petrol•am—The totelnseam.
of Goo. Lees invasion of Maryland and Pennsyle.
file caused a ginst exciurment to We market, and
bug, sales wets made et Mimi prim, both az wars
hoes and for forward delivers, amounting en the
.whole to more then 36,000 barrels. The present quo.
tations are for Itellued t. foee 0:1 mks boo, for August
delivery, 20%; for September, 21; for Oct?ber, 21%1_
and for Ziosember fled December, 21%. All the
above prima hare actually been paid,
&litmus, - July I.s.—Petzolaum—ln consequence
of the alarming intelligence ham America, this olier•
bet has been in a very excited state all the month;
large quantities have changed baud., and the duct.
ado= were refold and heavy. Prim rpened at 68
franc:lllos Befitted he Mo, and met to 130 cm the 111 lit
Inst. 'Thu ma the mliminating point, and Mice.
then they have ben Pretty stationary within II or 3 .
tram cd that inasinnuo. The prawn Talton an 713_
or Orr SeDissitter delivery, 81% fOr October
calil 62 lar Dowamber and Deamatitir. — ln the Cendit
article, the dealings were limited to two treneections
of ticifethar SOO tame% the tint being clone at 60,
and the 'mad, some days later, at 14 franca. Tha
.obis of the comithogein ahoy mectormous Inmate,
this. of Delloed Wad Grade together mounting to
88,55 D barrels, Melina 411,1314 In June, 33,421 in Nay,
and =ln AptiL
lutpOrtS Oy ittly4c!FLd.,.
ii/2418 1 k. Witts A 0108441011sumosis — An.
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Batomaci—Long, 1, No. Noe. 1 and V. miss,
/ma Cm Clinraa—P. A. L., or plats: Osur ,
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!rocklent—JAM= PABIL.Ja.
1 , Wm. H. aunty _ H. F. Budd.
• John F. Jennings, A. Sdneman.
• nos. 1). Molar, Jcshus Modes,
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Francis Dann, • Aka. Dradki,
Henry Lloyd. AUTO Mag.
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EL B. Towbar, W. A. Bead, b, Wm. eadtb,
J. W. Wooden, C. &haunts, G. H. Jong,
J . Bohm, O. W. Higataro. B. N. Jona%
J. H. TierlMA. S. EL Harinum. W. H. FbelP4
D. M. Lam, IL J. Anderson, Q. B. ESETIM.
Jas. W. Baxter, D. 71 MalEtoler, . Etonian.
Elsorstery end t'tasiarar—D. B. miterzmy.
Open dgly, tram 9 a. u. to 3 p. H. Alro.Torday
and Bata:day cmontage,_ tram Sin 3 °Wog.
Dwane readied cd 01911 DIMS and urramoil.
Dividends declared In Dommbir and Jane of each
Dividends allowed W remain me placed le the
credit of the dements , ear principal, and bear Inter
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halals. az 8
titz Mee hundlid and eighty (B.teo) het
two inch galtantas4.WreM69l.o ol 3o l lPo
roar thOussini el handled (4,800) Owl one sad
cas bait Inch esaimiecred VI rugby be Pipe.
tight thousand (11.i0 0 ) Pet mes inch Garmased
Wrougbt Iron Pipe,
tin thousand lirw hindredls69llthet Wee vase.
css lush Ildesamei Wombs Iron Pipe.
lite thansimd Cue hundred (5.800, Wt half hash
Gilisulz-d Wrought Iron Pipit.
These Shetrend (1,99 R) 501 this* eighth bolo sal
view d Wesughsintu Pips, ~...
&rents= 'mufti (1.71.0 ) pmWsGalianlaed Pips,
Mine 01 d lll Ol4 L 11,44414 " 1 " -
9 aunty live budded PM") pounds Plg Lead.
Taos thousand fete hundred (4,609) pumas Sheet
Lead, six pounds pis bee ware, dupes Wel
Out thousand (14697) p ounds hod. rams lie.
- Celrm thoennO Oh hundred 0.6E0) peands Lead
Pipe. du onslatd one-half inch.
Irestly sated On eastarta limper Water Ghee..
Sixty one (61) net (Mit Bath Tab—Bo. 1, 5 bet
8 Mass by ti Mohan'
Petrie) Slop fl
fest- square by tea
(10) Mahal deep - -.. d . • t . • .:
two Modred and. ninety-Oa .( 9 9 6 ) - thresolla= l "
Inch team pintnitibb COlts, Stied for Iron pipe.
Tenney sightcis Itch Owls. eritir onward one•
quarter inch ham couttecrons, fitted for hen pips
Thirty ate (203) tuff tub tomes plain Bibb', fitted
helm viva
Thirsysem (66) quarter loch Paine Ct.**.
nirtyils. (88),nuessnd a touter loch brae Wash
• Tray Plots
Two (9) enamelled Wads Stands,
with wash Mahn,
Vag' end wan
Tweempeemst (V) Ilittim flit: 9 in. by 9 0 In. by 5
fa. deep.
Three (3) Sinks 4 ft. 4 In. by 2 ft. 2 In. ty 7 It
lortr(4) two inch Ball Cogs fitted for two inch
free ups.
Ws (61 two Inch Stop - Co:1m fitted for aweigh Iron
Two Pi
Two (I) theand e-ludf Inch Ball Cocks fitted fm
Exken hen pipe.
Ex (6) eight inch Oorper Ball Plats with 14 Inch
nty-fone (44) one loth Stop Cocks, Mad for one
loch iron ;dye.
Ills (0) threequuter Inch Valve Cocks Adel for
three.quarter Inch Wm pipe.
Os* (1) one-inch Bail tack with six-inch copper I
Scat, with Winch Aar*.
One (1) out-and a-ball lath Senate Cock tided for
Wu pips
twenty seven (97) halting' Service Oaths fitted
he Iron gr.
Twenty-serrea (o)tiaceetiliths Inch liergesoothe
fitted for iron pipe.
Twenty.two kundred (VW) feet two-In eh ' lron
Three thoureat iterine4= ll Iron tube.
Thews thousand (2 000 bet three qurteeinch then
fifteen hundred (4600) fat hall inch Iran tuba
llighteen hundred (1,600) het Iforeedente inch
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hundred (100) let one guartartich iren
Sateen hundred sands malleable inn no
Une that:must Cvpoo) Hods of different stus. •
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Kix (6) tweUglit flee Breed ets.
Twoliandred - 050) aceelight, Gee tend..
late, =With Sampling stea, fitted Sir three.
eighth Iron pips
two hundred and sixty tenellght this Pend.
ants, ahopkee, excepting stem. Stied lox three
eighth Iron pipe
guava (Is) fonr.tight Gs Paden* complete, ac
cept gem, laud ler toreeeightli iron pipe.
SU met Iron Lamp Posts ocingste In all their
C Os bandied end tea Whined. (1 10 . 0 9 0 ) (more o r
Ion) kiln burnt brick.
All the sadden will be aubject to the Inspiaticra
and approval elan agent of the Government.
The delivery of sock of the abuts magas se may
Ss needed far Immediate are. will comae= es soon
as practicable alter dais of contreet, not exceeding
tan days theissrier ; and the whale will to cognized
' to be delivand an theesuunds b the 10th ot cep
:ember next, or sooner if la.
the toll name and post glom addraw of the bidder
(end the fall Mae at his pertains If bidding for s
dm) mast appear to the plowed.
Propasia bora Maud perdu and rebel Symp.
thine, egil sot becossulard, and the eithemethed
by Oakum most la ell cure accompany bd. -
Proposal" Skald be. eddrainedto Ohs
end plainly endosied, "Palinode for Plebirrit lad
Gas Ming Yeinwhilse
Mach prepense month accompanied by • polowelene
bitty m us t
two responsible parsons, whoa response
batty be them byithe cerallcate of the think
of the Minty In which they adds. The Sam of the
gussentee will be as manor
of-410 county of —and elate of —,
and --of the menu or. sad State of do
hereby gnatentee that -- te able to Wall' s ooze
tract to somsdanceirtth the tutu of Ida
end that, should his peopidtbro be he
et cmce enter into s.oacduct In ar ea ne there
with. Shedd doe =toms beawarded him Ire ere
mound to tem= hla
Banda 0. the son of its thoutand (15.000) dollars,
signed by the contrager and both et file guarantors,
will be aspired of the sucament bidder on signing
the contract.
01ddere aw ealnald to be present In person when,
their bias are opened.
The apt la Meet any orell the bids that may
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deemed too high Is rescued by the uodadirile as
wall as the dint to West from each bid au. mate.
rials, at the prim therein named, as la required 1 4 , 1 1
the Ogrentruat. and in meg the Was of it
der whouspeopessi Ia accepted to harokh within the
time prescribed, In quality end goantll7, the tune.
dale stipulated to be delivered, than the Assissant
QuatalllLWar In charge tabus the tight to suppiy
suck dellateney by porches. sad Ilia bidder to be
gouged with the (WM= of cost.
?HBO. 0. BOWL'S,
Outer' and Ann Qnsrairmidtdr.
80. LIS Tonsth striek
01501BNATL 0.
• Haar Dammam July $5.- 1163.
Tb 9 Buy Duroritttot mill the Ma DAY
Or Al3O 62 . , moan crotatitions for the constmo•
lion end emotion on blahl • moil to be built at
pa redolence. ff. 11" Batton, New Tark and PidU
adolpitia Mary Tad* of two anchtng turrets and
Si. laiumwebio cooks yip* with tpcithgo fbr
wah rowel.
%he Internal dhunster of the tainti to be at fon,
bright 9 hist I trotwo. iMattlue 16 indoor ; to be
composed of too seporato stadia of plato Won, with
wrought Iron ahMirWarhOltotweet the lama
The yilat home on Ludt turret to Ito 8 bet Intel.
nal diamatar. 6 test 6 huhu high. 12 Inaba thick,
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The turret angina and jar for tuning and regu.
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tinnedwork. Mohan the heels otitis WWI,
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work for with mad wilt be anapisted, on beattli
and ready tor rank%
The gam& planagmbo etamiasdat the aria of
the Inspoutor of lum'clott 6 hamso, 866 Canal $l4
New Tort.
The Proposals mud ha indorsed on the outside
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FOR BAIAL-11 lanaveniant two4toxy
kick awaiting - hears, with back balding. No.
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_ ad Ur temetory Owns
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trata 0 basitbak
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at Tbscsksab, Marna E and Tay streets, mar
Bow Wort. barbs a tract al Id Mt on Tbaa, strut.
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of taw clay.
for apcosA god 1644-Wan ad - •
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taw braidu soaxa.4lllMILM - 301.3,
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Alen sag the Eselhana In operation.
mar-Aa Mau' (w rarraitsi arse ►'fir
ear Pend Ica • Einarlsr,
WESTERN AGENTS,—Li.. ET Irlrrit elsazt.
Orecromoi—PLlClPß 01.7.14 BUILDUP:I
U airamsaa, rviuunzialwAso a 131113101 Is
amsas Commung, cams Wood and thbd sTa•ktts.
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mince Oompanies, ST W 1 atteet.:-.
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ore Wedded to oil so Mows t
W - —Eatarday. Aug. lit.
MI OP WASSIIIGTO2I .........Baturday, Aug. 29.
And every succeeding listerdem, at zoom. tecto r •
115. North pow.
swill\ &MS Cl/ TAMS; 9
ii 44w Oa c eissiesi Is (hormcir.
liar —360 0010rmiun.....—.-4 31 50
do. So Laddon.: as 00 do. to London.. S 5 50
do. to Piwit...... 05 IV do. to Patis..-:.. In 513
do. to naniburg 40 (a ' do. 4alliumburg WI 40
.11mansors also Isinsided to Ham Bramon, Bos
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ADRIATIC,I i ID) Hontkomor, 4,CCO taWM.
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